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Lose It! is the world’s most fun and effective weight loss program! Simply download the app, set your goal, and track the foods you love to lose weight.

“Best calorie counting app! Very easy to use, barcode reader works every time. Links in with my iPhone to allow for steps. Can really recommend!” - App Store Review

“This app has changed my life for good! I lost 20 pounds in 45 days using this app. It keeps you in line and helps you find what foods help you live a better life. If you are considering using this app, please just try it out, and I promise it's worth it!!!!” - App Store Review

* 60 million: Pounds Lose It! members have lost (and counting). We’ve got this DOWN.
* 15 million+: Items in our comprehensive international food and exercise database
* 35 million: Users who have started their weight loss journey with Lose It!
* 74.7%: percent of people who have achieved clinically significant weight loss using Lose It!
* 3 days: average number of days members track to see a weight loss

Lose It! uses proven principles of calorie tracking to help you succeed. It’s easy to get started: enter your profile details and goal weight, and we’ll calculate your daily calorie budget. Next, just track your food, weight, and activity and get ready to rock your goals!

* Quickly scan barcodes. Search our database or use our quick Barcode Scanner to easily scan in foods you’ve eaten.
* Log food by simply taking a photo with Snap It. Just tap the camera icon for food tracking that’s as easy as taking a picture (2016 CES Innovation Award Winner).
* Connect your Fitbit and other trackers, apps, & devices. We sync with Misfit, Fitbit scales, Withings scales, Healthkit, and more
* Dial in on your nutrients by setting custom goals for macronutrients, water, health, and body measurements.
* Counting macros? With a helpful status bar, track your progress toward daily calorie and macronutrient goals at a glance.
* Step up your game with fun weight loss, fruit/veggie, and exercise challenges. Create your own private challenge with friends, or join a public challenge for serious motivation!
* Stay on track with Meal Targets, which calculates suggested calories per meal based on your plan to encourage more confident meal choices.
* Plan ahead with Meal Planning. You can even customize your meal and snack names for more accurate records (Second breakfast, anyone?).
* Do high fat breakfasts keep you on track? Learn about your habits with our exclusive personal Insights and Patterns to identify what’s helping (or hindering) your progress.
(Lose It! basic is free, but you can upgrade to Premium to unlock awesome additional features. Premium members report 3x the weight loss of free members.)

* Supports embodyDNA, powered by Lose It!: personalized, DNA-based insights to help you learn which foods, drinks and activities could activate your weight loss and optimize everyday living. Get your results right in the Lose It! app on your iOS device!
* Little team, BIG impact. We’re a small team of under 30 people, working hard every day to help you succeed.
* It’s all for you: Lose It!’s mission is to mobilize the world to achieve a healthy weight.
* Founded in 2008, Lose It! is headquartered in Boston, MA. It is currently available on many platforms, including iOS, Apple watch and web.
Download Lose It! today, and you’ll see how easy it is to get started!


Should you choose to purchase a Premium subscription, subscription purchase will be charged to your iTunes account. The subscription will automatically renew within 24 hours before the subscription period ends. Renewal price will be $39.99, unless a discount is specified at time of original purchase. Your subscription and payment information can be managed in your iTunes account settings.

Lose It! – Calorie Counter App Description & Overview

The applications Lose It! – Calorie Counter was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2008-11-21 and was developed by FitNow. The file size is 201.70 MB. The current version is 9.7.1 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

We interrupt your regularly scheduled romantic holiday flick and baking session to let you know we've updated Lose It! to make it suuuper smooth for the holidays. We're talkin' handsome-prince-you'd-fall-for-after-two-days-and-move-to-Aldovia smooth.
You can resume baking now. Happy tracking!

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Lose It! – Calorie Counter Reviews


Best in class  Wakingdreamer  5 star

This app is so awesome. It really allows you to track food with a huge catalogue of food already loaded onto the system. Seamlessly synced with my Apple Watch and exercise is linked back back the kJ burnt. I moved from here from my fitness pal because they wanted access to all my information and the privacy on my fitness pal wasn’t what I want from a service provider. Used the app for a week and it’s really simple to use and very intuitive. Definitely recommend.


Excellent  Fifaifofum  5 star

I’m so pleased with this great app. It syncs well with my Apple Watch for tracking exercise and is easy easy easy to use for food tracking. Best tool I’ve used yet - and its working!


Love this app  kahuna146  5 star

Easier than weight watchers app does more things and cheaper for the pro version. It is simple comprehensive and I love when travelling you can revert it to foods from that country


Great app to track eating habits  ritvikad  5 star

Love this app, easy to use and full of fantastic and useful features.


Best weight tracking app!  Katdog85  5 star

I’ve used a few and Lose It is by far the most interactive and interesting to look at (subconsciously I think this helps). Also the notifications are clever messages but not pushy or cheesy. The functions all make sense and you get a lot out of the free service so you don’t feel a dire need to upgrade.

Siti Norsapina

I lost 1 kg after 1 week  Siti Norsapina  5 star

I lost 1 kg after 1 week


New version crash  lks_m  1 star

Keep crashing after upgrade. I am ios12.1


Good app  Jesselou80  4 star

Good app

Titchy Britches

Fantastic app  Titchy Britches  5 star

Really comprehensive tool for healthy weight management with a focus on balancing fats, carbs and protein!


Fantastic app for good tracking!  Misheee00  5 star

I’m so impressed by the entensive list of food and drink on this app and the ability to scan barcodes for easy food logging. Very well set out and easy to navigate


Easy!  1000crusherofcandy  5 star

This app is easy and very informative! It works! Keeps me accountable!


Great app  jtct4676  5 star

This is a great app for keeping up with your calories and weight loss. I love the way it helps me stay accountable


Fab!  Jotahagdj  5 star

So easy to use! Really helping me to loose weight! Thank you!!!!


Great for food tracking and not much else  chimpassaro  3 star

The app is very good, but there is one very serious issue. Its use of the Mifflin St. Jeor equation is very wrong. It thinks my calorie requirements are much higher than they really are. I’ve set the app to guide me towards losing two pounds a week, and I have been, but I have not been logging my exercises at all. My exercise is an hour of very intense rowing, running, and biking, 6 days a week, with the machines used in the process reading out approximately 750 calories burned per workout. So that would mean that if Lose It actually is calculating BMR correctly I should be at a caloric deficit of (1000 x 7) + (750 x 6) = 11500 per week. That would be 3.25 pounds lost per week (7000 calories under per week is 2 pounds). But that isn’t happening. I’m down from 215 on October 1st to 184 on January 11th. Thats 2.13 pounds per week, and I’m not forgetting to log anything, nor am I overestimating my fat burn. Lose It should add the option to manually set our own calorie needs. When I use the Mifflin St. Jeor equation CORRECTLY (as Lose It definitely isn’t) to calculate just my BMR, I get around 1835. This makes a ton of sense, because I’m eating 1585 calories a day, yet still losing 2.13 pounds per week. Which means that I’m eating 250 calories less than I need every day (approx.) but then burning 750 calories per day at the gym (approx.) If I were logging my exercises in Lose It all this time, I’d be eating 750 calories more per day than I need, because I’d be seeing myself “Under by 750” because Lose It thinks I need 2500 calories a day to stay at my current weight with no exercise. Which is very wrong. So basically, great for consumption tracking, terrible for everything else.

Daisey D

Love it  Daisey D  5 star

Great app especially when it’s linked to the Fitbit. Great to be able to see all your information in one place.


One of the best apps I’ve ever used!  Ruby@TheWeightRoom24  5 star

I’ve had this app for about five years and I absolutely love it. In the past year and a half I’ve upgraded to the premium package instead of using the basic free one. The free one is just as good as the premium package.


My accountability  enneyday  5 star

This app keeps me on track with my goals. And keeps all my secrets locked up 🙈🙉🙊my personal secrets


Please add more nutrients/minerals  Heisyourlife  4 star

I really like this app—it’s easy to use and I like the desktop version as well. I have tried a few different trackers and decided to come back to LoseIt as it has been the easiest to use. Unfortunately I just now notice where Premium is lacking. I am in my menopausal years and I would really like to be able to track my calcium intake as well as Iron. Many of the other trackers have this option and it’s kind of surprising LoseIt does not include the option under “Create New Goal”. Please consider adding more nutritional information. I would like to stay with LoseIt but will likely change back to another tracker if I can’t track some of the vital nutrients/minerals that I need. Thank you!


Wonderful  Kumar1342  5 star

Like it very much Very user friendly


Love it  SpAcEy_420  4 star

Been using this app for years now. I love it. However I recently started using it to track my water. That feature is kind meh. Only increments of 8??? That’s not cool. I don’t drink my water in 8s.

Lily Byrne

Try this.  Lily Byrne  5 star

I’ve used loads of apps and logs to try to lose weight. This is easy. The bar scanner is great. It makes you think about your intake. Don’t cheat. Own it if you have a bad day and tell yourself you won’t let it happen again. Good luck.


Great and really helping me  Ningynangynoo  5 star

I especially like the “take a photo” of each meal as part of the log which really helps me realise where the calories are and what to change to

Oooh la la 991

Great product  Oooh la la 991  5 star

Nicely designed and reinforces good behaviours


Best diet app around - so easy to use  Sorcga  5 star

Great app - and I’ve tried a few! -so many foods to choose from - records steps etc etc. just basically very user friendly


The best calorie counting app  OLIA N  5 star

I have this app since 2008. It is beautifully designed, it's simple and clear, very easy to use. It has lots of foods and brands and it is easy to add new. It shows all macros, very effective and encouraging in food journalling and exercise journalling I really hate calorie counting, but this app is really effective, I recommend to check it out.


Great and Simple  Keithp9329  5 star

Great user friendly simple to operate and always find my exact food from pre populated drop down menu 👍


Love it  Grissomsgirl  5 star

Great app. Very easy to use so tracking is not an issue. I have premium version, not sure extras are worth it but the food analysis is good, the social aspect is crap


Most used App  TommyUnderwear  5 star

Been using this app daily and have to say I would be lost without it. I had the full version unlocked for me from the start (thanks to my job) for a work calorie tracking competition. I can't say much for the free version but the paid app has everything I need and setting goals keeps me honest. Highly recommended.


Great results, accurate logging!  Slev84  5 star

I downloaded this app after I decided to give myself a kick up the behind and get serious about my weight loss. I had previously been very active and stayed on top of my weight, but had become very lazy and started binging on snacks. This app helped me to realise exactly what I was putting into my mouth - empty calories, but a LOT of them! I soon realised that logging my meals helped me to keep track of what I was eating so that I could make the right calorie choices to give me the energy I needed to be active and workout. I found the calorie counts and calories burned from exercise to be very accurate on this app. As I logged everything and lost weight at the predicted pace and reached my goal on time. The daily reminders are encouraging and I love the quirky humour they add to them! :-)


Great  Fi_83  5 star

Suits someone like me trying to keep focused and pay attention to the foods and quantities that I eat. Premium feature outlining recommendations based on my age, height etc is brilliant. I feel informed about getting back to a healthy weight 😊

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