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Hoorah  Efffbapp  5 star

This app is helping me lose weight so i can serve my country. Best app to log my meals and workouts.


Pop ups  Gloaming1974  1 star

I used to love the app—until the pop up notifications started. Several in a row. Every day. On my watch, too. Yes, I can turn off all notifications, but any app developer who thinks this is appropriate is unacceptable in my eyes. I deleted the app.

Unwilling Exerciser

Gain Control  Unwilling Exerciser  5 star

I have never had much success dieting. I lost six pounds in the first stage of the Mayo Clinic diet. But there were just too many things to keep track of in the second stage. It was just too overwhelming. Lose It to the rescue. I don’t have to calculate my BMI to figure out how many calories to eat in a day. No weighing food. Lose it tells you how many calories to eat, and encourages exercise by giving bonus calories to eat when you do manage to get up and move. I’ve lost twelve pounds in six weeks. I no longer feel overwhelmed by the whole dieting thing thanks to Lose It. The feeling of control over losing weight is exhilarating. And not feeling strangled by tight pants feels great too. Give it a try for just two weeks and you’ll be hooked.


Great app  Kmss2019  5 star

This app has helped me stay motivated, has excellent graphs and analysis that complement areas for improvement to achieve goals. Meals, exercise, social, messages. Is really good


Removing food  roxiedog6  5 star

A great site but why can’t I remove food from the My Food list


Amazing app.  Chloe316John  5 star

Love this app. Been using this app for four weeks now. Been serious about losing weight and exercising. I’ve lost 6 pounds so far by using this app to show my calorie intake. Love being able to use it at restaurants as well. I can truly see what is best for me to eat. Great app if you are serious about losing weight.

ATL Mary W.

The real deal on weight loss!  ATL Mary W.  5 star

This app allowed me to simplify my approach to getting back on track with my weight. I recently noticed that this post-holiday pounds weren’t going away and I was worried. Could this be an unavoidable part of middle age, I wondered. I tried to cut back, but it wasn’t helping. This app allowed me to approach weight loss like a simple math problem. I entered everything I ate, it calculated the calories and provided guidance. It also made me realize that I wasn’t exercising as much as I had previously. That motivated me to get moving more. It’s helping me lose the extra pounds! I feel great and I’m going to keep doing the things that are helping, so I’m confident that I’ll reach my goal.


Great!  3janb  5 star

This helps me keep myself honest about monitoring what goes in my mouth, it makes me more aware of what I am eating & how much, thanks!🤗


Lose it  kooiiio  5 star

Helps you focus on calorie intake and be more aware of particular foods you eat. It’s accurate with different food products calorie count. User friendly app.


Weight lose!!!  penncove  5 star

My wife and I started lose it January 2018. I have lost 40 lbs and my wife has lost 56 lbs. Fantastic app. Very easy to use. Still using the app to maintain. It has become a way of life for us. Thank you!!


Has bugs  JYC518  2 star

Crashes every time I open the app and go to log something for the first time. Works fine after that. Otherwise, good range of foods ands exercise options.

Really helps me to control calorie intake  5 star

This app is great I eat all my normal food but now know how much calories I’m actually having. Slowly loosing weight towards my goal. Lost 3.5 kg so far out of the 5kg target once I achieve that I will head to my next target of losing another 3kg.

Miss Spentyouth

Finally achieved my ideal weight  Miss Spentyouth  5 star

I like exercising and although I am very active I was always about 5kg over where I wanted to be. I heard a lot of people say to lose weight diet is key over exercise and always thought I’d get around to looking into it. I googled best weight lost app and found this. It taught me I can indulge but keep portions smaller and not as frequently as I was. I always justified it as, I’ll work it off in the gym later. I’ve lost 9kg and as an added bonus turns out I’m quite toned under that extra weight I was carrying. It took 4 months and the app keeps me motivated all the time. What a life changing app, thank you :)


It works!  N-1-C-K  5 star

Literally lost 10kg in a month with pretty average exercise per week. When using the app, I aimed to only eat about 75% of my daily limit max and I was so surprised to see how quickly it all dropped off.


Lose it  Delstar1977  5 star

Great at showing food groups and tracking how much you are really consuming


Move over My Fitness Pal  sarby212  5 star

As a My Fitness Pal user for years I was feeling unmotivated and needing something new. I downloaded Lose It and it was exactly what I needed! It’s easy to use, has a great library of foods (just as good as MFP), predicts calories you should have for meals depending on what you log already and gives you rewards for logging consistently! Definitely worth getting the premium version and also cheaper than the premium version of MFP!

soon to be thin

Weight loss  soon to be thin  4 star

I like it as it keeps u honest when it comes to what u are actually eating . Assuming u are being honest and putting it all down . It keeps me focussed on my eight loss program


WORST  Clickfoe  1 star

WORST APP I HAVE EVER GOTTEN! I can’t even sign in because it says CURRENT WEIGHT INVALID and it’s my current weight. Fix yourself all these are probably FAKE REVIEWS but mine isn’t. This app=👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽


Spam  Y0giiiii  1 star

Endless amount of junk emails and inability to turn the newsletter emails off. If you turn it off, it instantly switches back on. App works fine, but don’t appreciate the spam.

Jolly Geriatric

Keeping me on track  Jolly Geriatric  5 star

Have only been with Lose It a week but inspirational because it is making me second guess everything I put in my mouth.


Great app  herbaceousgourmand  5 star

Easy to use


Trim & Healthy!  swingin_splanky  5 star

Lose It! is a fantastic app! It makes logging one’s calorie intake really easy. And, the more you use it, the easier it gets! But, it tracks more than just calories. You can track nutrients and set goals to ensure you’re getting what you need in your diet, and avoiding what you should not have too much of. It’s an amazingly full-featured app!


It’s Working!!  FedUpToHere  5 star

Really helping me realize all the calories I’m taking in in a day. I don’t have a lot that I want to lose, just want it off before summer! Yeh!!


Love Losing with Loseit  grammynu  5 star

This is one of the best weight loss apps I’ve used.It calculates you desired weight loss, gives needed caloric intake to reach goal.Most all foods are listed as is exercise.


Thank you  Tiny214  5 star

I love how easy this app is , as well as encouraging. And it’s Free


Great weight loss journal  DeJewelry1  5 star

This app is great ! It is easy to use and track your eating habits helping to lower your calorie intake. I can check calories before I eat something them make the choice that is best for me. No pressure from piers or self guilt.

Not a big app fan

Good for tracking  Not a big app fan  3 star

I’m only using this app to track what I eat and it makes me realize that even “one of” or a “bite of” something puts me over my caloric limit! Sometimes the "amount" is a bit strange and hard to determine. Mostly I hate the pressure to upgrade to premium!!!!!


No magic but it definitely helps  eeclair  5 star

Losing weight is an never fun but LoseIt helps me track my calories consistently. Last year I tried Nutrisystems and their app is awful. And confusing I like that LoseIt lets be repeat past meals. The data base of foods is large and great. The scan tool is the best.


Surprised  Shezishah  5 star

I always thought this was below ww and mfp but actually ill say its next to we and abv mfp

Bonefish Hunter

Nice to be losing weight finally  Bonefish Hunter  5 star

I’m down 30 lbs so far and still going. This app really keeps me on track. Love it!

Lily Byrne

Try this.  Lily Byrne  5 star

I’ve used loads of apps and logs to try to lose weight. This is easy. The bar scanner is great. It makes you think about your intake. Don’t cheat. Own it if you have a bad day and tell yourself you won’t let it happen again. Good luck.


Great and really helping me  Ningynangynoo  5 star

I especially like the “take a photo” of each meal as part of the log which really helps me realise where the calories are and what to change to

Oooh la la 991

Great product  Oooh la la 991  5 star

Nicely designed and reinforces good behaviours


Best diet app around - so easy to use  Sorcga  5 star

Great app - and I’ve tried a few! -so many foods to choose from - records steps etc etc. just basically very user friendly


The best calorie counting app  OLIA N  5 star

I have this app since 2008. It is beautifully designed, it's simple and clear, very easy to use. It has lots of foods and brands and it is easy to add new. It shows all macros, very effective and encouraging in food journalling and exercise journalling I really hate calorie counting, but this app is really effective, I recommend to check it out.


Great and Simple  Keithp9329  5 star

Great user friendly simple to operate and always find my exact food from pre populated drop down menu 👍


Love it  Grissomsgirl  5 star

Great app. Very easy to use so tracking is not an issue. I have premium version, not sure extras are worth it but the food analysis is good, the social aspect is crap


Most used App  TommyUnderwear  5 star

Been using this app daily and have to say I would be lost without it. I had the full version unlocked for me from the start (thanks to my job) for a work calorie tracking competition. I can't say much for the free version but the paid app has everything I need and setting goals keeps me honest. Highly recommended.


Great results, accurate logging!  Slev84  5 star

I downloaded this app after I decided to give myself a kick up the behind and get serious about my weight loss. I had previously been very active and stayed on top of my weight, but had become very lazy and started binging on snacks. This app helped me to realise exactly what I was putting into my mouth - empty calories, but a LOT of them! I soon realised that logging my meals helped me to keep track of what I was eating so that I could make the right calorie choices to give me the energy I needed to be active and workout. I found the calorie counts and calories burned from exercise to be very accurate on this app. As I logged everything and lost weight at the predicted pace and reached my goal on time. The daily reminders are encouraging and I love the quirky humour they add to them! :-)


Great  Fi_83  5 star

Suits someone like me trying to keep focused and pay attention to the foods and quantities that I eat. Premium feature outlining recommendations based on my age, height etc is brilliant. I feel informed about getting back to a healthy weight 😊