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Weather maps and news straight to your pocket: prepare for each day with The Weather Channel, whether it is for sun, rain or snow! With our rain tracker, getting caught without an umbrella will be a thing of the past.

Find all the weather information you need to plan daily life with confidence. The Weather Channel provides accurate weather forecast reports that can help you plan up to 15 days in advance - wherever you are!

The Weather Channel: Top 3 Features

1. Plan your day up to two weeks in advance with hourly & daily forecasts.
2. Get your current conditions at a glance with weather data that’s relevant where you are.

3. Stay safe with severe weather alerts, a rain tracker and safety tips from the National Weather Service. 

Plan outdoor activities with confidence.

• Planning an adventure? Check the forecast so you don’t get caught in the rain. 

• Want to catch that romantic sunset or a enjoy a crisp walk in the park? Get detailed information on sunset times, allergies and pollen reports and much more.

• Run smart with GoRun! Find the best possible running conditions and plan your perfect route.

Keep informed on the latest weather news.

• Stay safe during extreme weather events. From flash floods to storms, we’ll send you live alerts and expert safety advice, so you’ll always be prepared.

• Concerned about allergies? Get high-risk allergy alerts and medical advice to help you beat them!

• Check out Warming Signs with Kait Parker every Tuesday in Apple Podcasts

Easily access all of the weather information you need.

• Quickly find all the weather data you care about in one place: your smart home screen!
• Get precise weather updates, severe weather alerts and more of your favorite features right from your Apple Watch. 

• Upgrade and remove all ads from your weather app by purchasing an annual renewing subscription. You can cancel your Weather Channel subscription anytime through your iTunes account settings, or it will automatically renew. This must be done 24 hours before the end of any subscription period to avoid being charged another fee. Subscription payments will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of your purchase and upon commencement of each renewal term. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.


Privacy & Feedback

• Our Privacy Policy can be viewed here: 

• Our Terms of Use can be viewed here:

• If you have any questions or suggestions about our weather service, please do not hesitate to get in touch at [email protected]

Weather: The Weather Channel App Description & Overview

The applications Weather: The Weather Channel was published in the category Weather on 2008-11-09 and was developed by The Weather Channel Interactive. The file size is 206.88 MB. The current version is 10.8 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

The Weather Channel’s fully reimagined and beautifully designed app has been carefully crafted with you in mind. We are actively reading your feedback and regularly updating the app experience to help you see weather like never before.

Please email us at [email protected] with any suggestions or questions.

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Weather: The Weather Channel Reviews


Latest version keeps crashing  somikool  2 star

Ever since I updated in the latest version in April 2019, the app keep freezing on me. Every time I want to check the hourly weather its frozen and nothing displays unless I close the app and restart it. Need some serious bug fixes asap!


Crashes Lately  mike.P5140  1 star

Becoming more and more unreliable. Recently I cannot not open the map more than I can. The radar freezes and will not animate more than half the times. Moving on to Weather Bug.

“Turrible”  "Knarles"  1 star

I don’t know who is giving this app good ratings, but you need to stop. Always Freezes, Crashes, and/or closes itself out. I’m a fan of TWC station, but y’all need to hire some actual software/app developers and overhaul your app. I’ve had this app since it was created and it hasn’t improved 1 iota!


Alerts are CRAP.  Photo_girl333  1 star

I can’t uncheck anything for alerts on a location. So I get alerts for all sorts of ridiculous reasons. Uncheck all expect important items, go out, and back in, saved NONE of the changes and all are checked again. Absolutely worthless because you will ignore anything actually important between all the crap notifications and makes the app even more annoying. I really care it’s going to be warmer tomorrow than today and need a pop up notification for that?!?


bruh  NickTerry15  2 star

app always crashing fix it

WBTV user

Freezes up  WBTV user  1 star

The app keeps freezing up.

Jill J Evans

App freezes  Jill J Evans  1 star

This app freezes every time it is in use.

thanks tumblr

Good but could be better  thanks tumblr  2 star

With every update... more bugs... can’t even use the radar feature.. had to use another app for the Radar... no good..not sure if I’m going to keep this app any longer since having more issues and can’t use simple features...


Too slow. Too little weather.  Cmmkmm  1 star

Too slow and too little weather. Unnecessarily “busy” and cluttered. And SOOOO slow to open. Deleting.


Getting ready to delete app  JBGolf60  1 star

Totally unusable. Crashes or freezes every time I open the app.


weather to be or knot to be  blue_weather  2 star

i especially love the blue writing on a blue sky background, for the " rain expected" field. Perhaps just set all ASCII text fields to identical blue ASCII backgrounds. App is usable but would work better in plain old white text on black bacground


Accuracy  jskahlon  1 star

Good app but sometimes REALLLLLLLYYYYYYYYY inaccurate


Clean and very minimalistic  Mudhornet  5 star

Hi. It’s a tad clunky, whilst dragging the weather results down is frustrating sticky. Love your app. iPad Pro.


Not good! 2/2/19  f2008  1 star

I have bought full version and I can not turn On alerts in settings. It won't let me and it won't stay On! FFS it still shows F temperature on the widget in Australia! Why can't it stay On C temperature? I'm not going to subscribe anymore! Sorry Weather channel 👎


System failure  ChloeBus09  2 star

I use the metric system since I have been taught it as a child. On the widget it doesn’t change from Fahrenheit to Celsius. Can’t find how to change or fix in the settings.


Not worth the money!  VerticalJusticeBiking  1 star

I paid what I thought was this app for as long, as I have my apple ID turns out to be 12 months Subscription and the app crashes all the time not happy.....These companies designing and taking money off people for these’s apps need to have more detail when asking for’s almost a crime!! If I could give zero for this app I would! O!


Wind  dagsarse  3 star

Would like to read the wind in knots like other apps why does this not do it ? Otherwise it’s ok.


App won’t open  Donninoz  1 star

Downloaded twice and app will not open on my iPhone 8


Won’t load  CGC101  1 star

App won’t load after latest update. Tried support link but no answers.

Squitty Mac

Edmonton cairns  Squitty Mac  1 star

This app weather is so incorrect not worth Even looking at total rubbish and waste Of space betterbto use BOM that hasn’t Been messed about but direct app for BOMb


Updated to useless  Mikkim7219  1 star

With every update of this app, it’s just gotten worse and worse. I’m now on the lookout for a better weather app.

What Mom

Go Back  What Mom  1 star

Go back to old interface PLEASE! I deleted the app.


Awful Customer Service  DaddyiMac  3 star

The app is not too bad, wish there was more customization with rearrangement of what I prefer to be displayed as well as video content, and not all the dramatic hysteria that sells.... Allow user to rearrange the priority of video page to view or hid certain topics. I only want pertinent weather, not global warming... On radar page, allow ability to fill more real estate, remove option for the Key Index at top and wasted space. Wish there were a way to overlay warnings alongside radar like most apps. A lot of great info in this app if you travel, just need a little more customization


Updates are awful  Pq$2  1 star

App crashes all the time. Especially when the weather is bad in your area.


PAID version of the app will not open.  robersonclr  1 star

The paid version of this app does not work. The app will not open. If and when it does open it freezes and does not function properly. This is the paid version of the app. Please fix it especially since I paid for it.

F*** This

New update  F*** This  1 star

This new update is terrible, just put it back the way it was. Everything is so small now I can hardly see it. I’ll be switching to a different app now, THANKS ALOT. And now the app keeps freezing!!!


Freezes constantly  GeoffreyER  2 star

Since the last few updates, the app is unusable. It constantly freezes, gets stuck.


Weather Channel App  glhoo  5 star

Always helpful.


Tired of closing and reopening  AAA76$77  3 star

Freezes a lot Crashes occasionally Not related to the main heading but.. The genius who suggested to add text in the middle of video...should be moved to a different department... the videos are so good but the text ruins everything.... please rethink and move the text to the bottom of the screen


Bryan  Mbn1974  1 star

This app continues to get worse by the day.


Best App and it’s FREE  Joncotton  5 star

I tried a few paid apps including Dark Sky but The Weather Channel always came out on top. Dark Sky is very inaccurate for Ireland but this is bang on every time. 5 stars all the way through👍

mossy 76

Poor app  mossy 76  1 star

Full of bugs


Don’t like new version  Mimsydg  1 star

Don’t like this new version prefer the original format


New app design always crashes on iPhone 7 plus and rarely loads properly  Doublelime  1 star

Fix this


Previous version please  JayRay11121  3 star

Previous version was more intuitive and user friendly. I really miss the quick scroll through 15 day forecast snapshot. Is there anyway to undo my update and revert to previous version?


Was a 5 star not anymore  Catch2306  3 star

This was such a brilliant app so clear new update and design lay out not a patch on previous version. Information is still correct but visually very poor.


Crap  bruc19  1 star

Please go back to old version new one has last it edged gone back to using iPhone weather app


Worst update ever  Andy1249  1 star

There was nothing wrong with the old look. It was “at a glance” functional , a professional and very useful product. Now it looks like a complete beginners excel spreadsheet. Childish graphs , tiny text, a very poor effort indeed. IBM used to be the best at this type of thing. What happened? Cant you get experienced programmers anymore?


Update  threecheckenshome  1 star

Use to be good, but since update terrible.


Excellent.  Russttee  5 star

Great app for planning ahead.

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