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Search, browse or scan safe and healthy consumer product goods based on scientific ratings.

Outside the U.S.: Though our product ratings currently cover U.S. products, similar versions of the same product are available in many countries. If you live outside of the U.S., you can still use this app as thousands of consumers currently do. Just make sure to compare the ingredient lists for differences.

About the GoodGuide App:
This app includes scientific ratings for thousands of food, personal care and cleaners. Use this app to:
•Scan, search or browse Products, Brands, and Companies
•Identify the highest rated products on the market
•Find out the Nutritional Value of Food products
•Find out the Health Hazards of Personal Care and Household Cleaning products
•Find out whether a product contains ingredients with health concerns
•Get informed about the potential health effects of different chemicals
•Discover better alternatives for your daily purchases

About the GoodGuide Rating:
The GoodGuide Rating was developed using methodologies that are grounded in the sciences of informatics and health risk assessment. Products are scored from a low of 0 to a high of 10. The higher the rating, the better the product from a health perspective.

About GoodGuide:
GoodGuide’s mission is to provide consumers with the information they need to make better shopping decisions. We believe that as more consumers choose products that contain ingredients with fewer health concerns, retailers and manufacturers face compelling incentives to make and sell better products.

To fulfill our mission, GoodGuide combines manufacturer-provided information about product ingredients with authoritative information on the health effects of chemicals. We rate products so that consumers can have instant access to credible information about products that would be very difficult for anyone to develop on their own. We are a team of scientific experts in product and chemical information and have been engaged in this project for ten years.

GoodGuide has grown to become the web’s most comprehensive and credible resource for information about the impact of consumer products on human health. Hundreds of thousands consumers use GoodGuide’s website and mobile apps every month to help decode product labels, research ingredients, and make more informed decisions about the products they purchase.

GoodGuide App Description & Overview

The applications GoodGuide was published in the category Shopping on 2008-11-05 and was developed by GoodGuide, Inc.. The file size is 21.89 MB. The current version is 8.2.4 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Performance enhancements and minor bug fixes.

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GoodGuide Reviews


Can be an awesome app.  0808kay08082013  3 star

This app is very helpful when the product is actually in their database BUT recently I haven’t been able to find a lot of different skincare, body, or hair care products which is a huge let down. PLEASE ADD MORE BEAUTY PRODUCTS TO YOUR DATABASE!


Shuts down and no rate  Shy'r  2 star

Shuts down when looking up products. So far, they haven't rated anything in my kitchen like cereal, spices, probiotic fiber. So much potential, yet so much failure.


Privacy  Davescj  1 star

You do not need my email to show me a rating. If I have to sign in with name and password, then I don't need your app.


Useless  Martinassffhj  2 star

A nice idea, but 80% of products I scanned couldn't be found. Practically useless.


Don't trust anything this app tells you.  Jersey_Girl18  1 star

Big corporate companies known to be horrible for the environment, participate in animal testing, contain toxins, etc are rated as "good" and get high marks, claiming they're a great buy for you, your family and the environment. It's painfully obvious that this app is sponsored by the huge companies to make themselves look good and scam you into thinking they're products are okay. Very corrupt, please don't trust this app for any decision you make regarding you or your child's health, do your own research and discover the truth.

Fed up with corporate crap

Lies!!  Fed up with corporate crap  1 star

This app is supported by large corporations! Has to be.... The all natural products are ranked like they are bad for you and big brand products that contain carcinogenic ingredients are ranked good for you. Read your labels, if you can't pronounce it it's most likely bad for you (unless it's the scientific name).

Kidred kidd

Good idea but  Kidred kidd  3 star

It is a great idea but when these commercial ones are at the top and have exclusions and smells kinda like endorsements are happening. While truly good brands are brought down for the weirdest reasons. Idk just can't trust anyone now lol


Environmental and Societal Criteria  Tjlogic  1 star

This app used to show the environmental impact and social responsibility of products. That's why I got it in the first place. Now it's worthless.


Buggy  Harrindiya  1 star

Crashes constantly. Can not use scan UPC code at all.


Crashes on scan  thejandroman  1 star

Crashes on scan


Lov this app  YEAHBABI  5 star

Must have

Pinker Tinkerbelle

Animal testing does not equal a 10  Pinker Tinkerbelle  3 star

This app has some really great features but it's also gotten worse over the years. Companies should not be getting a 10/10 when they test on animals! This is not 'good'.


Incorrect information  Betttty2341  1 star

Nothing wrong with the app itself but the information isn't correct. How can a company that tests on animals and who's continuously in the limelight for numerous ethical errors be rated close to ten. Apps like this shouldn't be allowed without strict research etc....


Does not work  LZR22  1 star

Every time I try to use this app nothing I am looking for is found, then it crashes. Useless!


No mention of animal testing  marionross0201  2 star

Products were rated ethical but I couldn't see if they were tested on animals


Good concept that should be perpetuated  PopoyeBanana  5 star

I really appreciate the purpose and aim of this goodguide app and company. As I get older I've experienced change in health and skin condition and thus begin to take concern in ingredients of products I use. I am not sure how reliable is the rating system, but it works for me as a filter and I like to see the ingredients and risks listed and labelled. This will really aid in deciding purchase between a few similar items especially when in the store facing so many choices but with limited understanding of the labelled ingredients. Five star for hoping this concept gets popular and that more consumers would pay attention, enough to change how company formulate their products.however I do agree with others that products range not wide enough.


Unreliable and no information  cameronjames93  1 star

A lot of the products I searched for were in the database, but many products and companies had questionable ratings. Two companies in the same category, outside of the app one is known to be far better the other, but is rated lower in all scores. As well as this common theme, there was a lack of explanation for how each product or company received its rating. Little more then a short sentence. The entire app comes across as if companies have paid money to have their products promoted, while this is a separate issue to the ratings. It still calls into focus the legitimacy and overall trustworthiness.

Female 23

Great app  Female 23  4 star

Set out well and has good information. The only thing that would make it better is having a larger product database.

Some random 123

Useless in Australia.  Some random 123  1 star

Great concept. However utterly useless in Australia. After 20 odd products, none of them have records in database. Also products get a 10 for health, yet contain fragrance????? Fragrance is known to have phalates that are toxins. Strange.


Easy to use  LmnopBea  4 star

A wonderfully useful, user-friendly and functional app. I look forward to seeing more products from the rest of the world on here!


Great app  seancassidy999  5 star

Keep improving this. More visibility into the science-based judgments. Accountability is based on real objectivity and scrutiny. Otherwise it's just another rubber stamp. Keep it up!


Needs Improvements  -dre  3 star

I think this app is a great idea, but it does need improvements. One main issue is that it crashes too much. I also think it should be more specific in telling you how it got the ratings for the products. How does the product benefit the environment and society? But I do love how this app tells you the ingredients in the products and the health concern of it. I don't trust it 100% though -- I do my extra research online, but the app does provide a good starting point.


Could use many improvements  Italia5  2 star

GREAT CONCEPT. But lacking in many areas. Primarily needs to update accuracy of info, be more scientific and thorough with how this turns into a "score". Many users have made comments that need to be addressed still and no updates yet have resolved this. My point here is to reiterate the need to make progress in information.The latest update added a price feature, BIG WHOOP! We need this guide to get closer to its intended purpose.


No mention of antibacterials  MetsfanAb  2 star

Not that i purport to be an expert of any kind, but isn't that an issue now? Products that use antibacterial stuff in it contributing to resistant bacteria due to their killing off the vulnerable bacteria that would otherwise serve to keep this stuff at bay. If a product like Scrubbing Bubbles is fine, I would like to see something about the antibacterial part of it.


Don't trust this  GrassFed  1 star

Download Environmental Working Groups SkinDeep app instead of this. This app gives Purina pet food a good rating. Corn meal is not a desirable ingredient in cat or dog food, yet it is listed as one in this app.


Extremely limited  vvc.gracee  2 star

I scanned a dozen different food items and it returned a result for only one. Could be an interesting app if it had a wider database. Also, it returned a high rating for something in a non-recyclable paper/plastic box. I would think that should greatly reduce the environment score, no matter the policies of the company as a whole.

Trevor Hempfling

This app could be extremely useful  Trevor Hempfling  2 star

So I would like to believe that this is app is reporting legitimate information. However, if there's one thing I know in my professional career, it's holistic/responsible pet food for cats and dogs. This app's "research" is clearly giving favor to whomever is willing to pay them more money to advertise products. Pet foods that I would recommend animal parents to stay away from are receiving anywhere from 6 or even 8 out of 10 stars and the truly natural and healthy foods are receiving an average of 5.5 and lower. At the end of the day, I know this app is catering to the interests of large corporations that are willing to pay big bucks to make consumers feel "smart" and "responsible." This app could be so much better if they stuck to legitimate research.


False information!!!  Littlemissmushi  1 star

I wish I could give this app a negative stars. It contains extremely misleading information for consumers and is probably backed by corporate companies. For example, in the food section there are several food items that list artificial colors and flavor as ingredients and they are given an overall safe rating. Same for body care and cosmetics. Known carcinogens are included in the ingredients list yet they have a green rating? How does this happen? Try it yourself, look up the ingredients for Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo, look at the rating, and then tell me how any of that stuff is even remotely fit for human application, let alone to put on a baby. Fail.


Extremely helpful when shopping.  kimkim_lightning  5 star

I first started using this app while pregnant because I wanted to make sure I did not put anything toxic on myself that may effect my child. Specifically for me makeup and body care items because it had come to my attention that these items are not regulated for safety in America. I really appreciate this resource because I like being able to check ingredients before buying something. A quick scan and it will flag any toxic or potently harmful ingredients and a brief overview of why they flagged and I can decided Quickly is it safe or crap. Before I would buy something and trust the natural or organic labels only to get home research the ingredients, find ingredients that cause reproductive dangers or neurotoxins, then have to go back to the store and return..... I highly recommend this app as a great tool to learn about the products you buy. Thank you GoodGuide for helping me keep myself and children safe in this toxic market place.


Crashes  Katherine.Ann.666  2 star

Great app. But it crashes every time I try to use search or scan.

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