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Sonos is the wireless Home Sound System that fills as many rooms as you want with beautiful, immersive sound. Stream via WiFi. Play any song, podcast, audiobook or radio station, and enhance your TV and movie experience.

Move music around your whole home.
Choose what plays in any room or everywhere, and easily move music around your whole home. Everything stays in sync.

Stream everything with one app.
Access over 30 music services. Play on-demand Internet radio, podcasts, audiobooks, and more. Search all of them at once, and save your favorites to My Sonos.

Find what you want. Fast.
Simple navigation lets you quickly find and play what you want. Easily set up speakers and customize settings.

Better over time.
Get the best listening experience with software updates and tips for making the most of your Home Sound System.

Sonos Controller App Description & Overview

The applications Sonos Controller was published in the category Music on 2008-10-28 and was developed by Sonos, Inc.. The file size is 116.05 MB. The current version is 9.3.2 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Performance and reliability improvements.

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Difficult and complex  jplanda  2 star

There has to be a better way to design this thing. The worst part is fighting the volume control with 6 speakers while it pops back down. Its a continual struggle and easiest to manually touch each speaker. Separated two speakers and one dropped off the grid. Big hassle with no info how to restore it. Do like being able to access my itunes music outside of the itunes app. Alexa does not always work on all the designated speakers. The app in general is a big jumbled mess to me, though I like the speakers. I dont care for the missing volume control “buttons” on the new hardware design.


Dreadful  CynT260  1 star

Music regularly skips and/or stops completely. I have the fastest Internet speed available, router is new (2017) and located in the same room as two of the eight speakers, the connections of which spontaneously drop mid-song. The result: ‘samples’ of playlists, 10 seconds of one song, 30 seconds of the next, two minutes of another. I find myself anticipating the next skip and on that level, Sonos delivers. Sometimes, speakers will disappear from my account completely and must be individually readded which is especially embarrassing when entertaining guests. Someone will occasionally guess “Sonos?” And share an embarrassing laugh over our regretful investments. The skipping and dropped songs are known issues of which Sonos’ will blame your router—either being too old or too new—while we all know Sonos is 100% to blame. What a mess!

D Andersen

Going back to hard wired  D Andersen  1 star

Hey guys, so I bought Sonos in the hope that I would get rid of my wires and not having big bulky speakers. In the advertisement it says Sonos can play any song in the world, that is not entirely true there are some files or songs that you can't play because they might be a different format or there might be a protection on them, and that's just me guessing. I will say my sound is somewhat good, are used to have Denon and bows and Wilkins speakers and I will say I have to probably get back to that again. The system is easy to set up and I do think that it is user-friendly but and this is a big but you have to update it a lot and I am getting lag on my sound on the TV, not when I go on Netflix just a TV. This is like watching a Japanese movie from the 80s. Again as I said before I think I'm going back to my Bowers and Wilkins speakers and my good all Denon for us around. Still same problems, constant updates and sound not matching lip movement

Andrew 🙌🏼

Great sound lots of bugs with Alexa and wifi  Andrew 🙌🏼  2 star

These sound amazing but I keep having problems with the speakers disconnecting. Right now I can’t even reset my room settings in the app and it won’t let me access the home page until I do that...but it won’t let me do that. Very frustrating for how expensive these are.


Amazing  AniBanni  4 star



Convenient and awesome  figstar  4 star

Yes they are pricey but they put out some great sound. Plus once they finally integrate google... it will be the ultimate asst. I have a few of the play 1 throughout. The alarms and timers are awesome for bedtime or wake up time... ability to change music separately in every room is great. Just overall a great experience.


Sonos Dantuono  Dantuono  5 star

There is no better service. A wonderful experience of diverse music always available


Awful coverage  gismarieosto  1 star

Awful coverage


Best sound in business  XenaBug  4 star

Love it perfect sound!!!


Great sound!  Wynster13  5 star

The speakers sound amazing and are small and sleek, so that they are not obvious in the space. Only issue involves me having to often times re-set the radio station and which speakers I want to play. Not sure why that happens, but other than that, I love my Sonos!!

I'm drinking a latte!

Sonos is great!  I'm drinking a latte!  5 star

It is great how it wirelessly connects to my speaker and plays both downloaded music and music from Spotify. Go Sonos!


Glitching  Amason16  2 star

Lately sonos keeps glitching: changing the song halfway through on its own, not playing at all, disconnecting Please do an update or something


Awesome  streamerX4  5 star

I loved using Sonos, it was perfect for a irritating my little brother by blasting the volume all the way up. Ha ha!


Sonos controller app  PS_Duras  3 star

When I first started using the app a few years ago it was simple, quick and comprehensive, but over time it’s become very slow. Keeps wanting to restart or something each time I go back to it even though I’ve not previously closed it. Also, the removal of the lock screen function is a pain - couldn’t this be optional for users who don’t have airplay speakers?


Pity about the support  Hed100  1 star

Great sounding unit (when it works ) but pretty much connectivity issues from the first week since has been ordinary to say the least and I’m regretting not returning to JBs instead.


Sonos  petehhhhhh  1 star

Very limited synergy with Apple Music. Can’t use Spotify unless on contract.


Where have I been?  swanny_82  5 star

What a rippa system! Easy to use and will expand on my first buy!


No support for Alexa in Australia in OVER TWELVE MONTHS  MSJ100  1 star

Alexa integration is one of the key features of current Sonos devices - yet this Sonos App (and the Mac OS App) still do not allow browsing of Amazon Music for Australian users, despite Amazon Music being available to Australian users for MORE THAN 12 MONTHS. Sonos appear to have abandoned support for the Australian/APAC region. Pathetic.


Song choices  nkjsjdk  3 star

Most shuffle plays have the same songs on rotation. More variation please


Quality Listening  shadowjakey1  4 star

In the eight years that Sonos has been installed in our then new house, it has been provided me quality and flexibility. Best features are: Zone system that allows different output to be played in the house. ITunes compatibility that plays and easily updates Sonos from my iTunes library. Quality sound Innovations such as Stingray is easily incorporated in Sonos.

Brett McVean

Great customer service  Brett McVean  5 star

Best customer service ever


Problematic basic playback  Sdctenor  3 star

App will stop mid song and lose the progress. Very frustrating. It happens repeatedly.


Suks  shdhdhdhajsyts  1 star

Su ks


SLOW  mr.doltan  1 star

Slowest, most dysfunctional app I've ever used. LAGS, crashes, outdated

Sammi -18

Complicated  Sammi -18  1 star

I moved, and got a new WiFi network etc. I loved your speaker, but now I’m throwing it in the trash. Make it easier to set up because I’ve been sitting here for almost an hour trying to connect it and I’m about to go insane.


Overrated  13Michel  2 star

The sound is solid. The software is annoying. The company is arrogant. You will send an update that has to be now. In the middle of a party. Doesn’t matter you will have to stop using sonos. You will be forced to have Alexa no way to opt out. It is forever losing its mind and has to be rebooted.

Hooter mcboob

Unreliable playback  Hooter mcboob  1 star

Sonos randomly skips songs when playing from my IPhone music. It happens about every other song. Or just stops playing altogether. I’ve updated everything the app the firmware blah blah blah... These overpriced speakers are getting on my nerves.


Sounds great when there aren’t connectivity issues  GManSeabolt  3 star

Periodic connectivity issues make it a headache sometimes


Random Play  PLFTL  3 star

Need to do a better job!

no qrf

Love Sonos  no qrf  4 star

Love the system overall. But two things need work: one the Sonos music software needs some work. The way that the Queue/ playlist works. Difficult to use and build. Second the speaker options: I wish there were smaller ones for smaller rooms like a bathroom and I wish they had an outside speaker


Sonos one with Alexa.  murmanturman  5 star

So happy I payed the little extra for the Sonos. The sound at both low level and high level is amazing it’s a warm sound with nice bass and mid range. Then we have Alexa to help with different things that will suit everyone. So from an A/V installer I have to say I bring my Sonos one to site and listen to it all day as I work. I do like my music.

trevorium 22

Sonos review  trevorium 22  5 star

Effortless way to listen to music streaming services.


Sonia 5  manix344  1 star

Connection frequently cuts out

liam xxxx

Liam  liam xxxx  1 star

I have had Sonos app for 5 years and for the first couple of years it worked great but it has become more complicated and cumbersome to use. It recently also has been starting to look for more passwords and disrupts services I have had in place with Spotify etc I have gone from being a promoter of the system to being very negative and would not recommend the system anymore unfortunately


Lost all my music  Iamklute  2 star

Sonos has been great for years. Now they are reducing functionality of the app. First we lost the ability to see and control music on the home screen. Now I can’t even see any music from my phone. It won’t play anything apart from the radio. Very disappointing. I’ve given it an extra star because it was good for so long. 2 stars very poor and this needs to be sorted. No way am I buying any more Sonos products when the interface is so bad.


Sonos one I just bought versus Sonos Play  KishLights  3 star

I bought the latest Sonos small speaker. I really like it’s quick setup procedures as was with the Sonos play it bought last Christmas. The new one is easy to operate ,except for setting up the Alexa app. I still can’t get it working as the problem relates to an Amazon a/c which I never used ,can’t access and therefore can’t then set up on my Sonos. I’m an Apple user. Why can’t Sonos let me use Siri? Anyway I still like Sonos. Hopefully they will do something about this dependency on Amazon for voice activation. Why not Sonos make there own? Thank you. Sincerely, Niall Dublin Ireland


Fantastic speakers. Terrible app  CiaranMcP  2 star

The sound from the speakers is incredible and far superior to anything else I’ve heard. Problem is controlling the music through the app. Constantly dropping off the WiFi network, dropping speakers from the system, speakers playing music intermittently and the app basically not responding to commands. Really frustrating because when it works is superb. More often than not I have problems with this system.


Used to love my Sonos  MyVHI  3 star

Used to love my Sonos, but not anymore. Since the latest updates the music keeps skipping and jumping from one track to the next using playlists from my iPhone. Please fix.


Amazing  Littlechick1969  5 star

Could live without my Sonos. Have one in everyroom


a little buggy  joefarty  3 star

itsss really annoying that you cant change the volume outside the app but sonos is pretty great with the whole connecting over wifi thing like its not temperamental like bluetooth

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