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Music lover? Looking to play and download the latest charts, hits or albums? Dive into a world of sound with the Deezer music player app. Explore top songs by genre, like pop or rock, or use Flow to discover new music picked to suit your music tastes and mixed with your favorite tracks.

Enjoy these features:
• 53 million tracks to discover and listen to in streaming
• Top music suggestions picked for you
• Unlimited playlists, curated by Deezer Editors
• Deezer Flow, the best music matchmaker
• Your own music collection, with playlists and favourite tracks
• More than music: podcasts, live sports, audio channels and radio stations

Whether working out to pop music, or commuting while you play rock, enjoy streaming over 53 million songs - including the latest hits. You can even upload your own MP3 library. Get personalized tunes and recommendations, live radio stations, sports, podcasts, plus all of Deezer’s music and audio Channels for every genre!

Deezer Flow
Tell us what music you like - any song, album, or genre - and Flow will help you mix your music with new discoveries based on your tastes. One click, and you start streaming your all-time favourite songs from the vinyl records, cassette tapes, compact discs or MP3 files of your childhood, alongside all the best new chart-topping hits you could want.

Stream over 53 million songs
Find practically any song, album or artist, and enjoy unlimited music for free with ads. Have original taste when it comes to music? Play any song from the latest pop hits to death metal - audio streaming with the Deezer music player app is easy.

Upgrade to Deezer Premium:

• Skip unlimited tracks
• No more ads
• Download unlimited music to listen offline

Download Deezer today for unlimited, easy music streaming!
Download and use the Deezer app for free. Subscribe to Deezer Premium to go unlimited

Deezer Premium is a subscription service with a monthly charge of:
AE 47.99 AED / AL 8.99 EUR / AR 3.99 USD / AT 12.99 EUR / AU 16.99 AUD / BE 12.99 EUR / BH 6.99 USD / BO 7.99 USD / BR 21.90 BRL / BW 6.99 USD / BY 8.49 USD / CA 11.99 CAD / CH 17.00 CHF / CL 5.99 USD / CO 13900.00 COP / CR 7.99 USD / CZ 7.99 EUR / DE 12.99 EUR / DK 129.00 DKK / EC 7.99 USD / ES 12.99 EUR / FI 12.99 EUR / FR 12.99 EUR / GB 12.99 GBP / GR 8.99 EUR / GT 7.99 USD / HN 7.99 USD / HR 8.99 EUR / HU 6.99 EUR / ID 89000.00 IDR / IE 12.99 EUR / IL 23.90 ILS / IT 12.99 EUR / LT 8.99 EUR / LU 12.99 EUR / MU 6.99 USD / MX 139.00 MXN / MY 4.99 USD / NL 12.99 EUR / NO 129.00 NOK / NZ 15.99 NZD / PE 5.99 USD / PH 3.99 USD / PL 6.99 EUR / PT 8.99 EUR / PY 7.99 USD / RO 6.49 EUR / RU 229.00 RUB / SE 129.00 SEK / SG 12.98 SGD / SI 7.99 EUR / SK 7.99 EUR / SN 5.99 USD / SV 7.99 USD / TH 5.99 USD / TN 4.99 EUR / TR 12.99 TRY / US 12.99 USD / UY 7.99 USD / ZA 79.99 ZAR

Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.
Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, at the same price.
No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period

*** Manage your subscription directly from your iPhone ***
Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase.
1. Tap the "Settings" icon on your mobile, then tap the "Store" icon.
2. Sign in with your iTunes ID.
3. Tap "View Apple ID" then "Manage App Subscriptions".
4. You will be able to see when your next payment is due, or cancel your automatic renewal.

*** You may cancel your subscription at any time ***
Renewal of your monthly Deezer Premium subscription is automatic.
You can cancel this automatic renewal at any time, at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period.
Privacy policy:
Terms of use:

Deezer: Music & Podcast Player App Description & Overview

The applications Deezer: Music & Podcast Player was published in the category Music on 2008-10-31 and was developed by DEEZER SA. The file size is 154.72 MB. The current version is 7.1.1 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

One for the road
For our last update of the year, we bring you a slew of quality of life upgrades to make your streaming experience the very best it can be.
It's easier than ever to upgrade from Deezer Premium to Deezer Family with a new dedicated option in your account settings.
Some display bugs have been fixed on the artist pages and in the podcast channel.
And that's it for this year! Have a wonderful New Year's Eve, and see you in 2019!

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I hate it  [email protected]@il  1 star

We have to pay to listen to music or play a specific song!!

bud one 58

Deezer  bud one 58  5 star

This app is absolutely awesome luv it . Sound quality is far superior than any other thanks David


Idea for a new feature  Vstev187  5 star

Best music app on the market, great audio quality, wide array of artists and flow is amazing as well. I would suggest that you add an option to block an artist that you dislike because sometimes even though I keep disliking someone's songs, they keep coming up, so I feel this would be a far quicker option


I don’t want to pay  _theyyluvbella_  1 star

When I first saw this app on an ad it said free music offline and it worked well but a mouth later I can’t search the music I want and I can’t play what I want there some clout chasers trying to make us pay because they want clout 😦😦🤔☹️😡


It’s fine  ALDY OCAMPO  3 star

Deezer was great at first but then in the free trial it ended quick then I tried to pay it didn’t work so ya it’s ok it was nice but I have to subscribe it still didn’t work it’s annoying now 😪


Disappointed  kosovacz  1 star

Most annoying app on App Store! Worked well first month then it went crazy. I can’t play track I want. It shuffle it automatically.


On veut l’ancienne version de deezer  vdjdeuvdjg  1 star

Bon, avant c’était un truc de cool quand je pouvais télécharger n’importe quelle chanson et écouter selon mon choix mais maintenant Deezer est devenue complètement nulle!! Je souhaite que vous rendez la version ancienne et que ça revient comme avant sans avoir besoin d’un Deezer premium 🙏


Playing a single song is a premium feature??  waleksandra  1 star

I can’t believe I can’t search and play a song. Shuffle is not too bad for playlists, but now I am unable to search for a single song and play it because it starts playing a random song from the same author? A premium feature, really? At first I thought it was a bug, but it seems free users receive no responses from the support... I actually planned to subscribe, but now I think I’m just going to switch to another service.


One of the best  Chibzii  5 star

Served well for school where we can’t access their Internet. Internet is not needed for this unlike other music apps that say no Internet needed then say you need Internet to listen to a song. Didn’t use a much battery either after an hourI still had 99% great app


Love it  illusionmazter  4 star

I have been using it for a month or two and I haven’t had any problems with it so far, I really love this app. I wish there was a dark theme


STOP it Deezer. Just stop!  Stickwell  2 star

I gave you 4 stars last year because you kept a lid on your ads in the free version. Now it’s bombardment... Open the ap? AD Skip a song ? AD! Start a playlist? AD! Tone it done and I’ll keep listening but I’m on the verge of abandoning you And it was going so well...


Loved it.  Callum35  3 star

Don’t even want to use anything else! Except as of today there has been way too many ads!!!


Love it  Beirutbomber  5 star

I just love Deezer, now you can download your music so you can listen to it when you don’t have an internet connection or for mobile when you don’t have cellular connection, but that’s only a small part of the reason I love Deezer. The music available is awesome now, there is an enormous range and seems to be growing rapidly. The sound quality, ahhhh , the sound quality , after all music streaming is for the ears and food is for the mouth so when it comes to sound quality is noticeably superior to the other streaming service i used once upon a time. If you’re a Newby to music streaming or not serious about music, the other services will do but if you love music and want tantalising quality you need to go with Deezer even in the lower quality plan the music is definitely noticeably better than other 329Kb but rate services . I highly recommend Deezer . How many people pay top dollar for earphones ? Well Deezer will do them much justice and even on an hi end HI FI SYSTEM one could appreciate its quality. Yep, only Deezer for me ....

Job ear

Awful, don't use  Job ear  1 star

You can't play any song of your choosing, you have to shuffle play the entire album, but when you do that, it doesn't play any song on the album, instead it gives a recommendation and you can't skip, I hate this app with a passion, it doesn't have all of the songs I want as well. Don't use this app

What is music

Happy  What is music  5 star

Love Deezer. Heaps better then Spotify.

Markipliers number 1 fan

Amazing  Markipliers number 1 fan  5 star

But maybe get into the remixes stage of this app please


MoneyTakers  whatliarsyouare  3 star

I feel like it’s too expensive for a month

Awesome awesome kinda

Spotify who?  Awesome awesome kinda  5 star

Omg this app is amazing!! Basically the free Spotify premium. You can download sons for free and most of my favourite songs are there! Love it


Flow doesn’t work as they say  AnthLC  1 star

I liked the idea of flow. But it simply doesn’t work 😟 After about 1-2 months you will find you frustrated hearing just the same songs over and over again.....I moved to Spotify a shame. It works better in free version simply cause you hear new advertised tracks. It be good if there was flow settings to tweak how it best works for you. A google search suggests a common complaint and Deezer have done nothing to fix for years. Even if I dislike tracks they come back. It seems to work this way, the more tracks you like and add to your favourites, the less you hear newer tracks. The other thing the playlists seem to play the same tracks, rock, pop or alternative will be the same tracks. If they one day improve flow I may come back. But disappointed ☹️ so very unlikely. I really thought Deezer would be it.

dance leopard girl

So good!!!🎄👍🏼👍🏼😸  dance leopard girl  5 star

This app is really good and I love it so much!!🤗😍💖good job Deezer!!! Merry Christmas!!🎄


Very Clean  HughHoney  4 star

I prefer Deezer over other streaming services mainly for its ease of use. The interface for Deezer is super clean and simple, which makes it easy to find any album or artist you’re looking for. Most of the music I listen to (mostly metal & punk) is on there with only a few bands absent. My only small complaint would be that the icon for lyrics to a song or the HQ icon are displayed directly on the album art! Such an odd design choice. It’s kind of hard to admire the album art if the lyric icon is literally dead center of the art. Kind of makes no sense.


Bad app  👎👎👎cjm  1 star

I downloaded the app, started the free trial for premium and everything was great. Now it’s telling me I owe $12 and I can download or update any apps because I owe $12 for a free trial.


Bad  Eric-01  1 star

Signed up, didn’t like it first two minutes, led me to uninstall, they specifically made the email to keep sending and you cannot unsubscribe from the email, you must click the link to to the website, log in, then have to redownload the app to unsubscribe. Poor app. Poor company.


Excelente app  MarcoTineo  5 star

Amigable para utilizar, la carga de artistas y canciones ilimitadas, las sugerencias de play list de lo mejor!.


Used to be great  JackMuleface  2 star

I get it. You make money with sponsored tracks, but for the love of God, don’t keep playing the same song I skipped! I skipped it because I didn’t like it. Same awful song 3 times in a half hour. Would pay the $6, but I have Verizon now. Not paying double.


Hi  ....sssassxxxxx  3 star

I loved this app until it started to recommend Arabic playlists. Don’t get me wrong I’m Arab but I don’t like this I want the app to recommend me music like before.


Help  okasuf  4 star

I pay monthly for Deezer. The other day my Android broke. Bought an iPhone download the deezer app and it has me as a free trial user. How do I get my old account transferred to my iPhone?


Getting stressed  Mileenacanales  1 star

I really need to listen to music, why does it always gives me a message of error? I have a premium account and it doesn’t let me sign in, please fix these


Music nonstop..  LITTLE INTERRUPTIONS  5 star

Great APP. Very little comercials, little interrupt...


Too bad  Eldiadre  2 star

Too bad, we can’t use voice commands with this app...It is especially frustrating while driving and having to stop the car in order to chose other songs or album . If it wasn’t for the more diverse music library Deezer offers, I would switch back to Apple Music in a...”Beat”. That’s my only complaint , but I’m reminded everyday I take the darn car.

Puppy lover rainbow unicorn

I love it 💓  Puppy lover rainbow unicorn  4 star

It’s just like Spotify only you can actually choose your song 💞💞

Bill mul

Best streaming app  Bill mul  2 star

Since the update when I 3D touch for flow it doesn't work


Do not download  hhagsysh  1 star

Absolutely terrible app it works for about 2 weeks then you have to pay €13 a month just to be able to actually listen to the songs


Update disappointing on Deezer app  Sdasn  2 star

Always Love me deezer account but now very dissatisfied , thousands of tracks on my list , new iPhone and downloaded latest version of deezer , I’ve a premium package,some tracks are now jumping like parts are being put in fast forward, it’s driving me nuts and after years of loving my deezer, I’m now facing the possibility that I may need to cancel my deezer account my iPhone is operating on iOS 11.4.1 so it’s not a iphone issue.. deezer I should not be experiencing this problem


User of app  xxxqa12  1 star

It sayes in the description that you get 15 free days of premium + but that didnt happen to me. Terroble


Deezer  tabi_10111  5 star


Harry Potter massive fan

I love it but....  Harry Potter massive fan  2 star

I love this app a lot but I am constantly having issues with it such as, Deezer is taking €9.99 a moth but sometimes it will say I’m not subscribed and Deezer has yet to fix this issue at the moment I’m not able to listen to my music even though I paid for premium+


Kept unsubscribing me  Meisconfused  1 star

I had Premium+ and it would charge me even after they randomly unsubscribe me every couple of months.


Can’t sign up  martinaaaaa._.  1 star

Doesn’t let me sign up


It’s very good  person6263€)3):)7373737  4 star

It’s really good it’s just that when you are off your premium trial it kinda annoying you have to pay for it after your trial

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