mSecure Password Manager

Don’t take any chances with your passwords and private information; keep your data safe and secure with mSecure Password manager!

Imagine your phone is lost or stolen, you can have peace of mind knowing that mSecure has safeguarded your web site logins, bank accounts and credit cards thereby protecting your finances, identity and reputation.

mSecure is used by almost a million users worldwide, providing the best time-tested, trusted, convenient and secure solution for storing and syncing your important information.

“…it’s everything almost anyone would ever need in a password manager.” – Gigaom

mSecure Password Manager - Security Everywhere, Made Simple

ULTRA-SECURE: mSecure uses ultra-secure 256bit blowfish encryption to protect personal information such as account numbers, usernames, passwords and more.
• Auto-lock to protect the app from prying eyes
• Password Generator to create un-guessable passwords
• Sync Everywhere cloud data protection architecture not dependent on security of cloud service.
• Auto-backup reminder (NEW) and Email backup to keep data safe
• Optional self-destruct if hacker attempts to guess your password
• Sensitive fields are optionally masked from prying eyes

MADE SIMPLE: mSecure is made simple for everyday users with a native and high-res iOS look and feel with features like:
• Nineteen standard templates (3 NEW Templates) for fast data entry with the ability to create custom templates with UNLIMITED fields
• Over 270 icons to personalize your records
• Integrated search and collapsible section headers
• Sort by Name, Type and Modified Date (NEW)
• Full landscape support (optional)
• Groups to categorize your records
• Mark any record as a favorite for fast access
• Sharing of records via email, SMS or clipboard
• Personalize look and feel with Font and Theme options

“The program interface is intuitive and easy to use. [five stars]” – Software Informer

EASY ACCESS: mSecure supports iCloud and Dropbox cloud services to synchronize your data between your mobile devices and desktop/laptop computers.
• iCloud (NEW) sync support between iOS and MacOS (MacApp Store) platforms
• Dropbox sync for syncing with all platforms over Internet connections
• Auto-sync (NEW) for iCloud and Dropbox keeps data synchronized on all devices
• New mSecure browser (NEW) to auto-login access to your websites quickly and securely.
• Auto-capture web logins (NEW) and fill web form fields (NEW) with your mSecure data.
• Sync Everywhere architecture supports multiple cloud systems, safely and securely
• Sync multiple devices with multiple desktops via private Wi-Fi
• Import data from competitor products directly or via spreadsheet


mSecure Password Manager App Description & Overview

The applications mSecure Password Manager was published in the category Productivity on 2008-10-04 and was developed by mSeven Software, LLC. The file size is 43.98 MB. The current version is 4.5.3 and works well on 9.3 and high ios versions.

Minor bug fixes. Please note; This update is intended only for our current mSecure v4 users. For new users, we recommend that you download our new mSecure 5 product.

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mSecure Password Manager Reviews


Wiped app on update  Suejdisjjziejjxjejdi  1 star

Running iOS 9 with latest update. Upon install, it did not complete installation and I had to reboot. I switched on my phone and the app (and my database) was gone. Fortunately I have a desktop backup, but for a security app, this is unacceptable. 09.20.2017 - one star rating remains as the app has yet to implement (despite promises by developers for many months) to restore wifi backup. Today I fully transitioned to a new security app that lets me do that. I am done with MSecure. Time to delete this app for good!


Problems w iOS 11  MikeM57  1 star

Cannot scroll to As and Bs in list

J Mello

Can't log in.  J Mello  1 star

I updated and now I can't log in. The app freezes when I put in my password.


Version 5 clearly a step backward  Sreins  1 star

Migration from version 4 took 3-4 hours and I'm an IT professional. Poor instructions, many steps not working as described or not working at all. New look and feel is main drawback. Also, new version slow (iPhone 6+) - so you tap to expand something you think it didn't get the command and tap again, then it opens and closes - repeat. MSecure starting to hard code configuration decisions for users. Let me decide what I want like in old version. This is what happens when management decides they want a years worth of work in six months. EDIT - VERY SCARY THAT "LOGIN" FIELDS AND LOGIN TYPE ARE ALL HARDCODED ALONG WITH APP NAME. WHY SHOULD MSECURE CARE WHAT FIELDS I USE UNLESS OF COUSE THEY HAVE PLANS FOR EASY RETRIEVAL. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND NO ONE USE MSECURE "LOGIN" TYPE. ALSO BY MSECURE PUTTING ALL OUR DATA IN ONE PLACE, THEY ARE NOW A MUCH BIGGER TARGET - OUR DATA IS A MUCH BIGGER TARGET. LOVED THE OLD VERSION. I ALSO WONDER WHY WE CAN PROVIDE OUR OWN ENCRYPTION KEY. COMMON TO HAVE TWO PART KEY. PART PRIVATE - PART PUBLIC.


Can't sync iPhone with MacBook Air.  TrueNorthEnterprise  2 star

After loosing a 4 hours on a Saturday to secure my accounts, I cannot get the desktop and iPhone to sync over wi-fo. The instructions to manually add an IP address aren't correct. It appears I have version 4.x from the Apple Store and version 5.x on the desktop. Super frustrated when so many hours of life are lost because technology doesn't work!


They need a reasonable upgrade price  Ornothorptor  4 star

We've been using mSecure for at least seven years now. Absolutely the best and most secure password keeper that exists. However, my wife and my kids do not share the same password file. We each have our own (respect each other's privacy). mSecure need an individual upgrade price that honors there existing loyal customers. Making me repurchase four versions is simply bad business. C'mon mSecure, give your existing customers a modest upgrade price.



I'm a long-time user, & the recent update appears to have multiple bugs. For the 1st time since I purchased v4, the app started repeatedly crashing. This is completely not acceptable as it is preventing me from accessing my important information. PLEASE FIX ASAP!! 9/7/17 Update: THIS IS DAY 5 FOLLOWING MY EMAIL REQUESTING A FIX FOR THE REPEATED CRASHING THAT RENDERED THE MSECURE APP ON MY IPHONE UNUSABLE. AS THE APP CONTAINED ALL OF MY PERSONAL INFO, THIS IS WHOLLY UNACCEPTABLE. I was able to find a solution MYSELF, by uninstalling the app & restoring my data. However, the problem seems to have stemmed from the fact that the latest upgrade of v4xxx (8/25/17) calls for a new in app purchase — what I believed was already comprehensively paid for, is now an additional $2.99 for photos & custom icons. As far as I can see, this issue started the crashing, because as soon as I attempted to take a photo with the app, it crashed & wouldn't let me sign in!! I found a workaround ( pictures taken with the phone's camera can be imported into the app, but it STILL crashes when I attempt to take a photo). This feature was working fine before the 8/25/17 update. FIX THIS ASAP! I emailed their tech support LAST FRIDAY only to be told to force close the app, & then shut down my device, & then restart. That approach did not work. I DID NOT RECEIVE ANOTHER RESPONSE UNTIL TUESDAY/WED. I am now ISO a new password protector app, because it was made abundantly clear to me that mSecure does not care about their customers at all. NOT ACCEPTABLE & VERY DANGEROUS when one's extremely sensitive information is on the line!!!! Sent from my iPhone


Can I move my msecure 5 data back to 4?  Tom19146  4 star

I made the mistake of moving my data to msecure and working on it for a month. It sticks in so many ways. Now if like to move the data including the newly created entries back and use 4. But when I sync 4 to icloud, it only holds things since before the changeover. When I sync five to icloud it works but I can't pull it up or sync it with 4. And if I email myself a backup from the most you to date data, on my 5 app, I can't open that on my four app, at least not on my iPhone. Suggestions anyone? I'd really like to get out of msecure 5.

No check button?

Do not update  No check button?  1 star

I'm betting the latest update is designed to destroy version 4 of your his app and force you into version 5. Don't update and start looking for a new password manager. These people have destroyed what used to be a perfect app.


Still Going Strong!  Trac_sea  5 star

Update review: Thank you for still keeping the bug fixes coming. This is still my "go-to" for ALL Password management needs. I'm not a fan of version 5 yet so until some changes are made over there, I'll continue to use this one. ****************************************** This has been mine & my husband's password manager for 5 years now! It continues to improve and has never failed me. I'd be lost without it. Syncs across my devices beautifully with iCloud. Love that I can customize icons, groups & types. The grouping is one of the best features. Created the ones that make the most sense to me instead of being forced to use stock ones as with other apps of this nature. I feel safe with the encryption level. I can also email a restore backup to myself as an extra precaution which works beautifully.


Consigli x Acquisti consigliacq 3 star

Android APP - Bestseller: #10: mSecure Password Manager


Safe, Simple, Dependability  joe.marciano  5 star

I played with 5 apps of this type. This one was the best balance of ease of use and capability. When I finally synched my iPhone and Mac, it was very cool. I've been using mSecure for over 6 years without any issues. I prefer it to other more powerful apps because I never feel I'm being controlled by this app.


Great Password Manager, Super Tech Support::)  Abbala  5 star

I've been using mSecure since at least 2011, for my I-Phone, I-Pad, and desk version of mSecure, for my MacBook. I would be completely lost, without it, as I consider mSecure, my extended brain. Just too many passwords to even try and remember, and with mSecure, I always have "all" of my 176 passwords, on all of my devices, and they sync seamlessly. As far as Tech. Support, they have always been there for me, and I know they are eager to work closely with their customers. I reach out, whenever I have a question, even a silly, easy one, and I always get a prompt response. For me, there's no other Password Protection App, that gets the job done, day in and day out, like mSecure. I have been and remain a satisfied mSecure customer.


Great tool  RCReader  5 star

I've been using this app for a number of years and love it. I use it every day. I highly recommend it!


Instructional Technology Coordinator  InstTechTerri  5 star

I've been using mSecure for years; best purchase I ever made! I use it for my 150 school accounts and my personal accounts. It's a one time purchase! No annual renewals! Dependable, user friendly, accurate. I use it daily; could not imagine going without this program. I researched several apps before making this purchase and have no regrets. Love, love, love it!!


Great utility  JVNut  5 star

Seeing low number of reviews, I need to testify that I use this daily including desktop versions, for years and I could not be more happier. It has great deal of customization, sync over wifi and no nonsense features trying to lock you into something you don't need.


Love this app  BLAQHAWK  5 star

I've been using this app for several years. I bought it because it {is not} subscription based. I like that it will allow you to upload an encrypted backup to your email or iCloud for storage. Thank you Dev for the great app and not giving in to the ever popular subscription based model.


Needs fingerprint update  Nan2121  4 star

I would love to see an update so you can use your fingerprint to unlock it.


Fantastic lifesaving password app  sunj  5 star

This app just works. It's flawless with no bugs. It syncs seamlessly to all my devices. It generates passwords of all types. It does not break the bank. My security was definitely suboptimal until I started using this and also activated 2 step verification for all sites that had it. I highly recommend this app if you value your security! I have now used for 3 years and still love it on mac ecosystem.


Good app!  KathylynnS  5 star

It does what I need it to do, reliably and simply.


Awesome App  ghostcdr95N  5 star

This app is great....been using it since 2013....what it also needs is an internal Two-Factor Authenticator

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