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Track your baby’s growth with the top pregnancy app for moms-to-be!

Chosen by over 15 million moms, this pregnancy tracker app from the world's most trusted pregnancy brand, "What to Expect When You're Expecting," guides you through pregnancy day-by-day and week-by-week. Simply enter your baby’s due date (or use our pregnancy due date calculator if you’re not sure) and start tracking your baby’s growth today.

Based on your due date, you’ll receive personalized updates on your baby’s development, expert tips, helpful articles and the latest parenting news. Join a tight-knit community of parents-to-be with due dates in the same month, and get support from an active, caring parent community that shares a post every 3 seconds.

• Personalized pregnancy tracker shows your baby's daily development
• 15,000+ medically accurate articles on every aspect of pregnancy and parenting, from preconception
through the toddler years
• Daily tips, up-to-the-minute health news, and personal stories from real parents
• Week-by-week development info, helping you understand your changing body and baby's amazing development through each stage of pregnancy
• Pregnancy videos showing just what to expect this week
• Search tools to help you find fast, accurate answers for your pregnancy questions
• Special groups devoted to birth locations, interests, medical conditions, parenting styles, must-have baby gear, and more!

Once baby arrives, the app is here to guide you with all the expert advice and personalized support you need for baby’s first year and beyond.

Find support for your pregnancy journey, and know what to expect, every step of the way. We’re here to help! Let’s connect:
Instagram: @whattoexpect
Twitter: @WhatToExpect

Pregnancy & Baby Tracker App Description & Overview

The applications Pregnancy & Baby Tracker was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2008-09-04 and was developed by Everyday Health, Inc.. The file size is 117.92 MB. The current version is 11.2 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

In this update we’ve improved parenting mode, with more frequent, personalized updates about what’s new with your baby.

Thanks for choosing What to Expect! It’s parents like you that make the WTE community a trusted source of advice and support for millions.

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Pregnancy & Baby Tracker Reviews


Loads of great info !  Nolanzmum  5 star

This app is loaded full of awesome, helpful information for children of all ages. As well as some helpful hints for moms health too !!


This app is amazing!  hdegolier  5 star

I love this app! Through my pregnancy I loved to see the growth and development of baby! Then after baby girl was born it continued to show development milestones. Also the community feature is my favorite! Talking to other moms and moms to be that are going through the same thing is so helpful and reassuring! Great app!


So impressed!  littlelungs  5 star

This app is chalk full of information from size of the growing baby to tips for dad-to-be. I’ve already learned so much and I can’t wait to see more. I also LOVE the set up of the app on my Apple Watch!


❤️  R1()  5 star



Loving the app  skylararie  5 star

I love this app😍!

meysam king mersad

thanks a lot for your app  meysam king mersad  5 star

please stablished this app to Persian language in next edition.


Mean moms  Mikesbabygirl711  1 star

That app had good info but I mostly downloaded for the community of moms. My kids will be 8 years apart and since it’s been a while I was looking for advice on pregnancy things. The moms in the community are “mean moms” they are constantly replying with hateful bashing comments and no one monitors any of this and there is no way to report it. I had to delete the app because I couldn’t ask a question without ending up in tears.


Love this app  Mamallama9591  5 star

This app is extremely informative! I am a step mom to 2 beautiful children, and am expecting a girl in September with my husband. I highly recommend this app for first time moms!


Great  Leverda198926  5 star



Amazing app!  TiffiPage  5 star

Everything thing is so detailed and very easy to navigate the app and all of its wonderful features. Even after my miscarriage they offered so many support groups, ways to cope, articles of what is going on inside my body after said miscarriage and very detailed reports and medical advice (as much as legally allowed) on what to expect with a next pregnancy.

* Jair *

Spam emails that you can’t turn off  * Jair *  1 star

I didn’t like the app, better ones are out there. The infuriating thing is that I unsubscribed from their emails but they keep coming and trying to email them directly gets no response so every day I have their annoying emails coming to my inbox. SPAM!


Needs more options for due date  Emilyjane23  1 star

This app doesn’t work for me as I have longer cycles than will let me input.


Love it.  naydeann  5 star

Very helpful and informative especially for first time mumma. Love the set out and how the data is spread across the weeks


Life saver!!  Christmassux11192  5 star

This app has everything you need from start to finish when it comes to babies, my favourite part is interacting with woman from around the world that are in the same boat, so to speak! Got an itch? Feel a bit funny? Haven’t felt the baby move? Putting on too much weight? Not putting on enough? Ask the hundreds of thousands of woman who can give you instant advice; support and real stories on their real life experiences. You’ve got a question, or a worry? You’re not alone and this app, and the community will show you why. 100% recommend to anyone trying to conceive, pregnant, postpartum, or just curious! Even the dads get a good look in! Favourite baby app so far!

Jayleen binla

Amazing app! Highly highly recommend  Jayleen binla  5 star

the best, most helpful, informative pregnancy app on the market there is. When I initially found out I was pregnant I browsed through & downloaded several apps to help me throughout my pregnancy journey. As a first time mother, I found this the most helpful - it helped answered all my queries, eliminated my fears & worries & kept me updated on my pregnancy progress. Would highly recommend :)

bhala 101

😠😠😠  bhala 101  1 star

I do t not recommended this app at all as there is a limited they let u do on it if u post something than change ur mind u can’t delete it if there’s a comment u don’t like on ur own post AGAIN U CANT DELETE IT Would like to know this before hand

tattooed lady mama

Love it!  tattooed lady mama  5 star

So helpful and informative


Thank you  Hhtaat  5 star

Whoever put this app together - you’re awesome

Nana 1 1/2

Ms Lace  Nana 1 1/2  5 star

My daughter is having her first’s nice to follow the stages through this app with her and seeing how my grandchild is developing ✨💖✨


Very informative  shamiran.m  5 star

Being a first time mum, this app isn’t just informative week by week about the baby growths but also has so much other handy information to read about and pretty much gives all the information you need as a new mummy.


Videos won’t play  3256189  1 star

The app will play the advertisements perfectly fine but once it gets to the actual video it says to check my internet connection. My internet connection is fine.

N.S.A. Houston,TX

I am growing in knowledge of my growing baby inside my belly and out 😍  N.S.A. Houston,TX  5 star

I really appreciate this app. I highly recommend it for every new mom or any mom who needs a refresher. This app is informative. They have an answer to almost every question you can think of. Why is that you may ask? Cuz most of the questions are asked by moms just like us. I also love how I can read the details of my baby in my belly is growing day by day. Then when the baby is born I can read about the milestones month by month. It really helps me to know what to expect. They are true to that name. Also if you sign up for the emails, you can keep up to date with the moms who have a similar month due date as you. It’s great because they ask similar questions that you maybe thinking of. It’s a really great support group of moms. And you can even check the answers to similar questions from previous years. Overall, I love this app and I will be using it for my current child and future children 😊❤️


Amazing  elenaie  5 star



This app is amazing  Orestes20  5 star

This app is very helpful. Totally recommend it


What to Expect > Baby Center  Ev907  5 star

What to Expect has information aside from the basic information Baby Center provides.


Could be improved  hevdidknsdv  3 star

It’s really nice to have an online community to voice concerns and offer support to other mothers. I also like the weekly updates on what’s going on with my baby and my body and the articles can be interesting too but I do have several frustrations with the app. First, the curated articles that appear in my feed rarely have anything to do with my particular pregnancy- I entered the sex of my baby into the app yet I am constantly shown articles for the opposite sex. Also, I am quite far along in my pregnancy but am being shown articles that really would have only benefitted me at the beginning of pregnancy. Second, the spelling and grammatical errors in each article, along with several glitches in the feed have me thinking the folks behind the app don’t care much about quality. Third, the Pregnancy Math videos are a complete waste of time; you sit through an ad for one minute just to see a useless video that lasts literally 10 seconds and gives you info that you probably already found in an article weeks ago. Fourth, whether you enter that you are pregnant or a partner, you still see the same articles and tips. My husband stopped looking at the app altogether because it just kept talking to him like he was a pregnant woman- what’s the point of entering your status as a partner then? Lastly, the weekly videos are terrible- Heidi’s awkwardly tilted head just talks at you about your pregnancy, saying things that are already in the typed weekly update while showing you images of an incredibly creepy CGI baby. Over all, I am happy to have this app because I would feel pretty in the dark about what to expect in my pregnancy without it but I do feel like improvements could be made to make the app more enjoyable and user friendly.

Sandra Kay Mullins

UPDATELike this app when I can use it🙄  Sandra Kay Mullins  3 star

It’s a great app but I’ve been kicked off from 4 different accounts for no reason UPDATE: it says “oops! Something went wrong sorry it looks like something went wrong you can try again later or let us know about the problem” and it deletes all of my previous posts!! Why does it do this I’m so annoyed. I don’t post anything that goes against guidelines!

tello mk

It’s okay!  tello mk  4 star

I loved this app but the recently updated where now it’s video. Personally I hate them videos but besides that the app is awesome.


Loved it... until the update  TGlCAT  2 star

Make the baby development available in written form again. I can’t always watch a video with sound. In general, there should be more focus on the baby development.


Groups are annoying with people TTC  FrenchieGirl84  4 star

The app itself is good and informative. The community forum is super annoying with people who aren’t even pregnant and are just desperately searching for the tiniest symptom and invisible lines on pregnancy tests. I realize it’s a long journey for some people but there are other apps for that. Should only be able to join the due date group when you have a confirmed pregnancy. Makes it hard to communicate with other expecting mothers.

viv 51

Love this!  viv 51  5 star

Absolutely love this app x


Loving it on the whole!  upton_girl  4 star

Felt like it zapped all my energy though. Beginning to feel more like me now in 2nd trimester😅


Love this app!  al19121994  5 star

Found this app to be incredibly helpful and insightful during my pregnancy. Even now my baby is here, it is full of useful tips and information. The forums where people can discuss issues and pose questions are wonderful and a great source of support! I would recommend anyone to download this app! 😊


Highly recommended!  Karbaj81  5 star

Just super!


Best Pregnancy & Beyond App  JuliesandKate2018  5 star

Best Pregnancy & Beyond App


Fantastic  anniem46  5 star

Absolutely fantastic website - updates questions information and news

Rania Salman

Amazing app  Rania Salman  5 star

Wonderful app,kept me updated every day and it has answer to all the questions one needs to know during pregnancy with this app has gone very good and satisfied.


*****  Janagle  5 star

Love this app!


Re  CPD10  5 star

Brilliant app gives you everything we need to know


Would be lost without it  Finskii  5 star

I love this app, it's kept me company through a very difficult journey

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