Love to cook, but hate shopping for groceries?

Imagine yourself out at the coffee shop with some friends, and you remember that you have nothing in the refrigerator for dinner, and no idea what you want to make.

You pull out GroceryZen, and browse through some pictures of your favorite meals to inspire your shopping. The "Lasagna" recipe sounds good. One tap later, all of its ingredients are on your list. With one more tap your regular weekly staples of "Milk", "Cheese", "Cereal", and 12 more items are on the list.

You drive to the store, and breeze through every aisle just once, with no backtracking, because the list has reordered itself. Or better yet, email it to your husband, so he can do the shopping.

How is GroceryZen better?

- Starts with hundreds of common items, and add your own to the list. You don't need to wade through thousands of items you'll never buy to add to your list.

- Add shopping lists for your favorite recipes. Add all the ingredients for Lasagna in a single tap. You won't forget the parmesan cheese like you did last week.

- Photos of recipes to inspire you to make something yummy.

- Share the list or your recipe shopping lists, to send your significant other to the store.

- The list orders itself by aisle when you go to the store. No backtracking.

- Add, change, and customize the order of the aisles to match the way you shop.

- Type a few letters to search for items if you can't remember whether you added "green onions" or "scallions".

- Add notes and links to recipes, so you can remember where you found them.

GroceryZen App Description & Overview

The applications GroceryZen was published in the category Shopping on 2008-08-23 and was developed by gbcb Software, LLP. The file size is 1.20 MB. The current version is 4.0 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Updated to work with newest versions of iOS.

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NO UPDATE!  kctaylor60  1 star

Love the app but there have been no updates for years! What's up guys??????

Kari Liz

Love it!  Kari Liz  5 star

I have used and depended on this app for years. It's just right. I can check off items I need plus add ones not on the list or customize with brand names like the type of bread. For some of my regular recipes I have added the ingredients with the quantities and a photo. Then when I'm going to make that, I just choose that recipe and it also was up on my shopping list. You can then take off any ingredients you already have. I've also created a couple of specialty stores that I go to for special ingredients. I open GroceryZen when I'm in the store and check things off is it going to my basket. I highly recommend this app. In this day of increasingly complex apps, this one is simple and elegant.


Simple  ClairestW  3 star

I love this app, but the iOS 7 version is less visually efficient. Please put some grey in the aisle headings to separate them from the items listed!!! The white really confuses my eyes and frustrates me. I can't fast scan items in aisles. It looks like one long list. I understand you wanted to be cohesive with iOS 7, but it's not functional. Overall, it meets my needs in a way that a paper list can't. My phone is always with me so I can always add items when I have a random thought about something I want to buy. I live how editable the item list is. I created a Trader Joe aisle so I have a TJ shopping list as well as a grocery store list. I love that it sorts my shopping list by aisle! My trip through the store was so efficient before this white design change.


Time saver!  Sand411  5 star

One of my favorite apps! Saves time and I save my recipes so it helps me pick out what I'm going to make for the week! No more forgetting an ingredient


I use this every shopping trip!  JeniM1234  4 star

This app is awesome for so many reasons! I like selecting the items as opposed to typing each of them out. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE that I can email the list. I email it to my husband from time to time and all he has to do is import it. AMAZING!! I never grocery shop without it! I would rank 5 full stars if they would make an iPad version. Right now I run the iPhone version which is adequate, but you know... Also, cloud functionality would be awesome for my lists so I don't have to email them to myself if I make a list on my iPad and just take my phone grocery shipping. Great product!


Still the best  cmendill  4 star

I keep coming back to this app. It is still the only grocery/recipe app that runs off of a database of ingredients, which makes adding your own recipes very quick and easy. Most other apps just give you a text box to write the ingredients in. That is tedious. I hope the developers will resume working on this app. Features I'd like to see: High res graphics Item combination in grocery list: i.e. one recipe calls for 2 onions, another for 1, the grocery list says "3 onions". Cloud syncing for backups. I lost all of my recipes once with this app. Still debating entering them all in again.


4 Could be a 5  Jsalais  4 star

I agree with other reviewers. Need to be able to alphabetized isles. I am like most other I shop in the same sequence. So if I could put the isles in my stores order, that would be great. I find myself missing isles because it was so far down the list. I use this ap all the time. Looking forward to an update!


Very useful, but...  JustTrishh  3 star

Alphabetize please!!!! Like others, I use the "recipes" as sub-lists and add aisles for different stores. I add to it throughout the week and use it every time I shop. It's a 3.5 stars. Alphabetization would make it a 5.


Best Grocery App  BobFalconi  3 star

I've tried about every grocery app and this one works best for me but it's still pretty terrible. Grocery apps seem so simple and there are so many why are they all so weak? I like that you can create your own master list of items easily so you don't have hundreds of things in the main list you'd never ever buy. Searching for items is great. The killer feature is the "recipe" feature but this is poorly named. It's really sub-lists. So you can have a recipe of things you normally buy every week and you can easily go through that list and add what you are out of. Or quickly add all the ingredients of a dish you're going to make. The biggest problem is the incredibly, no, amazingly, awful way it handles quantities. You can advance the quantity forward by tapping the quantity of an item. But if your default is 3 then it advances by 3s (one tap = 6), if your default is 1 1/2 pounds one tap gets you to 3 pounds. Any other quantity change (including removing from your shopping list) requires going to an edit screen and selecting quantity and then saving. And then the app often erases the aisle info for that item. Developer responded quickly to say I was wrong about this bug. When I gave them step-by-step instructions that always recreate it they didn't respond. I don't know if it's been updated in months. If so the changes were minute. Basically it's useful but obnoxious but still the best in a surprisingly weak class of apps.


Best app for the way I shop  vwith  4 star

I love the ability to select a recipe & add to list. I use this feature as I use weekly menus containing recipes or when I am at the store and need ideas, or when I find an ingredient on sale and want to use it for one of my recipes. I also use recipes to list items I buy at specific stores (i.e. Health food store, etc.) and I have a recipe "Every" for basics to get every shopping trip. My couponing method is to separate coupons by month, so I have month "recipes" with ingredients that I have coupons for that expire that month. Here's the catch, I would like to see a program upgrade that flags the ingredients that I have coupons for so that when those ingredients are added from a meal recipe or store recipe, I will be able to see I have a coupon and should pull it from my file. Right now I add a dollar sign to the name of the ingredient as my flag, but it can disappear with long ingredient names. I also will second the request for some way to handle long lists of recipes. Perhaps the ability to search that narrows the field with each letter entered?


A Standout!  SloopDog  4 star

I've tried almost all the shopping apps. This one is the best for us. We need to be able to make a list FAST. GroceryZen makes it really easy to have a "master list", so you can just change it a little bit each time you shop, making the whole process really streamlined. Plus the recipe feature is great! The only thing I could wish is a way to sync my copy of GroceryZen with my fiancee's.

Shopper Dude

Best of any I've seen  Shopper Dude  5 star

As you may be able to sense from my review, this comes from an anal retired engineer. Several years ago when my wife gave me the opportunity to do the grocery shopping, I immediately began working on an “everything we ever buy” list, and had the items roughly entered by aisle. In the pre-iPhone years, I would print out a list and my wife would highlight everything we needed on the next shopping trip. I would take the list and do the shopping. This worked fairly well and kept me from wondering the aisles. After seeing GroceryZen as a new App, I realized it had just what I wanted, and more. It also appeared very easy to use. Since purchasing the Program, I have NOT been disappointed. It works great. Yes, it took a little work to enter in all my items and appropriately name the rows of my favorite grocery store but now that it is done, shopping is a breeze. Even if I shop at a different store, items are usually similarly grouped To easily order the aisle, I started each aisle name with the aisle number. That really helped. No looking up to read the aisle name signs in the store. Like the iPhone itself, the list is always conveniently with you, to select an item whenever you think of it. This is and will remain a 5 star program for me.


Recipe?  Cj000  1 star

I thought there would be more than three recipes in the app.


Not much to this . Very disappointed  SPM SPM  1 star

Very disappointed. The list included in the app contains very few items and when you add them you're unable to edit the category/aisle. You'd think something as simple as half & half would be included.


Someone help me with a few questions?  GroceryGirl  4 star

So far I like this app, but have two questions: 1. When I enter my recipes, is there a way to get the recipe list to organize into aisles like the regular shopping list? 2. Is there a way to "un-check" all the items you've crossed off after you're finished shopping?


Please add feature to share recipes.  babtwo  4 star

Looks good. But, I'm not looking forward to inputting recipes into both my and my wife's iPhones.


Simple, intuitive  craigboo  5 star

I use this app every week to do my shopping and love it. It is simple, intuitive and incredibly stable. The new quantities and e-mail features in the recent update round out a nearly perfect iPhone app. It is one of top 6 apps that I use regularly.


impossible to use, skip this one  GregoryHouseMD  1 star

For $5, I expected much, much more. A monkey must've designed this program, it's hard to use. 1) No way to have multiple lists. 2) Trying to change the quantity sometimes resulted in taking the item off my list, sometimes it jumped to another part of the list cause of the index on the right side of the list. Rarely did it actually change the quantity. 3) Picking items to put on your list is not intuitive. 4) No way to add a note to an item. 5) The Share tab is just a big white screen with an Email button on it, all it does is a plain text email. Needs a way to sync lists between phones. 6) Checking items off your list takes 2 seconds, makes it really hard to check off items quickly. GroceryZen is not worth $5, I would pass on it until they add more features and drop the price quite a bit.


Nice App, has some bugs  bitGrok  4 star

I really like this app and use it every week. It has a very intuitive interface and all the features I need. The only problem is that deleting items from the list is buggy. If, on the items screen, you Edit and start deleting items, instead of deleting items it scrolls you to another part of the list. If I delete a single item by swiping it, then the list will not scroll until the app is restarted. Fix those bugs and this rating will be a five. One feature I would like to see is to be able to tag an item with a small note. For example, 2oz, or get brand 'x'. This would not be a permanent note for the item, but just for a single trip.


Simple and worth the price.  FDDIcent  5 star

Love this app, I keep it on my first page on my iphone. Interface means a lot to me when it comes to deciding between a few apps that do the same thing. That is exactly why this app won me over.

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