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Use LinkedIn to navigate your career with confidence--whether you want to find a new job, keep in touch with your network, or stay up-to-date on the latest from your connections and your industry.

Get the app to access the full features and functionality of LinkedIn--anytime, anywhere.

Why you’ll love using the LinkedIn app:

1. Browse and get recommended jobs that fit. Apply easily to millions of openings right from the app.
2. Get alerted to stay on top of active conversations, the latest news and new opportunities.
3. Use Find Nearby and QR code scanner features to easily find and connect to people you meet on-the-go.

• Use your LinkedIn profile as a virtual resume
• Highlight your accomplishments, responsibilities, and experience
• Add a picture to help people you know and potential employers find you

• Find friends, classmates, and colleagues to add to your network
• See updates on their activity and reach out via the app to stay in touch
• Follow companies, influencers, and topics you’re interested in

• Search and apply to millions of openings
• Upload and easily submit your resume to jobs that fit
• Save searches and create alerts to be the first to know about new openings
• Reach out to connections at companies you’re interested in for referrals and advice, to increase your chances of hearing back

• Share articles, comments, and knowledge with your network
• Learn about what’s happening in your industry with curated content
• Follow hashtags for timely updates on topics you care about the most

• Find nearby: allows you to connect to people in your vicinity
• QR code scanner: share your unique code so people can connect with you instantly
• Push notifications: know immediately when someone responds or wants to connect

Whether you want to find a new job, share your knowledge, build your professional reputation, or if you just need a lightweight way to stay in touch--get started with the LinkedIn app today.

The LinkedIn app is free to use and download.

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LinkedIn: Network & Job Search App Description & Overview

The applications LinkedIn: Network & Job Search was published in the category Social Networking on 2008-08-20 and was developed by LinkedIn Corporation. The file size is 159.93 MB. The current version is 9.1.132 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

When you’re in a conversation, speed and stability matter. The LinkedIn app is now more reliable than ever. This update contains bug fixes.

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LinkedIn: Network & Job Search Reviews


App bug  Kait2324  2 star

In the latest update, when I try to open an article in browser or share an article via iMessages, I ended up with an empty webpage. I also spent ten minutes trying to find a way to report this bug, but couldn’t find an option in the app or their app support section.


Major problems with the Jobs section  Narfrasta  3 star

Sometime this month, LinkedIn will be sun setting their separate Jobs app and we will all have to use the built-in Jobs section of this app in the future. This would not be a problem, if it worked properly. If I put in a specific location, besides my Current Location, the app will only show 8-10 jobs and then it won’t refresh or scroll any further. This very same effect can be found if you are looking at your Saved Jobs; again it will only show no more than ten. The functionality seems to be broken at the point where the pinwheel is supposed to pop up, signifying a refresh or a ping to the server for more results. It just doesn’t do this. Alas, prior to this major error, the app was five star. Perhaps it can soon return to such a status once the Jobs part is fixed.

kennry g

Update your files  kennry g  1 star

I have been retired for 13 years and moved from Missouri to Floridamu former seatetaru passed away over25 years and still isinyout files. Her name was mercy Hanson. Please remove me from your files.


App crash  Be_rich1  1 star

Since two days the app start crashing many times while using it


Fake jobs  Michael773737  1 star

Why is this app flooded with fake job ads? Every single time I report it, the report is ignored. If I post about it, you delete my post. So now I’m writing a review. Care to answer? Tried applying for a job through your app and it leads to malware websites. Care to explain?


App doesn’t load  frankiegc28  1 star

Whenever I start the app up all it reads is “Oops! It’s not you. It’s us. Give it another try, please.”


Beware of free trials  Tinaefaemcjs  1 star

Signed up for a free trial for premium and during the trial, didn’t see much benefits compared to normal version. I canceled the day before my account would renew and was still charged and suddenly my history of original cancellation disappeared. I tried to cancel again the day I was charged and was not eligible. Lol thanks LinkedIn


Job search needs fixing  Bronx03  4 star

Every time I search for a job instead of looking through the suggested jobs, it never gives me results I needed. Each search I do only gives my 5 results and doesn’t load anymore. Forcing me to use the online site. *EDIT* I re-downloaded it to bypass this bug but it eventually always ends up doing it again where it doesn’t load a full list of jobs.

Forrest C R

App Needs Update to Work With Newer Phones  Forrest C R  2 star

Written May 16th on IPhone XR: Current app doesn’t account for the notch on the iPhone Xr and does not have a landscape mode, leaving most features inaccessible.


Connection  rsulli46  5 star

I’m having trouble connecting to my network can you please help

link me out

Frustrating app best in class  link me out  1 star

I find this app very frustrating It constantly tries to push you into connections


Good platform  201905070309  5 star

LinkedIn is a very professional App which helps many people find their jobs. You can also make some professional friends and build up your own professional networks in LinkedIn. LinkedIn helped me find my first and second wonderful job in a foreign country and helped me meet some interesting and lovely people. I wish LinkedIn all the best in the future!

Hate Linked-in

Hate linked-in  Hate Linked-in  1 star

I don’t like your app. I’ve been trying to correct my profile for hours, but the app won’t let me!! You’re making me into a liar, because I am Not employed at the moment!! Can you please let me make this correction, otherwise I will have to unsubscribe.


Like  Joie76  5 star

I really like this app


Hanged  jonkazmi  2 star

When i used on iphone 7 its hanged again n again app stuck need to be updated


App compatibility  techy123456789865431  2 star

This app for XR is not compatible with the all screen design of XR. The top search bar is completely blocked by the XR front camera non-screen section.


Inverted Colours iPhone  Farmer_Joe80  1 star

Still dissapointed that every app has rectified inverted colour option image and video yet LinkedIn has still not addressed the issue can you please look at fixing this ASAP !


Linked in has been getting website duplicated by hola  Rsm040  1 star

Dear LINKED IN, I FIND IT A MAJOR BREACH OF PROFESSIONAL ETHICS AND MORALS. I was searching google for information last night on myself. And was made aware of a profile on a company called It is based in India and they are stealing everyone’s details off the Linked in resume service. The idea is your resume is stored safely and companies can search for you and people who want you to conduct work. So without your profile being made public it defeats the purpose of having a profile available for companies to find you. I find it super threatening and also told that they are stealing people’s details and onselling these. I know they are based in India but surely they can be blocked from coming to Australia? I hope you can do something as I feel totally violated this has happened without my permission. When I contacted them and told them they don’t have my permission to have information they have deleted it. But I feel it’s terrible they have stolen everyone’s details your site in the first place. Many thanks, please contact me if needed


Looks like I should not install this app  ChandAsh9  3 star

I came to app store to install this App but after reading the reviews and replies from developers I am not installing the App


Limited  Dnzilla  1 star

Lot less than full site. Please let us search jobs by salary.

H0rs3 luv3r

Beware of the “free” premium auto renewal..  H0rs3 luv3r  1 star

Before I start.. this is more a review for Apple/iTunes subscription practices than LinkedIn.. so everywhere you see LinkedIn, you can basically fill-in any auto renewal subscription app.. WATCH OUT!! If you’re interested in trying out the free Premium version, you better be paying attention because if you’re not, you're going to slapped with the $65 monthly subscription charge before you even figure out what the difference is between Premium and the free version! I can think of a TON of other things I’d rather spend $65 on! And if you do get charged, GOOD LUCK getting Apple/iTunes to issue you a refund... I think they literally flip a coin. You’re likely stuck with another 30 days. Maybe you can use the extra 30 days figure out the difference..SOUR APPLE!

Shame on me?

5 years in  Shame on me?  3 star

I have used for nearly 5 years. Features have come and gone but there is one I particularly miss. Endorsements use to be easy to make. Now it’s a chore. There are a lot of really pointless notifications that can easily be turned off. Right now the app is showing one notification in the people section but when I open it there’s nothing that needs attention (i.e. like an invitation to connect). I find myself using it less and less. I actually found out about my current job on another app. I mostly view the feed when I have nothing better to do.


Best app in my phone  yoyo121312121  5 star



App has never worked for me  218328164  1 star

Always says I don’t have internet. Iphone7 and now IPhone XR. No other apps have this issue.

now you've done it

I’m wondering if Linked in app developers  now you've done it  2 star

Know that iPhones don’t have a back button. I can tell you how frustrating it is to back myself into a corner and be forced to close the app and abandoned what I was doing just because I can’t get back out.


Jerky experience  McShashi  1 star

New fangled tech stack maybe? But the scrolling experience is jerky, movement happens in jerks as more “promoted content” is injected. Once the acquisition was done, the good developers seem to have gone out for a beer (and haven’t come back!)


Resume  BrandiJeanM  3 star

No matter how many times I try to upload my resume it does not work please fix this I want to be able to put my resume on my profile it is beyond annoying, because every time I try to upload my resume it’s only part of it it doesn’t upload the entire thing and it’s extremely frustrating.

Tera qwera

Issues with latest update  Tera qwera  4 star

I am having issues with latest update. After opening the app its hanging and even after restarting its stuck in the same place. Kindly resolve this issue. Its happening very frequently. Not sure if its just my own issue or some other people are facing the same issue too.


The app is crap  jf9328  1 star

I recently updated the app and now it doesn’t even remotely work.

Rob Camizzi

Excellent  Rob Camizzi  5 star

This is an excellent way to connect with a target audience on a professional level in a way other social apps don’t provide


Thanks Linkedin  Singh199124  5 star

Thank you, Linkedin. Thanks for making our lives so productive. Thanks for helping me find my next job.


Basicaly it is a web browser in the app  spiceginger  2 star

Basicaly it is a web browser in the app, so you have the same experience as in safari


Great  Spartank  5 star

The de-facto standard in networking platforms.


Mugged for €63 by premium free trial  LinkedOutIreland  1 star

LinkedIn have just swiped €63 from my credit card for some premium monthly membership (free trial that was forgotten about). Automatically subscribing without an explicit ‘do you wish to subscribe’ confirmation is very sharp practice and I’m not entirely sure it complies with European consumer legislation. This is a poor method of doing business.

Peter In Dublin

Complaint  Peter In Dublin  1 star

I never subscribed to this and money has been withdrawn from my account, I expect this to be rectified quickly

Elton Gutoch

Great platform, horrible app  Elton Gutoch  1 star

I just can’t understand why LinkedIn, which is a rather respectable platform, would offer such a lousy app that keeps malfunctioning update after update. Literally nothing works smoothly (when it does). My honest advice to users is: spare the stress and stick to the desktop version.


Terrible  munsterdevil  1 star

Great website but still a terrible app after all these years. Search function simply doesn’t work and notification button works sporadically.

Andre Ricardo de Oliveira Rosa

Andre Ricardo de Oliveira Rosa  Andre Ricardo de Oliveira Rosa  1 star

I'm deeply disappointed with Linkedin. A network that supposedly would be to improve each one's career with the best practices, offers the premium service for a month and says that before charging I would be asked. I was not questioned and the money was debited from my account. And the worst and that does not have the option to finish the sunbscricao


Restricted?!  dominikasxxoxx  1 star

I have recently got this app and a day later it tells me I can’t get into my account cause it’s been restricted. The app tells me to go to online help but that has proven useless too, very disappointing!


Takes so much time to load  :Mikku:  1 star

Sometimes works good , sometimes keeps loading. Doesn’t load messages on time while chatting. Need to fix this

LinkedIn: Network & Job Search Comments

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