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Use LinkedIn to navigate your career with confidence--whether you want to find a new job, keep in touch with your network, or stay up-to-date on the latest from your connections and your industry.

Get the app to access the full features and functionality of LinkedIn--anytime, anywhere.

Why you’ll love using the LinkedIn app:

1. Browse and get recommended jobs that fit. Apply easily to millions of openings right from the app.
2. Get alerted to stay on top of active conversations, the latest news and new opportunities.
3. Use Find Nearby and QR code scanner features to easily find and connect to people you meet on-the-go.

• Use your LinkedIn profile as a virtual resume
• Highlight your accomplishments, responsibilities, and experience
• Add a picture to help people you know and potential employers find you

• Find friends, classmates, and colleagues to add to your network
• See updates on their activity and reach out via the app to stay in touch
• Follow companies, influencers, and topics you’re interested in

• Search and apply to millions of openings
• Upload and easily submit your resume to jobs that fit
• Save searches and create alerts to be the first to know about new openings
• Reach out to connections at companies you’re interested in for referrals and advice, to increase your chances of hearing back

• Share articles, comments, and knowledge with your network
• Learn about what’s happening in your industry with curated content
• Follow hashtags for timely updates on topics you care about the most

• Find nearby: allows you to connect to people in your vicinity
• QR code scanner: share your unique code so people can connect with you instantly
• Push notifications: know immediately when someone responds or wants to connect

Whether you want to find a new job, share your knowledge, build your professional reputation, or if you just need a lightweight way to stay in touch--get started with the LinkedIn app today.

The LinkedIn app is free to use and download.

Want to make the most of LinkedIn? Upgrade to a Premium subscription for exclusive tools to find a job, grow your business, find sales leads, or hire talent--priced from $29.99 monthly to $119.95 monthly.

Subscriptions will automatically renew each month and be charged to your iTunes account within 24-hours of the end of the current period, unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings, but refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term. These prices are for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence.

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LinkedIn: Network & Job Search App Description & Overview

The applications LinkedIn: Network & Job Search was published in the category Social Networking on 2008-08-20 and was developed by LinkedIn Corporation. The file size is 158.41 MB. The current version is 9.1.136 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

When you’re in a conversation, speed and stability matter. The LinkedIn app is now more reliable than ever. This update contains bug fixes.

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LinkedIn: Network & Job Search Reviews

Big black chef

Absolutely awful app  Big black chef  1 star

I tried signing in through Google, It kept asking me to verify that i’m “not a robot” and when I answered the security questions it still wouldn’t let me in so it gave me the option to have them txt my phone with a verification code I PUT IN THE CODE THEY GIVE ME AND THEY STILL DON’T LET ME ACCESS THE APP!!!!! If I can’t even get into this dumb app using my own google account I cringe to think what else they have jacked up i’m not giving this app a second chance you shouldn’t even give it a first.... indeed is starting to look pretty good right now


Used to be good. But it’s now sadly hot trash.  JMA996  1 star

I’ve been a LinkedIn user since it’s inception. I’ve been a premium subscriber for 6-7 months. Sadly in my line of work it’s a necessary networking tool but if it wasn’t I’d get off this garbage train today. In the beginning it made sense. It was limited in scope and perfect for its purpose, it was a great (perhaps the only) professional networking site. I’m not a social media person and I only tolerated LinkedIn because while it was social media in the strict sense it didn’t engage in the soul destroying stupidity of other social media (FB IG etc). It was an online repository of resumes and professional profiles, full stop. Now it has fallen into the trap of mission creep. It does a lot of stuff no one needs and likely only recruiter and HR “professionals” care about. It crushes you with insipid sponsored content that’s all offensively low value inspiration (don’t give up!!!), and an offensive amount of notifications linked to nothing of value. I was pinged today by Linkedin to tell me that I had 13 “interesting views” of my profile. Like the dope I am I looked, intrigued “hmm. what’s an interesting view”. Well it was more garbage. Sliced and plated in new ways. It told me that the 13 interesting views were from “senior leaders” in my field. None of them. Not one was a “senior leader” most are not even mid level followers. Some of them have fancy titles (fooling LinkedIn’s Stone Age algos I presume) but really. It was a minute waisted and I’m dumber for it. I realize I’ve taken longer to write this than the minute. But I’m hoping someone reads it. And thinks. Maybe we don’t need to be Facebook in a suit. Maybe we should go back to doing something useful. I won’t be holding my breath.


Selling you out what a sham  Jim2we  1 star

No job leads just a place to target market you. What a waste!


They will steal your money  Matthew602153  1 star

I was prompted to try the premium subscription for free for a month which I did. I did not give them any of my financial information. I figured that if I liked the services provided by the premium then I would pay to start using it. There were no benefits to the premium and it didn’t help me at all in my career search. Somehow they accessed my bank information and took their ridiculous amount out. When I tried to get a refund they gave me the run around for hours before they all around denied my refund. Awful customer service. Wouldn’t recommend to anyone.


Great  Mhopman31  5 star

Great for people who are job hunting and for people to connect to local and worldwide businesses!!!


Pretty Solid App  Fikusaa  4 star

I genuinely like this app better than the website. The app does pester you with pop-ups some times, but it runs smoothly.


Find Nearby is gone  Fabgabulous  3 star

With the latest upgrade this option had suddenly disappeared. Extremely frustrating as that was one of the app's best features for connecting with people at conferences. Update your support materials to reflect this change.

kintobaR Rabotnik

Horrible Interface  kintobaR Rabotnik  1 star

I swear this site has provided me with so much stress just trying to set it up. I didn’t dropped out of college and I left my job but they are both in my interests and I cannot change them. Whenever I open the app it tells me to finish updating my profile but I don’t have anymore information to add. There’s no way to say no. When I tried to leave things blank because they don’t apply to me I couldn’t. I got a notice that I had shown up in a search but when I opened the notification I was taken to a page within the app that did not work without a laptop. Why would this happen on the mobile app? It makes no sense. I’ve made all the connections I want to for now but every time I open the app I have to skip through the page to make connections with random people I don’t know. This app and the website are infuriating to attempt to use. I use all kinds of other social media that work at least decently. This platform is by far the most angering to use. Maybe the team is overworked or has no time to fix these issues, but they are too glaring and long lasting to still be around.


Alerts even after disabling them  Itaintezbnrich  1 star

STOP SENDING ME REPEATED “NEW YORK TIMES IS LIVE” ALERTS! You are a career networking app, stay in your lane!!


Locked out  Eparikh  2 star

I keep getting locked out and have to sign in again everytime an error comes up.


Incideous  Annonymous123431  1 star

I very much dislike it’s manipulative use of technology, definitely giving this one a very wide berth


An extremely annoying App  DavidO8888  1 star

Linked In spams you for people who supposedly have looked at your profile. Then requires you to add all your data for ambiguous results. Avoid this silly app as it’s a waste of professional time.


Visit website links don’t work on iPhone. When you click it, it open another LinkedIn session  TKontos  1 star

Visit website links don’t work on iPhone. When you click it, it open another LinkedIn session


Useless app  ArslanKhan  1 star

Keeps freezing. Tried everything from closing to reinstalling and even contacting the support and but it just doesn’t get fixed. Such a shame that such a big company cannot have a decent working app.

1 sifu

Very difficult to cancel subscriptions  1 sifu  1 star

Impossible to cancel once subscribed and very very expensive


Update blocks use  greybesrd  1 star

It's is useless on older devices. Every time I use it I get a no option prompt to update and the version will not run on my iPad, therefore the current version is dead to me. Not a wise choice Fix it and we might still be friends

jim sukroo

Frustrating  jim sukroo  1 star

I was asked to add a contact I tried to do so and I was asked for a password I said I’d forgotten and tried without success to have you continue with my request after 15 m and lots of frustrating attempts I just hung up and emailed go on what’s app jim

Dolce vita Ono

Dropping out  Dolce vita Ono  1 star

Won’t let you post .opens then closes😢


Usually great until...  Hrodgers  1 star

Usually this app is great until I tried to purchase a premium subscription. After making the payment via iTunes I wasn’t able to use the feature. When I contacted LinkedIn they told me iTunes/apple hadn’t passed on subscription details for my account and I needed to speak with iTunes. When I contact iTunes they told me the issue was with LinkedIn and I needed to go back to them. Basically I’ve been sent on a wild goose chase with no solution. I’ve since requested a full refund as I haven’t been able to use my premium account. Very disappointing.

link me out

Frustrating app best in class  link me out  1 star

I find this app very frustrating It constantly tries to push you into connections


Forced updates are always 1 star  SenseNoMake  1 star

Don't do it


Poor customer support / account management  RyanRN  1 star

Ok admittedly this is evidence of indecision on my part, but if you cancel and then renew your Premium subscription you lose all your InMail messages and the support agent will not restore them. The account management web pages for premium seem poorly done. There is not much clarity around what you can or cannot keep throughout the end of your billing period. They make it very easy to lose InMail messages that you paid them a significant amount of cash for. The combination of arbitrary limits and restrictions with poor transparency makes it feel like a swindle.

Kunal B S

App crashes a lot  Kunal B S  2 star

Lately this app has started crashing randomly


News feed  Lakijano  3 star

Please improve news feed!! There is news from 2h and then news from 2w!!

Miket2 ww

Fail  Miket2 ww  1 star

I just started (5/30/19) getting an update request when I launch the Linked In app that is front and center, and can't be dismissed. Following the link to the store tells me the new version is incompatible with my device and asks if I want to download the prior version, which only prompts for an update and doesn't let you use the app. In other words by a new iPad or you can't use the app. Good bye LinkedIn.



I just received a very unhappy email from my father-in-law saying he was tired of me inviting him to join me on LinkedIn. I had no idea he was getting those emails. Linkedin must have pirated my contact email addresses and started sending emails to all my contacts. Or maybe they have a trick question or trick button that I didn’t realize what it was. I would never have given them permission to send emails to all my contacts. I AM VERY UPSET ABOUT THIS!!!!

Integrity Review

Yuck  Integrity Review  1 star

Ads, upsells, click-bait and lame “classes” all slow down and interrupt your conversations. Oh I spoke to their mobile team, and they admitted it’s ad impressions and daily click interactions that matter most. Premium is a total waste-even more ads and nags. Did someone in your network get tricked into uploading your private address so they can spam and sell it as a feature to advertisers? Were you that person?


Useless and you can do without it  NanaTHJANRAL  1 star

Honestly my frustration is two fold: First, the way LinkedIn forced this option made me uncomfortable. They offered a free trial then i went to explore my subscription with the intention to cancel it (it was already active but the free trail) it automatically charged $63 to my account!!!! I don’t recall seeing a confirmation screen or payment authorization and of course apple refused to refund me. Second, the premium option itself is of ZERO added value. I can still see who (from my connections viewed my profile) but not recruiters (which I’m more interested in) The rest of the features are very superficial I felt that they just wanted to make money for no added value


Can’t sort newsfeed  Valliegirl76  3 star

I find it incredibly annoying that we don’t have the option to change the newsfeed sort setting to show recents first. Why am I seeing posts from 1 month ago above posts from 3 days ago???? I don’t want/need LinkedIn or other apps to tell me what’s more important for me to see first. Users should have an option to decide for themselves. Please make this update and I would use LinkedIn much more.


This app needs a lot of improvement.  Muntaner  2 star

Seriously... doing simple tasks is a chore. Printing out a PDF copy of my CV is convoluted and nearly impossible. Copying information is a hassle. The feed never updates. And they ask me for money to be a premium member? No thanks.


Website is better.  SioIE  1 star

Too many adverts disguised as posts from my contacts. Seems to be something local to just the app. Also has access to microphone?


Thanks Linkedin  Singh199124  5 star

Thank you, Linkedin. Thanks for making our lives so productive. Thanks for helping me find my next job.


Basicaly it is a web browser in the app  spiceginger  2 star

Basicaly it is a web browser in the app, so you have the same experience as in safari


Great  Spartank  5 star

The de-facto standard in networking platforms.


Mugged for €63 by premium free trial  LinkedOutIreland  1 star

LinkedIn have just swiped €63 from my credit card for some premium monthly membership (free trial that was forgotten about). Automatically subscribing without an explicit ‘do you wish to subscribe’ confirmation is very sharp practice and I’m not entirely sure it complies with European consumer legislation. This is a poor method of doing business.

Peter In Dublin

Complaint  Peter In Dublin  1 star

I never subscribed to this and money has been withdrawn from my account, I expect this to be rectified quickly

Elton Gutoch

Great platform, horrible app  Elton Gutoch  1 star

I just can’t understand why LinkedIn, which is a rather respectable platform, would offer such a lousy app that keeps malfunctioning update after update. Literally nothing works smoothly (when it does). My honest advice to users is: spare the stress and stick to the desktop version.


Terrible  munsterdevil  1 star

Great website but still a terrible app after all these years. Search function simply doesn’t work and notification button works sporadically.

Andre Ricardo de Oliveira Rosa

Andre Ricardo de Oliveira Rosa  Andre Ricardo de Oliveira Rosa  1 star

I'm deeply disappointed with Linkedin. A network that supposedly would be to improve each one's career with the best practices, offers the premium service for a month and says that before charging I would be asked. I was not questioned and the money was debited from my account. And the worst and that does not have the option to finish the sunbscricao


Restricted?!  dominikasxxoxx  1 star

I have recently got this app and a day later it tells me I can’t get into my account cause it’s been restricted. The app tells me to go to online help but that has proven useless too, very disappointing!

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