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Listen on demand to your favorite news, comedy, sports and talk radio shows and podcasts from sources like NPR, CNN, Fox News, ESPN, This American Life, BBC and more. Stream or download episodes for offline listening. Stitcher also helps you discover interesting things to listen to from over 65,000 shows, based on your listening habits. Change the way you listen to radio - on your schedule, not the schedule of traditional radio.


CNET: “Stitcher provides a slick solution to those looking for customized audio programming - it's to news and information what Pandora is to music.”

GIZMODO: “Stitcher collects and stitches together spoken word radio content...Think of it as your local public radio station, times 400.”

MACWORLD: “Stitcher Radio is Remarkable.”


- PERSONALIZED FRONT PAGE: Stitcher’s Front Page feed delivers new episodes from your favorite shows, recommends new ones based on your listening, and keeps you up to date with news headlines. It learns what you like and puts it at your fingertips.

- CREATE PLAYLISTS: “Stitch” together your favorite shows and podcasts to create your own customized playlists. Stream or set your playlists to download for offline listening.

- DISCOVER NEW SHOWS: Stitcher helps you find new shows you’ll love by recommending podcasts and radio programs based on your listening activity.

- LISTEN ON DEMAND: You’re always up to date with the latest episodes of your favorite radio shows and podcasts, without the hassle of downloading or syncing. Dig into the archives to listen to past episodes as well.

- STITCHER PREMIUM: Ad-free listening, bonus episodes from shows you love, 40+ Stitcher Originals exclusive to Stitcher, comedy albums and more.

- SHARE WITH FRIENDS: Connect your Facebook account to discover what your friends are listening to and share your favorite shows.

- GET BREAKING NEWS: Keep up with the day’s biggest stories with the Stitcher Front Page and via breaking news audio alerts.

- CARPLAY AND OTHER IN-CAR SUPPORT: Support for Apple CarPlay as well as integrations with over 50 Ford, GM, BMW, MINI, Jaguar, Land Rover, Nissan, Infiniti, Mazda and Volvo models. Additionally, Car Mode for use in any car with big buttons for easy and safe control in the car.

Stitcher is the easiest way to stay connected to the information that’s important to you while on the go.


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Stitcher Radio for Podcasts App Description & Overview

The applications Stitcher Radio for Podcasts was published in the category News on 2008-08-18 and was developed by Stitcher, Inc.. The file size is 60.06 MB. The current version is 7.1.8 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

We are hard at work on some major (and exciting) updates to the app. In the meantime, here are a few minor updates and fixes!

* Some podcasts now are enabled for filtering by year - for example you can view just past episodes of WTF from Marc Maron from 2016, etc. We'll be continuously updating the podcasts that support this.
* Better handling of playback failures resulting from RSS updates for shows
* Standard iOS App Store ratings dialog integrated (give it a whirl...unless you're unhappy, then please let us know why via the in app help or at [email protected]!)
* Various bug fixes

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Stitcher Radio for Podcasts Reviews

Kizzy J

Great except...  Kizzy J  4 star

Great app overall. I love the customizability. However, one complaint at the moment: whenever I open an Offline Listening playlist with podcasts already downloaded, go to Settings to turn on Airplane Mode, then back to the Stitcher app to listen to downloaded material, I get a pop-up saying, "Turn off Airplane Mode or use Wi-Fi to access data." This is annoying and shouldn't happen since my material has already been downloaded. Please fix!


look elsewhere...  benbiii  2 star

Been trying out a couple of different podcast hosts. Stitcher is always failing or always the last to load newly uploaded episodes. Looks nice and easy to use but for some reason can't grab fresh episodes as quickly as the others.


Hot garbage  Kpt_nosaJ  1 star

The title says it all. Nothing feels better than wanting to listen to all your favorite podcasts only to find a confusing interface, horrible search option, and sloppy audio quality. I was looking to catch up on one episode and it took about 10 minutes of scrolling to find it, then when I found it the audio was choppy in sections. It's not like podcast apps are something new, so I don't even understand how they could acquire all these podcast networks but have such an awful phone/desktop app. Avoid this app and don't support them. It's only a cash grab to make money off of a growing community. Support the podcaster instead of Stitcher.

2 / 2 / 2

Bottom of the Barrel  2 / 2 / 2  2 star

I try to avoid leaving negative reviews for apps, but this is truly one the worst UI of a widely-used app that I've seen. Like every detail feels designed to confuse and annoy.


TRASH  CN76468943  1 star

If slow not at all user-friendly and hard to navigate. Howl had its flaws but it runs a lot better, definitely a smoother experience.


Horrible to Navigate  m31i554  1 star

Terrible interface, difficult to navigate and use. Not intuitive at all. Have the designers of this ever used an app before?


Latest update would't authenticate with facebook.  WidgetPhreak  5 star

I've updated my review. 5 Stars. They fixed the facebook authenticator issue within 24 hours.


Utter garbage, can't download episodes  taffffffffff  1 star

This app is terrible - unintuitive interface, horrible search function, bad playback controls, and an annoying Siri-like robot (that you can't turn off as far as I can tell) that says "RESUMING EPISODE" in a voice that sounds as if she's having a stroke. It's like this thing was programmed by a bunch of extras from an ITT Tech commercial. I only downloaded this and paid for premium to listen to old episodes of How Did This Get Made. Stitcher is the only way to listen to those episodes but, as good as the show is, it's not worth the headache of dealing with this app. You are SUPPOSED to be able to download episodes and listen to them offline - however, this feature DOES NOT WORK AT ALL. The episodes say they've been downloaded but will still buffer and use up data. If you delete them and try to redownload, you can't! Unbelievable. Perhaps Earwolf can create a new comedy podcast dedicated to what a bad joke this app is. Please hire better programmers ASAP to fix this buggy mess.


Should be better by now  bluemeanieface  3 star

These guys are like the AOL of podcasts. They even call it "Stitcher Radio" to con dummies into thinking they invented podcasting or that it is a radio subscription. Neither is true. This is a review for "Stitcher Premium", the paid app service. Pros: *Some exclusive content (not much) *Some commercial free content (not nearly as much as you think. Still many, many commercials on what I listen to) *Variable speed algorithm seems smoother than on other players *Can search within shows OR episodes. If you are following certain guests or topics, this is nice. Cons: *FF/ Rwd is only available in 30/30 *When you hit back orforward on your speaker or headphones it skips or backs up to previous podcast, not 30 seconds ahead or back. Major, major deal breaker for me. *No feature to eliminate silence. On my main player (pocket Casts , have eliminated 30 HOURS with that feature alone. Adds up. *Ads, like everywhere else unless it is a stitcher original or there is some deal with the podcaster. I just skip ads on other players. No big deal. The future of podcasting will not be monetized.


Buffering  Vhan95  1 star

I downloaded stitcher so I could try it out as I have been testing which podcast app works best. Upon downloading stitcher, I am met with a horrible interface that is just too clunky to navigate. I then tried to load an episode, but the app goes into an infinite buffer in which I can't listen to any of my podcasts. The app support says to restart the iPhone and I tried that but it still keeps buffering.


The opposite of intuitive  cjohnson  2 star

I'm fine with the content and glad to have archives of my favorite shows, but coming from the Apple Podcast app, the Stitcher app is nearly impossible to figure out, and useless in the car. I did figure out how to make the main page actually include podcasts I listen to. But Favorites or Playlists go to specific episodes, not the podcast you're subscribed to. Makes no sense. Want to list other episodes? It's as simple as clicking on the episode stored in favorites, getting it to expand, then clicking on a tiny icon with some lines on it. Really hard to use.


Howl user  Somerandompersonyoudontknow  1 star

Glitchy mess!!! On the premium service and it glitches constantly. Jumps to different podcast I'm not subscribed to and have never searched for. Listen later feature constantly tries to download episodes even after canceling it and having it set to wait for wifi. Not as easy to search as howl. Don't waste your time just get the howl app.

Noodles mommy

Horrible  Noodles mommy  1 star

And that's when it actually works.


Please find some UX/UI help  dallianc3  1 star

This app is frustrating.

Jacques Meov

A real disappointment  Jacques Meov  1 star

As a longtime Howl subscriber, I dutifully moved over to Stitcher about a month ago. Ugh. A crummy app that actually works every once in a while, it is particularly disappointing to regularly try to finish listening to a podcast and one of two things happens: the app claims that the podcast is "no longer available" or starts skipping on playback (!). It makes Apple's podcast app look amazing by comparison. The difference is that I'm actually paying for a Stitcher subscription, and I'm now questioning that decision.


Longing for the Widow Howl App  DabneyColeperson  1 star

Former Howl subscriber and app user here with a healthy dose of pure, unbridled contempt for Stitcher. Howl had a bunch of great features that were really appreciated (info about shows, pictures, easy to navigate, easy to search, easy to download/remove episodes). Stitcher has/is none of these things. Howl feels like an app that was made by people who use their smartphone to listen to podcasts. Stitcher feels like an app that was made by someone who has heard of smartphones but has never actually seen one before. I decided to give it a few weeks to see if the app would feel better once I was familiar with it. Not at all! I am sincerely hoping that Stitcher goes bankrupt so that I can access behind-paywall Earwolf shows on a better app. This app has soured my hope for the future of technology. I have become pessimistic about the possibility for nice things (like Howl) to exist in this world. This app is abysmal. Please, somebody let me listen to Earwolf content somewhere else.


Becoming more and more unreliable  CowboyWNY  1 star

There had been about a week of interruption last year. Now, I'm finding it harder and harder to get shows to download. iPhone 7 plus with lots of memory space, iOS is up to date, etc. just feels like I'm banging my head against the wall trying to get this app to cooperate. Switched back to the iPhone native podcast app and life is good again.


Up to now the app was great  cat519  1 star

I liked stitcher. I've had it for a long time. Now it's glitchy. If my phone locks itself the podcast stops and loses its place. If I leave the app it stops and loses its place I personally will be using the overcast app until they fix this one. Look at the reviews they tell the whole story. Stitcher hovers around 2 stars permanently overcast is almost 5. Stitcher sounds better but is so frustrating now that it's worthless


Commercials are so loud they hurt  mcfrank1  2 star

When commercials play they are so loud I am sure it is damaging to my ears. I prefer to use apple podcast, but I'll check out the howl app that others recommend. Other than the blasting commercials this app isn't horrible. It is hard to find any specific podcast.


Howl App Subscriber  Sinara-Snake  1 star

I really am a huge fan of the Howl app for its simplicity because I can download podcasts before leaving and enjoy their premium content. Stitcher' UI is fragmented, states you can add it to listen later and it will download but will have an error when your out and requires cellular, older episodes of shows like Comedy Bang Bang that is a benefit for premium by removing ads will not load properly, and if it all seems to work it will state that it is resuming the episode but will forget where you are even if it's local downloaded if it does work. Additionally Howl App offered special information such as who was on the shows (e.g. on the episode it will show who is in it by image and people and then scrolling right will reveal information about the episode). With this new UI it does not show the people who is on the show but just the description which may feature a character's name but not the comedian performing them. Which, in the past, is how I found and liked some of my favorite comedians as of late. Sorry for the long reply, this is not written out of negativity as maybe some reviews are. I am a very big fan of Scott Aukerman's programming and the comedians he works with and their shows. I would love for Stitcher to function as a proper replacement for Howl since it will not be supported after a while. I'm hoping these issues are addressed.

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