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Listen on demand to your favorite news, comedy, sports and talk radio shows and podcasts from sources like NPR, CNN, Fox News, ESPN, This American Life, BBC and more. Stream or download episodes for offline listening. Stitcher also helps you discover interesting things to listen to from over 65,000 shows, based on your listening habits. Change the way you listen to radio - on your schedule, not the schedule of traditional radio.


CNET: “Stitcher provides a slick solution to those looking for customized audio programming - it's to news and information what Pandora is to music.”

GIZMODO: “Stitcher collects and stitches together spoken word radio content...Think of it as your local public radio station, times 400.”

MACWORLD: “Stitcher Radio is Remarkable.”


- PERSONALIZED FRONT PAGE: Stitcher’s Front Page feed delivers new episodes from your favorite shows, recommends new ones based on your listening, and keeps you up to date with news headlines. It learns what you like and puts it at your fingertips.

- CREATE PLAYLISTS: “Stitch” together your favorite shows and podcasts to create your own customized playlists. Stream or set your playlists to download for offline listening.

- DISCOVER NEW SHOWS: Stitcher helps you find new shows you’ll love by recommending podcasts and radio programs based on your listening activity.

- LISTEN ON DEMAND: You’re always up to date with the latest episodes of your favorite radio shows and podcasts, without the hassle of downloading or syncing. Dig into the archives to listen to past episodes as well.

- STITCHER PREMIUM: Ad-free listening, bonus episodes from shows you love, 40+ Stitcher Originals exclusive to Stitcher, comedy albums and more.

- SHARE WITH FRIENDS: Connect your Facebook account to discover what your friends are listening to and share your favorite shows.

- GET BREAKING NEWS: Keep up with the day’s biggest stories with the Stitcher Front Page and via breaking news audio alerts.

- CARPLAY AND OTHER IN-CAR SUPPORT: Support for Apple CarPlay as well as integrations with over 50 Ford, GM, BMW, MINI, Jaguar, Land Rover, Nissan, Infiniti, Mazda and Volvo models. Additionally, Car Mode for use in any car with big buttons for easy and safe control in the car.

Stitcher is the easiest way to stay connected to the information that’s important to you while on the go.


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Stitcher Radio for Podcasts App Description & Overview

The applications Stitcher Radio for Podcasts was published in the category News on 2008-08-18 and was developed by Stitcher, Inc.. The file size is 60.07 MB. The current version is 7.1.3 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

- Security updates, including switch to SSL (https)
- Fix for bug where app did not resume at correct point in podcast after resuming from long phone call
- Improved episode search

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Stitcher Radio for Podcasts Reviews


Update fail  Eejtalk  1 star

The latest update in May 2017 broke it on iPhone. Multiple restarts of phone and other attempts have failed. Looking for an alternative now.


Error-prone!!!  Mattochan  1 star

The last several versions of this app pushed out have severe issues. The app goes through the initialization, login, and setup process. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. you open the app. You at like a brand new user every opening. So frustrating! I'd avoid this app until they can fix this basic issue which has survived at least one update now.


Used to be one of my favorite apps  DonnaCS  1 star

The current version tells me that my login information is incorrect for my favorite podcast, although the login works on other apps. Stitcher has been going steadily downhill, and now it's unusable for me. Too bad.


Won't stop crashing  Bfarmer15  1 star

The app is crashing over and over again each time I attempt to open it. I have tried to restart the application and my phone and nothing works.


Where is Dennis Prager?  Ghostgirlie  1 star

The Dennis Prager show hasn't been updated with new episodes since last week.


Honest review  Bipitybop72  2 star

I listen to podcasts everyday. Until today I was complacent with this horrible switcher. Its features are terrible, it's organization flawed and if you ever get put off line, the only way back on is a hard shut down and reboot of phone. Nothing more frustrating while driving. There are way better apps than this. So long switcher


Stealth update off to bad start  DrewMerkle  1 star

Very badly done update. The "app" hasn't been updated in the last few days but somehow it has turned itself inside out and presented itself as the new Stitcher. No chance for us to read any release notes and decide if we have time for another headache today. Bad form, Stitcher. Stars subtracted for: - I had to log in again. And it tried to use other accounts as a form of login which is a security and privacy no-no. Never use your Facebook or Google to log into anything else. Just don't. - After I logged in, the app failed to connect to the server, and then crashed. - App tried to access my other media. No. Just no. Permission denied. - I had to, yet again, enter settings that had been changed including startup behavior and offline listening. It did keep my favorites, a small miracle under these circumstances. - When I went to verify that Stitcher is not accessing my social media, it got stuck in an endless loop of opening a Facebook login page. I would subtract more stars but I can't. This review will be revised upward if/when these issues are addressed. I sincerely hope this kind of sloppiness is not going to be a trend under the new ownership. Google something called "quality assurance testing." While you're at it, look up Red/Green/Refactor.

Florid Franny

Bait and switch  Florid Franny  1 star

This company makes it impossible to cancel your subscription. Do not sign up for the free trial!


Must creat account to use  Jamesdrewafhihxdyjbdr  1 star

You have to creat an account just to try the app. I hate it when companies pull this nonsense.

RW. Livonia

Battery hog  RW. Livonia  2 star

Unlike other users, I havent gotten the ad bug and podcast loading issues. My issue is with the battery drain. I played this for 30min today. It used 26% of my battery, mostly in the background.


عبدالحافظ الرواس abdulhafzblind 3 star

@Apps_deals: للأيفون والايباد : تحديث 🆙 تطبيق للأستماع المحطات الأذاعية Stitcher Radio for Podcasts


المسامح  222Abunawaf 3 star

@Apps_deals: للأيفون والايباد : تحديث 🆙 تطبيق للأستماع المحطات الأذاعية Stitcher Radio for Podcasts


╚»◄ЯαᎮ.∂ᏋνᏐᏝ► ̮ ↹ 〠 rapllldevil 3 star

@Apps_deals: للأيفون والايباد : تحديث 🆙 تطبيق للأستماع المحطات الأذاعية Stitcher Radio for Podcasts


Very few stations  Newyorkezul  1 star

not deserve installed


17,000 epsosoded  Narb586  4 star

According to my profile I have listened to 17,000 episodes. To be fair, I was probably asleep for a maybe 50 percent. Stitcher has had its quirks, but it really has gotten better every release. Stitcher opened up a whole world to me years ago, when I would have otherwise been tethered to a sync cable. So I have stayed with them.


App won't open  cmp121503  1 star

This app just stopped working on my phone


Works 30% of time over CarPlay  kbacon101  2 star

I like the concept of this app and found it while looking for CarPlay-compatible apps. Unfortunately, it's very inconsistent via CarPlay. This creates a dangerous situation where I have to try to force quit the app on my phone while I'm driving. Squash the CarPlay bugs and I'll gladly pay for premium.


Awful app integration with Subaru infotainment system  Andy-7325  1 star

Despite being officially supported for use with Subaru STARLINK, app integration is terrible. It takes forever to load and even then can't retrieve podcast episodes to play. Useless!


Please update  @shbouzounis  2 star

Really good and reliable until recently. Every time I go to the app, it's buffering. I've had to delete and redownload 2x already. 🙇🏻‍♀️


Not working anymore  Lipmice  1 star

Keeps deleting my saved podcasts and not remembering my login credentials. Annoying enough to switch back to podcasts on iTunes. I really liked it before - too bad.


The best app for podcast enthusiasts  Kgourlay  5 star

A must-have for all your favorite podcast needs. From browsing new shows to listening to the latest episodes, Stitcher has it all!

Joey Zo

Frustrating  Joey Zo  2 star

I just want a list of episodes called "downloaded" so I can tell which ones I can listen to on the train. Also I want to be able to see them sorted by podcast and see which episodes I have already listened to vs haven't. I don't really get the functionality of "listen later" vs "favorites" and the main home page annoys me--I have no interest in hearing a bunch of 3-minute clips of news from random sources. Also, most podcasts ask you subscribe--stitcher has no subscribe button. I think it's the same as adding it to favorites, but why all the confusing language? Been using this app for a few months but it's not intuitive--think I'll switch back to the Apple one.


I AM 💯% HAPPY WITH STITCHER ‼️  oOovwguy  5 star

10,000 listing hours 28,000 episodes-, 1,300 days in a row Yea I like this app a lot

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