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Achieve your fitness & lifestyle goals with a personalized guide to healthy living. Using your health & diet data, the Lifesum planner offers recipes, food and diet tips to help you create a unique schedule to fit your weight loss, muscle gain or overall fitness needs. Download Lifesum and join millions of people using one of the App Store's best Health and Fitness apps.

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Discover how changing your everyday habits can transform your life.

Top 5 Reasons to Download:
1. Healthy lifestyle planner suited to you and your schedule
2. Recipes, food & diet tips so you can eat wiser
3. Fitness & exercise tips to help you train better
4. Get motivated and see your progress. Live a healthier & happier lifestyle
5. Invite your friends and have your own community

Achieve your lifestyle goals with the Lifesum health and fitness planner. Learn how to eat wiser beyond counting calories. Create a weight loss, muscle gain or overall fitness plan with personalized tips designed to fit your schedule.

Lifesum integrates with HealthKit, so you can export nutrition and exercise data from Lifesum to HealthKit, and import fitness data and weight and body measurements from HealthKit to Lifesum.

For extended features such as specialised diets and detailed nutrition information, and to sync with fitness apps such as Moves, Withings, FitBit, Jawbone, Endomondo and Runkeeper, get the Lifesum Premium membership.

Three different Lifesum Premium Subscriptions (3,6 & 12 months):
3 months cost $21.99

6 months cost $29.99

12 months cost $44.99

Lifesum Premium Subscription:
The purchase will be charged to your iTunes account
The subscription will be auto-renewed 24 hours prior to it running out
Manage your subscription from User Settings in iTunes after purchasing. Cancel the auto-renewing subscription from there at anytime.

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Lifesum: Diet & Health Plan App Description & Overview

The applications Lifesum: Diet & Health Plan was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2008-08-03 and was developed by Lifesum AB. The file size is 177.83 MB. The current version is 8.6.9 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Our quest to make the world healthier is ever ongoing, and day by day we keep making the app better. Sometimes it's baby steps, sometimes it's huge leaps. Either way, it's all in the game.

If you have any questions about the app, please drop us a line: [email protected] Or if you think it's all awesome, we'd love a review in the App Store.

Stay golden!
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rocen kween

This app is useful  rocen kween  3 star

I really love the app I think it’s a great weight loss helper what I do not love however is how it took my 44 dollars for a subscription and no matter how I tried to cancel it no luck 🤷🏽‍♀️


Not bad, but not the best.  Autumn.jayy138  2 star

There’s not an option in this app to create custom meals, so when you add up an omelette for example, you have to add it up separately every time. Also, everything that would be cool about this app is premium, which I understand, you have to make money somewhere, but there’s also a lot of free calorie counters like my plate, which has more options for free. I just honestly would not recommend this app.


Useful app, but...  derutos  4 star

Attractive UI, but UX has a long way to go. I’m not going into to details, just one example. First I gave you 3 stars, because I could not switch to metric system. Later I tried to search google “Lifesum metric” and found out that it is possible to switch to the system, through many levels of menus I found it. 4 stars for a bad UX. P.S. it’s called metric system, not European, the whole world uses it(except a few “special” countries...).


FIX IT  Cw574  1 star

I loved this app and now it keeps crashing when I try to log anything. Fix it.

Secret Shame

Food database is way off  Secret Shame  2 star

I was just kinda sick of the MyFitnessPal UI so I decided to try out Lifesum for calorie counting. I thought there would be more plans with the paid version, but turns out there are maybe 10 tops and I wouldn’t call them “plans” per se, more like “general themes without much personalization”. I like the Lifesum UI but when I’m without a barcode and have to use the search bar to enter food, I end up with lots of odd, misspelled options with ENTIRELY different calorie counts! One of the first options that came up for olive oil said there were 58 calories in a TB, roughly half the actual amount. Despite prepaying for 6 months I think I might have to go back to MyFitnessPal just for reliability.


Almost perfect  Pink26  4 star

I really love this app. Maybe more that Fitness pal bc it lets me take a test where I can pinpoint what diet would be better for me. I am on the Keto strict diet and from the research and endless videos I’ve seen I should be counting net carbs not total carbs. Unfortunately this app counts total carb and not net carbs so that really limits me on my eating. I would love it if it keep track of my net carbs instead of total. Since that is what we should be counting when on Keto diet. Please fix this!!


Inaccurate suggestions  Jai41004  2 star

Some of the pop up suggestions of things you should be eating contain recommendations that actually go against a great deal of research.


I like it but…  YasminA1031  3 star

I don’t like that you can’t see recipes without having an add for premium. I like it because I can see how much I lost and it makes me happy. If you guys can update this please do I am really deciding if I’m going to keep it or not.


This app keeps on crashing  Buho9221  2 star

Can’t open it for more than 20 seconds before it crashes.


I used to love it.  Gamer8373636  2 star

Until about a week ago, I loved this app! For some reason (I didn’t change any of the apps settings or the settings on my Apple Watch or phone), the app stopped accurately tracking my activate calories. At the end of the day, my calories were off by more than 200. Some days it said I burned more than what my watch and phone said, other days it said I burned less. Aside from that, I REALLY like this app and hope that this issue is resolved soon!


Great app, current update is buggy.  360p?  4 star

Most recent bug is that when you add a food to a certain meal, the kj tracker will tell you that you're under by however many kj's were in the food you added, for example when 165kj of blueberries is added to the breakfast category it will tell me I'm under by 165kj, rather than the 900ish that it should list. Otherwise it's a super great app that has helped me change my bad eating habits and lose 3 kilo's!

Ari jonessss

Keeps crashing  Ari jonessss  1 star

Looks like a great app however, every time I open it, it crashes almost immediately. I have an iPhone 5s so I don't know if it's just because I have an older phone but please fix this.


Good but..  Val46798  3 star

I’ve only just started using the app and it seems great so far but it is very basic unless you have premium. I would like to upgrade to premium but not at a cost of $46.99 every 6 months. Not everyone can pay this as a lump sum especially for an app, it would be great if you could offer a monthly subscription to make it easier to pay for. Otherwise a great app.

madam i'm adam

An ok tracking app however not connected to Garmin  madam i'm adam  2 star

Does not have the option to sync with Garmin, have to go through apple health which does not communicate well with lifesum. Many of my activities do not show up daily even with trying to sync several times. A big downfall and why I returned to MFP.


Keto Fail  JaneLovesBargains  3 star

Without net carb calculations there is no point having a premium membership for keto. The app functions well but is lacking for a ketogenic user.


Love it, but...  crabdandy  4 star

I have been using this app for a while now. I love it's design, it is a pleasure to use so far. I would like for this app to be more comparable with other apps such as Fitbit. Needs to be an option to export and easily communicate/transfer Lifesum data to other apps like the Fitbit or equivalent. I want the information I log into Lifesum, such as daily kilojoules and nutritional information to be automatically synced this way. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be an option yet. I know I'm not the only one frustrated by this problem. If they can enable this option like other similar apps already have, then they would definitely get a better rating and recommendation from me.

Emily Judith

Fun to use!  Emily Judith  5 star

I actually enjoy using this app! It's simple and intuitive, and the cute graphics go a long way. Seriously - it's cheery to look at, and that makes me want to use it! The nutritional recommendations are really working for me; and the day rating, and breakdown, really helps me to learn what I can do better It would be nice if I could create and save new foods (currently, you look up foods and pick the closest one. You can edit nutritional values to bring it more into line if your food isn't listed), but THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE AUSSIE BRANDS!!! Even my extensive collection of T2 tea is listed!


Best nutrition app in the market. Top class!  ozfader  5 star

I've been using for 5 years and in that time the app just keeps getting better. I use it daily.

Nicole Tjakra

Best UI  Nicole Tjakra  5 star

This app has the best UI out of all calorie counting apps

Biggest dee

Love the look, but crashes my phone a lot  Biggest dee  3 star

Really great design, and I get they need to make money, but a few options outside the paid feature would be nice, but for a product they want us to pay premium for it's not up to snuff


App problems  DGRG1107  3 star

I really wan to use your app , to track down my calories , but I doesn't let me right down the right lbs that I want ( it said did you really meant to write that) Can you guys fixed that ? I will appreciated that.


Caching  paulmars  1 star

Diary view shows foods you’ve deleted. Have to constantly double check it is correct.


I've loved everything about this app so far, EXCEPT...  sassmaster93  4 star

I've been using this app for several weeks now and I love it. I use the barcode scanner to enter in tons of foods and I've also linked my Fitbit to keep track of my exercise. The only thing I can't STAND about this app is that there is no setting for net carbs on the meal/eating plans. On a low carb/keto diet, fiber is subtracted from total carbs to give you an idea of the number of grams of carbohydrate that are actually impacting your blood glucose levels (net carbs). Without net carbs, it shows that my daily carb intake is WAY over what it should be when almost half of that is fiber. Please fix this and the app will be perfect!!


Needs landscape mode for iPad!  Gordoloco  1 star

I won’t even mess with it until they make this landscape! 👎🏼


glitch?  Pepster222  2 star

I keep trying to open the app and every time, the app goes on and then about 5 seconds later, it decides to just go off. I've deleted the app multiple times to try and fix it but nothing is happening. somebody please explain


The New Update  TayFromTheCity  1 star

I can't go back and look at my progress without a crash.


Database was disappointing  Maavn  3 star

Much more attractive than MyFitnessPal but it doesn’t have anywhere near the food database.


Loving it!!!  Lbgirlieoldschool  5 star

Super helpful. I love this app. I never write reviews or rate stuff but I really have found this app to be great. It has helped me to be much more aware of the number of calories I am consuming. It has helped me to become a more healthy individual and I have lost weight using this app. I found It to be very easy to use. Great app.


Great, but too $$$  ComposerM  4 star

It's a great app. However, to the get the full benefits, you need to upgrade. The least expensive is $4/5 a month. I think that is way too high for app maintenance. You must pay the full year in advance.


Free version is good too  jjohnstonia  5 star

I love this app and even like the sad smiley faces when I put in junk food lol.

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