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"My most indispensable app is my guitar tuner, Cleartune. None of the old visual or analog tuners are as precise. I've even taken it on stage with me!" - Rosanne Cash

"Cleartune and Clockwork are my most used apps." - Ezra Oklan (Nicole Atkins, Norah Jones, Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra, Matt Beck (Matchbox 20), Chico Hamilton, Arnie Lawrence)

"I've been having trouble with interference on stage with other tuners for the iPhone. Used Cleartune last night before a gig and had no problems with stage noise. Excellent tuner for bass." - Rob Calder (Kanye West, Angus and Julia Stone, The Break and Repair Method, Ghostface Killah)

Used in the making of the new Gorillaz album "The Fall"

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✭ Spotted in use backstage by The Black Keys, C.W. Stone King (, Grammy Nominee Sones de México (


Cleartune is a chromatic instrument tuner and pitch pipe that allows you to quickly and accurately tune your instrument using the built-in mic in your iPhone or using an external mic on your 2nd or 3rd generation iPod Touch.

Cleartune features a unique "note wheel" interface allowing you to quickly find your pitch, paired with a highly responsive fine-tuning meter for the perfect tune.

With support for custom temperaments, transposition, notations such as solfège, adjustable calibration and more, Cleartune packs more power than most pro tuners, yet is simple enough for everyone to use.

Cleartune can tune acoustic or electric guitar, bass, bowed strings, woodwinds, brass, piano, tympani, tablas and any other instrument that can sustain a tone.

Most electronic tuners cannot properly tune a violin. With a built in temperament for violin family instruments, Cleartune will have the 5ths singing perfectly.


- Note Wheel Display
- Ultra responsive 25 cent range fine tuning display
- Needle Damping option
- Accuracy ±0.01 semitone (±1 cent)
- Selectable Temperaments
- Selectable Notations (such as Solfège)
- User-defined temperament and notations
- Support for transposing instruments
- Automatic reference note calibration
- Adjustable A4 calibration in 0.1 Hz increment
- Pitch Pipe/Tone generator
- Selectable tone waveform
- Automatic or manual note selection

Note: iPod Touch 3G (2009-2010) requires a compatible external microphone

Cleartune - Chromatic Tuner App Description & Overview

The applications Cleartune - Chromatic Tuner was published in the category Music on 2008-08-11 and was developed by Bitcount ltd.. The file size is 10.89 MB. The current version is 2.1.3 and works well on 4.3 and high ios versions.

Updated for 4" Retina display

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Cleartune - Chromatic Tuner Reviews


Best tuner available until support died  Westsailor  2 star

This was bar none THE best chromatic tuner under iOS. With iOS 7 the needle started 'flicking' back and forth. The developer (bitcount) said it was due to Apple changing how iOS handled audio and they were 'on it until they got it figured out'. That was 2015. No updates to fix problem since. I guess they gave up. Its a real shame. I've given up on them as well and moed to Plusadd Tuner PTU2 which is almost as good as Cleartune WAS


Will this app be updated?  spinzero  4 star

Fine app, needs update for new iOS and devices


Need to update  Techacan  4 star

I love this app and have used it for 3 years now with my bass. Please update it so it will work with iOS 11 when it comes out. I need this in the future.

JT Kuntz

Farewell Old Friend  JT Kuntz  2 star

I have used this app daily as a performing musician and music educator for 7 years, and it has always been my first recommendation for all of my students. Unfortunately, I cannot find any indication that the developers will continue to support their product. I would pay for the updated version that will support my devices into the future, but I'm already looking for my new standard iOS tuner.


Waiting for 64 bit version  --gc  2 star

This app works fine but it's not long for this world as it now triggers a "this app won't work in the future" warning on iOS 10. I've contacted the developer a few times about updating it with no response. So I'd say give this app a pass.

rocky walker

Improve a app for support a new device  rocky walker  3 star

Why you don't update a app for support a new device !! It not work better than old~ i think this app is not support a 64 bit device ~ please make update this app Thank you.

Copier guy 123

Great Tuner and Frequency Generator  Copier guy 123  5 star

Couldn't work better but OS is telling me that developer must update it to remain compatible with future OS updates.


Not Compatible with iOS  irish_singer  2 star

App worked great, but error message says it needs to be updated or won't work with future versions of iOS. Please update!!!!

Alaska Songbird

Needs updating  Alaska Songbird  4 star

This is a very handy app for an acoustic 6-string guitar player like myself. However, Apple keeps reminding me that, as they keep updating the OS for iphones, the app may not keep working. Hop on it! I want to keep using this.


Great up 4 years ago  Steve87897897  2 star

It's was the best and now it's most useless tuner on the market. Need to update for the new OS.


the perfect tuner for professional musicians AND students  rachelviolin  5 star

I love Cleartune. It is easy to use and pretty to look at. I’ve said for a few years now, this is the kind of app I expect to be required at conservatory. I teach all ages and levels, so I am thrilled to be able to use the same app for everyone. The features I use the most are the tuner (with the tone generator or the needle display) and the selectable waveform. I notice that many students are able to hear the intonation differently depending on the waveform shape. I love being able to adjust this for each individual ear.


Very cool. Test your hearing.  neuro2go  5 star

I bought it to tune my guitar and to just play with sounds. However, I discovered it is an excellent way to test your hearing. Turn the volume down some and use a good set of earphones to test your hearing for losses. People with hearing loss could actually use this to track the character of their hearing loss over time. Musicians or people who like to listen to loud music could use it to be sure they're not losing hearing as time goes on. Useful.


Works great, easy to use with uncluttered display  Wlkri  5 star

I purchased this after buying another app that was inaccurate and useless for tuning my harpsichord to historical temperaments (Kimberger, meantone, Vilotti, Werckmeister). This one works correctly and the display is easy to read and uncluttered. Highly recommended!

Ace Carpet Cleaning

Needs refined  Ace Carpet Cleaning  3 star

Needs a pitch sound. Worst problem is it's spastic. Please steady tuner then I will increase stars.

Grumpy Double Bass

Round and round  Grumpy Double Bass  1 star

Why does my low E spin crazy round and round and round all over the dial? Cmon tuner, register the note, "E"asy. I put the needle on damper and same problem... Return with refund please.


Doesn't work with new phones and iOS !  Hopingforbetter  1 star

I used to love this app but with a 6s and the latest iOS, the needle jumps once a second with a steady tone. It's now useless!

Mistress Dragonslayer

Needs bug fixes!!!  Mistress Dragonslayer  1 star

This app used to be phenomenal. It worked with every string instrument from violin to bass perfectly. However, with the new iOS9, the needle now jumps around randomly. DO NOT USE THIS APP IN IOS9! It makes me nauseous trying to tune now, and I've had to find another app.


Excellent purchase!  Iamahaingtia  5 star

This may be the only tuner you ever need, and at a bargain price. I not only to my guitar but actually tuned my excellent Japanese made Yamaha piano with it on the Werkmeister scale. I just paid $100 for a professional tuner to tune it, but I didn't like it. So I returned it myself with this app and it sounds beautiful!


it's still not accurate at all!  Jim-ph  2 star

Without an abitity to calibrate the tuner, it is pretty useless for me. Will work fine for a guitar, NOT FOR PROFESSIONAL use. if you wish to tune something the serious way, you should get iStrobosoft.


Nope  jahmbo  1 star

Just because celebrities use it, doesn't mean it's good. Try Tuner by plusad. Waaaaay better. Guitar tune is also excellent. My big gripe about it is that it doesn't respond to the sound coming in. Very stiff, not like a real tuner at all.

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