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Yelp has over 199 million reviews of businesses worldwide. Whether you’re looking for a new pizza place to try, a great coffee shop nearby, or need to book a haircut, Yelp is your local guide for finding the perfect place to eat, shop, drink, explore, and relax. The Yelp app is available for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

Yelp features:

Food Near You - Find Restaurants
• Find the newest and hottest restaurants in your area
• Make reservations, order delivery or pickup—all from your phone
• Filter restaurant search results by price, location, open now, and more

Search for Nearby Businesses, Services, & Professionals
• Discover great local businesses, from hair salons to trusted doctors and movers
• Read millions of reviews by the Yelp community
• Home need repairs? Find the best rated contractors and handymen
• Find great deals offered by local businesses, get quotes instantly, and book appointments

Beauty - Pamper Yourself
• Find highly-rated salons, spas, massage therapists, and more
• Book appointments through Yelp at the most relaxing staycation destinations

Search Filters
• Filter your search results by neighborhood, distance, rating, price, and hours of operation
• Look up addresses and phone numbers, call a business, or make reservations directly from the app

Other Features
• Read expert user reviews and browse through beautiful photos of each business
• Write and read reviews, check-in to local businesses, upload photos and add tips for other Yelp users

Find local restaurants, read expert customer reviews, and start searching for businesses near you with Yelp.

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Note: Continued use of GPS running can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Yelp Food, Delivery & Services Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Just a little note to say we hope you’re doing well. We made some improvements to the app to make it even easier to find the the most accurate and up-to-date health and safety information you need during COVID-19, like current hours, mask requirements, virtual services, outdoor seating, delivery and curbside pickup, and more. Stay safe and healthy, everyone.

Yelp Food, Delivery & Services Comments & Reviews

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- Use it all the time but annoying sponsored adds

I love this app but the sponsored adds are annoying especially when they aren’t part of your modification on search. Also annoying when you go to read reviews on a place and they actually have SPONSORED reviews or something for other restaurants as your scrolling for other restaurants. Not only are these adds irrelevant to your search, but it’s made me misread reviews for places thinking they were for the place I was looking up. HOWEVER! I will continue to use this app because despite the annoyances like, it’s still extremely useful overall and I’ve even used it to schedule appointments for hair and nails. But usually use for food. Still recommend it for looking up places.

- Read privacy policy first, no web functions

I deleted this app after reading their privacy policy and using one of their functions that helps you get quotes from businesses. The app asks for a lot of your information like address and phone number, that they do not pass on to the businesses, so there is absolutely no reason they need that information other then they want it. Their privacy policy is horrible as well, they have no respect for anyone’s privacy. I always read the reviews they say are not recommended, the ones they claim do not meet their standards, whatever those are. These are usually the best and most honest reviews. I’ve been told by a lot of business owners that if they do not pay, their reviews are not always posted. Occasionally I use the version through the web browser, that intentionally has very little function to it. When you try to look at anything you get directed to the App Store to download the app. Maybe one day when they learn what privacy means.

- Going Downhill

I had yelp for years and used it almost for everything. Today I decided to finally delete it. First, the reviews are not accurate. They censor a lot of reviews. They hide real reviews from real customers. They manipulate the feedback based on how much the businesses spend go advertise. When I started my business I had many people in my industry advise me to not spend a penny on yelp. I haven’t any money on yelp. I have real clients that have left me 5 star reviews. Some show up on my account but the majority are hidden. Many others in my industry have had to pay lots of money for the deceiving way in which yelp charges them for advertising. Great for big business, but screws over small business. As a consumer, I think it’s very deceiving. They manipulate the data. It’s like paying for reviews. And recently they announced they are now going to start doing socially policing businesses. I’m done with this company. I hope another competitor comes out. I’m done with yelp. Bye scammer.

- Nightmare

I am so sorry to have to write this about a local company when we tried to give them a chance. At every step of the way there was a mistake and, while as customers we were extremely frustrated, they did not treat us right and talked back to us. The product was totally damaged upon install and they claimed to stand by product but in the interim charged our card incorrectly a few times and also against what they declared they would do as they indicated that we would not need to pay remaining amount until product installed correctly. We were told we had one POC yet that individual never followed up with us. Discount was not applied correctly either. They do not understand the adage that the customer is right. My goodness. What an immense headache for a simple project. The left hand does not know what the right is doing here. Too many people involved. We will not use them again and caution all to proceed with immense caution. So sad.

- Bring back photo categories

I generally love Yelp - use it multiple times a day. But there’s ONE CHANGE in the latest deploy that drives me INSANE. Used to be when you look at a business profile’s pictures, you could tap on categories like “inside,” “outside,” and “menu” to jump to pics of those things. This made life easy if I wanted to size up the vibe for COVID or kid compatibility, or wanted to peruse the menu before picking or to phone in an order. Generally the menu pics are more reliable than the digital equivalent. I don’t understand why, but the latest build seems to have removed that tagging & filtering ability which is maddening and makes Yelp much less useful to me. Now I have to doomscroll through dozens or hundreds of photos to find a menu or patio shot. What a waste of time! Why would you take AWAY a time saving feature? I might switch to Google maps reviews.

- Extortion tool against small businesses

While this platform can definitely drive traffic to a business willing to pay the money for marketing, it can also bury a small business. For my families small bike shop, we were hounded constantly by Yelp sales people to commit to ads and when we stopped instantly we got burried in the search results. Also, we cancelled our ads but continued to get billed for a significant portion of the adds, roughly $250 a month. I would caution anyone writing a negative review on a small business to consider the power your voice has! How bad was that “bad service”? A single star destroys a family’s business and our lifeblood. There is no way to get incorrect reviews taken down. And often good reviews get pulled from the ranking. I’m not saying Yelp does this maliciously but they are destroying families like mine who don’t have the resources to run ads and can’t compete with deeper pockets able to buy their way to the top!

- Good but could use improvements

Still my preferred app to check out restaurants. A couple of suggestions. I like that people can check in. It would make more sense if there was an option to geographically base the check ins. Say for example you go a business trip and there was an awesome restaurant you visited but couldn't remember what the name was or where it was located. While you remembered to check in, it was roughly about 3 years ago. You have to spend several minutes scrolling and scrolling through your saved check ins to find the general timeframe of when you went there. More often than not, I will skip over it and it just leads to frustration. Make check ins more useful. The same repetitive questions keep coming up. For attire, answering either casual or formal would generally suffice. I don't think people filter places specifically looking for a divvy or hipster venue. I think one of the more useful things you could add is average wait time and harness the database of loyal users. If you could ask if wait time is less than 5 min, less than 30 min, or greater than an hour for walk ins, that would help users prioritize their list of possible selections. Hope these suggestions make it to the next update.

- Bell Lexus North Scottsdale Rocks!

I’ve purchased many cars in my life but the service at Bell Lexus is so exceptional I had to write a review. Roy was extremely patient and took plenty of time to explain the different cars. He insisted I drive each car to really “get the feel” of the car. Once I settled on the perfect car he and Kyle took the time to fully explain each of the bells and whistles on the car. Mark in finance gave me all my options as far as “extras” and payments, etc. And a shout out to Matt and Braxton, who were so friendly and accommodating. This dealership is just top notch. Go see them for your next car. You won’t be disappointed. BTW. Their service department is amazing. My service writer David Bonnell is just the best

- Needs to prioritize reviews better

It doesn't make sense that even for places with hundreds of reviews, the app lists reviews in random order... You might see a six month old review on top, followed by one from five years ago, then one from last week, etc. This makes it harder to tell if a place with overall good ratings has gone downhill recently, or if a place with overall bad ones has started improving. About the only way I can see this seemingly random order making sense is when a business suddenly gets a bunch of mostly good or bad reviews due to sketchy reasons - but that likely doesn't happen often. One other comment... I know people complain about how businesses can pay to get listed first, but the app makes it obvious by showing the "ad" symbol etc. and Yelp has to make money somehow.

- Automatic opening of app- STOP

UPDATE: Nothing has changed. I give the app a chance by clicking on a link in safari, knowing I will be redirected. I don’t get redirected to what I was previously reading. This is so ridiculous and tiresome. Clearly y’all don’t want people to use your site. ******* I am so tired of you guys forcing me to use this app while I am browsing on safari. It should be an option we can turn off. And if it's not offered, you do a great job of hiding the ball and making people search to figure it out. My use of this app is a choice. If I want to visit the website, I should not be forced to interact with the app. I thought you would have addressed this by now but nope. One star for tone deafness and really messed up advertising. Also: If you're going to force people to open the app when using safari and looking at the mobile site, make sure it works and people are actually directed to the site they were looking at on safari.

- Worst Business Decision EVER

I’ve been in business for 13 years and never used any advertising to gain new clients from the internet or traditional advertising methods. I get new clients from referrals from current clients. I thought I’d join YELP just to have an online presence. Since that decision 1 month ago, I’ve been promised help with my business listing by Valentina my customer service rep at YELP (never happened). I have received 9 calls from other sites trying to get me to pay money to get my business listing to the top of a google search. I’ve also been charged $118 by YELP but Im not sure why. Valentina assured me I had a $300 credit to give my company exposure. (Randomly put my business at the top of the page when searching for my category of service) When I emailed Valentina, my customer service rep at YELP about the charge, she said she had no idea why I was charged and suggested I contact YELP billing. BOTTOM LINE: Dony join YELP for advertising, it’s a scam!

- They keep making their bookmarks feature worse and worse

Who is in charge of this design? I use the bookmarks feature extensively and it has only gotten worse. Now in order to see my bookmarks on the app, I have to select “more” from the menu at the bottom, then select “bookmarks” which doesn’t actually take you to your bookmarks but to the collections feature which is pretty useless IMO and then click “bookmarks”. Fine I’ve lived with that since the last bad update but now you have no way of seeing whether the restaurant is open or closed without having to click on the individual business. You can’t see it from the list or the map anymore at all and it makes bookmarks so much less useful on the fly. I was hoping they would add a feature to show bookmarks by “open now” like you can with the search function but instead they crippled the function even more. This is a huge step backwards

- Garbage.

I don’t ever write reviews, but I feel compelled to about this sham of an app. Every time I’m looking into a business for whatever reason, the top searches all yield the same results: Yelp. Then, in the middle of what I’m trying to read, I’m forced to stop because Yelp wants me to go to their app. After months of this, I relented. Mistake. Not only does the app never have any useful information, but when I find something on the website and then “continue in app” it takes me to a page completely unrelated to what I was just reading! It’s such a scam. Don’t waste your time with this awful app, and don’t waste your time with Yelp! It’s a garbage website, with more ads than info. They obviously make lots of money to have the monopoly on Google searches, and I wish that would change, because all I want to know is who has the best sushi in my area and I might never know. Delete the app before you throw your phone across the room.

- Very helpful

Use this app often to research anyplace unfamiliar, especially restaurants. I like to see real deal pictures from the customers and not just the dressed up ones they want you to see. I do find reviews can be skewed. Some people just can’t be pleased like complaining about a 30 minute wait at a restaurant on Friday night or a 2 star review because of something that was superficial and likely an honest mistake like putting the appetizer on the wrong check with a party of 3 couples. When taking all this into account I find this app extremely helpful and informative. So far it has helped my family find several favorite local go to spots. We especially rely on it when traveling.

- Yelp's Review

Yelp is quite an amazing app. Many use it to rate first experiences of restaurants, gyms, clothing stores, you name it. Others rate what they have been going to their whole life. Either way, it is a great tool to use in order to understand whether a place you want to check out is good or not. Another bonus to this app is the fact that some businesses are willing to give free product and bonuses just for liking them and leaving a review on yelp. One thing that does confuse me is that a place for show four reviews actually have more than hundred. I'm guessing Yelp either has some algorithm to determine if a review is legitimate or yelp has certain preferences towards certain businesses. Who knows?


I love Yelp! For a long time I had never even heard of Yelp. I was going to restaurants and writing reviews on the food I was getting every place I went. I have always considered myself a good judge of great food, mediocre food, and terrible food. I also believe in telling the truth, but without being downright rude. I then discovered Yelp and started reading reviews of places. I loved reading everyone’s opinion of all the different places. I don’t really remember how I got started writing for Yelp, but I’m glad I do because I love every minute of it. Meeting some of the Yelpers has been a treat too! Real people writing real opinions about food and businesses. Thank you YELP for allowing me to be a part of a wonderful organization.

- Incentives

Love this app! Use it often. Yelp has allowed me to further develop my critical and creative thinking! It has sparked the food critic in me. Which in turn helped me cipher between bias and unbiased opinion. A hat off to their development team, for keeping up with updates. Best features come in handy ...Such as the check in rewards for visits at participating venues. To the social status, and awards for rankings. One thing am not keen on. Is the image share. Within app—taking images, then resulting with yelp insignia all over the image one takes. What’s up with that? In a way that feature has discouraged me from taking images. No biggie. In all this app is fun to use and gives me incentives to continue using it! Thanks Yelp!

- 😍😍😍

I don't know any other app that does the job like yelp, and there's a reason to that. Yelp is unique in that there's a whole community that shares their experiences about restaurants all over the world. The app is so easy to use and user-friendly. I couldn't have asked for more from an app, and I believe this app will change your life, at least in the area of knowing what restaurants and joints to check out. Although the ratings and reviews may be opinionated, you're better off trying a new restaurant with the affirmation of good reviews on yelp, than trying one on your own whim (from experience). So if you haven't tried yelp, which is highly unlikely, then go ahead and give it a shot.

- Do Not Trust Reviews on Yelp

Yelp uses extortion tactics to get small business owners to pay for advertising or they will only display 25% or less of a business’s reviews and mainly only show the negative reviews unless the business owner agrees to advertise with them. Try looking in the “not recommended” section on Yelp. This is where you will find the honest 5 star reviews. I have seen a business with hundreds of 5 star reviews but only in the “not recommended” section. All of the ones displayed and counted are the very few bad reviews business owners get. This is why places don’t show up in order or closest to your location because Yelp manipulates all of it.....Only showing businesses that advertise with them. Everyone should watch the documentary “Billion Dollar Bully” before ever using Yelp again to decide where to go. Word of mouth reviews are the best reviews anyone can ever get about a business. After that, trust Google.

- You need to allow reporting of false info

The app is great of course. But you need to allow people to report false information. I understand people have different experiences but when something is a flat out lie and can be proven as a lie by looking at photos from other users, we as a community should have the right to take down the false comment. For example I could say a place of business only allows kids to use their business but other users have posted pictures and comments showing adults using the business as well. That would not be a personal experience. That would be a flat out lie. At least allow the reporting to go to the business owner so they can be made aware of the false accusations.

- Yelp Exposes Bad Business & Scammers

I am glad this app exists. In today’s world, unfortunately, there are many businesses who take advantage of customers. Businesses can’t alter or change the bad things they have done on Yelp and holds them accountable! They are like the police of the businesses for consumerism! Totally support this type of honestly and accountability from consumers and others. For the business owners who get mad or disagree, maybe you should check yourself! It’s too bad they didn’t have an app for the businesses who treat employees bad for future prospects, who are looking for work. For the businesses who do their consumers right thumbs up to you ! Keep up the good fight! Keep the businesses honest!! Thumbs up to yelp!!

- What’s the agenda here? Or just incompetence?

Three different patrons left our business STELLAR reviews today on Yelp (first time I ever mentioned our presence on Yelp or had their link on our Web site [already removed]). Within a few hours, one of said customers contacts me to let me know her review was pulled by Yelp or made invisible, without reason or explanation. Why? I had no idea for her. Even worse, during the same timeframe, some older gentlemen we’ve never dealt with leaves a terrible, one-star review for us — even though he SPECIFICALLY CITES in his write up that he’s actually talking about an entirely different company with a somewhat similar name... It’s just unacceptable and infuriating... after this realization, I noticed that numerous other positive reviews that have been left by our patrons, were for some reason being made invisible and uncounted by Yelp. In the Cannabis industry (my company is a medical research and education organization), there are too many other resources for reviews available to even acknowledge Yelp. Resources which are UNIMPEACHABLE in credibility, cross-referencing IP addresses, among many other authenticity verifying protocols. This will now be a topic at our regional conference next Monday — I’ve already contacted the president of the Commission for my state, and I will be unequivocally recommending a boycott of Yelp for the entire Cannabis Industry.

- LESS than 1 star

As a business owner I know not every single customer will love you but Yelp lets anyone say WHATEVER they want, even lies with no proof and the business owner can only respond to the review! Yelp will not assist business owners in removing reviews that are lies! I am a Yelp user and I have been a loyal advertiser until today! I received a 1 star review from a customer that was in my store last week, her review is about 10 paragraphs long and contradicts herself multiple times, not only that but what she says is a lie and I have proof but does Yelp care? NO! Does Yelp care that I was screamed at by someone unstable for 30 minutes and I never raised my voice and do they care that she was given a full refund? NO! Does Yelp care that I was told by my other clients in my store and 2 of my employees that I needed to call the police on this woman? NO! Does Yelp care that out of her 19 reviews she has left for other stores, over 10 of them are 1 star? NO!

- Customer service needs a little more aloha!

Just called to try and place an order to support this place. Not always on this side of the island so we were looking forward to the food here. Kalbi and hamburger steak was ono the last time we were here. Too bad sistah was sassy and couldn’t handle some simple questions. When asking my daughter if she wanted a mini or regular, the person taking the order went “oh my gosh!” With a heavy sigh! I guess she didn’t realize she said it out loud or something, but it wasn’t like she was trying to hide it either. Asked if there was someone else to speak to to take my order. She replied there was none. So I told her I’d call back. I’m hoping to get someone with some aloha. I hope no one else has to deal with this kind of customer service from here today. Keep the aloha alive!

- Honesty

That’s what you get when you read a yelp review. No one gets paid to write a review unlike an advertisement. Remember how it used to be? You’d go to a place, the service, the products or the food were terrible, and you let your friends know about it. The owners never got any feedback generally and you just never went back. Yelp gives consumers a voice and owners constructive knowledge of how to improve. It’s no wonder that reviews can either boost or detract from Sales. It gives power to the consumer. Let’s face it, Honolulu is not cheap. And if you’re going to pay that much for something, you have the right to have something that is delicious, experience good service and a good product.

- Live by Yelp!

I've been a very frequent business traveler for over 20 years. In that time I've been my experience seeing the country grow more and more interesting. Yelp has made the travel more interesting and fulfilling than ever before. In fact I always find anything from gasoline to entertainment using Yelp. I've learned the ins and outs of interpreting reviews and I cannot remember a poor experience after finding a place with Yelp. It's become my right hand when it comes to nearly every commerce transaction in my life. Yelp is a remarkable tool for finding excellent food, service, and entertainment. I will always recommend it to friends and always use it at every opportunity.

- Yelp is my go-to guide for all the things!

Whether it’s looking for a new nail salon to try in my area or a hot sushi place in Las Vegas, I am constantly using Yelp to help lead me to my next destination. I love how I can read through reviews to find out what to order or who to book an appointment with. I also find it very convenient to see the hours the businesses are open and click to call directly. The most convenient tool I’ve recently used is the “Join the Waitlist” link for a local hot restaurant. What a convenient and time-saving feature! I truly don’t know what I would do without Yelp. It’s the best way to navigate through unfamiliar cities and even to find recommendations in my own town.

- Medical clinics

You must take medical providers/facilities off yelp. This app is single handedly demoralizing the practice of medicine in ways you will see clearly until physicians practices are owned by pharmaceutical / insurance companies / Coca Cola (any other corp w the funds to lead marketing). Hospitals are now branding. Emergency rooms are branding. This is unavoidable for facilities who wish to stay afloat in practice where reimbursement is becoming directly dependent on public opinion. Soon to be indistinguishable from retail, food industry, politics. Make no mistake this evolution is already happening behind the scenes. You must consider the level of corruption to which you are leaving medicine vulnerable, and what this means for patient care in the near future. You are industry leaders in this arena and have the opportunity to cap the damage and take bold ethical position early. Medicine was never meant to be ‘reviewed.’ If you continue to treat as a retail provider, this is what this practice will become.

- Use it all the time

Yelp rocks. I use it when I travel, when guests are in town, when it’s date night, just to see what’s new, etc. so I use it a lot. At least a few times a week most weeks, and sometimes multiple times a day. I find it's better than any of the other services like it by a mile. It’s outlasted nearly all the other restaurant review sites for a reason. It’s not perfect, like when I’m in a big city with a ton of options, lots of times I find there are one or two places missing from Yelp. Or if you’re in a small town you’ll find a highly rated place that really isn’t all that great. But that’s hardly Yelps fault. The app rocks. I love it and use it all the time.

- It Takes a Village

We have traveled all over the world, and thanks to Yelp, our experiences are getting better and better. The Yelp community has some terrific people who provide honest reviews. Because of this, we have not had a bad meal (while traveling) for 2-3 years! In fact, my daughter’s dance group always asks where we are going to eat because Yelp has been so wonderful about helping me find hidden gems in strange cities. The Yelp community has also provided us with some new experiences - reviewing restaurants and shops in areas we would not have ventured on our own. Thank you all for helping me save time and money, and for helping me to provide unique experiences for my kids.

- Best App for Restaurant Reviews

Yelp is very helpful in finding places to dine when you are traveling and in different areas so you don't end up in a "dive" restaurant or eating places that does not suit your taste. Stars are pretty reliable from personal experiences. Be careful on those with low ratings, its not as reliable than 200+ reviews. It's practical and easy to read. It provides tips and check in offers that we have used. They need to update and remove closed restaurants, maybe allow reviewer to put a closed notice. Need more reviews in European countries . Overall I am very satisfied with Yelp and it is more reliable than other reviews online. We travel a lot so Yelp is so handy.

- pointless

so if i’m looking on my phone for something and don’t have yelp its basically pointless for me to even try. and then again i’m seeing that honest reviews are being shot down by yelp to help save companies reputations? so why would i even trust the app? the app makes it so hard for me to find actual information about a place without being redirected to this screen being prompted to download an app that isn’t 100% honest and will feed me only what it wants me to know about some restaurant or some dog park where i just want to see some pictures. Advice to apple and yelp. make information a choice not a prompt to download some stupid app. it makes it so inconvenient and ill never want to use my iphone again to look things up on maps or anything. id be happy running another app or another system to get around this horrible way of trying to get people to download every app you promote.

- Awesome app!! I do have a request though...

First off! Awesome app! We use it all the time to find new places to eat! My friends and I came up with a cool feature we think the app could use; it’ll make it more social and turn finding a place to eat into a great game! Friend Groups: Groups of friends on Yelp can add each other for all kinds of benefits, such as checking in together or finding a good place to eat! Searching within a similar radius, the group members can vote for whatever restaurants they choose using a swipe system (or even a thumbs up/down selection if that’s copyrighted) and then vote on any matches! Anything that gets a unanimous thumbs up/swipe right automatically wins!

- User interface & experience updates please

Overall the app is easy to use and becomes more intuitive the more you use it, like with any aspect of technology that’s designed to learn preferences and make recommendations. What I would like to see developers improve over the next few updates is how you’re able to request “friends” or at least have a section where I can track/manage my requests one they are sent. After a request has been sent, there’s no section to refer back to or receive notifications from. I’m aware that you can edit bot Yelp and push notifications in the setting but I’d like to see some more updates regarding the social aspect. I use Yelp primarily from my iPhone if that helps.

- Unfair reviews

I don’t understand how they can say they aren’t biased. There is often no rhyme or reason why some reviews are selected as “not recommended” and others, all factors the same, are left in recommended. I frequent a specific business often, my one luxury is getting acrylics done on my nails. Yet when I have more to say, instead of allowing it to post as an update, as they do for other customers, they separate the updates and post it under not recommended, leaving only the latest update. When I sort the reviews by the most recent first, even though the update is 4 days ago, it does not appear as recent. Since so many reviews are posted under not recommended, even those with 5 stars, it causes me to pause and question what is really going on. I’ve researched all their explanations but haven’t seen them applied.

- So much fun!

I adore learning about new as well as old local, especially small independent business'. And this is just the place for doing so. Like many I have always taken pictures of my good food. So I continue to go through all my digital photo files finding photos and writting reviews. Some say they 'hide' the unfavorable reviews. But I only want to know of the good anyway. We all have a bad experience from time to time. I just read a bad review of Trader Joe's in Spokane. It was months old and hadn't been hidden? Anyway it is a great way to be in the know and is really fun to participate. Be a foodie, pretend to be a critic, post fun photos and even make friends who enjoy similar finds. So far oh so good.


Money is their first priority. They don’t care how hard people work to deserve their 5-star review. They have no glue or point except for deleting 5-star review just because you don’t pay for their ads. They told me that they treat those paying customers and non-paying customers the same, but I think that many business owners out there already experienced and knew Yelp is big liar. When you pay, they keep all the 5-star review and pull it to the 1st page. When you don’t pay, they delete those 5-star and pull the 1-star up. What such a dishonest business like that !!!!!! Please please please BOYCOTT YELPPPPPP. There are still google and facebook which are amazing for both customers and business owners. One more thing, they already delete our 23 5-star reviews on our page just because we refuse to pay a penny to them !!!!!! Be aware guysssss, don’t be fooled by this dishonest business !!!!!!

- Forceful app company

I like to browse reviews *online* as that way I can jump between sites as I need. Yelp doesn’t have them all, especially when it comes to financial institutions and so forth. However, EVERYTIME I click to access ANY of Yelp’s reviews on their site, I get forcefully ejected off the site and slapped here. I don’t like the app. I don’t like the UI. I don’t like that I’m not allowed to use the site (why even PAY to have a website if you aren’t going to let people use it? Domain costs exist). I don’t like that even IF I download it, I have to re-enter my search to get the results i was just looking at but couldn’t expand because of Yelp’s awful system. I don’t like that this nuisance is going to take up room on my phone for the next hour so I can find a reliable bank with good rates... because several dozen reviews are locked behind an app wall even though they are hosted on their WEBSITE. Seriously. Stop. It’s great to have an app to have greater reach and convenience when people want it. BUT do NOT force people off your site to the app. If you are going to pay for the creation and upkeep of a website, and hire people to maintain it.... let people use it. 1 Star because a consumer should never be physically removed from the “browsing” experience in a way that leaves a foul taste in their mouths.

- Great app, but some very annoying glitches...

Yelp is an awesome app but there are some glitches but that make it super irritating to use! The main one is that every time I go to look at a restaurant’s photos, it’ll freeze after a minute or two and then I have to close the app and restart it and search all over again. This happens every time I use the app without fail. Another glitch is when I search for a restaurant on Google, find their yelp page, click on the link and a message prompts asking if I want to open the page in the Yelp app. I click ‘yes’ and the app opens but not the restaurant’s page. I have to then search for it, which is not a huge deal but kinda defeats the purpose of me opening it on Yelp rather than simply clicking on the page from Google.

- Awesome app for finding new and quality places

I’ve found new restaurants I didn’t know existed near me and really quality places thanks to this app. It’s very helpful to see what’s out there. What the details are. What people do and do not like. This app connects you to places and a community of people. It’s like having thousands of friends offering recommendations and teaching you where to go or where to stay away. Awesome app use it and find out what’s out there. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 starts is because I’ve written a few reviews and I’ve gone back to see my reviews and they are not posted or “recommended reviews” I guess the more I use the app, the better chance I have of my review being recommended.


I haven’t update my yelp app in a long time, but just a few days ago I decided to finally update it, and the results? EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTING! I’m someone who likes to look through pictures of food/the menu before trying new places. HOWEVER, yelp is making this difficult and annoying for people like me! Every time I scroll through the pictures posted, I click on one, and then I click “back” to continue scrolling BUT I’m forced to start scrolling from the VERY BEGINNING of the images. So now I have to waste time and thumb muscles to scroll all the way down, probably past a hundred pictures I’ve already looked at, before getting back to the picture I left off at. PLEASE FIX THIS!!! The old version did not have this issue. I’d rather have the older version for its functionality than this newer version that is supposed to look better but is less functional!!!!!

- Yelp is YUCK!

I don't care for it at all I feel forced when all I want is to get is an address or number. To many other avenues before you get to where you need to. I don't like that and I hate reviews. I don't think there real in there. I've had the option to change some info before , when I think of that's it's scary . what are you doing , getting paid for clicks? I want to know . Thank You , And good day wow this is my post from long ago and I’m able to just come back and add to it lol soooooo UPDATE : yelp is still yuck and add BOOIOOO AS WELL NOW STG AUTO YOU'RE GOING DOWN IF TOU HAVEN'T YOU MIGTH WANT TO CHECK YOUR CONTRACTS THEY HAVE CHARGED ME FOR EQUIPLEMT I DO NOT HAVE IN NY CAR AS WEKL AS WENT INTO MY ACCT TO THE SUM OF 1.300 I can post a story from hell but I will tell you this what im saying I can back with documents slander I’m not I. The business of doing but this company has made nothing but wrong moves with me since day one it appears that they assume since I was a woman alone with money I wouldn’t notice . Well hell they were right but there nickel slick GM Mark told me he over charged me by a lot while laughing and me in his office when I asked what did you charge his reply I don’t have to tell you well neg ghost rider if u have had problems or not you need to check there not right if I can I’ll be going for class action if not I’m still taking them to court

- Bugs?? What bugs? My Yelp has no bugs. Please explain.

So I’m asking a question here instead of leaving a review because the App does not present a clear path to do that anywhere. If I get no reply from Yelp. THAT is a bug I want fixed. To this point, I’d like to put forth the argument that many update requests from App developers, including Yelp, are not necessary, at all. And, in fact, may not serve its users, but its developers. Why, you ask? Well, my friends, that is another conversation not for this space. At least not now. A better explanation to motivate user updates is very specific, VERY useful feature additions, and, of course, increased listings. A bland and non descriptive “fixed bugs”, says nothing, and actually has the potential to cover any and all activity and adjustments by the developer, that we users do not want done in the first place. If the update requests that come through by app developers more and more frequently these days are about bugs constantly, why is it that my apps have never crashed or behaved strangely, even as I miss multitudes of updates? Ps: Happy to upgrade the star rating when I get a reply from Yelp. I have no problem with the app itself. It’s the call for updates that I write about here. To be fair, it’s not an exclusive Yelp gripe. It’s for almost all app developers.

- Been falling behind

For a long time I was one of yelps biggest advocates. But recently I find myself using Google Places and FourSquare a lot more. The convenience of google maps having reviews built in is hard to beat. Also foursquares UI is more fun and search is more accurate. But what really gets me is how SLOW Yelps app has become. S-L-O-W. And it seems to be become a lot slower since they added collections. Don’t get me wrong I’m super happy they finally added an easier way to group bookmarks (because I have about 1000 of them but can’t remember why I bookmark each) but it is also extremely slow to organize/delete the bookmarks - so I simply can’t use it and started using google maps to bookmark places. I wish there was something as lightweight and easy as Chromes bookmarks manager to organize these things because it’s unbearable

- Bugs!

The Yelp app is so labor intensive to use. It’s not intuitive and feels like an app was made poorly for an iPod touch in 2008 that hasn’t been updated since. My biggest issue with it is that when you are reading a Yelp review in Google Chrome or Safari and choose to “open in the Yelp app,” IT DOESNT BRING YOU TO THE PAGE THAT YOU WERE ON. It just opens the app to the home page! What’s the point in having that feature if it doesn’t do what it claims to do? Even worse, Yelp keeps you from seeing all the photos or reviews in Google and Safari, so it forces you to “open in the Yelp app” then makes you backtrack about 10 minutes worth of searching because it brings you to square one when it launches the app. This has been an issue for years for myself and I’m sure many other users. How have the developers not fixed this bug yet?

- Take the reviews in yelp with a grain of salt

I only downloaded the yelp app to go on and see if my business had a profile. About a week ago I received an automated call from yelp saying that I had some negative reviews on their app and if I was interested in paying for their service then they can help with that. After downloading the app I found that, no, my small independent business of just me does not have a profile (and I do not want one) so therefore no reviews. I have also worked for larger companies in the past and have taken many phone calls from yelp hounding the owners about paying to get rid of bad reviews and to put good reviews higher. So be careful about how much stock you put in a yelp review. That 5 star business might be shelling out tons of money to keep bad reviews at bay. Meanwhile the three star business is actually better but is refusing to pay yelp for good reviews.

- Hello

I have never met this business owner nor have I ever are at lefty’s , but I have much respect for this guy running the show at lefty’s . That review was completely stupid and if this guy complains about a salad he have lots of issues. As a business owner myself you never write and rate someone for something so stupid like the issues you had with the order. If you had a problem with the order you can simply call the store and talk to them personally instead of talking trash on yelp. Much respect to the owner for opening a business in America and trying to make a future for himself and giving options for people to enjoy food. Good luck buddy hope these 5 stars help

- Bogus App??

I wrote HONEST reviews on Yelp and had lots of likes/comments on my reviews. I then received a notification from some gal asking if I want to be a “elite” Yelper. I never responded and kept writing honest reviews. Then all of a sudden ALL of my previous reviews disappeared and only 3 remained. I’ve heard from business owners that Yelp tries to sell them on a program where only good/positive reviews will show. I don’t know if it’s true but I wrote a not so positive review on a really nice hotel in New Orleans (it wasn’t a mean or horrible review but not 5 stars either) and then POOF! all of my review just disappeared. Hmmm, how did that happen? Anyway, seems kinda sketchy so I deleted the Yelp app off of my phone. Sad because I always used Yelp to find good restaurants AND I really enjoyed giving honest feedback. Shame on Yelp if they deleted my past reviews on purpose!😡

- Trust?

I wrote a review about Stanford hospital which was not a very good one. But that’s exactly why we have Yelp for right? Well wrong! I received an e-mail from a company that notified me that they will take my review off from Yelp. Apparently Stanford hospital pays this company to look for bad reviews and take them off Yelp. Now you can say this is a third party who is doing this terrible business and that’s true. What also true is that Yelp should not allow these third companies to do business like that. Yelp is responsible for a true and honest company. But allowing third companies to make some companies look good I will have to say that Yelp is not a trustworthy business. Why do we have Yelp for? To get honest reviews right? And not allowing some companies to throw dirt on reviews that tries to help other people. Good or bad reviews. I am disappointed in Yelp !!

- Next Beauty Sense

I went to this Nail salon for the very first time. It was right in my neighborhood, so I gave it a try. I made an appointment. I was greeted by a man who seemed to run the Nail salon. He did my pedicure first. First he scolded me with hot water. There were NO foot massages or leg rubs given at all. He rushed through it, it lasted all of 5 minutes. Then the manicure was even worse. He took the existing gel I had on my nails with the drill & cut my cuticle to the point where it bled lightly. He did not apologize. There was no lotion put on my hands, or no hand massage. There was no hot towel over hands either. Again, he rushed through. He charged me $40 for a regular manicure, & pedicure. I argued the price being too high, & he just ignored me. I left without tipping him anything, which I have NEVER done in my life. This is supposed to be a relaxing, pampering experience. Instead it was stressful, over priced & he was totally rude! Avoid this Nail salon at all costs!!!

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- Can’t believe

I was signing up to Yelp and they make me identify what I identified like that’s so outrageous it’s 2020 they should just know.

- Useful app but it could have been improved

-Love this app as it is very useful. - It could have been improved by adding the button for deleting & editing the reviews button that work.

- Easy to use app

Enjoy reviewing on Yelp because it’s easy to navigate and upload as many pictures as you want.

- Roy! Thanks for the ‘warm embrace’...

We stumbled on Lily Blacks and so glad we did. We had a journey through unheard of cocktail delights...and then landed on Warm Embrace... a delight to watch...and so beautiful to warm the soul...thank you for the conversation and the heart.

- Best for travel

I found this app so useful while travelling. Helped me pick the best places on travel and the reviews were very helpful.

- Job got done!

Easy to drop off. And picked up my clothes the next day. Would def use again :)

- Awesome app

I will recommend all those in business to use it coz it is user friendly

- iPad version neglected

Great app, great site, but for some reason a bunch of features still aren't accessible when this app is used on iPad. C'mon Yelp, fix it already! Can’t even post reviews because the submit button just doesn’t even appear, making a review-focussed app fairly useless. BRING BACK YELP ELITE OUTSIDE THE USA!!!

- Just ok

This app is helpful however I do not like it when you search for a specific cafe by name and lots of other cafes come up that are not what I am searching for. The map option is great though 😁

- Great and easy

Easy to use, accurate, informative reviews and features, easy to reserve tables and write reviews

- Travellers best friend

Yelp is just great for taking the hassle out finding great food when you are busy

- Needs Overhaul outside USA

The app seems to be very outdated in Australia. It doesn’t seem to list new places from 2017 and so on. This is an area where Zomato is thriving. Americans seems to love Yelp, but the devs seems to have forgotten there is a world outside of USA.

- Love love love this app

From Melb, always use Yelp in Melbourne and when we’re travelling- can’t get by without it

- Seek yelp to help!!

Bloddy great app i use it every day!! So helpfull and it doesnt matter if you need a bucket of hot chips or a boat!? Yelp helps you find it!!😁💯🤷🏻‍♀️

- The Most Useless App

I just wanted to read reviews but I was constantly being taken to the app store so I gave in and downloaded it and I STILL can’t read reviews because it still takes me to app store even though I have the app???? Absolute waste of time.

- Just for developers to see

A very severe problem concerns the entering of delivery address. Although there are google maps’ suggestions, tapping it results unfathomably the notice of “we didn’t recognize the address”, thus effectively rendered me impossible to order. Plz fix ASAP!!!

- Maxine’s Bistro and Bar

Excellent service and food. 24 hours. Great menu. Just add Aussie breakfast. Two eggs, toast, bacon, tomato and avocado side. Yeah baby. Love it. Such good food and cocktails. Jeffry was awesome.

- Stop trying to make me download the app!

Just trying to look at a menu for a restaurant on the internet and it keeps shifting me across to the App Store. I’m not downloading it again as it’s a poorly designed app. I’d prefer to use the other food/restaurant apps.

- Great for travelling

I love yelp we are travelling and it’s perfect when you hit a new town or city hungry !

- Reviews should be able to be sorted chronologically

And if you can, it’s not obvious how to! So minus one star

- What?

What does this nonsense even mean? “If we get rid of all the bugs, but didn’t write a release note, did it ever happen”? Why not stop being lazy and actually tell your customers what you have fixed instead of writing waffle.

- Can review anonymously

Easy to use can review anonymously. User-friendly app

- Nia massage Ipswich rd ANNERLEY

Very professional knows her stuff. Went in for calf problems, she was able to treat holistically hip and back tightness. Very good

- Great app for travellers

Use it all the time when travelling - one of my fave apps!

- Never again at Gabba Car Wash

Only wish I’d read all the reviews before I visited this place for the second time. Thought it was a one-off bad clean and revisited but not so. Rude manager, has very little managing skills, together with a dodgy wash.

- Great app

I love this app so much because I can share my dining experiences.

- Perry

Hidden gem,this hard to see Mexican eatery is Las Vegas’s undiscovered gem it has authentic Fresh Mexican bargain food & will not disappoint .

- Dark mode?

Love Yelp. Wish there was dark mode.

- Great Pictures..

Seems less touristy..:)

- Nordic Design

If you want quality design and beautifully crafted furniture, Nordic design is the best.

- No longer supports iPhone 5 - why?

Since v12.6 Yelp no longer supports iPhone 5 (even running latest compatible iOS 10.3.3). There's no good reason for this. Touch ID isn't a pre-requisite for finding a good cafe.


Was my go to app for checking out where to eat next but now you are allowing BLM and SJW to destroy a business who doesn’t fit the narrative?! You make me sick hopefully it’s your business that losses everything!

- corruption & extortion dressed up as The Future

i hate that Yelp has become so dominant. dystopia writ small, the stuff of a mediocre episode of Black Mirror, headed by a CEO who can’t fool everyone with his polished side-stepping answers to the few questions that are relevant for Yelp.

- Cohen’s

Fabulous service from such a lovely lady! Thanks Ronit for all your help.

- Fantastic review app

Very easy to use

- Provide an actual service

What even is this app? You don’t serve anything, you don’t offer anything, you’re pathetic. Go contribute something to anyone and stop being a parasite.

- Lepp Farm Market

These people do a Take Away Barbecue Pulled Pork Mac & Cheese which is To Die For. Particularly Good during this Coronavirus Pandemic.

- Great food and beverages at a reasonable price.

Try the Poké bowl. It has many textures and Asian flavours.

- Quoting system sent to suppliers on the other side of the planet

Requested quotes via Yelp in San Francisco, only to award the winning supplier and pay a 50% deposit -before realising the supplier is 2 hours drive away from SF! Garbage!

- Post review

Trying to post a review.. ‘You can’t make an update to this review try back later’

- SIGN UP? no thanks

I don’t sign up for an ‘opinion’ about anything that I can get from anywhere. You’re not THAT indispensable Yelp that I would give you ANY personal info. Bye

- Charlie’z

Casey was great in helping me choose a colour for my hair.

- Restaurant has awful food and service, don’t bother

Don’t even bother with the app, this restaurant has AWFUL food and service.

- average

Good service. Meals were overpriced, ribeye was fatty and came with the tiniest amount of vegetables..won’t return.

- About Yelp App :-

Very good app to promote businesses

- pretentious w@nk3rs

Reviews on yelp are far more harsh than any other legitimate rating site. People downvote restaurants for the pettiest of things. Wannabe food critics, but just arrogant, pretentious w@nk3rs

- Worst app ever

Worst app ever! Never works. Delete the app and try to use website, diverts you to download broken app. Lol ok! Thanks

- Great stuff

It’s fun and useful

- Modern day scarlet letter

Have control over your ratings system and abuse

- I hate apps that trick you into writing reviews for their app

One star for being a c.

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- It's a great app

Come on! Really? You think Yelp still needs reviews? It's just a must have, particularly if you're living in or traveling to a big city. Makes your life much easier and helps you enjoy a wider variety of stuff to do!

- Love it

I love being able to search for relevant restaurants nearby and read real reviews! The app works pretty darn welll

- Unreliable reviews

Reviews are not all listed and bad reviews are removed by Yelp for unknown reasons...

- Ashley h

Love yelp :)

- Scam

Don’t download this app and don’t use their listing service for you business , they don’t publish good reviews only publish negative reviews and when asked about removing negative spam reviews , i was told for pay advertising services after long time later Yelp canada big fraud

- Forced to download

Forced to download because the mobile site isn't fully functional. Finally relent and download it (after just avoiding yelp for awhile), and the app is super slow and not enjoyable to use at all.

- Bad Business

if i could give a 0 rating i would. they allow anyone to post fake reviews and lies about your business. Dont use them

- Can’t attach credit card

you can’t use a canadian postal code to register a credit card. 1 star, app is broken

- Worst app ever

I tried to write a review and they deleted it in 0.5 seconds this app sucks do not buy

- The worst application ever

Yelp group called me many times over the year to pay them to keep my business in the top list when I refused they hide my good reviews and they faked bad reviews to worn my business

- Yelp is Fake news

Yelp is FAKE News if you don’t pay them they will show online safari search only your 1 star reviews and if you pay them they show the 5 stars reviews on safari isn’t that FAKE NEWS Not only that they manipulate your business hours for example they show the public that Saturday the busiest day of the week as CLOSED da and everyone knows that we’re not so no one believes that’s they know this is not true fake unethical lies no integrity this does not work in Canada

- Absolutely not

I’ve heard some pretty crazy things about how yelp treats some of the small businesses that clam there page here and I’d rather not associate myself

- Corrupt reviews

I’ve personally reported 2 reviews that I knew for a fact were written by employees or family of employees and both reports were rejected. This tells me to beware of businesses who have low star ratings and then suddenly there’s a 5 star rating posted. Even though fake reviews by businesses goes against Yelps policy, the reality is that they are allowing them anyway. With that in mind, it is now a useless source of information when trying to decide which businesses to spend our money at.

- New app update is irritating

I am getting an update for my yelp app but not getting installed as I am using iPhone 5s . It says phone not supported . I believe there is a bug in the update . It should only come as an update for iPhone 10 users . Yelp please rectify as it is bugging in phone again n again showing update yelp but doesn't work .

- Yelp is racist

Yelp is racist. As an Asian Canadian I am extremely offended by what Yelp is trying to do to hurt businesses. Here come the crying wolves.

- Horrible app

Will never use this app again after hearing they will be giving out ‘racism badges’. Disgruntled employees or irate customers can and will use this maliciously against businesses. Sounds great in theory but there’s no way to prove the business is in fact racist. Very disappointed in Yelp for doing this to vulnerable businesses during a pandemic.

- racist enablers

this app stops letting you post reviews on racist places or will delete the reviews on racist places if you call them out on their racism. Disgusting

- Blackmailers

Yelp blackmails small business owners into paying them or they block all their 5 star reviews and highlight the 1 star reviews. Just goto any business and look at the suppressed reviews. Someone should shut these scum bags down. I do not understand how google allows them to operate on their platform.

- Extortion

Yelp is a horrible company that will extort small businesses to pay extraordinary rates to only show their positive reviews and hide their bad ones What makes it worse is they will hide positive reviews and only show bad ones if they cannot afford to pay

- Terrible business terrible app

Yelp is for snitches. Yelp is predatory to restaurants. Yelp disgusts me. Your model to get ppl to download this is a scam too.

- Absolutely garbage app

Absolutely garbage app

- Can’t enter Canadian ZIP Code

The title says it all. I can’t enter a zip code cause the Canadian zip codes are different and I can’t avail the 10% cash back offer because of this.

- Great

Great way tO find Restaurants

- It’s time

Finally I can tell the truth

- Racist

I’ve used Yelp for years and right this minute I’m deleting it and leaving this review. This company has the nerve to put warnings of racism on businesses that are conservative minded. They should be ashamed of themselves. If you’re not far left Antifa supporters, then you’re not welcome at Yelp. Goodbye.

- Curating “Racism”

So Yelp now get to decide which restaurants are “racist” or not, potentially ruining thousands of businesses. Get these dumb poison politics out of your app. Uninstalled and deleted.

- Go woke, go broke

Yelp’s effort at social justice is not I’ll conceived but down right dumb. Their service was already riddled with fake negative reviews and instead of fixing it, they throw more fuel on the fire by allowing users to flag businesses as racist without vetting the accusations. This will hurt businesses and yelp doesn’t care. Delete the app

- Dark & Divisive Idea

Adding racist flag to rating has to be one of the dumbest branding ideas ever. It is so open to abuse and misuse. I’m not using this app or keeping it on my phone as long as that feature exists.

- Deleted because of inciting violence

Yelp will now mark restaurants and business with a racism sign, based not on law but on abstract online comments. I hope you get sued to bankruptcy for undermining democracy and the rule of law.

- Accueil zéro

Personnel en place pour prendre la commande très mal aimable. Ne retournerons plus

- Trattoria Park Royal

Awesome dining experience!! Quaint rooftop patio space, device was great without overwhelming us! The food was great make sure to order Zeppole once in a lifetime treat...,

- Predatory

Predatory business practices, fake reviews run rampant.

- Company scams small businesses

Delete it. Just use google maps.

- Scam rating service don’t believe


- Internet pages force you to web app

It’d be nice if one could use the web version without being redirected to the app. No one wants to download another useless app

- So I can’t use Yelp on phone without app???

Yelp is integrated in AppleMaps, yet we don’t get access on mobile devices without downloading de 166mb app. First off, forcing me to download an app to access info available online is an insult, Quora did the same thing for a while and I stopped using the site until they woke up to their mistake. I hope Yelp gets this awakening as well because until then I WILL NEVER USE YOUR WEBSITE AGAIN, EVER. Now if only they would also stop coercing businesses into buying their paid ads, then Yelp could be good. Until then, avoid Yelp at all costs, there are many other options to choose from with much better business ethics.

- Yelp! Forcing us to download the app

There are many reasons where we can’t download. Work phone or no storage left for apps! Why your website does not work

- Super lame

I do not like the fact that I need to use an app to leave a review!!

- Looks like a dying community :(

Looks like a dying community :(

- Annoying site makes you download app

Requires me to download the app despite having a website. Goes out of its way to inconvenience the user.

- A must

What is life without Yelp

- Do not use

We are a small business in Calgary who were unfortunate enough to get hounded and basically abused by the guy from Yelp , they have called and e- mailed us constantly over several years even after being told NO THANKS! Today the guy called and was down right abusive until I hung up on him, do not waste you money or time on these people, get your reviews on local company’s from Google!

- Cheat Yelp

Yelp is just cheater.. try to make money from distress people!! People are just worst who works for them!!

- Coolest app to see business’s ratings

It is invaluable to see the reviews and helps you to not waste time & money on businesses who are not up to par. And for the ones who give a sarcastic comment when they get a bad review- do better! I’ve also found small places close to home I would never have known existed! Thank you Yelp!!

- CPR course

Thank you for a great experience! CPR course review was very useful. Luis was great! Thanks!

- Stupid review

Yelp posted all unreal paying aiming to hurt business. Now Yelp is a platform for some competitor to make stories.

- Great app

Love the app, love the community.

- Helpful

Great app

- Great Help!

This app just keeps getting better!

- It's just plan bad.

This app is horrible. First the mobile website is unusable forcing you to try the app. Then the app is not much better. Even by sorting by most recents, the reviews are old. There's no options to filter by langage, you can only translate the review by Google if you want to read them. So you either read reviews in your native language or try to understand broken translation. You can't just enter the place's name, you have to add your location data, why??

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- Informational but....

Yelp would be five stars if I could get all the information I am looking for. For example, looking for a local night club with live music. I was given a list. The amenities on some seem complete bit on others some are left out. Like whether they allow smoking inside and have pool tables. I realize not all businesses claim their pages and think of they don’t they should be removed. I believe Yelp helps businesses get business which is basically free advertising. So if a business wants to remain listed after a period of time they should have to make sure their listing is kept up to date. Seems reasonable to me. Otherwise the app is helpful but I still have to do further research.

- I love Yelp

I’ve been using yelp waaaay since before the app so I’ve been a long time fan. I’m happy they have a great app that is simple and easy to use. I have never needed all of those fancy bells and whistles when it came to “updates” because I just want to find a nice place to eat. A lot of these apps get ruined with unnecessary stuff in updates. Yelp is still easy to use and I’m able to find places to sit down and eat no matter where I am. It’s nice to read the reviews; it’s highly important for myself as a woman of color to be able to see how others like myself are treated and how everyone’s experience went. This is a great app and I hope it continues to be!

- Yelp is the real deal !

I’ve lived all over the US and love to go try new places . Yelp is my easy source for those reviews I want. Yes sometimes you get the extra needy customer that obvi didn’t get there say and wrote a one star out of spite . But if you see that repeatedly , that speaks volumes , photos are time stamped so 5 star reviews 5 years ago and 1 star reviews 1month mean a lot to. It helps when you get 5star great experiences and that’s what your seeking and they refer an employee that helps your experience to be even better ! Value the Yelp Elite members opinions as well . As they write reviews quite often! Good luck hope my personal experience helped you form your decision! Happy Yelping !


I am posting this review because I feel that everyone should know this. I was looking on a Reddit and came across a post that mentioned how Yelp makes YOU pay for THEIR plaque. I came across a comment on that post where the person said that Yelp constantly called them about advertising, and when they refused, WHOOPS good reviews from often customers disappear and bad reviews are on the top of the list, causing them to lose business. Their reviews on Google were 4.4 stars with absolutely wonderful reviews, but on Yelp, they had a 1.5 star rating with only the horror story reviews being shown at the top. But here’s the kicker, because they also hide all the good reviews, and you have to take extra steps to find them. ALL BECAUSE THEY REFUSED TO ADVERTISE. This business practice is unacceptable and should be known, because ruining people’s businesses because they don’t want to advertise is scummy.

- Worst service

I called and they indicated they were not taking walking because they closed at 8:00pm. It was not even close to 7pm. Yet they were encouraging me to visit any other Centra Care that closed at the same time. Once there they didn’t even want me to sit in their lobby. They said I had to wait in my car. I don’t have a car, I was dropped off. They wouldn’t do a thorough assessment I was only tested for Covid then immediately sent to my car, which again I don’t have one. When I sat I the lobby to wait for results I was told by the receptionist that I had to wait in my car, which again I had to remind I didn’t have one. Very impersonal, unsympathetic and seem very uncaring. They refused to prescribe anything for my migraines referring me to my Pcp who is closed at 7p at night hence the reason I’m at an urgent care. It was a complete waste of my time. Worst experience do not recommend and will not return.

- USBank

Look for another lender. We had a truck loan with them for about 10 months for a new 2020 truck . We payed it off 40 days ago and they keep saying one thing or another about delivery of our title. Every time we call it’s a 40 to 45 minute wait on hold so far we have called and waited 4 times . The last time we talked to a lady who was really rude and she kept insisting that Colorado was and etitle state and we would not get a paper title .. we called DMV and they said no that our truck was a paper title and that we needed that along with a lean release.. Really bad costumer service .. Now I know why she was in the loan department because she had absolutely no customer rep-ore . We have other accounts with them and are considering moving them to a more customer friendly bank ... Really we are all adults here if they lost the title just make it right don’t put people through a bunch of stress..

- Pit Stop Car Repair

Took my 2001 Ford Focus to Tim and Gil at their Punta Gorda new store earlier this week and had all the fluids changed and flushed....oil & filter, transmission, brake fluid, power steering, radiator. Also had both front wheel tie rods replaced. What a change in the steering. Tight and just like when the car came off the assembly line with Ford. I’ll definitely be taking this vehicle and all future vehicles to these guys for my repair work. Thank you again fellows for the courteousness, professionalism, friendship, and to Israel, their technician for delivering me back home and picking me back up once my car had had all maintenance completed and test driven before being turned over back to me.

- Already sketchy. . . Now worse

The only reason I used Yelp was because I used DuckDuckGo and iOS. I can switch to Google and/or Foursquare. Yelp already encouraged negative reviews so they could pressure small businesses into buying ads. Now, they are allowing people to make claims that they experienced racism by someone affiliated with a business. Maybe it happens. I think it probably does but I also have seen false claims of racism in restaurants. Sometimes it is done to score free food. Yes, that happens a LOT. I have seen it happen a lot but the restaurant could do little things to discourage it. This new Yelp policy can take very questionable accusations and turn them into a huge flag applied to the business. The restaurant is now defenseless against such spurious claims. Canceled my reviews and my account. Call me names if you like but I don’t believe in this sort of thing no matter who is doing it to whom.

- Amazing service and food !!!

While in San Francisco we wanted to take a sit and maybe have a cup of tea to warm up during the chili weather. My husband and I came across A1 and although it doesn’t look like much from the outside and might seem like a sketchy place the food was amazing. The dumpling were hot and freshly made and just melted in your mouth. The owner did a very great job with the tea, he made sure our cup never ran dry ! It was that great of service that we decided to go the next day and the flower soup was to die for! My husband is a foodie and we have ate at many great restaurants with 5start ratings and all I can say about A1 is that I was full and kept eating because it was awesomeness!!!!!!!!!!

- Racists

I visited the restaurant yesterday & the food I ordered was ok but the service I received was horrible. A quick version... I asked for lemons for my water, the waitress quickly told me they didn't have any lemons. Fast forward.. a couple comes in and sits down, ordered, & asked for lemons but I didn’t hear the waitress tell them no lemons. I was done eating but was trying to see if she was going to give them lemons. She was stalling to bring their drinks so I left out of the restaurant & went to the store next door and came back to the restaurant. What did I see?? Lemons! I asked her if they were “white only lemons” being that the couple was white & I am black. She continued to insult my intelligence by stating to me that “oh I forgot I had one in my bag! who carries around a lemon in their bag!? but if that was the case why when she realized it was in her bag did she not say to me hey I’m sorry I do have a lemon, would you still like some?

- Customer service unable to help

Let me start of by saying I’ve been going to this location for over 12 years! I’ve never had to return an item. My husband went there and purchased a bottle of rum which he had never tried before. He said that the taste was not good. I understand that everyone’s taste buds are different..but when a manager is going to compare a bottle of rum to a steak I think that is a little unfair. If I go to a restaurant and taste my steak and find it not to my liking I have an option to order something else or they may comp my meal. If you are trying something new for the first time at Total Wine you should be given an option. Won’t be making another purchase from them anytime soon. BTW a cashier told me a few months ago that if we didn’t like something it can be returned. Be careful with your wording.

- Mellow mushroom, chantilly, va

We dined at Mellow Mushroom two times. The first time we did not get waited on, so my husband finally went to the hostess and she said no one was assigned to our table. Whoops! After we finally got service we noticed two ladies near us who had been seated after us, they already had their drinks and their food order cam up well before ours. Tried again in Sun. Aug 4, about 3:00. Many tables near us had not been bused (4). Not at all busy in the restaurant. Well, after we ordered, our waiter came and cleaned and cleared the two tables next to us, then the two adjacent to them. Wiping down the tables and bench with the same rag. Sweeping the floor, moving the chairs very noisily. My husband could see that our food had been put up. Finally someone called our waiter, and he went and got and delivered our food. No hand washing after cleaning up. Terrible experience. Will NOT bee returning.

- Cristina is awesome!

Cristina did an amazing job on my hair! Not only did she give me the color I’ve been trying to achieve for the past 3 colorings I’ve gotten, she also taught me a lot about MY hair and how to get it healthy. She taught me to use scrunchies and to not sleep with wet hair. I wanted dead ends cut, but I also wanted to keep the length and she was able to do that and get my hair looking and feeling healthier. She was very thorough and was fast but she took the time to make it just right! She also colored it in a way that would make it less maintenance on me which was super appreciated (I went blonde). Go here, ask for Cristina! You will walk out of there lookin flawless!!! Thanks a ton Cristina!!!!!! 💁🏼‍♀️🙌🏻

- Yelp is a scam!!

After answering a call from yelp asking me to advertise with them and telling them that I wasn’t interested at that time and was committing my current advertising dollars to google instead they changed all of my good reviews to reviews that are “not recommended” and left only 1 review that was a bad one. This means no one sees the good reviews and it doesn’t count on my star rating either. Since they did this I have had 5 more 5 star reviews but yelp is only allowing 1 to show up on my page. My company has 8 reviews- one 1 star and seven 5 star but we only show 2 reviews and a 2 star rating. Compare to google I have 41 reviews (because people actually use google) and a 5 star rating. Save your money and advertise with people who play fair instead! Also, be advised that once you list your company you can’t remove it so they have total control and you have none!

- Leo’s Pizza in Washington, NJ

I would advise anyone around the area not to order from Leo’s Pizza in Washington, NJ. We called in an order that was very simple. It was three entrees, and we ordered 3 salads. We asked for two garden salads and one Caesar salad. They sent us all garden salads. Then we ordered 3 garlic breads and they gave us all regular Italian bread. We tried to talk to the manager but that got nowhere. They were trying to charge us more money when they clearly messed up the order. So basically I would recommend not ordering from Leo’s Pizza in Washington, NJ. I would choose another pizza place or even Domino’s over this place. I will never waste my hard earned money ordering from Leo’s Pizza. You should not either!!! Thanks and I hope others listen to my advice.

- Pay for ratings

Apparently, places can pay to have highest ratings first on Yelp, so it's not 100% now-rated. Check the date/ year of 5 star postings. Also, if you don't pay, you get demoted or negative reviews higher. I went to a great place in Santa Cruz with high Google ratings (yes, google has ratings now) and low Yelp ratings. My friend was reluctant but we went anyways... and we loved the place. They were great and professional. We had no complaints and it wasn't pricey and they even gave a massage. This was for a manicure for me & 2 others. If we had listened to Yelp, we almost didn't go out because my friend was upset at all the bad reviews. Good thing I checked Google's reviews! Sure, read Yelp to get an idea of a place, then check other sources to get more unbiased reviews.

- Last update and biz practices

I can't even get to the company's reviews now since your last update, but it may have been the one prior since I haven't been using Yelp cuz I'm poor and can't buy much and haven't had data or Internet with which to Yelp lol?! Your business practices noted in reviews make me want to give up and find something else. I thought I'd finally found something that would help me find "unbiased" reviews even though a formerly-trained journalist (when journalists were clearly trained to be unbiased) recognizes this is close to impossible when biased humans are involved. We're wired to have preferences. We search Yelp to find bizes that meet up most closely with our preferences. What I mean by unbiased I guess is fair and not just trying to grossly inflate a business's appearance not grossly deflate it cuz you're their competitor or can't overlook the slightest offense. Anyway, the search continues for fair balanced reviews, just as for news or politics that's fair and balanced instead of trying constantly to line your own pockets but neglecting love for God and neglecting to love anyone else as yourself (short-sighted that love only for yourself means you don't really know love which lays down its life for a neighbor) and treat them how you'd want to be treated. Maybe you think you're too smart for that.

- Find great places, be wary of ordering through app.

We have found great restaurants using the app, but found that using the ordering link there was some sort of surcharge of almost 17% ($14 for a plate lunch when $12 when calling restaurant directly) and a delay in relaying the order as the restaurant had not yet received our order by the promised time which was 45 minutes from when we placed the order. Not sure which ordering service is integrated into the app. We were not using a delivery service, so we were surprised by the surcharge included in the online ordering price per item. Cannot remember if the restaurant was aware that higher prices were being charged through the Yelp ordering link.

- Awesome

So far everything I’ve ordered has been amazing. The customer service is a little off but due to the current pandemic I really can’t complain. As far as the food everything has been amazing and huge portions for a great price. I have ordered the taco salad with shredded chicken, carne asada wet burrito with the French fries in it, and the we pastor normal burrito all which have been awesome. Their salsa is spicy and they have a “orange sauce” that’s amazing but you have to ask for it. Like I said the customer service hasn’t been the best but I can’t complain about that since in restaurant dinning is unavailable. Highly highly recommend this spot! Actually doing a Togo order after this review :)

- Yelp deletes reviews!!

My brother just opened a small restaurant and has been getting a lot of positive reviews. They are all from real customers who genuinely enjoyed their experience and decided to leave a review on their own, not because they were asked to by him or to receive any kind of discount. For some reason the Yelp “algorithm” that’s designed to weed out fake reviews keeps banishing them to the “not recommended” section which is hidden from the main reviews that most people can see. As of this writing he has 31 x 5 star reviews that are “not recommended” and the only review that’s the public can see is the only 4 star he’s received giving the restaurant a grand total of 4 stars. That’s total BS. Hopefully they fix their algorithm so this doesn’t keep happening.

- Caprese Italian restaurant

The service staff are diligent and pleasant. The cooking staff also diligent and pleasant with the exception of one sorry excuse of a human being. He was the most belligerent person when told a calzone was not up to their usual preparation. The man said he was the owner of this business and once received a complaint. He is not Caprese fine Italian name. I am certain the Caprese’s would do what he did to a full blooded Italian woman, retired and handicapped. I returned to the restaurant to pickup my usually well prepared to go order and told they had a problem with this particular item and I said I will select another item. When comes this non-Italian sorry individual and says item would be prepared for me and I could. In 73 years I have never been told to leave any business establishment. So sad for the staff to have this sorry excuse of a human be their this non-Italian be their employer. Caprese is a fine Italian name.

- Yelp is garbage.

They remove real experiences no matter what type of verification you provide, and blame it on their software. Their software favors companies and silences users. I’ve had several reviews removed for the same company that I posted screenshot proof of my real experience - I wasn’t just a rando trashing a non LGBTQ friendly company. They don’t notify you that your review is removed, instead you find out if you happen to check up on it. When you do you’ll find your review gone and the company’s rating unaffected. Your review will be in a spot for non recommended reviews with the content deleted for “violating yelp’s terms of service”. It’s also impossible to reach them to try and fix whatever the alleged problem is. You won’t even get an answer about what exactly violated the terms of service. Just that their software is to blame and also that it cannot be changed.

- L. A. Harley-Davidson of Fullerton, California - Very friendly establishment!

While traveling from Boise, Idaho, I had occasion to visit LA Harley-Davidson of Fullerton, California. From the money I walked inside, I was made to feel very welcome. The young fellow in the parts room took time to visit with me to understand my needs. He looked through his books to be sure I got the correct figment for my bike. The young lady downstairs (Melissa) was very pleasant and professional not to mention the very helpful upstairs manager (Michelle) who chatted while I shopped and helped me locate a top for my wife. All in all, this is what a visit to a Harley-Davidson dealership should be, but seldom is. Glad I stopped and will again, next time I am in town. Randall J. Brennan


I have taken my vehicles to Cadillac dealerships services departments, local mechanics and other Midas establishments. While some experiences were satisfactory, others were borderline fraudulent. However, I had the perfect experience here. I drove in, was given an estimate and the estimated time the work would be completed. My necessary ETA and the completion of work was a perfect match. When I came back my Escalade was ready for pickup . The cost was competitive and 'Albert' was extremely professional and knowledgeable. This is my first review for any business. I am letting everyone in my office and children"s school to take their vehicle there if it needs a repair. Thank you.

- Best haircut ever!

Stopped into my local Fiesta Salon in Medina to pick up some volumizer. A stylist named Meghan greeted me and suggested that some quick layering and stacking in addition to the product would give me my desired look. I asked if she could do that and she took me immediately. I’ve been to many salons through the years, some of which were quite costly, and just had a cut 2 weeks prior at another salon. It wasn’t what I asked for, my hair was left flat and uninteresting, which is why I thought some new product might help. Not only was Meghan professional and courteous, but knowledgeable and efficient! THIS is the BEST cut I’ve ever received! Didn’t need to restyle when I got home. Perfect!

- Didn’t want another app I’d hardly use on my phone

Honestly I only downloaded this app because I was trying to read the full reviews for something. I wasn’t on WiFi and I only use Yelp sparingly, but the mobile site kept taking me to download the app which was incredibly annoying. I feel like I shouldn’t have to download an app to read a full review for some place. The mobile site should be able to work as a stand alone in my opinion and I’m honestly annoyed that I had to download this app to read full reviews that i should’ve been able to view online. Thus two stars. I’m only giving it three bc the reviews are useful. It’s just so annoying that I have to have the app to read full reviews when you have a perfectly good website. 🙄🙄🙄

- Always something!

Oh how I wish Yelp is as good as it can be. There is always something keeping it from being the best app for food. From the first day I discovered it, it was great. But there was always some issues such as accessibility or missing info. But the accessibility aspect seems to plague Yelp developers. From the first version of app to the latest, there is always something preventing people who accessibility features on their phones from having the same Yelp experience as everyone else. The latest seems to be that VoiceOver on iPhones is having trouble reading reviews. Talk about unpleasant surprise!!! Please Yelp, take your staff for a walk down the street to a very prestigious nomprofit agency that has lots of experience with app accessibility. It's the right thing to do.

- Yelp is the devil, constant users are just as bad.

Yelp’s customer service lacks in both quality and care, but I’ll let you figure that out for yourself, or just read previous reviews, as that explanation has already been given. As for the rest of you, you’re not a food critic. “Oh this food tastes yummy.” “Oh this food tastes baaaad.” That’s not being critical, whatsoever, that’s just your opinion on the food, or even the service. Please, if you’re going to be a “food critic”, then at least leave intelligent reviews, and ACTUALLY review the food and service, rather than saying “It was good!” “It was bad!” Leave being a critic to those who get paid to do so, thAAAAAaaaanks! 😘

- Great app and works as I want , BUT!!

Yelp helps me to explore any neighborhood or city I am visiting or living in. However, there is one biggest flaw in my perspective. Most of the times this yelp website or yelp app, asks me to review the places I would have bookmarked. I mean , can you please design yelp such that, I don’t have to review the place unless I visit or check-in to a place. It is so annoying most of the times, when I login to the website and I will be having so many places to review. And unfortunately , those aren’t the places I visited , actually those are places I want to visit. Fix it yelp!! Either introduce a new feature to add in a categories as “Want to Visit” or just stop me from prompting to write a review for every place I bookmark even if I haven’t visited yet.

- Yelp

I’ve been honestly having fun reviewing places. I didn’t think reviews could be fun. Just sharing your experience can help someone else and honestly I like helping others. I never want someone to experience something bad. Also, some places need to be called out on their no so pleasant/polite behavior. While the ones that are amazing should be recognized. I’m happy my friend put me on to yelp and now I’m not just going on when I experience bad but also good. So, that those doing good can be recognize. It’s important that we celebrate the good and greats in our community. I appreciate the page and what it’s stands for and I hope business do take this as a opportunity to interact with customers. I’m still fairly new. So I’m not sure how to find friends and what not on here. I also wish there was a way to just search places without the “best of” articles popping up. Sometimes I really just want to see what’s around without any bias so I can pick myself. I believe scrolling down helps you. It took me a while to figure that out. However, I’m happy. I’ll do a updated review once I’ve been on for 3 months.

- They mislead us... the situation was unsafe.

Our evening at Savor turned out to be very upsetting. We had a reservation to eat outdoors for safety reasons. However, as it was threatening to storm, we called to see if the COVID safety precautions were in place should we eat inside. We were assured they were. The restaurant was barely full when we arrived. We noticed the tables and chairs were placed very close to each other but no one was seated at the table next to us which made us comfortable. Soon, however, another couple was seated there. We scooted our table a little further away from them. Very shortly, people were pouring in... many without masks. Every table was taken and the seats at the bar were mostly full. There was no social distancing in place at all. Also, we noticed several of the wait staff wore masks that were slipping off their faces. I complained to the waitress and asked to see the manager at the end. His response was “sorry.” We like to support local restaurants but feel this restaurant is not taking the safety precautions seriously and even mislead us to think they were. We felt very unsafe there and it ended up to be an upsetting evening. Everyone I know is being very cautious and just starting to venture out for restaurant dining. We’ll make sure to caution them against eating at Savor.

- Axion Eco Pest Control - Super Service!

The respectful employee who came to my Hillsboro home to introduce me to Axion was low-key, straight-shooting and good at introducing his mission and explaining why Axion’s pest control sevice was superior to other businesses. As a teacher, I appreciated the ethical/clear/comfortable interaction as well as his knowledge about the business details. When the next employee arrived to start treatment, I was again pleased. His good communication, clean-cut appearance in business logowear, and big smile set the tone for super service. He listened to my explanation about certain areas to prioritize, explained what he was going to do and the the mode of follow-up. As he worked indoors, he used slip-on footwear to keep the house clean. His friendly and efficient service was great, way beyond basic. These days it is rare to find people and companies who “go the extra mile” to make special and positive impacts. I believe Axion Is one of these companies who has a vision and good business model, but understands one of the keys to success is hiring high quality smart people to implement it properly.

- Unfair to small businesses and reviewers

If you use yelp to select businesses make sure to look into details from all reviews. You are not getting an accurate representation of actual experiences. I own a small restaurant that has been open for a month. We have had 20 reviews written by legitimate customers, who all but 3, have rated us 5 stars and enjoyed their experience. We have not solicited our customers to provide this feedback in exchange for any deals or even asked them to do it. They had a good experience and wanted to share it with others. Not only is this recommended review software unfair to the business owners but it is also unfair to the users who want to share their experience. If I could select 0 stars to write this review I would. Other yelp app reviewers have expressed similar concerns. Look to google or Facebook. I am completely disappointed.

- software bugs?

When I try to upload 4 or more pictures on to Yelp for a review, it’s pretty much a guessing game as to which ones will be posted. Most of the time I have to delete my pictures and re-upload them several times for all of them to show up and even then it might not be in the right order. Another issue would be having to shutdown the app and restart it just to see changes in the number of reviews I’ve made after I post them. This gets annoying especially when I’m trying to see whether all my pictures are uploaded. There’s also a problem with the find my friends search bar as the keyboard does not go away when trying to scroll through all the names. This makes it entirely impossible to add a friend if their name is not one of the first 5 options.

- Fish City again

This was our first time back in several years and we’ve been missing a treat. The food was excellent and the service even better. My husband had fish tacos that were huge and I had the fried fish & butterfly shrimp, which were both lightly battered and very flavorful. Nick was our waiter and brought us a soup sampler that enticed us to add a cup of gumbo that was better than what we’d had many times in LA, with a slight sweet taste and a nice bite of heat. The other samples gave us something to long for at our next visit which will be soon. Oh, and the tacos were awesome too. We didn’t taste anything that we didn’t love, including the red beans and rice. We’ll go back, soon.

- App user-friendly but the filter is worthless

The app itself is fine. It is easy to work with, and user-friendly. The Yelp filter is what I hate. Reviews that I took the time to write for businesses that I have frequented for years are not being shown. As a small business person myself, the filter has hurt us tremendously. It won’t show 5 great, unsolicited, real customer reviews yet shows 2 horrific reviews. The horrific reviewers don’t have any more total reviews on yelp or nor do they have any more “yelp friends.” If is want more reliably, search and open up the “reviews not recommended” thin gray line at the bottom of the page to see all of the reviews (likely by real customers) that yelp chose not to show or allow part of the “Star” rating system.

- Loving it

As someone that enjoys travel and trying foods and services from all cultures and backgrounds, I appreciate the ability to weed out the good from the bad. I also like seeing that more options are listed and mapped than those that would be otherwise hidden if driving around aimlessly. If I happen to discover a new place, I'm able to add it to add it myself and check-in after creating it. This is vital to many small businesses that might be hiding (hole in the walls) helping them bring new customers and helping them survive. I love Yelp and will continue to support it and the businesses, big or small(mostly small), that use it as well.

- Biased app.

My reviews would be deleted/moved to the not recommended list just because yelp “thinks” that I’m a fake robot friend who have no identity and not a real customer. They can care less about telling you that your reviews had been deleted/moved. No word from yelp that they had moved my reviews. Yes I don’t write review much, but, I’m a real customer writing authentic reviews. Does this means that new customers aren’t welcome to use yelp at all because their comments doesn’t matter? I just felt so bad for my favorite restaurant that 26 out of 27 reviews were put into the not recommended list even though the food is sooo good, and the customer service was amazing. The 1 review that yelp recommended? It was a 2 stars review of course. Way to ruin a good restaurant reputation. That review didn’t even get the restaurant hours/information right lol. Sigh. I don’t know. Rather go use google and trip advisor :)

- Yelp is Awesome!

Yelp is a super helpful app because it can help you to find your way in a new area. For anything I'm thinking of doing whether it be a park to take my child to, or somewhere to go for drinks with my husband, Yelp is always the first place I look. I love that it gives me reviews of places from real people, unlike search engines where it could be a single person writing multiple positive reviews for a crappy place. I love that you can comment, compliment, and ask questions. People list things on Yelp that the business may leave out, like hidden up sells. I find that immensely helpful. Needless to say, I'm an avid Yelper, and can't live without it.

- Yoga Kula Berkeley, CA

Do to COVID, all in-person classes have been cancelled, but Yolanda Kula’s updated website makes it so easy to book a zoom class! Kathryn Robinson’s restorative yoga ( Friday evening from 6-7:30) is the perfect way to end a week and start a new weekend refreshed! Her narratives are always original, appropriate and wonderful, the few postures most relaxing and she chants angelic lyrics as she plays the harmonium and reads poetry. Her verbal body scans bring me deep into my insides both physically and spiritually. She is a unique gem! And zooming her class in the comfort of my own home is a perfect way to do it (no transportation issues!) as I can stay relaxed all night after class! A gift from Yoga Kula!

- After a rough day... these guys made it all better :)

Woke up to a rough start and my oil getting low... so my husband put a quart in and we ran over to our favorite car wash to get oil change and wash.. after a bad oil day start, we continued a bit of badness by forgetting to put the oil cap back on and got the Cobblestone with engine smoking... needless to say that William and James made us feel better, cleaned our engine and got us all setup for driving back up the mountains to our home 3 hours away. Great guys, great service, great experience!!! Will always come back to this location as well as spread the word by promoting them to all of our friends here in the valley of the sun :)

- Central District Health

They have merged with WIC lately and I will say the atmosphere now is nothing but loud and full of screaming children running around not supervised . Maybe it was the day I was in there but my gf said the same thing about it when she was there . You don’t know which window to check in at when you walk in now and it’s very awkward. It is now completely open so anyone can hear the private information you are giving as there are not sound barriers of any kind . I will not be returning. I understand helping families however when I go to a professional Establishment such as this I would think there would at least be some order of some kind instead of a free fall . If you are a minority w no or little income this place is great ! They service them well If you have Ins. and not in need of the states tax payers dollars to pay your way then I would consider elsewhere .

- review

Absolute worst service from any Dunkin’ donuts i’ve ever been to. How do you only put 2 people on the schedule when its one of the only dunkin’ donuts in Troy? It took literally 45 minutes to make an iced apple cider. 45. and the drive thru was backed up to the main road. isn’t the drive thru supposed to be quick? they were about 10 orders behind because whoever was making the drinks had no idea what people ordered. And every time i go there whenever i get a type of bagel they always mess it up by either putting something on it I didn’t ask for or forgetting to put something on it. I honestly think this Dunkin is garbage. if i could give a negative number as a rating this would be it. But if you live near Latham the Dunkin on route 9 next to Sunoco is on point and doesn’t take an hour to get your food ready like these people that don’t care about the customers. Unreal.

- Gets the job done

This app is great in finding places for anything you might need. Need a nail salon? You can look up different places really easily and read many reviews real people leave. The reason though I gave it three stars is because it is difficult navigating the app itself. For example it’s layout isn’t the most logical or the most appealing. Also another problem I can across on this app is messages. If I wanted to get into contact with a business yelp makes it easy by having messaging built in to the app. However from my experiences you can only reply when you open the message. So I have no message “history” where I can scroll up. I also can’t even see messages I haven’t replied back too so that’s a bummer/ super confusing.

- Misleading information

It is very hard to get a true gauge on what is a good place and what is just in a popular area. Some restaurants with very good food can have 3 stars due to lack of exposure, whereas restaurants with food that tastes like cardboard can have 4-5 stars just for being in a good area. Yelp needs to make different star categories, for example: quality of food, quality of service, ambience, and location should all be scored separately so the user can get an accurate picture of the place. I care way more about getting a good meal than I do having to drive a couple more minutes out of the way. It is very discouraging to open this app and pick a high-rated place only to find out that I’m now paying for extremely over-priced mediocrity. Not cool, Yelp.

- Satisfied customer Chases best Barber!

My husband and son LOVE going to A&M barbershop and get their service done by Armando. He’s really good at working the style they want and I feel so comfortable because he’s well talented and has lots of experience PLUS while doing their hair he talks to them about any sports they talk about! Go see him, you will NOT regret it! Another PLUS he speaks Spanish and is not afraid to give you an awesome service. So, if your husband or son feels comfortable speaking English or Spanish Armando is the person to go to! By the way I love to see them happy and feeling comfortable where they get their hair done! We ALWAYS chase Armando where ever he goes, he’s my husband and son FAVORITE barber!

- Food?

If you’re going to eat here you’re probably not going to care about the reviews. Because the place we were going to stop at was closed and I was starving we stopped there, after a long long wait I finally got my double cheeseburger. There was so much grease and oil dripping out of the container from the burger I actually had to cover my lap with napkins in the bag so I wouldn’t be wearing it home. Did it taste anything like a burger? I don’t remember. If this was the last place there was to stop and get a bite to eat it would still be the last place I would ever stop and get a bite to eat. Sorry people, it’s really not that hard to provide quality food. Seems strange to me that you would go out of your way to provide people with crap like this. I usually give nice reviews about places I’ve visited, they only nice thing I can say about this place is I can’t see it from my house.

- Security Screen Doors

The entire process with California Security Screens was an adventure. The cost of customizing the doors and installing was scary but the quality of service and the quality of the merchandise was above expectations. The day of the installation was amazing. All the doors looked and operated beautifully. Then it happened. For some reason one of the doors settled in a strange way and the frame moved to the point that we could see light coming thru between the door and the frame. Pete came back out to correct the problem. He figured out the problem and took care of right away. Normally we would down grade the 5 but the service was outstanding.

- Yelp is a joke.

Why is there no place to review yelp? You can’t leave a yelp review for yelp, not a google or Facebook review. Yelp is the most annoying and disrespectful company I have ever dealt with. Yelps does not respect when a business asks for you to stop calling. If I hang up the person calls back. I have had people be rude, raise their voice, and argue with me when I simply do not want their ad service and do not wish for people to continue calling. Now when I don’t answer yelp calls they Facebook stalk me and proceed to email me. From a business owner and consumer standpoint yelp is a joke. It is where uneducated and ingnorat people go to write rediculous and often over dramatized bad reviews for companies. Then businesses who do not pay for their services have no way of dealing with it. If I am looking for a business other than my own I never look at what yelp has to offer because I know that 99% of the information found on yelp is irrelevant. Yelp claims they do not pay people that leave reviews which I know is completely false because I have several customers who have told me they get paid to leave reviews. I also think it’s ridiculous for anything online to force you to download an app. Their whole business model is sketchy and I refer to participate.

- Great on iPhone, terrible on iPad

The iPhone version of the app is GREAT – super handy for travel or just to find good places you enjoy doing business with. However, this iPad version is ABYSMAL. Takes literally FOREVER to load bookmarks — it never completes, and I have to kill the app to be able to search for a business or do anything else with the app. Seems to freeze up constantly, but that may be due to it trying to load bookmarks in the background. Doesn't appear to recognize Yelp's new Bookmark Collections, at least in the brief few-second window of functioning I get before it goes to the spinning indicator. If Yelp should email you a link to nearly any Yelp feature and you have this on your iPad, clicking the link in the email will open the iPad app to … nothing, since this app appears not to support any feature added since 2012. Essentially unusable.

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Yelp Food, Delivery & Services 12.76.0 Screenshots & Images

Yelp Food, Delivery & Services iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Yelp Food, Delivery & Services iphone images
Yelp Food, Delivery & Services iphone images
Yelp Food, Delivery & Services iphone images
Yelp Food, Delivery & Services iphone images
Yelp Food, Delivery & Services iphone images
Yelp Food, Delivery & Services iphone images
Yelp Food, Delivery & Services iphone images
Yelp Food, Delivery & Services iphone images
Yelp Food, Delivery & Services iphone images
Yelp Food, Delivery & Services iphone images

Yelp Food, Delivery & Services (Version 12.76.0) Install & Download

The applications Yelp Food, Delivery & Services was published in the category Food & Drink on 2019-02-11 and was developed by Yelp [Developer ID: 284910353]. This application file size is 273.27 MB. Yelp Food, Delivery & Services - Food & Drink app posted on 2020-12-14 current version is 12.76.0 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.yelp.yelpiphone

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