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What is yelp: food, delivery & reviews app? Yelp has over 199 million reviews of businesses worldwide. Whether you’re looking for a new pizza place to try, a great coffee shop nearby, or need to book a haircut, Yelp is your local guide for finding the perfect place to eat, shop, drink, explore, and relax. The Yelp app is available for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

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Food Near You - Find Restaurants
• Find the newest and hottest restaurants in your area
• Make reservations, order delivery or pickup—all from your phone
• Filter restaurant search results by price, location, open now, and more

Search for Nearby Businesses, Services, & Professionals
• Discover great local businesses, from hair salons to trusted doctors and movers
• Read millions of reviews by the Yelp community
• Home need repairs? Find the best rated contractors and handymen
• Find great deals offered by local businesses, get quotes instantly, and book appointments

Beauty - Pamper Yourself
• Find highly-rated salons, spas, massage therapists, and more
• Book appointments through Yelp at the most relaxing staycation destinations

Search Filters
• Filter your search results by neighborhood, distance, rating, price, and hours of operation
• Look up addresses and phone numbers, call a business, or make reservations directly from the app

Other Features
• Read expert user reviews and browse through beautiful photos of each business
• Write and read reviews, check-in to local businesses, upload photos and add tips for other Yelp users

Find local restaurants, read expert customer reviews, and start searching for businesses near you with Yelp.

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Yelp: Food, Delivery & Reviews Version 22.16.011 January 2021

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Yelp: Food, Delivery & Reviews Comments & Reviews 2022

- Yelp Services

I have had the pleasure of using Yelp for a very longtime now, mostly for dining, and or restaurant suggestions or reviews prior to dining. I am now finding that I have started looking for help and suggestion or reviews for many other services as of late. One small challenge when trying to find this information, is there needs to be a specific heading for Odd, or Miscellaneous Services, unless I just missed it. I had no problem finding plumbing, or electricians, and this sort of thing, but spent sometime trying to find niche services, such as Solar removal, as opposed to Solar Installation. Again I suppose this is not exactly what Yelp originally specializes in, but I believe I’m not the only one checking your site for this sort of help, thanks sincerely Vinnie S P.S. Job well done too ... thanks

- Cask and Trotter Lynnwood

My friend wanted to take me out for dinner for my birthday. We went to two restaurants close to home that said they had dine in, but did not update their websites to say they did not. Tired and very hungry, we decided to go to my favorite BBQ restaurant, Cask and Trotter. The food is still amazing although they were out of things. Not much can be done about that, but if you are not one of their weekly regulars or a friend of the managers, I guess you get excuses, ignored, and talked about to their cronies at the bar. I haven’t seen this kind of behavior since middle school. It took 15 minutes to get waters and since my friend has a family owned restaurant, I will take her word for it, he does not know how to manage his tables. It was a confusing cluster. The worst part is I have been there multiple times with my family and celebrated their birthdays so it was shocking to have this kind of treatment. New management is TERRIBLE!!!!!! If you must go there call ahead and get it to go. The cooks are amazing which is why I’m giving it any stars. Service is appalling.

- Incredible rude

They were so disrespectful to me!!!! And upset because I didn’t have cash. I had opened a soda in the store and taken a couple sips of it in line. I didn’t think this would be a problem! When I got up to the cashier they said it was a minimum of 2.50$ for card I said that’s fine you can just charge me 2.50$ they said no and asked my why I didn’t have any cash on me. As a women I don’t feel safe walking around at night with cash. So I simply cary a card. They repeatedly told me my generation was terrible for not caring around cash and asked me “what was wrong with me, why would I not carry around cash”? After that the man working the cashier whispered under his breath “something generation” and the two of them laughed, when I ask what did u say about me they both shut up! I’ve never had anyone talk so disrespectfully to me in my life. I shared this experience with others and they expressed they had similar experience at this place. Please don’t go here they are over priced and out right rude if anything causes them the slightest inconvenience

- Left Wing Slander Forum

I do believe at one point in history, Yelp was an innovative and useful platform for consumers to make decisions on how and where to spend their money and time. However, with time, it has become insanely polarized politically. From wild accusations of racism against businesses everywhere, to tattle tailing about “mask enforcement” and health passes during the pandemic. I can’t tell you how many bars, restaurants, and stores have one star ratings dragging them down with claims of racism that are unsubstantiated by any fact or evidence. Had a bad experience with customer service? Must be racism. There couldn’t possibly be another explanation to these people. It’s sad because a lot of businesses probably lose money over these unverifiable claims. I will no longer use the platform because it has become too time consuming to wade through the trash reviews. Not sure what the alternative is, but I suggest everyone jump ship. It doesn’t matter where you fall politically, this kind of behavior is helping no one, and hurting everyone.

- Texas Nissan- Grapevine, Tx

I called the service department to make an appointment to bring in my Altima for a safety recall. One was a-hood latch, and the other was to put my car up on a lift and see if it had a rear suspension problem. I was told I would need to leave my car for 3 days to get this safety recall done! Even if I made an appointment a week in advance. They also said they offered no loaner car, no courtesy van (due to Covid) . I couldn’t believe it so I called another Nissan dealership in the area and they said”sure bring your car in the morning- we should be able to get it done in an hour or so, while you wait. No problem! I will NEVER go back to Texas Nissan! They obviously didn’t want to fool with a safety recall, probably doesn’t pay enough! And my husband and I have 2 cars we have bought from that dealership.! Their waiting room is terrible too - metal chairs in the hallway with one small sofa in front of a tv. Shame on them for not trying to fix a safety recall by telling a customer you have to leave your car for 3 days!

- Read privacy policy first, no web functions

I deleted this app after reading their privacy policy and using one of their functions that helps you get quotes from businesses. The app asks for a lot of your information like address and phone number, that they do not pass on to the businesses, so there is absolutely no reason they need that information other then they want it. Their privacy policy is horrible as well, they have no respect for anyone’s privacy. I always read the reviews they say are not recommended, the ones they claim do not meet their standards, whatever those are. These are usually the best and most honest reviews. I’ve been told by a lot of business owners that if they do not pay, their reviews are not always posted. Occasionally I use the version through the web browser, that intentionally has very little function to it. When you try to look at anything you get directed to the App Store to download the app. Maybe one day when they learn what privacy means.

- Can’t search within bookmarks

There’s no easy way to contact yelp directly so this is the only way that I know of where I can report an issue or request a feature. I have a LOT of bookmarks. I want to be able to search within my bookmarks to narrow down my results by city. Currently, it only searches the business title of whatever I want to find. However, if I do not know the business title or if I just want to look at my bookmarks within a city, I can’t narrow the results unless I go to map view where I then have to click each one individually to see what it is. I don’t want to do that. I want to be able to filter my bookmarks to a specific city and then I want to further filter by a category within that city, say restaurants. I bookmark a lot of things other than just restaurants and Yelp makes it very difficult to search within your bookmarks. Also: please add a “request a feature” option within the app!

- Not bad but...

I used to love this app. It did everything you could want for searching for reviews for almost anything. Well they keep changing the algorithm and it's getting annoying. Now when u search by distance it's not automatically set to closest to farthest. When u put that in, it still gives u somewhat random distances. Then it doesn't load all the closest first so u have to keep looking a couple of times to get places that u know are close but didn't come up the first time. Also the search by rating is the same way. You search and the ratings aren't all in order from most to least. They still throw some 3 star reviews when your still in the midst of 5 star reviews. I swear they're giving people preferential treatment based on ad revenue or something. It's really annoying and wish they would go back to the way it was a long time ago.

- Stay away from this place… Very rude and crooked!

My husband insisted in using this doctor and falling for all his smoke and mirrors. By design they wouldn’t let me back there for consultation probably because they wanted to discourage voices of reason so they could rope my husband in. Keep in mind a better doctor who performed his last procedure told him he didn’t need any more work which is definitely the truth. Anyone that sees my husband comments on his amazing physique. Now this quack comes along and tells him what he wants to hear so he can get paid. Very unprofessional place and super rude, and as a matter of fact. Now they are butchering my husband. Wish his license would be pulled based on all the glaring negative reviews. I warned my husband to get another opinion amd now here we are and just as I feared this place is a terrible facility with a quack for a so called specialist. Please don’t use this place! Surgery is nothing to take so lightly and in most cases irreversible. Dr. Morason should be shut down. Do yourself a favor and stay away.

- Bad customer service

My son went to sushi sho yesterday to order take out got his dinner . The person who took his order made a mistake and ordered 8 rolls instead of 8 pieces and charged my Apple Pay 95 $ instead of 37$ He couldn’t cancel the transaction so told him to come back the next day to get the cash in bills as he didn’t have enough cash then , after giving him 7$ that night We were in a rush to go Hollywood bowl so I called the restaurant on our way since my son wasnt even given a receipt for the order . When i called the restaurant Perron blamed my son for ordering 8 rolls then was annoyed when I asked for a receipt and hang up on me telling me yo gone back at noon the next day. When we came the next day , he gave me 8 $ in cash and a check got 50$ . Made a receipt but didn’t give it to me . When I said I will cash the check now on my smartphone app in front of him , he said he was too busy and asked that I do that outside ( restaurant was empty) . I refused as I wanted to make sure this was done in front of each other. He threatened me and said that he will call the cops now . I replied yes please go ahead , that way I can explain what is going on. He didn’t. I am waiting to see with my bank if the check is valid tomorrow Monday . Conclusion : restaurant makes a mistake and is really outrageously mean and discourteous about it. Never setting a foot back in there . Their Sushis are not even good . Be aware everyone

- Going Downhill

I had yelp for years and used it almost for everything. Today I decided to finally delete it. First, the reviews are not accurate. They censor a lot of reviews. They hide real reviews from real customers. They manipulate the feedback based on how much the businesses spend go advertise. When I started my business I had many people in my industry advise me to not spend a penny on yelp. I haven’t any money on yelp. I have real clients that have left me 5 star reviews. Some show up on my account but the majority are hidden. Many others in my industry have had to pay lots of money for the deceiving way in which yelp charges them for advertising. Great for big business, but screws over small business. As a consumer, I think it’s very deceiving. They manipulate the data. It’s like paying for reviews. And recently they announced they are now going to start doing socially policing businesses. I’m done with this company. I hope another competitor comes out. I’m done with yelp. Bye scammer.

- Don't bother

This app doesn't work well for me. Clunky interface, search just seems to leave things out. The regular site is way better (but apparently no longer accessible using my iPhone ). And while I do use Yelp sometimes, I have noticed some shady goings on, where reviews are removed or hidden for mysterious reasons. And if you want to contact Yelp? Sorry, no can do. Only review their "support" area. I find that outrageous. If you search generally for a review with your phone, and end up on the Yelp site, it will offer to "open in the Yelp app". However, if you choose that option it will just open the app -- but not to the company you are searching for. If you don’t use that, but cheers continue, he does exactly the same thing. You have to re-search. AND now, in summer 2021, there is no way to access reviews using an iPhone, unless you download this bad app. Company started out good, is now terrible.

- Bobs furniture

Worst customer service EVER by an old lady named Pam, she likes to belittle and talk down to customers while she’s trying to make a sale, ordered a sectional sofa back in November and every month they stretch the date of when it’s coming in, my husband and I were upset because in the beginning they said for sure in January we will have it so we planned a birthday party for him February and now they tell us it’ll come In till April, we now have to cancel the whole party, we asked to talk to a “manager” and they brought Pam out so naturally we would think she would be understanding and talk to us to solve the problem, the total opposite she came with an attitude and even told us to take our business somewhere else, PLEASE AVOID HER IF SHE APPROACHES YOU. On a positive note there was this lady that was totally professional,nice, patient and understanding, her name is Anitta or Annette, now she should take Pam’s position. Good thing the store manager got involved and deescalated the situation and hopefully we’ll get our furniture in April.

- Parade rest guest ranch

We enjoyed an amazing week at this authentic ranch. Each day Marge, manager and key to whole operations, would check in and make sure we were signed up for our horse rides and tours. We are honored to call her our friend. The all inclusive package is exactly what it boasts and beyond. The wranglers were experienced and patient making each ride special. Our Guide into Yellowstone,Barny,was extremely knowledgeable and entertaining. We saw the whole lower loop in one day. Buffaloes and elk , the thermals and waterfalls were breathtaking. Our cabin, Yellowstone, was cozy and had plenty of space inside and out on the huge porch. The chef and staff satisfied our every need with good food and service also very entertaining. Thank you Gary!!! We look forward to returning!!! Best trip ever !!

- Poor Service

Tried to place my order over the phone. He could not take the order and hung up. For some reason they’re in a hurry. I walk in only two customers. Placed my order to go, very simple, requested order be split in half . In stead they place the rice in one box and the entrée in another. I tried to explain to the young man, I requested the order be split in half. He could not understand then the young lady, came over and I explained. She said you asked for two orders. I try and explain again. Saying no just split the order in half 1/2, one half in one box the other half in another box. She then says do you want your money back. I say you keep my money I don’t want your food I never come back. Bad karma , if you can’t take an order you better question your staff. it wasn’t the first time its happened. I’m a very patient, people tell me, but you draw the line someplace, I’ve work very hard all my life, to earn my cash and my stuff. If they can turn away my business they must be doing well. Insult me once shame on you, insult me twice, shame on you and me. It’s all about the attitude and karma, this place gave me bad karma ! I gave them business last year every week plus tip, and the orders were to go. Also told my friends foods was Very good. So now I tell all friends go elsewhere . You make your bed you sleep in it ! You make me feel bad, shame on you. bad karma !

- Good idea but needs work.

I’ve used Yelp off and on over the years. It’s helpful mostly- but at what cost ? Unfortunately all the tracking data collected and used is a huge drawback. ( there was an opportunity to stop this some time back folks remember ? But that’s another subject ) I’ve grown tired of any item or subject even remotely related popping up across every website or app I visit after using Yelp. If I could read the reviews on a business I’m considering using without being required to install or re- install the app that would be huge. Using the site as a guest would be helpful. There will always be those who aren’t bothered by tracking or keeping an occasionally used app on their phone. I’m not one of them. Ok 3 stars. For its generally useful reviews from others who’ve bought from or used a business.

- Ava lane boutique by Laura

I love shopping with ALB they are so nice. They have beautiful clothing in all sizes. They treat you so nice and appreciate you. Even if you aren’t able to purchase they are a great joy to watch. They make me feel very good about myself. Everything I have purchased was better than expected. High quality. You will not find any other boutique as professional, kind, caring, loving. They are beautiful people having fun and enjoy what they do and care about each and everyone. I can truly say they are such a blessing to me. I love them all. Thank you for all do. If you haven’t given them a try please do you will not regret it. Go to the App Store or play store and download Ava lane boutique by Laura or if you prefer watch on Facebook. ALB are beautiful people.

- Dish Network

This is the absolute worst company and customer service department I have ever run into. Prior to signing up with Dish, we confirmed that we would be able to watch all of the Tampa Bay rays games. The sales person promised we could without a problem. Then the day it was installed, I came home from work in the middle of a game, and was livid to find out that we were not able to watch the games. After an hour of trying to get through to customer service, I was told that dish is in a dispute with Bally sports and that was why we couldn’t get the games. I have had numerous calls to the resolution department and I get the same Teleprompter read response, they cannot terminate the service without a $480 termination fee! I was informed that they had the call recorded, and that was what they were basing their decision on. However, they refused to let me hear the recording myself. If you are thinking of getting a cable company, DO NOT USE DISH!!!!!! A TOTAL RIPOFF AND THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!!

- Must Have App!

Funny, until I just had a pop-up, it never occurred to me to rate Yelp 🤣 Anyway, this has to be one of the most used apps on my phone! I travel a LOT and Yelp saves me from everything from last resort mediocre take-out food, to wardrobe malfunctions and “where the heck can I find an ‘x’ at this hour” emergencies. Regardless of the number of reviews or stars a place has, I always read the reviews with one or two stars to see if the issues raised are really relevant, or just a posting by someone with unrealistic expectations, which is unfortunately frequent. I’ve found some true gems in my travels, and validated the low ratings of a few I dared to try despite them, but that’s all part of the adventure, right?

- More than 15 staff were not wearing masks despite a state order

Please know that this is a very unsafe place to go to have your car serviced. I was there today for 90 minutes and just during that time, saw more that 15 staff without masks. When I repeatedly approached the manager, he said, “We will handle this” and “they are social distancing inside” which is not what our governor’s order says. Staff who were in public spaces whom I asked to put on a mask seemed stunned by the request; the manager himself held a meeting in his glasses-in office next to the service are without a mask, with the door open; service technicians walked to customers’ cars without masks; sakes staff worked inside without masks; customers without masks were not asked to wear them. This facility is not at all in compliance with our governors order that all war masks inside public retail facilities in order to reduce coronavirus cases. Please be forewarned that Hendrick is a very unsafe place to visit, before taking your car there for service.

- Everyone needs a little Yelp from a friend!

I am a die hard user of the Yelp APP in many aspects of my life. I share the passion of food, travel and adventure that most of my fellow Yelpers/Foodies provide with honest, heartfelt verbal and photographic descriptions of those epic gastronomical experiences that must be Yelped Out! The Good, The not so good and when necessary, The bad and ugly opinion based on quality, service, cost, vibe and feel that is real to me! I do this out of my passion for exploring great meals and deals, Knowing Yelp’s feedback can often make or break an establishment’s reputation. I always strive to give my best feedback and include photos that will back up my comments. While I am unaware of any so called "Filtering" of posted reviews by the Yelp Web Master, I make my decision to visit an establishment by reviewing the total number of reviews first, followed by descriptive photos next. I truly enjoy Yelping my adventures in hopes others will benefit and share their honest experiences as well. Cheers to my fellow *Yelpers that let honesty and the Aloha Spirit shine through! Be kind, live free, take it to the limit and Yelp it! "Everyone needs a little *Yelp from a friend!" Gerb ~ ✨🤙✨

- Nixtaco in Cirby Way

Since I saw the reviews last night and wanted to try it, after killing an hour around the area since they don’t open not until 11:00, which is when I came in and tried to order to go; was told they don’t do to go; yet their site states take out. I then ask if I dined in, & if I had leftovers, can I take it home? I was then told that they only take reservations. I looked around where they probably had 20 tables inside/out & only saw a table w/ 2-3 people. I guess they didn’t care to serve only 1 person at a table & it didn’t matter to turn 1 customer down. Nothing can be that good worth going back to with the way I was treated. I posted this on Nextdoor & someone responded that Nixtaco had posted on their site that they have limited fresh ingredients …so on that note, they choose & pick who they’re going to serve? I was there the minute they opened, so why are they even open if they are limiting as to who they’re going to serve?

- Always my go to when I’m in a new place or want to find something open late

Yelp has been my go to for many years now. It has more comprehensive information and is not just limited to restaurants like other apps are. I appreciate the reviews and ratings when I am traveling or in a new place. As a bona fide foodie from Portland, I rely on the reviews, ratings, and photos a lot to find really good food wherever I go. And when I wasn’t happy and gave a low rating, I had a restaurant reach out and offer me another opportunity to have a meal on them and improve my review. I’ve also used Yelp to find reviews and get quotes for moving jobs or to find a service provider and was really happy with the app for that.

- Yelp Helps

Since it’s roll out calm has has prevailed at yelp and the mean people seemed to have been weeded out as most of the reviewers are in line with reality as in an absence of Karen’s. I think the prevailing attitude is if a business is that awful they won’t be open for long and maybe a lack of any reviews is a warning of buyer beware. My idea is if you have nothing nice to say go to the next business that deserves the better review. Silence is a better review than a bad one. So now yelp is very helpful in picking better businesses within your community to spend your money. I think this app has grown up to be very helpful and reliable and something helpful for businesses that try real hard to keep your business!

- Red Restaurant at the Pacific Palms Resort, City of Industry

Last Saturday, August 28, 2021 a group of us had a celebration for August birthday celebrants in our group at the The Red Restaurant in the City of Industry, hosted by Celia and Vic Taroc. We loved our outside seating amidst grandiose lush of greens, glorious mountain and city views, a perfect backdrop for making memories. The ambiance must have whetted the appetites of the group, judging from the empty plates cleared. I ordered what was best for me grilled salmon with veggies cooked to perfection. Most of the group ordered steaks which looked yummy to me too. The irresistible 4 different desserts were beyond ordinary. They maybe the most lingering to our tastes. The servers were courteous and accommodating. What more can I say about the Red Restaurant? I/we would love going there again! Thank you.

- Awful attitude

They are snide in their apologies. They told us 1 hour 45 minutes for two and when we returned after an hour and 38 minutes, they said it would be another 40 min. When I tried to protest, the host said that I was still within the time I had been told, and calculated that from 5:15 to 7:30 it was still within the time frame, then simply said " thank you, and we'll call you when we're ready". When another customer came in to pick up the order they got wrong, all they said was "sorry, it wil be another 20 min." It's like the previous reviewer said, "They act like we're lucky they're serving us". I get that fact that COVID restrictions have put a lot of restraints in a service, but being in inconsiderate and dismissive is never justified. I'm only eating here because I've already invested two hours of my time waiting, but will definitely not be coming back.

- Excellent customer service

I went to Mancini’s, not really knowing what to expect, but just wanting to do some research on mattresses as we haven’t bought one in over 20 years. I was greeted by Erik, who not only made me feel very comfortable upon my arrival, but also took the time to give me lots of information about the many kinds of mattresses on the market these days. After testing out several types, Erik was not only helpful in my decision making process, but also streamlined my delivery process and removal of other beds and made sure to give me the best deal possible on two mattresses! I am so impressed as I did not think I was anywhere near purchasing anything yet, but he made it easy and seamless!

- La Foresta in Killingworth

Four of us went out to La Foresta after a long drought of COVID. We were really looking forward to it but what a disappointment! Two out of four did not get what we thought we had ordered. I ordered one of the two specials which was shrimp with broccoli but when it arrived in a deep bowl, it was mostly pasta and everything was bland, no flavor! It looked and tasted like a boiled dish! I couldn’t eat it! The other person had salmon with “lobster mashed potatoes” but the potatoes did not have any lobster or taste of lobster. This person never complains about her food but she couldn’t eat the potatoes!! They were heavily flavored with red pepper. Everything was expensive for what we had!! Also, there were flies and a wasp buzzing around us all evening! We’ve always enjoyed La Foresta but this was so awful that I doubt we’ll be going back.

- Scummy Business Model.

Will actively take down peoples reviews for being ‘too negative’ or ‘too positive’ but only seems to take down the ‘too positive’ while clearly fake negative reviews stay on for years. Doesn’t truly reflect people’s experience with a particular place’s service or customer experience due to them constantly taking down honest reviews and from the businesses who are being reviewed are required to pay yelp to ‘help’ and keep them from taking down, effectively extorting businesses and tricking those who believe yelp to give an accurate assessment of a businesses user satisfaction. Scummy business decisions make this service borderline fraud, both to reviewers and reviewees. I sincerely recommend anyone using yelp to double-check google reviews as google reviews take a much less ‘regulated’ approach. If there is a significant difference you can bet it is due to yelp bullying or covering up a businesses real performance.

- My go to for out of town travel

I love Yelp and so does my crew. We typically find ourselves out of town quite a bit between my son’s hockey games and my daughter’s horse shows plus vacations. Whenever we travel (at least over the last 3-5 years) we look for the non-touristy / local favorites and we turn to Yelp to do it. I have yet to have a bad experience at a place we have found with good reviews on Yelp. Unlike other sites it’s not about what pics you are posting - it’s about the actual establishment and how much folks like or dislike it. Based on the reviews you can tell who is generally grumpy and who is trying to steer their fellow man kind in good directions. I highly recommend Yelp!!!

- Horrible service

Ordered a pizza large Specialty last week, long time customer (20 years) and resident of Montebello, the girl who took my order neglected to write my address down, the driver text me after an hour and said please give me your address? 15 minutes later, I immediately called the delivery guy and he said sorry I already went back to their store. I called and spoke to the manager “so called Kim, rudely told me “were human and make mistakes, they finally delivered a cold soggy pizza, she told me I can give you a replacement pizza, just call and say Kim said to give you a Free pizza, I’ve tried to call three times and they keep telling me she not available and don’t know if she’ll be back, no record of her committing to a replacement pizza. Im truly disappointed, they’ve lost a good customer. The employees need to be trained how to handle customer! Never again, will take my money elsewhere, Btw Petrillo’s pizza in San Gabriel is way better then Rio’s IMO. All the best!

- Customer service needs a little more aloha!

Just called to try and place an order to support this place. Not always on this side of the island so we were looking forward to the food here. Kalbi and hamburger steak was ono the last time we were here. Too bad sistah was sassy and couldn’t handle some simple questions. When asking my daughter if she wanted a mini or regular, the person taking the order went “oh my gosh!” With a heavy sigh! I guess she didn’t realize she said it out loud or something, but it wasn’t like she was trying to hide it either. Asked if there was someone else to speak to to take my order. She replied there was none. So I told her I’d call back. I’m hoping to get someone with some aloha. I hope no one else has to deal with this kind of customer service from here today. Keep the aloha alive!

- Do Not Trust Reviews on Yelp

Yelp uses extortion tactics to get small business owners to pay for advertising or they will only display 25% or less of a business’s reviews and mainly only show the negative reviews unless the business owner agrees to advertise with them. Try looking in the “not recommended” section on Yelp. This is where you will find the honest 5 star reviews. I have seen a business with hundreds of 5 star reviews but only in the “not recommended” section. All of the ones displayed and counted are the very few bad reviews business owners get. This is why places don’t show up in order or closest to your location because Yelp manipulates all of it.....Only showing businesses that advertise with them. Everyone should watch the documentary “Billion Dollar Bully” before ever using Yelp again to decide where to go. Word of mouth reviews are the best reviews anyone can ever get about a business. After that, trust Google.

- Cracker Barrel, Wrentham, Ma

I was looking forward to meeting my friends at the Cracker Barrel in Wrentham Ma. We only waited 15 minutes for a table. It was all downhill from there. Once we were seated it took 15 for someone to bring us coffee. We waited an hour an 20 minutes for our meal. We had to ask for briskets as two if are diabetic !! The pancakes were so thin, I am not even sure the sausage was cooked (I even asked the waitress). Then to top it all off, I had a HAIR in my meal!! Called the manager out and apologized for the hair!!! Was going to take it off the bill, as I was ready to coming. All in all the meals were terrible for all of us. I have never written a review before, this is how annoyed I am. I am trying to help promote business so our economy can get back on track. However, I still work two jobs at the age of 71 because I want to. I work hard for what I earn and today was a waste of my money. This was a big disappointment.

- Old standby keeps getting worse

I guess they’re driven to make more money but Yelp has gotten so much worse over the years. I used to count on it to give me a look at all of a certain type of business in an area that I am in or plan to visit, but too many legitimate entries just don’t seem to appear unless you play tricks and perform multiple searches with slight variations in either what you are searching for or the location. I can’t put my finger on it but it has just gotten so much worse over time. When I’m looking to just get basic information and suggestions of places I would like to take my business, I get bombarded with suggestions that are nowhere near my destination and just get in the way of what I’m trying to find out. I was looking at an entry today for a restaurant. At the top it says there are six reviews but they are nowhere to be found. There is a link for one unsupported review (even though it says nothing that could be exclusionary) and several annoying review comments about restaurants that are not near the area and or not the type I am looking for. I guess what really bothers me are the businesses that I know are in the area I am interested in do not show up on searches. I guess they don’t pay enough for Yelp’s blessing to appear.

- Holland RV Varner ST Rancho Mirage, Ca

Absolutely the number one RV dealer in the US. As a travel nurse, my husband and I have traveled from the East coast to the West coast covering many states in between . We first started out with a pop-up, to a travel trailer ( several varying in length), to the fifth wheel, and now finally the class A. From Ty and many others in the front, to Jim our sales representative , to Eddie our prep man, to Bruce our coach educator - showing us every single detail of our coach, to Stewart our delivery man. Our hats off to the best overall experience any one could ask for. Thank you! We not only highly recommend Holland RV, but vote them the most commendable RV dealership in the US....... and we have come across quite a few!!!!

- Pohanka Acura

I had a bad experience with this dealership’s service department. The only reason I took my Lexus 460 there is because the service manager use to work at Lexus and I liked him so much. The first time I went last October 2020 for an oil change and tire rotation. The car didn’t drive right and I purchased two new tires. That made my car drive much better. I went Monday, May 31, 2021 for oil change and tire rotation. The car acted the same way. Also I had a bad odor driving home. It smelled like rotten eggs. The next day the oil light came on and said low oil, add oil. I called my guy and he said that didn’t make sense. He sis I could bring it back. I did and he checked stick 4 times and said it was fine. He offered to put in a machine and check car out. He said it was an error and they reset. Today Saturday, 6/5, my battery died. I am never going back to Pohanka Acura. What a bad experience. I never should have left Lexus. From Jean H.

- Yelp doesn’t help businesses they destroy it

The premise of yelp is a good idea. But it’s only a good idea if you get true and factual reviews. And I guarantee 99.9% of the reviews on your site are all faults and hate reviews. As someone who had to experience this firsthand through your so-called advisor app! Nine times out of 10 peoples opinion on here or not their own! In the world is starting to see yelp as the joke that it is! Your reviews can’t be trusted! Because you do nothing to make sure that they’re actual customers!And I don’t know about other states but I know in Michigan we are getting ready to vote to dismiss yelp and other so-called review pages! You may be immune to prosecution….. but you’re not immune to be boycotted in Michigan! That means you will no longer be allowed to have a business here and you will no longer be able to comment or allow comments on Michigan’s businesses! And that’s a lawsuit that will stick!

- El Rey Mexican Grill & Seafood

What a pleasant surprise. Authentic Mexican food. I had a birria burrito that was so good that a Mexican American customer heard me tell the waitress how good it was, that he ordered one too. He then told me and his buddy how incredible it was, over and over. I also got a couple of tacos made with corn tortillas made from scratch. Very light but sturdy. The portions were hefty enough that I ended up having to take half home. They also gave me 2 bowls of homemade chips with homemade salsa. And they gave me a nice chile verde sauce with it. They even let me sample the birria before I ordered. Service very friendly. I've eaten at this location over the last 15 years with 3 different restaurants. This is the best so far. I’d highly recommend it.

- Insanely useless

Since Yelp literally wouldn’t let me read reviews on the website from my main device, I had to get this useless app. The point of Yelp is reviews. The app absolutely fails to make it easy to read those reviews. Why does my search of a specific business list that business under four “sponsored” listing with nowhere near that name? Why would reviews open as a separate page starting back at the top, and then I have to click into each one and away from the list to read the full review? Why would the developers think anyone wants that?? I am not an angry person in general. When I caved to get this app to read the reviews I needed and found each successive step in that process, my husband said, “that was terrifying. Please never make that sound again.” I didn’t want this app. I wanted to read feedback on the medical office I’m considering for my prenatal care. But here we are.


I have Yelped for the past 10 years and left good reviws and bad reviews depending on the experience I had with the restaurant or an establishment I have been dealing with. Well I recently left a 3 Star teview for a restaurant that the food was OK but definitely the staff had attitude ( I didn’t call anyone names, just said the staff could be a lot nicer) and the Business Owner that pays Yelp money every month definitely did not like my comment so Yelp took my comment down.. this is the email I got from them: IF YELP WILL BE TAKING DOWN BAD REVIEWS BECAUSE THE OWNER PAYS THEM MONEY, THEN WHERE IS THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH OR EVEN HONESTY IN THIS???!!!! NO THANK YOU, deleted my app! YOU GUYS ARE HYPOCRITES!!! Hello, We're reaching out to let you know that our moderators removed your review of Peoria Artisan Brewery. We typically remove reviews that describe individuals or situations with objectionable terms that go beyond simply reviewing a customer experience with a business. We ask that reviewers avoid commentary that reinforces negative cultural stereotypes, makes light of physical or sexual violence, or otherwise includes unnecessarily graphic or offensive descriptions. In this case, we felt that your content crossed that line, even if you didn't intend it to. Please be aware that any further content you post that violates our guidelines in this manner may be subject to removal without notification.

- Sedutto’s ice cream

I’ve lived in New York all my life. Ice cream is my favorite treat. I can consider myself a expect when it comes to this wonderful treat. There are lots of yogurt stores and lots of gelato stores. I have to say Sedutto’s yogurt is pretty good. I recently went to a gelato store which was nearby the prices were crazy and the amount that they gave were ridiculous the calories are unforgivable. I noticed around me that most people can’t even finish the amount Sedutto’s gives I also found the prices to be very fair. Very friendly staff. They were acting like they knew most of the customers. I found the experience my family and I had was delightful and we will be definitely returning to this store.

- Hit or miss with this place

First time I came here I really loved my nails and everyone was very friendly, I don’t remember the older mans name who did my nails but he was great. Second time around I came in hoping the same but unfortunately that was not the case. I had a photo to show my nail tech what i wanted and even then he did the opposite. I felt extremely bad because it seemed as if he was new and didn’t want to discourage him but for a simple one color and short regular nail with no design i paid 96 dollars in my opinion i don’t think that is a reasonable price when the first time i got much longer nails with powder and a French tip designed and paid 109. Go at your own risk and be prepared to either love it or hate it. And if you return your experience might be completely different from the first.

- An amazing end to our trip.

We found this tour, and it said 7 people and 15+. Was a little hesitant about going because there was 9 of us and one being a 9 year old boy, so was not sure if it would accommodate us. Made a call and no one answered and I did not leave a message, but someone called me back from their caller ID, asked a few questions and was told they could accommodate all our needs. So why not after great customer service we decided let’s do it…. We had a blast strolling threw the beaches of Sarasota. Taking amazing pictures and ending our much needed vacation with a bang. It will be a memory we will never forget. Thank you guys, we wish you the best of luck!!!

- House of Tandoor Newton MA

My experience with house of Tandoor in Newton whole ordering delivery food today was horrific. A lady took a long time in taking a simple order I patiently complete all formalities and she tells an amount total and then she disappears from the phone a man comes on the phone who doesn’t even introduce himself gives a totally different price total and when asked to explain why there is a difference in the total price when the lady had done the entire order and given a total this person very unprofessionally says I do not have the time to explain and he couldn’t even be bothered about customer service. This is a restaurant in our city and neighborhood and the people are obnoxiously rude and unprofessional to clients who give them business repeatedly. The owners need to get these things sorted or will loose clients especially good ones. Very poor quality of ordering food over the phone for delivery.

- Awesome app!! I do have a request though...

First off! Awesome app! We use it all the time to find new places to eat! My friends and I came up with a cool feature we think the app could use; it’ll make it more social and turn finding a place to eat into a great game! Friend Groups: Groups of friends on Yelp can add each other for all kinds of benefits, such as checking in together or finding a good place to eat! Searching within a similar radius, the group members can vote for whatever restaurants they choose using a swipe system (or even a thumbs up/down selection if that’s copyrighted) and then vote on any matches! Anything that gets a unanimous thumbs up/swipe right automatically wins!

- Forceful app company

I like to browse reviews *online* as that way I can jump between sites as I need. Yelp doesn’t have them all, especially when it comes to financial institutions and so forth. However, EVERYTIME I click to access ANY of Yelp’s reviews on their site, I get forcefully ejected off the site and slapped here. I don’t like the app. I don’t like the UI. I don’t like that I’m not allowed to use the site (why even PAY to have a website if you aren’t going to let people use it? Domain costs exist). I don’t like that even IF I download it, I have to re-enter my search to get the results i was just looking at but couldn’t expand because of Yelp’s awful system. I don’t like that this nuisance is going to take up room on my phone for the next hour so I can find a reliable bank with good rates... because several dozen reviews are locked behind an app wall even though they are hosted on their WEBSITE. Seriously. Stop. It’s great to have an app to have greater reach and convenience when people want it. BUT do NOT force people off your site to the app. If you are going to pay for the creation and upkeep of a website, and hire people to maintain it.... let people use it. 1 Star because a consumer should never be physically removed from the “browsing” experience in a way that leaves a foul taste in their mouths.

- Good but could use improvements

Still my preferred app to check out restaurants. A couple of suggestions. I like that people can check in. It would make more sense if there was an option to geographically base the check ins. Say for example you go a business trip and there was an awesome restaurant you visited but couldn't remember what the name was or where it was located. While you remembered to check in, it was roughly about 3 years ago. You have to spend several minutes scrolling and scrolling through your saved check ins to find the general timeframe of when you went there. More often than not, I will skip over it and it just leads to frustration. Make check ins more useful. The same repetitive questions keep coming up. For attire, answering either casual or formal would generally suffice. I don't think people filter places specifically looking for a divvy or hipster venue. I think one of the more useful things you could add is average wait time and harness the database of loyal users. If you could ask if wait time is less than 5 min, less than 30 min, or greater than an hour for walk ins, that would help users prioritize their list of possible selections. Hope these suggestions make it to the next update.

- Yelp is a scam.

My business has 5 star reviews from every review collecting organization across the internet. The only negative review we ever received was on Yelp. That said, we received 14 positive reviews and 1 negative review on Yelp. However, Yelp has “not recommended” 13 of our positive reviews and therefore we receive only a 3 star rating on Yelp. The man who left us a negative review was working on behalf of a former employer who was embarrassed when we left his employ abruptly following 4 months of employment abuse (including, but not limited to, not getting paid for 8 weeks after starting and not receiving promised family benefits). I have repeatedly emailed Yelp about the issue, but they refuse to address it. I’m sure they’d be more than willing to “recommend” more of our positive reviews if we paid them the exorbitant amount of money they want for advertising. I refuse to pay them to provide honest evaluations.

- Disgusting app run by corrupt people

Everything about Yelp is disgusting. They shift a huge majority of positive reviews to the “not recommended” section and leave old negative reviews on the featured page. This is HORRIBLE for small businesses. I personally had a bad interaction that involved a customer harassing me and slandering my name on Yelp because she came in after hours. I didn’t consent to my name being blasted so I reported the review and Yelp did NOTHING about it. Yelp why would you let entitled customers slander the name of a minor on a public platform and proceed to do NOTHING about it?? To make matters worse my business isn’t claimed and Yelp is taking credit card numbers for orders without notifying the small business and putting employees in uncomfortable situations with people that paid for their orders. Where is the money going?? Not to the small business. Yelp, get working on your app it’s appalling how horrible it’s run.

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- Reviews should be able to be sorted chronologically

And if you can, it’s not obvious how to! So minus one star

- Useful app but it could have been improved

-Love this app as it is very useful. - It could have been improved by adding the button for deleting & editing the reviews button that work.

- Job got done!

Easy to drop off. And picked up my clothes the next day. Would def use again :)

- Best for travel

I found this app so useful while travelling. Helped me pick the best places on travel and the reviews were very helpful.

- Awesome app

I will recommend all those in business to use it coz it is user friendly

- Just ok

This app is helpful however I do not like it when you search for a specific cafe by name and lots of other cafes come up that are not what I am searching for. The map option is great though 😁

- Great and easy

Easy to use, accurate, informative reviews and features, easy to reserve tables and write reviews

- iPad version neglected

Great app, great site, but for some reason a bunch of features still aren't accessible when this app is used on iPad. C'mon Yelp, fix it already! Can’t even post reviews because the submit button just doesn’t even appear, making a review-focussed app fairly useless. BRING BACK YELP ELITE OUTSIDE THE USA!!!

- Needs Overhaul outside USA

The app seems to be very outdated in Australia. It doesn’t seem to list new places from 2017 and so on. This is an area where Zomato is thriving. Americans seems to love Yelp, but the devs seems to have forgotten there is a world outside of USA.

- Travellers best friend

Yelp is just great for taking the hassle out finding great food when you are busy

- The Most Useless App

I just wanted to read reviews but I was constantly being taken to the app store so I gave in and downloaded it and I STILL can’t read reviews because it still takes me to app store even though I have the app???? Absolute waste of time.

- Love love love this app

From Melb, always use Yelp in Melbourne and when we’re travelling- can’t get by without it

- Stop trying to make me download the app!

Just trying to look at a menu for a restaurant on the internet and it keeps shifting me across to the App Store. I’m not downloading it again as it’s a poorly designed app. I’d prefer to use the other food/restaurant apps.

- Seek yelp to help!!

Bloddy great app i use it every day!! So helpfull and it doesnt matter if you need a bucket of hot chips or a boat!? Yelp helps you find it!!😁💯🤷🏻‍♀️

- Can review anonymously

Easy to use can review anonymously. User-friendly app

- Maxine’s Bistro and Bar

Excellent service and food. 24 hours. Great menu. Just add Aussie breakfast. Two eggs, toast, bacon, tomato and avocado side. Yeah baby. Love it. Such good food and cocktails. Jeffry was awesome.

- Just for developers to see

A very severe problem concerns the entering of delivery address. Although there are google maps’ suggestions, tapping it results unfathomably the notice of “we didn’t recognize the address”, thus effectively rendered me impossible to order. Plz fix ASAP!!!

- Great for travelling

I love yelp we are travelling and it’s perfect when you hit a new town or city hungry !

- Nia massage Ipswich rd ANNERLEY

Very professional knows her stuff. Went in for calf problems, she was able to treat holistically hip and back tightness. Very good

- What?

What does this nonsense even mean? “If we get rid of all the bugs, but didn’t write a release note, did it ever happen”? Why not stop being lazy and actually tell your customers what you have fixed instead of writing waffle.

- Great app for travellers

Use it all the time when travelling - one of my fave apps!

- Great app

I love this app so much because I can share my dining experiences.

- Dark mode?

Love Yelp. Wish there was dark mode.

- Great Pictures..

Seems less touristy..:)

- Lepp Farm Market

These people do a Take Away Barbecue Pulled Pork Mac & Cheese which is To Die For. Particularly Good during this Coronavirus Pandemic.

- Nordic Design

If you want quality design and beautifully crafted furniture, Nordic design is the best.


Was my go to app for checking out where to eat next but now you are allowing BLM and SJW to destroy a business who doesn’t fit the narrative?! You make me sick hopefully it’s your business that losses everything!

- corruption & extortion dressed up as The Future

i hate that Yelp has become so dominant. dystopia writ small, the stuff of a mediocre episode of Black Mirror, headed by a CEO who can’t fool everyone with his polished side-stepping answers to the few questions that are relevant for Yelp.

- No longer supports iPhone 5 - why?

Since v12.6 Yelp no longer supports iPhone 5 (even running latest compatible iOS 10.3.3). There's no good reason for this. Touch ID isn't a pre-requisite for finding a good cafe.

- Cohen’s

Fabulous service from such a lovely lady! Thanks Ronit for all your help.

- Provide an actual service

What even is this app? You don’t serve anything, you don’t offer anything, you’re pathetic. Go contribute something to anyone and stop being a parasite.

- Great food and beverages at a reasonable price.

Try the Poké bowl. It has many textures and Asian flavours.

- Fantastic review app

Very easy to use

- Quoting system sent to suppliers on the other side of the planet

Requested quotes via Yelp in San Francisco, only to award the winning supplier and pay a 50% deposit -before realising the supplier is 2 hours drive away from SF! Garbage!

- Post review

Trying to post a review.. ‘You can’t make an update to this review try back later’

- SIGN UP? no thanks

I don’t sign up for an ‘opinion’ about anything that I can get from anywhere. You’re not THAT indispensable Yelp that I would give you ANY personal info. Bye

- Charlie’z

Casey was great in helping me choose a colour for my hair.

- average

Good service. Meals were overpriced, ribeye was fatty and came with the tiniest amount of vegetables..won’t return.

- Restaurant has awful food and service, don’t bother

Don’t even bother with the app, this restaurant has AWFUL food and service.

- About Yelp App :-

Very good app to promote businesses

- pretentious w@nk3rs

Reviews on yelp are far more harsh than any other legitimate rating site. People downvote restaurants for the pettiest of things. Wannabe food critics, but just arrogant, pretentious w@nk3rs

- Worst app ever

Worst app ever! Never works. Delete the app and try to use website, diverts you to download broken app. Lol ok! Thanks

- Great stuff

It’s fun and useful

- Very Disappointing

Tried the food here tonight and very disappointed. The fried rice was bland, the satay beef average at best and the pork spare ribs very strange indeed. Will not return.

- NH

Great shop

- Modern day scarlet letter

Have control over your ratings system and abuse

- I hate apps that trick you into writing reviews for their app

One star for being a c.

- Terrible App

Yelp is the worst app I have ever used

- Good app

Good app

- Yelp is the worst

Yelp is owned by smug brunch elites and they increase their profits at the expense of their users.

Payoneer 💰

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- It's a great app

Come on! Really? You think Yelp still needs reviews? It's just a must have, particularly if you're living in or traveling to a big city. Makes your life much easier and helps you enjoy a wider variety of stuff to do!

- Love it

I love being able to search for relevant restaurants nearby and read real reviews! The app works pretty darn welll

- It’s time

Finally I can tell the truth

- Scam

Don’t download this app and don’t use their listing service for you business , they don’t publish good reviews only publish negative reviews and when asked about removing negative spam reviews , i was told for pay advertising services after long time later Yelp canada big fraud

- Unreliable reviews

Reviews are not all listed and bad reviews are removed by Yelp for unknown reasons...

- Forced to download

Forced to download because the mobile site isn't fully functional. Finally relent and download it (after just avoiding yelp for awhile), and the app is super slow and not enjoyable to use at all.

- Bad Business

if i could give a 0 rating i would. they allow anyone to post fake reviews and lies about your business. Dont use them

- The worst application ever

Yelp group called me many times over the year to pay them to keep my business in the top list when I refused they hide my good reviews and they faked bad reviews to worn my business

- Yelp is racist

Yelp is racist. As an Asian Canadian I am extremely offended by what Yelp is trying to do to hurt businesses. Here come the crying wolves.

- Absolutely not

I’ve heard some pretty crazy things about how yelp treats some of the small businesses that clam there page here and I’d rather not associate myself

- Worst app ever

I tried to write a review and they deleted it in 0.5 seconds this app sucks do not buy

- Yelp is Fake news

Yelp is FAKE News if you don’t pay them they will show online safari search only your 1 star reviews and if you pay them they show the 5 stars reviews on safari isn’t that FAKE NEWS Not only that they manipulate your business hours for example they show the public that Saturday the busiest day of the week as CLOSED da and everyone knows that we’re not so no one believes that’s they know this is not true fake unethical lies no integrity this does not work in Canada

- Corrupt reviews

I’ve personally reported 2 reviews that I knew for a fact were written by employees or family of employees and both reports were rejected. This tells me to beware of businesses who have low star ratings and then suddenly there’s a 5 star rating posted. Even though fake reviews by businesses goes against Yelps policy, the reality is that they are allowing them anyway. With that in mind, it is now a useless source of information when trying to decide which businesses to spend our money at.

- Can’t attach credit card

you can’t use a canadian postal code to register a credit card. 1 star, app is broken

- Horrible app

Will never use this app again after hearing they will be giving out ‘racism badges’. Disgruntled employees or irate customers can and will use this maliciously against businesses. Sounds great in theory but there’s no way to prove the business is in fact racist. Very disappointed in Yelp for doing this to vulnerable businesses during a pandemic.

- racist enablers

this app stops letting you post reviews on racist places or will delete the reviews on racist places if you call them out on their racism. Disgusting

- Blackmailers

Yelp blackmails small business owners into paying them or they block all their 5 star reviews and highlight the 1 star reviews. Just goto any business and look at the suppressed reviews. Someone should shut these scum bags down. I do not understand how google allows them to operate on their platform.

- Extortion

Yelp is a horrible company that will extort small businesses to pay extraordinary rates to only show their positive reviews and hide their bad ones What makes it worse is they will hide positive reviews and only show bad ones if they cannot afford to pay

- Terrible business terrible app

Yelp is for snitches. Yelp is predatory to restaurants. Yelp disgusts me. Your model to get ppl to download this is a scam too.

- Internet pages force you to web app

It’d be nice if one could use the web version without being redirected to the app. No one wants to download another useless app

- So I can’t use Yelp on phone without app???

Yelp is integrated in AppleMaps, yet we don’t get access on mobile devices without downloading de 166mb app. First off, forcing me to download an app to access info available online is an insult, Quora did the same thing for a while and I stopped using the site until they woke up to their mistake. I hope Yelp gets this awakening as well because until then I WILL NEVER USE YOUR WEBSITE AGAIN, EVER. Now if only they would also stop coercing businesses into buying their paid ads, then Yelp could be good. Until then, avoid Yelp at all costs, there are many other options to choose from with much better business ethics.

- New app update is irritating

I am getting an update for my yelp app but not getting installed as I am using iPhone 5s . It says phone not supported . I believe there is a bug in the update . It should only come as an update for iPhone 10 users . Yelp please rectify as it is bugging in phone again n again showing update yelp but doesn't work .

- Toronto star Newspaper

Terrible publication full of lies and poor journalism. How sad!

- Gross cold nasty

Food arrived via skip the dish Gross and cold Mash looked like puke Bags open and unsealed Looks like the driver rummaged through all the food. And the food was disgusting as well! Why do ppl like this place🤮

- Racist

I’ve used Yelp for years and right this minute I’m deleting it and leaving this review. This company has the nerve to put warnings of racism on businesses that are conservative minded. They should be ashamed of themselves. If you’re not far left Antifa supporters, then you’re not welcome at Yelp. Goodbye.

- Curating “Racism”

So Yelp now get to decide which restaurants are “racist” or not, potentially ruining thousands of businesses. Get these dumb poison politics out of your app. Uninstalled and deleted.

- Go woke, go broke

Yelp’s effort at social justice is not I’ll conceived but down right dumb. Their service was already riddled with fake negative reviews and instead of fixing it, they throw more fuel on the fire by allowing users to flag businesses as racist without vetting the accusations. This will hurt businesses and yelp doesn’t care. Delete the app

- Dark & Divisive Idea

Adding racist flag to rating has to be one of the dumbest branding ideas ever. It is so open to abuse and misuse. I’m not using this app or keeping it on my phone as long as that feature exists.

- Deleted because of inciting violence

Yelp will now mark restaurants and business with a racism sign, based not on law but on abstract online comments. I hope you get sued to bankruptcy for undermining democracy and the rule of law.

- Accueil zéro

Personnel en place pour prendre la commande très mal aimable. Ne retournerons plus

- Trattoria Park Royal

Awesome dining experience!! Quaint rooftop patio space, device was great without overwhelming us! The food was great make sure to order Zeppole once in a lifetime treat...,

- Predatory

Predatory business practices, fake reviews run rampant.

- Company scams small businesses

Delete it. Just use google maps.

- Scam rating service don’t believe


- Absolutely garbage app

Absolutely garbage app

- A must

What is life without Yelp

- Do not use

We are a small business in Calgary who were unfortunate enough to get hounded and basically abused by the guy from Yelp , they have called and e- mailed us constantly over several years even after being told NO THANKS! Today the guy called and was down right abusive until I hung up on him, do not waste you money or time on these people, get your reviews on local company’s from Google!

- Cheat Yelp

Yelp is just cheater.. try to make money from distress people!! People are just worst who works for them!!

- Helpful

Great app

- Can’t enter Canadian ZIP Code

The title says it all. I can’t enter a zip code cause the Canadian zip codes are different and I can’t avail the 10% cash back offer because of this.

- Great Help!

This app just keeps getting better!

- Ashley h

Love yelp :)

- Station 49 Vero Beach Florida

While the whole team and the energy is reflected in the food and service Stan and Kevin stand out as both leaders and representatives of excellence. Thank you all Nancy and Brian

- Johnson

Just the absolute worst place to advertise a business. Let people give bogus fake/bad reviews and then do nothing about it. No wonder no one uses this much.

- Where are the reviews?

I was looking for reviews especially during this covid era, to see how my local restaurants are doing. Many have reviews and stars, but I can’t read the reviews for many of them. I can see the reviews on the Yelp website, but not through the app. Your app is useless.

- Extremely useful

I always check yelp before trying a new place. I love that it encourages community and constructive feedback. The reservation feature was a great addition to the app. I can reserve a spot with select restaurants and it will notify me when my table is ready.

- Do NOT eat here

This is easily the worst Chinese food in Northumberland. My fiancée and I read some of the bad reviews but decided to give it a shot. The woman we spoke to on the phone was extremely rude. Hung the phone up on us after we asked for the total. Didn’t say a word to my fiancée when she went to pick up the food. Just slammed down the food and the debit machine and walked to the back. The actual food was disgusting. There was not a single thing I would suggest as edible. Our 50 dollar order went into the garbage, less a couple of bites. Our spare ribs were grey, egg rolls dripping with oil, sesame chicken sitting in a pool of liquid. Just don’t do it. Don’t eat here. If every where is closed save your money. You will be disappointed and probably sick to your stomach after like me🤮🤮

- Information

All information is totally awesome thanks for everyone being so honest about all there experience 🙏

- Always check Yelp

As a food enthusiast and an as an outdoor person I wanna count on some expert advice and reviews Try to always check on Yelp before trying out a business

- Dick

Biggest jerk in town!

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Yelp: Food, Delivery & Reviews 22.26.0 Screenshots & Images

Yelp: Food, Delivery & Reviews iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Yelp: Food, Delivery & Reviews iphone images
Yelp: Food, Delivery & Reviews iphone images
Yelp: Food, Delivery & Reviews iphone images
Yelp: Food, Delivery & Reviews iphone images
Yelp: Food, Delivery & Reviews iphone images
Yelp: Food, Delivery & Reviews iphone images
Yelp: Food, Delivery & Reviews iphone images
Yelp: Food, Delivery & Reviews iphone images
Yelp: Food, Delivery & Reviews iphone images
Yelp: Food, Delivery & Reviews iphone images
Yelp: Food, Delivery & Reviews Food & Drink application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Yelp: Food, Delivery & Reviews (Version 22.26.0) Install & Download

The applications Yelp: Food, Delivery & Reviews was published in the category Food & Drink on 2019-02-11 and was developed by Yelp [Developer ID: 284910353]. This application file size is 260.63 MB. Yelp: Food, Delivery & Reviews - Food & Drink app posted on 2021-01-11 current version is 22.26.0 and works well on IOS 14.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.yelp.yelpiphone