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What is google app? Get fast access to Google Search with the new Google home screen widget built for iOS 14. The Google app keeps you in the know about things that matter to you. Find quick answers, explore your interests, and stay up to date with Discover. The more you use the Google app, the better it gets.

More ways to access Google:
• Google Search widget — Search from your home screen with the new Google widget built for iOS 14. Choose from 2 widgets, giving you a quick search bar in both sizes, and shortcuts to choose how you Search with Lens, Voice, and Incognito in the medium size widget.
• Google Lens — Search with your camera, copy and translate text, find similar apparel, identify plants and animals, scan QR codes and more.
• Voice Search — Search conveniently and quickly using your voice, no typing needed.
• Incognito — Search in Incognito mode whenever you want. It’s always a tap away from the homescreen.

Search safely and securely:
• All searches in the Google app are protected by encrypting the connection between your device and Google.
• Privacy controls are easy to find and use. Just tap your profile picture to access your menu and delete recent search history from your account with one click.
• Search proactively filters webspam to help ensure that you see safe, high-quality results.

Search and browse:
• Nearby shops and restaurants
• Live sports scores and schedules
• Movies times, casts, and reviews
• Videos and images
• News, stock information, and more
• Anything you’d find on the web

Get personalized updates in Discover:
• Stay in the know about topics that interest you
• Start your morning with weather and top news
• Get real-time updates on sports, movies, and events
• Know as soon as your favorite artists drop new albums
• Get stories about your interests and hobbies
• Follow interesting topics, right from Search results

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Google Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Google Version 218.027 June 2022

• Bug fixes and performance improvements. We are always working to make the app faster and more stable. If you are enjoying the app, please consider leaving a review or rating!.

Google Version 209.025 April 2022

• Bug fixes and performance improvements. We fixed user-reported issues and added new features to provide a better search experience..

Google Version 200.020 February 2022

• Bug fixes and performance improvements We are always working to make the app faster and more stable. If you are enjoying the app, please consider leaving a review or rating!.

Google Comments & Reviews 2022

- I’m disappointed

I know people may not have a problem with this but my google is being annoying right now. So usually when I would search up images, it would show some other images once I click on it. Then I have the option to save and that. Now every single time I click on a picture, it sends me to the website on where it’s from. I don’t want the website, I just wanna see the picture and save it on my camera roll. Now it’s annoying how long it takes me save an image. I’m always seeing the website with its picture. I sometimes like the other photos under that image I search up. I sometimes wanna save them. Now? it takes me at least two-four minutes just to save a picture. I just want my old google back :(

- Keeps deleting my tabs

I had been fine using google mobile for a long time but yesterday it changed the formatting which wasn’t a big deal in itself, but then I went to my tabs to go back to the story’s I had been reading and all my tabs were gone so I thought “ok, I’ll make new ones I remember most of what I had been doing” and I did only to realize that it hadn’t been making new tabs for each site I visited and I had to go and individually make tabs for each site, where as before it did it automatically, but I did all that and had my nice wonderful tabs with all my story’s and sites I read for awhile then logged of and went to bed only to wake up and have all my tabs gone yet again, so I thought maybe there is an auto delete feature and there was so I set it to never remade all my tabs read some more logged of ate breakfast and not 30 minutes later I check goggle and all my tabs are gone again!!! I have no idea why I check all my setting and nothing should be clearing and it hadn’t even been an hour, it’s annoying and pointless. Google will not stop clearing my tabs no matter what I try.

- Kinda dumb

It takes forever to find what exactly I’m looking for like if I were to search is the sky blue google just pulls up a bunch of websites why can’t it just say yes or no it’s so annoying this is why I rarely use google and it’s not like other search engines are any better at this stuff but maybe you could just fix this it could be like a next gen thing because it’s not like it’s impossible for google to give me a yes or no answer it would just make things a lot better and easier to get what you want faster and I’d thing this would make lots of other people like google even more it this wer to change because I’ll spend hours trying to research one thing I really need the answer to for school and I could’ve literally asked any other human being the same question and got the answer almost immediately after finding out what it was so yeah kinda dumb

- Song hum feature

Every time I say “what’s this song” into the microphone it takes me to a google search of instructions on how to use the feature instead of actually performing the feature itself. I also can’t find the “song search” button after exploring the whole app, despite the unwarranted google search telling me there is a button. Going to have to rate a 1 star and uninstall the app for faulty software and false advertising. Unfortunate considering this is a cool idea but it seems to have been executed very poorly. I would suggest actually putting a button there instead of lying to your users, and making it so when I say “What’s this song” it performs the actual advertised feature instead of taking me to a google search. Seems like a simple and obvious fix. Hopefully you all can get back to me and let me know if I’m doing something wrong, if the song search button is hidden somewhere strange in the app, or if the programming is just completely inept.

- Slowly deteriorating

Google was great, but the issue is that minor inconveniences such as taking Google Search off iMessage is really annoying. From there I could do a quick search or a location to send much quicker via text. Not anymore! Another thing, the app gets slower and more cluttered with each update. I do not use Safari as much due to the fact that it feels “heavier” and more cluttered, but now I’m seeing pointless news articles that are absolutely irrelevant to me as an individual. All of the data mining and theft your company does, and you can’t even match my interests? Even if you could match my interests, you wouldn’t be able to do it because you are Google. Furthermore the articles are pointless anyways because of the News app and third party apps that I can download. Slowly but surely, Google is turning into a lesser search engine like Yahoo or Bing.

- Akstyles

The only search engine I trust and has been my go to since the conception of the term. I’m really loving the personalized news feeds. As someone who intentionally avoids today’s unreliable news sources, especially from social media apps, the google news feed has been a welcome addition to my routine. I no longer have to miss out on reading articles I may be interested in because of my choice to not login to FB. Instead I often find articles I’m interested in through my google feed in between searching for things. Google Search is one of my top 5 most used apps. Their reliability and commitment to being the best in my opinion has hands down beat any other apps. I’m sticking with google for the long haul.

- New update AWFUL. Google image search useless.

New google image search is TERRIBLE! The sole reason I search for images is to see IMAGES, and only images. I do not want to see the text, or a ton of white space. I liked how the old google search app showed images only. I purposely used this app when searching for images as chrome doesn’t display image searches the same. Chrome shows the text. But now, not only is the text required but am unable go full screen with an image (and hide the text when tapping on it or rotating my phone). This is awful for viewing images because phone screens are not that big and now it only shows up on half the screen. Please bring back the old version or at least make it an option that is easy to select on the screen (not hidden in layers of menus within settings). This is extremely frustrating and disappointing

- Losing pages.

If I’m on a page and I have to either step away so my phone goes to sleep or switch screens, it resets to the homepage search bar. Not all the time, but enough that it’s incredibly irritating. I’ll have to scroll all the way back down to where I was (I love reading comments on articles, so sometimes it’s a lot of scrolling) to continue reading. This has only become a problem in the last few updates, I believe since the overall look has changed. Sometimes the page I was on will be completely gone from the history as well, saying I have no browsing history when I clearly do, as I was JUST reading something. Then I have to remember what I searched and the title of the article. Apps are supposed to be streamlined, quick & beneficial. I might as well read on a computer. Fix this, please.

- The Interface is Getting Cluttered

It was nice having the streamlined layout of the app several versions before, and with every update version, the interface loads up with more buttons of questionable interest, and an excess of information that would be best left hidden or condensed. The tab feature is also getting cluttered with excessive numbers of saved pages after simple searches. I do not need a new window every time I want to view a new image, I just want to browse in peace. This is a petty and personal issue that doesn’t impede the app’s usefulness, so I will leave this with a decent rating, but I would greatly appreciate it if options for less screen filler were available in future updates. Thanks to whoever may see this.

- Good as Expected but...

This app basically does exactly what you’d think a Google app would do. For that reason, it’s a fine app. I deleted this app though because I didn’t see the advantage of keeping it when I could just use a mobile browser to search on Google. I wouldn’t even think twice about downloading this app again if it incorporated just 1 specific thing... the first is that I wish this app had a reverse image search feature similar to Pinterest’s. Google already has a reverse image search option for non-mobile users (PC, Mac, etc.) in the browser, but the Google app doesn’t have this function for mobile use. So I would think that a reverse image search right on your mobile device would be brilliant. I would probably delete my Pinterest app if the Google app had this function.

- Just keeps getting worse and worse.

App can’t load search results about 40% of the time. Everything else works fine, I have no problem doing anything else on my phone just this app won’t load search results it says try again. If I click one of the news articles under the search bar it’s absolutely fine, just can’t load search results. And this is when I’m home with full wifi in nyc with full service. Again, literally everything else on my phone is fine. I use google a lot, but if I search five things I’ll have to go to internet explorer for at least 2-3 of them because the google app just won’t load search results. I’ve tried taking off the app and reloading it, I’ve had this problem on two different phones now. It’s just not a good app anymore if it doesn’t give search results about half the time.

- Unsatisfied

Google quickly became the most used search engine thanks to its simplicity and ease of use. Sadly, this app is missing a few things to earn those describers. 1. They took away the connectivity to Apple Maps. Why? This was one of the main features I used the app for. I would look up Applebee’s, click for directions, and google would reroute me right to Apple Maps with the right directions. Now Apple Maps is no longer an option and it’s obvious you took away this feature without stating that’s what you were going to do in the update which in my mind is a really shady business practice and let’s me know you knew doing this would make some people mad. 2. Symbols on the images. Now users can’t screenshot or view images without seeing the buttons/symbols. Again, another feature I used a lot that was taken away. 3. When you click on a suggested image when viewing an image, they is no way to go back to that original image without going back all the image results. Why is there no back button? Please add back these features to earn a good review! Thanks to these exact features, I think I’m going to have to start using Safari app just for the Apple connectivity and to view images without the three or four buttons on top each of them.

- Google window on the bottom of screen

I like using this app, however, I really dislike the google window at the bottom of the page. It’s in the way when I need to make a selection at the bottom of the screen. I know how to make it smaller so I can make a selection. It’s just to much work just to see the bottom of the screen. Most times I just give up and click open page in Safari so I don’t have deal with it. Its also slightly annoying because it never goes away and I don’t see an option to close it. The only time it goes away is when I scroll up which does me no good if I want to look at the very bottom of the page. It would be much better if it was hidden at the top of the screen and I can just swipe down if I want to see it. At least give an option to close the box.

- Open Tabs (IPhone XR)

Saw someone else post something similar, but I can’t open or delete any of my past google tabs. If I create a new tab, then I can go to all tabs and delete/select it, but any tab that I don’t immediately delete is no longer accessible to me. I can still access favorited tabs, but the same problem happens. Essentially it’s this - I open one tab, it’s fine - I open another tab which is fine, now the first one is inaccessible - I open another tab, which works fine, but the previous two are now inaccessible -etc, on and on. This problem also happens when I leave the google app for a while, or swipe up. Because whenever I do that, returning to google then brings me back to the home screen of google, meaning that the previously fine tab is now inaccessible cause I (technically?) opened a new tab, even if this new tab doesn’t show up, but still causes the same problem.

- Has been my favorite app but has been crashing for weeks now

This app has been my favorite iPhone app but a recent update led to constant consistent crashing issues. Any time I try to use it it crashes. This began to occur after an update. I have looked ever day for an update assuming the developers would want to repair a problem that leads to complete inability to use app, but nothing. I have begun to look into other search apps as the lack of any response is concerning. I have not yet found one I like as much, but honestly ANYTHING that works is wayyy better than typing in a search getting result only to have the app ALWAYS crash. When trying to get the result. Gave three stars because of the very slow response, but would have given 4/5 stars before this problem which renders the app useless.

- Good App, only one problem

I’ve been getting this pop up lately on Google and Google Chrome that basically says “Congratulations, you have been selected...” and all that. It’s a scam. It’s really consistent and it won’t go away even after clearing my cookies on my phone. It doesn’t happen on Safari and only on Google products on my phone. I tried deleting the app and I even reset my phone and nothing has worked. One way you can improve is to add a feature to Google that stops frequent pop ups like that because this is getting out of hand. That’s the only problem I have with it, everything else is fine. And trust me, it’s not just me who is dealing with all of this. I hope this will be solved soon.

- Link to maps usually fails

Generally a useful app but Google has lots of bugs to fix! A search often brings up a map, and when I click on the map within the Google app, it gives "no results". Very annoying and obviously wrong, since if you open another map app, including Google maps, there is what you were looking for. Google, fix this! Similar issue with other searches like yelp. If you search for an establishment and the result you click is a yelp website, the Google app doesn't take you to the information you want. Instead you get a series of links and you have to reenter the search on the yelp app. There's obviously a better way, and things could be more seamless. These have been long running problems and I'm surprised Google isn't on top of this. Seems like it should have been relatively easy to fix.

- Services NOT received (NYT subscription) and no way to dispute

I’ve been trying to contact google in every way shape or form in order to get them to refund me my money, but there is no Avenue. Zero. They don’t give any way for you to directly email someone so that you can resolve your issue and don’t give any phone to call. A New York Times news subscription is pretty basic and it seems like I should’ve been able to troubleshoot why I wasn’t receiving service. I spoke to the New York Times x2 and both times they said it was a third-party (Google Pay issue). The fact that I can’t contact them directly it’s really bad. The account information that I received in my email doesn’t work when I enter it into their form. Don’t trust this app! There’s no way you can get your money back because there’s no way to contact anyone if you have an issue.

- Google lens gone??!!

I am only giving one star until google “lens” is back in search bar next to microphone again. What happened to the google lens option that WAS right next to the microphone in the search bar?? I used it for only a couple of things and when I went to use it again within 24 hours it was GONE. I’ve gone through everything within the app and there’s a place to download it and that didn’t even work. In one place it talks about the lens but again, it’s not on there. I’ve uninstalled the app and when I go back to the App Store to reinstall it, it says to update it. But I uninstalled it so why is it only giving option to update it instead of install it. And when I go to App Store and look at all the app offers, it shows that you can use google lens to search stuff you see, BUT IT’S NOT THERE WHEN I’M IN THE APP ITSELF. What’s the deal google? Where is the lens????? Please help me with this??!!!!

- Very disappointed

Okay Google, you’ve been on thin ice for a while but with this new update is where I draw the line. I loved the Google app and have been using it religiously as my search engine for 5+ years. There have been many changes since I first started using the app, mostly good, but some bad. I use google a lot for reference images for art and now you can no longer save pictures directly from images. It was bad enough you took away the image previews, and then changed the way you save photos, but now you can’t even save them! It sends you to the website, but for many things on mobile it either doesn’t work or forces you to sign into a website to get to the photo. Sometimes it will take you to a website that just doesn’t even work! I will probably stop using the Google app after today and switch to another unless you fix this. It makes the app unusable for me.

- Once critical app now unstable under iOS12

I have used this app since its early days, a majority of my experience was excellent: on an iPad Pro, it was a godsend in split-screen mode when I needed to pull content from several sources into my primary apps by dragging or pasting. Once iOS updated to its current release, this is the least stable and highest-lag of Google’s iOS offerings (several of which also suffer under iOS12). I didn’t understand when the ‘tools’ option was suddenly deactivated on image searches, but tolerated it because the app overall was still strong. Now, I use this app only when I can afford to have it freeze or crash. Scrolling through saved item collections is impossibly laggy, with several seconds elapsing between a touch or drag and the app responding — when it does scroll, it stutters and freezes. I have a top-tier current-gen iPad Pro with 70% of internal storage available, and would hope Google values stability and performance over feature-adds that aren’t ready for public release. Please fix this, Google: an app that is fragile and unreliable is an app uninstalled. I’ve invested in the enterprise products you offer and rely on them daily (if not hourly) to do my job.

- Fix History and Images

The way you delete and look at your search history along with Google images has recently been updated, and it needs to go back. First off, the best feature of your Search History, the ability to delete all of it at once, has been removed and replaced with a day by day basis which is much more difficult to manage. Also, the way you view images when you search has been changed and looks atrocious. It’s clunky, and you can no longer look at images in full screen. It appears to be a terrible attempt at trying to make it look like the desktop image search. Please, please, bring back the old History and Images search, as they are superior and easier to use than what has been added.

- Could be an amazing app but...

I really like this app, but lately I have been pretty frustrated with it. This wasn’t happening at first, but now when I open the recently visited websites tab after I’ve been using the app to try and navigate to another page it won’t go to the page I want. It is happening fairly often too. It’s not that big of a deal, because I can get there by either typing it into the address bar or closing out of and restarting the app (sometimes this doesn’t work though). But it’s a real pain and can prevent me from setting aside a page or make me lose my progress on something like it just recently did. The mishap is actually what prompted me to write this review. If this problem were to go away the app would get a full 5 stars from me.

- Swipe keyboard

The reason I have this app is for the swipe keyboard. This may be the single greatest feature of this app, as my major complaint about iPhones has always been the lack of one. However, since the latest update (11.2.1), there has been quite a lag between me finishing a word and it being entered onto the screen. If I type too fast, words sometimes won't get displayed as they get"typed over." This is extremely frustrating and completely ruins the point of swipe (fast texting), and therefore, the app (in my particular case). It may be an Apple issue, since it has only been happening since the most recent update, but there may be something you guys can do about it. This is a 5 star app, but since the update has been a 2 star app. Please fix this issue. (I have an iPhone SE if that matters at all) Thanks

- New Update

Update: it seems like it’s gone back to how it was before, much appreciated! There are still a few freezes here and there where I have to restart the app, but nothing worth writing home about. I’m not a fan of the page changes of the most recent update. The Share button is now where the Bookmark button was, which is now where the Refresh button was, which is just gone for some reason. Also they got rid of the back button in the top left that allowed you to go back from the Open-in-new-tabesque feature, which is a major inconvenience to be honest. Overall not happy with it. It just seems like a pointless change that doesn’t make much sense.

- What happened

Google has been the word that changed social media as well as the internet almost as soon as Google hit the internet. We no longer just "browsed" the internet or "searched", we now "googled" and soon just about everyone knew exactly what we were talking about. To google became the very personification of searching for info on the internet. Not sure what happened but I just deleted google as it has gone wonky. At first I thought it was just my iPad but when all the other apps are working as well as they ever did...except for google, it had to be the app, or google. Can't give it five stars as a result. It seems even google has issues. Just doesn't seem as reliable as before.

- Doesn’t work half the time

I’ve had this app for a few years and it’s happened intermittently, but it seems to have gotten worse recently. I’ll search something and then just...... nothing. The screen will be and stay blank indefinitely, not loading a single result. Blue bar will fill up, but nothing shows up. I’ve tried it on multiple different wifi networks, using data in various locations, force quit the app and restarted, to no avail. I’ll then go search the same thing on the Safari app and it’ll immediately load. So I’m inclined to think that it’s a problem with the app’s functionality, not user error. The next day or so it’ll start functioning properly, only to go back to being broken again. It was convenient, but now it’s just infuriating

- Slow and laggy typing

I have been using this app for the last 2 years almost everyday. But since the last few updates in September/October 2019 the app has been laggy and slow. I’m typing faster than the app can recognize. It takes it a few seconds before the text shows what I have actually typed into the search bar. I know it’s not just my phone being slow because I am able to write this review without the problem and text at my normal speed in iMessages and other apps with no issues. Additionally, the search results seem to take longer to appear. The app hangs and freezes from time to time. Websites are opening slowly, and stay blank for a while before opening or not at all. When I’m scrolling down a page it does not scroll smoothly, rather there are pauses and it lags behind. I thought the most recent update would fix the problem but it hasn’t. The actual search content wise is good but there are too many “related searches” and “related search results” displayed and not enough actual results displayed on the small screen. It usually shows about 10-12 results, and then a list of 8 related searches and results for potential searches. That ratio is too close and there should be more actual search results. Please fix this.

- Only works half the time

I used to really enjoy this app, I’ve been using it for a few years now. Now it seems like ads are the priority, not content. Annoying ads are the first to load, content comes second. What prompted me to write this review was when I was trying to finish an article, the content repeatedly disappeared on the page, the ads stayed in place of course, causing me to constantly refresh. The load/refresh rate is always slow, even on a fast connection. Not to mention I get pop-ups that take over my screen on a regular basis. Is this how Google treats its users? Not to mention the biased search results and cards. I consider myself a moderate, but the mentioned items are always politically skewed. How about some variety Google? Stop treating your users as statistics and data mines. Fix these issues.

- Very good app, however only one problem

I use google all the time for researching in school homework and useful website etc. However, sometimes I search a topic up. Let’s say I searched up “How to cook waffles.” Then I wanna search something else up, let’s say I wanna search up “how to cook eggs” now the problem here is when I search a second thing it should say on the search bar that I searched “how to cook eggs” but for some reason instead of saying that. It shows “how to cook waffles.” And if I search something else up that topic will show but “how to cook waffles” will still be there. Now it’s not a big deal but it just gets really annoying when it happens.

- I am so excited that you have changed the entire

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- Would be a good beta version

It is nice to have the Google app to curate news stories. The most recent version as of June 2019 makes it appear to be easier to tweak seeing news you like and deemphasize stuff not of interest. Unfortunately you still need a separate app to follow the stock market. There are still bugs where the app says it can’t contact Google’s servers to update stories or web pages you’ve been reading suddenly are replaced with a white screen: “the web page is currently unavailable. There are also random times when the main page only displays one or two articles. Instead of adding features, I would rather Google fix the usability issues of previous versions that are still in this version.

- Um, photos automatically go to links now?

I loved using google but now it’s odd to use because I wanted to look up photo references for a project of mine and now every time I tap on an image it goes to the website and sometimes you have to dig on some of those websites it takes you to just to find the darn image. It’s odd considering the fact that if you use the actual google website on a laptop the images don’t do this but now on phones they decided that it would be a good idea? Not a very good one at all. Also, when you’re trying to look up arguments on both sides and it only shows more left side leaning even though I’ll specifically look up the right view because I need both sides for an actual good political debate for my government class.


Hey google, Lemme start by saying hat I love your app. It’s efficient, smart, and the best search engine! I just have one major issue that needs to be fixed. When I look up TV shows, what really helps is that I can see the exact time and channel a TV show will be airing on TV. Instead of browsing my TV guide for hours, this is way more useful. However, it appears that you have removed that feature and it has become incredibly frustrating and annoying. That’s one of the main reasons I loved the app, because of the “TV guide.” So can you please bring it back? That will allow me and many others to continue enjoying the app at its fullest. Thank you and please fix this.

- Need to be able to turn off articles and trending

I love this app for its core features, including weather, sports, and keeping up with appointments and traffic. I ABSOLUTELY do not want to see 1000 articles about politics on my google app. Yes you can turn a story off one by one, but you need an option to be able to turn off articles altogether. I also abhor you telling me what’s trending when I’m about to search for something. If I’m trying to google a recipe, why should the first thing I see be the latest garbage out of Washington? Seriously who thought this up? Some people might want that but I know how to find the news when I want to see it, and I don’t want to see what the internet is thinking about during EVERY google search. This is not a feature for me and needs to be able to be turned off!

- Horrible app update

I have been using this app for as long as I can remember. I don’t know what happened to this app but it used to be amazing. I used this app to replace safari. Until one stupid update. For some reason there is no history anymore in the “recent searches” anymore. Witch is stupid. If I didn’t want to show my history, that’s what incognito is for. I cannot find a way to change it and no one is willing to help because they don’t know what I’m talking about. Another problem if the images tab. You cannot go full screen on photos anymore. Which was very helpful for zooming in. Another problem is the constant freezing and crashing. I have never had a problem with this app. EVER. I physically cannot use it for more then 5 minutes without the app needing to be restarted. Very disappointed. And I used to use google for literally everything.

- Horrible News Feed, Censored Search Results, Many Bugs

Update: December 2, seems the broken Dark Mode is gone. Back to the intense whjrrhhhrh ——————————————— Current problem: Searching images/memes, attempt to save to freezes on “fetching” overlay, unable to cancel or go back, have to force close app. Other Constant Problems: News Feed: Absolutely horrible and biased. I set it to not show me news about sports or trump...spams me with both. Spams meaningless news about the Kardashian’s and other useless people...I check off ”Don’t show me Stories of/from (TOPIC/SUBJECT)” I refresh the’s more of what I told it not to show. Topics I Would Enjoy: It shows 6 articles in a row of the same subject/title from different sources. Extremely Old News: It shows news articles as highlights or something I may be interested in...from 3 years ago. And it won’t remove the article for weeks or months. I had an article about Slipknot that was two years old that remained on news feed for about three months and would not go away no matter what I did. I’ve reported all these issues through the app, but I assume they are falling on deaf ears. I enjoyed this app for my daily news and always trusted google for searches...many subjects are now extremely censored.

- I feel hostage to this latest version

Somehow, someway, and without my consent,my google search app for iPhone was “upgraded” to the latest “beta” version recently. I noticed the difference immediately on 5/1/19. The entire app displays search results in a chaotic, frenzied, disjointed fashion that is infuriating. Search on Google images?? Ha! It’s enough to cause an instant migraine! What the heck is going on? All Google image search results now display in some bizarre quasi-ad format. Desperate, I literally called Google, which, I didn’t even know was a thing, searching for answers. After 35 minutes of bouncing around I was told I was selected for some beta test version of the new Google search. I was told there is no way to revert back to the prior version. Perfect. Very good Google. I ordered vanilla ice cream Google, but feel free to force-feed me the double chunk peanut butter ice cream that I am highly allergic to. Wow.

- Love it but needs a fix.

I love the google app. In fact I use it more often than I use safari. The app is quick it’s simple and it is very convenient. HOWEVER, upon using it this early morning, I noticed a change. When I go to type in something, for example “cute cats”, it will of course bring up the links and websites with related photos. Although that is helpful, when I move my finger to the right and tap on images the images are brought up in a gallery as usual. The problem lies where when I am scrolling through I tapped a photo to see it closer, which is how I’m used to doing. But instead of that picture popping up, when I tapped it or any image, it just jumped and brought me to the actual website. Super frustrating.

- A little buggy

I’ve used this app for many years, but over the past year or so it has got buggy. First, switching to incognito can take literally a minute or longer. Why? Same for switching back from incognito. Then when searching it will all of a sudden blank out the bottom half of the page where you can no longer see any search results. You have to research to see all results again. Finally, when opening the app it takes several seconds to begin a search. You’ll begin typing only to discover it wasn’t ready and see just the last few letters of your search result showing in the search box. Weird. Why does it take so long? These issues don’t occurs with the Chrome app, so what’s up Google?

- Wonderful app for daily lifestyle

Google is my friend, and this app makes the power of the famous search engine accessible in just a few taps. Like its desktop counterpart, the Google app makes it easier to find what I really need, without the hassle of using another rival search engine or looking in the newspaper every day. In addition to keeping up with my personal and favorite interests, this app allows me to keep tabs on the news, the current weather, and other things. In short, Google is the only source AND search engine I trust each day to get things done. Give it a try. You won’t be disappointed! 🙂

- Lost swipe feature, and app closes

Update: I have lessened another star, because lately when I click on a suggested article to open, the google app closes and takes me to my home screen. It also happens when I type in a search. Not all the time, but often enough. I use google all the time, for the most random searches. I enjoy the cards and article suggestions (usually). I loved the ability to swipe to clear after reading or to dismiss. That swiping feature seems to be gone, and I find it irritating I now have to open a menu on a card and choose to hide an article. First world problems, I know, but why would google remove a feature of such convenience? Five stars if it returns (please, google!)

- App broken

After latest update last month, crashes after 30 seconds, every single time. Used to be the go to search and news but it’s so broken right now I’m contemplating just deleting the app on my iPhone. Had to download a new search app. Update. Deleted and downloaded the app. Seems to have fixed the crashing issue. Heard that other apps are also not updating properly and you have to delete and re download the app instead to get. Bit annoying but as long as it works in the end I’ll have to do it. I’ve gotten used to google search same news format so I’m happy to have it back and not crashing every 30s.

- News feed is so bad it's surreal

For the longest time, I really enjoyed this app as a combination Google search bar and customized news feed. And for a while it was great! It reminded me of Google's discontinued iGoogle homepage. But something significant changed not long ago and the news feed is basically just random trash that I've never told Google I'm interested in. In fact, no matter how many times I tell the app I'm not interested in a topic or person or source or whatever, it just continues to show me more. It's laughable what it decides I'm going to want to see. Disappointing, because it used to be a regular piece of my news perusal. Now it's worthless and no amount of interaction seems to help the "algorithm" figure out what I wanna see. Come on, Google. You own so much data on me already that you should be able to figure me out. Especially with my help.

- UwU

so i know this app isn't that great for searching, it's slow, eats up data ofc and ultimately is a pale imitation of a browser, but my heart is so warmed by the fact that every night i get a pop up weather notification that tells me the temperature changes that i felt literally COMPELLED to come give a five star rating. i know, it's people like me that make this system a joke, but they've got four stars already. they do impress me, because i'm couch surfing and definitely don't wanna spend a night on the street when it's snowing or raining, or after a 20° drop, and they do provide a pretty direct, accurate service that most other apps can't.

- Annoying bug

Google has worked flawless for me in the past with zero issues until about 8 months ago and still til today.. whenever I google something or somewhere I need to go and click the directions button, it USED to seamlessly work and automatically start the directions there for me. But now when I click it, it opens my maps BUT doesn’t add the address or start the directions at all!! I have to manually go back and get the address and type it in. Some may say it’s a minor inconvenience but when you have to go to a weird address or a long address it becomes rather annoying VERY quickly and that just so happens to be the case for me especially in the past 6 months. PLEASE fix it PLEASE!!

- Climate denialism

I often read articles on climate change because I’m concerned about it. I noticed a few months ago I started getting almost daily climate denial articles on the home page of my google app. Of course these articles always seem to be from spurious sources and thus far I haven’t clicked on them because I don’t want the algorithm feeding me more climate denialism articles. Today, frustrated at yet more climate denialism articles appearing on my home page, I actually googled why that might be happening and found out that google has been funding climate denialism (as per many sources), and other users have actually experienced the same flood of climate denialism articles on their home page. I’m creeped out and concerned enough to write this review and switch to DuckDuckGo for my search needs.

- Can’t delete history

You used to be able to easily click a button that said “delete history”. They’ve updated it and you cannot do that anymore. Now you have to individually delete the search history from each previous day, and it doesn’t even work! I deleted my history from today, yesterday, and 2 days ago and then voila the history from today that I just “deleted” is right back in front of me. If googles fixes this or brings it back to the way it was before where it was much better, I’ll change my review Update: way better now that they’ve fixed it. Love the app.

- Very user friendly

I love, love, love the google app! It never leaves my home bar! The app creates a personalized web/news feed that keeps me updated on things that matter most to me. Everything about app, from the layout to the feed keeps me going back here to look things up instead of safari. However, I always find that google is better for searching up quick facts, such as definitions and numbers, rather than opening websites. Other than that, I strongly recommend buying this secure and very useful app (much better than other search engine apps, a lot easier to use and much simpler)!

- Dear Google,

I have been using you app for so long and I love it. It’s so convenient and easy to use. However, yesterday I went to look something up, and the search whole screen was frozen, not working at all. I thought it was my phone for a second, but my home button was working, everything else was fine. It was just your app. I did one of those quick searches from holding down the app, and that worked. But the main screen was still malfunctioning later. I deleted and reinstalled the app as a last attempt, but still had the same problem. Please fix this problem, I hate using safari. Thank you

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- Fantastic, some crashing issues

It’s my go to app for searching on my phone, quick, easy and clean. It looks and works much more effectively than the default safari app on all iPhones. My only problem is with the constant crashing I’ve been experiencing, the app begins to become slow, freezing for short moments until it goes black and takes me to the home screen. I’m not sure if I’m the only one, or it might just be my phone since it is a few years old now. Despite this I still highly recommend it for all iPhone users.

- Taking Too Long For Search Bar To Load

It seems the app is actually working now and the issue I had before has gone away. However after opening the app the search bar is taking way too long to load up, it’s been slow for a very long time having a close to a 20 second delay before it loads but now that 20 seconds has become closer to 1 minute or just over and that just isn’t right. You shouldn't have a delay before using any app and I hope that this is actually looked into and fixed because I’ve been dealing with the 20 delay for months now which in itself is already frustrating but having to wait a full minute before I can even use the search bar and google something in the Google app should not be issue for anyone to have, please fix this issue.

- Sucky

I love that I can use this in safari BUT safari is better and no offence but you should remake your app!!! Like it says I can remove an ad and then a new ad pops up it’s so irritating and like why can’t I just remove ads in this little section because I’m annoyed I just like I don’t want a add in my game and I’m trying to play my game so then it says do you want to remove this and I’m like yes and I click the yes button and thence new add just popped up or it’s like so Lagi that it just stays there I’m like mad at this app mad are you do you feel like one thing no I only just downloaded you just to make us little like slideshow thing I don’t even know what it is you are horrible you Safari will smack you in the face they are way better I hate your app I absolutely hate it

- Little bit annoying

I used to really like using this app but recently there has been some updates... 1) Every time you open my google app it instantly opens a fresh home page. Also every time I click a link; for example, I search something on google and click the link to the page, it opens a new page leaving the previous search page in the past, or in the windows icon at the bottom. I don’t need the search screen saved... I can just click return. Leading me onto 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 2) There are two return buttons, one takes you back to the previous screen and one takes you all the way back to the searched page!!!! So highly irritating, it took me so long to get the hang of it and honestly I feel like it was a somewhat useless update. I understand how it could be useful if you got hella deep into a search hole. But there has to be a better way... so you know that you are about to make a move all that will take you all the way back to square one.

- Used to love Gmail App for iPhone! Please Fix this app!!!

Google; you’re so talented! And yet you have “dumbed” down this app so much it’s just a useless tool for people like myself/ others whom are very particular with fonts/ style / size & including bullet points etc.... The only app that now allows this on iPhone is Apple Mail app; however this is not the best app, as Gmail app - allows faster direct download. Clean and neat to swap from primary to junk etc. Thus giving it 3 Stars.... BUT It looses all its value with this bullet points and font size! All I can use is the “Apple iOS Bold, Italic and underline” which in its self is a hassle! As I have to highlight everything!!! And the fear of hitting delete/ cut or copy is so frustrating! Please add a “Pro Feature” for people like me, on the go and OR use phone a lot for email and corporate/ professional email reply. This would be most appreciated Outlook Microsoft on iPhone has better features for text! Please beat them! Thank you 😊 keep safe and well

- Fantastic, but not quite there

This browser is hands-down the best browser I have ever used. It is easy to use and eye catching, though sometimes it takes a while to load web pages. Also, safari has a great feature that would really improve it. Safari has reader view, which cuts out all clutter and ads on webpages, just leaving the main text. If Google could have some sort of add removal thing for webpages that would make it perfect. Thank you for your time

- Dear google com...

Google is so accurate and super fast then I expected to be! It has all the answers I need it helps me in my life, it even fix my spellings , I accidentally did well I certainly think you are one of the best apps I ever had! It help me on work and images news videos but inappropriate stuff are terrible well I actually don’t go on inappropriate apps. I also think under 17 age of people may use it as well unless they don’t go to inappropriate stuff, so that’s why I definitely like google so much I really want thanks the people who made google and…THERE ARE DIFFERENT LANGUAGES AS WELL BELIEVE ME l 💖 google you are the part of my life google don’t ever delete this app GOOGLE!Ok.I NOW WELL 😄😁👍🏻Well done google!

- Wont work when not connected to wifi

The app used to work fine a month or so ago however whenever to try to google search something when I’m away from home or not connected to wifi it comes up with the following: "Unable to get results. Please check your network connection." There is NOTHING wrong with my connection as I can access every other app with no problem. It’s just google. There’s clearly an issue with using cellular data outside of wifi with this app. I’ve had to resort to using other search engines with no issue!

- Good, but my problem....

Google is a great app and I use it everyday! But for ur collection, I mean I wish there was an option to add more things rather than have a limit to 5 I think. Also my google isn’t showing my recent searches, after I updated it. Even in an account it doesn’t show anything. And when I’m not using and account, it still doesn’t. So I hope ulna fix this. But overall, I love this app, just these 2 issues can be fixed. Thank You. 👍

- Useful but something is wrong

I’ll say this app is very handy to have especially if you’re stuck on something like a game for example I always use this app to find a solution. Now a new update came out and like everything else I updated and now I can’t access the app anymore it opens but crashes as soon as that home page opens up please find a solution I love this app so much I even use it to keep up to date on the news.

- Keyboard drops away.

I am sooo happy that I’m able to remove the trending stories now but since that was fixed, when I open the app and try to type something in the search bar, my iPhone keyboard drops away after the first letter and I end up pressing whatever search topic is closest to my finger from my history. Then I have to go back to the Google home screen and start again. It only happens once I open the app after force closing it but please fix it. It’s frustrating. Thanks.

- Amazing innovation!

Love it. Makes life easier for the fussy typers out there! Super efficient typing! My only complaint would be app compatibility. There is a bug when using the OneNote app. The text font will change automatically if you use backspace to delete a character. This behavior is definately not by design and is very irritating. However, the bug doesn't occur if you use backspace to delete an auto-completed word.

- App freezing up for a few seconds ALL THE TIME

This app constantly freezes for a few seconds while scrolling through the news feed when I am signed in to my account. It also crashes and exits the app on some occasions. Only thing that temporarily fixes it is if I clear all the browsing history in the app? But then after a few minutes it goes back to freezing again... very annoying! I have an iPhone XS so processor speed should not be an issue. Google keep releasing ‘bug fix’ updates but none of them resolve this issue. I’ve tried it across multiple phones and uninstalled/reinstalled the app and the issue persists.

- Awesome

Google is awesome it’s a amazing place to search the web play online games and more it’s amazing how you can almost see every thing in the world with one click of a button google has helped me and my friends and family it helps you go places that you can never go it helps with homework and alot more and has interesting things I recommend down loading google it helps trust me

- Ridiculous battery usage!!

I posted below about this app causing really high usage on the iPhone 6+ a few years back, now since the release of iOS12, my brand new iPhone 8 Plus is suffering again, it is dropping exactly 20% battery usage for every 9 minutes that I am using This google app. I have reset my phone to factory and did a clean update to uOS12 and the only optional app I had installed was Google and the results remained exactly the same, 20% for every 9 minutes of usage. Google really needs to address this issue. iPhone 6+ (78% efficiency) fully charged to 100%. 19 minutes using this app drained phone 37%. Get this sorted google.

- Google lens

Downloaded this app specifically for the google lens search (dunno why they couldn’t put the function on chrome) first few searches worked well, now today I go to use it and the lens search has disappeared without a trace leaving only type or voice search? So I try and google the problem, nothing works to fix it. Even tried telling me to download google images to use google lens? C’mon google I already have the apps for gmail, chrome, drive, duo, maps, earth, home, assistant and now just the google app and am extremely disappointed as a user of google for over 15 years.

- App Crashing Problems

If you are having trouble with the app crashing when you open it, try removing the app and reinstalling it. This fixed the problem for me. If you can’t find the app swipe right to the App Library and hold down on the Google app until a drop down menu appears. Click on Add To Home and then you should be able to remove the app.

- It’s ok

Love this app however it takes to long to update Like half an hour please fix this for me also when searching for something it takes a few minutes to load I have had this problem for quite some time now and it is really annoying please fix this problem other than this I really love the app sincerely babyzaza

- Annoying keeps crashing

I keep trying to go into google & within 5 seconds it keeps switching off on me. It only just happened. Can you please fix it. It getting worse as it won’t even come up I. I tried switching phone off & to no avail. Tried deleting & then going to App Store & loading it back in also to no avail.

- Google Review

Google is great, fast and accurate. However I am disappointed in the change to the “See All” function. It was much better in the previous setup where you could see all the previous entries, not just a history which shows the same one on each time you searched it. Otherwise a terrific setup. I like it.

- Improvement for news feeds

We do not have time to read certain news and it disappears with other news next time you come back for google search. It would be good to swipe left to delete and swipe right each news article to sort out interested, read later, follow topics for more updates etc.

- Frustrating service

Frustrated that my google app takes forever to load 😡 This seems to have only started happening in the last 2 weeks and getting more frustrating! I know that it has nothing to do with the storage on my phone as I have plenty of space and even deleted other apps to make more room. Have also deleted all cookies, internet history etc and the app is still frustratingly slow to load, often crashing in the process 🤬

- Lost functionality

The app notifies me when my deliveries are sent which is fantastic. It used to have 3 menus down the bottom for the home page, details about the notifications, and search history. Now the details about the notifications has disappeared but I still get the notifications..? If I click on them it takes me to the homepage of the app and I can’t see any of the info I want. So why is it notifying me?? It’s really weird and very annoying.

- Recent problems

I have had the app for years, but over the last few weeks it rarely works. When I search it tells me I am offline, constantly. Sometimes it will work again after about 10 minutes, but mostly it just doesn’t work. Have to resort to using google in safari which works every time, proving I am not offline. Have now deleted the app as it’s pointless.

- Great App

I very much like this app as it has a very good look. This is much better than the safari app as it has very small buttons which are hard to press on my tiny iPad mini 2. On the other hand, the google app consists of bigger buttons which are easier to press on a phone and on a tiny iPad like mine. Thank you very much google.

- Getting very slow to boot

Google now takes a good five seconds between being tapped and allowing its user to enter a search query. This is even with all of the assistant functions turned off and just the search function operational. It can be overcome by long pressing the icon and selecting quick serve however that too ads time. I’d love the ability to run the app in a raw search only mode where it hit else can lug the app down.

- Thanks google

I’ve been getting dodgy stuff from my regular iPad safari and they said to fix it I’d have to pay $$$+, I recalibrate every and now now use this app and everything is fixed and works faster then ever before 😃. I’m so done will apple everything just $$ over an over again

- Awesome app

I am using Google keyboard while typing this review This app is awesome as you can just slide your finger to each letter of a word and it will type the word. Also the changing of the background is really good as you could have any background that you want. This app makes every on E in my class so jealous. I use it on all my devices.

- Simple!

Simply a version of Google for your daily portable needs, how can you fault Google? Can someone explain this to me. Take into account the fact that Google is sometimes something people use on a daily basis and can almost literally answer everything!

- Incognito without login please

The Google search platform is very good and i have started using the incognito function to avoid tracking etc. I am wondering why Google needs to insist on a login every time i use it?!! It is annoying and i am guessing that for commercial reasons Google would prefer a user to be tracked? Anyway, i would prefer no tracking and not to have to log in every time i use it. Remove the log in please.

- Good, but crashes...

I had this app for a few years, but only recently for the past few weeks, I have been experiencing crashes almost every time I open it. That is my only issue. Other than that, I will still continue using this app despite the annoying crashes.

- To gram

Have had to delete several times to update my version. Newer version doesn’t seem any better. It takes too long to down load. I use it a lot to get info when we have visitors hope it improves soon as a lot of time is wasted waiting for it to fire up.

- Google images

My google images won’t let me view and scroll the collection of images when you tap on it instead it takes me to the linked site. I don’t know if it’s just me or if it is part of the update but I don’t like it. If it is part of the update please revert back to the old way. Other then that the app is fantastic for searching and has helped me when I need to find something.

- Hate is not nice to the history of man/woman kind

Google is cool but I see hate comments and your writing hate for something that is YOUR FAULT you prob didn’t update your device what are you four years old I mean you want Easter egg search thanos,google gravity,and more so stop talking about google you kid and update your device

- Google

Google is a great way to find the meaning or who a person is and ect But there is a bit of scariness and I am getting ads on the side and it’s getting a bit annoying that could be a bug, i dont know tho so, but I love google it’s a great place on the internet great way to search Thanks for reading

- Problems.

It’s overall a really amazing and good app but the newest feature “hum to search” won’t work. There is not search a song button and even on the widgets it won’t pop up. This annoys me because I’m trying to find a song for so long but can’t.

- Well...?

I think there is a bug... When I go on it, it was crashing without loading in its very annoying that I had to re-download it. But it’s better know 💖 I hope it doesn’t happen again! Well maybe you should fix this issue later on if there is” to many reviews of this problem” Edit: this app is literally annoying, everyone time I go on it, it glitches me out! Every time I re-download it, it works once! The second time it’s NOT GOOD! So please fix this!

- App freezes when going back or deleting page

App freezes when going back or deleting a page. Can sometimes take upto 2-3mins for it to unfreeze. Even happens when you fully close the app and wait a minute and reopen it it will be stuck on the frozen page or task. Starting to get real annoying and openly really happened since the new iOS update.

- Bookmarks change

Love the App, and it is my preferred web browser on pc and Mac. But I hate the new bookmark feature. Until two weeks ago the bookmarks would display on the whole page, now I get a little pop up. Please go back to the old system. ;-)

- Great app, one issue lately.

Great app, but sometimes when I open a card it won't load. I'll have to open it in Safari to be able to read the article. Even going back to the app's home screen, then clicking on the same card won't load the card. Nor will refreshing it. iOS 10.

- Not bad but

It’d be just great if you guys could incorporate an auto fill function for name address and the likes, as the one of the biggest data collection companies in the world it’s obvious that you have all the information, it’d save us a lot of time when filling in documents. I find myself using safari if I know I’m going to have to fill in documents because they have auto fill

- Simply The Best!

What a company!! Google represents what is great about American business. What they give to the world is beyond measure, in the form of Google search and Google maps...for free!!! Wow guys!! Love your work!! In a world dominated by American companies ripping off people chasing profits only at the expense of their customers (Apple, Microsoft) you guys are a breath of fresh air!!!

- Great with relevant news, but stopped working

Google took over my safari almost instantly, due to its speed and great news, however it stopped working and it doesn't search, safari works so it's not my internet. I deleted the app, downloaded it again, and it worked. Pretty strange, overall great.

- Crashing constantly

I’ve never had a problem with the app previously, however for the last week any time I open Google to use it, it crashes and closes within seconds. Long enough to type in my search some times before it closes again. I’ve updated both my iPad and the app and it’s still happening.

- My go to app

I use this app everyday and would be lost without it. I research anything that interests me and I find myself opening the app many times a day to know more about something that I want to research and to clarify anything that may be misleading. It's easy to use. Enough said.

- Google news

Don't get me wrong, I love reading the articles on the Google app no matter what it could pop up with. Lately I haven't been able to hit the more stories button and see more. This function always says please try again soon. I even tried to reinstall the app and see if that'd change anything but that hasn't helped at all 😢

- Go to search engine app

I actually enjoy this more than Google Chrome app, it’s much more slick and efficient. And the google cards is a nice touch, I really enjoy having cards that adapt to what I like to search about and news that I like to search. Very slick app indeed

- Absolutely a life saver

I use google on nearly a daily basis with almost any question I have. Google has saved me so many times in situations I didn't know could happen. It saved my mums washing machine by showing us what to do. Google has everything.

- Google jewel

Most take you for granted. I'm forever grateful to have you close to hand. I have never had so much knowledge at my fingertips. You have been and continue to be a game changer for mankind and hope you will be around for many years to come.

- Awesome

Nothing will be better than it... Thank you many many Google..🥰🥰🥰They work so hard even for a simple app...I saw no wrongs in their app development and programming....They literally make the world easier and happier so we can use and lead our life more smartly and happily..😌😌😌😌😚

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- Include image search

My biggest use for this would to quickly search an image to use as a meme or something. There should def be an image search option.

- I love it ❤️❤️

It’s so good it helps me with a lots of stuff like homework or if I need to fix something I look on google

- Sends ads as notifications

Stop sending me ads as notifications.

- Good

It’s great for watching youtube

- It keeps crashing

I used to use this app all the time but for a couple of weeks now it crashes after about 15 seconds every single time. It’s very frustrating. I don’t have an old phone either. Please fix the issue.

- Why would you change photos?

I just updated the app yesterday and all of a sudden I can’t view pictures properly. Why would you change this? It was perfect before and now I’m just upset. Now I’ll have to save images to my camera roll just to look at them full screen. Truly disappointed in you.

- App crashes

Wow. For a big company like google they cannot code apps which cannot crash. Should have tested first

- Keeps crashing

After the latest google app update, the app keeps crashing 30-60 seconds after I open it. Quite frustrating! Hopefully there’s a new update soon to fix it.

- Keeps crashing

The update doesn’t load properly and keeps crashing. Worked better before update.

- Google Images

They new format makes it so I can’t tap on an image to isolate it anymore. Looks a lot uglier and hard to look at. Unnecessary change honestly.

- Welp

I saw an ad so it can guess the song so can u tell meh how the heck I do that

- Disappointing.

App performance has been slipping for years. Recent updates have left the app completely unstable. There is an extremely long delay in launching the app and then it crashes after a few minutes of use. My suggestion is to focus on improving the app performance before adding new features or new layouts.

- Hum this tune/ what’s this song, non existent.

One star may be a bit harsh but this is the only reason I agreed to give google more of my data thanks to their newest ad. This feature is completely non existent for me iPhone 8+ everything up to date. Had to check if it was early April fools or something.

- Wired

I can’t search anything when I use this App in my iPhone, it always tell me unable to get results with no network, but actually I can search what I want by Chrome APP in my phone at the exactly same time. And I check the WLAN and data settings for Google APP, everything is alright, Am I bugged by someone?

- I love it

It’s the best

- Very happy

Simply: The best

- Favorite

Only one

- Awesome and FREE

Google is almost completely free ! Keep up the amazing work!

- Will the server

William is the best server ever!!! Merlot

- تحيى فلسطين رغم أنفكم.

تحيى فلسطين رغم أنفكم.

- Hum to google doesn’t work

Only reason i downloaded this app was to take advantage of humming to google. Feature doesn’t seem to be working on iPhone 12 Pro Max

- Don't update!

You've been warned. App bypasses Apple's permissions and enables location services for its personal use.

- Can’t download from the cloud

I can’t download this from the cloud. Please help

- not as described

Cannot hum or whistle song as described. I hit mic button and say, "Search song or find a song" as instructed and as soon as I say that it comes up search results for "find a song". There is no delay to allow me to even hum it

- Music Identification

After seeing the annoying ad claiming that you can hum or whistle a song for identification, I thought what the heck, let’s try it. After attempting 5 song ID’s through (popular and non popular) whistling or humming, I can say this does not work at all. If your ad claims something, at least ensure this is easy to make work otherwise first impressions will sink you. This is why I still refuse to subscribe to YouTube; it’s half baked.

- Palestine in google maps

Palestine will be free even you took it from your maps

- Bogue

L’application plante après 10 secondes après l’ouverture depuis le 5 mai, application inutilisable!

- :p

This won't even downlode

- What happened to 'delete all'?

It used to be so simple to delete your search history and now I can't do it!!!! You have made it too complicated!

- Unusable

Normally one of my go-to apps. But it crashes every time I use it less than a minute after opening the app. The latest update hasn’t helped so this has been on going for weeks now. I have to downgrade my rating to 1 star since I can’t even use the app anymore.

- App has dark mode but clicking into any article blasts you with white.


- Tash

Pile of hot crAp

- No support for headphones

After dropping headphone support dec 7, what is the point of this app? Would rate no stars if it was an option. Thanks for rendering my week old headphones (which have a google support button and aren’t compatible with Siri) already obsolete google. Will be deleting this.

- Terrible App

Forced me to download. Otherwise it shows up on my Safari all the time when I tried using Safari google. After downloading, it always stops loading content when other browsers load fine.

- F you google

Google is now forcing people to download its app to log into YouTube, and offers no other alternative. I will be deleting immediately

- Hate app

Stop asking my to use it

- New update crashes it

Since the new update the app won’t open. It crashes immediately after being opened.

- Latest version crashing

Latest version is crashing on iOS 14.6

- school is 🗑

screw school man

- My location button

I always hit the my location button by accident and it takes me back to my current location, which sucks if I’m am scrolling around random parts of the globe…love the app otherwise!! Please make the current location button more out of the way

- No song search available as advertised

They advertised vocal song search. I downloaded the app for that. It is not available!

- For injustice to who ever supports Palestine

I hate u google

- Put palestine on the map

Put palestine on the map

- I

Where is Palestine ??

- Missing Palestine

This map is inaccurate. It mislabels Palestine. Time for an update

- Hum for song

I got google just for that and it doesnt even work

- Hum a song doesn’t exist

Downloaded to try the “hum a song” feature but it doesn’t actually exist. No other reason to use it over a regular browser

- Boycotting

Guess I’m going to be using a different search engine and email from now on. Hope it was worth it. #Parler #FreeSpeech

- Where is song search option ?

And you keep playing the ad everywhere about the song search feature.

- Privacy

Why won’t google give us their privacy labels?

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Mr Carter

@MsQuinnHistory @history_sam Apparently yes it does! 😂

Richard Parks

@GAMEdigital Hi Game Folks. I'm wanting to buy some Google Play gift vouchers, but my local store doesn't have the right denomination. If I buy from your site, are they codes emailed instantly or physical cards posted? Thanking you and Happy New Year.

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I'd recommend a very nice app. Pls download from


@goapplegreen I just checked on google maps and I was wrong they're down down their is 7 within 11km of my house. Handy to know❣


[Wonderful Google Search Engine. I would like to be taken to the official POKEDEX, please! I’m curious to learn more about SPECIEs I’m unaware of! Oh, this is Michael, by the by. Thank you so much!]

Wayne says...BAH HUMBUG.

@erstkate @BevJohnst @MoaniePandium Gotta love google

jungwoo | nct

if anyone has the google drive for the beyond live can you please dm me 😭 #BeyondLive_NCT_RESONANCE

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Atheist (2008)

@TranshumaniaR @HOMOCOSMICUSv2 The good thing is that google/adsense has the power to implement an ad-free subscription for the whole internet, which would seriously help websites and especially journalism. The bad thing is they refuse to do it :(

maya ◡̈

@markeboylee someone would upload the entire thing on google drive like always if i find any links i’d dm you

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@cvtiepiw @starsyndr0me @mlbbfess Ini beli google play voc

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Google 218.0 Screenshots & Images

Google iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Google iphone images
Google iphone images
Google iphone images
Google iphone images
Google iphone images
Google iphone images
Google iphone images
Google iphone images
Google iphone images
Google iphone images
Google Utilities application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Google (Version 218.0) Install & Download

The applications Google was published in the category Utilities on 2019-02-12 and was developed by Google LLC [Developer ID: 281956209]. This application file size is 270.08 MB. Google - Utilities app posted on 2022-06-27 current version is 218.0 and works well on IOS 14.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: