Shopper - Grocery List, Shopping List and Recipes

A super easy to use shopping list for weekly and other shopping. One of the first apps in the store, now downloaded by millions.

What makes Shopper great in a nutshell? Saving you time and money while you shop is all we do.

And you will never out-grow Shopper. Shopper has the most extensive set of free features available. And become a Gold user for options available in no other app. See our website for a detailed list of everything you can do.

For example, our rock solid, super fast cloud syncing of grocery lists and other shopping lists among your household and friends lets you divide and conquer at Costco and Kroger.

Check out the pictures and video below or just download it free now and give it a try. We guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Purchase Shopper Gold Membership InApp Purchase from Settings/Purchases for $8.99/year or $0.99/month. Gold Membership automatically renews (after one-year or one month, depending on the purchase) but can be disabled up to 24 hours prior to renewal.

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Shopper - Grocery List, Shopping List and Recipes App Description & Overview

The applications Shopper - Grocery List, Shopping List and Recipes was published in the category Shopping on 2008-07-11 and was developed by The Shopper Network LLC. The file size is 56.07 MB. The current version is 10.6.602 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Small improvements and bug fixes.

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maskatear  maskatear  5 star

I love this app. I use it all the time for all types of shopping-groceries, hardware, pharmacy, etc. I can add items to the appropriate list as I think of things. The only thing I would ask for would be to make it a little harder to delete items from your list as you shop. I usually leave my list open, but have accidentally deleted things I needed while moving my phone. Other than that, this is one of my most used apps. Thank you!

Damir Burazerovic

I have start to love shopping  Damir Burazerovic  5 star

I just love this app. Comparing prices in different stores help me to save money on daily basis. I just make different shopping list for every store and put items in basket while shopping. Also I already know how much will cost me my trip to the store. Great help and great app. I hope it will be even better during the time.


Thanks!  Chuck9883  5 star

Keep on improving!


Superb!  RegDmc  5 star

This app helps me a lot to organize my shopping.


all that i need  vwwolfy  5 star

this app does everything it needs to do. after trying several similar apps i find this one the best. outstanding shopping list! very pleased :-)


Shopper Review 5 stars  Spetrash  5 star

I love this App!!! I never lose my list and even have lists for weekly visits to the grocers.


Helpfull  iCloudLove22  5 star

Its a really nice app, I actually make lists now

Sam Moulton

Awesome Customer Support  Sam Moulton  5 star

My husband and I really rely on Shopper to help us remember what's needed when one of us is at the store. Sunday afternoon I accidentally deleted a list and panicked. Sent an email immediately, and by Monday morning it had already been restored!


My favorite list  Mike9365  5 star

I've used Shopper for seven years. I've written to them on occasion and they have always been responsive and helpful - even to the point of changing the app. I've looked at others and there are some nice features - particularly related to inventory - but those require significant manual updating. Shopper has the most useful features for me.

Mom of Max

My Favorite App  Mom of Max  5 star

I've used this app for a few years and continue to use it daily. The latest release works great.


New update is awful  Ghcalifornia  1 star

I have used this app for years but it appears no one tested this latest update. With the new "info" buttons beside each item it is now impossible to select a letter to the right to get you to the section of the list beginning with the letter you select. The result is that the only way to get to any other item is to scroll up and down which makes the app much more cumbersome to use. Please fix this if you want people to be able to use the app.


Not a fan of the update  BuckyThreadkiller  2 star

-UPDATE- so I paid for the upgrade to get the non ad version and now they want $12 a year for expanded colors and quicker customer support. Guys - you're a replacement for a scrap of paper and a pencil, get real. The original version was good, the first upgrade with sharing was great. This last "upgrade" stinks. Please give me back the simple shopping list app I paid for.


Completely over top bloat ware - stay away!!!  shelmn  1 star

Another update: Yea... now I can spend $11.95 a month if I want to change the color scheme from ugly beige to say blue. Update: This app just gets worse and worse. Now I have sit through 3 seconds of a menu graphic before I get to see my list. Thanks for the "improvements" guys. Again a step backwards in usability. Your supposed to be able to bi pass this, but it still comes up eveytime I turn on the app. What a pain. Like I said before, they just keep messing with it, and pretty soon it will have spreadsheet, word processor, and calculator functions and recipes built iTheIr wil get to the point that you will have to search for 20 min to find your shopping list in this mess. .…........................................................ This app was ok until they kept adding more and more un needed features and then to boot are paying for the development cost through advertising. Hello, didn't I pay for this app. Google apps is free and they have advertising, bloat apps like microsoft office are not free and that's why there is no advertising on your word documents. Trying to please everyone by adding more and more features and that way trying to ride the iPhone app wave is now back firing for these developers. Lesson learned my friends (I hope) lots of bad reviews as you can see. I am ditching this app for something a little simpler. I don't need to confuse my shopping list with adds. Stay away from this app, they do not deserve your patrionage.


Disappointed  Krakuhlak  1 star

I had been using this app for quite some on my iPhone 4s. Worked great. Recently upgraded to 6s. I can access and use Favorites in my 4s. But when I try to do the same on my 6s it requires a premium membership. I do not own nor plan to own an Apple Watch. Sad. I enjoyed using the app. I am looking for something else. I can continue using my 4s for shopping but why bother carrying two phones. Loss of options between phone models and price of premium membership are primary drivers of my rating.


Only needs an Internet search  rsmopar  4 star

This app has become my favorite shopping list app. The only thing it needs to be complete, is an Internet search (like Google or Yahoo) for items that don't have pics.


Everyday Useful  Magomez25  5 star

My husband and I use this app every day as our shared grocery list and we're always up-to-date on shopping needs. Whoever has the opportunity to stop at the store can get what's needed. When we run out of something, we immediately put it on the list for the next shopping trip. It has helped us never to forget a grocery item. We have other shared lists, too, like "Kids Clothing Needs", "Hardware Store" and "Office Supplies" so we always know why we need in case we're near a store. This is my top app.


Used this app for years  M.Leigh  4 star

It is a great app! Once you get it set up, it's easy to use.

cabinet guy

Apple Watch  cabinet guy  1 star

Asking for an additional $12 to allow us to use the app on the watch is way out of line. It's a useful app but this in app charge is a major disappointment. I'm shopping for a new shopping app with watch support.


Formerly a great app  Mauserica  1 star

12 bucks? Seriously, people? Pretty sure I purchased when it was still reasonably priced and was able to add pictures until the last 6 months or so. So that means I lost the perks I already paid for and now have to go gold to get them back. I love the app and would have only minorly grumbled at paying another couple of bucks for a significant upgrade, but there is no way I'm spending 12. Very poor marketing choice.

Used to be loyal TaskRabbit

Easy, convenient list app  Used to be loyal TaskRabbit  4 star

I is this app for listing out to-do tasks, errands needed and grocery lists for different stores. Works great and I can share lists with my husband making it super easy for either of us to add/check off items on a shared list!

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