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A super easy to use shopping list for weekly and other shopping. One of the first apps in the store, now downloaded by millions.

What makes Shopper great in a nutshell? Saving you time and money while you shop is all we do.

And you will never out-grow Shopper. Shopper has the most extensive set of free features available. And become a Gold user for options available in no other app. See our website for a detailed list of everything you can do.

For example, our rock solid, super fast cloud syncing of grocery lists and other shopping lists among your household and friends lets you divide and conquer at Costco and Kroger.

Check out the pictures and video below or just download it free now and give it a try. We guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Purchase Shopper Gold Membership InApp Purchase from Settings/Purchases for $8.99/year or $0.99/month. Gold Membership automatically renews (after one-year or one month, depending on the purchase) but can be disabled up to 24 hours prior to renewal.

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Shopper - Shopping List App Description & Overview

The applications Shopper - Shopping List was published in the category Shopping on 2008-07-11 and was developed by The Shopper Network LLC. The file size is 56.74 MB. The current version is 10.6.700 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

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User 0277

User  User 0277  4 star

The best shopping list app ever, however, You need to make the laptop version more powerful like the phone version.

Grey mom

Discriminates on grocery stores  Grey mom  3 star

I love this app but I can't use the new store aisle feature because 2 of the 3 major grocery stores are not listed. Tire stores, restaurants, but not Shaw's or Hannaford. You cannot contact customer service because they do not give you the email. Maybe I should look for another app.


Time saving  regalerter  5 star

Saves me a lot of time when shopping. No more paper lists.


all that i need  vwwolfy  5 star

this app does everything it needs to do. after trying several similar apps i find this one the best. outstanding shopping list! very pleased.


Thank you!  Chuck9883  5 star

Works great on iOS 11!


Useful app  Forced22Yes  5 star

Very easy to use and very helpful


Love this app!  Goldcity  5 star

I use this app all the time for grocery shopping. I have mild dementia so it is just a life saver! It probably has features that I don't even know about!


Great service  djp5  5 star

I have been using the app for years and a couple of features I was looking for I could not find. I email support and they got back to me quickly with the answers I needed! Awesome!


Best feature is ability to customize stores  gcobb321  5 star

I've been using Shopper for a long time, look at the new apps and haven't found anything better. It does all the usual shopping app stuff but one feature sets it apart from the rest--the ability to customize the aisle layout for different grocery stores. When you get to the store, select the store and all the categories and items in your shopping list are resorted for that store. No one else does this!


Shopper  001Gamer  4 star

Not perfect but it works for me.


LOVE this app!  Jsrmichelle  5 star

I think I've probably used this app since it was first available. I do a TON of grocery shopping, and I can't live without Shopper. I've had two major snafus-- both MY fault. I accidentally deleted stuff completely to the point of rendering it useless. Both times CUSTOMER SERVICE WAS FANTASTIC. They had to figure out what I was trying to tell them, etc., but they took the time to do it really fast. They restored everything, and both times it was back to working like a charm. Doing the initial set up is totally worth the time to use this app.


Agree, used to be great  TWC41075  3 star

Have used this for years but with last update has annoying tendency if you're typing a note and pause for a second it thinks you're done and backs you out. Sometimes I have to try 3 times to complete a note.


What's happened to Shopper?  IceBoston  2 star

This WAS a very useful app. My wife and I share a large list of items at our local store, and as the week goes on one or the other will select items from that list we need. Then we'd both go to the store on opposite sides and as we picked up items we'd delete them from the cart. Worked beautifully- until recently. Now the shared updates are slow and unreliable and funky things happen like selection going into two carts. Roll "improvements" back about a year would be my wish


Great shopping app  Xplosionist  4 star

This app is a great way to store and manage multiple shopping lists, which is the critical feature for me. I'd give it five stars if only there were more non-grocery products in the built-in lists of items to add to lists. No nails or other very common household/tool items, no alcohol for a liquor store list, etc. Please add for people who use shopping lists for other than a grocery store! Thanks!


Shopper  RuthSkaggs  1 star

I used to LOVE this app, but now if you try to edit an entry the app crashes every time. I hate it, now it is just useless. Please fix soon or I'll have to switch to another app!!!


Great app until I lost my data, and now I have to buy a subscription!  GiddyUpGo123  1 star

This app is virtually useless without the template feature. What was once a free and built-in part of the app you now have to pay a monthly subscription to use. I used this app for years and then lost all my data, now I'm being forced to buy a subscription. After an exhaustive search for an app that does the same things as Shopper, I'm unable to find one and have resigned myself to paying the annual fee until a better product comes along. Complaints to customer service went unanswered. Annoying.

Gtd Aspirant

Great, useful, free  Gtd Aspirant  5 star

This app has streamlined my life, by making grocery list creation and use so easy


Something went wrong  Xiao-tai-tai  1 star

I just lost my store on three synced devices. When I added it and shared the store again, nothing synchs between the three shopping lists. It had been working fine for over two years.


Very useful  meemeehšihkia  5 star

My wife and I have a shared list that's light years better than emailing or texting shopping lists back and forth.


Great App  Lady-Linda  4 star

I really like this app, and I use it for all of my shopping lists ... I even keep running lists of sewing patterns I am looking for! Thanks for this app.

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