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Lock your passwords, credit cards and bank account numbers behind military-grade encryption and carry them with you wherever you go by installing the most sophisticated and easy to-use password manager app on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Stay safe, stay strong, stay smart with the universal iOS app, eWallet®.

Your digital life is at risk if you aren’t using secure passwords, but you needn’t worry about carrying sensitive information around in your pocket any more thanks to eWallet.

This robust security app provides password storage on-the-go, so you can still log in to your bank account, store your credit card and PIN numbers, and lock your online life away while still having full and free access whenever you want it.

With full iCloud or Dropbox backup of your secure “wallets” and the option to seamlessly sync data between devices and computers, eWallet is as convenient as it is strong. Check out its powerhouse features below, and find out more at http://www.iliumsoft.com/ewallet.

* 256-bit military-grade AES encryption
* Touch ID and Face ID support for secure yet convenient access on compatible devices
* Optimized for large and high resolution screens
* Support multitasking (Slide Over and Split View) on iPad (iOS 9+)
* Backup your data to iCloud or Dropbox
* Sync your data seamlessly via cloud or Wi-Fi with eWallet’s PC and Mac apps (purchased separately)
* Random password generator to keep your login details safe and secure
* Store bank account, insurance and personal details. Keep all your info close at hand, and secure
* Auto-locking feature
* Create and sync multiple wallets between computers and devices
* Customize your wallets with great-looking cards, backgrounds and categories
* AutoPass automatic password entering through built-in browser control
* AutoFill provider for entering usernames and passwords directly in Safari and other apps (iOS 12+)

Ilium Software has over 21 years of mobile security software experience and is trusted by more than half a million users around the world to deliver the most comprehensive, user-friendly solution to personal data security. Don’t risk being without eWallet.

eWallet - Password Manager App Description & Overview

The applications eWallet - Password Manager was published in the category Productivity on 2008-07-19 and was developed by Ilium Software, Inc.. The file size is 28.51 MB. The current version is 8.4.2 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

* Fixed an issue where tel: phone links didn’t always work properly
* Other miscellaneous fixes and enhancements

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eWallet - Password Manager Reviews


Great product  Rim-man  5 star

Consistent great performance. Thanks eWallet!


Best app ever!  LC2011  5 star

Love eWallet for saving all my passwords!

The Messianic Jewish Expositor

Excellent app  The Messianic Jewish Expositor  5 star

Simple, reliable, inexpensive, and no ongoing fees. I have it on my MacBook and my iPhone. Total one time cost $20.


Solid  Bwhite1919  5 star

I’ve used this password app for the last 7 years. It is user friendly and more importantly.....reliable. I’ve never had any issues. Well done. Keep up the great work.


Trusted and convenient  robotello  5 star

eWallet has been one of my favorite apps ever since I started using it in my Palm Cliè. Since then I have entrusted my confidential information to eWallet: it is user friendly, allows great organization, the interface is pleasing to the eye, Touch ID and Face ID make it very easy to use, and syncing between devices is a snap. This should be a basic app for everyone to use.


Fantastic app  MikeM  5 star

eWallet is a fantastic app. Keep all your personal info secure.


Secure  SlimRI  5 star

This has got to be one of the best and easiest password managers to use. Very user friendly and easy to sync with all my devises. It's built in browser is a definite plus.


Ewallet  Tearbug  5 star

Excellent password manager. Tearbug2


Great Application  atram2000  5 star

User friendly. Excellent product.


Great app!  CRP6088  5 star

I have used eWallet for a number of years. Never had a problem with it. Easy to use and works on all my devices. I highly recommend this app.


Great app for privacy  joazn  4 star

I like this app. I use is to keep all sorts of information - passport details, log in details, passwords, car info, family blood types, bank account info and so on. You may or may not allow it to go to iCloud. You can email a backup to any new phone you get so you do not have to copy info/data manually. There is a huge variety of cards to use depending on what category you are dealing with - car, health, general.

Blonde Merida SPresso rider

Great App that I have been using for many years  Blonde Merida SPresso rider  5 star

eWallet is a great tool to store passwords and key data

The Benbullen Kids

Ever Reliable  The Benbullen Kids  5 star

I am so glad I have this app. As the memory starts to ride off in the distance I'll become more reliant on eWallet. Still good after many years of use and still being updated. Thank you


Best out there by a long shot  Portas  5 star

I have been using the desktop app since it was released over 10 years ago and the mobile app doesn’t disappoint either. Can’t live without this app in your arsenal. Functional and easy to operate and NO SUBSCRIPTION FEES either. More cloud services could be added, as you only get the choice of iCloud or Dropbox.


eWallet  Rusty2019.....  5 star

Great tool for passwords - I have been using this software for years and would be lost without it. I have it installed on every one of my devices so I can access the data (via Dropbox) and keep the information updated wherever I am


Brilliant  McKewon  5 star

I could not live with out it. It's as simple as that! I have been using it for years and it has never failed me. It is brilliant


Great App  unot4real  5 star

I use this app almost daily very simple to use great looking app love the password generator Just keeps getting better with each update


I would be lost without this app  Ned300  5 star

I have this app on all my devices, it is so easy to use.


Cheap and Awesome  JAY_2_1975  5 star

Easier to use and cheaper than Dashlane and does not get all up your face trying to get information that you don’t want to give it. Well laid out.


can’t live without it  YogiBear8  5 star

I don’t think i could manage without ewallet. I rely on it daily, and have been gor more than 15 years!


Needs Face Recognition  mymymyte  2 star

This is almost the only app I have that I have to type in my password every time. One of the best uses of this app is to store passwords for other programs, but it became nearly un usable without face recognition on my new iPhone


Great app  Beaderlady  5 star

I've used this app for two years now and it has been invaluable to me. I'm not a techie, but I've found the app easy to use. You can have multiple categories and sections within the categories, yet the process is easy to set up and easy to get information from. I highly recommend this app to anyone who wants to keep passwords, account numbers, membership information, etc. in one safe place.


Been using for years and am very happy  SouthernZigler  5 star

I don’t remember when I started using eWallet, but it had already been a couple of years (at least) before I got my first iPhone in 2011. I have looked at other managers but never been tempted to change as this app does a great job of keeping track of everything I need it to. Everything just works. Great job, Ilium!


Been using it for over 5 years  bbgdbhgdsf,koihbfg  5 star

I’m the one family and employees comes to to retrieve passwords


Great App  Boatman25  5 star

I have been using for years. Works GREAT on iPhone X. Works GREAT on Windows 8.1 Desktop computer. Sync works great. Perfect for me.


No Facial Recognition  elimini  1 star

Step up to the times and build in facial recognition


Best password vault  Soonertrains  5 star

I’ve been using eWallet for years and couldn’t live without it. I’ve installed it on all my devices from the palm pilot to my note 9 and all versions of windows. Great app.


Solves my password issues  Bruce1768  5 star

Can now create and store very strong passwords and always have passwords at my fingertips.


eWallet to all  urr_qasdim  4 star

I have been using eWallet for years and find it the most important app. Saving information in eWallet prevents exposing it to dangerous people! Transfering contents to other phones, tablets and computers makes the app very powerful. I recommend this app to everyone!

Pickle face 1234

Syncing doesn’t work  Pickle face 1234  1 star

Syncing with my desktop is impossible. When they updated they wiped out my saved passwords. Do not recommend.


Awesome, reliable, desktop app +Touch ID  Big_Deal_ie  5 star

I've been using this app for a few years now. Never had a problen, it's secure enough and has all the features I fan ask for. Maybe my favourite and most used app. - loving the desktop app that makes adding all my PC passwords easy - really cool backup options and sync to Dropbox! - NOW TOUCH ID!! Awesome! I have no relation to the behind this app...but will honestly recommend it to anyone!

Ciano Irl

Cian  Ciano Irl  5 star

Find App excellent, so easy to use, anyone could can operate, simplicity is the name, very secure, unlimited storage and very comprehensive. Well worth buying has never let me down


The best password storage I have ever had!  MarcJW75  5 star

I previously tried a couple of wallets, but no other application made me more satisfied than this one. I am using an iPad, an iPhone and an iPod Touch and all devices are always in sync using iCloud. I will never forget a password thanks to this useful tool.


Great app!!  Steve-InMusik  5 star

So handy if like me you have a ton of passwords to manage. A must have app :)


Excellent  KKTAV8r  5 star

Been using it for many years and always have access on PC or iPhone! Great for passport, licenses, insurance policies etc. All it needs is an alarm to warn of renewal dates!! First class product.


A must have app for keeping your passwords  Vincenzo776  5 star

Download this.


A great app, I depend on it!  cpam  5 star

I use it to keep lots of useful information, syncs well across mobile and desktop.


eWallet - superb for collecting passwords in one place  AnGallDubh  5 star

I never realised how many passwords I currently use, collected over many years of on-line activity! I have found eWallet by Ilium Software easy to use and very useful - not only for collating passwords into one space but also for keeping other data like account numbers ready for easy access when I need it on multiple devises. Aodán


Lost all data  dgbyrne  1 star

I had the iPhone app and recently purchased the iPad version and went to sync thru the cloud All my data disappeared passwords everything the lot When I contacted ilium they said they were aware of the problem and were working on a fix This is not acceptable as by it's very nature the data is critical Nothing short of a minor disaster

Kerstins iTunes

Perfect!  Kerstins iTunes  5 star

Perfect app

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