PayPal: Mobile Cash

PayPal: Mobile Cash download

The improved PayPal mobile app is the secure way to send, receive, and access your money from almost anywhere.

With our improved app, you'll get the convenience you want, paired with the secure transactions you've come to trust from PayPal. Plus, there are no transaction fees when sending money to Friends and Family in the U.S. when you use your bank account or balance.

You can get peace of mind you deserve with:
24/7 transaction monitoring
Secure encryption technology
Fraud protection
Fingerprint and two-factor authentication (activation required)

It’s free to send money to Friends and Family in the U.S. using your bank account or PayPal balance. Settle up for your share of the bill, send a loved one the gift of money, or request money from a
friend with ease.

Sending money to someone you don't know? With PayPal, you can send it with confidence. When selecting Goods & Services, your eligible send money transactions can be protected by Purchase Protection. Terms and Limitations apply. And, if the recipient doesn't have a PayPal account, can open one easily for free.

Easily transfer funds from your bank to your PayPal account and access your balance with the PayPal Cash Card. Shop in-store, online or anywhere Mastercard is accepted. Plus, withdraw your PayPal funds at ATMs worldwide.

We make it easy to send money internationally. Choose from a range of currencies to help maximize the value of your dollar with our competitive fees. Sender and recipient must have a PayPal account.

PayPal: Mobile Cash App Description & Overview

The applications PayPal: Mobile Cash was published in the category Finance on 2008-07-11 and was developed by PayPal, Inc.. This application file size is 221.61 MB. PayPal: Mobile Cash current version is 7.17.1 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

This is a hotfix to resolve the issue where the numerical keypad was not responding to taps of “1”, “2”, or “3” during amount entry, which were affecting some users.

PayPal: Mobile Cash App Tips, Tricks and Rules

PayPal: Mobile Cash Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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Senia bear   1 star

Friends and family. It’s really troublesome sending to friends and family! This option should be before payment info. So people know they are sending it correctly

very hengry   1 star

No sirve. Pay pal es una basura no me sirve cuando le pongo mi código postal

Sunny dt   5 star

5 stars. Could it be any easier!!!

sa478   3 star

Good app Bad customer service. The app works great but PayPals customer service is horrible

23avi   5 star

The app itself. You guys are good. I give you that.👊

18474820374   5 star

Thanks. PayPal is so simple an secure

britayjuah   1 star

Scam. Too many scammers on PayPal

Laurette5*   1 star

Scripted outsourced Customer service. They keep repeating the same script and do not offer any resolutions. I cannot even add a bank avoiding because the system does not send me text code. Yes I checked all inboxes. Their only answe every time is try back in 24 hours. Huge waste of my time. Hire workers who not only speak but understand the language. Hire ripple who have an interest in resolving issues.

Librate Hiren   1 star

Unfair Charges. It’s unreasonable to get charged 1$ for every 20 dollars your receive, I hope they consider lowering their fees for transactions

Tyler27846381991674   1 star

Don’t sell with PayPal!. I’ve sold $6000+ in the last 30 days and PayPal decided to put limitations on my account. No one could tell me why or how to fix it. Now I won’t get my money for 180 days for no reason at all. Stay as far as you can from PayPal unless you’re dealing with translations under $10.

CaliB1970   1 star

Always holding up funds!. Very horrible rules and customer service.

cameraphone91   2 star

Too many security requirements. Go back to squire 1 and use something besides passwords.

Terence-Timewave   5 star

PayPal rocks. I’ve been able to use PayPal for years. I trust it for money transfers and payments. Thanks.

lv142582   1 star

Amounts buttons. I tried 10 times to write 160.00 and the amount touch screen wouldn’t let me . So I had to send 2 payments of 80.00 which gave the app to charge extra for transactions

Jksor   1 star

Fees. Fees are too muck to send money

Miwukshirl   5 star

Love Pay Pal. Love Pay Pal. It’s so convenient to pay friends and family or to make purchases.

Toddzilla138   5 star

Impeach Trump. NOW!

cancerjuly   5 star

P-ssed off. I’ve had an account with PayPal for over a year and now the are jacking with me for security reasons an my account can’t be accessed for 180 days and I can’t get my $300

Ms Jeanisa   5 star

Donation. It was a difficult process at first. PayPal tried to go into my contacts. But finally was able to get it to work by putting in email. It worked like a charm!

Jaqtheripper   1 star

Nothing but issues... Can never send money to my bank card. It always says there was a problem completing my request..

lisaking55   1 star

Non-functional numbers 1,2,&3 on Send and Request page.. Nonfunctional numbers on send and request (1,2 &3)

S3ABR33Z3   1 star

Charging to send money. We’re already paying someone, it seems excessive to charge a fee on top of it.

enchanted1201   1 star

Not so user friendly. Paying friends and family and I still got charged 1.93. I’ll stick with Cash App and Venmo

covergirlclair   1 star

False advertising. It say I can send to my friends and family free but will not allow me and have charged my account for the fee twice.

TS Anil   2 star

Transaction history. Cannot see transaction history

yisme   2 star

Frustrating app. I just got PayPal credit card to make a payment is super easy to do but to change you personal information is a nightmare I try from the website and the app nothing call customer service nothing the help me to change my personal info so I pay the credit card nerve to used again .

JashyJay   4 star

No Bank Necessary. I have had. A PayPal instead of a bank account for awhile now. On the platforms where I sell my goods, it works flawlessly. I also have it linked as my primary form of payment. I have had 1 or 2 issues yet I’ve had them resolved though customer service nearly immediately!!! I’d recommend PayPal to ANYONE.

rbnbrnson   5 star

Rbnbrnson. I love paying with PayPal. It keeps my information safe. Very easy to use!

Grumpy and Disappointed   5 star

15+ years with PayPal- PROUD USER!. What more can I say? I’ve never had a issue with PayPal. I read several of the reviews and was shocked, I’m convinced a lot of these issues were brought on by their own ignorance and fault or they just want to complain. PayPal has always been fair, quick and reliable. I’ve only had to use customer service a handful of times and was very pleased on how they handled my concerns. Over the years the only thing I’ve got anything negative to mention, their app is somewhat a challenge to navigate when changes are implemented. The latest is quite possibly the best yet. Sorry if this was too long. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK PAYPAL!!!

tbulep   3 star

Sending issues. Had some issues trying to send money yesterday.

Advertorial    5 star

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Lopi69   5 star

Nice. easy to use , very good

Trapcard3   5 star

Loving the instant deposit for a decent fee. Thanks for the cheaper fees

René 6553   4 star

Paypal. Fine

Zpurr   5 star

PayPal helps me reach the people depending on me. PayPal helps me reach the dependents I have gathered around the world, to keep them fed and finding opportunities

Mystie1979   1 star

Costs a lot of money. Had trouble linking a card so removed it and added it again. Only to find out a week later that these guys charge 1.90 American every time you link a got charged twice. When I called the 1-877 number I was told I’d get a call back and when they did it was from an American number so I got charged for the phone call as well. They put me on hold while they “checked on things” and so now I have a pay pal account which has no cards activated but I’ve been charged over 20.00. What a joke!!! Hope you don’t have trouble with anything because it will cost you money to try and fix it only to be left with no access anyway.

Jackson Chappell   1 star

Not going thru. Someone sent me money a 1 week ago haven’t came in

cdealer1877   5 star

Good review. Very good plat form

11351131   1 star

Absolutely horrible. While the app isn’t necessarily the issue, the company itself is. I recently purchased from a vendor in China who touted its use of PayPal as an additional security. Sure enough, they sent me a child’s size poorly stitched t-shirt instead of the drone I had ordered. This shirt was obviously from a rejected goods bin at whatever factory it had been made as the stitching was crooked and poorly done and it had dust and other material that you might find on a factory floor on it. I notified Papal and launched a communication with the vendor through PayPal’s system. I didn’t hear back from the vendor so then escalated to a complaint, which I was told by PayPal, that I had won. The only way to be reimbursed though was to send the worthless white t-shirt back to China with a tracking number, all at my expense, and wait them to receive the shirt and verify that it was in the same condition as it had been sent. The timeline that they had given me to get all of this done was extremely short and what PayPal were asking was ridiculous as I had already been burned once by their vendor. Don’t trust em ! They will not ever be on the customers side !   1 star

****WARNING FOR ALL USERS****. 4 weeks ago I tried to change my bank account. I added my new one and set it to my preferred payment method. I then tried to remove my old bank but was met with an error message every single time on the website. I emailed support and got no reply and tried calling and got hung up on consistently. Reached on Twitter and they openly admitted they hang up on people. Then in the meantime they charged my old bank and I got stuck with the NSF fees. Finally got a hold of someone and they sent a letter saying it’s my fault the wrong bank was charged as I chose the wrong bank. So lesson learned if you use paypal it will cost you your hard earned money and they take zero responsibility for their service not working.

Tomcoolpopirtio   4 star

Devises. ca serait bien de pouvoir faire des paiements en dirhams.

Dnysia   1 star

Customer Service Ghost. It’s supposed to be so easy to get a refund with PayPal until it’s not. Then it just becomes another nightmare of having and automated system saying that your claim is denied and when you do try to get a live person on the line the hang up on you without saying anything. You will have certain issues that you can’t get any help for from the help Center or support because it’s all automated. In the end it just turned out to be really frustrating. Closing my account and gonna stick to my banking app.

monikakovacs   1 star

Confusing. Not easy to use

Nicky bricky bricky   1 star

Line through numbers. There’s a line through the first row of numbers and I’m not able to type 1, 2, or 3 in the PayPal keypad. Really annoying that I had to pay extra

Mehrea   5 star

Thank you!. What would we do without you?

alpclkk   1 star

Don’t use PayPal!. My family tried to send me money and paypal has charged the money from their debit card but they didn’t send it to my account, the payment is missing and nobody helps about it from paypal I tried every single way to reach them! This is ridiculous! This is the worst experience for transferring money and also THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE!

omgwtf4   1 star

Terrible. Terrible

sabtow   5 star

Thank you. I find it very safe paying for travel or weddings through Paypal

Sargon Keyboard   5 star

Trust payment method. PayPal is my only trust payment method for purchasing on line.

Kimmons   1 star

I hate PayPal. You’re app is garbage and so is your customer service. I’m never using PayPal again.

Mafat3   5 star

Excellent!. Sécuritaire, rapide, multiplateformes et une bonne couverture géographique!

lorrifernandes   5 star

PayPal. Use all the time and love it.

wevkkiu   5 star

Really simple. Amazing service and very simple!

whiteheart007   5 star

Dependable app. You can surely rely on PayPal in this day and age. I highly recommend app.

Michelc2   5 star

Exelent service. The best

George is boosss   5 star

Beyond Useful. Easiest way to transfer and receive money. Excellent app.

Jarrod Wiesner   1 star

Worst Rip Off Ever. DO NOT USE. They take there fees then when you try and get your money back, nothing seems to work??? How convenient. Use a credit card!!!!!!!!! TERRIBLE

apollojae   1 star

🤬🤬🤬🤬. Literally the stupidest thing ever. You cant transfer funds under 15.00$...... whats the point of this app. Honestly confused. If you cant transfer your money.

NeisonPromise   5 star

Overalls a great option. PayPal is certainly a very good and convenient way to send and receive money. First of all its safe and secure, and apart from that it is so quick and easy to use. The mobile application makes its a breeze. Anyone who knows basic operations of a mobile phone can use it. Safety is the priority when sending your money. So PayPal is definitely the best. Lastly Tue customer service is so prompt. They help you in all fraud transactions or issues to a good extent to avoid loosing your money. I use it for many important transactions.....

Raphael Paz   5 star

Reliable. It hasn’t let me down.. Reliable means to transact online. It hasn’t let me down to this day.

jessica ???   1 star

!jessica. Ça fait trois mois j’essaie de mettre mon compte pis sa marche jamais

Advertorial    5 star

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WL1000   1 star

No iPad version ?. How bizarre that there is no iPad version. Using the iPhone version on an iPad feels like using a 30 year old computer.

Ainslie Mcc   2 star

Not worth setting up account. App is ok but Customer Support is lacking, you waste 5 minutes going through the prompts and then they say they aren’t open. Absolute time wasters.

bespokecvo   5 star

Bespokecvo. Fantastic Fantastic very happy with PayPal helping me with growing my business for both to grow and not been excessive on the fees I wish they had a platform that you can also sell products hopefully PayPal will see my message and make it in the future

xAnimalxKatx   2 star

Payment on hold. I sold a rare footy card on eBay recently, the buyer paid straight away ! But PayPal have my funds on hold until the buyer receives the item and signs for it... then PayPal will release my funds a day after.. this is rubbish as I was very reluctant to send my item without receiving payment... but PayPal was quick enough to already take out their fee and leave me dry.. now I have sent the card and will have to wait for days to receive my money, I have an excellent rating on eBay and never had trouble until I used PayPal.. not happy...

꼭찌맘   2 star

홀딩 기간이 너무 길다. 물건을 팔아서 구매자가 물건을 가져갔는데 돈이 3주나 뒤에 들어온다니.. 3일도 아니고.. 참 어려운 상황이다. ㅠㅠ

Orfanos jeananne   5 star

Great. Thank you. Great way to pay

Trim my   5 star

Purchasers. Makes my life so much easer

MoniqueCarmel   3 star

Slow. Website doesn’t work a lot. Get a blank page when trying to submit a request for information. Not sure when the payment is going to be available. Otherwise good to use to pay people. Fees too high. And eBay disgracefully doesn’t allow you to sell without using PayPal.

better?123   1 star

Design of app not good. Just recently you have changed the layout of the app and one cannot select the top row of numbers when trying to send money to someone. Any number value starting with 1, 2, 3 will not register Usually I’m happy with the app. Not it is failing me after your last update

Jax Diamond   1 star

Very slow service. It takes long time for them to remove hold on your payment, and after the payment is available in your PayPal ! To transfer it to your own bank account also can take up to 14 days , it says pending for review ? I haven’t changed my bank account details or any other information on my account, every time I call them thy say it is because I might have changed my details which I haven’t I used them for long time but recently it has been very disappointing

jackaroo41   4 star

Send to a friend. It didn’t go due to a typo in the address. I was not advised but it just sat in “pending “. A.bit upsetting since it was a birthday gift.

Sheujonwyqish   2 star

Full functions. This PayPal is convenient to make payment on the spot with someone doesn’t want to expose their financial institutions’ information. Though, you can’t open case on this app if something is wrong with transaction.

The Little Runner   5 star

Safe and fast. Looove it!

Wakatel_Luum   1 star

Goodbye PayPay 👋. The app seems to work fine but very basic compared to website. Also dealing with PayPal is a nightmare. Five business days to transfer funds, balance very slow to update and can be difficult to contact anyone for help so bye bye PayPal...

ps-80   2 star

No notifications. iOS 13 no notifications. Won’t matter how many times you download, delete, log in or log out - nothing. Support team in Phillipines are about as useful as.. well you know. We need this working, please fix!!

TommyD8181   1 star

rip off. Criminal their actions. Just sold through PayPal. I sent the item with tracking number. PayPal with held my payment. So now I have no money for the unit, or the unit it’s self. I phoned then, It says it is protecting me. Other way around. No money or item. On top of that the tracking number says delivered and they can see that, they are still with holding my funds. They confirmed via telephone they can see it has been delivered but still will not release my funds. Absolute disgusting and criminal behaviour. I don’t know how there allowed to operate like this and still on top of everything their getting payed and taking a cut of my money. On its web site it clearly states that funds will be released “within one day of delivery” not that it’s gonna take them 1 month like they stated to me on the phone. Blatantly lie ing and getting away with it. Mind boggling how their allowed to do so. For this reason not using PayPal again bunch of criminals and getting paid for ripping people off. Shame on you!

Biggav1960   5 star

Safe way to purchase. This is the only way you should buy anything on the couple occasions I needed there help they shone through

Stop taking my NAME!   3 star

PayPal. PayPal is easy once you’ve got money in there to send, but the processing time for transferring money from my account to PayPal takes way too long. But as I said, once the money is there, it’s awesome

scraggeropoulos   4 star

Very good....BUT. This is a very good means of making payment. If you wish you can keep your account in credit. BUT it is still too slow with bank transfers.

CO0P5   3 star

Notifications??. Since iOS 13 PayPal notifications are non existent. I have logged out and back in, deleted and reinstalled the app, and still no notifications after using PayPal. Notification settings on iPhone and Apple Watch are all correct. Is this known? Or just an error?? If so please fix.

jfkdjgrbnd   1 star

This app is stupid. I couldn’t link my bank account with PayPal. You need to make it simpler for customers to sign up. I’m really frustrated. FU

Select Seals   5 star

Very Handy. PayPal has made it easy for me to receive payments from clients all over the world it’s so easy to use thanks Elon Musk

nnneebb   1 star

Non payment. I brought items from the UK over 2 weeks ago & the seller still hasn’t been paid it was taken out of my account on the 20/10 I need to do more business with this company but this is unacceptable when will they get paid from my account

Ronnie Kenworth   5 star

You the best. Thanks you I don’t need to worry

lptax   1 star

They are looking after me... right!. I did not use PayPal for a while and then moved house and bank so I knew I had to change my details and funds. I used the laptop first and got into a loop where apparently they are looking after me and asked me to change my password about 10 times in a row. Each time I changed, I was logged out, asked to log in again and the loop would start again... really? It finally stopped and got into my account. Now armed with the password, I tried the mobile app and guess what... they are looking after me again. Paypal, you lost me. Next time I can get into my account I am cancelling it and will do the same with eBay which is nothing more than bloated software nowadays.

fernandez gomez   5 star

Nice. Excelente service

HomemadeLoaf   1 star

No. So like, it SAYS that PayPal is 4+ BUT PayPal is actually 18+ Big mad Big scam Big sue. Good day.

donotcover   1 star

Useless. The app is about as easy to follow when disputing a payment as watching a Stanley Kubrick film. This is more of a review of the service more than the app. Despite disputing a claim after being scammed PayPal, who are there ‘to help’, are about as helpful as a hole in hole in the head... after emptying the money out of my account myself and disputing with PayPal app immediately, they continued to to try to access the funds to which I needed to freeze and block my accounts with my bank. Even after I had phoned PayPal asking them to stop on several occasions and informing them that it was a scammer. Essentially not authorising the funds to be sent. They seem to be providing a service to the scamming lowlifes which they say they’re to provide security against... admittedly I was naive to send the money but again, I was under the impression PayPal would help you get money back in such instances... Get bent PayPal.

Millparkvic   5 star

Review. Excellent and easy to use.

TraceyLarlea   5 star

Great app. Works fine for me

Iremain   1 star

Garbage app. Won’t tell me where my money is and won’t let me close my account.

ferntickle   5 star

Great service. PayPal is very convenient for me to use.

Linda in your face   1 star

Numbers not working. The numbers 1, 2 and 3 are not working, they are all on the top row so I had to do 3 transactions to send the correct amount.

gglassmann   5 star

Business owner. I have been using PayPal for years! Both for my business and personal! For me it has been a great product!!

bookthat2   4 star

Compared to Venmo.... I like that w/Venmo, I remain logged in & don’t have to keep typing my password which I need to do w/the PayPal app...

Jocob time   1 star

Horrible super slow. The app is slow, the transfers take a eternity, I don’t understand why it takes them so long to transfer google pay app does it instantly, tons of fees randomly, not recommended horrible customer support.

mamab020115   5 star

Love. PayPal makes requesting and receiving money Easy and super fast, especially if you have a PayPal debut card.. thank you PayPal I will forever use your services

EasyStone 392   1 star

Service. Let me tell u this The employees at pay pal will tell u anything and not have your best interest at heart I used pay pal allot and they lost money mainly because people were not doing there jobs. If they would have it would have saved me 5 phone calls and many emails. I'll not be doing much more businesses with then. B careful

showpit   5 star

6months. Why did this change from 1year without interest to 6 months? I use PayPal a lot, now I’ll have to watch my spending. Everything is getting too expensive

Wuuteng   1 star

Keeps money on hold for a month!!. I just want my money but PayPal keeps it on hold for so long. I also called their customer service and the lady said it should be released the next day but it never did! I just want my money 😢

pbcrock   5 star

Excelente. Muy conveniente la aplicación.

loveyouM   1 star

Very disappointed. Sadly I liked it using this app But you decided to pay someone else A money he requested and I didn’t consented . So now I’m on bad credit because off this service

latoyamichellw73   5 star

Michelle. Excellent app

Brian406   1 star

Don’t think about it. Absolute garbage. Don’t even think about using this for distance transactions. They will hold half of you money (over $500) since you are not using the chip on a card. I’ve been waiting for more than $500 for 3 weeks.

goatpuppy   5 star

Loyal customer. I love my Paypal account never had an issue I use it for online purchases only I keep running my balance up though LOL 😊😊

grahams gran   3 star

Deborah. They charge too much to send money . Not worth it!!!!

This chick idc   5 star

Works seamlessly. I send my sister my phone bill for our family plan every month with no fee she gets it immediately and I’ve never had an issue buying things online either great service

kleinwild   5 star

16 year member!!!. It’s simple... I’m a 16 year member for a reason! Keep it up.

WendyLouwho2002   5 star

Using for years. I can’t remember when I started my account but it’s at least -4 years. I’ve never had a single issue. So many people asking if I use other cash apps but I refuse to change. It works, it’s save and easy!!

Chrissydemi   4 star

Great. I would give 5 stars but my account was still charged $20.88 for a cancelled transaction other than that its a great app

Amanda1030   1 star

Call so many time did not solve issue. I had 2 authorized transactions went through at “Fabletic” I do not even know why they charge me money , each transaction was 49.95 total almost 100 dollar. I called PayPal told them I did not purchase anything on that day and I do not know why I got charged. The lady told me no problem since the transactions still in pending status so she can just canceled both. After few days the transactions already went through no transactions was canceled, then I call PayPal again to ask them about the situations and request them to get my money back, the customer service transfer me one by one I was on the phone almost 40 -60mins to waiting and waiting and waiting then the phone was hanged up on me 😱. Then I went online to apply disputes both transactions then the website was denied my request for 3 times !!! Finally I called BOA and explained situation with BOA’s customer service, she and I called Fablitics and got my money back !!! The PayPal did nothing at all !!! I use PayPal for many years it never happened like this , Now I am seriously to concert about PayPal’s abilities to fix and customers issues! PayPal denied my dispute request for many times . PayPal customer service did not do what she suppose to do and give me empty promises plus wast my valuable times! if PayPal think this is my problem why the BOA one phone call solve the all???

yipeokiyea   5 star

Sending/ receiving funds. So easy. For business and helping family or friends. They get what is needed fast and easy.

rrustrated0909   1 star

App will not allow me to send 20 only 5;s. App is only allowing only certain increments of money. Would not allow anything starting with a 1, 2 or 3

Tbird66   2 star

Terrible Customer Support. I had an issue with a payment I’d made and needed to cancel it. I filed a complaint through the resolution center and got no help. Even though the seller agreed I no longer needed to make the PayPal payment, PayPal would not cancel it. Fortunately my bank does stop payments with no fee. I’m done with PayPal. It’s too slow and support is non-responsive.

wouldnotrecommendtoanyone   1 star

Beware of opening an account. I’ve been trying to get my fraudulent charge cases resolved through paypal. I have called over 5 times and twice have been told it was resolved but when trying to access my account to upload evidence there were no options given in the resolution center to upload evidence for my cases. Tried resetting my password to access my account because I wasn’t receiving the two-step verification I thought would be helpful but in the end hindered my ability to access my account and get the cases resolved. I’m out of money due to fraudulent charges which I can’t fix due to this app and their website and poor customer service. Very frustrated and disappointed in the company.

Teergray   1 star

Terrible experience. Don’t ever have an issue because they will not support buyer. Seller was above to commit fraud and get away with it even though I provided proof of indiscretion. Unbelievably bad experience. Will only use my credit card in future.

Sickhawkz   1 star

Unable to withdraw funds. It says it can’t transfer to my card, I have to link my bank, which I did but it just hangs there loading but won’t go through. Tried multiple times a few days apart, on WiFi or mobile still hanging on the same step. I know for a fact my card can receive money but it says it cannot transfer to card, what a joke. 1 star.

Bobzsem   5 star

Great service. PayPal has been great for me for many years. About 20? Never an unresolved issue! Jozs

EverwarGuitar   1 star

Defaults not controllable. Should be able to have friends and family as default!

Araina Aray   1 star

Depositing a check.. PayPal states, “Set up a Goal.” If I am able to set aside money monthly, I need all the tools available. #1. PayPal rejected the $100 dollar check from a legal firm. Clearly printed, no handwriting & clear print. #2. Picture quality good & 10 days before check would be deposited! I agreed. I’m debating on eliminating this PayPal account all together!!!

Joanne CP   5 star

So easy to use. Excellent tool for quick payments

Hey Its J   3 star

Warning if you’re transgender. The app still requires you to display your legal name in transactions. Please add a Preferred Name feature. I will not rate 5 stars until this change is made because it is detrimental to so many trans users. The only way to change the name being displayed I believe, is using a Business account (but that’s only for businesses and has a fee). Please make this change immediately PayPal

lunmaran   5 star

GREAT !!. Good to transfer money internally and locally would recommend 100%

S.Silver228   2 star

Great App!. Great App! How else could I pay exorbitant fees so quickly and effortlessly....

Maxzca   5 star

Timely. Have enjoyed the stability PayPal brings to the market

evansjeffm   5 star

Shopping. Great for sending gift cards and shopping online have not tried to request money as of yet but seems to be good for hockey pools and things of that nature. Only complaint but have not tried is as it says 3 to 5 days to go back to bank account. Waiting I guess is not so bad as it makes our accounts more secure. All in all great experience so far.

homer simpson lalala   5 star

Never failed me so far. Title says all

J. Rigby   5 star

Amazing App. Loving the PayPal app!! They’re customer service agents are always ready to assist with any issue. Thank you PayPal!!

p.p. lover   5 star

Review. Use it all the time wouldn’t use anything else.i trust it all the way

henryky12   1 star

FX rate. The FX rate is so bad. A week ago the USD/CAD rate was $1.34 in the market but PayPal gave me $1.27. You guys might as well just rob the banks. To put it in simple English, you are a bunch of leeches and parasites

Jett's28   5 star

Best. Best way to be secure when online or anything when purchasing.

ciclco72   5 star

PayPal app. The app has become more accessible than the site for me.

WillM1953   5 star

Merci. Facilité d’utilisation sécuritaire et rapide

very angry and fed up   1 star

Terrible. Very disappointed as I got randomly locked out of my account and haven’t been able to access it for YEARS. Unable to get any help no matter what I do.

sylvietoile   3 star

Plus difficile sur mobile. Je préfère le service sur mon ordinateur que sur les mobiles, où il est plus difficile d’accès pourquoi faut-il qu’il y ait deux mots de passe pour le même compte ???

Demus 5   5 star

Absolutely great app. Love this app and website really trust worthy

aka780   1 star

Worst customer service ever!. I have accidentally sent money to my old PayPal account and now it doesn’t allow me to get it back, I have talk to the customers service more 20 times but no one can help. Shame on you guys with this entire system!

Davonna Gail   4 star

Heard about Paypal &.... And it’s as good as I’d heard!

epicboi78   5 star

Great app. This app is amazing

Zlegomaniac   1 star

Ridiculous. It’s ridiculous that I can’t send my US dollars to a US dollar account without a conversion to Canadian dollars. I get that I have a Canadian PayPal account but many Canadians like me conduct business outside of Canada in US dollars. It’s a global economy.

tis-gris   5 star

Utilisation. Très facile à utiliser

Sneaky_Greedo   5 star

PayPal is the premier way to send money locally or internationally.. PayPal is completely safe and has a excellent record of dealing with complaint and handling fraud.

findlidia   5 star

Fantastic for all currencies. This is a fantastic and safe platform to send funds with one currency and convert to another’s currency. Or just straight transactions. Love it!

Sadie696969   5 star

Confidence using PayPal. I always use PayPal because I feel that I’m protected with any items that I purchased online.

Sweetapple1   5 star

Good service. PayPal has my back. 100%

Mofichi1   5 star

HOME House Of Marcopolo Experience. PayPal assurance Guaranteed for Online Payments

Boo-gee-34   1 star

SECURITY BREACH. This new update has totally removed Face ID log in and pin verification !!! FIX ASAP !!!’n

very .....bad app   1 star

Missing money with no care from you. I make payment through Paypal and I received the shipping missing many items with more than 75% of bill value. I try to make dispute since 2 month with no solution or any care from your side !!!

oldruggerplayer   4 star

eBay purchase.. Using eBay quite often I have found PayPal the best method of paying. I recommend it.👍

TOL_ANC   4 star

USD account link for Canadians. Very happy with PayPal except I can't link my USD account. I am using it for my subscriptions based in the US, exchange rate are not stable.

Chestermoney   1 star

Was a great company 10 years ago. Now PayPal offers a corporate service where the user is left having to pay high fees and poor customer service. I have had 2 instances where funds have been drawn from my PayPal account and both times PayPal has declined my issue. Apple Pay and google pay will kill PayPal pretty soon.

Bernadette hawes   5 star

PayPal. Have always enjoyed using this method of payment

mcole42   5 star

Essential App. Easy to use and really useful to have, would recommend the app and PayPal in general.

Odette1963   5 star

All shopping!. Love PayPal; so quick & easy & safe to use!! I use it for overseas transactions & any online shopping ❤️❤️❤️

Tapatap a doo   5 star

Happy Customer. Had no problems, everything is straight forward. Transactions are always fast. What’s there to complain about? :)

unhappy1005678   1 star

7 days for my money to reappear. Used to love this app but not anymore. Transferred money from my normal account and PayPal said 3 to 4 days to be in account. Then all of a sudden changed the date to 7 days in the future. Have been trying to contact them but keep getting automated messages. Am overseas and in a very difficult situation. Feel that by taking my money for longer they have stolen it.

gaypal is taken   1 star

I hate Paypal.. Yep. Hate em.

petegag   5 star

I don’t like it. Jeheh

siddissid   2 star

Why does it take so long to get YOUR own money!. Hold, wait, clearance days whatever are just way too long for a service that deals with sales & is possibly used as an income source for some. Surely this is only done to make money for “PayPal” but please 7 days is beyond ridiculous for a non international transfer. Sure a 24/48hr gold get a interest return calculated daily (so they make their money) instead of the massive wait to get your own money. Only thing I like is the protection it offers on purchases.

A'OB   5 star

Cash pay ment. Just discover how to use PayPal cash transfer. LOVE IT.

bekkie1998   3 star

Great secure way to pay. The only problem I have is when you transfer to your bank it takes a few days, it would be great if they were instant!!

missyroccisano   5 star

Paypal gives justice to the injust!. Paypal are like detectives, they investigate cases thoroughly and they give just to the injustice! Thank you Paypal i can always count on you ❤️

swan haven   5 star

Great Service.. Have used PayPal for a number of years and find it to to be by far the most reliable company on the internet bar non.

Eritai Christie   5 star

Most secure way to pay electronically. Honestly, even though I’ve had issues with this app within the past it’s all been fixed. Multiple ways on PayPal make sure everything you pay for online is what you get for what you asked for. Answers for frequently asked questions also help me navigate my way on how to use this app. The help centre is very well structured and actually helps you within 3-5 days of requesting in need of help (whether you were scammed, falsely described. etc.) and it all works amazingly. I approve of this app as a secure way as well to Link your bank account to your PayPal account with that making it faster to pay for things online using money directly from your bank without delay. This is why I believe that PayPal is the best, most secure and reliable way of electronically paying for your items whether they’d be a object or a micro-transaction.

lego7375   2 star

They don’t care. Very sad they put your account on hold with no notice to sort things prior to doing so and then you send the documents they requested and over a week still not sorted, won’t respond to a email and another department says it can’t receive emails even though it’s the link the site sends you to and your business is supposed to just stop operations for them to just take their time and really prove how little they care about you as they have enough customers and money that no one can do anything so your just at their mercy, I have already taken steps to longer use PayPal and once sorted I will get my funds out and close the account down.

Geingis   5 star

Love it.. Used it from the beginning. Never had a problem.

Perthmike   5 star

PayPal with ease. A good robust app, improving all the time I use it. Easy to use and easy to navigate very intuitive. It would be nice to have an iPad version though... come on guys!!

Ming18678   5 star

Business and private user.. I have been using PayPal for years for both paying and receiving money both as a private user and a business user, it is a quick, efficient and safe way to handle transactions. I am impressed by the level of security and their quick response to the usual email scams purporting to be PayPal.

paypalnogood   1 star

Horrible experience. Worst customer service experience I have ever had. Non responsive, and not interested in achieving an outcome. Will not be using PayPal going forward and would not recommend to others.

stevep21   5 star

Always Provides Excellent Service. Have been with PayPal for many years and they have consistently provided an excellent service. This includes a number of dispute resolution situations which they have always handled to my complete satisfaction. Would be happy to recommend PayPal without any reservations.

tanza-mw   1 star

Wish I could give 0 stars. Absolutely terrible. PayPal works fine until something goes wrong with the transaction. It is impossible to actually speak to a real person. When emails are sent the only answer you get is look at our FAQ’s.

bilhawk   5 star

Money-send. Very convenient and quick service as always.Thanks.

Jsmithdomain   5 star

Secure. I have no doubt that my funds are secure and transactions safe. Especially the policy re goods being either no who’s or bad quality, they go the extra mike to investigate on your behalf. 100% fabulous

FlindersRG   5 star

Top ap. Never misses a beat. Easy to use. I’ve never had a problem. Thanks

Aeropackage   2 star

App works but only sized for phones. Where’s the version or support for iPad? The app looks ridiculous sitting inside a small phone sized box on a 9 inch iPad screen. Please add support for all devices and sizes.

total stitchup   3 star

Mr. Fees too high Seems secure. Will keep using.

MikefromAU   5 star

Awesome. Doing great 5 stars for that👏

Leis loo   5 star

Review. Pay pal is great they inform you what’s going on and it’s safe I really like Pay Pal

Jessie215528   5 star

Trust PayPal. I love using PayPal, I’ve never had any problems with them, if I’ve needed PayPal’s help, I’ve gotten it, every time I’ve had an issue, they’ve sorted it out, I prefer to use them when I checkout from anything and everything I buy, using PayPal it’s great, Tracy

Clarky_26   1 star

Hopeless. Won’t even let me change my primary address in the app.

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