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The improved PayPal mobile app is the secure way to send, receive, and access your money from almost anywhere.

With our improved app, you'll get the convenience you want, paired with the secure transactions you've come to trust from PayPal. Plus, there are no transaction fees when sending money to Friends and Family in the U.S. when you use your bank account or balance.

You can get peace of mind you deserve with:
24/7 transaction monitoring
Secure encryption technology
Fraud protection
Fingerprint and two-factor authentication (activation required)

It’s free to send money to Friends and Family in the U.S. using your bank account or PayPal balance. Settle up for your share of the bill, send a loved one the gift of money, or request money from a
friend with ease.

Sending money to someone you don't know? With PayPal, you can send it with confidence. When selecting Goods & Services, your eligible send money transactions can be protected by Purchase Protection. Terms and Limitations apply. And, if the recipient doesn't have a PayPal account, can open one easily for free.

Easily transfer funds from your bank to your PayPal account and access your balance with the PayPal Cash Card. Shop in-store, online or anywhere Mastercard is accepted. Plus, withdraw your PayPal funds at ATMs worldwide.

We make it easy to send money internationally. Choose from a range of currencies to help maximize the value of your dollar with our competitive fees. Sender and recipient must have a PayPal account.

PayPal: Mobile Cash App Description & Overview

The applications PayPal: Mobile Cash was published in the category Finance on 2008-07-11 and was developed by PayPal, Inc.. The file size is 352.43 MB. The current version is 7.3.4 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

Improvements and bug fixes for Notifications, Send Money, and Activity.
We hope you enjoy our app! Keep it updated so you've always got the latest and greatest.

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PayPal: Mobile Cash Reviews

not received

Money not received  not received  2 star

So this has been a reoccurring problem where I send money and the app tells me that it has been sent but when I text the recipient they don’t receive it at all. Meaning I have to send the money again. When this happens I don’t get the first send back. I’m basically losing my money. When I know that it works just never 100% of the time apparently


Mobile App lockout  rsjaxkofall  2 star

I have been getting an error message for the last two weeks when I try to access my PayPal acct via my mobile device. I have deleted and reinstalled the app twice now but that has not fixed the issues. I called customer support and spoke with 3 different people in different departments and they could not figure out what the problem is. Troubleshooting efforts I have done: -changed password -uninstalled app -reinstalled app -logged on via browser (worked fine) -called customer support (didn’t work) Any ideas folks?


PayPal won’t let me use my account  the_gg_nicole  1 star

I had an issue in which a claim was opened and I lost and I was charged for such lost. I have proof of everything showing that the other person is at fault and I have sent an email to PayPal begging for them to read it so that I can send them the pictures so the can give me my money back and put the other person at fault. I sent the email two days weeks and until this day I am unable to make any sells because even if I pay the fee the “claim” is still there because PAYPAL WONT READ MY EMAIL. Is it that hard to at least read it? Even if with the proof they don’t think I am not at fault, they should be able to let me use my account so that I can continue doing my job. After this I am never using PayPal again.


Disappointed  lombardi1  1 star

Most of the time there are no options for translation to English. It took me forever to reset my password. I can’t even send the review because it’s taking forever for them to confirm the nickname that I’m choosing.

hot 1865

Operating Financially from your Mobile  hot 1865  5 star

I have been pleased with the safety and security of the PayPal App. When making a purchase you are redirected to the application to authorize the purchase. This way you are not placing your card number or financial information on a site that you are not fully sure the site is secure. I feel comfortable “Operating Financially from My Mobile with PayPal”🙏🏾!


I believe it works just fine!!!  VenessaVendetta  5 star

I use it to send money and to also receive money thought it so I’m quite happy with my finances!!!

VI Queen Bee

Thanks PayPal  VI Queen Bee  5 star

Very fast and convenient


Stop asking me to rate the app!! ENOUGH  Yo AK  5 star

Please stop asking me to rate this app EVERY SINGLE TIME I OPEN IT...FOR F**KS SAKE!

Kimberly Brown-Feay

PayPal isn’t how it use to be!  Kimberly Brown-Feay  3 star

I waited a whole week to receive money that I earned on surveys it was sent right away but for some reason PayPal did not credit my account until five days later. It’s getting ridiculous it’s my money I shouldn’t have to wait.


Prefer Venmo  Posher123987  1 star

PayPal is very difficult. The fees are terrible. I can’t send invoices on the mobile app. Venmo all the way.


Thanks again  Clapray  5 star

Pleased to report that PayPal has helped yet again. Definitely relates to speed, simplicity and financial security. As older persons pleased that we discovered you many years ago. Thank You PayPal 🙏


My first choice for payment  Peterpetrum  5 star

PayPal has made it so easy to pay for goods and services. no longer do I have to put in credit card details, once PayPal is set up. It is quick, reliable and secure. Recently we had a product that failed to live up to expectations and PayPal is helping us resolve it. And it is so easy to do, directly from the sales record in PayPal. Thank you.


Not enough functionality  Impybutt  3 star

There's no invoice creation or management on the mobile app, which gets to be a problem when I'm setting up client orders on the go. It also doesn't keep a history of previous email addresses if you're selling to return customers, the way the website does.


Horrible  aarmein  1 star

Keep ur money for 3 days thn also never u get exact amount of money ,


App Great - Fees Not So Much  #PaulKalvin  3 star

You guys are the leading financial solution in this space and I feel like the fees hold you back as they are a bit excessive. Hopeful you’re working in partnerships that will help subsize this area being Bitcoin is now more readily accessible to most.

Amour Cherry Boutique

Excellent  Amour Cherry Boutique  5 star

PayPal is a safe way to buy and sell items and pay for online purchases. They can help recover money if sellers are fraudulent and they can also help sellers if buyers try to lie to get the product and their money back. PayPal has made selling and buying online very easy for me. Yes there will be on an occasion where the situation is a little more difficult for them to fix but all in all a great service.


The most secure way to pay on the net.  Katseyes1808  5 star

I have used PayPal for years. It’s a safe and secure way to pay for online purchases. If a vendor doesn’t offer PayPal I don’t use them!

andad 10

Can’t get my own money  andad 10  1 star

I have money in my PayPal account but can’t get my money out for my self


Money on hold and charged a fee from a refund where the seller never provided the goods.  goldilocksglam  1 star

I would rate 0 out of 5 if possible.


The Best of the Best  doolan1  5 star

The most effective Service Cpanion We have Precise , Factual , 100% also Forever helpful and accommodating As well totally reliable Ore truest Business Partner Forever available Glen


Can't sign in  Draya911  2 star

Cannot sign in, password will not type in


Love  Shalyntur  5 star

I love Pay Pal. Its easy to use.


Safe, easy and convenient  Weezielu  5 star

I love PayPal. I use it as often as possible.





Awesome app  marialuisafitness  5 star

Love PayPal makes my life easier!


Love my paypal  Bricarjad  5 star

I don’t know how I would live without PayPal. It’s the best.


Hey PayPal development!  RonAtl  4 star

When I am paying for something on a website and I select PayPal as the method of payment I am often unable to complete the transaction! Why? Because after logging on PayPal the screen has a LARGE credit card ad at the bottom and it does not allow me to scroll down to click continue. Please fix this! Thanks!

Candy - Jackson Family

Easy and efficient  Candy - Jackson Family  5 star

It is a quick way to get money to ANYONE you have to send and receive money. It gives you a history so you always have proof of payments received and sent. It’s pretty much immediate.


Easy  shiloshepherd  5 star

Never had a problem over many years. Easy purchases, money transfers, dealing with issues. Just read the process rules first.

granny eva

Granny Eva  granny eva  5 star

I like it

Ice Queenie

Great app  Ice Queenie  5 star

PayPal is the only way I pay for anything online. Having it on my phone is so much more convenient. Easy you use and secure.


Norma Kennedy  Saibh  5 star

Excellent service and help when needed


Great app  mickynac  5 star


Paul Dublin

Safe  Paul Dublin  5 star

I would not consider purchasing online without PayPal it is a safe way to buy.. I always have peace of mind when I buy using PayPal


Brain injuries  alan_scott_man  5 star

An absolute brilliant service provider due my money of near €400 back as I was scammed but luckily enough I paid through PayPal and it’s definitely the best online money transfer online as I’ve had multiple brain injuries after crash I’m not giving the exact amount but thanks


Security  Fkinehan  5 star

It’s so easy and secure to use PayPal no worries


Makes life easy  tvnando  5 star

Spend history, links to purchases. Easy to use


Brilliant app  BillyBic  5 star

So easy 2 use


Poor customer experience  Ballymundub  1 star

Paypal have kept several refunds due to me. I have tried resolving the problem but still no money returned to my account.

Jennie from the Brack

Best e-commerce app every  Jennie from the Brack  5 star

Couldn’t shop online or run my business without this app, safe secure and excellent support and customer service x if only all e-commerce ur IT was this easy and professional

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