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PayPal: Mobile Cash [Finance] App Description & Overview

Our new PayPal app is a simple and secure way to get paid back for last night’s takeaway, send money to friends who have an account with PayPal, check PayPal activity, choose currencies to send around the world and more. Plus, we’ve added some new features we think you’ll love…

• If you’re buying, simply scan the QR code to pay securely with your PayPal app.
• Whatever you’re selling, now you can quickly set up a QR code and get paid in person, all with just your phone.

• When funded by a bank account or balance, it’s free and secure to send money or ask for it back from friends and family in the US.
• All you need is an email address, mobile number, bank account, cash pick up service point or mobile top up details. *An account with PayPal is required to send and receive money. If you don’t have an account with PayPal, you can sign up for free quickly and easily.
• NEW FEATURE: just type a name, email or phone number and PayPal will find the right person for you.
• Request money quickly and securely from friends or family with just a few taps.

• Never miss a thing – keep on top of payments and sending or receiving money, with instant push notifications.
• Check out all your latest PayPal activity, by just logging in.

• Easily transfer funds from your bank balance to your account with PayPal.
• Shop in-store, online or everywhere Mastercard® is accepted and withdraw cash at ATMs worldwide.
• PayPal Cash Plus account required to get the card.

• You can be sure PayPal will help keep your financial information secure, with commercially available encryption, and fraud detection. All that plus monitoring transactions, 24/7.

Not all features may be available in your market.

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PayPal: Mobile Cash Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Sellers can now opt in to receive tips from buyers on QR code purchases. The seller has the option to configure predefined tip amount options, which the buyer can either select or enter a custom amount. Crypto – You can now buy, hold and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the PayPal app (US Only) Open banking now available with PayPal Consumer Cash Card (US Only) Notification Center UI update Emoji and Rich Media optimization for P2P

PayPal: Mobile Cash Comments & Reviews

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- PayPal ALL•STAR real real real real review

I don’t have a bank account with a physical bank because my account closed because of an ex that’s neither here nor there BUTShort, sweet and most importantly direct....PayPal has been the *MVP* when it comes to in app in which card info and money is being transferred/deposited & used in your day to day lives. Although when you are waiting to get the physical card in the mail it does take a solid two weeks but once it comes it’s smooth sailing… And I mean smooth sailing without a single hitch. I send money to friends I receive money without needing to do anything further they can just send me some thing and it goes right into my account and it’s ready within literal seconds & **NOT A SINGLE HIDDEN FEE** (vise/versa)I’ve gotten more use out of PayPal including the app and the physical card more than I think I’ve ever with any bank account at a physical bank in my entire life. Absolutely recommend..Every single aspect of activity is monitored and reported upon with an email with insight on what you should worry about where PayPal is accepted, how to load your card etc. Im 27 & my mother who is absolutely not at all savvy who still has a flip phone uses the app on my phone when she needs to with complete ease. The interface is so simple thanks PayPal for being the ONE&ONLY

- Better then a Bank

I have no had PayPal for at least ten years and love it!!!! It keeps excellent records for you all your history and with whom. I’ve read some of the negative remarks and I have an extremely hard time believing many of them. Yes that they might of spend some time on the phone; well guess what nothing in this world happens at a snap of the finger. Yes even with banks and Comcast you can spend 2-3 hours on the bank; as long as your issue has been resolved. Anytime I have called PayPal for anything they have always resolved my issue. They have opened cases for me and have never taken a penny; they do NOT Charge for that so stop lying. Also if someone has sent you money and then called and filed a case against it and their bank, yes you have to deal with the person who did that and not PayPal. Just as any bank receives a fraudulent transaction and gives back the money so does PayPal. So why do you think if someone called in on you and said it is a fraudulent transaction you get to keep the money? Hence you have to deal with the person who owes you money. I completely understand people love to complain and make an elephant out of a mouse. However, any issue I have ever had was dealt with amazing customer service.

- Since ebay sold it in early 2017 or so, PayPal...

Is still very good customer service and guarantees their purchases (and I've had to use that before because of scammers)! But now with every item purchased, you have to verify yourself with a phone call or text! Every time, even for ten cents! Annoying! How about one time's still me!!! Glad the newest update allows you to separate different purchases into separate addresses since I have a business and two homes etc! Still like it but wish more businesses took PayPal! Only my hairdresser does but I wish markers and gas or restaurants did because I'd use it more and transfer less money from PayPal to my bank! Think about it new PayPal owners! The world is changing and you paid billions for this company! I just gave you a free marketing strategy that you otherwise would've had to pay a bunch of soft-heads millions of dollars to think of, if they would've. Now figure it out (or other companies like Venmo or even MasterCard will do it...Apple already has/is)! Good luck. I'm getting sick of verifying every purchase I make! How about over $100?! Fifty cent purchase from China requiring verification?! If I didn't get it I wouldn't care even! Loosen up guys! And gals! You'll make a lot of money! Just stop harassing customers who have been on PayPal for decades and decades already! We aren't the thieves!!! Thanks for everything else...good job ;)

- More like CRapp amiright?

This app is barely functional. The help center isn't helpful. It refers to all manner of things that aren't available in the app, but of course they don't bother to acknowledge that, probably because it would actually be helpful. Similarly, unlike most modern apps and appropriately named help centers, none of the "help" articles link to the things they reference, leaving you to hunt on your own for them. Again not helpful. Not only that, but "advice" they offer isn't helpful - and when it inevitably doesn't solve your problem then you have the singular option of sitting in a worthless chat talking to a bot. Even if you manage to find a phone support option, their automated - that's right, automated, because why pay a person to do a good job when one can rake in the cash after you replace everyone with a computer database full of canned responses that still don't resolve your query - phone system will pretend you can talk to a human person just long enough to lull you into a false sense of resolution (about 3 minutes) before informing you unceremoniously that they aren't ultimately going to bother connecting you with anyone at all. And then hang up on you. Even though you're trying to reach them during their operating hours, which are posted right before your eyes when you select the rare option to call but which are also apparently a farce. Why are we still using PayPal at this point, you guys? I mean, with friends like these, who needs enemies?

- Bad Customer Service

For as big and successful as this company is, you’d think they’d have good customer service. Every time i try to add to my paypal balance is transfer money to my bank, i get an error message. i’ve been using this app for years so i know i’m not doing anything wrong. i’ll go to the helo center, talk to an agent, they’ll “unlock” my account as like a one-time thing so that the transfer goes through. but then the next time i try to do it, it happens again and i have to get in contact with an agent again just to use a standard feature on the app. i have two bank accounts so i use paypal to get money from one to the other. and in the app, they let you have more than one card hooked up so like,, if that poses a problem then don’t make it possible. like don’t make it a feature IN THE APP. i’m not blaming their customer service representatives, they do all they can. but the permissions they’re given are insufficient when it comes to helping customers. they’ve specifically said that all they can do is a one-time account unlock and that they have no way to guarantee that it won’t happen again. they should be given more resources to help their customers. i would like to be able to use the app like anyone else normally would, but paypal is so finnicky that i’d abandon it if i knew of another app that gave me the ability to transfer between my bank accounts. i just want my money, it’s that simple

- Difficult to navigate but does a lot

I have had a paypal account for almost twenty years. It has been handy and useful. There have been some difficulties along the way but they’ve worked out. Two complaints-one, about 10 years ago I sent$130 worth of items to a buyer. Tracking showed them at a post office near where they were going. When the buyer filed a claim with EBay, PayPal simply removed the money from my account. No question, no discussion. No communication. I followed up with the post office and got nowhere, but that’s a different story. Two, since I’ve been using my phone for EBay, I’ve used other parts of my app. It’s difficult. For example, I can add as many addresses as I want, but I can’t change my default, where I no longer live. I can get to the site, but there’s no option to remove my default, just my additional addresses. Today I tried using the Shipping label part. ‘Help’ doesn’t help. I finally figured out how to do it from my summary but after 6 labels it told me I needed to add a debit or credit card or bank account because I didn’t have enough funds. I checked my balance, my bank balance, and debit card balance. They were all way good. I logged out and tried again. No good. I’ll try again tomorrow but two customers of mine didnt get the one-day service I offer.

- Random holds on sending money

I’ve experienced a number of frustrating problems with PayPal. I’ve talked with customer service numerous times about the situation. Basically, PayPal will randomly prevent me from sending money to my bank. It seems like they have algorithms that may flag your account based on quantity and frequency of transferring money to banks. They said it looks at different factors of how old your account is, how often you use it, how much you send, etc. Ok all of that could be overlooked if customer service or a manager could override the algorithm’s decision, but they can’t. Not only that they can’t even explain definitively why a hold was put on the account. You can’t even call ahead to ask if you try to send money will a hold be placed on the account. They don’t know. You just have to try sending money and see what the almighty algorithm decides. I sent almost $4k in one transfer last Dec with no issues. Then a month or so later tried to send the same, but was denied. I tried to send $3k, but still denied. Customer service suggestion was try to send $1k a little each week or so to build up amount can send. Ok, but I sent $4k in Dec why isn’t that at least my ceiling? I know people that have their account for only a couple years and they send $10k or more per week. Why can they but I can’t? It’s frustrating that an algorithm runs the company, so basically the tail wags the dog.

- Pay Pal debit card review

I can not tell you how much Pay Pal has helped me get on track. I was living life somewhere between being a irresponsible , careless person to wanting to get my life together and actually grow up! I finally chose to grow up and Pay pal was right there to help me better understand my finances, spending habits, the importance of savings and just a better understanding in general of living a life that u don’t need to worry if u don’t ignore responsibilities but you take caure of them, not putting everything off. They also helped me “grow up “ by supplying me everything I need to understand and grow better in the world of credit and I’m very grateful! It’s endless all the tools that PayPal has for its customers! If you are ready to become a responsible adult who is on track for success, I highly suggest that you download the PayPal app and apply for their prepaid debit card. You can run your own business and u can accept payments , as I said, all the opportunities out there and PayPal has the tools to guide and help you achieve your goals and be on your way to a successful life and a much happier one!!!Your life will be in order because PayPal is with you every step of the way!!!! Thank you PAYPAL!!

- Love the app, hate the new design

This is a wonderful app. I never have any problems with it working, and it's so convenient to use. The only thing I don't like is the new design where when you open it up, instead of your balance being at the top, the latest notifications are at the top, and they're really large taking up a lot of room, and you have to open them to get rid of them, which is a hassle, even though you can see what they say without opening them. Then to get to your balance so you can tap it to do a money transfer, you have to scroll down past all that. I used to be able up open up PayPal, immediately see how much money I had, and boom, transfer funds in two seconds. Now I gotta go through the hassle of scrolling through notifications that someone sent me funds, when I already knew that because I got the pop-up notification, and scan through the visual clutter to find my balance. It's a chore to have to go through and open each notification message to get rid of it so I can actually see my balance. The new interface is cluttered and confusing. The balance doesn't stand out and is harder to pick out among all the other stuff, and that's the main thing people usually want to see first. Please change it back. This new design is horrible. Whoever's idea it was should be fired.

- ¡Opportunity!

This is the first time I’ve considered if I’m meant to write a review of the app or the entity-PayPal is phenomenal in both or as both separately. I can seamlessly now add money from my DPSS/California EBT card to my PayPal. It makes it so much easier and affordable-not to mention that PayPal is accepted almost everywhere either by card, chip, or tap and is the only bank or bank like access I have because of my credit history. I had money taken out of my account that had a branch I could walk in and was informed that those representatives work at remote locations because of violence that has come related to similar circumstances-mine were Court fee specific and resulted in that account being closed. I had and intended to keep PayPal the entire time and that hasn’t changed-before traveling or going to college or anything where a friend or loved one has concerns PayPal has been a lifesaver for access to money sent to me, earned by me, or issued to me as the $1200 individual amount was direct deposited directly into my PayPal without having a stable mailing address-I’ve been homeless and I don’t know what I would have to say here if it weren’t literally for PayPal being in my life. ¡Thank you! App and entity. ;)

- Not so hot

Considering PayPal has been in business for such a long time he would think that they would have very good customer service and glitches out of their app but the customer service is not good at all when you talk to them they act like you’ve done something wrong or you’re hiding something they put too many random holds on your account having to verify all the time. When I set up my business account and trying to make an invoice for service it always goes back to goods sold I do not sell anything and I think I’ve been charged extra for that taken out of my invoices the only thing that I have experienced that was an ease was purchasing something online using your PayPal card but as far as my invoicing and sending money to people seems like there is always a problem and now they’re charging even more to even send money to friends and family where they are me anyway. When I’m trying to make an invoice it’s very slow and there are glitches in it half the time I have to redo my items and description and then sometimes they’re already there I think it could be a very very good and I probably wouldn’t even use it except for I have one client that will pay immediately using PayPal and it’s a big client so I use it. As far as sending money there are other apps that are better

- Really great service!

Ive been using PayPal for a couple of years now. It’s so easy yet secure, I Love it. Im mainly writing a review, however, because just recently I switched banks and had to update my bank account information. Paypal required this new bank to have two small amounts deposited to my account and taken out with one withdrawal to confirm. After updating all of my account information, I realized that some of the information was wrong—but the deposits were still coming through. Therefore I redid the entire process thinking Id be able to tell the deposits apart. Long story short, I wasnt able to tell them apart and with too many tries, was unable to confirm my bank account. Given that Covid-19 is going on im not able to contact customer service and speak with a representative via phone, i had to make use of the message center. I notified Julius Laurence about what was going on and they immediately fixed my issue! I thought I was going to have to stick with my debit card forever without being able to link my bank account but they figured it out and I am so happy! This encounter only adds to the wonderful service paypal has to offer!

- Horrible Service During Pandemic

I recently downloaded PayPal during the current situation to make purchases online easier, I had heard that PayPal was a great service so I downloaded it. I regret downloading the app!! When I receive my first payment I had to accept the money which meant putting in pictures of my government ID, my SSN card, and a few more things. This was fine at first but it didn’t accept them because the name on them (my full name) didn’t match my account name (the shorter version of my name). So I had to change the name through the account, when I tried to submit my birth certificate for identification it didn’t accept it because my name was too long. I tried messaging the company and every time I got an employee to message they never responded until I got another employee 8 or more hours later that did the same thing. So I decided I had tried enough and needed to call customer service, I gave the automated voice system all the needed info and they sent me to another voice system that said the customer service line is closed due to COVID. This is extremely ridiculous!! I need to speak to someone ASAP and none of the other options are working! Totally hate how PayPal is handling this I would be ok with wanting longer to get someone on the line, but having no call option at all, that’s stupid! I will not be using PayPal any more and will be switching to one of your competitors sorry not sorry 👎🏼

- Excellent service!

When I buy online I always pay via PayPal. Honestly, until now, it was mostly because of convenience and not having to get out my credit card each time. (Lazy of me, I know. Haha) Well, I purchased an item for $129 in February. When it was taking awhile I looked into it and the company claimed it was delivered! I just so happen to know exactly where I was and when I got home that particular day...within 10 minutes of delivery. There was NO box delivered to me that day. I disputed it with the USPS. They reviewed it and said it was misdelivered and after several attempts at retrieving it they were unsuccessful. (Can you say “mail fraud”? I hope that person was charged!) Unfortunately because the shipper didn’t insure the package I was told I needed to contact them. That’s not possible because all the wording was in Chinese! I contacted PayPal to see if they could look into this for me and.... I was just notified they ruled in my favor and I am getting the FULL REFUND of $129! I will continue to use ONLY PayPal for all online purchases. Thanks for coming through for me! I thought for sure I was never going to see that money again...

- Needs safe guards put in place

I’ve been using PayPal for years an up until now I’ve had no problem at all with them until now, back in late February I purchased 2 sets of handbags from a group online, I’ve purchased from her before an had no problem with it whatsoever an couple of my friends have purchased from her as well an had no problems at all, but this time for what ever reason I have still not gotten my bags, they were purchased using PayPal an the money was sent to a business name, I’ve tried to find out how to get in touch with a live person from PayPal I’ve tried to call them several times using all the different voice prompts but it will direct you to go back on line an then it hangs up, I’ve tried 3 or 4 times to use their webpage to ask for help an put in a dispute on the transaction an it comes back an says that it is to a personal account even though it is a business name account I would have thought in this situation that we are all going through that PayPal would at least have someone that their customers could reach out to to ask questions an ask for help. It’s bad enough that we are all having a financial situation right now but with a company as big as PayPal I would think that they would be better than that it seams like all they care about is your money. I finally had to call my bank an put a dispute on it to get my money back.

- Customer service does not include service

The new format stinks - it takes three times longer to process a single transaction. I’ve bought custom horse show (pads) saddle blankets. I’m ordering wool show blanket that goes under the saddle and needs a show outfit to match as a set. Ergo: ordered turquoise, purple and a couple of blending colors for the jacket I made in these colors. Six weeks later, my box arrives and the one noted above color did not match anywhere. I go to PayPal Credit for reckoning and I file a claim. (Prices are average). I file a claim and I’m instructed to return the merchandise. While working one large shipment, my items cost $600usd and when I checked the shipping services, and the cheapest to return to India is over $800. It isn’t cost effective and I’ve been told by the USPS and pay for tracking only to find out once this shipment is untraceable because once it leaves US airspace, there is NO TRACKING. The seller gets his returned boxed, but there is no way to track it and treats no such box received. They get your money, they keep the items shipped and for my jackets they get to sell all again without type of delivery and it’s a vicious circle. I’ve been wiping up their floors with NO money coming back. I’ll check out Square again to see what services they offer.

- Scammed

This was my very first experience with PayPal. The day I signed up I ordered a pair of boots from what I thought was a huge sale from Ariat Boots on July 3rd. After the credit card ran all I got was an email from PayPal. The seller NEVER attempted to contact me. I let two weeks pass in good faith, but still heard nothing. When I checked the tracking number on PayPal tonight it said my package was delivered THE DAY BEFORE I ORDERED IT (July 2nd) I chose PayPal because I heard I would be protected from this kind of thing. I filed a claim in the Resolution Center, and sent screenshots of the USPS tracking site, but because the scammer gave them a bogus tracking number (which STILL says it was delivered the day before I ordered it) they closed my claim in less than 5 minutes. I have informed delivery through USPS, and there was no package sent. I’ve taken screenshots of everything that was in my email, my PayPal app, the Resolution Center, and online. I’m gonna give it two more weeks and if nothing happens I’m definitely going to start letting everyone know my first experience with PayPal was me getting scammed and PayPal letting the scammer get away with it. I went to the PayPal Community page and it looks like this is common, with PayPal siding with the seller as long as they throw a tracking number in there. I’m calling my bank later today to request a chargeback. Be careful what you order, if you’re scammed PayPal will NOT help you.

- Alright, I guess

As a card and bank processing system, it works well. There interface is user-friendly. It’s also pretty easy to find and send money to other people. However, it seems like the system randomly chooses which card to run. Sometimes it will pull the money in Paypal or a card or in a bank account. According to their terms, they are supposed to do the bank first if funds are available (unless otherwise indicated) but that doesn’t happen. I also choose for once specific card to be my “main” method of payment and a specific account to be my second. They rarely listen to that and just do whatever. I’ve worked in banking for nearly 5 years and see PayPal continually take out of the wrong accounts of those they serve. Note: as long as there isn’t anything pending, you can call to get an account removed (if preferred). PayPal also has something similar to the square card for businesses so you can have like a mini payment setup for in person customers. Alternatively, as a customer, you can have a PayPal card. Both are pretty neat. Now, if you have a purchase that is over $100, you can push it back using PayPal credit, so that is a pretty cool feature. As a whole PayPal is good but it has some big areas that need some attention.

- Won’t use anything else!

I have used PayPal for years now. I have a personal and a business account with them. I can say with 100% certainty, this is the easiest company to use. It’s straight forward, low fees and an awesome app interface! PayPal has always been my go to and if a website doesn’t support them, most of the time I don’t use that website. It’s fast, secure and easy to use, any adult of any age can use this service. I have had a few problems here and there with customers or people I’ve bought from but PayPal dealt with the issue with maturity and quickness. I will ALWAYS recommend PayPal to anyone who shops online and now with debit/Visa card. I love that they have the option now to add cash from Walmart and other retailers. It’s so much easier and faster for someone like myself who doesn’t have a bank account to pull from. I’m sure PayPal has had its problems but I honestly haven’t had any trouble with them. They offer a lot of different services through their company as well. Send, receive, transfer, direct deposit, and much more. If you haven’t created an account, go do that right now! It’s simple and safe to use!

- I thought It would be good to use. Bad idea

I was excited to get my paypal card in the mail so I added direct deposit I was like this would make it way easier. Worst mistake I’ve made in a while. The night my check was deposited I tried to transfer the money to another bank account and PayPal emailed me saying that I can no longer use PayPal and they are holding my $800 check for 180 days not only do I have to figure it out for a couple weeks but it definitely taught me a lesson to never use PayPal or any other online banking again. It’s disappointing and unfortunate. To avoid being at risk of losing any money for 180 days I recommend that no one adds money to PayPal. To top it off they didn’t give me a explanation smh 🤦‍♂️ They sent me the phone number a week later saying that I should try calling them to try and fix it I was on the phone on hold for what they said would take 10-15 min I guess since they close at 6 I can’t call at 5 because they will just have me on hold till they close... so same position as a lot of other people I’m reading... FOR ANYONE TRYING TO AVOID LOSING MONEY THAT THEY HOLD WITHOUT A REASON JUST DONT SIGN UP FOR PAYPAL ITS HORRIBLE it’s reason like this that make me never want to be part of PayPal again. THIS IS NOT A ADEQUATE MOTIVE PAYPAL SHOULDNT BE AROUND FOR LONG. I’ll be sure to spread the word. NEVER USE PAYPAL if you really want to send money to people just use Walmart they are more honest.

- Do NOT recommend-Not user friendly, poor support, fee scam

I have never used PayPal prior to this, and was asked to use it for rent at a new condo I’m leasing. I got the app and added my bank account and confirmed the bank account per their requirements. The app will not let me pay with the account. But oh, they’ll be happy to offer for you to pay with your credit card for an exorbitant fee. What’s it to them that you hemorrhage money toward empty fees on a routine basis? After time reading all the FAQs, nothing answered the question and I tried reaching out to their electronic support. It’s terrible- automated responses the same as the FAQs. So then I wasted time on the phone with both their support and with my bank. There was absolutely nothing wrong on my bank’s end, yet PayPal can’t figure out their end. This was so much time wasted, and it makes you look bad to the person you are trying to pay in my opinion. This was an all around terrible experience for me, and I will never be using PayPal if I can avoid it. Total scam to cost you unnecessary fees. I will pay some way that doesn’t cost me undue fees. Oh and as an aside, the app version of PayPal lacks important abilities to your account, such as the ability to change primary addresses, and the ability to set what is your primary payment source, so be prepared to log in to the full online version to do some of these crucial things.

- 5 years of an amazing account

Paypal been keeping my money safe for the last 5 years and never did I ever encountered a problem in the past and not yet today.(Knock on wood). Paypal is great to have when you need spare money saved and you don’t want to touch it and want to keep your money for a rainy day or something then boom there you go instant money right there when you need it. More especially, if you don’t have a job and you need spare cash or whatever then boom again Paypal saved you the spare money you been saving and now you got it. :) Trust me when I say stick with PayPal you really should and always trust them when it’s comes to an extra saving account on the side. The only complaint I have about them is when you want money transferred into your account fast they have you pay a couple of cents or near a dollar just to get your money fast. But if you wait a couple of days then you can get your money for free which in my opinion it should be free either way because it’s your money your transferring. Other then that it’s a great place to keep safe money and have for back up money.

- I sell on depop

They will hold your money even after your product has been delivered to the customer. I added a tracking number, it was delivered 5 days ago, and I have STILL yet to receive my payment, STILL yet to hear back from customer service, and STILL have been unable to contact ANYONE at paypal to fix this issue. As soon as that item leaves my hands and I ship it off to the customer, I want that money in my bank. I don’t need someone to tell me that I’m untrustworthy and hold money that I EARNED from me based off of NOTHING. I haven’t had any bad reviews and have no bad history with depop and yet they refuse to give me my money and want me to wait 21 DAYS FOR $50!! My package was delivered 5 days ago! I got a good review! Give me my money! I shouldn’t have to beg ANYONE to give me money that I have earned! So ridiculous. I will never recommend paypal to anyone. They won’t give me my money from my product, but you better believe they will take $15 from my bank account immediately after an item has sold for shipping and their fee. If you can take money from my account anyways WITHOUT MY PERMISSION then what is the point in holding my money? If the customer had an issue, you CLEARLY could take any amount that you want from me anyways?? I’m sure that if they didn’t get paid until I did, they would be in a much bigger hurry to give me my money. Dumbest app ever.


I have been on and off with PayPal for many years. 1) Their message center people do absolutely nothing. The agent switches every time you even remotely step away from the application. This lead a to the utmost incompetence and obliviousness on their end. They love to change their rules and tell you one thing that does not align with another. 2) I have successfully had 25 transactions as the seller. Multiple people on the message center have said that once you reach 25 sales funds will be released immediately per proof of the tracking number. I once again see my money on hold and go to the message center for clarification. They then proceed to send automated directions directing me to do things I have worked SO HARD to do for months. They treat every person like a new seller regardless of your history. NOT TO MENTION I have CONTINUOUSLY asked them to update my primary address. Not once, not twice, but THREE times I have messaged the help center to confirm the primary address is changed. Even after confirming the address was changed, sellers have continuously told me the old address is still listed as primary. It is actually incredible how stupid PayPal can be. The lack of training is unbelievable and in my opinion the application is useless. They claim to “give protection” but in my mind the only thing they provide is a major inconvenience all around.

- Hidden Fees + Terrible Customer Service

If you need to send money to a friend or loved one (especially internationally!!!) do NOT use PayPal. I never write bad reviews, but I have never been so frustrated by a service experience. The money I sent (from US) to my partner in Malaysia is on hold indefinitely, and THE AMOUNT OF MONEY IS DECREASING DAY BY DAY. He already connected his bank account to the PayPal account. We’ve done everything the site says to do. The fees were NOT disclosed to us before the transfer, nor can we find the cause for the continued PayPal withdrawals of our money. We likely misunderstood the terms, but they are $#!% terms, and this is extremely frustrating. I cannot get clarification on what is happening. Their customer service is a JOKE right now. Phones are only automated, there’s no way to speak to someone. Emails don’t work. Their chat response is “in the order received” so they send one basic, obvious answer to your messages and then disappear for hours even after you reply immediately. I got 2 messages back today (5 hours apart) and neither clarified why they are withdrawing money every day from the frozen money, or when the hold will be lifted. Hoping tomorrow they will answer, but regardless, costly lesson learned. Won’t be using PayPal again for sending money. Please learn from my mistake and use a different transfer platform.

- My opinion of pay pal

I have used ‘pay pal’ for SEVERAL YEARS now & I have absolutely had NO problems w/ using ‘pay pal’ at any time! They have always helped w/ any problem/ situation I have had & had to use ‘pay pal’ in order to get those issues taken care if & they have ALWAYS fixed anything I’ve had them to help me with. They have PROVEN to me that they are definitely trust worthy & the customer service has been awesome as well. I’m a very happy customer & therefore I will continue to use & depend on ‘pay pal’ because it’s very hard to trust now days any way esp with all the ‘scammers & horrible’ things that some people can do to hurt you & your credit as well but by continuing to use ‘pay pal’ with any of my purchases over the years I’ve been w/ them I would recommend them to everyone & I will continue to trust & use their services....... thanks ‘pay pal’ for always treating me right & always being there for me like you have been. Keep up the great work & I’ll continue letting you handle any of my business dealings with no problem!!!! God bless & thanks again! C. Gardner 🤗

- Using the app for money transfers is not worth it

I’ve been using PayPal for years. I was always told that it was the safest way to pay for things. And in that sense of paying for goods online, it very well may be. But to use this app for “instant” money transfer (similar to apps like Venmo) it’s a nightmare. My boyfriend and I had been using the app for money transfers to each other (for rent and utilities) for the past year. And PayPal will arbitrarily decide to hold our funds for weeks before releasing them. For whatever reason, the past three months consecutively both our rent and our utilities were held as “pending” for over a week, which made us late paying some of them. Because for the person sending the money, it shows that you paid it and the money is deducted from your bank account. So it’s not even like you can go and pull the money out once it’s in pending. But for the person receiving it, it’ll show pending for up to THIRTY days. So now we either have to have an additional couple grand in our account to have just in case PayPal randomly decides to put a hold on my funds, or start using a different payment transfer app. Obviously PayPal doesn’t help with any late fees their pending status accrues, and it doesn’t help with our standing with our utility companies. I would suggest Venmo, which is what we’ll be moving to.

- Customer service is trash.

I’ve had a problem with not receiving my PayPal cash card with the chip in the mail and I can’t even order another on and it’s been seven months of me trying weekly. Never have solved the problem. The only thing PayPal is good for is protection for customers or buyer protection if you will. Other than that they don’t care about you or what you need and sometimes that buyer protection is a joke even if the item is a total gimmick. Other time buyer protection completely rips of the sellers. If you get paid with PayPal after selling an item the customer can file a dispute against the transaction between them and you. PayPal will side with them and they don’t even have to send the product back to you so you can’t get your product to either keep or sale of nothing would have been wrong with it. They just scammed you. Happens all the time to me and I hate using PayPal to sell anything on because I don’t feel protected at all. And the people that accept PayPal pays for fees more than someone buying some so something ain’t right because sellers run way more money through PayPal and PayPal will take a decent percentage from each transaction.a of it so you’re I also feel like they are biased towards people that sell certain item that are 109% and no reason to treat them any different than the next person.

- PayPal will hold your money with no explanation

PayPal is really getting ridiculous to deal with. Sometimes they hold the money when you try and transfer it to your own bank account. Sometimes they hold the money as soon as someone pays you. Sometimes they hold it at other random times. And they never give an explanation, even when you call. They tell you the computer did it. The computer thought it was suspicious. And they take their fee immediately. If it was really suspicious money wouldn’t they wait till it got verified before they took their cut? Bunch of crooks. I sell things on eBay all the time and use PayPal to handle the payments, and I can tell you they hold money randomly. I sold 2 of the exact same items on the same exact day, for almost the same price(within a few dollars). About 15 minutes apart from each other. The first one got flagged and the money got held. Then they let the second payment through. I think their security is a joke and they just fly blind and hold random payments hoping to catch something. Don’t even get me started on the business payment gateway. Don’t even think of using it unless you want your money held for up to a month at a time. I’ve already found a new payment gateway with lower fees and as soon as there is an alternative to use with eBay I’ll be leaving for good.

- Don't use PayPal for car payments are utilities the bills

My husband sold two items on the Ebay. They will not let him have the money until three day after the buyer gets it. They're claiming this is because it's a new account for selling. Paypal tells a different story on what's going on. So this is BS. Are used to be a strong advocate for Paypal, but this is ridiculous because he has a car payment to make right now or it gets repossessed. They are messing with peoples lives and livelihood by marking incoming money as pending and applying it to your balance. They don't offer to make a transaction for the bank for you that will be pending on their side which would at least show that you made the payment. I have already change my direct deposit to another bank. They won't get any more money from me. This new account not getting the money is wrong because I made a new account, sold something and I was instantly allowed to keep the money. Go with Netspend or something else. Get a secured credit card. No monthly fees, very few ATM transaction fees, etc. Paypal put this money as pending because Ebay has that much of an influence over them. That's not right. Paypal should be an independent company that does not rely on Ebay to say whether than money should be released or not.

- Fraudulent business practices

Don’t use paypal, there are other options out there. I’ve used paypal for a long while and been burned too many times by their convoluted system of billing agreements and fine legal print. For instance if you try to use a different funding source, because let’s say you change bank accounts, they will continue to try and charge your old accounts and will not let you remove it because the system will say the account has a pending transaction. They will try to hit the account 3 or 4 times over several days before they stop, potentially costing you hundreds of dollars in insufficient funds fees with your bank. Even if you properly set your preferred payment method and a backup method (which I did) they will still do this to you even months later because they will say that the original billing agreement with that vendor was somehow tied to the old account. It makes no sense from a usability standpoint or common sense but this is how paypal operates. If you talk to customer service they will just tell you sorry that’s how it works. Skip the headache and use an alternative, this service was useful over a decade ago when there were few options out there but now it’s garbage and should go the way of Blockbuster and other failed businesses that couldn’t keep up with the times.

- DON’T trust PayPal

After using PayPal services for over a month, I’d only received one alert via an email indicating I needed to “verify my email account in order to access the funds” available from a recent transaction. That transaction was NOT my 1st payment sent or received but I complied & within moments of verifying my email account (which is ironic because the request WAS SENT THROUGH MY EMAIL) the funds were available in my debit account. Fast forward less than a week later, three payments were sent to my account within a matter of hours & PayPal suddenly required me to verify information indicating I had a traditional bank account where the funds could go instead of immediately to my debit card. Two payments were sent on Thur 8/31, one on Fri, the bank account was verified by 3pm Fri, yet as of Mon Sept3, NO MONEY from those transactions has been made available to me! I am canceling this account as soon as I receive my money! This was such an inconvenience resulting in my son being short handed while back to school shopping over the holiday weekend. I am so frustrated & disgusted with this method of doing business. Ruined our last weekend of summer vacay & interfered with my kids opportunity to obtain new supplies & uniforms. Doesn’t even offer a time line other than “2-3 days to post” & that time has passed. DON’T TRUST PAYPAL!

- I Hate PayPal

PayPal is okay for small day-to-day use but is terrible for “pro” users. I transfer over a quarter million USD per year using PayPal (this means I pay five to ten thousand USD in PayPal fees per year) and I still get the same awful customer service that everyone else does. To be clear, I think everyone deserves good customer service, but I would especially appreciate it as I have to deal with PayPal several times a month instead of several times a year (like I used to when I just used it every once in a while). I can deal with long hold times, but their representatives are rarely helpful. They have very limited control and their responses are usually something a long the lines of “just hope for the best”. This isn’t the customer support rep’s fault, but PayPal’s as they don’t allow them the tools or ability to help customers properly. Also the inconsistencies between their website, mobile website, mobile app, etc. are ridiculous. All of them should be updated to have a consistent look, feel, menu, etc. no other company this big and so online based has such a gross and difficult to navigate user experience. The mobile app is pretty good, but the desktop and mobile websites are awful. Summary: I truly wish I didn’t have to use PayPal but a large portion of my business relies on them. I hate PayPal.

- Great for buyers/consumers

First, I would clarify that this app & company are almost 5 star for consumers with one minor issue being trying to address a problem or issue quickly with an actual customer service person. A lot of the common things can be done right in the app and additional automated processes are available on their full website (via Resolution Center usually). However, if you are using it as a Seller, you have to be prepared to have a good cash flow to cover resolutions pending, and occasionally are blocked access to your funds if an issue is being investigated like a customer complaint, even when not your issue. Sometimes for 10 or more days they can hold your funds hostage while you wait for their CS dept to investigate, allow for additional input deadlines to expire and then wait for a response/ judgement. I know it’s for the benefit of the consumer but in cases where you have abusive or not-so-honest consumers, it can be a challenge for a small business with small cash flow. And cash flow can easily kill a small business that is otherwise successful. So it’s still a good app but caution for some people who use it for business

- Changes

It seems that every time I purchase there is something new. Now I have to give the first and last name and country of origin, before being able to complete my transaction. The problem is when the paypal account belongs to a husband, son or daughter, even if I am sending to family, if I don't know this, I will be supplying the wrong information. Also I now pay when sending to friends or family, unless I have a $ balance in my account. In order to save the fee, I must place money into my account. This means that they are getting my interest on my money. Not a large amount, until you realize how many people are doing the same thing. They are making a huge amount in interest on our money. More and more the only way I can pay is with my AMEX. None of my other forms of payment are ever accepted anymore. The people I am paying don’t know why my other methods aren’t accepted, even though the automatic message I receive is that they don’t accept those forms of payment. I don’t get it. Otherwise it is usually a convenient way to pay.

- Never again

These five star reviews must be old because this service is not worth it. First off before you even get PayPal I just need to let you know they want photographic evidence of your social security card, if not your account will forever have a restriction. There was also a time that they held my money on a purchase because of this restriction for about a week and a half and I didn’t know it, the item I had wanted went out of stock before the restriction was lifted but I got my money back. Their customer service isn’t bad it’s just actually getting into contact is trash, don’t bother with email cuz you might get scammed somehow so I didn’t take the chance and don’t do message center because I’ve sent messages three months straight about an issue that they talked circles around until they just said call. But the number in the message they said to call was a different number to the customer service on in the app. So just find the contact me button in the app to call and be prepared to wait. The whole issue was removing my bank account and it kept saying I had a “pending transaction” when i hadn’t used PayPal in months. This was unnecessarily difficult and long overdrawn and was not worth it, just use sites that use PayPal guest and use cashapp or something to send money. This was terrible.

- PayPal is the way to go!

I refuse to have a bank account so it’s always been hard to get checks cashed. When I found PayPal, it was on like Donkey Kong. I could have my money direct deposited, I can use it at ANY atm. The only issue I ever had with PayPal and my PayPal Cash Card is in my area I only have two “Free” ATMs and the one I have to drive about 15 minutes into another state to use but the one that is 5 minutes away from my house ALWAYS tells me that my card is NOT activated when it has been activated for years. I will call customer care and they can’t even see I’m using it or having an issue at this atm. I thought they just had it set up for us not to be able to use the free atm’s but I drove to the other and had no issue at all along with no atm charge. PayPal has saved me a few times being broke down in my car and broke until payday, as my fiancé can transfer money over to me or even request money. You can even do cash back at participating stores. I’d recommend PayPal as long as it’s not the credit card crap which has screwed over a few people I know.

- PayPal bro, you’ve always been there for me!

How long has it been? 20 years? I’m bad with friendship anniversaries but you’ve been there through two divorces, the death of my father, and helped me build a a side business and reputation that I couldn’t do alone. You’ve also seen my two beautiful children come into this world and helped me obtain deals on things for them when money was tight. We’ve had a few fights over the years and although our relationship hasn’t been easy, it’s been worth it. Early on you had trust issues when I saw an entrepreneurial opportunity and snatched up Xbox 360’s and resold for a huge profit. You held my money to make sure I wasn’t scamming people but we made up and worked it out over time. I’ve also complained more than once and even though it didn’t always go my way I’ve forgiven you and moved on. With that said you’ve loaned me money when I was younger and my credit was poor and trusted me to pay it back. I look forward to the years to come and appreciate your continued support as a true friend. Thank you pal! Love, Jeff

- PayPal is wonderful, but the additional features are lacking quality and customer service

Ive recently tried the “cash a check” feature and for days now, I’ve been left with little to no service. I’ve done as requested from both PayPal and Ingo (the party used to cash checks) while verifying my information and I can still not use the source while providing correct photo verification because the app crashes every single time (I’ve tried at least 50 times now). When trying to contact customer service, I get nothing. Contacting Ingo only gives me basic information. I’ve been trying for a week now?! I would let say that this feature is user friendly or an option for quick access to funds. I’ve used PayPal for many years now and while 90% of those services have been flawless, I have been shunned through a deceptive buyer transaction which landed me in the negative zone. I lost the product that I was selling (over $100 item) when they chose in favor that the person never received the item even with proof. That was years ago so I won’t fuss too much at this current point.

- Charged a fee for sending to family and friends

I am unable to send money between family and friend after I changed bank accounts. It's been more than 30 days since the change and I continue to be charged a fee for sending money to said family and or friends. PayPal support suggested deleting the app and to redownload app, which I did but did not change the issue stated above. Called support a second time, support told me that it's their security module that is not allowing that payment, because it does not "trust" the bank(even though it's the same bank, and clarified, it's just different accounts) and that I would just have to try it each time I want to send money and see if it will let me without incurring a fee. So essentially PayPal is telling me that it's a shot in the dark to be able to send money between friends without incurring a fee. Support was kind and, well, supportive, but how PayPal is handling this issue with the app is not going well. I do hope this is fixed because I liked using it for its convince and ease.

- Stole money from me

I received a notification from my PayPal app that there was an eBay charge on my account of $75. I have literally never bought anything on eBay so I looked for some sort of dispute option. At first, there was no option to dispute on PayPal, it kept sending me to eBays site, it gave me eBay’s phone number (which when I called was a voice message giving me eBays website with no human customer service option.) I sent an email to eBay support which has not been answered, and finally I was able to open a dispute on PayPal’s site (which has not been answered) and I’ve yet to find a number to call for human support. Although it’s easy to blame eBay, PayPal is the one who had my bank information; they allowed eBay to steal from me with absolutely no safeguards or even an “approve transaction” pop up. PayPal stole $75 from me and most likely I will never get it back; and there isn’t even a human being I can call to ask for it back. I’m blessed to have a good job, and the $75 really doesn’t mean much to me financially. But I have been poor and broke and homeless and I know that $75 could be the difference between eating and starving for a lot of people. PayPal says they will keep your financial information secure; this is not true. They stole from me, please don’t let them steal from you.

- Unbelievable

I tried to link my bank account, and got up to the confirmation of it. I was never given the “activate instantly” option and never saw the “two deposits” that were supposed to be put into my account to allow me to confirm. Nowhere beforehand does it say it will take up to 2-3 days if you do not choose the “activate instantly” option, which I was NEVER provided with the option. So I thought I may have done something wrong and went ahead and deleted the attached bank account and figured I’d start over and try again, but now it says the bank account is already connected to a paypal account. I understand security and all, but come on. That is ridiculous. Maybe next time prompt someone with information regarding the options you’re apparently supposed to receive, which again I did not get an option whatsoever, and maybe let them know about the whole 2 deposits that you’re supposed to get. If I knew this would be this much of a paint in my rear I would have never even made a paypal account. I’m extremely dissatisfied with my experience thus far and will not be recommending this to anyone in the future. Sorry to be so blunt, but this is extremely inconvenient and frustrating. Completely shifted my mood because my time was wasted on messing with this.

- I want a refund

I bought something on Facebook, paid with PayPal gave them my home address. The seller sent me an email saying the package is on its way with a tracking number. The tracking number I checked after a couple of weeks worth of waiting and it was sent to a different address on the other side of Florida. UPS will not give me the address since it’s not my address, I filed a dispute with PayPalThat I don’t wanna pay for something I wasn’t giving and they denied it. So Facebook does not claim responsibility, UPS does not give me the information to get my package that I paid for, and PayPal doesn’t seem to be keeping up their end of the bargain as it was sent to a different address than mine and I cannot get my money backOn my PayPal credit card. You can’t find any number to call them and when you get to the messaging center in a five minute span for different people are answering you and all they’re telling you to do is what you’ve been doing. Very very frustrating. It was supposed to be a birthday gift that I spent good money for that now is lost and nobody seems to care. Very very sad because I loved PayPal up till this point just can’t find anybody to help me

- The worst customer service ever!

Let me explain the story. I opened a dispute With Discover and They closed it on November 4th, 2019. But the paypal system is not sync with Other banks. So even Discover closed this Case, Paypal is still open. So the big headache start here! I called Paypal more than 10 times. each customer service say something different. just imagine, I have to wait 1 hour each time to connect to a customer service who will disconnect the call or say something abnormal. I decided to bring Discover bank to the like and Discover was super kind to wait for this since they knew how the process with Paypal is frustrating now. After two times try, I and Discover and Paypal successfully got into a conference call with Clarence from PayPal. Discover Customers service what is the issue to Paypal customer service and after one hour Paypal understand the issue and Clarence from paypal send email to “Back Office Paypal” . I tried to contact to paypal again via phone to get an update if they fix the issue, But no one even know what was the issue! unbelievable! there is no note, no explanation and no fix! They still are in first page! Horrible experience. I lost my money because of Paypal. The Merchant tried to refund me but unfortunately PayPal stop it and keep the money in their system.

- Extremely Dissatisfied.

I am under 18, and when I was signing up it didn’t ask me for an age, which was odd but I continued with signing up. Over a year later, with a lot of money in my account from things I’ve sold I tried to get the money to a credit card or bank account. I was then asked to verify my identity, which I did, and then I was told my account had been limited due to my age. I was extremely upset, so about 1 1/2 months ago when I was told the account was limited, I tried to send an email to be able to receive the money that was in my account. I had to send a message through the account, after selecting what area my troubles were in. There wasn’t a field for wanting to get the money from the limited account, so I did the closest ones. Once I sent the message, I got an automated message telling me how to troubleshoot. Not even actual customer service. Very disappointed. All I was told to do was to either wait till 18 or refund the money. Neither of those were an option for me. So I waited to see if I’d get an actual response from customer service and I did not. Then a few weeks ago I tried again, but in a slightly different field. Same exact thing. I am very dissatisfied with PayPal for their poor customer service and their treatment for those under 18.

- Can I give PayPal zero stars? Because I undeniably would.

For some time now, I have been doing most of, it not all of, my banking through an account I set up with an online bank that does not have physical geographically located branches. Therefore, I have been using the PayPal Cash option in order to deposit the cash I earn in tips as a server/bartender into my PayPal account and then transfer it on to this online bank account. It’s always strictly cash deposited into PayPal and then it’s always transferred on into the same online bank account—this same action being performed several times a week. Nevertheless, PayPal “chooses” to place a “hold” or “pending” status on my cash deposit every other time I perform this same transfer to the same bank account. This absolutely is not an exaggeration—it occurs every other time, if not every time. And this occurs no matter which option I choose to use for the transfer (to bank account/to debit card), but I have continually chosen the debit card “immediate” option. It’s ridiculously erratic & increasingly inconvenient. Contacting customer service is simply a waste of time & effort. It’s quite laughable. And honestly, due to my lack of options, I adversely have continued using PayPal for this. But I assuredly seek out new favorable alternatives on the daily.

- Worst experience ever

Years ago I had a PayPal account for EBay. Recently I found a use for using PayPal again. Unfortunately I can’t figure out what my password is. I think “no problem, I’ll just reset it”. Except the only option this insane company gives me is a phone number that’s not been mine for at least 6 years. So I try the contract is option to get help recovering the password. Two options are given, message or call. Unfortunately the guy who designed the plan for this sort of situation didn’t let the lack of rational thought and at only allowing a years old phone number be used to reset. No, in a shocking display of how to ensure you are the least user friendly as possible, the two contact is options require one to be logged in to receive assistance. So to get login assistance to help me reset a years old password I must first remember my password and login. With no recourse or way to contact I try their Facebook page, as it was listed as an additional option, only to find it’s a robot that gives no help at all. If a company makes something so simple into such a difficult task I can’t imagine why I would desire to use them for anything. Here’s a tip, find a better option. I’m positive there are alternatives with customer service that actually cares.

- Too slow to provide the payment!

The title says it all, I understand the system is setup to protect buyers and sellers. My issue is that I sold an item to a coworker who signed in as a guest to provide the payment. Once the payment was sent I opens the app and there it is BUT it’s on hold. I follow all of the instructions and even call and chat with a rep. The item sold was received weeks ago but I waited for them to get paid to pay me. This person even contacted PayPal himself to tell them he received the item and that the sale was complete. He tried to use the email he received as a receipt to verify that he received the item but it would not let him set it up. He downloaded the app and created an account with the email and bank information he used as a guest then tried to go in and verify it that way. No luck again as the transaction doesn’t show up in his PayPal account. Here we are weeks later and I’m still looking at my $800 sitting in PayPals bank account. There should be an easy way to correct this but it seams like all I get is “if it’s not verified by the buyer or disputed by the buyer you funds will be released in 21business days”. 2nd time I used PayPal to receive money and likely the last if this can’t be resolved.


PAYPAL HOLDS YOUR MONEY. I called on $100 that was supposed to have been refunded to me through my bank account days ago, and they said “call your bank they can release the money it’s pending in your bank”. Called my bank and they said they have not even initiated a refund to my account. No money was pending. They said all PayPal has to do is initiate the refund and they can release the money IN MINUTES. Much like how you are able to get your money from Venmo so quickly. Called PayPal again and they said that they can’t do anything for me because the money was already sent 4 days ago. They said it just takes a long time for the bank to see it. THATS A LIE. The bank confirmed that they see it THE MINUTE PayPal initiates it. My bank said they get this call a lot. PayPal holds your money as long as they are allowed to gain interest on it. Not sure how that works, but very very frustrating. Use Venmo. No charge to do it through your bank account, and if you initiate the transfer before 7pm, you get it before you even wake up the next morning. Please don’t respond telling me to contact you guys PayPal. I’ve already called 3 people and no one would help me. The bank confirmed twice that it was just you guys holding the money that it doesn’t take days for them to see it pending.

- Can’t use MY OWN money for a month

This is the worst money app I have ever used and I didn’t even think it could be this bad. Downloaded the app, made an account, and had a family member send me money so I could neuter my cat. Too bad PayPal decided to withhold my money from me for 30 DAYS because my account is new and I have never bought anything using it.... how am I supposed to buy something if you’re holding my money back... why is my money being withheld because my account is new???? Wouldn’t you want people to join and make it easier for them? Had to reschedule the appointment because of that so that was nice oh and I’m still waiting for them to take the hold off even tho I followed every step to get it faster like having the family member confirm the transaction for a third time and I changed the product delivery options. Also they deducted a 7 DOLLAR FEE....FOR MONEY I CANT USE.... even though it is legitimately my money that I have no access to because I am a new member of PayPal... fr my money comes through I am putting it on a card and deleting the app and going back to using Venmo which I recommend you just do that from the beginning instead of messing around with idiotic fees and holds this is the stupidest money transfer/account company I have ever worked with

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- Straight Forward, Simple & Secure

The title says it all. The app is easy to use; there’s no clicking through a stack of menus searching for the feature that you’re looking for; everything happens quickly (transactions appearing, pages changing/loading, money being sent, ect.) & you know that your transactions are going to be secure. Even when there is a problem, resolving it is simple & as stress free as possible. I screwed up the other day & sent money to the wrong person, & after realizing I was extremely worried that it was going to be a huge hassle to get it back; but it was literally as simple as pressing a single button to cancel the transaction & my refund was issued. It seriously seemed almost too easy. Now that I think about it, this might just be the only app store review that I’ve ever done, but if any app I own deserves 5 mins of my time to complete one, it’s PayPal. Without them I’d feel a LOT less safe buying stuff & sending/receiving money online & the app just makes that 10 times easier! Cheers guys, thanks for the fantastic product!

- How is this a thing?

As a first time PayPal user I was shocked to find out that after having sold some items on eBay that it would take seven, yes seven, business days to transfer to my bank account despite the fact that the transaction was completed to the satisfaction of the buyer and I was told that this was the banks fault and having spoken to the bank for a matter of minutes they were adamant that this is just how PayPal chooses to do things and that it had nothing to do with the bank whatsoever and that they chose to take that amount of time for first time transfers into an account attached to debit card the reasons for which do not seem to exist outside of the imagination of PayPal. On top of that I then received an email stating that my transfer had been put through an addition “fraud” check that would add 72 hours to the processing time. None of this explained to you prior to it actually happening and if it were I would have sold it on gumtree and just grabbed cash off someone when they came to pick it up. I will, as soon as I am allowed to, be shutting down my PayPal account and I will never use anything that requires PayPal ever again because as far as I can see they stand for everything that the human race should be flushed down the toilet for. No other business would get away with this sort of nonsense and I honestly do not understand how this is a viable business model period.

- Non Purchase Nightmare

It’s a terribly long story about a purchase that I didn’t make. I looked at a product online and I had to sign in to my PayPal ac to see all about this particular product. Now I didn’t buy the product & I closed the page I was on, but to my surprise the next morning when I checked my bank account, the money had been withdrawn via PayPal. The company which pulled this stunt has been an absolute Nightmare. Supplying false email addresses, delaying the processing even though I couldn’t contact them until the processing had been done. Delayed shipment and then difficulty due to my disability in posting the item back for a refund. The case was closed and I opened a dispute with my bank. But today out of the blue, I had a supervisor call and she has credited my account with the funds that I thought were lost to this terribly dodgy company. They will be investigating this company I was told. I hope that PayPal throws the book at them for illegal behaviours. Let’s just say it’s a Chinese company that charges in $US . THANK YOU PAYPAL!

- Complaints Process

Going through the resolution centre trying to put forward a complaint as I believe I have been scammed is a very frustrating process. This is solely due to new people responding to your messages and not reading the case so I’m constantly repeating myself, getting duplicate responses and never getting the information that I request. Bought goods soley thinking I’d be protected by using PayPal checkout. The company sent me a completely different product which is worth a fraction of the price that I paid. Offering only minimal refunds initially as a stalling tactic so as to most likely get more people on their books to scam and then shut down their website. Finally offer through PayPal a 100% refund but I have to pay for returning the product to China (website had said Australian seller) costing me nearly 40% of what I originally paid. PayPal seem to think this is fair so am now in the process of trying to get a transcript of my discussion so that I can take my complaint further. So far have asked twice and still not received anything only new people saying that I will get the refund if I return the goods at my expense and not the seller who basically has paid for nothing except send a few stalling emails. Extremely tired and disappointed in PayPal’s service.

- Most secure way to pay electronically

Honestly, even though I’ve had issues with this app within the past it’s all been fixed. Multiple ways on PayPal make sure everything you pay for online is what you get for what you asked for. Answers for frequently asked questions also help me navigate my way on how to use this app. The help centre is very well structured and actually helps you within 3-5 days of requesting in need of help (whether you were scammed, falsely described. etc.) and it all works amazingly. I approve of this app as a secure way as well to Link your bank account to your PayPal account with that making it faster to pay for things online using money directly from your bank without delay. This is why I believe that PayPal is the best, most secure and reliable way of electronically paying for your items whether they’d be a object or a micro-transaction.

- PayPal restricted me!

After about a year and 3 months of loyal PayPal usage racking up great reviews for all my sales (many thousands of $ doing ebay and gumtree) all of a sudden PayPal wants to verify my identity (who knows why they didn’t do that when I first signed up) very conveniently for them this happened during the first time I had over or around $1200 going through the account in sales and purchases (money that they think they can grab) Upon looking at PayPal’s user agreement I found out something interesting to me; you can’t use PayPal under the age of 18 (because you can’t legally sign some contracts that you may sign with PayPal and therefore you can’t sign their user agreement under 18) however if PayPal finds you to be under 18 they can seize your money for their deep pockets because you signed a user agreement that you can’t legally sign - that somewhere says that they can take your $ if you are under 18 Up until now I have been a huge advocate of paypal especially for anyone looking to buy products online, that is not the case anymore and I will be having a friend who is a journalist talk to Tracy Grimshaw from a current affair to look into PayPal PayPal knows that some users are under age but they are quite happy to take advantage of them

- Disgraceful business

I sold my first item on here then PayPal wouldn’t pay me for 21 day’s the buyer also paid postage but I had to cancel his order lose the sale and look like an idiot to the buyer as I’m a pensioner and couldn’t afford to post it for another fortnight this is disgraceful you have no item no money how is this legal? Refunds are the same I buy something money comes out instantly but for a return or refund they hang on to our money for 7 days I have not eaten or had medication at times thanks to PayPal do they invest our money or something? This is disgraceful this business should be shut down. We don’t need a middle man be so much quicker and easier without them all together. Also if you buy a product with a warranty say 12 months and it breaks down covered by warranty they don’t want to know about it won’t help you get a refund or exchange if it’s more than 30 days old. This business are just legal thieves they need a big investigation into the way they treat you especially selling or getting a refund I hate having to use them I don’t need a middle man and our money should come back the same way it goes out instantly.

- Love PayPal

I have been using PayPal for many years as I began using eBay only a year after they began operating in Australia and I now use it as a retailer not just as a consumer. I’m a fashion designer and seamstress and a bit of a Jill-Of-All-Trades as I hold many different qualifications so it’s great to be able to use PayPal for income purposes as well as for purchases and paying for services. I’m also liking this new ‘Money Pool’ thing they’ve just introduced for when a group of friends want to share the cost of say a holiday or something by creating a Money Pool and jointly combine their funds effortlessly. Although my only criticism of the app version of the website is I wish that it would be easier to switch between my personal account and my business account.

- Not a happy seller

Customer paid for regular tracking on a $60 custom made Embroidered order, so can’t be Tracked, i offered Tracked and list on my page, website if they pay regular at own risk. Customer said missing so I offered to remake and send Tracked at my cost, customer said ok. Made order again only after a few days of customer saying ok to remake. Then customer decided to put in a claim. I asked customer why she put in a claim we agreed I was remaking and customer said don’t worry I changed my mind and I went out and brought a basic store version as didn’t want to wait, I just want my money back. So angry, this is custom made and can’t be on-sold. Customer could have said they wanted a refund and I would have refunded and not re-made. So PayPal asked for proof of tracking, I said no proof as customer paid for untracked, I showed pictures of finished product that I showed customer but PayPal ruled in customers favour saying I could not provide tracking, therefore I had to pay $60 back plus $16 on PayPal fees. Not happy PayPal, all up you have cost me over $130 out of my pocket for a customer who clearly is a scammer.


If you are a seller looking to do online business and need a way to manage your online transactions, PayPal is not the way to go. For new and upcoming businesses they will hold your own money for up to 21 days for no reason possible. They say it’s because you’re a new business and they wanna make sure you have a good selling history before you can accept payments instantly, but that’s bs. They will hold your money for 21 days so they can make the most interest out of it and invest it for returns elsewhere. Once they’ve sufficiently used your money to as a base for their investments, they will release it Don’t use paypal. They don’t care about the little guy or new businesses starting up. They give disproportionate rights to the buyer. Pleas stay away. Use alternative methods like square or stripe to manage your online buisness transactions. These alternatives will only hold your money for one business day, and have it in your bank account by the next day. Unlike this, PayPal will hold your money and use it for there one monetary gains. Once there done with it they’ll release your money.

- Easy App / Unwarranted Fees

Great App. I agree with many reviews, the app is easy to get around, simple to use, and excellent concept to protect you money / product etc. fees are unwarrantedly high. Over 10 times that of all banks and more. Considering they don’t have the overheads, I can see justification. And always works in their favour and against the customer IE transfer money into your account, you want 24 hours to 5 days, leaves PayPal immediately then disappears into nowhere before appearing in your account days later. Of course if you want it transferred across immediately you pay a fee. But reverse the situation, transfer from your bank into PayPal, it suddenly appears instantly, no charge, funny about that. Greedy company. If your on eBay, set up your own bank account and link it to your eBay account or store and encourage customers to transfer direct, if you explain, most are happy to do so. You still get the eBay benefits and security etc or better still, link it to your website

- Dealings with eBay! I do not want an update,I want my record of activities!!!! B Grice.

PayPal have delivered! Maybe,their assocation with eBay should be put under review! Cannot contact eBay if it displeases! Poor form ! B Grice. Since then, PayPal have proven to be an entity only interested in themselves! 'They' make it harder to attain a fair go, because of their apparent immense greed! Tried to get my paypal activities,but told to update my already updated app! Huh?🤔 Seems paypal want clients,but not with those with an iphone 4s! Apple will not give those clients ios 10+,so basically,take your money,but do not expect to access your account with paypal!!!! B Grice. B.E .(Mech.) Paypal has ignored my attempts to obtain details of my transactions with them!! Suggest illegal to receive monies without any duty to inform the investor's of their status!!! To just ignore users of iPhone 4s who cannot get IOS 10 is just pitiful for such a company! Disgusting Paypal!👹😡 Paypal should/will be reported to the Australian Consumers Bureau for illegal non-disclosure of clients accounts! B Grice.B.E.(Mech.).

- rip off. Criminal their actions

Just sold through PayPal. I sent the item with tracking number. PayPal with held my payment. So now I have no money for the unit, or the unit it’s self. I phoned then, It says it is protecting me. Other way around. No money or item. On top of that the tracking number says delivered and they can see that, they are still with holding my funds. They confirmed via telephone they can see it has been delivered but still will not release my funds. Absolute disgusting and criminal behaviour. I don’t know how there allowed to operate like this and still on top of everything their getting payed and taking a cut of my money. On its web site it clearly states that funds will be released “within one day of delivery” not that it’s gonna take them 1 month like they stated to me on the phone. Blatantly lie ing and getting away with it. Mind boggling how their allowed to do so. For this reason not using PayPal again bunch of criminals and getting paid for ripping people off. Shame on you!

- Happy now

I found a recent resolution process extremely frustrating, I was being told I could upload photos and information to support my claim but could not find anywhere to do this. Very difficult to make contact heaps of links to go through before you find what you need, almost avoidance to help. BUT in the end I was alone to finally speak with a wonderful operator who arranged an extension for return mail (Who knew that PayPal funds the cost of return mail-NO ME), yes this is reviewed but it is very handy to know if you are or were determined as I was. I received full refund of product and return mail expenses and hopefully PayPal assisted the company with advice on their very misleading, false and entrapment form of advertising of their products otherwise the cycle goes on.

- Rip offs, find another way to pay

I am not sure whats happened to paypal, but in the last three months they have been stealing money from me, declining payments from my bank account and telling me it will take 5 days to be credited back to my BANK account then when I pay for the item AGAIN because I cant wait 5 days to pay someone, they say that the transaction was successful and I wont get anything (even though they told me it will be credited back into my bank account by default and that cant be changed, and not my paypal, so how would it get used to begin with?) lying about transactions and just generally ripping me off, making $125 bank transfers to my paypal without permission and taxing it. I have spent thousands through paypal over the years, close to $100,000, been using it since 2015 or something, but now I am thinking of closing my account with them. Its supposed to be a safer way to shop, lately its became the deadliest way to shop.

- Trustworthy

I have always used PayPal since the very beginning. I pay every single thing with it. When I ring them to ask does everything look alright with my account as I just purchased something online and I weren’t sure whether it was legitimate because it wouldn’t load properly, they look at the company etc check my account thoroughly. I did buy something before and it wasn’t legitimate so PayPal emailed them and got my money back. They always help with anything and everything and are so kind and care about your money. The second authentication they have is very reassuring and I use it. My whole family only use PayPal. I would highly recommend PayPal

- Holds money for too long

Recently made a sale and provided tracking information straight away, they claim to release the funds to you the next day after shipping info ad tracking numbers are provided however it’s been 3 days and I still don’t have access to my funds, I am afraid they will hold it for 21 DAYS!!! now and this is extremely frustrating and disappointing as I’m not sure they understand this includes shipping fees and I am now $13 out of pocked from a sale which the money included shipping fees and I have not had access too or been released and given too me yet, this is extremely frustrating as I don’t have any other form of income and I am now made to wait almost a month to be able to have access to MY OWN MONEY. On top of this with the fees they charge too I will not be using or supporting them anymore and once I gain access to my funds I will be deleting my account, waste of my time and money.

- Worst customer service

I once had a PayPal account that I never used it was linked to an email address. Was never linked to any bank account. I opened a new account recently with a new email address. By mistake I gave a buyer the old email . Money sitting in old account I’ve never used . Do you think they could me ?? Customer call centre closed . Online help absolutely hopeless . Trying to get the money into my new account . Can’t help me . Security questions don’t work . Money stuck in an old account I never used . Make matters worse after trying to reset the password so many times now I’m locked out of my new account . Worst customer service imaginable . Non existent

- Changes Affect Account Negatively

When you guys decide to make changes it should be a pretty simple use case where you help the customer understand the change. Most times PayPal works how it should but recently I’ve had a few issues back to back to back. My card never arrived, they won’t let me report it or change unless I call so I’ve never been able to get through. My account randomly changed to eCheck for no reason known to me and takes longer to get to the other side now. Also I select FaceID sign it and it makes me select that option over and over everytime I sign in now. Just seems to be getting neglected a bit when it comes to taking care of issues with the platform but they will hold your money 3 different ways if something declines or gets reversed...

- My opinion

My views on this app on quite negative, as I am under 18 my account has been restricted and frozen so which I cannot withdraw and transfer the money I hold in this app to my bank account. Although this issue could be fixed quite easily, it has not been. I have called PayPal services multiple times to which they do not answer, or it makes me answer questions on the phone for about 10-15 minutes to which is then says they are closed or not serving customers at the moment... even though it is in the business hours?? I have also tried contacting them via the text with a helper and they replied to my one message about a 2weeks ago and I have not herd back from them to resolve my issue. I am overall disappointed that they can happily take their surcharge within a heartbeat but when your closing your account or withdrawing money that is much more complex for them.

- I wish ever vendor had PayPal as an option

PayPal is great for iPhone and iPad. I like the addition of PayPal one touch. Now it feels even less like I’m spending money and more like a game. I however do not like PayPal aggressive policies regarding online pharmacies and overseas vendors. Legitimate Establishments I have trusted and used for years are blacklisted, for flimsy reasoning as in they didn’t tick box a or meet some unusual criteria b. I how have to go back to the old fashioned bank transfer method and endure high bank fees. Unfortunately their is no alternative that is as easy to use and trusted as PayPal. Don’t be a bully PayPal. Establish some sort of exception list and don’t implement blanket bans on sales people who are trying to earn a legit living.

- Ratting PayPal

I love PayPal at this stage I have never- ever had any trouble with them . I have had some difficulties trying to send money over seas and I feel that for this service someone from PayPal could pick up the phone and talk to me and it could be sorted in minutes instead of hours or days , this has annoyed me a bit but over all they answered all my questions and always reply promptly. The other thing area where they could make it easier for customers sending money is directly into the receivers bank account, or post office where there money could be collect much easily. But all in all I think that PayPal is fantastic service and to be trusted. John

- Always excuses

A while ago i changed my postal address with paypal, after a long process and painful one we got there at the end. My account has only one address on it!!! Months later when using paypal to pay, they keep giving my old address to suppliers. After 4 emails and telecoms... they ate saying that sorry your address was not activated and so it your fault and if your goods are lost its not our fault. Only problem, i have an email from paypal confirming my address changed and also they are saying that there is only one address on the account. Lost me as a customer... thought to share to warn others. Too big too care...

- COVID-19

Usually happy with PayPal and most of their reps are polite well mannered , except for one or two, that I hope to never deal with again, though not being able to get through on the phone as usual is a little to much, there should be no reason for this, they can actually work from home, though they do need to learn who are honest loyal customers and those that are not, because at the end of the day, we don’t need PayPal or any other like them, they should also show there charge amount on every transaction and notify if this charge needs to increase !thanku PayPal ...get the phone back on please...

- Great App

Escrow services facilitated by PayPal provides fantastic security for online transacting. Also, PayPal are quick to make funds available once transferred to my bank account, often in a matter of hours! I suspect people reporting their experiences of very slow bank transfers are new to PayPal, as once a couple of transfers have been made I and others have found that subsequent transfers are generally much faster. PayPal are non intrusive, I’ve never heard of an error being made at their end, and their staff are responsive when I’ve had reason to reach out to them. This app is a must if you transact online.

- PayPal withheld our funds unlawfully for six weeks

We experienced an unanticipated spike in sales July/August 2020 selling Australian made face masks. PayPal locket access to our account. We contacted PayPal Australia and US on several occasions via phone, spent un-counted hours explaining our case and verifying every request from them. Our lawyers took the matter further, they ignored them too. We eventually took our case to the media as we were at a loss as to what to do. They got involved, televised our story and PayPal unfroze our funds that day. Thankfully a good result for us. However so many have contacted us since having experienced the same from this multi-national. Let’s hope PayPal has learned something from the media exposure and will treat their customers, especially younger people who are learning their “financial feet” with greater respect. Trust that will happen.

- Happy Happy Pay Pal User.

Have had wonderful service and support from PayPal. Their Buyers Protection was terrific. Recovered a sizeable amount for me with no embarrassment at all. Their Service and drawing to my attention matters that could be corrected was above what I have experienced from any firm in a long time. I find everything very easy to use and what I do not pick up straight away, if there are changes I am informed automatically how to follow these changes. I am 81 years old and only use a few Apps that I can follow and PayPal is tops. If I could have given 11 stars I would have. An obviously happy customer.

- Very safe

I have been a paypal user for many many years...the system is not perfect but it’s good and it’s only concern is when transferring money from my bank account to my paypal account it takes about 5 working days...I have discussed this with paypal and they give me a lot of technical talk... my reply is that 5 days is totally unacceptable as this is the 21st’s time to upgrade so transfers can happen in 1-2 days or even less..when doing the reverse procedure (ie...paypal account to my bank account) ...usually one working day is enough...( nothing happens over the weekend..I think paypal staff must be playing a lot of golf...😅’s a good system but not perfect..👍

- Absolutely useless & cyber frauds!!!

Sold a laptop recently for $1000, in which buyer insisted he would pay using PayPal upon pickup- He did just that & the sale seemed convenient, as he actually transferred the $ right beside me. Little did I know, because I had only just set up a new eBay account & linked my existing PayPal, there was some unknown $26 fee then the funds were put on ‘hold’ for 21 days before it’s ‘available’ to access!!! Tried calling the PP customer service hotline, although due to COVID 19 situation they can’t assist over the phone (verbally) & only could communicate with their staff by email... It’s been a complete disaster, as I originally decided to sell my laptop after losing my job due to the worldwide pandemic & urgently needed money- That was nearly 3 weeks ago & still nothing except $974 ‘on hold’ in my PayPal app 🤬 A COMPLETE REGRET & NEVER AGAIN!!

- Disgusting scum bags

I got a depop account to buy and sell items , i sold my jumper too a guy in melbourne shipped it to him paid for shipping out of my own pocket (because paypal wouldn’t give me my money) It’s been weeks and i’ve asked and asked when i’m going to receive my payment they were saying i will make it happen for you, and it never has. Then i found out that i can’t get my payment at all because my account has been limited for no reason at all, i put in the docs they needed and it said it will either get back too me or unlimit my account neither happened. so now the costumer has had their item for a week and the tracking number details have been there the whole time and they’re holding my money, I am beyond angry and i hope these pieces of $h*t get shut down and go out of business!!! 😡😡😡

- My pay pal usage

I have been using Paypal manly on EBay. Now there are a lot more companies and websites using PayPal. This makes it a lot better to shop online it opens up sales and also a lot safer to use PayPal online for all your purchase. I highly recommend Paypal to everyone because it’s the most safest way to buy online with protection. If you use your credit card online you give your numbers and details out to the world. I use an account that is mostly empty until I make a purchase then transfer the amount I need. Hope this helps everyone

- Not so easy to use

For the most part, PayPal is extremely easy to use. But for some reason, I keep hitting this restricted account wall for no reason at all. I buy things, I sell things. Money is not frequently, but usually coming and going from my account and somehow it says my account is restricted. When restricted I can only add money but not buy anything which is extremely inconvenient. There is no direct way to contact support but you have to go through the frequent issues which don’t always match my issue. To add money its instant but to transfer to my bank account from PayPal is about 1-2 weeks which is a bit slow. Whilst my account is frozen I have no way of getting to my money and it’s extremely annoying

- Disgraceful money thieves !

Absolutely disgraceful business practice. I don’t even know if this is legal really ... to hold MY money for 21 days until YOUR satisfied that I actually shipped an item ?! What happens if they buyer comes to pick up an item ? What then ? Shall I ring PayPal and check in with you personally because you’re apparently your my boss now? Then you’ll release MY money ? The money isn’t yours PayPal, it belong to ME and MY business. You have absolutely no right to hold MY money until you get a tracking number to decide whether you’re going to give me MY money or not... it’s not up to you to decide ! Not to mention how BAD your customer service “virtual” chat live now is! What an absolute disgraceful service ! You should be ashamed of yourselves. I’d like the interest on MY money that you hold for 21 days too thanks. Cheers

- Convenient

Had a bit of trouble to get mobile apps settings right and had to go back to internet log in while figured out what's going on with connectivity for my credit card, but comes to the point you have to do it once you have got mobile apps as it does not automatically pulls your bank details from existing PayPal account for what ever security reasons. But once you accept that fact that everything is a breeze. And saves you playing with internet log ins on the long run . Overall, well done !

- Not good.

I don’t recommend this app to anyone unless you have master bank account set up skills. Every other app is good to go simple easy and quick. But what is this?! It’s been 5 days and I’ve been wanting this pay from someone for a while. 5hey sent it but it ate all her money and didn’t send to me at all! I checked my email, it was right, checked my email and spam but nothing!? How could they? After I finally started to figure this out, it just said, “this could not be transaction right now.” Like seriously? And all the unnecessary questions... street type? File? Like the least u could do is ask for my bank number, pin, bank name and email? Plus they don’t have nab added? I’m pretty sure nab isn’t a visa, MasterCard or all that. Never downloading again. Up your game, PayPal. From, Angry Customer

- Terrible customer service no help at all!

Will not help me at all resolve a problem regarding being charged to my PayPal without consent whilst trying to switch accounts on eBay checkout to pay with a friends account. Was told they fronted the money for me and now I have to pay it out of my bank account. Have told them I can't pay it from my bank account and to at least take it off my credit card seeing as they can't even just change the payment to my friends paypal account when I didn't authorise this payment to come from my account. And now I'm getting dishoner fees from my bank cause they keep trying to charge my bank account I told them not too and not helpful at all when talking to them and either were ebay they both palm of the problem to the other.

- Holds system needs adjustment

I have money that has been on hold for a week, despite the fact that the customers have received their items at the end of last week. Thus customers have their items before I have been payed. I have added tracking numbers to these orders which should show that they have been recorded over 5 days ago. Furthermore, this holds system has provided difficulty countless times before this incident. there is no way to email a human being and resolve this issue. Really dissatisfied with this experience, disappointing since I’ve recommended pay pal to many people and I don’t think I can continue to use this app anymore.

- Fraudulent bank details

Had someone hack into my paypal account idea how...and change my bank account to theirs. They left my name on the account but added their own account!! I didn’t realise until as the amounts transferred initially were very small. Only discovered when over $200 was transferred. After many phone calls to bank and Paypal for help was told by bank this happens regularly as apparently the name on the bank account isn’t as important as the bank account number. Paypal finally doing a fraudulent investigation but I’ve had to push very hard for this despite the bank telling them the bank account isn’t mine. Around $290 dollars in total missing which is a decent amount for a single parent. Please check your bank account details listed on Paypal.

- Fees not refunded if Ebay buyer cancels purchase.

Overall very happy with the ease of PayPal and that nobody ever questions it’s safety and is very user friendly but not happy that the fees are not refunded if a buyer cancels a purchase made on EBay as happened to recently. Buyer purchased from another state and once realised even though it was plain and clear in the listing this buyer didn’t wish to pay postage so asked to cancel. Had this purchase been of a higher value the fees could have been quite high and since we are forced to accept PayPal I don’t see why when a buyer can’t abide by the terms of the listing why should the seller cop the fees?

- Easy use but poor exchange

I love using PayPal, it’s quick, easy and has many available functions for purchase and transaction! My only quarrel is it rarely updates currency or doesn’t seem competitive. An example of what I mean is this. If I were to transfer $800AUD to someone using USD I loose $20 worth of USD compared difference with at least to other currency transfer or exchange sites/apps and then the fee on top of that which depends on chosen method. Not impressed but it’s the most manageable way for this other person to receive

- No customer service

My account has had a restriction on it for over a month now and even after jumping through all of PayPal’s hoops I still can’t use my account , all because one transaction was pending . It is so frustrating when you simply can’t talk to someone and when the automated service tells you a customer service agent will get back to you very soon , what it really means is in 4 or 5 days and then more than likely repeating some instructions that have already been done to no avail . It tells me to go to the message centre then click on this and that , only problem is there are no messages to click on . What a complete waste of time and effort . But you can’t do anything about it because PayPal have such a monopoly that can do as they please

- Buyer protection ... until you want to use it

The resolution centre is hidden in the app (under help, then further click through) and has reduced functionality. If you want to follow a case you have to use the desktop version. Case resolution process is usless (still 3.5mth for refund, PayPal keeps moving the review date back a week at a time because it’s sitting with them). It’s was so different to description that was sold, pics shown of listing photo and description, email confirmation photo, social media posts and pics of the fraudulent product that was delivered. Clearly nothing at all like what I purchased, but I had to post the item back to the seller and PP waited to get confirmation the item was returned, the file another claim for return postage ... and I’m still waiting!

- Do not buy unless you want to wait 3 weeks to get your money

This is a terrible app and I barely think it deserves 1 star! It takes money from your transactions, is very slow, and puts holds on your account for unnecessary reasons. Limitations have been put on my account, which is fine. But I think that it is unacceptable to wait 3 weeks (and still going) to get the money that you worked hard for! It says the money is available which is very misleading since it clearly isn’t available as it will not let me spend it!! I even tried to call customer hotline and after being on for a couple minutes they said “we are not currently taking calls”.This has been a colossal waste of time and I regret even getting this app in the first place.

- Account Limitations.

For the second time in less than a week PayPal has limited my account and demanded that I respond to a set of questions that took me hours to achieve. Most particularly the photo ID required. Nothing has changed re my profile and I am not going through this again—it’s driving me mad. I have found the PayPal program full of predetermined questions are very irritating especially if there are no questions that correspond to the problem at hand. Trying to get through on messages is equally useless because the problem is never dealt with. Trying to communicate per phone leads to being cut off. I hate having to deal with PayPal admin. All I wanted to do was inform PayPal that my Facebook account had been hacked and that the hacker is using PayPal for their financial transactions. Could I inform anyone? NO So I lodged a complaint with my Bank and the ACCC both of whom took my report of a Fraudulent Hacker at work seriously and are investigating. Unlike PayPal who simply imposes an account Limitation. I’m totally fed up with PayPal and if you insist on my completing that procedure all over again you can solve the problem and close my account.

- Every single time

I am truly sorry for the two star and I think is very generous indeed. I would like you to do a report on yourself and have a look I am serious at my login history please I give full written Pension you go and have good 👀 I can’t believe I am hoping I may Be able to scrap the account and start again. Or someone else is using it. I can’t for the life of me understand. I have complained before, no worries we have given you the touch what ever and the very first time I am going this we’ll be really good NOT the very first time I used it you took it back and I never seen it again. And the nightmare continues, go on have a look and see how many Stars, and if you think I like doing these surveys.🤬😎⚓️

- Long time user

I’ve been using PayPal for many years now I I make payments & receive payments. I have never had an issue i know it takes around 5-7 days to receive funds and completely understand, this is buyer security. I do have one gripe though, I sent a payment in pounds the Conversion rate wasn’t favourable however there’s not much you can do as the rates are not shown anywhere prior to transaction. The seller contacted me 3 days later saying they could not supply the goods and would refund me, when I received the refund it was short even though they refunded the full amount so I contacted PayPal, there response was the exchange rate had changed, so even though it was a refund I was out of pocket $70 and lost 5 days. So the two issues I have with refunds, takes to long to be returned into your bank account and if you are receiving a refund from abroad it should be at the original rate and not treated as a new transaction.

- PayPal helpful and easy to use

PayPal just gets better and better; it’s a pity about the changes eBay is making to their payments platform - hopefully we can still pay and be paid by PayPal which is instant these days if you’re with the right bank (ING in Australia). eBay is going to hold on to seller’s money for a few days under the new system; PayPal never did. I also like the possibility to use PayPal tools for invoicing clients and to set up simple sales pages on the web with a shopping cart. Keep it up PayPal! Have you considered offering your credit cards to in Australia?

- Paypal Doesn’t Fix Errors ....

You know, you call customer service it takes you 1 hr to explain a simple App problem occurring. Unless everything is digital, basic understanding and person to person customer service is DEAD. Try explaining that using a third part app to purchase via Papal is not working as the verification to confirm your credit Card By entering the CCV isn’t working, only allowing you to ether 1 digit before the site automatically says processing payment, which subsequently declines, as the 3 digit CCV number is not being accepted by the pop up. Omg. Sent a screenshot, then said I had a video of it, didn’t want the video for the techies as hey, we need 4 more complaints to escalate, Hahahaha, madness ....

- Great until there’s a problem

My saga stems from good intentions buying a bar fridge as a Christmas gift. Seller was a total fraud and sent me a damaged and faulty product that I wouldn’t dare turn on or give to someone. I asked for return and they kept offering a partial refund for two weeks. Thought to myself, lucky I paid via PayPal with their buyer protection. Lodged a dispute and was given 10 days to return large bulky item at my own cost of$200 or more. Called PayPal and was told my complaint was invalid and my due date for return was final. Case closed. After yelling and asking to speak to a manager I was given a partial refund which I was told by the previous rep never was offered. Such a dodgy guy who was rude. Yeah so I cut my losses and took half my money back. If they had refused to help I would close my PayPal account that I have had for 15 years. Never had an issue till now and I do not wish it on anyone. Ozplaza on EBay won’t even let me leave feedback. This is so unfair. Buyer protection is questionable at best.

- They don’t care

Very sad they put your account on hold with no notice to sort things prior to doing so and then you send the documents they requested and over a week still not sorted, won’t respond to a email and another department says it can’t receive emails even though it’s the link the site sends you to and your business is supposed to just stop operations for them to just take their time and really prove how little they care about you as they have enough customers and money that no one can do anything so your just at their mercy, I have already taken steps to longer use PayPal and once sorted I will get my funds out and close the account down.

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- Exelent

I use it all the time and it never let me down

- PayPal

Easy to use

- Get To Know PayPal

I have used PayPal for 23 years and yes I have had some issues. I learned how to manoeuvre around the website. I have resolved every issue but one and over the years there has been many. PayPal never gives out your info don’t believe the stupid emails about buying something from China if you never bought anything. Go to PayPal site first and check. Don’t check from the email. I have received these emails as well but NEVER click on anything in the email. I either call PayPal or login to my account and report the fraudulent email to PayPal.

- Update is awful

Cannot see balance. Cannot transfer money. Waste of space with “send again” front and centre for no reason. Please revert to previous version

- PayPal sucks

Can't even send money from a Visa card, waste a bunch of money buying these things and they're a waste of money, try harder yahoos

- Latest update is useless

The latest update (Sep. 21, 2019) makes this app less than useless for me. First, it no longer shows my PayPal balance and there is no/no way to find it other than to go to my computer and log in from there. Second, it insists on my linking a credit card when I already have one linked. And there is no/no way to delete that message/prompt. You have managed to convert what once was a useful app into a useless and annoying waste of space on my iphone.

- PayPal gave out my personal informational

Never again will I use PayPal, they gave out my personal information to a stranger.. they are NOT a online vault.. I do not recommend PayPal..

- PayPal steals money

I had a account with money on it about $30 and they said my account didn’t work or something and I wasn’t aloud to spend any of my money on anything then they kicked me out of my account

- Where did the balance go?

App doesn’t show current balance anymore. Not sure why but since the update apparently PayPal doesn’t want you to see your balance in the app?

- Update makes no sense

Can’t access the amount of money and do transfer. Completely useless...

- No

Bank transfer doesn't work

- PayPal is garbage

I’ve never had a good interaction with this company... they have stupid policies that don’t seem to be in the favour of the buyer or the seller. Given the option I’d sooner use cash, and I don’t use cash for ANYTHING anymore.

- c'est rapide et efficace


- L’application est nul

Difficile de s’y retrouver. Le numéro de téléphone est bien caché on voit qu’il préfère un courriel à un appel

- Nightmare customer service

Every time you call an automated machine will answer you.. it takes a while just to get it right which is a complete waste of your time if you are busy person or run a business. if they can’t get the help you need it the automated so will automatically disconnect you automatically.

- You need to allow money into Palestine,the territories illegally occupied by Israel

I am closing my account and will never open it again and will continue to let people know of your racism

- Bunk!!

Still waiting for my money to appear... magically now I’m hoping?✨

- Exchange Rate Woes

Love all things PayPal when it comes to eBay business and payments, customer service has always been pleasant and they actually have a personality when speaking with them. Only downfall as a Canadian - exchange rate is terrible when converting from USD to CDN funds - like BAD bad. Wish I could get a PayPal MasterCard to use - but only available for the lucky ducks in the USA. Cheers from Canada🇨🇦, EH!


Hi PayPal, as a minor I would highly consider changing the age requirements to make an account. Seeing how we are especially in this day and age it pretty much makes sense. A lot of underage teens have a cell phone number and people are already faking their information to make an account so why not just legalize it? No point in us losing all our money. Most banks also offer a youth account for minors and the places we get our money require PayPal. Or if we need to transfer our family from other countries money as well. I just think it makes sense in my opinion so place consider it as some of us need to help our families and need money in general.

- Went from bad to worse

They cover Chinese scammers selling fake bullions so they don’t have to reimburse the client. This company is definitely at the bottom. Don’t use them as buyer’s protection is nothing more than an ad to attract your there.

- Zero service

App stopped working. Provided information PP requested. No reply and no change in status of my account after two weeks and more then 2 hours waiting on hold with their call centre. Completely unreliable despite having gobs of my personal information.

- It’s a pain honestly

The app is good for sending small amounts of money but when you are in business and you need the money ASAP your funds maybe held for what reason after you took my money naaa fam.

- Beware

Do not trust these people with your money, they’ll constantly put your transfers ‘under review’ and will keep your funds for an undisclosed amount of time, sometimes to never see your money again. This has happened to me 4 times in one day and i’m getting no help and highly suspect this crooked company will be keeping my money. Better to stick to a reputable service that actually cares about their customers and not accruing money off of its clients.

- J

Useless app every time it make my account can not login in

- No response

Worst support from customer care. I have facing a issue from 3weeks, still there’s no response.

- Horrible Customer Support

Unable to reach a live person to speak to about my issue. Instead I get in app messages from foreign support individuals that hardly speak English. What ever happened to talking to to someone on the phone. These big businesses are getting Government loans then not Hiring Canadians to support people in this time of COVID. Bad customer support because big business is only interested in getting your money. Where is the negative star rating?

- PayPal

I love PayPal! They are a really reliable way to secure your money online. I feel as though My money is just as safe online with PayPal than any other regular bank that we use to do our day to day banking. People that are having problems are either not fully aware of the terms and conditions and or haven’t or hadn’t secured their account properly. Half the time we open an account online for whatever reason like services other than PayPal and just skim or breeze through the fine print or terms and conditions just to get the task done or get approved. Research is the key for not running into problems that they already warned us about. Problems arise with everything, But when you do your homework first you have the upper hand on how to take your approach.

- Very secure, quick & helpful.

Thank you!

- iPhone PayPal app

Excellent app simple to use once setup

- Great and safe way to pay

Super easy to shop online using PayPal. Great app to use and easy maneuver through.

- Nice app


- Good for sending money but I never receive what I try to deposit

Good for sending money...brutal for getting money! I’ve tried to deposit money from PayPal to my account and not only does the money never get to my account. PayPal says they’ve can’t find it and the bank says they have no record of PayPal even attempting to deposit.

- Been a while

I had trouble sending USD to USD and had to use my CAD account. To avoid hassle I used my CAD account but don’t appreciate the FX fee when I have a USD account and USD credit card that used to be on file. Have to sort out what happened to my banking info

- For 2

First one / The game is Awesome I love playing it daily for hours on end :) Second one / PayPal rocks just got some cash in my PayPal from a cash money game :)

- Thanks for screwing me

Pathetic service

- Simple and easy to use

i would suggest using this app if you are under age like me, and would like to shop online without a credit card, or if you always go out with your friends and need to pay them back, it makes it supper simple and easy to do so:)))

- Easy transaction

Love it because it is so easy to send money

- PayPal

I use all the time the best app ever I came across. Highly recommend to everyone.

- Love it!! 🌺❤️

Excellent!! 🌸💜

- Customer service

Their customer service sucks

- Review- less than 1 star

I have never had as much hassle/problems as with this program! Once I get my cash off their system/app I am going to delete it in a heartbeat?!!! And this review is being kind and generous- what a ______! !!

- Excellent

No complaints, always works perfectly!

- Inaccurate information

Since morning it says transaction completed; money deposited to bank account. But it’s not the case. It’s my first transaction so hopefully might get tomorrow in my account; but in any case inaccurate info.

- Super App

Always easy to use and reliable great support system

- Secure

Easy to use and always safe.

- desireeee

Good app chile

- Sad

I have not received any mail or information on when the merchandise arrives or the refund of my money, the purchase was made on Nov 22- 20 for $ 127 USA

- Buying

Way, way better than credit cards purchases!

- Great!

Easy to use!!

- Payment on hold

Worst app it put my money on hold and its been 20 days and I haven’t got my money yet

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- I use PayPal for all my business now

Paypal has been the most convenient way for me to do business. At this point, all of my invoices are submitted to clients through PayPal; I no longer accept any other form of payment. For this service, I pay a small percentage of each paid invoice (2.9%) to PayPal. Earlier this year, when a new client signed up for my service, with the terms of the agreement spelled out clearly on the PayPal invoice, and she later contested the payment because she changed her mind, PayPal intervened. She tried three times (the maximum number Paypal allows) to get Paypal to reimburse her the funds, but PayPal said her claim was not legitimate and the case was settled in my favor. That was the first time I had to take advantage of this service through PayPal, and I really understood and appreciated, after that, the value of the protection PayPal offers. Customer service is excellent. Occasionally two representatives will give me different information, but there’s always a supervisor available, if necessary, to get to the bottom of an issue. I’m so grateful for Paypal.

- Heads up!

I hadn’t used PayPal in a long time. But I recently made a purchase online and decided to use it. However the process ended up being bitter. As I made a payment to the seller, it came to my attention that if you use your bank account directly, the payment is processed as an e-check which can take up until 5-7 business days according to PayPal support. Ok, but no where in the app was this disclosed so that I could avoid it and add my card later and pay them immediately. They told me that I could cancel it and then resend the payment as I should’ve in the first place, but for some reason the option to cancel was not there... So I had to proceed with the transaction. It is currently the eighth day and the payment is still pending. At this point, I could’ve drove my other car and payed the seller directly and came back in half the time. What made this experience worse was that every time I would contact PayPal they would tell me that the money will be available later that afternoon and was GUARANTEED to be there... they told me that in three separate occasions in different dates. It was really frustrating and it didn’t help that the payment was for a vital part for my everyday car in order for it to run properly again that I couldn’t otherwise obtain nearby.

- Horrible communications!

I recently opened an account for business. I had not made maybe one transaction on the account to understand the process. Now I receive a message that my account can no longer be used! And I also cannot remove a payment method or close it! Thankfully I only added a $25 mastercard to see the process. Otherwise I would be forced to have my bank cancel my card and issue a new one. Due to the fact that you can only have a card linked to one account! During this trying time in the world I would be without a way to support my child or even but food for most likely 2-3 weeks! And of course they are not accepting any calls to any department besides collections! Waited almost a week to get a response from message center. And when I got it it was a blanket automated like message asking a question that I had already answered (being as it was what I needed help with)in my two or three messages I had sent them. Then days more for another similar type reply I finally gave up and opened this account instead only to have this added nightmare! PayPal clearly only about PayPal. I will be looking for another bank to do my business account there are plenty during this time of need that are actually there to help in any way and do!


This is not a review of the app, but of the company. There are so many other companies that are far more innovative and less problematic. Please help this industry out by not supporting PayPal and instead supporting any of the other payment platforms. PayPal puts an irresponsible number of holds, delays, and reviews on your account, balances, and transfers. You simply cannot count on PayPal. They are just trying to protect their bottom line at the complete expense of your convenience and even financial stability. UPDATE: I wish I could take more stars off because it gets worse. After waiting two weeks to be allowed access to the payment I received, basically the minute my money was supposed to be released to me, which I was planning around, they informed me that I have to upload 6 documents including original receipts of all the things I sold on ebay and the receipts need to be from the past six months. So basically there's no way to access my money because I purchased the things that I sold a few years ago. This company is ripe for a class action lawsuit and I absolutely cannot wait to get a letter in the mail someday informing me that I'm part of it. To any law firms considering a class action suit against PayPal, I will volunteer my time to do anything I can to help the case.

- App good customer service bad

The app it self is easy to use but god forbid you have van unforeseen use using it or with your PayPal acccount in general the customer service chat that is made available to you in the app is absolutely horrendous the people who converse with treat you like they are the teacher of a special needs class and you are a student. FYI it’s the employee wiry special needs or never got past a elementary reading comprehension level. I was told repeatedly that what I was saying was wrong (I was reading from on the screen front of me) and even resorted to take screen shots of issue in hopes of showing the person rhetoric were the one who had poor comprehension skills not me. Do you think that they admitted they were wrong even though the proof was plain as day in front of them? Nope I was still in the wrong. Spent 3 hours on Dec 23 with a moron that I could have been spending surfboard family and at the end of it nothing was resolved ir addresses NOTHING. I’m convinced rge first lesson they teach where training a customer service rep at PayPal is “treat customer like giagantic idiot in hopes they hand up on you in disgust and so you can go back to looking at social media”

- Takes your money without consent.

Pay pal is a widely used platform for online payment for many things, so like many others I decided to use it. Every thing was fine, they make you pay a pretty hefty tax so if you’re buying anything through a website over $50 the tax gets high in price. Other than that not much was wrong with the service. However, recently I subscribed to a twitch streamer for a few months and decided to cancel it due to a car wreak, since I was in a wreak I wanted to mitigate costs. So after canceling the subscription I then received a notification months after that not only did it not cancel but for some reason there was three twitch subs being taken out. Meaning I’m subscribed to three different streamers in which I never started. Giving PayPal the benefit of the doubt, I then tried to block all twitch transactions, it’s now 2 months later and I got another random twitch charge. The only way to stop the payments was to take my debit card off the account. I can say I’m NEVER going to use pay pal again. Wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who doesn’t want random charges. I’m also very knowledgeable when it comes to the internet and tech, so I can assure you that if it was something I did then it was designed to make it hard to fix.

- PayPal stole my money and lied about returning it

PayPal professed my payment from an account I had removed before putting in the transaction on the app. Then the bank charged me an insufficient funds fee because PayPal took money out of an account I had revoked their access to. I had to call the bank to have the fee refunded and I then after being told my PayPal transaction should process in 3-5 business days from the correct account- it still hasn’t processed in 2 and a half weeks and 2 weeks after the money left my bank account. I called PayPal to have the payment refunded and they told me the bank needed to approve the payment and they didn’t have my money- I can read my own bank statement. After asking to speak to a supervisor they set the phone down and hung up 5 minutes later. After I called back, and explained my situation and again asked for a supervisor, they assured my payment would be refunded to my by the 10th (3 days from that phone call). It is now the 11th and I had to pay twice for a Christmas gift that may not come in time for Christmas because PayPal is a failure of a company and they clearly keep money and bank information after you have removed it from your account. Pathetic. Venmo professed my payment to the recipient in 30 seconds.

- 5+ years - Never had any issues

Wow, just read some of the reviews and some were scary. Sometimes people can have one bad experience and it ruins their outlook on the product or service, though one time is all it takes, right? Maybe PayPal as a whole had some hiccups when the transfer of ownership took place. But in all honesty, PayPal is wonderful. Never had any issues sending/receiving money nor utilizing the funds that remained on the account to pay family, friends or vendors. And now, they offer money bank transfers, that’s wonderful! When the need for cash arose the funds were easily transferred to the bank, which usually took 24 to 48 hours on a business day. For example, when the transfer request took place on a Saturday the funds where available as soon as Monday. Just be sure you allot yourself enough time for the transfer, as the free request to transfer your funds isn’t instant, but do believe PayPal offers a faster option for a fee. Happy PayPal-ling from a happy and satisfied customer. :)


I literally don’t have words to describe how much I hate PayPal and don’t understand how they are still in business with how sketchy this company is. I sell things on eBay constantly and for no reason at all, Paypal sometimes decides to hold my money and put my entire account on a freeze. No explanation at all or a warning. I go to call customer service, their ENTIRE company is closed? WHAT?! I understand with the whole covid thing going on but how the hell does an ENTIRE company this big shut down? Your telling me someone can’t pick up the phone from home to help customers? So on top of the money they are holding for NO reason, my account is frozen for NO reason and there’s no way of fixing it. Instead, it says online that after 180 days they will review my account again and see if they will put it in good standing. THATS 6 MONTHS. On top of all this, I bought a tablet for $1000 and they double charged me before freezing my account so I couldn’t do anything about being charged $2,000. This entire company is a JOKE and I will be shocked if they are still in business in a couple years. EBAY PLEASE FORM ANOTHER PARTNERSHIP WITH ANOTHER PAYMENT COMPANY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. Or you will suffer business losses because of stupid PayPal and people not wanting to deal with them.

- How I feel about paypal

PayPal I think is the best. Your protected all around. From being over charged,not receiving your merchandise, not what you order, and faulty and defective items. Items that don’t meet your standards. You also can set up a saving account as part of your subscription. 100% protected. Every item comes with a warranty that your 100% satisfied. Set up a money pool or donate to your favorite charity. It’s the best in there field. So easy to use if you Love it or Hate it. So easy to use. Keep tracks of all packages that are sent to you with tracking Numbers. It is accepted worldwide and cacalates foreign exchange automatically, the exchange rate no extra work when you send the money. I have been using it since 2001. No more double payments like in the pass. A lot of stores are accepting it now. The even have you protect. Just in case your 2 year old orders an item on line. They have that protected too. Everything is protected. Only down fall is how much you can send at one time. A+A+A+A+A+ what can I say I love it. Jim Sch..............

- Couldn’t be happier

I’ve been using PayPal since the beginning, always had a good experience but this app takes my appreciation for their service to another level! It’s so easy to add, remove, or edit banking information, send and receive money, and see the history of purchases with vendors so I can calculate my spending or review items on invoices to ensure I’ve received what I am supposed to. I love the fact that I don’t have to disclose banking information for purchases that offer checking out with PayPal, and not needing to fill out shipping info is another plus, I wish PayPal was offered as a payment option with every vendor! I needed to contact them and instead of waiting on hold for the next agent I was offered a call back which actually happened within the timeframe given! My issue was handled by a professional and courteous representative and I was off the phone in 5 minutes completely satisfied and a happy camper to be sure. Over all I recommend this app, and using PayPal for purchases and business billing!

- Don’t trust them to get your money back...

I’m livid. I just want my friggen money back. It’s quite obvious I’m never going to receive my order. If pay pal would actually take the time to truly investigate they’d find out that the dispute I made and that they’re a scam company and go by a plethora of aliases. I only wish I’d not trusted an ad on Facebook to be legitimate for this website. I feel like I’m not being trusted as a customer and I don’t think they’re going to help me get my money back. If that’s the case, I can’t recommend this company to anyone. It’s been much longer than what was said it should take timeline wise to get my money back so what is going to be done about it? We’re just going to let the thieves steal and not put a stop to it continuing? In addition, they said they filed a claim yet it shows 0 claims on my pay pal and they’re phone service is shut down and when I try to do messages it says they’re closed down as well. 🤷‍♀️ There is a timeline and I’m sure they’ll stick to that even though they’re the ones that aren’t abiding the timeline. I will never use pay pal again. I much rather just use my own bank because they would’ve cancelled this payment immediately and investigated to stop further harm to their other customers.

- Conditional Fraud Protection

I don’t use paypal often. It’s something that I have because it makes it easier for me and my friends to split checks for going out to eat or do something fun. I recently got a notification out of the blue that $78 was successfully transferred from my account to a name I didn’t recognize. I immediately started a message chat to get in touch with a representative, and while I was waiting for a response, I found the resolution center and put in a dispute for the charge. A few hours later, I still had not had a response from a representative, but I received an e-mail that said that a resolution to my dispute had been made. No further details, no link to find out more details. Earlier today, 23 hours after I had sent the first message to the message center, I finally got a response from a representative. They simply told me that my dispute for the charge was declined. No reasons, no further details. So I finally did what I should’ve done from the beginning and contacted my bank, they took action immediately. So if you’re on paypal, be very careful where you login, and change your password frequently. Because it’s a 50/50 chance as to whether or not they can help you with fraud, and they won’t tell you why either way.

- PayPal is extremely frustrating!

This thing only even gets a star cause it allows me to purchase certain things that only accept PayPal and PayPal is all over.. But in terms of receiving and transferring money they flat out deserve a zero for both the app and PayPal itself. I've been trying forever to add my acct on there so when I transfer my money it's free but still after countless attempts , it still won't approve my bank acct BUT I CAN TRANSFER USING MY CARD SO THEY CAN TAKE OUT A STUPID FEE. I honestly prefer another app to receive money but PayPal is able to be used in Guam where my family is from; The money was sent to me and although my mom put the wrong phone number PayPal accepted it and took out the money from her acct. But I never received a thing. PayPal shall have a protective thing to where if none of the information matches then the money does not go through. Because how in the world can they enter the correct name , address, email and I still not receive it but it be taken out ?!! It makes no sense where the money would go. It should've gotten to me using the right information entered or the payment should have gotten declined for missing information. Now we gotta wait for the dispute so who knows when the funds will go back to my mom's acct.

- Greatest stolen money protection

I was very happy with the way my claim was handled. I seen that money had been taken off a card I had linked to my PayPal account. I contacted customer service and they connected me to the fraud department. They were polite and listened to all information and concerns handle the whole process in under 10 mins and said the money would be replaced no longer then 14 days . Now all this was handled on Christmas Eve . It is great joy and a blessing to know for my online purchases have protection and service by a company with outstanding rep and I fill confident with every purchase I will make for years to come . I recommend PayPal to all my friends and family so they get the protection and confidence I have with all there purchases. Thanks so much for all your hard work on behalf of family and I hope every single employee and your company has had a wonderful Holiday season and look forward to having y’all behind my purchasing power in 2020 and years to come . Thanks your new customer, Lynn

- Terrible Service, Terrible Company

If i could give a negative score I would. I sold 2 Items on eBay, TWO! The second Item there was a problem on eBays end saying the payment was not made. They told me to contact the buyer and ask them to cancel the payment and pay again using a different form of payment and to NOT ship the item yet. I told the buyer and he insisted his payment was legit. I then contacted PayPal and they told me the payment is on hold and to NOT ship the item yet. At this point the buyer opens up a dispute and PayPal puts limitations on my account and says I can no longer do business using PayPal and I can not touch my money for 180 days. I contact them, they don’t tell me why they came to that decision, they don’t even know why they came to that decision and tell me there is nothing they can do to undo it. I want to close this dispute case I. Good standing, so I ask what’s going on with the payment and they tell me that the payment was made from the buyer and it is safe to ship the item and I was given bad information from the person who told me not to ship the item. I ship the item, the buyer received it and was happy with it and marked the dispute as resolved. I still am told I can no longer use PayPal or touch my money. Please, DO NOT USE PAYPAL!!!!!!!!

- PayPal is allowing me to be ripped off...

I have been with PayPal for more years than I can remember, but since they have moved to this last new system of operation customer service is not engaging with their buyers fully with their issues. I have yet to be asked about clarity about my order issues. I use to be able to talk yo someone other than in limited text messages if inboxing with limited choices to define my issues. If I said I did not get what I ordered they declined to discuss with me directly what that means because the rip off vendors can prove delivery. If I have tried to contact vendor and could not to discuss items not being what I ordered then I did not receive what I purchased per the advertisement. I have many communications with vendors I did reach via emails not accepting that I should not have to pay to return items that are not what I purchased, and that is not from where the ads implied I was purchasing from. PayPal claims it protects us but it seems now they do with it without some of us no matter how long we been with them. I have lost a lot of money using pay pal and the vendors are getting over on us with false advertised locations and products. And PayPal is allow it!

- Account was hacked! Terrible customer service!

My account was hacked and I have never received a return call or email from any representative at PayPal to discuss this issue despite the numerous emails/messages sent. To this date, I have only received automated messages that have not directly addressed the problem. Thank God my bank declined the unauthorized transfer request because I was not able to address my concerns and issues with PayPal. However, after reporting the fraud on numerous occasions, PayPal in their infinite wisdom decided to place limitations on my account after the fact and is currently now allowing me to close my account despite the numerous requests sent in messages to do so. Instead, I’m constantly advised that it does not cost any amount to keep the account open. After my experience with PayPal, I ABSOLUTELY want to close my PayPal account ASAP but PayPal is REFUSING to allow me to do so!!! I caution any one of you regarding using PayPal to be careful because they are definitely not on a customer’s side and are only interested in benefiting from your use of PayPal. Note: These PayPal accounts are hacked all the time and for this reason and many others PayPal would not get any star from me but I’m forced to at least give them 1 star. WARNING: AVOID PAYPAL!!!

- PayPal is horrible!

PayPal has the worst customer service ever. They do business with thieves and allow them to set up accounts and knowingly rip people off. I myself purchased items from a company advertised on Facebook and completed the purchase with my PayPal account and I provided proof that the company was fraudulent from the emails to the mail fraud and PayPal did nothing. I fought with PayPal every day for almost a month sending emails and getting denied and not having a human being to communicate with. That’s right, you can call but you can’t speak to a person, everything is virtual!!! PayPal knowingly continues to do business with these thieves that are ripping people of and it is probably an inside job! Horrible horrible thieves! You allow companies to steal money from buyers and you do nothing!!! I showed PayPal proof that your clients were lying and that the information they provided was fraudulent and PayPal denied my claim multiple times. I should not have had to spend all my time and effort to prove that your clients are ripping people off! The USPS said that they have thousands of claims a day regarding this matter and that PayPal is very much aware of this. So sad! I finally got my money back after filing with the BBB and with the US PostMaster General. Not even an apology!

- bad. and very mad

i made a paypal account so i could buy and sell clothes online, and it was going well until i realized i have to accept cash, and if i don’t within a month, they send the money back to the people who sent it. you cannot accept money without being verified on paypal. i have tried on countless occasions to get verified. i cannot get a paypal card due to being 17 at the moment, you cannot apply for a card unless you are 18 (they claimed you have to be at least 18 to have an account but on apple play store it says 4+ and i never got a question asking am i 18 or over and if i did or didn’t give my birthday, they never declined me opening an account due to being 17.) anyway, i tried to get verified by sending the two deposits to my bank account, and they never sent. it’s been almost a month now. when i tried again it said i ran out of “attempts” and wouldn’t let me try to verify anymore. when i looked for a customer service number, i found nothing. help page did not help either. the app i use to sell clothes didn’t give me another option to send money to, they ran off paypal or else i would NOT be in this situation. i’m going to lose my money, and if that happens i will be extremely mad. do not recommend paypal.

- Intrusions and hackers!

For the Past two weeks I have been included on an act on until I cannot hardly stand it anymore. In fact, just now trying to get on PayPal I had a warning come up that this to site had been a danger for me to get on. I want around it another way and I hope they don’t catch me. These people are asking me such questions as my Social Security number my credit cards etc. I don’t know what to do I’ve tried everything and now I’m really stuck because I don’t wanna put personal information such as Social Security number and credit card for them to steal again. I wish PayPal would contact me instead of making me contact them the way they want me to. If it is them. I’ve had no problem with anything especially PayPal since the last two weeks and I can tell you I have had to change my password several Times on everything I do on the computer. I’m so confused I don’t even know what password I put where. I put a new antivirus on my phone and iPad hoping to stop them and it hasn’t. I’m at the end I need help. Hope you can help me PayPal.

- Not customer friendly

I purchased a product online and used PayPal. It turned out to be a scam, the product was not usable and certainly not as advertised. I requested a refund and went through a lengthy chain of communication over several weeks with PayPal. Each interaction was with a new person so it was like starting over each time. I got promises of a refund then they said I needed to send pictures as proof the product was no good. Then they said I needed to file a report with the FBI. And they terminated the complaint because I didn’t respond quickly enough. In looking at the PayPal online community, there around 130 other PayPal customers with similar complaints about this same seller, yet PayPal continued to allow them as a vendor. I had to go through my credit card company to request a refund, I sent pictures and an explanation one time to Chase Visa and out of the blue, PayPal notified me that they had changed the account to refund my money. I am rating 2 stars because I did get the refund, it was exhausting and only after I complained to Chase did I get any resolution. Love Chase! Lesson learned, PayPal is not my friend or advocate and I will never use it to purchase from a new seller.

- 10+ years.... Good but disappointing as any other bank....

I have been a PayPal user for a very very long time. Despite my tenure as a loyal customer with 100’s of transactions, the system security precautions are sometimes debilitating. Be warned... even though they say they offer an instant transfer service between the cash in PayPal account and your personal bank account doesn’t mean it will happen. They can and will hold your money up to 72 hours before it transfers. To make it worse they don’t tell you that they are holding your money until after the transaction completes and you can’t cancel it. So effectively, PayPal can take your money from your PayPal account and hold it up for three days before it shows up in your bank account. YOUR money can just disappear. If you call customer service, they will tell you that they have no power to change it. But as someone trying to run a business, it just doesn’t work to offer a 10 minute cash transfer service that doesn’t always work. Consider sticking with your local bank in the future.

- Scammed

The first and only time I used PayPal I could see the good that came with it, but I’ve experienced only the bad and unfortunately PayPal does nothing about it when it’s done the right way. I was recently a victim of a cyber fraud crime and was being extorted unless certain monetary exchanges were made. I made payments, however, i TRIED to inform PayPal customer service thinking with a written police report and any other necessary items of proof to show that I was being extorted. The criminal must do this regularly because he knew to make me into sending it as friends and family. What the sad part is despite everything PayPal could possibly need from me to show my innocence their claim was that is wasn’t “unauthorized” for the fact of it being sent as family and friends. It truly is heartbreaking because I’m seeing a lot of similar stories online. What I know is that I was extorted and had all the proof to plead my case. Extortion is a HIGHLY ILLEGAL crime and should be looked into, and to have proof of this and have my case denied truly shows what time of company PayPal is in my eyes. I hope that this is just a warning for everyone else who gets in a sketchy situation to not make the same mistake myself, or anyone, did because PayPal will not help you.

- Trusted above the Rest.

I started using PayPal all the time since I discovered how awesome & fast the worked ‘ I made a purchase from a add on Facebook and used Paypay ‘ Well needles to say Facebook doesn’t care about the people they just use & abuse them ‘ but PayPal cares ‘because the store I made a 2,500 dollar purchase was not available for a response after 3 times the amount of time went by & nothing was sent to me for the item I bought it was one item and So since I used PayPal they didn’t ask me to perform impossible acts of feats to jump through hoops of burning flames to see if I may get some of my money back ‘ nope they simply asked did I reach out to the store ‘ yes many times and e few more since they asked me to try so nothing happened and Paypal had the money in my bank without a few really short minutes. I do not do anything anymore without PayPal having my back Nope won’t do it no way ! Just recently I got the wrong size top and PayPal is getting me my top back also ‘ thanks paypay I love you ‘ !

- Message center

Please update the message center/customer support. Maybe change it to a more realistic message center. If I send a picture it would be helpful if I could 1.) select multiple pictures so I don’t forget and 2.) Actually see the pictures I sent so I don’t send multiples of the same one. Maybe customer support should also be through text? Data & rate charges applied for quicker customer service.. **Update: I’ve been fighting a case for almost a month. I originally gave this app three stars but now I’ll give it 1, if I could give it 0 then I would. Pretty much I made a purchase through another app(Depop), and although I was signed into paypal it was a “guest” purchase. Meaning I can’t find the transaction so it’s like it doesn’t exist. Imagine if I would’ve deleted the receipt email, I would’ve never been able to file a dispute/claim. Even though I’m still not getting anywhere already, I’m TRYING SO HARD TO GET MY MONEY BACK. I find myself having to re-explain myself every so often because if you don’t respond back to the customer support within two seconds after you’ve been waiting HOURS or DAYS on them, good freaking luck. Once I win this case if I ever do, if I ever see pay through PayPal ever again IM RUNNING.

- Ridiculous amount of time to transfer money

I transferred money from my bank to my PayPal to buy something. And it took over 5 days to get into my PayPal. I tried to cancel because it was $70~ I was out of. Money I needed. I call PayPal, and they say they can’t do anything, it’s up to my bank. So I call my bank and they say it’s up to PayPal. So for 5 days I was out of my own money because PayPal takes a ridiculous amount of time just to use your own money. There is no warning before you transfer letting you know it will take 5+ days. Or else I wouldn’t have done it. And if I wanted my money back right away it would cost small fee. So now I have to pay to get my own money back. Or, I can take the free route and it will take an extra day or 2. PayPal is such a mess, I’m so disappointed. I’ll never use PayPal again, and I would never recommend using PayPal to anyone. The hoops you have to jump through to use your own money is stupid. I’d rather take the “risk” and just use my debit/credit card.

- Beware- These people are scam artists

Wow. Where do I even start. I wish you could give zero stars because this company definitely deserves it. First of all, if you need to talk to anybody, you can’t get through. You go in circles until you’re so frustrated you just give up. I sold a few books and the person paid me by sending the money to my PayPal. PayPal wouldn’t let me have MY MONEY. So I refunded the money to the person that sent it and PayPal still took some of the money! That’s all it took for me to cancel my account and never use PayPal again. They also wanted me to verify my identity. I live in the country and only receive mail at a PO Box. PayPal told me to upload a recent credit card statement so I did. Denied. I tried uploading another document with my address on it. Denied. I do not receive mail with my physical address on it. I have never been more frustrated in my life. As a company they have the worst customer service, and an overall feeling that they could care less about you or what you’re saying. I will never again try to do business with them and I will make it my life’s mission to tell everybody I encounter that PayPal is nothing but a scam. Thanks for nothing. You people should be ashamed of yourselves. Good riddance.

- From First To Worst

PayPal (along with the PayPal credit) was my go-to online payment processing vendor of choice. They made everything easy and secure, until they didn’t. I have had a dispute lodged with PayPal credit since November of 2019. It took several months for me to receive a response from PayPal with regard to my dispute, and that response was a denial, meaning I was on the hook for almost $400 for an item I never received. Not once did PayPal ever contact me during the dispute process, as I had emails and contact information for the vendor that stated PayPal’s system was blocking them from processing a refund to my account. It is currently June of 2020. This has been going on since November of last year. Neither PayPal nor PayPal credit has anyone that can be reached by phone to resolve the issue due to COVID-19. So here I am, on the hook for $400, with a vendor that is trying to refund that $400 and can’t, and no one that can assist at PayPal. This has been one of the most frustrating situations I have ever been in when it comes to a financial services company. It’s unbelievable. This could have serious implications on my credit score unless I pay the $400 myself, and the vendor will not allow me to receive a cash refund. The entire situation is maddening.

- Horrible

I started a new PayPal and was sent money they told me I have to verify and write a letter to pay pal? For what I don’t know? So I did as they asked sent them a photo id and a bill for my address and sent an extra address letter and my letter stating what I sent and why they reviewed it in one day and rejected them all! Now I have over 300$ frozen or as they like to say Pending and I called hoping to just clear it up since I did send over extra info and they told me there was nothing that they could do and that they don’t know when they money will clear I asked if they could just put it in my PayPal money instead of transferring it to my bank that is verified and they said NO!!! The person who sent the money also called his bank and pay pal to be told he didn’t need to call and hung up on!!! Once and if I get my money I will remove it immediately and delete my account I would rather use snail mail at this point then ever use PayPal and give them .25 cents to transfer!!! Good riddens!!!

- Love PayPal and the flexibility

I’ve had PayPal for about four years now and I am very happy with the services they provide, the option for no interest on purchases above certain amounts, and the way that PayPal keeps track and makes it easy for the consumer to look at what they’ve spent and what their payments are going to be. The only fault I have is that a multibillion dollar company cannot afford to switchThe way that PayPal screen pops up when you login. If you’re on a tablet, which most people are on now. It does not switch to landscape mode and is very difficult to use with the keyboard in the long way or the landscape mode. If you go to type something on my iPad when PayPal‘s open the keyboard cuts off key information of where you’re typing or sometimes the instructions or information you need is covered by the keyboard. Just update the software already. Tablets are a reality and have helped PayPal get to the point they are. Make me in many many other PayPal consumers happy and spend the money on switching the to landscape and phone modes.

- Pay pal is great

What I love the most about PayPal besides all the features everyone likes and if people take advantage of you like you purchase a product in good faith and of course up to 30 or40 days is normally enough time to ship out the item and you receive it! But I’m finding it’s taking up to 5months and this was before Covid. Really who waits not me I’ll go pay the extra in town even if the trip in is painful because I need to get it done or Christmas is over and grandkids didn’t get stuff you ordered way back in July why? They over sell and must wait I think don’t know BUT PayPal will go get your money back and cancel especially when you have sent so many emails and they lie!! Only one time did I feel it was unfair! And this month I tried to pay my rent with PayPal and my landlord said he had trouble getting it and to never use it again!! Really money is money to me then to try his way took me 12 wasted dAys and had to borrow cash to put in bank account what a pain!

- Sometimes you work perfectly sometimes your really don’t

Often I do the auctions and if I when more times than not when I use your system to pay for the item directly it doesn’t work. My account had the amount necessary to pay for the item but through your system it didn’t work. After which I would try the payment at a later date but still unsuccessful. This had caused problems with the seller and me. Then eBay would sometime penalize me for unpaid items. After reach out to your costumer service which was completely difficult to contact. Even more so during the Covid-19 which is a wonder to me as it seems like a job that can be done from home. During a time when people need work. But no help from eBay. Anyway after being penalize me for unpaid items, I either lose the item because your system of payment didn’t work or I had to contact the vendor to figure out other ways of paying them. Other than that your system works well.

- Worst Customer Service Imaginable

They post promotional financing purchases as regular purchases and require customers to call at least 5 times all the while insisting they cannot help because processes are automated and they have no ability to amend transactions from customer service. When I was hacked and they removed my bank account for making payments to PayPal as a precaution, they again said their processes are automated, my payment account cannot be linked anymore, and they have no ability to help me whatsoever. Any mistakes they make are incorrectable because customer service has no admin permissions, and they’re trained to say they can’t help over finding a way to help or forward a ticket to tech support or their other departments, such as promotional financing. It’s a real joke. I personally won’t recommend or use PayPal in the future. If you don’t require customer service and can rely on PayPal to be mistake-free with your accounts, you will find their service useful but nothing that can’t be found elsewhere with accountable, helpful, and useful customer service personnel. Easily correctible issues that should be solved over the phone are month long problems involving investigations and multiple messages with PayPal.

- BUYERS BEWARE!!! You aren’t protected

I have been using PayPal for over 15 years. I recently made a purchase on Etsy from a seller listed in the US and paid for the item with PayPal May 31st. Without notice the Etsy shop closed. I reached out to Etsy and they said to file a dispute with PayPal since payment made through them (they're a whole other story..) I filed the dispute and per PayPal they gave the seller a couple weeks to respond. The seller never responded but randomly I received “my order” from a United States address. However, the items weren’t correct. I reached out to PayPal again this time asking for a refund bc the items received were t correct. They said to get my refund I would have to send the package back at my expense to the return address provided by the seller. The problem? The address was in INDONESIA. NOT the US address I received the package from. So I, not the seller would have to eat the shipping cost and pray that the package gets a confirmed delivery for an address in some village in Indonesia during a global pandemic. RIGHT... PayPal’s customer service is an absolute joke. I will never use them again and would strongly advise anyone using them to reconsider. They do not offer buyer protection. So disappointed I used them for so long.

- first time paypal user’s experience.

As an 18 year old with no experience with credit cards lemme just tell you the decision of which company to go with was a hard one. I settled on paypal as i had linked my bank and debit card to it so it just made sense. I use paypal credit which gives me 6 months financing on anything 99$+. I also just recently got the paypal mastercard which i think is a good alternative if you dont have one through your bank because you can pay both your credit balance and mastercard balance straight through the app without any confusion or fees. The cashback mastercard also has a very nice 2% cashback on all purchases and i think anyone just starting out with credit or maybe just looking for the simplest experience with a good ui will love paypal. The only downside i can speak of is that their customer service people seem to be foreign and use alot of scripted responses and answers. That being said i still think paypal is one of the best companies/apps to go with.

- Great App until they keep your money!

PayPal is great for sending and receiving money. It is easy but they are holding my money hostage. Be careful because they will keep your money and there’s nothing you can do about it. I have spent a lot of money sending from my card because PayPal won’t let me add funds because they say my husband’s work card is prepaid. And they are keeping my money because they want me to verify my account and I can’t. Somehow my name got messed up when creating the account and now they want me to verify that it’s me. Well I can’t because it says my name is Jones Jones when my name is Heather Jones and there is nothing You can do to fix it. So they are holding my PayPal balance and won’t even let me spend it. Also if they think you are sending to a business and you are sending friends and family they will keep your money just because they want that fee. Wether you are or not. They go by their opinion. Proof doesn’t matter. They will still keep it for at least 30 days & you might never get it back. I would recommend cash app, Facebook pay or Circle. These are all money sending apps that don’t keep your money and are easy.

- The best financial institution for entrepreneurs

First I will say that this is my review ever. Not just for PayPal, but among any inter service I use in USA. I’m a personal trainer, or I was. Thanks to PayPal I was able to move to online nutrition coaching and training. I sell my programs around the world and I get instant payments. I’ve tried money wires, bank transfers, especially with Europe is nightmare. With PayPal, I have trusted partner for all my sells, accounting, and more. I’m really thankful this company exists. Compare to other bank, like Bank of America for example, when you decide to call, still real person is the one who pick up the phone and work with you for your case. Thank you PayPal. Thanks to you, I’m more flexible to work and travel the world in my terms. I’m calling PayPal partner, because the fate share of my profit is cut by small percentage for the service charge. Still fare. I advice any of my customers to open account, not just to trade with me, but for them and their eventual freedom using it as me, for my business.


Dont use PayPal if you plan to have invoices and other payments over $500. They initially hold the money for 21 days, no matter what. Also, PayPal doesn’t ‘like’ other entities. What I mean, except for cash via Walmart(however, withdrawing a $1000 more than once will result in an account freeze) your options to use the money in a brick and mortar store are limited. Especially when the Credit Card doesn’t work. After verifying my transactions multiple times and asking to close my account, PayPal put me on permenant limitations! Meaning I cannot do anything with money. This is for a minimum of 180 days! They are holding the money(both payments over $500 and the balance In Permanently limited accounts.). This is due to ‘suspicious activities.’ Activities I verified, and were fine until I brought up closing account. The monopoly they have online has caused my memorabilia business to suffer. Add to that the fact I couldn’t pay bills for a few weeks, and you’ll see how PayPal truly is. They do t care of I’m homeless and will not release the thousands of dollars, obtained legally, currently in my account. Small transactions may be ok. But, if you want to get bigger, use eChecks or cashier checks. Wish I was given that advice.

- 20 years and now I’m concerned.

So I’ve used PP for over 20 years primarily as an ebay payment method and means to transfer to my bank. Recently , I sold something and went to transfer that money to my checking account at local bank. I looked for the money for a few days and no go. PayPal had somehow screwed up and deleted my checking account off my account. Their e mail quoted checking ending in xxxx and those numbers were wrong. They added a zero to my checking account randomly. Wow. Scary. I have transferee to that account t from PP for years and all of a sudden I have my account number wrong ? Ah no PP your data handling was wrong. I contacted PP via mail and they said it was my banks fault. Ah no pay pal they did not add a zero to my account number you did. I fixed it and believe the money will not transfer yet I wonder why this happened and if PP after really being a great company for me , now is unreliable. I’ll be attentive to switching to Apple Pay as soon as it’s viable for all transactions. If PP reads this and acts. They care ! If not and that’s my bet. Watch your funds. One little digit could cost ya big.

- Love me some PayPal!

Who doesn’t use PayPal? The app is user-friendly, and gives you access to a payment method accepted just about everywhere these days. What was once just a way to pay for eBay, has become the preferred way to pay for most all purchases online or in store with your free PayPal debit! I never have any unfortunate overdraft situations or the hefty fees to go along with it, either. If the money isn’t there, it doesn’t charge you $25 for declining a charge like some prepaid cards do, either. Makes you wonder why other banks can’t figure out how to do this! I still have my regular bank, but use PayPal for nearly all my transactions because of their buyer protection and the MasterCard extended warranty's that comes with each account! This app is a stripped-down version of their site that puts all the most-used tools a few taps away to pay! I recommend PayPal to everyone for easy instant money transfers between friends, family, colleagues, and of course, everyday purchases!

- Annoyed

It used to be God but for some reason on my account I keep seeing a 24 hour hold for all my money and the reason why a lot of the times that I PayPal you is because my friend left your card and we need money or an emergency happen and I need my I need the money and it’s not letting me do it every time I spent 24 hour hold and it never usually that when I first got the app doesn’t do that to anyone else so I don’t know why does it to me I don’t know if anyone else has the same issue but it’s very stressful when you’re counting on that money and that’s like oh no you can’t have it you have to wait at it like I did all the security question I gave them pictures of my Social Security card and everything and you’re still hold on it and it doesn’t do that to anyone else’s if I PayPal my fiancé or a best friend they get theirs right away and I don’t get why I don’t get mine right away so i’m going to be canceling my account today after their money that they sent me yesterday goes through because I’m obviously not going to make them you know be negative because of my PayPal account but once like I saw that money comes through I’m just going to delete my account altogether because it’s not worth it for me anymore

- The limitations.. 😩

I have had paypal for a long time and I just finally got a business going for my art page, recently I wanted to have someone pay me and it had where you can send out your paypal, they limited me because they thought someone was trying to hack me, when actually it was just me, and since I don’t have a drivers license and a passport since I work at home, they will not remove the limitation on the paypal, so no money can be moved in or out of the account, it won’t even let me remove the account, you would think they would let anyone have account but no they ask for info that some don’t have... so now I have a account just laying around, I really don’t suggest it if you are limited to ID sources, plus they don’t let you use just your drivers permit, and school ID. I really think using paypal Causes a unexpected hassle to people that want to use it, even if you are a student and want to make extra cash and you can’t drive they make it impossible!!!

- PayPal has awful customer service

I was going through a legal custody issue and needed money for my lawyer. PayPal allowed me to receive the money but blocked me from withdrawing it. I waited the 48 hours customer service told me to wait and still could not get my money. Customer service couldn’t and wouldn’t help me get my money into the only bank account that I possess. So I sent the $2000 to a friend whom I trust and she sent me the money via Venmo without a problem, except PayPal took out a $58 fee because apparently I accidentally sent it as a business transaction instead of friends and family. I informed PayPal of the error and was told my friend could resolve the issue and get the fee back. Then she attempted to do that and was told by a different agent that refunding the fee was impossible. I do not recommend this service at all. They screwed me out of $58 of my money and made minimal attempts to resolve the issue. I will be using Venmo only from now on as I’ve never had a problem with them.

- Customer Service is Awful

The app was incorrectly charging me to send money because it was defaulting to using my credit card instead of my bank account and was not allowing me to change that preference so I called customer service. It took (no exaggeration) 30+ minutes to resolve, most of which I spent on hold. The operator was very dismissive and condescending the whole time and I was never refunded that fee. Basically they just told me well maybe there was a glitch or something but next time call us first or else you have to call whoever you sent money to and tell them to refuse it and then call us in order to not be charged. This has been typical of my dealings with PayPal. They don't like to admit that there is anything wrong with their service or their app, and then they give you some really stupid solution that doesn't involve them doing anything for you. I hate dealing with their customer service and find myself having to do so more and more. I am looking for an alternative to PayPal. Here's something else: take a close look at the supposed 5 star reviews. Most of them read the same way their customer service agents talk. I'm convinced most of those reviews are bogus ones written by hired posters.

- Very Poor Customer Service

I used to be a big fan of PayPal. I wish I could give it a -5 star rating, but 1 is as low as I can go. One day I get a couple of emails about transferring money and adding a new card. It was fraudulent. I immediately logged in and changed my password within 10 min of receiving the emails. I followed the steps which guide you thru an automated service, not a phone call. Unhappily I followed the steps the ultimately told me I would receive a resolution email within 10 days. 10 DAYS!! In about 7 days, I received an email stating the activity was normal and my claim was denied!! Mind you, my account balance was now zero! I had to call and wait hours to get to someone to review it. After a few more days, I received an email approving the refund but now my account is limited. I cannot seem to get all steps completed to unlock my account. I have to wait hours again for phone support, since the recommended text help runs me in circles. Now my money has been locked up for weeks and I can’t get any help at get to my money. I am so upset with PayPal and the process. I learned my lesson, and will only use as absolutely needed and otherwise never use again. BEWARE OF YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!

- Best business on the Internet

These people Agents and security team they have and are above and beyond Super Good High quality well educated team of people that will go through Hell and High water to protect and back up your account if anything goes south on your account from a bad sale or someone hacking your account through a sale I’m totally grateful for everything they have done for me and that’s coming from a someone with first hand experience seeing what they are made of I do not buy or sell anything not unless the other party excepts and I will continuously use PayPal no matter what I Highly trust them and highly recommend anyone to use PayPal to anyone buying on this highly dangerous internet it’s full of predators looking to scam people and hack your accounts especially these sleaze ball Asians sites you’ll be seeing But Thank You PayPal team from the bottom of my heart from rescuing me from these Online Demons yes very satisfied customer belonging to this Team of experts Thank You !!!

- Frustrated with a case I’m disputing!

I ordered kayaks 3 online and realized within a day it may not be a reputable company. The ad said if you used PayPal there would be free shipping. They must have known how to hack PayPals system.... Sure enough when I tried to go back the site was no longer there. They had an email address to contact if there were questions. Which I did several times. I opened a case with PayPal immediately. There isn’t a way to contact a real person at all! It’s all through an automated system that doesn’t always fit the situation. I never was able to even “chat” with someone online. When PayPal contacted the company, they gave them a fake USPS tracking label so PayPal released $273 to them and denied the case. I contacted the post office and the tracking # was to a different location in our town and it weighed 15 Oz. One kayak is 40 lbs! Currently I’m still trying to get through to PayPal and at the same time this bogus company is still scamming people! Up until now I have not had an issue with PayPal but I will use my credit card from now on because it is safer. When I’ve had issues my bank always knows about suspicious activity and wouldn’t have even allowed this company to scam!

- Think Twice before Using!!

I signed up for a PayPal account ages ago just to have one, but didn’t end up wanting to use it until the last month or so. Imagine my surprise when I logged on and found my account partially locked, despite no purchases having been made. This would be an arguable acceptable protocol EXCEPT the ONLY way it would be unlocked was if I UPLOADED MY PASSPORT OR DRIVER’S LICENSE to the website. Because that sounded shady and because I didn’t want to share this personal info, I called Customer Service. However, they refused to remove the restrictions, despite how I answered all the information and security questions correctly. Then, out of frustration, I asked for them to delete my account because I didn’t want to deal with it anymore. They refused AGAIN, stating that the only way I could have my account deleted was if I had the restrictions removed, which could only be done if I uploaded my passport (noticing a pattern?)! I couldn’t even lodge a complaint with my account restricted, and the fact that they were basically withholding my account until I gave this info to them only added salt to the wound. Please learn from my experience and think TWICE before you decide to use PayPal!


PLEASE do not use pay pal. You can create multiple accounts using someone’s name as long as you enter in ANY information. THEY DO NOTHING TO VERIFY YOUR IDENTITY! I’m not the only one this has happened to. This “company” is a sham. I have a pay pal account I created this year in my name. My FIRST account. Today I had an hour conversation with a “manager” of a call center because there is ANOTHER ACCOUNT in MY NAME. this account wasn’t created by me. She says the account has a negative balance so SOMEHOW this account is associated with a person I know and her account is getting closed because of this account of “mine”. The manager asked for my information to this other account of “mine”. I gave her every possible email, phone number and address that could’ve been mine. She said none of it matched. I ask to report it as fraudulent. She says she’ll put in a ticket. I ask what will happen next. She says a person will review it to see if it’s fraudulent. If they decide that it’s not then they leave the account open and do NOTHING. Example: John Smith is a common name. 5 John Smith’s have accounts with pay pal. PAY PAL CANNOT TELL THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ANY OF THE ACCOUNTS. next thing you know, you’re being accused of fraud.

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Ad filterers avid users of a variety of mobile payment options—from Venmo to Paypal, ad filterers use these services at a rate much higher than non- ad blocking users.


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PayPal: Mobile Cash 7.35.0 Screenshots & Images

PayPal: Mobile Cash iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

PayPal: Mobile Cash iphone images
PayPal: Mobile Cash iphone images
PayPal: Mobile Cash iphone images
PayPal: Mobile Cash iphone images
PayPal: Mobile Cash iphone images

PayPal: Mobile Cash (Version 7.35.0) Install & Download

The applications PayPal: Mobile Cash was published in the category Finance on 2019-02-03 and was developed by PayPal, Inc. [Developer ID: 283646712]. This application file size is 242.65 MB. PayPal: Mobile Cash - Finance app posted on 2020-12-09 current version is 7.35.0 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.yourcompany.PPClient

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