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The eBay app is the best way to find anything you need, from clothes perfect for fall and fashion accessories to new & used cars. Browse our online inventory of millions of products like the newest phones, tablets, and more. Shop with local and global sellers to find exactly what you're looking for at the best price.

With the eBay app, you can buy or sell items and manage your eBay experience wherever you are! Scan products, compare prices or set up a store page instantly. Even create a custom page with important details from scanned items to make shopping easy. Notifications let you know when your auction ends, a customer sends messages or a user outbids you in an auction.

Go shopping with eBay today!

Buy and sell in categories like:

Clothing, Shoes & Accessories
• Find a deal on your favorite clothes and brands
• Browse sneakers and rare shoes from other collectors
• Buy designer fashion, jewelry, watches and more for cheap

eBay Motors
• Buy new and used cars, trucks, motorcycles and more
• Customize your cars with decals, accessories and safety equipment
• Search online for cars and vehicles to prepare for fall

Home & Garden
• Home decor, furniture, paintings, pillows and more
• Garden and outdoor furniture, tools and decorations

Health, Beauty & More
• Makeup products from top brands
• Name brand beauty products & gift ideas

Electronics, Cell Phones & Accessories
• Great deals on the newest phones, electronics and more
• Find the perfect phone for you at the best price
• Shop cases, chargers, headphones and accessories for your new phone

Sports Equipment & Apparel
• Workout gear and equipment, new or used
• Represent your football team with jerseys, clothes and more

And so much more!

With the eBay app you can:

Bid and buy for incredible discounts:
• Browse eBay Deals to find featured discounts on top brands, all with free shipping.
• Find deals on new items or purchase in bulk straight from the source.
• Search the best deals on millions of items.
• Price check with different sellers to get the best deal.

Save money on the products you love:
• Get the things you love for the right price.
• New or used, eBay has everything from clothes to phones to cars.
• Buy your favorite items from our trusted sellers and save money.
• Choose Buy It Now to get the items you need instantly.
• Follow your favorite searches and sellers for quick access to the latest items.

Sell your items in minutes:
• List your used, new or duplicate items and start making extra money.
• Choose Buy It Now listings or online auctions to sell anything.
• Auto-fill product details for even faster setup.

Stay up to date with push notifications:
• See when customers view, bid and watch your items.
• Message buyers, with instant notifications when they respond.

Discover new items with our improved browsing experience:
• Use the improved eBay search to find new items.
• Get personalized recommendations based on your shopping habits.

Track orders and get notifications:
• Get customizable alerts about your eBay items and activity.
• Track your packages.
• Leave feedback for sellers.
• Read and respond to eBay messages.
• Report missing or un-shipped items.

Use the barcode scanner to search and sell stuff faster:
• Scan items to search eBay for deals.
• Auto-create a listing with a simple scan to speed up the selling process.
• Users scanning items will be able to find your listings faster than ever.

eBay gets you the best deals on the items you love, and the best value for the things you want to sell. Whether you want to shop or sell, or browse new phones or fall clothes, eBay’s mobile app does it all. We’ll stop here so you can start shopping now.

Download the eBay app and start your search today!

Thanks to all our loyal fans for your support and suggestions! Your feedback is important to us. Please contact us with any questions by tweeting @askebay or join the discussion at www.ebay.com/iOS

eBay: Buy, Sell & Save Money App Description & Overview

The applications eBay: Buy, Sell & Save Money was published in the category Shopping on 2008-07-11 and was developed by eBay Inc.. The file size is 145.15 MB. The current version is 5.15.0 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Here’s an overview of our new updates & fixes:
- Take it away with the latest, fully iOS 11 optimised app
- Fixed an issue where sometimes my eBay lists would not load without a manual refresh

Do we have your seal of approval or could we do better? Your feedback is important to us! Tweet @askebay or visit www.ebay.com/iOS.

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Hands down, best thing ever!  ComeonInman  5 star

If you've never used eBay eventually you will, if you are using eBay...you probably spend way too much time on it!


To the seller  Bbi257  5 star

Keep up the good job for us to keep finding old parts and new parts for a good price

2 U STR8

Ok for shopping; Not a great tool for selling.  2 U STR8  3 star

This app is pretty good for shopping. And If you’re just a casual, occasional seller this app may be good for you. When I have to manage listings and sales, I have to go to my laptop computer. There are too many limitations in the app.


EBay Great Shopping  FlaGirl45  5 star

I always go to EBay for Items first! I also sell on EBay! Great EBayers .. but there are those who do not leave Feedback which is important. I always do..!


Annoying feature  AJGoods  2 star

Please make the My Ebay function the same way on the iPad as it does on the iPhone where the menu item box on the left disappears giving more screen real estate to the items in the selection making them easier to view. The way it works now is so annoying that I don't use Ebay on my iPad!


Satisfactorio  Albertroca  5 star

Es muy bn me gusta comprar en eBay Tiene buenos precios para comprar y tratan bien al comprador


Sandie Smith  Sandies78Monte  5 star

Love ebay


EBay app needs work desperately!  Suthngal  1 star

Recently I was notified by email to go to EBay to look at a notification. When I went there to "my eBay", the only item showing under active was the one that I had received the notification about that was ending soon. I clicked around trying to get all of my watched items to show up; they did not. I also went to my purchased items trying to find out tracking information on a recent purchase. When I went to purchased items, it said nothing had been purchased in the last 60 days! Totally incorrect. I called EBay to complain about this bug in the app. They suggested that I contact the app makers through the App Store, which I am doing. I hope these are corrected. If I were EBay, I would find a new app maker. These problems are inexcusable.


Showing Solds  Sally345667  1 star

I hate having to go to the classic site to find out solds on an item. Please fix that. The mobile app drives me crazy.


It’s eBay.  PattyBone  5 star

You either like it or you don’t.


احسن شي iKhalidHDtbh 3 star

@NurNurAlAmeri @IHeartHD Nzain how about u guys buy me chips oman from dkkan and i sell on ebay?


anfoneeeeee anthoneyswiffen 3 star

@Pulse1Radio your giving out misleading info guys. Look at the sold listings on ebay not the buy it now price. They don't sell for £400 l.


Nyled selaznognyled1 3 star

@aldubaesthetic_: Can someone please buy Meng’s boom from NBS and then sell it on amazon or eBay for team abroad???? Pleaaasssseee 😭😭😭😭…


feedback  hushkitten_home  5 star

my favorite online selling store ever since! ❤️☺️

Achraf azekri

Please fix  Achraf azekri  2 star

is not fast and need to much options Thanks forr reading my lovee


Merica  libscantdebate  3 star

5 stars when they quit screwing themselves with the gun parts BS. Assault is an action. Assault rifle is a term made up by idiots


Comercial  electronicohosing  5 star

Comercio electrónico muy bueno


My best Online store  Manguaa1  5 star

This is the best online store, easy to purchase, have a lot of alternatives, is confident and your money is guaranteed.


eBay gold  G.O.A.T.23  5 star

Love eBay find everything I'm looking for and more


eBay app  BoxStateC  5 star

Overall the app is great and has made buying and selling on eBay much more efficient. My only gripe would be that sometimes the feedback doesn’t load in the app, but other than that it’s great.


Ebay  Sebari7364  5 star

Good.. always thanks



With the exception of the fact that they parted ways with PayPal, this is a great and safe way to shop online and get the deals you wouldn't get in the stores, sometimes. The app is cool. I wish it would allow you to view past purchases further back than 30-60 days. Otherwise it's pretty good.


eBay I love you!  Nettiekins  5 star

I have hardly ever had any problems buying or selling on eBay. And the few times I have, they were fixed before the end of day. I love this site.

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