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Download the most popular free weather app powered by the largest professional weather network in the world!

WeatherBug is easy to use and provides forecasts for your every need, from storm warnings to pollen levels. Our weather network delivers the fastest alerts and the best real-time forecasts (current, hourly and 10-day).

The weather app has 18 different weather maps, including: Doppler radar, lightning, wind, temperature, alerts, pressure, and humidity.

Join the millions who rely on WeatherBug for weather forecasts every day!

“I love WeatherBug! It’s always accurate & is the first place I go for up-to-the minute weather!” –iOS User


• Real-Time Pinpoint Forecasts: Get the most accurate current, hourly and 10-day weather forecasts
• Enhanced Interactive Map: Visualize weather conditions with 19 weather maps
• Lifestyle Forecasts: Know how the weather will impact your trips, workouts, allergies, chronic pain and much more
• Weather Widget: Customize your alerts and display with weather widgets
• Weather Alerts: get alerted to weather conditions and storms

• North American Doppler Radar: Doppler radar across the US, Canada, Mexico, Alaska & Hawaii
• PulseRad® Radar: radar for many international locations using patented Earth Networks Total Lightning Network® technology.
• Spark Lightning Alerts: get minute-by-minute, mile-by-mile lightning proximity alerts
• Hurricane Center: hurricane forecasts and changing conditions stay informed
• Fire Center: global fire data to know when you are at risk
• Winter Weather: Plan ahead with our 10-day snow depth forecast and stay safe in severe winter conditions with our real-time snow storm alerts

• Pollen Count: Keep your allergies in check by knowing what the local pollen conditions are like
• Real-Time Traffic Conditions: View local traffic conditions to better plan your day
• Air Quality: Get an in-depth look at the air quality around you
• Precise Weather Details: Wind speed, UV index, weather observations and more

• Forecasts for 2.6 million+ locations worldwide
• Largest total lightning detection network
• 10,000+ professional-grade weather stations
• Live weather & traffic cameras

• Get notified of severe weather 50% faster with our Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts
• Receive all NWS and NOAA watches and warnings

• Get vital weather information directly on your Apple Watch, including alerts, glances, and complications

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Download the weather forecast app used and loved by millions, awarded the "Best Weather App" in 2019 and 2016 by Mediapost Appy Awards. Also, voted the “Best Weather App for iPads” by AppPicker, and “Best App for Moms” by Parent Magazine: WeatherBug!

This app may include “Interest-Based Ads” (see for more information) and may collect or share “Precise Location Data” (see for more information).

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WeatherBug – Weather Forecast Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Additional enhancements in the latest version: • We have now included a road forecast where you can check to see how your driving will be impacted by road conditions. • Now we support iOS 14 widgets. Get your forecast directly on your screen with the new WeatherBug widget. Love the app? Rate us! Thank you for your support!

WeatherBug – Weather Forecast Comments & Reviews

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- Terribly slow and contradicting

It’s horribly slow to load any new info without jumping through hoops. Start switching cities, close out of it completely to name a couple and the radar is spotty at best. What I mean is huge chunks of the radar image are missing, conveniently it’s usually missing around the area I’m trying to look at. Does me no good if the nearest radar image is 200 miles away. Also the hourly and the 10 day rarely if ever jive. 10 day forecast may say %80 chance of storms this afternoon, the hourly will say sunny the whole time with %0 chance of rain and I suppose I could check the radar but oh wait, it doesn’t work. This app used to be absolutely perfect when I first got it in 2012 but now it’s just a headache. It’d be great if you fixed it but it is free so I guess I shouldn’t complain too much. So a few days later they claimed to have looked into the issue and corrected it. I’m telling you I wish everyone worked like these guys! It’s fixed and works flawlessly! The level of support and attention they paid to my measly whining is outstanding. You guys are top notch, thank you. I work outside so having a good weather app is important and you guys are spot on

- All weather apps seem to be inaccurate

Is it me, or are others experiencing the same issues of inaccurate, not up-to-date weather no matter what app? It seems they all use the same local stations that must be very delayed in their updates to the various apps. Seriously ALWAYS off several degrees, and as for precipitation percentages, they’re so useless, I have begun to laugh at my own gullibility. A couple of mornings ago was so typical ... I wanted to take a bike ride and began looking at the forecast the prior evening showing ZERO chance of rain the next morning. Re-checked the next morning, and same ZERO % chance so I got dressed for my ride, pumped my tires, raised the garage door, when it began to rain ALL DAY. I re-checked the forecast an hour or so later, and the entire hourly forecast had changed. THE KICKER is that this same app has the audacity to provide a TEN DAY forecast 🤣🤣🤣. And almost as bad ... my gullibility to keep checking 🤔🤔🤔. Anyway, I think I’ll go back to the “stick my head out the door” method ... it’s more predictable. I get a bit of a chuckle when folks compare the presentation of info in reviews ... who cares about presentation if the data is unusable. Again ... this doesn’t seem to be a Weatherbug only issue as I have had the same experience with all four of the apps I’ve tried. It seems that the OLD-fashioned TV weather reports are more accurate the night before than the purported “real-time” weather apps.

- My favorite weather app is screwed up

This has been my go-to weather app for years. It gets used multiple times a day, and has never given a hint of trouble. Scratch the glowing praises now because with this last update the app crashes on start-up. I followed the developer’s advice found in a response to someone else’s recent complaint and deleted/re-downloaded the app. Bad idea. The app started up once, and then promptly stopped working again, and I lost all my settings for no good reason. Come on, guys. Don’t let such a good app cause this much frustration. The second star I’m giving is based on my hope that you’ll get this fixed ASAP. Update: Shortly after I posted my review the app started working as expected. Then this morning, just 3 days later, it’s back to crashing at startup. I do not want to uninstall/reinstall again, as I did that before you suggested it in response to my original review. It didn’t work then. I hope this usually excellent app is mended soon. Update #2: It’s been about a week since my first update, and while the app is working better, it still occasionally crashes at startup. This happens about once every other day. I don’t know if it’s related, but the problem seems to occur when I first open the app and I’m not on wifi. Anyway, I’ve updated my stars accordingly.

- Build me up, just to break me down

Downloaded WeatherBug app about 2 weeks ago and really liked it and then... the update. Initially, I was quite impressed and pleased with the push notification weather alerts for severe weather. I especially liked that the weather alerts would push to my phone at least 15 minutes before any of my other - even local - weather apps and that they even had a “dangerous storm warning” notification, which was correct each time I received it. The widget worked wonderfully as well and was probably my second favorite feature. Enter the update. Dun dun DUUUNNNN! It completely killed everything I enjoyed and appreciated about the app. I’ve not received a single push notification since nor has the widget been functional despite deleting the app and all its data from both my phone and AppStore account. The widget simply asks that I open the app and agree to TOU and PP, which is not even an option. You agree to the TOU upon initial launch of the app but that does not give the widget functionality. I also dislike that I am unable to remove the township that the app has deemed my home/current location and set it to the correct area as it is mistakenly locating me in another town. Sadly and disappointedly I am deleting the app permanently unless the next version, which seem to be released monthly, remedies these debilitating flaws and restores the app to its previous performance and reliability.

- Best weather app i could download

First off I want to start by saying that this app is accurate. I live in a place that gets nasty snowstorms, and its nice to know in advance when I should be prepared to shovel the driveway or get out the snow gear. The radar is really good and I enjoy watching it while I watch the storm on my covered front porch. The one thing I'm not a huge fan of is the ads, but the makers of the app beed to make money somehow so it’s understandable. But my favorite part is how you can customize the page so whatever you want to show up towards the top, will show up towards the top. I must say, i have had three other apps and with this one, the alerts are on parr with what the national weather service applies to your location. Last thing ( I promise !) Is that when an alert is issued to one of the locations i have set, it sends me a notification even if its not the location i have pulled up on the home page. So i get a LOT of weather notifications, once again, its manageable though and interesting to see what the weather is doing at the other locations! That you for taking time to read this and happy holidays!

- Used to be better

When I first downloaded this app several years ago it used to load information much faster, and more consistently. Now, many years and updates later, it rarely even loads any information when i am connected to wifi. The app will open and load the temperature on the home (default) screen when connected to wifi, but I have to turn off the wifi on my iphone, ensure I am connected to my cellular network, and switch between the “now”, “hourly”, and “10 Day” tabs in order to get the app to load information. It started doing this over a year ago. Initially I thought my Wi-Fi connection at home was just poor, but it turns out that I have the same problem connected to any Wi-Fi signal. I have also had this problem with 2 separate iphones. I occasionally delete the app and redownload it just to see if the problem may be a fluke, but I always end up with the same problem. This used to be my favorite weather app, but now I am exploring other apps because of my frustration with this issue. I still love the weather bug app, and in my opinion it has the very best radar maps of any app available. I just hate having to go through so many steps in order to get this app to function the way it is intended to. Please fix this!!!!!

- Decent App

Weatherbug is a decent app and I can’t decide whether to give it 3 or 4 stars. I guess I’ll go with 4 because I have only 1 major complaint, though it does bother the heck out of me. I use Weatherbug for my weather most of the time, but one of the biggest complaints I have is that it does not update throughout the day. For example if the forecast is 75 degrees and sunny but it’s only 60 degrees and is raining, the app accurately displays the temperature and weather as of this moment, but the forecast doesn’t update to take the changes into account. If it’s 5:59pm and it’s 60 degrees and raining, obviously at 6:00pm it’s not going to be 75 degrees and sunny! If the app would update with new data based on unforeseen weather patterns I would be much happier with it and would probably update to 5 stars. That, and if somehow they could figure out how to forecast more accurately! I know that is a bigger and more global problem to solve, and is not limited to this app, but here in Chicago the forecast is maybe correct (or close to correct) 50% of the time. I feel like it’s gotten worse over the years, but that’s probably just because our weather has gotten more erratic and is harder to predict now than it used to be.

- there’s no key for the Alerts map layer :(

i’ve been using weather bug for several years now and it definitely my favorite (i also have the NOAA Weather app and Dark Sky). however, i something i wish would go back to how it used to be is on the Alerts map layer. i live in the midwest so there are lots of severe thunderstorms and frequent tornado risk, so i really rely on that map layer. when i first got the app, the Alerts layer had a key for what the colors and lines meant (severe thunderstorm alert, flash flood watch, tornado watch, etc.) but for the last year or so it seems, that key disappeared and i don’t know what some of the colors mean. i can usually infer for flash flood or thunderstorm based on the radar, but that’s actually something that’s frustrating, since i don’t know what they all mean. pretty sure the key disappeared for other layers too, but those are less important to know specifically what they mean (id like to know when and where tornado watches are), and are easier to guess about. idk if that’s just an issue on my end (don’t think i changed any settings tho), or if the app actually changed, but if that was fixed or changed back to having the key, this would absolutely be 5 stars, since it’s still my favorite weather app.

- Better than other “top” weather apps

I’ve been using this app for a few months and find it to be the best app for tracking air quality. I love that this app can track AQ in ANY part of the world no matter how small or unknown the town/city is. This is a distinctive feature that the other “top rated” AQ apps lack and this to me is a huge disadvantage for them. I’d been living in a very small town in Mexico recently for 4 months and unfortunately became very ill from the air quality. I discovered Weather Bug and began to track the AQ daily and take necessary precautions as this was my first time traveling to Mexico much less anywhere outside the US. The fact that no other app was able to locate where I was living was a MAJOR let down. Weather Bug is easy to use, and gives real time AQ indexes as well as any other weather alerts and things I look for in an AQ app. If the other AQ app developers decide to improve their global location capabilities then I’ll be willing to check them out. Until then I rely on Weather Bug every single day for important AQ information in ANY town or city in the world. 👌🏻

- love this app!!

on memorial day, ohio had a really scary tornado outbreak and i'm lucky enough to have survived through it without being hit by one. i came across this app with my anxiety getting the better of me due to an extreme fear of tornadoes, but i can confidently say i'm happy i found it! it is extremely useful and very interesting to look on the radar. i love the alerts that it provides and they are VERY helpful. thanks for this great app! in light of these tornadoes in ohio, though, i really wish that i could be more reliable on this app with where the tornadoes are and if they have hit where i live. i'm on vacation without my family that lives there and last night when more hit was scary because i did not have a reliable source to where the tornadoes actually were and if my family was safe. i'm very happy with this app and i suppose it can't cover everything but it would have been really helpful to be able to track those tornadoes while it was happening! thank you anyways for such an amazing app, it has been really helpful and fun to mess around with. :)

- I deleted this app the second I read their privacy policy and TOA. One star is too generous.

READ THE PRIVACY POLICY AND TOA. It’s lengthy, I know, it’s intentional to dissuade people from reading and understanding it. It’s worth the 5-7 minutes of your life, I promise. Apparently, it’s too much to ask for a simple weather app in 2019 without subjecting yourself to risks known and unknown; all completely out of your control and all so a company can make a profit at the literal expense of its consumers who are the real product. If you have zero concerns with being tracked 24/7 and your precise location being shared; don’t care about your information being monetized and sold to third party sellers whose intentions you know nothing about; unfazed by the strong possibility of your information being leaked and misused; apathetic to your information being sold numerous times a day; or disinterested in the extensive and intrusive methods used in this economic model then, by all means, disregard this review and enjoy your weather app. Personally, I’ll be checking the weather manually from a browser since the weather app industry has proven themselves to be untrustworthy and not at all concerned with consumers (you know, actual human beings) or their privacy. All of this just so people can sell you crap. This truly is the darkest timeline. All I wanted to do is check the weather...

- Usually better than NWS or TWC apps

I’ve been using the Bug since I got my very first iPhone. It zeroes in on my exact weather happening in the moment. There are many pinging spots near almost anywhere to give a good triangulation for my personal weather conditions within a few miles. The radar is easy to understand and accurate. The future casts are as accurate as I’ve ever seen ...and much better than even my 3 local meteorologists on tv. Even as far out as the 10 day forecast I know I can be ready for what may be coming. Where I live the weather is unpredictable moment to moment but Weatherbug stays on top of the quick changes. I love the storm tracker showing dangerous situations like nearby lighting and all severe weather threats. The UV rating, pollen counts and air quality reports are important to me as I am really fair, have severe allergies and asthma. The heads up to make sure I have the proper preventative meds/sunscreen make my outside time much more enjoyable. WeatherBug is an app I use daily; sometimes several times a day. I highly recommend it to everyone!

- I love the app, but where did my widget go?

So I recently updated to IOS14, and ever since then, i can't find the WeatherBug widget anywhere. This is super disappointing because I'm a huge weather erd and like to stay up to date quickly with the features offered to me through that widget. I also use voiceover witch is a built in screenreader on my iPhone made for people with visual impairments, and your app and widget are fully accessible and i've been a long time user of your app. I'd just really like my widget back. I know that this might be an IOS14 thing, but could you guys please update so that all IOS14 users and I can use your widget again? Like i said, i find it super helpful, and now that IOS14 allows me to put widgets directly on the home screen, I was really looking foreword to being abled to see the weather at a glance on my home screen and using the widget more. If and when you guys bring it back, could you put a little thing in there for current conditions other than temperature (ex: sunny, cloudy, 50% chance of storms). That would also be really helpful. Thanks for making such a great app and I hope you can fix this.

- Very useful and easy to use

Weatherbug is great! I feel like every possible weather related issue is addressed in this powerful little app. Information is easy to find, the home screen makes quick work of being able to check multiple weather related items. Noteable features: - Easy to check the weather in different locations. This is very useful if you are a frequent traveler. We add the location to which we are traveling and can easily keep an eye on the weather before we go. - Lightning Information. We have a pool and we check this frequently. It is right there at the push of a button, very quick and easy. - Detailed breakdown of the forecast. You are able to check the weather for the entire day, hourly, and even get a detailed rundown of the weather. - Easy access to weather alerts. This information is also easily accessible at just the push of a button. We are able to quickly check for tornadoes, flash flooding, etc. - Weather related videos. These are an interesting, fun little addition to the app. Videos showing cool weather related things that people have captured and videos of current weather related disasters around the country. - Easy access to check fires around the globe. Thankfully this isn’t a feature we need to use, but it is worth noting how quickly you are able to check this information. This is my family’s “go to” weather app. We’ve been using it for years and have never felt the need to look for something else.

- Missing a couple things

WeatherBug does everything well, especially getting you your notifications, except one thing: notifying and informing you about special weather statements. These are kind of like miscellaneous statements the weather offices put out that contain information they think you need to know, but don’t qualify as a watch or a warning. They’re valuable, but WeatherBug doesn’t notify me when one is issued and they don’t show up anywhere in the app at all. For example, we have a special weather statement informing us that there’s a hard frost coming our way for the first time this season, but WeatherBug seems oblivious. I have to find out things like this from other sources, and I’m really surprised WeatherBug doesn’t include it. I’m writing this review just to ask if you would please fix this, give alerts for all weather notifications, and show them on the map. It would easily be a 5-star app otherwise. The only other thing I’d like to see is an option for the 10-day forecast to be displayed as a continuous graph, with lines through the days going up/down for various things like rain chances, temperature, wind, etc.

- ✅ My Primary Weather App

I've been using this App for over 6 years and haven't had any problems with it whatsoever as of November 27, 2020. I just installed an update manually and after reading some of the other reviews indicating their troubles with updates, I hope it does not create any issues. However, as none of the other updates I've installed over the years have caused me any problems with the App, I do not anticipate this one to. I suffer from spring and fall seasonal allergies and appreciate that pollen and basic allergy information is easily accessible on the App. I have five or six additional weather Apps installed on my iPhone and iPad that I use when severe weather is imminent, but their interfaces do not give me the basic weather information and forecast as easily as Weatherbug. That said, I highly recommend this app. Like another reviewer commented, the WeatherBug interface is clean and concise, and with a quick glance, provides all the detail I seek under normal weather conditions. Kudos to the designers!

- Free weather app testing

I downloaded a bunch of weather apps (all free downloads) and put them to the test. I found I like “Weather Bug” the best. It seems to be accurate and you can customize the main page to see the information you feel is important at the top. I have mine set up so that the current temperature (daily high & low temp), wind direction, and wind speed are all showing right when I open the app. Then as I scroll down I see sunrise & sunset times, air quality, closest major fire, closest lightning strikes, and hurricane center. When you swipe to the page on the right it shows the hourly rain forecast for the week. The next page to the right shows the 10 day forecast. The last page to the right shows the weather radar for the area. I like the app because it is easy to use, easy to read, and seems accurate. After settling on this app I did pay the $3 yearly subscription fee to remove adds, just because they are annoying and to support the app.

- 50/50

I have pins down to watch the weather where I really need to know due to family locations and myself. Today I received a notification stating lightning within 10 miles of a pin. So I open the app to see what was going on. I then send a text to my daughter and asked her if she was enjoying the rain, cause the pin I’ve placed is within 500 ft of her exact location and because the map showed dead on she was getting rain. She replied back it hasn’t rained all day and sent me a pic of the sun shining and ground/pavement bone dry. I sent her a screenshot and she said I need a new weather app cause it’s not accurate to say the least. I’ve been using weather bug a couple years now and prefer it over others. But I really need a more accurate look at the weather in real time. On of my pins is where I have a storage unit that has high tornado possibilities. I need that so I’ll know when and if my belongings get damaged to file a claim with insurance. But my main concerns are my children, grandchildren and other family members. If their internet goes down I’ll never know until after the fact. Please fix this issue ASAP! Thanks

- Accuracy of Forecasts

Over the past 15 years I’ve used almost all popular weather apps and for this review I’ll name two others that Weatherbug beats hands down; Accuweather and The Weather Channel app. One would think since the Weather Channel has been the pioneer in forecasts for the longest duration they would put out a dependable app. All too often when I was running that app the forecasts were far off too many times. I’ve never had that issue with weatherbug. Of course hourly conditions can change but what I love about weatherbug is the truth in radar. When the radar shows a front moments away it’s always been spot on. It’s saved me many times when I’ve been out hiking or biking. It gives me plenty of notice when to get the dogs out before a storm. It has also made me a go to guy at work when others want to know the upcoming weather conditions. If you want a dependable weather app look no further.

- Please fix it, the app is broken.

So I used to use WeatherBug a lot. But I do have to admit that sometimes the weather isn’t a true match to what’s happening. Granted, I live in Michigan, where one half of your lawn can be bright and sunny and the other half can be down pouring(I’ve personally witnessed it). But that’s besides the point. The data isn’t the same as what my friend gets from our local weather station. And just recently I tried to open the app to check the weather. (Mostly to read the radar. It’s more reliable to read it yourself if there’s rain or in this case, a spontaneous blizzard in the middle of April), when I discovered that the app takes 30 seconds to buffer, then immediately crashes back to my wallpaper. But, when I looked in the running background apps thing, it was there and so I clicked on it. I don’t know if what I was seeing was real or not, but it showed the normal degrees and the little radar thing, but then it froze and crashed again. The app in it's current state is completely unusable. I grew up watching WeatherBug on the tv every day before I left for school. It’s kind of sad that I have to leave and seek out another weather app. Even with all it’s bugs, I still liked this one.

- USED to be my favorite for years!

Something happened a month ago after the app update of version 5.9 was completed. After that, my Weatherbug that would slay all of the other apps that family members had, was useless to me. I would sit there and watch an empty frame of the screen, while my data wildly searched to get SOMETHING on there. Still nothing would show up for a good minute or two. One in a while, 30 seconds. It's showing RIGHT NOW that our wind is blowing here at 6mph, yet for the last several HOURS, we've had damaging winds of over 50 mph continual gusts continue to hammer our area. Same thing happened yesterday as well. 6mph vs 50??? I have furniture MOVED off of my patio outside, pillows and tiki torches blown across the yard. I could have perhaps had fair warning to bring them indoors or had them weighed down, but the main issue in question is what happened a month ago and where did my weather bug go??? Can you bring it back? I've deleted and reinstalled several times hoping it would be a success, but it's the same thing, with my poor wifi JAMMING to try to load it up. Never had an issue before. The app was da bomb. Now it's totally useless.

- Just Average Weather App

Could be a lot better. For example just give us the current weather, a radar map, and the ten day forecast. Get rid of all that multimedia crap. Location services are poor - the app tries to locate you near some related point of interest. For example, it associates my home location with a high school several miles away and tries to locate one of my favorite locations with a mountain (saved location Bartlett, NH - associated POI is Mt Washington, REALLY!). Neither of these locations have weather representative of where I want to see. Lastly, the pop ups when I am trying to look at the radar map are infuriating. Update: 16May - helpful, intuitive, easy to customize. My only suggestions for improvement are indicated above. I’ll start looking at the radar map and some other info will pop up and cover the map. The adverts at the bottom are hilariously bad. Right now there is a picture of an AppleWatch with an insinuation that it is $49 and a picture of Willa Holland reportedly doing something in a casino.

- Overall clean look, but needs work

I wanted a weather app that didn’t use up a lot of memory and gave me more information than just the temperature readings. Weather Bug has a clean, well-organized look and feel. I can even organize my home page to show what’s more important to me from top to bottom. Unfortunately, the forecast isn’t the best. We all know weather is moody and changes at the drop of a needle, but it seems as the forecast doesn’t update until a certain time in the morning. So if I’m up in the middle of the night or even just before sun-up, I will get only the current temperature reading and the high/low in the quick view is inaccurate. It will not update until it assumes everyone is awake. Furthermore, the radar only shows you the previous hour’s movement if you select radar, and only one hour future movement if you select future radar. That’s not enough for me. Other apps will show me 3-4 hours in advance of which direction the rain may be moving. In summary, this app could use improvements. It’s just okay.

- Update: You Removed “Intolerable Flashing Message Icon”

REVIEW UPDATE: THANK YOU, WeatherBug! I’m a WeatherBug fan again! I gave you a week to eliminate the “insanely rapid flashing ‘you’ve got a (trash) message’ icon” before I deleted your app. You removed the annoying add in 1 day! I will again be recommending your app to any one that needs to check the weather. WB=5xStars! PS The lightning ⚡️warning map feature is extremely helpful. Life saver! (*Original Review) I really liked the Weather Bug app for a couple of years. Seemed somewhat accurate. Love the lightning warning and locator feature. But this morning when I opened the WB app, the insanely rapid flashing “you’ve got a (trash) message” icon made me want to delete the app and give it a “0” star rating. I haven’t deleted it yet. I’ll give developer a week to get rid if this new annoyance before I delete the otherwise decent app. However, I am already searching for a different weather. app

- Deeply wounded me 🥺

This app caused my astraphobia. Now, I was generally afraid of storms already but one day, my good friend used weather bug to check for lightning when we were in the middle of a thunderstorm in the garage once. I asked about whether bug she said it was a great app! So I decided to download it. That was a horrible decision! I’m sorry to the creators of a bug but this app is way too extreme for children!! severe storm watch, life-threatening thunderstorm warning mediately seek shelter life-threatening Lightning and storms. And when I get the more than half the time it’s not evening for where I live!!And it doesn’t update through the day! It was The only resource I trusted. That was a bad decision. you guys don’t update to the day you lie about lightning strikes, and your warnings are way too dramatic and scary!!!!! 😣 This app should be 17+! it scared me so bad!!! Reason I gave this 2 stars is because for a while I loved it and thought I could trust it. But instead it developed my Astraphobia. even though I am getting treatment for it, still I’m always going to have a permanent fear of storms. Thanks to weather bug! (I’m sorry guys weather bug did not cause my astraphobia but it was a ginormous contributing factor)

- Full of bloat & bad ux

The app does what it is supposed to do, but it is full of ads that are prioritized on loading. If you want to quickly check the weather make sure that you wait a few seconds for it to fully load the new data; Ive popped it open to read stale data and closed it many times before I realized it was totally wrong. If you open it up, it takes a long time to load the core of the app but displays ads quickly, which is fun in a hurry. For UX, they pack too much into the buttons and its hard to parse quickly with the eyes. Furthermore, the quick menu button has several mini components that go to different pages on click. You will invariably go to the wrong page (e.g 10 day forecast vs hourly vs time now). Add this to stale data and load times, you get a mess. It is frustrating to use, you have to wait long enough when looking to feel assured the data is trusted. When you click you go to the wrong page, wait for it to load, click the right page, wait for it to load, scroll past ads, find data. Its a silly construct and I’m done with it.

- Stick to your default weather app

I work for my city plowing snow, cutting grass etc, so knowing the weather is apart of my job because I need to be prepared for random call ins and so on. This app sent me completely off. All day I’m checking my default weather app, and Weather Bug, and they’re saying two completely different things. My default app is saying snow starting Friday night leading into all day Saturday. Weather Bug is saying an hour of snow at 11pm then more light snow from like 4am to 10 am Saturday morning. I stay up doing some late reading cus I of course want to believe the forecast with less snow. At around 11:30pm I check Weather Bug again, and it’s completely changed to snow all night leading into snow all day Saturday. But get this. It keeps switching back and forth between barely any snow, to snow all day. Had my job called me in overnight I would’ve been completely crap out of luck, and exhausted working through early Saturday morning into Saturday evening. To sum things up, I will definitely stick to my default weather app. It’s not the fanciest, buts it’s been pretty accurate so far. Definitely more reliable than Weather Bug.

- Spark lightning is my favorite part

A few years ago, I worked at a horse boarding farm. No one lived on site. Any time we had lightning, I could watch for strikes on the property from the safety of my home. There were a few times strikes did occur, and I was able to drive out to check on the animals and fence lines, after it was safe to be outside. Even though I no longer work there, I use this feature regularly. Last fall, there was an F0 tornado that passed one block south of my house. The NWS had not issued a warning, and no sirens were turned on. I received a Tornado Warning alert from Weatherbug, and had time to get dogs, cats, and myself to the basement. Many of my neighbors had been watching the storm from their windows, with no idea they should take cover. If it had been a stronger tornado, most likely lives could have been lost. Thank you Weatherbug for keeping me safe that day.

- I regret this app

I’ve used this app for years for its lightning info which is very useful (thus 2 stars), but not more than that. I recently got fed up with yahoo weather and tried to switch to weatherbug as my primary weather source. That was a mistake. The interface is horribly slow and locks you out until it loads a million ads. I want to see hourly or 10day, ideally both like other apps, but it makes you press the button 14 times for each individually (waiting for ads). Over the last three months of testing the weather forecast has been very inaccurate, worse than yahoo I was replacing. In one case there was a giant black apocalyptic storm on the horizon. Weatherbug said sunny and 0% rain. So I assumed that storm was on some other course and went biking. Pretty soon the black covered half the sky but weatherbug still insisted 0% rain. Later I felt a few drops and weatherbug now admitted 10% chance. Minutes later it was full on biblical deluge for an hour with flooding. Nice. I’ve tried it in Europe with similar poor results. Deleted.

- If you can find a better app - you should leave.

Because you won’t. Of course there are people who are never happy with anything, so once they go elsewhere others can avoid the negativity and appreciate the differences between WeatherBug and it’s competition. Meteorology has yet to become an exact science. Radar is good. Much easier to access and read than others. Gees, one of its competitor’s radar wouldn’t even appear when prompted. I do **not** miss the numerous ads and videos of other competitors either. As for anyone being able to forecast a 10 day with perfect accuracy (look up the word forecast for the guy who gave 5 stars and complained incessantly)- WeatherBug probably exceeds the others if I cared to research it. I don’t care to. I’ve found an app that’s worthy of keeping and have finally deleted all the other less accurate, money grubbing weather apps.

- Perfect

This app is amazing for me and my mom. We spend a lot of time in a loud environment. I always tend to have headphones on and I tend to hear noises that sound like thunder. When I hear those noises I check this app to see. This app is very accurate and I would recommend to the average family. This app is great for a daily lifestyle like mine. This is a great app and I recommend it to families that live in storm-prone areas or that live anywhere in any country. This app has never let me down. The future radar and radar are very accurate. This is in my opinion the best weather app of all time. This amazing free weather app has all an average family could need with the Apple phone version including Nearby Wildfires, Closest Strike, Accurate radars, and in hurricane season; the hurricane center. I recommend this app to any family to see this and it will make your life way easier.

- Inaccurate radar in Central America

I’ve been dependent on this app for a long time in the USA with much success with the radar and seeing storms approaching all the time but now that I’m here in Mexico for a vacation I’m finding major huge areas of bad storms nowhere on this radar map. I’ve already gotten soaked twice because of this awful no Central America radar. Accuweather has the accurate radar for Mexico and Central America as all I did was google search “weather radar in Mexico”. Right now as I’m writing this review there is some big rain over Mexico City and surrounding cities not to mention a major tropical storm over Honduras but on this weatherbug radar map there’s not a drop of precipitation showing. Yeah you can see other parts of the world and USA but why not Mexico?! I’m seeing major heavy rain and thunder and lighting with my own eyes and I can’t believe this app has let me down so bad here in Mexico after being such a major dependable radar in the USA. Very dissatisfied and disappointed. You guys need to get on the ball and fix this or copy from accuweather or something because I’m totally about to delete this app.

- My Dependable Go-to

I use weather bug daily. I have settings/cities saved for each person in my family and friends. This allows me to get weather alerts, check in by curiosity, etc. one of my favorite features is storm accuracy; I can see what the radar is showing at any time and any place I am: let’s say I’m out on errands; it begins to rain and thunder. I instantly pull up my location and know how fast the storm is moving, intensity and so on. I can then decide if it’s safe to continue my rounds or stay parked where I am until the storm passes. I also enjoy the layers one can choose to view. I get barometric headaches when fronts are moving nearby; so, I pull up Satellite filter and can see the patterns and movement of the entire weather system, not just precipitation . I’ve tried other apps and keep coming back to weather bug. I won’t leave again!

- Weatherbug is pretty cool!

I really enjoy Weatherbug for it’s radar feature. It is nice to be able to see what storms are out there and which direction they are heading. I really like how it tells you how far away lightning is. It can also send notifications about weather alerts so you’re in the know if severe weather is on it’s way. I’m also kind of a weather nerd so I like the Weather news feature as well. The one thing that could be perfected a little is the hourly/ weekly forecast. I know that weather is hard to predict but it could be more accurate. A feature that I wish it had was the ability to tell you if it is going to rain in the next hour. DarkSky has this feature and it is really cool because it will send a notification to you if it is going to rain in the near future. All in all though WeatherBug is a nice app.

- My go to weather app

I have had a good experience with this app and have been using it for quite a few years. I think it is important to note that this and other weather apps are only as good as the data that feeds them. I live in Northern Virginia and because it is a fairly well populated area the data feeds are updated regularly leading to fairly accurate forecasts. This may not be the same in other areas. Unlike some other reviewers I have found the information to be quite accurate. As far as what is displayed I have always found that this app provides a wide range. From daily and hourly forecasts to live radar and emergency alerts it covers pretty much everything. I pay the yearly subscription to hide the ads which I found annoying. I figure that money helps with future updates and improvements.

- My favorite weather app — by far

I have tried many weather apps in my day, but Weatherbug tops them all: Tightly linked with National Weather Service data and marvelously easy to use. My wife gets her data from the Weather Channel, which seems fine until you ask the question “Who beats the National Weather Service for meteorological accuracy?” I love the lightning strike feature, which shows strikes that, in my experience, is pretty much instantaneous. I love being able to wake up where I am, or go (or plan to go) anywhere and see a 10-day forecast that you can drill down into, so you are seeing hour-by-hour forecasts. I love the layered, animated weather maps that show me weather patterns here, over the Atlantic, or anywhere else in the world. Weatherbug has always been there for me, rock-solid, and it just seems to keep getting better.

- Gulf Coast Area

Weather reports are accurate and always on point. Warnings and alerts on conditions of current, and future forecasts allows enough time to make whatever needed preparations. During Great weather forecasts, it’s always nice to watch the informative videos about what’s happening in other local, or national locations. The Weather Bug not only informs us about the weather conditions accurately, there are also interesting videos and beautiful photos of our natural environment, various birds, animals, etc. I have enjoyed the Weather Bug app for several years. Whenever a friend shows me their weather app, I tell them that Weather Bug will give you more detailed and accurate information, in any local city area or State. I recommended Weather Bug to family and friends who lives in other states. They love it too!

- Reliable and Accurate Weather App

The Weather Bug App is reliable, accurate and above all easy to use! It has several easy to find functions to see the weather in your area with accuracy because it uses several different weather stations in your city not just one downtown. My family all have it installed to use when planning their school or work day and looking ahead at the week. We also use it when going out of town. Again it has proven itself a awesome buy because even in other cities away from home the Weather Bug app has given us accurate and an easy to use tool to plan what clothes to pack for that trip. Every time it has been has spot on! I appreciate the effort and staff that keep this app updated and nearly ad free. A definite great app to have.

- A Bad Storm was Coming - I Got Weather Alerts for SOMEWHERE ELSE

I live in Charlottesville, VA. We had a bad storm come through here. It tore up our neighborhood with hail, 60+ knot winds, trees down all around us and power outages. Yet, we did NOT get a weather bug alert for the coming storm - I’ve been getting alerts for Boston, MA. I emailed customer support and asked, “Why do I keep getting weather alerts for Boston? I live in Charlottesville.” Yet, their reply was: =-=-= 1. Could you please let us know the location that you have deleted? 2. What type of alert do you receive for that deleted location? 3. Was the deleted location a saved location or just a location that was visited? =-=-= What in the heck are they talking about? I never said ANYTHING about deleting a location. This tells me they didn’t find it important enough to actually READ my email. They did finally get back to me with some logical things to look at. They asked if the wrong city was selected for alerts. It wasn’t. I deleted the app and reloaded it and I’m getting alerts for MY city now. That’s a step in the right direction. I’m still a little frustrated that someone in the beginning didn’t read my email and just tossed some non-pertinent email at me. I also would like to have received an alert for my area when that storm was coming. Almost two weeks later and we’re still cleaning up the damage.

- Can’t predict RAIN.??

Enough others have already said it. Weather Bug can NOT predict rain. It’s been raining on me several times and I’ve jumped on the app to get an idea when it may clear up but it showed no rain in my state even when I zoomed in tight. It showed precip in areas around me but they were an hour or two or even more drive away. If the rest of the features were not as good as they were I would’ve given it 1 star. UPDATE 8*4*20 Hurricane Isaias is blasting past NJ right now. Severe rain and winds. The hourly prediction for rain is between 50-40% and it’s been POURING out for the past few hours. My gutters are overflowing. It’s just unbelievable how inaccurate the rain prediction continues to be as I’m in my house looking out my window concerned about the tree behind my house coming down and hearing the rain literally pounding on the side of my house. Winds are over 35 mph currently and gusting much higher. I’ll only keep this app for a couple of it’s other features. Predict rain.?? Not a chance.

- Not accurate...

We hardly get any rain here in Phoenix, and when it finally rains, the current weather shows as partly cloudy. We’ll have wind, lightning, thunder.. etc etc and it’s partly cloudy according to weatherbug. When its very very hot here (a picture of a sun with cactus) it shows 0% chance of rain in the valley of the sun for the week to come so I expect to see very hot as the forecast day in and day out. Don’t need weatherbug for that! Strangely one of those 0% precipitation days the clouds started to build heavily and then weatherbug changed its mind and changed the day’s forecast to chance of storms hours before it rained. I downloaded accuweather to do some comparisons in the week to follow. Accuweather had actual percentages for each day for that week. Weather bug had 0% the whole week. It rained twice that week. The 2 days it rained, weatherbug changed it mind that it was going to rain when there was a a visual storm in the sky. But I thought it was 0%? Terrible predictions and un-accurate information. I’ll stick with accuweatherfrom now on

- My New Favorite Weather App

I had been using Wunderground for the past few years, but when we experienced a recent heatwave with high humidity out here in SoCal I was checking the humidity levels daily on Wunderground and it was giving me numbers that were way off. My body can tell the difference between high humidity and low, and I was feeling it. Yet Wunderground was reporting the humidity at levels like 36%. way! This kept being consistently wrong for weeks, so I downloaded a couple new apps to try instead. Weather Bug was the best of the bunch. I like the way it's laid out and how it reads on my screen. I find it to be consistently accurate. I'd even buy a paid version to get rid of the ads. They are only mildly annoying, but I prefer my apps that I use a lot to be ad-free. Give it a try!

- Accurate and Reliable Weather Alerts

Recently we had the scare of a potential Cat 5 Hurricane headed its way to Florida. Living here, I paid rapt attention to the warnings on NOAA and on my very own WeatherBug. Although predictions are difficult in nature, WeatherBug was on target with warnings and with information that was not only useful but allowed me to rely on scientific predictions as I worked out my Hurricane plan. WeatherBug not only calculated where the storm was heading but did so in a timely and dependable manner. It is a terrific app that I utilize when making travel arrangements as I have various cities to which I must travel. I am especially impressed by the warnings that appear during storms advising where and how far away a potential danger exists. WeatherBug is by far the best and most user friendly weather app available.

- Informative, BUT -

Have been using WeatherBug a while and have liked the features. Seems more accurate for me than other reviewers probably as I live near coast which has good weather networks due to hurricanes (even though somewhat away the city). BUT recent updates have taken away ability to reorganize features on the Now page by their needed priority. It’s driving me NUTS. Please, Please fix this as certain weather features are more urgently needed than others (while you’re adding more) & trying to scroll through all that isn’t helpful when you’re half asleep or in a hurry after a notification. Thankfully I had already done some reprioritizing before we lost the ability. Otherwise a more informative app than the apple-included TWC iPhone app - I use this daily.

- The main weather app I use.

Thank you Weather Bug! I’m a bit of a weather buff myself, and I love this app!! It has everything a weather buff could want! If someone were to ask me what I’d like to have on a weather app, I’d say everything on Weather Bug!! There’s just one thing that I’d add. It’s a map overlay that shows where hail is and isn’t. It shows it moving just a storm cell, but it represents hail only. I saw this very thing on a pilot’s phone app. I think it was an app specifically for pilots. However, if Weather Bug were to make this a in-app purchase, I would have it for sure! I would use it mainly during severe weather season in Texas. But these days you might find severe weather at other times of the year. Just a suggestion. Overall, I’m very happy with Weather Bug. Thank you!!

- Amazing weather app!! So alerting!!!☀️

This is the best weather app ever!!!!!!! Thank you so much for creating this!!! I love how when there is a storm the app takes it very seriously and notifies you! Great app! Download today!! I would also like to add that I would ask for a request... Can WeatherBug update the radar feature to where it is compatible with more devices? I have an iPad mini 1 and the radar services are not compatible. But everything else is spot on! Me and my mother once compared weather applications and hers was just the leading weather app and mine was this of course. It said it was going to rain from 1-4 on hers and on mine it said no rain so we compared and not a single raindrop fell that day! So accurate and perfect! Other than the radar feature, just thank you!!

- Love this weather app but...

This has been my “go to” app for weather for years. I love the hourly information, especially the hourly dew point info. However, over the last month or so, the app freezes up, takes forever to refresh or load when clicking between the different options (hourly, 10 day, etc). I hope these glitches will be fixed! UPDATE: This app still doesn’t seem as accurate. It will say one thing for the current conditions, but the hourly condition shows something completely different. And the dew point is never accurate. Currently it says the dew point is 39 but my local Tv station weather app shows the dew point is 51. Plus, I don’t like how I have to scroll all the way down to view the current observations..that info should be right there when you open the app so it’s quick and easy.

- Can't arrange NOW page

My favorite weather app. The info provided is most often more accurate than other apps. I would give the app 5 stars except for: 1) Prior versions allowed the various segments of the NOW page (wind, lightning, UV, etc.) to be rearranged to the user's liking. That ability has unfortunately disappeared. Like another user below, I don't want the new air quality segment at the top of the list. It's good info but it's just not as important to me as other info. In fact, I'd probably put it at or near the end of the list. 2) I've never understood the "flopping around" (various info blinking) that occurs when the app is started. Eventually, after a few seconds, it settles down and stops flopping. It's done this for me for many many versions and on a number of different devices. I write apps for a living. There should be no flopping.

- Not accurate - all about selling your location info

I have used WeatherBug ever since Automated Weather Source first developed it. Unfortunately something has changed and I find the quality of its actual and forecast weather to have declined, especially in the last year. Yesterday was the perfect example with WeatherBug showing 0% chance of rain for every hour of the day, while we experienced constant rain showers instead. What I didn’t know was that AWS sold WeatherBug to Ground Truth (xAd). Their website describes themselves as the “largest location-based advertising platform in the world”. Yep their business model is all about selling your phone’s location information (even when the app is closed) - not providing you excellent/accurate weather forecasting. Sad because AWS had a great weather model, collaborating with educational institutions and local communities such as my own. So if your business/occupation is like mine and you require accurate weather forecasting, maybe it is time to look elsewhere.

- Great weather app

Got tired of the weather channel app getting slower and slower and taking forever to load and just scroll down the page so tried this and not only is it instantly quick, but put together with common sense. The location of the features were very well thought out and very easy and convenient to use. The pop up instructions are a brilliant idea. Love the fact that it has weather and traffic cams too, that i dont have to use other separate apps. Although it has news and videos the smart thing is they don’t load automatically, which i believe keeps the app fast. You have the option to start a video and that’s the smart way to do it. What’s killing the weather channel app is they don’t give you a choice and the videos run automatically slowing down the app to a crawl. Goodbye weather channel app, you just helped me free up a lot space too!

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- Best weather app yet

I have looked for a weather app that shows humidity in all forecast options - especially 5-, 7- or 10-day forecasts - and this is the first one I have found that features humidity. I love the hour by hour feature too - also including humidity (!) - important for where we now live in the world!! Very easy to use. Fun interface. Great app!

- Weather bug

Very nice app simple with all the right information keep up the good work, many thanks. Still using the app keep up the good work.

- Fr

Was an amazing weather app but then it stopped providing the lightening strike information that made it so unique. Even so, it is a solid and well presented app with the information easily accessible in a variety of formats. I was having loading problems, ads appearing quickly and nothing else showing up, but these problems seem to have disappeared with downloading an update.

- Weather bug

This is a fantastic service providing quick accurate weather information l particularly like the humidity factor. Thanks

- Very useful app

The weather — we complain about it nonstop but WeatherBug is brilliant. Very user friendly and easy to set up.

- The lightning strike notifications is great!

I find that the rain radar doesn't work in the bangkok, Thailand area, but the lightning notifications does. I find I have to go to another weather app to see the movement of rain and storms

- Okay

Using free version Have distance settings on kilometres but still showing miles on fire map Lighting strike function not working in my area Happy to re review and even purchase once these issues are fixed

- Great it ready do know before

Great it ready do know before all need to do is make shore the hours get up dated for example it’s 37 and it’s said it’s said it 37 but in hours it said 32? That’s all It the best weather app

- Great

Very well designed app. I enjoy using it.

- Australia

Well presented app, easy to read. Weather outlook not in line with Australian weather temperatures. Nearest active fire is 623 miles away in NSW which is not accurate. We live in Victoria and does not reflect any fires near us. Have settings set to °C/kms but fires are still miles.

- It’s super.

Factorial and easy to use.

- Fires

I live near Hepburn and needed to know about the out of control fires and you had no warnings at all, please keep all fires detected on your map

- What the heck

Great app but sick of all the advertising saying I have won a prize. We currently have a cyclone here in Queensland, Australia and the map shows clouds only when we have high winds and rain.

- Hello

Awesome love the app

- Not accurate

The only thing that’s correct about this app is your location and data usuage. Don’t use it

- Miles v kilometres

I’m still waiting for the distance parameters to be a choice and not miles like it or not

- Great app

I’m very happy with this app.

- Great App

I can't believe all the bleating in these reviews. This is a very competent app that uses official weather station data, not some computer generated guess from overseas. I have been able to choose Melbourne city weather plus my local weather from Cerberus Weather Station. It gives me useful data like wind direction, chance of rain, etc and presents it in a very readable format. To change data from F to C you simply go to IOS settings, scroll down to Weatherbug, and change the temperature setting - easy. I got sick of inaccurate or incomplete weather apps, ended up using the official BOM site, but this one beats them all. Great app!

- Excellent

A great weather app. Informative and very easy to navigate. Gives different options including an hourly weather rundown wherever you are. Wind speed is also a plus and every feature provided has proved invaluable for days you just need to know i.e. "beach day?" "Take a jacket for later?"

- Big G

Awesome app now that the radar is working in my area. This is now my main weather app, so please don't change a thing! Keep the good work up, it has to be a number one app.

- Needs more options please

Kph in wind speed also would be better, still there is no weather app that remembers the conditions at last update can't it save it and just have last updated at... Makes it more handy with the touch

- Great interface

Nice little program with good interface

- Accurate and easy to use

I always use this app and it's been always accurate. I like that it has a 10 day forecast and an hourly forecast. I find the % of precipitation really useful.

- Best Weather App for travelling

My go to app when travelling abroad. No matter what town in which ever country weatherbug more often than not gets it right.

- App inoperable

Latest update will not progress beyond initial location selection; simply gets stuck in a loop Your "developer website" option to lodge feedback, also has issues and will not accept a submission - claims an error on the page! Altogether pretty poor performance

- Good app

Works well and really accurate. Custom tiles on cover page are great. Needs rain radar for world wide cities. My go to app for weather.

- seems to be US only

weatherbug seems to be fine for the minoritory of US based users. In addition to using farenheit the radar images in the screen shot are not an option in the app I DL from the Aussie apps store and the camera images seem static (some place in the States) and can't be modified for locale

- Alex Alf iphone 4s

Great apps specially for outdoor activities....thanks guys for designing this application.....cheers

- Cool application but no options for Celsius

This app looks and works really well, but unfortunately there is no option to convert the temperatures into Celsius. If this support was added it would be really really useful.

- Thank You

We have used Weather Bug all over Italy a sit has been very useful and helpful.

- One step up but it still fails the test.

Metric is now an option in settings, but when you read an upcoming forcast it gives the forcast only in imperial, AGAIN!! ARRRGGGH!!!!! No radar support, no video support and no camera support. DO NOT BOTHER!!!! I'll stick with the default weather app and BOM radar.

- Attractive App but ...

For those of us outside the US, the lack of metric measurements makes this app a novelty only. Pity really as it can access weather from all around the world. Here's hoping for improvements in v2.0!

- Lost metric support

This app was great, but with the current update, although the forecast is changed to metric, the description and feels like are still in imperial

- Celcius PLEASE!!

Good app but completely useless until it supports celcius. I emailed the developers who replied saying it was coming soon, so 5 stars is hopefully only just around the corner

- Works but.....

Can't switch to display Celcius temp! Apart from the USA not too many other countries use Farenheit. A silly oversight that makes this application useless to a lot in it's current form.. Please bring out an update so the rest of the world can use it!

- Awesome

To makke it measure in Celsius just go to iPod settings and scroll down til' you find the weather bug symbol the change it from farinhight to Celsius This app is great for good info on today weather and even on next weeks weather!!

- Metric units are coming!

I have contacted the dev team about the lack of a Metric/Celsius option and they informed me that the next release, due in a few weeks, will have this option. Based on this information I award 4 stars.

- Application doesn't work after upgrade

The app doesn't get past the location selection, disappointing as this app was my favourite weather app to date.

- Great

Everything you need in a weather App.

- Limited customization

Can only show Fahrenheit and mph. Limited choice of cities, but otherwise has lots of info.

- Celsius is available

In Sydney Australia here and with Version 1.3 no problem at all and Celsius is available. Great app!

- Ditto - Celsius please!!

Loading the sat maps seems very slow, even with decent 3G coverage. Overall not a bad effort, but Celsius and kph would make it usable...

- Needs Work

Needs to be in Celsius for the majority of the world. Needs metric measurements too. An option for this would be good in the settings.

- Crashed a few times, and no metric

Crashed a couple of times when trying to add cities, even though the cities did get added. Inability to display Celsius and km/h means this got instantly deleted.

- Farenheit only

Doesn't seem to be a way to change to degrees celcius. Crashed a couple of times as well.

- Crappy

Too slow and search function not working

- Americanocentric

Apparently the good folk of weatherbug fail to realise that not everybody on the planet lives in America. I opened this in Venice, Italy to be given temperatures in Fahrenheit (even though that's a USA thing and makes no sense to the rest of the world) and long term forecasts for the USA.

- Great app

This app has so much potential, awesome for cities, pretty good for rural.

- No Celsius

Couldn't change to Celsius also didn't seem to work to well in sydndy

- Whoops?

I don't know about using a weather app that doesn't even show the right weather info, it's cold here in Sydney during Easter weekend but certainly no -1 C cold...

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- Happy

Us this app everyday

- They have all the rights.

Another Facebook? Terms of service WeatherBug to collect (on behalf of itself and its business partners) certain information regarding your use of the Solution (including, without limitation, certain data regarding your mobile device (e.g., type of device, unique device ID, etc.), operating software, feature utilization, navigation, and personal information (e.g., name, email, etc.)). In particular, if you elect to use certain location-based features or services, WeatherBug may collect your precise location.

- Very precise

Very good

- Satisfied customer

I have been using this app for more than a year and I find it very useful. I travel throughout Canada and the USA and I can get local weather easily. It is accurate to within a few minutes to forecast changes in weather, which is great on the golf course as I can see when it is going to rain or worse, an electrical storm.

- LoVe this App

Thanks for this Great Weather APP - Definite 5+Stars

- Just a little note

It is ok

- Worth Premium

I have paid for a few premium weather apps, this one is hands down my favourite one.

- Great App

Use the app everyday

- Not Bad

I use this application in combination with Storm.

- amazing!!

this app is amazing!! it’s very accurate and is always my go to app when someone asks. download it it’s worth the download!

- Accurate

Excellent app use it several times a day especially when I am going out or travelling.

- App crashes

I have used the "Weather Bug" on multiple devices for many years and was more than satisfied with it. Unfortunately, the last round of updates in early October caused the App to immediately crash every time I attempted to open it. I have gone through the following troubleshooting steps and I am convinced that there is something wrong with the App. Verified sufficient memory availability - over 2 G's Verified that the latest IOS software updates had been installed 10.3.4(14G61) Verified that the latest App software was installed 5.18.3 Deleted the app, reinstalled it and it still crashed Deleted the app, rebooted myiPad, downloaded the app - it still crashes Called Apple support who verified that the iPad was operating the latest Software and everything was functioning properly After all of this can you advise when you will fix the app so it will continue to work on my iPad MD516C/A

- Accurate & informative!

Great weather app with great features all around. But wow, everytime you issue an update, your widget (which I depend on for lightening proximity) disappears in the today widget section. I have to restart my phone to reset widget each time. Can you please add lightening & hourly weather in a larger IOS 14.01 widget size so I can accommodate my new widget preferences & to reduce the chances of a recurring disappearing widget every time I update it?? Thanks! :)

- Widget update.

Great app hope they update so widget works with ios14

- My fav

Use this app preferably over several other weather apps I’ve tried.

- Weather Bug

Definitely is spot on, all the time

- My goto app.

Weather bug is the first app I open when I’m checking the weather. Easy to navigate.easy to understand.

- Usefu

I use this app everyday. It has all of the info I need at my fingertip. I recommend it highly.

- Most accurate

I use this app every day. It is the most accurate weather app for my region. It gives me lightning warnings within 16km. Which is great when I’m running the dog.

- The best!

Way better this one!

- Accuracy

When the weather tower being used is on top of a community college - a 10 minute walk away, you know you’re getting reliable stats. That temperature accuracy is a proverbial “God send” come Canadian winters, and, summer humidity that nearly has one drink the air outside (some days). Highly recommended.

- Torch

Great weather app

- Not bad

I’m not lying it is seriously not that bad

- Mike

Bonne application de météo n’importe ou sur la planète. Précise pour les forces et directions du vent.

- Review

Always at the ready and accurate. Good app 👏

- Tech

It’s nice to get the warming’s of thunderstorms nearby! As a person that is always working outdoors, it’s a must! And FREE! Thanks!!!

- Excellent

Beat weather app out there, constantly adding new features

- Weatherbug

Very good app especially the lighting

- Shockingly useful

This app is great

- Canada’s a bit harder to forecast?

I really like the info design, have bought Pro version, and have used it for years. But having lived in the northeastern coastal US, and now southwest coastal Canada, I see that the Canadian info is less reliable for the forecasting a day or two ahead, and what’s actually happening at the moment isn’t always captured correctly (ex: it’s lightly raining here but the app says partly cloudy). Too bad, but I’m now looking for more accurate Canadian weather.

- Disappointing

In a few words it’s all about the USA very little information at the international level Why bother being an international app if you can’t give UV rays which is fundamental! I would give zero star if I could.

- Awesome weather app

I use this a lot when out on my motorcycle for accurate alerts and rain forecasting.5 stars!

- Best weather app

Best app I have seen yet for accuracy and ability to warn about lightning.

- Great APP

I have used several. Weather apps over the years and found this one to be most accurate and highly intuitive. Try it you won’t be disappointed.

- My top weather app

I work in a field where knowing the weather is imperative and as such would often consult several weather forecasts. I consistently found Weatherbug to be my regular go to app, with it being the most consistent.

- Amazingly accurate

Most accurate weather app

- Weather Bug

I find Weather Bug very helpful on a daily basis.

- Ads are back

I purchased ad removal and two days later the ads are back. No way to contact developer for resolution. Great app but will delete it if I just wasted my money.

- Great

Awesome weather app, use it everyday and when travelling as well.

- Great help

Love it!

- Handy App

Easy to use

- Great Weather App!

Everything you need in a weather app. Excellent layout with the ability to customize. From basic info to in depth. Whatever your needs Weather Bug has you covered.

- Nicely made

Lots of info and well made

- On the road

My go to app for road travel

- One of the best weather apps out there

Reliable, excellent interface

- Pop ups

Too many pop up advertisements block the weather information

- Weatherbug

The most comprehensive weather service

- Weather Planner

My go-to weather app. Versatile. Detailed. Accurate - almost always. But, hey, weather isn’t always predictable, even when it’s overhead.

- Love this app

We have use this app almost every day It helps us plan travel and most of our outdoor activities.

- Great app!

Very good info.

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- Best weather app

Excellent weather app. I used another app for several years then the format was changed so I had to find a new one. This is by far the best weather app I tried when finding a new app. I liked it so much that I purchased the paid version to get rid of the adds. What works well: ability to reorder items on your weather page, radar (always works, no issues with performance), ALL notifications received (NWS, and weather bug has its own notifications on lightning and pollen), nice that it has a brief forecast for each day. Any app will get buggy at some points, but I’ve had this app for two months and it’s been very stable. Honestly I don’t know what else could be added to make it a better weather app, it has everything there.

- Much better than Weather Channel!

I had used the Weather Channel app for years. Tolerated the click bait irrelevant videos, annoying ads and obnoxiously frequent platform changes. After the Weather Channel reporter faking the struggle to remain standing while others casually walked along in the background 😂 I finally decided I had enough of the Weather Channel and gave in to my wife’s suggestion to use Weather Bug. I’ll never go back! It’s basically everything on the Weather Channel app without annoying ads and irrelevant click bait videos. In fact, the videos on Weather Bug don’t require you to watch an annoying non-skippable ad before the video like Weather Channel does. The platform is easy to use and works great. Thanks Weather Bug!

- Love it!!

My Weather Bug loads fast...if yours isn’t, maybe it’s your internet speed. I love the app. It’s faster than other radar apps I have...when you live in Florida, you have more than one, bet! Weather Bug is my go to for all things weather Sometimes the hourly temps and forecast can be slower to update, but not too bad, and that’s not usually the most important thing for me. Most important is the radar, and it’s up to the exact minute on that. I really like everything about the app. The hourly forecast includes hourly wind speed, that’s real important to me. I had the radar on all the way through Hurricane Michael and knew exactly when the eye was past us and exactly when we could come out from under the mattress in the hallway. Need I say more?

- Best weather app available

Weather bug has been the most accurate weather app I have ever had and still is. The representation of the storm has been so accurate that I have always been able to see exactly when a storm starts and when it ends. It gives the most information in the radar picture of any other app. My only complaint is that there is not a pay version of this app. I would pay for it no problem because I hate the adds. Which get worse over time the longer I own this app. It is well worth paying for this since it is the best weather app ( and I have tried a lot and have paid for a few). My only complaint is there is not a paid version. Hate the comerciales . This app is well worth paying for.

- Used to be the best weather app out there.

This app is still the one that's the most dependable as well as accurate. There are those times during the year especially in the spring, that we count on their radar, above others, to track super cells and the like because of where we live. I depend on Weather Bug because their radar is updated quicker than the others. This is the weather app I check out everyday, sometimes many times a day when there’s bad weather, I'm glad to have it. I also like that we have our own local pictures now that we can look at as well as around the world. I do wish they would make it so we could comment on them though. There are some outstanding pictures in the gallery that I would love to compliment the photographers on. Low mark is because the took out satellite radar. That helped on so many levels. Thanks

- Weatherbug is awesome! Paid version!

Started using weatherbug 6 months ago with the free version. After a month, I decided it was so worth it to pay for it. It gives so much information such as lightning nearby, hurricane tracking, hourly weather that’s easy to see at a glance. You can tap and see enhanced data such as dew point, real feel, wind, etc. The UI is easy on the eyes. It’s really a beautiful app, and has all the data that I want, easily accessible with a tap! Another cool feature is you can choose the weather station that you get weather from. I choose the one closet to me because it’s definitely most accurate. It’s also neat to see all the local weather stations nearby. Also can be used in both portrait and landscape mode. Portrait works best for me when I’m using a large iPad Pro that’s 12.9”. Portrait works best on my iPhone. They recently added widget for iOS, too. Only feature that they don’t have: hourly that shows the previous 3 hours. I’m a weather geek.,I need to see that when I first get up in the a.m. ( I’m not taking a star ⭐️ off for that. Maybe they’ll add that feature in the future). If you’re looking for a really useful app, this is it.

- Everything in one place

UPDATE: the new version that auto updated today crashes so I can’t access all the information I love getting. 😕 2nd UPDATE: WeatherBug made the big fix in less than 12 hours. Happy customer again. The AD at my school showed me Weather Bug and the "spark" feature which shows lightning strikes in the local area. I coach, too, so I got it to be able to decide on holding or canceling practice. It fairly automatically switches my location to stay with me and my local conditions in an easy way, and you have access to local radar on the opening screen that is more current than other apps I've tried. The daily and 10 day forecasts are bare bones but useful. It packs a lot into a small space and presents it well.

- Was good until recently

The app was really good until recently. And now the radar is really slow to let, if it ever does. I count on the radar be cause a storm will sound like it’s almost on top of us, and still be several miles away, and with our southern summer pop up storms that makes a huge difference in what to expect. The radar also helps me determine the severity of what’s actually coming my way, so if it’s not loading,I may as well find another app. I do like the lightening warnings, and alerts. However these have also been inaccurate to what is posted. I live in Florida and got the information for South Dakota. One day we were under a tornado watch, but because the alerts were for somewhere else, I never got the warning. These seem to be happening since the last update, so I’m going to give them a chance to fix it, before I trash it.

- Don’t support this app and it’s political hate ads!

I have used this app for a number of years. I recently signed on and was exposed to extreme right-wing hate ads. I will not support an app that encourages divisiveness and hate. They should choose their adds more wisely. Don’t download it. Update: After posting this, I was contacted by a representative from the company who devoted a great deal of his time researching this. Apparently ads are regional and may not be screened to prevent this type of political ad. He searched for this and other similar ads and reported that the company was going to remove them. I hope so. Kudos to Weatherbug for their prompt and positive response. I am changing my ratings from one star to three for their effort to prevent this but they should certainly screen all their ads.

- Appreciated

Really do appreciate knowing what our weather is right up to our home! For example, yesterday which was a Sunday, I was able to ascertain whether we could be able to go to church or not. We are both handicapped, and even though I can still drive, it is difficult to take my husband as he is in a wheelchair. It was pouring rain at 8:30 A.M. we were to leave at 9:15. Your Weather bug enabled me to see that the rain had stopped and we were able to go to church. I am amazed at the accuracy of your weather reports . The other reason for our appreciation is that during a storm I can get the weather on my I Pad when the weather messes up our ability to get weather from our TV Thank you again and again!

- Advertisements, Advertisements and More Advertisements

I PURCHASED WeatherBug so I could skip the ads included in the free version. They have chosen to ignore the purchases made by who knows how many people and insult the buyer be placing LARGE and annoying ADVERTISEMENTS in the current version. In addition, the application displays a RED number 1 on the home screen of my iPad but when I launch the app there are NO Weather Alerts. Is this to ensure that more of the unwanted ads are seen? Living in a part of the country where weather alerts are frequent I need an app that is reliable. Don't waste your money or time with this app. Find an application that will provide you valid weather alerts and does not include large advertisements. So far I am using AccuWeather and MyRadarPro.

- Great if you like ads that trick you...

I used to love this app, but 2 minutes ago I finally had enough. I live in Western North Carolina and I am watching Hurricane Flo very closely. I went on my Weatherbug App to check out the latest news and, WHAT’S THIS?!?! I had a flashing message symbol, as if I might need to know something right away. Nope! It was just yet another tricky ad Weatherbug had allowed that took me to another page where I was asked to spend money on a product I didn’t want. I’m through. Throwing in the towel. You win advertisers. Good luck in your future endeavors. Weatherbug creators, I hope you make tons of money off of these sorts of unscrupulous ads. I understand the need to have them, but not during a storm where (so far) 14 people have died and people need to get up to date info. Having ads is fine, but not like this. It’s not like there aren’t other weather apps out there that don’t have these types of ads. I’ll keep looking and find one that doesn’t allow manipulative ads.

- iPad 4 NOW supported AGAIN

UPDATE, App update 5.18.5 now fixes the problems with using this app on IPad 4 and maybe other problems people were reporting. This app gives a lot of information and the many layers available under the map tab allows great flexibility in the information that I want displayed. Great response from the developers of this app to the problems I had originally identified. Best response I've ever had from a developer. Update ver 5.18.2 to Apple products no longer supports the IPad 4 using IOS 10.3.3 even though IOS 10 is supposed to be supported. With no option to download a previous version the free app is 100% unusable. This was a great app until the October 6 th update. Update to my review, app update to ver. 5.18.4 still not working with IPad 4.

- It keeps freezing every time I open it!

Hi, developers! So, all I have to say about this app is that every time I open it, there just so happens to be having a bug, like every time I open it, the bug starts to freeze the app! Can you see what the problem is? Every 30 seconds I’m in the app, it just gets stuck, like there is a bug there. 😵 But I will say this, there is a 50/50 chance of getting a severe thunderstorm warning in WeatherBug, like I can just feel it coming! 😆 Once that happens, I will remind everyone that a severe thunderstorm warning is coming! ⛈ I actually thought that severe weather can be a rare thing, but now I did! But anyhoo, great quality, great weather, and some awesomeness of quite shocking-weather! (No pun intended) 😅

- Fortitude

We use this app for all family outdoor activities, fishing, snorkeling diving, Baseball, Cheer practice. Weather patterns change, get stalled or alter in one way or another. What I like most about WBug, when weather reports need to redrafted, Weatherbug has the fortitude to make immediate changes in their reports. Great info regarding weather changes in patterns & how changes will affect daily travel and commutes. Not to mention the Lighting Sensor Spark in you r menu. If your family is outdoors, this app is a MUST. Lightening detector from Wbug may save you or your family’s life some day. Recently, for safety reasons to protect all children, my Mom was heavy handed with City and County officials. Her mission was to see that every school, city or county park/bball/soccer/football field operated by city and county staff in Lee County be equipped with fully functional lightning detectors. Guess what? Mom worked tirelessly and pulling in a few favors with the behind the scene good guys, she was able to help seal a deal including county, city and school board officials with Weatherbug. A win win situation for all involved. We especially appreciated the prompt installation with jfully functional equipment. It’s a ***** rating from me. MC Fort Myers, FL

- Perfect All-In-1 Weather App

If you are looking for a straight-forward weather app, that not only provides you with basic weather, but also advanced weather layer options, look no further! You also can enter in and receive weather alerts for multiple locations, receive LIGHTNING STRIKE maps, wind, rain, snow, pressure and other advanced radars / layers. By far this is one of my main go-to weather apps along with RadarScope for the most detailed look into a storm cell. For the average person looking for weather, locally or far away, you can not go wrong by having WeatherBug! I’ve had it since it was first released, and I’ve literately NEVER had one glitch or error with it! Download it... you won’t regret it.

- What's going on

I've used this app for years but lately I haven't liked using it. I know that weather predictions often change but the 10 day forecast changes drastically like 15 times a day now. It goes from snow to sunny to rain to freezing rain. It never used to do this. Honestly, this app hasn't been predicting the weather accurately. For example, in 2 days, no matter what it says it's gonna be on the 10 day forecast today, it's going to change a lot in 2 days. I get sometimes being unsure and really having to change predictions but this is more than I've experienced in the past using this app. I am just frustrated because I don't even know what the weather is anymore unless I look at another weather app and I don't feel like this source is reliable at the moment.

- Good but missing some features

I generally like the app, and have found it to be pretty accurate. It definitely has some bugs, and wish the quality of ads were a little better rather than the classic “absolute garbage/clickbait” that some ad providers do. My biggest complaint is that I haven’t been able to figure out how to look up the weather in a location without saving that location. Sometimes I just want to look up the weather once of a place I will be traveling through that day. It’s not impossible to add and then immediately remove a location, but it is less then ideal. Also current location doesn’t always update effectively and I haven’t figured out a way to do a force update. I think sometimes closing the app and reopening works.

- Really? This is the top rated weather app?

I work outside every day. I’ve been using this app for a few months after switching from another useless weather app. I check the weather multiple times a day. Yesterday this app showed 0% chance of rain from all day until about 10pm where it went up to only 10% chance. It rained steadily from about 4pm to 10pm. The chance of rain stayed at 0% the whole time. How does this make any sense? This isn’t uncommon at all the rain forecast is always wrong. The hourly weather also seems to always contradict the radar. Radar shows a big red blob over my area, small chance of rain. Or it’ll actually be raining and the radar shows nothing. OR the radar won’t load at all but other apps and my browser load just fine. Who’s running these weather apps - a couple of college drop outs? And who’s leaving anything higher than a 1 star review? Apple just needs to remove this app. It’s unreliable. Complete garbage.

- Loved it better in Maryland

Living in Maryland and working as an athletic trainer this was my go to app. It did seem to freeze more when I really needed it to tell me where the lightning strikes and storms were occurring but it was a great supplement to our campus warning system. Great to add other US cities or even European cities when we traveled. Great for knowing what was happening in Fairbanks AK (brother) or while venturing over to Scotland (vacation with the wife). Moved overseas this past year and the app is ok for global weather. Mostly because weather is not as exciting here in Lebanon, and the Middle East does not have a 24/7 weather channel (temperate climate most of the time). Fairly accurate abroad but functions better on the east coast of the US. Love the SPARK feature! Even in Beirut it works! Most of the time. Good app for most weather inquiries. Better than what comes with the phone.

- Forecasting Accuracy

I took a couple meteorology classes in community college when I was learning to fly small aircraft. With a slightly better understanding of weather forecasting than most , I realize the difficulty. That being said, Weather Bug does a very good job overall . Temperature is “ Spot On” , even out several days . Hour by Hour is is also nearly perfect until the critical 36 hour mark. Extended forecast is much better than most. I have found Weather Bug to have a more reliable source than than the National Weather Service. I have 6 Weather apps loaded on my phone and laptop. But I mostly use just 2 .Weather Bug is one of those two. Thank you to the meteorologists who do what do. Meteorology is one of several highly underrated sciences . Thank you again

- What happened???

I used to love my Weatherbug! It was on time and accurate on my droid. Now, on iPhone XR, awful! It states ‘not connected to internet”, but ads work fine. I have the setting so I am connected with data when not on wifi and on internet, (same as when I had my droid) but the alerts are always delayed, after the storm has passed!! I go to open and it again states, Sorry, Weatherbug not connected to internet. When clearly the entire phone and the app is connected. The radar map will work on live motion but I have to center it on location. Feedback will not work. (hence why I am doing this here)I have removed and now reinstalling and still same issue!! Forecast will only load fully after several closing and reopening app. This is too much work. It never used to be this way. Please help and fix!!

- Love this weather app!

Full disclosure: I am a weather app snob. I’ve used Wunderground, NOAA, Intellicast, and Storm at various times in the past, and I always ended up disappointed when the developers made updates that ended up sucking, or discontinued the app altogether. Then I discovered (or, more accurately, re-discovered from many years ago) WeatherBug, and I. freaking. love. it!!! I love that I can tailor the order of the feed to suit my own preferences, the maps are great, everything has been accurate so far, and it’s just really pleasing to look at and easy to use. By far my FAVORITE weather app I’ve ever used. Now I just hope and pray that they don’t implement some super sucky updates or get bought out by someone else!

- Sometimes Shows inaccurate weather information.

I would rate at 5 stars except this app sometimes shows inaccurate weather information especially on the Doppler radar maps. For example Weather Bug maps will show it is raining or snowing in one of my saved locations then I check the traffic cams through the locations traffic cams app and no snow or rain in sight. Overall an ok app except for these occasional inaccurate weather information. Google and the weather channel are more accurate. Also this app can be terribly slow. If Weather Bug gets these bugs fixed, then I would rate to 5 stars. I like the lightning alert feature and the local weather cams feature. Overall this is a useful app in spite of all the bugs.

- My go to weather app 🎉👍😎 Best have many...

This is My go to weather app 🎉👍😎 it’s the Best of all and I have many... since I need to check the weather often for different reasons. The Weather Bug app has the best looking, quickest, well laid out, easy to read; all you need weather info of them all! Unless you like to see a page with tiny hidden- in a page full of adds- info scattered all over the place. The Weather Channel app has become useless; it’s a joke! Others are way to tiny print, unorganized (unless you like adds) Weather Bug has them all beat in every way! Don’t waist your time. Just download it and you have all you need in a quick clean clear nice looking layout! 👍🌝

- All substance; remains simply the best

I do definitely prefer Weatherbug’s simple, direct layout and breadth of information over any other app, to be sure; but after years of using the app (and occasionally downloading the competition as a measuring stick of whether anyone else has caught up), the most significant Weatherbug advantage remains accuracy. This owes to Weatherbug’s approach of using an extensive network of highly localized sensor stations to pinpoint your forecast and data specifically to you. In my case, there are two separate Weatherbug sensing stations within a couple miles of my front door—and so invariably, Weatherbug is the one that nails the correct forecast. Flashy interfaces are meaningless; accuracy is everything.

- Cute but not totally accurate

I got this app because of the nearly 5-Star rating, but it doesn’t seem to be terribly accurate for my area. I’m not sure if that’s because it’s just not accurate or if it’s because the reporting station is too far away, but either way, I have other apps that are more accurate. I’m sorry that’s the case, because I love the look of this app and the type of info they present. For example, none of my other apps include air quality, which is important to me. Also, I like the detail of the 10-day forecasts (I know that 10th day is just guessing, so take it with a grain of salt, but still a nice presentation). I will continue to glance at this app, but know that it’s often off by as much as 10 degrees on the current temp and 12 hours on predicting rain or other major weather changes.

- Great weather app

This app is an amazing weather app. It’s front page is easily understandable, customizable, and is easily navigated. It gives you everything from radar to real-feel and even has pictures of the areas around you. The notifications are wonderful (especially for telling you when there’s warnings for tornadoes, or storms). It gives u detailed forecasts. And although I live in an area where weather is unpredictable, it is pretty accurate. Also gives you easy navigation to multiple places for different weather around the world (helps when family is spread). All in all I give it a 5/5 stars. Would recommend this to a friend over Apple weather any day

- The best by far!

Many weather apps have gimmicky interfaces that can hinder easy access to the information you’re looking for. The Weather Bug interface is extremely easy to navigate. Many weather apps also rely too heavily on graphics in place of descriptive forecasts in plain English. The Weather Bug app offers both. The interface is simple, attractive and straightforward, but an impressive amount of detailed information is just a tap away. This is a laudable achievement, especially on a smartphone screen. The developers of other mobile weather apps could learn something about good interface design from the designers of the Weather Bug interface!

- Extremely helpful developer

I had an issue where I thought the adds were bogging down the app. I completely understand that adds are needed on free apps, but was frustrated over the horribly slow speed. After a quick reply and help from the developer (John), it turns out that it was the app, and it simply appeared to get corrupted on my phone. After a suggestion to uninstall and reinstall WeatherBug from my iPhone, it cleared up the slowness issues. It just goes to show that there are still helpful people out there that care about the apps they develop. I highly recommend this app, and if you have an issue with it, don’t jump to conclusions before asking for help.

- Getting to the point of being useless

Once upon a time this was a dependable App, next comes the “updates” which took 95% of this dependability away. The forecasts are very poor, predicting a sunny day, look outside, yep it's raining. The wind speed is nil, yep, the wind is blowing like crazy (app 25mph). Videos no longer work in the weather news section. There even more problems with this App since the updates. It is difficult to believe that with all of the information available and the technological advances that an App like weatherbug could be more accurate and more dependable. This was an App that we would consult on our RV trips to stay informed of what the weather forecast would be at our next location. Guess that we will start doing as another reviewer said, will stick our head outside and make a guess. Very disappointed with the App as it is. Please do not give me a canned reply, fix the App, the technology is “OUT THERE.”

- The widget doesn’t work

This app is okay. I like that it includes information about expected humidity in the forecasts, it’s a pet peeve of mine that most weather apps will tell you the current humidity levels but they won’t tell you what to expect later in the day or tomorrow (85 degrees and dry is very different from 85 degrees and humid!). The information is all very simple and easy to read. But the widget doesn’t work. Ever since I installed this app and enabled the widget, it’s been telling me “please open the WeatherBug app and agree to our latest terms of use and privacy policy.” Sure, no problem. I’d be happy to do that...except that I keep opening the app and looking for a place where I can agree to those terms, and it never appears. There’s obviously some kind of bug and nobody seems to be in much of a rush to fix it.

- Maybe WeatherBug is trying to do too much...

With all the bells and whistles, videos, stories, etc. It seems top heavy or overloaded, so is slow or jerky sometimes. Trying to keep up with Weather Channel or AccuWeather? I’ve used WB for years, but it is less and less satisfying and often seems less accurate. For the last 2 months or so the rain amount for my area has been stuck at 7.14” and I know we’ve gotten lots more than that, especially last night when those fierce storms rolled over Pennsylvania. I’d like really good comprehensive weather coverage, rather than all the photos, videos, etc. which I can easily see elsewhere, if I am interested. There are so many and most are not that different, houses going under bridges in floods for example. So more good weather coverage and less entertainment and up to date rain amounts on a daily basis.

- Overall a great app

I have been using Weather Bug for several years now; it’s my go to source for what’s happening around me and what’s about to happen. I use the upgraded version which I highly recommend. Here are the high points in my opinion: 1. Data comes from very close, local sources, vs a major city hours from my home. 2. The map is easy to grab at a moments notice. 3. The lightening strike alert and visualization on the map is great. I am able to know how close the latest strikes have been and generally how many strikes are within a 10 mile radius from me. 4. Weather related videos are informative and entertaining. 5. Easy to to see daily, weekly and 10 day forecast, either as a summary or with more detail, including hour by hour. I have lived in Tx in Tx most of my life. The long rang forecast has usually been pretty accurate. We are now living in Florida, south of Tampa. With so much weather coming from both coasts, it seems to be difficult to accurately predict weather much past the next 1-2 days. Overall, not a perfect weather app but a darn good one in my opinion.

- Know Ahead? Don’t believe it

Weather Bug appears to have a real problem with correctly predicting the high temperatures for any given day. While on vacation in Oregon, I noticed that the predicted high was consistently lower than the actual temperature. When I got home (Ontario, CA), I charted the 8AM predicted high and compared it to the actual temperature, as per the Los Angeles Times Weather section. For a period of 17 days, Weather Bug’s predicted high was 5 degrees or more off for 11 of those 17 days. Not once did their predicted high reach the actual high. The average was 4.97 degrees off. During that same time period, Dark Skies was 5 or more degrees off on 2 days. Their average was less than one degree off. My newspaper had only one day that was more than 3 degrees off. While I will continue to use their rain maps, I will no longer use Weather Bug for any of their predictions.

- Weatherbug has served me well

Unlike the previous reviewer who finds all weather apps to be in accurate, I have not had his experience. I have found weatherbug’s current, 10-day and real-time radar to be quite accurate and useful. Here in South Florida near the ocean the weather can change suddenly and often and I rely on Weatherbug a great deal. Also, when traveling the current-location function allows us to monitor conditions on the go, also a nice feature. I am not so enamored with the hour-by-hour forecast as its accuracy has been less reliable, even to the point of being in frequent disagreement with the other features on which I have come to depend.

- Lifesaving

I spend a lot of time outdoors hunting and fishing weather bug elite has literally saved my life three times all three times from lightning strikes my phone weather bug would alert me right away and let me know that lightning was within 18 miles the range I had set and every time I got off the water in time before severe lightning starts in Texas three years ago my hotel got hit with an F1 tornado the only reason I knew that tornado was coming was weather bug alerted me and sent an alert to my phone I was able to get in the shelter before the sirens in town went off I love weather bug I tell everyone anyone that asks me what is the best weather app it’s a simple choice

- Just on time, with warnings.

May be slow to load but each day better n once loaded no problems. Gives me enough warnings to get up n take cover or shut downs for electrical that can be struck. Here the Gulf is unpredictable and can change in seconds with funnels that roll to land & drives down center highways. My daughter in law was at the school to pick her son this week. I got a warning from weatherbug that a funnel had rolled up on the main highway 5 miles from her. Warned her & told her to get inside of the school or home. The school did a lockdown & would not let her in. So we road it out in her car with weatherbug being our only point of tracking the tornado. Whew! Thank You Weatherbug

- Inaccurate Forecasts

Maybe it’s just me but when I see in writing on my weather app that there is “0% chance of precipitation” my mind interprets that as there is literally no realistic chance it is going to rain/snow and I therefore have nothing to worry about in terms of going out on the roads in bad weather. Now I know intellectually that there is always some chance of precipitation even when it says “zero” but something about seeing it in writing in front of me on my phone in the Weather Bug app makes my brain freeze and I actually believe that the app saying zero chance of precipitation actually really means there is zero chance of precipitation. I’ve had enough of being caught time and again in dangerous rainstorms that I could have avoided had my weather app not lulled me into a false sense of security by telling me there was “0% chance of precipitation” and then it rains cats and dogs when I am out on the highway. Weather Bug is by far the nicest looking and easiest to use weather app around. However I just can’t stomach the highly inaccurate hourly forecasts any longer. When my paid subscription ends I do not plan to renew as I have found much more accurate, albeit not as pretty, alternatives.

- Optimize your awareness

Weatherbug has allowed me to optimize my life !! By using Weatherbug I always have contingent plans at the ready when necessary. We live in New Jersey, but We have one son who goes to college in Pennsylvania, and we have another son in college in California. Not only can we plan visits while being informed, but we can plan our future locally, or if we choose to travel, we can be confident and prepared. We are never caught off guard with the advantage of Weatherbug’s information, forecasts, and warnings. I have been using Weatherbug since Janice Huff, whom I respect immensely, first recommended it. I, in turn, recommend it highly to everyone who wishes to raise their awareness level. Thank you Weatherbug !!

- Used to love it... unwelcome video ads are unreasonable

I’m a marine biologist and have used the weather bug app for years. I loved it and found it very helpful. Until recently I have had no issues or complaints. Now their marketing and advertisements have gotten out of control. I open the app every morning usually while still in bed to check the temperature and rain conditions to know how to dress for the water. Twice now when I have done that (at 4:30AM) a loud video commercial has played. I wouldn’t mind so much if it was just me being bothered by it but it wakes up my wife! Now, could I just get out of bed and go into the bathroom to open up the app? Sure, I could... but I don’t want to. Deleting weather bug and getting another just as trustable app is fine with me. Weather bug- when you fix the loud and unwelcome videos maybe I’ll come back.

- Feature overload

Basically I like Weather Bug. It has the information I need where it is easy to find. I like the ability to see local weather radar, which allows me to get a better impression of how local conditions will develop than the forecast (which is for a nearby station, which in some cases is 20 miles away. The radar view has much finer resolution than that.) What I don’t like is a) the tendency to add new features which only make it harder to get the info I want and b) it tends to lose track of where I am when I’m traveling, and gives me weather alert notifications for “your current location” which is often where I was the day before yesterday — and I’ve used the app since then.

- Always Reliable

I have used WeatherBug for five years and it has always surpassed the recommended weather apps on my old Samsung and now iPhone phones. What has always been spot on is the radar and hourly breakdown of incoming and current weather. Living in a region where we get four seasons with one being snow that can be problematic, I rely on Weatherbug to know when to remove snow or ice to avoid doubling my work. I also like the availability of weather cams in the app to get quick looks around my region. If there is any negative it that the layout can be cleaned up a bit on iPhone. Maybe it is due to an update but text in various info blocks looks oddly formatted.

- Not at all accurate

They keep sending out updates but each one proves to be less accurate than before. The other day we had so much rain falling. Weatherbug was updated and said we were to have sunny skies, warm temps in the 60’s and above all a dry day. Nope, it poured for several hours, even knocked out power in a few areas. Thats enough for me to say its time to find a reliable source for weather reports. Newest update now limits hourly forecast to only 24 hours instead of 7 days. Keep updating and changing features and keep losing subscribers. I come for weather, i want to know if it will rain, what the temperature will be, if it will snow, or be nice out. I could care less about your streets predictions as they are not important nor are they accurate. Every time you update, i like this app less and less. Accuweather is starting to look better and better with each update you do.

- Not a great source for storm tracking

I downloaded this app and another storm tracker app after my house was destroyed by the Nashville tornado in March with little warning. I had no way to track storms before and I needed a way to know I was safe. At first I liked this app. It was good at tracking and giving updates. I started having a problem with it when it would give me storm alerts, causing me anxiety, but then seeing the “storm” was 20 miles from my location. It repeatedly gives lightning warnings when it’s only thunder. This has caused great anxiety and worry for me. I understand the reasoning in warning people miles before a storm comes, but I don’t think it’s necessary to give a “take shelter” warning when there’s only thunder. Because of this I deleted the app. This might work for some people but unfortunately it did not work for me.

- The best weather app.

I have tried multiple weather apps, and this is by far the best, with the most information provided. I especially like that it will automatically find me as I travel, providing weather information for the area I am traveling through at the time. It is quick to give me local temps, and the daily weather, as well as a ten day forecast. I am also able to keep multiple cities on a list to get other local weather. The app does fall short on showing local wind speeds, and hourly forecasts. Otherwise it is an excellent weather app. I would also like to see monthly/yearly precipitation amounts added. Our family has continuing arguments over who got the most rain or snow. Help me out here!

- Nice presentation and weather radar is great

The first thing you have to remember is that weather forecasts, are really only accurate within a 24 hour period. And then only generally accurate. A 10 day forecast is only as good as the computer models that made them. And there are so many variables that could affect those models that the 10 day forecast could be wrong 15 minutes after it’s made. Weatherbug gives you access to a lot of data points. Presents them in a concise manner and gives you up to date weather radar maps to help you plan your day. I have seen quite a few weather apps in my day. This one is one of the best.

- No longer a good app

I’ve used weather but for years but it has become unreliable and downright laughable. I’m right sitting in a sever thunderstorm that the national weather issued with severe winds, lightening, and large hail. What did I get from weatherbug? I got a med to high pollen account. I did get a flash flood notice which has been issued for all the state. But no notice of severe thunderstorms. It used to be a good/great app that warned me. I could also pick and choose what push notifications to get such as tornadoes and thunderstorms but not flooding. I live high In the city and am never flooded. I even bought the ad free version. But it has all gone down hill. I’m going to remove the app because I am so annoyed of getting daily flash floods g and pollen alerts and never severe thunderstorms or tornado alerts. What’s the point. Sorry to say goodby after what.... 15 years? No longer a fan. Will be looking for better reliable and configurable app.

- Nice app but...

I like this app so much better than the Weather Channel. It’s easy to use, not as confusing as the WC app(that each time they update, they lack information, the infrastructure of the app becomes confusing. This app, your able to put in order the stats that you want to see. Humility, rainfall, and radar. The only thing that this app has a problem with is an accurate temperature, it’s inaccurate(off) by 15-16 degrees each day. The Weather Channel for years has been 3-6 degrees off. That’s not bad, but 15 plus(it’s 91 outside now, but Bug says it’s 74!? Yesterday was 97 and Bug stated 82!? I understand that the developers are trying to figure it out in the meantime. But that can only go so far by saying that with each update and months go by, until you find one that is accurate and move to a different weather app.

- Inaccurate

This app has gone downhill. I’m not sure where the current weather report originates from but it is always wildly inaccurate. Right now we are in the middle of a pretty big windstorm (sustained winds at 25mph and gusts around 45-55mph) and the current wind measurement shows on this app shows calm wind at 1mph and no gusts. The current temperature according to 2 other apps and the thermometer on our deck all show the current temp at 50° but this app says 59°. The current temperature on your app is always 6-10° warmer than it actually is. The lightning tracker doesn’t work either, the last thunderstorm we had in the area didn’t show up, it showed the nearest lightning strike 1273 miles away and there were several thunderstorms in the Puget Sound region that day. Last and not least is the air quality tracker, it’s not even close. Wish I knew what’s up because I used to really like this app.

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Here's a lunch hour look at Algona, #Iowa on this Monday. The snowpack will not be going anywhere as up to a half a foot of #snow is expected tomorrow! ❄️The 10-day forecast: #IAwx


Check out the view this morning in Rogers, #Arkansas! Enjoy the nice weather today, because two storm systems will impact the area through the New Year and the second could be a wintry mess. The 10-day forecast: #ARwx


Old Glory right around #sunset at Ridgefield Academy in Connecticut with those thin, wispy cirrus clouds overhead; a beautiful #winter afternoon in New England. How long will this #weather linger? Latest forecast...


Our camera is showing the sunshine in #Baltimore today. ☀️While temperatures are warmer than the past two days, highs still only be around 40 degrees. View the hourly forecast: #MDwx


The sun is shining in Fort Myers, #Florida this morning, but it's a chilly start with temperatures in the upper 40s! If you're missing the warm weather, don't worry. Highs will be in the low 70s today and by midweek the low 80s return. The 10-day outlook:


Our Mandarin Holiday Marina camera in Jacksonville, Fla., shows an exquisite #sunset on this day after #Christmas with a few thin, wispy cirrus clouds. Will the tranquil #weather linger through next week in northern #Florida? Latest forecast...


Our camera in Mackay, Idaho, shows a #winter wonderland, almost one you find under a #ChristmasTree this time of the year. The forecast calls for more #snow to close out #2020!


Talk about a #WinterWonderland! ❄️ Check out this #snowy camera from Ashtabula, OH, here: Latest forecast: #OHwx

Eric Herberholz

10-Day Weather Forecasts & Weekend Weather | WeatherBug


Mars, PA, is one of the few cities waking up to a #WhiteChristmas this morning. Check out the latest #WinterWonderland camera here: Latest forecast: #PAwx


It's looking like a Winter Wonderland in Algona, #Iowa this evening. The temperature is absolutely frigid outside at 9 degrees and by morning it will be feeling as cold as 20 below zero. Bundle up! The hourly forecast: #IAwx


Our camera is showing near whiteout conditions in Blaine, Minnesota, just a bit north of #Minneapolis where a #Blizzard Warning is in effect. If there's any good news, it's that a white #Christmas will certainly be delivered. The hourly forecast:


Take a look at this amazing sunset out of Fort Myers, #Florida! A big drop in temperatures is coming by the end of the week and it could be the coldest #Christmas in several years. The 10-day forecast: #FLwx


Our camera in Bittinger, Maryland, confirms that #Winter has showed up on time for parts of the central #Appalachians. The snow will continue overnight. View the hourly forecast:


The first sunset of #Winter is a beautiful one in Saint Petersburg, #Florida! Enjoy the warmer weather, because a chilly #Christmas is in the forecast. The 10-day forecast: #FLwx

WeatherBug – Weather Forecast 5.18.8 Screenshots & Images

WeatherBug – Weather Forecast iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

WeatherBug – Weather Forecast iphone images
WeatherBug – Weather Forecast iphone images
WeatherBug – Weather Forecast iphone images
WeatherBug – Weather Forecast iphone images
WeatherBug – Weather Forecast iphone images

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