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What is voidpet app? Descend into the void, and befriend mysterious creatures that spawn from your emotions.
Nurture your oasis through mindfulness and self care.
Collect all of the rare species that visit your garden of consciousness!

Our mental health relies on our understanding of the self just as much as it depends on our understanding of the people around us.
Learning how to communicate our care to others, and to appreciate the care that they are trying to show us, is an ongoing process in our wellness journey.

To befriend new pets, you must communicate with them in their preferred love language and earn their affection.

- Quality Time pets appreciate being present with those they care about. They will want to spend time with you, and encourage you to take breaks, exercise, and more.
- Words of Affirmation pets place a lot of value on making the effort to communicate things verbally. They will confide in you about how they are feeling, and prompt you to respond with kindness.
- Gift giving pets feel most cherished when you consider them enough to share something they'll like. To befriend a gift lover, you'll have to collect the right kinds of treats to surprise them with.
- Acts of service pets place a lot of value on actions that speak louder than words. If you can spare a second to make their lives easier, they'll happily come back to your garden.
- Some pets just love a good cuddle. You'll be able to earn their trust with relaxing haptics and ASMR.

Voidpet's approach to mental wellbeing is to provide a space for you to reflect in soft fascination.

To grow your garden, check on your plants every day and discover mindfulness exercises that nourish your soul.
Choose from a selection of journaling prompts such as:
- Think positive: Inspired by cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, which involves identifying our cognitive biases in order to deconstruct unhelpful thoughts, this activity is about examining our negative thought patterns and learning to reframe them positively.
- Practice Gratitude: This exercise is about setting aside time to think happy thoughts and appreciate the good around us. Gratitude helps us feel warmly towards others, which, in turn, improves our relationships and overall mood.
- Goal setting: Writing down your goals is a great way to be honest with yourself and validate and your desires. To confess that you want change is the first step to making it happen. Classifying your goals is also helpful, because it helps you visualize the level of effort required to make your ambitions come true. As you think about the timeframe, relevance, and other specifics of your goal, you also start to manifest how to go about achieving them.
-Emotional naming: Naming emotions is a simple but liberating exercise. By describing how we feel in words, we turn sensations into data, and position ourselves to respond constructively. They say, "If you can name it, you can tame it!" Our conscious minds can offload a lot of stress from our physical response.
-Meditation: A simple timer with a relaxing, guided prompt. Setting aside a few seconds to breathe and reflect can be a wonderful way to start your day, or take a pause in the middle of a busy schedule.

If you choose to purchase Voidpet Giga, payment will be charged to your Apple account.
Subscriptions will automatically renew unless canceled within 24-hours before the end of the current period.
You can cancel anytime with your Apple account settings.

For more information:
Terms of Service: https://voidpet.notion.site/Voidpet-App-Terms-of-Service-97158c9344ce45d7b0f3fbfb3f13dc76
Privacy Policy: https://www.notion.so/voidpet/Voidpet-App-Privacy-Policy-ed689a618f13442ca0312134abb352e6

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App Name Voidpet
Category Health & Fitness
Updated 17 April 2023, Monday
File Size 37.51 MB

Voidpet Comments & Reviews 2023

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I’m obsessed. Normally I don’t write reviews on games but I really really like this game. I just have like 2 suggestions that I wonder if they might be taken. 1, I think it’d be nice if things refreshed maybe twice a day instead of every day, mainly things like pets asking how you’re doing and the special ways to water plants. My other thing is I think cuddling the pets should give a little more experience but even if it doesn’t I will still cuddle all of my babies every time lol. Thanks for making such an awesome game though!!!

Cool idea, but won’t stick for long.. Let’s be honest, mental health is the last reason people started playing voidpet. The cool design, pokemon like gameplay, and the vivids is what brought people in. Probably even the characters and promise of a story driven game at one point. That all went downhill. The app is fun for maybe a day or two but all it is is vivid farming, even more so once you know the time skip exploit. The website has been pretty much abandoned aside from all the emotions being added soon enough. Maybe at one point the idea had a lot of potential, but not anymore. You have to grind weeks to months for anything good on the website and the characters, quests, and storyline just don’t get updated anymore. On the app getting things is as easy as pie. The lack of quality or direction is very noticeable these days. It’s also very obvious it’s in the hands of inexperienced game devs who either refuse or turn away much needed help.

So excited to see Voidpet has its own app. I’ve loved everything about the game so far. When I get to meet new little creatures every time I open the app and sometimes they’ll ask me to dance with them for 30 seconds. Melts my heart and makes my day. The game also reminds me to look for the good in my day. Dealing with the creatures representing different emotions sometimes they’ll ask you for advice and you’ll get to pick one out of two options to tell that emotion about its problem. The problems the emotions are struggling with are relatable and the advice given is what you need to hear sometimes. All I want from the game is more!

Please, I just want them back.. I love this game. I look forward to finding a new pet when I come home. But recently my mom took my phone and tried to fix something by deleting my games, and I lost my progress. I just really want them back. I want things to go back to the way they were. I’m going to try to get them back in a new account, but I’d really appreciate if you could somehow get my account back. Thank you so much.

Why this is a good app!. Overall I love the positive mental health tools I feel that this game is teaching me and it is actually helping me keep healthier habits with my phone. You can use the game a few times a day, but I won’t spend more than 3 minutes on it at a time which I think promotes a healthier relationship with my phone! It has helped me start journaling in a very low commitment way and I love that the pets remind you of goals you’ve made in the past and positive thoughts you’ve shared. I see other reviews complain about there not being much to do but I think the lack of a huge time commitments is the point and makes the game feel very relaxing to play.

the perfect mental health app!. After getting through the tutorial part of the game I thought it didn't have much to do, but after coming back to check up on my pets and water my plants a few times I realized how awesome the game really is. It's so fun to name my pets funny things and try to collect all the different kinds, and the mental health aspect of the app is mixed in with the game aspect seamlessly. I reccomend to anyone who like collecting games and wants to learn more about their mental health and emotions!

Everything I was missing. I love how this has the same “collection” mechanism as Neko Atsume, which I also love- but was sad that there was not that many cats to collect. I love how much variance there is in this game, and I really like the designs of all of the different emotions. I also love the interactions you can have between the Void Pets, it really makes my day.

The game I didn’t know I needed. This game is everything I have wanted for my own mindfulness. I’m terrible at journaling, awful at being present and have never been able to keep up with one a days. I honestly look forward to checking in on my pets every day and seeing the goals and positive thoughts I set for myself in order to nourish them genuinely motivates me like no other activity I have tried has. Thank you for this it has made my life better - genuinely.

I love the silly little pals. My only slight issue is how easy it is to accidentally let go of a Voidpet. A pop up that asks if you are sure would be great. Other then that it’s amazing. I love the designs, how you have to interact with them to befriend them, how you can level them up and they can evolve, ect.

I love this game. I love this game because it makes me feel better about myself and i always get really happy when i get a new void pet just one suggestion can u make it where u can change ur mood thing any time? That would be nice bc sometimes when i get sad i go to this game and see that the mood is set to happy◖anyways i love this game so much thank u for making it

Best Mental Health App. I’ve struggled to stick to a journaling app or any other positive thinking, mental health or meditation app. This one makes me feel good. It makes me feel supported and gives me a nice routine. Even if you need a quick 2 minute break to just pause and breath through the day, this app has it. Do not be mistaken, it’s not really a game, therefore don’t be disappointed when there’s not much to do. It’s for your mind and reminders to think positively through the day because your little voids are there to motivate you when you feel like slowing down. Highly recommend for those looking for a positive thinking app :)

Cute, interesting, fun, what’s not to like about VoidPets?. I’ve been playing Voidpets for a while. I caught on to it while it was still very early in development and have been here since, and when I saw that this app now exists I was absolutely so excited. I love all the mechanics of this game like how they’re emotions and you care for them and theres different versions and all that. Especially now with this its a whole new level of interesting because you’re growing plants and they come to see the plants and thats how you find them and it’s really cute. I am still going to play the website version but I feel like this will become a favorite to many. I mean that in a good way of course, this gives people who haven’t played the website version a chance to see how amazing VoidPets is! Keep up the great work love how this is going so far!

Personal and Helpful. I’ve been following the development of this app from very early on. I was so excited when I found out it was available on the App Store, and I immediately downloaded it. As someone who loves collecting things and struggles to name emotions, this app is honestly perfect. The visual representation of emotions, the colorful variants, and the self care aspect of it all is so wonderful and calming. The new chat feature is unlike any I’ve ever used. Quick responses and very helpful ideas make this new part of the app so personal and real. Instead of the usual suggestions, your Void Pets use “personal experience” to relate to the user and responds in ways that make me feel seen. Overall, this app is great, and I am so excited to see where it goes next.

Slow. I like the web based game more. I understand this is suppose to be more of a mental health thing, but it’s still a game. It’s way too slow paced. I have 10 void pets and I only ever get to see two of them per day. Increase the amount of times they show up or how many can show up. It’s too slow, way too slow. Not to mention, there’s absolutely nothing to do. The only reason this gets an extra star is because I’ve been following for a while and play the web based version.

Void pet. Honestly I do enough the game. I struggle with my emotions, and this game gets me to think when I have to check in with my pets. I get to figure out in a more deeper meaning of how I feel. I don’t like journaling apps but this one has been one that I have been sticking with so far and I do recommend it.

Cute but.... The game is cute, and the idea behind it is wonderful, but so far there’s seemingly nothing to it. I understand it’s a newly launched app, but even so, for them having claimed to spend a lot of time on it, there’s genuinely nothing to do. You log on, see if maybe some new pet needs your assistance, you assist them, then they leave and you don’t see them again even if you befriend them. Very easy to loose interest, and no true point or goal to the game. I’ve yet to have any of the pets I've befriended even stick around, which is quite disappointing. The art is cute, and the concept is good, but I feel as though it’s been very poorly executed. There’s no motivation to come back onto the app daily or put in time to the game. If you’re looking for a self care app, there’s many more out there far better than this, and much more engaging. I sincerely hope the devs greatly improve on this, as I truly believe it could be something wonderful so long as effort and care is actually put forth. Right now it seems like a neglected and uncared for project.

Creative and made so well!. It’s so fun makes me smile and I know it will help me in the future, it’s free unless you want to buy “mega” the pets are adorable and this game is just so creative and the game makes you feel better, I can’t wait to see what type of updates happen so far this will most likely become my favorite app I have

Incredible surprise, would recommend. Originally I used the website and got the app to have a fun emotion based Pokémon game but the app was different in a good way. It definitely calmed me down and allowed me to vent which I wasn’t expecting! I will definitely continue to use this app and I love the developer, thank you

Heartwarming, Noble, Top of its class.. First of all I would like to say how impressed I am with the UI of this app, I am a dev too and it’s not easy to create something beautiful. Not only does it look stunning, it’s functional and has sweet intentions. I believe, in its class, this game is at the top. It doesn’t feel like your run of the mill spammy game you get ads for… it feel’s authentic, and I would dare say noble.

Good game. I have played this before and it’s very much like the other apps that allow a game behind emotion trackers but this one is different. It rewards you more for your effort and has creatures named after the emotions that evolve like the emotions themselves. It’s very fun and relaxing and definitely helps you not feel alone.

I love it but it’s not a game btw. I love this self help/mindfulness app this is not a game there is a website that is a game that this is based on this is like a journal app not for entertainment I’ve tried a few and I didn’t like them then I saw this one and had to try it it is the best one and my mood I’ve noticed has improved scence getting it so cute ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Awesome. I don’t usually do reviews, but I really like this app! Learning about the different Voidpets is pretty fun and it gives me a time to evaluate myself each day. I hope I’m the future you can re-add or even make a separate app based on your original idea, it’s really fun and interesting!

Love this game!. This game is so cute!! I love collecting all the little guys and giving them cute names :) only thing I’ll say is that I’d love it if it was possible to sort the pets you’ve collected by type, or be able to see which pets of each type you’ve collected in the log! (also only being able to get 100 pets in the free version is so stressful 😭😭)

I love this game. Saw video about this game on TikTok months ago and played the beta version on the computer. I absolutely loved it and now that it’s on my phone I find myself playing it every couple of hours. It’s nice that it has small and easy props to help with self improvement.

Very Cute!. I love this app, the concept is great and I enjoy finding new Voidpets as well as talking about my emotions to them. It’s not the type of game you spent lots of time on at once, after you chat with your visitors and water the plants there’s not much else to do. I want to spend more time on the app but I still think it’s great.

Enjoyed. I’ve only had it for about 3 days but it’s a really good game! Originally I thought they had removed the online version in favor of this and was sad, but now knowing it’s new content makes me so exited for the future! I hope to continue to support and enjoy anything you all do in the future!

Cute pass time that helps you track your emotions. Just like the title says, this is basically something different from your usual tracker. If you log in everyday, it basically tracks how you’re feeling throughout your time playing, and it provides you with some tools to tackle negative thoughts or emotions. At the same time, you get to name these emotions and take care of them how you would like to be taken care of or talked to. 5/5 stars

Way more fun than Headspace, lol. It’s a nice combination of a mindfulness app and something in between Pokémon and tamagotchi. I don’t feel pressed to constantly check it, in a good way, and you are rewarded for doing so. I would like to see a little bit more robustness or longer goals for sustained play but otherwise it has been very enjoyable so far.

I love the game but. I think needing to subscribe to look at the self care history just defeats the purpose. Cbt is reflecting on your emotions how can I reflect if I can’t see it :( I loooooove this game I hope there’s more in store. The paywall doesn’t seem very fair. More storage, more gifts, and more customization makes total sense. The more journaling though that feels like taking advantage of my poor mental health. Luckily I’m using the fabulous app and it does this same thing in a more straightforward way. I’m keeping this game because I want to see where it goes the potential is there. I’m willing to stick around to see

This game is fantastic.. I have followed this game since near the beginning when it was only accessible through discord. I’ve been so excited for the app to come out. So far the app is outstanding. The ratio of cost to currency obtainability is balanced, all the voidpets are unique, and all the little features are so fun. I love that you can take care of your little tress and they attract new pets. The only thing that I don’t like is that there isn’t an option to explore the world and battle with your pets yet, but it’s okay because the game seems like it’s still in it’s development stages. I bought the yearly subscription, too. I don’t think it’s necessarily worth it so far because of the fact that items you get from it aren’t too outstanding yet, but I wanted to support the development of the game and this is a great and affordable way to do so. So far I’ve had a lot of fun with this game and the meditation and goal setting features are great. I will say, I also really don’t see much of my starter (Venus, the envy) anymore and it makes me sad. I hope that the developers add a way to at least recall your starter to your land so you can interact with them more. But again, this game is outstanding. Great work! So worth the wait :)) UPDATE: I don’t know if this is a bug but I noticed that Rejection does not have a description and all the other voidpets I’ve collected do. Is this a bug?

So adorable!. I’ve been waiting so long for the app to come out and it did not disappoint! It’s so cute and calming and really is a mood booster for me, even on the days that are bad for me, this app brings me a bit of joy to make it not so bad. As someone with chronic pain, this little app helps a lot in many different ways! Update: Wish there was a way to organize the void pets you have so you can easily see what doubles you have since there is limited space for how many you can have. Still adore the game and find it helping me when I’ve had a shhhht day at work.

Very cute game. I actually look forward to opening this app. I’ve been around since the beginning of voidpets development and I do enjoy both the website version and this version a lot, but what I really like is that the pets don’t feel neglected if I leave for a long time, I dont like that attribute in games, it makes me stressed and upset because i genuinely get attached to things way to quickly and I hate disappointing my pets, so it’s good that they always stay happy cause I would be emotionally destroyed if they were unhappy.

Very calming :). i got this game because of the little creatures and im just a slvt for games where you collect little guys- but this game is also much more than that and its helped my mood a lot with the ways that you gain the pets- its helped me recognize what moods im in and its helped me talk to friends easier ( they say correlation ≠ causation but i like pretending this is exactly why im better at talking 🤭) do get this game tho!

Interesting concept to self care norms. I love this app I’ve been in daily since I got the email about the app finally releasing. I think I’ve been a bit more mindful of my feelings and thoughtful towards troubling situations. The only criticism I have is, I wish there were more prompts. More in depth questions and self discussions I think would drive a lot more people to this app. I also wish that when you feel a certain way that a creature from that emotion would be conjured, instead of one that just shows up? I think it would be cool if I said that I felt abandoned (ex.) that the abandonment creature would show up. Plus emotions change throughout the day, I often find myself not feeling the same way I do all day and I would like more prompts to kind of release that tension. Elsewise I love this app and the concept, not to mention the creatures are pretty cute, just wish there was a little more personalized interactions.

Life Changing!. I’ve been following the development of the game for over a year now, and played the first PC demo, and I have to say this is the most incredible realization of the games concept. This is the only self care app that has kept me engaged, it’s thoughtful, fun, and extremely well polished. I’m so impressed by the developers and how the game has evolved, it’s amazing to have it on my phone and I’ll be checking in with Shaky my first Anxious every day from now on!

i love void pets, but... this app is great in all but i just personally think they should remove having a limit. i think getting giga should just give you extra void matter or something like that. i don’t want to pay for an app that helps me with my mental health, and i think that there shouldn’t be a limit to the pets you can get. i also enjoy talking to the ai robots and there shouldn’t be a limit to being able to talk to them. there’s just way too many limits and i don’t want to pay 50 dollars a year for a game that helps me feel like i have someone to talk to. if i really wanted something like this i could just get a therapist for cheaper. amazing app but just remove all the unnecessary limits.

Need a little more to do. I would love to have a little more to do on here like maybe some tasks to complete like drinking water or making bed or something to motivate me to do those things in my own life love the meditation task and I got a pet that took a water brake which was amazing just would love a little more to do and maybe more terrains to explore then just the garden?

Good but one complaint. This a nice app to check a few times a day, but my one BIGGEST complaint is that the let go button is right next to the X button. This is a major design flaw! I have let go rare pets accidentally because of this. it feels as if it is put there on purpose. We need an update with this fixed.

Splendidly insightful.. I remember when this app started being developed, and it’s wonderful to see how it came out! The job of this app seems to be helping show how emotions should be “grown” and treated. I think it’s fully effective in doing so. I do think it’s in need for some more depth and lore. The Voidpets themselves are full of meaning. I think that the other aspects of the game are lacking in comparison. For example: the food you can buy your pets could be more meaningful, rather than randomly assorted gag foods. It’s a little too cute and funny for a game set in a emotional health self-care app setting. Of course, I’m sure the app will have updates, and I’m sure there are people who disagree with me saying “the food is too cute!”. My comment certainly isn’t significant, it’s really more of a preference. Anyways I love the art of the game and all of the fun journaling, it puts me in a good mood.

App and site merge?. I love the idea of an app focused on more self care than grinding levels! As fun as the levels and quests are online, it does still need a bit more to do. I’m so happy there’s a more relaxing version now where you can focus not just on collecting the emotion Voidpets, but also personally taming them in your own life. I will say, when I first downloaded the app I was hoping for some way to log in to my online account. I was excited to see possibly more ways to bond with your pets and tame them further in an app version, or maybe even new stats that were only available through the more personal view through the app, but that doesn’t seem to be an option as of right now. I’m curious, will this ever be an option in the future, or will the app and website continue on as stand-alones? Even if we’re not able to engage with the same pets as in the website, it would be nice to see something tying them together in some way so I can feel like I’m making progress in both worlds. Side note: thank you to the creators for putting in so much effort into this world idea. You guys are the best and I love your work so far!

Ironically addictive. The game is ostensibly about mental health, but the education on that front is extremely limited. Like, a paragraph of info all told. The random events are few and repetitive. The gameplay, if you can call it that, is boring. It has several addictive mechanics that are par for the course these days, but I expected better from a mental health game. Daily checkins for XP, random encounters for dopamine, rare items for sale. Mental health is more of a “skin” than a mechanic. The one thing it has going for it is the art. Really cool overall concept but, aside from monster art, shallow execution.

I Appreciate This Game. I enjoy this game, I especially enjoy the new chat AI feature where you can have fictional conversations with these fictional creatures. They’re no replacement for therapy but it’s nice to talk to something about your feelings, especially if you don’t want to burden people with your emotional issues.

A couple of suggestions.. This app is the best self-care app I’ve used, it even got me to buy the subscription! Lots of variety! A couple of things I would say though to improve things. I’d love to be able to keep the conversations I have with my voidpets logged so I can look at and enjoy them later on. Also, when I’m talking to/taking care of a voidpet, if I leave the app in any way, they just leave without picking the conversation back up or letting me finish my care…even if it’s for a quick second…I’d love to be able to also be able to chat with my voidpets whenever I want to instead of having to wait for them to appear by random chance. Other than all of this, it’s a great app for self-reflection, so keep up the great work! Thanks for reading, and have a great day! (Quick edit/addition: I think it would also be great if the subscription included unlimited chatting with your voidpets)

Awesome but. It’s an amazing game I love all the interactions and it helps me feel better! But one thing I really want to be added to the game is a way we can call some of the pets over I love seeing the pets but I almost never get to see some of them. I kinda want it where you can call them but they can say yes or no it’s a 50/50 based on your bond with them!

Excellent Concept And Meaning. The concept and ideas of the human mind and mental stay is vividly illustrated in this game. Just the simple idea of creating a being which is used to represent a certain emotion. Which although it might not seem like it, this game has a deep and powerful meaning behind it. The meaning being represented in how the game directly asks how you are feeling, and even goes as far as presenting and asking you for a better word for how you are feeling. This game is amazing. And I thank you for the creation of this game.

Love this self care/reflecting game. This game is cute and adorable yet helps you reflect on your emotion you feel for the day and your goals and plan on what your milestone for the day is. One thing I wish was there was more emotions you could put down when naming that feeling like feeling frustrated, disappointed, or irritated. I’m not mad when I’m irritated and I’m not sad when I’m disappointed so I don’t really like doing the feelings part of the reflection into myself for the day. But I understand this was probably done to be more simplistic and straightforward.

Nice Concept but…. I really like the concept and find this app really cute but like what many other said, there isn’t much to do on the app. A few improvement could be made to make it more interesting an enjoyable: - Add friends to engage in the game. Whether there be interactive multiplayer game/journaling/help or simply just adding a feature of adding friends to see their progress/status, how many pets they have collected, etc. - More games/journaling/things to do. As of now it seems like there only really is three things to do to grow the plants per day… At least allow us to repeat the three things throughout the day because it gets boring only being able to do three things a day. - Allow our pets to stay or have a screen where we can see where they are / what they are up to. Would be cool to always keep track of our pet count and have visuals.

Needs some improvement. There’s gotta be more to the game or idk if it’s got that neko atsume vibe where we only check it like once a day but it jus feels like there is no activity or goals to keep you invested in the game. I do like the idea. Much room for improvement also is there like any other way to get gems than purchasing? Like watch an ad or sum. Cuz not everybody(me) wants to buy from games cuz it’s a real bad impulse habit. Either way very nice but needs improvement.

Too Much Behind Paywall. I LOVE the concept of this, but I feel like there’s far too much that requires a subscription. It especially feels coercive coming from an app that’s self-care oriented. I am comparing it to Finch, another self-care app. In contrast, the free version of Finch includes all the essential features, plus a lot of engaging bonus ones, like allowing you to access your past journaling (vs. this app, which doesn’t) or earn little pets. Yet they’ve also made their paid version appealing! They also allow users to gift subscriptions to other users, which I think is lovely (with the understanding the creators need to pay themselves and their expenses as well). I don’t want to be forced to buy a paid subscription in order to enjoy this app! I think trying to use the unpaid version is probably going to be more stressful than helpful, with reminders of limits and inaccessibility every few seconds I navigate the app. I’ll most likely be deleting for that reason, sadly.

Wellness turned into a game. Brilliant.. I love this game. However, I would like the developers to do one thing: when releasing a pet, there should be a pop up saying “are you sure?” I ask this because I accidentally released a pet and clicked out too early and I really liked that pet. Thank you for reading.

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Good, but could be better. This game is very wholesome, peaceful, and good for self care. The designs are cool, I like how you don’t need a lot of screentime to progress. However, it would be better if there were more than three spaces for the plants. It would make the wide, grassy area seem less lonely. The plants could also be bigger. I think it would be better if we could move around the plants and put them wherever we want in the garden. It would make it more fun and customisable. There is also not really a motive in the game. If you collect all the Voidpets, what do you do with them? If you get a legendary Voidpet, it’s just a pretty colour. Don’t get me wrong, I love the colours and the designs, but I feel like maybe a purpose to the Voidpets or a storyline could enhance the game. Overall, I like the game! I bet the developers are already working on some of the changes I’ve mentioned.

Music. Hi I’ve been playing this game for a couple of days I think this game is great. My only issue with it is that I wish there was some sort of calm music playing in the background. I think this would bring a greats vibe to the game I hope this will get added in a future update. Thanks!

🤎. i love this game i play it everyday along with voidpet.com. the devs are so cool and the voidpet community is lovely. discovering new vivids and collecting all the clothing items is my fave! giga has increased in worth for me also! the combo of reviving giga on web and app is really cool. i wish i could send pets i catch on web to the garden in app. otherwise keen to see where the franchise of VP goes 🤎🌱

Good app but needs an undo button. I like this app for helping me get through my emotions and thoughts but it needs an undo button. I had a rare void pet and just spent “money” to evolve it and accidentally clicked let go and forever lost the pet. I didn’t mean to click it.

It’s god but . . .. It’s nice that there’s a nature scenery but the trees should be bigger sand the garden should be more open and larger. Just that would help a lot of things and make it look nicer :)

Just really wholesome. I’ve only had the app for like a day, but I’m incredibly impressed with how simple and wholesome it is. I genuinely feel like it’s made with love and out of a desire to help people, rather than being a cynical money making scheme. Well done to the developers

Wonderful. I’ve just started playing this and I’m already besotted with it. From the adorable little creatures to the gentle words and pleasing sound effects, this is a wonderful game. I’m so glad I signed up for the newsletter ages ago!

Really great. I’ve been playing this for a day now and I’ve really enjoyed my time, and from what I’ve played I only have 2 small things I would change/fix. The first being the let go feature as I wish there was a second little prompt to make sure you haven’t accidentally pressed the button like I have :( , and the second being that I wish the characters would visit a little bit more frequently. Other then that this is a really great game!!

Thank you. This game has help me calm emotions, I love the design and concepts of this game, I just want to say thank you for having the drive and soul to create a game like this.

i love it sm. omg i love this game so much. It has genuinely helped me lots already with the little tasks it gets me to do like drink water or do star jumps. I love that unlike so many other self care games it’s usable for free and it’s actually fun and something you don’t have to put too much thought into to keep up with. the only thing that i would love to be able to do is check off my goal after i’ve set it for the day. quite often i have a smaller task that i’ve been putting off and i’ll put it into the app and go off and do it then i come back and will want to be able to check it off. idk i kinda rambled with that one but yeah. when you set a goal it asks what sort of goal it is for instance can it be achieved relatively easily etc etc but maybe you could be able to set a time frame for it. just an idea but again this is honestly the best mental health game and i highly recommend <3

Fun. It’s so fun just checking in to see all your new little friends

YAY. it is my favourite game ever and i play it every single day it is perfect

Wonderful little game. A really fun and cute game, pretty simple but it doesn’t really need to be any more complicated than it is. I wish you could select previously obtained tree colours instead of hoping for a specific one to randomly show up again, and I wish you could see get more outfits easier and have the ability to change a pets outfit easier, but nothing other than those minor irritations, the game is literally just so peaceful and nice.

Awesome! Amazing!!. Have been waiting for this, downloaded as soon as I saw the announcement, and so worth it! Graphics have improved greatly, and love the mechanics. Keep up the good work :)

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absolutely the cutest game!. love it so much, such an engaging and thoughtful game that keeps me interested! helps a lot and i look forward to tracking how things change for me and progress :)

Amazing. I saw the email telling me it was up and it couldn’t have come at a better time! I’m in a depressive episode and this is so amazing. Thanks to the devs! There are some glitches (I can’t see the instructions when trying to meditate or practice gratitude) but overall so pretty and calming

fav self care app so far. i really enjoy the interactiveness, something so nice about the pets asking questions and having this friendship. i think it works better for me because it’s like an interaction and conversation rather then being asked how i’m feeling, it feels more natural and authentic even though it’s a game. I also like the ability to have multiple pets and have different ways to take care of myself and use the app. I’m really excited to continue to use it, and see how it works for me!!

I love you Linda!!. I’ve been waiting for this app since before she had the voidpet website up and running!! This app is really helping me with the mental health crisis I’ve been going thru lately and really helping me recognize and manage my emotions. I really enjoy the journaling aspect as it’s been seriously helping me think more positively and making me a better person to be around. It’s actually crazy how much a small game has really impacted the way I feel. It inspires me to be better everyday. Please don’t ever give up on this app and keep updating with your beautiful creative content!! I really believe it can be big and help others as well, I’ve already shown and recommended it to everyone ik!

Great app!. This app is great, I love all the activities and pets you can collect. It got me into meditating and really improves my self awareness. 100% would recommend.

very sweet. better than a journal, makes keeping track of mental health gun and i never thought that would be possible. game runs well, is very thought out and very cute

BEST GAME RVER. i have been dedicated to this game when you could only choose between the starters on the website, Seeing this app grow into an amazing mental health app that focuses on your mental health is amazing, The dev worked so hard on this and deserves to just breathe.

Works where other self care apps don't. Something about this app just clicks with me. I've tried other self care apps but they just don't seem to be motivating enough. I tend to use them for a couple days and then view them more as a chore or stressor in my life. This app helps me understand myself better while not being too grind-y or stressful. I've found myself taking dance breaks or doing jumping jacks when prompted, something I'd just ignore when using other self care apps. However it's doing it, it's working!

Ngl this game is pretty awesome. Overall I’ve been enjoying the app there’s not much more to say about it BUT they just released a new mode where you can chat to your “pets” and wow! The AI that they’re using is amazing, unfortunately after the first couple minutes the chat is behind a pay wall BUT BUT BUT during the short time I got to chat to my pet it really felt like I was talking to a real person! They asked me questions remembered names of games I said and it legit felt like I was making a new friend which is WAY better then other talk AIs I’ve chatted with, keep up the good work y’all! I hope oneday you’ll make enough money that you won’t have to put it behind a pay wall so I can use it more!!

Good. Pls put more places to put plants and don’t limit how many void pets we can get, pls let us fight other void pets like in ur website

Mental health app done right. Feels like “Voidpet” in the way it was meant to be.. I’m someone who’s been following the Voidpet Saga since Linda posted her first TikTok. I’ve played the web browser version for ages now, and I love this as much as the browser version. This game seems like what Linda wanted to make all along. This game is very wonderful, you check on it every now and then, there’s no forced grind at all. Just nice daily check ups, being self aware of your well-being. No subscription withholding key things and activities, no paywalls, all of the Giga stuff is bonus things you’ll never need, and even then, is as cheap as 3$ a month as an option. Feels good, man. If you’ll need me, I’ll be checking everyday for that Antediluvian Gluttony 👏🏻

Great but... I wish there was a confirmation button for letting Voidpet’s go. I let go of two of them by accident cause I hit the wrong button as I was trying to close their profile.

I like it, hope it gets better and better. It would be nice to organize void pets by emotion, rarity, and even birthdays.

Already obsessed. Cute little critters for my mental health… yes please. Been following this project for awhile now and I’m so excited to finally see it was on the App Store!!

Yippe. Im happy that i finally found a self care app that teaches me how to recognize and embrace my emotions and teaches me how to let go :D yippee

so cutie so peaceful. 10/10

Very comforting, different from the website but still fun. I love the app as much as I love the website and I cant wait till the new vivids come to the website! The app is less focused on battling and more on self care which makes sense due to it being primarily a self care game :)

Void. Love the game :D


Been playing since it was first announced on the website. It’s always gonna have a place in my heart <3

very cool :). i really like the changes from the website - things are a lot more clear and i’m not lost in a school half the time lol cool ui too!

Amazing. This game doesn’t force ads in your face it’s free and fun I’ve named all of my pets after avatar the way of water characters one from legend of kora and two after my geckos.

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Cute and simple. It’s nice to have a little scenery of rotating emotion monsters. Old familiar ones come back and new ones show up a fairly often, they ask you to meditate or stretch or say something nice about yourself. It’s sweet.

Smart and well-designed. Hard to say exactly how valuable and fun this will be long term but right off the bat, it's quite engaging and seems really well designed! Update: enjoying this more and more, day after day 😃

Absolutely wonderful, best self-care game I’ve played!. I’ve been playing for a bit, and god is Voidpet worth it. There may not be too much to do, but still. I love this game so much I literally cannot put it into words. Giga is totally worth it too!!! 1000% recommend this game!! <3 <3

Absolutely love it!. I genuinely love this. It helps me to remember to check in with myself multiple times throughout the day. It definitely helps that the animations, colors, and designs are all absolutely adorable!!

low key and no pressure. I really enjoy this self-care app because it's low maintenance and has such a cute and relaxing vibe to it. there’s no pressure to perform and simple in exercises that allow one to relax and do a little self care, i really love the theme too!

Yes. I love this app. Been a supporter since the concept art, and I love how far the creator has come. The app is good to reflect and relax for small moments throughout the day. I like the new chat feature that lets you text with your voidpets.

Fun Self Care App. I love collecting the different pets and developing friendships with them through taking care of myself. The different exercises this app has has helped me self regulate throughout my day. This app has been great for my depression and anxiety so far!

Cute, fun, and helpful. Genuinely love this app. It helps me take moments for myself each day. I never knew how valuable 15 seconds of stretching or a minute of meditating would be for me! It’s engaging and you can tell it was made with a lot of love and intentionality. Have been encouraging others I know to get this app!!

I love thissss. I downloaded this app one day because i got an ad for it on tiktok. I have no regrets. this app is so fun, collecting pets and sharing your feelings. I showed this to my friends as well and they love it. 5 stars would recommend.

Love this app!. It’s a great app and does help keep my brain rolling even on bad days. I like the breathing time outs they help realign. The only improvement I’d make is to have it stop pausing my media when I leave the app 😂

My new obsession!. I love this! It reminds me of Pokémon in a much calmer context :) The only thing I’d recommend is a way to organize your voidpets. If you have the giga subscription you could have hundreds of the little guys to go through otherwise

Yay!!!. I discovered Voidpet a couple years ago i believe, but couldn’t do much on the website. I loved the concept so i subscribed to their email and kept it at that. But when i got the email that there was an app i got so excited! The app is smooth, fun, and extremely useful :)

Fun and Relaxing. Never played the browser version, but the app is incredible. Very well put together and easy to use. No ads, easy to understand play, and cute art. Plus, an emphasis on mindfulness and mental health focus. 10/10 playing this Daily.

Awesome. I don’t usually do reviews, but I really like this app! Learning about the different Voidpets is pretty fun and it gives me a time to evaluate myself each day. I hope I’m the future you can re-add or even make a separate app based on your original idea, it’s really fun and interesting!

Cute!. This app is so cute!! I’ve tried many selfhelp apps, and personally for me, not many work. The easy to use, game like functionality makes completing goals and performing self care a lot easier. Absolutely love this app!

I love it. This app makes me super happy for like no reason. It helps with being super unfocused. And giving each pet a fun, funny, cute, or meaningful name makes me smile every time I see them visit again.

Loving this app!. Big fan of the Ben, and also a big fan of the approach he’s taken with this app. Meditating with my pet was super calming, and it’s cool to step back and really think about my current state of emotions. Love how this is more than a game.

Very Good, BUT.... I love this app! It is amazing! But there was something wrong. I was looking at my voidpets and it just let one go without my consent. It didn’t even give me back the item it was wearing. That’s basically all I needed to say. Other than that, awesome game!

One problem. I guess the game is amazing actually ,but I sent away my pet in the starter menu and I don’t know how to get hike back I can only go to see the levels and stats but not him I want to give him gifts and I’m scared he might go away if I don’t show him love :(

Minor Problem. Whenever I get a new Voidpet, I like to read their logs. I find it quite interesting to think the emotions are actual creatures, But- I noticed Glee doesn’t have a description unlike the others.

AAAAAAAAAAAAGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!. omg this app is so cuteeeeEEEEEE! I just love it with all of my heart and soul. It has little self help things that feel like a game and you take care of your pets and your pets take care of you! It it just the most wholesome thing I have ever seen! I love it so much! 10/10 would download again.

I have no idea where did all of the Voidpet went. When I was playing the game waiting for some Voidpet, I was waiting 3 hours for nothing and I realized there was a bug, is it ok if you can PLEASE fix that bug? I haven’t seen my Voidpet 2 or 3 days ago

Amazing. this game is honestly really good and helps you reach goals while also regulating your emotions. And you get little pets to make you feel better so overall 10/10 i recommend

Chat function. I love the new beta chat. I seriously think I just got more therapy and counseling in one short conversation than I’ve ever had. Truly amazing and extremely sophisticated in the best way possible i am so thrilled for this to be continued

A Great Mood Calendar. the void entities keep track of your feelings for you and remind you of happy thoughts or goals you’ve told them before this is perfect for people who like animal crossing, where u play like 3 times a day for just a few minutes, but do it every day

Love it! But I have a couple suggestions/questions. I really love this game, it’s really nice and chill, and a nice and subtle mental health check in that isn’t all in your face. I have thoroughly been enjoying this, but I wanted to ask if there was any way to change the vivid variant of a tree back to one you already got, or the default appearance. Maybe you could do this once you’ve filled out every kind as a sort of reward. I’d love to see that happen! I don’t think that should apply to the pets though, that doesn’t make as much sense. Just for the plants!

Such a good game. I’ve been following this game through its production for several months and I’m incredibly happy it’s gotten to this point. It’s honestly helped me so much with working through certain emotions and I hope it can do the same for you

I’m accidentally deleting my Voidpets. I like the app but I have a problem with it. Whenever I want to close the Voidpet details, I accidentally release them. I think there should be an option that asks if I’m sure I want to release it.

Such a good mental heath game.. It's so nice and lovely to be able to collect little guys on my screen, even though they aren't real. I wish there was trading but it keeps track of your mental health while you collect.

Really cute and interesting. I’ve been so excited to play this for a while now and I’m not disappointed. It’s a really interesting take one the self care apps that I haven’t seen before and so excited about.

Possible bug?. with the Voidpet app a few friends and I have noticed if there is any audio playing like music and such once you go back out of the Voidpet app it will stop any outside audio was wandering if that’s something that can be fixed

Adorable little self care app. I love how each little guy has such a different personality, and I have only had this app for a day. It is very interactive and keeps my attention well when I use it.

I need plushies. As someone who struggles with mental health I have quickly fallen in love with this game. I love my void pets so much. The journaling is helping me work through a lot. I just need to be able to cuddle plushy versions of my void pets and I’ll be forever happy. I’ll be practically unstoppable.

Amazing Game. I love love love this game so much but I had to get a new phone and transfer everything over and lost everything in my game so it’s kind of depressing and discouraging to even bother to try and start again and try to get some of the similar things all over again. 😕

Love it. Great game. Easy to figure out, therapeutic to play, super fun. Glad I was on the email list and could download as soon as it dropped. For such a new app, surprisingly functional too. No bugs yet.

Wat. I like it a lot! It’s adorable and I love the creepier aspect to it. I just don’t know how to play the game. I’ve been playing for a while and I’m still lost. I know that I have to grow trees and befriend creatures, but why the varieties and colors and everything else? I’m just befuddled. I’m sorry.

Cute app!. Really cute app! I wish there were a less expensive option to support development though, I don’t want to pay $40 for a yearly subscription, but the monthly subscription is too short. Maybe there will be a middle ground later.

Amazing. Honestly, this is one of those games that you have to experience to truly understand, but here is the best way I can put it; The bonds you form with your pets are real, and having to let them go for the better — even more so.

Really great game!!. I love to play this everyday and care for my void pets! I love to interact with them and tell them about me. I would recommend this if you want to talk to someone about something or just want some new friends.

Wonderful!. This is such a cute game that helps me check in with myself without any consequences for missing a day. That way if I have a rough day and forgot their isn’t a penalty for me having a hard day. I totally recommend it! Plus you can collect so many cute pets!

Love it 😫. I never write reviews on apps but I had to for this one cause it’s so great :) love the concept and the app as a whole. Wish we could do a little more throughout the day with the pets but that’s it!

Recommendation. I love this game I remember seeing this being made a few years ago and I’m so happy it’s here. It is very fun. One thing I think is that there should be a confirmation button after pressing let go on your pets because I have accidentally let 2 of my pets go already. Other than that it is a very fun game!

Gamified therapy!. I love this app. It is quick and easy to check in a few times a day and I love that it brings together fun collection challenges with mindfulness. It’s like if Pokémon and therapy had a baby! Cant recommend enough

Different and peaceful. Really enjoying it, unique and relaxing, plus I love that there are no ads. Just wish there was a bit more to do Edit: I’ve been playing for a few weeks now and although there is SO much to love, I am getting a bit bored. Please give us a bit more to do!

I love this game. Saw video about this game on TikTok months ago and played the beta version on the computer. I absolutely loved it and now that it’s on my phone I find myself playing it every couple of hours. It’s nice that it has small and easy props to help with self improvement.

I accidentally let one of my voidpet a go :(. I think the app is really fun and has a good premise behind it but I accidentally let go of one of my voidpets and I was wondering if there would be a feature for them to come back to befriend them again? Please :(

Love this app. I’ve only had it for day and I already love it so much. It helps when I’m feeling anxious and just want to feel better. The pets are so cute and there are so many things that make each one unique. I 100% this game to anyone.

Wow! Amazing, beautiful, cute, warm and loving. One of the best apps I have ever downloaded. Every day I check in with my pets and it makes me feel so at peace and calm. Thank you to the creators of the app! Super creative and unique app that everyone should give a try.

5 Stars if not for Bugs. There seems to be a bug where the journal and gratitude prompts show up for a split second and go away. It didn’t always do this, but something is up. I’ve tried to restart my phone and app too. Other than that, I love the app and look forward to opening it every day!

Please get it!. I’ve been keeping tabs on this game ever since I saw it on tiktok. And I kept tabs through the development stage. And now seeing it in action as an app is amazing and it made me cry today - in a Good way. It is beautiful and short and sweet. It helps teach self love and many other things.

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The applications Voidpet was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2023-02-09 and was developed by Voidpet Inc. [Developer ID: 1668932596]. This program file size is 37.51 MB. This app has been rated by 2,426 users and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. Voidpet - Health & Fitness app posted on 2023-04-17 current version is 1.9.3 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.voidpet. Languages supported by the app:

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