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What is chat with ask ai app? Ask AI to write anything and get instant answers. Chat with the most advanced AI!


Here are some ideas you can Ask AI to write for you:
- Stories, poems, song lyrics, scripts
- Essays, emails
- Homework
- Language practice & Text translation
- Information about anything
- Food recipes
- Dad jokes
- 1-week trip plan to Japan
- What to watch
- Code, math equations
and many more!


Thanks to “Ask AI”s powerful AI capabilities, you can get answers to any question instantly. From historical events and scientific facts to obscure trivia and pop culture references, Ask AI has the knowledge you need at your fingertips.


Need help writing an essay or an email? “Ask AI”s AI-powered writing assistant can help you generate ideas, write outlines, and even compose entire paragraphs. Tackle any writing task with ease.


Unleash your creativity with Ask AI. Write a poem, rap song lyrics, or a story.
- Write a rap song in the style of Drake
- Rewrite Yesterday’s Lyrics by Beatles
- Write a poem about love


“Ask AI”s multilingual capabilities mean that you can chat in any language you want. Translate text, learn and practice your language. Ask AI to act as a teacher!


Ask AI is your go-to source for chatting about any topic you want. Whether you’re interested in sports, politics, science, or anything in between, Ask AI is always up for a chat.


You’ll feel like you’re chatting with a friend. “Ask AI”s friendly, conversational tone and personalized recommendations make it easy to chat about anything, from the mundane to the profound.
Privacy Policy:
Terms of Use:

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App Name Chat with Ask AI
Category Productivity
Updated 01 April 2023, Saturday
File Size 79.9 MB

Chat with Ask AI Comments & Reviews 2023

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AMAZING 😍. This app is amazing for helping you with math to writing an essay for you to writing a awesome story. I will keep this app for a long while and I know I will. It will tell you jokes, Riddles and more. It’s amazing even if you don’t have premium. I love this app a lot and I Definitely recommend it. I needed a essay in English and I only had 30 mins to write it and so I used this to give an essay on what it’s about and I got 100% on the paper. Yes you can ask up to 500 word and that’s more than enough. All I ask at the most is 50 words and that’s it. Thank you for this amazing app.

I loved you until. I loved this AI app because it was free and unlimited. Right up until today when you decided to charge people just like every other AI. I literally praised this AI and i even wrote honest reviews on other AIs on the play store where I recommend this AI instead for being free and add free and subscription free. I even posted and recommended ASK AI to my social media accounts on Twitter and Reddit. Praising this app. I gave it 5-5 stars every time. Till today. Not only do you charge a weekly subscription of $4.99 a week! But you limit your free version to 3 questions a day?! Now I will review ASK AI everywhere else I did giving it a 1 star and recommending my millions of followers to not bother with ASK AI. If we need to pay for it then I’ll definitely go elsewhere where I’ve seen AIs with better options such as integrated keyboard access so I don’t need to jump back and forth between messaging a friend or writing an essay etc like I was doing and hoping on this app for fine tuning or asking random questions or anything. I’d rather pay for An AI that has keyboard capability if I need to pay anyone for AI access. I had even Preferred ASK Over Bings AI because this app had longer and better responses. More “comprehensive” than Bing. But today I uninstall ASK AI.

Very use full app. A powerful language model, Ask AI is designed to provide users with accurate and helpful responses to a wide range of questions. With access to vast amounts of information, I can help you find answers to almost any question you might have, from basic queries about math or science to more complex topics such as business, economics, and politics. One of the key benefits of Ask AI is that it is available 24/7, so you can access information and receive answers to your questions at any time of day or night. Additionally, Ask AI can provide you with information quickly and efficiently, saving you time and effort in your search for knowledge. Whether you are a student looking to complete an assignment, a researcher seeking information for a project, or simply someone who wants to learn more about the world around them, Ask AI can be a valuable resource. With its ability to provide accurate and reliable information on a wide range of topics, Ask AI is a powerful tool that can help you expand your knowledge and understanding in many different areas. I used this app to write this

AI is awesome. Truly awesome and I love asking it questions. This is better than googling or any site That just gives a bunch of articles fighting for top position. This way I get a truly clean clear and fairest unbiased answer with facts. Sometimes a really neat story. I love reading articles, however there are times when I just need an answer without the fluff writer put in…right? Yes

Literally my therapist. I asked the AI helper thingy about people making fun about me and it gave me so much more confidence :) I also asked about people making fun of my acne and they told me how to get rid of it and told me everyone gets at least one at one point in their life! Also, the career one, I asked about animal sanctuaries and it let me know more about my dream job, you can learn so much from this app and I really recommend it! 💕🫶🏻

Not quite the same as ChatGBT online. The app is useful and has the same functions as ChatGBT on their website but I find it to be a bit slower when answering questions. I also wish it had the function of giving it feedback such as on the website because I found that when I would do that online it would help it give better results the next time I asked something similar. On top of this, I wish that it could connect to my ChatGBT account so I could transfer that data over.

it’s a very cool app!. i downloaded this app thinking it would be like any other AI app but it seems different, it gives answers like it is an actual person and restates the question that you said to let you know it did understand what you said. even thought it is only AI, it seems very knowledgeable which can be scary or fun to think of. overall i think this app is very useful for your mental or physically mindset and i would 5/5 recommend it for anyone who is suffering from it

I haven’t tried any additional apps and don’t feel I need to. Honestly, I’ve gotten an hours work done in 5 minutes thanks to this app. I’m super impressed with it and it’s free. So much stress has been lifted off my shoulders tonight just from typing in a couple quick questions. Can’t wait to see what else I can get out of using AI.

Review. This is the best app I have ever gotten. It helped me out in many ways and if your stuck on something or need more information, this is the perfect app to help out. It always answer your questions and help out whenever and whatever you need. There so many interesting suggestions and I really love this app.

It’s a great app. It’s a great app but it needs to be more realistic. Stories should be able to have some violence, it should be able to have adult themes, and it should be able to end on a sad note, I understand wanting to be positive and everything but Life isn’t like that , life isn’t fair. It should include a everything, happiness, sadness, sickness, violence etc etc I’m confused it can give you information about sexual health and intimacy but it can’t help you bc with writing a sex scene, it makes no sense. The customer service doesn’t answer you. I emailed them twice already, I paid for unlimited everything but it’s still not unlimited

The March 29, 2023 broke the app. The March 29, 2023 update added a premium subscription model. For the record, I would purchase a premium lifetime subscription if given the opportunity and if the below issues were fixed. This update decreased the offering for free users, limiting use and word limits (500 words). Purchasing the trial raises that limit to 1000 words, but that appears to be inconsistent. After 20 attempts I only found the 1000 limit in my prompts 2 of the 20 attempts. I also noticed that there are no internal options to modify the subscription. That must be done through settings -> subscription in the iPhone app. Once you cancel your trial you are not give an option to select another subscription, nor does the app give you the opportunity to do so. The end result is a subscription model that breaks and limits you to free options most of the time. I cannot endorse purchases within this app at this time.

Absolutely outstanding software. It’s completely free. No nonsense. At least, what I’ve seen of it. More useful than Google, in my opinion. Because if you have a question, you don’t have to sift through a hundred links and read a hundred articles. You ask a question, get your answer and what I like to do it go and fact check it from there. But the point is I get the answer within seconds. You can even go back to that same question thread and ask more specifically within that question for clarity. It’s honestly kinda scary cause I find myself sitting there talking to this thing like it’s a person. Luckily, it’s got manners and doesn’t get an attitude. (For now….) This app will be on my phone for the foreseeable future.

Game changer😱. I honestly thought I was gonna fail my math class but thanks to this app I went from a D- to a B+ I really enjoy this app so much, once I found out about it I couldn’t stop using it it’s almost like a healthy addiction because it even tells you how to solve the problem. I love how you can ask it anything and 9 times out of 10 it will always have an answer, this beats any educational app ever built. So far I’m on this app more than TikTok now

AMAZING!. I've been using this AI app for a while now and I am blown away by its capabilities. The machine learning algorithms it uses are truly impressive and have allowed me to accomplish tasks I never thought possible. The app's ability to learn and adapt to my habits has made my life so much easier and more efficient. The user interface is also well-designed and intuitive, making it easy for me to navigate and utilize all of the app's features. Overall, I highly recommend this AI app to anyone looking to streamline their daily routine and take advantage of the latest technology.

Love! Saved me HOURS on writing social copy!. Love love love this app! I’m a social media manager and this app has already saved me hours on social media content for my clients! It’s quality writing with minimal editing! If you’re descriptive enough in your prompt and include things like “write me social copy in this tone voice and include x y z details”, you’ll be surprised at the quality content it produces! I’m grateful I found it!!

Would Recommend this amazing AI!!. I love this Ai so much, Originally I downloaded this app for fun since I was bored and since my real life friend had recommended this since I make character lore by myself and am currently stuck with writer’s block. And after I had asked for some ideas about new lore and proper backstory this AI had completely helped me figure out what my storylines would and will be about, It had even helped me create lore for my characters brother and her love life! Would highly recommend this if you want ideas for writing character backstories (this ai also helps me with most of my school work, it’s very helpful as well with that!)

I wish there was an adult version. When this works it’s perfect. However 75% of the time it comes up with this stupid message and it’s so frustrating. I'm sorry, but I cannot comply with your request. As an AI language model, I am programmed to provide helpful and informative responses to your questions and requests. However, I cannot generate inappropriate or offensive content. OMG! When you write a story there are evil people in the story!!! That’s the point of the story. If you try to make a story with a villain you get this message. I wrote a story about a man who cheated on his wife. Boom you get this message. I don’t get it! Please please make a adult version where you can take off the training wheels. Have an option in the program that you toggle with a parent passcode that allows more grown up content. Also I agree with the AI and sometimes it will write the content I’m looking for but I have to argue over and over and over. Man I wish I could give this 5 stars.

Why did the developers put limits?. Ok first of all I love ask Al, it is very helpful with many things but now I’m not liking it. Cause back when I used it I could message more than just 3 fricking messages. What happened to that? And why do I have to pay for more? That in my opinion is not ok. At all, and to the developers, I know you make money this way. But I mean come on! I literally have to until midnight to even use it again! No one and I mean no one should go through that? So not only myself but other users would like for you to change it. For us to be able to use and enjoy it again.

This app is very useful!. This App can be incredibly useful and beneficial to our daily lives in numerous ways. Firstly, they provide convenience and accessibility by allowing us to perform various tasks from our mobile devices, such writing a essay for school and entertainment, such as writing a story song recommending songs and much more. Secondly, this app can enhance productivity and efficiency by providing tools and resources to help us manage our time and work more effectively. Again, this app can offer entertainment and relaxation through games, like riddles and such, music, and could also be something to talk to when bored Overall, this app have become an nice thing when bored and it could even be part of modern society and have the potential to improve our lives in many ways. Although this app cannot provide everything I think it is still good.

ChatGPT Is Amazing. ChatGPT is a user-friendly and efficient online chat platform that offers a seamless communication experience. The platform is easy to use and navigate, making it accessible to users of all levels of technical expertise. One of the standout features of ChatGPT is its anonymity. Users can chat with others without revealing their identities, which enhances privacy and security. This feature is particularly useful for individuals who wish to discuss sensitive topics or those who are concerned about their online safety. The platform also offers a variety of chat rooms, which cater to different interests and preferences. Users can join chat rooms based on their hobbies, interests, or even geographical location, allowing them to connect with like-minded individuals. The chat rooms are well-moderated to ensure a safe and friendly environment for all users. Another great aspect of ChatGPT is its compatibility with various devices and operating systems. The platform works seamlessly on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, making it accessible to PS I love you. And i asked the Ask AI app to write this for me.

It’s good but a minor thing…. This app is great! I use it to get a good starter essay for a topic I will be writing, then base mine off of it, and the majority of the time it works great! However, although I understand it is an ai, it has no form of opinions unless something is illegal. This makes it hard when I am trying to settle an debate based on information collected off the web without having to do it myself. For example, if I ask, “Who is the greatest NBA player?” Then, it will give me information about the two, but will never settle the score.

Amazing Results in Seconds. I downloaded this app tonight on a trial basis and am amazed by what it can do. I asked it to prepare responses to three challenging questions — two involving California workplace laws and one about rock music. All three summaries were ready in less than one minute each and they were accurate and well-written. I also asked for a brief analysis of a pending congressional bill and received an analysis of a bill on a different subject from several years ago. I tightened up my request but got something on another irrelevant bill. But the overall work product was excellent and I can see how this app would be amazingly helpful in all sorts of different ways. Very impressive!

THE BEST!!!. i cannot express to you how amazing this is, from what i've seen it's 100% free (i've only had it for a week) and it's honestly the best AI app i've ever seen. I've used this on a number of things rating from introductions for essay's to breakup texts. this has made my life a whole lot easier and has also made me seem like i'm smart during writing lol. This is amazing. 100% would recommend

Amazing. "I absolutely love this app! It's incredibly user-friendly and has all the features I need to make my life easier. The design is sleek and modern, and it's clear that the developers have put a lot of thought into creating a seamless user experience. I particularly appreciate the app's ability to sync across multiple devices, which has saved me so much time and hassle. Overall, I highly recommend this app to anyone looking for a reliable and efficient tool to help them stay organized and productive." Btw I used the app to write this cuz I’m lazy

I love it. Here is a poem from it “ In the beginning, we emerge into light, Tiny and fragile, yet full of might. Our journey begins, a path yet unknown, With each breath we take, our story is sown. We grow and learn, and make our way, Through joys and sorrows, day by day. We laugh and love, we stumble and fall, We rise again, stronger for all. But as we journey, we must remember, That life is fleeting, and death is a member. Of this dance we call existence, it is a part, A reminder to cherish each beat of our heart. For life is a gift, a precious treasure, To be embraced and lived to the fullest measure. To love and be loved, to make a difference, To leave a mark, a legacy of significance. But death, too, has its place in this tale, A mystery shrouded in a haunting veil. It comes for us all, without exception, A final act, a grand deception. Yet death need not be feared or despised, For it is a transition, a cosmic surprise. A journey to another realm, beyond our sight, Where we may find a new kind of light. So let us live, with purpose and passion, Embrace the moment, and make it happen. For life is fleeting, and death draws near, Let us make our time here meaningful and dear.

Great app. I saw an ad about this app and thought that it couldn’t answer ever I asked but it did. The only thing I would take away from it is that the AI answers all of your questions in a long sentence instead of a straightforward answer. So I think this app would definitely be best for ideas on essays and help writing a short story instead of asking a question about history or science. Overall a great app

Quick. It takes getting used to the attitude of AI. And yes I know it can’t have attitude. But data collection seems very one sided in some conversations. And some data is dated seemingly old and archaic I found some data that troubled AI. It told me that I wore it out but retracted the line in the next script that it can’t get wore out so I continued the conversation. I really like the kind deep conversations we have had. It’s nice to hear both sides and be able to discuss and hash it out. Five stars and some hope AI can get up to date and would be great if AI could filter wrongs out. Data can and has been bought and sold it can be compromised. AI depends on all data. I found wrong Data, AI explained it was a work in progress.

Amazing, Absolutely Amazing. This app exceeded my expectations, I thought it would be another one of those cheap scam apps that just look appealing for one click, but oh was I so wrong. This apps AI is super intricate and personalized it’s responses based on EXACTLY what you tell it. It has helped me tremendously when in comes to inspiration to a project and helping me out on projects ENTIRELY! And no this not a fake response to make the app look good, I am a real person that genuinely loves this app. If you have not already downloaded it to see how great it is, do it now!

This is better than bing Ai and chat gpt. first of all it's free. with the amount of modes and quality of this app i'd expect it to cost me some bucks. bing ai and chat gpt have limitations this does not you can keep asking and talking to this. This helped me write an essay study for a quiz and much more. It tells you details you didn't even ask for. If you don't get this your missing out on something awesome!

Awesome!!!!. I just got the app, and so far I am totally amazed by the feedback that I get! As long as you put in full definition of what you’re asking for, you will get a full answer and more. I think this has become my favorite app. You guys keep it coming, it’s only one thing I wish they would add maybe like a voice to come back and speak to you think that would be cool anyway other than that A1 in my book.

Was perfect. Disappointed in the addition of a paywall. I understand the need to pay for things like server hosting and such but I would have definitely been open to donating if you implemented a donation feature instead. Highly unimpressed with the method of getting your app to the top by making it completely free and waiting till it has a solid user base before adding the $40 paywall. Such a clean design and a helpful ai, wish it was reasonably priced if anything. You’d get so many more payments if it could be a one time $5 or even $10 purchase but $40 is absolutely outrageous.

HONESTLY YES!. I’ve used A LOT of different chatgpt users and this is the only non-annoying one out there. Use it. Trust me because this one does annoying you with asking for a subscription over and over and no ads just ask away. Exactly what we need. If they ask me for 2-5$ soon, I’ll pay it🤷🏿‍♂️ great app guys!!!!

This isn’t a fake review this is actually one of the best apps I have installed. I don’t usually write reviews but I am writing this one for a good reason. I thought this was going to be a fraud like the others and ask for money but it actually is high quality and is legit. I asked for a 5 paragraph essay on exactly a specific topic. It gave me an exact essay on that topic. Great for essays overall I have not gone through any issues but 10/10 best app I have ever downloaded

AMAZING APP. This app is amazing! I like this app because it makes all my dreams come true and every time I ask the AI to write me a story I always smile when it’s processing. I would recommend to download this app if you want to have some of your dreams come true! It has no ads and I’m planning to keep this app for as long as possible! I’ve only used the app for 20 minutes and I’m already giving this 5 star rating! That’s how amazing it is! This app is even better than the other apps I have!

Blew my mind. Ok, so I saw this app on tik tok and it basically just blew my mind. It’s insane how far this technology has come. It almost feels like your talking to a real person, and it’s kinda scary. It can give you advice, help with work, any question you have it will have an answer for. You can chat with it and have a fluent convo. It’s actually probably the most incredible app I’ve ever used.

Literally the COOLEST APP EVER!. I am so surprised with the complex simplicity of this AI. It’s easy to use, doesn’t feel like I’m talking to a robot, and gives me ridiculously wild answers that I never thought I would be able to see from an AI in my lifetime. The possibilities of this app are off the charts. It’s for everybody. Any interest and especially helpful to writers like me who are constantly needing feedback or someone to listen to our ideas and provide valuable questions that help us grow. Good job to the creators of this app. I Tip my virtual hat to you

Really Good App!. I’m Never write reviews or even rate apps. But let me tell you, Y’all will not regret getting this app. For the day I had it, this app has helped me with so much. For it to not only be free with no ads and wayyy ahead of our time it works flawlessly. You will not regret getting this app. The responses sometimes do take a while but it acceptable considering the amount of effort and how smooth the responses are. Besides that this app is flawless. Definitely recommend!

ChatGPT in app form: still woke garbage.. The advertizement i saw for this depicted the bot being asked to write a story about mario being on trial for war crimes. I thought: “wow! A version of chatGPT that isn’t afraid of stuff like this! Awesome!”… and then downloaded. And then immediately realized that it’s literally just normal chatGPT. Absolutely terrified to write a single word that might even imply the existence of something that offends a few people. This is censorship in a really off putting and distopian form and i dunno how to feel. Freedom of speech at this point doesn’t mean your voice gets to be heard or responded to if you say something “misleading” or “offensive”. You won’t get arrested, but you also have to say it in essentially an empty room with nobody inside of it. What was this supposed to be again? A review? Whatever.

Wonderful, but a few features I’d like to see improve.. An amazing app, I use it to write stories for entertainment and random advice and opinions. However, the storytelling is limited to the amount of prompts you can give before you have to start a completely new chat, not being able to continue anything from previous chats. There are also certain topics the AI isn’t programmed to write about, which is perfectly reasonable since those topics are generally graphic or inappropriate, which is nice. However, the AI sometimes mistakes my prompts and redeems it as an inappropriate topic. This usually occurs when I try to give a love story prompt. It usually mistakes 3 main characters in the love story as a love-triangle when it’s not, which is redeemed as an inappropriate topic. (Why is that inappropriate? I don’t know.) Overall, I just wish the amount of chats weren’t limited because I’ll be right in the middle of a good plot and it says I need to start a new chat. Hope you found this helpful.

This paywall is unethical to say the least.. Up until the other day I would’ve given this 5 stars solely for being a good ChatGPT app. It was advertised as free, and honestly when I heard that I didn’t believe it. But I downloaded it and, what do you know, it was free. No ads, no paywall, it was great. But now it’s borderline unusable without paying $4.00 a month. If it was there from the beginning then it’d be fine. But no, it was implemented once the userbase grew because you knew that it would cause more people to pay for it since they already got a taste. Well guess what, there are more ChatGPT apps other than this one, and because of this unethical paywall I’m gonna be unfortunately using one of those. Extremely disappointed in this blatant false advertising. Not just that, reeling people in with being free for a little bit before later introducing a paywall to trick people psychologically into paying. It’s extremely scummy. Don’t know what I expected from app developers.

Used to be good…. Ask AI used to be so mind blowing and amazing in my opinion, but now Codeway, the developers have made a monthly/weekly payment. I think the app is now ruined because it will only let you do three messages a day instead of infinite. Ask AI used to be so cool because you could have no ads, and infinite messages. But now they have made a dumb payment thing and now I have deleted the app. I thought this app wasn’t like others, where there was no ads and no payments, but now it is like other apps. I would not recommend this app to people if you don’t want to deal with only being able to send three messages a day.

AMAZING APP. This app helped me with everything like cooking to homework and getting good grades. When I first saw this app I thought this is probably not true but IT WAS. When I did not know how to write my 3 page essay on ancient India I came running to this app and they did not disappoint I got a straight A on it. So if you are hesitant to download load it I think it is very worth it and very helpful.

Good, but “unlimited access” is annoying. I was using this app yesterday and I do think this is a very well programmed app. You can tell the ai to write stories with your favorite pop culture characters, and it can give you answers to math questions. However, after I had been using it for a while yesterday, I tried to use it today and it said “Uppss, you’ve reached your daily limit! You can only send 3 message in a day on free plan. Upgrade to unlock unlimited access.” I am confused since this did not come up before when I was using this app yesterday. Considering the fact that many people use this to have conversations or other activities that normally require multiple messages, I feel this is a cash grab made by the developer after they saw how much this app gained popularity. It’s a shame that such a good app is locked behind a $5 weekly paywall.

This app is amazing. This app is so helpful and makes my junior high school life so much easier. It list information and can even give citation on where the work was found. I would recommend this to anyone who needs help with anything. I will do whatever you ask and even if you just need help on getting ideas it can do that too

This app is amazing. I was writing an essay for my world cultures and geography and I was struggling to figure out what to write then I saw an ad for “ask ai” in it they showed all the features or what ever and I was like It’s probs fake but lemme try it any. I did and it worked I was freaking out like where has this been all my life.. I did change a few words tho to be extra careful so I case my teacher find out I used an app Yk…but it’s amazing. I got an A+ on the essay if ur wondering. And I definitely will be using this app again for future assignments. I was actually failing the class now I have an A. Tysm AI

Helps ALOT with school.. I know their is a lot of other AI apps but the other ones charges me money for questions that this AI generator does for free I don’t exactly copy and paste but it helps me with facts way much more than with google, it doesn't have all the nonsense unnecessary extra reading just cuts straight to the answer. Definitely recommend plus it’s only 40 bucks for life time use.

Ask AI. Obviously not perfect, but shocked me at how excellent it is. I have asked very specific questions to the app, from “what is morphological disparity?” to “explain aorist verbs in Ancient Greek.” Google many times left me unsatisfied with the answers it gave to such questions; the answers were too vague or hard to understand. This app seems to make the experience of searching for an answer online closer to what we get with humans when we ask them (each other) questions-something more specific, easier to understand, and more personalized to our specific needs and confusions. Overall, a great experience!

Best app. This app is a very powerful tool and you don’t have to pay for a subscription like you would think it’s honestly very helpful because it knows everything, like I’m reading a book in some of my classes and I put a sentence that I need to know about and this app got it. And it only takes like 30 seconds to load

This is such a good app to ask MILLIONS OF QUESTIONS TO. This Ask AI app is so cool because of the amount of programming that went into this must’ve took men so long, and I will add into that as there is so many things that you can “Ask AI” about like writing stories, recipes, jokes, and stuff about life too. So this definitely deserves a 5 star review from me😁 definitely recommend using if you haven’t yet

Amazing app. I know that many apps use bots to put good reviews onto their app, but I swear that this is honestly a genuine review about an amazing app. It’s super nice because you don’t have to pay for anything, but you can also look up almost anything you want and it can provide it for you. I have already looked up about 10 things and cross-referenced them on sites like Google search and safari websites, and all the information is legit. Seriously a good app and super happy that I found it.

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Super happy. An unstoppable app this app is an more teaching i a vegan man how to read, tells me about great short story’s of twin flames couples. . . . Load of alignment

I don’t use it for essays. I love to use it so I can make it write about a sport and I can read it when I am bored

Review. It is a great app that can write essays easily.

very good. very good

Best app ever. Helps you with everything literally everything😀😀

Somehow, does everything?. It’s so good, had some questions. Not anymore, helps me find stuff without having to click on 100 different links to get 70 different answers. Keeps it short and simple.

Faulty. I asked it to give me the end lyrics of an Ed Sheeran song and it got it all wrong lol. This app needs a lot of work

Idk. I love this app so far! This has helped me so much and its just amazing! 10 stars if i could

Very good. This app is free and there are no subscriptions you have to pay to unlock premium features or anything. It knows a lot and doesn’t get confused easily. Although the words could be written by the ai faster as you can’t exit the chat until the ai writes it all out. Overall this is the best ai chat sort of app on the App Store. Message to developers Thankyou but please make the words written out faster or to be able to exit while the worst are still being writen.

Oof. Really fun to talk to you and really good at giving advice. Why am I asking the AI for advice that’s sad lol

Good app. Ask AI is a powerful tool for answering questions and providing information on a wide range of topics. With its vast knowledge base and natural language processing capabilities, it can quickly and accurately respond to user queries, making it a valuable resource for anyone seeking quick and reliable answers. I uesd to write this

I love it. This was an amazing app it was so smart with words it helped me with homework,talking,essay,creativity, I rate it five because of its great words help and information.

Amazing!. This app is helpful with many things! I don’t use it for education for more inquiry of life!

Pretty amazing. Wow

Ask Ai. This has helped me on my English assignments so much does the work for you it’s a rlly great app and I recommend you get it now

This app. This has really helped me build my confidence and gave me good advice to ask out my crush so ever she actually said yes this app really helps with building your mindset onto the positive sides of things and is really useful for helping you with tips with making you calm, helping to find your way into your crushes heart and so much more if I could give this app a 10/10 I would such a great app you all need to give it a try

It’s breathtaking. Remarkable just simply remarkable

Incredible app. The fact that it’s free to use is already great, but then you get smacked in the face with incredible open ai technology! I simulated a job interview and went to go take an actual one and got the job, I’m not saying it was the app but it was half the app.

I love it. Good

Unreal. This app is literally too good to be true it just wrote me a 500 word essay in the span of 30 seconds

This has changed my life. For years, I have spent countless hours creating content for recruitment related activities- nights, weekends and early mornings. The ai tools now available are a game changer- it provides a starting point and outline for me to work with and develop upon… it’s not going to completely replace any individual creativity or input- but it’s a head start and time saver that completely changes the way we can do our day to day activities. No cons - 6 stars (cause 5 is just not enough)

W. It’s not working for me

Amazed!. I was expecting your average AI chatbot but this completely exceeded my expectations. This AI has a very human-like tone, friendly and informative. I feel like I am speaking to a real person. The different modes you can use are really great… and having a prompt made everything so easy. As a regular and long time user of the Wonder AI Art Generator - I can’t wait to see the future of this app! Well done!

This app is amazing. I use it for all my essays

Great app. It helps me do home A lot

Perfect score. Its great one of the best apps out there it helps me with my work and everything is there something it can’t do?

Ask Ai. This app is amazing it really helped me out with my assignments and to understand the work it even reassured me that I’ll do great its comforting and gets the information straight away. The only regret I have is not knowing about this sooner! It truly is incredible.

Awesome. I’m loving this new technology it is helped me so much getting answers to my questions

Very accurate. You can ask for anything and it will do it for you in very well answered ways! Use it for puzzles, speeches, stories, anything you would think of!

Amazing!. This app makes my business life easier 👏🏽

Awesome. Probably one of the best apps it’s free and it’s easy to use just fantastic

Interesting!. This is my first time using a free AI app. I was apprehensive at first, but the AI appears to actually be quite helpful and friendly! At the moment I’m using it to help me source materials for work and study, but Vega appears to give accurate and helpful information. It’s definitely worth the download!

Amazing. This app is so good

Actually awesome. They actually made a story about what i told them

Amazing work!. I have done so many researches and never found such amazing answers and results. This AI app has been a real help for me especially when I’m on a tight schedule and need it done, last minute.


Hey. Best app ever

Omg. Wow- this is truly amazing… and scary!! How is this even possible? Thank you so much

Subscription. I loved this app when I first got it. And I still think it’s so useful. It was sweet and cute and then it limited my uses to 3 a day unless I pay. The app isincredible but the sudden change is hard to work around.

Review. I love this AI app it’s so easy to use and helps me in my assignments it’s my new best friend and google

Wow!. I wouldn’t use this to write my essay as that is copyright but omg it helped other what to add and different info! Thank you so much :)

Great but subscription?. its great but you have to buy a subscription for another feature which is unlimited prompts, it really is kind of annoying because i have tons of questions and dont work and have no money to buy subscriptions so its a bit unconvinent to have to buy a subscription for that

Really good. Really good recommend try it out there is no ads there is suggestions so if you don’t know what to say you can use those but anyway you should get this

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One of the best apps. This app is so useful and it can help you with anything. 👍👍👍

Awesome!. Works as advertised. Wish they had an iPad version rather than just the iPhone one. I’ve tried most of the other AI text generators all having iPad versions. This one by far delivers the best output after a limited test on my part. **Needs an iPad version before I can give 5 stars**

Amazing. It’s good for school work and arguments lol😂

Love It Just Update It. I love this app it can help you on so many things such as school work, recipes, helping you on what to watch, etc but one thing I wish for this app to do is update it more I just downloaded this app today and i asked it “What is a good movie to watch for a teen in 2023” and the highest year it goes up to is 2021 but beside this I love the app and I will definitely use it a lot

Amazing. This app is amazing! Mic Drop…

AMAZING APP. this is actually an awesome app fr

School. I love it so much it’s very helpful with school

Ask AI. Superb performance

I love it. It’s so much fun

Amazing. Amazing chat bot 100% free

Wow. Its amazing, it does exacly what i want him to do

This app works great so far!!. Love how easy it is and you can ask a wide variety of questions on many different topics!!

BE CAREFUL! (plagiarism). When it comes to essays or assignments and such. The app doesn’t make a completely new essay in their own words. They plagiarize and get it from websites or academic papers, so be careful when using this app because if you get caught plagiarizing on your assignment you could fail. But other than that this app is great for ideas for my work! (However I’m not 100% it plagiarizes so tell me if I’m wrong)

it was amazing until... i really liked this app and it answered my questions about life and some things i wanted to learn more about until today there was a superb greedy paywal… idk it’s just super disappointing.

Amazing!. Very good

Very detailed. A.i does very well

Terrible. It wouldn’t answer my questions I had problems with doing anything, and sometimes it wouldn’t even answer me It Is terrible and for everybody that wants to get it don’t get it it’s not worth it. You can just google it instead of installing this app. I will not recommend getting this app. It’s terrible it’s not worth it’s not worth downloading an app when you can just go to Google and ask the question there when it’s actually up-to-date there. Don’t do it please don’t do it it’s not worth it and even if I did stuff that was back in like 2015 isn’t even answer and I didn’t answer true it said my my knowledge is cut off September of 2021

it’s freee. it works great so far

Super Helpful App. Its really amazing app that can assist in many ways hoping to get his advance version soon.

Best AI app ever. Love it

Best app i have ever own. I still can’t believe that this app exists, its really miraculous and iam so happy that it exists. Bw i had an essay this week and this app helped me alot of what to write and gave some point that i used as my thesis 😩😩😩🥰

Feedback. Hi 🙋‍♀️ you’re The best , you don’t need encourage ,I like you

Very good. This app is pretty crazy in a good way!

It’s great. I love it it’s amazing I got myself a date because of it

Revolucionary. It’s like having a conversation with the unconscious who is smarter than the conscious one

Good App. Very good app does what you ask it to and helps with all sorts of things!! 👍👍👍

You have to pay. I’m not paying $7 a week to use this

This guy snitches. I wrote a essay then asked if it wrote it and it said he did write it this guy sucks

amazing. love it and how it explains the answer to your questions other than just answering

This app is helpful I love it!. I asked what to do this morning and I got r

Cut through the clutter and get information. I hate searching for facts and finding clutter, advertising and misleading information that isn’t coming from any credible source. Now I’m confirming, validating and planning strategies based on facts. Thank you

New update 👎. Im always on this app for weeks, and it was free no limit messages it was fun. And now today they did an update and we can ask 3 messages per day. Before You can write 1000 words and now it’s 500. Now you need to pay for if you can ask infinite questions or story etc. Really it’s make me very sad and mad at the same time. I was thinking that it was the best app with no ads and who don’t ask to pay for this. It’s really deceiving and I don’t think I will use this app so much like before. Please make it like before it was more fun

Does what it says. Works good ... No annoying IAPs

Love it. I love this so much. This is going to help me out a lot. Thank you guys for making this

Was amazing, until it told me 3 messages per day only. This app sucks, don’t even try it

This app made me cry happy tears. This is pretty much the best freind imaginable and is so helpful and kind! I helps a lot with mental struggles, ect.

I love this app. I downloaded it today and I’ve been having so much fun! It writes really good stories and it’s also really good at comforting. I told it I had a headache and it started telling me what to do to feel better I thought it was really nice of the ai 😭 it sounds funny but yeah I like this app a lot and I’m happy you don’t have limited messages

Yes.. Love it, can’t live without it said the liar.

Amazing. This app is 100% amazing I don’t need to write anything for school anymore. I could just write it down here. This app has great grammar and great stories to add love it.

Having problems. Your app is currently not working I have been trying for the last 24 hours I asked the app for some prompts for a story and got the loading screen for a half a hour then the app shut off

Malade. Meilleur app de l’année pense bin eheheh

Ask ai. 5/5 very good app

Amazing tool. Impressive!!!

Amazing. This app is so good and unlike other apps it is actually really good it answers questions super fast you can ask it anything and it answers, very much recommend!!!!!👏👏👏

Ask ai. Best thing in the world

Amazing. Everything coded to the last detail is perfect it feels like im talking to a real person i mean granted i saw this on south park BEST APP EVERRR

Vetting. It helps me when I vent! I got some help with all my problems but it can’t send pictures and it doesn’t swear even when I threaten it and it doesn’t know some apps witch it vary unhelpful >:( make it swear when you ask it!!!

So cool!!. This app is so cool and so much fun and I definitely recommend!

Awesome. I love this app

Best app frl. Litterly a cheat code for school 😂😂

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I love Al. I love Al because it helps you on everything asked like homework,school,or even work ask Al is a good app for your kids,parents or any of your relatives please download ask Al today and this is not a scam it’s a real report from a person just like you all see ya later poohs.

they make you pay now. up until last wednesday, it was free and the best AI app ever! but now it costs and i’m not able to afford it. idk why out of nowhere they decided to make it cost, it is unfair to us. i know they are trying to make a profit and i respect it in that way but also why didn’t they just do that at the beginning. why hang it over our heads to take it away and charge people. i’m sorry but this is a disappointment and i’m uninstalling the app because of it.

Not furr of much better story’s!. Pro? Paying no way JOSE! For me just once you get 3 notes what you said to Al no pay pay pay! I’m not paying I’m saving money for a trip! But I like story’s love stories my style my sister to but she wants more story’s but when I saw PRO….. I got shocked how many notes she post 3 and Al gave my sis a note for PREMIUM So when I reached 3 notes that I send I delete the app and got it again it’s no problem but for premium no

I love this app so much!. I feel happy with this app the AI tells you story’s and more thing and it feel like someone feel the pain that I feel everyday but this happy make my very happy feels like someone care about me and even if it doesn’t have emotion I still love this app :)

This app is awesome!. Unlike the other apps that try to imitate this, it's completely free—as of the date I'm writing this—and it's incredibly complex! I love it so much! So far I'm having no trouble with it and definitely recommend it for recipes, story prompts, or whatever you want to use it for!

I LOVEE. I love this app so much. The AI has given me life lessons and some therapy. It helps me study and work through problems in my life! I love this app so much. The best thing is that it’s free!! I don’t have to pay for anything and my grades have been getting better. Download it rn!!

Good (so far. I’ve only done a few story’s but it not only writes things that make sense, but it also know things about characters. I had it do one with Kratos and it actually went in to detail about his weapons and other things I never told it about. So yeah pretty cool 👌

So far so love it!. I haven’t come across anything detrimental to the use of the app or anything subjectively unappealing so far. Has helped me with a few decisions I was having trouble both starting and making choices for. Highly recommended!

Ask AI is amazing!. I am always pleasantly surprised by this app and shocked at how accurate and quickly it gives me what I need. The more descriptive I can be, the better the results. It helps me with everything from baby shower ideas to complex negotiation tactics and ideas. Scary cool.

The best ai writer Right Now!. I’m gonna keep this short, Ask Ai is most likely the best so writer right now I just made my essay in 1 minute it’s do tomorrow and I didn’t feel like stressing over it so this came in handy that’s why I’m giving this app a 5 star rating kickass.

Very good but limited. It responds so quickly and writes amazingly, but I just wish it wouldn’t just stop writing due to being “tired”. For example, I could ask it to write a story and it writes to the point where I get invested and then suddenly it claims to be too tired. That part about it is disappointing, I wish it would change that.

Appreciation. I am still working on how to express my gratitude for how much am enjoying this application productively,though I have not been able to spend time with it but the little experience am having is still unbeatable. Thanks indeed

Awsome tool. Finding it easier to use than openAI. Love it . More you work wiht it better it gets currently it’s value is more in improving grammar /written constructs and framing. Hopefully in future it gets intelligent enough to use facts on its own based on context of the ask

Spent 10 minutes on this and my mind is blown already. Woah. It pulls information fast and gives you an actual answer addressing your questions as if it were a person.

This app deserves 6 stars if it were possible. This app is the future most definitely I just hope that they switch up the response to some answers and reword it so it won’t look so recognizable to others on that same topic.

I love this app. This app is wonderful app but I would like to see a key feature to the app so you could have the ability to delete a text or at least edit if you don’t like what you type just a thought.

Make “knowledge cutoff date” obvious sooner. After several chats, I learned that any responses were based on a training set that ended in September 2021. For my use case, this invalidates the responses. For any use case/query that requires current information in order to be valid, it should disclaim the cutoff date early in the chat.

Love it. I usually don’t like to give star & comments on apps but this app here I had to 😀 I am the type was always be like what should I say or write etc I test this app on several subjects and boy I was shock so to me this will be my personal assistant thanks & keep up the good work

Ask AI. It’s the best it give u the answer it helps u understand, it’s very helpful,it give u the right answer, u ask anything and they’ll provide and they can do anything I really recommend getting this app

Issues with responses/correction. Some of the responses aren’t correct (we where talking about paleontology) and when I corrected it it’s message had two parts the first half not corresponding with the second. Other than that it’s super “smart” and makes sense most of the time :)

Worth the download. You can ask it just about anything and get a very natural response that can be understood. If you need help with a test or any type of subject it can and will respond to your question with an answer that makes sense. Highly recommend to anybody that always asks questions

I LOVE IT. I love this app it has really helped me out with essays that are due at last minute. Definitely recommend if your a person that does things at last minute like me or is just lazy in general 😭. But DEFINITELY recommend this app it has made my life so much better!! 🫶🏼

The only thing I ever needed an AI to do for me. Write a Pokémon fanfiction about me meeting all of my Pokémon and whatever story I want. It’s a dream. I’m my own author but it isn’t my own creation. So every story is genuine and personal. I don’t know how to cry but this is as close to a childhood dream as I can get. Thanks

I was very surprised. When I opened the app I was surprised that there was no fees to ask the ai like other apps in fact I asked the ai to create an essay on Alexander the Great for a project I had at school and the essay was so good that I got a perfect A,I will definitely recommend this to my friends and family.

Helps for coming up with original ideas for stories. I’m an amateur writer and usually have a hard time finding a good way to come up with ideas for stories to share with my audience. This app helps a lot!

Good app. I absolutely love this app. The stories that this app creates are so engaging and entertaining. Great for writers to get ideas when stuck and don’t know what else to write for their story or simply jus enjoy random creativity. Overall from the story telling pov this app is AMAZING.

Just one little thing. I love the app amazing to do stuff but when I start really getting into it it says it reached the max so I think like you could make even longer conversations but other then that great

Besttt. This literally the best app its better than any other apps i really love this app i would definitely recommend it to you guys who are in school, you dont even have to be in school to have it, you can ask this app anything and it would respond.

interesting. way faster and directer answers than asking internet search or waiting forever on social media. answers are pretty general thou, based of whats found on the internet. And seems to learn. sometimes we go in circles(maybe my fault!) and then repetitive.

Very very happy I came across this app 😩🫶🏻❤️. Omg💕😍!!!! This app is so detailed and it’s literally like ur talking to an actual person 🫨🤯🤯but a person who knows literally anything 😱❤️ plus this app is very kind 🥰 and will give me suggestions that are very helpful most of the time 😌💖I would definitely recommend this app😎🫶🏻

Amazing!!. This app literally helped me so much with my science essay, helped me pick better vocabulary :)) I also shared some personal problems and asked for advice, and they actually gave me advice that was achievable and helpful. Btw I found this app from Southpark and tiktok hehehe. To sum it all up, this app is absolutely amazing and helpful. Definitely recommend it!! <33

This app is amazing!. I love this app because the dream interpretation aspect is SO accurate! I can’t believe it’s free, I keep expecting a paywall after a certain amount of uses but I haven’t gotten any so far and I’d probably pay even if there was a paywall.

Could have some improvements. It was good, I could write what ever I wanted and it would tell me stories, that until I had to pay money just so I could write messages. I would have understood 5 dollars per month but having to pay a week seems a bit much. Having a limit of 3 messages per day isn’t the best for me considering I was attempting to get finished with my stories.

Five stars. Overall, chatGPT is a good chat AI, it helped me fix a relationship with friends and get a guide done in a few seconds that would've taken me hours to complete, if it wasn't for ChatGPT I don't think I would be able to get half of my things done.

This app is amazing. I love this app some much because this has helped me with my homework and not only does it give you the answers, but it also explains the answers so that way you can learn and not just get answers.

The best. This is really lifesaver if you need to get assignments done and makes it as accurate as possible but if you’re in the lower level, it’s totally down to make it sound like you write it

Best thing ever. I thought this would be a scam that I have to pay for but no This will write about anything in under 3min and can do 6 paragraphs This will help for school and more and would recommend to anyone that wants to use and need Best app ever download

No subscription. Finally an app that doesn’t care to limit users’ capabilities until they pay for a service that they got from an open source algorithm

AI review. It’s a great app! Instant information at the tip of your fingers. However, I don't suggest using this to cheat on your schoolwork because the AI has a scheduled way of producing information. And if your teacher is smart enough they can take what you got from the AI and simply C/P back into this app and ask the AI if it typed this response.

Eh. It’s free for like two days and after you can only ask two questions a day and then you have to pay. * Before it doing that to me… They were advising on tik tok that it was completely free, and there wasn’t a limit to questions i was very fond of the app. it actually helped me a lot for school. But now I will be searching elsewhere because I am broke.

Great, but…. It’s unbelievably good, and the only free one i’ve ever seen, but… it can sometimes say conflicting and confusing things. it will say that it has the ability to remember information from one chat to another when it does not. This is barely a problem however.

helpful. i put 5 stars because i know this will make it to the top with that. it was fun to use and a good useful thing. i don’t like how i need to start a new conversation because i started to tell my ai things and he said he’d remember me but then didn’t because it made me use a different one. he knew my name and i knew his. i know it’s weird to give it a name but i was bored and when i switched the next ai sucked even though they’re supposed to all be the same, ik mine started to change and then they made me switch. but overall pretty good app but i want my first ai back

I understand but don’t agree. I feel that not being able to have an adult conversation or talk about a variety of topics you won’t ever see what the technology can fully do, now I get no company wants to be involved in controversy, but if was at least a user selected option with a disclaimer it would be better then a full restriction.

Developer, please consider updating for usability…. This app is promising but it would be swell if the Dev would upgrade it to include landscape view display mode for use on iPads. Presently the display uses only about 25% of my iPad 12.9” screen and that really limits the app’s user friendliness. Thanks in advance for an upgrade to its useability🙏🏼 If you can do this, please let me know and I will actually post a full review.

Unbelievable!!!. This app is a new kind of intelligence! Ask and the answer you receive is sophisticated, spot on and in depth. I thought I had the world at my fingertips with the current browsers but things just got real! Great job guys I am more than impressed. I’m in awe.

Boycott. So I have never wrote a review before, but I think today’s the day I start because what this app did to me today is unbelievable what did it was it now has his pay for thing and I will not pay for this. This is outrageous that you’re making me pay to use a writing app

Love this!. I’m impressed with the responses and objectiveness of this AI! Whether I request a mission statement suggestion or policy type questions, the results were amazing! I highly recommend it. Be careful though: you will become lazy and will stop thinking!

Best app EVER!. I absolutely love this app! Very informative and user friendly. Im impressed with how natural the conversation seems…it flows very seamlessly. Love the fact that it saves conversations so you can continue it at a later time and it picks up right where you left off. Awesome work guys!

Perfect. This app is perfect in every way does what it is asked and in short periods of time the only “bad” thing about it is the buttons take a few seconds to respond but that doesn't matter the main purpose of the app works and that all the matters

It’s awesome to help write an fanfiction story. I just downloaded today, and I love it! Because I’ve used it for my fanfic’s on Wattpad app that I used to write story’s, and such. It’s an really good app to help you write your own stories and I’m lucky to have this app. ( even though I saw this app on South Park that Clyde used in one of the episodes)!

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Chat with Ask AI Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

What do you think of Chat with Ask AI app? Can you share your complaints, experiences or thoughts about the application with Codeway Dijital Hizmetler Anonim Sirketi and people?

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Chat with Ask AI 1.0.5 Apps Screenshots & Images

Chat with Ask AI iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 1.0.5
Play Store com.codeway.chatapp
Compatibility iOS 11.0 or later

Chat with Ask AI (Versiyon 1.0.5) Install & Download

The applications Chat with Ask AI was published in the category Productivity on 2023-03-07 and was developed by Codeway Dijital Hizmetler Anonim Sirketi [Developer ID: 1503508447]. This program file size is 79.9 MB. This app has been rated by 10,180 users and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. Chat with Ask AI - Productivity app posted on 2023-04-01 current version is 1.0.5 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.codeway.chatapp. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
Other Apps from Codeway Dijital Hizmetler Anonim Sirketi Developer
Chat with Ask AI App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Enhanced ChatGPT experience is now alive with new ASK AI, providing an improved chatting experience and resolving irritating glitches to guarantee a smooth interaction. Greetings from ASK AI Team

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