Attack Hole Game Reviews


Attack Hole Game Description & Overview

What is attack hole app? Can you move the black hole to swallow the arms down the hole like a hoard master?

Your quest is easy in Attack Hole. The clock is ticking, tik tok, tik tok, will you succeed to swallow all of the arms down the hole before the time is up?
Choose your favorite black hole design and go like a hoard master in the field full of weapon and try to clear it!

For the bigger weapon you will need bigger black hole to swallow even the biggest guns, bombs and bullets!

The black hole cut all the weapon by taking it down the hole.

At the end, you will have to fight with the enemy with all the weapons you gathered in the arcade hole.
Can you beat them with all the arm you swallowed down the hole?
Play Attack Hole now!

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App Name Attack Hole
Category Games
Updated 23 February 2023, Thursday
File Size 246.95 MB

Attack Hole Comments & Reviews 2023

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Got bored. First off - this game passes the “airplane mode” test, meaning it’s a solo play game that doesn’t FORCE you to stay connected to the internet. So that’s nice. But unfortunately, the developers are lazy and only created like five levels then just repeated the same setup. I got bored very quickly after recognizing that the patterns are just the same ones over and over.

Horrible micro transactions/ads. They want you to pay $7 per week as a subscription just to get rid of ads. Imagine that. That is $28 per month to play a mobile game that will ask you to watch even more ads to double your coin reward multiplier. Also, when you unlock skins, you don’t ACTUALLY unlock them. You need to watch an ad to unlock them after you “unlock” them. Pathetic.

Waste of time and scam.. Playing this game was fun until I realized it doesn’t matter when you upgrade. I spent coins on making the time increase pass 30 seconds then next level it’s back down to 20 seconds. I spend coins on making the home size bigger and then next round the hole is back to its original size. It’s very annoying and a waste of time.

Your time is important. So with that being said it’s a BIG WASTE OF TIME my honest opinion is that this app is terrible and the reason is the ads alone is too much to deal with. When you want to play the game, it gives you an ad when it gives you the option to skip an ad. It still makes you watch the ad so then you lose out on the extra reward that it would’ve gave you if you watched the ad so clearly the more ads that it gives you the more annoyed you’re gonna get. This game is a big waste of your time do not download.

As simulator. Do you love ads every 5 seconds? We’ll do I have a game for you, you will have so much joy watching ad after ad after ad. You’ll only get about 10% game time and 90%

Wow?!. I am on my phone playing this game. I only have texting apps on it. No games, so I got a starwars game, I tapped on it and I waited about ten minutes to load. Then I thought of this game that I often see on adds. So I got it, my dad approved it so i can play it! So here I am. 🙂🙂🙂😀😀😃😃😄🙃🙂🤣😉😁😆😌😊😌😉

Great !! Just…. The game is fun and good. Just that all these videos for extra time and stuff it’s annoying. Also it seems like the game just lets you win when ever it wants. Not really leveling up but the more you play the more you’re “allowed” to win. Fun though.

Pretty good just like the ads. Yeah it’s just like the ads honestly great simple gameplay and I love how the ads are optional and are for things you don’t necessarily need.

One of my fav mobile apps. It’s exactly like the ads and unlike most mobile games it’s actually hard to get through a lvl

It’s decent. I usually don’t leave good reviews on these type of games but it is different from the others because this one doesn’t actually have thousands of ads every level. But I’m leaving it a 4 star because it can be quite repetitive.

Horrible game. Usually click bait games like these are somewhat enjoyable, but this one is just recycled rounds of the same thing. On top of the very repetitive nature of this game it is an absolute cesspool of ads, I even bought the ad free in hopes of making it somewhat enjoyable to play on a plane ride with no wifi. But no even with having no ads it still forces you to sit for 4 seconds every round to say no to a skin that makes you watch an ad for. It could’ve been a decent game but too glitchy even not on wifi and All around disappointment. Clearly a money grab

🤦🏻‍♂️. Absolutely horrible, the game could be fun. After everything you do there is an ad. More than half the time I click to watch a video to double my money it freezes and I have to close the app. Also when I go to watch a video to get an extra 5 second it freezes till the timer goes out and then I don’t get the opportunity to get the 5 seconds.

Repeat levels, Intrusive Ads, Soulless cash grab. I really enjoyed the first couple of levels, around up to level 13. Then I noticed they started repeating over and over, and I realized there is no new maps after that. The gameplay is fun , but it’s quite noticeable within 30 minutes that it could have been so much more with even just a little bit of effort. But it seems the devs just went for the same soulless cash grab strategy of modern mobile apps. Also 30 second ads ever single chance they get to shove them in your face. Thanks for a fun hour, but trust me, it’s not worth any of your time after that.

Forces how you upgrade. I play games like this to be mindless and play how I want, but after a while, it’s forcing me to buy 5 upgrades how they want me to buy it, just let me choose where I upgrade. Especially if someone paid to not have ads. I really liked this game but being forced how to upgrade ruined it.

Was good. Enjoyed playing game, but deleting after update. New feature makes it so you have to use all your coins before playing every time and on what the game tells you. It makes it pointless to watch adds bcuz you’ll just waste all your coins on what the game makes you pick. I’m sorry for the bad review, but I was thoroughly disappointed when I realized the change!

Overkill on Advertisements.. Interesting game concept. Look elsewhere Unfortunately the adds are the problem. You do your upgrades and bam you are watching an ad that may not have a volume button but wait after the add plays, it switches to a splash screen for advert and counts down from 10, 15 or 30 seconds. You’ve now waisted a minute and ten seconds of my time. But In order to win, you have to boost your stats which invariably between the three leads to yet more adds, for an extra time bonus, watch another ad or three for all the bonus stats. Play the game, need to watch an add for bonus time…. Win or loose you have to watch another add to get the skin… oh and the bonus multiplyer needs another garish add with no sound control or short cut to get through. Net result less than 1.5 minutes play and nearly 10 minutes of adds. Hint to dev team: play time, volume control like cutting volume when add has gun shots is crucial. Shortcuts through an add to reduce the time by interacting bonus. But please no more 35-45 second adds that cut to a long timer.

Decent game ridiculous amount of ads. I was playing this game but the amount of ads i was forcefully shown was incredible there was at least one per minute and the game is just okay if it was the best game in the world then i would be okay with it but its not. I think the amount of ads ruins this game to a game i wouldn't choose over anything else.

Fun until…. Game is fun until you have to watch five minutes of ads to earn enough upgrades for 30 second game. and then another 30 second ad for an extra five seconds and still lose that round.

Very Laggy and too many ads. There is an ad after every round, not to mention there’s a timer and when it lags you can’t always get everything you need to. I was only able to play two rounds before I uninstalled because there were too many ads and lags. Could be a very fun game

Fee For Ad Free. I really enjoy the game, but without paying for ad free it’s not worth it. There’s ads after every round and each round is only about thirty seconds. If you want to pay 3.99$ for ad free then it’s more fun.

Exploitive behavior. This game was fun, although it does really push the limit on ads. I decided to pay for ad free because I was enjoying the game. Then after doing a bunch of levels and saving up a large amount of in game currency the game forced me to use the currency on upgrades I didn’t need. It would let me keep playing until I used it all, then it served me an ad. I’d recommend finding a different way to spend time.

Inappropriate Content. At the end of collection of ammunition, the villain approaches as you unload the collected weaponry on him. He is all red, but as he is almost upon you and goes to kick, a clear fleshy colored spot appears between his legs appearing phalic. It is easily noticed so I would have a hard time believing this was left in on accident. Very inappropriate considering the age ratings for this game.

It used to be fun. The latest changes seemingly turned it into a carnival game. Sure it’s eye catching colorful and whatnot; however, with the latest update, if we have too many coins, we are commanded to level up specific powers of the game’s choosing, and cannot allocate them as we wish. The levels are repeated back-to-back-to-back-to… I do not recommend the game anymore.

Hope you like add. I understand having ads on a game but to watch 30 seconds of ads for another 5 seconds of play time seems dumb to me. Also you have to hit the x on the ads several times in just the right spot before it takes you back to the game. There are other similar games that watching an ad gives you more time.

I like this game. First there are not a lot of ads. Usually when I play mobile games they have millions of ads but this game has barely any so I can enjoy playing without being interrupted

Ads, ads & more ads. Game could be fun but as usual the company decided to ruin it with ads. I understand they have to have ads to pay for things. But how much are they getting paid since I deleted the game after only playing for about an hour. Now I will see No ads and they make no money from it, at least from me. If we all deleted games because of so many ads, they would have to do something different.

The advertisements kill the gameplay. I am averaging about 3-3.5 minutes of advertisements for every 30-35 seconds of gameplay. This is your biggest problem. I’m unable to really get into the game because of all the required ads. Even at level 1, you cannot pass unless you are boosted and the only way to get boosted is to pay $ or watch several advertisements. You don’t even bother trying to get me hooked on the game before destroying it with required pay or ads to get ahead…

Repeats levels?. The game is pretty good, very interesting concept, but I’ve started to notice lately that it seems to repeat levels I’ve already completed. Once I get past somewhere around levels 15 or 16 or somewhere in that area I just start at the beginning again. It tells me I’m at level 23 but I’m doing what I did 23 levels ago. I don't know if I just need to keep playing longer to see what happens and if it’s not repeating itself or if it’s a bug or something like that. But I wanna know if I’m right and if other people have experienced this, or I’m wrong and it’s just something I’ll find out, or something else completely.

Way too many ads. The game is really fun. It’s too bad that there are only 15 levels to play before they start repeating themselves. There’s no change in difficulty after those 15, the levels just start over again. There’s also waaaaaaayyyy too many ads. Some of them are 5s and some of them you have to wait out for 30s. Interrupts the game

Update time. Could you at least back the monster up a bit. He gets to you before you fire all your weapons. Hate being rushed. This game has potential and no need to have so much repetition. Various weapons could be various stages. Then maybe keep adding more monsters as the stages go up. Just allow more time to fire all weapons before monster catches up to you. The least you could do.

Fun and Entertaining!. This game is really fun but it has quite a lot of adds I really don’t have anything else to say about is but it is amazing keep up the good work!

Cheap knockoff and resets upgrades every level. Knockoffs are bad but this one spams ads and resets your upgrades every level so you either pay money, watch ads, or play the same level 10 times over to get enough upgrades to win and repeat. And there doesn’t seem to be much variation if any at all with levels.

It was good. This game was fun until they changed it so you have to use all of your coins on certain levels. I had enough to upgrade my hole to be able to do one of the higher levels and it loaded the lowest level and made me use EVERYTHING to finish everything with 20 seconds to spare… Also, it’s legitimately got 11 levels. That’s all! One of them is a “bonus” level where you net less coins than you do playing a normal level. This games got to go back to the old model and add a lot more levels.

Restarting every time you win a round. This game is very fun for me the only issue I have with it is that it restarts all your progress when you have won a round. Like I pay coins to go up a level and then when I win a round it bumps back down to level 1. It’s like a loop where you can’t get better you and you can’t make progress. That is kind of annoying.

UPDATE RUINED GAME. This game was unplayable u less you’re in airplane mode to avoid the ads every 5 seconds. Now you need an internet connection. Ruined already right there but now they make you spend all of your coins on every level so you’re constantly at 0 playing catch up. I had 150k coins saved up and they all were used on one level by the game. This game had potential but it’s fully dead now. Deleting.

Bummer. A good game concept ruined by ads. There are plenty of hole in the ground type games out there that you can play that weren’t designed to make ad revenue. It’s very obvious that this is just another ad-serving platform, you probably will spend more time watching ads than playing the game.

Perfect. If it didn’t have ads like all the other games it’s would be awesome just don’t wanna pay cash just for no ads but toner that awesome game

Good but Levels repeat. The game is very fun but there is only two minor things. 1. Each level there is an ad. Luckily you can skip after 5 seconds which I really appreciate but yeah. 2. The levels repeat after you play long enough. I love the game but I really want different levels after repeating them. If more levels are put in the game, then I will give 5 stars

Nothing but adds. First 2 minutes of the game was fun,after that and 75 adds that you are forced to watch,it got old. Seriously people,do NOT waist your time with this one,it’s nothing but adds. You get 30 to 35 seconds of game time,then 15 minutes of forced adds. Your literally forced to watch the same 2 adds over and over. Avoid this garbage at all costs. You have been warned.

Too many ads. I feel like you might have to watch an ad to read this review.

Ads and gameplay. I love the gameplay of this game and I understand in order for your game to make money is ads but the forced ads seem to be too much. Awesome work on the game though! Keep up the amazing work guys!

AWFUL!!! Add after add after add. Anything you see with higher than a 1 star was written by a bot. Let me tell you, I was getting ready to play this game while on an airplane. I turned my phone on airplane mode at the request of the pretty flight attendant, and low and behold the app doesn’t work. You can’t play this SINGLE PLAYER GAME without internet!! Why you ask?!? Because it spams with you adds every 5 seconds. Literally awful game and awful cash grab.

Would rate higher, but has adds that cannot be closed. One add keeps popping up over and over if I try to get a higher reward (the Nikke add, in particular), and it seems to be the only one that plays when watching for a reward. There is no way to exit the add, and the game steals even your basic reward for closing the app to refresh. Pretty scummy. Pretty scummy indeed.

Ads ads ads. I don’t normally write reviews for games but this one is out of control with the ads. I’m not joking when I tell you that you spend more time watching the worst ads than you do playing the game. Do not download this, don’t let them make money off of your wasted time. I wish I could get a refund on the time I spent on this game. AWFUL!

Exactly like the ads. This is exactly what you expect. A little skill, a little time spent, and after a bit the levels begin repeating in random sequence. This is a time waster… but aren’t all games? At least this one is fun, different than others, and doesn’t have any false advertising on the ads for it! Remarkably fun!

DO NOT RECOMMEND!!😵. You should read before download! So first there’s TO MANY ADS! And it’s very glitchy…and there’s this ad I’m stuck on and CAMT get out of😩 But it’s a really good game also the levels just keep getting harder and I’m stuck! Also add more stuff like a multiplayer mode orrr more skins! But over all I really injoy it and thank you for reading this have a good day/night/morning!😊

Time. Is there anyway you can give us more time for shooting our stuff? I feel like I’m getting to a point where I can barely throw everything at the guy

Decent game, Bad ads... The game is pretty decent, it’ll keep you distracted for awhile but after a bit it will just get boring, Then there are ads after every single thing you click! I can’t even play one single round without an ad popping up. Overall, I don’t really recommend this app, there are so many apps that are like this that are so much better.

Way to many ads. There are several ads after doing any series of things and each add is skippable but after waiting 5 seconds another page pops up for the same add and you have to wait another 5 seconds then a 3rd add for the same thing pops up and I bet you can guess what happens next you have to pay for a subscription service that cost more than Disney plus to remove adds do not download game it’s just a waste of time

Time Waster. This game is half advertisement, half scam carnival game. The concept isn't horrible, but it could use some work. The way you progress in this, is by gathering enough weapons to deal enough damage to take down an enemy. This is where they get you, the only way to get enough weapons is to consume almost all of the weapons. The beginning timer is never enough, so you get your weapons, watch a 15-30 second ad, then deal like 4% damage to the enemy, collect your reward, then watch another 15-30 second ad, then upgrade probably two things, then repeat. After playing for 10-15 minutes, the longest level took me 5 attempts, which was 5 minutes at most of watching other mobile game garbage, and 3 minutes of losing the round. Overall it's like the developer wanted to make a dark souls mobile game, and his only knowledge of dark souls was "if you throw yourself at the enemy enough times you'll eventually win" and made the whole game around that description. Big waste of time don't play.

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Ads before every tap. Think about a game where literally every time you tap the screen an ad pops up that you can’t skip until it passes 10-20 seconds. This is that game, and might as well be a paid app instead of an in-app purchase to remove ads. Don’t bother downloading.

Almost Great. Rated low because there were too many ads. Mainly, Royal Match. Way too many ads! Took away from the game play.

Why?. I don’t understand why this game forces us to upgrade stuff we don’t want to like I want my timer higher and it forces me to upgrade the hole when I don’t even want to

Too much adds. I would rate this game a 5 star but it is a 4 star because there is too much adds

Too many ads!!. Good and addictive game but too many ads. They also slow down your phone :(

Horrible game. Un removable ads, horrible graphics horrible game!

Fair. Good game, but ruined by the extended adds.

To many adds even with wi fi turned off. and some of the adds freeze up so you have to restart the game

To many ads. To many ads

Gay. Get rid of adds

Too many ads. Spend 90% of the time watching ads

Turn wi-fi off. If you want to get rid of ads turn your wi-fi off, its not a game where you need wi-fi even if its an offline game.

Way to many adds. To many adds

Ad blocker. Ad blocker doesn’t work, don’t purchase

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Cool game. Plays as advertised, which is hard to come by. Fun little game

Don’t recommend it. Way too many ads.

Bad. If you love watching ads all the time this game is for you

Not even complete. Too much crashing. The game lags worse than a half complete beta and crashes a lot. The tutorial you’re also meant to fail to seem stupid like in the ads which discourages from even wanting to play, there’s far too many points where they force you to watch ads even if you say no to a buff, and all the stats I had were reset because I refused to watch an ad. I only played 2 rounds as I crashed 11 times.

Ads. Like bro come on

Inappropriate ads. Within the first 5 minutes of downloading the game I received an extremely inappropriate ad.

It’s a joke. If you like to watch ads then this is perfect for you. Most of the time when you watch an ad you don’t get the reward and have to watch the ad again. Can’t even come close to winning a level unless you watch 6-7 ads first, then you have to watch them again because they rip you off and don’t give you the reward. So 12 ads per level at 30 sec. Per ad. 6 minutes to play a 10 second level. Ridiculous. I wouldn’t waste my time. Less than a day and I deleted this piece of crap app.

There’s a game in my adds. Not to scare you devs but you actually managed to put a game in your adds

Ads. The ads are 100% true. Others are super fake but this one is great and I’m loving it

Too many ads. Too many ads to be able to enjoy, besides that it’d be perfect

Ads aside, at least be carful who you allow…. Seriously, i just need something to distract little kids, they don’t care about ads, but at bare minimum you could at least not include those borderline softcore porn game ads, especially if it’s rated 9+…

Suck¡. I can’t beat it the stiuopid game¡ i hate the game.

Too many ads. You play for like 10 seconds and then watch a long ad. The game isn’t very good even if there weren’t so many ads. I tried it and deleted it within about 2 minutes of downloading it. Don’t waste your time.

great game 0 ads. such an astonishing game just such great 3d graphics, a beautiful symphony of bullet and man. -anna davidson

Poor. Ads ads ads all I will say.

Stop with the ads. THERE IS TOO MANY ADS

Fun for a few rounds can’t play without wifi. The game concept is fun but execution is poor. There is no progression as the upgrades are reset after every round and they tell you that you lost before the battle even starts. This game would be great to play when you have no wifi but the developers made it unplayable without wifi. It’s also a monthly subscription to remove ads, yeah it’s a fun game but not nearly worth $10 a month

Messed up your phone. Will completely lag out and start to cause many issues on your phone until the app was deleted

good game but too many ad’s. way to many ads for a game but i’ve seen worse

legit you can’t win. I’ve replayed the 2nd level so many times and the health bar does NOT move far at all even with a stupid amount of weapons I swear it’s the first mobile game I’ve got that it unbeatable 😭

Adds. To many adds to often!

Review. Stop with the ads before I delete the game it’s way too many and there stupid

-_-. Don’t download this game it will freeze ur phone

Do not download "virus". Too much adds .. poor games makers .. not deserving single star ...

Bad. Bad game, so many long ads, it lags and screws up your phone, and it’s basically impossible to beat.

game randomly freezes. Aaaaaaa

WAY too many adds. Did you guys just sell out all your add slots to anyone or what?

app just wants money.. extreme amount of adds and impossible to beat without watching adds for coins unless you redo the match like 15 times because it resets stats everytime, game only wants you to watch ads for coins to win. watch ad to win game basically. terrible.

Not worth my time. The ad is semi misleading, the upgrade resets and there are way to many ads

Ads merchants. Fake reviews

Game. Fun game

I'm telling you DO NOT GET THIS. I thought it killed my phone. I physically could not do anything with my phone until I finally managed to get rid of this game. I had only played this for about 10 minutes and then my phone basically had a stroke. I couldn't shut it off, and I eventually managed to cool it off, shut it off. I managed to get it back on and delete the game finally. If I could give it a rating lower than zero I would. Don't get this game.

Horrible update. It literally made me spend all my coins on a level for no reason… it was like 100k coins, uninstalled and gets a 1 star

Too many ads to even play. My phone glitches out from the amount of ads and I can barely even play. Would’ve happily paid for the game but can barely test it out and see if I like it

Adds all adds. All adds

Amusing game but overrun with ads. This game is barely playable. You shove so many ads down my throat it’s insane. This could be a decently fun game but the fact I can’t play a single level without ads is ridiculous.

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Don’t believe the fake reviews. Don’t believe the face reviews about not being loaded with ads. You get like 30 seconds of game play, then a 1 min ad, then like 15 seconds of game play and another 1 min ad. Total garbage ad game. Sad part is the game would be fun without all that trash. Don’t waste your time.

Scammers. I recently just purchased the no ads option for $3.99 and I am still seeing ads. I would like a full refund for this. This is ridiculous. The ads ruin the game, so I wanted them removed by purchasing the no ads option. Didn’t work. This needs to be fixed.

I like this game just needs a update. I really enjoy this game but can y’all make a new hole? It’s like my little peaceful place

No no ads. I paid to have no ads and I still have them and don’t understand why you have someone pay for something you don’t offer.

Addictive game. What’s fun about it is, if you mess up or don’t win. You can just watch videos and it’ll give you the extra chances!

Mid Game, Far to Many Ads. Like in the title there are far to many ads. After collecting your ammo it gives you an option to watch an ad for more time or pass but it doesn’t matter if you pass or not you dang near always get an ad. Only positive thing is that the game is like the ads but just gets repetitive.

Updates are awful. I had enjoyed this game ads and all, but the recent update now forces you to use all your coins on upgraded attack pieces, so I can’t use them as I wish.

Scamming garbage pit. Every 3 seconds you get an ad, and if you turn off your internet the game just stops working(from the new “update”) And after every round the game resets all of your stats and it takes so long to get back up again.

It’s a good game but. It restarts your level every time and forces you to upgrade specific stuff

Thought it would be fun. Thought this would be a fun little game,You can’t do anything without watching ads. Some hard to close some longer than the gameplay. Time wasting games are fun but not if you’re wasting your time watching ads. I definitely do not recommend don’t download.

Just keeps repeating. Really fun game at first but after you really get into it it just repeats and some levels just repeat repeat so if there were a bigger variety of levels then it would be way more entertaining

The game needs work.. The game has potential but the controls are both sensitive and delayed. The idea seems fun but the time limit doesn’t even allow you to have real fun playing the game. Played four levels and deleted it.

Great but…. Paid for no ads as this is a great way to kill time but it’s almost impossible not to be plagued with ads. If you’re going to make me pay for no ads give me no ads period. Fun game tho.

I LOVE IT!!. READ THIS OF YOU WANT YOU DOWNLOAD Honestly this may be one of the best games I’ve played in a while. The ads are keep to a minimum so you aren’t being bombed with a whole bunch of ads.

No ads should be no ads.. Bought the no ads for $4, still had tons of ads to do anything. Bought the subscription for $7 week. Guess what, still a ton of ads. Just save yourself some time, too many ads to be fun even if you pay extra.

Eh. Fun game, (turn on airplane mode to get rid of the annoying ads) but once you get past that, the levels repeats after i think like 8 of them. There’s only like 8 or so levels and they get stale after you beat them. Not worth keeping.

New update ruined the game. It was good before this new update because there werent that many ads. But this new update puts an ad after every run

Very good. This app is very accurate to the ads, and there isnt many ads anyway.

Ads. After everything you do is an ad. It’s too annoying to try to play since the rounds are short than BAM ad. It’s honestly not worth it. Better time consuming games out there that doesn’t have ads after everything

Forced purchases. Quit forcing me to buy upgrades I don’t want to buy. I know how to click buttons so if I don’t want to increase my time don’t force me to increase my time. Also, way too many ads. This game should and could easily be an offline game.

Fun! BUT…... So many ads. So. So. So. Many ads. So many ads to the point where some of the games they advertise aren’t even how the games are when you download and play them. They’re false advertising.

Good Game. Kinda.. The game is fun and what not. Yes you have your ads as most games do. As the game is free. However. Come out with more levels. I have played the same levels multiple times now. And I’ve only had the game a day…

Love it. My two favorite things about this game is how the weapons come out of the hole and the way the red gays falls when he dies

Lovin games. I love this game because it’s not easy like the other game it’s a challenge and I loved challenges

Don’t pay for “no ads”. I paid $3.99 for no ads, because I’m actually addicted to this crap, and nothing happened. I still get every bit of the 100 ads they shove down your throat, before the gameplay. The one star is for stealing my money.

Repetitive and no progression. After a certain point, the levels just repeat in a random order and you are never able to keep the progress you have made between each level.

Good game but just to much ads. I love this game it just has to much ads if there were less ads I would give it a five

Harder then you think. Attack hole is harder then you think.

Designed as an ad platform. Though the concept is fun, designing a game that can only be won via watching 4 minutes of advertisements per level is not worth it. One plays a game for the game’s sake and not to watch ads. The game play is fun, but due to the ads it is literally a waste of time, unless you like watching ads.

Life. This game is so fun and addicting I love it it even more better when you win the end

To many adds. The game is good but whenever I beat a level I have to watch an add. I think I have spent more time watching adds turn actually playing the game.

Fun game. I just wish there were more levels

Great game. Great fun game for when you have nothing to do my only complaint it there is a lot of ads I wish there was an option to buy no ads.

No bad. One of the few games actually played like advertised!!

Not a game to pass on but it’s ok. There’s to many adds to watch and if we are going to add all of those add can we at least get more the 5 seconds on the recovery

Too many ads. It would be an okay game if there was not an ad every 4 seconds. You spend more time watching ads than actually playing the game. I may have had this game installed for 20 minutes then deleted because of this. It made it not worth playing

Too many forced ads. This is the same game you see in ads but, they have WAY too many ads all over my screen, plus after each try you get an ad.

Its only one problem. I hate that the game forces you to upgrade when you don’t want too. I want to save my money and I can’t do that🫤

Some bugs, overall pretty fun. There’s quite a few bugs when you watch a video to receive a reward it doesn’t give you the reward. If you fix this I would be a 5 star game.

Good game needs less ads. If their were less ads this game would be better

Happy fun. It is something that you have to play it is a cool way to have fun with no Internet Required

Kinda good fun little game. Have to watch ads to claim new skins when you unlock them and there’s a good balanced amount of ads that you have to watch

Fun game. Just like the ad, not to many ads to watch, some but not excessive. Only problem is the game loops when you get to lvl14 as far as stuff to throw other then that great game

Pass. Unity ads do not display any way to close them no matter what I do I have to close the game down and reopen which just waste my time and loses the fact that I watched the video over it

Surprisingly. Surprisingly the game is pretty entertaining but the amount of ads are insane like after every little thing you get an ad but otherwise than that the game is overall pretty ok not good but ok

New update. They new updates makes it to where I have to upgrade until I have no coins left. So now I can’t save up coins for one category. Or pick one over the other. I have to use them all on everything. It was great before this update. Hope there is a way to change it back.

Do you like ads?. If you do then this game is for you. Ads after EVERY level. And the levels are short. I feel like I spend more time watching ads than playing the game. You can pay $4 to skip the ads, but I just don’t see this as a $4 game.

Ads and time wasting. It's a huge time waster when I played this with my sister she told me that she kept dying and so I tried it for myself It's literally impossible to get enough weapons to kill the enemy and then you have to watch a 1 minute ad so then you can play again. Don't play this app!!!

Scam, no really.. So the “remove ads” does not really remove any ads, so I’m sure the “vip” is a rip off too plus it’s billed weekly. This is probably a rip of another app and they fill it up full of ads. They are mostly advertising them on TikTok and Facebook where I found this game. Really don’t waste your time or money.

It’s okay. I downloaded the game and yes it is fun but one thing I hate more than anything is ads. I paid to not have ads and yet their were still ads. I waited a day to see if the ads would go away and it didn’t.

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Attack Hole 1.0.6 Games Screenshots & Images

Attack Hole iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 9+ years and older
Current Version 1.0.6
Play Store com.redlinegames.attackhole
Compatibility iOS 12.5 or later

Attack Hole (Versiyon 1.0.6) Install & Download

The applications Attack Hole was published in the category Games on 2022-12-23 and was developed by HOMA GAMES [Developer ID: 1508492426]. This program file size is 246.95 MB. This app has been rated by 16,964 users and has a rating of 4.6 out of 5. Attack Hole - Games app posted on 2023-02-23 current version is 1.0.6 and works well on IOS 12.5 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.redlinegames.attackhole. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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Attack Hole Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Bug fixes - New rewards - Visual improvements

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