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Temu: Team Up, Price Down Version 1.22.022 November 2022

Bug fixes and improvements.

Temu: Team Up, Price Down Comments & Reviews 2022

- Temu review

My husband found Temu. He got me hooked. I have had so much fun buying myself little things. Getting little things for my family and my grand daughter. Getting ready for Christmas. The prices are great. The shipping is AMAZINGLY FAST. I am sure with Christmas coming it will slow up a bit but it puts some of my domestic subscription boxes to shame for shipping times, I am not even kidding you. I timed a certain subscription box I get with a Temu order I did that sent the same day and I received the Temu order 2 days before the subscription box. Wild!!!!. I can not say enough good stuff about Temu. I have had 4-5 shipments and nothing has come damaged. One box it came in looked sad and I was wondering because items are usually loose, but nope everything was happy and safe inside. Some of the items inside were in their own puffy pouch too. So it depends. As is now I have nothing negative to say! I have not had to deal with customer service yet. So I don’t know how well that goes. I have I think 4-5 more orders on the way though so we shall see. This time I took a chance and ordered a shirt. I’m excited. Yay. I LOVE TEMU!!!

- Pretty good so far

Just purchased 14 items for $12, so we’ll see what the actual price points are like after the new user discount disappears. Seems similar to AliExpress, but with better shipping time, smaller range of products and competitive prices. Two things to be mindful of: 1, There is no favorites or wishlist option. If you want to save something, you have to put it in your cart. You do have the option of selecting and buying just one item, but there’s also the option of sleepily emptying the cart or purchasing everything when you’re just trying to do one of two items. 2, The ratings when you click on a product seem to be for the entire store. When I clicked the reviews to read others opinions, they were filled with other items, to the point that I never saw the item I was looking for in any of the review sections. Will try to remember to come back and update rating based on the quality of the products. I’m not expecting top-notch quality, but I would like to get a few uses out of each item before it possibly breaks.

- So far so good. I am new to Temu.

So far, I am really happy with Temu. I have placed four orders with multiple items over several days. I have received two of my orders. They came fairly quickly and things were wrapped well. Things tend to come in multiple packages on an order. I’m glad I took a chance. One example is several 20,000mah power banks I ordered because my one power bank did not have a USB-C port to charge my iPhone 11. So far I’ve gotten regular updates on my orders and the app has worked well so far. I have one pair of shoes that I just got and they’re too big. The Temu app gave me several refund options, said to keep the item or donate to charity. It was nice to not have to pack and send them back. It did say that shipping back was free but I have not use that option since they gave me a refund. I was able to choose a refund on the shoes or credit to use in the app. The discount coupons have been great especially since I recently retired. My budget is so tight. Thanks again Temu.

- Quality / delivery time

The quality of the items I have received, which is a lot, has been wonderful. Something I was worried about. Was afraid of it being a scam but 100% it is NOT a scam! Prices are great and quality is also great. I was also concerned about the length of time it would take to be delivered. I have received several packages and have several more to come. So far every package has come within 2 weeks of being shipped. HIGHLY recommend and have sent invites to all my family members. AND if you send to 5 people and they download and open the app. you receive a free gift of your choice and they do not have to buy, but I guarantee they will. You DO HAVE to choose gift prior to sending the invite! Unless this was a promotion I just luckef upon but they are always running specials.

- Customer service is not great

Even though customer service is 24/7. Temu takes a long time to respond after getting a hold of someone. I had a problem with Usps shipping my package to the wrong address. I’ve checked the address I’ve had down and checked where it actually got shipped to. It was sent to a totally different state. I messaged Temu and they took forever to respond. Once they acknowledged my problem they told me they cannot do anything about it and said to contact Usps to get the package back and if I don’t get it then contact the sellers for a refund. Usps have delivered it to a persons front porch so there’s no way I’m getting my package. And of course I had to message the four sellers I bought from. And two out of the four didn’t understand. One of them said I have to talk to logistics and I already did. The other eventually understood and so three out of the four sellers that understood said they will refund but who knows if it’ll actually be refunded. The reason I went to buy from Temu is because an influencer I follow on TikTok raved about it. And the items she had on were cute.

- I’m addicted

I’ve ordered from Temu so many times I’ve lost count. Each order brings more fabulous items. The prices are amazing. The last ordered I received I just laughed and was so happy looking through all my things. I was hesitant because of the whole mess with the wish app so I was careful only to use my PayPal but this company is truly trustworthy. I wanted to return shoes that were too small. They refunded me my money and told me to donate the shoes. How awesome is that? Now I have the correct sizes for my daughter and a child less fortunate then us has 3 new pairs of shoes. I love this app. My husband maybe not so much cause I’m addicted lol just joking. It’s so cheap he doesn’t even notice the small dent in our account.

- Angry

I was nice enough to give it a three stars just for the fact the first package that I have ordered by basically receive a Lotta cheap products even a broken beanie hat I’ve never experienced such a thing. I also ordered two other different beanie hats that were super size I think I could’ve fit two of my heads in it in the main thing is I’m already having issues with two of my packages one said delivered but I never got anything. I try to contact customer service which is pretty confusing on this app so I’m gonna have to say it’s pretty bad the customer service the other thing says I’m illegible and still valuable for a refund. When I go to click on it it says this order cannot be refunded which makes no sense, I’m a new customer and I am not liking the way the app functions or the customer service.

- This is surprisingly AMAZING

Ok so this app is hands down one of the best online shopping store apps EVER. I’ve made 2 big orders so far and the shipping for both was around the same time as Shein, which was 1-2 weeks! Also the prices are super affordable and cheap but the quality is pretty good. One thing that I wish would stay is the prices right now because the prices are so low due to them trying to promote this since its new and not well known, so after a couple months the prices would probably increase sadly… Everything I ordered would arrive perfectly fine and I would have everything!! Really love this shopping app and would recommend to others!


This app has been nothing but great! I’ve bought so much stuff that if I bought retail would be so much more. I got a lot of free gifts, as well! My friends are more than happy with it, too. I think one of my favorite parts was the costumer service actually. They were so kind and helped me with everything I needed! The only issue I had was that my most recent “delivered” packages wasn’t there, but sometimes USPS will say that something was delivered when it wasn’t. I don’t blame Temu at all. This app has been a life saver with money (plus most of it is really good quality) and I will continue to buy things from here for a very long time!

- Hard to return

Price and shipping is good’ but when you try to return something it is really hard, the app has a lot bugs that can’t find what the customer service said, like the order ID, which I spand a lot time found on message is not full ID, spand me almost an hour try to return a security camera, but end up keep asking me the order ID where I really can’t find it! Forget about it! I just not returned as it takes me so much time! And also on missing items, they don’t even tell you will refund the money or resent the the item, on damaged item, don’t even give me any answers! If you don’t have any issues with the purchase is all good! But if there is any issues, you got to bare all the issues, I don’t think the customer service will help! I want to give one star, but consider the price , I give it 2 stars! Thanks

- Prices have been going up since I’ve used the app

The free gifts have too much requirements The invited person has to buy something (which the total is over a certain amount AFTER their discount which they do not tell you how much) and then the order has to be shipped… I do marketing is this is where the ecoms mess up don’t promise something and give limited details to make it seem easier than what it is that looks really unreliable I understand you have to launch but being what you actually are marketing yourself as will retain customers you have to know who your target audience is you can’t market yourself as having low prices because you have some items that are low price and then raise everything this is how you mess up your analytics they will not be true to you for marketing I was exited about this one but now I’m feeling meh feels like every other app out here comparable to Ali express and dh gate merely a competitor

- Lies about rewards

This app may be good for cheap goods with decent shipping times but when it comes to rewards and referral, that’s a whole new story! They were recently running promo and when it came time to cash in my rewards to PayPal they are coming up with every excuse under the sun as to not give me my rewards that I EARNED! So I highly recommend not referring anyone to the app because eventually they stop paying out rewards. They tried to tell me one excuse and I proved them wrong so they came up with another. Again I proved that excuse wrong via saved screenshots and of course a new excuse! I’d really appreciate if the app would stop lying and just give me my reward. If they don’t want people to participate then they shouldn’t offer the promo! Otherwise it would be a great app. But 1 star until they follow through with their word!


I downloaded this app and spun the wheel it told me pick 10 items GET 5 OF THE 10 FOR FREE! I was super excited so I start picking them out one of my items was out of stock so the app said I need to pick another item but every time I try to pick another item for free he said a ERROR! then the whole screen disappeared I NEVER got my “5 FREE items”….then there is “FISHLAND” I have to feed fish in order to get a free item I was one fish away from my free item when I go back on the app to check and see if any of my sign ups were successful so I can feed my last fish it took one of the fish away from my free item and put it back in the tank so now I catch what’s going on they set me back a fish so I can keep referring people to their app to feed it making it harder to get my item for free!!! NOW I WILL OUT THEM FOR THE SCAMMERS THEY ARE!!! #SCAM #SCAM #SCAM

- Not like Wish

I used to shop on the other app, but it was hit and Miss. I have already made about 4 purchases on Temu, I’ve told my family and friends, and now know at least 7 family and friends who have started shopping here as well. I started off trying to find a few outfits for my nieces new baby and omg my first order was for her baby, and my nephew, and my daughters. The fabric was great and my girls loved the clothes that I bought for them. As a single mom of three teens and preteen, I love the app, and the quality, fabric, and price. I tried something out and love the results.


This company is a scam. Placed my first order of total $102.5 on Oct 26. It shows shipped on Oct 27 and they split my order into two packages, one of them (worth $10) arrived in about a week and a half. The other one (worth over $90) never arrived. USPS shows they NEVER received the package. So I contacted the customer on Nov 7 or 8 bcs I noticed that there’s never a tracking update for my package, I was promised by agent Eunice that if I don’t receive my package by Nov 9, I will receive full refund. On Nov 9, I contacted customer service again, a lady named Yana said “your package is on the way, we cannot issue you a refund, please be patient”. I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR 15 DAYS WITH NO TRACKING UPDATE AND NOW YOU ARE TELLING *ME* TO BE PATIENT? AND THIS YANA LADY ENDED MY CHAT WHILE IM STILL TALKING TO HER. HOW RUDE! Now I’m here writing this review with NO refund and NO tracking update. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!

- Impressed so far!

Just got the first of five packages (I was overly ambitious and hopeful due to the price points). I bought sixteen things for $30, and received everything but one item (that shipped separately, and I received an order that they combined with this one containing jeans). For the price point, I am impressed with the quality. From the jeans to the makeup, toys and etc, I am happy with everything I received. I ordered October 29 and received November 7, so turn around time for packages is pretty good I would say. I look forward to receiving the rest of my things!

- You get what you pay for.

It’s ok there not %100 honest on there stuff but I did get everything I paid for. There sizes are very very small I ordered a 3x hoodie and got a large. It said 3x but it wasent 3x. I ordered a light that said it was 100,000 lumens but when I got it I said 500 lumens and felt very cheap and would brake easy but it does work and they was already charged. Just pay attention to the fine details if they leave a word out that just doesn’t sound right. Or there not adding exactly what your wanting to hear from it to make sure that’s what it is. There’s a reason it’s becouse it’s not. But shipping was free and was on time. Box was kinda smashed but it all worked.

- Very Misleading About The Free Gifts

The app is okay. It’s like Ali Express, but shows a faster shipping time. I have not seen an update yet on the tracking. The free gift options are misleading where it says you get a free gift, then it shows you have to invite more people in order to get the free gift. If those people do the same then it’s the same cycle for them to invite others to get their free gift. Now items are not expensive for certain items things. I’m waiting to get my items delivered to check on he quality and do an update review. If you just want another option of purchasing items then it’s cool. Don’t expect to get free gifts just by picking a free gift. Every new user should get a free gift for downloading the app.

- Good not receive

Today I received a package with all the wrong items. Temu made a mistake and sent me the wrong package. Been on the customer service chat over two hours the one last thing they can offer is $8 off when you purchase $50 n over. They called that ‘credit’ and the best solution they can offer. It’s unacceptable. I don’t want the wrong items that was delivered. I felt that they think they offer a big one since they don’t need the items to be returned. It’s not! I didn’t get what I ordered and there’s no compensation after I spent my 2 + hours of conversation. It’s not fun. Also the other person who ordered her stuffs are not receiving as well. That makes two unhappy customers.

- If you were a fan of AliExpress …

This app reminds me of AliExpress but so much better! The shipping is super fast and the prices for all the items I usually purchase on Amazon,eBay, Walmart,etc is located on this app!! I thought this was going to be like wish but once I started receiving the products I noticed their quality is WAY BETTER than wish which is bizarre to me seeing how wish is a major company(pro sport endorsements). All in all, I love this TEMU app! One of the few ads that pop up on my social media that I’ll vouch for! 5 stars(deserves higher).

- Not a scam!

Love TEMU! This is better than wish by far!! Ship time is great, customer service isn’t the greatest but I recommend shipping with temu!! I thought it was a scam at first but it’s not! It is legit!! And I am not a robot or some automated thing to give fake reviews lol I’m a human and I actually purchased lots of stuff from temu so I am actually speaking the total truth here. I will say this, expect to get what you pay for size wise and quality when it comes to tools or anything that needs to be quality. But the party supplies are GREAT! And I got a handful of kitchen utensils and bathroom storage items and some accessories that are great!!

- Happy customer

I wasn’t sure if these prices were for real at first. So I thought ok ill order one thing first. I got my boyfriend a fishing reel for $17 he loves it the quality is great and then it shipped with a day or two of ordering and was here about a week later! I have placed 3 orders since then with all the same results I recommended this app to all my friends and family your missing out if you don’t give them a try! I have bought shoes makeup jewelry hair stuff and all kinds of other things and its all been really good stuff!!!!

- Nicely designed marketplace and app and fast shipping!

I did my entire shopping and ordering through the app. The process was smooth and intuitive and I was able to take advantage of coupons as well. There were many products for sale from different sellers and they all shipped together in one box. I ordered over $100 worth of items so I got free express shipping. The 30% off was only up to $15 so be wary. You aren’t going to get $30 off $100. Still a great deal!

- A lil issue

I love this app the onley issue I have rite know with it is when I post to get my teen fromInviting friends sometimes I don’t get it because I’ll be asleep if they do it early in the morning and it timed me out and won’t give me my $10 but I don’t think that’s fair because I invited people like the app said to get my $10 and I missed out on it like twice because of me being asleep but that’s not my fault the app couldn’t take it away from youAnd I can’t contact no way to talk about it

- Temu customer satisfied

Very good company I love it and the stuff I brought came early then what they said I will definitely order from here again my mom order as well and one of her packages came and the next be here tomorrow thanks for having this site I found it through Facebook love it and if u can’t really afford all the toys and clothes and other accessories for your home this a good spot to order from so far everything I order was just as shown in the picture

- Great website

Ordered a total of 81 items and everything arrived. I got a lot of Christmas earrings and for the price they are very nice. Everything I ordered was well made and I’m very happy with my order. I’m getting ready to make another order. I’m so thankful for Temu and I will continue to be a loyal customer. Also they let you know when your package has shipped and keep you updated until it arrives. My order arrived within 2 weeks of ordering it.

- Everything came in less then two weeks

Ordering was easy. Wish there were more reviews which I will post mine with photos. I got both orders one shipment 👍some are thin made that’s why such cheap price from what I can most look true to size .some did look thicker made in the advertised photo just have to look for reviews just because one of the sellers outfits are made bad or bad stitch doesn’t mean they are all made bad. No issues I’m glad I ordered.

- Price low, shipping reliable. Quality Good.

Temu is sooooo great to use in America. The items in it are so cheap and good quality. I can also buy the things I need in China. Price are very thoughtful and cheap. Always give me a lot coupon. Love it too much and can not stop buying it. Shipping is also great, never lost my commodity. The stuff also very friendly, can help me deal with all problems. Good app, make my abroad life more fun and convenient. Will recommend to my friends. Love it. 拼多多Temu流啤!

- TEMU - great product great prices

A super great company to order high quality products at reasonable affordable prices. I am on a fixed income and by shopping with this company I was able to get a large quantity of items for a small amount of money! The products are as good or equal to high dollar stores. I will definitely keep shopping here. The delivery is fast, they keep you informed of order status, and you can get free shipping! It’s definitely a win, win!

- Great app

I have made 4 or 5 orders from jewelry, hats, clothes and can tell you it is WAY better than I could have imagined. You must try this company .. I’m not an influencer. Just an ordinary woman looking for good pricing. You can’t go wrong. I recd one item that came with a rip and the company immediately credited my acct. in less than one day. Seriously I’m sure maybe not everything is Top shelf quality but so far I have NO issues with this app

- Cheaters

I got an invitation from friend telling me that he can get a free present if he invited 3 people. I downloaded the app through his invitation. I installed and also picked up the free gift for myself. The app told me in order to get my free gift, I ought to invite 5 people. I’ve invited dozens of people, from them 8 of them downloaded through my invitation and installed and created an account but I got only 3 slots indicating that my friends got installed the app. I thought maybe it is just 3 people installed and I called my friends and instructed three more people how to install through my app and they did! And nothing, I got nothing, it’s all a lie! LIE!!! I suggest you to stop wasting your time on this app guys!

- If I could give -0 stars i would!!!

I was soooo excited I ordered 8 items! And only received 3! I was so upset my package came with holes the post office had to put it in a bag of their own! I wanted the stuff replaced but supposedly they can’t replace items only give a refund!! I’m so glad I went with my initial thought and wait for my first order to come to put in my second order! There was so much damage to the pack it’s like it was intentional! Also I waited 2+ for it to come! I really really wanted all my items! I know one thing I’m a shopaholic and they definitely lost a great customer!! I was gonna do most of my Christmas shopping on this app! Never again I’m uninstalling!

- Inflation Buster!

As a Dollar Store junkie, I know how to pick out an inexpensive quality item among cheap waste-of-money junk. Almost all of the many items I’ve purchased from this company have been exactly what I needed and wanted. Tracking and shipping were seamless. Had one return and customer service couldn’t have been better! The more you shop, the more surprised you’ll be to get so much for so little.

- Legit apps

First I thought it was just a fake app that popped up in my fb page. I started reading the reviews and looking at their products the price are very interesting way so cheap esp. for kids stuffs. So, decided to placed my orders hoping this is legit. Fortunately, after 2 or 3 weeks I received my orders in a parcel. I was amazed I received my orders for less than a month especially came from China. I highly recommend this app.

- i love the fact that my packages arrive early

I love how they package the orders and how they deliver my packages faster and quicker than most online shopping places or websites and I think this app and website is a very good place because it's cheap and it's almost on speakerphone and I love that about this app and I will give her a 10/10 and it was a good experience and i'll continue to order from this app/website🌸🫶🏾

- Temu is amazing

Temu has amazing deals that seem too good to be true! I've been blown away by every order I've placed so far. I've ordered clothes, bags, cleaning supplies, and home organizers. Their clothes tend to run smaller as they are an Asian based company so pay attention to reviews and measurement, and they have the cutest designs for everything else. If you're not happy with something, they have a great refund policy as well!

- Such a wonderful site

I admit I was skeptical, but this is a legit and wonderful site from which to shop! I got my first order today (early!) and have already placed my second! Also, if something goes out of stock and you still want it, leave it in your cart. If and when it becomes available, it will automatically move back into your cart.

- Better than expected

So far I have placed 3 orders. Two arrived quicker than expected and better quality. The most recent order will be the true test. It is much larger and a wide variety of items from doggy t-shirts to Christmas decor and in between. I’m confident Temu will prove their professionalism. I very pleased and hope I will feel inclined to shop with Temu frequently in the future.

- First order satisfied

I made my first order days ago & I knew that I might get scammed 50/50 chance. But that’s not the case. Surprisingly all my items came all together & in time! I’m waiting for my free item. Also I hope this app still sticks with the lower prices unlike Shein/Wish etc. This app is much affordable/cheap. Would recommend. Hope it sticks that way for everyone too.

- Great product w/ great price!👍

My first purchase came very quick. I thought I would have to wait for weeks or month, but within week and half my items came. GREAT customers service!!! Any questions or concerns they fixed right away. I love how customer service very quick and tentative. Items are cute and unique w/ good price. Coupon is a PLUS! So far I'm loving it! 😍😍😍👍

- Temu

Nice website! Just make sure you read description! Like if you see a doll read the description a lot of times the doll is not included it’s just an outfit! Check measurements before you buy! Sometimes things seem bigger in picture then it really is! Other wise I have gotten a lot of cute things and didn’t break the bank!

- Great app

I love this app and the prices are great and so far the quality of everything has been really good. I have all sorts of items from doggie clothes to shoes and I have been completely satisfied with my purchases. If you aren’t using Temu then you aren’t saving money. Ok maybe not saving money because now I’m addicted but I can buy a lot more for a lot less

- Great shopping, prices

So far I have had a great experience with Temu. I think the trick is to read carefully what you’re getting, and when It comes to clothes, go by measurements, not size. I have gotten everything I ordered, was pleased with the quality, and saved a lot of money. I have gotten everything in 2 weeks or less with free shipping, comes from overseas.

- Great Quality

I was a skeptic when I got this app because the prices seemed unreal cheap, so I thought the clothing would referent that. I only bought clothing and 2 pairs of sneakers and after receiving all of my things within a week to a week and a half, I was no longer a skeptic. I was very impressed with the quality of the clothes, similar to SHEIN but free shipping and even cheaper prices! I love it.

- This is a great site

Wasn’t sure how the items I ordered would be. Have ordered from Wish and waited forever and often not quite satisfied. Not with Temu. I’m more than pleased with what I’ve gotten, the shipping was super fast and even when I dilioud pay shipping I’m sure it won’t exceed the cost of the items. I highly recommend ordering from this site.

- Great App For Cute Items

My first impression of the app is that it was like AliExpress, Wish and eBay. The items are so cute and my first order with them went wonderfully! I loved everything and it shipped out and arrived so fast! Was also packaged perfectly in the box and I loved all my items! I recommend this app for small, cute accessories at a really great, affordable price! Thank you Temu!

- Cute, cheap stuff

Like Wish but cheaper and faster. Good for cute little gifts and I’ve gotten some clothing that would’ve cost much more in a store. You’ll occasionally get some junk(but it tends to be on things that cost under $1) but also get some true surprises(I got cute heart shaped rugs for 99 cents and they were much better than I expected)

- Appreciation for the quality I received from Temu

The product came exactly as I saw with elevated quality. I wasn’t expecting it to be of such high quality given the low price charge for the items. Everyone reading this review should customize this App. Surprisingly too the items arrived within the allotted time frame.

- TEMU is a rockstar company!

I love ordering from TEMU. It is free shipping, usually you will have coupons to make the low prices even lower and the items are just what they say they are! Most of the items come to you within 10 days, some a little longer if on back order. But that is everywhere! Glad To have found you TEMU!

- Clothing and jewelry shoes coat

I love everything I got from here so far. until l pass this site on to my family even give them my gift card that they give me to my daughter so she can order something. Will shop again using them for the holidays coming up why not good stuff to buy online and it’s free shipping can’t beat that

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- Not working elsewhere other than US

it doesn’t work in Australia!!! You may only find this at checkout after spending hours selecting products, stupid!!!

- Limited location of delivery

So it doesn’t work in Australia ?

- Very disappointed


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Why it exist in Canada App Store ?

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- Cannot use it in Canada

US only.

- Does not ship to Canada

Fking useless

- No shipping to CAnada

App configuration needs to remove Canada

- Remove this app off AppStore for Canada

Doesn’t ship to Canada, but somehow they put it here lol

- Doesn’t ship to Canada


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Temu: Team Up, Price Down iphone images
Temu: Team Up, Price Down iphone images
Temu: Team Up, Price Down iphone images
Temu: Team Up, Price Down iphone images
Temu: Team Up, Price Down iphone images
Temu: Team Up, Price Down iphone images
Temu: Team Up, Price Down iphone images
Temu: Team Up, Price Down iphone images
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The applications Temu: Team Up, Price Down was published in the category Shopping on 2022-08-31 and was developed by Temu [Developer ID: 1641486560]. This application file size is 81.36 MB. Temu: Team Up, Price Down - Shopping app posted on 2022-11-22 current version is 1.22.0 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.einnovation.temu