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App Name Temu: Shop Like a Billionaire
Category Shopping
Updated 06 April 2024, Saturday
File Size 52.03 MB

Temu: Shop Like a Billionaire Comments & Reviews 2024

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Shook to my core!. I hate how much I like temu! My only complaints are the crazy amount of discount pop ups, the “free” items and how quickly they want you to buy things BUT They are SO MUCH BETTER than wish!! Customer support 10/10 refunds are almost instantaneous, they have a price adjustment feature so if an item you bought becomes cheaper afterwards they credit your account the difference! Easy to review, tracking information is great, reviews are REAL PEOPLE!! no fakey hard to read reviews. Free shipping no matter what is so nice unlike wish where you have to pay per item. Everything comes at once even pre-order items!! Clothing items I’ve received are all great quality! I’m just shocked. I do highly recommend paying with 4 payment method ( Klarna, afterpay,affirm, etc) just to keep your card information safe as I’ve heard peoples cards have been wrongly charged but I’ve had no issues whatsoever doing it with those payment companies. 10/10 just try to-read reviews before buying anything and don’t buy things like crazy cause it’s easy to do. Hope this review helps!

So far so good… buuuttt…. I just downloaded last night, made my first purchase today. Love the pricing and the fact the delivery dates don’t seem like forever ( like on wish) I also love the fact there is free shipping option on most things, everything I ordered had it at least. (Unlike wish where you think you’re getting good prices until you look at the cart and the shipping for everything was outrageous. I can not yet comment on quality products as I just placed my order but I will write another review once I receive them. My biggest complaint at the moment, not necessarily a complaint just I really wish that there was an option to create wish lists to earmarked things you want to buy in the future that would be a really nice addition if you could possibly do that. Because I don’t always have enough money to buy everything I want obviously but there are things that I wish I could save for later and come back to but I do not see that option at this time; if you can will you please add it in your next update? I don’t know how making these apps work… but if every other shopping app can do it shouldn’t you be able to as well?

Very pleasantly surprised!. So I was very skeptical about this app when my fiancée told me about it. I thought it was just going to be like another Wish where your items break 2 minutes later and it takes like three months or more to get your items. I don’t know how but somehow the prices are even cheaper than wish but the products are better quality. And the part I love the most is every few hours you can get free shipping on your entire order. And delivery is very quick. They usually ship your item out the day after or two days after you place the order and depending on where you live it usually gets to you within a week or so. We have like four orders each that we ordered on different days and we’ve already gotten 3 of the packages. I am very pleasantly surprised you’re not only with their items, but with the shipping. Also, my fiancée got the wrong color of something and they very quickly gave her a credit to get the other color within three minutes and as soon as it was about to ship. Very fast and friendly customer service! Love you TEMU!!!

I See You. So Temu is an application that promotes getting items for free/cheap. I’ve noticed a pattern though, new users get a taste of getting free stuff off the bat, but once the user tries to apply for more free stuff they have to continually share with people who don’t have Temu or already existing users. But my suspicion rises when I noticed that in the fine print (The rules of the game will change) surely that doesn’t matter…until it says you need to share a link with someone to cut one dollar off your product, so you share the link and wait, once they accept the link it cuts only ¢50. You look at what the values of shared links are and they changed the rules, you get $1 off of your items if you share to someone who doesn’t have Temu, but if you share to someone who already has Temu, it cuts off ¢1…but that doesn’t make sense, you already shared a link with your friend who already has Temu and it cut ¢50. That’s what they do, they want you to share with as many people as possible only to dangle the items you want infront off your face only inches away. They give you a taste of free items only for you to go through hoops upon hoops just to get those items, and I’m not going to lie, the clothes are fine but other items are poorly made. I don’t recommend this app especially to people who have gambling addictions.

Rabbit in a Hat it’s like Magic! Here and gone! All things are vanity!. You never know what your going to get or not get it could be a treasure in discord or something you may not have the ability to send back! So on that heavenly note since you might not be able to forward the printing of a label like me from your phone to another cell # or email you will be stuck holding the hat with no rabbit! God has you back so have a back up plan to give it away as a gift if you get something not made correctly or damaged! Have plan ABC 123 & 369 and 144, 222, 444, 555, 404 and hopefully 109 Lol! Keep up with the change of software too! It’s a coin trick too! Email is sent to the website not your email address when your waiting to hear from customer service with a ticket number that can hold more than one issue and take days or even a week! More than one issue may not be true on each ticket number even though I asked! It’s never a dull day at TEMU! Pray! Suggestion make your orders small and slow and far in between each because the tortoise beat the hair! Temu needs to slow down for better quality over all my issues with TEMU for the Rabbit to be happy or even treated fare at times! Keep up the betterment for all involved Temu! God has you back! God is Truth! Godspeed! God is Song!

Temu review. My husband found Temu. He got me hooked. I have had so much fun buying myself little things. Getting little things for my family and my grand daughter. Getting ready for Christmas. The prices are great. The shipping is AMAZINGLY FAST. I am sure with Christmas coming it will slow up a bit but it puts some of my domestic subscription boxes to shame for shipping times, I am not even kidding you. I timed a certain subscription box I get with a Temu order I did that sent the same day and I received the Temu order 2 days before the subscription box. Wild!!!!. I can not say enough good stuff about Temu. I have had 4-5 shipments and nothing has come damaged. One box it came in looked sad and I was wondering because items are usually loose, but nope everything was happy and safe inside. Some of the items inside were in their own puffy pouch too. So it depends. As is now I have nothing negative to say! I have not had to deal with customer service yet. So I don’t know how well that goes. I have I think 4-5 more orders on the way though so we shall see. This time I took a chance and ordered a shirt. I’m excited. Yay. I LOVE TEMU!!!

Illegal activity. What this company is doing is illegal. If you don’t believe me, go through the reviews. First, they make it extremely difficult to see an items reviews. How? Click on the reviews and what you will see are reviews for a whole bunch of items, not just the item your looking at. Second, start reading the reviews. Countless reviews are clearly negative, yet it shows that the person gave the item 5 stars which is impossible. Simply put, this is fraud and needs reported to Apple so their app is removed from the store. After reading the reviews, it is very clear that their “review” grading system is a lie as well. Further, when you double check that the things I am writing are true (and they are), report it to your attorney general. Listen, I’ve ordered off Temu quite a few items and have been happy with most of them (not all—some clothing items have a strange fit). Even so, a companies business practices must be on the up and up and if not, they should be forced out of business. Transparencies led to Amazon’s success. Temu has decided that they can be successful through lies and deceptions. We need to prove them wrong.

After 2 months, I finally got my order…. The items itself were pretty great actually, nothing faulty. Only thing I’m very disappointed with is the shipping. When I first made this order it said it would arrive within 30 days because it was coming from Asia (probably China) through those big shipment boats. Okay FINE. A little long but I get it. Boat got to my city and got a message that my order was lost. I got my refund- made the payment through AfterPay and I think that’s the only reason I actually got it. I’ve read many people that pay directly to Temu don’t get a refund. I’m grateful I always do transactions through AfterPay. I was mostly upset and sad because I rather would have the items than the refund. Surprisingly, I ended up getting the package another month AFTER I got the refund. It ended up being free (for the inconvenience). All i recommend is if you need it fast, don’t have high expectations through Temu. The items (1pc All-Season Coffee Colored Sofa Slipcover - Pet Friendly, Non Slip, Machine Washable - for Bedroom, Office, Living Room - Home Decoration; 3 of these and a few other items) are GREAT quality for the price. Be mindful it might take some time however you MIGHT get more than what you expect in quality.

faking reviews is not cute, temu. (Edited). The app itself is great- I love how it works. But most of the reviews on the app itself are 100% fraud. I’ve noticed a pattern in the automated-sounding reviews, because they are all titled the same thing. Despite them being different, they all sound like they are sent from one singular person because the writing style is the same. All the reviews are structured very alike, and the usernames are fake. I hope you actually soak in this review instead of replying with some automated response. I hope you realize this is a serious matter, because it is illegal to give yourself reviews. The FTC comes after businesses that do this, and if you don’t quit it now, I’ll make sure they hear of it. I’m not trying to be rude or shut down your business, this is for your own good. Hi Temu! I’ve come back to check on your reviews, and it seems you’ve taken my advice. I haven’t seen one fake review anymore. Thank you. I just need to mention- the app is good enough so you don’t have to fake reviews. The company is already TT famous. To everyone who reads this- get the app. No substantial money can be lost on cheap items because not much was paid anyways. Another thank you, Temu. Try to step towards good business habits.

Great shop BUT. Update: I have now heard from two people that their cards/accounts linked to Temu have been drained. So yeah one star. If you don't have it yet, don't get it. Stay safe. I love that I can get decent quality stuff for low prices. I've spent quite a lot because so many things are so cheap. Temu is smart because they use games where you can win products or store credit, to keep you coming back. (Instead of buying a bunch of stuff once and then never using the app again.) Even smarter, the games often require you to complete tasks like browse for thirty seconds, make purchases, or interact with existing users or recommend new users. Here's the issue. They made the games ridiculously easy to win for the first few months, even without referring a new user, and EVERYONE was cashing out. Then they changed all of the games to be rigged so that you can't win without recommending someone new. But a lot of the games pretend to be chance/luck based. Spin the wheel types, but it's not really luck or chance at all. It's obviously calculated to be unwinnable and it's really frustrating and a bit insulting. I wish they would make the games ACTUALLY chance based, even if that means offering smaller prizes. The way they do it now makes them seem really skeevy and scammy, and damages the trust of their users.

✨💥✨NOTICE EVERYONE✨💥✨. I’m writing this because there’s so much scams going on nowadays that you can’t trust anybody just about. When I first saw Temu, I was skeptical just like you I have over half 1 million followers and it’s very important because they depend on me and trust me because I’m very blunt outspoken and honest, and will tell them truthfully, no matter what, but trust was not gained overnight. It took years and time my page grew so fast that I’ve never use my real name so I’m not gonna post it here but one thing I don’t even allow people to pay me to advertise ads because somethings can’t be bought and it’s important to know that someone’s trust is priceless so I personally would tell you, Teemu is safe dependable trust worthy 100% customer support five star rating the back of the product you can track it in fact I’m glad they change the package because people were stealing them orange package. It was so noticeable had something good. Teemu totally rock and it would be like Domino’s and Zach in it was spread like wildfire. Word-of-mouth is the best foreman advertisement Nabil Powers note telemarketer can do what I’m gonna do for you. Just keep taking care of me. Ha ha ha.😂🤣😂

Whole new wardrobe.. I got rid of my shabby shoes, styleless purses, old lady jewelry, worn T-shirts, and tops I’d had for like forever and only wore once a year or so. I couldn’t afford to replace it all then came across Temu. Rock bottom prices, OK quality, cute shoes and purses, lots of options, amazing return policy, and outstanding customer service. So I spent my whole income tax refund replacing my whole wardrobe. The only thing I don’t like is they sometimes bundle too many things together. I get it…. Saves on shipping, but then I only get one return per delivery and occasionally, more than one item is less than satisfactory. I try to give helpful, honest reviews, but who wants to bother with odds and ends I only paid $1.95 for. So I have to choose only one item and, of course it’s the most expensive one. Then I just donate the others and am just out the money. Also, the algorithm causes my latest interest to show up cheaper AFTER I’ve ordered an paid for a more expensive identical item. Stop, already! I already bought it! Anyway, with the mucho bucks I’ve spent and I review EVERY item, Temu needs to give me a job!!

Love this app!. I've been using Temu for several months now and love it! It feels great to be able to buy almost anything on a whim because everything is so affordable. The quality of merchandise can vary a lot but I have been very impressed by a few items, like a cotton canvas purse that is thick, durable, washable, and looks great. My favorite items so far has been the neat little bucket washing machine that gets my socks and underwear cleaner than a regular washing machine and rechargeable motion sensor lights that detect day/night (that's a lot of cutting edge tech for $7.50!) These little inexpensive items improve your quality of life, like a drain hair catcher that saves me money on plumbers, a nice quality purse to replace an old one, car blind spot mirrors that can save my life, sanding discs fo repairing paint scratches on my car, dishwashing steel wool, adhesive hooks for jackets, clips that hold my shower curtain in place so it doesn't stick me uncomfortably, and several amazing Apple watch band knockoffs that look like the real thing and cost less than $10! It's being able to buy all these items that life starts to feel a little more affordable. Thank you Temu for helping people's paychecks stretch a little further!

Promotion Scams. The promotions they have are very misleading. They use the same tactic every single time. They have many promotions going on at this moment. The 4 free items, the free cash, and farmland just to name a few. They make it simple in the beginning, but then they also lie about what they are going to give you. You get down to $1 away. It says invite a new user for a reward of $1. I did it and the catch was that the new user also had to claim the 4 rewards by inviting others which is obviously impossible and they know this. In the rules it states the new user just has to accept your invitation which is a lie. Every time you get close to winning your items they make it hard so that you can’t and don’t win. Which is ridiculous. Its the same thing in every promotion they have. Stop misleading people if you aren’t going to actually going to give out a deal. On top of that you can’t pay the remaining balance you have to get everything down to zero. That is because they don’t want to make just .20… they would be losing money. So instead they are scamming us with a reward we will never recieve or reach to get more users. From a point it’s a good business move but in the end you will just end up with several unhappy customers that will catch on and won’t want to shop anymore.

Plus and Minus. There are many categories of items, and there are many options in each category to choose from. There are common items and unique items that i never knew existed. Another plus is the free shipping and generous return/refund policy. It is apparent the company responds to the product reviews and offers solutions to any problems. It is rare to see a company do that. And you are given delivery dates and if they miss a delivery commitment, they automatically give you a $5 credit. Most of my purchases are delivered on time. On the minus side, the company offers a lot of enticements to buy. That is great, but it is confusing at times. Some of the offers are for a limited amount of time, others are for discounts for a future orders. It took a lot of purchases to figure the offers out and I am still working on it. The company uses a unique packaging method. The items are individually sealed in plastic then all of the items are tightly combined in plastic. Few of the items are boxed, so at times they will get damaged, especially hard plastic items, get cracked or damaged in transit. But as I previously mentioned, when an item is not right, they are quick to offer a refund. All in all, the company is very customer focused and does resolve issues quickly. I can see some methods are done to reduce costs which keeps the prices low.

Best gadgets n shoes. I’ve bought a lot of things, I’m a gadget person plus love doing art. Their brushes are great most things were just great there were a few things that were not as I expected some things it work at all. I didn’t bother sending them they were very inexpensive so I toss them. I guess nothing is perfect. My things come so fast delivery very fast. I’ve had holes in my bags n I don’t know if thing fell out. I order so my things Only problem with this company they do not send in package a product list. The blouses I bought are short I’m tall so that the problem with the sizes I find are not good for me. I love all their products. I’m very excited when I get their package it’s like my birthday all the surprises I get. I recommend this company totally n I really love their shoes, well made and stylish. Great designs I’m proud to wear them. When I’m shopping I see ppl looking down at my shoes. These ppl make great products n have very wonderful inventions. I’ve been looking at their very beautiful wall products that are being sold on Facebook I wish this company would come to the states. Thank you for all my products

Live like a billionaire with Temu for cheap prices on items that you like and need. Today my first Temu order arrived. I heard about Temu from another person that uses it and I thought I’d try it out so on November 8, 2023 I download the app on my iPhone and place my first order with them and set up my account to purchasing an order process and shipping and receiving the order was just a few days I made my first order on November 8 and I got the whole package and everything was in the bag like it should I didn’t have any trouble with items getting lost or anything and I would recommend Temu. I know there will be people out there that will think it’s a scam but it isn’t. It’s a real website that sells quality products for low prices depending on what you’re looking for. I’d recommend them I love that they add automatic discounts to your order or whatever your ordering and like to save you money they’re based out of Boston Massachusetts and they got a distribution center in Illinois so I’d recommend them it’s a legit website it’s a website that helps you save money on items that you like want I would recommend them. Brandon Baughey.

affordable but scammy. It’s great for the price tags but the user interface is poor, with random pop-ups that you can’t skip over. The instructions for deleting an account were inaccurate and it took forever to even find the button to do so. Customer service was hard to communicate with and I’m fairly certain the “person” I chatted with was AI; I was met with repeated questions and statements in the exact same manner and it was a long and difficult process to get a refund on an item that I never received. The big sales like Black Friday are more often than not scams; they entice you by claiming to offer free gifts of your choosing but afterward make you invite new users to the app or perform other tasks to get the rewards. Even after inviting new users, the “points” per person dwindles with each accepted invitation to the point where no matter how many people accept your link, you still can’t claim the gifts you chose; they use you to get new customers and more traffic while giving you nothing in return. Plus, the obscured data collection and hidden features that you often unknowingly “consent” to by simply pressing a seemingly harmless button makes for a very sketchy platform. That’s not even to mention the poor packaging and shipment; everything gets thrown into a bag that is haphazardly taped up. My advice is use at your own risk and don’t partake in deals that seem too good to be true— most often, they are.

Incentives. Hi temu, my name is Betty Washington I’m writing you because I have some issues with you guys. One you don’t give no incentives. I have like $60 in coins and you can only use them basically for nothing why is that I accumulated them from buying things from you guys, I am My Granddaughter we’re doing your free gifts and because I couldn’t get one cent you took it away why I don’t know then I had another incentive for dollar and you took it away. If it wasn’t for people like me purchasing your merchandise you wouldn’t be in business. Is this how you treat your value customers? Now the minimum used to be $10 now you don’t raise the stakes to $20 why you can do what you do. but you can take away my free gifts that’s not right at all. I love buying things from you guys but not with a price spend my money when I see fit for me, not you Temu what’s up with you guys I told my friends and family how terrific you guys are and you do this to me. You’re not fair game, gotta do better you’re taking more than you put out what’s your customers? Please don’t leave me hanging answer my questions. This is how you take advantage of people not a good look.

0 Stars. I ordered a simple phone case at the first of the year and they claim to ship the same day…. It toll almost 3 weeks to arrive. It didn’t properly fit my iPhone and therefore couldn’t protect it. I discarded the case. Now I have invested about 7 hours shopping for an order that I was going to place a day from now. While I was shopping, temu kept interrupting me with offers of free gifts and cash. I continued to ignore the prompts to pick a card or spin the wheel till finally I gave in. They said I had won 5 free gifts, plus no tax or shipping costs, all I had to do was choose my five free gifts. So, like a fool, I invested over two precious hours shopping for my 5 choices. Finally I had chosen 5 and I pushed the confirm button. Then the screen lit up with lights and more spinning wheels, all the while I thought this was part of the process of me getting my free gifts. Finally the screen prompted my to message all my contacts with a link that they provided, if enough people that I knew downloaded the app and shopped and invited all their contacts then supposedly I would recieve confirmation that my list was on its way. However, as I approached the 24 hour deadline that I had been given, reached out to some family and friends who told me that they had already been through the temu scam. I feel more like an idiot than ever but I will be spending my money elsewhere, so they lost repeat business.

Lucky. I am so lucky that I found Timu and I gave it a shot. I use Apple Pay for secure pay. I’d like to make art jewelry for family and friends as a creative outlet but it can be very expensive. Temu allows me to be creative and try things that maybe don’t work for me and it not be terribly expensive. I have been able to be creative because my products are not so expensive that it will be too costly if I don’t make a beautiful piece because you have to grow with your art and the quality and the selection of silicone molds, and epoxy resin equipment is overwhelming. I just can’t believe that I can get such good quality at such a good price across the world rather than getting something local. If it was not for Temu, I would not be able to expand my art and creativity in a affordable way. I do not sell my products. I simply do this as a stress relief, and it works really well I actually especially like the discounts and things like that I know that they are all the same. The only thing that I’m not a fan of this the fish land, but I do get great discounts and offers through my email that I use use on a regular basis. Thank you

Great item at a bargain. I love this site and have purchased many items from them plus adorable little outfits for my great granddaughter. Since babies grow so fast, I can’t justify spending a lot of money on their clothes. But getting like to all the pro’s about Temu, their prices are affordable, the order’s always comes before the delivery date they give me and returns are easy and are never questioned. Occasionally, if something is damaged, they will ask for pictures which makes total sense to me. Yes, some of their things are cheaply made but I’ve never had a problem with those things because, for me, they were silly signs I was hanging outside anyway and no sign outside last forever unless you paid big bucks for it and sometimes they don’t last either. My only con would be the packaging is not the best and you most likely won’t be able to return an item in it. I always save my smaller boxes for situations like this. Temu will email you a mailing label and returns are always free. So thank you Temu for being such a great company for me. I really appreciate the affordable prices, quick deliveries and easy free returns even when it’s my fault. ❤️

Quality of purchases. Most of my purchases have been as expected, I have ordered quite a lot and try to always check the sizes before I buy to prevent dissatisfaction, so I shop wisely. Some of the items exceed my expectations of quality and most others are at what I expected. I have an order with a pair of leggings coming and it will be my first clothing purchase, so at this time I can’t comment on clothing. I have ordered diamond art and have been very happy. My makeup purchases have been above what I hoped for. I don’t order large or electronic items, I am not much of a risk taker. I did just get a electronic bark stop device for my insane barker Yorkie dog. I am not expecting success but will let you know later, instructions say up to 2 weeks to work. My biggest complaint would be a lot of the products instructions are not in English or are very poorly written and just contain no instructions at all, but I know for the prices I am paying I feel it is what should be expected and some frustration is going to be part of the game. Also the low prices are enticing me to spend too much! LOL, my own fault. Over all I am happy with your company

"Shop like a Millionaire". Have you ever shopped like a millionaire? It is so great to look nice the classy with classy clothes and so refreshing. Yet then when the market crashes what do you do? Do the best you can next you know you don't care about dressing up you don't have the money to spend on the classy clothes etc. etc. with team you you can't shop like a billionaire and because of this my whole attitude has changed I feel like a model again I feel classy again I'm so happy because they're prices are like wholesale prices that I can afford. They're close sizes are perfect I couldn't even get perfect in a regular store they're always size 6, 5,4, etc. was too small. With Temu all the sizes fit correctly I never have to return anything. The best part is I can type in what I need besides clothing and they have it at the right price that I can afford. Deliveries always on time I so wish when I discovered them would've invested into their stock. I think they're stock is like $145-$200 a share now maybe even higher. That shows the company is doing something right. So like a billionaire with Temu!

Too Scamy. Downloaded because I was interested in a cat water fountain, got an offer of $300 off, 96% off, and a 3 free items of five selected. Too good to be true? Very much so. If you are looking for something specific you will never find it as we have to look scroll through the tons of offers without the use of the search and filters. Found the pet fountain you want? Good luck with those filters or pump replacement for that specific fountain listed anywhere on the other page. If you leave that page to go to the main page for the search function, you loose the offers. If you switch to your browser to search via google and happen to click on a link for temu, you are directly ported back to the app and to a new offer loosing your current one, but the items you already selected are still in your checkout and the app tries to act as if you hit purchase. It will fail so long as you don't have your purchase info already entered (hit the X when it prompts after selecting your first item). I don’t want to have to scroll through obvious adult accessories, and other things I have no interest in. I certainly don’t want to be tricked into purchasing anything whether being an item period, or a similar item just a different size / a part of the item. Lastly, I don’t want my time wasted which is all this app seems to do.

Temu is the Best site around for great priced goods!!. I do not usually write reviews, but I felt I really needed to about Temu because there are so many people that are leery about using them for security purposes. Afraid their personal information /identities will get stolen. I have been buying from Temu for about a year now. I think I have placed around 30 orders. Anything that I did not like, was damaged, just was not what I expected, etc., they always did free returns (1per order, so check out all of your items before you start a return) and super easy. They Give you your money back right away. Sometimes they even let you keep the items & still give you the credit for the return. Love playing their games to win free items. I play fishland and farmland all the time. I think I have gotten at least around 10 or 14 free items, ones that I choose (& most were pricey), from them for completing the games. ALWAYS free shipping, even on the free items you’ve won. I have had no security issues with them. I highly recommend using Temu. I will continue using them for a long time.

Love this app. I’ve been buying from this app for over a month. So far I’ve had absolutely no problem with any of the products. I purchased tools for miniatures I purchased craft and art supplies. I purchased electronic gadgets and I’ve purchased household items. Everything has been exactly as I expected. Everything has been delivered within the timeframe that they’ve told me it would be actually they’ve been delivered the first day of their estimate when shipment even arrived early, I get no annoying ads I get no request to invite other people to download the app for bonuses. Nothing like that. The only mistake I’ve seen so far is that I had ordered 10 S hooks and they shipped me five I called customer support and they are re-shipping the missing five hooks no needing to make this shipment up to $10. No shipping charge no questions the woman I talk to was very professional and cheerful overall I am extremely happy with this site. The quality is better than I expected. I had used wish before and gotten totally scammed, so needless to say, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with my experience with Temu.

Not fake but not very good. As you could probably tell, all of their reviews seem to be automated until you scroll really far down and even then theirs more bot reviews then real people! It’s a good app, you do get your stuff for a cheap price but you have to have at-least $5 worth of items to do so. The most irritating thing about Temu is the “free gifts.” It’s constantly trying to give me free stuff, and it always gives me the best reward EVEN when I press the X to leave. It always gives you the best gift but practically makes it impossible to get it. It also lied to me and said I would get 30 points for inviting a knew person, and I only got 10! They also constantly notify you of “deals” that arnt real, even after I turned notifications off for this app. Along with farmland, they made it really easy to get wheat in the beginning but once the end started to come it got really hard. It went from giving me around 30% of the wheat grown with one water to only giving me .11% for each drop of water! It’s making me really upset because I had 195 water to use on my plant and it’s the LAST ONE. I used all of it and am still stuck after 10 days of playing it! 😤 You can order and you won’t get scammed but I don’t suggest playing any of there scam “free gift games!”

Temu app. I was sent this link about 2 months ago from my daughter who wanted to get some free stuff, then I opened it to see what it was about, I have been addicted to it every since. I get on so many times a day , more then Facebook. I don’t like getting out to shop and spending so much time looking for stuff in so many stores, but here they have absolutely everything possible and more. I have had absolute success on receiving all my orders, in good condition, now I normally wouldn’t buy out of the country because of my experiences before, like taking 2 to 4 months to receive something. However a couple of weeks isn’t bad at all , that I can do! Almost everything has been great , I’ve decided that the woman’s clothes with a few exceptions just don’t work for me. I enjoy the daily gift box with credit, I don’t like being rushed to hurry and close my purchases in fear of my items running out , it causes me to make mistakes on my orders, like doubling and tripling the same items. I haven’t returned anything because it’s a pain for me but I have received credit on a few of items with no problems. Thank you 🙏🏽 for a great shopping experience ! XO~HUGS🫶🏽

Great deals at a huge expense!. This company nonstop spies on your everyday activity. It pushes ad content to all your social media apps and regular searches on search engines. My accounts are click baited to death. The products I purchased were also delivered way later than promised. The overall quality of the products I purchased wasn’t bad for the price but they came at a huge expense. Yes you get a deal. However, you lose all your privacy to whomever runs this company. They will broker your information off all over the world. Shortly after downloading this app I was notified that my information had ended up on the dark web. How convenient! Now all I see in every search and on every other web-site are ads for product I want nothing to do with. If you search for it once, this company will harass you till no end till you make a purchase of that product or service. Endless frustration to say the least. Meta is in on it with them along with Google. I wouldn’t doubt it’s in the works for “X” to use them also for ad revenue. If you choose to download this app know very well you are giving up pretty much all your privacy. I also wonder if their vendors have patent infringement suits against them as most of the product I ordered was copied almost to the original product design of what I was looking for. Read the end user agreement carefully. Some deals just aren’t worth the hassle.

False advertising 50$ coupon for sharing. My friend showed me Temu months ago and I had the app and was thinking about purchasing items of the app because I like the pricing of the products and I heard from other people that it is great product that come from the app but recently about a week ago my cousin text me about signing up for App. I didn’t know what he was talking about but then when I clicked on it, I think that it was a Temu, and he basically had was telling me how he wanted $50 so I clicked on it and then it hit me spend button and he gave me points and they upgraded to 150 bucks which was $90 coupon and $50 on PayPal so I got really close and it was like just referred some friends and then I’ll get another Spin. Sorry for like three or four people and he didn’t give me a Spin I just had it got really close so a few days lol bye and I thought about that again and decided to give it another try and let me get really close again and told me just to share the apple my friends and I will receive another screen and basically this app is not gonna give me to $50 and it’s a scam because I emailed them about how I had a friend sign up and I didn’t get any points and he told me to reach back out to me i just feel like it should be more legitimate when it comes to advertise

HORRIBLE experience. I have been using this app for a while, however I have had many issues with the quality of these clothes. I bought a pair of sweatpants and as they arrived they looked nothing like the pictures. They had a strange seam line going down them, which wasn’t on the picture. Oh well, I’ll just contact them. I was given a refund, no problem, however I was still a little upset with the situation as it left a bad taste in my mouth. So, I go ahead and make another purchase, buying two pairs of pants and a shirt. The shirt was poor quality, but it was pretty cheap, so I was not too mad. But the pants were the problem. I received a pair of jeans that were blue and looked NOTHING like the picture. And as I opened the package, I discovered they were WET. They were in the package in a secure plastic bag, so I have no idea how they were wet. I can’t imagine it was a shipping issue, because nothing else was wet. And the other pair of pants I received looked nothing like the imagine. Angry with what I received, I contact Temu about the two pairs of pants. And they told me there was nothing I could do without a refund. Here’s the thing - I don’t think I should be forced to use my gas money (I do not live near a postal box) to return my LOW QUALITY items that are NOTHING LIKE THE PICTURE of them while they’re wet!!! This is a horrible business. I’ve recommended so many people to this app, but these Temu does not care. I am BEYOND angry with this experience and in disbelief.

It felt like a gamble but I’m pleasantly surprised. Just be careful.. If you have high values about high quality and personal cashflow, maybe skip this one. Because if you’re looking for cheap deals, this place is addictive. The prices are great and the quality is decent and if you can sweat through the shipping time, there are some steals here! And, the classic saying “you get what you pay for” applies here, as it does everywhere. Be smart. If you want high quality clothes, don’t buy them here. If you want beginner art supplies to try stuff out, or stamps, or trinkets or tools or hair stuff - and can wait 10-14 days - give it a whirl. Think online dollar store quality stuff. Know what you’re getting yourself into. Just made my first larger priced purchase, so I’m interested to see how if the quality increases as the prices increase. I’ve been surprised at how well things arrive given the distance and wrapping - which is basically just a heavy plastic bag - but even glass things have come intact so far. And they’ve arrived within the guaranteed delivery window every time. I’m also a fan of the price adjustment option, which gives you store credit if prices go down within a window after purchase. Overall, I’m pretty pleased and am way too tempted by these deals.

Torn customer. Ok so there is plenty to choose from and shipping is free mostly and the packages arrived in two weeks give or take. With that being said items often are smaller than what I thought they would be that happens often. Also some items. For instance, the side grinder sanding attachment has a drive that goes on a 5/8 standard grinder arbor and I have bought this item 2 different times they do not fit a 58 standard grinder harbor and I assume that all of them don’t since I bought two and neither one of them did now returns are fairly easy, but I don’t think they give you the correct amount of money back. Another word this item is around $30. They discount it here and there with discount discount that my return price was $6.48. I seriously doubt that’s what I paid for but it’s so confusing with the promotions they have the discount they won’t let you go to the site to spend their stupid wheel, a lot of times they offer me a $200 coupon if I spent so much money on five items I bought five items for about 60 bucks. I got the $200 coupon you use it $20 at a time on $200 purchases ridiculous that’s not what they said to begin with the misleading and the sneaky ways they seem to have adapted. Fake offers and promotions are Enough to make the bad outweigh the good beware buying on this site, you most certainly get what you pay for

My good experiences and some things I think that need to be changed.. Temu is almost the best experience I’ve had yet and I think it should be an amazing experience for the first team of starters but here’s what I think is a bit crazy that I had to lick through almost felling like 1000 times. my first thing is that when you click on the thing that said free items it’s still gonna charge you for money and all those other things but I think some people might not have money and that really need it so that’s the first thing that I think that needs to be a bit of changing because my friend keeps on complaining about how you can get free items that how you cannot actually get them. but these experience are a good one! first things first you get free star pimple patches if you are really upsets of them I am in my teenage ages so of course I am and Temu is the best online shopping low charging shop that I can ever see yet. I am so obsessed with the low charging and all the other things you get Percy’s glasses all the sassy things that you’re into and it’s just so awesome but here’s all of the reports I can get today and all the things that I think that should change and yeah so Temu you guys rock peace!! ( sorry for the auto correct i hate it😅)

No items delivered. I feel like it needs to be stated that this app is not necessarily a scam but rather just be prepared that you order and pay for stuff which never shows. I placed an order and spent almost $50 when the app said it was delivered I went to go get it yet there was nothing delivered anywhere in site. I placed a request stating that it says my items were delivered yet I never received anything so my order was resent however yet again when I went to go get my items when it said delivered AGAIN there was still no items delivered. I once again submit a request for them to change the address and resend the items which I PAID for yet they denied it stating that even though I had not received anything I already had the items resent once so I was pretty much out of luck. So now I’m $50 down with none of the items I ordered and no phone number to call an ACTUAL person to get help with my issue because the only form of customer service available is an online assistant which sends me the same premade message EVERYTIME I explain my issue. Bottom line if you order anything on this app be prepared to not receive anything that you ordered and be prepared not to get a refund on your money because they provide no human assistance and all they will say is that they are sorry for the inconvenience but there is nothing they can do.

WARNING! HIGHLY ADDICTIVE SHOPPING APP. Again like I noted above, WARNING THIS APP IS HIGHLY ADDICTIVE! With the lowest of the low prices and the many things you like being thrown at you left to right while on this app you really feel like your shopping like a billionaire LOL. Although I must warn I’ve never seen any website you so much psychology to get people to keep buying more stuff. They’ll throw all the things you love based on your history and the algorithm to keep you shopping and shopping in La La dream land. Like ouuu “it’s only $2” and than another and than another and than before you know it your shopping cart has hundreds of stuff worth in it. Not saying it’s a bad thing but for those that already struggle with a shopping addiction or shopping impulses, I would say be careful. I deal with ADHD and if I would’ve never gotten a Temu, then I would have rent money for this month 😅 WHOOPS. It was kinda worth it though because I have so much cute things I don’t even need but hey I’m happy and satisfied so Thankyou Temu 🥰 The only reason why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 it’s because they still haven’t provided a wish list option. It’s either buy it now or don’t buy it at all. Temu as soon as you get a wish list option I will stars, hope this helps :) 👍

Many Great Products, Many Scams, Terrible App. This is a very different experience from its main competitor. Many of the products offered are fantastic and more appropriately priced in a time when intentional hyperinflation is destroying society. For that I value Temu, which has provided me many solutions to little longtime niggling issues for half to a quarter of the price as the same product on other online retailers; Temu aggregates many useful products that may infringe on patents, but if they are at competitive prices to the genuine articles then it is ultimately good for me as a consumer. The huge caveat with Temu is the issue of legal and moral violations of addictive gambling practices and literal fraud. Even with notifications off, I have allowed myself to spend probably twice as much than I would usually due to aggressive advertisements. While many offers are legitimate, ultimately Temu will make redeeming offers almost impossible without more large purchases or social influence granted with voluntary promotion. The fishland game is literally an impossible scam, farmland requires literally several hundred dollars in orders and a hundred hours of your time for “free” products worth less than ten dollars, and many “exclusive” deals are artifice as displayed on the screen. In the end, Temu is asking to be targeted by the FTC and DOJ.

Can’t say enough. Oh my where do I start??? TEMU is AWESOME they have absolutely EVERYTHING I’ll never shop anywhere else. 1) Customer Service is top notch and they always bend over backwards to fix whatever. 2) Product selection is tremendous every time I get on the app I see something new. 3) EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE. Ty for all the Wheel Spins, Mystery Boxes, Bonus boxes ect its so fun! ~The only sorta partial criticism I’d give is: 4) it takes too long to get things….. sometimes as much as almost 2 weeks or more. 5) the only REAL GRIPE I have….. is PACKAGING!! Does NO ONE CHECK PACKAGES BEFORE they leave warehouse??? No QC? I’ve had items broken, bent, and rocks that were supposed to be in a beg were scattered everywhere INSIDE the big package bc the little bag the were in, weren’t even sealed. SHEESH. Someone needs to to better at THAT. But TEMU STANDS behind their product. 6)Another improvement is the PHOTO of the item I have to review sometimes is TOO SMALL and I can’t see what I’m reviewing. I hope this review is HELPFUL and I hope SOMEONE READS it bc I’ve spent HUNDREDS on this sight. I deserve to be heard. THANK YOU TEMU. Oh btw, my 91 yr old mom LOVES HER HAT FROM TEMU

Honestly surprised!!!. I wasn’t going to jump on the Temu train but I had some creator friends who I trust with reviews share their hauls and I had to try them out myself. I am so glad I did!!! Let’s start with the “cons” though…the shipping is a bit confusing. Because some items have to be cleared through customs, orders may be separated in the delivery process which can be harder to track. I am not a fan of the coupon codes or giveaway sales pitches, they just give the wrong vibe and Temu is fine without needing to use so many selling ploys. And the clothes run small. Now the pros!! Shipping was actually really good!!! Everything arrived on time and since I signed up to get delivery alerts, I was kept informed throughout the entire process. The prices are unbelievable and unbeatable and the quality is AMAZING!!!! I am extremely pleased!!! I love the lightning deals!!! Even though the clothing runs small, they provide a chart so you are able to find the perfect size, so anyone getting the wrong size didn’t use the chart! I am a Temu fan!!!! Thanks Temu for the great products, trustworthy shipping, and fabulous prices!!! 🥰

I ADORE THIS APP!!. UPDATE: Still in love with this app. I Accidentally added something to my order that I didn’t mean to. I promptly contacted support and they helped me to cancel the item I didn’t mean to order. They were EXTREMELY NICE and super helpful. I’ve placed about 15 orders now and everything I get is quality and amazing prices. I can’t even begin to express how much I LOVE this app! Great prices, decent quality, fast shipping. I’ve ordered 9 different times from them (10th currently on the way). Every time I’ve placed an order I’ve ordered a variety of different things. Shirts, shoes, purses, makeup bags, phone cases, hair clips, lip rings, and lots of other random things I find. The prices are unbeatable, the quality is usually decent or beyond expectation. I’ve only gotten 2 or 3 things that I’ve thought to myself “that’s seems like poor quality.” No hidden/outrageous shipping fee, shipping is free. So the price you see is what you get. Just make sure to search around, because usual you can find items listed for cheaper. Only complaint I guess you could say I have is that you have to place a minimum of $20 to place an order. It use to be $10. But even still it’s not something to complain about with everything else is had going for it. Definitely worth it!!

Holiday order!. Well, my brother introduced me to this app, telling me how he was getting great deals on small items. So I figured I’d try it out. And what better time to order small miscellaneous items, than Christmas? When your giving a bunch of random gifts! So Dec 15th I ordered a bunch of stuff with an expected arrival date of dec 20th-29th. I was a bit concerned about getting it after Christmas but whatever. Couple days isn’t a big deal. Long story short, it is now the 3rd of January. I have contacted them almost everyday since the 27 because there hasn’t been a single update to shipping since the 24th. Which didn’t show up in the tracking until the 30th. I have asked for my money back multiple times, and have been told to wait an additional 15 days, and if I don’t receive an update to the tracking by then, they will refund my money. So basically, as long as the tracking is updated every 15 days, you could never receive the package, but they won’t refund the money, because the tracking is updating. What a croc! Now don’t get me wrong, my brother has still ordered thing, outside the holidays, and had great results! But for my personal use, this has become more of a headache, than helpful. And if I message them one more time and see the same ***n generic message response without reading my message sent to them!!!! 😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡 not cool temu! Not cool!

A new temu fan. I admit, I was leery of ordering anything from this website. But I admit, now that I was mistaken, and not wanting to order. I believe this is my 6/7 order more satisfaction. Every time I order something I especially love the charms that goes on the Pandora and any other bracelets, I’m looking to find me a charm bracelet that can fit my 8 inch wrist. And I do love their clothes when I get something that fits me perfectly. The one thing that I can’t understand is the fact that it says you can win free gifts. I have yet to win a free gift and all the others that I know have not won anything yet but I’m not going to give up. I am going to win my free gift sooner or later. and what I would like to see not that I was asked this but if we could get points for our reviews and it can go towards our next purchase, I do get the 0.02 cents taken from my order and that helps a little. But thank you once again for having such nice durable, sturdy, comfortable reliable, very nice items of all types coming to my address quicker than when I first started ordering. Thank you for that as well.

Don’t get sucked in for the free stuff. You will get an email stating that you can get like 7 free items and who doesn’t like free stuff but it’s not as easy as they make it out to be. For example if your total is $100 for your free stuff you have to send an invite to your friends and if you bought something it will get deducted from the $100 until you reach like a $1 or so and that’s when the fun begin. Now you have to invite the entire world and they need to download the app and then a few cents gets deducted here and couple of cents gets deducted there and you will never be able to get the last $0.25 off so that being said you already advertise for them but no free stuff because no free stuff until the detection reached zero and you have 24 hrs to complete it. Its not like you can invite a few of your friends and have them download, NO they want you to invite every friend you have and I’m not sure if that’s will be enough because I wasn’t able to finish it. They do that on purpose because they want the people to give up. Free advertisement for nothing. It’s a scam and don’t fall for that because I did. I heard the quality it’s really bad but I haven’t got the stuff I ordered yet so I can’t say for sure one way or another until I get my stuff then I’ll update the feedback about the quality. Do yourself a favor and don’t fall for the free stuff they offer you because it’s a headache, scam and free advertisement for them.

At first, I was skeptical, thinking about Wish or other apps. Everything I ordered of course there are a thing or two that is cheap but for the most part, the deals that this app gives you you have nothing to lose I don’t know about other people but when I order, I’m getting at least 20 items so 80% of the items I get are good items for a very good price. Yesterday I got a 90% coupon and ordered 27 items so we will see when they get here but overall this app has been fair and the items aren’t as bad as I thought they would be. Even the muscle massager I got I wasn’t expecting it to be what it was. It ended up being the same if not better than the one I could’ve bought for over $100. I know because my cousin has the one that is over $100 and my battery last longer than his. So if you have the time to just scroll through all of the items and just pick up a couple of things you need, I’ve never spent over $40 and I always got a lot. It’s well worth the experience and getting things for affair, sometimes ridiculous price as cheap as they are.

real or scam?. I’m usually skeptical about apps that have items for very cheap prices, like for example, i saw a lipstick for 0.98 and i didnt expect it to be real , but it came to my house in 11 days. This app is not a fake, it’s probably hard to believe it but it’s really not. I ordered some stuff for myself as a Christmas present and it came in amazing condition and nothing was broken. Everything was as it seemed on the app. You can share this app with some of your friends and get points that you can use for coupons to get money to taken off of your order, which always helps because I LOVE saving money. this app is an amazing way to do that. I seriously recommend it. you can do giveaways, which can give you free items that you don’t even have to pay for, and it helps me and my family. not only that, whenever I got my package it came at the right time. It told me it was going to come on dec 15 and it said that if it was late will give me a five dollar credit off my next order. My package also came with a little surprise, with it also coming quick. I was not expecting that. That was very happy. THANK YOU TEMU!!

Thanks but no thanks. I have had alot of trouble with some orders. I have been sent some things that I ordered and have gotten two of them and called and was told to just keep them. Another thing is I ordered a watch case that held 24 watches it came and it did not hold watches on the foam rubber like the smaller ones did. So I called and was told I would get a refund and just keep the case then a few days later another watch case came and I called and told them I got another watch case and was told to keep it and each one was about 38 dollars so now I have two so guess I'll just have to try them. Then I placed a 1890 dollar order and finally got 3 items out of 18 that I ordered and they were shipped in separate packages and they came on 3 different days so they gave me a refund and 20 dollar coupon. But there are more things but I don't want to go on. I can not tell you how much money I have spent with you but plenty and I love your prices and free shipping. Also they cut out the amount I have to spend before the free shipping. I was shopping with you when it was 10 dollars minimum and it just kept going up so I had decided to stop buying from you so she changed it to any amount. So have already placed two orders. In conclusion thank you and with problems no thank you. Don Zink 9509.

Warning: Careful Use! CC Only!. – Use your credit card or paypal with purchase (fraud) prevention. Never link your bank account to Temu. I used my credit card ("CC") exclusively with Temu, and a month later after I started using Temu, my CC company alerted me that someone tried to charge my card for $400. The charge was declined, and I'll be getting a new one soon. If it weren't for my CC fraud protection, I would be out on that money. – Deceptive sales techniques with giveaways & coupons that prey on people who fall for 'sunk cost fallacy' games. If you play their fish/farm games, points become incrementally harder to obtain. You'll soon see +0.01 for an action that previously increased the point by +5, for instance. It's a time sink. They only reward you more points if you give them free advertising by inviting friends that are new users. They make sure they're new by keeping track of device information, not Temu account. – There are good deals on the app, but at what cost? It is safer to shop with trusted vendors. Temu is not one of them. – Seller photos aren't aways accurate. Example: I ordered a lunch box with stainless steel interiors (trays) that can be taken out. Photos showed all the stainless steel parts, yet the actual items that arrived had them all omitted. Customer service refused to do anything to rectify it.

1 major complaint. I like the items the price and the time it takes to ship. The only complaint I have is a major one they have multiple events were you share and get other users to download Temu and create an account in return they give you coins(points) towards a goal. When you reach that goal you receive a free gift a huge coupon bundle and sometime actually cash (supposedly) sent to your PayPal. It starts off strong you instantly receive a bunch of bonuses and it seems like you easily reach your goal. I get the hustle it is effective but the issue is once you get close to the prize the amount of coins you receive is far less then originally then you just stop receiving any coins at all I got 20 coins per 1 referral at first now I’m at the end I need 10 coins to cash out I’ve done 3 referrals desperately trying to reach the prize and all three show accepted but not a single coin awarded very very frustrating and agitating not a scam because they do have the items at the prices they advertise for and they do send to you when they say they will but their referral program does seem like a scam and has just left a really bad taste in my mouth a really really bad taste

Fishland/Farmland/Free Gift Game Scams. As far as it comes to providing a relatively affordable selection of items to buy from….Temu is good. However, Temu is outrageously cheap about the “games”,”coupons/discounts”, and “rewards” they promote. You can spend all the time you want playing along but you will never actually get to a collection that meets the reward requirements. You can share and send out links but all the sudden you’re not advancing the same. You start getting only fractions of what you did before. Which is okay considering maybe days from now I’ll get the 0.35 cents I need left and then I can unlock the whole set up. GUESS WHAT THEY RESTART THE GAME PROGRESS and there’s no way to avoid it. Almost like they don’t want you to actually win anything?🤔 which is why they compensate all the data mining you sign up for with actual products….oh wait they still get all my info and I get absolutely nothing. Hmmmm sounds like a bargain cause you don’t get any of that time you spent checking in for “water”,”fish food”, or “stars”. Which brings me to this other point I need users to understand REGARDLESS of how many pop ups you get about a double reward or discount or whatever you’re not actually gaining anything from this. Save your data and just buy the products for what they are advertised as.

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Nice app! My opinions 。. Temu is such a nice app! It kinda reminds me of Shein lol. Last week I ordered some Cinnamoroll stuff and they should be coming in a few days! I like all the Sanrio stuff! The prices seem pretty accurate. I ordered a big Cinna plushie and it was around $20! I would say that that seems like a pretty good deal for a big plush! Temu is a really nice app to use. I also like how it does daily wheel spins, it’s a nice little touch! Besides all of that, there are some problems. I don’t know if it’s just my laggy device, but sometimes Temu kicks me out unexpectedly. I really don’t mind, but it does get annoying. Anywho, this app is gets a 5/5 star rating! I absolutely love this app so much and I definitely will order again! <3 Edit: Also, sometimes in the listing pics, the size of the item is nothing like expected! I’m a sucker for Sanrio (especially Cinnamoroll), so when I was looking at some Sanrio stuff, a Cinnamoroll water bottle came up. I looked at it and it looked pretty big. However, when I scrolled to find what size it is, it was super tiny! They have the water bottle in a grey colour (in my mall), and that bottle is also tiny! Sorry if I sound annoying but this is my Temu review! Am so excited for my Cinna package to come!! Luv ya Temu! <3

Where is the Wish List function?. There are a few things that annoy me about the Temu app but the GLARING OMISSION is that there is no Wish List feature. I like to put products into a Wish List while making up my mind about their usefulness, where I would use them (eg apply measurements to where I want an item to go) etc. With no Wish List feature, I store potential products in the Cart & remove (& forget them) if I do an order for other products. Temu is the only shopping app without a Wish List & diminishes the usability of the app significantly. Not being able to store items in a Wish List also means I don’t have a list of cheaper items that I want to buy when I need to top up an order to reach the minimum amount for shipping. PLEASE update your app to include a Wish List feature.

False advertising. The app has a nice set up an good items that do catch my eye. My issue is with the gifts. You guys say if we invite people do this and do that we will receive credit for such and such free gifts. How many people do you want me to invite before you actually give me my free gift? I’m inviting so many people I’m receiving my credit, but no matter what you make it harder for me to receive my credit and I cannot receive my gift. It’s like you expect me to invite 20+ people just to be able to get a free gift. Do you not advertise free gift? If you will not give your customers free gift because you’re not doing anything for giving your business a bad name for when they come and see the reviews. It’s like a lie and you guys are trying to promote your app. Because I haven’t heard one person actually say they’ve won a free gift. It’s all fake accounts. Please fix this.

Best online shop ever. Everything I buy seems to continuously surprise me with their amazing products. They’re great quality, and they’re awesome prices and the speedy delivery just makes it that much more better. I wish there was something wrong with any of it so I could run them into the ground and tell you how crappy their products are that I can’t. They’re great products just keep making me happy. They do special offers and you spin the wheel and get a prize you get two spins ago and they are legit you can get free items from just spinning the wheel and then you get even more prices with discounts from the wheel so you buy more products and an even better price so you’ve got surprises turning up at your door constantly and it cost you hardly anything give it ago by something that tickles your fancy. You won’t be disappointed

Shopping made fun!. I’ve had this app for several months now, I was a little sceptical at first as at the time I’ve never heard of it before, however since buying a few things off Temu, I was pleasantly surprised on how quick the shipping was, how decent the products were and as well as how helpful the customer service was. I find it amazing how I can get all the same products on Temu I see in the usual major shops at the mall for a fraction of the price and they’re exactly the same. Temu also seems to sell practically everything you’re after plus things I never thought I’d find, it’s very cool. There’s only one small problem, it’s a bit addictive and I’m always adding things to my wish-list 😂

lots of things. I love the variety this shopping app consists of, being from clothing to arts and more. The affordability of most products is almost unreal, ranging for only a few bucks for some fresh accessories. They also offer the best suggestions, leading me to spend hours on this app just glancing on what to buy. They're customer friendly service offers a clear communication for all users helping them resolve and provide feedback. Amongst most of these features, they cant go wrong with interactive price discounts usually needing a friend to spam to and claim their log ins. I personally have loved using this app to a point where most of my room is filled with their products because of how cheap they are and easy they ship to your door keeping me aware of when my deliveries will arrive and when to review their products, this review might seem too much but this is just how much I love using their app for my own leisure experience and how much time i have to write about them on my bed while using my phone and yes i am using my keyboards prediction system for my review because I want to have the best review to exist to this page, I love you so much and come visit my home Bye!

Seamless shopping experience with Temu Online. I recently tried Temu online shopping, and I have to say it was an outstanding experience from start to finish. The website was easy to navigate , offering a wide selection of products to choose from. Placing my order was a breeze, and my items arrived promptly and well packaged. The quality of the products surpassed my expectations, and I was thoroughly impressed with the overall shopping experience. I wholeheartedly recommend Temu online shopping to anyone seeking a reliable and convenient platform for their shopping needs. I am definitely looking forward to more purchases future.

Other scamming App. I was surprised the amount of red flags it raised when I first downloaded the app, first it collects your personal information, then it pretends to give you discounts and free prizes for joining up, then it starts the scams on hopeless useless cheap products, then their is the bogus points scoring, then the minimum spend then the added shipping they don’t tell you about, then the missing logistics, it just goes on and on… just amazed how people fall into the trap so easily. This is just a wonderful masterminded sophisticated organised criminal money laundering system. They tel you to be wary of scam campaign imitating Temu (that was the Big red flag) and says to watch out for scammers who ask for extra fees etc . When they are the scammers themselves. Another Aliexpress operation out of China. 0 out of 5 stars. Deleted the app immediately. Ps never received the gift or prizes that was an elaborate scam to drag me in to purchase plastic breakable items.

With realistic expectations it’s a great little store.. I’ve use Temu 4 times now. Can’t fault it. It does get a little cluttered with vouches and promos etc. But overall if your expectations are realistic it’s a good place to pick up little odds and ends. The quality of the goods over revived for the prices are meet expectations and often slightly exceed. The products I’ve gotten here are in my mind better quality than stuff from Wish or Catch. Mind you I stopped using both of those years ago after a single purchase from each. Shillings always been quick. There’s always deals put to your cart. For instance I’ve never paid shipping on any of the orders I’ve place and usually end up with 50% off. It probably be a little less in my praise if I’d been paying full price. But for everything I’ve gotten fro the app and what it’s cost I’m more than happy and haven’t felt ripped off. A coupe if items were bigger/smaller than I’d expected but the price meant I wasn’t bothered. Packages have always arrived with no missing or damage items. It not somewhere I’d shop for items where quality is a major influence. But for little bits and pieces I feel confident and haven’t been disappointed. You can lose a few hours though as there’s so many different items and there is some cool and unique items to be found.

Store review. I am very happy with your customer service I just love all items I have received. My only problem is with the free item especially when you receive an invitation to receive 10 free items and them you turn yourself inside out to meet the requirements and then miss out for the sake of a $ because you run out of time all the items I have tried to get for free I have spent money to get the fish food or the harvesting at least you get extra time I have won two paid of runners and z flask and very happy with them. I love the Fish game but I will not be playing the other one when I have finished the game

Very good place to shopping. After a while using and buying from it, I must say that I like this app and the way they process the purchase. Items are widely vast that have almost everything I need with all freeship (I love that). I like the way they update very clearly the process of my packages. And they can combine many orders into 1 package which is very convenient to track. The price of most items is cheap and come with good quality. I can say my experience in here is more positive than in other shopping apps (ebay, alibaba...). The only minus that can't give you 5 stars because of false winning game, it is good to give hope for people at the first sign when they think they can get items free easily, but actually it is not and is impossible, instead, try to make game easier to get with possible prizes, it is the way customers can trust you and raise your brand's prestige!

Phenomenal 😍. I am so glad to have found TEMU. There is not much you cannot find and then there are the recommendations beyond what you were looking for which lead you to more gadgets and items that are useful and affordable. Shipping is free and delivery time is very reasonable. Saves the hassle of regular shopping and parking and paying exorbitant prices. In the event you are not happy with something you purchased, the customer service for free returns and refunds is exceptional. I am not a fan of the promotional pop ups when using the App but they are easy enough to delete. I would say the garden, household and craft sections are my favourite but the range is literally endless. Thankyou TEMU 😁

At first it was great but now…. Look, Temu is a great shopping app, they do truly have some good quality items. Obviously my only problem is the “free gifts” and “free credit”. they SERIOUSLY need to change it because at first i was able to invite my friends and family to get free things bur now its just way too hard and such a waste of time now! i mean your trying to invite people but they’re already registered and are not a new app user! its so hard trying to find new app users because people think its a scam ! I think that they really need to change it like at least reset it a couple of weeks so that if your already registered and are not a new app user you can try and get free stuff again ! (if that makes sense) but anyway, i've wasted too much time trying to send the link to people only for it to not work.

Pretty good.. Have ordered 5 things so far. Have all been good/great. Except for the glass vase it came broken shattered actually. I opted for a refund however not comfortable with temu app having access to my photos / camera so couldn’t finish the process which is a shame there should be another way to get a refund like maybe individually emailing a picture in instead of phone access. I won’t be purchasing fragile items anymore. I recommend having alternative ways to confirm breakages or consider better packaging as posties seem to chuck them round, poor little vase had no hope. I Should have considered that before buying the vase that packaging might not be too good for travel.

How exciting. I purchased a few items over a variety of categories. I have traveled to china and know that you can get anything from superior quality to cheap and nasty. I have to say I am very excited that the quality of Temu is really fantastic they clearly have high standards and everything that arrived was what I expected or better. The children’s clothes were gorgeous well made and sizing was spot on the prints were much better than expected and my few clothing items were spot on in quality and size. To top it all off it all arrived to me in rural Australia within 8 days. Thank you I can’t wait for my next order

Recommend Temu. I highly recommend Temu, I have bought many items online through these other sites. And at first a few things were okay then went to rubbish and wasn’t worth the time or money. I have to say everything I have bought through this site has been good quality items. And am so impressed so far on the quality of items which is wonderful that you can trust a amazing company that what they show you is what you get. Looks as it does on the site. Not clothes cheaply made. All other items have been exceptional. If this changes I will give negative feed back but so far couldn’t be a better site. I suggest if your looking for good quality at great prices as it’s hard to find today and we find it hard to stretch the budget as it is. This site is the only way I can afford to shop for things I would like to buy but never have the money to do so. So big big Thankyou Temu bless you and your team for making it better for people like myself that do struggle. Your great keep it up please don’t change or higher your costs. Only thing I found was trying to win the free items I always miss out as they say I run out of time bit sad but still love the products and prices. Thanks again.

Giving Temu a Second chance. You are offered free gifts when you join through the app. Buying and coming to your app gives you points. So does referring friends. The rewards program is called Fishland where those points convert to fish food. Feed 6 fish and you receive your free reward. I have received multiple rewards. Fishland does keep you searching shopping and fishing, but Fishland also keeps moving the goal posts plus the messages they send to friends are not suited to Oz culture. This is what lead to me ditching the app. Our house has also named Temu “tiny Temu” as everything is “smaller than expected”. You have to be vigilant. An image does not guarantee that is what you will receive. I have received many knockoffs and you must check the sizes they describe. That is the only thing you can rely on. Also check comments before you buy. That said Temu’s refund policy is good. The free postage is also a winner. When they get it right, it’s a winner. They just have to clean up some of their suppliers.

More hit than miss. I’ve had very good fortune finding some lovely items which have previously cost me a lot more locally (brooches, some blouses and pants). While I absolutely endorse buying locally, it’s difficult to justify such expenses when the products originated elsewhere (not local products). One star off for (terrible) shoes. Honestly do not buy shoes here unless you know for sure they will cater to your requirements. Four stars for trinkets, cotton clothing and some underwear purchases. Read the reviews, particularly the bad ones to see if you can risk it… I bought items such as a solar fountain and an air purifier. These things were tiny, almost inconsequential but also very inexpensive compared to locally.

Temu rating. For the most part it’s really great buying from Temu. But due to poor packaging I often get damaged items. Almost every package I have bought has had something damaged. I also occasionally have missing items or parcels. But Temu has been fairly good at sending refunds for missing and damaged goods. For quality and value 95% of items are excellent. But there is a percentage of items that are really poor quality and terribly made. Unfortunately unless you return an item there is no refund for items you don’t like and change your mind about. The best suggestion when buying something is to read the reviews and find out why ppl have left a bad review on something. Then it’s at your own discretion to buy something or to leave it.

Temu. My experience with the Temu app has been amazing. I have been on this for nearly 3 weeks and I am hooked. I love this site . So much stuff to choose from .new products on there everyday. I have bought a few different things and have loved all the items. Orders I have received have come on time. I will be buying all birthday gifts and Christmas presents through Temu. I have also got 5 freebies through the many games you can play . So I can share to you that it is legit . I did get the free gifts that I picked. Amazing. So many rewards and coupons and savings. Best shopping site. Give it a go you won’t regret it x

Great App!. Temu software works great. Easy to move around. Simple and easy refunding, some items you have to send back, others you don’t, which is good, esp if they turned up broken. Quality of the clothing is pretty good. I am very surprised! The sizing is true to size, when you order a size 16, your getting an Australian 16, not a tiny Chinese 16. No loose threads, no weird stitching, zippers do up easy, shoes seem to be off brand, but quality is still there. No weird glueing or stitching. Electronics are a hit n miss. Watch out for sizing on some items. Some item titles are misleading too, don’t be scared to get a refund on those as it’s against the law in Australia to mislead customers. Craft items are just as good as one’s purchased from crafting stores. Love the free postage. I don’t like the coupons, I can’t figure out if I am getting a deal or not. Enjoying the Fishland and farmland games, I have won 14 items so far, it’s possible to get free items without shopping, but you still need new app users to get the free items AFTER you feed fish and water crops.

“Free” advertising. Okay overall this app is pretty good, reasonable prices and the deals are great. BUT. The free gifts they advertise are impossibly hard to get. I don’t know how long I tried to do the fishland activity but it it gets to a point where the make its basically impossible for you to get free gifts, they make it that way because they want as many customers they can get so they’ll use the title of the “free gift” or “free credit” to get you to share the app to people to download for a certain amount of “points” the points just get harder and harder, smaller and smaller the closer to the free gift you get, at this stage you’ve already invited 10-20 people too. The app seriously needs to make the “free gifts” easier to get, no one wants to put in 7 days efforts trying to get a “free gift” than end up not getting anything at all because of the broken and impossible way that they developed it the “free gift” section

I LOVE TEMU KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. Temu is so legit and thank you for gifts. no one actually gives me any gifts. Sometimes I got a free gift from Temu didn’t pay one. Cent not even any fees and if you don’t like the product you can take it back and if it’s faulty they let you keep it. I bought a juicer from Temu, even though it was like 100 and something dollars it’s actually better juicer than any other juice I bought it comes out like water and you can filter by itself comes out Car juice. You don’t have not one bit of flake through it or anythingyou can choose to have it filter or not sugarcane it’s the best I love Your products I wish to be a reviewer that you can give me items and write reviews will use if it’s good or not and I can return it to you if you like I’ve always wanted to do that with some company but they never choose me. I hope you can choose me.

Positive outcomes.. I have been buying from Temu since middle of year, I have not had an issue with anything I have bought that has warranted a return or a refund.. one parcel was not sent by due date and it was they who initiated a refund according to their policy on late arrivals. Very impressed.. even though I am fully aware how mail deliveries are these days so a couple extra days was not going to be a problem for me. I am known as a “TEMU TRAGIC” as I am always on their site. And will continue to purchase. No I am not being paid by Temu, I am a 65 year old woman from Perth Western Australia who loves a bargain. I have bought almost $900 aud from them and most have been gifts and some home decor items for me.

Not good.. Temu is possibly one of the most intelligently written shopping experiences to date - the app plays upon human psychology to make you feel like a ‘winner’ and distract you in a variety of other ways from the otherwise lousy service provided by the organisation. Poor packaging for products (you get what you pay for with free shipping), gimmicky ways of getting you to spend more, misleading information about coupons, overwhelming amounts of information that distracts from what you’re trying to find regarding your order and very slow dispatch times, usually taking days to ship. Every product is very conveniently ‘about to sell out/running low on stock’ in a bid to press urgency, there are unending obnoxious ‘promotions’ you can’t escape and often clog up your screen. Customer service was fast however and seems to attempt to offset the sheer variety of issues with ordering which is badly needed.

Great on a budget. I have now bought a wide range of products from various sellers on Temu. Everything has been well packaged and posted to my door before the due date. I haven’t received a single item that hasn’t been value for money. As we are all living through a global financial crisis Temu makes buying what you need or just want to spoil yourself with possible. I highly recommend Temu and especially the sellers and products that I have purchased to anyone on a budget. From electronics to clothing and gifts I haven’t had a single problem. My only complaint would be the minimum amount needed for purchase and postage as that has caused me to spend on items not needed in order to buy what I actually need. Thanks for a great retail site Temu!

TEMU … an honest very reliable online shop. Very impressed with TEMU. I have bought a lot of items from them. Apart from a couple of complications with some couriers finding my address, delivery has been good. I live in an over 55 very large village. Unfortunately many couriers follow Google maps which is incorrect and they can’t find the Village Reception where my parcels are directed. I’ve put more details on my address but these couriers must not read them and simply rely on Google! This is not the fault of TEMU. I really like TEMU’s returns policy. If for any reason I find that items received are not suitable or ordered by mistake, there has been absolutely no problem returning these items via Australia Post Stores. Once received by TEMU and checked the refund is very quickly deposited in the account from which it was paid. Also, I’m very impressed by the range of products TEMU offers. I’m finding that I’m doing a lot of shopping from TEMU as it is so easy and if not suitable it’s very easy to return and obtain a refund. THANK YOU TEMU.

A pleasant place to shop. There’s a lot of innovative products you can find. Yes you can’t expect top quality but a good platform to test supply and demand. To me, it’s a convenient and enjoyable shopping experience especially they make the refund/returns (if you are genuine) so easy and professional that you won’t have to worry about it being too cumbersome. Another thing to point out that I did have problem to try to rectify some technical issues, they promptly redirected me to the store (seller) itself but whether you can talk through or make your issues known would be another hurdle. As far as Temur is concerned I think they have done their best and hopefully can continue to improve this direct communication issue with the shops.

Very Satisfied customer. I find Temu very useful for basic every day products. I purchase on here quite routinely, as I have just moved overseas and my belongings have not arrived for many months now. They have supplied me with many of my kitchen necessities. I have extended my purchases to some adorable shoes, blouses, skirts, pants, etc. I carefully checking product details, such as materials and comments for fit I love that team you put the garment measurements right in front of you when you select your size. I cannot state how convenient this is. Team been excellent about refunds items that I choose not to keep. I also love that you get to purchase add-ons after the sale. That way you get the items you know you need and you get to think about things you might have forgotten. As a senior citizen, I find their clothes meet my requirements regarding style and price more than competitive sites. Their site is so user-friendly. Thank you Temu

Chris from Australia. I’ve been using ebay for years but over time the delivery services have become slow and unreliable so I thought I would take a chance and give temu a try. I was really hesitant because of their cheap price on certain items and thought i would never receive my items but I was definitely wrong. They delivered my items within a week and the quality was way better than expected. After my trial order to see how they operated I am going to be a permanent customer for the future and recommend anyone else in Australia who is in the position of doubt as I was ? To definitely use temu for price and super speedy delivery.

My thoughts of Temu. As a general rule Temu is good to deal with I can’t believe how fast they do the shipping compared to others There’s one or two things that Hannah me just a little bit 1 the wheel spin thing and the give always seem to be a trick to get you to spend more money you always have to spend more to get the give away then what you choose is changed to the cheapest thing you purchased at the checkout And the wheel thing says go to the app but nothing works 2The free postage limit is a trick you buy the item you want then spend hours online picking out gimmicky items Thargomindah might use one day or never just to get the free postage Other than this I’m happy shopping with Temu the quality of the goods is very good as a general rule and as I ,mentioned the postage is fast There’s a lot of stuff that is practical and makes life easier that you can’t buy elsewhere and is very cheap I’ve bought one or two things which I purchased just to get the free postage which were uselessso I chucked them in the trash but tether haven’t cost me much and no ones perfect By and large most other stuff I’ve purchased which costs a few dollars but still under$20 has been excellent quality and we all know that postage costs have gone through the roof so I can’t really blame Temu. for setting free postage limits anyway I guess if you want all the wasted time and gimmicks that I mentioned just pay the postage and everyone’s happy

AN EXTRAORDINARY SURPRISE!!. I don’t know what I expected the first time I looked TEMU, but I know I’ve been incredibly surprised in the best kind of way. I didn’t expect to find SOLID Sterling silver JEWELLERY, or the quality of the gemstones used in the jewellery (search for solid sterling silver). I absolutely didn’t expect to find a magnificent MULLBERY SILK scarf I was really proud to give my mum who almost cried when she opened it up, (search pure silk scarf). And the more I looked and asked the the search bar the more surprised I became. TEMU literally has everything I need & plenty I don’t need to survive, but love to purchase because the quality is so insane and the object so gorgeous. So I thought, I can afford these little miniature bronze figures I had to stop buying from other places when I became very sick & had to stop working, I’ve since bought them from TEMU for a quarter of the price I used to pay elsewhere. So I’m obviously VERY HAPPY that a friend tol me about TEMU. I still save my money but put some aside to purchase things we need & things provide smiles & happiness just to look at them. It’s IMPERATIVE TO REMEMBER CUSTOMER SERVICE !! They will refund any monies spent on faulty or disagreeable items you receive. You can also arrange returns or swap sizes at no cost to you. Thank you TEMU! Shelley Batten

Do not believe in the free gifts. Let’s be honest most people download this app because of the free gift tittle then we try to get the free gift and it tells us we’re getting closer and to shar to friends you have to share 50+ times just to get your apparent free gift that you don’t even get just so people download the app and do the same thing we did it’s horrible you end up spending hours trying to get your free gift when alll you get is wasted time and friends angry at you for sharing some stupid app to them constantly it needs to shut down the free app thing so more people don’t believe in the silly concept of working for something your not going to get at this point Temu is not better then shein as shein is cheap and doesn’t have you Clive your getting a free gift your not please do not wait your time trying to get there “free gifts “ cause it won’t happen

Easy simple way to buy essentials quickly. 8/10 items are great and exactly as shown - I have only 2 complaints I guess you could say. One is that the promised dollar discounts are never applied. It’s a ruse to get you to buy morebut unachievable unless you’re perhaps a business and buying in bulk. Or loaded and have no money limit. And the second issue is that sometimes what you’re purchasing is not clear (quantity or size variations) and it’s less or smaller then the advertising. In one case the item was far and above what I thought it was and that was awesome of course. A few times different or less and I’m not sure how to return but it’s easy to buy, the process is simple and the delay is nowhere near as bad as Etsy.

Come a long way!. I’ve been ordering from Temu for a couple years now and it seems their listening to their customers. I had problems with their women’s t-shirts being made from an itchy material and I didn’t want to buy them anymore. A year later I jumped on the site again and thought I really like one of the t-shirts I saw, hoping they did listen to the review I gave. So I ordered it and to my surprise the t-shirt was a really nice soft cotton material, not that itchy one I previously bought. I was wrapped. I hope they are listening and make all of their t-shirts in all Cotton, but breathable material for the rest if the world. Who needs itchy material on their bodies. Not me!

Love this app!. Great app for shopping! All my shopping needs in one place. Especially when busy with work and family commitments. I spend a few minutes scrolling through and placing items in my cart. When I’m ready, I make a final pick on what I’m purchasing. Never had a problem with this app, plus shipping arrives on time. If it’s late, you get a credit. Use the reviews to see if the item you want is suitable. Especially for clothes, use the size guide. Temu is like a market place, lots of sellers offering similar products so great idea to use the search bar to find something specific from different sellers. If something is sold out (especially popular items) use the notify me or find similar buttons. Don’t believe all that rubbish about stealing information etc. Use your commonsense, as with any online purchase on websites or an app nowadays, always protect your financial information by using PayPal. I highly recommend this app!

The app could be better. This is feedback on the APP, not the Temu business or products: The app could be better. The app “learns” on the basis of what you look at, but doesn’t apply logic to what it learns, so it forever keeps showing you the thing you looked at as a suggestion, regardless of whether you bought the item or if you made a conscious decision that you didn’t want the item (eg it doesn’t have the features or size or other spec that you need). Either way: please stop showing me that thing. Show me something else, or let me opt out of seeing that thing again. There are numerous in-app pop-ups that pop up partially offscreen, with the “close popup” button having fallen of the bottom of the screen so you have to close out of the app and reopen it in order to make the popup go away (eg the invite new users popup in the fishgame). Very frustrating, and often makes me just close the app out of frustration. The products themselves is a whole other review, but let’s just say: sellers that use the app should show actual pictures of the item they sell, including closeups of the materials the item is made of. I have had some great products; I have also had some products that - if the app pictures were accurate - I would NEVER have bought. I’ve had to return quite a few things!

A guilty little pleasure. I love Temu, so much stuff costing not very much, and the fast and free shipping is just the best. Often the total amount you owe ends up being LESS than you were expecting due to the application of some discount or other - this is the total opposite to their many competitors/ predecessors who’d find any excuse to amp up the total owed with no warning and little explanation, they really are restoring my faith in online shopping. Some items turn out to be pretty ordinary in terms of quality or product size / function, but IMO such items are a very small minority of the squillions of products Temu has on offer, many of which end up being far, far better than you expect. I’d give them five stars for sure if they didn’t a)bombard me with so, so many junk emails, and b) when Im browsing only show me stuff that’s the same as the stuff I just bought - why?!!? For gods sake, I want to se something new!

Love TEMU. I have been using the TEMU app for just over a year now. I live remote ….am older with health issue so it’s been a blessing being able to order online. I cannot fault TEMU. I have done all my shopping even Christmas presents this year with TEMU and am completely satisfied. It’s my go to site these days. They stand by their return policies and the products are great for the price they ask. I have not been disappointed. In fact most of the time the products exceed my expectations. Also from time to time there is the opportunity to receive quite a lot of free products. I was a little dubious at first but sure enough it is true…..l have received quite a lot at no cost to me at all. Give them a go. You won’t be disappointed.

Temu merchandise. I rated this segment a 4 star rating,as I ve had hit and misses, with this app and shopping experiences. For people who don’t buy on here, it is quite an experience for me. As I have brought so much stuff. If you are skeptic, you only buy what you want, limit a budget, they only have a $15-20 limit to buy something,which is pretty good, I reckon. The down side of it is the boxes that some things come in are slightly damaged when you receive your order, what I can’t get , is when they buy clothes, it’s the same material,except the lingerie, it’s a different fabric again. Another reason why I shop on here, craft,clothes Christmas present’s all in one place. Well that’s about it from me. Happy shopping.

Stop with the unwinnable games. Based on the prices and variety of items combined with the extremely fast shipping you would think I'd give a 5 star review. However the games that you guys keep advertising insisting we refer new friends are just impossible to win. They will get you to 90% of the way towards a prize then you will realise the next 1 percent takes an hour the next 8 percent a week and the rest impossible because either time has expired or you have to refer too many people that are brand new it's impossible. Please stop advertising the app based on this. You lose integrity and people will be angry they wasted time for a free gift they never get. They will be too annoyed with the misleading idea that prizes are winnable and remove what is on its own a good competitor to aliexpress.

Horrible platform with no customer service. I purchased few small items from Temu. Either cheap/ bad quality not even worth the money or defective items faulty etc. no matter what you get, right after your purchased it , the platform will increase the price , which means even you request a refund, you won’t be able to buy same item at the same price! Besides there is literally no customer service at all. The customer service staff only reply with robot emails, no one look into the issue/ complaint! Won’t recommend this app to anyone who wants a good after sale service. If you just want throw your money with cheap poor quality products and don’t care about the service ,yes go for it. Otherwise , never buy from this app!!!you will regret eventually! Really disappointed with the service, horrible customer experience. Won’t recommend to anyone at all !the whole apps full of junk products and false advertisement. The games are traps for ppl. So save money and time by not using Temu

Great app. I've just launched my website that caters to a number of people and whilst waiting for my larger quantity stock items, Temu has been a great substitute. Yes the turnaround time to receive your items isn't a bother to most people, but it's not quite ideal for products in a rush. Also beware of the shipping company they choose for you, I've been waiting for a WELL OVERDUE delivery and their "solution" is to give you a $5 coupon for items of THEIR choosing The "Fish game,"Farmland & Free Gifts look easy to get your FREE gifts, but the closer you get to winning your prize, they move the goal pay back further! Unless you buy nearly $500 in products and SCAM all your friends to joining up...forget about it, you're not getting those "FREE GIFTS" because it'll costs you double in the long run

Change Reviews. I’ve change my review because TEMU makes it harder to get free gifts . It’s frustrating to invite others because you play the whole 30 days and you just waste your time because you can’t get your free gift. It’s bit embarrassing to invite others specially they can’t get their gift too. TEMU making it more harder to get gift now. My daughter trying to get a free gift just worth $21 and she’s getting frustrated because they making it harder and harder to get it. Even the coupons when you shop they take it off too. I don’t mind their products because some are alright. Just the game that it’s not worth it playing for a month and won’t get any . Hope Temu will reward their buyer that buy lots of stuff to them. No free coupon or gifts at all . I’ve bought lots on Temu now but they don’t give coupon anymore .

Temu products & service. My first purchase was pretty satisfied. Just be careful of what you’re doing because you might end up with unnecessary purchases. I received the add from a friend that shared it to me. The add said that I’ll get a free gift, so I shared it with loads a friends but there was no gifts. I put things in the cart that I might buy & when I went to finalise it & also remove certain items that I didn’t want because I doubled up on. Same items that I did need because it began to be very expensive & to be able to change for another items it took the money out of my bank with in seconds & I didn’t know how they done the maybe with Apple Pay witch I disabled because they didn’t take it from PayPal which I used the first time I purchased & the only way I purchase anything from the internet, for security check. Apart from that , it’s ok. So know I have to find out how they done it & how to if I can reverse it , lots of time wasted . I hope it same food for thought when you click on to same thing & how to trust with your money or your banking account.

TEMU - my one stop excellent shop!. No matter what I want TEMU seems to have it. I love the way they package their items and I have never received anything damaged, so a huge 10 out of 10 for that and the items are always delivered on or before the time stated. I love how easy it is to find what I’m looking for, with just a few key words, the site is amazing! Prices are fantastic and who doesn’t love a bargain for quality, especially in clothing. All of the tops and t-shirts I have purchased, have never shrunk, discoloured, lost the shape or come apart through bad workmanship! The only unfortunate thing for me is, I get lost for hours checking out the thousands of products….highly recommend this site! You won’t regret getting on here, it’s the best…keep up the great work, TEMU team👍🏻💗

Amazing products. Temu is an amazing shopping outlet. The only criticism I have is that quite often the womens clothing is not true to size. The downside is that most of the items are smaller than you would expect for the size you select eg order an XL and it fits like a L. If you order bigger then you have oversized armholes. I had ordered many items using my normal size of XL and they have come either too tight or monstrously oversized. Some consistency would be great. Other than that the range is huge and although some products are cheap and nasty on the whole I have been very pleased with my purchases. I have recommended Temu to many friends who are now also Temu devotees.

Love Temu, not so much the shipping. I have to say that so far, I love Temu! And not just for the prices and fast delivery. I love the huge variety of items available, a lot of which are not easily available in Australia, so it’s helped me buy items I’ve been looking for for a while. As with any online shopping, make sure you check dimensions/quantities of items properly before you buy, to avoid disappointment. Some variation does occur from time to time. And items often look bigger in photos! For me, to date, the ‘worst’ aspect of Temu, is the way items are shipped. Regardless of what you order, all items will be stuffed into a single bag and shipped. This invariably will mean something is a little squashed, and/or not quite 100% when you unpack it. It’s hard to argue with, given the pricing you’re enjoying, but can be very frustrating. A little more care when packing and shipping orders is the one thing I would change about Temu, if I could. Otherwise, it’s hard not to heartily recommend it. So far, so great!

A bit hit and miss. Temu has so many things that you never realised you needed until you see it but while the prices are cheap, the quality of the items can be hit and miss. if you do buy something that you’re not happy with the refund, process is pretty simple and fast. I always make sure that I read reviews from other buyers, especially those with photos to help me assess the quality of the item. The only reason that I have given for stars is that I’m absolutely inundated with emails (much more than their competitors send) telling me I’ve been chosen or I’ve won this or that. it’s a pretty standard but annoying marketing ploy to get you onto the site. occasionally those annoying emails will offer you an item in your cart at an incredibly reduced price. You can earn points or rewards that convert to cash or you can use to reduce the cost of purchases. you can earn some rewards by playing games, but if you don’t have a lot of friends you can refer or who will sign up, you’ll probably end up half a point from reaching the goal.

Love Temu. I had heard good things and bad things and read good reviews and bad reviews, so was not expecting too much. I’ve been one of the lucky ones as I have not had any issues only a couple that were instantly sorted. Been a great experience although I wish I had not started purchasing as I can’t stop. I’m forever checking out their lots of various stuff and buying things. I had one parcel that I was wondering where it was on the day after it was supposed to be due and there was no update so contacted customer service, they had a look, saw there was no update on where it was and instantly issued a refund of the $53. Said to me that if it turns up I am welcome to keep all items for free. Got my refund, later that day I got an email to say that as it had not turned up by the due date they were issuing me with a $5 bonus. It’s turned up 2 days later. I felt a little guilty about it. Most sellers usually ask you to wait a few more days but Temu does not. I’ve only had to return one thing that did not work, it was free to return, they received it two days later and issued me my refund. All in all I am very happy with all the products I have received from them and they are cheap as chips. So if you want to see how it goes, just get a few things to start with. Temu Australia are doing a great job

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🚫 Temu hates Canada. Cheap China crap sent to DA Americans only.

Don’t use Temu. Didn’t receive my delivery, and Temu won’t refund or reship my order, what a terrible app

Fake advertisment 虚假广告. Advertised free delivery for the first order for new users, yet actual payment requires $20 or more to place an order. 在广告中宣传新用户首单免费配送,然而实际付款时要求满20元才能下单。

Not for Canada. Why it exist in Canada App Store ?

SCAM. Will make you invite people for nothing. I’ve practically invited around 30 people but because they’re all time pressured, they all expired and resulted to NOTHING. What do i get in return huh?! Temu free gift / activity is a scam. They dont even give back anything despite gaining more customers from us.

Can’t Order in Canada. This app should not be offered in the Canadian App Store as Temu does not deliver to Canada.

Disappointed. I was really excited to get temu and have the free stuffs but then I noticed that I have to send the code to lots of people and I don’t really now much people 🙁

Racketeering at its finest. Don’t do it, you will not receive your order. I spent 80$ cad on nice clothes and other things and received a cheap ring instead without any explanation why they did that.

Products, pricing, emails. I am very pleased with the products I ordered and received. They arrived when promised. But, the pricing of each product advertised doesn’t match the invoice. The pricing on the invoice, is still reasonable, but is higher than the advertised price. Lastly, my only real complaint is ALL the emails I get every day. That needs to be cut back to one or two per week.

Cheaters and scammers!. I selected 2 gifts as a reward this company is promoting and almost reached my goal of number of referrals required; my referral history disappeared completely as if it never happened! I contacted live chat and was given default answers that don’t apply to my inquiry, then was told not eligible in Canada, then, she said it’s because some free gifts are not eligible. Despite the screen caps I sent her (luckily, I happened to do took them) to show Canada has been active and I am legit, she didn't even acknowledge them! She just said will refer this to someone else and will contact me “if” they find issues. So it appears they are getting people to promote them but cheating them of promised rewards by wiping out records of referrals made! And with such customer service, this company is certainly not to be trusted!

US. not for canada

Fraudulent practices. Let me guess — you “got 3 free items” wasted time picking them only to then find out you need to spend energy to pick them. you got the first 2 items, the energy 2 times. Now you need to invite people to get your items. Just one person! That’s fraud. It’s also like the scam tactics for loot boxes — and those companies get sued. Apple is complicit in their crimes allowing the app to remain, and your government doesn’t care about another shady company from another shady country doing the same shady stuff. Your only recourse is to jot install the app. You’ve been warned 🤷‍♂️

DON’T DOWNLOAD THIS APP. Temu's app, once downloaded, does an array of things commonly carried out by malware, such as: Searches for Service Updates (i.e. security updates) Detect and prevent security analysis on the app Gain access to receive, compile, and execute code on a device (exploit injection) Requests a significant amount of permissions regarding a device and it's files Just for some background context, Temu is owned by the Chinese e-commerce company PDD Holdings, a sister company of Pinduoduo. Earlier this year, #Google removed the Pinduoduo app from its play store after it was assessed to contain malware and exploits that targets users' personal data. Meanwhile, Pinduoduo shifted its engineering team to focus on a new app: Temu. Considering their largest selling point is giveaways, low prices, and free products, they are likely trying to get as many people to download their app as possible to check it out (Over 100 million to date). For what reason? We don't know yet. One could speculate that the app is primed to exploit personal data to be sold on the dark web or even a back door.

Still waiting. I ordered 8 items almost a year ago and I’m still waiting for delivery ‘! You send me links that don’t work and people call who don’t speak English regarding my order. This is a disgrace after you took my money

What?. Me and my sister was on the app and we tried to get the free gift, but when we sent invitations, the little price thing didn’t go down, this is hard because we don’t have a lot of friends that like this stuff. Can you possibly remove the invite thing.

Amazing!!!!. This site has been totally dangerous to my bank account. There are so many random things one can order. I’ve had the best luck with kids clothes, women's clothing especially dresses. I’ve ordered so many random things from lip gloss, to stamps and dies, stickers, scratch art, earrings, hair extensions, metal signs, home decor the list is overwhelming. Check measurements when ordering certain things that look big in the pictures. I always check the reviews, sometimes seeing someone who’s not a super model wear the shirt helps me decide how it may fit on myself. Pricing is fair, absolutely love the free shipping and it’s relatively fast to. Unlike AliExpress. Even faster than SHEIN. Can’t wait to try so many other products.

Honest Review: Fake Fake Fake!!. Honest Review: This is such a fake app meant to mislead people. They just want to increase their number of downloads and ask you to keep inviting new people to join. Without this you wont get any discounts or free gifts as the app mentions. I have told all my friends to delete the app and suggest everyone else to delete it as well. Such a waste of time REALLY!!

This app is a scam. This app is a huge scam it frauds people by saying that it’s free shipping. I had 7 times in my cart and went to checkout and it showed my total wad $124 and that was way too much so I counted the total and it came to $71 dollars it was showing free shipping but the entire total was way too high so they scam you so badly so it sucks.

How to give a 0 star. Invitation missions are spams will never get those gifts!!! Because you will only have limited time to invite 7 people and they must be new and they must register! And your friends will hate to so that! If you failed you won't get anything even though you already got 6. This is how they get customers free through you! A waste of time and stupid impossible to complete!

China. This is Chinese business so unless you’re a communist DO NOT USE IT! Chinese are spying on you and collecting your personal information

Fake prizes to get the contact information. They always offer free items and ask to invite people, but you will invite everyone on your contact list but they will never give you those free gifts they claim to be giving. This is a scam

Scam marketing. Always make you think you will get a reward but make it harder at the last second so you get 6 new users to their app and get nothing. Overpriced dollar tree crap that breaks same day or didn’t work to begin with.

Fake reviewers?. I was excited to see that razor blade refills were inexpensive and the one I picked had something like 18,000 5 star reviews. They couldn’t cut my facial hair and hurt my face. There’s no way anyone rated it as a good blade. I went back to rate them and post a comment and the item no longer existed. So I guess it’s all about profiting as fast as they can offer a product? I’ve never used such a bad blade in four decades of shaving. Same thing with a pair of shoes. Tens of thousands of 5 Star reviews and the souls cracked from one side to the other in 3 months. Now I’ve had shoes that have started to come apart, but I’ve never had souls crack on a pair of shoes before. Your personal information is being accessed and shared. Don’t use Temu.

Watch for scam call. After I installed the Apps and signed up for a Temu account, i started receiving whole bunch of Scam text messages. And this week I started receiving boat load of scam calls. Think twice before signing up

Privacy. Beware folks this what their privacy policy states: “ Participation in the Program and/or receipt or use of a Reward constitutes the Member's consent for use of his/her photo, name, likeness, voice, opinions, statements, biographical information, and/or hometown and state for promotional or advertising purposes in any media, worldwide, now known or hereafter developed, in perpetuity, without further review, notification, payment, or consideration (unless prohibited by law).“ absolutely unfortunate…

Did not give me my package. I ordered some led lights and never came so I spent money on nothing

Coupons = scam.. Your coupon things are scam, no matter how many friends I invite this last one 0.1% cannot be received, same as 100 dollars coupon, where does it say that you will break it down into few other coupons and MOREOVER I wasn’t warned that I’ll have to buy products on specific summ to get these 30% off. I’ll use my 20$ off coupon and then I’ll delete it, thanks temu.

Um no thank you 😳😬. I bought the app and was happy about and bought a few things and then I saw a few videos about them stealing your card information including your bank account and I thought nothing of it until one of my friends bank accounts was stolen and sold to the black market. Including their card information so just plz don’t buy the app 🫣💵💳✨⚫️🏪📉

They have no idea what they are doing. This is the first review I have made in Apple Their customer service/solution is so bad that made me write it I have recently place an order Something pop up and I need to be away from country for week of their planed delivery time window So i call up and ask to change the delivery time window The first rep told me because there is no tracking # yet so they cannot do anything and ask me to call back when I have recieved the tracking number Then after I call back with the tracking # they say they cannot do anything! They have no control over their logistics supplier . And ask me to call their logistic supplier to do the adjustment After all the conversation about an hour with their supervisor ! They still cannot resolve it There is no case number . No ticket number to refer to this case All I can do is hope the package still there when I back home Good luck on buying something with this app

It a ripoff. If they don’t send me everything that they said they would give me I will sue them and tell my dad who is on the police board

Bad customer service and Package never delivery but showed delivered. The order never come, this apps is terrible and trash, pls do not order from this apps, there is not button to refund money. The package shows delivered but never come even my address shows correct, like I never have any problem with other pass to order. Please be aware this apps is fake and do not order from this apps, you will get nothing but the money has charged and no way to contact the seller

THIS IS A SCAM. Hello Temu or whatever you are. Are you people even human beings or a new breed of aliens from hell? You steal, you lie, and don’t care about anyone except your greedy, shady, dishonest , fraudulent selves! Go back to where you belong and leave our country the heck alone!!! 😡

Misleading. Downloaded the app through a friend. The app offered 5 gifts at 100% off as ling as I purchase 5 other items, no problem. Spent an hour looking and adding things to my cart.. at the last step, the app bugged and this magical offer disappeared nowhere to be found. Looked all over in the app and tried different things but the offer never came back. Major waste of time. Customer service has a waiting list of 170 customers.

Unreliable shipping dates. I ordered a package and 6 days later it says it would be arriving the next day but when I check temu the day after it says it’s going to take another 5 days. If your going to change up the date it gets here don’t make it so exaggerated.

Waste of time. In order receive free gifts. You has 24 hours to invite 7 people registering new account. When You fail, You need to invite new users. It is even not possible.

False representations. First being it tells you you get 67% with the well, then it says you get 120 if you buy 3 items, than you buy 3 items and after you pay you get only coupons, as by 5 $ so in order to get 120$ with coupons you need to by hundreds of dollars, false representations.

Cant get free items. Temu whont let me get my free item! 😡

Scam calls after sign-up and no free gift as advertised. Signed up after friend’s recommendation. But no free gift as advertised. And received 8 scam calls just after sign-up. Scary. Not sure even this is legit.

Complain. Don’t waste your time on this app even with the « free gifts » and all, if you dont know enough people who don’t have the app and could be new users, it’ll be an absolute waste of time. I’ve actually written a whole paragraph before but somehow apple store, as smart as usual, deleted my review?? Whatever. Now the reasons why this app is a total scam and trash : -1 : First of all, if you don’t have enough new users that use your link or code in 24h you’ll have to start over and the ones you used for your link won’t be able to use it again since they’re not new users anymore. -2 : Second of all, 24h is not enough for many people and the fact that current users can only take off -0.10$ to maximum -0.50$ is mad. This app should at least allow current users to use the links and take off -1$ just how new users do. -3 : This app is literally a mix of wish and AliExpress, if you’re expecting high quality, you’re wrong and if you’re expecting that this app won’t steal your information, well then you’re also wrong because this happened to many people and even at some point where your order that you payed with money or got it free doesn’t come. I really tried my best to enjoy this app but it’s obviously a scam. And even when you just get on it you can see all the spams. I am warning anyone who reads this. This is NOT a good app. Therefore, you are always free to try it yourself. Have a nice day/evening!

App sucks said invite to get free items i invited 3 peps. 2 of witch joined wheres my 200 dollars

Hacking app. Dont use this application it hacks your phone do not giver permission this app on your phone it need registration with your fb and then they automatically controlled your facebook !!! Be aware its a scam app

So annoying. Ok so I am in Canada and I did the Lucky flip got NEW people to join then instead of giving me the credit i get a coupon? that’s so ridiculous..

Fake. It’s fake they ask u to play games in order to get free items, but u are lost reach at the end of game they stop increasing your scores and they asking again and again to invite frnd I did my friends download the application but I didn’t get anything it just wanna increase there customers by this dirty games . It’s totally fake .

You'll never get your package. It's a scam

Steal user data and sell it for money. Please do not buy anything from Temu as they sell users data. You will receive countless scam call once you made the purchase, I had to switch a phone number to avoid it. The worst case scenario is that you will find out a few false charges on your credit card. This is the worst scam app ever, and they are in a lawsuit now. Avoid it at all cost.

Beware!. I would give NO stars if possible 😡. The day after I left installed this app, I started receiving numerous Inbox Spam/Scam/Phishing emails which normally go directly to my Junk box. Temu must have sold my addy to these bandits so I’ve removed the app from my iPhone and blocked them from emailing me 🤬

Confidentiality. No! no! no!

Not for Canada. Not for Canada

Scam. I never leave reviews for anything but i hate this app so much that i decided to. If i could rate 0 stars i would. This App’s “Free gifts” are a scam. The closer you get to the “free prize” the less points you will get. You get 900 points then 50 then 30 then it keeps going till ur making 0.01 coins per turn. NOT worth ur time. NOT worth ur money. DO not download this scam of an app. It will waste ur time and ur probably never gonna get the prizes u want. I dont know how this app is legal. All they do is sell ur information and waste ur time. PLEASE DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM OF AN APP AND UNINSTALL IT OR AVOID DOWNLOADING.

Perfect fit for perfect prices. Very good company. I saw this company while I was searching for online sellers and I was surprised to see the prices. So i wanted to try. I keep buying everything that i loved and i’m so happy with all. Thank you so much dear Temu.

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I like it. TEMU is a cool app , it’s helped me get a lot of things I needed at a cheap price . I only have two areas that I think could be improved on . The length of time to receive items , and the games / contests to win items . Seems like once you almost reach your goal of the prize , it gets extremely difficult to win . I’m currently playing the feed the fish game and have been $.07 away from the goal . I have invited everyone I know to play to get fish food , I have re invited everyone I know. And most of the people I know have already played or have the app . Plus I have spent ridiculous amounts of money try to win these “free” gifts and I am still $.07 away two weeks later . If you want people to spend to win prizes you gotta make it able to be won . At least a few times , so they wanna keep playing and spending. It honestly makes me wanna delete the app , others I have invited to play had the said the same thing . So fix your games and find away to be able to get things faster , maybe be able to pay for express shipping?

Temu. I love it however it’s addictive specially for any shop alcoholic. Good prices and decent merchandise I recommend if you ever used WISH, this is a lot like it in the sense you need to really watch the dimensions of the merchandise, what it is made of, the item pictures can be deceiving on some products. Say I ordered a rechargeable vacuum is what it was labeled in the advertisement it shows it in front of a couch leading you to believe it’s the size of any other rechargeable vacuum say a Dyson, or shark. When it gets to you it was yes a nice DUST BUSTER like for cleaning up small stuff & vehicles, child’s car seat, the stitching creases of your couch or recliners. It is all hand held small. NOT INTENDED FOR VACUUMING YOUR FLOORS. So just be careful. Watch watch& read read the measurements, materials it’s made of on jewelry some very beautiful nice looking jewelry items are made of plastic yet I have worn them out to dinner mixed in with my real jewelry and I’ve been stopped and completed on my plastic ring and how gorgeous it is. They even took my hand still looked great .

Temu Products. I’m quite surprised at how most of the items on Temu are actually well made. When I first ordered I was very skeptical and didn’t expect much for the price I was even warned by a few people to not buy from Temu because it was all junk but I decided to take a chance anyway. I ordered a few little inexpensive things and figured “what the heck” if it’s junk I only lost a few bucks but much to my surprise the stuff was actually pretty good! I think only one item was defective, a small clock that was not working when I received it but Temu kindly gave me a refund on the clock. I’m beginning to purchase more items on Temu and I keep being pleasantly surprised at the quality of the items I order. Now I’m sure every now & then I’m going to order something that may not be of the best quality but so far so good. At the prices they sell things for I can’t really complain if an item turns out not to be of the best quality. So far I’m happy with the items I’ve purchased on Temu and I will keep buying from them. Thanks Temu.

‘Giveaway’ is a scam. I was doing the ‘Hat-Trick Draw’ game to win a number of items, but they make it incredibly hard to actually win. After getting all the free energy points, I needed about 16 energy left within 24 hours, and the only way to get more energy was to invite friends. Here’s where the scam takes place. They report you can have up to 3 existing accounts accept your invite for 1-3 energy a piece, or have new users register using your generated game link for an unlimited amount of times which would give you 1-5 energy a piece. Issue is that when your needed energy goes below 12, it doesn’t give you 1-3 or 1-5, it gives 1. One. A single energy. So after 24 hours of soliciting my friends and family to download an app that’s promising me a free item bundle, I make it down to only 1 energy needed (meaning I have more or less needlessly got 10-15 of my contacts to click a sketchy link just to help me) when the hard stop timer resets and kills my game. Because Temu lied about how much energy they would ACTUALLY give you per successful invite, I wasted 24 hours of time and annoyed relatives and made them think they were risking their internet security to get literally nothing out of it. Don’t waste your time.

Love Temu. I would very much , anyone who has not downloaded the app to download it today. The prices are amazing and all merchandise I purchased was not a disappointment. I was sent wrong size, or it did not work, but I was refunded it in a timely manner and they said keep it. That made me happy because I hate returning things or having to drive to the post office. Surprisingly every thing arrived on time but once and this time I was refunded $5.00, without even saying anything about it. In USA even some stores only let you return with a restocking 30 percent fee of what you paid for the item. No driving all over town looking for what you want. I do wish they had some more expensive items, in many things. Overall I still give it a 5 stars. Remember they send you discounts OFTEN so check your mail for promotions. They also have games to play if your a gamer to get free items, guess what? You choose these items also. So download the app today. Have fun…. Thank me later, Ann

Finally found a site I can trust!. I hate ordering stuff online, have had nothing but bad luck I’m not getting quality products and def never in a timely manner or even close to what I had ordered. Not only do I get exactly what I ordered from Temu, I have gotten some pretty amazing items from security cameras to bras and panties which across the board are great quality and at a price that has allowed me to spoil myself even with a few new things:) The surprise coupons and or deals that I am hit with are very very cool as well as real which makes it even more of a steal on the price however you are on a short time limit before you lose the deal so have to order on the spot which I cannot be doing like that all the time so the temptations they taunt with are a bit unfair but I am forgiving:) the return process and policy!!! Omg yes!! The absolute BEST and so dang easy that I was convinced it was a hoax, thought it all was from the start actually, too good to be true but it is and is the ONLY like site I will ever use again EVER!

Package wasting issue and lack of games to play and delive takes forever. y barely have games to play they have like 5 games everything is programmed you have to share everything to get credit or money I wish you could actually win out of luck and odds I would be more tempted to play and second I can’t purchase anything with the package waste thing which makes you buy stuff that you have to buy 10$ or more it’s annoying because it forces to buy 10$ worth of items I’m confused because nobody is package wasting like in the Temu packing ppl group isn’t packaging wasting or whatever someone people might be trying to save money and another issue is that I have is that the delivery takes forever! It’s takes like months if it gets delayed it will take even longer it took my stuff like 3 months I literally i almost forgot I ordered it the thing I wish they would get rid of the 10$ you have to spend it’s honestly annoying and they would have more games cause most of the time the people I share with already played the games or people could make games of their owns for people to play and the delivery doesn’t take forever 😑

Very disappointed in the customer service. I joined fetch a few months ago, thought it was super fun. It takes a long time to earn a rears- which is why we all download this app. But, I scanned daily all of my receipts and earned my first gift card. Used it and was estatic! Then, worked diligently to earn my next one. I earned it, went to use the e gift card at Tjmaxx , and when the cashier tried to scan it, it didn’t work. The cashier tried three times. I noticed when I left that the ap needed an update- so silly me thought that was the reason it didn’t work. Updated the app and went back to T.J.Maxx and it still didn’t work but this time it said it was redeemed. Things happen- I’m assuming because the app needed to be updated ( thought this because it said, some things may not work due to an upgrade needed) was very upset when I reached out to fetch that I first got a generic response that they couldn’t do anything. Wrote back several times and basically got told there is nothing they can do to help me. To say the least, I’m disappointed in the customer service. They should see my history and how I snapped re iota every single day. Great hobby- or so I thought until this happened. I am now moving on to other recipe apps like this.

Cheap and Manipulative. Everything on the app is dirt cheap in price and value, as it’s made in a Chinese sweatshop. This should be obvious but I have to point it out. The app itself is designed like a microtransaction pay to play game, with all of these little gimmicks trying to get you to “win money” or “get free items” but they are all designed to make you spend even more money. There’s one where they promise a free item and let you choose it. But then you have to earn it by grinding on this app day after day, sending links to friends, pretending to feed these fish, and the closer you get to your goal the harder it makes it, where every drop in the bucket “feeding the fish” contributes less and less. It’s all a cheap scam. By the last day you’re able to do the event, each feeding contributes to 0.01% of the total for the one fish. It’s manipulative and a waste of time. If you want to buy the stuff, just use the website. The app also has built in ad trackers so they’re tracking your views and purchases and selling that information, just like Facebook and others do. Also, as others have mentioned, the app steals your info. If I used this app, I’d be sure to have a VPN firewall on my phone like 1Blocker.

Purchase Elsewhere. Temu does not meet shipping deadlines expected by the customer at by time of purchase and agreed upon by both the customer and Temu at the time of purchase. They tie customers in with an expected delivery date, then they do not meet the deadline and thanks you for “your gratitude and understanding” ahead of time, as they know they will not meet the deadline agreed upon at the time of sale and purchase. Additionally, if they do ship your items, they are all poorly packaged and arrive severely damaged — even to the extent of not being able to use the item. They urge you to share their application that they have developed, and unfortunately, mark your account as suspicious activity to keep you from receiving your benefits. The “[name] has won [amount] in free gifts is a cycled, generated program that they have installed to get you to share their application. If you watch it continuously for a few days, it will cycle back around. Temu consists primarily of lies and deceit on overstocked items that they receive for free and sell to you at full or discounted prices. They combine the “discounted items”, or free overstocked items, with normal-priced items to make you feel as though you’re getting a deal. Do not shop with Temu. Do not share their services so that others fall into their trap.

Will rip you off. I play the games within the app to earn free rewards, you have tasks to complete etc. one is called fish land. I’ve been feeding those fish nonstop for weeks. You have like 8 days and so many hours to feed all your fish. I’ve kept track of my time after being told by others their fish land reset before it was due to reset. When this finally happened to me I contacted customer support who wanted to only give me a 20% off coupon to make yet ANOTHER purchase. Let me remind you I’ve ordered several times at this point. Still have TWO orders I’m waiting to get now. But the rewards for the fish land game are supposed to be free, two free gifts IF you raise all your fish by the deadline. I was 99.4% when they deducted EIGHT hours off my time limit (within one hour time frame of checking it). You only get but so much fish food a day so those hours are crucial to getting that last fish completely raised, especially if they give you the chance to feed past midnight one more time. Don’t waste your time I’ve literally WASTED my time trying to EARN the rewards like it says to and they rip me off and want to “make it right” my throwing a coupon my way to have me make another purchase. No! NOT TODAY SATAN!

The Fantastic Temu Always Go-to Site. Temu has become my favorite bargain shopping for all-out quality, expedient shipping experience and always getting my order perfectly straight! There were only a few and far between products that I found to be cheap fabrications and not what the photos presented to me. (Wooden - twine hanging signs (1) kitchen rules and other (2) Whatever the Cat Tells You Don’t Let it Out! And recently a “Tic, Tac, Toe, game board! Which is utterly ridiculously small, cheaply made, and over-all disappointment! I also ordered a plastic (clear) Q-tip holder for my bathroom and it arrived cracked! Not worth the price to mail back! I re-ordered new one with a wooden cover! BUT, all other over (200 items from, kitchen, cat toys, harness/leash, collars/engraved name tags, play laser pen lights, flash lights, T-Shirts, purses, shoes, the lists go on, are top quality especially women’s facial cream/moisturizers and Dental - teeth whiteners products & colognes! Thank you - TEMU! I have put out the word about your App/Company to all my family and friends! Gratefully, Denise, Savannah, GA! 👍

Better than Wish/Shein. I do not leave reviews all that often but I just genuinely appreciate that this app puts in an effort to encode and be safe with the consumers information. I used wish when it had its wave of popularity and the big difference I’ve noticed between other budget shopping apps and Temu is Temu’s team seem to actually listen to costumer feed back and it’s very refreshing. Wish went through a bout where people did not trust that information we was being stored properly and the team with wish didn’t make half this much effort to work with the consumer providing easy access to safety features and explaining them. I personally really enjoy that Temu has a fast reacting team that puts care into the app I wish more businesses were run with that much respect for the consumers. You can trust this app, and in case it needs to be said no I’m not getting paid to say this lol. Thank you to the developers of the app and everyone who works hard to make Temu what it is!

My honest opinion on TEMU.. For the time I had TEMU, it was a wonderful app full of great stuff for cheap prices. I practice witchcraft and also needed new clothes, perfume, decor, etc. I found everything I needed on this app for less than $50! There were also little challenges you could do to get credit, or to get items for free. While many think it is illegitimate, it’s true. It’s annoying because you have to invite all of your friends to get the items, but in the end it’s worth it because hey, who doesn’t want free items? I saw many complaining about packages never arriving or being delayed but that never happened with me. Now, for the important part. On behalf of my deletion of this app, it’s for an important reason. TEMU’s creators made an app called Pinduoduo which was banned in the US for data leaking and selling, and now TEMU is being investigated by the United States government. If you’d like to still use it you can but that’s just a fair warning. My personal experience, my money did start to get randomly taken out of my account and eventually got restored after I made a report!

DON’T GET TEMU !!!!!!!. Hello, so as you know we are all Here because we have heard amazing🫣things about temu well let me tell you, why you are wrong….I ordered some pants and a sweatshirt off of temu and I was so excited because it look so cute…wrong. The sweatshirt and pants got here on time so I opened it up and they looked nothing like the pictures online they had different colors different sizes and the seems on the fabric looked and felt weird, I was not gonna let these cloths go to waste even though they are not very good looking…I wore them to work one day and I got so many compliments but then I went to get up out of my chair and they ripped and the had a whole in the sweatshirt arm and the pants on the leg after wearing them for 1 day the quality is so bad I could never, and the worst thing is I showed this app to so many of my friends and they thought it was great until…my best friend was looking for clothes and she saw these sweatpants and she was super excited and then she got them in the mail and they where so oversized and way to big even tho she got her size and then had very weird holes in the pockets so she went to return them And they said “sorry we can’t refund you.” Like what ANYWAY IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING GETTING THIS APP THINK AGAIN

Love the app but the “invite friend for free stuff” is scam. I did the invite thing for free stuff. The real rule is that each invitations you sent out, the price cut gets lower and lower to the point where you’ll never reach zero. Don’t do it guys. Less you got like a whole family who are going to the “new Temu users who have NEVER downloaded the app before”. Cuz the existing user is limited to 4. So basically, you had to start inviting new users at one point to cut the price. But by that time, each person you invite will cut less and less. In my case, I have 60 cents left after my 4 existing users. So I thought one new user would be enough to go to zero. But when I got that new user, it only cut the price by 20 cents. And the next one, would cut by 10, and less and less. Basically, as I said, less you got a whole family or friends who are going to be new users, you ain’t gon get it y’all. Anyways, it just makes no sense to have such a program and they were just gna waste our time when I’m actually a pretty loyal customer. Def a cheat there y’all. Don’t be like me. Don’t waste your time on it.

We love Temu!. I seriously hate writing reviews. I’m the person who clicks “never show again” when the pop up….well, pops up. But this company has done so good I feel they deserve it. My mom got a pair of shoes in the mail and told me she only paid $4.50 for them. So I said “From where?!“ And she said “This company called Temu“. I was EXTREMELY suspicious bc I had never heard of them but I had to try it out. I bought a pair of shoes for get this…$1.18!!!!! It was a new user discount (never got my new user gift cards though) And I was so surprised by the quality! I can’t wear them because they are half a size too small, but that was my own fault. They refunded me the money even though I wanted to exchange the shoes. Anyway, I have since become addicted. I am waiting on literally four different orders right now. And I’ve already had three more come in since I bought the shoes. The shipping is WAY FASTER than Wish. I was very pleasantly surprised by this company, and if you give them a shot, you will be too!

Please don’t- it’s not worth the security your giving up. Ok listen. If your looking for cheap stuff for cheap prices, you came tot the right place. Shipping takes a while. That’s all I have to say about that. BUT LISTEN! It’s a scam. It’s using this information you give it such as your adeeess phone number and name, but have you noticed it asks for permission for your location and the ability to track your browsing across other sites, social media profiles, and ( you would never know) but it is stealing your texts conversations too. ALSO THEY HAVE YOUR CREDIT CARD! “Ok, your conspiracy theorist” you might be saying, but just realize, this is made by the same company who created the app pinduoduo, which is a whole other can of worms, but basically you needed to reset your entire phone if you ever downladed it, because of the malware it enstilled once downloaded. yeah. Temu has not been proven to have stolen as much info orenstilled as much malware as pinduoduo (as of yet) but the other stuff Temu stole id proven. Who knows what else thé have stolen? Juuust saying. IF YOU ARE GOJNG TO GET THIS APP pleaaase give it as little info as s. It will nooot be worth it when Temu steals info from you. Trust me please just be careful and if you see any suspicious stuff, delete!

Changed policy mid conversation. I wanted a refund for damaged products, I asked for it and wanted the refund as credit since it’d be much easier and faster. They didn’t not just give me the option to take it as temu credit but told me afterwards that I had to ask before they proceed keeping mind I did, also it hasn’t been processed because it said the it will take up to 5-14 businesses days for the refund so it be processed, and then up to 30 days so I can receive my money back. After I spoke to 2 agents + 1 specialist they said it has already been processed and that it’s up to my bank when I receive the money. They said it would take DAYS but out of the nowhere when I ask if it would just be changed into credit they said it’s been processed in minutes? I have screenshots of the conversation, people should read at least some of the terms and conditions on things like the refund policy. It hasn’t even been half of the 30 days policy for me to get a refund, and it took like 15 minutes for me to get a refund so I don’t want the “you’re too late” excuse. I followed every rule and same as the policies but they send a random message “repeating” what they said about the order refund, but didn’t repeat they just changed the whole thing on which I was promised.

It’s great. Don’t let people fool you.. I was hesitant at first, I did some Internet searching, read some reviews on both end of the spectrum, I think a lot of them mistakes that people make is not understanding the click to buy now option that gets offered after they make a purchase, or people complain about it, charging their card multiple times. I have bought so much amazing clothes for my child, shirts for myself, and items around the house that I use, I have been refunded instantly, if something came broken or cracked from shipment from where it was sent from. Some items are cheap but some items are very quality and adorable and great. I wear jewelry I buy daily and I absolutely love it. The kid toys are epic! Temu basically has different vendors that sell on their site and if you can’t find it they try to find something similar and connect you to another vendor on the app. They supply through Temu. check the reviews, especially for some sizes of clothing, a lot of stuff runs true to size or big.

My overall honest opinion. Now I love this app. Prices are great. At times to be fair they don’t say one price then when discounting you they say it’s much higher tho it’s in my cart lower and the fish land game is fun but I’m a honest reviewer & they do give u l ss oercent of food as you invite more and more ppl getting closer to ur free gifts. It takes a lot of buying and a lot a lot of shares to get ur gifts so they made good good money in gf ne in purchases before I knew about the fish feeding and me sharing w so so many strangers all day to get what’s really about $40 worth of gifts. Right now it’s a $15 cup so I’m rethinking how hard I’m working and spending so much daily. I should just buy the dress and sparkling cup it’s priced at $22 but goes to $5. Positive side I do love free shipping that got me interested to start over Wish charging shipping w each item overall I will still buy but rethinking the fish land game rushing and feeling pushed by a deadline is no longer fun Hope my real review helps others wish somebody explained to me 3 months ago. I’ve spent over $800

Therapy. Once a “Newbie” to apps like Temu, it doesn’t take long to become a Master! Not quite there yet, but very soon. Temu offers more of a variety than experienced elsewhere and that’s where you know you are learning this app. And it has multiple Sellers offering the same exact product so it makes you go on a mission to find them all to get the best price and the options you want! You will hear all sorts of rumors by your friends, family, even strangers overhearing your conversations…form your Own Opinion of Temu and you will find yourself enjoying every spare moment on it!! Yes, you have to Study the products you want to make sure they are up to your Own expectations. Read the Reviews, though not too many with actual words like another site very similar who gives out points for their reviews, but some help. Expand every box and read everything! The Return Policy blew me away! 90 whole days!!! And the cherry on top…Price Adjustments!!!! You can’t help but find a Great Deal on everything!!!

Refund. I don’t have any complaints about the selections of toddler girl’s clothes that I order. Perfect and adorable outfits. One of problem that I had was ordering shoes for my granddaughter’s. The dressy shoes were way to big and I return them back ti Temu. I had the refund posted to my account for credit. I really wanted the shoes though. Now my biggest issue is I haven’t received my refund for the of $54 dollars and some cents. I received a email or notification if you would like to say either one, 3 to 7 business days. It has been over 7 business days and have not received the refund back on my card at all. There’s no one to chat with when you need help in taking care of any issue that I might or might not can figure out right then. I do plan on making at least one to two more orders for a few sweaters, sweatshirts, comforter sets or a jacket for my two toddler grandchildren. But not until I pay off my remaining orders that I have on Afterpay. Thanks for your support and hospitality…

Bad first impression. i just downloaded this app yesterday from the link i was sent by my mother to help her win something for free…after i had signed up i was able to spin a wheel to choose a percentage amount off of some gifts then pick out of 3 cards to see the amount of gifts as well i assume they do this for all people that first join the app… i had spun and gotten 100% off and the card i chose was 6 gifts the time limit i had was for 24hrs i was scrolling for about an hour or so and had accidentally swiped out of the section of specific gifts you can choose out of and i had gotten to get back to it perfectly fine then i had accidentally did it a second time and after that it would not take me back to that section nor did it say anything on the page at all about my time limit anymore…so i had reached out to customer service and they told me i needed to provide a screenshot for further help because they had no clue what i was talking about..which i thought was rather silly considering they’re the ones that created these silly activities…the fact that i could not be helped made me feel as though it was all like a scam or fib it also left me feeling extremely disappointed…

Linked to forced labor in China & half the products are junk. The LA times has a story about how some products on Temu are from a region that the US has banned products from because it is where companies are using forced labor camps from imprisoned ethnic minorities. I did not realize this when I decided to try temu, I wish I had known. And you get what you pay for…of the 25 items I ordered, 11 were so bad I returned them or threw them away. Some were totally defective (like a meat tenderizer that the silver finish rubbed off and turned my hands black when i tried to wash it with regular dish soap), some were not as pictured/described (weird gathering stitches on a blouse, ‘stretchy’ shoelaces that weren’t actually stretchy at all, shorts where the fabric in person is shiny and stiff instead of matte and drapey the way it looked in the photos), some seem possibly dangerous (a dog cooling mat that was cool but must have some weird chemicals on it b/c my dog who loves to lay on EVERYTHING refuses to go near it). So basically it seems too good to be true and it definitely is. The one good thing is returns were easy and customer support was helpful when I had to contact them. But the forced labor thing is awful, I will never buy from them again.

Almost 5 starts but I think I will edit once I get a resolution on a situation. Tbh, I am extremely impressed with TEMU the first 3 months that I have been ordering from this site/app. Shipping is/was extremely fast (for items coming overseas) but lately, there has been majors delays on their shipment. Very unusual. However, what I love from it is that it gives you automatically $5 credit if there is a delay from their 14 range for delivery. Normally it takes a day or two longer. Also, I like the constant offering of coupons for $12 less if you order $60 or more. So far I had spent over $600 in a large amount of items. I had invited friends and family alike because of the great prices. I used it use Ali x pre ss but it has taken forever to ship items to USA. Over a months to some of them. Also, I still have a problem with a seller that doesn’t want to honor a price on their site, I never going back to that place. So far, TEMU has been a breath of good initiative and quick response…. Please keep it up, I know it is hard, but don’t give up!

Ok ordered twice and both times couldn’t be happier!. I have to say of course I was skeptic like everyone else but I also happily once ordered off of Wish so I expected honestly nothing special. I was wrong. I ordered twice now from Temu and both times the product I ordered was exactly as described and I personally couldn’t be happier with the products I ordered. This second time I really really didn’t expect my order ( especially a 4-6 piece order) to be delivered in less then a week. I leave for a trip in less then 15 hours and wanted to take my items with me and am estatic they came in time! Honestly, I recommend this to anyone who like me wants to be able to actually be able to shop for items comfortably price range wise. Before the pandemic was honestly the last time I was able to even think about shopping for anything that wasn’t 100% essential. It really is a nice feeling to get some new clothes that actually fit me and won’t set me back 5 paychecks to catch back up to where I was. Honestly, thank you Temu. Thank you thank you!

You paid for what you got. I only ordered twice from TEMU. My first order was two sets of boxing hand wraps. They came in within the promised time frame. However, right away you could tell the hand wraps were cheap made from low quality fabric. One of the wraps was damaged without even being used. They both went to the garbage. I figured because I paid for what I got - cheap unusable stuff. My second order included 4 items. The package came in a month later. I was at the point where I was ready to dispute the charge on my credit card. Just like the first order, everything looked horrible and went into the garbage. The app asked me for reviews. When I was trying to put a one star review, a message popped out asking me to contact the customer service. I contacted the customer service through the chat and told the person what happened to the items received. Without any hesitation, the customer service representative offered me a full refund and I received the refund instantly on my PayPal account which was only positive experience I had with TEMU. I deleted the App and unsubscribed the email. I would not recommend anyone to order anything from them due to the safety concerns of the previous being made.

DO NOT USE TEMU. Are the prices extremely low? Yes. Is the quality of the things your getting any good? Yes. Is it even real? Yes. BUT. The customer service and the third party carriers they use don’t make any of those things worth it. I have ordered from Temu multiple times and I’ve only received one of my orders. The package tracking is inaccurate. The communication between Temu and any carrier they use seems like next to none. I would check up on my packages. Track them. I would even call customer service for Temu and what ever shipping handler is supposedly delivering my order. The first time I ordered from Temu I never even go my package. Even tho my address was correct in the app they still sent my package to the wrong address. They told me they’d fix it and I’d be receiving my package. 4 days later I get an email stating my package was already sent back to the sender. It was irritating and frustrating. If I’m going to buy from your company have better communication with your carriers. At this point I’m deleting my account. It’s not worth it. After the 4th time that I’ve not received anything I’ve bought it doesn’t make the hard to believe prices worth it. Absolutely ridiculous. Do not buy from Temu. Worst experience I’ve ever had.

So Disappointing. I cannot say the quality of the product since I never received my order. This company uses Laser Ship for shipping orders. In my area it is OnTrac. OnTrac uses independent carriers to deliver their orders. They have an extremely miserable rating on account of the inefficiency and dishonesty of the couriers with whom they contract. I was expecting my birthday present today. Last night, Miki Marie, my 12 year old kitty that was with me since birth died. I was looking forward to having my birthday dresses to cheer me up. The courier marked it as delivered, but it was never delivered. Temu gave me a refund, which will take about a week to be returned to my bank, but I really want my birthday dresses. What I really want is my Miki Marie back, but I would’ve settled for my birthday dresses. Now I have nothing new to wear on my birthday and won’t receive my refund until after my birthday. Temu will be forever associated with misery. Unless you have a door cam, even then, don’t count on receiving your packages delivered through their shipper, Laser Ship. I live in an apartment complex and I went to every single door looking for my package in the hot, humid weather. I won’t be using the credit that they offered me on my account either, since what good is it, when I won’t receive it. I’m absolutely crushed.

Some things good Some things bad.. I give this site 4 stars mostly it is a good site to find some good items at great deals. My issue is a couple things when things go on sale like really high like 50% to 90% off they inflate the price and put a slash through it and say it’s normally this price and it’s marked down from the inflated price x amount and these are the items you see regularly and know that they are like always 22$ but on this super sale they will be 90$ slashed thru and be 32$ for example and then they go back down when the period is over to they’re regular price second issue is the games u play where invites are the key to getting free stuff never will a spin or pick a hat or card etc… whatever the game is it will always get u the best prize the first two and then make u struggle for the last three dollars or whatever to get the prize I think we should be able to pay for more coins or somthing because they don’t let u spam invites and must do so to even get the prize all in all its an ok site if u know how to work it and or if u just want to buy stuff

NO SUPPORT AND FAKE REVIEWS. Go to the Better Business Bureau if you want to see true reviews of Temu. Customer support is basically nonexistent for Temu, and they don't assist customers at all. Temu needs to use trustworthy shipping companies that don't lose huge orders. All of the hours out of days that I spent to find the items that I needed and then order them are down the drain! The order was lost and now Temu expects me to go back through and find the items all over again because the order link does not separate the lost items from the delivered items. It shows that it does, but whenever I click on the shipped but not delivered link, it only takes me back to the entire order altogether. It's far too inconvenient and too time-consuming to do this all over again. Also, on the Wish app, I can save over 1500 items within my wish list. It's the same for the wish list in the Shein app. Temu needs to allow much more to be saved on their wish list because this would make re-ordering items that Temu lost so much easier and much quicker. Also of course, allow the links of items not delivered to actually work for real so that one simple click would re-order those items again.

I wish. I wish I could have this app I had it before but I saw on TikTok that some people could be getting hacked I looked at where all the reviews were and they were all amazing I tried to tell my mom that it is a good app but she didn’t trust me and that it’s OK my cousin had it and she bought stuff on it and a bunch more people that I knew I just felt like the app was not safe but that changed until I saw all of the good reviews if the owner of this app sees this I’m not hating in The app it is a wonderful app where you can get expensive things for way cheaper and I love it so the people who have this app that don’t have a lot of money is perfect for you because I feel like if they don’t have a lot of money they get to have this I don’t know if there’s food on there or not but if it is that would be perfect and thank you Tenue for getting this app for the people who don’t have a lot of money to afford things but they really really really need it I really enjoyed this apple I had it so I hope you enjoy it too that is the end of my review bye

Too many fake discounts…. When using the app, there’s too many pop ups for discounts. What really frustrated me to write this review is that Temu was offering 5 free items of your choice from a list of items as long as you sent referral codes. After going through a series of about 5 pop ups to get money off to obtain the “free” items, it states to invite a friend and get the final $3 off to obtain the “free” items. I sent the link to a friend right next to me, whom never used Temu before. They clicked the link, downloaded and created their account. They were then bombarded with several pop ups. On my end, the app stated that my referral link had been used. It said that I could check the use under “invitations” which didn’t provide any information or indicate my link was used, however, I was given $1.20 off for inviting my friend. Temu then asked me to invite another friend to get the remaining $1.80 which is confusing since it told me I would get $3. Temu is playing a game, and therefore, I do not recommend because they aren’t making it easy to just shop. I don’t want to jump through hoops to buy clothes. I did spend $200 on some items for my daughter, however it hasn’t arrived yet so I can’t speak on the quality. I can only review the app at this time.

Don’t play the games. So the products are actually amazingly priced like wish, but unlike wish, the products are pretty amazing. There is one way to earn free gifts, you just have to invite like 15 people who don’t have the app and an account already, and like 5 people who do, I succeeded my mother and my husband however did not, so good luck on that. However, there are “games” where they say “earn $$$” or “earn $$$ credit”, but it’s pretty impossible to do. And when you try to back out they give a pop up that says “this person earned $$$$” and put up an impossible amount of money!!! I tried a cookie jar game, where it says “invite new players to drop cookies faster.” I did this, it says “100 cookies = $1”… but guess what!!! After you hit the redeem button you then have to spin to earn the money! 1000 cookies equals 1 spin.. and the closer you get, the less you get.. first couple spins was 20 vouchers of 100, but once i got to 93 vouchers of 100, suddenly i was only getting pennys. The other games are the exact same.

An affordable hidden gem with everything you can think of. I haven’t been shopping at Temu for very long. But when I finally decided to check it out after hearing all about it!! I’m hooked! Great prices everything you can think of is on here and even everything you haven’t thought of is on here. And the prices are great. It’s what makes the whole experience amazing! Your orders arrive when they say they are going to or they will legit give you a $5 credit if it doesn’t get to you on time… but one thing I can say I am not too happy about is with my last purchase actually. I was in the temu exclusive and placed my order in a bonus offer promotion the goal was to spend $80 and I would get $18 credit back to my account for future purchases. We’ll I met the quota and I was only issued $4 credit. And the way said wait until your order ships for it to be credited to your account. And I did and still nothing!! Way bummed out was really looking forward to the perks of shopping in temu exclusive 🫤

Kind of a joke…. First i am going to say some of the products that you buy from Temu are really awesome and the price makes it even better. But there have been a few times I’ve ordered something and the item i received was not anything like what was pictured. I have ordered several times and literally not one single order has came where something wasn’t missing, broke, and one of my orders the whole entire order said it was delivered but not to me they delivered it to my address just in a different city about 5 hours from my actual house. The one thing about temu that gets on my nerves is the rigged games. I’m really starting to believe they are lying about real people actually winning these “free gifts” and whatnot . The games are literally rigged to where no one is going to win and the one time where some how I managed to actually win the $50 credit they didn’t give it to me In the game I had to go back and forth with customer service about it and thankfully I screen record everything and was able to show them that I won and then they had no choice but to give it to me. Also anytime I have invited new people I never get any of the points or whatever it is called for inviting new customers.

Pleasantly surprised!!!. I was very skeptical of this site. I'm not a risk taker. But I was board and thought I'd start small and just purchase a few items. Well that turned into 3 hours of shopping in the comfort of my cozy home. My first order was 5 identical Christmas outfits for my preschool class. The deal was amazing and the picture of the outfit was soooooo darling. The total was $30. I was prepared to be disappointed. When I opened that package I felt and seen the outfits. I was in LovE!!!! They are the cutest!!!! I'm so excited to gift them. The next day I got my big order of about 40 random things. My daughter and I made a game out of it. First let me tell you this is the daughter that yells at me for buying junk or over priced items on Facebook . So she was in full mode ready to laugh at me!!! We opened and took one item out at a time. Said if it was quality or junk and then I made her guess the price I paid. She guessed higher on most everything!!! She was smiling and said okay mom you did good 😊. It's just a fun and addicting site. I give it 5 stars!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Great app i love it!. I’ve ordered about 10+ things from temu now and i’ve had it for about 3 weeks. Everything came in tact, within a week, and it gave me constant updates on where my packages were. It’s insanely cheap, so I was definitely skeptical, despite a bunch of my friends/family have confirmed it’s legit. It does have a $10 minimum for each order, with free shipping. I’ve seen some people complaining about that, but like let’s be real $10 is reasonable considering they’re giving you free shipping & crazy cheap stuff. They need to make money too! lol. The “free gift” stuff is kind of a give or take. I have quite a few friends who have actually gotten those 5 free gifts, but you need to have A LOT of friends (who don’t have temu) in order to get them and it takes a decent amount of time. they make it difficult on purpose which is annoying, but then again who would make it easy and give millions of people free things everyday? Overall i love this app and i will totally still use it, but as any app for shopping it has its flaws.

Experience by Temu. The truth is Temu is not a good app! Because you can find the same items through Shein with more discounts, and ship faster but the more important is their package come with safety. I shopped twice times on this app and both times the delivery was awful, and all products were mistreated and it always comes in a regular bag, not as they show in their advertisements in boxes, I think that they only do this with the influencers to be able to sell and that is the wrong attitude from Temu to customers since we are the consumers by paying them not them, even if the products are free for them I don't recommend this app unless you don’t care the safety your products. ¡La verdad es que Temu no es una buena aplicación! Porque puede encontrar los mismos artículos a través de Shein con más descuentos y enviar más rápido, pero lo más importante es que su paquete venga con seguridad. Compré dos veces en esta aplicación y las dos veces la entrega fue horrible, y todos los productos fueron maltratados y siempre viene en una bolsa normal, no como muestran sus anuncios en cajas, creo que eso solo lo hacen con los influencers para poder vender y esa es la actitud incorrecta de Temu hacia los clientes, ya que somos los consumidores al pagarles, no a ellos, incluso si los productos son gratuitos para ellos. No recomiendo esta aplicación a menos que no le importe la seguridad de sus productos.

Great app but…. Honestly, the app is great. I love how I can find stuff for pretty cheap here that anywhere else would be more expensive, so no problems with the quality of the products that they have. The only thing I’m not too just about is the courier service. Seriously the last few packages in a row have been delivered by CDL and they don’t even update on time when the package is out for delivery or when it has arrived. So the package will sit wherever it is placed for a while before it’s retrieved or stolen. The notification does not come at the time that they drop it off or whatever so if it’s not on secure area that is a window of time that it could’ve been stolen before the recipient even gets it. And I get that the company doesn’t choose which career service as courier services may depend on what service is available at that time. But never in a time that I’ve been ordering till now have I consistently gotten the same courier service each time. I just wish they would look for another service that may be available because honestly USPS, UPS, FedEx, or DHL is a lot more reliable than CDL is right

1 star to get attention. Beware. All packages WILL get smashed so buy something bendable. Every package will be smashed. I was only lucky a breakable item made it for Christmas because there was a bigger item in the package to add more space and other items filled that space too. Ok. Just updated the app. I was hoping maybe by now we could organize our carts by now. I have a LOT of optional stuff and I will NOT be doom scrolling all the way down to see everything. Also I think when things in my cart sell out it goes away from your cart so you can't even view the item and think 'hmmm maybe I should get this finally' no. you just don't see it which is anti advertising. I need the cart to have a SAVE FOR LATER and also ways to have wishlist because 80% of my possible wants someday will Not be brought back into my attention with how long my cart (wishlist) is getting. Yes. Having a long list of things you might buy is a punishment. Also if you brows an item and keep hitting related things from that item again and again and THEN you want to go back to main page you're better off closing the app and opening again or else you're going back through every single page which is nice but give me a button to menu.

My daughter made me do it, and I’m glad she did!. Originally, I thought the app was very gimmicky— and really didn’t have great expectations. My daughter made me download it after she saw reviews on TikTok and her friends had made purchases. The products are for the most part better quality than you typically would get from a website like Wish or SHEIN…. At least what we have gotten so far. Also, the tracking and order processing updates are great. If there is a delay, they let you know and credit your account! I had one item that was broken when it arrived, but they were quick to refund my account in mere minutes. I honestly haven’t done a lot of the games or referrals for freebies— but I’m just satisfied with getting the products I am at good prices. There is something there for everyone— check it out, and read reviews. Also, if you do shopping on Etsy, I recommend checking on this site that the same product isn’t being sold on Temu for less than half the price it’s listed on Etsy.

baiting. I love temu and the fact that their items are pretty much what you see on the app. I've never had any problems with the close or electronics I have purchased. BUT I only gave 4 stars for the fact that they send all these notifications that you've been selected to get this off the purchase price or this amount in coupons but when I select the items and put them in my cart there's always a trick to it. I received and email saying I have been selected to spin the will and get $300 worth of coupons. U selected my items then it asked me to pay the $75 that the items cost. Or it'll say because I'm a valued customer I can select three free items but once I did that then I have to get 5 ppl to sign up for temu and do some other task to receive the free items. Everybody I know already shops with temu. Don't get me wrong like I said I love this app and definitely recommend it to everybody I know when they ask where I got the outfit I have on but I would've given 5 stars if they stuck to the promotions they offer.

good but bad. Temu is good overall, the games were actually useful, where we could actually earn credits from the credit game but now it’s harder to earn it since we don’t actually get a few cents from it. The limit for being able to check out is also frustrating because it goes up everytime we/i buy something. It’s hard to go up to that limit when we don’t know what to buy. There could be a feature where on the weekend we could have no limit on purchasing items without having to worry about the spending limit. The games are sometimes rigged and it’s hard to get new users. I wish there was a bigger limit for existing users. If the games are luck based I think it will be better because there’s more chances than actually getting new users. I understand that new users are important because new users equals more people using the app and buying stuff. I hope that the games can improve or be like the old version where we could earn a few cents, and become better where we could earn credit easier and faster.

App good, company annoying!. The app works great. I’ve used it for a couple years and so far never had a single problem. I order from Temu all the time. So long as you carefully read the entire description of what you are ordering, look at all of the pictures, and read the reviews, you can get some great deals. Just beware of the fine print and the dreaded bait and switch. However, Temu has an excellent refund policy, especially for products with inaccurate or misleading descriptions. The annoying part is that you are constantly bombarded with gimmicks promising special deals if you advertise for Temu. The catch is you have to invite a new person, and then they have to place an order before you get the prize. And typically your prize is either coupons that are only good if you place an order, or a “special price” that in fact isn’t really a good deal. The coupons are ridiculous. Like 50 cents off if you spend $50. Temu needs to do their own advertising and stop harassing their current customers to do the marketing for them! So, this is not a low rating for the app, which works great, but a lower rating for Temu’s marketing techniques.

Pretty cool, but the free stuff isn’t all that free. So far, I’ve experimented with the experience of using the app and while the whole experience is based around users impulsively spending money and inviting more people to download the app, the app also offers a bunch of free stuff. The only catch is, you better be in it for the long game because there's plenty of opportunity for them to 'get you' and drain you of your time and energy in the meantime. It's very misleading and they continue to change the rules and how their games are played. For example, there's a mini game called Fishland and you have to feed a certain amount of fish to win free goods, except the fish gradually become harder to feed and take more food to feed them, It also get gradually harder to get fish food and takes longer and longer. It's a constant dangling of the carrot. It's meant to frustrate you and make you break down and just buy what they're offering. I'll give a higher rating when the mini games and free offers feel less like a carnival game and make it worth my time.. probably would incentivize me to buy more by not feeling gyped all the time.

Temu. Some items that are purchased are faulty I would say that has to go with every company sometimes things just don’t fit perfectly but it’s OK people get things wrong. Sometimes items come in the wrong way that doesn’t mean to take it out on the rest of the great stuff that comes out of this company. I would say the prices are great and a lot of everything works out just also sometimes the material is a little weird and it’s not something I always like but the company is great about returns and how they deal with it as well as refunds the refunds which I really appreciate the customer service is always very nice and pleasant, The shirts are soft and they feel nice,here and there a little Problem with the sizing, sometimes too small as well as too big, but most of the time it is just right, and the company is always very good at taking care of the situation and you feel like they’re there to help but overall like I said before the company is good, it’s great when you have a budget.👍👍

Order Auto Refunded for “Unusual Activity”. I just ordered on Dec. 18th. My order was "refunded" on Dec. 20th. Who knows how long that process will actually take before my credit card account is refunded? When I inquired with customer service why this would happen, I got zero real response. My chat experience started at 2:06 pm. I finally received communication from Darwin, offering to help at 2:35 pm. Whatever, it's days before Christmas, and they had a convenient queue countdown letting me know I started at 252 in the waiting line. I wasn't particularly in a hurry, so I waited it out. I asked Darwin why my order was refunded, and I got the same stock answer twice: "In order to protect the safety of your funds..." Listen, Darwin, I heard you the first time, and you still haven't actually told me why my order was refunded. PayPal was happy to pay it, as was American Express. So anyway, Darwin was no help. He told me he had informed a supervisor and ghosted me. The customer service did not get better from there. The "supervisor" responded two days later with the exact same non-response and ended the chat. TLDR: You MIGHT be able to get a good deal from TEMU, but I would not count on actually receiving it or getting any actual customer assistance if you need it.

My experience with Temu. I love the app it has a lot of offer, and I like that they keep you up to date every time with any offer and if you order something they send messages telling where the package is, the offers are the bests I’ve seen up to now but if you’re gonna get an offer to get something for free you gotta share to some people and I don’t really mind to share but I don’t have some of my friends phone numbers and some of the ones I share to don’t accept the invite because they’re busy or they think it’s a scam so you know basically I don’t have much friends to share to and I would like to send a gift to my family and friends or even things I need and don’t have enough money for it I can’t get it but I gotta share with a friend and make them sign up. But for the rest the sipping and prices are the best for now and the most time a shipping could be is like a week or a little more, the app is good for shopping clothes and accessories but I still don’t know if the offers are catchy or I just need more friends.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 2.57.1
Play Store com.einnovation.temu
Compatibility iOS 9.0 or later

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The application Temu: Shop Like a Billionaire was published in the category Shopping on 31 August 2022, Wednesday and was developed by Temu [Developer ID: 1641486560]. This program file size is 52.03 MB. This app has been rated by 1,026,464 users and has a rating of 4.6 out of 5. Temu: Shop Like a Billionaire - Shopping app posted on 06 April 2024, Saturday current version is 2.57.1 and works well on iOS 9.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.einnovation.temu. Languages supported by the app:

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