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App Name Temu: Shop Like a Billionaire
Category Shopping
Updated 25 July 2023, Tuesday
File Size 62.34 MB

Temu: Shop Like a Billionaire Comments & Reviews 2023

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Temu. Some items that are purchased are faulty I would say that has to go with every company sometimes things just don’t fit perfectly but it’s OK people get things wrong. Sometimes items come in the wrong way that doesn’t mean to take it out on the rest of the great stuff that comes out of this company. I would say the prices are great and a lot of everything works out just also sometimes the material is a little weird and it’s not something I always like but the company is great about returns and how they deal with it as well as refunds the refunds which I really appreciate the customer service is always very nice and pleasant, The shirts are soft and they feel nice,here and there a little Problem with the sizing, sometimes too small as well as too big, but most of the time it is just right, and the company is always very good at taking care of the situation and you feel like they’re there to help but overall like I said before the company is good, it’s great when you have a budget.👍👍

Exceeds expectations so far!. So I did not have high expectations for this app. However, the items that I have purchased have been really well made and good quality. I have purchased so far, a bread shaped eyeshadow palette, a beanie, creature bookmark, hair clip. They were all awesome. Before purchasing I made sure to read reviews and would not buy the item without seeing pictures that people have uploaded during their review. I think that really helped me to get good quality products. I have made another larger purchase since then. Just waiting to receive it. The first order arrived in less than two weeks, so my second order should arrive in a week or so. That being said, there are some items I don’t know if I would purchase just because I don’t have the extra money to spend to have it not work or be the quality I wanted to, so I definitely think it’s a great day. I will continue buying from the app. Black Friday Shipping currently is free which I absolutely love. I’m super stoked for my next order to arrive.. some people have compare this to “Wish” which maybe there are items that would be comparable. For me, so far with what I have received, I definitely think that Temu is much better and shipping is quick in comparison.

Great place to shop for almost anything!. I have spent about $150 so far on Temu. I have loved everything so far except for one thing and I have probably bought 30 items. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of most things. Some were better than others but for the price I sure can’t complain. I will be back for sure. You can’t lose even if one thing turns out not so great because it is so inexpensive. The shipping is fast for what is probably coming from over seas. maybe a week or little more. They will text you a lot of times with updates on your order so you are never left in the dark wondering where your package is. I love getting a deal so Temu is my kind of place to shop. I recommend looking around on the site for the best deal because many times they will have it cheaper from a different seller I suppose because there are multiples of similar items. They also send you coupons sometimes. If you have friend who you can sign up you can get a lot of free stuff but I didn’t want to bother anyone. I like to wait til they send me a coupon to place an order. Try it you will like it. Warning most the time when they offer free gifts you are going to have to get friends to sign up and you will play games to get the points then you will need more points to win and you will need friends to sign up to actually win the prizes you have picked out. If you have plenty of friends you can get plenty of free things. Over all I was pleasantly surprised with the products.

A Little Refinement Will Bring Me To 5 Star. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with my shopping experience at Temu and only have a couple of suggestions. I have purchased a number of clothing items through the app and have found discrepancies between the material description listed for a few items versus the actual material found on the tag once I received the items. When I made Temu aware of my disappointment, I have to acknowledge they were more than happy to provide me with a full refund, very promptly. Hopefully they will be more attentive to making this information accurate. Secondly, when trying to find a pair of cargo shorts by waist size, many times the size shown (S30 for example) is not really a 30 inch waist. When you tap on the S30, the app brings up additional sizing information and I have seen waist sizes ranging between 28 and 32 as the actual waist measurement for the S30 size option. I do realize that international sizing can be rather inconsistent and that Temu may not be able to do anything about this issue. I would just have to suggest that you be careful to determine your correct size when ordering clothing. Lastly, and this is just a personal preference for myself, I wish that Temu had more boys/mens cargo shorts available in a smaller waist size (28-29 inches) that also have a button closure. Thank you for reading my review, I hope you find Temu to be a good shopping experience!

Purchase Elsewhere. Temu does not meet shipping deadlines expected by the customer at by time of purchase and agreed upon by both the customer and Temu at the time of purchase. They tie customers in with an expected delivery date, then they do not meet the deadline and thanks you for “your gratitude and understanding” ahead of time, as they know they will not meet the deadline agreed upon at the time of sale and purchase. Additionally, if they do ship your items, they are all poorly packaged and arrive severely damaged — even to the extent of not being able to use the item. They urge you to share their application that they have developed, and unfortunately, mark your account as suspicious activity to keep you from receiving your benefits. The “[name] has won [amount] in free gifts is a cycled, generated program that they have installed to get you to share their application. If you watch it continuously for a few days, it will cycle back around. Temu consists primarily of lies and deceit on overstocked items that they receive for free and sell to you at full or discounted prices. They combine the “discounted items”, or free overstocked items, with normal-priced items to make you feel as though you’re getting a deal. Do not shop with Temu. Do not share their services so that others fall into their trap.

Pretty good so far. Just purchased 14 items for $12, so we’ll see what the actual price points are like after the new user discount disappears. Seems similar to AliExpress, but with better shipping time, smaller range of products and competitive prices. Two things to be mindful of: 1, There is no favorites or wishlist option. If you want to save something, you have to put it in your cart. You do have the option of selecting and buying just one item, but there’s also the option of sleepily emptying the cart or purchasing everything when you’re just trying to do one of two items. 2, The ratings when you click on a product seem to be for the entire store. When I clicked the reviews to read others opinions, they were filled with other items, to the point that I never saw the item I was looking for in any of the review sections. Will try to remember to come back and update rating based on the quality of the products. I’m not expecting top-notch quality, but I would like to get a few uses out of each item before it possibly breaks.

Changes have ruined the app. Temu will be getting no more money from me. After being a customer for a while, changes have been made to the app that make it not worth the "good" prices. Sure you can get individual items here for cheaper, but you now have to spend minimum $20 to be able to check out!! You can't see a small item you like and get it for a couple dollars, you're forced to spend $20 every. Single. Time. You want something. Which means you're forced to buy a bunch of stuff you don't actually want, or you have to wait forever until you have $20 worth of stuff you want. So it'll be months before you get your stuff... Recently they've also stopped accepting returns from me. They make me send the item back, where they used to let me keep the product and give me my money back in the form of credit. I understand why they'd want the items back, but that's just going to turn me away. Items here are extremely hit or miss. 50% of what you buy is nothing at all like the item description. I'm not going to the post office every time I need a return. That's so annoying. Plus it costs me money to get the box and packing materials, probably more money than the product itself! Either give consistent quality and trustworthy items or let me return it without a headache. Deleting after my current order ships to me, and never coming back! Shame they ruined it, used to be pretty good.

Love this app. I’ve been buying from this app for over a month. So far I’ve had absolutely no problem with any of the products. I purchased tools for miniatures I purchased craft and art supplies. I purchased electronic gadgets and I’ve purchased household items. Everything has been exactly as I expected. Everything has been delivered within the timeframe that they’ve told me it would be actually they’ve been delivered the first day of their estimate when shipment even arrived early, I get no annoying ads I get no request to invite other people to download the app for bonuses. Nothing like that. The only mistake I’ve seen so far is that I had ordered 10 S hooks and they shipped me five I called customer support and they are re-shipping the missing five hooks no needing to make this shipment up to $10. No shipping charge no questions the woman I talk to was very professional and cheerful overall I am extremely happy with this site. The quality is better than I expected. I had used wish before and gotten totally scammed, so needless to say, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with my experience with Temu.

Great place to shop for almost anything!!!. To get your $100 bonus, enter "Kubonus Temu" in Google before signing up. I have spent about $150 so far on Temu. I have loved everything so far except for one thing and I have probably bought 30 items. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of most things. Some were better than others but for the price I sure can’t complain. I will be back for sure. You can’t lose even if one thing turns out not so great because it is so inexpensive. The shipping is fast for what is probably coming from over seas. maybe a week or little more. They will text you a lot of times with updates on your order so you are never left in the dark wondering where your package is. I love getting a deal so Temu is my kind of place to shop. I recommend looking around on the site for the best deal because many times they will have it cheaper from a different seller I suppose because there are multiples of similar items. They also send you coupons sometimes. If you have friend who you can sign up you can get a lot of free stuff but I didn’t want to bother anyone. I like to wait til they send me a coupon to place an order. Try it you will like it. Warning most the time when they offer free gifts you are going to have to get friends to sign up and you will play games to get the points then you will need more points to win and you will need friends to sign up to actually win the prizes you have picked out. If you have plenty of friends you can get plenty of free

Never shopping anywhere else again!. I got this app a few months ago, and now I'm addicted. Everything on here is so cheap, and all the time, Temu launches a big sale, some coupons, or even free gifts altogether. Some of their items can be a little sketchy, but as long as you're careful, you're practically guaranteed great products for the cheapest price out there. What I've heard about Temu recently is completely the opposite from what I've personally experienced. All the products I've received have good quality, or at least acceptable for the price. I've only ever had one package come late, and when it did, they reimbursed me $10! Extremely rarely, you may find an item or two missing, but it's never anything detrimental. While you may find something missing, or maybe an item doesn't work, you can still apply for a refund. In my case, they gave me a full refund and allowed me to keep the items, and I could donate it as I pleased! They have great customer service and I literally couldn't ask for better! Thank you Temu for the great products and cheap prices!

Great place to shop for almost anything!!!. To get your $100 bonus, enter "Kubonus Temu" in Google before signing up. I have spent about $150 so far on Temu. I have loved everything so far except for one thing and I have probably bought 30 items. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of most things. Some were better than others but for the price I sure can’t complain. I will be back for sure. You can’t lose even if one thing turns out not so great because it is so inexpensive. The shipping is fast for what is probably coming from over seas. maybe a week or little more. They will text you a lot of times with updates on your order so you are never left in the dark wondering where your package is. I love getting a deal so Temu is my kind of place to shop. I recommend looking around on the site for the best deal because many times they will have it cheaper from a different seller I suppose because there are multiples of similar items. They also send you coupons sometimes. If you have friend who you can sign up you can get a lot of free stuff but I didn’t want to bother anyone. I like to wait til they send me a coupon to place an order. Try it you will like it. Warning most the time when they offer free gifts you are going to have to get friends to sign up and you will play games to get the points then you will need more points to win and you will need friends to sign up to actually win the prizes you have picked out. If you have plenty of friends you can get plenty of free

Changed policy mid conversation. I wanted a refund for damaged products, I asked for it and wanted the refund as credit since it’d be much easier and faster. They didn’t not just give me the option to take it as temu credit but told me afterwards that I had to ask before they proceed keeping mind I did, also it hasn’t been processed because it said the it will take up to 5-14 businesses days for the refund so it be processed, and then up to 30 days so I can receive my money back. After I spoke to 2 agents + 1 specialist they said it has already been processed and that it’s up to my bank when I receive the money. They said it would take DAYS but out of the nowhere when I ask if it would just be changed into credit they said it’s been processed in minutes? I have screenshots of the conversation, people should read at least some of the terms and conditions on things like the refund policy. It hasn’t even been half of the 30 days policy for me to get a refund, and it took like 15 minutes for me to get a refund so I don’t want the “you’re too late” excuse. I followed every rule and same as the policies but they send a random message “repeating” what they said about the order refund, but didn’t repeat they just changed the whole thing on which I was promised.

Illegal activity. What this company is doing is illegal. If you don’t believe me, go through the reviews. First, they make it extremely difficult to see an items reviews. How? Click on the reviews and what you will see are reviews for a whole bunch of items, not just the item your looking at. Second, start reading the reviews. Countless reviews are clearly negative, yet it shows that the person gave the item 5 stars which is impossible. Simply put, this is fraud and needs reported to Apple so their app is removed from the store. After reading the reviews, it is very clear that their “review” grading system is a lie as well. Further, when you double check that the things I am writing are true (and they are), report it to your attorney general. Listen, I’ve ordered off Temu quite a few items and have been happy with most of them (not all—some clothing items have a strange fit). Even so, a companies business practices must be on the up and up and if not, they should be forced out of business. Transparencies led to Amazon’s success. Temu has decided that they can be successful through lies and deceptions. We need to prove them wrong.

Temu app. I was sent this link about 2 months ago from my daughter who wanted to get some free stuff, then I opened it to see what it was about, I have been addicted to it every since. I get on so many times a day , more then Facebook. I don’t like getting out to shop and spending so much time looking for stuff in so many stores, but here they have absolutely everything possible and more. I have had absolute success on receiving all my orders, in good condition, now I normally wouldn’t buy out of the country because of my experiences before, like taking 2 to 4 months to receive something. However a couple of weeks isn’t bad at all , that I can do! Almost everything has been great , I’ve decided that the woman’s clothes with a few exceptions just don’t work for me. I enjoy the daily gift box with credit, I don’t like being rushed to hurry and close my purchases in fear of my items running out , it causes me to make mistakes on my orders, like doubling and tripling the same items. I haven’t returned anything because it’s a pain for me but I have received credit on a few of items with no problems. Thank you 🙏🏽 for a great shopping experience ! XO~HUGS🫶🏽

Rabbit in a Hat it’s like Magic! Here and gone! All things are vanity!. You never know what your going to get or not get it could be a treasure in discord or something you may not have the ability to send back! So on that heavenly note since you might not be able to forward the printing of a label like me from your phone to another cell # or email you will be stuck holding the hat with no rabbit! God has you back so have a back up plan to give it away as a gift if you get something not made correctly or damaged! Have plan ABC 123 & 369 and 144, 222, 444, 555, 404 and hopefully 109 Lol! Keep up with the change of software too! It’s a coin trick too! Email is sent to the website not your email address when your waiting to hear from customer service with a ticket number that can hold more than one issue and take days or even a week! More than one issue may not be true on each ticket number even though I asked! It’s never a dull day at TEMU! Pray! Suggestion make your orders small and slow and far in between each because the tortoise beat the hair! Temu needs to slow down for better quality over all my issues with TEMU for the Rabbit to be happy or even treated fare at times! Keep up the betterment for all involved Temu! God has you back! God is Truth! Godspeed! God is Song!

$50 coupon. To get your $50 bonus, enter "Kubonus Temu" in Google before signing up. This is an official promotion for new users of Temu. I've been using Temu for several months now and love it! It feels great to be able to buy almost anything on a whim because everything is so affordable. The quality of merchandise can vary a lot but I have been very impressed by a few items, like a cotton canvas purse that is thick, durable, washable, and looks great. My favorite items so far has been the neat little bucket washing machine that gets my socks and underwear cleaner than a regular washing machine and rechargeable motion sensor lights that detect day/night (that's a lot of cutting edge tech for $7.50!) These little inexpensive items improve your quality of life, like a drain hair catcher that saves me money on plumbers, a nice quality purse to replace an old one, car blind spot mirrors that can save my life, sanding discs fo repairing paint scratches on my car, dishwashing steel wool, adhesive hooks for jackets, clips that hold my shower curtain in place so it doesn't stick me uncomfortably, and several amazing Apple watch band knockoffs that look like the real thing and cost less than $10! It's being able to buy all these items that life starts to feel a little more affordable. They have great customer service and I literally couldn't ask for better! Thank you Temu for the great products and cheap prices! Thank you Temu for helping people's paychecks stretch a little further!

HORRIBLE experience. I have been using this app for a while, however I have had many issues with the quality of these clothes. I bought a pair of sweatpants and as they arrived they looked nothing like the pictures. They had a strange seam line going down them, which wasn’t on the picture. Oh well, I’ll just contact them. I was given a refund, no problem, however I was still a little upset with the situation as it left a bad taste in my mouth. So, I go ahead and make another purchase, buying two pairs of pants and a shirt. The shirt was poor quality, but it was pretty cheap, so I was not too mad. But the pants were the problem. I received a pair of jeans that were blue and looked NOTHING like the picture. And as I opened the package, I discovered they were WET. They were in the package in a secure plastic bag, so I have no idea how they were wet. I can’t imagine it was a shipping issue, because nothing else was wet. And the other pair of pants I received looked nothing like the imagine. Angry with what I received, I contact Temu about the two pairs of pants. And they told me there was nothing I could do without a refund. Here’s the thing - I don’t think I should be forced to use my gas money (I do not live near a postal box) to return my LOW QUALITY items that are NOTHING LIKE THE PICTURE of them while they’re wet!!! This is a horrible business. I’ve recommended so many people to this app, but these Temu does not care. I am BEYOND angry with this experience and in disbelief.

Ok ordered twice and both times couldn’t be happier!. I have to say of course I was skeptic like everyone else but I also happily once ordered off of Wish so I expected honestly nothing special. I was wrong. I ordered twice now from Temu and both times the product I ordered was exactly as described and I personally couldn’t be happier with the products I ordered. This second time I really really didn’t expect my order ( especially a 4-6 piece order) to be delivered in less then a week. I leave for a trip in less then 15 hours and wanted to take my items with me and am estatic they came in time! Honestly, I recommend this to anyone who like me wants to be able to actually be able to shop for items comfortably price range wise. Before the pandemic was honestly the last time I was able to even think about shopping for anything that wasn’t 100% essential. It really is a nice feeling to get some new clothes that actually fit me and won’t set me back 5 paychecks to catch back up to where I was. Honestly, thank you Temu. Thank you thank you!

So much to see……so little time. Temu is very entertaining. I drop in for a quick visit and end up staying. Like most bargain shopping sites you have to pick carefully on items you are seriously wanting to use and go hog wild on the cheap fun stuff. Be cause most items are relatively inexpensive it’s a great place for trying out stuff to see if it really works. No biggy if it doesn’t and hurry and buy a bunch if it does. What I do is go through and click buy on stuff I think I can’t live without then I go through and rethink and delete or keep. Since I can’t order huge amounts of stuff I go through and pick some of what I want the most and order. Then hopefully I can order some more when I can afford it. A lot of the items sell out pretty fast so you have to decide while they are available. No pressure! Ha ha. When I look at all the reviewers of Temu on all the different sights and what they say I’m pretty impressed. Just remember it’s still someone’s personal opinion, but it does give you an idea of what an item looks like on real people and how an item is used and what you probably shouldn’t buy. Ihave many things from Temu that I am happy with, many on a regular basis. Just remember the choice is yours. Today I am wearing a Temu dress, headband, bracelet, and steriling ring all purchase at low prices. About $20 for it all, not bad. Have a great day!

It felt like a gamble but I’m pleasantly surprised. Just be careful.. If you have high values about high quality and personal cashflow, maybe skip this one. Because if you’re looking for cheap deals, this place is addictive. The prices are great and the quality is decent and if you can sweat through the shipping time, there are some steals here! And, the classic saying “you get what you pay for” applies here, as it does everywhere. Be smart. If you want high quality clothes, don’t buy them here. If you want beginner art supplies to try stuff out, or stamps, or trinkets or tools or hair stuff - and can wait 10-14 days - give it a whirl. Think online dollar store quality stuff. Know what you’re getting yourself into. Just made my first larger priced purchase, so I’m interested to see how if the quality increases as the prices increase. I’ve been surprised at how well things arrive given the distance and wrapping - which is basically just a heavy plastic bag - but even glass things have come intact so far. And they’ve arrived within the guaranteed delivery window every time. I’m also a fan of the price adjustment option, which gives you store credit if prices go down within a window after purchase. Overall, I’m pretty pleased and am way too tempted by these deals.

Great shop BUT. Update: I have now heard from two people that their cards/accounts linked to Temu have been drained. So yeah one star. If you don't have it yet, don't get it. Stay safe. I love that I can get decent quality stuff for low prices. I've spent quite a lot because so many things are so cheap. Temu is smart because they use games where you can win products or store credit, to keep you coming back. (Instead of buying a bunch of stuff once and then never using the app again.) Even smarter, the games often require you to complete tasks like browse for thirty seconds, make purchases, or interact with existing users or recommend new users. Here's the issue. They made the games ridiculously easy to win for the first few months, even without referring a new user, and EVERYONE was cashing out. Then they changed all of the games to be rigged so that you can't win without recommending someone new. But a lot of the games pretend to be chance/luck based. Spin the wheel types, but it's not really luck or chance at all. It's obviously calculated to be unwinnable and it's really frustrating and a bit insulting. I wish they would make the games ACTUALLY chance based, even if that means offering smaller prizes. The way they do it now makes them seem really skeevy and scammy, and damages the trust of their users.

The Fantastic Temu Always Go-to Site. Temu has become my favorite bargain shopping for all-out quality, expedient shipping experience and always getting my order perfectly straight! There were only a few and far between products that I found to be cheap fabrications and not what the photos presented to me. (Wooden - twine hanging signs (1) kitchen rules and other (2) Whatever the Cat Tells You Don’t Let it Out! And recently a “Tic, Tac, Toe, game board! Which is utterly ridiculously small, cheaply made, and over-all disappointment! I also ordered a plastic (clear) Q-tip holder for my bathroom and it arrived cracked! Not worth the price to mail back! I re-ordered new one with a wooden cover! BUT, all other over (200 items from, kitchen, cat toys, harness/leash, collars/engraved name tags, play laser pen lights, flash lights, T-Shirts, purses, shoes, the lists go on, are top quality especially women’s facial cream/moisturizers and Dental - teeth whiteners products & colognes! Thank you - TEMU! I have put out the word about your App/Company to all my family and friends! Gratefully, Denise, Savannah, GA! 👍

Some things good Some things bad.. I give this site 4 stars mostly it is a good site to find some good items at great deals. My issue is a couple things when things go on sale like really high like 50% to 90% off they inflate the price and put a slash through it and say it’s normally this price and it’s marked down from the inflated price x amount and these are the items you see regularly and know that they are like always 22$ but on this super sale they will be 90$ slashed thru and be 32$ for example and then they go back down when the period is over to they’re regular price second issue is the games u play where invites are the key to getting free stuff never will a spin or pick a hat or card etc… whatever the game is it will always get u the best prize the first two and then make u struggle for the last three dollars or whatever to get the prize I think we should be able to pay for more coins or somthing because they don’t let u spam invites and must do so to even get the prize all in all its an ok site if u know how to work it and or if u just want to buy stuff

Too many fake discounts…. When using the app, there’s too many pop ups for discounts. What really frustrated me to write this review is that Temu was offering 5 free items of your choice from a list of items as long as you sent referral codes. After going through a series of about 5 pop ups to get money off to obtain the “free” items, it states to invite a friend and get the final $3 off to obtain the “free” items. I sent the link to a friend right next to me, whom never used Temu before. They clicked the link, downloaded and created their account. They were then bombarded with several pop ups. On my end, the app stated that my referral link had been used. It said that I could check the use under “invitations” which didn’t provide any information or indicate my link was used, however, I was given $1.20 off for inviting my friend. Temu then asked me to invite another friend to get the remaining $1.80 which is confusing since it told me I would get $3. Temu is playing a game, and therefore, I do not recommend because they aren’t making it easy to just shop. I don’t want to jump through hoops to buy clothes. I did spend $200 on some items for my daughter, however it hasn’t arrived yet so I can’t speak on the quality. I can only review the app at this time.

Pleasantly surprised!!!. I was very skeptical of this site. I'm not a risk taker. But I was board and thought I'd start small and just purchase a few items. Well that turned into 3 hours of shopping in the comfort of my cozy home. My first order was 5 identical Christmas outfits for my preschool class. The deal was amazing and the picture of the outfit was soooooo darling. The total was $30. I was prepared to be disappointed. When I opened that package I felt and seen the outfits. I was in LovE!!!! They are the cutest!!!! I'm so excited to gift them. The next day I got my big order of about 40 random things. My daughter and I made a game out of it. First let me tell you this is the daughter that yells at me for buying junk or over priced items on Facebook . So she was in full mode ready to laugh at me!!! We opened and took one item out at a time. Said if it was quality or junk and then I made her guess the price I paid. She guessed higher on most everything!!! She was smiling and said okay mom you did good 😊. It's just a fun and addicting site. I give it 5 stars!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Honestly too good to be true. Now before y’all read the rest of this just know I have yet to receive my items (i only ordered them a couple days ago) So I can’t speak on shipping or quality. HOWEVER with apps like these it’s safe to assume if it seems too good to be true it probably is. I don’t expect any of the items I got to be that high quality given the price and how these business models work. I would like to warn y’all of the “Freebies” they offer where you go through hoops to spins prize wheels, get energy (through inviting others), and then take a random chance to spin again for the prizes. It says you can invite 3 peo and it’s up to 2 energy per person but what they don’t tell you is the amount of energy you earn goes down with every person. They give you enough energy to get everything but one price on the wheel preventing you from winning all 3 things free. It leaves you 5 energy short and asks to invite others. The first person you invite gives 2 energy, (dope only 2 more invites and I can win my free stuff) but nah. The second invite gave me 1, then .5, then .2. Definitely a scam to get you to raise their downloads and users and I personally will be deleting it once I receive whatever it is I bought.

Love this app!. I've been using Temu for several months now and love it! It feels great to be able to buy almost anything on a whim because everything is so affordable. The quality of merchandise can vary a lot but I have been very impressed by a few items, like a cotton canvas purse that is thick, durable, washable, and looks great. My favorite items so far has been the neat little bucket washing machine that gets my socks and underwear cleaner than a regular washing machine and rechargeable motion sensor lights that detect day/night (that's a lot of cutting edge tech for $7.50!) These little inexpensive items improve your quality of life, like a drain hair catcher that saves me money on plumbers, a nice quality purse to replace an old one, car blind spot mirrors that can save my life, sanding discs fo repairing paint scratches on my car, dishwashing steel wool, adhesive hooks for jackets, clips that hold my shower curtain in place so it doesn't stick me uncomfortably, and several amazing Apple watch band knockoffs that look like the real thing and cost less than $10! It's being able to buy all these items that life starts to feel a little more affordable. Thank you Temu for helping people's paychecks stretch a little further!

Kind of a joke…. First i am going to say some of the products that you buy from Temu are really awesome and the price makes it even better. But there have been a few times I’ve ordered something and the item i received was not anything like what was pictured. I have ordered several times and literally not one single order has came where something wasn’t missing, broke, and one of my orders the whole entire order said it was delivered but not to me they delivered it to my address just in a different city about 5 hours from my actual house. The one thing about temu that gets on my nerves is the rigged games. I’m really starting to believe they are lying about real people actually winning these “free gifts” and whatnot . The games are literally rigged to where no one is going to win and the one time where some how I managed to actually win the $50 credit they didn’t give it to me In the game I had to go back and forth with customer service about it and thankfully I screen record everything and was able to show them that I won and then they had no choice but to give it to me. Also anytime I have invited new people I never get any of the points or whatever it is called for inviting new customers.

Temu the corporation. I have been enjoying my gifts and products from the Temu, the company. It’s like Christmas when the products arrive at my door and they are delivered by a reputable company that cares about their customers and the products they are delivering. I like how Temu takes the time to carefully wrap my packages in a plastic bag and then seals it with tape. Very professional looking with the company logo on it and everything is intact and the products inside the bag are all in great condition for coming out of the east coast to the west coast. I have no resentment’s about Temu. I do have one reservation for the company, but I will wait until the proper time for that. At first I thought this would be a hoax, no way was I going to get a good quality product for the price they were offering, but I was wrong. Great merchandise and on time tracking and delivered right to my doorstep. You just can’t get it any better than that. I’m sold on this company so much that I have purchased clothing,shoes, pots and pans for my kitchen as well as storage containers and other items that I couldn’t afford to purchase from the local stores. Ladies and gentlemen I give you “Temu”. A company that means what they say and say what they mean. And deliver what they sell. Enjoy your time with them and have fun unwrapping your presents!!

If something seems to good to be true it usually is. There’s no free items. Don’t fall for there free items. , fake advertisement! Temu will require you to send out a bunch of invites and it gives you points towards your free items but it makes you pick 5 or 10 items and you can only win them by getting enough points or money cut off for all of them. When I got to the end 8 points away I had to invite one more person every time I invited someone the points needed stayed the same. I contact customer service they said the people you invite need to down load the app and participate in a free event. If they don’t use your link or already customers then it won’t count. Even though every time I sent a link and shared it I got points / money towards the free items until it was almost filled I mean like 95% done. So beware of that or will waste your time and effort for nothing . It’s a false advertisement loop hole at its best.! When it says spin this to claim a reward then says you have won 5 free items pick it , after you pick the you have to pay with sharing your invite link and make sure they sign up and probably then they still won’t give you it it will come up with another stipulation like you need spend this amount in store to receive free items then charge shipping by telling you you need to invite 5 more people and not let you pay shipping your self, so you tell me is that a scam? …

Quality of purchases. Most of my purchases have been as expected, I have ordered quite a lot and try to always check the sizes before I buy to prevent dissatisfaction, so I shop wisely. Some of the items exceed my expectations of quality and most others are at what I expected. I have an order with a pair of leggings coming and it will be my first clothing purchase, so at this time I can’t comment on clothing. I have ordered diamond art and have been very happy. My makeup purchases have been above what I hoped for. I don’t order large or electronic items, I am not much of a risk taker. I did just get a electronic bark stop device for my insane barker Yorkie dog. I am not expecting success but will let you know later, instructions say up to 2 weeks to work. My biggest complaint would be a lot of the products instructions are not in English or are very poorly written and just contain no instructions at all, but I know for the prices I am paying I feel it is what should be expected and some frustration is going to be part of the game. Also the low prices are enticing me to spend too much! LOL, my own fault. Over all I am happy with your company

Great place to shop for almost anything!!!. To get your $100 bonus, enter "Kubonus Temu" in Google before signing up. This is an official promotion for new users of Temu. I've been using Temu for several months now and love it! It feels great to be able to buy almost anything on a whim because everything is so affordable. The quality of merchandise can vary a lot but I have been very impressed by a few items, like a cotton canvas purse that is thick, durable, washable, and looks great. My favorite items so far has been the neat little bucket washing machine that gets my socks and underwear cleaner than a regular washing machine and rechargeable motion sensor lights that detect day/night (that's a lot of cutting edge tech for $7.50!) These little inexpensive items improve your quality of life, like a drain hair catcher that saves me money on plumbers, a nice quality purse to replace an old one, car blind spot mirrors that can save my life, sanding discs fo repairing paint scratches on my car, dishwashing steel wool, adhesive hooks for jackets, clips that hold my shower curtain in place so it doesn't stick me uncomfortably, and several amazing Apple watch band knockoffs that look like the real thing and cost less than $10! It's being able to buy all these items that life starts to feel a little more affordable. They have great customer service and I literally couldn't ask for better! Thank you Temu for the great products and cheap prices! Thank you Temu for helping people's!!!

Warning: Careful Use Required. As with many other online vendors, Temu utilizes deceptive marketing techniques, time sinks, and rigged rewards systems. Notably: (1) You'll be told that the items have been marked down over 70%, only to find that Temu significantly marks up the product price beforehand. It's painfully obvious too because, if you've shopped on Temu, we have seen what the price was prior to the "new offer" shown. (2) Beware of sunk cost fallacy. Farm/Fish/Card/etc games that are specifically designed to have you spend a lot of time on them. But wait! Only 2 points away from free rewards, right? You also spent a good 10 minutes on this game, you're so close to getting prizes! Yeah. And each time you get closer to the prizes, Temu rewards incrementally SMALLER points for the same work put in. Free/Rewards are extremely hard to obtain for this reason. Temu isn't transparent on this. (3) Price adjustment refunds only give you store credit, not an actual refund to your method of payment. Not a fan of this practice! —— With all that said, you can find bargains you wouldn't find anywhere else here. We just need to exercise discretion, vigilance (about price gouging & deceptive sales) and perhaps most importantly, self-control when shopping. Cheers!

Thank you Temu for take care my order.. I love the Temu application, I have had a very good experience with all the shipments and there have already been 3 and I am already preparing the 4th 😁 . Everything I have purchased has been exactly as described and I have loved everything. very satisfied with my purchases. They are very attentive to the package, monitoring it and letting you know everything that is happening with it, and I like that. I also like that they keep me informed of the things that interest me and that they give me discount coupons. I recommend Temu to everyone, their prices and their products are very good and exactly as described. Thank you Temu for the quality of your products and for your service. Recommended 10/10 ❤️🙏 me encanta la aplicacion Temu, he tenido muy buena experiencia con todos mis envios y ya han sido 3 y estoy preparando el 4 😁 todo lo que he comprado ha sido exactamente como lo describen y todo me ha encantado. muy satisfecha con mis compras. . Ellos estan muy atentos a el paquete lo van monitoriando y dejandote saber todo lo que va pasando con el mismo, y eso me gusta. Tambien me gusta que me mantengan informada de las cosas que me interesan y que me den cupones descuentos. yo recomiendo Temu a todos, sus precios y sus productos muy buenos y exactamente como los describen. Gracias Temu por la calidad de sus productos y por su buen servicio. Recomendado 10/10❤️🙏

My daughter made me do it, and I’m glad she did!. Originally, I thought the app was very gimmicky— and really didn’t have great expectations. My daughter made me download it after she saw reviews on TikTok and her friends had made purchases. The products are for the most part better quality than you typically would get from a website like Wish or SHEIN…. At least what we have gotten so far. Also, the tracking and order processing updates are great. If there is a delay, they let you know and credit your account! I had one item that was broken when it arrived, but they were quick to refund my account in mere minutes. I honestly haven’t done a lot of the games or referrals for freebies— but I’m just satisfied with getting the products I am at good prices. There is something there for everyone— check it out, and read reviews. Also, if you do shopping on Etsy, I recommend checking on this site that the same product isn’t being sold on Temu for less than half the price it’s listed on Etsy.

Holiday order!. Well, my brother introduced me to this app, telling me how he was getting great deals on small items. So I figured I’d try it out. And what better time to order small miscellaneous items, than Christmas? When your giving a bunch of random gifts! So Dec 15th I ordered a bunch of stuff with an expected arrival date of dec 20th-29th. I was a bit concerned about getting it after Christmas but whatever. Couple days isn’t a big deal. Long story short, it is now the 3rd of January. I have contacted them almost everyday since the 27 because there hasn’t been a single update to shipping since the 24th. Which didn’t show up in the tracking until the 30th. I have asked for my money back multiple times, and have been told to wait an additional 15 days, and if I don’t receive an update to the tracking by then, they will refund my money. So basically, as long as the tracking is updated every 15 days, you could never receive the package, but they won’t refund the money, because the tracking is updating. What a croc! Now don’t get me wrong, my brother has still ordered thing, outside the holidays, and had great results! But for my personal use, this has become more of a headache, than helpful. And if I message them one more time and see the same ***n generic message response without reading my message sent to them!!!! 😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡 not cool temu! Not cool!

My Temu Experience!. So i've been using temu for a little while now,and I can say it's pretty good really. It's really cheap,kind of like shein but a little better i guess? The gifts are legit,too. I got 15 dollars from playing on paypal but trust me it may take a while and you need a bunch of people unless you have a lot of friends. But overall,it's a good app. But you still have to be careful with some of the things in this Temu app because some people also get scammed or robbed. I'm not saying it's a bad app and you shouldn't get it because it's pretty good for a online shopping app tbh. I like the app but i think it should improve the little "free gifts credit" thingys because it is a little bit rigged. Yes,it may be a peramid scheme but i've never seen any better and almost every online shop does that right? But yeah,it's good! But please also be aware that the games are rigged like I said. Some of the games (or all tbh) have this trick that if you shared and got all the cutting prices then when you share and invite other people not only they lower the prices for you to have less time,but they give you only 1-3 days to finish. Now i'm not saying it's not that much or anything but still,it may take a while to do this because not that much people have a lot of friends like other people do. So they should really fix that and they are lucky I gave them 5 stars. (which i guess?? they deserve idrk)

The price of a lot of things are great but the customer service is broken. I have spend around 150$ on Temu so far and it is quite addictive, the “games” you can play to earn “free gifts or credit” is basically making you an advertisement and so you can share the app with friends and family. (Warning* there is a time limit so the games can expire) While the app is great there are some issues. The biggest issue I have so far is the minimum amount required to checkout because first it was 10$ i was ok with that because the reason for the minimum checkout is so Temu can be environmentally friendly and not waste a bag just for one product. BUT i realized that my minimum amount kept on changing. First it was 10$ then it was 15$ and now it’s 20$. That was kinda frustrating cause I wanted to buy some stuff ALONE without having to waste money and add other things to my cart to get to 20$. So I decided to create a new account but it still had the same issue. When I went into customer service’s “live chat” where your supposed to talk to one of Temu’s employees I was instead greeted with a bot…which gave me no help whatsoever. Yet on my friends account somehow the live chat works. So I hope they can fix this glitch and if they do I will change my rating to 5 stars. *UPDATE!! All I had to do was email Temu and they got the problem fixed very quickly they’re customer support does work!! Sometimes there’s just some bugs with your account. (: thanks Temu for fixing it

DO NOT USE TEMU. Are the prices extremely low? Yes. Is the quality of the things your getting any good? Yes. Is it even real? Yes. BUT. The customer service and the third party carriers they use don’t make any of those things worth it. I have ordered from Temu multiple times and I’ve only received one of my orders. The package tracking is inaccurate. The communication between Temu and any carrier they use seems like next to none. I would check up on my packages. Track them. I would even call customer service for Temu and what ever shipping handler is supposedly delivering my order. The first time I ordered from Temu I never even go my package. Even tho my address was correct in the app they still sent my package to the wrong address. They told me they’d fix it and I’d be receiving my package. 4 days later I get an email stating my package was already sent back to the sender. It was irritating and frustrating. If I’m going to buy from your company have better communication with your carriers. At this point I’m deleting my account. It’s not worth it. After the 4th time that I’ve not received anything I’ve bought it doesn’t make the hard to believe prices worth it. Absolutely ridiculous. Do not buy from Temu. Worst experience I’ve ever had.

So far so good… buuuttt…. I just downloaded last night, made my first purchase today. Love the pricing and the fact the delivery dates don’t seem like forever ( like on wish) I also love the fact there is free shipping option on most things, everything I ordered had it at least. (Unlike wish where you think you’re getting good prices until you look at the cart and the shipping for everything was outrageous. I can not yet comment on quality products as I just placed my order but I will write another review once I receive them. My biggest complaint at the moment, not necessarily a complaint just I really wish that there was an option to create wish lists to earmarked things you want to buy in the future that would be a really nice addition if you could possibly do that. Because I don’t always have enough money to buy everything I want obviously but there are things that I wish I could save for later and come back to but I do not see that option at this time; if you can will you please add it in your next update? I don’t know how making these apps work… but if every other shopping app can do it shouldn’t you be able to as well?

Straight up scam. They advertise profusely using prices that are a fraction of the real price, sometimes with a notation only for new customers (but usually not). But even new customers don’t get that price as they will say the item doesn’t qualify even though you clicked thru the ad to get to the exact item they advertised. If you don’t buy the ridiculously overpriced junk they were hawking, they will keep showing you new item prices for other items at a fraction of their true cost, but then say you are ineligible to receive the discount because your not a new customer. They will continue to show these prices on every item and won’t honor the price. The real price is typically about 10x that price, for inferior quality goods with slow shipping and using mail fraud in order exploit a niche in postal rates. This makes the goods effectively non-returnable. Product pictures are frequently altered and aren’t the real product. They also sell your info to anyone and everyone and won’t delete your account even though you’ve instructed them to, opening you up being hacked. Months later and I am still being sent verification codes for an account that I asked to be deleted and all info purged. Whatever you do, don’t give these people your credit card info, you will regret it. Scam City. Apple really needs to remove this from the App Store. The fake reviews alone are enough of a violation, but the scamming makes it intolerable.

Temu review. My husband found Temu. He got me hooked. I have had so much fun buying myself little things. Getting little things for my family and my grand daughter. Getting ready for Christmas. The prices are great. The shipping is AMAZINGLY FAST. I am sure with Christmas coming it will slow up a bit but it puts some of my domestic subscription boxes to shame for shipping times, I am not even kidding you. I timed a certain subscription box I get with a Temu order I did that sent the same day and I received the Temu order 2 days before the subscription box. Wild!!!!. I can not say enough good stuff about Temu. I have had 4-5 shipments and nothing has come damaged. One box it came in looked sad and I was wondering because items are usually loose, but nope everything was happy and safe inside. Some of the items inside were in their own puffy pouch too. So it depends. As is now I have nothing negative to say! I have not had to deal with customer service yet. So I don’t know how well that goes. I have I think 4-5 more orders on the way though so we shall see. This time I took a chance and ordered a shirt. I’m excited. Yay. I LOVE TEMU!!!

You paid for what you got. I only ordered twice from TEMU. My first order was two sets of boxing hand wraps. They came in within the promised time frame. However, right away you could tell the hand wraps were cheap made from low quality fabric. One of the wraps was damaged without even being used. They both went to the garbage. I figured because I paid for what I got - cheap unusable stuff. My second order included 4 items. The package came in a month later. I was at the point where I was ready to dispute the charge on my credit card. Just like the first order, everything looked horrible and went into the garbage. The app asked me for reviews. When I was trying to put a one star review, a message popped out asking me to contact the customer service. I contacted the customer service through the chat and told the person what happened to the items received. Without any hesitation, the customer service representative offered me a full refund and I received the refund instantly on my PayPal account which was only positive experience I had with TEMU. I deleted the App and unsubscribed the email. I would not recommend anyone to order anything from them due to the safety concerns of the previous being made.

Experience by Temu. The truth is Temu is not a good app! Because you can find the same items through Shein with more discounts, and ship faster but the more important is their package come with safety. I shopped twice times on this app and both times the delivery was awful, and all products were mistreated and it always comes in a regular bag, not as they show in their advertisements in boxes, I think that they only do this with the influencers to be able to sell and that is the wrong attitude from Temu to customers since we are the consumers by paying them not them, even if the products are free for them I don't recommend this app unless you don’t care the safety your products. ¡La verdad es que Temu no es una buena aplicación! Porque puede encontrar los mismos artículos a través de Shein con más descuentos y enviar más rápido, pero lo más importante es que su paquete venga con seguridad. Compré dos veces en esta aplicación y las dos veces la entrega fue horrible, y todos los productos fueron maltratados y siempre viene en una bolsa normal, no como muestran sus anuncios en cajas, creo que eso solo lo hacen con los influencers para poder vender y esa es la actitud incorrecta de Temu hacia los clientes, ya que somos los consumidores al pagarles, no a ellos, incluso si los productos son gratuitos para ellos. No recomiendo esta aplicación a menos que no le importe la seguridad de sus productos.

Legit & Addictive. It is better than Wish, quality-wise, though some of the items are the same. It feels like AliExpress but you get your order in less than 10 days (my first one came in 7) as opposed to 1-2 months. I AM glad I gave it a try and hope I don’t blow all my expendable income on it because, while there are a few things I need, most of it is just stuff I want. They do honor the initial 90% off gift and if you have time to play their popularity/annoy your friends game, you can get some great deals. The coupons don’t last long enough at all. The other day I had a $16 off $40 coupon but it expired in 24 hours when I was still building my next cart, so I find myself waiting to make the purchase until I receive a good coupon. I have tried the referral thing to win free items and credits but I’m lame and antisocial so I don’t know enough people and I also don’t have the time to peruse reddit for hours looking for strangers to “click for click” with. It makes me a little frustrated (and obviously just jealous) when I see people who have received 100+ free gifts they’re going to resell just because they are kids with no jobs and spend their days being “influencers” on tik tok-In that regard it feels like a tween’s app, but again, I’m just lame so you may have better luck with the whole “Team Up Price Down” thing.

Honestly surprised!!!. I wasn’t going to jump on the Temu train but I had some creator friends who I trust with reviews share their hauls and I had to try them out myself. I am so glad I did!!! Let’s start with the “cons” though…the shipping is a bit confusing. Because some items have to be cleared through customs, orders may be separated in the delivery process which can be harder to track. I am not a fan of the coupon codes or giveaway sales pitches, they just give the wrong vibe and Temu is fine without needing to use so many selling ploys. And the clothes run small. Now the pros!! Shipping was actually really good!!! Everything arrived on time and since I signed up to get delivery alerts, I was kept informed throughout the entire process. The prices are unbelievable and unbeatable and the quality is AMAZING!!!! I am extremely pleased!!! I love the lightning deals!!! Even though the clothing runs small, they provide a chart so you are able to find the perfect size, so anyone getting the wrong size didn’t use the chart! I am a Temu fan!!!! Thanks Temu for the great products, trustworthy shipping, and fabulous prices!!! 🥰

Great place to shop for almost anything!!!. To get your $100 bonus, enter "Kubonus Temu" in Google before signing up. I have spent about $150 so far on Temu. I have loved everything so far except for one thing and I have probably bought 30 items. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of most things. Some were better than others but for the price I sure can’t complain. I will be back for sure. You can’t lose even if one thing turns out not so great because it is so inexpensive. The shipping is fast for what is probably coming from over seas. maybe a week or little more. They will text you a lot of times with updates on your order so you are never left in the dark wondering where your package is. I love getting a deal so Temu is my kind of place to shop. I recommend looking around on the site for the best deal because many times they will have it cheaper from a different seller I suppose because there are multiples of similar items. They also send you coupons sometimes. If you have friend who you can sign up you can get a lot of free stuff but I didn’t want to bother anyone. I like to wait til they send me a coupon to place an order. Try it you will like it. Warning most the time when they offer free gifts you are going to have to get friends to sign up and you will play games to get the points then you will need more points to win and you will need friends to sign up to actually win the prizes you have picked out. If you have plenty of friends you can get plenty of free

real or scam?. I’m usually skeptical about apps that have items for very cheap prices, like for example, i saw a lipstick for 0.98 and i didnt expect it to be real , but it came to my house in 11 days. This app is not a fake, it’s probably hard to believe it but it’s really not. I ordered some stuff for myself as a Christmas present and it came in amazing condition and nothing was broken. Everything was as it seemed on the app. You can share this app with some of your friends and get points that you can use for coupons to get money to taken off of your order, which always helps because I LOVE saving money. this app is an amazing way to do that. I seriously recommend it. you can do giveaways, which can give you free items that you don’t even have to pay for, and it helps me and my family. not only that, whenever I got my package it came at the right time. It told me it was going to come on dec 15 and it said that if it was late will give me a five dollar credit off my next order. My package also came with a little surprise, with it also coming quick. I was not expecting that. That was very happy. THANK YOU TEMU!!

faking reviews is not cute, temu. (Edited). The app itself is great- I love how it works. But most of the reviews on the app itself are 100% fraud. I’ve noticed a pattern in the automated-sounding reviews, because they are all titled the same thing. Despite them being different, they all sound like they are sent from one singular person because the writing style is the same. All the reviews are structured very alike, and the usernames are fake. I hope you actually soak in this review instead of replying with some automated response. I hope you realize this is a serious matter, because it is illegal to give yourself reviews. The FTC comes after businesses that do this, and if you don’t quit it now, I’ll make sure they hear of it. I’m not trying to be rude or shut down your business, this is for your own good. Hi Temu! I’ve come back to check on your reviews, and it seems you’ve taken my advice. I haven’t seen one fake review anymore. Thank you. I just need to mention- the app is good enough so you don’t have to fake reviews. The company is already TT famous. To everyone who reads this- get the app. No substantial money can be lost on cheap items because not much was paid anyways. Another thank you, Temu. Try to step towards good business habits.

Very pleasantly surprised!. So I was very skeptical about this app when my fiancée told me about it. I thought it was just going to be like another Wish where your items break 2 minutes later and it takes like three months or more to get your items. I don’t know how but somehow the prices are even cheaper than wish but the products are better quality. And the part I love the most is every few hours you can get free shipping on your entire order. And delivery is very quick. They usually ship your item out the day after or two days after you place the order and depending on where you live it usually gets to you within a week or so. We have like four orders each that we ordered on different days and we’ve already gotten 3 of the packages. I am very pleasantly surprised you’re not only with their items, but with the shipping. Also, my fiancée got the wrong color of something and they very quickly gave her a credit to get the other color within three minutes and as soon as it was about to ship. Very fast and friendly customer service! Love you TEMU!!!

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The free rewards. I’ve invited 2 ppl and the Temu said I’ll get 100 dollars free if I invited 2 ppl i did and they signed up but i never got my rewards and I’m super upset

My review Tiana Ramsey. I haven’t received my packages yet they will come soon but I strongly believe that temu should add more games to win credits and gifts for Australia. I can’t make any credits because all of my friends have already been invited to temu

good app needs australia shipping.. I was about to buy then realised that it doesn’t ship to Australia, maybe a new country added will get you more orders? Idk just it isn’t fair for other countries

I need help. I’m trying to do one of the lucky flips I’ve sent it to people but it’s not working

Australia Shipping. Not a bad app, amazing items. But it’s not worldwide. It’s only US and CANADA as always. they don’t make this clear till you checkout either. You’d make a lot more money if you shipped worldwide, that doesn’t mean to make shipping prices high.

Lost Temu credit. I was on lucky flip and I got it completed, it took hours and i didn’t receive my credit. I spoke to customer service but they said I hadn’t completed it but that was because when I won it reset the actual game. I won’t be recommending this app to anyone as it is unhelpful and in truthful and I didn’t get the credit promised in the game.

temu games. please make the games for temu available for australia purchasers i was so excited to play the mini games for coupons and i saw that it was only available for us and canada☹️ please change it soon

Amazing app 👍. At first I thought it was sketchy but I had a look an It was amazing so much things to fulfill your curiosity 🥰

No Shipping to Australia. The products were really good and cheap but it was at checkout when I realised they don’t ship to Australia. :(

Ship to Australia ( please). Love the products ,but you don’t ship to Australia . Any idea if this is going to happen in the near future ?

Really cool app needs to ship Australia tho. I spent a few days looking for stuff on this app which btw is amazing, but as I was about to order I saw that it didn’t ship to Australia. I hope soon u guys start shipping here.

To ship world wide. i know your company is new and your trying, but many other people agree with me that you should make your company world wide. This will help with money and more.

ship to Australia. How can you say you ship everywhere but than only go to Canada and us bro I would love to buy this stuff but can’t it really annoying please do international shipping actually everywhere

ship to australia.. i am interested in many items, but unfortunately theres only shipping to canada and the US. please make shipping to australia available.

Why do they only ship in America 😐. Like the prices are really good but I can’t even order anything cuz I’m not in America 😭

Doesn't ship to Australia🙁. This app does not shop to Australia or anywhere others than Canada and USA 🙁

Need in Australia. Please make shipping available to Australia . Heard really good reviews online

Jed. Downloaded app, spent ages ddi g items to my cart to then get to checkout and find out it does not ship to Australia. What a waste

NO AUSTRALIAN SHIPPING. STUPID WASTE OF A DOWNLOAD Why make something available to download in a country if you CAN’T SHIP TO THAT COUNTRY ??? Sounds like a scam and probably is a scam, I’d give zero stars if I could

shipping to australia. i absolutely love everything on this site but you don’t ship to Australia, please start shipping to Australia a lot of people want it. I really hope you listen to my review and begin shipping to australia xx

SHIP TO AUSTRALIA. I was so exited to finally be able to get stuff for cheaper than shein but then I realised that it doesn’t ship to Australia.

Good price but never ship. I made an order on the opening day. 5 days later, none of my item is shipped. I have asked customer service many times and I only be told to wait because their warehouse is overload. What is point of you buy a thing with cheaper price but never arrive?

Please ship to Australia too. Us Australians are suffering, not being able to get these kinds of things, please ship to Australia and you’ll get more buyers

Ship to Australia. I got everything I needed was about to pay and realised it doesn’t ship to Australia. please make it available to ship to Australia because I really want the things on Temu! 👍🏽

No shipping to Australia. Spent over an hour adding things to cart, wouldn’t accept my address. No explanation and now sending me emails because I have not completed the cart So frustrating

Nice gifts but ship to australia!. It’s sad to see it only ships to Canada and us I really wanted to buy something, bc I really don’t buy anything from anywhere.

SHIP TO AUSTRALIA PLS. Temu, whoever is in charge of where it can ship, please make sure u guys change to ship to Australia. Not America as always

.. I was just about to pay and realised that they only ship to the us and Canada. It’s just not right or fair. Maybe start shipping to other countries except for Canada and the US and you will get more customers

When will it ship to Australia. It doesn’t ship to Australia at all when will shipping be available in this country

Temu. Yhesss!! They ship to Australia and New Zealand now 🥰🥰🥰Can’t wait to order from them and see if they are any better than Shein.

Temu. can you ship to Australia I really wanted to get some Stuff until I found out it only ships to Australia and Canada

I do not support them not shipping to Australia it’s a bummer. I was about to buy them and then I see this really hurts my feelings maybe you would get more money from my fellow Australians if you ship to Australia and you say you like to do good for the world you’re not really doing good for the world because I’m part of the world 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

Not working elsewhere other than US. it doesn’t work in Australia!!! You may only find this at checkout after spending hours selecting products, stupid!!!

Temu codes not available for Australians. While the app is lovely, Temu codes (used to get discounts) do not work in Australia. Please change this as soon as possible.

Finally shipped to Australia but half my cart is unavailable?. I had the app since it started getting popular and was waiting to buy so much stuff I was excited just for my whole cart except 1 item was unavailable? I find it unfair that some products are only shipped to America as they were the only thing I did want to buy 🙁😭

Not bad. Great price and product, delivered in 2 weeks, perfect for non urgent shopping

It’s a good app. It’s good but you guys need to make it worldwide or add Australia

More countries. It’s a good app just needs more countries to ship to doesn’t ship to Australia which is a bummer

Only ships to USA. Such a shame this company only ships to USA otherwise would be more popular than Aliexpress.

Codes. I was very excited to use this app until I found out that codes don’t work in Australia :( I would love to use this app if codes worked everywhere ☹️

First orders. I’m really satisfied with the items I got for the price range they where advertised. Icl I thought it was a scam at first so i tried making a small order and it came at the assigned shipment date so I’m really happy with that. 2nd order came in and there was a delay for the item but it’s fine since they offered a refund and eventually shipped it

lovely but. i love this app! its so addicting for some reason! but i wish there was more ways to earn credits in New Zealand as there are for USA! Other than that! i 100% recommended getting :)

Bro. Y’all would make sm bag if you shipped to other countries, why y’all selling urselves short Edit: sell to australia or I’ll intervene

I want it to be shipped to Australia. Please make it come to Australia it would be good for ecomny and would have large sales so I really hope you can ship to Australia.

Scam. this app is a scam to get ur credit card information, dont install it

Limited location of delivery. So it doesn’t work in Australia ?

Amazing app. Works fine so good omg God bless whoever made this app and the free gifts, guys calm down the app is new and you can’t expect them to ship everywhere straight away? Really easy to work and an easy way to get those items that have been on your wishlist for a while!

Please ship to Australia. I saw you on Walker fam farm and was so excited BUT you don’t ship to Australia. Such a disappointment ☹️☹️

BEST APP RIGHT NOW. Temu is currently everywhere online Everyone needs to get their hands in this app before its too late for their current deals

Ship to Australia asap. After spending all day at school waiting to come home and order I realised it doesn’t ship Australia 🫣😭it would be the best if it shipped to Australia

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Scam. Don’t waste your time

Racketeering at its finest. Don’t do it, you will not receive your order. I spent 80$ cad on nice clothes and other things and received a cheap ring instead without any explanation why they did that.

Hacking app. Dont use this application it hacks your phone do not giver permission this app on your phone it need registration with your fb and then they automatically controlled your facebook !!! Be aware its a scam app

Temu. Scam

la nouvelle génération de produits sheap. comment expliquer comment c’est temu a part être spam partout des gens facebook messenger texto etc de plus si vous utiliser l’application elle est conçue pour cellulaire et non tablette et vide en un rien de temps la batterie.. en plus il vous utilise a acheter pour gagner des cadeaux il pollue pour vous livrer ca par avion bateaux qui finit par un livreur une petite commande de 20$ et hop ont ship deja ishh la qualité ishh le linge ont passé reviens pas mal shein coté qualité faut dire c’est marqué chinois alors vous en avez pour se dont vous payer et jette dans pas long.. après ont dit faut faire de quoi contre le réchauffement de la planète mais ses compagnies se multiplies comme des lapin

Can’t Order in Canada. This app should not be offered in the Canadian App Store as Temu does not deliver to Canada.

Unreliable shipping dates. I ordered a package and 6 days later it says it would be arriving the next day but when I check temu the day after it says it’s going to take another 5 days. If your going to change up the date it gets here don’t make it so exaggerated.

Honest Review: Fake Fake Fake!!. Honest Review: This is such a fake app meant to mislead people. They just want to increase their number of downloads and ask you to keep inviting new people to join. Without this you wont get any discounts or free gifts as the app mentions. I have told all my friends to delete the app and suggest everyone else to delete it as well. Such a waste of time REALLY!!

Bad experience. After registering an account with Temu, my phone number seems get exposed and I start getting scam calls and those who impersonate governmental organizations. The mobile app force me to access camera and microphone even its turned off in setting. Temu track users even tracking request disabled. Just like Temu’s affiliate the PDD who always sell customer data.

Cheaters and scammers!. I selected 2 gifts as a reward this company is promoting and almost reached my goal of number of referrals required; my referral history disappeared completely as if it never happened! I contacted live chat and was given default answers that don’t apply to my inquiry, then was told not eligible in Canada, then, she said it’s because some free gifts are not eligible. Despite the screen caps I sent her (luckily, I happened to do took them) to show Canada has been active and I am legit, she didn't even acknowledge them! She just said will refer this to someone else and will contact me “if” they find issues. So it appears they are getting people to promote them but cheating them of promised rewards by wiping out records of referrals made! And with such customer service, this company is certainly not to be trusted!

Fraudulent practices. Let me guess — you “got 3 free items” wasted time picking them only to then find out you need to spend energy to pick them. you got the first 2 items, the energy 2 times. Now you need to invite people to get your items. Just one person! That’s fraud. It’s also like the scam tactics for loot boxes — and those companies get sued. Apple is complicit in their crimes allowing the app to remain, and your government doesn’t care about another shady company from another shady country doing the same shady stuff. Your only recourse is to jot install the app. You’ve been warned 🤷‍♂️

louis. ya des boy que je connais qui se sont fait hack bande de crosseur pi expliquez moi pk on pourrait avoir des bhy gratuit dite moi pas pour de la pub prcq c fake cque vs faite frl

What?. Me and my sister was on the app and we tried to get the free gift, but when we sent invitations, the little price thing didn’t go down, this is hard because we don’t have a lot of friends that like this stuff. Can you possibly remove the invite thing.

Beware!. I would give NO stars if possible 😡. The day after I left installed this app, I started receiving numerous Inbox Spam/Scam/Phishing emails which normally go directly to my Junk box. Temu must have sold my addy to these bandits so I’ve removed the app from my iPhone and blocked them from emailing me 🤬

🚫 Temu hates Canada. Cheap China crap sent to DA Americans only.

Disappointed. I was really excited to get temu and have the free stuffs but then I noticed that I have to send the code to lots of people and I don’t really now much people 🙁

Scam. So I just got an invitation to Temu from my friend, and when I opened it I got an offer for a free item, and actually it was 7 free items. I’m assuming there are hidden fees because the app only guarantees that the first item is free, but anyway once I closed the app that offer disappeared. Honestly just a waste of time but I don’t care since this app looked like a scam in the first place. I just don’t appreciate false advertising.

DO NOT TRUST THIS APP. The Chinese version of this app has been found with secretly installing malware on your device that will be able to see your private messages, where you are and leaving you with almost no privacy, it wont be safe, when it is exposed, it will be too late.

What a scam. Someone else said he got many scam calls after sharing his phone number on temu he was right, I wasn't getting any scam calls at all after signing up I gave my phone number I've been getting Chinese scam calls all day now.

SCAM. Will make you invite people for nothing. I’ve practically invited around 30 people but because they’re all time pressured, they all expired and resulted to NOTHING. What do i get in return huh?! Temu free gift / activity is a scam. They dont even give back anything despite gaining more customers from us.

Scam marketing. Always make you think you will get a reward but make it harder at the last second so you get 6 new users to their app and get nothing. Overpriced dollar tree crap that breaks same day or didn’t work to begin with.

Do not sign up for Temu. If you do, you cannot delete this app and it take all your contacts and information information from your phone. It has spyware in it.

Fake advertisment 虚假广告. Advertised free delivery for the first order for new users, yet actual payment requires $20 or more to place an order. 在广告中宣传新用户首单免费配送,然而实际付款时要求满20元才能下单。

Misleading. Downloaded the app through a friend. The app offered 5 gifts at 100% off as ling as I purchase 5 other items, no problem. Spent an hour looking and adding things to my cart.. at the last step, the app bugged and this magical offer disappeared nowhere to be found. Looked all over in the app and tried different things but the offer never came back. Major waste of time. Customer service has a waiting list of 170 customers.

How to give a 0 star. Invitation missions are spams will never get those gifts!!! Because you will only have limited time to invite 7 people and they must be new and they must register! And your friends will hate to so that! If you failed you won't get anything even though you already got 6. This is how they get customers free through you! A waste of time and stupid impossible to complete!

Scamp calls are overwhelming after using this App!. My friends and I have the same experience. After purchasing things using TEMU, every day, 5~7 scamp calls are coming! All of them are in Chinese. This is crazy!

Meh. It’s not bad the stuff but the games the so called free stuff you never win if you don’t have friends to make billions of accounts like I understand you have to earn something out of the app but give people a chance and not fake hope when you tell them “SUPER EASY “ “ONLY 2 MORE”

US. not for canada

Scam. I never leave reviews for anything but i hate this app so much that i decided to. If i could rate 0 stars i would. This App’s “Free gifts” are a scam. The closer you get to the “free prize” the less points you will get. You get 900 points then 50 then 30 then it keeps going till ur making 0.01 coins per turn. NOT worth ur time. NOT worth ur money. DO not download this scam of an app. It will waste ur time and ur probably never gonna get the prizes u want. I dont know how this app is legal. All they do is sell ur information and waste ur time. PLEASE DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM OF AN APP AND UNINSTALL IT OR AVOID DOWNLOADING.

Bad. Horrible customer service and not safe app

Support Sucks.. They won’t give you a solution or even try to help you. They just repeat that there’s “only so much they can do” but do absolutely nothing. You ask to be connect to someone who can help you, like a supervisor- they continue repeating the same thing. It’s super frustrating, having to explain the same thing again and again only to get no solution. Of course you remain polite because you were raised that way, but for that reason the don’t take you seriously. This specific situation is about new user coupons not working

App sucks said invite to get free items i invited 3 peps. 2 of witch joined wheres my 200 dollars

Got free stuff yey lol. i used this code to get 3 free gifts- S2FF8DM

Not in Canada. This is so fake it’s the worst thing ever it makes you invite your friends and it doesn’t even work

Complain. Don’t waste your time on this app even with the « free gifts » and all, if you dont know enough people who don’t have the app and could be new users, it’ll be an absolute waste of time. I’ve actually written a whole paragraph before but somehow apple store, as smart as usual, deleted my review?? Whatever. Now the reasons why this app is a total scam and trash : -1 : First of all, if you don’t have enough new users that use your link or code in 24h you’ll have to start over and the ones you used for your link won’t be able to use it again since they’re not new users anymore. -2 : Second of all, 24h is not enough for many people and the fact that current users can only take off -0.10$ to maximum -0.50$ is mad. This app should at least allow current users to use the links and take off -1$ just how new users do. -3 : This app is literally a mix of wish and AliExpress, if you’re expecting high quality, you’re wrong and if you’re expecting that this app won’t steal your information, well then you’re also wrong because this happened to many people and even at some point where your order that you payed with money or got it free doesn’t come. I really tried my best to enjoy this app but it’s obviously a scam. And even when you just get on it you can see all the spams. I am warning anyone who reads this. This is NOT a good app. Therefore, you are always free to try it yourself. Have a nice day/evening!

So annoying. Ok so I am in Canada and I did the Lucky flip got NEW people to join then instead of giving me the credit i get a coupon? that’s so ridiculous..

Dont join because of the free stuffs. It will waste your time. They will ask to invite people and still not get the “Free” gifts after. The support will tell you that the person you invited joined through someone else’s link even though you helped them through the signup process.

Perfect fit for perfect prices. Very good company. I saw this company while I was searching for online sellers and I was surprised to see the prices. So i wanted to try. I keep buying everything that i loved and i’m so happy with all. Thank you so much dear Temu.

Not good. I pay real money but they give fake stuff Feeding the fish is terrible so slow they want you to spend money buying stuff so you can get free fish food delete you

Fraud.. The quality is really bad. They offer fake deals and fool people.

Not for Canada. Not for Canada

Terrible. Keep having to redeem new gifts

always a failed delivery. I have ordered here twice. First delivery the item did not arellano. second delivery, wrong item. all in all. it's a waste of time on my end

Complete scam. This app is a huge scam. Invite new users and get rewards…. Oh yeah. You only have 24 hours to do it or you have to start over again. Then there’s fish land where you will NEVER finish feeding the last fish. I have fed it hundreds of times and it still is just over 60% fed. You will NEVER complete any of these tasks. They just want you to add everyone you know so they appear as a huge business but they are just scams and click bait. DO NOT DOWNLOAD

Scam calls after sign-up and no free gift as advertised. Signed up after friend’s recommendation. But no free gift as advertised. And received 8 scam calls just after sign-up. Scary. Not sure even this is legit.

Worst Courier Service (Uni Uni). This app and offers are good but the courier service they are using is worst (Uni Uni) in the whole world. They don’t even try to reach you for your courier. I went there travelling one hour to pick my courier but they said that it is still with driver who was not even showing up to my place and putting delivery failed falsely in the status. The biggest scammer and fraud courier service in canada. If temu is continuing sending couriers with Uni Uni, I am never gonna order anything from this app and I would like to suggest others as well that please do not order anything from any app which uses Uni Uni as courier service.

They have no idea what they are doing. This is the first review I have made in Apple Their customer service/solution is so bad that made me write it I have recently place an order Something pop up and I need to be away from country for week of their planed delivery time window So i call up and ask to change the delivery time window The first rep told me because there is no tracking # yet so they cannot do anything and ask me to call back when I have recieved the tracking number Then after I call back with the tracking # they say they cannot do anything! They have no control over their logistics supplier . And ask me to call their logistic supplier to do the adjustment After all the conversation about an hour with their supervisor ! They still cannot resolve it There is no case number . No ticket number to refer to this case All I can do is hope the package still there when I back home Good luck on buying something with this app

Waste of time. In order receive free gifts. You has 24 hours to invite 7 people registering new account. When You fail, You need to invite new users. It is even not possible.

Amazing!!!!. This site has been totally dangerous to my bank account. There are so many random things one can order. I’ve had the best luck with kids clothes, women's clothing especially dresses. I’ve ordered so many random things from lip gloss, to stamps and dies, stickers, scratch art, earrings, hair extensions, metal signs, home decor the list is overwhelming. Check measurements when ordering certain things that look big in the pictures. I always check the reviews, sometimes seeing someone who’s not a super model wear the shirt helps me decide how it may fit on myself. Pricing is fair, absolutely love the free shipping and it’s relatively fast to. Unlike AliExpress. Even faster than SHEIN. Can’t wait to try so many other products.

Not for Canada. Why it exist in Canada App Store ?

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This app is not a scam!. At first, when I saw the app I was very suspicious of the low prices. As I was scrolling through the products I saw that you could get 5 pairs of socks for a really low price of $2! I decided to buy a few things since if it came a scam, I still didn’t have to pay for shipping, and the products were really cheap. I decided to get the clear straws and smoothie cups. The order came in at a surprisingly fast rate of around a week. This was a surprise because normally products from China and around China take normally 3-4 weeks to arrive. The smoothie cups I got were exactly fit to the description as well as the straws. I have ordered many more things and do not regret it at all. Around 5 days ago I ordered SIX things for an amazing price of $10! I would definitely recommend for birthday gifts and to treat yourself to some cheap things!! Definitely an amazing find, 5 stars!

Disappointed. Don’t get me wrong this app is amazing. The products I’ve ordered have all be amazing and great quality for low price! And I’ve made several orders. How ever I don’t like how there are so many games and so many ways to win free gifts and things and yet they are all so impossible to win. I’ve spent months on the app. And I’ve learned each games time always seems to run out right when you’re about to win the free prizes. Maybe I just have bad luck. I’m not sure but it seems to never fail when I’m a few percentages away from growing the adult fish or a few bucks from the free gift or a few coins away from getting the last prize from the 3 hat trick game my time runs out and I have to start the game over. You’d think after purchasing so many items the games would become easier to win to keep costumers attention. Getting the free items would help boost sales. But as I said maybe I just have poor luck.

Absolutely Fraud Shopping Marketplace. Absolutely fraud and don’t even think of falling into their trap at all. It’s such a bunch of fraudsters who either sell defective non functional products or even to make it more worse they even don’t have any customer service. Also these days to “cut the cost” they have eliminated customer service person and started a method where you are compelled to CREATE A TICKET and then after few follow ups the ticket gets closed without any sort of resolution with some predrafted messages. In short it’s such a total fraud platform where you’ll surely be running into troubles and hassles and Ofcourse your hard earned money is at a stake. Be aware buyers don’t fall in trap of any flaw looking discounts or spinning wheels or any other foolish concepts they have on their marketplace. It’s all basically a trap to get your money in lieu of their crappy defective stuffs and to make it worse they even won’t sent them/meaning you even won’t receive it. If you read all the complaints here most of them are for non receipt of goods. So stay away and never even think of visiting or buying anything from here.

Well…. Here’s the thing. There are some really cool things on the app for cheap; however, there are a few things that could be improved. 1st, everyone should be a able to have a wish list. All of the app’s competitors allow all their users to have one, and it diminishes the experience of shopping with Temu that they don’t give one to everyone. They also have a minimum check out amount that other competitor apps do not have, if I am specifically looking for one thing, I don’t want to spend more than I need to. My other complaint is actually with their free gifts. Most are impossible to get unless you have a social media following. Not many people know a new app user or have a bunch of people they can share the link to. Also for many of the games, they purposely make it incredibly difficult or impossible to obtain. I get it, it’s a free gift, but some of their information is incredibly misleading or inaccurate. I’m not sure it’s worth spending the time on their free gift programs. I recently was finally going to get a free gift and then the app mysteriously timed out. Coincidence, maybe, maybe not.

Terrible Service, Giveaway scams and more.. Firstly, I must emphasize the extremely poor quality of customer service I received when attempting to resolve an issue with a recent purchase. Despite several attempts to reach out through various channels, including phone calls and emails, I was met with lengthy response times, unhelpful automated messages, and a general lack of empathy from your support representatives. This level of service is far below the standards I have come to expect from your esteemed organization and has left me feeling frustrated and unheard. Additionally, I must express my disappointment with the Temu giveaway program. After participating in good faith, I have come to realize that it is nothing but a scam. The promises made were enticing, but the actual experience fell drastically short. The lack of transparency, misleading information, and an overall sense of deception have left me questioning the integrity of your company. The website pages are not properly designed and loaded and when a customer clicks on a certain page it doesn’t lead them to that exact page. Thank you and that is all.

Until further notice!!!!!. So not only do they lie and scam but they also pick and choose who gets what which I’m still trying to figure out first people all kinds everywhere order bunch of stuff and money kids adults everybody but then when it got big and everybody was on to it they “fix” it but now making it harder for anyone to win and those who are are the scammers and worker with them I have endless proof heck I even tried to cheat into winning because the games are so rigged no matter what I couldn’t and can’t win anything I get so close like .6,.4 then boom invite new user so frustrating had me thinking something was wrong with me cause ik it’s kids on they parents phone’s sending these links to they friends getting free stuff people using 7 different phones emails etc getting free stuff free money people like me who just wants to innocently buy things for my family because I grew up poor and never had nice things and want break that generational trauma by doing things like this but it’s rigged it’s fake it’s a scam !!!! I stand on this until I receive an email from hr about a resolution

Addictive. Since I started buying from Temu I have gotten addicted to it. I think I have ordered about seven times already in less than a month. The only thing that saddens me is that not everything is as expected or the fitting sometimes even though it says true fit it doesn’t always mean that I don’t like to return anything but unfortunately I have. I think if the website would have a description of what type material it’s made of. It would be easier for me in what not to pick and if you do, I can’t figure it out but if we can see it under the picture that you can click on it or something and it tells you what exactly the material is made of it would be a lot easier for me and I am sure for a lot of other people to make a decision and possibly not have to return anything because that is my goal to not have to return anything but unfortunately I have had to. I love this website.

LEGIT! but……😕. So the whole free items stuff is legit! Like it’s real. But it’s harder than you think. I mean if you have a lot of friends and they’ll take maybe 5 minutes of there time for you then it should be no problem. You need to invite a certain amount of people depending on the items price. Then if you cut down that money then you get the item for free. But you need to invite people MOSTLY NEW! I got things but you know only once. And you get multiple items per order. ( 3 total ) Now to the iffy part. So if I want to order stuff like with irl money. You have to have an order over $10 which I get, it’s easy for the company but come on. I want to get a $5 item for my dog and I can’t without spending another $5 for it… you can gain points coupons very easy, but you know I want to be able to purchase a $3 order. But the good thing is most the time you get free shipping. Mostly good quality and you know, a good legit app. I suggest!

I freaking love Temu!!!😩💕. I am loving Temu so much so far! I found Temu online when I was looking for cheap Lego dupes and ended up buying so much more😭 Temu has prices that you rlly can’t ignore and they have so many items that I haven’t seen in other websites before it’s so cool!! The products are really good quality! And shipping doesn’t take long at all! Their return/refund options are also so amazing! I had an item that i loved but was too big n so I wanted to return and order again in a smaller size, however they ended up fully refunding me & I didn’t have to return the item at all, I was ecstatic!😭 so far, Temu is the love of my life for online shopping and have recommended it to so many people I know get it! You won’t be disappointed😌👌and Temu pls don’t change any of your good qualities, keep it up you’re doing amazing! Don’t change things that are gonna make your app go from good to bad pls!!😩🥲

Be careful. I heard that credit card theft occurs on this website before, so I use Apple Pay to buy things on this website. The things are very cheap, so I bought them several times, but the quality is really bad, so many products choose to return. Interestingly, I put all the items to be returned in one package, and when they received the package, they said that the items were missing, and they only refunded part of it! I went to their customer service and told them I put everything in the package and they kept me waiting for a long time and then told me the warehouse told them they didn't receive it! To be honest, all I can know is that I sent it out, and I should not be responsible for whether there are too few items or not, right? I don't know what their customer service is. ! Everything is cheap, so there's not much money at all. I'm just reminding others that this is a company with no integrity! Customer service is not for customers! The stuff is cheap, but the quality is not as good as the dollar store! And our time is precious, we don't want to have a credit card stolen or return the goods and they say they didn't receive it!

Temu App. Ima be honest i’d like to give it a 3 or 4 star but there’s a bunch of things i want to talk about. i’m not sure if anyone will see this but whatever. I know i’m not the only one who thinks Temu chooses the things for you when you play the games. For example; the credit game, it gives many options of cents, tickets, and then the big one which is 100 credits. I honestly think that’s a total rip off, and especially because Temu is cheap and that’s the reason why i like it and it has many things at such a good price yet the app is so like so bad. Plus, i don’t even know why they added a minimum of 10$ when you buy something. I tried buying something of 0.35 cents with the credits i earned by the games. When i saw it had to be a 10$ minimum, i was very disappointed. i don’t know if this app is a scam, or just likes ripping people off just to pay the price. Doesn’t even let me buy something with the credits i win. But overall, i guess i like it for how cheap it is and has many good things, the games are fun to earn despite the fact it choose for you though.

Skeptical. So because of my curvy body with a small waist and thick bottoms, yes I was skeptical in ordering clothes. Yes I took a chance and gambled against my thoughts and BABY let me tell you, I’m glad and Excited that i gambled… My blouses ordered fits perfect. The material is giving tight and stretchy yet loose and comfort. I also ordered make up which I’ve NEVER cheated on my facial looks, I love an great look which my face EVER declined. I’m an Bare minerals and Mary Kay with customer. But when I applied my makeup, I screamed and said YES, I’ve found my new makeup and skin care…. Lol my eyebrows and lashes are just growing back from medical issues and when I say, my lashes, eyebrows and shadows are perfect…. I’m a NEW person… ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Shipping was super fast and they give you the info for tracking and updated delivery time and date, much respect and pleased to say, TEMU has me as a #1 customer. Pictures coming soon. After my bday.

temu. I didn’t have that high of expectations for this app but it wasn’t honestly that bad but like one user I saw said, my phone was glitching a lot too. And this had never happened until I download this app. The deals they have on there and the games you could play to get prizes are really great but i feel like a lot of them are rigged. I was trying to get something for my older sister for her birthday and it was that 3 prize game and I picked the last prize which was the prize I was giving to my sister so I got really happy but my phone looked like it glitched for a second then it showed that I didn’t get it which I know I did. And the Fish land game I had 90% is what I was at and I leave the app for not even 5 minutes and I’m down to 50%. The things you can get on the app are really great I just don’t think I’m gonna download it again. It’s more like a marketing strategy making you invite more people cause you want a prize while it’s probably just bringing your money or percentage whatever it is down.

False promises scam. I signed up because I saw an ad for Temu and it stated that new users could get a Nintendo switch for $7. I had to wait until 10:00pm to buy the switch as that was what time their flash sale supposedly started (even though that was never made known until after the sign up and download of the app). I set an alarm 5 minutes before so I could buy it immediately. I got the page ready and exactly when the clock turned to 10:00 pm (like to the millisecond), I tried to buy it and the app said they were sold out. And now, today, they are running the same ads, saying people can get the switch, new users only. They are advertising falsely. Either they are sold out or they’re not. There is a difference between being able to buy a switch for $7 and a slim chance at being able to do so. They a scam company and I plan to report them to the better business bureau. Maybe I can team up with other people and file a class action lawsuit against the company. This is a terrible business practice. I will be returning all the products I purchased yesterday. I would suggest people stay away from this company.

Shopping was fun and easy. I admit my expectations were low. You usually get what you pay for. But I was really surprised at the quality of most of the items. I bought two tshirts. The material was fantastic but didn’t really fit. I wear 3x and ordered 5x as suggested. I could put them on but they were to tight for me. The material and workmanship were great and I was disappointed I couldn’t wear them. Then I bought $190 worth of little gadgets, fun things, things to use at school etc. I had coupons for $140 so I paid $59 and it was fun and enjoyable going thru the box. Out of all of it there was only one thing that didn’t work that was a suction cup thing to take dents out of your car. I also bought one of the rompers. I loved it again size 5. It fit but in me was tight in the wrong places. I gave it to my niece who wears 1x-2x and it looked great on her but a little long. So have fun.

To temu. When it comes to an app like this, it always gonna have a thing where you have to do something in order to get your stuff like this app. I don’t get why you have to invite people to accept your request and most of them is not gonna work because they already have the app or already done it to someone else which is stupid because I ask some of my friends if they can accept my request but most of them have the app already or already done it to someone else. And even if people burly have the app to accept your request, it’s not gonna work sometimes which is a scam because once they accept your request they can’t accept it again then your gonna have to ask someone else to download the app and it’s not gonna work and what if it takes a long time or if it’s damaged or something that makes the problem cause some anger because you wasted your whole time on something that you really wanted. Cmon temu be real with your stuff or have the timer taken away from the app because it causes some anxiety for people like me.

Very hard to use. Like you see in the title this app is very very hard to use every two seconds I have to invite people to get one free item it takes like two hours to finally be able to get the free item it throws ads in my face saying how other people got free stuff when I don’t care about other people I just want my free stuff but I can not get the free stuff because I have to wait two days to get rid of this coupon that’s trying to give me no delivery time when I did not ask for it and then to get no delivery time I have to pay a extra 40$ to get it although I didn’t do it I don’t appreciate that in order for the coupon to go away I have to ether pay the 40 or 30$ or I have to wait a day for the free stuff deal to end in order to get rid of the coupon and I closed out of the coupon because it’s a new user deal so basically I’m being forced to pay 30 to 40$ just for A deal I don’t want and it makes me mad because then I have to get rid of the free stuff deal just so I can get rid of the coupon and I have to invite people to much way to much and most of the time people thinks it’s a scam to use

Awesome experience. I will be honest, I really thought this site would be a scam, if not a scam, cheap garbage that takes forever to get to you. For some reason I decided to try to place an order anyway. I mean seriously prices this good and fast delivery, yea right. Well I am so glad I took the chance!! I am on my third order already and couldn’t be happier!! They give you an estimated delivery date and it’s only a few days away. They give you tracking information and update it regularly. My orders are delivered in the first part of the delivery estimate. The items I have purchased are great, unique items for a price that is unbelievable and low. I am now a loyal customer and this is my favorite online store. Thank you so much for being true and honest. In this day and time it’s great to find good quality products for a price that you can afford to get every thing you want. Made my Christmas shopping experience fun!!

I’m in love with this app!. I’m a Tiktok Content creator. When I heard about temu & how viral it was going I just figured it was like a bootlegged Shein app. But it isn’t! The more and more I saw videos on how cheap the quality products were just amazes me. People were confused & skeptical to buy from the app because it looks like a scam. I decided to spend about $25 on the app. The shipping was 10 Days. The only problem were, when my items finally arrived around 8pm at night. I was sure my package was about to get delayed but nope. I loved everything that I received. I made a video on me opening everything as well. One product was fine but the box was damaged . When I opened the product it looks like it has already been used but it is a highlighter so idk. Temu needs to work on the orange packaging because it looks so beat up🤣. Otherwise, everything was great. Thanks Temu🧡✨.

Shopping legit, rewards seem like scam. So of course the shopping is legit, ive had a friend tell me thats where they get some of their cool stuff from. But when you go to the rewards and stuff it says “$100 gift card” or “$200 on paypal” obviously with a curious mind you are going to click it. And every time you do they “sweeten the deal” then you get excited and happy then you go through this nonsense of bringing more people to the app. I get it you want more people to use the app, but come on. You dont even receive these gifts and it talks about how all these people win money or gift cards and then everytime you open the rewards to get them its the same exact thing, teasing you with the reward so they can have more people use their app. This has ruined my experience, now dont get me wrong from the experiences ive heard and mine too with the SHOPPING PART is cool, but the free gifts and money are just them wanting to expand their app, i basically still have it at this point just to track a package then im going to uninstall this app.

TEMU is truly amazing!. I have been purchasing from Temu since the beginning of November 2022. I was skeptical at first, but all of their claims has been fulfilled. An order was two days late and I received a five dollar credit! A pair of shoes I liked was not available in my size, so I submitted a request for my size and within a week it was available and I was notified via email. Every day I go on, and there are new categories of items. It seems like anything I can think of is either already on Temu or will soon appear! Their customer service is amazing. I have not been compensated for this testimonial by any means. I am just an average American, who is amazed by the level of quality retail management. Although I do have one huge complaint. I find something I need and/or can’t live without every time I log onto Temu, LOL. I am not typically a shopaholic, I do not buy like this from any other website.

Shipping, clothing and shoes. To start most people don't realize that these items have to pass through customs. That's where shipping gets delayed and becomes a waiting game. This part is not actually Temu's fault. Customs does things on their own schedule. If you buy clothing, buy a size up. The clothing runs small. Same with the shoes and the shoes all seem to be narrow fit. HAND WASH all the clothing you buy and do NOT put it in a dryer even on the delicate cycle. One trip in the washer and dryer and the thread that holds the clothes together falls out. Happily I can sew. But still the clothing doesn't last long even if you hand wash it. Expect to only wear the clothing you buy from here a couple of times unless you want to re-sew everything. The household items are the same quality of what you buy in a dollar store. But I'm not sure why anyone would expect anything different with the prices these items are. I will order little things here and there but not clothes or shoes again.

Amazing. You’ll save so much as long as you don’t mind waiting a few days for delivery. Company has great reputation. If anything arrives damaged or wrong size Temu will issue a refund & thus far I’ve never had to go thru trouble of being asked to return anything. Temu trust it’s customer. You’ll really save on things like underwear & shoes. You’ll find cool stuff @ great prices you’re familiar with & interesting things you’ve never heard of but can’t live without. I especially love the pet supply section & the charge boxes for cell phones. Anything for a cell phone is much better priced here. Phone cases too. Many of the cases/products are the exact same as what’s on Amazon…except the price is always much better. If they are 1 day late on delivery they’ll issue a $5 credit & do so without asking. I’m cheap & Im always excited to have a package arrive one day late. 5 stars plus!

Horrible Buyer Beware. This place is a joke ! They take pictures of their products with zoomed lens to make them look like a regular size product you would get elsewhere. The products are very very cheaply made and the shipping is just horrible they do not know what a box is everything is wrapped in plastic sandwich wrap that the post office abuses the heck out of . There is very little support well hidden within the app with a chat bot to give you frustration to deter you from ever trying it again after 1st try . The return process is a horrible joke because it will cost you 10xx more in cost than it would too return it . They are hoping you just throw it away and chalk it up too bad luck ! If you buy from this company make sure to use PAYPAL because they hate this company and will refund your money without hesitation! The Mastercard company claims the charge backs of this company’s profile is growing fast . This company is a new business name by WISH who has disgraced itself so badly with these techniques and fake reviews! only the most Illogical people who do not do research before they buy something get burn by companies like this and you can join the club or take my advice!!!

Not 100% satisfied. Although Temu is relatively cheap, also the quality of products are extremely cheap and poor. So far I had 3 missing items in my orders, but Temu has been good refunding me. The time to receive the orders is too long, they should process stuff faster and give real and updated tracking information. Some packages will show the same tracking info for days, and then out of the blue is right your door. So no true tracking is provided. Sometimes is FedEx and sometimes other provider. I waited over 1 hr and 45 mins online to actually chat with one of the customer service reps, since they do not provide any phone help. So I think Temu needs to have a phone number were as a customer will be able to call and get issues resolve. Overall in my opinion Temu is to buy things that are not that important to you, since Temu stuff is poor quality. But if you really want something to last, for the long run, pay a little extra and get better quality somewhere else.

terrible search and questionable quality.. I don’t understand all the good reviews. All of the freebies are basically scams. The only good thing is item pricing and even there on some items it isn’t great and quality is not very good. Interesting idea, but impossible to find what you want because the search gives you all the wrong stuff. Sizing of clothes and color descriptions are totally inaccurate. Out of 6 pieces of clothing, one fit. Tried the “buy again” and it kept failing so unable to buy another of the one piece of clothing that did fit. Packaging of items is poor. Items are wrapped in so much tape almost impossible to open. Breakable items are packed in plastic bag. App gives telling me I have won coupons but they are worthless as I have never received any credit for them. I have gotten a credit for items that have been delayed. Unable to leave bad reviews for items. You get bumped to customer service but unable to give less than 4 star review . Customer service was good about returned but no impressed )and not yet resolved) with non receipt when the delivery copy delivered to wrong address.

Don’t hesitate. If you are thinking about ordering from Temu, but are concerned about we’re they are located, or trustworthy I’m here to tell you that I had the same concerns, but I took a chance and I am so glad I did. It took a little more time to receive my order but they kept me well informed as to when to expect it. What can I say about Temu, besides the fact that I love everything I received from my order, Great , Great pricing, ( with pricing through the roof these days, there prices are affordable) . They are in my opinion trustworthy, friendly, and sell very well made products. I love everything about this company, and to date have never been disappointed with anything I have ordered. So it’s your choice, but I’m so glad I made the choice to take a chance. I’ve ordered from them three times so far and will continue to be a customer as long as they continue to be in my opinion a great company.

Blouse brought me here. inmessages! It is just too much!!y s mo sth wptosI just wanted to see the white blouse with the vining pink flowers to see if you have it in my size. You directed me to your site here and then I can’t find it anywhere! When I clicked on it, IT is the first thing I expect to see, not a bunch of other items that I currently am not interested in. This site is nice but I had the same issue when I was drawn to something before this was set up and I would click on the picture and have to go through a hundred other items. before finding what drew me to your online shop in the first place. Sometimes I never would find the particular item and just gave up looking! And, by the way, being inundated with your (20+) messages every day is annoying. Please cut it back to maybe 5 per day. I love your stuff but geezzz….to darned many messages; its worse that a political party. Send them one donation and yey cover you up with requests for money, even trying the “guilt trip” tactic on you.

The story of how I got mad. Temu said they couldn’t bring my package to the right place and I got a little sad but Teemu overall is the best app you could ever buy in your whole life because they ship free shipping mean whatever the heck they’re super good I don’t give them a five out of five stars like amazing to be there because TV has a lot of kids stuff that not all the stores have like box lunches like I don’t know maybe like mini sewing all that stuff but it’s like super cute what they have like they have like these cute little slippers they have hallow kitty purses it oh my God it’s the best but like it’s the best and I forgive Teemu which is a bad thing I shouldn’t forgive people what team is amazingly fast it only takes like two weeks sometimes but maybe it takes one week sometimes is the best app ever you should definitely buy it or download it and it’s so much fun but you’ll love it bye🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥳🤪🤓👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🫰🏻✌️👋👏🏼🫶🏼

Sketchy as ****. With misspelling being a common occurrence not only on the product items but also notifications and pop-ups themselves it’s hard to not sit and laugh when you go on any social media and see how hard TEMU tries to get people to spend money on the app. I refuse to buy anything on here cause it’s so sketchy looking. Hear mostly bad and some good about this app and the only good comes from people who were given compensation for hyping up the app. They also have a hard time doing math somehow. I wanted to get something and had a 40% coupon and a $30 cart. When I was looking at the checkout stuff it said the max amount you could save was $4? That or annoy all your friends and loved ones so maybe you’ll get $9 max with 90% off? Also had a family member try and take advantage of a deal and told they’re deal maxed out and a single digit amount. They also bought stuff and it looks like they just take whatever the package is and just shrink-wrap it around that item, have boxes bent up cause it’s not packaged right and somehow they’re more environmentally friendly even thought they use tons of plastic and other stuff?

Skeptical at First, Wish there were Wishlists. Saw TEMU advertised on Facebook, and usually those shops are all fake fronts to scam money. Googled the company, read reviews online and here in the App Store, and decided to take a chance. I ordered a diamond painting kit, 3x Golden Snitch spinners, a red diamond painting tray, a retro NES game system, a diamond painting storage tray, and neon stickers. The red tray is foam, and got bent up in shipping in the bag with the other items, but I’ve placed it under a book to try straightening it out. Everything came within 10 days of ordering, and I think I spent just over what I would have given for the NES retro system alone. Granted, it’s not the officially licensed system, but it’s enough to give my kids a taste of my childhood to see if investing in the throwback is something to do. So far I am satisfied, and will order again. I just wish there were wishlists, instead you add everything to your cart, deselect what you don’t want currently, then what you don’t order stays there. It gets cluttered quickly.

Happy customer. I hesitated months before ordering from this site because there’s so many scammers out there and I’m very skeptical about many things and people when it comes to money and cc payments. So as with so many other sites I checked into it with the better business bureau and found it to be a legitimate site with so many high ratings so after months of hesitation I decided to give it a try…well let’s just say after receiving my first order I couldn’t wait to share your website and show off my beautiful purse and other items with my family & friends at our Super Bowl night gathering. They are already ordering. They know I do my research before sharing information. My sister has many items coming..just hoping to get them before her husband sees them. Lol..ladies y’all know how we do it when we broke but still have money for what we want.😂

Wonderful Bargains. I have been buying from Temu for the last three months. At first I was skeptic so I one bought one pretty little dress for my great granddaughter . Well it arrived in about 10 days and looked just like the one advertised . Really pretty and good quality. So then I ordered a larger order of baby clothes,baby rattles and stuffed toys. Everything was good except one outfit. It was cute but I didn't like the fabric . No problem . I-was given a choice to get an instant credit or be refunded to my credit card . I took the credit to use on my next purchase as I already had selected items. The return was easy . Print a label, put it in a mailing bag, attach label and drop at UPS. Since then I have enjoyed shopping on the Temu site! So much to choose from! I will continue to use them for many different items! Good quality! Good prices! Great customer service!

Hooked. I'm pretty sure I look more than a few times daily to check for useful products to help make some efficient upgrades (dish soap pump sponge dispenser - “yes please!” Now I don’t have to carry the heavy Costco size bottle or constantly transfer to the small bottle with spillage anxiety), (someone say shoe horn! Shoe what? Yes it’s the little things in life. To slip on shoes easy peasy - money broke several years ago by Temu had a great price and material is pretty sturdy), I mean I can probably go on or I can even try more products if Temu wants to make me an influencer! Everyone at work is jazzed about my new wardrobe options and has been asking where. I didn’t want to share because this was my little secret but gotta live by my motto “sharing is caring”. Game on! It’s going to be a mic drop money when I wear the pink suit! Just in time for the BarBie moving release. Love the hot pink cuz dual mean cancer awareness and I am a survivor!!!

Questionable Practices. I actually was pleasantly surprised with this company after receiving a few things. We have now ordered quite a bit from household items, clothes, beauty, health and many many more categories. Shipping about 10 days, but free. Unfortunately, they also have games they encouraged to win rewards when goal reached. It’s great initially even when sending invite to temu app to people (expanding their customer base), which should be mutually beneficial and appreciated. However, at the end of game over weeks of time, suddenly problems from worst to the worst double talk excuses/reasons of issue, unresolved after a lot of time on chat, there reasons from “randomly”, “high risk”, “security reasons”. Yep, I think HLS might of trained customer service in unintelligible jargon in hopes it’s believable their app vetted for top level clearance and instantly blocked invites sent, never received at the end when reaching reward promised. I will not hold my breath waiting for supervisor to investigate and call me with a resolution. Just feel unethical to use good customers who bring more and losing them, as well as ones they brought with their practices shared.

Ignore The 1-2 Star Reviews Given!. The app is amazing, I went through and read the bad reviews.. and it seems those people are simply Karens and Kevin’s. I have invited hundreds of people and have received every incentive promised by the app. I have gotten over $1600 in free stuff! I have returned items (which is SUCH an EASY process) I have ordered over 400 products, and everything has came within a week time frame, and all of great quality! Outstanding compared to Aliexpress/SHEIN!.. some items take a bit longer but that’s normal with us coming up on a MAJOR HOLIDAY! People seem to forget that! Customer service is amazing! I have spoken to several different Agents and they have assisted me wonderfully - sometimes they do take a moment to respond, but with the app being #1 in shopping charts.. I expected this to happen! The review section isn’t bad.. sometimes it’s hard to find the exact review you’re looking for - but it’s because they provide ALL reviews from that particular seller.. (sometimes we as customers have to do homework, and scroll a bit more for the review we want - isn’t rocket science people) If I could give the app more than 5 stars, I would. Inflation is HOT and this app has seriously covered my entire Christmas Shopping! Will continue to refer friends to download it, and use it.. and I’ll continue to purchase!

People think it will all be cheap…. People from the US think all the products will be cheaply made with less then desirable materials… well order something and check it out for yourself!! I was a bit nervous when I made my first order.. is it a scam? Will I get my items?will they be worth it? A week later my box arrived… for what I had ordered I was shocked at the size of the box and immediately thought oh good grief… this is going to be bad. Boy was I wrong!! They compress everything so it’s like a bunch of vacuum storage bags… and boy did they plump up… I couldn’t get the clothes back into the box! I got 2 very nice winter coats for my grandkids and they fit perfect. I will say you need to pay attention to the sizing charts for each item. That includes purses or toys…EVERYTHING. It does tell you their measurements. I have since made 2 more larger purchases. One came yesterday and unfortunately I have to return 2 of the items. 1 pair of jeans and a dress w/hoodie. They are just too big. BUT : it was very simple to do the return. They send you the postage slips to print out and you just drop at the post office, super easy! Waiting on my next order as we speak. This time I even bought some outfits for my dog😂.. still measure and pay attention to size!! He wears a small here but I had to order xl from the site. Overall I am enjoying purchasing from Temu. Can’t wait to see what I’ll buy next🤷‍♀️😂 Enjoy!

I like this app.. BUT…. The app is great, but there should be some fixer uppers done to it. Why do we have to click the back button 100 times just to get back to the search button. There should be a place where you can click home, or to your purchases/cart or anywhere else that’s a necessity. Also why don’t they have a “like” button! Like that’s the most important thing, when you’re going through the app from one item to the next, and instead of throwing everything into the cart you can add it to your liked page. That way you can get back to it without messing with the stuff in your cart. And have it there in case you won’t be able to purchase it right away, so it doesn’t get lost in all the back button pressing you have to do! But what would be EVEN BETTER just make a section where people can make lists. Like I’d make a section for the living room another for the kids, and one specifically for me. And then everything will be more organized👍🏼

Best shopping app out there, but one problem. I definitely recommend this app to ANYONE, all you need to sign up is a google account, or a Facebook account, etc. When you first open the app TONS of free items are shoved in your face, and they are real, most items that are cheap are “ripoffs” but there are still SO many things that are high quality and real, I have so much fun looking through the deals and choosing the free items I want, some free items are surprisingly high quality, like the 168 pack alcohol markers I got for free, there are also fun games to play that add free items to the fun, again, I definitely recommend this to anyone, you may have seen a lot of temu ads on TikTok, which are fake, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t download the app, it is still very worth it, again, I recommend this to anyone looking for good deals, and thank you temu for all the free stuff

Absolutely impressed. I tried Temu for the first time about 6 months ago. I was buying silly little things for my kids, and honestly I couldn’t care less the “quality.” The price was unbeatable so I went for it. When it arrived I was SHOCKED by the items. They were exactly what I was hoping I would get. I ended up placing another order that same week and this time I was ordering things for me. I hate buying clothes online bc the cheaper they are, the cheaper they usually feel. I gave it a shot and now my favorite shirts I got from Temu. I have told all of my friends and family about it and I have placed multiple orders myself. The shipping is always free and arrives about a week later. You get step by step tracking. Their return policy is awesome! I tried returning one thing that didn’t fit well and I was refunded that exact second. I recommend you give Temu a try! You may find you love it too!

Half of order sent to wrong address/ customer service was no help🤦🏽‍♂️. New to Temu placed my first order. Half my order came in but the other half sent to wrong address with usps stating it’s labeled wrong. Contacted customer service about the issue in which they kept stating that’s it’s shipped and that i will be given credit if it’s late. Didn’t care bout the credit just wanted to know that if the package is labeled wrong, am I even going to get the package or not? After I stated never mind I was going to write a review on this then it asked if I want to speak to someone. Kind of late already and when the agent entered the chat I stated I didn’t need help anymore they stated, “I seen your concerns and we will work on it have a great day, thanks for the positive feedback”. What made me write this was the inefficiency of the customer service to acknowledge the problem or even direct me to someone to speak to about the problem, and also my concern of whether or not the package will be in or not 🤦🏽‍♂️. Both of which irritated me enough to write this review.

Up dates still an Awesome App. Temu is still a great app an their clothes are awesome, but I am start to noticing some flaws, 1: sometimes when you purchase some of the toys the picture of is misleading, (example)I order the ring toss toy for my nephews and the picture on the app show the ring toss picture as medium size when I got it, it could fit in the palm of my hands, 2: if you put an item in your cart and they are out of stock they will remove it and sometimes when you go to pay for your cart it mysteriously appears in your cart as you pay for your items 3: when playing for prizes you better have tons of friends or you will not get anything, You need friends to sign up for the free stuff and if you don’t have a large enough group of friends will to download the app, then your free stuff is a no go. but all in all I still enjoy the app now I know what to get and what to avoid like some of the toy please make sure you look at the size of the toys and gadget you buy.

Item out of stock after I placed my order a week ago?. I got an item while it was fully in stock and after a week I was told I couldn’t get it because it was out of stock?? I’d already placed my order and waited a week for it to not even be fully packed when I was under the impression it’d be arriving around this time. They gave me a free $5 of store cash but I just want my package. I understand that issues come up but I’m just wondering why I already confirmed I was getting an item and now I’m being told it’s out of stock after a week? I got refunded the amount I paid for the item itself but I’m wondering why it didn’t say “out of stock” before I ordered it. If someone has an explanation I’d be happy to listen but at the moment I’m severely disappointed and upset. I was really looking forward to that specific item and it’s the whole reason I ordered in the first place.

Shopping like a socialite!. Absolutely no complaints! I’ve placed 24 orders so far and every transaction has gone smoothly. My husband downloaded the app and is hooked now too! It’s kinda like an online dollar store. Just be mindful of your purchases. Meaning - read descriptions thoroughly, read feedbacks thoroughly, especially PAY ATTENTION TO MEASUREMENTS! Can’t emphasize that one enough! Examples - my husband is an XL on American sizes but on Temu he needs to order XXL or XXXL. Also, most of their photos are enlarged so don’t judge something by the image but the measurements. If a listing doesn’t specify “glass or plastic” then it’s most likely plastic. When I’ve had a few items that weren’t exactly what I wanted or didn’t fit etc., Temu resolved my concerns promptly! Overall, it’s a fun app to shop with without breaking the bank. Especially if you’re into crafting, have small children or a really cheap husband 😉

Prices unbeatable!. I don’t usely leave app reviews. But i have spent over $400 so far since finding temu lol. I just wish they add a fav and save later button instead of putting everything in the cart. Although you can unselect items, once you have hundreds of items in your cart it is just a mess trying to go through all of it. Love how many different sellers they have available. So many items to choose from it is overwhelming at times for me. There is Always a sale going on, it’s definitely addictive, so pace yourself! Love that they also allow pay in four because i don’t always want to pay all of it up front. I’ve had great experiences with 99% of my purchase. And if there was an issue they didn’t hesitate to offer refund. Shipping is usually a week or two. Only once it was delayed and they gave me credits for my next purchases. I plan to buy plenty more especially if the price and quality stays good.

First time Temu’er/ Why’d I wait this long?. I heard about Temu, I’m not sure how it was on TV I think or a friend maybe the news I don’t know. But it had me curious so I downloaded the app and checked it out. I bought two bags. The first bag was $13 the second bag was $83. Both bags came on the same day. I bought everything from magic erasers to a six dollar drone. My package came quick took about a week. I was updated and I could track my package. That was cool. It was super inexpensive for the amount of things I got. I was cautiously, optimistic, thinking that most of my purchases would probably be trash. I was wrong. Every single thing I got, and I cannot emphasize that enough, every single thing that I got was far better than I expected, and it exceeded all of my expectations the price is so incredibly low. I don’t know how these people are doing it, but keep doing what you’re doing because I am a believer. I am a lifetime temu’er!

The games are so difficult to win. I was so happy to receive the $200 and waited so long for me to redeem it and i didn't even get it because someone beat me to it you know how mad that made me I felt like crying so bad. i feel like they should at least do the top ten people so some of us I have a chance. It look so much time and patience for me to finally add up all those tokens just for me not to win. I waited till the very last second and it is so unfair how I couldn’t even get it. It is literally so late at night and I stayed up just to redeem the $200 and I couldn’t even get them😞😞At first I liked the app a lot because I like how it gives free items but now it’s just getting me mad how it takes so long to get one free item like for the 50 credit I would get 30 or 20 or 25 tickets from most people but now that K only need the 50 credit its just giving me one ticket per person and it really makes me want to cry. Like can we get at least 10-20 tickets per person please. It breaks my hurt when I don't win because im broke and I don't have money to buy nothing so please help a girl out. Especially on the $200.

It’s cool but has disadvantages. I was referred by a friend of mine and my friend was supposed to Hera free gift afterwards but never did. I’ve purchased some things from here and some things seem like good quality then others are made cheap. I’ve tried many of the games to win free items and honestly they all seem like a scam. For the “hat draw” game regardless of what you choose the first two are it and the 3rd isn’t and then they want you to share. For the price cut one, you’ll always wind up getting the highest amount off but then you can get it unless “you refer someone” which even then you still probably won’t. Fishland and farmland seem a bit less sketchy but what I realized with Fishland when you have less fish it takes a lottttt more food to feed them. Like sometimes 10g of food won’t get go up 1%. All and all ik this is getting long but I have gotten one free gift (not from a referral nor a game). There was this deal if I spend more than $45 or something I can pick a free gift which I am waiting for my order to be delivered.

Temu Rocks but be careful. I love Temu…almost too much! It’s great for customers that are okay with knockoffs. For some things like arts and crafts, they’re amazing. The silicone molds for example are great deals along with natural stone beads; however, there are a lot of misleading products and flat out false representations too. I’ve purchased various stone jewelry where they’re not the actual stone but an image with resin on top like their agate earrings or a glass bead with iridescence atop being sold as moonstone. You have to use common sense and sometimes heavily rely on reviews. Their customer service and return policies are awesome. So awesome it’s questionable like they know they’re selling you crap… there are some decent dealers on here though and it’s worth looking around. I’ve purchased items for personal, birthdays, holidays, and resale. Do yourself a favor if you’re purchasing in bulk and don’t just assume what they’re saying is true or what the package says is true. Investigate it. They have great deals for a reason. Good luck and happy Temu shopping!!!

Well, I’m enjoying it.. I was introduced to Temu through an ad on FB. I quickly went from there to it’s website to it’s app. I’ve never downloaded a shopping app or ordered from one. But this one immediately caught my interest. Temu’s shops carry EVERYTHING. Interesting jewelry, enamel pin, art prints, tarot cards, fingerless gloves, colored pencils, and wonderful scrapbooking/journal supplies. Despite the ridiculously low prices and free shipping that screams “SCAM!,” I decided to order. I received my order and I can’t complain about what arrived. Several things that I ordered, I had ordered from other sources. I chose them as gifts and to compare quality. They passed the test, except for one necklace that looked cheap. Of course, it was cheap. The most frequent complaint I’ve encountered here has been the size of item. Of what I’ve ordered, the jewelry, prints, gloves, all have been the size expected. The scrapbook material often runs small, but I’ve experienced that from other vendors.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 1.90.0
Play Store com.einnovation.temu
Compatibility iOS 9.0 or later

Temu: Shop Like a Billionaire (Versiyon 1.90.0) Install & Download

The application Temu: Shop Like a Billionaire was published in the category Shopping on 31 August 2022, Wednesday and was developed by Temu [Developer ID: 1641486560]. This program file size is 62.34 MB. This app has been rated by 395,901 users and has a rating of 4.6 out of 5. Temu: Shop Like a Billionaire - Shopping app posted on 25 July 2023, Tuesday current version is 1.90.0 and works well on iOS 9.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.einnovation.temu. Languages supported by the app:

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Temu: Shop Like a Billionaire App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Bug fixes and improvements

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Find on this site the customer service details of Temu: Shop Like a Billionaire. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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