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Car Stunt Master - Car Racing [Games] App Description & Overview

What is car stunt master - car racing app? Car Stunts Master is an open-world car game in the racing games category. Get exclusive vehicles, customize your cars and play this realistic simulator made for fans of motorsports and tuning.
Features of formula GT Car Stunt Master 3D:

- Open vertical and horizontal ramps.
- Large environments and multiple mega ramps in this thrilling Racing Car game.
- Different car selection options like formula cars, sport racing cars, and modern superhero vehicles.
- Huge collection of multiple cars like formula cars and sports cars.
- Interesting levels and missions of extreme GT car stunts.
- Free to download the formula ramp car stunts game.
- Different camera views in formula car games.
- New stunts in the mega ramping extreme.
- Flipping mega ramp impossible stunts.
- Hydraulic brakes and best acceleration for 3D ramp extreme jump.
- Best steering and motion controls.

Download the game "GT Car Stunt Master 3D" now with super hero stunt driving games .

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How to contact Car Stunt Master - Car Racing (Zego Studio)?
Find this site the customer service details of Car Stunt Master - Car Racing. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

Car Stunt Master - Car Racing Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Car Stunt Master - Car Racing Version 1.907 November 2022

- Fix policy content update - Add new levels - Optimize performance.

Car Stunt Master - Car Racing Comments & Reviews 2022

- Great game!!!🤭

I don’t know why people are saying there’s too many adds it’s only after a level like most games and the game is real it’s not one of those games where it’s a scam and fake it’s real, thankfully because most of the time it’s a ripoff which is stupid!

- This is fake

The ad I watched seemed pretty cool. So I downloaded the game and realized the ads are completely fake. I only downloaded it so I could see if this was real or not, sure enough, it’s fake. The game itself hardly functions. They don’t want people to have fun. They want money. They took clips from a game on steam, put it into an ad and said “hey look at this game! It’s so cool and you should download it” but in reality this game is not worth even your time. So please, if you are looking to download this game, don’t do it, go download an actual game. There are many games on the App Store. This one’s just not it. Taking advantage of little kids gullibility isn’t very cool. Neither is making a game that barely functions. 1/5. Do better.

- The Game is good, but could be better

I've had this fame for about a month now, and the game is pretty fun. However, I wish their was more tracks in the game. I finished the 30 in about 2.5 weeks, and it got boring after that. So please, add more tracks. Also, no more ads!!! It is very annoying whenever I'm in the middle of a game and get an ad out of nowhere. Maybe have the ads be placed after you die so you can respawn? That would make the game a lot more fun. Thanks


any add you see thats over 1 star was 100% payed to make a statement, and they probably boost those reviews somehow. only came here to leave a review. every ad uses clips from the game BeamNG drive on steam, game is 100% fake. they get money from each download, so they use fake ads, once you download they dont care if you actually play, if you have any decency you would avoid these types of developers and their games, its all just scams to get money from naive kids who dont realize what mobile games actually consist of.

- Really fun you should get it

When I first saw it I wasn’t interested but then all my friends starred playing it and were like you should get it is really fun so then I got it and it is really fun

- Car stunt masters

Is the company sowPoor it has to have a advertisementAfter each play you don’t have a game you have a commercial with a second game Odeon where every minute you play there’s three minutes of commercial at overexaggerate in a little bit but you understand and that’s it thank you and have a nice day

- Bad game!!!!

First I’ll start off with ALL THE ADS ARE FAKE!! Second I’ve seen a YouTuber play this game BUT this game totally copied it! I am really done with all these fake games now. I also think this game should be ok amen down for basically copying or copyright or something along those lines. Third Why do you have reward limited on the level? Like how are you supposed to get 20,000 dollars if you have a reward limit? It’s ridicules! (PS don’t get this game it’s very bad) have good day y’all.

- Don’t download if you want to watch cars break like I did

I downloaded thinking I could watch card break with great graphics but that was a lie I just got a game where if u go off center it will automatically make u go back to the middle and all you do is control speed and if you run into something it does not even dent and you have to CONTROL jumping out the car and it is not automatic when the car breaks

- Great game

It’s a really fun game and has like 36 different courses in all but there needs to be more levels and GT modes in it to get more entertainment but anyways it’s a really fun game and has cool characters and I would highly recommend this game to anyone who loves racing games!

- Super speach

I love this game I cant get off it and it’s not even a rip off of anything and that’s what I like about it and I love your characters I think the monkey one is the most awesome thank you

- 1

Everything is good just to many ads And the camera positions could be a little better

- Very good game

This game is very good and you can cancel the ads in no time, and there is very sweet graphics, and not that many ads, just at every level, and it’s pretty funny

- Best game ever

This game has so many cool sounds. But it has lots of ads. The Lamborghini car is the fastest one. You get to choose your own cool character. (Review by a 7 1/2 year old)

- It’s the best but

There’s same levels so if I beat it I have to beat it again and the monkey needs a tail I have the Lamborghini and it’s not that fast and also plz add more to this game like different levels I still love playing this game

- Sooo close from being the perfect game

All I gotta say is the game is amazing but when doing jumps your forced to do a flip or a trick it would just be better if it didn’t force it like an option or something

- Good

This is the closest thing you’ll find to beamng drive which I know most people who are reading this review are trying to find

- Cool but a little bit harsh.

The game is cool, but all the cars have the same generic sound. Also I recognized that sound from Asphalt 9 when you exit modifications. Also I can’t seem to edit the color of the rims of my car. Overall, It’s a cool game but please, PLEASE fix those problems.

- It’s a game but it’s just like the ads

I didn’t think it would be good but then I tried it and it was amazing

- Ad placement

It’s a good game but the ad that stretches across the entire bottom of the screen is ridiculous you can’t see what you doing or paying for in customize section and barely use the controls because of it please remove it

- Amazing

Even know it makes make me wait for a different level it is amazing

- Really fun but too many ads

It’s really fun to play if you can deal with ads I’d say don’t play if you can’t handle ads but if you can its really fun to play

- Can you make a person that looks like me

I have black hair not braided I’m 8 and I love football


There’s an ad that covers most of the buttons, all the time, so you can’t even tell what you’re doing. The sound effects are wobbly and horrible. You don’t seem to have any control over what tricks you do, and every character you have to choose from looks ridiculous.

- Ads ads ads ads ads

Every thing is ads. Every play is 5-20 seconds of gameplay, 30-60 of ads. 5-20 seconds of gameplay, another 30-60 of ads. If you like ads, you’ll enjoy. I’m deleting this ad generator.

- litterally the most epic game ever

Brooooo this game is so good there’s litterally a gangster spider man and a monkey personally my fav character and there’s is little to any ads at all ands it’s addictive

- Yaaaaas

I was going on a search for car games this one is the best on the AppStore I can’t stop playing this gosh darn game.

- Fun stunts could have more detail

I really like this it’s fun to test shake rattle and bang cars But it would be fun if you added more maps and cars

- Fun but a lot of adds

It’s awesome but there is a lot of adds but you can be a monkey and jump out of your car mid jump

- Not what you think it is

In the adds it has beaming drive but it’s a whole completely diffrent game LITERALLY beamng drive is only computer game. Don’t get this game it’s a scam. Also this game has a lot of adds. The characters are wierd. It’s a monkey,wierd spiderman,wierd iron man and someone I don’t remember. The graphics are crap. Do not get this game.

- Very good game but…

This game is so good I love it but it just has a couple bugs like crashing but overall a 9/10

- Decent fun, but…

You have a banner ad at bottom of screen, but still have an ad after every move you make. I know it’s free but Jesus.

- Horrible game

Game is so horrible like why would you even make something like this what is that monkey skin like those cars are trash get better at Fortnite my guy.

- Car

This game is so much fun they should keep it forever

- Don’t like the ads

Love it so much but I don’t like the ads

- Fake game!

The ad looks fine but wen you download the game it’s fake they used beamng drive to make the ad and they ad some kind weird YouTuber and yeah but yea it’s a spam the only games that are real is beamng drive white you can find it in your computer not in the phone

- Cool little game

It would be five stars but the freakin ads and the ad banner at the bottom that wont go away!

- It’s rockin

It’s super good that I want more games but more characters and more cars

- Just like gta

I love this game bc it’s a game full of hot cars and it has the setting just like gta

- Good

It is fun and addicting but I don’t like the characters

- O k

This game is a ripe off because they want people to think it’s a good game. They actually took a clip from Gta and put the car in it and they put Franklin in it in the ad it looks like there playing gta . It is a good game but not gta so if you don’t want it to be gta so download it.

- Cool

To me this game is kinda fun but it’s not just like the ad I’m just trying to find a game like the ad

- Cool

Its fun but its not like the ad. The ad is GTA 5 but the actual game is a off brand when you crash your car is invincible.

- Good game

It is not fake like other games

- Absolutely garbage

I downloaded it form a ad it looked fun but when I downloaded it it was trash. When you go up ramps it auto drives for you and you can’t drive. Don’t download.

- I hate the game

First all the one star reviews are right this game is fake and the ads are 100% fake I hate the game ads every second it doesn’t even have a real premise to anything

- #

To many adds

- Soooooo fun

I love this game but it is the ads when I got on the game there’s like three ads before the first round

- your ad

your ad featured a song by Moreart called "I Will F---". this is a song about raping women. your game is marketed for kids and adults. I, as an adult, will no longer play this game, or any other game you put out. Goodbye!

- I love it very entertaining my friend recommended it super cool

Loved it!

- Trash

Didn’t even work for the first 25 minutes of playing and way too many ads.

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- Incredible

Greatest game I’ve ever played, better graphics then most modern games I’ve played including ghost of shushima and red dead redemption 2. I defiantly would suggest this to all ages 10/10


This game has been so much better since the last time I played it keep the good games up and don’t listen to the people with 1 star reviews there rong

- Amazing game 🎮

Good game 🎮

- This is an okay 👌 game

This game is great if you like car games but there is a problem it is glitchy and heaps of ads it is annoying ahhhhh If you can fix these problems ASAP that would be great 😊 thank you

- Fun game

It is a good game but why does the car turn by itself???

- Meh 😒 (really really really really boring)

Really really really really really really boring I don’t know if you should get it probably don’t cars no races and like really really really really really really really boring 😒😒😒😒😒😒

- WARNING. DONT let your kids play this.

I downloaded it to play with my daughter. It had an ad in it (GTA style) where a man jumps of a skyscraper, killing himself, with blood and all. Very realistic.

- Too much ads.

I’m not kidding. Still a good quality game though.

- If I could I would give this zero stars

It’s trash don’t get this or you will be disappointed

- Rip off

They’re advertising it for 4+ but it’s a free gta5

- Boring

Zero challenge. It’s boring.

- Amazing game

This is an amazing game because you can get realistic cars.but my favourite bit is the naked monkey.

- I think it’s ok

It’s ok.

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- To many ads

Game is awesome but to many ads

- Ok

Graphics are great, gameplay is a little too easy, lots of stupid ads

- It’s awesome

It’s great but way to many ads

- Ad more ads they said

I hope you like watching ads. That will be 75% of your play time. I’ve deleted it. It’s unbearable.

- This game sucks

This game is so annoying like I get no new cars

- To many ads

Ads that hide the X. To many to often. No crashing in first. Thought it was beam ng

- Not that good

It uses beamng videos in the adds that get you to download it


Why rip off a popular game? Yknow ppl r gonna hate it. Or atleast make it more challenging

- To many ads and

So I was playing until realized that it drives you to the middle it’s definitely for baby’s hint 4+ up

- Bruh

In the ad it looks cool but the game is not, they just took an ad from drivebng! 😡

- Ok

Good game to many ads


Make damage wen u hit stuff

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Car Stunt Master - Car Racing 1.9 Screenshots & Images

Car Stunt Master - Car Racing iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Car Stunt Master - Car Racing iphone images
Car Stunt Master - Car Racing iphone images
Car Stunt Master - Car Racing iphone images
Car Stunt Master - Car Racing iphone images
Car Stunt Master - Car Racing iphone images
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Car Stunt Master - Car Racing (Version 1.9) Install & Download

The applications Car Stunt Master - Car Racing was published in the category Games on 2022-08-10 and was developed by Zego Studio [Developer ID: 1637372610]. This application file size is 350.98 MB. Car Stunt Master - Car Racing - Games app posted on 2022-11-07 current version is 1.9 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: