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What is car lot management! app? Ready to be a parking lot manager? It's trickier than you think! 

Car Lot Management is a fun car parking game. Put your management skills in use for this parking jam! 

Parking lot management can be a difficult car puzzle when there are many cars waiting in line to park.

Do you like parking games? Then you will love the Car Lot Management’s parking 3d gameplay! Your challenge is to choose the right parking spots, tell the car drivers where to park, avoid car jam, move the cars, and collect money once they are leaving the parking lot. Every park jam is a puzzle for you to solve. Build the best strategy and solve this parking board game!

As you level up, you will have different car types in this park game and more car parking spots to unlock. Every car is an idle money opportunity for a limited time until they are done parking.

Got an electric car waiting for a parking spot? Make sure to park it to a suitable spot with an electric charging unit to charge the parked car and solve the parking puzzle! Whatever you do, you need to do it fast! Or you will cause a parking jam or worse, traffic jam! Place the cars in correct places, earn a lot of money! This is one of the most fun parking games! Easy, addicting and fun!

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Car Lot Management! Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Car Lot Management! Version 2.0.119 June 2022

- Performance improvements - Bug fixes - New levels - New cars.

Car Lot Management! Comments & Reviews 2022

- They listened and fixed the issues

I really appreciate the creators (or whomever does this) listening to all the complaints and actually fixing the issues. It used to glitch all the time and make my phone heat up and there was an ad too often and no option to pay for ad free. Well they fixed it. My phone is not hot, Ads come less often and a 2.99 option to remove ads which I did right away. Also, quality looks better. Great job guys.

- I requested a refund and you should, too.

I paid for no ads and then they changed the game to require you watch ads to open up parking spots. There will be at least 3 ad parking spots per board that you had to watch an ad to open them. This is even when you buy no ads. I got fed up at the greed and requested a refund through Apple and they refunded me my $2.99 quickly. Now, I’m deleting the game. I gave it many chances and they’re making it worse with the ads, and it’s all greed. I updated this last time and the ads are still there for parking spots. Don’t buy no ads and if you did and you’re unhappy then request a refund and spend your money elsewhere. This game was a short-lived stress reliever for me, but I’m already gravitating toward other games to help with stress that don’t try to scam me.

- Ehhh

I love the game, I like organizing the cars. The repeating levels don’t bother me either. However there’s so many ads and just days ago I was thinking I wish they had an option to pay for no ads. The ads also cause the game to crash most of the time, which is super annoying. Yesterday I saw the update with the no ad option. I paid $2.99 yesterday for no ads and all day yesterday the app worked great. I had no ads and the game didn’t crash. Today I go to play and I have ads again and the only options is to pay the $2.99 again. No thanks. Apple even shows this game under my “purchased” tab and I still have ads. Don’t pay for it until they fix it.


Edit: upgraded to 3 stars because of the no-ads feature (2.99). If you get that feature, avoid clicking anything that leads to ads (including VIP cars) and click the refresh arrow if the no-ads prompt/option reappears, crashes are kept to a minimum. That said, you still shouldn’t have to do that just to play the game. Original: It’s a fun premise for a game- handle a parking lot, make money, etc. However, the game crashing every few seconds, continuing to run during ads and never recovering your progress when it does makes it nearly unplayable. If these aspects were fixed, the game would be 1,000 times better.

- I love this game, but it's not playable with the amount of ads

I really enjoy this game, but the ads pop up just about every 2 minutes. It's not expensive to purchase no ads, $2.99, but for kids who don't have access to money, it makes the game so much less fun when ads are constantly popping up. I understand that's how the developer makes money, and could tolerate an ad every 5 minutes or so, but every 2 minutes is just so disruptive. It makes me sad because it's a fun game to play and would definitely purchase the ad free version just to have a smoother experience if I could. Other than the ads, it's actually really fun!

- Fun Game but…

It’s a fun game but it crashes after an ad. I watched an ad for the vip but the game crashed and didn’t give me the vip. Then when I tried the vip again it didn’t crash this time but I still didn’t get the vip. It’s a nice game to pass the time but it crashing and making my phone hotter makes ruins the game and makes me worried. I’m not sure if the app is overworking my phone or something. I first thought that it was just my phone that was getting hot and not because of the app but after reading someone else’s review I now see that it’s possible that it could be the app and not the phone. If these issues can be fixed then I can give a 5 star.

- I love this app!

Really recommend this app. It helps you organize cars and you easily gain money from doing it and stuff. The day I tried it, I instantly fell in love with it. I stopped playing all my other games and played this game for a while (possibly for the whole day). So, to anyone hesitating to install this app, I’d say don’t hesitate and go for it! Good luck, Jessica.

- Ads and Glitching

The only reason I’m giving this game 4 stars is because there are so many ads. Random ads pop up out of nowhere when you press some of the parking lots. Also, I’ve never really been able to really play the game for a longer period of time because it glitches and takes me out of the app, whether I was in the middle of something or not. However, the good thing about this is that it doesn’t effect your money or score. Overall it’s a very addicting and simple game, just some little tweaks that need to be adjusted.

- The New Update Ruined It

I had paid the 2.99 to keep pop-up ads out, so then I could easily play levels and complete them without interruption. I do enjoy this game and find it satisfying, even with the repeating levels. However, the most recent update has put ads on parking spaces to make them ‘Free’ and won’t let you buy it with your in-game money. I paid to not have to watch ads, I’m upset that I put money into this to only have to deal with ads again. The best part for me was having this completed parking lot, and now I can’t have that. Wish I could refund my money so I could delete the game :(

- The good the bad and the glitchy

Let me tell you the story of a man. A man who saw only of those it’s harder than it looks ads. The concept of the game seemed interesting, so he downloaded it. At first he loved it, the game was fun. But one fateful day the man opened the app to find it… broken he tried reloading the app to no effect for some strange reason all the parking lots and the roads the cars drove in on were doubled! He had no idea what was going on. the game, while technically still playable was no longer fun and the man gave the app a 2 star review in the form of a short novel hopes the developers would see it and save the app he once loved. The end, or is it?

- Could be entertaining, but there’s too many bugs

I just started playing and I think I could have a lot of fun, but I can’t even get the game to work properly. First, there’s adds with everything. I think if I choose to watch an ad for a new spot that’s great, but I don’t need an add every 30 seconds. It’s makes me not want to play. Second, the vip doesn’t work at all. I haven’t been able to do one. Third, the game crashes all of the time. I played for less then 5 minutes and the game crash 3 or 4 times. Not only that but it locks up my phone when it does. If these issues are fixed I may continue playing, but until then I’m not wasting my time.

- Unfortunate

The design and gameplay alone had the potential to be a very fun idle game. Unfortunately, as most apps have just become an ad farm in the last few years this is no different. After every 4-6 cars (cars that pull up every 2-3 seconds) you get a 1 minute ad that causes the game itself to become laggy and unplayable. (There’s ways around this though and subsequently why I chose to keep the app) There are only 5 levels tops that you just keep replaying over and over so it gets incredibly repetitive. Suggestions for the developers: - less ads and/or an option to turn off ads for a fee. - more complex, larger levels. - customization. Creating our own parking lots (this feature alone would be well worth it!) The only reason I’m leaving this review is because the developers of this game have made other games I enjoy and I know they can fix this one. I’m not ready to chalk it up to another misleading scam tiktok game. This game has the potential just needs some tweaking.

- Would love a freeplay mode

I have a suggestion. The levels are great but I think a free play mode where we are able to design our own lots and manage them would be super fun. We could add specific spaces for busses and etc where we would want to put them. I would even watch move videos for that option. We could even watch a video for extra space to expand our lot or something like that. I wish there was a game out there like my idea.

- Glitching instantly after purchase

I was enjoying the game enough to buy the no ads pack (something I do to support most games I enjoy), and immediately after that, I started getting cars appearing stacked on top of each other and some weird issue where I could no longer unlock spots with the in-game currency. I restarted the game multiple times to no avail. I feel kind of cheated. Definitely wouldn’t have spent my money if I knew it would suddenly glitch and make it impossible to progress without watching ads.

- WAY too many ads

This game is kind of addicting, but just like every other game it has an ad every 20 seconds. And just like every other game they start coming on slowly-maybe a couple every minute then a few more every minute, then they’re playing every 20 seconds. It’s just absolutely ridiculous! And I didn’t even see an option for no ads, but I had seen there is one from other reviews, but I’ve also seen from other reviews that they no ads may stop working. So I wouldn’t trust it.

- It’s ok

I paid the $2.99 to remove the ads and it only removes ads from random times. Still have to watch ads to upgrade things if you don’t have money. Sometimes I can’t see all the parking spots cars park sideways. I don’t think it was worth $2.99 when you still have ads. I purchased no ads on another game and I don’t even have to watch ads to upgrade just click it and it gives it to you. I was expecting that to happen here.

- The star

I’m Free star because when I got to the 5000 part it just took me right back to the start it just really frustrates me and I don’t nowhere ads pop up and it just starts glitching out of nowhere and the odds are really really long free star because when I got to the 5000 part it just took me right back to the start it just really frustrates me and I don’t know where ads pop up and it just starts glitching out of nowhere and the odds are really really long so that’s my review

- Love this game but to many ads

I love this game it’s great there is nothing wrong with it but oneeee thing. THERE ARE SO MANY FRIKING ADS. I mean seriously where did ads come from every time I play this game I get at least 8 ads or more. And it makes it less fun. Please fix it I’m begging you. Please and thank you.

- Problems that I have with the app

First of all, I downloaded it and an ad came up I clicked off of it as normal then it showed the $3 to get rid of all ads (no problem) I clicked off of that because I don’t want to pay for it, then another ad came up the second I clicked off! Next the lag!!! My phone can not handle it, it is still glitching making this review it is insane. Overall really fun game, just needs some improvements in order for me to recommend it to others…

- Too many ads and glitches

For one, you get way too many ads and it’s even more annoying that you have no choice but to watch ads to get more parking spots or to get more space for cars. And after getting to the fourth level, I believe (with the hospital), nothing pops up. I just get an empty parking lot with nothing but the spinning hospital cross cut off in the corner. I even deleted the app and downloaded it again to see if it was going to do the same thing and it did. So all in all, this is simply just a badly worked game that need MAJOR reworking

- Cars in cars

This is a fun game to play, except for a glitch that caused the cars waiting to be parked to have more cars in them. It makes it hard to try and park certain cars where they need to go. I’ve tried restarting the game multiple times, but it still happens. It didn’t do this throughout the whole game though. It only happened after a few new lots. The ads are also annoying, but the glitch annoys me more.

- Money

If could carry over the full amount of how much we build up would be nice like when I first started playing it. Never see the new levels. And please let the money carry over to next levels, it’s so slow if you don’t. The game was more fun when you could build up money and it would go to the next level with you.

- Don’t pay to remove Ads - Scam

Paid to remove ads because you’ll get multiple per minute playing the game. That removal lasted 1 night. Brought up the game the next morning g and ads were popping up every few seconds again playing the game. Then to remove them they want me to pay over $3 AGAIN to remove ads, what a scam. Requested a refund as I’m deleting the game, I’m not going to continually play the game with 3+ ads almost every minute and constantly being asked to pay to remove them when I already paid once.

- Too many ads

The game itself is fun, but I get an ad every 7-10 moves. I move pretty quickly and it only takes me about 10-15 seconds to make those moves, so for every 10-15 seconds of game play I get 15-30 seconds of ads. If there was an option to pay a dollar or so to skip the ads or they weren’t so frequent, the game would be great; however, if it requires spending more time watching ads than actually playing then it’s not worth the time.

- Ads

There were so many ads, but I loved the game, so I paid to get rid of them. Now, all of a sudden, after the last update, the game makers are trying to force me to watch ads by making spaces unavailable in the game unless you watch an ad. It’s messed up, and I’m actually mad about it. I never leave reviews but I paid for the removal of ads and now it’s like I didn’t bc I would still have to watch them to play the game like I was playing it before. MESSED UP.

- Fun until…

The first three rounds are fun, but once you get to the hospital area, there’s a huge glitch. First, the cars coming in to be parked keep overlapping each other in the same spot. The words “free” and the numbers overlap each other so you can’t buy a new space. If you do manage to buy a new space, the numbers stay in that space and the cars park over it, and you can’t press that button anymore. The game becomes unplayable at this point.

- Awesome game but SOO many ads and charges for “no ads” but doesn’t give you no ads.

I could easily become obsessed with this game other than the fact that there are probably 10 times more ads than game. I paid for the “no ads” and got charged for it, it was amazing until all the ads came back 5 minutes later and it doesn’t even show on the app that I paid for it. I contacted the company because I paid for something I’m not getting, and of course, no response.

- upgrades

i really like the game in itself, i like the concept and i like the activity you need to continue in the game. However, i do wish there would be time improvement upgrades or idle profits. That maybe lasted throughout each level. Another thing, perhaps levels could slowly give you more money or something like a rebirth system.

- Love this game but lots of glitches

So I was having so much fun with this game and out of nowhere the game starts glitching. It’s to the point where like three cars show up on the same waiting slot and then I can’t but more parking spaces. I love the game but you guys need to fix the glitches please, the only reason I have four stars is besucase of the glitching.

- Game option

You should make it so all the levels form into one lot and the player just builds from their, because the restarting could get annoying!

- Ads make the game crash.

I understand the need for ads but when you have the lot filled, an ad pops up, after watching it closes the game you end up losing what you were going to earn, it becomes too annoying to deal with. Liked the game, can deal with the ads, but it constantly crashing makes it not worth my time.

- I feel like it’s a 2 and a half

SO MANY ADDS - so I have anxiety and this usually has nothing to do with it but I love this game there are just so many adds and the only way to get rid of them is to pay money it makes me so so mad that there are so many adds so I can’t play it for more than 10 minutes if there were less adds then this game would be AMAZING

- Way too much ads

Love the game, it’s very addictive however the ads ruins the fun. I am in the middle of placing a car in a spot and a ad pops up. Also when I click on the vip cars the ad doesn’t stop I have to exit the game in open it up again to continue playing so I don’t bother clicking on them.

- Great game!

This is such a great game when I need to shut my brain off! It’s addicting. Can you move the shop and base buttons, though? They cover parking spot numbers and I think I don’t have them. Thanks!

- Complaints

Usually I don’t do this but there’s two big problems(at least for me) that I’ve found. 1. The game doesn’t pause when going on an ad. An ad will pop up and when it’s over I’m about to loose all the waiting cars waiting because of this 2. When I mute the sound/music and then come back from an ad it’s unmuted, even if it says it’s muted, it’s not

- Good/Bad review

The game is fun but something about the game is messed up like when I play it for a long period of time my phone heats up so much until it just glitches out the game and on my home screen. And this only happens when I get on this game. And also I know it's not my phone because I have to newest Iphone out right now soo

- Fun but has issues

I like the game, but it crashes a lot. I also paid for no adds and it worked for a little while then when I went to play the game again a couple hours later, adds started popping up again and it wanted me to pay for no adds again.

- Just a Cash Grab

This game is clearly made completely to make the developer as much money as possible with as little effort possible. 1) The ads are CONSTANT. 2) ****Even after you pay for no ads, you still have to watch ads to unlock parking spots!!!!!**** 3) The tutorial is extremely brief and doesn’t explain how to park VIPs. 4) The cars will actively hit each other

- Annoying

Could be a fun game if there wasn’t so many ads. You can’t even play the game for more than 10 seconds without an ad and then more often than not with an ad your game crashes and you have to start all over. I’ve been playing for about 30 minutes and I’ve watched about 500 ads and had to restart from my game crashing about 200 times. Annoying. If the game is ever fixed, I’d redownload.

- Ads

Wayyyyyy too many adds. Every 4/5 cars you touch there is an ad. Cant even get into the game because as you start to get to a rhythm it interrupts. I understand yall gotta make money,but it would make more sense to have levels and put an ad at the end of each one. May consider purchasing if i could actually play the game to see if I like it. Getting interrupted every 20 seconds causes me to not like the experience

- Problem

After the last update, when the cars are in the parking lot, they will not be uploaded on top

- Money Lost

I don’t understand why I’ve accumulated money in this game and then lost it twice. It should not go away and if you click on a different game you should be able to go back to the one you were playing. I don’t like having to keep starting over.

- Too Many Ads!!

The game has a lot of potential, however, there are many ads. You can’t even buy to remove them. I tried tolerating it at first, but I can’t. After 2-5 cars, you get an ad and they’re about 30 seconds long! Please, have an option to remove the ads, but don’t make it an unreasonable price like $5 or $9. The game isn’t worth that much.

- Still Ads!

I just paid $2.99 to have the ads removed. This is bull. There are still ads for EVERYTHING! There should be clarification that ads will still be required for VIP. To open more spaces, I can’t “buy” them even though I have enough money, I have to watch an ad. I’m super mad and disappointed. Wasted $2.99 and won’t play the game again simply because the ads take over the game! 😤

- Was fun until …

A no add option would be nice but at least you reap rewards for the longer ads but suddenly after one of the short ads it crashes and you gotta restart the whole app … I also noticed it makes my phone much hotter than other games

- Levels?

I’ve really been addicted to playing this game. I wish there was a way to see what level or lot you are on to compete with friends to get farther. Or an end goal to make it to different cities or countries.

- Seriously??? The Ads!!!!!

Just downloaded game, and already I’m done with it!! Ad after Ad after Ad. Can’t even enjoy the game!! Was considering buying the No Ads for 2.99, but after reading reviews, I think NOT!!! You still get ads!!! Thanks for the heads up other players!! Ads even in the middle of game play is absurd!!!!!!!!!!!! 1⭐️star is all this game is worthy of! Leaning towards a negative star if it was available!

- Misleading

I paid for the ad removal. It only removed some ads. There was still ads to watch if you wanted additional parking spaces. Sometimes cars would come in and only want to park in those spaces to you need to watch an ad for. That’s very frustrating. Going to ask for my money back. Could’ve been a fun game.

- Crashes

The game is great and I really enjoy it but the ads cause the game to crash every time. I don’t care about how many ads there are but if you can fix the crashing when ads come it’ll be an amazing game.

- Great game but hate all the ads and glitches!

This game is so fun to play…. HOWEVER… the game glitches and closes out the game randomly which is very annoying and there are wayyyy tooo many ads! You can’t get through longer than 15 seconds without some ad popping up. Please fix this!!!

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- It’s good however.

it’s good. it’s great. i love it. i love everything except getting ads every 3 seconds. not even kidding

- Chews through battery and makes phone run hot

This game is quite entertaining but boy does it burn through your battery! After 10 minutes of playing time, my phone feels quite warm, and after half an hour it gets very very warm. Meanwhile battery levels plummet. Quitting the game brings temperatures back to normal. I’m not sure why this game taxes the iPhone processor so hard, it doesn’t seem like a complex game. I’m running it on an iPhone 12 Pro, which is not an old phone and has heaps of RAM and a powerful CPU. Would love to know what’s happening under the hood.

- Paying for no ads doesn’t work

What a joke. It was a great game when you’re just killing time but most of that time is actually watching ads. THEN when you pay the $4 for no ads, they still show you forced ads 😂 So stupid. Deleted. Also, it starts off good but the level I just deleted on was so buggy and doubling up the cars so you can’t even see what vehicle you’re parking. Don’t even bother downloading. I’m sure another developer will make something like this but better.

- Ridiculous amount of ads

The game is good. But there is a ridiculous amount of ads. They literally pop up about every minute. They also don’t pause your time while you are having to watch the ads. It’s terrible. And yes I realise I could just pay to remove the ads. But I have never come across a game that had so many ads over such a short amount of time. I will not be playing it again.

- Ads

I got this game and found it quite enjoyable to pass some time, however the ads drive me crazy! So I paid the $4.49 to remove the ads, but I still have to watch ads to unlock car spaces!! Why charge to remove ads if you’re still going to make people watch them??

- This game is horrible and you have to pay what shame

I just got this game l love car games but this one really was that bad if you want to use a vip then you go into an ad and in the middle of the ad the game blacks out and l have to re start the level. I have even finish level 1 with this disaster game horrible and deleted you better make this game better ☹️ for now l’m not playing any of your games in case it glitches 😣

- Ridiculous amount of adds

Would be a good game, but the amount of adds showing is over the top they want you to spend $4 to remove the adds I don’t believe the game is worth that in my opinion. Remove the adds it would be a good game. I’m removing it unfortunately it’s unplayable.

- $4.49 gets you more ads

Really disappointing. Was a good game to pass the time while I waited for a flight but got so frustrated with the incessant ads that I purchased the app for $4.49 two days ago which seemed to lesson the freezing issues and eliminated ads like it promised, only for the app to revert back to how it was before I made a purchase and freeze constantly and play a million ads.

- Love the game but…

This game is amazing, definitely recommend to get but there is way too many ads. When I have just had an ad my phone goes glitchy and then 2 seconds later I get another ad. So please people who have created this game only, use ads to get extra money

- It’s good but…

If there were less ads, then this game would get 5 stars. In fact, there are so many ads that it causes the game to crash constantly. No option to buy ad free version. Please improve this!

- It’s so fun except..

There are way to many ads. Every 3 seconds it comes up with one. They are waist of time so please try and fix it!

- Game crashes every 20 seconds due to adds

Everytime an add tries to load, my game crashes. As other reviewers have written adds every 20 seconds so my game crashes every 20 seconds. Would have liked to play, it seemed like a good game.

- Good game bad ads

Great fun and relaxing game. Don’t mind the ads, but they show up every 15 seconds and they auto click so they go to the App Store every time. Would not recommend this game

- Ad.

Love it! Just too many ads. And every 2nd to 3rd ad I get kicked out from the game. I like it, just not love it.

- So many adds

There is a constant ads across the bottom of the screen and on average 1 add per minute of play. Little excessive in my opinion. Otherwise I think I would have enjoyed this game

- Waste of time

Was good game except for ads, paid the money to remove them and after a few levels you have to buy it again

- Too many ads

Should be called ad simulator. Literally park two cars then watch an ad, rinse and repeat. Game immersion is impossible with all the ads. Could be a good game but unfortunately the devs are more interested in ad revenue.

- Only a few levels

Great game but after a few levels it restarts back to the first level and is on a constant loop.

- Ads every 15 seconds

I would LOVE to play this for hours except there’s an ad literally. Every. 10. Seconds. Not exaggerating. Played for 3 mins and stopped.

- Not very good

Way to may ads

- Horrible

The games has so many ads that the game is completely unplayable.

- No Ad purchase doesn’t work

No Ad purchase doesn’t work

- App continues to close

Excellent in terms of entertainment, however every time an add pops up the app closes.

- Toooooooo many ads

Ads are popping up every minute..

- Ads!!!

Great game by oh my gosh the Ads !!! It makes the game unplayable.

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- good game

I like this game i just then wifi off to play cause ads are annoying but i would like this game to make the levels a map instead and then have like a rainbow map or something with each other and different worlds. make it a bigger parking lot and have like a community instead of different levels.

- Cool

Love the game but after a got area 2 it would not let me go in area 1

- Ads destroyed a great game

Great game but ads every minute ruin it. Pity because it was fun!

- I love it

I love this game but the ads every 2 minutes are annoying.

- Good, but…

I’ve been playing this game for a while and I really enjoy it, but recently a bug has popped up that makes the game completely unplayable. The cars stay parked forever after you park them. I would really like to continue playing this game but this bug has persisted over two updates. Please fix this!

- Absolute Scam

This game could be fun but when you pay for ‘no ads’ you still need to watch ads to use some of the parts of the game. Scam. Do not recommend.

- Car lot management

Don’t get me wrong. I find it to be fun. I can do without THE CONSTANT ADS. Every second car I park, there’s an ad. Not to mention that it crashes during some ads

- Good game, way too many adds

Game is really fun, but the adds are non stop

- Horrible App

This app crashes over and over. You also lose your points on each update. Not worth the time invested or money waisted!

- Laggy and Ad Heavy

Played for maybe ten minutes and then deleted it. Ads popping up way too much. I don’t mind a few ads, but this was getting to be really annoying. Also, game got very laggy after a few upgrades. Don’t waste your time!

- Boring

Nice concept, but, it is too much focused on ads. Don’t waste your time with this app. It is annoying, specially when cars start honking indicating it is time for an ad.

- The Ads, my god the ads!

The ads ruin it. Its a great game but i spend more time dealing with ads than actually playing! If i could play for more than 30 seconds (even that seems generous…) at a time, i would give it 5 stars.

- Fun but crashes when ads play

Its a fun game and I’d like to continue to play but it crashes every time an ad plays.. which is a lot… I’m not paying $4 to have the game not crash due to ads.

- Car lot adds

Enjoy the game, but it crashes with every add And there’s a lot of adds

- App keeps crashing.

Got app and when I try to expand either by watching and ad or paying via accumulated $, the app crashes.

- Good game, bad execution

Fun game, but far too many ads and no option to purchase no ads. Each ad crashes the game too.

- Ads

Ad every 5 seconds

- Video ads kick me out

I am happy to watch the ads to get extra parking spaces and VIP cars. Unfortunately every ad kicks me out of the game.

- Ads cause problems

The ads crash the game 90% of the game. It would be a good game if it didn’t crash every 5mins after the game.

- Too many ads

On top of too many ads. The game kick you out after some of the ads. Greedy app developer with unstable app.

- Pay to remove ads

Would give it 5 stars if you could pay to remove the ads or maybe less ads

- To many ads

This game kicks you out after an ad

- I love fortnite


- Toooooooooooo many ads

They are to many ads and it kicks out you sometimes

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Car Lot Management! 2.0.1 Screenshots & Images

Car Lot Management! iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Car Lot Management! iphone images
Car Lot Management! iphone images
Car Lot Management! iphone images
Car Lot Management! iphone images
Car Lot Management! iphone images
Car Lot Management! iphone images
Car Lot Management! Games application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Car Lot Management! (Version 2.0.1) Install & Download

The applications Car Lot Management! was published in the category Games on 2022-05-05 and was developed by Rollic Games [Developer ID: 1452111779]. This application file size is 188.01 MB. Car Lot Management! - Games app posted on 2022-06-19 current version is 2.0.1 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.wixot.parkingmanagement