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What is colors runners! app? Hide your characters from the killer drone!

Place them to the matching color zone to save all.

Harder than it seems, have fun!

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Colors Runners! Version 7.604 August 2022

Minor bug fixes and improvements.

Colors Runners! Version 2.324 May 2022

Minor bug fixes & improvements.

Colors Runners! Comments & Reviews 2022

- This game is better now

The game is sort of what's in the ad but a little more it's pretty cool but after you finish a level every time you have to watch a ad even if you don't multiply your people but despite that this game has gotta better before it was nothing like the ad now it is so yea it's your choice if you want to download it cause kinda looks like it thank you for fixing some stuff also I'm not sure if it's the first couple of levels like that or they updated the game but either way it got better

- Don’t waste your time.

There are three main things wrong with this game: the deception, the ads, and the inability to win. I have played over 30 rounds of this game and it is the same every time. Firstly, ads for this game advertise matching the shade of a color with the people, but in the actual game you just build a group of people and try to get as many as you can. Second, the ads are constant. This wouldn’t be a problem if the rounds were longer. The rounds are short, they don’t take long — around 45 seconds. There’s and ad after every single round. They give you an option to watch an ad for more money or not, but don’t let it fool you. You get an ad regardless of what you choose. Lastly, this game has multiple ways to prevent you from winning. Sure, you can make it to the coin multipliers, but the highest you can go is 48x. There’s a chest full of coins at 50x, which presses you to keep playing to reach it, but don’t waste your time. You never will. In the earlier stages, if your group got pretty large, there would be obstacles to slim your group by a lot to prevent you from getting a high score. If you get over 300 people, the game just breaks. It doesn’t let you get any multipliers at all, and you have to restart the level and gain a less amount in order to continue. No matter how many people you get between 150 and 300 people, you’ll always get 48x. Don’t waste your time on this game. It’s hardly enjoyable.

- Is not the game it’s advertised to be & doesn’t let you win.

I saw an ad for this game on TikTok and decided to download it. On TikTok, it’s advertised as a game where you match a group of people to their correlating color. After downloading, I found that the game is completely different. And the game will not let you claim the 50x price no matter how many people you have make it to the end. I had 177 people make it to the end and landed on 48x and then I had 246 people make it to the end and still landed on 48x but it’s only supposed to take about 10 people to move up to the next x. Also, the games math is completely off. I went through a +30 with 12 people and the first time I got 41, so I reset and did it again and came out with 47. Lastly, the game has far too many ads. At the end of each round the game gives you an option to watch an ad to claim more money, and even after declining, it still gives you an ad. After every single round you get an ad.

- No new cities

This game doesn’t come without bugs. I will give this game 2 stars bc it does deserve at least some recognition for being more original than the other games tht r essentially the same genre. I give it recognition for allowing us as the players to roam freely across our own cities for every time we pass the finish line. I thought tht idea was more creative than most running game mobile apps had to offer. However, it is still pretty annoying tht I was only able to complete one city so far. Bc the city tht I am stuck on right now, well… I’m not even stuck, bc I unlock everything in the city, it just won’t let me move onto the next city. So overall tbh the genre of this game in general is not tht pretty impressive, it never was to begin with, but the thing tht makes this game unique comes with glitches. Therefore this only deserves 2 stars, which is a pretty bad rating.

- It’s ok…..But…..😬😬. By cats review 4

So I thought the game looked fun and a read the reviews and was like oh whatever so I downloaded it . The game was such a great game for when your bored and such . But then at the end of each level there’s a city where you put your people there . At the back of the city it says “ unlock everything before getting the city “ or something like that . So I unlocked everything and it never showed up so I kept on playing wondering why it won’t work . So yeah it’s a really fun game and creators PLEASE reply back I would like to know if something’s wrong is happening or I was just not looking. Thank you bye Cats review 44

- Great game but a few suggestions

First of all it would never let me upgrade my city I unlock all of the pets and the motorcycle and the whole city but I still couldn’t do it. I even tried updating my phone and that didn’t work either. I need help. Second of all I think you should make the levels longer and more challenging. But other than that you should totally get this game it is so fun I could play it for hours.❤️🙃👍

- Give things second chances

When I saw the add I had to get it! Once it was done downloading it was a completely different game than it advertised! I was 😡 and it wouldn’t let you clam the price! So I stopped playing it but after a couple days I try it again and it was the game it advertised 😀I was so happy 😀. It was so much 🤩 and you get too make a city and it is fun. In conclusion you should always give a second chance.

- Very good game overall

So I looked at some of the reviews and they said it is a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT GAME which is not true at all. This is a very entertaining game but there are a LOT of adds so I think a little less would be good. It is also a bit laggy but maybe that’s just my phone. Overall this is an extremely entertaining game this is my favorite game I have ever had. If you could start to work on some of the bugs what would be great👍 Thank You

- Levels before 15 are not as advertised

When I first saw the ad I was like it looks cool but then I realized it’s not as what was advertised but I just kept playing and then once I got to level 15 or so I realized that there are different kinds of levels so you just have to get to level 15 to play what was advertised.


Obviously people haven’t been paying attention like it’s just like the ad First you get a couple of dudes since I read the reviews before the game I thought it was wrong so I played it anyways Second of all why would you people not test it I tested it by putting it in the wrong color and a drone came Just about the ad right? Yes it is. SO DUMB PEOPLE NEXT TIME TEST IT INSTEAD OF BEING STUPID LIKE YOU ARE😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

- Good game would suggest adding a pause button though

Great game and entertaining enough passes time if your bored or waiting for something, however I would suggest adding a pause button into the game. The only way to really pause it is by leaving the game and joining back. So I think a pause button would be helpful. But um other than that yeah great game!

- Short and sweet

Ok- so it really- did not at all look like the ads and I was a little- just a tiny bit annoyed and upset- but also this game has no understanding of math, for example, I was playing this game on level 2 because I just got and ad for this game and I wanted to try it. I started level 2 and I had 10, mind you 10 people, and I saw this thing that said x2 so I went towards it because more people, more money in game, I go into the x2 one and I had 10, and we all now 10 x 2 is 20, yet it said I had 16 people, not 20 yet and 16-

- So different form the add

The one thing I hate the most about apps and advertisements is that they advertise a fun game that you want to enjoy and then when you download it your disappointed in what you actually got it’s like your mom telling you she’ll get the best phone for you and you get a flip phone because it’s the best phone for someone your age to have but this isn’t even really like that it lead me to believe something that barely had to do with the game literally all you do is run the prisons around as they multiply and then they decide into their colors their selves

- Don’t waste your time, here’s why:

At first the game was really fun and addicting, but it starts to get annoying because it shows your supposed to try and match the colors but that is barely in there at all, and when it is it’s too easy and it’s just very different colors. I also got to finish the first city and at the end it said it would make a new city, but you can’t. It says there are still things you need to unlock but there isn’t it just won’t work. I would say don’t waste your time.

- Game could honestly do better.

This ad game is just so upsetting. The game isn’t what you’re going to play based off the AD you saw. The game is very irritating too, when trying to reach a goal of 50x and was not able to reach it. Only way to reach the goal is by spending hours playing when you’ve been near the goal of 50x since you started playing. This game should show a proper balance of gaining progress instead of teasing a prize that will never be reached other than wasting hours in playing.

- Despicable.

This game in horrific. One would think you hide in the colors and try not die to proceed to the next stage. Except for the fact that this is completely different. In the adds, like I just said, you his the the different shaded colors to not die, and proceed to the next level. But in the game, you have to get people, avoid blades of some sort, and try to successfully make it to the end. May sound like some fun, but it is the complete opposite of fun and on any other person who has played this, I can confirm that this app is a fail. Thank you for reading this.

- A little upset

I was super excited to play it when I downloaded it because seeing on the add looked really fun so I downloaded the app but when I opened it the app was a completely different game then what the add for this game was about. Super sad and would not get again. Other than those unfortunate things if you want to download it then you can but if you see it on an add be aware that it is a completely different game.

- False advertisement and super Glitchy

Number 1 when you look at the ad for the game and then play the game you’ll see It’s literally impossible to win they have it to where you have to complete the whole city to win which is fine but once you complete the city they still won’t let you unlock it Number 2 the game itself glitches a lot it’ll stop in the middle of the game and continue on like you’ve been playing making you lose people I definitely would not recommend this game

- The truth

Before more people played this game it was a horrible game. The game was showing false advertisement on the adds and the game wasn’t how the add said it was. For some reason the game became different… the game still didn’t look like the add I found, but it was similar ig. People where saying the game is false advertisement and stuff like that, but it was true. I am NOT gonna waist my storage for a game with bad add. Someone also said the game was better BEFORE it had an update. Im pretty sure this game has had multiple updates but like idk. 🤨🙄

- Great game

Due to the update this game has really changed along with my opinion of it. This game is more like the ads now. The game also has more individuality unlike a lot of the mobile games you see today. 13/10 I definitely would recommend.

- Great game just one thing wrong

Okay so I think this is an amazing game for any age but it says you have to unlock everything to open a new city. This wouldn’t be a problem but I unlocked everything and it stills says I can’t open a new city!?!? Other than this and the immense amount of ads it’s a great game.

- How do you unlock the next city

it says unlock everything before you can unlock the new city but i did and it didnt unlock

- Advertising a different game

I downloaded because I wanted to play the game I saw ads for. The ads showed you moving the little color dudes into the right shade of their color, or dying if they stepped in the wrong shade. When I opened the game, I was not playing that at all. I had 2 colors of dudes and I move them to get more and get enough of each color to unlock the next sections and what not. This is not the game I wanted to play. Not even the same game. Stop the false advertising!!! Very unsatisfied.

- Really false advertisement

So I like the game and all buttttt I get passed 300 and it just crashes and it’s not what the ad shows I’m still gonna play it but please don’t download it if you don’t wanna get scammed and please when the reviews for every game y out download before you actually download it still like the game but please don’t scam people it’s not funny or fun for them!!!

- Not Worth It

I got this game since it looked fun, and I like testing my color vision. It has minimal ads and you progress quickly enough that it’s interesting. One major problem though, it would constantly glitch and crash, and the little people would not move towards my finger. It was fun for the first couple rounds, but as it started to load in more things in one level, it crashed and glitched. Fun in the beginning, but not well made.

- Not worth it

So the game concept is fun but once you unlock everything in the 1st city which takes to long because the cost is so high for how little you can make a round but once everything’s unlocked it says “unlock everything to unlock a new city” but it never changes cities so the game is obviously unfinished and it’s not worth spending maybe an hour unlocking everything when you can’t continue.

- Not what I thought it was gonna be

I got this game through an add it showed the little people hiding from a helicopter and there were 3 colors you had to choose from and I thought to myself this seems like a fun game I just started playing it today and it as nothing like the commercial so this was a big waste of my time and a waste of storage I hope this help Thanks for reading

- False advertisement

I got really excited to play this game bc on the add it showed u have to match colors so like everyone writing a review I downloaded it it was nothing like the add I was very disappointed but the only reason I didn’t give this game a 1 star, is because the game was okay it wasn't like “wow I love this,it’s better the the add!!” It was okay, overall I don’t recommend because it gets boring.

- Game Review

I like the game very much but the game automatically changed its course of it’s game and I didn’t mind the change it’s that when I get enough people to stack that I know I’m going to get the chest it just does give it to me and I think this is meant for you to keep on playing it until you get that chest but you never do.

- 🙄

I enjoyed the game at first, it became an awesome way to pass time, however once I got to the level with the ferris wheel the game became a problem. I have been stuck there, it’s literally nothing else for me to upgrade, yet it wont unlock the next city. So now Im just running around looking for what in supposed to upgrade. i’ve even did an update of the game. Still NOTHING! Im on the verge of deleting and finding a new game to pass my time!

- I love it

This is a really good game I like the idea of the gam and also you can be a ton of colors and you get to be a rainbow guy at the end of the level and you get to make buildings at the end of each level it’s a amazing game

- I’m so disappointed 😐

I downloaded this game because of the add, it look literally like smth I would have played for hours. Let me tell you. If your reading this thinking about installing it, and reading it, it’s nothing as it seams. Even the little preview in the App Store is fake news. This game had so much potential. It isn’t even fun, even if it is a game preview and add. And to think of it, I don’t think iv ever been so disappointed in a game. 😞

- Sam’s review

I got the game thinking ohh I finally found a good game I can play but when I finished downloading it was completely different. Also very glitchy, I rated the app a three because who ever clicks on the app can read this and know it was a different game you can get it to play it but I’m never getting it again

- It’s good but not great

Well it’s really fun when you first play it then when you unlock all of the houses I I try to go to the nextCity and it just wouldn’t let me so why waste your time every time I join the game I try again and again and again and it won’t let me unlock my new city it said I had to open everything and I did and it still wouldn’t let me so yeah if I were you I wouldn’t waste my time.

- Not the same game

I’m so sick of people who advertise their game to be something completely different than what the actual game is. If I could give no stars to leave this review I would. I’m not going to say what the game was supposed to be because if you’re reading this chance is it’s the same ad you saw and then went to check the reviews when you realized it’s not the actual gameplay.

- It’s a trick

The ad is completely different from what the actual game is and that’s annoying. I downloaded the app thinking I was actually going to play what the ad showed but it was way different. When u guys make a game please make sure it matches the ad so people won’t be fooled and download it expecting the game in the ad.

- Isn’t to bad

So when I first got the game I thought it would be fun, but then I realized that it’s nothing like the add. It’s still a fun game though I’m just a little upset because of this and I hope they change the add and make it be true. Thanks for reading and have a good day. :)

- Over it in 24 hours

It’s like any game that doesn’t develop beyond the first 20 minutes of fun. You okay the same run over and over again, with ads in between every level — no exaggeration. It’s lags constantly, and there is no city to unlock beyond the first one. Gets monotonous fast.

- A little upset

When you are playing the game, you get a really good amount of people,and when I got it a lot of people I was so happy until At the end, their was a killing thing and I just want to know why would you put it at the end?🔍

- Why.

It was not what the ad advertised as a person who likes color shades I was excited to try out this game but it’s completely different it’s just moving the characters side to side and after each turn it would play an ad after each one and no matter how much you play you can’t get to the 50x don't waste your time

- The game was fun until I realized something.

I was having fun after downloading it and after a while I noticed that there’s literally no way to win, and the math in the game isn’t even accurate. I’d get 100 guys and it’d land in 48x area, but then I got 300 guys the next game and still, it landed in 48x I haven’t been able to get past 48x so it’s really just rigged. Don’t waste your time.

- Why this is bad

This is bad because of the ads, there is always an ad after every round, like are they getting tired of this? And it is always the same color one with Albert Einstein on the top. And, their math, they said 25x2 is 48 and not 50 and finally, you can only go up x48 and not x50. If you are thinking of buying this app, don’t.

- False advertising

I downloaded this game because of the ad. It genuinely looked like a fun game and I couldn’t wait to play but when I got to the actual game play it was completely different. If I’m being honest it kinda makes no sense. Developers if you’re going to make an ad for your game make it somewhat similar to the actual game play.

- The name does not Mach

Ok so I got the game because one the ads made it look soo fun but when I got it was way off . I thought it was going to be a game where you try to mach the people to their colors but it was...just well....not at all! the name is literally color runner now try and convince me that doesn’t sound like a game where you have to mach colors.

- How do I get more

This games is over all good. However, I unlocked at of the places, but it doesn’t let me get more! But other than that it’s a very fun game, I just updated it and I think it has new stuff?

- Blend

I rated this 5 stars because I just can’t even explain how much I love it all I can say is thank you

- Fun game

No ads, levels aren’t obviously easy and you can genuinely get tripped up on colors. It’s probably one of the best runway games out there.

- The games different from the ads

The game didn’t look like the ad. The ad looked fun just make the ad into the game.

- Broken

One part of the level won’t open to let me continue to the next stage. I’ve done the update and it hasn’t fixed the problem. And the levels should be harder And longer.

- Not as it seems

Before you get this and get excited please read this!! This game is a total scam. It's nothing like the adds. Sure it may be fun still, but if you wanted the true thing then don't get this, cause it's not it. I hope no one got disappointed when they realized its nothing like the ads. 💔

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- Fun but my expectations were different.

When I saw the ad for the game, I instantly wanted to install the app but watched to watch the ad to see if I would like it. When I was watching the ad I thought it was a game where you would compete live with real people and that sounded really cool so I downloaded it. When I started playing it it wasn’t what I expected but it is still fun.

- Slightly confused..

I’ve moved on to the second city, been on it for a while now and am now on level 53. It’s still saying “unlock everything to unlock the new city” everything has been unlocked since level 44 so why am I still in the same city??

- Second city doesn’t unlock

Once I had finished the second city, it wouldn’t unlock, it says to unlock everything and I have. Game is fun otherwise but would love for this glitch to be fixed.

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- It’s okay

The app is pretty good I guess, it’s not like it’s advertised. I got a high score of 48 with like 150 people but one time I had 300 people and I still couldn’t get a higher score so I don’t know if that’s a glitch or not but it’s weird. Would not recommend also because it very repetitive.

- Do Not Download

This game is not at all like advertised. You just run through gates that give you the amount it clearly says on it, there’s no colour matching whatsoever

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Colors Runners! iphone images
Colors Runners! iphone images
Colors Runners! iphone images
Colors Runners! iphone images
Colors Runners! iphone images
Colors Runners! iphone images
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The applications Colors Runners! was published in the category Games on 2022-05-06 and was developed by Rollic Games [Developer ID: 1452111779]. This application file size is 155.81 MB. Colors Runners! - Games app posted on 2022-08-04 current version is 7.6 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.atreus.colorrunner