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What is bucket crusher app? Upgrade your characteristics and become more and more destructive!
Tear down this wall to the ground!"

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Bucket Crusher Version 1.003 June 2022

New features and bug fixes!.

Bucket Crusher Version 0.2121 April 2022

fixed bugs.

Bucket Crusher Comments & Reviews 2022

- Fun but some problems

Let me start this with some positives this game is really fun if you have nothing to do or while waiting for something (exactly what a mobile game should be) but i have some issues theres WAY to many ads and it requires internet to run for some stupid reason listen i have no problem with watching an ad every once and a while but this game gives you an ad after EVERY attempt and it can get really annoying after a while another problem is that it drains my battery way faster than any other game ive played but thats not that big of an issue as long as u can charge your phone otherwise i really like some of the level designs, tool designs, and upgrades it’s honestly a really fun game i just wish the developers would loosen up on the amount of ads they show you

- Extremely fun game, ruined by greed

The game can’t be played on airplane mode, why you ask? Because of ads. The developers only allow access to players that are connected to internet (stupidly) and give away all access to pretty much everything. I deleted the game in minutes. The game may seem like it doesn’t ask for a lot, but it does, it takes time, the one thing none of us can buy more of, and also this is the best voodoo can do, I think that’s clear to everyone by now, the game is a very good time killer and provides a total of somewhere around 80-90% entertainment for me, well at least with no ads. You might be thinking “well I can just pay 2.99$ to remove the ads, no biggie, but the thing about it is that you still get ads when you pay for the “No Ads” upgrade, speaking of upgrades, hey voodoo, maybe you should start watching some 35 second ads to upgrade your company? Oh hey voodoo, do you wanna watch an ad to get this company logo that you literally earned? Or press no thanks and receive and ad! Hey voodoo, wanna make game progress? Watch some ads obviously! Hey voodoo, wanna play the game? Pay money to finally play the game without ads! Oops! Looks like your gonna keep getting ads! P.S: don’t pay for the “no ads” and don’t download the game you will waste your time.

- Good, but some major flaws.

It’s a satisfying game, sure. Thing is, when I try to play it, I get spammed with ADs, especially disturbing ones! Some are sexual, some are literally gore. It’s making me really uncomfortable. Two, it’s SO laggy! Like, I can barely enjoy a minute until my game lags and freezes to the point I have to refresh the page completely. Fix these please. If you don’t, not many people will play it. I’ve been thinking about deleting it now cause simple slime games with bad asmr is better than this. Also, it’s so infuriating to buy fuel and lose it in 17 seconds due to a lack of it. Also, can you fix the “buy full tank” or “get 3x fuel” thing? Due to the high graphics, it glitches the app, and doesn’t even give me the reward for watching the stupid AD for extra fuel to keep going. Also, if I press decline, I get a 30 second AD thrown into my face, and I still have to wait. Can you please just put the fuel tabs somewhere else like in a corner so we can choose if we want it? And maybe have less ADs cause spamming ADs is just SO annoying! Please, fix the flaws.

- Addictive but Terrible.. Hear me out

Okay so basically, it is a normal game where you crush something and yk. BUT THE FACT THAT YOU NEED WIFI TO MOVE A CRUSHER????? Ok lets get real, no one is gonna like your game if your being forced to watch ads and you need wifi to move a crusher. My house is having an upgrade which issues the wifi and i keep getting kicked out because of this. I’m also going somewhere and the trip is 10 hours, i have been searching for games for the last 16 minutes and i thought I found the perfect game until i found out that you need a very strong wifi in order to play, dont forget that you need to keep exiting so all your progress will be gone you need to exit for gas, strength and things you need in order to beat the level, EVEN LEVEL 1 IS HARD? Okay your game might be good and addictive but the fact that your being so greedy with ads wifi and stuff makes the game just a no. You should fix it before half of the people who like it uninstall it.

- Great game! Lots of ads! But lacking levels.

Very very fun concept. Just a relaxing game kinda similar to ASMR The little taps of the phone increasing in pace as your drill increases in power is a very nice touch. The physics are also very nice and fluid My only real complaint besides the ads. Which for $2.99 you can get rid of them, I feel that’s fair. The game is very addicting and relaxing, it’s simple and it does not need any thing else OTHER than some kind of simple level editor or maybe make it so you can take an image off your phone and turn it into a level. I’m Not too sure how complicated that would be to implement. But it’s an idea that would increase the replay ability. As it stands now there are “10” levels which are all great but have questionable progression After the “10” levels. The game counts the next level as “11” even though it just really starts back at the beginning. You do get to keep your permanent upgrades though so it’s nice to comeback and see the progression you’ve made. Either way. I wish just a tiny bit more love was put into the game, I think it has a lot of potential for an actually relaxing game. Just please add some more levels! And maybe take it easy on the adds. Good job!

- Pretty fun

This app is pretty fun. It's a good way to pass the time. There ARE a lot of ads though, but I got the ad-free version because I felt like splurging. My main problem is that there are like 10 levels before they start repeating themself, and it doesn't look a lot like it did on the ad on Snapchat. The main reason I got it was because it reminded me of the Curiosity cube thing back in the early 2010's. If you don't know what that is, look at Joeseppi's video on it.

- Another Ad generator from Voodoo

Just like the title says, it’s another Ad generator from Voodoo. If we set that a side, it’s still a bad game. Lets start with the title “Bucket crusher”. There is no bucket. The graphics are basic and there is a lot of lag. I am playing on a new Iphone and no other game I play lags. The game play is basic and repetitive. The skins you unlock that it forces you to put on are basic. To the point of “but it’s free”. No it is not. Any game that forces you to watch ad’s is taking something from you more precious than money…. Your Time. It is the one thing none of us can buy more of. Why do you think ad companies pay so much? Stop giving yours away like you have infinite. Especially to companies that make horrible games like this. I am a gamer and given away lots of my time to very good games, on mobile, pc and console. Do not waste yours on this game or company. Setting aside the Ad issue, I would still rate this game 1/5.

- Decent enough but needs more bugs fixed

The game itself is fine and feels relaxing to me in a way, it’s satisfying to see the blocks fall and to collect them and upgrade things to progress to new levels. The part I’m here to complain about is that part of the upgrades are bugged. For me, the whole set of treadmill/extra fuel/multiplier upgrades can never be purchased, even if I have enough money. The only way I’ve been successful is when they’re offered for a lower price by watching an ad, which is frustrating after I’ve already paid to not watch ads. I can play enough to make the money to get the upgrade, but the button stays greyed out and will not let me purchase it. I’ve seen this too upgrading the arm length, if it will offer a reduced price by watching an ad and I decide to go for it, the upgrade won’t be applied once it is finished. I will say that after paying, I have not been getting any ads that I did not initiate. But the game is putting me in positions to initiate them against my will as it is the only way to progress some of the upgrades. I’d love to see this fixed in some way

- Absolutely horrible

It’s a good game, don’t get me wrong. Fun to play, and exactly as advertised. However, after the first 5 or so plays, there’s an ad after every. Single. Play. You essentially have to sit through a 30 second add every 15 seconds of gameplay. Also, just to make this problem worse, if you turn your phone on airplane mode or turn off cellular data to the app to stop the ads, it won’t let you play! It gives a “not connected to the internet” message. There is ABSOLUTELY NO reason that this game *needs* an internet connection for anything at all, besides the fact that they want you to watch thousands of ads with no way to stop or skip them. Like I said, it’s a good game, but don’t bother downloading if you don’t want to watch an ad every 15 seconds.

- Very fun game, but not too much to it.

This game is very fun, and I saw it from an ad, decided to click it, and it was nice playing. You only have a few options though to upgrade 4 things, and you just slowly dig away until you can get everything, then you move to the next level and it’s the same thing from the start but with a different design. Still fun but I wish there was some more variation on the digging part somehow. Still going to rate 5 stars since I’m enjoying it and have no problems.

- Good chill game but heats up my phone.

It’s a good chill game. I like how it looks and it’s pretty fun to play. The biggest problem is it heats up my phone really quick after a few rounds and I have to stop playing till my phone cools down. It becomes dangerously hot. Also there is an ad after every round which is a lil excessive. I feel like they can do fine with an ad after every other round instead since I understand you gotta make money somewhere. I’m guessing because there are lots of small blocks rendering on screen is the reason why my phone heats up so quickly. Other than that, it’s a pretty chill game.

- I love this game but I’ve had a couple issues and one recommendation

Ok this game is fun simple and a GREAT time burner, but it’s ads are often and you cant play it without WiFi on despite the game having nothing to do with online features. So that’s annoying but just imagine not being able to play the game PERIOD. I’ve had to redownload this game twice now because the game crashes and then will not load back in no matter what. This is extremely frustrating because I lose all my progress whenever I have to redownload the game again. Please fix this and let us play without WiFi.

- Too many ads, turns phone into oven

Saw on ad and decided to give it a whirl. Good time killer and fun idea, but it just hurts when they give you an option to watch an ad for a bonus or “no thanks”, and the no thanks makes you watch an ad anyways? Also there’s an ad button to fill your tank, but watching the ad only fills the tank up like a third. Also devs, use a rounding function so your money display doesn’t have so many decimal points. Final issue, after about 10 minutes of playing my phone (iPhone 13) got super hot and started stuttering super bad. I know the physics aspect of this game is important but you gotta optimize or something, it literally became unplayable.

- Simple fun ruined by pointless greed

Very simple game, the kind that elementary school kids make in their first programming class but games don’t have to be complicated or have good graphics to be fun. Unfortunately it’s a VooDoo game so this simpleton tutorial level is literally the very best they are capable of, and was never meant to be anything more than a rapid-fire ad delivery platform. They don’t even bother pretending anymore, in an extravaganza of naked unabashed greed Voodoo has chosen to disable the app altogether unless your device is fully connected to all ad platforms and allows tracking and sale of all personal data. Just laughably pathetic even by the extremely low standards of Voodoo.


It’s a good and fun game it does exactly what mobile games should do. the only problem is that there’s so many objects even on level one your phone becomes so laggy because it is trying so hard to see what all the little objects are doing. you should try to find some way to fix this because it got so bad to the point that my screen started glitching and my phone started clicking, actual clicking noises from my phone. not to mention that the game gets so laggy that it becomes unplayable. In short term there are way too many small objects for a mobile device and PHONES HAVE LIMITATIONS especially when it comes to physics.

- Level 11 unbeatable

Just to let you know. There is no point in playing this game after level 10. I have tried Everything with maxed out abilities and the crusher can not reach the top right corner to finish the stage. I was only playing this game to pass the time. Even tho the ads it is attempting to load makes the game super laggy and almost unplayable at times, I took it more of a challenge to see how far I could get before I got overly frustrated… I would still likely be playing the game giving y’all ad revenue, if there wasn’t an impossible level. If this got fixed I might play it again to pass the time.

- likely scam

So, I got the game then I payed the 3 bucks for no ads because I genuinely want to just burn time with a simple game. I ho through a few runs, accidentally open the watch ad for upgrade. So i closed the app to restart because I just wanted to grind. But then no matter what I did, the game would just be stuck on a black screen after the logo. It’s dumb. So i uninstalled and reinstalled after a few minutes and i had to repurchase the 3 dollar ad skip. Granted, apple is smart and gave it to me for free since I already made the purchase but still… that’s so scummy because now I have to start from scratch again..

- Great game but

I like the game. I downloaded it from Spookecat on tiktok, and I like it! My only gripe is it’s a little laggy. But it only happens once every hour or so. Also to everyone complaining about ads you can buy the ads to be removed- and the ads are just as prevalent on this game as any other, so it’s no issue to me. Good game

- To many ads

The whole game is very simple. All you do is get worthless blocks in a machine and make fake money to upgrade your driller. Sounds pretty easy right? So then why are there SO many ads just for a simple game. This game should really can be played on airplane mode or not have as much ads then it has. Every time i get done doing one of the challenges in the game i always get an ad and it gets VERY annoying. I really hope that the developers see this review and fix it please. The game is very satisfying but it’s not worth getting, only if you want to get ads every 3 seconds. Please developers get this fixed.


so I saw the add for this app and it look super easy, fun and satisfying. So I look at the reviews and they are oreety bad but I still download it because they were saying the graphics are really bad but they didn't say anything about it not being satisfying. So once I use it for the first time it's extremely hard to cut and you run out of fuel so quickly. I even upraged the power and it was still hard to out threw the wall. Also there is nothing exiting about this app, it is so boring and I almost went of the game a few times because it was that boring. So yeah don't download this app you'll regret it.

- Truck to Get Your Money

At first this games was quite fun and time killing that I paid to stop getting ads. You can still watch adds sometimes to upgrade things, which is fine. However, once you get past the first few levels, each level after is just repeated in the same order. They don’t get any harder or look different in anyway. The lack of creativity is very annoying and gets boring very quickly. Most reviews just mention how you can still watch adds after you pay and how that makes them angry. The real reason this game is so horrible that everyone should really be paying attention to is the lack of effort put into this game. They make it just interesting enough to get your $3 and then abandon any and all effort to make this game actually fun. Do not fall for this click bait app! Will be deleting and asking for a refund from apple.

- Great game except one thing...

I like this game a lot its pretty fun and a good way to kill time but the only issue os that the joystick is super annoying because how it moves and your finger moves, the joystick should lock in place after clicking and holding down on the screen. Otherwise this game is great and i don't see anything else wrong with it so far.

- Half Gameplay half adds

For just as long as you get to play the game you have to watch an add. After every level you get an add, which only last about 30 seconds. After you buy your upgrades right before you start a new level you can get a new add. Upgrades can be bought with add, that you can accidentally click on if you double press and the next upgrade cost to much. You also can’t play without internet because it locks the screen with the game still in the background saying no internet.

- Fix this or give me my money back

I like the game it’s fun to pass time but the amount of ads is just ridiculous so I fell into the stupid little trap all you ad games want us to and I payed to get rid of the ads but after every game when I press no thank you to the ad it still makes me watch an ad please fix this because I literally payed to remove them and they’re still there that’s ridiculous

- Are you joking with those ads?

Literally after every play there’s a ad which means i close and reopen the ad after every round. But when you decide to triple your coins and sit through the ad. The ad itself is tryna trick you to download their game by putting apple store link over the close button. So it’s literally impossible to exit the ad and get your reward. So you gotta reopen the game after every play anyway. The game is awesome other than that

- Fun game but…

So I really enjoy the game, but it is miss leading from the video in the store and there tiktok ad. I bought the $2.99 no ads so I could get through the levels fast to try and get to the part which is showed in the videos. I’m at level 28 and haven’t seen anything close to the videos they have released. Very upsetting. With that said is there plans to make the game like your video ads? If not I wasted 3 bucks.

- Fun but full of adds BUT WAIT!!!

You can’t play the game on airplane mode, oh no BUT you can simply leave the game every time there’s a add. It’s actually a lot quicker than watch the stupid adds that take like 2 minutes too leave when you just leave and get back on the game, takes 10 seconds

- Ads🤦‍♂️.

There’s too many ads in this game that it’s not even playable. You run out of gas and press play to start again and boom an ad. There’s an ad everytime there’s a chance. And to make it even worse, if you turn off your wifi and cellular data you can’t even play the game. It’s an offline game with no online modes. They basically just make it where you need Wifi and data to play the game so you can watch ads. It’s not even entertaining, it’s just annoying how many ads there are.

- Internet connection needed? Why?

This game I think is great. Considering many games now are just a copy -paste format and the same boring game, it's a fun change. The issue is that you can't play without internet. This game has NO multiplayer, and NO ads. If that's the case, why do I need internet to play it? It is an unreasonable and strange thing to implement in the game. If the game could be played without internet, I would give it 3 or 4 stars. The game needs improvement

- Game is ok

I’ll give it five stars as it plays well but there has to be more designs/levels added. Doing the same designs over and over again leaves one bored and wanting to do something else. Please add additional designs to tear down and I will come back to playing this game. Thanks !

- This game is a lazy disgusting money grab

There are ads after every single run and the ads are usually just as long as the gameplay so you’re getting 50% ads and 50% game, as if that wasn’t bad enough the game isn’t even good it’s just boring repetitive move arm grab blocks, and that’s not even the worst part you can’t even play this game without being connected to the internet so the devs can squeeze every penny out of you for watching the ads in between truly just disgusting and lazy stuff.

- What happened?

Game was just fine then all of a sudden an update comes out, it fixes the issue everyone had with the upgrades not being purchasable, but then it changed the controls to be all floaty and go all over the place instead of being at a fixed point??? Add an option so i can make it go back to the way it was, this is awful.

- Good game ruined by a money hungry developer

I understand that everyone needs to have a source of income to survive but the number of ads is insane! A single ad after every run! Also, for all the money the developer gets from ads you would think that the game could be designed to not be so laggy but it is hard to play at all. My game actually crashed several times and wasn’t even able to play an ad and would just freeze. Overall good idea crappy execution.

- Great game, just one request

This game is really fun! My only complaint is that there aren’t more control options. It would be great if you could add a “fixed” joystick option instead of it being dynamic and moving. I think that would make this game perfect!

- horrible.

Okay so, Bucket crusher is a fun game an all but there are way to many adds! Also I cannot get past the first level because I get this one add thats kinda bugging out. when I click out of the add the game freezes and when i close it and reopen it, Its just a black screen. And I cannot get back in so I would have to loose all my progress by deleting the game and reinstalling it. This has happened to me 3 times already. Please fix this its really annoying.

- Game is fun just 1 problem

The game is fun but the problem is that there are many ads when I play like I’m not going to wait 30 seconds to go back and get another ad but when there’s a ad I just leave the game and join back so it could be quicker

- I love this game but please make more things to upgrade/do

it’s just the same upgrades with the same structures over and over please add bigger structures so you can upgrade everything almost twice of what it is now and then it’ll be 10x better

- 1.1/5

This is just a mediocre app overall. Especially because of the fact that every time you run out of fuel you need to see an add to continue playing or even go back to the main menu. As you might be thinking “Well just turn on airplane mode” the game is literally unplayable that way until you turn on the WiFi again. Plus it’s another low quality mobile game. However it’s is something to play when you’re REALLY REALLY bored.

- Ad and game differences and why the game is bad

The ad was sooooo satisfying there was no fuel meter so I downloaded it then when I started the game and I clicked play button then I saw the fuel meter and it was low and I was like “hm maybe it will go down slowly?” In my mind then when I saw the 12+ I was like “…” WHY CAN’T IT BE 5+?! it is fake and it’s soooooo fricking like anyoring like I had to fill it then I had all max up grades then I went to NeXt level then… ALL MY PROGRESS IS GONE when I mean GONE I mean GONE GONoo.E THATS THEN I DELETED THE GAME WHY ALSO THE GAME MADE ME WATCH 21 ADS!BAD GAME EVER!

- Fun but has problems

It’s a very fun game, I got it yesterday and played it all night. However, there is an ad after every. Single. Round. Wayyyy too many! I tried to play again this morning and it loaded to the voodoo screen but then when that disappears, it stays a black screen and doesn’t actually take me to the game. Not sure if it’s me or the game.

- Very fun game!

The game is fun and simple, but there are 30 second ads after every match, which in the beginning only last for like 10 seconds. There’re also ads on screen while playing. Also when the adds try to load in, causes the game to freeze/lag. Also you cannot bypass the ads with airplane mode, the game won’t work without internet. I would love this game and play it a lot but I’m not dealing with these ads…

- Typical voodoo game

This is a typical voodoo game starts off entertaining then about half way in it starts glitching and crashing. I really wanted to like this game but unfortunately it’s gonna be another case of wasted effort because voodoo is to worried about making the next mess of a game so they don’t have to worry about updating other games. Update: add more levels and keep fixing bugs, only thing to do is make the game better.

- Forced adds

I get that ads are your way of making money but forcing to watch them is a mood killer. There are a lot of ways to not have to force ads on people and still make money. Only had this game 5 minutes watched 10adds in that time. Uninstalled till adds are fixed then maybe I’ll try again.

- 👍

I wish there was an upgrade for the conveyor, that would make it longer. The game is good other than that, it’s very entertaining and takes time away. Plus, it’s one of my most favorite game that I have.


The game is good but the main problem I have is that there is an ad after every restart it was a blessing when I had a restart with no ads. You are probably saying “just turn your wifi off and you have no ads.” That is if you didn’t play yet you can’t play with no wifi and I get it thats how a free game makes money instead I wish they would change it to an ad every five restarts. WISH but will never happen.

- Very fun but filled with issues

The game is fun and satisfying, but it almost always crashes, and there are way too many ads. Also whenever theres an option after you run out of gas to watch an ad to gain more gas, even if you dont press it it makes you watch an ad anyways, so theres no point.

- Great game WAY to many ads.

The game is fun and all but there are way to many ads. Every time i ran out of fuel i get an ad which makes the experience terrible. If there were ads like every other round that would be fine but having them after every single round is awful and ruins the game for me.

- Interesting Idea

Gameplay is relaxing and rather fun until you get to the ads. I understand it’s free to play and you get revenue from ads but playing 2-3 ads that are a pain to skip is a bit extreme. Tried the old trick of disconnecting WiFi and turning off cell data and it WILL NOT LET YOU PLAY. It gives you a message that your not connected to the internet :( and yes it includes the sad face.

- Bad ending to my favorite book

I was really enjoying this game, had saved up almost 600k in dollars with a bunch of upgrades, then all of a sudden I get back on and upgrades are gone, money is just over 100k. If I only knew why I could stick it out and do it again, but until then, I’ll get the game rest.

- It would be great but...

Why on gods green earth do I need an internet connection to run this game? I want to be able to play it on the plane when I travel, but you need an internet connection, and for the life of me, I can't figure out why. Can the devs please explain what part of this game requires the internet? It seems as though it SHOULD function perfectly fine without internet.

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- Pretty good but…

I just got the game and it’s pretty good but I hate the needing wifi feature because it has terrible lag and it would be better if it were more clearer

- Decent but irritating

This game is addicting, satisfying, and fun. But it is also irritating for many reasons, starting with the lag, I’ve given this have many chances but it seems when I begin playing it begins to feel like I’m playing at 3fps, that isn’t it though. I try to fix it my getting out of the game and back in, but it FREEZES my phone, I’d have to wait around 5 minutes till it starts working again, I try to turn of my phone and that doesn’t work either, 2nd reason is the ads, when I’m playing a game I play for fun, I didn’t download the game to try finding a new game, I’m fine with a few ads but in this game there’s an add every round, this really bothers me and usually I turn off my wifi to actually enjoy the game but it doesn’t work on this, I downloaded the game because I kept seeing it on my fyp on TikTok, I regret downloading it because now even typing on my phone feels weird and delayed Overall the game is extremely fun and I loved it, but until this problem is fixed I won’t recommend downloading it, this game also helped calm me down, the satisfaction of it helped relief stressed but because of the lag it made me irritated.

- Fun game but requires internet even though I don’t even need it

I like this game and I would play it when I’m bored but my problem is why do I need internet when I’m playing this game? It doesn’t look like it need internet to run it and if I do I’d get advertisements all the time when I run out of fuel which is really disappointing. I would download this game again if there was an option to play game without internet and don’t need to deal with annoying ads

- Good game... but

Good game to kill some time, but clearly reviews are bought these days. Here are a few things i would change. 1. Make it offline playable, 2. Not run adds after every single time, once every maybe 3 or 4 runs would be ok, 3. Fix the lagging issue, it does not run smoothly at all, 4. Have a timer that shows how long you have before you run out of fuel. Thats it other wise mystar rate would be higher

- Terrible

Why do I need internet to play the game? This game isn’t even a pvp game so I don’t get why I need internet. Also the amount of ads in this game is ridiculous, I need to watch an ad to upgrade the power? I’d rather have this game pay2win rather than watching a 1 minute ad every single game. Make up your mind developers, why don’t you guys support your audience and take their advice for once. 1.5/10 because of the ads and developers not listening to their audience.

- Not very good

It’s a fine game but there are ads almost every time you run out of fuel so it doesn’t matter if you click “4x earnings” or “refuel” it will always end up with an ad. The game would bug and lag to an extreme point until I had to quit the game and it even crashed several times for me, not good.

- Why

This seemed like a fun game when I saw it in the ads, but when I downloaded it, it just kept freezing!! I hate it when it freezes because when I it does I always have to to reset the game then I have to do the level all over again. When I go to upgrade it, it freezes, when there’s an ad, it freezes! So I just deleted it

- Deleted

After each level, all upgrades essentially reset back to 1 again. There is no progress.. it’s essentially just a big loop forcing ads between turns; Also their ads are nothing like the game, maybe if they put the ad team in control of game design, it would actually be worth playing!

- Glitchy

I love the game but it would lag once I begun to upgrade the machine, and stopped wouldn’t load the game after a certain point. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling but it did the exact same thing

- Great game

I like the game but it would be a batter game if I didn't need internet to play it and i don't want to use data on my phone to play this game

- It’s a good game

It’s a good game but it needs more levels

- bad

i dont know how you guys havent listened to any of your reviews, maybe if everyones saying make less ads or remove them, then DO IT, you cant even turn off your wifi to remove ads because you need internet to play the game, this is how money greedy voodoo is

- One problem

This game is really fun but there is way too much lag to do anything unless you have an infinite amount of patients this isn’t for you, in the future I hope it is less laggy

- Good game. forced ads though.

I don't I understand why you's have an option to watch an ad to multiply the reward by 3. And if you choose no your penalised by being forced to watch an ad anyway. Such a dog move

- VERY Laggy, Deleted

It would be a great game but I can’t get past the first level because every time I upgrade my machine the lag gets worse and worse it’s sad to see games have so much potential only to be trash because the developers don’t put effort in or simply just aren’t good at their job.

- So many adds

If I would be able to give 0 stars I would. Not only are there way to many adds it’s near to impossible to even pass the first level. It took me about 40 minutes to pass. After updating the equipment and everything.

- Too many ads

The adds in this game is absolutely terrible. Even when I click back when the fuel runs out I still get an all it’s like 10 adds per minute which is not good. This game would be fun if I could play with no internet or just no adds at all.

- Satisfying but that’s it

The game has a core premise that is worthy of three stars it’s satisfying time filler. However this game is (like most of these types of games): -riddled with ads -Requires to you to be online to play so there is no way around unless you pay -Is a laggy and unoptimised game reduces the satisfaction of playing -And lacks any actual innovation or idea to be even considered for 4 stars You will download this game play it for 30 minutes depending on your patience and not touch it again

- Meh, but big ad problem

Pretty fun game, but there are so many ads, all the time, everywhere, and it does not let you play offline to beat the ads

- Do something about this please

Really fun game but deleted it because after the fuel runs out you have to watch an add every time and that’s just not fun

- It could be better.

The game is as seen in the ads so i downloaded it. It wasn’t how i expected it was great but every time i get an add i have to reset the game because there is no way to get out of the add back to the game.

- Ads after running out of fuel

There are ads after running out of fuel, regardless of clicking 3x money or not. You always get an ad. I’ve purchased No Ads and I’m still getting ads. This, like a lot of Voodoo games are stupid

- Ads

Every time I start a new round there is a ad and when I go to upgrade something there is an ad. They pop up every minute and you end up watching the ads more than playing the game

- Ads

I understand this is a very basic game, but the thought of needing internet to play, and then literally everytime you run out of fuel an ad pops up, makes the game near unplayable

- Way Too Many ads,

Each time u destroy a building (sometimes less than 20 seconds) there is an ad. Literally 20 seconds apart. Just why, are you trying to drive people away from the game.


I love this game but I recently paid for no ads and still have them after each round. It’s very annoying and a waste of money, there’s no point buying the no ads!!!

- Fun

This game is very fun but it gives many adds. Even when on airplane mode it won’t let me play the game so I switch airplane mode off and I get bombarded with adds so I will delete.

- Why so many ads

Great game… but the number of ads is ridiculous, spent more time waiting for ads than actually playing the game

- No ads

Don’t buy the remove ads as it does not work you will still receive them

- Glitch

The game is great but once you start upgrading and breaking the whole tower it glitches so much it freezes your phone please fix

- Ad watch longer than game play

Game is fun, but when you play for 23 seconds then get 2 minutes of ads. Kinda ruins it

- To many adds

Prevents from playing without having to close then reopen the app every time the fuel runs out wich is like every 20 seconds or less

- Paid for no ads but still getting ads

Fix this issue please, I brought no ads and still getting ads

- Lazy developers

Once you get to level 7 they run out of ideas and recycle the same levels again or just have the same textures on a plain wall

- Ads!!!

The amount of ads in this game is so unbelievable! After every round there is at least 1 ad

- Forced network

Needs you to be connected to the internet for no other reason than to shove garbage ads down your throat every 10 seconds.

- Why

I can’t play this game if I’m offline because there greedy and want adds and steal my data what has apps come to voodoo has made so many decent games but the fun is ruined by the greed

- Eh

Whenever I would close the app then reopen it again it wouldn’t let me load back into the game, instead it would just show me a black screen. Maybe uh… fix that? Cheers 👍

- Too many ads

This game is good although there is far too many ads like a lot of the other reviews have said


This game is just full of adds. You finish a level go to hit No to the x3 add and you get hit with an add anyways. Also cannot go offline which is annoying.

- Ok but fun game

Theres too much ads when I’m playing and it’s not an offline game

- Change this please!

Not a bad game if your bored. Bad thing about this is the fact that you NEED internet to play, and also no need for so many ads.

- Ads ads ads

Long ads after every play. Ads last longer than gameplay.

- To many ads

Every game that last 45 second there is an ad just after it , its to much

- By Flynn T

This game is very satisfying but we need more levels and less ads every time I fail 30 ADS APPEAR and every time I upgrade my chainsaw MORE FLIPPING ADDS oh yeah and THE FREEZES AND GLITCHES 😡🤥

- Game

i like the game but there are too many ads

- Ads and lagging

You pay for ads free and still the game stops to play ads not right on top of it pausing once you start playing.

- Junk

The only game capable of crashing some of the most powerful mobile phone processors in the world. Also, ADVERTS ARE RIDICULOUS, 30 seconds gameplay then 60 seconds of ADS!!!!!! 👎🏽

- Good game but ads destroyed it.

Title is self explanatory; don’t download it as it requires the internet to play and then forces you to watch ads after every level.

- Disappointed

Great idea for a game but way too many ads, spend more time watching ads than playing game

Payoneer 💰

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- Good

Lot of adds but worth it

- Adds galore

You spend more time watching adds than playing the game

- Too many ads

This game is great but the ads ruin it completely, it also can’t run without wifi? Why not? So we can watch more ads?

- Ads ads and more ads

All this game wants to do is make you watch ads and forces you to play with internet. I don’t even need to connect to a server and play with friends why would I need internet? Because they are forcing you to watch ads. I wanted to play this on the plane originally but seeing that internet is needed I don’t think this is a good game for anyone and me

- Don’t buy the stop ads it’s bullcrap

Another good game just destroyed by ads even after you buy the add stopper yes they tell you you need to watch other adds and some of them are way to long to be worth it maybe shorten them a bit (won’t hold my breath) I understand they need to make money but come on ad after ad after ad I’m sure Vodoo can do much better

- Why the hell is this allowed

I got this offline game to play on a road trip but when I start playing it says I need wifi this game does not need wifi to run they are just trying to force feed ads to people.

- Junk to many ads

I am starting to delete all of your game and I will not be downloading any more. As well as tell everyone not to download your game anymore. Why you ask well let me tell you. I have played a lot of your games at first they were great the ads to game was not bad but now I can’t even play your games I spend more time on ads then in the game you sold out your company you sold out your customers. You sold out your employees. Just to make more money and I bet that you employees only see at most 5% of what ever the ads bring in. I can not even call you a game Company so said. Just thought I would share one customers opinion

- Can’t finish level 11

I have reached level 11 and I upgraded everything on max and I can’t reach the last bit to finish the level and I even paid for the ads, it’s a great concept but they are too cheap too make it a little bit better than they always do.

- “Only works online”

A game that has no reason to be connected to the internet won’t work when you’re offline

- 👎

Ads everytime you run out of fuel. Annoying

- Ads, game crashes, more ads!

It’s an alright concept of a game, But there are way too many ads. After every single round (which don’t last longer than 45 seconds) there is another ad. Don’t download, trash game.

- cant play without wifi

cant play without wifi for not reason other than puting an ads every 30 second.

- Remove the ads if you want to enjoy it

The gameplay itself is pretty satisfying, it’s just a shame you have to pay to remove the obnoxiously frequent ads to enjoy it.

- Too many ads

Too many ads

- Fun and annoying

This game is very fun and relaxing but, I think there are too much ads. The ads are annoying to see every 2 minutes. The game calms me down and is satisfying. 3 stars.

- Too many ads, boring game

The game insists “no internet” if you have airplane mode, but it doesn’t have online mode. but if you don’t have airplane mode, you will regret buying this game for its ad bombarding.

- Ads and lag

I can run games with much higher graphics and or code and have little to no lag but with this game every 30 seconds I start to lag so bad the game freezes for a few seconds. Then the ads are just too goddamn much this game would be good if the ads were At least lessened and if they somehow fixed the lag

- Lag is bad

Bruh the lag is soo baaaaad

- To much ads!

This game was downloaded so I could play at my grandmothers house that has not much wifi. Insted once I got there wifi was asked of. I saved it till I got back to my house and I played a bit and then more and more ads flooded in. Good game but so many ads. It doesn’t need wifi and so many ads.

- Adds

Just adds upon adds upon adds

- Ads and disappointment

This game is more ads than game and the level progression is super boring. Not worth your time. There’s also slimy ad placement buttons so that you accidentally play ads. Get stuffed!


The amount of ads on this game is insane!! You spend more time on the ads than the game itself.

- Offline

Make this game offline e I beg of you

- Voodoo Game

What do you expect? It’s all ads, there’s a sprinkle of game in it. Forces you to have internet connection on just so you can’t avoid ads. How do these terrible games reach top charts?

- Too many ads

There’s just too much of them

- Trash

Everything is an ad, can’t upgrade, can’t complete a level, nothing. This game is trash trash trash.

- Soo many ad

So many add and videos after few deconds you cannnot enjoy the game

- U need Internet to play why so the can shove ads down u throat

Why to many ads

- Botted reviews

Literally just ads over and over again

- Fortnite

To many adds

- 4$ for a few levels

I like supporting good mini games. But this was too much for a really short mini game. 10 levels and then it repeats. Waste of money for 1h play.

- Crap

Too many ADDS get rid of them

- Terrible

Voodoo games are just getting worse and worse. Now they all require internet too, so they won’t work on the boat or at the cottage when out of data range. Avoid

- Can’t even play

You ligit can’t play with the amout of ads this game takes a fat L

- Ads

Too many ads

- Bought the no ad still getting ads

Waste of money

- Way too many ads

As above and I’d like to add the levels just repeat after level 11. Shallow cash grab

- Don’t buy no ads

Bought no ads profduct and it don’t work

- Can’t lode game

It won’t let me in the game it just shows a black screen

- Arnaque

J’ai payer pour enlever les pubs mais lorsque que j’ai voulu y joué les pubs était revenu. J’ai ensuite demander de restaurer l’es achat mais on ne m’a pas remboursé.

- Can’t get passed level 11

Not a bad game, pretty entertaining actually if you’re looking for something mindless to do, but once you hit level 11 you’re stuck, the drill doesn’t reach the top corner even with all the upgrades. I’d even paid for no ads. Feels like a cash grab, they care more about getting your money than making the game actually playable passed a certain point.

- ads???

I really enjoyed this game when I downloaded it but the ads completely turn me off from playing it. All the reviews are complaining about the ads (me included), you would think you’d fix it?

- Deceptive, scummy

This game adverts as an offline chill game then physically halts gameplay without an internet connection though no internet is required beyond ads. I have no words.

- Seriously

Cmon guys just listen to us, turn down the amount of ads, it LITERALLY takes up 60% of the game. I would honestly enjoy this game otherwise.

- Adssssss

Well everyone wants money I get it. But frankly forcing people to have the wifi to play your tiny stupid game is dumb. I’m playing these game when I’m bored nowhere without internet but they want their ads revenue that much. I’ve got nothing against game that brew a connection, but when there is multiplayer, not a little game with a bunch of upgrade

- Slow choppy too many ads

Slow, choppy, too many ads

- Terrible slapped together game

Too many ads, the game gets unplayably laggy for no reason at times, and I can’t play without wifi (presumably so I can watch more ads) Every 5 star rating is fake, because no one in their right mind would enjoy a game where you spend more time watching ads than playing.

- Ads

One star because to many adds remove them and you got me

- Garbage ad game

Don’t waste your time, just another garbage ad simulator.


I played this it’s good but every time you run out of fuel there’s an add and when ypu go to upgrade it resets your progress same thing after running out of fuel it sucks

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Bucket Crusher 1.0 Screenshots & Images

Bucket Crusher iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Bucket Crusher iphone images
Bucket Crusher iphone images
Bucket Crusher iphone images
Bucket Crusher iphone images
Bucket Crusher iphone images
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Bucket Crusher (Version 1.0) Install & Download

The applications Bucket Crusher was published in the category Games on 2022-04-20 and was developed by Voodoo [Developer ID: 714804730]. This application file size is 213.76 MB. Bucket Crusher - Games app posted on 2022-06-03 current version is 1.0 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.AndreyGushchin.BucketCrusher2