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RoGold Game Description & Overview

What is rogold app? RoGold - The first Roblox extension which is compatible with iOS on Safari.

Get access to the 30+ features and level up your Roblox experience.
These are just some of the many features you can expect:
- Trading Values
- Multiple accessories (while Roblox allows it)
- Pinned Games
- Custom themes
- Best Friends
- Player collectibles and RAP
- Detailed profile statistics (Total Favorites, Current Active, etc.)
- More group stats on Roblox groups
- Live updating game info
- Currency convert (Choose between up to 170 different currencies and three different exchange rates)
- Settings (Customize what RoGold should do)
And much more

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App Name RoGold
Category Games
Updated 11 March 2024, Monday
File Size 4.06 MB

RoGold Comments & Reviews 2024

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i love it. i love it and it’s very helpful but i wish it had a feature where we could put on multiple hair accessories at once such as bangs etc since everytime i put on bangs for example it takes all my hairs off leaving with just 1

really good! although... Look, if i'm being honest… I LOVE IT! The customization is easy to navigate, nothing is too complicated & i'm super happy they added hair combos, although.. If you have a hair combo on, you can’t add more than one face accessory, so that makes me a bit sad. If you guys add it it’ll be a 5+ rating :)

Really helpful. It makes everything easier

Absoluter LIFESAVER istg. I was getting so tired of having to go on my laptop to just put on more than one hair (I am primarily a mobile player) and tbh this app literally removed that problem!! So much more convenient, tysm

Good Extension For Mobile. This Extension Is The Best And Only Roblox Extension We Have Right Now, It Would Be Awesome If You Could Add Options To Have Multiple Head/Hat Accessories Like You Did With Hair, Also Could You Add A Rosearch Kinda Thing So We Can Look For Peoples Roblox ID’s In Game So We Can Join Peope. Keep Up The Good Work Though!

More options. I like this extension so far, it allows me to make hair combos easily without any other extra work. However I only get 13 pages of Hairs even though I bought over 200+, can a fixing happen where it doesnt limit the amount of hairs that you can see in the exntension? sorry for my bad wording, but keep up the work and im looking foward to any updates.

Tbh idk. Hii so i dont really think this is worth it,i bought it and tired to turn it on but it didn’t work? I tired to do everything but didnt work :/// so i dont think that this app is worth the 99 dollars so please look up some information on apps before buying it thanks -thanks for reading

Great Concept. This extension for roblox on the appstore is great considering it’s the first extension for Roblox here! I’m looking forward to future updates!

Horrible. I give this app a 1 out of 10 not even 1 a 0 out of ten when I download this and started using it it was fine but a week after all my friends were deleted and all my game passes were removed from my inventory that is unacceptable and i would not recommend this to anyone

Worth it. It’s a good app and does what it says ,but I hope in the future you update it so you are able to put on multiple face accessories

doesn't work with hats??. When i first bought it, the hairs stacked and everything but if i tried to put on a face/head accessory it would show up in the avatar maker but in game it would be gone. Also it doesn't even let me stack hairs anymore even after I take away face/head accessories and 3d clothing idk if it only works for one day cause i only had the app for one night or what or if i'm missing something but def feel a lil scammed 😭 (sorry if this sound illiterate)

It’s okay. Its alright i can now use multiple hairs but it would better if it also helped with getting multiple face accessories.

RoGold. A pretty solid useful app! Yk when u wanna put 2 hairs or more than limit accessories u gotta turn on the laptop and it got pretty annoying and the fact you can costumize makes it 100x better Recommended !

Idk. The app works fine but a couple hours after I bought this app I got a warning that someone was trying to use my money or hack in my thingie or whatever it is. I’m just not sure if this is what caused it, I’m pretty sure it is cause I’ve never told anyone my pass or nothing plus I just got the app and it’s been a couple hours I’m concerned please be careful before purchasing!

Thank you. Thank you for making this

a lil bad. thing that works is the background changer everything else doesn’t work so it was a waste of one dollar. I could’ve spent a dollar on something else besides this not that good app all I did was let me change the background that I don’t care about

Decent. I bought this for trading and it’s decent but you could add a few things including ( letting us see how much we are loosing or winning while we are sending the trade, also show the total value at the bottom of the trade not just the rap, and maybe add notifications when we get/send/decline a trade. Also for some reason i seems like nothing else will load besides Roblox and Rolimons ever since i bought the app/extension idk why it does that but it’s happening to other people too. So maybe Find a way to fix that too? ok bye❤️

Hat issue. Hello, the app in general is safe and was working fine but a few weeks ago I noticed that it only works with hair now. The hats and other accessories won’t allow me to stack them.

it’s working. I love this extension. It took a few months but later on the hair started working again. It’s a really good idea and I like the extension! Although some people are complaining about it costing money, I think that it is an okay amount to put it at.

Saw on TikTok. I only play on my phone and iPad so have multiple hairs at once is impossible, downloaded RoGold today and it works pretty well so far.

extension.. So I’ve used this ever since it came out and it’s awesome but now I don’t have the extension when trying to use more than 2 hairs ? Not sure what the prob is, on my settings it says it’s allowed but on the roblox website, it’s just no there anymore

Good but bad. It helps a lot but after and hour or 2 the internet stopped working and when I deleted this app it started working right after please don’t keep it for a long time or just dint download it at all.

Great, but one thing…. This is a good extension, but I would love it if you can make the avatar editor available on the website instead of having the “use the avatar editor in the app” pop up.

Can you help me?. So I can favorite freinds which is very cool but it tells me I have to open roblox to change my avatar but the features don’t work on the app- is there somthing wrong? Like the hair doesn’t work the extra acc doesn’t work work on the app but I can’t change my avatar on the web

Rogold does NOT hack you!! dont worry!!. I bought this app and it works fine dont trust the people saying it hacks u

Add more combos. This is not enough, there needs to be more combos because I tried to do a clothing combo but there was no advanced setting for the clothing. There is multiple hair combos but it isn’t enough. Are you really that lazy? Please add more…

It dose not work. It does not work for some phones so yeah and also sometimes it bugs out where you can’t use it. And if you forgot your password Don’t use this.

thank you.. Thank you for adding multiple hairs

Good app! Worth the dollar!. The app works surprisingly but my only complaint is that it took over 10 minutes to properly set it up. Other than that I would totally recommend it to other people!

I don’t feel like putting a tittle. I can’t, it’s still amazing but I can’t get the full five stars because I thought u could stack 3d clothes. U can stack hair though All I want to say is pls add in settings avatar stack 3D clothes

LOVEEE. i love this app! I was so stressed because of the new currency update since I changed my location to germany a long time ago and my account was on euros. BUT THIS APP BRO SAVED MEE

SO WORTH IT. Honestly was struggle trying to use this app at first but this app is literally amazing. It works and it helps out so much like for example,any type of hairs and accessories most definitely worth it wasn’t working at first, then started working for me. Honestly, I’m glad I found out about this app. Since Roblox has patched so many stuff now it’s kinda hard trying to do stuff now, but if you’re looking to get this app, I would say get it because it’s really worth getting.!!

More things. I love this app, but i wish you could do more like equip multiple accessories than just hairs, will that ever be a future update?

Wish it had more options. They should make it to where you can add multiple face accretions also instead of just hair

Multiple Face Accessories.. I’ve had fun with the hair combos but i have some outfits that require a mask and 3D face. Recently Roblox removed multiple face accessories even in advanced. If it is not much trouble please add multiple face accessories. Thank You 😊.

You can’t do hair combos. I looked everywhere and tried everything and I see no one saying anything about hair combos so if you are looking to fix that problem this doesn’t help

Best ever. Thanks it looks so cool and it is complicated to know how to turn it on at first but when u watch a tutorial u will know (u will know so goodly)🤤🤤🤤I love it

We Need More!. I love the fact that you made it possible for mobile players to se multiple hairs but I want you guys to make it so you can put on multiple clothing (3D clothing) that’s only a thing on pc and it would mean a lot if you added that feature. Have a good day!

Works fine but needs some fixing. It works fine, but everytime I change the header color, or navigation color, it doesn’t stay. Plus, I can’t see servers either, and yes I do own the Theme Changer gamepass.

Im confused and disappointed. So i bought this app, right i was sooo excited for my roblox stuff, but it wont work, like safari, or even just my ipad dosnt let me make it an extension to use, i have javascript on, and everything should be fine for me to use it, i dont understand what the problem is.. can someone help me?!

review. I think this ext is awesome!! allows you to do so much stuff that u can’t normally do and after the searchblox hack thingy i think that’s the name i have been a little skeptical but they are 100% trustworthy !!

Very good but I have a recommendation.. I really wish we were able to have multiple accessories along with multiple layered clothing, that would make me love this even more. For those who want to buy, I cannot recommend it enough.

Worked well for multi hairs!. Never wrote a review so this is my first! I came here looking to how add on multiple hairs since apparently when I came back to Roblox that got removed along with safari’s hair ID thing. Afraid it wouldn’t work but downloaded this with faith it would. And it for sure did!! I don’t have many hairs so I can’t say if the 13 page issue has been fixed like I’ve read in the reviews here. But this did build my trust in the app more :D

Scam (im editing this). It is most likely going to hack your account because it allows them to look at your credit card info and passwords DO NOT USE THIS Hello the part above was my old review before trying this and i tried it and it actually works out

Only iOS app that helps me trade on MOBILE!!!!. I talk to the owner and he actively updates it even though he’s in college taking exams awesome dude 👍👍👍

Things I want and love. Okay so this is an amazing app but I was hoping for it to have 7 accessories on instead of one or I don’t know how much numbers but overall this is a 10 out of 10 app and I wish that I could do a lot more better I hope the accessory things add in the future because that’s what I’m finding and really love to get some avatars with that I am only on mobile so I can’t use BT Roblox can someone a different iPad than others but still 10 out of 10

ITS GOOD BUT…. this app is really good, i love that you can put multiple hair’s but you guys should update it to more then just 13 pages of hair and the option to put multiple accessories too!! everything else is perfect.

Improves Roblox. This app is amazing, it greatly improves roblox! I can also make hair combos now, as roblox removed every possible way to wear multiple hairs. (And for those saying that if you put an accessory on the hair goes away, you need to put the accessories on beforehand and then put the hair on.) This app improves roblox in every possible way, only thing I don’t like is that this cost 1 dollar (It’s worth the money though).

Good! But does need a few changes. The app is really good and useful but I do wish that there was an option to have multiple accessories!

PERFECT APP NVM. so basically you go to the safari and just put the hair on, don’t copy link or anything just put all the hairs on and ur good yall. no more button 😭🙏🌹🌹🌹🌹

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Wow!. This is actually amazing, I recommend getting it since it makes Roblox like 10x better! Great extension!

website. cant play on web otherwise its great

Works real well. Works real good and super helpful but only works on safari not chrome besides from that it’s really good

absolutely amazing.. this app does everything it can do as if it was the desktop extention, i recommend this if you’re sick of the original roblox look!

best game/app purchase i made so far. i recommend this app for mobile players!

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🙈🙈. i lik app recomd would

hi. i love it, but im just confused on how to change the background and stuff like on pc, i bought the gamepass but when i hit settings it just brings me to info and nothing else

Hi!. Genuine person here! It’s actually a great extension. Helps with hair combos if that’s what you want certainly helped me ^^

stuff works, real good!. yeah it’s worth the money alright tyyy

Give me my money back!. Ok so I know that I was only about 1,39$, but I am really disappointed. I bought this app not a long time ago and it worked, i haven’t really used it since but today I wanted to use this again. I went in my settings to put this as an extension. I opened safari and opened the right page and nothing popped up or anything. Normally there used to be a hair page when you load your avatar but there isn’t anymore. Please don’t install this it is a rob

Pls fix. 90% features were broken

scammed. it said it was $1 smt but my paypal got charged $17 … ☹️

Luv it. Ooga hoofs I like.

Add it to original app. I wanna use this exstension in the original app

Add me. HELP if u came from tiktok add me om roblox my user is zacharyzoinks and like HI

AMAZING APP. it works like a charm! if you accidentally put on a hair you didn't just click it. TUTORIAL: go into and sign into your account. MAKE SURE YOU GO TO SAFARI, enable ro gold in safari in your settings and then once you log in go to hairs and click multiple hairs and there! great app and i recommend. 👍

Don’t recommend it. I don’t recommend wasting your money, it didn’t work for me and it probably won’t work for you.

Add 3D layered clothing option. ADD LAYERED CLOTHING

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Great App but um. It won’t let me use the (select image) to put a wallpaper I want. I bought the gamepass but it dosent work.

what happened. I literally did one hair combo and then I tried to do a different one and it stoped working and Roblox said “maximum of one hair accessory is allowed” uhm am I doing smth wrong??

really good so far!!. i really like the app so far, super helpful with hair combos since i dont have a pc! i would recommend being able to apply multiple head accessories/multiple accessories in general. other than that the app pretty much meets all the needs i find useful! ^^

NOT GOOD. I downloaded this app but it didn’t work so don’t buy this

Great!. I can now Have Best friends! Roblox best friends got removed in 2006 I think Thanks For Making This App!

robloxuserheyyy. i bought this for hair combos, and got more than expected (in a good way c: ) worth my 99 cents ❤️❤️❤️

custom bg changer wont work. i spent robux on it and it wont let me keep the color i pick and it wont let me choose an image in my photos

Hair combos. This extension is over used. If you plan on getting this app for the hair combos, your in bad luck, it only lets you put on two hairs at once. Don’t let tiktok fool you. This app was NOT worth my dollar.

hair combos. can you add the feature to add multiple hairs in safari🙏🙏

Scam not working did evreything. Did the steps correctly went on safari and turned extensions on for Ro gold didn’t work still the same message not letting me in

Great App. What else can I say the app works

UGH.. Bro this dumb stuff won’t accept my extension thing for safari it literally says ITS ON .

Works but needs more work. When I do custom image from file it dosent work.

Theme creator. Custom file does not work on theme creator, fix this or remove it as ur charging people 90 robux for this

love this so much. love this so much, but will you guys ever add the option of selecting more than one accessory/hair for the avatar creator tab, would put the icing on the cake for this perfect extension

Only on browser. SERIOUSLY? only on browser? I just spent $1.00 for a BROWSER EXTENSION!?

good. Very good I wish this was the real roblox

Garbage trading system. I spent a dollar on this, i at least expect a functional trading system that shows PROPER RAP AND VALUE and doesn’t give me outdated totals

Not what I was expecting. I wish it would tell you it was for the Roblox website and not the application Really just below mid for the price

NOOOOO. sadly, the hair combo button does not work anymore and whenever I try putting another hair it only puts that hair and gets rid of the other one// please fix that😭😭

Only 13 pages?. Why does it only show 13 pages max for your hairs? I have hairs I want to use but can’t get to because of the stupid limit.

really good! but... okay so i am on mobile and i tried to put multiple hairs on, on the app. but it seems to not work, if you can respond to this and maybe help that would be appreciated!

Not good! I’m crying. An hour I’d say after giving Rogold most of my Roblox info, I got disconnected from my fav game from “Hacking and flying” I DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW TO HACK ?! Don’t download this app, or at least be cautious because idk if it was Rogold who did this.. :( hope I don’t get banned …

Good Extension!. I’ve never used a Extension but I was Impressed with this one! Great Job To the Team working on this!

Make it in the Roblox app. Is it possible you can do it in the Roblox app instead of safari Roblox? Please PLEASE PLEASEE

wanted. access to my credit cards and passwords. this app doesnt work at all please dont allow access to this app it will most likely hack you & steal your personal information, i want my money back😡

Nice app. I love this app the plugins are so useful!!

Idk. u guys should make it that it works in the app

horrible. It told me to turn on RoGold’s Safari Extensions in Settings to open it and i did exactly what it told me and it did not open. A waste of money

Don’t. You can only equip 2 hairs which you can already do without the extension 🙄

It’s good.. but. This is a good app to use but my account had gotten hacked when I started using it, I was able to get it back but I’m scared to use it again because of that.

Sad. I bought it and in extensions I can’t click the check box . It’s so frustrating :(

PLEASE FIX. i have lots of hair and it only goes up to page 13, i downloaded this app to do hair combos but i can’t rlly do it if it’s not allowing my to do hair combos with my other hairs

Mobile. This Thing Needs Mobile When I ago To The WEBSITE On Mobile It Says “Go To App” And I G9 There It Takes Me Back To My Regular Page You Need To Add Mobile Or I Was Waisting Me 0.99C…Lol No But Seriously Add The Mobile Extension.

love it. The only one on IOS so it is the best one

add more pages for hair. this extension is rly amazing but i will ask for one thing, could u possibly add more pages to the hair combos? it would improve this so much more

It’s bad for me. It’s doesn’t let me enable it it a total scam don’t waste you’re money!

So goodness. I like it! If you don’t like it… die. But anyways I like it. It has a lot of stuff. But that’s all bye!!!

Super disappointed.. I was doing the hair combos but now all the sudden it’s not working anymore. I’ve literally tried everything. This is a waste of money.

Rogold is amazing. I can wear many hair and different wallpapers thanks rogold

Stupid. This app is stupid it wont let me turn it on even if I go to settings to allow it, it wont let me turn it on so dumb 😒

Best Roblox Extension!. Definitely worth the money, best extension for roblox

i hate roblox. Wouldve been great if we could add multiple face accessories

no. pls bro I payed a dollar for it and it was practically useless and I stopped using it after like a few hours but 2 stars for hair combo

Rip-off. Didn’t even work. I tried adding multiple hairs but it didn’t even work at all.

I can’t put more hairs on. I’m trying to get more hairs on my avatar but it won’t work it just switches between the hair I want idk what to do bc I paid money for it.

From tj. It’s fake it won’t let me click it and it’s a waste of money I would like a refund and if not then i will sue this app and yes im the parent u wasted a dollar of my money so may I have a refund quickly

amazing!. i love it. i love how you can add ur best friends or players you play with most pinned on top, along with games. but i do want to see it so that you can add more than one face accessory. overall amazing!

It’s amazing. It’s amazing though I wish there was more to do on roblox with the rogold extension. But besides that I love it! ❤️☺️

Please fix this.. I only got the because the multiple hairs.. I have tried multiple times (I’m on iPad) with the hairs and have now gave up because I cannot use it.. I looked at tutorials and no way works.. please fix this.

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Language English
Price $0.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 1.5.8
Play Store com.AlroviAps.-
Compatibility iOS 15.0 or later

RoGold (Versiyon 1.5.8) Install & Download

The application RoGold was published in the category Games on 21 April 2022, Thursday and was developed by Alrovi Aps [Developer ID: 1618599907]. This program file size is 4.06 MB. This app has been rated by 309 users and has a rating of 3.7 out of 5. RoGold - Games app posted on 11 March 2024, Monday current version is 1.5.8 and works well on iOS 15.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.AlroviAps.-. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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RoGold Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

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