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What is drive to evolve app? Pass through gates and evolve your car. Race with opponent car and win the race!

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Drive to Evolve Version 1.5015 June 2022

Performance improvements!.

Drive to Evolve Comments & Reviews 2022

- Somewhat Great

I seen an add for this game on tiktok. I though it would be very easy. Boy was I right. If your good at math, and know when to shift correctly, this should be a very easy game for you. There’s only like 8 car models like a other review said, but it’s not that bad. Just a average game you’d see on the App Store now a days. I don’t know why there’s a bunch of 5 year old kids leaving bad reviews on this game even though it’s really good with what it has to offer. But yea, great game. 👍

- Good concept, needs many bug fixes

I saw a ad for this game while playing another like it but without cars, so since I like cars I decided to download. And the game was what the add showed, mostly. In the ad it showed at the end of a level you got to race side by side with a dash and everything! Now, this is in the game but it’s completely different. No gears no mph counter no nothing! It’s only you driving 3 mph against a car going 10 mph. Also, this game is LAGGY. I tried to play a level and it kept freezing or just slowing down for no reason. Also I ran into a bug on (I’m pretty sure) level 7. I was driving and I got one of those things that adds 65 years to your car so I used it and got to the end! But when my car made it up to 2020, it just stopped there and had confetti coming out of the sides with nothing for me to click on. I’m not really sure how to get out of either… So now I’m basically stuck on that level and can do nothing about it! Please help with these bugs/glitches! Thank you for your time and for reading!! I hope you can take my comments into consideration.

- !

I personally don’t think it’s not hard at all I guess people don’t understand that green marking you stop it and then restart it’s essentially just shifting up

- Lags constantly

Game was fun at first and definitely helps waste some time. After about 5 levels the game began to lag constantly and freeze making it frustrating to keep playing. I know most of these games revolve around ads but this one plays an ad after every single level, they can’t even give you a 2-3 level grace period every now and then. Was fun for a little while and lost it completely with the poor functionality

- Clickbait Ad Game

In the beginning the game seems fine, but the designers of this game allotted to much ram space for the advertisement companies. The banner on the bottom of the game as you play it lags the game to a screeching halt after the first couple levels. The game mechanics are simple and there shouldn’t be any reason a phone can’t handle it, but the advertisements they are allowing to play on each level and during the level are eating up all of the ram space.

- Exactly what you’d expect, except it runs terribly.

Exactly the game you’d expect, just another cookie cutter game of this type, down to the fact that it runs like garbage on even the newest iPhones. Can’t play more than 2 or 3 rounds without the game completely lagging out and heating up my phone. Severely takes away from the experience and leaves me feeling bored and frustrated.

- Terrible game

I just downloaded this game because I like cars thinking that it would be a good game but it’s not because after you go through the years you have a race in which it does not allow you to go faster then 5 mph and it forces you to lose. Really? I gave it two stars because I like going through the decades but I do not recommend this game 😡😡😡

- Good game

Good game but the game needs to have more cars there is not a car after 2040 I have gotten to 2110 and it is still the 2040 car and that just makes it hard to get the other cars other than that though it’s a good game

- It like that money game

It is very fun very fun indeed

- Too many ads!

Watch an ad to get this, then watch another ad immediately after to get that. Then after choosing to watch an awarded ad, you get forced to watch a non awarded ad after watching those ads, which freeze up and you have to restart the glitchy game. Do better.


This game is fun and good......except for the lagging and bugs. I passed my first level and the second one glitched every second! I think the game is fun, but I wish I could play it with no lagging! It paused then resumed , then paused a agin! So many bugs lags and glitches!

- Wish we can get rid of ads get them way to often

There a way to get rid of ads other than that great time killer

- Filled with ads

I’ve been playing it for maybe 5 minutes and it’s already offered items if I watched an ad several times. I even felt like I had to watch two in a row so I could up grade it a little when it offered another ad. I know a lot of people like the game but it’s just not my cup of tea.

- It’s an alright game

Overall it’s an alright game but it can get a little boring too me after a game or twoAnd it it might not but it feels like it takes so long each round and to get one of the new cars every 5 round’s

- Gets boring very quickly

Typical game… quickest way to evolve is watching ads… ad after every level, would have been better if cars went faster as years progressed car from 1880 does 180kmh car from 2000 does 180kmh…

- My review on this laggy game

I played it for a while and then it lagged so bad on ads it would have a black screen and it’s to laggy so I don’t recommend getting this game and it’s to much ads every single time

- 💴

This game is the same but the end is the complete opesit I thought it would be so good and it is for the first of it then it not but if you want to get this it is okay.

- Another game that’s different from the ads

Ad shows you driving through a course leveling up your vehicle, then you race an opponent afterward. That sounds like fun but that’s not this game. Another game company who can’t seem to accurately market what game they actually made.

- Good game but too many adds

This is a good game overall but I don’t like how after every level you have to watch an add.

- Make better ads

Average game just i would ger away from the the dumb adds like people should know there math would leave better review if made better ad

- Great but it’s messed up

So the app is great and all love the new update but I have a car from the 2000s and it totally just reset my car

- bugs/actual game

so every 5 levels you race it’s not after every time you rack up the years also if you get anything over 2020 it doesn’t give it to you i’ve gotten 2040 a few times and it stops at 2020 and won’t go any further every time but other than that it’s a decent game

- My phone stops working

It’s a fine game but whenever an ad pops up my phone just breaks and it takes 5 minutes just to turn off my phone


This app is mining crypto in the background while you play it. As a data engineer I can see the traffic that comes in and out of the app and for an app that doesn’t need internet access to run, there’s quite a lot of traffic

- It is terrible

Whenever I complete a level it gives me an ad and it gets annoying

- Ads, crashes, and more ads

The game is loaded with ads every round and crashes 90% of the time when you try to open the app.

- it’s a good game!

this game is very fun and it helps pass time quickly but one thing i always get angry about is everytime i get a year over 2020 it doesn’t count when i’m done with the level. it doesn’t go past 2020!!!

- Bad

I get the same car every time I have only got a different car once

- Way too many ads

You’re forced to watch an ad after every race and before upgrading anything at all

- Another mobile “game”

Terrible gameplay, awful time jumps, ads after every level. Just a cash grab with no real merit.

- Wheres the race….too many ads….

On tiktok u could race at the end, thats not seen anywhere in this game, when did ads have games in them btw.

- Bad game

This is a bad game because you can’t get pass level 1 because the car is so fast and I am only 9 but I know math.

- Not as advertised

I want a refund on my purchase. I’m still getting videos forced on me. Refund my purchase.

- Instant Crash

IOS 12.1.1 game says that it is compatible with IOS 11+ wouldnt suprise me if they just clicked buttons when they uploaded this

- Could be better

You’re telling me a Model T is beating a Supra in a race? Unrealistic, but fun regardless.

- There’s a game between your ads

Play for 10 seconds just to get a 15 second ad

- Horrible game!

do not recommend this game doesn't work and you legit can't beat the first level

- Trash

This game is trash cars move slow and it’s way to many adds for me don’t waste ur time with this game

- Ads

The ads make this game almost unplayable, super annoying

- Trash

Can’t even get pass the first level bad game don’t recommend

- Garbage

Game has too many ads, too easy, not even addicting. Game is absolute garbage.

- Don’t like

Would not recommend Game does not work at all

- 0

Game literally makes no sense u can’t beat the first level

- The game in a nutshell

79% is advertisements 21% is a game and a disgusting game How do you decrease the number of years and not increase the years in a game???

- It bad

It kicks you out mid game and there are so much ads and it’s retartied and it’s does not evolve that myck and it’s a scam

- Worst

Worst game ever full of ads and every round you loose

- Don’t download

For what the game it only has 8 car models and the game is wack

- Review

Stop with the ads and videos. You ruin a great game

- Ads on Ads on Ads

This is why modern app games are so aids

- dont get this game

it has so many ads it makes me wanna kms .. the cars barely change and u dont get past like 1950’s

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- Cool

This game is cool

- Do NOT download.

What a complete waste of time. 1 minute long advertisements for every 15 seconds of gameplay. Although the game play is a little catchy it is very basic and is purely designed for you to watch ads continuously. Don’t waste your time.

- I’m a boy not girl

This game has made me a girl and I’m not liking that please get it fixed.

- Too glitchy

Good game but WAY too glitchy

- Ads

Ads, ads and more ads unless you buy ad removal.

- Ogle

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- Good game

This game is fun. Can you add a option to pay money to remove the add frame at the button of the screen it’s a bit annoying it hides the car.

- Again too many adds

Too many adds

- False advertising

game is fun but the drag race feature from the ads is not in the game.

- Fun, but Ads

Fun game, but plays Ads after every short race and when it comes to watching an ad to get free unlocks, if then says “No Ads Available” 🤨

- Overheat my phone

Overheat after playing 5minut

- ads

it’s always games like this that have the most ads… “get a new car for an ad” or “no thanks”. if you press no thanks you still watch an ad just for no reward… this game sucks!

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Drive to Evolve 1.50 Screenshots & Images

Drive to Evolve iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Drive to Evolve iphone images
Drive to Evolve iphone images
Drive to Evolve iphone images
Drive to Evolve iphone images
Drive to Evolve iphone images
Drive to Evolve iphone images
Drive to Evolve iphone images
Drive to Evolve iphone images
Drive to Evolve iphone images
Drive to Evolve iphone images
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The applications Drive to Evolve was published in the category Games on 2022-04-02 and was developed by Rollic Games [Developer ID: 1452111779]. This application file size is 254.74 MB. Drive to Evolve - Games app posted on 2022-06-15 current version is 1.50 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.lp.carevolution