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What is black clover m app? A world on the brink of being destroyed by a demon was saved by a mage that would come to be known as the "Wizard King". Years later, this magical world is once again shrouded in the darkness of crisis. Asta, a boy born without magic, sets his sights on becoming the "Wizard King", seeking to prove his abilities and fulfill a long-lasting promise to his friends.

《Black Clover M : Rise of The Wizard King》is a licensed RPG based on the popular anime series from "Shonen Jump" (Shueisha) and TV Tokyo. Immerse yourself in a magical fantasy world, experience classic original storylines while enjoying an easy to play strategy turn-based gameplay. Summon your favorite characters, cultivate a powerful magic knight squad, and embark on the journey to become the Wizard King.

▶Top-quality scenes power up battles to a new level
Built with the UE4 engine and featuring high-quality 3D modeling, this game provides an ultimate interpretation of the classic story, showcasing stunning visual style in battles. Each character has their own unique animations, creating smooth and engaging battles that challenge the aesthetics of the gaming market. Mages have distinct roles and abilities, allowing for flexible character formations and even gorgeous link moves with bonded characters, presenting the genuine bonds and adventure experiences between partners.

▶Tactical turn-based RPG that recreates classic team battles
With fast-paced combat, everyone can enjoy with just one tap. Collect original Mage characters to build your own Magic Knights squad. Each character can unleash their classic skills, and form many Link-Moves by collaborating with squad members, and recreate intense battle scenes. Select your Magic Knights squad members to create your unique combat style!

▶Break through Ranks and improve your favorite characters
Summon Mages and let original Black Clover characters join your squad. Experience interactions with your favorite characters, and get upgrade materials simply by using them in-game and strengthening your relationship with them through the Bond System. Every pull matters! Untap the potential of all your characters without nitpicking about your collection, as every character is useful as you keep upgrading them. Rank up and Promote your mage all the way to the top regardless of grade, and enjoy exclusive artworks on their character pages plus various special costumes. Time to collect hundreds of mages each with unique styles!

▶Diverse dungeons for an enjoyable battle experience
Various challenges are available, including "Quest" which recreates the anime storyline, "Raid" for advanced challenges, "Memory Hall" to compete against bosses, "Arena" for thrilling PvP experiences, "Time-limited Challenge" to face formidable enemies. Additionally, players can form their own exclusive guilds and participate in "Squad Battle" with other members, offering multiple challenge modes to quench your battle desires!

▶Cook, go fishing, and explore the Magic Kingdom
The Magic Kingdom is an elaborately created world full of hidden gems and small details. It breaks away from the monotony of single task missions by allowing players to gather resources through "Patrol Stages" that can be left idle. Additionally, players can explore the magical world and engage in activities such as gathering ingredients for cooking, fishing, and relive the original Black Clover in a different way!

▶ Original Black Clover Anime's English and Japanese Cast
Experience the magic with both English and Japanese voiceovers. The English cast features Dallas Reid, Jill Harris, Christopher Sabat, Micah Solusod, and more, bringing the characters to life. The Japanese cast stars renowned talents like Gakuto Kajiwara, Nobunaga Shimazaki, Kana Yuuki, and other well-known voice actors.

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App Name Black Clover M
Category Games
Updated 02 April 2024, Tuesday
File Size 1.26 GB

Black Clover M Comments & Reviews 2024

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Shameless Cash Crab. I have started watching the Black Clover Anime on Crunchyroll for about a month and a half now and just finished watching all of the 170 episodes today It was really awesome. Then I noticed that there was a Black Clover Mobile game and I had to try it out I’ll give the developers some respect for making such a beautiful game and everything seems true to the Anime including the art style and characters but however that inspiration and creativity has been all destroyed in my opinion due to the typical microtransaction greedfest that is found in this which ruins everything. Also everything is so complicated there’s to many things to track of and to remember I am really disappointed with this game because I really wanted to like this game but simply I can’t.

Five stars !!! Absolutely love. Hey I rated this game 5 stars this game have a lot to offer and I really don’t see myself getting bored like a lot of mobile games I have downloaded and this gameplay is like watching the anime within playing I love the graphics and gameplay with that being said I can’t wait to see PVP if possible

Well worth the wait!. As one of the lucky few who got into the closed beta awhile back, I’ve been eagerly awaiting this game and happy to report it is my new main gacha game. The graphics are amazing for a cell phone game, the combat is fun, characters and abilities feel balanced where even lower quality units are as useful as the higher quality ones! Surprisingly enough, the game comes loaded with English dub too! While a couple of the VA’s are lame people in real life, I appreciate the dub being here regardless. The rates are typical for a gacha, but the pity is rather forgiving, not forcing you to spend a weeks salary to chase a unit you want. My only major fear is global catches up with JP/KOR, as being a few months behind allows for saving practices. That said, I still support the game with purchases here and there. Here’s hoping it sticks around for years to come as it puts other games to shame in many categories!

Don’t let positive reviews deceive you. Every review above three stars for this game is either paid or people who have never played a good game in their life. For the budget this game must have because of the source material, this game is pathetic. Other than the cutscenes which aren’t that bad, the visuals look like I could have drew them with crayons as a child and half the time you play the game they have multiple sound tracks playing on top of each other. The only thing keeping this game from being a straight 1 star is the fact that the gui and certain mechanics aren’t half bad but still isn’t enough of a reason to continue playing.

Super fun. A fan of Black Clover, the original series being able to explore the world and fighting little hidden goodies is perfect for me. The game so far is really super fun being able to collect and play as my favorite wizards I’m in love with this game I recommend for any person of around a black clover who wants to find an official game. That is really fun and awesome.

Haven't gotten far, but 10/10 for the tutorial section. Like said above, I have not made my way through the game much. However, from the 15 or so minutes I've played, this is by far the best looking anime game I've played on mobile. The gameplay has a really fun turn based style which makes me want to learn the game and actually get better. So far, pretty good.

Same old same old. I don’t play many gachas, but when I do, I’m always left shocked by the pull rates. The probability/chances of pulling new characters are some of the worst I’ve seen since Genshin impact. This game feels like something I’ve played before, And like most gachas, the interface is a brain melting, overcomplicated mess. It’s extremely off putting if you aren’t a Black Clover fan, which I’m not (haven’t read the manga or watched the show). The only reason I chose to download this game, is because dragon ball legends has been pretty meh lately. It’s pretty and runs surprisingly well for a mobile game. The combat seems interesting but it’s nothing special or unique. The story is Black clover in a video game, so if you like it like the anime, you might like it like this, I don’t know.

Good but not enough. There’s a good start here, but after about 30 days and 200k BR you hit a wall unless you spend money. It becomes very repetitive and you end up grinding for days to get anywhere. The game events thus far are useless as you can’t earn anything of value so like every gacha game it becomes pay to win. Even drop rates you spend a full energy to get one thing you need. And the events have just trivial things that aren’t needed to upgrade your character. You can get the characters easy with limited events, but then you can’t upgrade them without spending money :/. So good game but poorly executed.

Login issues and unable to contact customer service. I've enjoyed playing this game so far and it's a very generous game and f2p but I've suddenly gotten booted out of my account randomly with no warning. Even though my account is linked, uninstalled and reinstalled and still receive a "INVALID_SNS_KIND" message when I've done nothing that goes against the terms of this game. The inability to contact customer support in garena is the reason why I'm giving this game a bad rating. I've spent money on this game only to not be able to suddenly play it and when I make an attempt to contact customer service, I am unable to because customer service request ticket will not let me input my in game nickname or AID. Because I can't input it, I can't submit a ticket. Leaving this review as a heads up to all of you who may face this problem as well.

Actual Review (Opinion/Gameplay/Heads-up). (No spoilers) My opinion: So far, I’ve completed chapter 1 of this game, and to tell you the truth, I enjoy it. This game runs smoothly. It isn’t too incredibly easy or difficult to start. I have noticed it does get more challenging as you go on, which doesn’t make the game feel too easy or too difficult. I enjoy the combat, even if it isn’t how I imagined it. Gameplay: Like I said earlier, the game runs well, especially with Unreal Engine 5. The animations from movement and attacks are great. The back-and-forth between cut scenes and gameplay is well-designed. The voices used in the characters' dialog are the same in the actual dub for the anime, which adds it all together. The world is a simplified map with different tasks and places to visit. You can tap into those places to play in them and move however you want. The game is open world once you tap to visit those places. Heads-up: Don’t be fooled by reviews. It was a little annoying downloading the game and then waiting for it to be released officially, but I’m glad I did wait. Don’t let those reviews turn you away from the game. It’s a fantastic game so far and is definitely worth a try.

Love the game just needs one crucial thing. The game is awesome. Graphics are so good they are better than watching the anime and the gameplay is enjoyable. My big issue with the game is that I can’t play with my cousin because we are in different parts of the world so that really holds me back from fully committing into the game. I would give this app 5 stars if the issue gets resolved.

Love it. Everything in this game is amazing so far, it’s pacing and animation are amazing. Sadly I feel ever so slightly disappointed with the view you play from, the only way to look at things is for Asta to walk to them and you can’t just swivel your view, but love the game so far and totally recommend it.

Choppy & Rushed. As someone who is currently watching the anime over again, I’m excited for a game that’s based off of it. However small things are very noticeable if you’re attentive to details. First of all I’ll say, the audio of cut scenes sound more like they were directly ripped from the anime because there are audio cuts as if they’re trying to match the voice acting of the anime scenes to their in-game scenes. Secondly, the transitions between cutscenes, to loading screen, to the actual game isn’t smooth. It’s all over the place and it ruins the experience of the scenes when the transition into and out of these cutscenes is sloppy. And finally gameplay, why does the battle music stop when using ultimate abilities? I think the music should go on in the background like they do in cutscenes. All in all, the audio cutting trying to match it with cutscenes and the lack of smooth transitioning makes the game feel like it was incredibly rushed. And I wouldn’t have mind waiting another 2-5-7 months for a more polished finalized game

Absolutely more then expected.. I usually don’t have interest in turn based games that require energy over time. But man, this game just hits the spot. Most games like this are cash grabs and don’t really try to polish their game, but this really feels great and all the animation and character designs are amazing. Loving this game and maybe my opinion is influenced because of my love for the anime, but regardless it truly is a fun game you should give a try.

Satisfied with the game play so far. I’ve got to say, I’m amazed at how many time I’ve spent on this game since it’s launch. I’ve been playing for about 5 hours straight now and I’ve accomplished so much within that time frame. I’m usually not so untuned with games, especially a turn base game like this one but I appreciate the English dubbing, great graphics, and the storyline. I’m also surprised that throughout my gameplay, my game hasn’t crashed not once so I can play consistently. Overall I’m rating this a 5 star experience.

Best Anime Game!!!!. The development team behind this game is truly remarkable, displaying immense passion and dedication towards creating an extraordinary gaming experience. Having followed the show, read the manga, and played the beta, I can confidently say that they have invested a significant amount of time into perfecting this game. The stunning graphics, captivating storyline, and very addictive combat mechanics are clear indications of their hard work. As a fan of Black Clover, I am genuinely grateful for this incredible game!!!

Solid 7/10. Before I start this let me mention that I’m a huge fan of 7DS: Grand Cross, so I’m basing my opinion off that. I tried this game on JP and it seemed really fun but I prefer to play on global. I was really hyped for the game to come to global but after the first two postponements I was really disappointed. I wasn’t going to get it but someone convinced me too and I haven’t gotten very far. What I can say is the art style is beautiful and I’m a big fan of Black Clover. Although I don’t play the game for the story, I assume it’s just the black clover story in a different style. The main reason I didn’t give this game a 10/10 is because my hype has blown over, I’m also salty about the multiple postponements, and I have a feeling the gacha isn’t going to give me what I want. Anyways here’s to hoping the gacha doesn’t screw me over.

recommended power doesn’t work. The power level thing in this is broken and needs to be fixed don’t even bother listening to the recommended level cause my teams power is 223k and i can’t beat a level claiming i need to be 178k, A 50k power difference and i still can’t beat it doesn’t make sense but it’s nothing surprising for a game that up until 4 days ago couldn’t even stay open for more then 20 minutes without losing connection and of course i’ve posted this review multiple times but they keep deleting the bad reviews

Issues but much love for the game. I give this 5 stars because the game itself is absolutely phenomenal. However I have spent money on this game and the premium black crystals you get only by buying them spend the same way as the black crystals earned in game. Any way I can get those crystals back? IMO I feel like this is a bug that deserves compensation. Thank you! Game is phenomenal! Other than that^

devs check into this. look i been waiting on this game for a while but I don’t know if it’s just me but I’m on mobile right in my Wi-Fi is horrible so i have to use cellular data to download it I know that sounds crazy but I have to and the problem I’m having is it stopped at like a certain percentage like it keeps going and he just stops imagine it’s like 20% it goes 24% and it stops if I have to go to my Wi-Fi turn my Wi-Fi on shut my Wi-Fi off is it keeps going look it might just be for me but I mean there hasn’t been any reviews for this game yet and that’s a problem I’m having right now so I don’t know if it’s just for me or is everybody else that’s why I’m making this review so if it’s really else maybe like the Deb’s can fix this but it’s just for me you know I’ll just fix it myself but you know since there’s no reviews I don’t know if it’s just me.

This game is awesome. I just started playing and it looks and feels incredible the way battles work and look is amazing I loved watching black clover and I’ve been waiting for this game since I was first able to pre-order it it’s just like I hoped it would I do I have one request maybe slow down some of the battle animations they go bye so fast it’s hard to enjoy the cool scenes but other than that the game’s perfect can’t wait to what the developers do with it in the future.

So Far So Cool!. I have loved Black Clover for a long time now. The anticipation for this game was low at first and experienced some dips after its release globally, but upon my first few minutes of playthrough(I am just about to take the Magic Knight’s Entrance Exam) I truly am impressed. I wish we could move the camera around but other than that everything else is going great. It looks good, isn’t laggy, and you get to explore places we only passed by in the story. For example, there is a guy walking around in Kikka with a water bubble full of fish. How neat is that?! But I guess that shows where my standards are for games. Anyways, I am loving this game and will continue to play it for a long time as well. Happy global launch day!

No support for keyboard/mouse. The graphics and everything are ok, the voice acting is fine I guess. But WHAT A LET DOWN! No support for real controls. I guess the devs expect people to claw at their screens like a wild animal in 2016. It’s almost 2024…to even produce and release a game that doesn’t have real controller-mouse/keyboard support is EMBARRASSING. Why even bother doing this to people? I’m just going to uninstall and forget about this game I waited for all this time. There are enough games with BASELINE control support that I shouldn’t have to claw my way through this trash with two thumbs like an idiot.

Excellent turn based gacha rpg. I have played a fair amount of mobile gacha rpg, mainly anime themed. Easily to replenish daily stamina to do missions, decent opportunity to get summoning tickets/gold/other currencies. PvP is pretty much pay to win due to needing to be top 500 to get to higher tiered PvP ranks. My only gripes are the summoning rates being lower than I’d personally like for event banners and the pay to win in PvP. It is very silly to only allow people to get to Challenger 2 rank unless they spend real money to get more arena tickets to get into top 500 players. I’d understanding letting you fully complete a rank like taking the top 500 requirement out of Challenger 1 but this developer has decided to cap it off before a full rank is completed. I really enjoy this game but those 2 critiques prevent it from becoming 5 stars.

Download it. Its free, there’s no adds and there isn’t even a “watch add to get currency” thing. If you want something you can pay for it or just play for it and they balanced the pay vs play gain so its almost not even worth paying when you can play 20 minutes and get the same things $20 can get you. Great game, great animations, beautiful dubing, 10/10

Game is incredible. I love and miss black clover so much hopefully so much can catch up and release mangas early and the anime as well the game overall is very fun and active also too we should have more skill upgrades unlock and never lock and that way we can grind and build our characters faster and stronger so please don’t give up on skill base.

Game is Gorgeous. This game looks very visually pleasing. It has a very simple combat system and the tutorial tells you basically everything you need to know. Unlike other gacha games, this game has decent pull rates for character you want. It is a little hard to get the gems in order to summon, but if you log in everyday and complete the story, you will have plenty of gems to get your favorite characters maxed out. Black Clover was one of the only anime’s and mangas I’ve watched/read fully and the story is literally taken from the anime. I wish to see this game florish, but beware of the in-game purchases. I think some deals are definitely worth your money, but other you should stay away 100%. If you are debating on whether to spend money, I would say that you CAN get everything in the game for FREE, but of you want an extra boost in your characters power, better relics, or more stamina, I would recommend some of the starter bundles. However, you could easily complete the story and all the other game modes for free. It might sound like I’m a developer for the game, but I really do enjoy this game and think that it will survive a long time. Thanks devs for bringing us this awesome game!

Best black clover mobile game ever!. When I first saw this I had some doubts that it was going a lame mobile game boy was I wrong. The story and the graphics are so amazing! I can’t believe how good are the graphics the people made this done a out amzing job. This might be the best mobile game out there I am enjoying this game so much now can’t wait to enjoy all of the events they do for this game.

Animation and game itself is awesome. The animation is great the style of the game feels nice and has scenes from the anime which gives it that perfect feel first introducing Asta and Yuno even sister lily and the whole Hage village even when they both get there grimoires obviously Yuno gets his 4 leaf grimoire first then Asta gets his five leaf grimoire and the battle is on between them on who becomes the wizard king great manga and anime hope to see more on this manga and anime from Yuki Tabata in the future

Amazing but a cash grab. I love black clover and when I saw a game for it I freaked out. I’ve played for a couple weeks and could see some love put in but I soon realized that you have a %1 chance to get any event units and have to spend over $400 for a guarantee SSR. Even with the guaranteed unit you still only have a %18 for an event unit and there’s always 2-3 different even units for every machine. But I expected hard to get units but you can’t even play past chapter 3 without having at least 2-4 SSR units that can actually hold there own. It basically soft locks you into buying more units with outrageous prices and no sympathy for the players.

BEST GAME EVER. I AM A HUGE BLACK CLOVER FAN AND I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH Not sure why some critical reviews are saying you have to pay to get ssrs, i got both fana and that beast guy whos name i forgot pretty quickly and without paying, i also got charlotte, and those people saying it has boring gameplay has definitely never played a single gacha game in their life, anyways, this game is just peak fiction, I would recommend it to every black clover fan 😊

Addicting. This game is so addicting I play it everyday. The animation is so good and story follows the exact story from the anime series. Gameplay/ characters are evenly balanced, was hoping some more R and SR characters would be more useful or powerful the more you power them up but regardless love everything about it, so fun. The character design for the enemies/ creatures are so cool too. Looks like they put so much effort into this and even the soundtracks are cool.

Not what I was expecting. Really disappointed.. I definitely think the developers put too much time and effort into dumb stuff like ha being short videos and trying to recreate moments with graphics that just don’t make the cut and add nothing to the game. There is a massive power scale junp in certain levels so it would take too long to train to pass that level. Some ideas are good and some are not. The walking around bit is not as open as it seems it can be both in normal and chibi mode. You’d think some basic designs like how the upgrade system would work and look like be more akin to that of a grimoire book but no. The way to achieve gems for summons is not as achievable as one would think as the effort to get gems does not equate to the amount one would get. Honestly when I was a tester for the game way back when I thought it was fine but needed some major improvements and I truly i believe the game just sat there waiting to be released without any substantial changes. Honestly im very disappointed with the final product. Had the game be a bit more like Legacy of Hero’s or Saint Seiya I’d feel different but this is where we are at.

An Experience. Truly a cinematic experience. Blows almost every other Gacha out of the water with depth, complexity, control, and sheer polish. It’s almost TOO good out of the gate, hah, kind of overwhelming at first. It is crafted with love by people who care about this Anime, and so it might just capture your heart (and they’re nit trying too hard to capture your wallet).

Fun and Addictive with Various Charactrers. This game is so fun! Children play a little naive, adults play just right haha! There are so many character in it that you can play anytime and anywhere. There are both wonderful character fighting scenes and engaging storyline. In short, this game you want can satisfy you! I like it anyway. I open the game to see my characters and upgrade them everyday. It's very interesting!

Wow lol. Just wanna say wow again cause this game I didn’t think it was gonna be this good the fighting the animation feels like I’m watching a series lol. Something like persona type of way when it comes to the cut scenes so far so good I’m really enjoying the game I didn’t read the reviews cause I don’t wanna hear the bad things cause everybody they own reviews on stuff. But me this game is so fun love the main character he’s funny cool and wanna reach his goal. So hopefully this game is long and not short but I don’t think so praying lol.

Game is great but the wall is insane. Been playing the game since release today. Love it honestly. My issue is, the money. The amount of money you have to spend for max crystals and what you get? Nothing. Maybe 4 pulls on a banner. To hit the guaranteed ssr, that would mean, money wise, I’m spending about $500. That’s insane for any gacha game imo. Way to money hungry. Also, no items you can earn to replenish stamina and not to much of a way to earn currency in game minus a few events. No way to really farm it. That’s my main concern with the game and I hope they fix it since their sales didn’t do well in Japan. Other than that, the game is beautiful and really fun.

I’m in love with Yuno. Okay so I absolutely love this game and it’s great. This is also my first review of anything! But Black Clover is the biggest stable in my life and I love it so much (especially Yuno) everything about this game is great. The ONLY thing that I hope they bring to the game, is that we are able to move the camera around. If anyone sees this review from the devs… PLEASE WE NEED IT!! But overall 10/10 game I’m a huge sucker for gacha… it’s my life. Love it!!

Great experience but there’s a catch. The game has a lot I enjoy from it. A combat system that gives room to experiment with fan favorite characters, a presentation that is amazing in the effects it shows and giving the player a feel of the anime, music that is great though some are better than others but is more of a personal nitpick. The only catch is the wall that you will inevitably hit as you go through the story. Which alright I get it’s a way to make sure that the player has something to work towards but the wall that you will inevitably hit begins as soon as the second chapter and material needed to upgrade your units are scarce with the missions design to give said material not being enough. This can be a deal breaker for those who want to spend time to upgrade their units or go through the story but the game was design to be played over a period of time as the player gathers material and level up their characters to go against stronger enemy missions. This it not to say that this issue can’t be dismissed as it can hamper the experience at times but if you’re willing to endure or are a fan of the series then this is a game where you can get your times worth.

Love it but needs work. Love this game and im a huge fan of black clover but you need to fix the lvl system, its very difficult to upgrade your characters after you finished lvling them up it’s difficult to keep leveling them up because you cant get the gems to if that makes sense, please fix that

Summoning 3/10. Summoning- you can spend a day saving gems to buy tickets to complete a x10 summon which is fine however the down fall is the fact you can spend 3-7 day of summoning and yet you get green or blue characters. I have spend one week of x2 summoning and nothing good. It’s getting annoying to the point I haven’t played for a 2 weeks. However when this game came out I had 100 💯luck getting rainbow character but now it’s like 10-15 percent

Black Clover Fan Honest Review. The game is not at all what I expected, it runs smoothly, drops seems pretty useful and so far I havent had the thought of “man I definitely gotta spend money on this game” frame rates are surprisingly great for a mobile game, combat is very nice, combos are pretty cool, and it was a pleasant surprise just how much there was to do, looking forward to exploring the rest of the kingdoms!!!

The biased opinion of a fan. I’m a fan of the Manga and Anime of the series, I enjoy the characters and world of Black Clover! I’m happy to see it get such a well polished gem of a game. The gameplay is simple and fun the story is retold in a quicker manner and pace. There is gacha and my thoughts on those differ from game to game depending on how F2P friendly the game may be or if it pushes for constant purchases for you to get something out of the game. Right now though I’m enjoying my time.

Big Fan of BC and Gachas. This game is much higher quality than I expected, I thought it would just be good, but it seems like it is exactly what I have been looking for, a new Gacha game set in one of my favorite anime settings Black Clover!!! The gameplay is similar to that of Summoners War but with awesome animations and spectacular art design. All the voice actors are original from the show and it really helps the immersion. Playing through this epic story in a Gacha style turn based RPG is a dream come true. Prices are actually reasonable compared to other Gachas as well. Thank you Devs! Looking forward to a long journey with you all! <3

Great Game So Far, BUT!... It’s an amazing game so far, could not put down my phone in the last 24 hours lol been getting great pulls from the summons and getting everyone I want! 💯 The story is exactly like the anime so far and the fight scenes are amazing! The game reminds me sorta like 7DS and Genshin Impact in a sense but of course with its own version to the mix! There’s ALOT to learn when it comes to leveling up your mage and items to make it the strongest it can be. My only problem so far is that I keep losing connection every 30 seconds to a minute and gotta wait until it loads and gives me a message to retry or restart the game and I’m on pretty good WiFi. Once that’s fixed I’ll give it a 5 stars! 👏🏽

Randomly got my account restricted with no explanation.. I had been playing the game no problem for a few weeks. Finally unlocked the ability to dispatch party to do the talent dungeon while offline and then when I try to open the game the next day it says your account has been restricted. Thankfully I didn’t spend any money on this game. Until they fix whatever problem is causing this to randomly happen to players I would recommend to not play the game and definitely don’t spend any money because you could wake up one day and all of your progress just gone with no explanation.

Game erased. Listen this game is fascinating and since I love black clover it makes it even better. The only problem is that in the last update it kicked me out and now I can’t log back into my game that I spent money in and everything. It never asked me to sign in with Facebook or Apple when I started but now it is asking for it. Please help me recover because I fell as if I wasted a good bit of money on a game that I cannot start over on seeing it as I already had my four starts close to 100

Resources…. The game is good and I’m not against grinding. But it takes FOREVER to accumulate resources to upgrade characters. Some of the levels won’t even give you ANY of the resources they say. Like trying to upgrade your skills. Getting 3 skill pieces every 5 fights it’s just crazy to me and a lot of modes are like that where they just give u nothing. I’m trying to keep playing but now I’m stuck at a point where I need to up the bond level and NOTHING gives bond gifts. Outside of buying then w real money or the events (still barely gave any) it’s just hard to wanna keep playing a game where it takes a week just to upgrade one character

Honest review. I’ve been into the anime for less then a year now but let me tell you the anime is spot on the development is really interesting and it is spot on and everyone’s personality is great very good casting rolls and love the story line, and the game is also spot on follows the story like and is a very well made rpg it does take some grinding to do but it is well worth it!

What a waste of potential. The combat is horrible, maybe the actual gameplay part is okay but the way it’s presented to you is horrible. Half the time it’s hard to even click to attack an enemy cuz more than half of their body is off screen. Allied units aren’t bunched together making it inconvenient to use related skills. Bad bad bad. I wanna love this game but the devs clearly don’t. It’s also horribly optimized. When a game like Genshin can run at 60 on my device you have no excuse.

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Very slow download speed. 2 GB in game was downloading for around 2 hours while in other games it would download in 5 minutes

Me encanta. Wow me esta encantando este juego ese metodo de peleas me gusta mucho tambien juego al raid es algo parecido pero las animaciones de este están brutales me encante y mas la historia del anime ufffff esta de locos lo conocí por el free fire y digo que muy bien echo garena esta muy bueno el juego de seguro a muchas personas les gustara

Hard to name a guild but love the game. I spent the last half an hour, trying to make a guild name, but It said that was inappropriate

Squad challenge s.u.x. Game was good but squad challenge was a big disappointment. You basically do your normal farming to compete each other…

Good. 💀h

Insane game. The game is really good, but I found a bug. When you click pause(menu) in the fight, you can’t click on enemy after. They just become unclickable for your spells. Please fix it, this is annoying x)

This game surpassed its limits!. For a mobile game I am thoroughly impressed by the visuals, the music, the animations and gameplay. This feels like a console game and it is just incredible!

Amazing. This game is amazing. Graphics are out the gate

The first anime game to grab my attention. Black clover was my fav anime ever since it first came out. There were so many games from different anime’s like bounty rush and some anime games in roblox.I had high expectations for this game and when I tried it, it went beyond what I thought it would be. Please make many updates because I know for a fact this game will blow up and get editors choice.

Cheat. Have any staff found a lot of people cheating?

Limited PvP, overall decent.. Go fast, hit hard, win. That’s PvP in this game. I will come back to adjust my star rating if the developer thinks of way out of this brain dead meta. Otherwise a pretty good game, follows the canon nicely, okay rewards, decent PvE, nice styling and great art.

Sound wont come out. Really like the game but idk why because i silenced it once, i cant put the sound back on again even after i restart my phone and redownload, please help for the problem such as above. Thanks

tuyệt. hay

Curious. This is a fantastic game I’m just wondering what you are going to do after you reach the story that has been Animated will you continue on from the manga

So far it is great. Wicked quality and true to the Anime. Overall enjoying it quite a bit. Also forgive me but: First!

Good. Game

Bigger screen buttons, lettering, etc…. The game is good, but the screen fonts, buttons, etc …is hard to read and see . Please make it’s bigger for better visual.

遊戲體驗. 行走時視野只能向前方 往回走看不到路

Don’t get it. It’s broken every time I click on the app it just crashes

Really good. Great graphics, amazing HUD and based off of one of my favourite animes. If you enjoyed Grabd Cross you will like this game!

good. good game

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Can’t log into my account after the update. Have been using my Apple ID for this game but ever since the update, I can no longer log in. Please fix this …

Can’t claim quest rewards. Game crashes when trying to claim in game rewards… ongoing issue for over a month and developers don’t reply through their forums… bad experience

Won’t log in. Game won’t log in now after major update. I have spent money on this game and will be reporting it if things are not fixed.

Bugs. Something wrong with AVD mission 7, it’s not counting . So annoying .

Good. I love gambling hee hee haw haw

Black clover mobile. Im on iphone and i went to sign into my account as i normally do with my google account and only since the update i get a user login fail with some code, not happy at all, i want my saved game back i spent money on this game and months and months of work is just gone, with no one to contact, i will raise my review if this gets fixed but i am not happy at all,

I wish I could rate it 0 stars. This game is genuinely so bad to the point that customer service had me waiting 29 days just for one of their bots say to me they’re going to fix my problem and still to this day my problem hasn’t been fixed yet. VIC is a laughingstock 😭🤣🤣

Phenomenal Game. Black clover is a sick anime and this game is top tier. Very fun and enjoyable.

BOOTY GAME! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. My mage path mission 7 is been bug since i started playing reached out to them MULTIPLE times they said they will give us an update on how things are going but yeah so far no response to them at ALL so i dont think you guys should play this game yall just gonna waste your time. Yes i understand that so issue will persist but god damn its been 2 months now since the global release and they still havent fix the issue! Yes 2 versatile mage piece is a must for f2p players! What a booty game fr DONT PLAY THIS GAME!

Good game. I like it

Data deleted. When I opened up this game, all of my data was lost…

Not working It. It keep giving me USER LOAD FAIL

Great game. Great game

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So far so good. I enjoy it thus far they took their time with animations and only thing that needs tweaking is the summoning rates they aren’t as great as I’d want them to be and possibly manga content if I haven’t seen manga content yet I apologize but great game this far

Black Clover. Honestly love the game close resemblance to the anime, and love the Mechanics of the game it’s very addicting once you get the hang of it. In all give this game a 10/10 really looks like this game would go good with the Nintendo switch to it'd love to see it if possible !!

The Quality and Gameplay is Grand. Taking mobile gaming to another level with this beautifully put together game. The quality and gameplay is grand!

ITS FINALLY HERE!!!. The long anticipated Black Clover mobile game you’ve been looking for is finally here and ready to play! With top tier graphics and gameplay; already dominating the mobile RPS. Not to mention an already insane roster and pretty fair drop rates, do you have what it takes to become the next wizard king?

Synergy. I wish that the teams had better synergy like if you use all captains and all squads simpler to marvel strike force and when you upgrade moves make the buff and debuff last longer or you stack them I wish it was closer to strike force all in all great concept

Money hungry dev/low drop rate. Played the game. Enjoyed the combat etc at first. Games Grindy and time consuming. However pull rates are ridiculously low. It’s insanely expensive to buy more summon tickets ($25-$30 for 10). You can earn summon tickets in game but not enough. I used everything I had in the new event. 110 summons. I didn’t get a single skill page or ssr champ. I’m done for good. Don’t bother with this game, just wait till someone makes a cracked version and play that.

A game made for Black Clover fans. This game is visually stunning. It’s like I’m watching the anime again. The combat is very fun and I really enjoy the soundtrack. It helps that the game has the English dub cast back and the option to put it in JP if you prefer that. Overall, it’s a very enjoyable experience.

Amazing. The game is pretty decent so far I love the fact that it’s in English the gameplay is pretty smooth considering I’m on an old phone, I have t seen the online side of the game yet so I’m not to sure what to rate that but all in all a great game that captures the anime’s story almost seamlessly.

Pretty amazing game so far. I like how everything for the game is made out, I understand the pay to play. A lot of these games like this are all the same, but I don’t mind paying for a great quality game

Fake 5 star reviews. Not as good as Star Rail. It is a mediocre game, just another copy and paste Gatcha with a different anime theme. Not worth playing. Yes, it has a high score, but look at the recent reviews and half of them are bad reviews. They got a lot of fake 5 star reviews overall. Star Rail is much better quality and game play and story line. I have no idea why would people spend time playing this game and pay for this game.

Events are not made for new players. Love to finally get to an event and find out that the opponent lineups are all based on other players setups. Sure, they are all evened out at level 80 no matter your level, but the opponents team are all LRs while I only have two base SSRs and not a chance to even take a turn. I really am sick of PVP based games, takes any kind of fun out of the games for me.

Fun but needs a little work. Love the game and the free roam aspect but not being able to change the camera angle is a little disappointing. I expected this game to have a genshin impact style play which would’ve been awesome to free roam around all the land and fight random monsters but the turned base game play isn’t horrible. If it had turn based mission and free roam with fighting that would be an awesome addition

Awesome experience!. The graphics are incredible, and the gameplay is really well put together! Not only does it stain rather accurate to the show, but it is really enjoyable, and buttery smooth display on my iPhone 13

Best mobile Gacha game I’ve played since honkai star rail. I usually hate mobile games but I’ve been hooked on this one as I’ve been hooked on honkai since launch! I haven’t been able to stop playing this game and it got me to start watching the anime! I love Noelle!

If I haven’t finished the anime will the game spoil me?. I’ve watched about 100 episodes so far and I’m super eager to play and don’t really want to wait to finish the show first, will playing the game spoil me past where i’m at in the show?

KonaClick. Being a huge black clover fan, this game kinda remind me of honkai star rail, if you like turn based games. This game looks amazing, cool combat system and feels like I’m rewatching the series. This time I’m able to be apart of it. I can’t wait for what this game has to offer in the future.

What a waste of potential. The combat is horrible, maybe the actual gameplay part is okay but the way it’s presented to you is horrible. Half the time it’s hard to even click to attack an enemy cuz more than half of their body is off screen. Allied units aren’t bunched together making it inconvenient to use related skills. Bad bad bad. I wanna love this game but the devs clearly don’t. It’s also horribly optimized. When a game like Genshin can run at 60 on my device you have no excuse.

Amazing game. I never write reviews but y’all…I like this game more than I like genshin! It’s freaking amazing. I got 5 ssr characters and I just started!! Idc what anyones says but that makes the game so much more fun! The cut scenes and everything are also so well done and just freaking amazing! I love it!

5-star for sure. If you like games like SDS Grand Cross you’ll like this game. Just by playing it you can tell what type of content they’ll bring up in the future, and has a way lower pay wall than most games. Highly recommend playing.

Love it. Everything in this game is amazing so far, it’s pacing and animation are amazing. Sadly I feel ever so slightly disappointed with the view you play from, the only way to look at things is for Asta to walk to them and you can’t just swivel your view, but love the game so far and totally recommend it.

Hope you have $$$$. Saved up about 8k gems from free use up to ch. 3 decided to summon on the new banner. Not a single SSR. This is not friendly to F2P players. Had a second account that I paid a little into and have 6 times the amount of ssrs I do then in free play. Also easily helping me already complete the story so far until more is put into it. Awesome game and concept but if they tend to follow into 7DS Grand cross, get ready to empty your wallet to even be relevant in this game.

English Discord mods are racist. You're official discord mods have been using slurs and profanity’s towards members while also banning anyone they want and are spreading choas I have screen shots and will be launching a lawsuit for slander defamation and emotional grievances I am a lawyer with plenty of screen shots of people funded by your company linked straight from the official forums

Disappointing. What starts out as a beautiful game turns sour very quickly. The game scales poorly and often hits the player with walls where the only ways to get past them is to grind with low success or to pay money. Furthermore, end game is little more than a contest to see who is paying more money. Black clover is a great anime but it has yet to find a game maker to give it the respect it deserves.

Amazing. For those who are grading this game three star below are just stupid. There is no way a game with enhance graphics and looks totally amazing as a five star game. I love RPG games and this is the game that I’ve been looking for for a long time and it has my favorite anime characters in it.

First review. Been waiting for this game for months then get a notification from my App Store saying my preorder of Black Clover M was available for download I wait 10 mins for download then another 20 mins for a download when opening the game to see a screen saying “32 hours till release” Prob a good game tho

Amazing!. Was looking forward to this game for a long time and the wait was well worth it! Must try if your a Black Clover fan and if your not this game might make you change your mind! Lots of work was put into this game and it’s noticeable! Thank you developers!

Great game.. almost. The game looks great. And although a bit repetitive and grindy it makes up for it with some interesting mechanics. However be warned the drop rates on the Gacha system are abysmal and that’s putting it nicely. If your f2p then reroll until you get a good team and just run that up.

Very interesting so far. Love the graphics and music. The team combo move is very cool and unique. I wish there was a way to toggle the view when walking around in town though makes things a bit hard to find and tends to give tunnel vision.

Great Adaptation. While I’m always hoping for console/pc releases of games like these, this is a fantastic adaptation so far! The game uses 3D models of the characters but otherwise faithfully recreates scenes from the anime. The battles seem smooth, and the animations are clean in both gameplay menu navigation. It’s a must play for fans of Black Clover!

Game is good just needs more outfits. The game feels great, amazing new player experience, and it looks great and is very accurate to the show, just wish there was outfits that characters wear throughout the show, for example Vanessa in her regular outfit when she’s at the black bulls hideout in her bra and undies, it looks good, attracts players and it feels more accurate.

Good game but the Screen lock... This is a great game but the screen lock is kinda annoying it would be amazing if you guys could make a the screen movable instead of locked looking forward. It would be great if you could move it manually to, with your fingers not automatic.

Peak fiction. 100 % the game already fr. Peak fiction. Everybody should play this game, best gacha game on this App Store, best game on this app store in general. This game saved my grandma’s life ong. Have I played this game yet? No. But I will as soon as this comes out. I just wanted to be the first one to review this game because I’m black clover’s number 1 d rider.

The Flash when using skill. Great game but please let me skip the flash when characters use their skill, it hurt my eyes when there is so much flash for a short amount of time. I tried turn on the skip cut scene but must it flash me every time a character use their special skill.

Confused and bored. The game is very cool and fun, but there are many things in the game that made me confused. I do not know what to do and where to start. Many menus and many movements killed my enthusiasm for this game. I hope you will look at games like Honkai Starrail. What the character lists look like, how they are organized, and how the character combat is.

5 star Turn Based Game. If you love the anime, the. You’re going to like the game adaptation. The graphics are better than I expected, the story line is authentically parallel to the show and the voiceovers are based on the characters on the show.

It’s really good I had to leave a review. It’s very good it has the story it has so much to do already but I’m stuck on chapter 3 f2p in middle and is very well balanced recommend playing even if you didn’t watch it because it show the important cut scenes and it very nicely put together tbh

Englishhhh dub!!!!!. First of all the gameplay is really fun it’s well-made easy to understand and quite frankly the fact that it is an English makes it so much better. There’s no need to read subtitles the games awesome and it’s a must play for any black clover fan.

So far so good. Love playing this game daily it’s been 1 week and a fun one. Hopefully the devs listen to the community unlike MHA the strongest hero this game has potential!! Just remember you will never catch up to whales that spend $3k in game just download the game and have fun slowly rise and get stronger!

Worth Downloading. Game brings me back to when I first watched the anime. If you never watched it, it’ll make you want to. Graphics are of high quality clean organized gaming experience and I can’t complain.

Great game but. It’s a great game it has everything you can ask for from a mobile anime game. I love that it follows the story line and that there are side quest and other activities to keep you busy. My only problem is that there isn’t a 360 camera. Honestly if you had that in the game it would be fantastic 10/10 but it’s like a 7/10

Recommend!. I’ve played a lot of app based on my favorite anime and this one takes the cake and was worth the wait, I’ve been playing non stop for 48 hours having an absolute blast. Still adding them hours:)

I LOVE THIS GAME. I’ve been waiting for this game on global forever now and it’s so fun the finally play it since Black Clover is my favorite anime. I am really enjoying this. I also think the graphics for the attacks are very nice. Looking for a mobile game actually for any game.

Great game!. This game is absolutely amazing. The only thing I noticed is that certain character animations are really slow when you’re fat but when u get close they smooth out. It might be done on purpose however so it’s not really a big deal

Black clover m Review. I love black clover been watching this game is everything i wanted it to be waited a long time for global release and it was worth the time to wait!!! Would recommend this game for those who are interested in role playing anime game!

Maybe too much going on?. Amazing graphics, amazing gameplay and VA. It just seems like they made it way more complicated than it should be. It’s not a straightforward game. You have to do this, then that, then this again, but not before doing this or that. Upgrade system is a lot and confusing.

Unreasonably Grindy. There’s like 15 different ways to improve a character’s strength and all is hard to do for free. You have to grind a lot just to make them decently powerful, then go above and beyond with the grinding so they can actually hold their own without being two tapped. Because it’s so grindy, you spend most of the game auto battling or dispatching. I only played it for a bit, then gave up from the annoying grind.

Money grab. This game is the embodiment of greed. You aren’t able to advance due to the developers limiting your growth in the game, “unless you pour money into it.” It’s pretty pitiful to witness how greedy they are. They want you to pay for everything. Video games have been ruined due to this poor behavior. I was looking forward to this game, but unfortunately I’m going to have to stop playing due to the nature of the gambling addiction they are trying to create. The psychological nature of your abuse will be rectified.

Fantastic adaptation. If you are a fan of the show, or not, you’ll love this game. Great pull rates, plenty of goals that give excellent rewards. Love the cinematic scenes and of course the voice actors! I never write reviews but this was worth writing about.

One small suggestion for a great game. Can you please add the option to see your battle history with your friends I can’t find that anywhere other than that perfect game

This is dumb. Wow you all know how to screw up on release. Can’t log in can’t open game went through your stupid q/a did everything on your web page to fix this if I could I’d put the screenshot up here. U.s server isn’t working and would have never up dated my phone had your dumb web page not told me to. Game creators for big companies like e/a, genera, or any other game creator lack detailed observation of there coding Grate way to turn me off to a grate anime

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Black Clover M 1.06.029 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

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Black Clover M 1.06.029 Games Screenshots & Images

Black Clover M iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 1.06.029
Play Store
Compatibility iOS 14.0 or later

Black Clover M (Versiyon 1.06.029) Install & Download

The application Black Clover M was published in the category Games on 28 November 2023, Tuesday and was developed by GARENA INTERNATIONAL II PRIVATE LIMITED [Developer ID: 1549162089]. This program file size is 1.26 GB. This app has been rated by 30,095 users and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. Black Clover M - Games app posted on 02 April 2024, Tuesday current version is 1.06.029 and works well on iOS 14.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: Languages supported by the app:

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Black Clover M Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Welcome to Season 6's〈Ceremony〉, unveiling new SSR mages Yami and Luck, each with their unique skill page. Clear designated missions to earn a Season 6 limited character of your choice from the 'Gateway of Reunion'! To unlock the 'Gateway of Reunion', use the 'Key of Reunion' obtainable from advanced missions.

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Find on this site the customer service details of Black Clover M. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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