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What is pixel cover app? Do you like pixel art painting? Now try a different way to do it.
Stack the colors and go over the numbers to cover them.
Complete the picture and find out what it is.

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How to contact Pixel Cover (Rollic Games)?
Find this site the customer service details of Pixel Cover. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. https://appsupports.co/1616047776/pixel-cover/contact

Pixel Cover Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Pixel Cover Version 2.125 May 2022

Small Bug fixes and quality improvements. Enjoy painting..

Pixel Cover Comments & Reviews 2022

- One problem

It’s an amazing game, no doubt about that but there’s something that gets on my nerves. There’s a collection one but no collection two, so it would be amazing if you could make a collection two. And as far as ads go, I didn’t have multiple but at least like 1 every 4-5 paintings

- The ads will make you rage quit

it’s not worth it. I really enjoyed the game, at first. I quickly figured out that every time you go to recycle the color, you’ll get an ad. So I figured that’d be a nice challenge, as I could try to get as close to the number of paint tiles needed as possible. But after the first picture, they started coming more frequently. After starting a new color, the game would give a few seconds then play another ad. And this was added to the recycling ad. If got a bit frustrating, but I was okay with a few infrequent ads. But shortly after, once you go to refill your color, another ad and it’ll stop in the middle of the refill. Then it was random times while painting the picture and ads would pop up. It got to be so much that I think an ad ran every minute or so. I got frustrated just wanting to play the game, and I quit because the ads were taking over the time playing the game.

- Changes Needed

I started playing this game last night, I ended up coloring the entire collection one, then realized that was it. There's about 10-15 pages to color and that was it. I taped the "collection" and settings and still couldn't find a way to move to the next one up. To the people complaining about constant adds, play on airplane mode, turn airplane mode off to watch a video for a reward. Then you are stilling contributing to the adds to help the company of the game serve, but also not having to deal with constant adds. I've played similar games like this, "Pro Builder 3D," "Parking Jam," "Clean Idle," "Gem Stack," State Connect," along with a countless amout of games I downloaded giving the same satisfaction. Updates are needed for this app.

- That’s it?

I really enjoy playing the game because it is a great way to kill time. For those of you that are complaining about ads, I haven’t needed to worry because I downloaded an add blocker. I saw another person that commented saying that you can also just put your phone on airplane mode while playing. I downloaded this game about 2 days ago and was hooked into it. I have now completed all of collection 1 and was really disappointed when nothing ended up happening after completing every picture. I thought that I missed something but no. So that is why it is only 4/5 stars. Until an update comes with collection 2 at least.

- A fun, mindless lag machine

This game seeks to be a mindless game to pass the game. In this endeavor, it does very well. The gameplay is simple and it has some small RPG elements that allow you to upgrade your stack size and speed after playing a while. This makes continued play rewarding by allow you more efficient painting the longer you play. However, the ads are absolutely overwhelming. I am getting another 30-second ad less than 30 seconds after the first one, meaning that I spend more time suffering through ads than actually playing the game. This intrusive push toward purchasing the no-ad perk is mildly offensive. I should be encouraged to support the game by spending some money, not beaten over the head with commercials until I give in.

- Only fun with an ad blocker and when you’ve maxed all your stats out

When there are no ads it’s so much easier to play but before you’ve maxed out your stats, it takes such a long time to finish one paint and you barely get any coins without watching ads so it’s even harder to upgrade. I took 10-15 minutes just to watch a lot of ads to max my stats (and get my pets) and it was so much more fun. I went through the paintings faster but it was definitely worth it. Also, my option to pick between a cat and dog disappeared. I am now only stuck with my cat even though I’d like to switch between dog and cat. So that’s why it’s 3 stars

- It’s great but it has problems

When I started I instantly got addicted. I colored about 8 pictures. After I colored the strawberry It wouldn’t let me play anymore. It said I wasn’t finished. I discovered that you have to power of your phone then it should work. The next problem that there so many adds. It’s a free game it’s supposed to have adds but they went overboard. Another problem is that there’s not that many pictures to color. I have already colored all of them and I started yesterday. The final problem is that if you close the app and open it back up it will make you lose your money. Not the money you already have it just loses the money you would get after you color the picture.

- wait what

At first this game was very good and I liked it, but when I reached the umbrella it was pure chaos, and while I managed to complete it (and all others) there was no collection 2. I would rate this game 5 star but the missing star is when collection 2 comes, since that it when I can complete with the game and have even more fun Also could you please lower the ad rate I see every reply about this um there’s a palm tree image that doesn’t exist in the actual game

- Good but many ads

The game helps kill time and it’s satisfying playing it. The whole idea is great. However, the ads. I know free games need to put advertising in the game but there being an ad every time you recycle or refill your color is a bit out of hand. Maybe put an ad after the player is done with the picture. Therefore, the developer(s) still gets the money because people won’t quit the game due to the amount of ads that the game beholds.

- Great game

Great game I absolutely love it except that I just downloaded and already finished collection one and there’s no collection 2 and to top it off it took all my coins and can’t even replay collection one as far ads go they don’t really bother me all that much but that’s me please get a new collection!!! I want to keep playing

- Great stress reliever

I love the game and this is something I play when I wanna take a break from work the only downside I would say would be the constant ads I like it better when it had no ads.

- Takes to long and unreasonable

During the game, it started to get super boring and I didn’t want to pay it anymore. Also, when you get to level 4 while upgrading, the upgrades start to bounce up to 2000 coins and they don’t even give you that many coins for completing something. Therefore it takes to long and it is unreasonable in some parts

- Fun

I love this game but, I think after level 45 you start getting the same pictures to color. Kind of takes the fun out of guessing what it is. They even use the same colors. With this game the picture options could be endless. Please add many many more pics to color.

- No collection 2

Great game. Good concept. However the ads every 2 minutes, not being able to stack ad given items for a “painting” and only 1 collection that has maybe 30 pictures. I finished this in like 2 days. The other two stars will be given when you fix it and update it. 💜💜

- Good but need more

I loved this game and had a lot of fun but when I completed the first collection I thought there would be more……but there’s not so now I just have a game sitting here I can’t do anything with but don’t wanna get rid of just incase there is something else added. Hurry up and add more collections.

- More levels

I really love this game it’s really relaxing, I love the game so much, I cannot wait for more levels, thanks for a fun game, but I would like to be able to get rid of the adds. .and when you add more levels I will add another star and give y’all five stars so please more levels to a a awesome and amazing fun game.

- Gets boring

I would say to all the readers reading this, it’s a fun game and satisfying to play, but there are a lot of ads so it won’t be fun if u don’t rlly like ads. Another thing is there is only one section and it is called collection 1 after that ur done and trust me I’ve tried getting past it


I know that there had to be ads in a game and all of that unless if you buy the no ads thing, but to have an ad every single time you go to recycle the excess paper is really annoying. Please put the ads in a different place. Thank you!

- It’s a good game but

I like this game it’s a good was to just relax the only thing I can’t figure out is why there is only one collection I thought that when I finished collection one it would just take me to collection two but it didn’t and now the app is just useless because I already did everything

- No levels only 1 collection

I keep seeing other reviews saying that there are levels to complete but when I play it just shows me a screen of different pictures to color and says “collection 1” I finished the few that were there and that’s it? There’s no more? There’s no other buttons to click to get new pictures.

- Good but,

This is rated five so u can see it. It’s really a 1 star. So i HATE all the adds, and once i finished the 1st collection i couldn’t find collection 2! I WAS SO MAD I started crying lol. But PLEASE fix this!

- Fun for a bit

This was a great game, it just doesn’t have a lot of content. With only one collection and no way to even re-play the pictures you’ve already done, you run out of stuff you can do in 3 hours of game play.

- Decent

Overall a fun game but after trying to go back in and playing after completing all the upgrades I was locked into a glitch box and had to redownload the app. A fun game but the glitch and removed upgrades was a pain.

- This is annoying

I finished the whole first collection and then my game glitched out all of my coins disappeared and I’m still stuck on the same screen am I going crazy is there more collections or is it just the collection one page what’s going on?!! Or is my game just not working?

- Great game but

So I downloaded the game and it was fun and a great way to kill time and I was disappointed after I beat collection 1 in a single day, and that’s why it’s not 5 stars I also just put my phone on airplane mode and I got rid of ads

- That’s all?

I completed all of collection 1 and I really enjoyed the game so that’s why I did 4/5 so I’m waiting for some update so I can play more also there should be a feature to replay levels but I still really enjoyed the game

- Stuck

I love this game as a time waster but after finishing the last picture I’m now stuck on a white screen where I can’t do anything at all. I’d love to do more puzzles or even the same ones again but it doesn’t give me the ability to do anything at all.

- Great but……

I love it it’s amazing but once i finished collection one there was no more pictures to color. And then since there were no more pictures to color the fun was waisted and the game was useless please add a collection two or at least more pictures. Thanks, Julie

- There was no collection two

When I finished collection one I thought there would be a collection two but there wasn’t. It might be a glitch or something so please fix it so I can naphtha the game again.

- How High Does It Fly?

Can you restart this game without taking off the app and then putting it on? And are there puzzles with numbers as high as 9 or 10 in Pixel Cover? I hope the answer is yes; I already completed 13 puzzles (the thirteenth is the rainbow flag)!

- A good game art game

It’s the 2nd best art game to me (sandbox coloring is the best), but there’s a problem, 2 words: the ads, there is too many, at least have a ad pop up after u finish a level instead of every few seconds

- pls fix this bug, dawg :(

Crashes every time i get to a certain point of ending collection one, usually ab five paints done from moving onto collection two. page just completely freezes and I’ve had to delete and redownload three times since last night. not too mad about it, but it is super inconvenient so i won’t be downloading it again. pls fix!

- Awesome but

Awesome game- super addicting. Sad it stopped working. I probably did like 7 or 8 and now the app screen is all white and not showing anything or doing anything anymore. Hoping it gets fixed so I can keep playing

- Disappointing

I played the entire first collection and then it stopped. I can’t redo any pictures or anything and I even bought no ads because it was fun for a bit, but now that I’m stuck, all it does is sit on my phone and take up space at this point. I really hope they update soon.

- Stuck

How do you get past collection 1, I se in the add it says levels. I paid for the game to have no add’s and I’m stuck on a white screen. Please help it’s bee a few days and no change. I see that other people are saying the same thing. Please fix or refund me. And now I’m stuck on a picture, I’m completely done with it but it’s saying I’m not and I have all the checkmarks

- Repeating pictures

This app is nice, though it would be better if there were more pictures to color. I’m on level 43, and I have already seen pictures for previous levels pop up again.

- Incomplete Gaming System

This game is fun, helps waste time, and keeps you calm. The only problem is that it doesn’t have a collection 2 and more. I finished all the pictures within the first couple of days downloading the game.

- Wish there was a collection 2

I really enjoyed the game it’s fun it’s relaxing n it’s a perfect time killer the only issue with the game is once u have finished collection 1 thts it so I hope they add a collection 2 soon

- Fun game but….

Its a fun game but the ads are a little excessive and when I updated to the latest it glitched and put me in a box so I had to delete it and redownload the game which put me back at level 1 with no character upgrades which really sucked.

- Ok

It’s overall a very lovely game and I enjoy playing it to pass the time but I feel like the drawings and too easy and at some point it starts to repeat drawings I’ve already done it’s a good game but I needs some work ૮₍ ˃ ⤙ ˂ ₎ა ./づᡕᠵ᠊ᡃ່࡚ࠢ࠘ ⸝່ࠡࠣ᠊߯᠆ࠣ࠘ᡁࠣ࠘᠊᠊ࠢ࠘~~~~♡

- It’s great

I really enjoy this sooo much but I finished all of collection 1. I just hope they come out with a lot more collections like collection 2, 3, etc

- Skins

I think it would be cool if we could buy or unlock skins. Buying skins with the money you earn from painting of course.

- Horrible glitches

I love playing the game but I’ve had to delete the app, redownload it and start over about 6 times to get the first collection done. Now I have it all done with no glitches finally and there’s no way to move on. Won’t be trying it again.

- Keeps disappearing

Downloaded this game and paid to remove ads just to have it glitch out and lose ALL my progress. Even redownloaded it and had the same issues. Not at all a happy camper since I paid for something I can’t even use. Please fix.

- Nothing

I downloaded this to help with my Anxiety and I finished it all for the first level. I paid money to get ride of the adds and now how do I get to the next level? Be nice to do other pictures. Please help


It’s a really fun game, but what’s the point when there’s only 1 collection. It doesn’t take long to get through. I’m definitely hoping there’ll be a 2nd collection

- Decent but have some issues

The game is really fun and I enjoy it a lot. My game just keep crashing and messing my phone up for a few seconds. Other then the crashing the game is pretty enjoyable.

- Cute, light fun!

I’m really enjoying this little game. Love the addition of a little pet helper! I cannot wait for a new collection and more content!

- More pictures?

I just got this app and I’ve finished all the pictures in collection 1 and now I don’t know what to do? Is that all there is?

- Needs a lot more color collections

I finished all of collection 1 for the art. Needs a lot more pictures to color

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- Collection

Fun and relaxing game. I’ve finished all in Collection 1, are there there more pages? If there ar, how do I get to them?

- Next level

I finished of collection 1 & waiting for new pages. Is there going to be more & if so when cause some of us have already Finnish the hole 1st page. Can we plz get more. Thanks

- Love it

Love the game but I need more pictures to do I’ve completed the first collection

- Fun

Game is great, but I’ve completed first collection, how do I get more collections to do ?

- Needs more collections

This game is fantastic but with no way to collect more pictures to colour it falls short of a long term game

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- Super fun!!

I love this game but I finished all the pictures in section 1 and I don’t know how to go to more pictures

- More

More content

- Pets

It will not let me get the dog or cat so I am really mad other than that I would recommend it

- Great

Great game but not more than one collection!

- Confused

I love the game, payed for no adds. But only was one collection of paintings. I finished the game and would like more collections.

- Love the game but

Needs more content, finished collection 1 in 2 days, need to add more

- Not enough content

Plz make more content

- Only 1 collection ??

The game was fun however it’s kind of annoying that it’s been around for 4+ years and they only managed to provide 1 collection of like 15 pictures. Honestly why bother making the game at all?? So dumb I would’ve rated 4 stars for the game if there was more content. My rating is based on the creators lack of development with this one.

- Add more collections

Game is good I enjoy it but y’all gotta add more pictures and stuff

- Lack of content

I finished it in a few hours. If there was more content it would be great but there’s like 15 pictures?

- Good game but no content

The game is super fun and I love playing it!! I finished the first collection in a day and I can’t seem to find anymore pictures or collections. Is there going to be more content soon???

- Fun!

One of the better pixel color games. Are you going to add more content?

- Help

Why is there only one collection?

- good game, but it stopped working

This is a good game, but i noticed after i coloured a certain amount of pictures, the screen goes white and i cant see my character and the environment, or move around at all. I really like this game, but even after redownloading the game (losing my progress, too) the issue stayed. If you could fix this bug that would be great, but until then i can only rate it 3 stars. Again, good game, but bugged out.

- Good game

Don’t get me wrong this game is actually pretty fun but after I did so many pictures for some reason I just kept giving me the same pictures over and over again so if you guys gave me more pictures and not the same pictures over and over again It would actually be more fun

- Really bad

I enjoyed the game while it lasted but once I played a certain amount of pictures the game crashed multiple time and I couldn’t get back in, it was just a white screen so thanks for nothing!

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Pixel Cover iphone images
Pixel Cover iphone images
Pixel Cover iphone images
Pixel Cover iphone images
Pixel Cover iphone images
Pixel Cover iphone images
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The applications Pixel Cover was published in the category Games on 2022-03-30 and was developed by Rollic Games [Developer ID: 1452111779]. This application file size is 144.14 MB. Pixel Cover - Games app posted on 2022-05-25 current version is 2.1 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.my.paintidle