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What is crowd evolution! app? In Crowd Evolution, you can grow and evolve your crowd and beat the enemies!

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Crowd Evolution! Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Crowd Evolution! Version 2.16.5117 June 2022

-Minor bug fixes.

Crowd Evolution! Comments & Reviews 2022

- Ideas

This game is super good. I just have some ideas to make it better. First, you can add more weapons and make them obtainable by currency another idea is to be able to have a base and time travel through the ages upgrading each age. If you put these ideas into perspective and add them to the game I will appreciate it a lot.

- Too many Ads

You will unironically spend more time watching ads than playing the game itself, and I think that’s the whole point of this game’s existence. The levels take less than 30 seconds to complete, there’s no clear progression system aside from upgrades to spend your cash on which don’t even seem to do much of anything. The levels are also way too easy, and any point of stoppage in the game causes you to be met by another ad. The sound doesn’t even work the majority of the time. Game is fun and simple, but there clearly wasn’t much thought put into the actual development. This game is just an illusion to get you to watch ads. There is no challenge or goal. Simply a mediocrely-designed ad viewing experience with hints of actual gameplay in there.

- To many ads!

Its an okay game, it could be better if there wasn’t so many ads. After every level there is a watch an ad to earn more money, but there isn’t a way to get out of it without watching an ad. When you click the x on the video you just go back to the watch an add to get more money screen. But other than than the game is pretty good. 4/10 would recommend. If you could please change the ad problem I’ll give the game another chance because it would be a pretty good game if it didn’t have so many ads. Have a good day and please consider changing the amount of ads you have. P.s. I’m fine with a few ads but not to many.

- Glitchy and Ad Filled

Played the game for maybe a few levels to try and see what it was about, was just mindlessly playing it. However, you get an ad almost constantly. Level is beaten: Ad, Want a multiplier: Ad, Don’t want a multiplier: Ad. The Ads are longer than the actual levels. Not only that, but after a few levels your weapons stop doing any type of damage. Everything goes straight through all the enemies, and I have found zero fix for this currently. Only way to kill them is running into them, which when you do that you run out of people for the end rush. Do yourself a favor, play a different game. This one isn’t worth your time.

- No ad free option, lots of ads

It’s a fun game, but it’s basically an ad mill. You have an ad after each level. Any upgrade or special add on requires yet more ads. Now I understand the developers need to get paid and I have no issue with ads for upgrades and such. I just wish they offered an option to purchase an ad free option. I like the game, but each level Lasts about as long as each ad you have to watch afterward. I deleted the game because I just got tired of all the ads. Put that ad free purchase option, and I’ll install it again.

- Problem

I really used to enjoy this game but now that I’ve been playing it awhile I’ve gotten to a point where all of the enemies are invincible to my armies guns. Doesn’t matter how much damage they do or anything none of them die when I shout them. ESPECIALLY at the end of a level where your group of soldiers line up to shoot at the oncoming line of enemies. They just make it all the way to me every single time and I lose. I’m going to delete this game soon though I’d much rather keep it and be able to play it and actually progress though it seems IMPOSSIBLE NOW!!!! Please resolve this issue.

- I keep off the map

So I was just playing and at some turns and the end I walk off the map it’s a good game but please fix that bug

- Too easy

It’s a nice concept but I can’t even tell if the time periods matter. The only time I lost was when I tried to lose and I’m currently on level 55, pets are also pointless as there isn’t even a real threat, unlike other path choosing games like tall man run, there’s no real strategy involved you don’t “need” to get the correct answer because you’re still going to win no matter what. Why should I watch an ad for a gun that increases my damage to 7 when I already shred through everything?

- Evil game

My fellow mobile game players, we have to stand up to mobile game companies. Whatre theyre doing to us is inhumane and unfair. You get 30 seconds of gameplay and on average, 15 seconds of ads, but those ads add up. After the first three times, you get an ad after every run. You get so many ads that the money you get for playing the game doesnt even matter because you can just upgrade by watching an endless amount of ads. Please don't download this game, we have to rise against these malevolent game companies and demand a better gameplay to ad ratio

- Fun but the game needs more levels

Hey I’ve been playing this game fore a while and all in all it’s a pretty fun game. Although, I problem with it. There’s aren’t enough levels. I’m on level 101 and when I go to play the level my guys just start falling into the void. So if the Devs of the game are reading this I hope in a future update you add more levels to it. Thank you in advance.

- Too many ads

The game is fun, but now it’s gotten to a point where I get ads after every round. A round takes roughly 20 seconds and then you have to watch 30 seconds of ads to play the next level, it’s ridiculous. The fact that you don’t even have the option to at least pay a one time fee to not have ads shows that devs just care about money than making an enjoyable game because they make more by making you watch ads over and over than receiving a one time payment

- Ads

Why should we have to put up with this ad heavy game, the game rounds are less than 30 seconds and you get ads about every round before and after. Meanwhile you not only win every time but you are forced to watch ads and the things that you get when the game says watch an ad to get this gun or something like that, so yes we need to Stand up to these kinds of gems creators who don’t care about making a game enjoyable, but get money for every time somebody watches a sponsored ad!.

- Level 15 Ads are forced!

I’m willing to take the long route to avoid ads. Most games give you this option but this one forces you after you level up to 15. I understand taking advantage of people who are impatient. This game doesn’t give you choice…other than deleting it from my phone which I will. Sad that these are the tactics companies are going to.

- Too many adds and glitches

I’m gonna start with the things I think are good ideas. The whole concept of the game I think is an amazing idea. Some issues I have is that there are like 2 or 3 adds every level. On level one for me it was glitching for me so I had to shut my device down and reset it. I even checked with other games and they were not glitching. It took me a few levels to delete the game.

- The Game Broke

As others have said, this is an ad-mill designed to keep you engaged just long enough to show you another ad. I’m not sure if others have experienced this but I am now unable to play the game after making it to level 92, it’s just an empty level that never ends while my guys shoot into the abyss. I can say that after today I have no reason to keep the game installed on my phone since I can no longer progress through it.

- Fun, but laggy

I love this game. It’s addicting and satisfying. However, the game is so poorly optimized that my phone(which, mind you can run 40 apps at one time and still run a graphics intensive flight simulator) starts to freeze up when playing the game. No other apps were running. I did like the rewarded video ads, though.

- Ads ads ads!

First of all, like so many games, way too many ads. It makes the game unplayable. Secondly, you’d have to be a moron to not choose the correct gate. Hmmm, let’s see, +400 months or -5 people? If you need to boost your suffering ego by believing you actually outwitted your opponent, then this is the game for you. Otherwise, so many other games without ads that actually challenge you.

- Add more

When I saw an add for this, it showed there being a negative time frame. I think that would add a lot more to the game. Also, add more levels. Once you get far enough, the ending challenge is the same every time. Other than that, I like it.

- Glitch

So idk if this is happening to anyone else, but on a certain level, it won’t let you do damage to the bad guys, making it impossible to win. Please fix this. Overall, it is a really fun game, just please fix this

- Bug i found

So ive been playing this game for a while now and i have reached a level where it removes the whole map and where i cant even play at all! I tried reloading the game but it still doesn’t work, level 92 i believe that you cannot go past it.

- Too many ads and the game’s Ad

Came here to say when the app gets its own Ad the player doesn’t know how to do simple math. It’s very annoying and if that was the goal, great job! I gave the game a couple tries and it’s ridden with Ads. I like the idea of it but with this many ads it gets tedious.

- While people writing complaints about ads

This is not a review about ads but during the game I discovered a bug when the camera is going off the edge when i discovered this I’m like no no no no no no pls game

- Insultingly easy

As the title would suggest this game is so incredibly easy, it’s not even fun to play. Even after 55 levels, I hit as little of the green bonus as possible and still was able to win with no difficulty. Only reason I bought this game was because I saw those ads for it, thought I could do better, and was right. Please don’t waste your time with this garbage.

- Ads, ads everywhere - so turn airplane mode on!

Boring, little repetitive game with more ads than gameplay time. It’s full of them these days, so nothing to write home about. If you really want to play - and you,re not bored to death in the first 10 minutes - you can turn on your”airplane mode” and, at least, you can get rid of the ads that do not help you at all, anyway.

- Had to search the game to rate. That’s bad.

This is nothing but an ad grab game after a few levels the money you earn becomes useless and can only get farther by watching multiple ads. YOU WILL spend more time watching ads than playing. If you enjoy watching pointless ads this is the game for you if you like to play a game find another. Good luck and thanks for reading.

- Weird

Just got the game because I saw an ad on TikTok about it. It looked interesting so I downloaded. But then when I finally started playing it kept killing me everytime I start the game, I was about to give a one star about this but I got back on the game but now it's working, I hope it stays like this.

- Glitch 😕

So I kept seeing the ad so I downloaded and the first level was easy so I tried to go to the next level and it didn’t work so I restarted the app and it still didn’t work so I turned on and off my phone and it still didn’t work so then I kept trying and it still didn’t work so I quit and gave one star sorry creator I just couldn’t get it to work please fix it😕

- This game is super fun

This game is very very fun but it has a little glitches if you get too much fire rate It glitches pass the finish line and the level is starts over

- Ad to win and to easy and boring

I am giving 2 starts because it’s ad to win. If you want to get a really good army you need to watch ads. Now I don’t mind ads but when I have to watch them for anything i want! That’s to far also the game to easy. Do you think am dumb? I closed my eyes and touched nothing and won.

- Great Game

All those people talkin’ about glitches and ads are fake. Anyways, great game! Hope you guys add more content!

- why did this happen

when it asked me to watch an ad for a skin and I watched a 30 second freakin ad and when I finished the ad it didn’t give me my reward for some reason. Please developers of this game please actually fix this and if you do all actually give this a 5 star game

- Glitch

There’s a glitch where when I start there’s just nothing there and no path literally just nothing it started on level 92 and I can’t move up levels

- So much Ads it’s nearly unplayable

I honestly really love the gameplay, it’s quite addicting…but the sheer amount of ads is unbearable. At least make a paid version of the game or something, I would honestly buy it. As it stands however, the sheer volume of ads right now makes it nearly unplayable.

- It’s true… all of it

The game is fun to play, but once you get to level 20 and above the enemies become “invincible”….. not to mention the incessant amount of ads (especially for Raid shadow legends… I’ll be hearing that one in my sleep). If you want to watch tons of ads, then knock yourself out. Otherwise just pass on this one and download something like Candy Crush

- Enjoyable in Airplane mode

I’ve seen it on countless ads and finally budged and played it. Took me 2 hours to finish the whole game (have to turn airplane mode on to dodge ads) there’s only 92 levels in the whole game and then it craps out after.

- Holy ads!

Gameplay is good (until the enemies become invincible) but the ads. Some are avoidable, but most are not. If you want your characters to be strong enough to play a suddenly impossible level, prepare to watch ads. Trust me, you will watch way more ads than you will play the game. Maybe thats your thing. Not mine.

- Unplayable and Stuttery

The game regularly crashes and restarts. Almost every time I play the game has significant slowdown. The most recent attempt my guys went past the end gate and just keep marching into a blue void until I force closed the app. Oh and sooooo many ads which ALSO crash the app with out giving you the rewards.

- Terrible

Every time I try to get a pet or weapon or that kind of stuff then every time I try to watch a ad for it then no matter how much I click it nothing happens. Then every time I finish a level it gives me an ad. So make sure that it is actually possible to watch an ad for something

- Ad Haven

I would give it a higher review but you guys got ads playing after every time i complete a level or randomly pops up. Cool game but it ain't worth all the ads that come with it

- Critical bug

Got to level 93 and the game loaded on an empty level and never allowed me to play again. Had to delete and re-install after all my progress. Otherwise is a fun game

- Good game but……

The good thing is that there is lots of levels to play but the bad thing is that level 92 or so has no floor this might mean that that they are doing an update but idk

- Weird glitch?

When i got to level twelve at the end I killed the guys but kept on walking?This is a weird bug P.s: I started this game today and I’m at level twelve (definitely recommend this game

- Glitch

My game had a problem where I had infinite money on the right start screen upgrade but couldn’t get the left upgrade and also could lose money but it put it as negative for me

- Ad heavy

An ad after each level is excessive. Also, the game stutters/freezes often and the enemies suddenly jump to you so you lose people when you should have had no problem.

- Tried it..meh

The game was fun at first and I don’t really mind the ads since it’s free that’s what I would expect. However, it becomes super boring after a while as you mindlessly move through the stages. There is no challenge and is way too easy to hold attention for very long.

- Major glitch

The game has a major glitch it won’t let me kill any enemy troops and the bullets/lasts just go through enemies causing no damage so I can no longer progress. I tired to find support in the game but did not see an option. Once this is fixed I’ll happily give 5/5 as it’s a fun game

- To much ads

The game is fine,it’s just that there to many ads after a round you just give ads and now it is just ruining the game you have to stop giveing ads after a game round the game is bad that probally so much people are starting to delete the game so stop it with the ads.

- 4 star

Every time I finish a level I have to double the money I get. I wish there was a no thanks button.

- Broke

The game broke at level 92 and even after installing the update it was not fixed but for when it’s not broken it’s a good game to mindlessly play if your bored

- New update

Every since the new update my game won’t load the map it just shows a blue screen with my people running

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- I would give this game five stars but there is no music

It is really cool

- Genuinely one of the worst ad generator stile games

Ok so this game is designed to get you to play for 30mins to an hour and then they expect you’ll get bored, they put adds after every round so that they are making money off of you playing and THE GAME DOESN’T EVEN WORK PROPERLY this is probably the worst part that sets it apart and that’s the fact that the whole concept - increasing the age of your crowd DOES NOTHING TO HELP YOU! Stop giving the people who made this money -_-


please add a remove ads button please! it’s such a good concept and game and i’d be happy to pay under $5AUD remove ads option? please! :)

- It’s good

It’s good but sometimes there’s too many ads. So I just turn the internet off. Otherwise Great game!!

- Crowd of ads

If you are going to put an ad after every 40 seconds of gameplay, just make the game cost money and get rid of them. It’s truly awful. Money making gimmick.

- Great game

So this game is a great game but it is a bit laggy other than that you did a great job

- Too many ads

Ads are forced into the game too much with no option to remove. Avoid this game there are similar ones out there better with less ads.

- Bug

Pretty sure level 95 is bugged out my players are just running across a blue screen and nothing happens

- Ads

there are way too many ads in this game after every round and then they suggest u watch more. gets boring quickly

- Fun but easy

Had fun but reached level 92 and there’s a massive glitch like they haven’t finished creating it yet

- Great!

Great game, just a bit glitchy

- Wouldn’t even bother

Deserves a 2 and that’s about it And the ads after every single game terrible

- Too many ads and laggy. Doesn’t develop much.

Way too many ads and laggy. Gets boring pretty quickly.

- Nonstop adds

Download this game if you enjoy watching ads 95% of the time, and playing 5% of the time. I appreciate that the devs need revenue, but this is just 30sec ads all the time.

- Awful

Full of stupid ads to make as much money as possible because they are greedy pigs

- Too many adds and too laggy

Take away some adds pls

- Bad game

I got every thing in a few mins and way to many adds

- DO NOT DOWNLOAD! Full of Ads

Game is just a whole big Advertisement. Unplayable with every button taking you to an Ad.

- Ads

The ads are so annoying

- Broken bug

Before I even reach the first gate I instantly die pls fix

- UwU

It’s a good game but very glitchy

- Do not play

U can’t even go on the 2 level

- keeps crashing

once i get a ad i always crash right after and so i cant progress.

- Average

It’s not that it’s a bad game, and the concept is really fun, it’s just that there is nothing to really achieve except churning through levels which are incredibly easy. I’m maybe a week in and wishing there was something more to keep me entertained. Troops don’t advance after you get to 10000 in years. Just need more going on

- Trash game

Same as first review

- Ads ads ads

Ads galore. Deleted after 10 minutes.

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- No ads

Most mobile games ⟟ play have ⏃ tone of ads and you can barely play it but this has like none

- Ads will significantly increase as you level up

Do not download or play this game. At first you are not shown a lot of ads, so I thought it might just be a game with less intrusive ads, but as you level up, the amount of ads will significantly increase. By level 80 or so, you’ll see a full video ad after EVERY LEVEL! So please do not download this game! Please stop supporting developers like this.

- No fun

Game has no challenges after level 30 you do nothing and you will win. Waste of time after level 30

- Ads

Hope you like watching ads instead of playing


Fails the game as soon as it starts🚷🚷🚷

- 400% more ads then game time

These developers should be ashamed of themselves. Sellouts!!!

- Fun

Super fun and interesting game

- Too ad heavy

Too ad heavy

- Level 92

Real Nice

- Trash game.

When you first start the game in level 1, THERE IS LITERALLY NOTHING. There is NOTHING. Don't download this game. It sucks.

- Can’t select menu items, buggy

Game is virtually unplayable if you have any sort of AD blocker with your ISP. All of the options in the menu require you to watch an AD to select them. I have no way to turn my AD blocker off, so I’m stuck not being able to play.

- Adds

The adds are cancer.

- More adds than gameplay

Fun but to many adds

- It keeps logging me out

It keeps logging me out of the game and I don’t know what to do about it!?😡😡😡

- Ads make this unplayable

Ads after every level, ads to unlock literally anything, game is unplayable. How greedy can you be?

- Ads

Ads ads ads ads, more ads. Unskippable ads, ads that play after refusing to watch an ad, this app is an ad simulator, not a game.

- Forced adds

Click “no thanks” on a option to watch an add for the bonus, game plays an add anyway

- So many ads

So many adds and totally waste of time!

- Bad and not worth your time

30 second ads after every action and extremely easy

- Awful

Copy paste game designed to put ads in your face. Don’t waste your time

- Same kind of level again and again

Game is no fun after 10-11 levels

- Terrible game…

I can’t even play the game it just fails you before you even start the game I’ve tried restarting the app and still doesn’t work. This game needs a lot of work

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Crowd Evolution! iphone images
Crowd Evolution! iphone images
Crowd Evolution! iphone images
Crowd Evolution! iphone images
Crowd Evolution! iphone images
Crowd Evolution! iphone images
Crowd Evolution! iphone images
Crowd Evolution! iphone images
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The applications Crowd Evolution! was published in the category Games on 2022-03-27 and was developed by Rollic Games [Developer ID: 1452111779]. This application file size is 356.65 MB. Crowd Evolution! - Games app posted on 2022-06-17 current version is 2.16.51 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.longhorn.countmasterevo