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What is crowd evolution! app? In Crowd Evolution, you can grow and evolve your crowd and beat the enemies!

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Crowd Evolution! Version 10.0.021 November 2022

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Crowd Evolution! Comments & Reviews 2022

- Good Game

I got this game a few weeks ago and it has been very fun! It just needs a regular update or whenever there is one available. There are not many ads for me so it may be the same for you. Also, it’s not boring, you get to evolve a crowd of people to different funny and cool things, like ninjas and aliens. My point overall is that it is a game I would recommend if you have some free time in your hands and are looking for something to do. Thank you so much for reading this review!

- Worse than Jerry’s Game

This is probably the worst game I’ve ever played. The free game is so riddled with ads that you can nearly play it. So I payed the $2.99 for less ads. However you still have to pause every time for the opportunity to see an ad. Then if you want to build up you character it’s only available if you watch and ad. Oh you found a weapon or pet if you want to keep it you have to watch and add. And the weapons and pets really don’t even do anything. Then there’s the game itself which is mastered at level 1. It’s basically impossible to lose. There’s really no difference from one level to the next. Then if all of this doesn’t bother you then the fact the game is filled with glitches. Even after the update it’s still the same. One play through it put me just running endlessly through water with no end. Couldn’t get out of the glitch. Shut down the ap, restarted the phone. I had to uninstall & reinstall the ap which erased all of my progress. Then the i game glitches like the “grim reaper characters who if you have to fight the “boss” just throw their scythes straight up into the air. Plus you get in game currency to spend on upgrades that really don’t do anything. No matter how many guys you have or what level damage you ammo is it always takes 4 his to defeat the “boss.” Terrible game would not recommend.

- Good Idea

I do like this game because it has a lot of good strategy and fun, and there is a fun idea where you can attack other’s kingdoms. I love this game and I think you should play it. But this is not a five star review, and here’s why. In the game if you win something or redeem something it says you have to watch an ad to get it. And I don’t like this because it’s on every item, and there is a cash currency that could be used instead. I especially don’t like this because even if you give up and decide to watch the ad, the button doesn’t do anything. And I don’t have ad blocker. This extremely annoys me, because I can’t level up at all and all I can do is start at the same 0 years and fall under the same thing every time. Sure, I beat the levels, but it’s annoying because each level is like the last. But if you don’t mind a good challenge, I recommend this game. Just ignore all the labels of ads and instead just focus on destroying other’s lands and getting as far as you can.

- Ads make this practically unplayable

There are ads for everything in this game. I did pretty quickly buy the “no ads” add on, but that only stopped them from playing during normal progression, all other bonuses and unlocks still require you watch them. I haven’t been playing mobile games recently, but it seems like ads are way worse now. Making you sit through a minute or two, then popping up the store page, then making you wait again. It’s really egregious and out of control. If this weren’t so bogged down with ads it would be a fun little time waster. Another frustrating thing is that it’s kind of buggy. It is a resource hog, so it’ll drain your battery and turn your phone into a space heater if you play for too long. There are also really frustrating blockers, like how boss stages regularly soft crash when you have too many people make it to the end. I don’t really feel good about spending money on this one, even though I don’t hate content. The ad stuff just makes me uncomfortable. It feels cheap and scammy.

- Ad Nightmare - Avoid!

I had seen enough ads about this on other social media, and without seeing the writing on the wall, I tried it out. I was immediately force-fed ads at every turn they possibly could. Say no to an ad, then another version of the ad shows up. You say no again, and then the Apple window to download displays. Say no to that, then no to a final window, and then you’re back to the game (if it doesn’t offer a bonus level for an ad, or just about anything aside breathing). 20 seconds later and you’re right back into it. Like a dummy, I paid for no ads thinking it would help, and guess what? I still had to watch ads!! Even the in-game currency didn’t mean anything at a point; to upgrade skills, you had to watch an ad for a ‘free’ level-up. What’s the point of acquiring anything in-game if you have to watch ads anyway? This is 100% a scam designed to give you a weak semblance of gameplay but really intrusively and relentlessly hound you for things you don’t want. It’s pretty sad, to be honest.

- Shameless money grab

It’s like every other mobile mini game. I don’t know why I even bother with any kind of “free” game anymore. They’re all exactly the same compiler and pasted version of some other game. The amount of ads is absurd. All the ads are promoting more versions of the same style of predatory ad feeder. I miss when I was younger and games like D.O.T existed. Free, didn’t have ads, and they made money off of small microtransactions because it was actually a good and decently thought out game. Maybe if these “game developers”, if you can even call them that, would focus on making something that can engage a player for more than a few days, they wouldn’t need 4 ads a minute to make money off of their thrown together garbage pile of a game. Rather than force feeding ads to people for a day or two at a time, make something genuinely good and well thought out. Maybe you’ll make money and WONT be a part of the ridiculous ad scheme community that floods the App Store now days. Mobile gaming has become an embarrassment to gaming as a whole and its the fault of “developers” like these.

- Falls flat relatively soon after downloading

Downloaded the app on a whim after seeing it a lot from the ads. It was fun at first with trying to get as far as you could with the years and people. It’s now that I’ve upgraded the years and crowd to the point where it doesn’t require much effort to win other than to click start for the level. Also the evolutions peak once you get to around year 7-10k where you stop as a green alien and a laser gun. No more advancements bc the developers creativity stops at 1980’s sci-fi films. Also the island destroyer side mission they TRIED to add to break up the monotony failed. Once you beat the first rival island and move out of the first island you’re completely locked there forever. I’ve destroyed 4 more islands but never once was prompted to move on to bronze or whatever age is next. Sad to see the developers only considers throwing in as many ads as they could instead of seeing if the game was complete. Oh and the massive amounts of 5 star reviews are confirmed to be bots.

- Read before playing.

Look there are good games, there are bad games, and there are games that are made solely for ad revenue. And this is one of those games. You are pushed to watch adds a total of 3-4 times after EVERY. SINGLE. MATCH. Which wouldn’t be bad, if every match didn’t last less than a minute. And I’m not over exaggerating. The rounds literally last around 30-45 seconds. They purposely made this an easy game to make you feel like you’re doing good and achieving something- but that’s not the case. The game is almost guaranteed to win, just so they can have you watch adds to get more rewards. Worst part- if you don’t want to watch the ads for the rewards, they play adds regardless. So there no point in clicking no. It’s an entertaining game, but the amount of adds and complete lack of challenge ruin the entire concept. Save your time and play something else. Developers, shame on you for making a blatant add cash grab of a game.

- Nothing happens after a certain point

Im on level 572, I pay for no ads which is definitely worth it if you want to play this game. The game is fun except I have a few issues with the game. First off, what is the point of the coins if you can use them? Also the best character in the game isn’t the final alien at the end which makes no sense. The best character in the game is the guy you get at year 3 thousand with the thriller barrel gun. At the end of each round that’s the best character to have shooting the green bricks. Which leads me to another issue I maxed out my fire rate and damage but I can get all the way to the building. No matter what I try in terms of weapons and character combinations. Also that’s another thing. The rare guns aren’t as good as the stock guns. They should also consider adding more characters to the game after the alien and make the characters better as the years go on

- It’s an ad player, not a game

If you like watching ads for games, then you’re in luck! Cause this game will play ads nonstop! Of course, one can’t live on watching ads alone, so to make sure you don’t get bored after watching 3 minutes of ads, you will have to suffer through 15 seconds of actual gameplay. But don’t worry! Once you complete those grueling 15 seconds, you’ll get rewarded with another ad to collect your reward! Don’t want the reward? No problem! You’ll get to watch the same ad to not get the reward! It’s a win win! What’s this? A BONUS ROUND? Well I don’t care about the round so much, but does it mean I can watch more ads? What? You can’t enter the bonus round without watching an ad and you’ll have to watch several ads while in the round to level up so you can finally finish the round, then another ad to collect the reward? OMG count me in!

- Complaints

-Lots of ads for absolutely everything that makes it hard to even play the game. -Quickly purchased no ads cause of previous issue downside there are still a lot of ads to unlock things with no other option to purchase them with anything else inside of the game. -Purchasing any of the weapons does not actually upgrade the damage to anything at all. Also fairly certain that purchasing the attack speed or attack damage does nothing at all either. -After you watch as many ads as it takes to unlock all characters and weapons then it becomes impossible to complete daily challenges. -When it comes to the castle portion of the game once you manage to get as far as the Stone Age of islands you can’t go any further even though it shows 5 unlocked islands past that. -Gold coins obtained from bosses become unusable once making it to the Stone Age island in the castle. Also the gold coins are only usable in the castle. Quite a few downsides but still somehow manage to find myself coming back to play the game. Just wish there was a few more aspects to the game that felt like I was making more progress with upgrades and anything else. Would have given it one star but since I do find myself playing it so much I decided on two.

- It’s worth reading!!!! 🌬trust me.

OMG so OK great game and all but it’s just the ads OMG the ads and I know that’s gonna sound like super weird when you read this but I’m using the microphone thingy or whatever but so this is gonna sound super weird but yeah as the Ads are a super problem it’s just like add after game after a game after add or something like that but other than that it’s a pretty good game I would rate it three 3/5 stars but it doesn’t let me do that so yeah that’s why it’s only three because I don’t want y’all thinking it’s a greater game that it actually is but at the same time I don’t want you thinking that it’s a worse game that it actually is because it’s really good really good minus the adds yeah so I’d recommend if you don’t really mind the excessive adds!.👍🏼 Sorry this is all just one sentence.😬

- This game exists to make you watch ads

This will come as no surprise to anyone who’s played this genre of mobile spam, but this game exists purely to make you watch ads and put money in the creators pocket by playing a game with as little effort put into it as possibles. It’s a neat premise ruined by abysmal execution. Believe it or not, it’s actually like the ad you probably watched for the game before downloading it. You’re a nondescript faceless character who runs forward, chucking weapons at other figures standing in your way, or just standing at all, running through gates that either evolve your character’s weaponry and minor details of appearance, or adding to your little party until the end of the “level” where you see how well you’ve done. Barebones presentation and zero attempt at music or sound design don’t do it any favors, however. Advertisements do it even less favors, as I probably spent just as much time playing as I did watching ads. Are you okay with watching an ad for a quick upgrade? Me too, but if you don’t want that upgrade? Well you’re watching that ad anyhow, and the game just isn’t worth the forced ads, nor does it offer anything that makes me okay with sitting through one. Don’t download it, this kind of mobile bloatware just makes all games worse when it succeeds.

- Saddening

Im a fan of cash grabs myself. They are an interesting concept to delve into the psychology of economically. This game pays for its development as long as enough people “play” it, wherein the game itself boils down to a semi-polished design capitalized to span an infinite amount of levels. There are enough ads to have the developers swimming in dough with its massive player base. But the house in the end is cruelly designed. It is intentionally impossible to reach any sort of overarching satisfaction through hitting this end goal, as its always slightly out of reach. Like a hallway with a door at the end that can get ever so close, but never within arms reach. I am stunned by how simple this concept is, and how wholly addictive this game has been in the past few days. I know theres no real finish line, but I keep hoping. The upgrades are pointless and the game is nearly impossible to lose. Have fun tho!

- Ads longer than gameplay

Each level takes about 30 seconds to get through. You then have to watch a 30 sec ad, after which a similar 5 sec ad begins to play, once the “X” shows up and it’s clicked, it actually takes you to the App Store and once you close that, another 5 sec ad begins. Finally, just when you think it’s done and that’s closed, you brings you to the Level complete screen where it’ll show your rewards. It’ll prompt you to X3 your rewards by, guess what, watching an ad. After a few seconds the “No Thanks” will show up to avoid another ad but you’ll also get hit with multiple offers and other content you can earn by…yes…watching ads. Bottom line, unless you pay, you’re going to be watching ads more than playing

- Too many Ads

You will unironically spend more time watching ads than playing the game itself, and I think that’s the whole point of this game’s existence. The levels take less than 30 seconds to complete, there’s no clear progression system aside from upgrades to spend your cash on which don’t even seem to do much of anything. The levels are also way too easy, and any point of stoppage in the game causes you to be met by another ad. The sound doesn’t even work the majority of the time. Game is fun and simple, but there clearly wasn’t much thought put into the actual development. This game is just an illusion to get you to watch ads. There is no challenge or goal. Simply a mediocrely-designed ad viewing experience with hints of actual gameplay in there.


As with many games like this they floss your screens with ADS. Of course this is how the develémosle money and I’m not against anyone making money. However, I paid to have the ADS taken away and I still had an AD here and there. That’s not the biggest issue I found with this game. As you go through the levels you gain money in the game to upgrade your fire rate and damage levels. Well, I noticed I’d get to about 5k (in game cash) and then I’d be magically down to 500 (in game cash). I didn’t spend anything, I was stocking to make a big purchase at once. The money magically disappeared, and they still forced ADS on me after I paid the $2.99 to have all ADS removed. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s no place in the game to seek assistance or help for said issues. For those reasons I cannot rate them 5 stars today.

- Too buggy

Thought this was a great game the first day but after putting a couple hours in its buggy beyond belief . I’ve literally played the same level 6 times in a row and every-time I hit the boss he dies and then my people just keep shooting for eternity . I thought updating would help and it did literally nothing . Do yourself a favor and download on of the million clones on the AppStore that actaully functions properly . This is what I get for downloading an ad game . If it was actually worth playing I probably would’ve heard about it over word of mouth not payed advertisement . Also to add insult to injury even if you pay for no adds they still hit you with ten million adds for bonus’s. Like I would rather just pay $20 or something and skip the hours of add revenue generation for 40 minutes of gameplay .

- Couldn’t even get to level 2

As the title states, I couldn’t even get to level 2. I passed level one with ease and the “next” button would pop up. It would first show an ad, then after give this reward option if you watched another ad. I tried to hit the no thanks button but it wouldn’t do anything. I tried the reward thing, and after watching an ad I still couldn’t move on. After watching 3 or 4 more ads I still couldn’t move on to the next level. So I closed the app and opened it again. Re-did level one, but same thing. First an ad, then a reward “option” that I couldn’t press no thanks on, and even more ads. After trying the app 3 more times, and playing level 1 a total of five times, I had watched about 30 ads and not seen level 2. To me this seems like a scam.

- Ads and Crashes, the Game.

I played the game for 60 minutes. 33 minutes of ads, five game crashes, and two crashes of my background audio app not including all the times the ads just stopped the audio instead of respecting that the game app was muted. At times, rewards were offered for watching an ad. After rejecting the offer, an ad was played anyway. As the offer was rejected, there was no benefit from watching the ad. These ads were also those most likely to crash the app. On top of those issues, the app is using far more processing power than it should need, making the phone overheat and draining the battery. I’d suggest giving this game a miss until they fix the problems unless you want to burn out your phone.

- Ruined by ads even after you buy

This game’s ad model is absolute cancer. Avoid this game like the plague. I bought the no ad version and the game was still plagued by ads to the point you must watch where you tap on the screen or you’ll get trapped by ads. Ads are so in your face this game is unplayable even after paying. The gameplay itself is ok for a few minutes until you realize there is absolutely no challenge or progression the higher you level up. You can’t even get pets or equipment without watching ads EVEN AFTER YOU PAY. I never take the time to write reviews, but this game is pure and utter cancer. The 2 minutes I took to write this is worthwhile even if it saves 1 person from plying this stupid game and encouraging developers from creating cancer like this. AVOID THIS GAME.

- Bugs and Ads

So, if you download this game you’re going to be watching ads at least half of the time. Also, there are a lot of bugs in the game. The big one I’ve run into is projectiles/bullets only going 2 feet in front of you.. so you basically have to run into the enemies to kill them! It’s super frustrating. I actually avoid the gates now because it doesn’t staff until you pass a gate increasing years/months/days. It doesn’t happen when you pass through added people. Also, I was able to unlock all of the characters, ages, weapons and pets within 24hrs getting my damage and rate of fire to lvl 100 and my Age and Body Count to 50 and 20. So I’m like 160 lvls in and basically nothing left to unlock.

- Garbage

Honestly this is a garbage app. Bad enough that it’s just mindlessly addictive. There’s so much more wrong with it. Play for too long and it will start to lag for no reason. Don’t care to watch ads for free upgrades? Here, watch ads anyway, get nothing. You’ll never reach the temple at the end of every level because at some point the damage upgrades you keep buying just don’t do anything. You’ll only ever do 50 damage to the walls per hit. You’ll get just close enough to think you might make it. But you won’t. You won’t ever make it. That’s by design. And of course it’s just a rehash of probably a dozen other games of this style. This is just a cash grab for the developer to make money off ads. There’s nothing unique or interesting about this game. Honestly, Apple acts like they want to protect our privacy. Yeah right, Apple. How about you protect our brains and block filth like this from your App Store. I’m disappointed in myself, but more disappointed in the developers, both for this game and for this whole business model of building cheap, mindless, addictive games to get us to watch ads for other cheap, mindless, addictive games.

- Ads with some game, not a game with some ads

The game isn’t very challenging, but it is a pretty fun game. It’s easy to level up, and there isn’t much of a learning curve which is great. That being said, there are more ads than game. Want some coffee with your sugar? Want some game with your ads? This is how I felt while playing this crowd evolution. You will spend more time watching videos for other games than playing this one. There is one ad for a game called Royal Match where the ads just keep replaying and you have to restart the game. If I l just wanted to watch ads I would give this game 5 stars. I wanted to play a mobile game though, so 3 stars.

- Boss battles freezes and / or not moving forward.

The game is good. The ads are a little too much. But the big downfall is some of the boss's fights. Where bosses stay still and don't move forward, all you do is shoot, and it doesn't end. I'm in a boss fight now where no matter what I do, it will not let me move forward because the boss doesn't react. I restarted the game, reinstalled and even checked for updates. And I always end up shutting the game down. Please fix this bug issue. I will give it a higher rating, but for now, many bosses fight, especially at a higher level, doesn't let you move forward because the bosses will stay in the background and not move forward.

- Broke

The game stopped working after I played it for a week. I made it to boss and killed boss then nothing happened. Game just froze every time. There is no customer support in this game!!!! I tried about 7 times over two weeks to finish this level but it always froze after I killed the boss. Finally I reset the game since I had no other options but it started me completely over in the game!!! With no guarantee that I will not encounter the same problem again I will not be repeating that mistake again. Also I bought no ads so money wasted since you still have to watch ads after each level to advance you people and strength!!!! They need to add customer support to this game so people can get assistance with game glitches!!!!!

- To many ads!

Its an okay game, it could be better if there wasn’t so many ads. After every level there is a watch an ad to earn more money, but there isn’t a way to get out of it without watching an ad. When you click the x on the video you just go back to the watch an add to get more money screen. But other than than the game is pretty good. 4/10 would recommend. If you could please change the ad problem I’ll give the game another chance because it would be a pretty good game if it didn’t have so many ads. Have a good day and please consider changing the amount of ads you have. P.s. I’m fine with a few ads but not to many.

- Too many bugs and glitches

For an app with such an easy gameplay I’m surprised that there are as many glitches! Once you earn all the pets and weapons it really isnt much more incentive to keep playing. And I noticed the more I upgraded my weapons to less effective they are s as t killings enemies. For example, bullets are supposed to fly not spray like a blow torch. The guns will fire but the actual rounds don’t make impact with the enemy until I’m right on top of them. When I get to the end of a boss level, the bullets fly vertically instead of straight at the enemy. Sometimes the bullets fly, sometimes they don’t. It’s really weird and frustrating. Will be deleting this app soon

- Makes your phone burn up!

I downloaded this because every once in a while I like to get bad games for my phone to play for a few minutes. I saw the ad and decided to get it! I was surprised that there weren't too many ads (unless you wanted to get special items). But after just a few levels in, I found that it started getting really laggy and my phone was noticeably MUCH hotter than it was when I started. It eventually froze completly and I got out of it fast because my phone was incredibly hot. This game is not a large game so there is no reason for this. I would recommend to not get it unless you don't care about your phone.

- Pay three dollars and drool on yourself.

Yes! That’s right! For only three dollars you can remove the adds and make the most dull game on planet earth playable. After the non stop add fest is culled and you get into the game. You will find that it never gets any more difficult. I was pretty bored and committed the time so you don’t have to. After 100 levels the game doesn’t change at all and never becomes harder. In fact, after leveling up your man power, fire rate and damage, you can hit every negative gate on every level and still win. So if you want a game that you can’t lost while spittle slowly oozes out of the corner of your mouth and you slowly drift further into becoming brain dead, highly recommended.

- Catalyst

This game is simply what I would refer to as a “catalyst game.” It’s mind numbing and quite actually relaxing. Except the inferior exploitation of mundane, false, and ridiculously overpopulated advertisement industry’s failure at “selling” other games. The developers of this game really sold out when asked “would you like ads to be on here.” Their response must have been “yes, as many as you possible can.” Simply put, you can’t make it from one screen to the next without either a forced false ad, or closing the app to prevent an ad takeover, only to be reset upon the notion of the necessity of watching such ad to gain any type of reward. I’ll put 5 stars and a more sympathetic review when this issue has been resolved.

- Do not play! It’s a scam!!

Just like everyone else’s reviews I will say this game is very ad heavy. The BIGGEST problem I have is that anytime you try to save up your cash for upgrades, it gets reduced by about 10x after everything you get 3 keys for the rewards with chests. I had almost 4000$ and once I received the 3 keys I went down to 400$ How does that make sense?? Fix your game losers. You also get all these rewards after watching videos that you can’t even use. You can’t use any weapons you receive. I have yet to see my weapon I watched a video for. Probably won’t play this game again even if they do fix it. Hope everyone else receives a better experience if/when they fix it.

- Nothing but ads

The game is fun for the first 30 minutes. Sure it’s riddled with ads, but there is a sense of progress. Then the game stone walls you. You get to a certain point and it is nearly impossible to make progress. No matter what you upgrade, no matter how many ads you watch (willingly), it keeps you stuck in a loop. The only winners are the developers and their advertisers. There are so many ads that it will force you to watch an ad, then ask if you want to watch one willingly to get a new character. But wait, you still haven’t multiplied your score yet, care too watch another? You said no to that one, so here is a forced ad. Don’t waste your time in this ad farm.

- ❤️

Don’t mind the name! I did it when I was like 5 and didn’t understand how App Store naming worked. I absolutely love that ads are always optional. You aren’t forced into watching ads, and if you are, I haven’t even noticed! It’s a fun game overall, and I’m actually interested in the games this shows me ads for. For the devs: please don’t make this much different in the case of ads and pricing. It’s great just the way it is, and I’m sure others appreciate it, too.

- Good game mechanics other than the ads

Holy mother of Beelzebub, this game is a straight ad farm. Not to mention it turns your phone into an inferno in your hand even when you’re not loading ads. Not a terribly complex game; why is it doing that?.. The actual gameplay is decent, but like so many others, it’s not enjoyable because you have to play an ad for literally any furthering action you want done. Oh, and it will literally play an unprompted ad if you haven’t done anything to prompt one for a while. What an absolute joke. Probably just a data/ad farm. NOT WORTH IT. I would have mercy on my enemies with water torture rather than make them grind this game, and they would thank me if they knew the difference.

- Unbelievable ads

In this game, for every 30 seconds of gameplay you get 15-30 seconds of ads. Not to mention all of the optional ads it tries to get you to watch to upgrade/get trivial things. Anybody who reviews and says “they don’t get that many ads” is either a bot or a developer trying to make money through an alt account. The game would be whatever if you could play it for more than a minute without also watching multiple ads. Deleting this game ASAP and encourage everybody to not download it OR get rid of it. No way this game is actually 4.5 stars like it shows. Something is clearly up there when it seems every review hates it for the ads like I do.

- Purchasing No Ads

This game is extremely fun/addicting. I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game; so much so that I decided to purchase the “No-Ads”. However you still need to watch ads to claim any of the rewards/ retries/ all else. The reason I purchased No-Ads was because I was under the impression that there would not be any ads.. For example, the game “Idle Theme Park”. If you purchase No-Ads you can claim all bonuses and advantages without watching any ads. This was kind of a waste of money and personally think if you are paying for “No-Ads” there should be.. no ads.

- Glitchy and Ad Filled

Played the game for maybe a few levels to try and see what it was about, was just mindlessly playing it. However, you get an ad almost constantly. Level is beaten: Ad, Want a multiplier: Ad, Don’t want a multiplier: Ad. The Ads are longer than the actual levels. Not only that, but after a few levels your weapons stop doing any type of damage. Everything goes straight through all the enemies, and I have found zero fix for this currently. Only way to kill them is running into them, which when you do that you run out of people for the end rush. Do yourself a favor, play a different game. This one isn’t worth your time.

- Not worth it…

So early on I bought the no ads option. While that did take away ads after you beat the lvl itself you have to watch an ad everytime you find a new weapon or pet. Without watching the you do not keep those in game items, absolutely ludicrous! Secondly after you get so far in the game the cash upgrades do nothing. I set a “record” second day of playing that I still can’t pass. I’m talking hundreds of upgrades since that record. Overall I love the concept of this game, and for games of this genre it’s probably been my favorite but I’m done for now. Maybe they will fix these issues and I can go back to enjoying this game.

- Not worth headache

This game like many have a low quality Im Board and want to pass the time oh this game is fun feel to it. However it like most games like this still does the one thing every game does it destroys you with adds to a degree I expect adds that’s part of business and part of the game but when I watch an add to get 500 extra points etc. why am I forced to watch the same exact add I just watched for absolutely nothing in return before I can start my game again it’s to much on my phone and makes stupid fun games with adds not worth mine and I feel like anyone else’s time so hopefully Rollic and all the other company’s read this and take notes

- Yet another cash grab

Here’s my experience spending 5 minutes with this game: -start game. There’s an ad banner across the bottom of the screen during gameplay. -finish level in about 15 seconds by moving my thumb left and right across the screen. -sit through a 30 second ad. -next level about to begin. A pop-up offering a minimal “damage boost” comes up in exchange for watching another ad. I press no. An ad plays before I can start the level anyway. -next level starts. Ad banner across the bottom is still there. Phone is starting to warm up, game lags a bit. On level 2. On an iPhone 12 Pro Max. -level lasts another 15 seconds. Another ad plays as soon as the last enemy falls. -screen pops up offering to double my rewards if I watch another ad. I press no. Another ad plays anyway and I only get no reward for completing the level. Look, I get it. The app is free and the devs want compensation. But this is a pathetic excuse of a game. I’ve seen better stuff submitted as projects for college classes.

- Ok but glitchy and ads are overbearing

In order to enjoy the game you need to buy add free version, but even if you do the game still requires you to watch adds in order to use any other perks on the game (not that you need them, game too easy). Game also has glitches, for some reason I cannot advance past the Stone Age even though I have plenty of coins to build and move on. Game also becomes repetitive and is too easy to advance levels. If you are just looking to kill time it’s a nice casual play overlooking all of the other flaws.

- Not worth the download…

As said in other peoples complaints, there are so many adds that it makes the game non enjoyable and I’m sorry but I don’t care what size your fingers are, they make the exit button on the adds so small that when you click it you almost always go to the App Store. Along with that the game glitches to where the bullets only make it 2 feet away from you which makes the game not fun but also it will drag you off the edge of the map for no reason. Looked fun but I was disappointed with something that was only entertaining for about 15-20 minutes.

- This is not good

This “game” is so bad you spend more time watching ads then playing the game. All this “game” will ever be is an ad view. You complete a level you get an ad if you do anything you get an ad. The developer/s just want you to annoy you so you watch an ad to get the pets and weapons or zero ads. This game is just too easy. I can easily play these levels that are always the same aside from the multipliers and numbers just by only focusing on people. If I only focus on people than I can beat the levels easily. There is not a lot of thought put into any of these developments by this developer.

- The Most Egregious Piece of Shnit Game of Our Time

Literally don't bother unless you like to spend more time watching ads than playing games. The game play is stupid. The skill development is slow. They force you to watch ads at literally every turn. If there were an award for the the biggest shnitbag of a game, this would win the Gold for generations to come. And the fact that his game has a 4.3 star rating further demonstrates that the asshokes who developed this game are just in it to manipulate their way into a quick cash grab of ad revenue. Donny waste your time. I would rather clean the cat box and get toxoplasmosis than play another second of this awful game.

- Fun but basically all ads even after paying for no ads

The concept of the game is fun and enjoyable. I love that part of it so I figured I would pay for “NO ADS” so I wouldn’t be spending more time watching ads than playing the game.(not kidding). Alas, even after paying for no ads the only ad it removed was the “level complete” ad. ALL other ads are still there. And for that reason alone I cannot give it a 5 or even a 4 star review. Unfortunately I won’t be playing this game again until that changes.

- Just started

I just started playing this game. I believe I’m feeling it. Y’all got me good with the ads(in a good way). An ad encouraged me to download this game. And this game encouraged me to watch more ads, seemingly endlessly. I bet you figured it was smart to keep giving away free percs for ad revenue. Good for you. It seems you’ve got a lotta good going for you, and I’m more likely to check out any other good games they have now or in the future.

- Pay to remove ads - their own ads appear

Waste of time, garbage attempt to make you watch their own ads. Even when you pay to have ads removed, their own ads pop up, convincing you to watch to collect more points but they’ll even lag on purpose so you’re still stuck waiting just to say “no thanks.” I paid to have the ads removed and they throw this deceiving crap at me. You’ll spend more time waiting for the “no thanks” button to appear than you will collecting coins and waiting until level 500 or so to have actually put a decent dent in the game. Thieves, that’s all these creators are. Modern day thieves

- Game no longer advancing.

Currently have crowd at 58 people and year 8450. There are no obstacles on current boss level and current power and fire rate is too much for the enemies to handle, so the crowd gets bigger as I get to the boss. Once I reach the point, the camera angle doesn’t change and the game glitches to where the crowd will only spread a few out and they will continue to fire. Sometimes the boss dies and sometimes it doesn’t. Either way the level never ends. I wanna say it was close to level 270.

- No ad free option, lots of ads

It’s a fun game, but it’s basically an ad mill. You have an ad after each level. Any upgrade or special add on requires yet more ads. Now I understand the developers need to get paid and I have no issue with ads for upgrades and such. I just wish they offered an option to purchase an ad free option. I like the game, but each level Lasts about as long as each ad you have to watch afterward. I deleted the game because I just got tired of all the ads. Put that ad free purchase option, and I’ll install it again.

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- Internet

I go to play this when I’m not home or don’t have internet and it says I don’t have internet then kicks me out! What happened? It used to be a non-internet game

- Fun, at the start.

I’ve bought this game, paid $4~ for it to get no adverts. Just so you don’t make the same mistake I made, paying only removes pop up advertisements. You still need to watch ads to unlock everything, to attack more than once, and to double coins/money each run. Secondly, and my major complaint is that fire rate and damage upgrades do absolutely nothing. It’s only the years that change, I’ve found around the year 2000 is the best, they throw faster. The weapons you get change nothing from I’ve seen, and every age is capped at 50 damage. I’ve gone from level 9 to 16 in my damage and it’s still 50 each hit, just find the year that has the fastest fire rate, upgrades, additional people and weapons change nothing. It’s all down to one person at the end, this is by far the biggest disappointment in the game.

- Ads

Ok this game is great and I even paid for no ads. But to get any of the stuff that you unlock in a level you still have to watch ads. I cant even buy upgrades without ads now unless they all of a sudden jumped from like 750 credits to over 30,000 because I have over 30,000 credits and still have to watch an ads if I want to upgrade. Why cant I just use my hard earned credits. Why cant I opt to save credits for character, weapons, pets, and upgrades. This is stupid. It’s beyond a joke if I knew I was going to be watching this many ads after paying for no ads I never would’ve paid.

- Too many ads and game concept doesn’t make sense

There are way too many ads so I bought the no ads for $5 and even though now I’m not forced to watch ads, if I want any bonuses I still have to watch ads and quite often I mis click and watch an ad by accident. If you close the app during the ad and restart it, you lose all your in game currency which is unfair. Also the age concept doesn’t even matter. I noticed that it doesn’t matter what year it is, they all do the same damage. I can finish levels in year -75 and as long as you have enough people you win. Idk this just isn’t what I thought it would be

- Could be expanded on

It is me WormInASuit the famous reviewer from Sock reviews. This game doesn’t have anything too bad other than the amount of ads it has, unlike most games with lots of ads this game has no ability to pay to remove them meaning you have to deal with the ads no matter what. The game also feels very empty with the lack of music or even sound. Other than that this game is pretty decent but I think it could have been worked on a bit more and it would’ve been a much more enjoyable experience.


Was getting massively into this game until I saw ads upon ads, when I said no thanks to ads more ads popped up and I was forced to watch more ads. so I went and grabbed a glass of milk and decided I would purchase No ADS, to my surprise I saw it was $4.49, my jaw dropped I almost dropped my milk I was feeling rather shallow and pedantic… I felt as if I was developing symptoms of aids… so I had to uninstall for my own well being… Very disappointed as this has a lot of potential but I’m not going to spend my hard earned coinage on removing ads for $4.49, $3.99 maybe but not $4.49 :(

- Avoid this “game” like the plague

Even when purchasing the No Ads unlocker, most (if not all) of the unlocks in the game is hidden behind video ads that are downright intrusive. There’s no real progression in the game either; levels get slightly trickier but I can’t notice any difference in damage upgrades, and even upgrading your fire rate doesn’t help with the end of the level. Complete waste of time, can’t recommend. There are plenty of other games on the App Store that are more worthy of your time and attention.

- It’s Somewhat Fun, yet…

As the title would suggest, the game is somewhat fun to play, but the incessant ads and inevitable lag eventually turned me away. I. The Ads I understand that ads are a necessity to keep the game going, but there is no need to throw an ad at me every single time I complete a level. This sometimes happens twice: once when you complete the level, and a second time when you skip the opportunity to earn up to Triple Credits. Again, there’s no need for that much. II. The Lag The dreaded lag. Where does it come from? Why is it so awful? The game isn’t graphically demanding due to its adorable simplistics, so why must the game spike the lag not only in the game, but for a short period of time after the app gets closed? The phone I’m using isn’t old, either; it’s an XS. Lag should not exist on something as powerful as an XS.

- Bad

Can’t even play with no internet. With it, it’s too laggy. The mansion level is quite literally impossible to beat, and even if you do you with a glitch where you’re on 3250 years and your crowd stays together, you just go through it and keep going endlessly. Upgrades are pointless and require you to watch minute long ads for every single one. After every game there is an ad. Getting money needs ads. Getting items needs ads. In my opinion there aren’t enough ads.

- Lots of ads & buggy

So far I’ve played up to lvl 50, however it doesn’t matter how much you upgrade your character as you can’t get above 50 damage. After about 5 levels the game starts getting really buggy with the game lagging a lot. & there are way too many ads, most of the time it’s only 1 after every level, however on occasion I’ve had 2 & even 3 ads after a level

- Ads ads ads

Game could be fun, but I literally have to watch ad after ad after ad even though I laid for the game. You unlock new weapons and stuff but then have to watch an add to actually get them! What’s the point of buying it so there’s no add if you have to watch adds any ways? Don’t waste your money levelling up either. It makes no difference. I have levelled up damage like 40+ times but actually does no extra damage

- Genuinely one of the worst ad generator stile games

Ok so this game is designed to get you to play for 30mins to an hour and then they expect you’ll get bored, they put adds after every round so that they are making money off of you playing and THE GAME DOESN’T EVEN WORK PROPERLY this is probably the worst part that sets it apart and that’s the fact that the whole concept - increasing the age of your crowd DOES NOTHING TO HELP YOU! Stop giving the people who made this money -_-

- Beware - In App Purchases

Started playing and found the deluge of forced and optional ads to be very painful. Decided to pay the $4.49 AUD for the “No Ads” option. Turns out that “No Ads” doesn’t actually mean no ads. Watching ads is still routinely required to progress the game the game as intended by the developer. Either the paid in app purchase should be labelled as “fewer ads” or actually be no ads. Incredibly frustrating.

- Suprisingly good!

I havent had any trouble with ads, i just press the no thanks option, and overall the game is really fun. I definitely recommend

- Easy game too many adds

Easy game just has too many advertisements

- Constant ads

I like the idea of the game but the constant ads are ridiculous! Took a whole lot longer to get to level 10 than it should as it kept trying to get me to watch ads for bonuses or just starting short ads. The fact you can’t play offline makes this game a no go for me.

- The amount of ads is disgusting

Absolutely horrible. The amount of ads you have put in this game is astounding… not to mention it lags so much and so many bugs. Really not worth downloading. Played this game for a solid month and no improvements and more ads than any other game I’ve ever played. Very disappointed….

- Too much ads

Although it says to pay for no ads version however can’t even try this for a small period to start enjoying the game without any ads popping up from every where . Uninstalling it now

- Worse game

Why are people putting 2 stars? 1 star is for the game. Ads pop up every time you finish one run. Why do you need to pay for ad unlock ? It’s like you forcing us to do it. Every game they make, there’s always ads. Avoid this creator games at once, since they are a money hog. Ads everywhere

- Spend more time watching ads than playing!

This game is one long ad! Don’t think paying the 5$ to remove them will stop it…to do anything, including simply moving on to the Home Screen after a game requires you to watch yet another ad… Wish I’d read reviews before paying to remove ads. Absolute scam. App Store should be ashamed of themselves to let these people take your money. It’s a shame, because the 30 seconds of playing after 2 minutes of ads is actually an enjoyable game….but don’t bother. It is just a scam.

- Not enough Ads

This game is grate and progress is decent but if you want us to watch ads make sure there are enough of them as there are currently to many opportunities in your game but I never have enough ads. You want that ad revenue Right?

- Bugs, pointless features, often freezes and boring.

Don't waste your time. Equip/unequip does nothing. The "castle" feature seems to serve no purpose other than make you watch ads. Keeps freezing requiring you to restart app. One dimensional boring game. The worst app I've seen in a long time.

- The advert game

Play for 10 seconds then watch a 30 ad, while I understand wanting to make money on a game for a mobile device there is more ads n this game than national tv, almost every button u hit REQUIRES u to watch an AD, this is no longer a game but advertisements with a mini game between each ad


please add a remove ads button please! it’s such a good concept and game and i’d be happy to pay under $5AUD remove ads option? please! :)


First of all there is way too many ads even if you pay for no ads you will still get them as most buttons you have to click require an ad. Second, it is very glitchy and hard to move Finaly, the “age” option dose nothing as all the ages do the same damage. Overall very bad game DO NOT PLAY

- It’s good

It’s good but sometimes there’s too many ads. So I just turn the internet off. Otherwise Great game!!

- Too much greed

The game has potential but it’s not worth the time Wasted on watching ads. 30 seconds of game play around and then 1 minute and 30 seconds of watching ads before the next round. This Is unplayable and I decided to delete within 15 minutes.

- Great game

So this game is a great game but it is a bit laggy other than that you did a great job

- Ads, ads everywhere….

More ads than game even when you pay for no ads… Times you get ads • Start game • when you want to use bonuses before game • finish game • get reward for your win in game • when you complete a challenge. • when you defeat a boss • when you build base • when you attack a base. This game is just built for ad bait, specially when this is such a fast paced game…. many other free games dose this better with good reward to ad ratio and control when a player wants to watch ads. Avoid

- AD Central

Game is boring as hell, levels are 10-20 seconds long, there is an ad between every level that runs for longer than the game itself, everything is unlocked with ads; it’s just an absolute garbage fire of a predatory app. Avoid at all costs.

- Cheap Scammer Ad Facility

What a shame. More ads than I’ve had hot dinners, maxed out everything (everything) and still so far off making it to the castle it just proves it’s just a perpetual ad facility. Do better. Get this off the app store until it’s fixed.

- Waste of time

Just rubbish. 90% of game time is watching ridiculous ads, it’s a never ending amount of ads,ads,ads,ads,ads. Play one game, ads followed by more ads and then more ads and then can play again. Just a waste of time

- Game is unplayable

If you play with no internet you cannot progress past level 1 don’t install this game save your time and possibly your money other reviews say that the in app purchases don’t even work, would rate 0 stars if I could

- Wifi Only

So to avoid these games that are full of ads I turn my wifi off when I’m playing. But this one expects it, cannot pass level one without watching an ad. Uninstalled after 1 minute of gameplay.

- Crowd of ads

If you are going to put an ad after every 40 seconds of gameplay, just make the game cost money and get rid of them. It’s truly awful. Money making gimmick.

- Range

When I get to bonus levels the more people I get, the shorter my range becomes when firing at the money bags

- ADs ruin this game

Saw the game on Tik Tok and decided to give it a go, rather fun and good concept however the amount of ads in the game is stupid. The Remove ads payment doesn’t even work as you still have to watch ads to unlock anything.

- Good game but too many ads

It’s addictive but the ads out weigh the enjoyment. Plus I have no clue what the achievements of the games purpose is.

- Too many ads

The amount of ads you have to sit through easily triples the amount of time you actually get to play. Not worth the time and certainly not worth paying to remove.

- I don’t like this game

This game won’t let me get to the second level it physically dose not let me continue the game when I did everything right please fix your game

- Bug

Pretty sure level 95 is bugged out my players are just running across a blue screen and nothing happens

- Too many ads

Ads are forced into the game too much with no option to remove. Avoid this game there are similar ones out there better with less ads.


fun enough game, but there is genuinely more ads than game time. $5 to remove ads is presented as an option, but who is spending $5 on this. Not worth your time

- Add

Good game but would be better if there wasn’t ads after every level. It’d be cool if it was after every 3 levels or something but it’s just money hungry and deterred me from paying to remove them

- What’s wrong with mobile gaming

The type of game that is what’s wrong with mobile gaming after every level there is an ad to upgrade anything you have to watch an ad shameless af.

- Neat concept, ads kill it

It’s a neat concept and could be fun. But the ads kill it. Within the first 5 minutes of playing I had to sit through about 3 minutes of ads. No thank you.

- Nothing but adds

Nothing but adds unless you spend something like $15 on a $1 game and even then you probably still have adds. Unbelievable garbage

- Far too many ads

App developers need to realise too many ads turns off players. Would’ve sat through the odd ad every few rounds but not every 30 seconds

- Bad game

A paid the remove add function and still it has adds, the game is not challenging at all I got over 160 levels and still no challenge don’t waste your money people.

- Ads

There are more ads than playing time. Its a good game but dont play this unless you want to see more ads than playing the game. I will definitely be deleting this game.

Payoneer 💰

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- To many adds

See above

- Ads will significantly increase as you level up

Do not download or play this game. At first you are not shown a lot of ads, so I thought it might just be a game with less intrusive ads, but as you level up, the amount of ads will significantly increase. By level 80 or so, you’ll see a full video ad after EVERY LEVEL! So please do not download this game! Please stop supporting developers like this.

- Ads

Hope you like watching ads instead of playing

- No fun

Game has no challenges after level 30 you do nothing and you will win. Waste of time after level 30

- Bad

The is the worst game ever it is so boring and lots off adds I love to play games but this is terrible I do not recommend this if you want to be bored go ahead I did not enjoy this at all don’t get me wrong but I hate this

- Way too many ads

Just tried it out, after every level you get a 30 second ad. Definitely don’t download unless you like watching ads instead of playing 💀

- All ads



Fails the game as soon as it starts🚷🚷🚷

- Dirty business!

I paid to have the ads removed and it’s still endless ads. Gross!

- Add

The ads are longer than the gameplay.

- More ads than playtime

Wayyy too many ads,after every game there’s a full ad

- Waste of time!

This game is designed solely to make you watch ads. At first, the ads are a quick way to level up but eventually you stop leveling up even from watching the ads. You get to the point that the strength of your army is irrelevant. You do the same damage regardless of the strength of your army or the number of troops. Total waste of time!

- Too many ads

I get ads are what keeps the game running but shoving an ad in our faces every 30 seconds is insane. You’re losing players because of it

- Scam, stay away!

Infinite amount of ads. Can’t level up your weapons higher than 50 points damage (even though you can continu to boost the damage level, it doesn’t show). You can’t reach the end. Great scam Won’t download anymore games from this company.

- Ads are at to long

You compelete in level which last like 30 seconds just to watch a ad for 1 minute you can’t skip.

- Too many ads

Just remove the ads!

- Doesn’t work

Half of the shots my character shoots just don’t register at all, and there’s very little challenge in the game.

- Ad pit

Quite honestly waste of time. Spend more time being forced to watch ads instead of actually playing the game. Go play something you can actually spend your time on

- It’s a trap

10 seconds of gameplay 40 seconds of ads. Garbage

- 100% ads, 0% fun

I wish there was an option to hide every app from a developer. Everything that comes out from Rollic is just garbage. Don’t waste your time or money

- Do not download.

This game is very bad, it’s a waist of time. At first the ads don’t come as much, but as you lever up the number of ads are just insane. They are about 20-30 seconds long for the most useless apps and it’s not even that fun, stop wasting your storage on these games. (I’m gonna die from laughter if someone writes a 3-5 star review and actually writes the good things about it that it doesn’t have lol


Don’t waste your time. LITERALLY can’t click a single button with out a full video add popping up.

- Another add platform

Nothing here but lots of adds, the more you play the more adds you get! At some point almost no annoying game play and lots of full length addz

- Im outta here

Too much freakin ads it relaxing but every level seriously???

- Ads

Title says it all, everything you can click on starts an ad, if you miss click you have to close the game. So far ad time has been much more than game time.



- Longest ads ever

I knew there would be ads, but the length was too much. Only lasted 5 levels before deleting. Lame.

- Ads

Removed it after first game. Ads are brutal here

- Ads ads ads

I played it for 30 secs and i already watch 1 minute of ads! Waste of time!

- Ad watching simulator

“Play” this game if you want to watch ads constantly

- Ads

Its all about ads

- Add after add after add

Too any adds or commercials. Installed at 9:17, uninstalled at 9:22.

- Spend more time forced into ADs than playing the game

Spend more time forced watching ADs thus. You do playing one level. Constant forced ADs. Not worth it.

- Wow, the ads are a lot!

After playing even just 4 or 5 levels, which is only less than 5 mins of game time, the ads are more than the game play.


Game REQUIRES internet connection in order to show you advertisements!! Garbage.

- To many ads

The amount and length of ads in this game is absolutely ludicrous

- 15-20sec play, ad for couple mins.

getting more stressed out by looking at those pop ups and ads. cancer causing game. plz ask your frd to play it if you hate them

- Interesting concept but to many Ads

It’s a decent game but the Ads are killer. Spend more time watching Ads then playing the actual game. Plus it’s $4 CAD to remove ads which is a little much for a game like this.

- Hahaha duk tril van dererwe

If you love non stop ads… this game is for you!

- Linear and full of ads

The adverts for this game show crowds around you as you “battle” your way to the finish line. Nope. The “enemies” stand still and wait for you as you just run down a linear path to the finish line over and over again. The number of ads is ridiculous. Do not bother

- Advertising

Just advertising, the game lag and kills Your phone battery quickly.

- Don’t Download, 90% Ads

I’ve never seen such a swamp of ads in a game ever. Plays an ad after you complete a level even if you don’t claim any “watch an ad and get this” offers. Speaking of, your level up rewards are locked behind ads. The gameplay is as advertised, but levels are very very short and then you immediately have to watch an ad. It should literally be called ad simulator.

- Hard no

Ads are brutal. Pretty lame game. Don’t bother.

- Too many ads

Way too many ads. Play 10 secs, watch 30 sec ad. RECOMMEND DELETE

- It’s all ads

Always has been

- Ad overload

Would be fun little game if the amount of ads didn’t greatly exceed game play time. Ugh. Cut back on the ads and remove the back to back ads. Will be deleting if this keeps up.

- Horrible ad farm

Literally watch ads to do everything, the money in this game is useless


Spend more time watching ads then playing the game got to level 7 and got fed up

- Paid to have ads removed, still has ads

Paid $4 to remove the friggin ads and they still come up after every level, after every spin, after every click. What a scam! Do not download this game!

- Disruptive ads

It just ruins the fun of the game

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Crowd Evolution! 10.0.0 Screenshots & Images

Crowd Evolution! iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Crowd Evolution! iphone images
Crowd Evolution! iphone images
Crowd Evolution! iphone images
Crowd Evolution! iphone images
Crowd Evolution! iphone images
Crowd Evolution! iphone images
Crowd Evolution! iphone images
Crowd Evolution! iphone images
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Crowd Evolution! (Version 10.0.0) Install & Download

The applications Crowd Evolution! was published in the category Games on 2022-03-27 and was developed by Rollic Games [Developer ID: 1452111779]. This application file size is 228.83 MB. Crowd Evolution! - Games app posted on 2022-11-21 current version is 10.0.0 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.longhorn.countmasterevo