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What is livein - share your moment app? LiveIn is a cool way to share your moments with your best friends.

LiveIn opens right to the Camera. Capture every moments in your life.

LiveIn allows you to send your pictures straight to your friends’ Home Screen!
Add LiveIn on your Home Screen as a widget. When you send a photo to your friends, the photo will automatically pop up on the Home Screen!

LiveIn is also a fun place where you can meet new friends. Go to the WORLD tab and explore what other people are up to and make new friends.

LiveIn is a place where you stay in touch with your best friends. Capture every moment in your life and share with your friends.

There is so much more on LiveIn, and we work very hard to update new features on a frequent basis. If you have any questions, please email us at

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LiveIn - Share Your Moment Version 1.2.908 June 2022

New Feature Launched: Friends Tab How to get friend tag? -> Send a photo with your friend every day, you can accumulate 1 flame with him, and you can continuously upgrade the friend tag between you. -> More interesting friend tags are waiting for you to challenge and unlock together! (BFs-->Besties-->BFF-->Super BFF-->...) Time to find out who is a real friend! Come and play with your best friends! :>.

LiveIn - Share Your Moment Version 1.2.108 April 2022

Bug fixes and Improvement..

LiveIn - Share Your Moment Comments & Reviews 2022

- Super cute! + suggested change

I’ve really been loving the widget feature of this app. It allows my boyfriend and I to send cute/funny pics to each other. Sounds like every social media app but I love that I can open my phone and see a random picture from him without having to open a notification. It’s a cute surprise that makes me smile. My suggestion: I would like the “post” button changed. I think the send button should say “post” when you are sharing a picture globally and “send” when you are sending to a specific person. The amount of times I’ve had a small heart attack because I thought I had posted my picture publicly instead of sending it to a friend has happened too many times. Otherwise it’s a really cool app!

- Privacy Settings?

I understand this app is fairly new and that it has only been a week since the update. Me and my boyfriend downloaded this app. Widget worked posting worked. Everything worked but our main concerns were that everything we sent in what we assumed was private messaging was getting posted online and there is no way to turn off the public setting in the account. I was very confused on how it all worked. If what we wanted to send each other little good morning notes and sentimental things or personal reminders would that too be posted publicly? Or would it only post to where our followers could see it? Another little bug we stumbled upon was once you like a post there is no unliking it. Also maybe restrictions on what you can post publicly um.. common decency wise to prevent cyber bullying and sexual exploitation. I noticed day one that many were taking advantage of the app in those forms. As a fellow app maker, I love the idea behind this and I think that with some time this app could be something amazing. Just a few kinks to work out ;) Personally, clearer instructions on how to guide through the app would be nice like a help page of some sort, along with privacy settings and a way to prevent exploitations on the app.

- Read my review!

Hi, I’ve really enjoyed playing this game the past few weeks, me and my friend uses it all the time, and it a great concept it really is. The reason I didn’t give it 5 stars though, was because there’s really nothing to do on the app except for take pictures but what would u take a picture of. Like yes, you could post a picture of you and your friend, or draw something, but I would suggest you could add an update, that gives you the option of playing a game with you’re friend kind of like game pigeon played via text. If not it’s basically just like texting but with out games, gifs, and video etc. So again, I like the idea but I think that it would make the app better with games like mini golf or tik tak toe. But over all great concept, please take this suggestion into consideration. Thank you for reading! 🙂

- Livein App Review

I gave Livein a 5 star review, as it is free, easy to use and ad free. I love the idea of friends and family sending pictures to have as a widget. It’s also fun to send pictures back and fourth with friends. If you’ve ever seen the “Frameo” picture frame, I’m sure you can relate this app to it. Another app I relate to this one is “Snapchat”. Personally, I’m not allowed to have social media considering I’m not an adult. I agree with my parents decisions in fact, but I think this is a perfect substitute. I recommend for all ages. I can tell right off the bat that Liven does a good job of keeping your pictures private. There’s no log in needed either. I fully trust Liven and overall think it’s a safe, fun, and easy app to use. ( not to mention completely free with no in-app purchases available and ad free)!

- Nice app but a few complaints

I love the idea of live widgets and sending funny pictures and videos with your closed ones, LiveIn attempted to create that but there is a few complaints and errors. I was try out the app with my sister before I sent it to my bf but then I realized that everything we sent to each other was because posted. 😰 I had to go back and deleted everything that was personal like pictures my sister did want anyone else to see but me was posted. I was upset, another thing that is wrong with the app is once you change your widget it doesn’t immediately change you have to delete the widget and get a new one 🙄 very inconvenient once they fix these problems it would be an enjoyable app.

- LiveIn

My girlfriend suggested that we both download this app to be able to send each other a new picture/message each day that the other would see in the widget anytime we use our phones. It’s been an amazing way for us to encourage each other during bad days at work, for her to show off her makeup after I’ve already gone in, or to just snd something raunchy/intimate when we get into that mood. Or, to just have an “I love you” from each other we get to see regularly. Only complaint, is the lack of picture creation and editing tools (which I’m sure will come at some point) and it could be more user friendly

- Issue found

I downloaded this app about 10 minutes ago and decided to test out if multiple accounts were able to be made. When I found that was possible, I logged out of my alternate account and went to log back into my main. When I pressed log in it took me to the correct page, however the password character limit is only 16. I have a password that is longer than that amount. As of right now the only way of getting back into my account is through signing up with my phone number again, which takes a while to do. Please fix this issue! Thank you for taking the time to read this. Sincerely, Dominic

- Really fun!! 😚

You can meet new people, as well as add your friends!! You can see other peoples post that have the app around the world, and that makes it really interesting and fun to me because I don’t just want to see people in my [state], or just people in America, I want to be able to travel the world in the comfort of my own home. But the reason that I wrote a 4 star review is because I really wish that you could import videos + hear the sound on videos, and if you didn’t want someone to hear the sound, just mute it!! Its not hard to press a mute button is it?? Other then that, the app is pretty good overall.

- Great but needs some updates

This app is awesome! Me and my friends use it all the time! But the one problem I have is the fact that when using this app with multiple friends, you can’t choose which friend you wanna send the photo to. I’ll be having a funny conversation through photos and everyone I’m friends with can see it, or I wanna send something to someone that’s like an inside joke or and Embarrassing photo of me as a joke but everyone ends up seeing it, I’m this case I rather just use messages, otherwise the apps great!

- Love it almost

So this is going to be a short review because I don’t write that much but I love the app I don’t see anything wrong I just wish when you add a friend that you could send a pic to them but not have to post it. Like if one of my friends just say Bobby or something followed me and I followed Bobby back and send him a pic it would just go to Bobby not everyone. I think that’s it so far thank you and this all is hilarious and amazing.

- It’s pretty good :)

I like liveln it’s fun and easy to use! Though some glitches on the drawing aspect of it like: Cutting off half the drawing Not saving And the tools not appearing half way through the drawing I also think that we should be able to put descriptions on our pictures and being able to search since watching random peoples pictures isn’t always that fun. I also think you should be able to send photos to only someone in specific like if you went in their chat and hit “new pic/liveln” or something like that. Or when you send to the world, followers or self there should be a section where you can send to a certain follower, since this is for friends right? Anyways I hope you like my suggestions, these are mostly from other complaints I’ve seen but apart from that it’s free and has no ads so that’s really good :)

- Widget doesn’t update picture.

I keep getting notifications that my friend updated their picture but it doesn’t show up on the widget. I have to physically go to the app to see it. Also, it is unclear if someone has to be your friend to see the pictures you post, or if they just simply have to follow you. It would also be nice if you could have pictures sent to a friend individually instead of all your friends. For example, pictures I send to my boyfriend vs. my sister vs. my mom could be sent only to them so photos/conversations could be private and more specific to the individual.

- Fun couple’s app!

Okay, so you technically could just use Snapchat overall, but the ability to just swipe over or look at your home screen to see photo updates, or goofy photos from your SO in a real time instance is perfect! Great way to bond with one another, and put a smile on your so or vice versa throughout your day. This has more connection with the people you share it with as opposed to Snapchat.

- A suggestion!

I absolutely adore the app. I love that it’s free. It’s very easy to use. It’s great that you can have multiple people on a widget. I just wanted to recommend that you could choose who you want to post the photo to. Mainly because some of my friends only have me as a friend on the app and one of them could say hi, then other person could ask a question but I can only make one post to everyone and i wouldn’t be able to post 2 sending one to each person.

- Pretty cool app, still needs some work though

I like this app I think it’s super cute, I have a long distance partner and I love seeing his pictures pop up on my Home Screen. The app runs a little slow, and I think some other editing features for the photos would be pretty cool, but other than that it’s nice. Definitely a 9/10 I’ve had no real issues with it other than it running a bit slow loading and sending photos


Me and my friends thought this would be a cute little thing we would use once or twice but now it is an essential it is way better than texting you can send something out some words and boom they see it next time they open their phone! Love all the features just wish that they would let you put pics from your camera roll

- Definitely recommend downloading

This is such a cute and fun app. I use it for me and my siblings who live apart. It’s fun being able to receive and send pictures like that and especially being able to just add them onto your Home Screen. Would definitely recommend especially is doing kind distance as a couple or with friends/siblings.

- This app is good with some flaws!

This app is amazing and I love it! There are some things I would change though. First, make sure things people are posting to the “world” section are appropriate. I’ve seen many bad things on there and I don’t want to see weird stuff anymore. There’s stuff saying, “ F—— what’s up world. “ . Especially for kids that have this app just to have fun with their friends. Overall I love this app and it’s very fun with my friends. Thanks for your time.


THIS APP IS SO EASY TO USE!! Super simple process to log in/sign up. Pictures come through quickly and pictures post quickly. You can add messages/text to drawing kittens with the pen tool !! Never experienced a glitch with this app!! Recommend downloading if your wanting to talk to friends , family or even share pictures to random people around the whole world!


So me and my boyfriend have been dating for 9 months long distance and I got this app we have been drawing stick figures with hearts and if one of us feels bad or is mad they will write it down the other would see it and comfort them I live this app I just wish after I’ve clicked on the widget the next one would appear but that’s about it

- This app is not suitable for kids

Ok imma get right to it! my sister just got the app to connect it with her cousin, but she had to wait so instead just random public ones were showing up. well so many inappropriate ones shown up. Like there was a picture of a dudes private part. My sister Doesn’t even know what it was!!! It’s a cool concept of a app but they should either just get rid of the Public thing where you can only see people you are friend with on the app or make sure not a lot of inappropriate stuff like that shows up!


I love this app you can just text and send photo Ed to your friends whenever you want and it will show it on your home screen 😦😧 and my friends made me download it and now I am obsessed and I LOVE IT SO MUCH you hold down an app and say edit home screen and you click the + at the top and click add widget and type in LIVEIN and yiu click the LIVEIN screen logo and it will say add LIVEIN as a widget click yes and AGHHH ITS SO FUNNNN DOWNLAOD IIT NOW

- Super Fun App!

Love this app, the only social media I use heavy is Snapchat and this app kind of goes hand and hand with it. Posting selfies or pics of stuff for your friends to see. I like how intimate this is though, you can add only your closest friends and see their faces on your home page all day. It’s super cute and fun way to stay in touch. I recommend it

- Amazing! Only one little problem

Hey! This is an easy to set up really fun app. I didn’t have any problems besides it not working for the first half hour or so. I’ve seen a few reviews of people saying it didn’t work and deleting it, but we just waited and it worked. Definitely a fun app to use and install

- Public option is not an option at all

I wish that I could see a message directly to my friends. I’m not sure why I need to post every single message to the public. I strongly believe this should be an optional feature, keeping the privacy of others, and yourself, safe. There is also a concern for anyone underaged using this app because of this feature. This app is really 18+. I will not be recommending this app until I can send a message without posting it for the world.

- Great app but logging in??

It is a wonderful app. Just logging in was very hard and I could only use English letters? Meaning I could only use letters nothing else. It also took me almost the whole day to log in. When I tried to use the safe Password it said that password was already taken. Any name you put in it is always taken. Other than that it is a great app.

- Amazing!

Best app so far in 2022! Me and my friends can now chat very easily!! My friend is very good at art and she is so good at this app!! Huge thanks to the person that made this app. Keep up the good work, btw this is coming from seventh graders and half the people in my class have this app and love it!! Tiktok and live in are a hugely amaze me on how good these apps work!! / B C.

- Amazing App!

You can choose who you send your photos too, and you can draw and write on your pics. The only reason it’s not 5 stars is because you can see what other people have posted and some of them are a little… rude. If you could toggle the World tab off that would be nice. It would be good for younger kids and protective parents ❤️

- No privacy options

This app is fun! I downloaded it with my boyfriend to send each other silly things during the day. We have noticed there’s no way to really confirm who your photos are being sent to or where that data might be kept. There’s also access to an unfiltered public page which cannot be removed. We like it but this might be the reason we don’t use it :/ these features should be more user friendly :)

- I Recommend this app

I recommend this app you can send pictures to your friends, send your friends drawings, and you can even send your friends pictures from your camera roll! And the best thing about it is that your picture or drawings get sent to yo ur friends Home Screen!! :000

- Too cute

Was worried I wouldn’t be able to figure out how to put the widget on my Home Screen but the app literally gives you step by step instructions which were really helpful. I love this app so much, I send stuff to my bf all day. Random updates or reminders to drink water. It’s so adorable<3

- NEEDS improvement

Had to update my review from 4 stars to one. With continued use this app surprises me with new issues every time i use it. At first it was minor issues like green popping up in doodles when using the crayon tool, but recently i drew a little tiger for my BF and the app cropped the drawing and took away 1/3 of everything i had done. i spent a lot of time on this drawing only for it to be completely whited out. super disappointed. i really liked this app and loved the idea but the execution and experience is terrible. honestly very upset. 👎🏻

- Great and fun

This app allows you to send pics to your friends and it appears on their widgets. A lot of people complain that It’s public but all you gotta do is turn it on friends only or followers only. This is very fun and it tells you when your friend sends you a new pic

- Awesome!

It made it so much fun to take up to a small message or a pic of your love ones or a funny picture of your dog. Right there on your home screen when u wake up or have a bad day it’s very cool design. Still working through it I haven’t really seen any issues so far.

- A very fun and dependable app!

This appp is so fun and I only download it yesterday this app allows me to take photos that my friends will automatically see I there widget and know exactly where I am and we even take pictures just for fun sometimes so I recommend this app 100%

- Doesn’t Work?

I saw an ad for this on TikTok and immediately told my bf to download it since we don’t have the same phones and can’t send messages through iMessage. We excitedly got it set up and it just… doesn’t work. I went through the widget settings, deleted and replaced the widget twice, and yet nothing pops up on the widget. On the app itself, nothing loads and everything is just a gray picture. I’m very frustrated because this seemed like a genuinely fun app. But it doesn’t work :/ Would be awesome if it did.

- Why it’s so good,

Number 1: I love how I can meet new people and share it with my friends Number 2: I like the fact I can draw, (what I don’t like is that I can’t change the eraser size, that’s the only thing I don’t like) Number 3: I like how it’s used as Instagram but with drawings❤️

- Question

I really like this app I’m sending pictures to my girlfriend and my best friends on screen and we’re having so much fun and I get to see how my girlfriends doing and my best friend is doing every single day. I was wondering if a random person adds me and I don’t add them back and they still see the pictures?

- Well done!

I don’t normally, right good reviews. But me and my best friend live 18 hours away, and my sister in college. I’m great full that I can go the my Home Screen and see my best friend and sister, I’m trying to get my friends to join and it’s working! I also see what other people are doing and it looks like fun! No payment.

- An idea

I think this app is an amazing I really love it but I wish you can make groups and all of your friends and you can message each other I know this is a very short review but I just wanted to say that after that it’s amazing app

- Good but …

So I’m giving this a 3 star is because some guy has been harassing me and stuff on the app. I wanted to send my friends photos. He was an adult male wanting to date a minor! Your game is 12+!!! This is dangerous!! You need to have a mode for if a kid under 18 has a account we’re you have to be your friend to comment or just turn the comments off. This is really bad

- Privacy Nightmare

This app is a privacy nightmare. A recent Washington Post article details how LiveIn shares our data to Facebook, Google, and other third parties. Never allow an app to sync with your Contacts. LiveIn doesn’t disclose what they do with your Contract info, or how they protect it. Apple should pull this app, and force LiveIn the implement a user friendly privacy policy that respects its users privacy over any profit from our personal data.

- I love it

I love this at i think it is amazing there is nothing wrong with it. But I would like if we can get filters in the app. But otherwise its amazing you can chat with your friends and family and get to know others! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

- Send to certain people

I hove this app besides i wish i could send pictures to separate people. For example one to kn firmed then one to a different friend, my friends often get confused when i’m talking to a different friend and it is on there home screen. Otherwise the app is great!

- The live in store

Live in is really fun toPlay with your friends and stuff and post videos and make new friends one I only had a couple friends and then I download the app and I got a lot of friends now I have 15 friendsThe app is really funny and cute

- I am having a problem

Me and my friend can’t see each other’s pictures. We will draw stuff and send them to each other and whatever we send to each other is blank to the other person. Besides that the app is good. Please fix this

- Good so far!

This app is really good for what it is! I do have a few recommendations. First i wish you could send someone a picture without having to post it. Second i wish we could post and send videos!

- The picture is not reviewed.

I gave this a 4 star because some of my pictures upon uploading say “The Picture is Not Reviewed” and get no interatctions, likes, comments… I believe this is because it does not go public when that happens. Is thier anything i can do to fix it?

- Honestly not very good

I love the apps concept and was looking forward to customizable widgets, but was very disappointed when after I posted the picture it transfer to the widget. I edited the widget and pressed every button- even watched the instructional video yet nothing worked. Great concept, but a waste of time overall. Any help would be appreciate because again it’s a very nice concept.

- Idk what’s going on

It’s a pretty cool concept, at least I think. Tons of bugs, but I can see the potential. I’m not too sure who can see my memories and if I am having a private conversation or does that get shared to everyone?

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- Annoyed

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LiveIn - Share Your Moment iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

LiveIn - Share Your Moment iphone images
LiveIn - Share Your Moment iphone images
LiveIn - Share Your Moment iphone images
LiveIn - Share Your Moment iphone images
LiveIn - Share Your Moment iphone images
LiveIn - Share Your Moment iphone images
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The applications LiveIn - Share Your Moment was published in the category Social Networking on 2022-01-26 and was developed by Livehouse Limited [Developer ID: 1548872527]. This application file size is 37.08 MB. LiveIn - Share Your Moment - Social Networking app posted on 2022-06-08 current version is 1.2.9 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.livehousex.livepic