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Postparty App Description & Overview

What is postparty app? Postparty is the simplest way to capture, store and share epic gaming moments with friends and followers. How? Well, you know greatness when you see it, but you may not always think to save it. Postparty will fix that. And save your personal highlight reel in an easily accessible place.

Whether you’re a pro streamer looking to quickly share a victory with your followers on social media, or a casual gamer just trying to save a memorable moment with your squad - sharing gameplay clips, regardless of whether you’re playing on Xbox, Playstation, PC or Switch has never been easier.

Now when you make an awe-inspiring move during a game, Postparty won’t just be there to save it for you, it will even remind you to clip your awesomeness to share with others. After clipping it, you can use Postparty to edit the clip and then easily share it through social media (or messages or email or however you want) so you can get the recognition you deserve. Or you can save it to share later. With Postparty, you can store clips so they are easily accessible when you are ready to share them or just rewatch them over and over again for your own personal enjoyment.

How does Postparty work?
1. Login to Postparty with your Epic Games account in order to directly upload content to the Postparty app.

2. Capture moments from Fortnite or Rocket League with the press and hold of a button on your controller. Postparty will save, store and even organize your content in the app.

3. When you’re ready, you can easily trim your clips and share them however you like.

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App Name Postparty
Category Entertainment
Updated 01 February 2024, Thursday
File Size 47.97 MB

Postparty Comments & Reviews 2024

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Overall Pretty Great. I don’t know why people are hating over this. Of course it has some bugs but that can be improved with a simple patch or something. This app is underrated and deserved to be more popular. This can help a small content creator like me to get some clips and post it on social media or to show to my friends! Thank you epic games and thank you hard working developers!

It’s a great clipping app but I have 1 suggestion. All I want is the ability to have my full game recorded, so it’s open to clip from in the lobby, and then automatically deleted after the I get into another match, whether it’s rocket league or Fortnite. The reason is because someone might do something cool in a game, but not be able to clip it in time because something else happened (I’m speaking from experience), but if people can go into a clip of their full game, they can cut out 30 seconds of whatever moment they want from it. You might think “just look at replay mode” but replay mode is very glitchy, slow, and all together bad to use for getting clips

please fix. I can’t clip anything I use Xbox cloud gaming to play Fortnite on mobile and it used to work but for some reason it stopped maybe because I changed from GeForce to Xbox cloud gaming but it should say somewhere if it would change just because of what I would be using so I hope you fix this because I cannot clip anything. Summary: I used to be able to clip my kills but it just doesn’t show up anymore in Fortnite mobile Xbox cloud gaming. SO PEOPLE HELP IT DOESNT WORK ON XBOX

Recent picture quality. This app does everything that I was looking for, I like the ease of saving clips to revisit later. However I’ve been having issues lately with the quality of my clips. For the past couple of weeks my clips have been glitchy. They start out fine but within a few seconds the picture distorts and remains that way for the rest of the clip. I’ve updated the app to no avail.

Experiencing issues (good overall!). I’m aware it just came out, but when clipping there is audio desync. I used to get it when clipping using Xbox’s feature, but that was because my TV was 15 years old😬😂 Hoping there’s a simple patch or solution to this so I don’t have to live through the cringe of desynced audio clips again, especially when it’s never been this easy to clip gameplay!

Thank you. This app is something I never knew of until the start of February and ever since then, the last 3 clips I have uploaded to my channel has reached over 1-2k views and is still growing. This is so easy to get clips if you got that perfect shot. Postparty is something I recommend and all you have to do is download it and link your epic. HIGHLY recommended.

Distortion in latest clips. I don’t know what changed lately but I’m hardwired on my PS5 and as of late, all of my clips have been distorted on Fortnite. I thought it might’ve just been my device but even when I share my video footage to my friends, they see the distortion as well. Mind you, I don’t jump into another match right away… I wait for the clip to finish updating before I review it. It was a great app but garbage lately.

Stopped working?. It was working greatly a couple days ago, but then it stopped showing new clips so I updated it and it worked a litttle while. But not too soon after it wasn’t showing new clips, so I deleted and redownloaded it because I thought it would work again but it is stuck on a blue loading bar now.

No yes and no. I love this app but there are some problems, like I want to clip my whole gameplay and I can only clip for 30 seconds which is OK but my little brother wants to become a fortnight YouTuber and he really wants to make videos but post party onlySend 30Second videos to myself but if post-party can fix this my little brother would be really happy thank you for his party and this app also deserves a four star rating.

Worked great for a month or so BUT. It clipped fine for a month or so, but after March 29 I haven’t been able to clip at all. Even after latest update it says clip failed, and I wasn’t able to clip my epic Duos Victory Royale in Fortnite because of it. Or my 13-14 elims with Star Wars the other day. 😭 EDIT: Added a star because it FINALLY clipped a VR. I hope it’s fixed now, we’ll see.

Great. I really love this app and especially how you can make a highlight reel. It’s super easy to use. The only bummer I’ve noticed is sometimes it doesn’t get the right timing for the clip. I had an awesome headshot snipe in duos but the guy crawled somewhere to hide and by the time I found him to finish the kill, the only thing that saved was me finishing him. Other than that I’ve enjoyed this app!

This app is VERY useful.. I really love this app because I can share some clips with my friends and also I can use them to make content. But I don’t really like the idea of deleting unwatched clips.

Post party. I love that whenever I get a kill in Fortnite I can record it. It makes me happy to look back at kills I got when they are really jaw dropping. I really love this app. I suggest it if you want to record your kills on Fortnite!

So close. The concept is amazing, especially after it got integrated into rocket league, but there’s one major issue. The colors are inverted, specifically yellow becomes blue. From stuff I’ve found online, this seems to be an issue with AMD Graphics hardware specifically. They went through all the effort to make this great concept but never bothered to validate it on AMD hardware, which still holds 20-25 percent of graphics market share (a lot of GPUs). Kinda just alienated a quarter of their market. Kinda surprising a multi-billion dollar corporation completely ignored this when working with them.

More Features. This app is good and overall, but there’s some things I want to recommend that this apps add. It’s not much but, I would really like you could clip anything other than just eliminations, for example, when you want to record fortnite, the feature could allow them to press a bind that starts recording and once they want to finish, they can simply just press the same bind.

Good for Switch players. I play Fortnite on the Switch, and using Postparty is better than using the Switch’s clipper for other games because the clips are sent to my phone instead of being stored on the Switch itself.

The app is great! Just a couple suggestions. Just like I said, the app is great, but I have some suggestions to make the app feel more immersive and friendly: change your notification to say something like "You have 10 clips, feel free to share them" and make it an option to make 1 min clips, you can clip them (maybe as for as 5 min or have a separate option to "record what happened"). I hope the team will try these options out. I will also update the review if I have any more questions or problems with Postparty. Cordially, Imwithaction AKA MasterRacer22.

Fortnite. The only reason I still use Postparty is to post clips on TikTok but when you sometimes try to go to lobby, it will clip to your phone or whatever device you have and it will be hard to go back to lobby

Review. This app Postparty is great no only because it’s helping me grow my TikTok but because before this app came out I couldn’t get my cool Fortnite gameplay since I play on Nintendo switch so I can’t get clips. Know with this app I can get my cool clips and share it. But two things are a little annoying which are Me not being able to name my clips in the app and the pop up in game telling you to get the clip for this one if you can make the pop up not show while editing and having your clip that would be great Summary- the app is great but the fact that the pop up to get the clip shows in Postparty is annoying and the fact that I can’t name the clips My Review -James Fortnite account- Modernhamster

Pretty hit and miss if you ask me. I got this app so i could post stuff on my YT channel (SullyCo) and,I started to realize that sometimes it doesn’t save clips that you saved. The clip icon usually appears when you get a kill or a win in Fortnite, but my suspicions were confirmed when last night I was playing solo squads and I was the last person versus a whole squad and I slowly killed everyone in the squad and clipped all of the kills,and I clipped the win but me waiting minutes never received the clips I have no problems with this app it’s just sometimes I don’t get clips that I save. All I’m asking is that you guys fix the issue there has been a few times where I clipped a win and I didn’t get it. I would much rather use the built in clip system in console or pc but this is great for thirty second clips (when it works) but aside all the issues I have no problem with this app.

App records glitchy videos. The app will record 30 second videos and when you go back to view them they are completely glitched. Through the app you can contact support to address an issue but your complaint will go unanswered and ignored. Good idea, ok app, bad customer service.

Glitchy. This app worked really well for me at first but after a few months of it the clips started getting really glitchy and distorted so I couldn’t even see the clip I made.

Best app for Fortnite player who play on Nintendo Switch!!. I was just going playing Fortnite on my switch when I I noticed someone on the Settings name Postparty and the word connected so I learned the instruction and and oh my God it actually works so if you’re a switch player who plays fortnite just like me you were definitely need this app for clipping kids and much more!!

Best for Switch Players. Haven’t had any problems with the time it takes with clips to send or game quality. I play on Nintendo Switch and being unable to capture clips through the console, this is a great option. I use this every time I play fortnite now. Being able to save and send clips from my game to friends within seconds is such a great feature. Only change i would make to this app is the ability to save party and game chat. The audio of you and your friends after a funny moment in game makes a clip so much better.

Good app but scary. The app is amazing at what it does. It is easily editable and convenient with its clips. It’s nice to be able to clip at the press of a button and to edit with ease but the delete account button is easily accessible and idk if I have anxiety or something but it makes me anxious.

Best clip holder. Was never able to save my clips anywhere and download them to my photos until I found this and I can know have my Fortnite clips saved here

Good but here is how to make it better. Ok so it is cool that it is on Fortnite and rocket league but add more games as a content creator on twitch posting clips is hard and post party makes it easier so add more games for more clips. Also y’all should make a editing part for after the clip.

Why can’t we see each others clips?. I get the idea of being able to easily share clips to other people but I think this app would be a lot better if they added a reel area to watch what other people create

Please fix. I like that it’s easy to clip, however some clips have the right audio but the wrong video. Idk how that works but it’s irritating to try to clip something and it doesn’t even clip the video. The other problem is sometimes I play with my friends and I wish that I could turn it on so I can hear is talking in the clip

Good but could use a few things. It’s great to be able to record things but it doesn’t always work and the quality is so so. Also the interface is a bit rough like when I’m going through clips and I delete one I wish it didn’t take me all the way back to the top of the list.

Randomly started making my game lag. I got this app a long time ago and just a couple weeks ago for some reason when ever i make a clip my ping just shoots all the way up and i can’t even play anymore. It’s extremely annoying and makes me want to unlink this app from my epic games account if this doesn’t get fixed.

App is good and all but I won’t work anymore. This app is like really great but the thing is is anytime like I upload something to it and then I close out of it and I reopen it. It doesn’t let me do anything that app doesn’t even like fully open and I’ve had to uninstall it a couple times and reinstall it, and it’s still not working.

Very good. I like this app a lot. It lets me get clips of my games so that I can go back and look at them. I play on switch, so there was no way for me to get any clips/videos playing Fortnite, so now I am able to. Good job

PostParty for the WIN!. Postparty is a good app especially because i don’t have a screen recorder on switch. i wish you could also screen record and it could record voice (it might be able to with headset i haven’t tried yet)

Good to clip on Nintendo switch. Nintendo switch you can’t really capture anything but with this app you could actually make 30 to 40 second clips would recommend 😁

Very good but sometimes doesn’t work. I’ve hit some very good clips in a lot of games and sometimes they don’t come through ever since a couple days ago none have been coming through I highly recommend this app.

Worst app I’ve gotten. DO NOT GET THIS APP!!!!! I got it thinking I could just see some clips of mine, but I played rocket league after getting, it took so many “clips” that my game completely lagged out and I can barely play rocket league. I have also never had issues with rocket league before, I disconnected my internet multiple times, and nothing worked. You also can’t unlink Postparty from your account too, you can only completely delete your epic games account. Please fix this because I can’t play one of my favorite games.

It didn’t let me do anything. I wanted an app where I can transfer my videos from ps5 to my phone without doing all that other stuff like downloading editing apps and doing that I wanted to just save it and put it on my TikTok account and stuff so I found this app and when I signed in it didn’t let me do anything it did nothing! I don’t like it I feel like they just take your info and I can’t even disable the account or anything and when I tried to delete the account it took me to the epic games and I didn’t try it because I was afraid that if I did that it would delete my Fortnite account. Its terrible don’t recommend at all.

Great Clipping App! But there is bugs…. This app is PERFECT for saving any Fortnite or Rocket League clips. I love to get an awesome elim in Fortnite or score a cool goal shot in Rocket League and know I won’t forget it because of Postparty! I have all Postparty rewards from the event in Fortnite and Rocket League. I haven’t found anything wrong with Postparty, but I really hope I can start clipping on my Nintendo switch soon. — Edit: Thank you guys for adding PostParty to Nintendo! But there’s one more issue now. That issue is that when I watch my clips, they glitch and the screen flashes bright and random colors, then I can’t even see what happened in the clip. Note that my Wi-Fi isn’t the problem, I have great Wi-Fi when watching my clip; otherwise I can’t even view the clips. So please fix this bug, I would be so happy to see this fixed!

So Easy. Very easy to make Fortnite clips when playing on my Switch. Just connected my Epic password to the app. To make clip just press the + button on your controller. The 30 seconds before you pressed will be clipped. You’re then given options to share or save clips.

Pretty mid sometimes. Like when ever I clip stuff when I watch it there’s a chance it can say clip unavailable which Is understandable I guess but then when it happened to all of you’re clips?! No can you please fix this issue it has a lot of potential for being a better app to I play on 30-40 fps but when I see the clip it looks like 20 fps if you can add a feature in the settings of fortnite saying like “What’s resolution or frame rate do you want you’re clip?”

Some issues (but Awesome). It’s a little laggy and sometimes I can’t watch the clips on it cause it wont work when I go in, sometimes it wont send my game clips to my phone instantly sometimes I hop on the app hours after I made the clip and it’s not there, also it takes way to long preparing to share the vid it’s crazy. Overall awesome and easy way to make clips and share them, definitely best choice.

Amazing clipping app!!!. Postparty is a game-changing app that allows you to clip moments from Fortnite or Rocket League. One of the main reasons I like this app is because my Nintendo Switch won’t let me clip Fortnite videos, but when I linked it to my Fortnite account on my Switch, I can show off crazy clips to my friends. Highly recommended.

Add more. All of this app is very good but you should put in some more editing options like removing annoying things from your screen like a Player or some other stuff That you want to remove also add more stickers all the stickers are really cool but we need more Fortnite stickers and rocket league and that’s really it

DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS!!!. This app takes two days just to upload a clip and it drops my upload speed in Fortnite matches to such a ridiculous level that my game is unplayable… it also seems to only want to upload when I'm in the middle of a match. Also, since about a week ago when you clip something it will just continue clipping every single elimination without your consent so it's now trying to upload multiple things when I don't want it to. I have to restart my game just to get it to stop. You can't stop the uploads I can't even figure out how to pause or disrupt the upload so I can play my game. I figured out how to stop it from recording and to stop the prompt to capture a clip so once these current uploads finish I won't have to deal with it anymore, (hopefully) but if you want to delete this you have to delete your whole Epic Games account. I get that Epic Games games owns this app so they'll kind of hold your account hostage with it but the gun wrap is not worth screwing up your game like this just to record gameplay when you can just record your matches inside of Fortnite and get your clips that way. Yes, it's more work but it's worth it not to have your entire gameplay completely screwed up. Epic, if you want people to use this app at least allow them to unlink it from the main account if they don't like it. Don't hold our accounts hostage with this app it's not fair.

Postparty is one of the easiest clipping apps for console and PC.. Postparty is a really easy and great app to have. Being able to clip some of the most popular games in the world is amazing. The app is super simple to set up: just log into your account and start clipping. I personally have been pretty confused about clipping on consoles like Xbox, you need to worry about storage and all that. With postparty, from what I can tell, the clips don’t take up any “storage”. There’s no premium plan or ads, it’s just a simple app to capture and save clips.

Love it. Love the app, the clips are perfect, can edit however I want, can add stickers, my only 2 problems is when it keeps saying “Something went wrong” and when it closes me out of a clip that I had to scroll really far down for, then I have to scroll down again.

Really good app. I have had no problems with this so far. It makes it really easy to share funny moments to my friends and one of my friends (who plays on switch) can actually clip now. The only bad thing about the app is that its a little slow, but other than that its really good.

Love it!. This app is one of the easiest and fastest ways to share clips to your social medias. I’ve been able to save & share some awesome moments from my gameplays, with literally a tap of a button. The clip is instantly saved, & I can see it in the app, then I can simply save, edit, and post on socials. Love it!

ADD THIS MAYBE??. i liked this app, it’s an amazing App clip stuff with. But I think it be cool if when you clip stuff you could hear like your friends were like voices in the background. But that’s just me. This app is still amazing either without it just please add this and it’ll be amazing. Add on to getting this app.

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Great app. Thought it was more of a social media app like Insta where videos would upload straight away. Lags out everytime I upload a clip. Sometimes clip doesn’t even upload. Have checked out the websites FAQ’s and checked my settings to stop the lag but it didn’t work.

Fortnite. I can’t log in and I can’t see my clips? What is going on?? Fix it please

Amziang. Flex on my friends all the time love it

Helpful. It's easier to clip and cut in postparty than search for cool moments in very long recordings of gameplay footage. Only downside is the clips from Postparty are 504 pixels tall and there is a logo at the end.

Perfect. TOO GOOD

Fix the app. It keeps automatically saving clips every 10-30 seconds and it won’t stop

Jabs. The best

I love it👍👍👍. I love this app it makes so I can finally clip in Fortnite because I play on Nintendo

Postparty. Postparty is the best app I have ever known, please Postparty can you PLEASE be my sponsor for my YouTube channel

Epic gaming. Epic fortnite victory royale gaming

Free wrap. You get free wrap and the wrap looks pretty good.

Nice job. Sincerely you tried on the app buh another way we would love the app better is if you can make the Postparty app like a place for all Fortnite players to share their content, you know and you can also make it more of social media app where we can follow each other and get likes for our video. 😩😩JUST A SUGGESTIONS. You time to act. Thanks. Even though I downloaded the app and shared, I still didn’t get the wrap and spray.

I like it but I want to record the entire match I play. It’s good but I need to record the entire match

noice. good but keeps loading (bug) for MAC OS users.

My post party review. This app is soo good because I’m on play station it makes clipping my Fortnite moments so much easier but I will like you to add it so there is an option to have the voice chat in the clip it will be good for team mates reaction

App. Good neee to show health then would be 5

Post Party Review. Awesome app Gained lots of subs from this

Really good. It’s so good for getting clips from Fortnite and rocket league, it’s also really easy to use

Amazing. I would highly recommend this app for clipping UEFN and Rocket League. The people who submitted bad reviews have bad phones that can’t run safari or Google. Trust me it’s a good app. Probably add a feature to upload and edit it straight to social media.

Goofy. I can’t watch videos in the app which is annoying and my clips are like 0.3 seconds

Worst clipping app. Disgusting worst clipping app ever. Once you want to clip something it makes you whole game lag and you can’t do nothing until it clips which takes 5-10 minutes. And also sometimes it just clips a random scene in the game not what you wanted to clip which is so annoying Because sometimes you need to clip stuff thta can’t be retrieved other than clipping. Do not recommend to anyone who is looking to do things seriously. 🤢🤢🤢

W app. I use it all the time

Needs fixing. Doesnt clip the right things im clipping sound is off video is off. Nothing matches and again its jot what i clipped. its been an on going issue for about 1yr now. Have deleted and reinstalled and to no surprise its still an issue that needs major fixing.

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Très bien. Marche très bien super cool me manque de jeux pour clip

Works as intended.. It works as intended, I don’t have any problems so far. Would recommend:)

Very helpful but….. This is a very good app but i’m having trouble seeing my clips in the app because yk when i save clips from rocket league, it says it saved to postparty but then i look at postparty and i can’t see my clips. Idk if it’s a loading problem but hopefully it’s not just me i just wanna know if you can fix it. Otherwise great app!

Deleted all my clips. I got up this morning and ALL my clips were gone. No explanation. It just removed all of them terrible

Fortnite not working. It’s not working for me fortnite

wish you could record voice chat. it would be good if you could record.

How does it work my account is connected to my Nintendo switch but it work!!!😡. 2mmmmj

clips gone. it got rid off all my clips and i’ve had the app since it came out

Awesome. Awesome way to post for people to see!

It’s great for clipping things. Yuh

App is slow. For some reason the app is incredibly slow and the clips do not show up and it just loads but nothing happens and I have to restart my phone for it to work

Bad. Worst application it makes me lag in rocket league when i take a clip and make me lost some games

New clips maker. We can do alls clips better :)

Fortnite clipping. Whenever I review a clip it just shows it as glitchy or play properly it was working fine before I tried to redownload the app but idk what to do

Do not install!!!. You can’t delete the notifications in game. I can’t un link from rocket league. This is a terrible app.

best app for clipping. this is my favorite app for clipping kids in fortnite 😂😂

not working. i saved a clip and it took like 2 days for it to appear. make it faster pls

Doesn’t work on fortnite. It’s a great idea and I was exited to try it, but it doesn’t give me a prompt for clips

Its a great app for recording clips. I use Postparty in my day-to-day life. It’s a great app that you can access Fortnite clips. but I don’t like how I always have to sign in whenever I want to open the app.

Colors are invented. the color on all my clips are inverted and I can’t get it to work properly

Greatest app ever!!!. Helped me create all my montages, which are posted on the FaZe Ray YouTube Channel

Great app, just one question. Can you add the ability to record on other games?

Works but still weird. Can’t take off that weird sigma Andrew tate TikTok type filter where they try to weirdly enhance the photo. Otherwise, I’m on pc and it works fine for me

Because it has errors for me. Always has errors

Pretty good and easy to use. I dont like how you can’t add music to it. I like how you can shorten them and they are 30 seconds.

Im suprise. I love it but when i do a clip it make the color of the video inverse

Epic really needs to work on the bugs. This app could have been amazing and I’m hopeful that they’ll fix it and it will be that it has one major drawback in my opinion. being for whatever reason any time I will go to save a clip my game will start to bug the hell out. I would start glitching and teleporting around the entire map it would take forever for me to swap my guns and for some weird reason it still said that I had my average 20 ping. this would last the entire match until I left the game and that’s not the only one sometimes the prompt will not pop up other times it will save it flip multiple times and lastly I was unable to collect my rewards. I see promise it in this app it sadly until they fix these bugs it’s most likely going to be deleted


STOP DONT INSTALL!!!. Make Rocket League lag. You cannot cancel without delete your entire Epic Game. Make a notification in game every 30 secondes and a lag.

Could be Awesome but so Glitchy. I am in love with the easy concept of grabbing clips and I have been able to do so successfully playing Rocket League. Unfortunately the app is super buggy and glitches out a lot. Currently unable to watch or share the clips as the app just freezes up when I go to preview them. I’ll be patient as i know it’s new, and this is a great value add to the users of these games, but just adding this heat for developers to see.

It was glitching. It was good at first then like maybe a month later it was glitching when I clipped from Fortnite so like I’ll give 3.5 stars

Its okay but has problems. I like using the app for fortnite clips but whenever i try to clip it says clip could not send or something like that

Clips. When ever I try to open a clip it is really laggy and my wifi is the best of the best so they neeed to fix somet

:(. Doesn't load

Crazy. Best for clips

I love it but…. I absolutely love how I’m able to see all of my clips so easily, and download/ share them. The only thing that I wish you could change, if you could include or find a way to include the in game voice chat to the clips, to hear the party chat, other than that I love the app!

Not good. Every time I try to save a clip i lag out and end up not getting the clip saved

Postparty is AMAZING!. I went to my friends house and he went to his Fortnite settings and just found a Postparty toggle, this changed his game forever. Now that he can clip all of his amazing kills, he can save these memories of the OG Fortnite Season.

Best. Super good

Clipping doesn’t work for me!. For some reason when I eliminate someone in fortnite the prompt doesn’t appear Edit: so it only works on My Nintendo switch because for it to work on that device it must say “connected account” so the only issue I’m having is that it won’t work on my PC, Xbox, and PlayStation

It’s a great app. Very cool app

So bad so laggy. I don’t like it I clip it’s so slow and lags

Why does it not work for fort. I signed in but it only works on rocket lueage But not Fortnite

Help. I can’t Clíp rocket league and that is the only on I play more please help me with this

Need some help. I can’t get the prompt to appear. Five stars cause I like the idea I just need help for it to work.

10/10. This works perfectly while I play games. You will need to go to your settings to turn on clip reminders on Fortnite and it should have a button on rocket league.

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GamePlay. So I play on Nintendo so this helped a lot, but there’s one problem. When I wanted to back out on Fortnite, I would save clips. I didn’t want to do this but now I’m facing confusion about how to turn this off.

Takes to long to upload. Would be 5 stars if the clips went from my ps5 to the app consistently and didn’t take long.

Wish i could record voice. Its really good for recording clips but i think there should be an option to turn off or on recording voice chat.

Love it…. This app is so easy to use. Love it. I wish you had an option to have 30-60 minute clips however…

I like it. It is a very fun and efficient app that lets me share and save my clips. It would be cool if they would add multi select so I could share multiple clips at once to send so I can make a montage easier.

Can’t load into the app. It’s a good app me and my friends used it for clips but one day I went to check my clips and the app and the app doesn’t load up I’m stuck on a loading screen I can’t get my clip hopefully the devs will fix this

Save button freezing. Every time I go in to save the clip the button always freezes and I have to close the app and open it back up. I didn’t mind it at first, but now it has become way too repetitive and has made me so frustrated with this app. Please look into this and fix it, it has been an issue for me for months.

Please fix these asap. First off, Post party is a great idea with a great concept of clipping gameplay. But there are lots of bugs on the app. Like when on rocket league, the game clips gameplay every 5 seconds or any chance it gets. It’s also messing my my internet a lot not making my games playable anymore Pls fix this i want to play online again.

Nice app!. This app is amazing even for when I clip people on Fortnite and they don’t include V.C which is awesome because sometimes I just wanna hear the peaceful sound full sound of building.

Used to work. This app used to work great so I know it can, but recently as in the past 2 days none of my videos would load and sometimes it would say the video is unavailable. Please fix this I really like this app and this problem is bothering me

Could be better. Super easy set up but when you look at the clip on your phone the quality goes down a little bit but other than that it is really good

No customer service. My post party clips worked for along time then one day they all are distorted. I can’t see anything. I made multiple reports to them and Fortnite got no help or response. It’s been weeks and I went on there today and they are still distorted. No fixing it yet so I deleted this app. I can’t use it for what its intended for don’t waste your time.

Great app!. I am a first time user of this app. I hadn’t realized that you can use it to make clips while playing on the Nintendo Switch. Easy to use and a lot of fun.

Good app. I really like this app it is high quality unlike some other apps I have tried. This app is really just great for clipping things in Fortnite and rocket league.

This is amazing. The Postparty clipping system is super great not to mention it has saved all the clips i have had in fortnite and i can send them to with just a little bit of lag.

Great app but i have a major problem!. The app used to work amazing but now when i go to view my clips they glitch with random colors so i can’t even see the clip! If you could please help me fix this i really need my clips!! Thank you… :)

Kinda broken. The app is convenient but when I clip something the video just glitches with random colors everywhere to the point where you can’t even see anything while other times it works just fine

Doesn’t work. The app started off great where you can download clips from your game without interfering with gameplay. Except now, there’s no point to saving any of your videos because you won’t be able to see the video right. The video just looks like the video was corrupted upon transfer.

Audio. Audio is very bad plz fix i play on the switch tho and the quality plz fix this is a very good app but it would be 10x better if the quality and sound was better Amazing app tho

Great app. It’s app is great two problems though 1. Every once and a while it does not save clips 2. The clips are really grainy Other than those it is a really helpful way to easily save clips

They delete unwatched clips.. The whole point of this app is that it saves your clips and you can watch them whenever you please and look back years later on all the fun times. NOW however, they delete any unwatched clips after 30 days, which completely destroys the whole point of the app. I might uninstall.

I like it a lot but…. Is it possible to include mic feed from all team members? If so, how? I didn’t here my own voice or anyone else’s included with the clip. We can all agree mic feed is a big part of clips

A suggestion. May there be a folder created with all the post party clips in it on our computers and when we put a video in it, it automatically gets transferred to the post party app? I have tons of good clips but I didn’t capture them with post party and I want to put those on the app

Very good!. I really like this to post my clips and I use capcut to cut out the last part but this app is good and only takes about 20 seconds to send me the clip and download it!

Please add this. This app is good and all but it will be better if it records your voice like when your in a party in Fortnite and save your clip it saves your voice like what you say and your what your friends say👍

Great but missing something. I love the app and how easy is to use it but I have a little problem and that’s the players voice like my own voice or my teammates voice I would like to hear the voices on my clips

Read this. I want this app to be good but it isn’t. I can’t view or do anything with the clips but I can’t, I can’t refresh to see the new clips. And just to add on, my screen blows up with countless notifications of clips being recorded yet I don’t see them all on the app. I understand it’s new but come on fix this.

Great for Nintendo. I been using it for a month now and it made my clips good and best quality! I like this app and recommend it to anyone with a Nintendo

Fornite. Don’t let next season be bad and best graphics ever and I love them can I please have a good season and can I have elite in ranked!!!!!! Can you add back the pump shokun

WISH VOICE CHAT WAS PICKED UP. I love it but I really wish voice chat was picked up because it would be 10 times funnier because I play fortnight with friends and everything but grate app though.

Awesome for Switch. It’s impossible to save clips for Fortnite on Switch any other way and this works amazingly.

How to disconnect from epic account?!. Cool app, I get the concept but it lags my game way to much costing me ranks, reports, etc. when I try to disconnect it says I’m going to delete my epic account?? Please add this option or could someone help assist?? I have Xbox so I can record my clips either way without the lag.

Clipping everything but the elimination. At first the app would clip the elimination but now it’s clipping everything but the elimination. It still give me a clip reminder after i eliminate someone on fortnite but when i go to the app to edit it the clip is everything leading up to the elimination.

.. Amazing idea but isn’t working right for me won’t save the clip to app. I think y’all shouldn’t of made default r1 to save I feel like that’s the problem hit it a bunch on accident probably overloaded everything

Bad. As I was watching my clip I noticed my audio and video wasn’t at the same part and I just hate cause I actually loved the clip but I can’t see it again cause it shows something else in my game play this is not well and hope you guys fix this

Simple. Pretty easy to setup, and convenient way to get clips from Fortnite to my phone, for easy resharing with my friends. Much less involved than Shadow play, thanks post party

Very laggy. I’m trying to watch some of my clips but they won’t load and it always says “something went wrong” but other than that it’s pretty cool, even though I downloaded it for the free items on Fortnite that it never gave me

It’s a pretty good app but it has its downfalls. The app is good at getting you clips from your game to your phone. But it had many of my clips that I have looked at say it hasn’t been, but other then that it’s a good app.

Good app. I like this app to send clips directly to my phone and this app helps me wonders since I’m a Nintendo Switch player it works well for me to send my Fortnite clips directly to my phone without any 2-step process.

Good app for switch players. This works great on switch, my only complaint is that the clips don't have audio which granted may be my fault but either way good app

good. if you want to see a good kill get this app it will help you a lot it helped me so I suggest getting this wonderful app and it’s not only for Fortnite so get this app

Post party is good except for. You need to be able to save to photos instead of sharing and then editing

Would be a nice app if it actually worked. I recorded clips over and hour ago and they still haven’t uploaded to the app and I did indeed record them the exact way they showed in the tutorial video. Meanwhile I can easily record the same clip through Xbox or PlayStation and receive the clips through those respective apps in minutes.

To long to upload. The video takes to long to upload

I really like This. The video clipping is amazing with amazing quality. It’s also really easy to use and really easy clipping for ps5 u just have to hold down the options button

Question. Do you get something for installing and using it? I thought I saw something that you could but I havnt gotten anything.

This app could ruin your account. The app constantly takes clips even when you’re not pressing anything, you can’t unlink it from your epic games account and console. it brings my steady 12ping to 700 because it’s trying to consistently upload 30 second clips and they aren’t even in intervals of 30 seconds.

BEST CLIPING APP. I play on a Nintendo switch so I can’t record my Fortnite moments. And being able to record those perfect kills and wins is so amazing!! Thank you developers for making this game!

It’s okay. I like the app. I sort of wish it had a system where it allows you to choose if you want clips older than 30 or 60 days to be deleted/archived. Also, the sound is so amplified it’s way too harsh. It needs to be toned down.

Glitching. Absolutely loved this app for capturing clips when I first downloaded it and I’ve had it for months now. EVERY clip that I have captured recently glitches on playback. I can’t capture clear clips at all anymore. So frustrating. Please fix this.

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The application Postparty was published in the category Entertainment on 09 February 2023, Thursday and was developed by Life On Air, Inc [Developer ID: 1065781768]. This program file size is 47.97 MB. This app has been rated by 3,961 users and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. Postparty - Entertainment app posted on 01 February 2024, Thursday current version is 1.5.0 and works well on iOS 15.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.lifeonair.postparty. Languages supported by the app:

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