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What is money honey! app? Astronauts, doctors, lawyers, and bankers...Everyone wants to buy you gifts! Catch the right guys and work your way up to become the ultimate money honey! The infamous money pool awaits!

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Money Honey! Version 4.0.015 April 2022

Performance improvements and bug fixes. Enjoy!.

Money Honey! Version 3.8.101 April 2022

Performance improvements and bug fixes. Enjoy!.

Money Honey! Version 3.2.004 February 2022

Minor bug fixes, enjoy!.

Money Honey! Comments & Reviews 2022

- It’s fun :)

So this game is like any other mobile add you see. Easy game. Fun. Of course the main point of these games are just to make money and there is a lot of ads but at least it’s still a fun game. I just wish you could make your own money in the game. I don’t like how it presents women in this game. For young kids they may think this is normal to use someone for money. I’m sure that wasn’t the intention of it, it’s just a fun game for people to play. I do recommend this to anyone just looking for a game to pass time though. As I said it’s an easy concept that could really be played by anyone. But I just really hope for the future of this game makes it so where you could make money alongside the men in the game. I just hate how it is basically a gold digger game. Because honestly thats what it is. Using someone for money and then leaving. But if you just look past what happening in the game it’s pretty fun. Good game to pass time. Not many concerns. The game is very smooth in animation and I really haven’t had any problems while playing the game.

- Good! But here’s the thing..

So, when I started playing this game it was really fun and it still is very fun! But the only thing that really really bugs me is the ads. There is no way to not have ads!! I wish that this game would let you buy no ads so that after every single thing you click there isn’t an ad. It’s annoying because then I can’t continuously play my game and it kind of makes me want to uninstall it. So if the creator is reading this, please make it to where you can buy no ads! Thank you.


I rated this three stars because the game is fun and all but one thing is that THERE IS TOO MANY ADS and another thing is that if you had a no ads button that would really help but another this is. This game is not for kids beacause it’s about using guys for money to buy items and then breaking up with him in the end and taking all his money. So can u please please PLEASEEE put an no ads button or when u play 3 rounds then an ad pops up after those three rounds and . Can you please stop because kids are playing this game and it’s teaching them that when they will grow up they will use guys for money and then break up with him when he has gone broke and date another rich man or girl

- Game is Disgusting in a way that I describe

it is disgusting because you are looking for a sugar daddy and that sugar daddy has so much money that you can buy everything that you can’t buy for yourself but why is it being like that why can’t a girl just have that much money so they can buy stuff that is so mean that the girl can’t have a job and have her own money and not be poor anymore why does she have to have a sugar daddy you idiot whoever made this gets a zero review I don’t like it please make the girl get a job I would ask a second time please give the girl a job please give the girl a job please give the girl a job please give the girl a job pls

- So many problems don’t get me wrong 😑

First off to many adds. Like yes this game is addicting and stuff but what ruins it for me is the adds and also do we really need more kids to date people for their money? NO!!!!! That is already a problem with adults. Another problem is when you click on the button for a reward and have to watch another video. The adds will not let you get off even after clicking the x. You have to log off and everything and then you don’t get a reward. So yeah that’s why this is only going to stay at a 2 stars. If you fix it then yes I will change it but for now it’s staying the same 😠

- This game is disgustingly sexist!

I rated this 5 stars so it could be seen. The overall smoothness and interactive-level of the game is pretty fun. There’s still tons of ads, which you can get from crappy games like these, but the real reason that I am leaving this review is to hopefully get this sexist app taken down. The goal of the game is to “date” men and buy items with their money. Then, when they go broke, you pick someone else and do it again. This game deserves to be taken down.

- Love it but have a thing to say about some things

LOVE IT!! It’s just that when it says adopt something or get something new and you have to watch a ad..well when you click loose thing or don’t want it, it still has a ad even if you did not want it. It’s so fun though!! Just I think that needs to be fixed.

- Horrible for kids

I am a kid myself and yes this game can be fun and addictive but think about it would you want your own kids playing these types of games what if they develop the lessons that these games teach you like “only date a guy for money”do you people really want to be the people that turns innocent kids into gold diggers like that other game high heels that game was just plain offensive so I suggest you make your games more appropriate and actually either take down these games and make educational ones or take down these games and make better ones with GOOD lessons because if I could rate this a zero I would because if you actually made a kid this way shame on you seriously just SHAME ON YOU

- This game remind me of something.

I rated this a 5 star so other people can see this too. This games reminds me of gold digging. If you don’t know, you have to pick whatever job you can pick, then you spend their money on clothes. This game could’ve been better if we spend our OWN money. So, the moral of the game would be different. Instead of becoming a gold digger, you could watch you money. 🙁

- Great game But ginormous problem

Yes I am giving it a five star because it’s a great game but every time I join it now it makes the screen go black and all I can see is the closing and the price tags and the green around it but I can really see nothing in it I 100% recommend this game it’s super Duper fun but it’s just not working anymore please fix this bug it’s a really big issue I love this game so much I just want it working again

- Disappointed

This game is pretty stereotypic.. As a child myself I am mildly disappointed at the fact that children younger than me can come across this. They could think that love is through money and it is not. It is out of pure trust and honesty or you just won’t have a stable relationship. Children who came across this could think that all women are gold diggers and that you date men only for their money. I don’t even want to talk about how all the women on the game are only one race. ANY WOMAN CAN BE A GOLD DIGGER! Its sad that some children have more sense than the people who made this game.

- this game is sexiest and over rated!

(I only gave this five stars so this could be seen) The goal of the game: date a man and spend stuff with his money than once he is broke u date someone else and do the same thing again why this is a bad game: 1. this is a very bad example for kids! its only gonna teach them to be a gold digger to get rich, if u have children DO NOT let them play this game!!! 2. the game is sexist!!! this is what the game is saying it is saying ‘ girls only date men for money’ 3. The game is over rated because u get a lot a money and theres bearly nothing to spend it on, it gets boring overtime, all the girls on there are ugly (my opinion) thank you for listening for listening i hope this helps u!

- Gen-Z and Generation Alpha need better

((I have this 5 stars so it’ll be seen, I’d really give it 0 stars)) This game is teaching unsuspecting kids that being a gold digger gets you what you want. Is that a message you want sent to Gen-Z and Generation Alpha? Think of the children and adults getting brainwashed by these mobile games! The game has a sexist and absolutely horrible lesson. Gen-Z and Generation Alpha need better.

- disgusting message…

this game has such a terrible message! the entire purpose of this game is you’re a woman and you date men… however, you only date the men for their money, because once they’re out of money and they lose all their clothing, you discard them and get a different man. this game is teaching young girls (and boys) that you should just date men for their money. some people even say “well the meaning is bad but the game is fun”, but it really isn’t. it’s just like every other basic free app game. tons of adds, no real gameplay, addictive for maybe 10 minutes and then you’ll probably end up just keeping it on your phone for a month until you remember it again and the cycle continues… or maybe it’s just me. either way, it’s not even a fun or challenging game.

- Why play the game and y’all talking bad about it

Are y’all playing this game or what because I think you don’t blame me if I got this wrong lol ok so y’all getting on the app or what because I really think y’all are and for a 15year old myself I have a different mind set so I know y’all little and yes I agree with all of you but why get a guy for money I mean that just stupid just why.

- It keeps crashing

So the game was really fun at first until when I would watch an add it would kick me out of the game like if I unlock something and it say watch an add or lose it so you select watch an add and your like oh I can’t believe I’m getting a dog in this game then it crashes so you are very sad and wish it didn’t crash so you get a bother chance to get a dog so guess what happens again it crashes so if you really want to play this game I’m just saying it will kick you out from NM

- Worst message from a mobile game, ever

I’m rating this 5 stars to get seen. This game conveys the message of men do all the work and that once you spend all their money you move onto the next one. Sad thing is is that this is true a lot of that time. This game is cancerous and should be taken off the app store

- Not the best..

I saw lots of people play this so I thought it was gonna be fun but…So when I was playing at first is was really fun, and then I got a ad but it went away quickly. So then when I got the next ad for a little cute dog I thought it would give it to me and help me gain more money but no! kicked me out! And then next when the same one came up again it wouldn’t play! And just kick you out! And this game is a 2 rated star and it’s like a gold digger game to! and Too much ads!

- Good but bad

It’s a good game but if you buy a skin it doesn’t come with one it comes with a effect no skin at all I brought another one to see if it was a glitch but no it wasn’t at all . The good thing is that it’s fun and the men you can collect are so cool and the girls that try to take you down can’t and if you get suger it makes you feel like a baddy

- It’s laggy + idk if it’s related but I got hacked

Generally it’s harder because it’s laggy and glitches, that’s simple. But unrelated to anything in the game, this game says it wants to read a lot of your information on the AppStore page, after a few minutes of playing this game I closed it and got an email saying someone from Ukraine was trying to log into one of my social media accounts. Just because it’s related doesn’t mean it caused it but I’m a little weary of apps like this now, more than I was before.

- This game is so disgustingly sex-full!!!

I put five stars so this could be seen. I do NOT like this game because it is sex-abuse-full and it makes you “date” a guy only to get MONEY! Like, WHO does that!?!! So inappropriate!! I vote this game to get SHUT DOWN! It’s teaching players BAD THINGS like the “date-to-get-money thing”!!! I say this game get SHUT DOWN!!!!

- This game is umm…

This game is fun and it is just like any other ordinary run rich game. But, this is horrible for kids, being that it teaches them to use people for money. Also, the way she just drops a man when he runs out out of money. I rated this five stars so this can be seen.

- Pretty close to amazing

This game is fun and satisfying. I play it when I have nothing else to play. It never gets boring. The only thing blocking it from being 5 stars is it is not addicting, not much difference in each level, but that doesn’t matter cause overall it is great :)

- This game is SO Sexist!

I also rated 5 stars for this to be seen. I know this is a game but as a WOMAN I find this very offensive to men you take their money and leave when there broke you LEAVE. and do it again for 1 women should be respected but MEN are not all dog yeah 89% of them are but some are good and this game took it to far.🤬🤯

- I like it but it’s kinda offensive

Ok so I like this game it’s a good game but there is a lot of ads but that’s with every other game it’s kinda offensive that it makes you think every boy has money but it’s not true and it’s also REALLY offensive that it uses a girl acting like girls are poor and not boys but overall it’s a good game but if you are looking to see if iOS offensive then look at this review it kind of is

- Good and bad at the same time more good

1.I love this game 2.I know all the other reviews say bad for kids but I’m 11 and I understand you shouldn’t love a person for money but this game is just for fun so I love this game 3. I also want to suggest you like add houses and cars kinda like sims but please consider my suggestions

- There are many problems :/

I think the game is ok but there we’re ads when I went to a different level(I don’t remember much)and the games rules are not good for little kids also I wish there was music bc it’s kinda boring without it lastly I want more girls bc there isn’t a lot same for the boys and pets the game might get updated and change the things I wanted the developer to change

- Bug with skins

This game is very fun, but there must be a bug with skins or something because they are not working for me. Whenever I switch skins, the girl looks the same; she just has a different “effect” or aura or whatever around her. It was working when I first downloaded the game, but for the past couple of days it hasn’t been.

- Good But

I like this game, just one thing. No, it’s not all the ads cause I didn’t get that many. It’s the fact that I can’t play a round without it crashing in the middle of the round. The game is good otherwise! Have a great day!

- Riley Montgomery’ s

I think this game is ok but the reason why is it is teaching little kids to look over poor people badly or decent I would give this game a 1/10 but I could only give it a 5/5 to get this review on the top page


There is one MAJOR no no in this game. It is rated 12+ for a reason. I’m 14 myself and if i were younger i would probably be influenced by this game. It teaches children to date someone spend all of their money and then go to a new guy. Also WAY TOO MANY ADS! If u r a person that’s likes ads and is above like 13ish then maybe get this game. Parents DO NOT LET LITTLE CHILDREN GET THIS GAME!

- Game is nothing but a money grab for the developer!

It’s an okay concept but when you begin playing, you realize that the game is just as long the following ad…..and there’s an ad after EVERY game. You collect money, but there’s no way to actually spend the money you make because everything that is available can only be claimed by….you guessed it! Watching An ad!

- This game is horrible

First of all if you go to the women’s shop and press it the back of there legs are weird second of all it’s terrible that your showing kids to date men for there money third of all there are way to many adds and if you try to get a reward you have to watch an add but then no matter what you do the x button does not work so you have to refresh the app and you won’t get the reward!


This game teaches a very horrible lesson. This game is for 12+ but a seven years old can get it still. Even worse they can interpret this game to reality and use men for money! I’m a pre-teen and if I was immature enough p, I would follow this games lesson. Then what will the future hold for this and every other generation. Again it says 12 and up yet it has the most inappropriate ads. Some are okay, but the fact that the majority isn’t is what’s wrong.

- Why comment bad?

The ads, you could just skip them with turning off the internet, the hate just keep it to yourself something bad about the game? Don’t talk about it.

- Dear Creator

the game is sexist it looks like men have to buy you what everything you what and it make women look like gold diggers but I like the fact you can adopt pets but to many ads😡🤬 if click on something a ads pops up but the game needs to be taken down sorry not sorry I showed my brother the game and he was mad so please take it down and I deleted it

- Terrible TERRIBLE game

1. This game is very sexist 2.The female is a gold digger (why just why are you trying to teach kids (Girls especially) to just boy’s for money? 3. After playing the game for a while (you have to buy to increase salary) It make’s the salary blank and go back to normal wasting all your money 4. many adds which is common for games like these.(just turn on airplane mode) 🎶Pros🎶 1. Play it when bored. That’s all, I don’t recommend. ✨Thanks for reading✨

- Glitchy and Sexist

I downloaded this game because it was an add on tiktok! I got through the first 4 levels but when I made my way to level 5 and passed it the game glitched and force quit on me. This game is also extremely sexist. If you are giving this game 5 stars just to talk about how sexist this game is then you aren’t helping to get the game taken down at all. Just rate the game 1 star and it will get taken down by the App Store!

- Bad

This game can be fun and I guess addicting but not really… One big no no is that it is very sexist, you have to “date” rich men and if they don’t have enough money for you to get what you want you leave them and marry another rich man. This is a very bad lesson to teach children because the majority of players are children, it is teaching them that they don’t need to work hard and just marry someone rich to be wealthy.

- I like this game

So this game is so much fun I like earning the new jobs and getting to the money pool it’s really fun but the ad is a liar because I actually did get president easily but I really like this game I have a good review

- Sugar

The fact that it’s about sugar daddy’s bugs me but I love this game it’s perfect in almost every way possible! This game is fun and keeps me busy for one hour to and hour and thirty minutes so I recommend this game.

- Very sexist..!

(Only rated 5 stars so can be seen) Ok so the goal of the game is to date a men and waste all his money. This is for kids! This is a horrible game for kids would you want you kid to do this?

- Nice but bad

This game is teaching children to use men for money and if they broke they fall like you broke up with them so it’s showing them not to love your lover but to use them for money that is just not right but the when you get to choose your man you can see how much money they got like that’s all they need but it’s not

- Fun but…

It’s fun but the game has to many adds anytime you click on something an add. Please make it so we can but no adds otherwise I might uninstall and so many other people would too. Anytime I try to exit a add it glitches so I have to leave the game and rejoin again then having to rewatch the add twice.

- 😃

This game is better than the others it has less adds in it


first, this is basically teaching your kids to be a gold digger and that is nasty. Second it teaches your kids lessons like “only date for their money” and “ you should use your friends to get your way”. THIS IS HORRIBLE! also if they are doing things like this I would say they should take this down and create more kid-friendly and educational games

- My concerns

So this game is quite addictive but it’s suggesting that girls use guys or that girls need guys too pay for their clothes. So you can’t make your own money if your a girl? Sexiest! Though it is made well if the creator could make it to where are you can make your own money then that would be better :D

- Disgusting

This game is so disgusting! The girls only want the men because their rich, marriage should be a thing because you love you husband/wife you shouldn’t choose them because their rich! All they characters look the same but their so post to be different. That’s why the game is so disgusting and I am ashamed to say I had it. Never download this game. It sets a horrible influence on girls and boys.

- Being honest

I gave this game a one star rating because kids find games in the App Store and just start downloading it and this is a game that kids shouldn’t play it’s teaching people how to use men for money this is the reason that y’all need to think when y’all make games like this maybe consider on removing this from the App Store.

- Concerning Themes

Look, I know it’s just a game or whatever, and if it were just one game, I wouldn’t be too concerned, but it seems like half of the mobile games out there are really sexist or judgmental. It’s not as bad as those “Fix this girl and make her pretty so people will love her!” type games, but I still don’t like the trend that I’m noticing here. Coming from a teen.

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- Addicting but not right

I love this game and it is slowly making me addicted, but the thing is the subject of the game is literally gold digging. Ik this game is fun and is an awesome game to play when you are bored but the influence is not good. Little kids could start downloading the game and after a while they could start to think that what you do in the game(gold digging) is right please fix this

- Won’t let me pass level 29

I won’t lie, this game is strangely addictive, and I was enjoying it for a bit… but there are quite a few problems. Firstly, once I got to a “high” enough level, the game was glitching like crazy (watching an ad wouldn’t give me a character, game would randomly crash, etc.). Secondly, the subject of the game is LITERALLY gold digging. Your character starts out as “poor” and you have to pick the “honey’s” with the biggest salaries to “buy” clothing, and if you have a high enough amount of money spent on you, your “sad” tag goes up to “sugar”. I know that mobile games are getting pretty weird nowadays, but making this game for CHILDREN is particularly insufferable. If this gets extremely popular, it might even start teaching little boys and girls that this is ok. Also, there is an ad after every level (even if you don’t pick to multiply your cash or get a new “honey”/pet), but that’s for every mobile game now so I don’t care about that very much (apart from when it glitches and my game freezes/crashes, which is surprisingly often). Anyways, thank you for reading.

- Amazing game

Amazing game but I rated this a 4 because there’s this glitch where if you go to one of the honey’s or clothes it will sometimes make you go through it think I start the game i go to the judge or robber it will sometimes make me go though the door thing and the same thing goes with the clothes

- Meh

It’s ok, I have covid rn and it’s kinda helping with the boredom but it’s boring

- Great Game

Honestly this game has great quality and graphics and barely any ads. It’s very fun but homeless people and janitors can have thousand just not enough for a home. Others may not agree but this is my opinion. ❤️

- Very fun bye as soon as you see this

All the jobs and clothes makes this game so fun definitely bye i love this game so much ty for making this game its awesome 11 out of 10 love it

- VIP level

When I watch an add to play a vip level the is no vip and there is just my character walking through and I get 0 cash at the end and there are to many adds

- Ads

Please stop having adds it makes me not wnat to play the game and the rounds in the game r 2 short x


I do not recommend this game it’s one of those games with tonnes of ads that always pop up it’s so annoying this app is the worst it also is like those games with such bad and low quality. I HATE this game so much it brings me frustration DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP IT’S THE WORST if I could I would give this game a negative 100,000,000 stars THE WORST >:(

- So many glitches

It’s so glitchy and I can’t get pass the 4th level because there is a ad then it freezes and glitches my screen. It’s so annoying

- Its bad

The game freezes randomly, the controls are wonky despite there only being one, and its only about gold digging. Its a disappointing game.

- Gotta admit :-(

On level 30 yet haven’t seen one coloured character. Ok then.

- Hi

Really fun!

- So short

Beat in less than an hour

- fun until u max everything

the game was great but once u max everything theres no pirpose.

- Do not download

Wayyyyy too many ads

- Bad

I did not like this game

- Money honey bad review

It won’t start and it’s pissing me off😡

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- D


- Why?

Your teaching children to use men for money?!?!

- slayed

yasssification!!!! #girl boss 😘😘😘🤫🤫🤫‼️‼️❤️❤️

- What the heck?!?

Why are you teaching KIDS that women should use men for money that is not ok if I could I would put 0 stars

- this will make kids think it’s okay to use people for money

i don’t think this app is really good for little kids, because it will make them think it’s okay to use other people for money.

- What the heck is this garbage

This is the worst thing in the world when people make a game and then it doesn’t even work like who does that ugh 😒😤 I’m so dissatisfied and disappointed 😔

- Omg

I hate thie ur showing little kids how to be sassy and pick rich stuff over boys so stupid

- Sucks don’t buy it

It sucks don’t buy it I hate it plus it’s not ok to use men for money

- Change the name

As my name being James I am offended please change it

- Different name

You should call it gold digger

- I love this

Me and my friend love to play this!

- No

Very glitchy even with high internet speed, the feet at the end are glitchy, lots of ads

- Ummmm

This game is fun and you did put it for people 12 and up so if they don’t like it don’t get it.It is a bit glitchy sometimes but otherwise good

- There is something Wong with this

It’s not working

- Don’t download

Don’t get, I promise your not missing out if u don’t download, the game is just adds every 6 seconds

- The game just won’t open

I installed it, open the app and directly crashes.

- Not good

In the all new it says minor bug fixes yet it still won’t let be play it and the message of this game is horrible

- So glitchy

This game so really glitchy but if it wasn’t glitchy I would’ve loved this game

- Crashes.

Every time and I mean EVERY TIME an ad pops up, the game crashes.

- Too much lag

This is absolutely the laggiest game i have ever played. It caused so much leg i had to reset my phone 5 times just to have my phone work properly. Terrible.

- It’s ok

I downloaded this game today and so far it’s good it’s very glitchy but I’ve learned to deal with it. I hate the fact that it is teaching smaller children to use men for money, which obviously you shouldn’t do, children. I would recommend it but you have to be smart enough to not learn like to use men for money when you play it even though taht is just common sense I guess. The only reason that they made this game was for entertainment but thats ok because it is very entertaining and good for when your bored. Anyways, ya it’s a good game, but don’t try to learn from this app, because that is not a good thing for woman, to use men just in general. And men shouldn’t use girls. And girls shouldn’t use girls and guys shouldn’t use guys. COMMON SENSE GUYS

- Oof

It’s so glitchy and annoying but if it wasn’t glitchy it would be fine

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Money Honey! iphone images
Money Honey! iphone images
Money Honey! iphone images
Money Honey! iphone images
Money Honey! iphone images
Money Honey! iphone images
Money Honey! iphone images
Money Honey! iphone images
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The applications Money Honey! was published in the category Games on 2021-10-14 and was developed by Rollic Games [Developer ID: 1452111779]. This application file size is 320.09 MB. Money Honey! - Games app posted on 2022-04-15 current version is 4.0.0 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.muhammedersoy.moneydaddy3d