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They Are Coming! Version 2.8.620 May 2022

We are preparing weekly updates to provide a better gaming experience for you! This update includes Bug fixes and a few adjustments, enjoy!.

They Are Coming! Version 2.6.704 March 2022

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

They Are Coming! Version 2.125 December 2021

- new levels.

They Are Coming! Comments & Reviews 2022

- Gameplay is uninviting

The difficulty from level to level is inconsistent when you start the first couple waves are easy but the next level you have to upgrade your power ups 20 times before you can beat it then the next level requires just as much upgrading it’s not fun when you lose 20 times in a row just to win once and then do the same thing all over again

- No Ads??

First off let me say I enjoy the game. For a little “stick man” style time waster it’s actually pretty fun. I have to say I was a little disappointed recently though. I figured I play it enough that I’d pony up the $2.99 & pay for the No Ads option. I do so & then click on one of the options for an upgrade & am instantly met with an ad. So I assume that $2.99 only stops the occasional game interrupting ads?? Maybe that should’ve been specified when given the option to buy out of ads. I pay for no ads but still have to watch one every time I wanna upgrade a little?? That’s weak!! I wouldn’t have purchased the option had I known that was the case. I’ve done it on other games & when it says “No Ads” it means No Ads. Ultimately it won’t matter. Like the majority of other games I’ve downloaded this one will lose its charm, I’ll lose interest & it will get deleted like it’s predecessors. I’ll find another game to replace it, possibly one made by your studio. If that be the case though I will most like lose interest in it sooner because I’ll be overwhelmed with ads since I won’t be purchasing the No Ad option again knowing that it’s really a Not As Many Ads option. I’ll save my $2.99 for a 1/2 a gallon of gas or something. Thank you & good day.

- Paid to get rid of ads and still more ads. That’s a first

Kept getting ads for this game while playing another. Thot my 10 year old would like it so I finally downloaded it. We both love playing it. But it’s like the other comment I saw here. You play 1 minute and spend 4 minutes watching ads to level up. If you don’t level up, you don’t pass levels. So I decided to spend the money to get rid of the ads. Well they are not gone. Only way to level up first chance is through an ad. Then you can use game cash. Feel I’ve been tricked. They got my real cash. By the way, I have paid to get rid of ads on other games and it they were gone. Since loading the game and playing this was over the course of three hours when I decided to write this review. Fun game, but ad crazy. Back it off and people will stay and play. Admin adjust monopolies to in app purchases.

- Game turns off randomly

Fun little game! Unfortunately it will just turn off in the middle of playing it. It’s easy to just reload the game and keep playing, but it can be annoying. I paid for no ads, but even with that, I think I watched enough ads to last me a lifetime. There were definitely less ads but to get certain perks watching the ads is necessary. Today I went to open the game and it won’t turn on, just a black screen. I am going to try and restart my phone to see if that helps, but my other apps are working fine and all updates have been completed.

- Obscene amount of Ads

Stop forcing me to watch something to purchase, STOP BEGGING FOR MY MONEY! Those other reviews are LIARS!!! There is an obscene amount of ads. After EACH round there is a FULL 60 sec. ad, complete with FORCED sound and interaction. Game play is only 30-60 seconds anyway. There is no way that it is ok to be bombarded with constant forced ads asking consumers to purchase something. It seems like mostly Every minute of our day is marked with ads, in apps, as soon as we turn on our smart tvs, IG is launching full blown commercials, in our emails, spam calls to sell/steal. This needs to be stopped. Forcing ads onto us at this rate feels like we’re living in that Black Mirror episode !

- Game is fun but runs horribly

I have an iPhone 8, so not the most modern device ever but still one that works well for me. I downloaded this game and it was actually pretty fun. I wasn't too sure what upgrading your income did, but nonetheless the game was fun and it's pretty brainless. However, when I got to level 11, the game became unplayable as my phone was lagging and I would only see one frame every 5 seconds. I made sure nothing was running in the background, turned off wifi and data, and the game still ran poorly. It feels that the game isn't optimized as each entity is taking a lot of cpu usage. And when there's 300 entity's on screen, there is issues.

- Scam

App is 100% a cash grab. Any power up nerds a 30sec-1min ad. When you try to end an ad it pops up for you to download the ad rather than end it. If you want any power up you gotta watch one of these ads. They force so many ads they want you to spend the $2-$3 on it to no longer have ads which is highly predatory. Some power ups you get through in game money. Levels are fine within less than a minute so you spend more time watching ads (making them money) rather than playing the game. Apple is a joke for letting this app on here and being strict about other apps. The best part is you get ads for literally the same games as this one.

- Best game

Me not wrong me think is best game ever not stoping play ever my wife left me because I play to much love game is better than the Fortnite’s and the Minecraft’s and all the other ones when I buy this game so many woman me have and grows your little friend 70” is best game changed my life I love this game stoped me from committing die love game changed life for ever I now win lottery and have new girl In bed every night

- A description

Overall I give it 3 stars. When I most recently played it I had to watch a 30 second add every single round and the rounds are not long. It’s much more advertising than most other apps. That’s one annoying part. The second is that there really isn’t much to it, it’s a simple concept with repetitively. It’s mainly the same thing over again and it bored me. I give it three stars because I think if you are less than age 12, aside from the adds, it could make for a very fun and entertaining game. Anyone over that will just get bored.

- Great concept, terrible execution

This game is pretty fun, but can be absolutely infuriating with the crashing. I hate ads in games, and don’t mind spending the $3 to get rid of them, so I did. To my surprise you still need to watch ads to get basically anything done in the game. I played this for approximately 35 minutes. In that time (after I paid for “no ads”), I had 2 ads freeze on me, not giving me the reward for watching, and 3 more times the game crashed at the end of watching an ad and still no reward. The game itself is alright if you can get past the fraudulent “no ads” purchase and the wasting of time watching ads that you paid not to watch…

- This “game” is an ad. Short.

For your sanity’s sake, do not download this game. There is at least three times more time spent watching ads than actual gameplay. Two ads between each round, and an ad for every new weapon, level up, etc. I paid for the game to remove ads, and there are still ads. I guess I completed the game in one day. I have maxed out the upgrades I can get, have obtained all of the available characters and weapons, and keep repeating the same course over and over. When I get to the end of the course, there are no options to continue or to replay. The game just freezes. Have to force close and reopen the app.

- Fun, but crashes every few minutes

This game is fun, and addictive! But the constant ads (if you don’t pay for the $2.99 ad skip) are exhausting. After paying for the ad skip, I was very frustrated to find that you still have to watch an ad every time you want to upgrade your character. Outside of ad blasts, the app crashes every few rounds. If you are playing it more than 10 minutes or so, expect a crash at least every other round. Fix the bugs and get rid of ad for upgrade, and I will recommend to friends. Until then, definite hard pass.

- Good but needs more diversity

Easy to max out this game. It has an addictive quality for sure but it needs more complex and difficult levels. The challenge fades, and even the ads for this game purported challenges like dividing your group smaller or subtracting it, which isn’t present in the actual game. Would love to keep playing with more of a challenge. I built up over $700,000 haha. Also the stability of the game is quite great but it does crash sometimes when too much goes on. Not a huge concern but I’m more stability would be great

- It’s okay.

The game is fun to play when bored. There are a lot of ads. I’m okay with that. I’m okay when I get to CHOOSE when I get the ads. I’m not okay when the ads randomly pop up after I CHOSE to watch an ad. Also, when I choose to watch an ad and it finishes. Most of the time I don’t get the reward. It’s a bit vexing that I’m choosing to watch and ad to get something, only to watch another one about three more times, because the reward wasn’t given. Please fix, at least, this problem.

- Level Cap?

Overall, it’s an addicting game and obviously it comes with ads. Just turn on airplane mode and you’ll be fine, pretty obvious at this point. However, no clue if my phones glitching or smth but I’m on level 47 and at the end they all just continue shooting even when they’re all dead? Restarted 3 times and ran into the same problem all three times :/ would love to continue to play this game if this was fixed.

- Terrible

If I could give this zero stars I would. The game design is terrible, there a bunch of ads. Even if you purchase the ad free version the game is still basically impossible if you don’t watch ads to get better rewards. This is also one of the only games I’ve played on my iPhone 11 that has actually crashed while I’ve played it. From start to finish this game just infuriated me. Don’t make the mistake of either buying or installing this game because it’s a waste of time and money. The developers should be ashamed of themselves and don’t deserve a cent that they get off this game.

- Full of ads

Only get this if you don’t mind ads. I just completed the first one and ever button press is a new ad. In total I spent more time watching ads for other games than I spent playing the first round. Perhaps it was just the ads that I got, but there was no way to jump ahead by viewing them in the App Store, etc. There is no indication that pushing these buttons = view ad and I didn’t see a way to try and continue to the next round w/o pressing them. If you’re fine with all the ads, then it might be good, but I’ve uninstalled before playing the second round.

- Game is fun but wayyyy too many ads

Ads aren’t a bad thing. But when the time you spend watching ads is 3x more than the gameplay it gets old fast. Played 2 rounds and deleted it. Not paying $3 to play without ads. Just do one ad every 5 minutes or something not so aggressive

- I wish I could play this game...I would like to try it.

I open it up and it immediately kicks me out and back to my home screen. Both good happens. Nothing on the game does anything. It is a blank screen for 1/2 second and then pops back out again. I deleted it and redownloaded it and deleted it and redownloaded it. It doesn’t work on my phone at all. It kinda looked fun. Hopefully someday I’ll be able to stumble across it again when they have it working. Right now it doesn’t do anything except pop me back out to where I started before clicking on it.

- No Ads yea right!

Very disappointed with this game because I purchased it after I hit the button on the game that said “no ads“. Granted it was only $2.99 but no ads means no ads… But not according to this game because after I finished a level it went right to an advertisement that I had to sit through. So I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone until they get that glitch fixed. And I’ve deleted it off of my iPad because it’s more frustrating waiting for the game to walk through those ads then playing the game itself. Hope this helps anybody.

- Had potential but ads killed it. Deleted.

Has the potential to be interesting but it is another money-grubbing game where you play one game and then see endless ads. You don’t even get to get the hang of it or understand it without a zillion stupid ads. I have had it less than 10 minutes and am deleting it immediately. So awful and irritating, and I am sorry Apple has the data that I downloaded it once. Feels like a nothing game. Don’t even try it. Ads are part of every click and every single attempt to get a game started.

- Fun game, but more ads that gameplay

The game is fun. And I get that games need advertising revenue to make money. But you will have to watch a 20-30 second video after 20-30 worth of gameplay. Every so often you’ll have to watch a second video to get more money for another game, and if you want enough guys to beat a level, you might have to watch a third. 90 second of ads for 30 seconds of gameplay is just ludicrous. The only reason I didn’t give one star is because the game is fun

- Its alright

I enjoyed playing this game while it was stimulating. By level 60 it got repetitive but I played it until level 86. Sometimes it would crash but thats because my troops would reach 200+ Then again I'm 24 but my brother who is 26 plays clash of clans and never gets bored of it and my other brother plays zombies vs plants, another recommended one. I played for a day and deleted it because I know I win all the time.

- Ads and weapon changes

I really like this game but just like the other comments on this game the ads are devastating but another annoying problem is while I’m trying to dodge attacks and other items there’s always another gun or item right in the way so my weapon changes and I end up losing because there’s another weapon that automatically chose’s for me after walking to it and it’s kind of annoying

- Not a great game, too many ads

After each round there’s an ad, the round takes a minute, it’s a 30 second ad with no skip, but after the ad there a 5 second delay before you can close the window. If you click before that it takes you to the App Store. Once that ad is for it gives you the option to purchase upgrades, but you don’t see the cost of those upgrades unless you watch an ad. You don’t get enough income to stay competitive without watching ads. Not a great underlying game either so not worth it.

- Annoying Ads

Could be fun but the insane amount of ads to progress is ridiculous. About 4-5 minutes of ads to every minute of gameplay. Most of the ads require interacting with them, not just clicking the “X” icon to close the ad. This apparently causes memory or cpu usage to a point where the game freezes constantly or crashes all together. Played around 30 minutes (counting the ads time as well) and I deleted immediately. Not worth the time.

- It’s ok

I’m on level 400 something and max level everything but I don’t see the point of the game after this because they keep giving you more money for winning the levels but there’s nothing to spend it on once you’re maxed out on fireing rate and ammo and bosses . I just keep winning only lost like five times and that’s because I wasn’t paying attention fun game but needs further advancements. Also if you play like 10 or 15 levels in a row the game will start to crash

- I wish there was more

It’s an ok fun game, but the ads are annoying but hey I don’t really mind that, what I do mind is that It’s basically the same game every so-called level. The concept is great but I wish there was more to this game. It’s boring after a while which leads me to believe that either ppl will quit sooner b/c of that, or this app is just a game to get people to download more games due to the high amount of ads. 3 stars because it’s just ok.

- Good game to pass time, continuous app crashes

Overall entertaining game to pass time. Like many other reviews before me, I reached level 55 before it started to freeze. It would have been nice to have read from the app developer that the game crashes at a certain level prior to making my purchase. I don’t mind what I paid for this game but do not like something that crashes constantly. You sir, need a fixing!

- Cool game! Nonstop adds

Cool game , I played for about an hour, it was neat pretty addictive but killed it all with adds. Win a game? Watch an add. Loose a game? Watch an add. Lost a game and picked an upgrade? Have another add. It’s 3$ to get rid of the adds but really guys? I can play hundreds of other games that have no adds or have an add if you want a bonus. I’m not going to play games like this that will force you to anti up or plow through nonstop adds, it’s ridiculous.

- Overall fun, lacks challenges in higher levels

Full disclosure, I play a lot of chess as a distraction and recently downloaded this game because FB bombarded me with ads to download it. I digress, I enjoy the game - it’s fun. However, I am on level 617 and I have $13MM in the bank. It is no longer challenging. Developers please add more complexity to higher levels!

- Top review is wrong!

The featured review right now says “all the reviews saying there are 5 minutes of ads for 1 min of play must be fake.” I got news for you… it’s true. I install the app, play 1 short round… like 20 seconds of play, then it was two unskippable ads of 30s each, and then after the ads played, I got the “XP” from winning the round, I clicked to accept it, and BAM another unskippable ad. Then I play one more round of 20 seconds, and BAM two more ads of around a minute total. Uninstalled in less than 5 minutes.

- Do not purchase ads free, you’ll still watch them

This game has excessive ads and long ones at that. They are longer and more frequent that the round of the game you play. Hence you spend more time watching repeated ads versus playing the game. Now the game is fun so I’ve purchased the ads free. Well i see it doesn’t matter you will still watch ads and i also notice this is across multiple of their games. So save your money do not purchase ads free and have patience because it’s a ton of ads. I want a refund

- The amount of ADs is simply ridiculous

I understand that developers need Ads to make money, but this game is literally like 80% ads for 20% gameplay. The gameplay itself is quite entertaining, but not worth it when you realize that you’re basically watching the same scammy ads over and over again…. Also, the battery drain for this game is very high especially for what it is. My phone was feeling hot after just 30 mins (of mostly ads). Cannot recommend this game.

- No Gameplay, Just Adds

Ok, so I started playing this game a few days ago and I’m already tired of it. I get that the devs have to get money from adds, but the amount of adds is preposterous. It makes me mad about how many adds there are because all you get is adds. And every add is the same stupid junk. It is a good game, but if you want ppl to play, you have to give them time to play, all I rlly can do is watch adds! Overall, Devs, I know you won’t respond to this, but please decrease the amount of stupid adds we, the players, get.

- Good bones, but…

The basic mechanics of the game are fine, but I, too, am struggling with the game’s performance. At seemingly random intervals, the frame rate completely drops, which affects gameplay and cause level failure. Then the app eventually crashes. This isn’t even an issue of “you need to update the app” because I had it for literally a day, and it crashed at least three times. The devs need to focus on smoothing and buffing the performance so it runs better on more devices.

- Not as much ads

Way and when I say way I mean way to many ads, this game is very fun and entertaing but it gets to a point where it’s almost unbearable because of the ads after every game no matter if you lose or win you still get an add. I feel like this game isn’t special In any way besides that it’s technically “different” even though almost every game is like this. This game needs a lot of work but in the end it will be fun 👍

- Excellent for the Ad enthusiast

This is the best game ever if you are solely interested in watching Ads...!!!! After each game you must watch an ad; if you want to upgrade weapons, then you must watch an ad. If you want to take a break and breathe, then you must watch an Jk I understand advertisements is how apps operate. But, this app is about more ads than playing. All in all, the the game itself is well developed.

- Level cap…

Similar to the most recent reviews… I’ll get to about the 51st level or so and it in a sense freezes. I’m able to close it out and reopen it and play the level achieved, but I’m unable to collect any additional coins for passing a level. Otherwise it would be a 5 rating bc it’s a good game thus far.

- Runs hot & too many/ long ads

Best to play this game with airport mode. Game makes your phone hot and will force the game to close Ads are almost as long as a round to play so the ads are not fun. I’d recommend putting your phone on airport mode to minimize ads and then you can earn money through the game and just by playing and winning to get upgrades. Idea for the game in general is fun but too many ads and heats up phone. Deleting the game. Good for the novelty.

- Quick, simple game play, TONS of ads

Game play itself is super quick, and you are able to get very powerful weapons like a railgun and a poison shooter after just a few levels, but the game has been engineered so that you have to be subjected to multiple ads before moving on to the next level. Want to increase your firing rate: ad Want to increase your firing power: ad Level up: ad Finished the level: ad Literally everything. Combine that with essentially the same level over and over again makes for a game that gets old real quick. I installed the game one evening , played up to level 70 something, got all the weapons and maxed out my character, but when the levels never changed, I deleted it the next day.

- Ok game, but crashes constantly

This is not a hard game, but it’s still fun to play to pass time. It does have quite a few ads, but what free game doesn’t? My biggest issue with this game is that it crashes. A LOT. Like every time I play. I’ll be in the middle of a level and suddenly the game crashes and I have to relaunch the app. Very frustrating. Although I enjoy this game, I’m very close to deleting it because of the constant crashes.

- Completely intolerable ads

The game seems cool. Unfortunately there really are several minutes of ads for each minute of play. You have to choose several options before each round and there are multiple ads after each choice. For some there is a paid option, and if you choose that you can get to the next choice without more ads. It really is ridiculous, though. It’s a shame, because the game itself seems fun.

- Too many many many advertisements

I understand advertisements are the major income of the game developers. However, I am sick and tired of wasting my time on watching the advertisements from this game. No matter the level success or fail, advertisements after advertisements. Every upgrade involves mixtures of coins and advertisements. The bottom line, this developer wants us to pay $2.99 to buy this cheap graphic quality game. I rather save $2.99 for other well worth games.

- Good game -2hrs

Easy to beat under 2hrs unlocking everything except for the ads which I knew I wasn’t keeping this game for long. Kudos to the team for a quick snag grab on ticktok. Only problem is even thou I beat all levels, the last item wouldn’t unlocked for whatever reason.

- Fun Game But Some Ad Doesn’t Work

I get you need ads but it never gives me credit for watching them! There is one ad in particular for a certain game we will call “RM” which looks like a matching puzzle game like Candy Crush. With images of a king. Whenever the ad finishes it tells me “you have to keep watching to redeem your reward!” or something to that effect. Even though there is no more to watch… and it does this every time. So I watch the videos and it acts like I didn’t!

- This game lags

It glitches and lags to the point that I can’t play the game. I’m using an iPhone and haven’t had issues with other games. The review with the guy saying he doesn’t know why people comment that obviously has a device that supports the app. It’s fun if it’d work on my phone.

- Decent concept fell flat

The concept of the game is neat, but it is such a deterrent with the amount of ads you receive. You get two ads every single levels. That is excessive and ridiculous. The only way around it is to close the app and reopen it, but you do not receive any rewards. If they update the game and move the ads only to be extra rewards, then it would bearable and pretty fun actually.

- Needs improvement

Really like the concept of this game and definitely had me addicted for several days. Threw down the $3 to eliminate adds but immediately was hit with more ads. Game developers fall short at creating additional challenges once you’ve achieved all weapons. Not worth purchasing if I could do it over.

- Fun but at what cost ..

This game is pretty fun… when you can play it.. The amount of ads is honestly ridiculous. In between every single level you spend about 3-4 minutes of ads. I just deleted the game because I prefer those where I can actually play and not have to wait 3-4 minutes in between rounds

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- Fun but too easy

This is fun but the levels are easy

- Way too many ads which are too long

Finish the first level then you get 2 guns as a prize. Click the first to redeem and watch a 15 second ad then click the second and do the same. Yawn, it will only get worse if that’s the first level. Instantly deleted the app. I actually really enjoyed it and liked the concept but not worth the ads. It won’t allow you to play uninterrupted for long enough to decide whether you would get a paid version with no ads (if that’s possible).

- Bugs (need fixing)

Good game but the bugs make it unplayable when you get to an end of the level you cannot progress it says level complete and there is just the spinning background pinwheel with no option to move on - very disappointing because other than these bugs great game

- Good concept but too many ads, including in the middle of action

Could be enjoyable but the ads are too frequent, including in the middle of a game.

- Fail

Adds make this game unplayable without pay to play they are too long and frequent.

- Too many ads

There’s a visible lag when the game starts, I guess it’s the ads loading that causes a lag; the ads are too frequent, it almost feels like an app of ads with games in between.

- Ads app not a game

I played this game about 40 seconds. I watched the ads about 3 mins. Everytime you click something, you have to watch the ads until finish. *exit - uninstalled * what a nice 40 seconds game…

- Too many ads

This game would be so much better if you didn’t literally spend more time watching ads than you do playing the actual game.

- Ruined Experience

My enjoyment of this game was completely ruined by the poor performance (glitching out the controls and lagging) and the onslaught of ads (10 in 10 minutes).

- Unplayable

Unplayable because of Ads. At least 1 minute between games. Spend more time waiting to hit that cross button that never seems to appear

- Suggestion.

This is a great game and a fun one but I do think they should add more stuff to it.

- Waaaay too many ads

You will spend more time watching ads than you will spend actually playing the game.

- Too many adds

I get that you need adds, but this is ridiculous!!! Since I started playing this game, I have to watch an add before I walk the dog or go to the toilet.

- The game

It’s a little bit laggy

- Not enough ads!

They could probably have squeezed a few more ads in there!

- Too many ads

Unless you pay for it, there are more adds than game time!

- Laggy and ad filled

Too many ads and poor performance, makes my phone laggy and run hot.

- KKCool


- Ad Central!

If you like watching ads this is the game for you.. There is literally more Ad duration than actual in game playtime. Whoever thought this was a good idea is an absolute flog.

- Way too many long ads.

Installed for 2 levels and deleted

- Ads everywhere

Awful ads everywhere

- Ripoff

Paid the $4.99 to stop the stupid ads that run for ages every couple min or so, now they keep playing. Great. Fraud.

- Ads

Paid for no ads, still get ads. Don’t buy

- Another ad infested trash game

Ads every 15 seconds. It’s a poorly made game solely built to get ad revenue. Don’t bother.

- This game is an ad simulator

Way way too many ads

- Ads ads ads

Don’t bother, ads are unbearable.

- Freeze after lvl 58

Doesn’t Show the next level after Lvl 58 👎🏻👎🏻

- So far so good


- gave my phone aids


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- Turn your phone on airplane mode

That stops the flood of ads and leaves you free to play this truly addictive game.

- Way to many ads

Way to many ads


Incredibly laggy, unoptimized and full of ads.

- Fun game

Great game, no levels past 20. Just says coming soon. Also some of the ads freeze in the middle of a battle and you have to close and reload game. You also loose the battle you were in. Very disappointing!!

- Ads

Loose interest because of the ads

- Too many ads

You spend more time with the ads than playing time

- Games made for ads not players

The idea so fun, the gameplay is poor with lot of lags and insane amount of ads. The reviews are misleading and fake for all those who gave 5 stars. I downloaded and deleted within 5 minutes

- Lagging on iphone 13 pro max

Poor thing

- Fun game, Waaay too many ads!

The game was fun to play for about 5-10 min. But there are sooooo many ads. It’s very annoying. I deleted the app after having it for 10 min.

- Great game but don’t purchase

Pretty fun and straightforward game. I purchased the no ads option and it still requires me to watch an ad for pretty much every upgrade, so that was disappointing.

- Trash

Absolute garbage game. Glitchy, boring, and waaay too many ads. Don’t waste you time with this one 👎

- Way too many ads

I understand they do ads to make money however there’s just waaaaaay too many and they last forever, 30-90 seconds long and after every single game or any action that’s taken there’s another long ad…games also very laggy and isn't properly optimized do not download

- Fun but too many glitches

The game keeps on crashing

- They’re coming alright…

They’re referring to the ads.

- Not worthy

Full of ads very laggy! Worst of the worst

- Too many ads

Never played a game with so many Ads. Ever! Game seem fun but not worth the insane number of ads each round

- Fun

Love this game really good to play to take my mind off my busy days

- Here we go again….

I don’t know why I keep playing these games. It’s glitchy and the ads are overwhelming. And, to make matters worse, the ads are becoming more aggressive. It takes repeated clicks to get rid of them and even when you click past them you’re taken to the App Store. A real pain in the *#%!!!

- So much ads

The game is fun, but repetitive and there is sooo much ads! Ads at the bottom, ads after each run, ads to get extra stuff… ads, ads, ads… not fun enough for all those ads!

- Good game, tons of ads

Fun game but ridiculous number of long ads, even after paying to remove the ads.

- Too many ads

Way too many ads makes is not much fun to play

- Could be more enjoyable but...

the ads are longer than a stage in that game

- AD’s every game don’t purchase.

You have to watch an ad at every level, even when purchase it. Don’t pay for this game.

- Paid for full version…still has ads?

PLEASE DO NOT PAY!! Paid 3.99 for the app yet there are still 30 seconds clips I must watch before upgrading? I got bamboozled so you don’t have to. Do not pay for the “ad free version”

- App lags after a few levels

Laggy and unplayable - also way too many ads but what’s new with these sorts of apps

- Too many ads

WAAAY too many ads

- Just a cheap way to feed you ads

For every second of game time there’s an equal amount of unskipable video ads.

- More ads than game time

15 seconds of game time, 2 minutes of ads. No thanks.

- Ad filled, poor buggy game

This game is horribly optimized and crashed meaning it can’t even handle what it is offering, the game is full of ads at an unnecessary amount, I’ve played free to play ad based games and they even aren’t as bad as this one, do not recommend.

- Ridiculous Ads

For each 15 second level there are a minute of ads. Often times the ads freeze and don’t allow you to finish playing the game.

- Fun but unstable

Keep in mind I have an iPhone XR relatively new for the year 2022, and this game lags ALOT. The UI is stable but as soon as you start playing you’re supposed to slide ur finger across the screen to move the little people, but everytime you move too fast (which isn’t as fast as you might think) it lags and either the people don’t move at all or they clip all the way to the other side, meaning you will miss some power ups or run into some damaging obstacles. It’s fun but they got a lot of work to do

- X

You play one game and You watch 5 ads.. Complete waste of time

- Pure greed

There are ads at every turn. Ads you can watch for powerups. Ads you must watch after every level. Banner ads on the screen. Game is laggy and choppy, probably due to all the ads. This game could be so much more if it weren’t for all the ads.

- Bugs

Too much bug

- No different levels and gets really boring

You are literally playing three different levels that rotate After level 30 you are bored. Reached level 180 and nothing is different. Created just to run Ads, not game experience.

- Ads with some minor gameplay

another ad filled garbage app, watch ad, play for a tiny amount, spend the next 10 minutes watching ads, click something, spend the next 10 minutes watching ads

- All just advertising

Stay away .. best advice :)

- Bad performance

game doesn’t run smoothly on iphone 8 (15.2) Lots of lags observed during gameplay

- Ad fest

Literally 3 thirty second ads after the first level

- They are cumming

Wayyy too many ads👎

- Absolute trash

If you want to experience 20 seconds of laggy gameplay and 3 minutes of adds after every round then this game is for you!!! Best game ever!!

- Awful

Another platform to watch ads on instead of actually offering a game. Not worth your time or anyone else’s. Don’t download.

- Refund

Paid for no ads and still got ads!?

- Don’t play this game

This game was really addicting I reached level 107. I had already realized that all the levels were the same but kept playing since I stopped losing after level 20. This game is barely even finished, truly feel like the creators made it so that you could watch ads and not for the sake of making an actual game. Ps. Turn off wifi to get rid of ads

- Could be fun - ads

Far too many ads. A fun game but there is an ad every 20 seconds which is waaaaaaay too often for any game to be playable

- Only downloaded to try and write a review

I have no clue how this waste of a game has 4 stars it’s almost like they used fake accounts

- Full of add

If you wanna play 10 second game and 2 minutes add you should dowload this game

- Keeps shutting down

Very disappointed with this game always shutting down during the game and loosing everything earned……

- Unplayable

This is terrible. SOO many ads. I found it too frustrating and a waste of time. The game itself is kind of fun. But you spend more time watching ads than playing. A round takes 10 seconds, then you watch a 30 second ad. Do not download untill developers change this. Clearly money hungry.

- Ads!

If you like copious amounts of ads then this is the game for you!

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They Are Coming! 2.8.6 Screenshots & Images

They Are Coming! iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

They Are Coming! iphone images
They Are Coming! iphone images
They Are Coming! iphone images
They Are Coming! iphone images
They Are Coming! iphone images
They Are Coming! iphone images
They Are Coming! iphone images
They Are Coming! iphone images
They Are Coming! iphone images
They Are Coming! iphone images
They Are Coming! Games application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

They Are Coming! (Version 2.8.6) Install & Download

The applications They Are Coming! was published in the category Games on 2021-10-20 and was developed by Rollic Games [Developer ID: 1452111779]. This application file size is 132.95 MB. They Are Coming! - Games app posted on 2022-05-20 current version is 2.8.6 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.luna.theyarecoming