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They Are Coming! Comments & Reviews 2022

- Bored? This game got you covered…

Are you bored? Do you have nothing to do while waiting in line? This game has you covered! Open the game, watch a 1 minute video, than play a 30 sec round, watch another minute video, spin the wheel, watch another minute video before you can collect the prize you didn’t want in the first place, watch a 1 minute video again - now you are already to play another 30sec round… Don’t press anything or another add will play… Great “add watching” game.

- No Ads??

First off let me say I enjoy the game. For a little “stick man” style time waster it’s actually pretty fun. I have to say I was a little disappointed recently though. I figured I play it enough that I’d pony up the $2.99 & pay for the No Ads option. I do so & then click on one of the options for an upgrade & am instantly met with an ad. So I assume that $2.99 only stops the occasional game interrupting ads?? Maybe that should’ve been specified when given the option to buy out of ads. I pay for no ads but still have to watch one every time I wanna upgrade a little?? That’s weak!! I wouldn’t have purchased the option had I known that was the case. I’ve done it on other games & when it says “No Ads” it means No Ads. Ultimately it won’t matter. Like the majority of other games I’ve downloaded this one will lose its charm, I’ll lose interest & it will get deleted like it’s predecessors. I’ll find another game to replace it, possibly one made by your studio. If that be the case though I will most like lose interest in it sooner because I’ll be overwhelmed with ads since I won’t be purchasing the No Ad option again knowing that it’s really a Not As Many Ads option. I’ll save my $2.99 for a 1/2 a gallon of gas or something. Thank you & good day.

- Game get boring, too many ads

I got this app a few weeks ago looking for something to pass my time. I enjoy “puzzle” type games with the occasional “upgrades” to help you out (think Two Dots and getting a power after watching an ad). The problem is, this app has way too many ads. Forces you to watch one after every level and frequently freezes and crashing. I’d guess some of it has to do with how many ads it has to load. Ads aside, I was willing to past them if the game was worth playing. Problem is… it’s not. I made it to level 140 and the levels all seem the same and hasn’t seemed to increase in length, difficulty or obstacles for the past 100 or so levels. I have all the possible weapons and have maxed out on all the “upgrades.” You earn money after each level but I’m not really sure what the purpose of that is. In summary, if you know basic math and have an attention span of at least 30 seconds, the game gets old really fast. Do not recommend until the developers can do a better job of increasing difficulty and cut down on the ads. Like really? Do I need one after EVERY level?

- Disrespectful

It’s a cool game I’m constantly having to close it out though and restart it which is quicker than waiting on the ad the problem is that the In game currency is unobtainable 50 to 75% of the time depending on the day. Not all ads do this but sometimes an add comes on and I immediately close it out because I know whats going to happen and other times I know by the ad if I could escape it and still get my currency after viewing, so I watch it. In fact I’ve downloaded a few of those. It’s disrespectful of my time and feels a little like theft. I’ve obtained all that ingame currency allows me to buy anyway and I’m in the low 200s as far as level but I haven’t gotten to my next weapon yet which is kind of a good thing; It means I can keep playing this for a while. You just have to know that your time is not valued at all and immediately close out of the ads knowing you’re not going to get any In game currency. It takes me less than 30 seconds to close the app out and restart it on the next level anyway

- Paid to get rid of ads and still more ads. That’s a first

Kept getting ads for this game while playing another. Thot my 10 year old would like it so I finally downloaded it. We both love playing it. But it’s like the other comment I saw here. You play 1 minute and spend 4 minutes watching ads to level up. If you don’t level up, you don’t pass levels. So I decided to spend the money to get rid of the ads. Well they are not gone. Only way to level up first chance is through an ad. Then you can use game cash. Feel I’ve been tricked. They got my real cash. By the way, I have paid to get rid of ads on other games and it they were gone. Since loading the game and playing this was over the course of three hours when I decided to write this review. Fun game, but ad crazy. Back it off and people will stay and play. Admin adjust monopolies to in app purchases.

- Ad free is a lie, game itself isn’t very dynamic over time.

I saw this game in an ad in another app, and have seen games like this advertised a lot, so I said why not- I’ll give it a try. I did this knowing that this game style has been mass produced, and probably will be just decent. Screw it - I download it. I actually enjoy the concept of the game, but I gotta say, I feel totally scammed. I download and start playing, and the game is full of ads. Annoying, but i get it - it’s a free game. After playing a few more levels, the ads became unbearable so I say to myself “okay you know what, the ad free version of the game is only $3. Why not! The concept is fun and maybe the game will get more difficult!” so I buy the ad free version. 1. Ad free is a lie. They literally scammed me. It just removes some of the ads. So in reality you still end up wasting your life being forced to watch ads instead of playing the game. 2. I guess this is just a cheap, worse version of the original idea for this game that was just copy and pasted from GitHub or something, because the game really doesn’t get much more complex or difficult past lvl 10. Don’t buy this game, or download it. I’m sure another developer has a better version somewhere. I have emailed rollic games for a refund in my language and theirs, so if they don’t respond, I guess I’ll come back an edit this review and let y’all know.

- Another Ad Simulator

If you want to actually play a game, do not download this one. 90% of your time is spent watching ads and waiting for the level to load. You literally play, and I’m not exaggerating, 5-10 second levels. And after each level there is an ad that takes 5-10 seconds before you can skip. Most of the ads dont let you skip without it pulling up the App Store first, which is a complete waste of time. And the rest of the time you aren’t watching ads or playing the game, you’re waiting for the game to let you skip past the offer. Everything is an offer. “Watch an ad to upgrade.” “Watch an ad to try again.” “Watch an ad for more income.” And if you don’t want to watch an ad, you have to stare at the screen for another 5-10 seconds just to wait for the offer to let you pass on it. It’s unbelievable how they just pad your time with unnecessary stuff. It’s not even a game. They’re just farming ads.

- What a rip off🤬

The play time is 15 seconds,then it’s 4-6 adds. I paid the 2.99 to skip the adds,After I pressed the tab that said no adds 2.99. I’m calling Apple in the morning and getting my money back. The game could be fun if it wasn’t designed to do one thing only, to see how many adds you can watch before you realize you have been ripped off. Besides all the adds the play time is so short that it seems like this was designed by some kids in middle school,no offense to kids in middle school. The concept could have had potential but why would they do that when they can trick you into paying 2.99 and spend almost no time developing a decent game. If they would have spent half as much time making the game worth playing as they did seeing how many adds they can ram down your throat I wouldn’t be writing this. I’m writing this to warn people not to waste your money or your storage space.

- Waaaaaaayyyyy to many ads!!!!!!!!!

You guys heard this before. We as consumers understand that it’s free and therefore there should be ads but… I’ve never came across a game where ads took away the possible fun out of a game such as this game. I’m not ranting just for kicks. Anybody that gives this game a shot will be frustrated and annoyed within the first 5 minutes of attempting to play a second stage. You win, you get an add, you loose you get an add. You make ANY upgrade which you need to move forward and you guessed it you get an add. No matter what there’s no escape. It’s adds on top of adds an then a 30 seconds stage…Again I get it, it’s free. I guess if you pay $3 I am assuming you get no adds but… then I say it’s the game worth $3? There’s games for less than that and are way better games

- Game turns off randomly

Fun little game! Unfortunately it will just turn off in the middle of playing it. It’s easy to just reload the game and keep playing, but it can be annoying. I paid for no ads, but even with that, I think I watched enough ads to last me a lifetime. There were definitely less ads but to get certain perks watching the ads is necessary. Today I went to open the game and it won’t turn on, just a black screen. I am going to try and restart my phone to see if that helps, but my other apps are working fine and all updates have been completed.

- Game ends at level 50

Be wary if you buy this game looking for a puzzle staple. Once you get to level 50 and unlock all the weapons, the gameplay repeats itself forever and there doesn’t appear to be anything new nor any challenge left. Im on level 80 and it’s been the same thing the last 10 levels. No new enemies, obstacles, gameplay, or math problems. Once you get the most powerful weapon every level is a breeze and none of the math problems change, it’s only x2 or x3, then only +20, 25, 30 or 35. Was looking for more complex levels. They made a game that last til level 50 and then just procedurally repeats itself forever. Disappointing

- Losing interest

Short version. Pros- Fun for a bit - makes you think - includes upgrade elements Cons- unavoidable traps - unkillable enemies - no text to show you what weapons do what It’s fun for a little bit and there’s a little bit of skill involved but unfortunately there’s too many variables where you just have bad luck. For instance on a lot of levels there are 100% unavoidable obstacles to knock out the time of your trips. Then there are the instances where an enemy gets shot a bunch of times and takes no damage and gets to your troops. Then there are the instances where there’s a button on the ground to help you and even though about 20 of your people run over it nothing happens. And then finally there are long videos to watch to unlock a weapon you should have a choice to unlock the weapon without watching the video. Also once you have the weapons unlocked there’s nothing to tell you what weapon is better or worse than other weapons

- Too MANY ADs=Every PLAY+2Get Bonus Items

This Game is kind of Fun, but VERY QUICK game play per Level (Like it takes less than 20 seconds!) BUT, You HAVE TO watch Ads Each time You want to play. PLUS, Ads to get Gear & Bonus Items, so You get Stuck watching MULTIPLE 16-20 Second Ads, and Having to watch 4-5 Ads before You can play a level, makes the 20 Second Level Game Play, Not Worth it! If You want a Free Game, and You are willing to watch a TON of Ads, before and so You can play a quick level (You have to watch Ads to get the Bonus Men+Gear in order to pass Levels), then this is Your Game!! IF You have Little to NO PATIENCE, for watch multiple Ads (Up to like 5), one after another (16-20 Secs Each), then this is NOT a Game for You and Keep Looking, because You’ll QUICKLY end up Aggravated & Want to Throw Your phone across the room, it’s that BAD!! Either Way, Good Luck! To the Developer, You’ve a Cool Game, it’s too bad that You ruined it with building in far too many Ads. I would be willing to do a 1x Buy of this game, if it removed the Ads, and then the Game Play wasn’t Pay-to-Play Heavy, but included in the game.

- Gameplay is uninviting

The difficulty from level to level is inconsistent when you start the first couple waves are easy but the next level you have to upgrade your power ups 20 times before you can beat it then the next level requires just as much upgrading it’s not fun when you lose 20 times in a row just to win once and then do the same thing all over again

- Will spend more time watching ads than playing

The game has appeal to be sure but unless you want to drop a few bucks the free gameplay is about a 70/30 split between watching ads and actually getting to play the game. Every single thing you can do is ad-gated. Every level (at least the first three, all I could stomach) has like six ads to watch, not hyperbolic, one each for damage, firepower, manpower, tanks units, two separate money rolls, plus sometimes you get an extra ad, just for “fun”. I appreciate that you can “play” for “free” but many other games let you play without having you feel like you’re wasting way too much time watching crappy ads for other crappy mobile games

- Obscene amount of Ads

Stop forcing me to watch something to purchase, STOP BEGGING FOR MY MONEY! Those other reviews are LIARS!!! There is an obscene amount of ads. After EACH round there is a FULL 60 sec. ad, complete with FORCED sound and interaction. Game play is only 30-60 seconds anyway. There is no way that it is ok to be bombarded with constant forced ads asking consumers to purchase something. It seems like mostly Every minute of our day is marked with ads, in apps, as soon as we turn on our smart tvs, IG is launching full blown commercials, in our emails, spam calls to sell/steal. This needs to be stopped. Forcing ads onto us at this rate feels like we’re living in that Black Mirror episode !

- Game is fun but runs horribly

I have an iPhone 8, so not the most modern device ever but still one that works well for me. I downloaded this game and it was actually pretty fun. I wasn't too sure what upgrading your income did, but nonetheless the game was fun and it's pretty brainless. However, when I got to level 11, the game became unplayable as my phone was lagging and I would only see one frame every 5 seconds. I made sure nothing was running in the background, turned off wifi and data, and the game still ran poorly. It feels that the game isn't optimized as each entity is taking a lot of cpu usage. And when there's 300 entity's on screen, there is issues.

- Fun concept but too hard in the beginning

I downloaded the game 15 minutes ago and have already erased it. I was barely on level 5 when it got so hard to pass it, I decided it wasn't fun enough to keep going. It doesn't help that theres ads after every game. Usually in the beginning the game is easy, and it gradually gets harder every level, but this one got tough on only level 5. I am a 24 year old adult and I am generally really good at phone games, but this one seems a little too hard and maybe even frustrating. I wouldn't recommend for kids.

- Good game, bad performance

This game is really fun and really addicting. However, the performance is not great. I am on the higher levels, so obviously the game gets more intense which naturally causes not as good performance. However, with all the shooting and my blue people, the game really lags and my phone gets hot. Even gets to the point where the app crashes often, I’d say every 2-3 minutes. It’s not my phone either, I have an iPhone 12 Pro Max, so relatively new and capable phone. The surplus of ads are also a tad annoying. Overall, if the performance was better, this would be a 5 star game.

- A plethora of ads that are excessively long

Generally you try a “free with ads” offering to see if you’d enjoy it enough to pony up some bread. Which I often do and probably would’ve here. However the first 3 levels had two 30 second ads each. One when you complete the level and another to collect your rewards. Levels seemed to take about 15-20 seconds. So my on app time was 4ish minutes with well over 3 of them watching ads and about a minute (maybe) actually playing. Just spit-balling here but if you wanna give people time to see if they like your game you should probably I don’t know, give people time to see if they like your game. Just a thought.

- Fun …but

Very simple game, fairly addictive if you can endure ads every single step of the way. Too much way too much. I was bored and kept playing and max upgraded all categories and troops and was happy when the hero town land showed up. Kept me going but now that part of the game is stalled and it won’t allow level 2 building upgrades for all buildings. Maybe it’s a glitch, maybe they haven’t written the next part of the game but it looks like there is nothing left to accomplish now, just accumulating medals and money. They have about a week more to have this fixed or I’m done with it taking up space.

- Scam

App is 100% a cash grab. Any power up nerds a 30sec-1min ad. When you try to end an ad it pops up for you to download the ad rather than end it. If you want any power up you gotta watch one of these ads. They force so many ads they want you to spend the $2-$3 on it to no longer have ads which is highly predatory. Some power ups you get through in game money. Levels are fine within less than a minute so you spend more time watching ads (making them money) rather than playing the game. Apple is a joke for letting this app on here and being strict about other apps. The best part is you get ads for literally the same games as this one.

- A description

Overall I give it 3 stars. When I most recently played it I had to watch a 30 second add every single round and the rounds are not long. It’s much more advertising than most other apps. That’s one annoying part. The second is that there really isn’t much to it, it’s a simple concept with repetitively. It’s mainly the same thing over again and it bored me. I give it three stars because I think if you are less than age 12, aside from the adds, it could make for a very fun and entertaining game. Anyone over that will just get bored.

- Enjoyable game, trickery though.

I downloaded this game through an ad from similar games. It’s enjoyable and a fun way to pass the time, but it was soooo ad heavy. It wasn’t the worst at work, I would play a round and click the ads for boosts while doing my job. Now I kinda want to play it outside of work too, so I decided to pay the money to get rid of the ads. That’s the problem. I bought the game and there’s still quite a few ads for any real game progression. It still pops up, “to unlock this weapon now, to multiply your points, to play this bonus level,” I have to watch an ad. It probably still has at least half of the ad watching as there was before! I agree with similar reviews. This is an enjoyable game, but once it’s purchased, please get rid of the ads entirely. Substitute with another boosting system, like in-game mini goals or perfect run bonuses to advance the currency gain.

- Ads ?

So I got this game a bit ago and I was like, dang, this really fun, but there were so many adds, so I went to go buy no ads and what, there’s still ads, most games when u buy no adds it means like NO adds, like “to level this up u need an add” bit with no ads you can level it up for free, idk if this was intended but it made me mad and was a waste of money, if anything changes then I’ll take this rate down if I can or just make a better one. Would absolutely love if they fixed this

- Mediocre Game Spammed with Ads

Really boring game, there’s nothing appealing about it after level 2. the best decision you make is to +20 or x2. Sounds interesting at first but it there is nothing else to strive for. Then there is ads for everything; you die there’s an ad, you level up there’s an ad, you get to spin for money or something and there an ad, you win there’s an ad. 30 sec back to back ads. Think you can close the ap and open right back up? Nope there’s an ad for that. Don’t pay this people, even after that they still show ads! Please don’t give money to this game; staring at a wall is a better use of your time and that’s at no cost!

- Fun and addictive

This game gets 5 stars for gameplay and creativity. This game is very simple but yet very fun. The developers focused to much on trying to get money from ads and it took away from the all around game. I would give this game a 2 stars if I included the ads in the review. This is a brilliant and fun game I really do like it but the ads is a really Big negative, it takes away from the whole gaming experience. #HonestReview

- Great concept, terrible execution

This game is pretty fun, but can be absolutely infuriating with the crashing. I hate ads in games, and don’t mind spending the $3 to get rid of them, so I did. To my surprise you still need to watch ads to get basically anything done in the game. I played this for approximately 35 minutes. In that time (after I paid for “no ads”), I had 2 ads freeze on me, not giving me the reward for watching, and 3 more times the game crashed at the end of watching an ad and still no reward. The game itself is alright if you can get past the fraudulent “no ads” purchase and the wasting of time watching ads that you paid not to watch…

- This “game” is an ad. Short.

For your sanity’s sake, do not download this game. There is at least three times more time spent watching ads than actual gameplay. Two ads between each round, and an ad for every new weapon, level up, etc. I paid for the game to remove ads, and there are still ads. I guess I completed the game in one day. I have maxed out the upgrades I can get, have obtained all of the available characters and weapons, and keep repeating the same course over and over. When I get to the end of the course, there are no options to continue or to replay. The game just freezes. Have to force close and reopen the app.

- Fun, but crashes every few minutes

This game is fun, and addictive! But the constant ads (if you don’t pay for the $2.99 ad skip) are exhausting. After paying for the ad skip, I was very frustrated to find that you still have to watch an ad every time you want to upgrade your character. Outside of ad blasts, the app crashes every few rounds. If you are playing it more than 10 minutes or so, expect a crash at least every other round. Fix the bugs and get rid of ad for upgrade, and I will recommend to friends. Until then, definite hard pass.

- Best game

Me not wrong me think is best game ever not stoping play ever my wife left me because I play to much love game is better than the Fortnite’s and the Minecraft’s and all the other ones when I buy this game so many woman me have and grows your little friend 70” is best game changed my life I love this game stoped me from committing die love game changed life for ever I now win lottery and have new girl In bed every night

- Good but needs more diversity

Easy to max out this game. It has an addictive quality for sure but it needs more complex and difficult levels. The challenge fades, and even the ads for this game purported challenges like dividing your group smaller or subtracting it, which isn’t present in the actual game. Would love to keep playing with more of a challenge. I built up over $700,000 haha. Also the stability of the game is quite great but it does crash sometimes when too much goes on. Not a huge concern but I’m more stability would be great

- The end of evolution

Hopefully all of you game developer executives are sitting in a conference room going over customer reviews. Somehow I doubt that ever happens because everyone, for a very long time has been screaming that your ad frequency and duration during game play, is absurd and borderline “human rights violations”. Customer reviews allow you to develop and produce a product or service that customers will pay for. If you ignore customers, then you are producing a product that only you will pay for. You have lost your way. Primarily when you started deceiving customers by selling “no ads”. Just tell the truth and sell it as “less ads”.

- Needs Update!

I downloaded a while back and at first it was fun. Until I maxed everything out. Now, there is no reason to keep playing. I check back every now and then to see if there is any new content or things to work for besides just collecting cash for no reason, and still nothing. About to delete app as I guess I conquered it the first weekend I downloaded it. Suggestions: Add more things to work for Add a players ranking/tournament; reason to keep collecting money and playing the game

- Worst Ad Model

This had to be one of the worst ad supported models I’ve ever seen. Just getting past the first introductory level, that took about 10 seconds, I was presented with no less than four ads that all required themselves to be played through in full, then wouldn’t show you an option to close the ad and basically forced you to open the App Store, before eventually showing you a small little button you had to find to close the ad and move on with the game. I’m sorry but if I can’t even progress to the second level within the first five minutes you’ve lost me.

- Gets repetitive and some enemies aren’t killable

This game is cool but the problem is with this game is some enemies aren’t killable like the bomber red guys every time I try to shoot them they just won’t die. Another problem with this game is when your at the cover where you shoot the enemies in the final area when some enemies come to the cover my Allie’s don’t shoot them they keep on shooting straight like they are on drugs. Also I know you guys need money but every time I die or win I get an ad every single time and the ad is just evony puzzle, so please polish your game better.

- It’s okay.

The game is fun to play when bored. There are a lot of ads. I’m okay with that. I’m okay when I get to CHOOSE when I get the ads. I’m not okay when the ads randomly pop up after I CHOSE to watch an ad. Also, when I choose to watch an ad and it finishes. Most of the time I don’t get the reward. It’s a bit vexing that I’m choosing to watch and ad to get something, only to watch another one about three more times, because the reward wasn’t given. Please fix, at least, this problem.

- Level Cap?

Overall, it’s an addicting game and obviously it comes with ads. Just turn on airplane mode and you’ll be fine, pretty obvious at this point. However, no clue if my phones glitching or smth but I’m on level 47 and at the end they all just continue shooting even when they’re all dead? Restarted 3 times and ran into the same problem all three times :/ would love to continue to play this game if this was fixed.

- Fun game but gets old quick.

This is a fun game but it gets old really quick. I paid the $2.99 to remove the ads because they were incredibly annoying. I played the game for about a half an hour before I realize that it’s very repetitive and pretty much goes nowhere. I maxed out in everything quickly to the point where this really no incentive to play anymore. This would be clutch if the levels where upgraded and got longer/harder as you advance.

- Big scam monetization - “no ads”

Paying for “ads” removal only removes auto-played vids at the end of each level. You still have to watch them to be able to progress (unlocking new weapons that you’ve “earned” via gameplay) and really to purchase any upgrades (you can’t increase the in game currency you earn per level to keep pace with the increasing cost of upgrades without watching ads) - if you try to just avoid watching videos, expect very slow gameplay and a ruined experience. Probably the dirtiest tactic I’ve seen from an app developer besides loot box/gambling.

- Ads. Ads. Ads.

The game itself is actually fun to play, it’s a good time killer. I ended up deleting it however solely because I would play a level for 30 seconds and then have to watch ads each and every time after the level for 45 to 60 seconds. It got so old annoying seeing the same ads over and over it just wasn’t fun to play anymore. If you don’t mind waiting all the time for ads then you won’t have an issue with this game

- 30 second level followed by 30 seconds of ads and repeat

This game seems like a decent stick man time waster game that is probably entertaining. However, the ads are relentless. I would have happily purchased the game but constant ads made me hate it within a couple minutes. I understand the need to capitalize off free play users, but you need to realize that many are like me. Try a game for a few minutes then purchase it. The extreme level of ads quickly made it so I had to refuse to give the developers my patronage on principle. And will refuse on any further games

- Terrible

If I could give this zero stars I would. The game design is terrible, there a bunch of ads. Even if you purchase the ad free version the game is still basically impossible if you don’t watch ads to get better rewards. This is also one of the only games I’ve played on my iPhone 11 that has actually crashed while I’ve played it. From start to finish this game just infuriated me. Don’t make the mistake of either buying or installing this game because it’s a waste of time and money. The developers should be ashamed of themselves and don’t deserve a cent that they get off this game.

- Just put on airplane mode idiots

This app is honestly a 3 or 4 star after you get to level 50 they are all the same and the opposing team stops winning. The shotgun is overpowered. It’s fun and no don’t pay 3$ just use airplane mode when you play then no ads get through. The amount of annoyed people that payed money for this game inspired this review just use airplane mode man.

- No Support

- game glitches every 5-6 games and starts to lag, you have to close it out and restart to fix it. - no option to build “shop”. There’s normally a circle you stand on while it builds. - “restore purchase” button doesn’t do anything - no contact for support. This review would have been a suggestion but the developers don’t seem to care about people messaging them. - the game gets repetitive after basically the 10th level. Takes forever for the numbers to start going up.

- Full of ads

Only get this if you don’t mind ads. I just completed the first one and ever button press is a new ad. In total I spent more time watching ads for other games than I spent playing the first round. Perhaps it was just the ads that I got, but there was no way to jump ahead by viewing them in the App Store, etc. There is no indication that pushing these buttons = view ad and I didn’t see a way to try and continue to the next round w/o pressing them. If you’re fine with all the ads, then it might be good, but I’ve uninstalled before playing the second round.

- I wish I could play this game...I would like to try it.

I open it up and it immediately kicks me out and back to my home screen. Both good happens. Nothing on the game does anything. It is a blank screen for 1/2 second and then pops back out again. I deleted it and redownloaded it and deleted it and redownloaded it. It doesn’t work on my phone at all. It kinda looked fun. Hopefully someday I’ll be able to stumble across it again when they have it working. Right now it doesn’t do anything except pop me back out to where I started before clicking on it.

- Beware! Paying for ad-free is just reduced ads

There is no way to unlock the new weapons you earn without watching ads even if you pay for ad free. The level endings you also have to wait longer for an ad free way to complete the level. The first button the offer you is to watch an ad, have to wait about 5 seconds to get the ad free completion button. I also think the game would be better if your men were moving forward instead of back. Sometimes can’t see the boxes because my finger is in the way. Uninstalled 1 day after downloading.

- No Ads yea right!

Very disappointed with this game because I purchased it after I hit the button on the game that said “no ads“. Granted it was only $2.99 but no ads means no ads… But not according to this game because after I finished a level it went right to an advertisement that I had to sit through. So I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone until they get that glitch fixed. And I’ve deleted it off of my iPad because it’s more frustrating waiting for the game to walk through those ads then playing the game itself. Hope this helps anybody.

- A Disgrace compared to older mobile games

look i do not recomend this game but there is one very simple trick to remove ads from this game without paying, and it works on other mobile games that can be played offline, and it’s simple you turn on airplane mode and turn off wifi and there you go an ad free experiance because the game developers cram ads in every space of this game to make money and games in the early 2010s didn’t need so many ads because the old mobile games were better than “modern” mobile games so don’t play this please.

TransferWise 💸

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- Fun but too easy

This is fun but the levels are easy

- Crashes every time

I didn’t mind the game but for the last 6 months now that I’ve built my account up, every time I get a decent size number of men, it can’t handle the load and the game crashes. It’s not like I’m running an old phone either. It’s a 2 year old iPhone 12 Pro Max. I’ve been stuck on the same level for weeks because the game crashes before I can finish the level. I have to try to kill a few of my own men off in the hopes it won’t crash from the cpu load. I’m about done and after writing this review, will be deleting the POS bug riddled game.

- Way too many ads which are too long

Finish the first level then you get 2 guns as a prize. Click the first to redeem and watch a 15 second ad then click the second and do the same. Yawn, it will only get worse if that’s the first level. Instantly deleted the app. I actually really enjoyed it and liked the concept but not worth the ads. It won’t allow you to play uninterrupted for long enough to decide whether you would get a paid version with no ads (if that’s possible).

- 20% Game 80% Ads

The core gameplay idea is fun, I enjoyed it quite a bit. It’s simple and entertaining. That’s it however. You’ll play a level for about 1 minute and then you’re completely bombarded with ads. I wholeheartedly believe the reason it can barely function post ‘match’ or ‘run’ is because it’s so eager to cram ads into your face. Ads for weapons, ads for your post match loot, ads the second you finish a run. The game can barely sell you on its core idea because of ads.

- Keeps crashing

Good game and lots of improvements every few weeks since I got it 2 months ago but has become unplayable as now it keeps crashing whilst playing as I get more people in my “army” and fighting off more and more bad people. Can’t get past current level for 2 weeks now due to crashing constantly Would give it 4 stars if this was fixed It’s still Crashing despite regular updates saying they have fixed bugs The higher you go in levels and the bigger your army gets the more chance it has of crashing I paid to remove the adds too so I have invested in this app to help! Please fix the load issue before further updates

- Relentless advertisement

When you watch a booster ad it used to last through the whole 2-part level but now it stops and you have to watch a second ad, which is one of the least user-friendly changes you could have made.

- True calling

Do you ever wake up and wonder, “why am I here? What is my purpose on this earth?” Well i did, until through targeted advertising i found this game. It has given to me renewed vigour to manifest my destiny.

- Too many advertisements…

too many advertisements, for everything, between levels, in the game banners, they are everywhere also lots of performance issues… the game itself is not bad, but overall experience is very poor

- Great game

The game is great but the only way we have to buy something and than watch an ad to buy it again ridiculous so maybe all I’m saying is that you can make it so you can buy like 2 items and than watch and ad?

- Bugs (need fixing)

Good game but the bugs make it unplayable when you get to an end of the level you cannot progress it says level complete and there is just the spinning background pinwheel with no option to move on - very disappointing because other than these bugs great game

- Too many ads

I know I can pay up and have ads removed. However I was really put off within 5 minutes of playing. It interrupts the game too much between levels and for getting power ups. I don't feel I could get into the game and try it properly. Uninstalled.

- Paid but still have ads

I played this, seemed okay, way too many ads like 3minutes for each level and then when I paid it still has ads, reinstalled and still the same. Blatant rip off and now deleted.

- Good concept but too many ads, including in the middle of action

Could be enjoyable but the ads are too frequent, including in the middle of a game.

- Couldn’t play

I couldn’t even play the game, it just kept crashing, deleted after the update because it still just kept crashing after the first loading screen. Very bad quality.

- Do not play this game

I quickly grew tired of the repetitive ads so I paid for NO ADS, yet the game still tries to push you to watch ads to progress. This is extremely deceptive and I will be refunding my purchase immediately.

- Fail

Adds make this game unplayable without pay to play they are too long and frequent.

- Last update

Since the last update the game has become unplayable and it crashes constantly. Developers need to fix this otherwise I’m deleting it

- Too many ads

There’s a visible lag when the game starts, I guess it’s the ads loading that causes a lag; the ads are too frequent, it almost feels like an app of ads with games in between.

- Ads app not a game

I played this game about 40 seconds. I watched the ads about 3 mins. Everytime you click something, you have to watch the ads until finish. *exit - uninstalled * what a nice 40 seconds game…

- Too many ads

This game would be so much better if you didn’t literally spend more time watching ads than you do playing the actual game.

- Too many ads.

You spend more time watching all the ads than actually playing this game. All too common these days unfortunately.

- Effen adds

Adds adds adds adds play adds adds adds adds play. Save the frustration and don’t download or you could play with mobile data turned off.

- Ruined Experience

My enjoyment of this game was completely ruined by the poor performance (glitching out the controls and lagging) and the onslaught of ads (10 in 10 minutes).

- Would be okay but ads make it completely unplayable. Don’t waste your time

Would be okay but ads make it completely unplayable. Don’t waste your time

- Unplayable

Unplayable because of Ads. At least 1 minute between games. Spend more time waiting to hit that cross button that never seems to appear

- Suggestion.

This is a great game and a fun one but I do think they should add more stuff to it.

- Pretty good

This game seems pretty good. Good technology with no glitching, not interrupted by ads. I like it

- Intrusive Ads

Super annoying ads make this game unplayable. Might be fun Don’t know. Couldn’t stand it long enough to tell you.

- Great game - deleted because of adds

I don’t mind adds…however the amount of adds with this app is just over the top…ruins the experience…I’d give it a miss

- Too many adds

I get that you need adds, but this is ridiculous!!! Since I started playing this game, I have to watch an add before I walk the dog or go to the toilet.

- The game

It’s a little bit laggy

- Waaaay too many ads

You will spend more time watching ads than you will spend actually playing the game.

- Paid to remove ads yet they’re still Ads

I paid for no ads yet I’m still seeing ads that I am skippable. Very dishonest in my opinion

- I paid for ads and still have to watch ads

I paid $5 for no ads yet I am still receiving them???

- Too many ads

Game doesnt even continue after displaying the ad! Deleted it immediately

- Remove some of the adds

Hi there are way to many adds in the game impossible to play uninstalled it bc it’s every 20 seconds

- Not enough ads!

They could probably have squeezed a few more ads in there!

- Ads ads and more ads.

Another one of this very average games whose main aim is to present you with ads for more crappy games.

- Too many ads

Unless you pay for it, there are more adds than game time!

- Ads ads ads ads

Too many ads ads ads

- Bad

This is bad and it would not even let me play after resetting game and I pad too many ads

- Laggy and ad filled

Too many ads and poor performance, makes my phone laggy and run hot.

- Ad Central!

If you like watching ads this is the game for you.. There is literally more Ad duration than actual in game playtime. Whoever thought this was a good idea is an absolute flog.

- Fake

I purchased no ads but it still shows me ads

- Way too many long ads.

Installed for 2 levels and deleted

- Ads

3 ads to get to the next level. Might be a fun game but I guess I’ll never know. Not worth it to find out

- Ads everywhere

Awful ads everywhere

- Your ads are far too aggressive

I played the first level (about 20 seconds of gameplay) Followed by a 40 second commercial I couldn’t skip Followed by a second commercial I couldn’t skip. Relax with your ads, so desperate. Didn’t even get to play the game.

- More ads than game

Mostly just an app for watching ads. Barely a game.

- Paid for no ads but there’s still ads

Rip off

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- Hi



Incredibly laggy, unoptimized and full of ads.

- Way to many ads

Way to many ads

- Games made for ads not players

The idea so fun, the gameplay is poor with lot of lags and insane amount of ads. The reviews are misleading and fake for all those who gave 5 stars. I downloaded and deleted within 5 minutes

- Ads

Loose interest because of the ads

- Fun game

Great game, no levels past 20. Just says coming soon. Also some of the ads freeze in the middle of a battle and you have to close and reload game. You also loose the battle you were in. Very disappointing!!

- Too many ads

You spend more time with the ads than playing time

- The one star is actually a zero star

For every minute of game play you are forced to watch 2 of adds for other games. If I were to “GET” every game I would have no space in my cloud in 10 mins of “playing this game”. Wait a second…..that’s the idea!!!

- They are cumming

Wayyy too many ads👎

- Lagging on iphone 13 pro max

Poor thing

- Too much ads

Every 1 min of game you have to watch 30seconds ads forcefully

- Great concept but way too laggy and there's too much ads…

If it would have half the ads and the game would be 100 times more optimized (not laggy at all), I would rate it a 4 stars but now I’m giving it 1 star and if I could it would be 0.

- Wow

Add machine

- 4/5

It’s a pretty fun game tbh

- Ridiculous number of ads

2 minutes of ads for every 30 seconds of play. Don’t waste your time

- Its not a game its an app that makes you watch ads

You barely play the game while the developer just wants you to see the ads over and over. The game is designed in a way that you need to watch about 2min of ad for each 30sec of game play. Thats the worst way to make money from people’s attention. Advertising a fun game and showing them ads over and over. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

- Boring

Completely boring game

- Ad simulator

Laggy gameplay, ads every minute. Not fun

- Im addicted

Just turn off wifi and you wont get ads. Game is so fun.

- Haha wut..

Imagine unironically creating this or working for this company as a game dev xD. GG

- Sucks balls

This game has such long ads and more ads then game what’s. Waste of time


This is how the game should be called, that’s the only thing you will do, save your time.

- Scam. Paid to remove ads. Did nothing

I paid money to remove the ads. Still it didnt do anything, i still have to watch ads. This is a scam. I want my money back.

- Too much ads

You basically play 10 sec for 30 sec of ads.

- Lag

It does not work and it glitches all the time

- Gus game

So gud

- Game wont run downloads and crashes every time

Looks like a fun game but I will never know

- Little more than an Ad generator

Only got through two levels before I was to frustrated by ads to continue. I deleted the game despite it looking amusing enough for short plays breaks from time to time. A shame really, but click-bait.

- Too much ads

Too much ads

- Skill Doesn’t Matter

The game chooses if you win or not because it’s never consistent with the result. You could play the level, fail miserably, do the exact same thing, and then all of the sudden you have 90 people at the and you absolutely crush them. Skill means nothing because the very detrimental special enemies are either immortal and explode half of your army or you kill the suicide bomber without it even getting close, feels like the game decides for you. The game concept is great, but that’s no excuse for improper game design and balancing. Don’t waste your time playing this game honestly, it’ll be more frustrating that fun because of the inconsistency. (Shocked that I didn’t complain about ads like almost every other person that plays mobile games?)

- Too many adds for what it is worth

Way too many

- Adds adds adds

If you want to watch adds this app is for you

- Pub/Publicités

A chaque tableaux ont doit regarder une longueeeee publicité ! Sa devient vraiment agaçant avec le temps ! Pas moyen de ce concentré…une pub Pas moyen de voir notre évolution…UNE PUB ENCORE. DÉSOLÉ mais je flush ce jeu immédiatement a cause des multiples publicités meme si je sais que les pubs sont un revenu pour les concepteurs…moi je ne payerais JAMAIS !!! Faite comme moi,flusher ce jeu immédiatement !!!

- Can we give zero stars?

Real fun game if you like watching an add every 36 seconds

- Too many Ads

It gets boring when you have two ads after every stage

- Fun…..But

Good game but the levels take less than 15 seconds and the ads are 25-30 seconds each and if you want the “free” upgrade and other 25-30 seconds for that. Don’t waste your time as you try to waste some time.

- Trash, unkillable enenmies

Some enemies are unkillable like the sucide bomber and the katana dude, TRASH GAME won’t recommend. I don’t usually write review but this is horrible.

- Ruined by ads.

Could be fun if not for the ridiculous number of ads meaning you spend more time watching ads than playing it. Uninstalled.

- 廣告多 太lag

每關都看廣告 幾關後開始lag 然後手機整個死掉🤦‍♂️

- Ad game

More ads than actual gameplay not worth playing

- Great game but don’t purchase

Pretty fun and straightforward game. I purchased the no ads option and it still requires me to watch an ad for pretty much every upgrade, so that was disappointing.

- Extremem amount of ads

Not fun. Too many ads

- Do not spend money.

Free version is as far as I would go. Only 20 levels. Same thing over and over. Two days I maxed game out. What a waste off money. Crap.

- Trash

This game is complete trash, first of all this game FORCE you to watch ads after completing a level, second of all this game FORCE you to watch ads to upgrade rather than using money you got, last but not least the obstacles that placed in middle or side which also FORCE you to lose a little or giant amount of units. please, this game is pure trash, dont download

- Bad game

It’s like a money laundering game lol

- So many ads

You spend more time watching ads than playing the game.

- Fun game, Waaay too many ads!

The game was fun to play for about 5-10 min. But there are sooooo many ads. It’s very annoying. I deleted the app after having it for 10 min.

- Way too many ads

I understand they do ads to make money however there’s just waaaaaay too many and they last forever, 30-90 seconds long and after every single game or any action that’s taken there’s another long ad…games also very laggy and isn't properly optimized do not download

- Trash

Absolute garbage game. Glitchy, boring, and waaay too many ads. Don’t waste you time with this one 👎

- Fun but too many glitches

The game keeps on crashing

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They Are Coming! 3.9.1 Screenshots & Images

They Are Coming! iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

They Are Coming! iphone images
They Are Coming! iphone images
They Are Coming! iphone images
They Are Coming! iphone images
They Are Coming! iphone images
They Are Coming! iphone images
They Are Coming! iphone images
They Are Coming! iphone images
They Are Coming! iphone images
They Are Coming! iphone images
They Are Coming! Games application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

They Are Coming! (Version 3.9.1) Install & Download

The applications They Are Coming! was published in the category Games on 2021-10-20 and was developed by Rollic Games [Developer ID: 1452111779]. This application file size is 196.05 MB. They Are Coming! - Games app posted on 2022-11-25 current version is 3.9.1 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.luna.theyarecoming