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Bloons TD 6+ App Reviews

Bloons TD 6+ [Games] App Description & Overview

What is bloons td 6+ app? Craft your perfect defense from a combination of awesome Monkey Towers, upgrades, Heroes, and activated abilities, then pop every last invading Bloon!

Start enjoying the massive and ever-expanding features that deliver endless hours of the best strategy gaming available.

* Family play with 4-Player co-op! With Game Center multiplayer enabled, play every map and mode with up to 3 other players
* Boss Events! Fearsome Boss Bloons will challenge even the strongest defenses – fight them solo or with up to 3 other players
* Odysseys! Battle through a series of 3 to 5 maps connected by their theme, rules, and rewards!
* Trophy Store! Earn Trophies to unlock dozens of cosmetic items that let you customize your monkeys, Bloons, animations, music, and much more!
* Content Browser! With Game Center multiplayer enabled, create your own Challenges and Odysseys and play the most liked community content!

* 22 powerful Monkey Towers, each with 3 upgrade paths and unique activated abilities
* Paragons! Explore the incredible power of the new Paragon upgrades, especially against Boss Bloons!
* 13 diverse Heroes with 20 signature upgrades and 2 special abilities, plus unlockable skins and voiceovers

* Play anywhere - single player offline works even when your wifi doesn't!
* 57 hand crafted maps make every game a different tactical challenge
* Monkey Knowledge! Over 100 meta-upgrades add power where you need it to tackle difficult maps and higher freeplay rounds
* Powers and Insta Monkeys! Earned through gameplay, events, and achievements, these are fun to collect and boost your popping power when you need it!

And there's heaps more! We pack as much content and polish into each update as possible, and we'll continue to add new features, content, and challenges in regular updates. We truly respect your time and support, and we hope Bloons TD 6+ will be the best strategy game you've ever played.

Now those Bloons aren't going to pop themselves... sharpen your darts and go play Bloons TD 6+!

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How to contact Bloons TD 6+ (Ninja Kiwi)?
Find this site the customer service details of Bloons TD 6+. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. https://appsupports.co/1584423325/bloons-td-6/contact

Bloons TD 6+ Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Bloons TD 6+ Version 33.301 November 2022

Team store relic fix, paragon bug fix and other fixes..

Bloons TD 6+ Comments & Reviews 2022

- It’s BTD6, which is nothing but a good thing.

BTD6 was one of my favorite games on the App Store already, and BTD6+ is mostly the same thing, with the biggest difference being that there’s no In-app purchases, which doesn’t change much in the grand scheme of things. BTD6 can be enjoyed by anyone because of the wide variety of play styles and game modes. There are 22 towers in the game as well as 13 Heroes, and each of them has unique abilities, allowing for a wide variety of methods to play the game. In addition, there is a lot to do in BTD6+: you can compete for the fastest times in and Races, take down formidable Boss Bloons in Boss Events, master your favorite strategy and go for Black Borders, use skill to complete Odysseys, or chill with friends in Co-op. You can even make your own challenges and odysseys to share with everyone. You can get trophies from Odysseys, Boss Events, and Raves to buy custom effects, music, and special pets for your towers. Overall, BTD6+ will totally be worth your time if you don’t already own the normal version.

- Great game but one glitch…

For some reason every time I place a place a super monkey it kicks me out of the game and erases all of my progress not just in the level I am playing, but the whole game. I come over to my friends house and see them play this game and they don’t have this issue. We all have the same type of phone aka iPhone 11 max pro. They don’t have this issue, and I do. So, if any other people are having this issue than please, write a review on this game and say something please. Sorry for that huge rant I just had to get it off of my chest. But, despite the issue and that huge rant I had, this is a great game. I play this game so much that I even played this game for 10 hours straight without taking bathroom breaks. I have been looking up strategies on how to beat a level on this game without a super monkey. So, yeah I am pretty bad at this game but that doesn’t make the game any less fun so, in conclusion, I think we can all agree that this is a fun game.

- I love it

Not a bad thing, but in Co-Op mode, there is an incredibly useful glitch, and let me go into detail about it. Sometimes, in Co-Op mode, the game will lag, and depending on the amount of Bloons and Units on the screen, there can be lag spikes. The lag doesn’t effect gameplay, it just makes upgrading freeze and slow down, but there is a glitch, where if you spam an upgrade during a lag spike, it will keep asking you to buy the same upgrade, ending up with you buying upgrades you cant even ACCESS yet. Pretty much, insanely overpowered glitch- but… don’t remove it. It’s fun and funny when you see the entire game lag due to all the Bloons everywhere. The only time it ever crashes is in sandbox mode, when you start placing 40 trillion MOABS, but you only do that when you want it to crash. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and happy popping! 🎈 🎈

- Bloons TD 6+: An honest review.

As a person who has played the games before, Oldest to newest. And was excited to finally play this, And it did NOT disappoint. The Gameplay: This version gives a well guided tutorial of the basics for new players or veterans from earlier games. And the content creation could have gone a little further customization wise (more on that later on), and the satisfaction of slashing though entire waves of Bloons and progressing,Not through money, but by sheer playing it. The Multiplayer: The only problem I have with it is the fact you can’t play with the non-+ version, The one most other devices have. And from a player standpoint this is rather stupid. If I wanted to play Bloons I would have to buy the normal version, Even when I have this one. But besides that;Its rather good for a game on mobile. The Content Creation: The newest thing is the custom content to me, It can be a bit of a let-down if you thought you could make your own Bloons,Towers,And even levels! But alas. It’s only the challenges you can make. In theory this is a great idea, Like a sandbox mode where you can make havoc and have other players do it. BUT, the UI of the panel is very… To put it lightly: Absolutely Jam-Packed with random things, with no tutorial. In short, The game is well rounded and worth downloading. Hopefully they can improve on this game and make it so you can play with other players without the + version. Good day! -Vincent

- It’s pretty good

BTD6+ is pretty good, but don't buy Apple Arcade just for this game. It's about the same with a few differences, such as the fact that it give insane monkey money (immpopable or chimps give about 2000 monkey money first time), all names are randomized, challenges, leaderboards etc, and you can have multiple saves. It's useful if your a family with kids and want a more kid friendly experience. But BTD6 is also very kid friendly and ninja kiwi does censorship all the time, probably... I think. #NOSUORCE Just get BTD6 unless your gonna get Apple Arcade for other games like Shovel Knight Dig, Exit the Gungeon, Crossy Road Castle, Amazing Bomberman, Lego Builders Journey, and Gris seems pretty good. I would give it a Five Star Review, but I can’t give it more than a four since BTD6 six exist and you’ll probably save more money anyway. It’s still pretty good tho.

- It’s basically the same as Bloons TD six

It’s basically the same thing as blue and C6 pick up her I was all the maps are the same game it’s everything the same there is a few little differences but that doesn’t change a thing the worst part is I’ve been playing in Bloons TD six for her 72 days that’s how many days of logged inAccording to the game and it took me a long time to get all my Towers XP to where it is and even if you have your saved data on the same device it’s not gonna carry over any of your XP which it’s just horrible there’s one difference that actually makes a change is that there’s no stuff you can buy with real money this is great for people who can’t get balloons TD six but if you already have balloons TD six there’s no reason to play this because all those little changes that kind of make it better don’t add up to be more than the big bad thing a.k.a. no stuff you can buy real money so no reason to play this game if you have the original

- Great game when it works. Support is non existent

Update: Support did get back to me and somehow everything works now. Great game and friendly staff. The game is great and definitely worth a try unless you’re in the minority of users that are plagued with a game breaking bug. If I exit the app then go back later to play it, it gets stuck on the loading screen after you press start and just hands there. Also and even more annoying is the fact that I can’t play any of the events. I get hit with a generic message saying “Something went wrong… try again later”. Lastly and the main reason I gave it 1 star instead of 3 is because I have contacted support three days ago and have yet to hear back.

- Loading screen glitch

First of all, I love this app and have buoyed Bloons games since as long as I can remember. However, this app has one infuriating glitch where it won’t let you into the game. The first couple times gave me no problem. But after a few times, the game will get stuck on the sun god loading screen. I’ve tried eveything to bypass this glitch but the only thing that works is deleting and reinstalling. Please fix this issue as I really enjoy this game, but I do not want to delete and reinstall everytime I wish to play. For some reason, this loading screen glitch only occurs when you leave the app on the main menu. If you’re in the middle of a game, it will just load you back in. But if you are in the main menu and try to load back in, the game will get stuck in the sun god loading screen. PLEASE FIX

- Can’t sign into ninja kiwi account

For you new players of btd6 this review is not for you. But for you btd6 veterans out there this review is being directed towards you. This game is great happy that apple and ninja kiwi added btd6 to Apple Arcade but when I woke up on launch day to play the game I was greatly disappointed because I had discovered that after you complete the tutorial you can’t login to your ninja kiwi account even when loading the game up for the first time the tab that would be there saying I’ve played this before isn’t there and after you accept the notice that allows you to play the daily challenges you will get a achievement called monkey fan club and that’s what really made me sad because in order to get that achievement you need to sign into a ninja kiwi account and I don’t think anything will be done about I suggest you just get the game that cost money it’s only five dollars

- This game saved my life/Greatest game I’ve ever played.

I was a loser, non water drinker, non breathe air, non woman haver, alcoholic, gambling addict, suicidal thoughter before Bloons TD6+. Now after playing Bloons TD6+, I now own a multi trillion dollar business, I drink water now, I breathe air from trees I’ve planted, I get all the woman’s, I now only drink wine on holidays, I don’t gamble anymore, and because Bloons TD6+ showed me my true purpose in life, I no longer have suicidal thoughts. Bloons TD6+ made me become the best version of myself and I couldn’t have done it without Bloons TD6+. Bloons TD6+ saved my life from poverty, but I think this review will show everyone the Greatest Game Ever made, was and always will be, Bloons TD6+. From the bottom of my money pit and heart, Thank you Ninja Kiwi.

- One of my favorite games ever

For me, the whole bloons series was a pretty big part of my childhood. I would always play it in class whenever I had the chance. After seeing many people play this installment of the game, I have wanted to get it for myself for a long time. When I got this game, I played whenever possible and for a long period of time all at once. The only thing that is a slight problem is that the updates for the game come out a little later for this version of the game. But other than that, this game is one of the best out there and I would definitely recommend it to people who like the bloons series or just tower defense games in general.

- Good game, but…

Btd6 is one of my favorite games ever and everyone should have it, it’s so simple! But this is iOS, and it cant really handle big things like a pc can. On iOS, when you get into the late game, like round 200 or 300, the gameplay can feel really slow, and you cant really see anything because there’s so much going on. Because of this, getting to round 300 was a pain because it would take like 5 minutes to beat ( not that long, but still ) and every time I would start a new round, I would crash, and this is pretty annoying because the pc players (probably) don’t experience this. Please fix this, it’s a must.

- Help! Please!

Lost all my progress by accidentally deleting my save file and now have to start completely over. Had about half towers maxed 3000 monkey cash and plenty of games with hours put into them. I didn’t have really any monkey heroes unlocked and I don’t remember my level but I was high enough to know I won’t get back there anytime soon. Now everything thing is gone and the support for BTD6+ is absolutely useless as I can’t even get in touch with them to see if I can do anything. There’s no in game support and when you go on there website it just tells you exactly that to go to the in game support. Please help me as I will probably never play the game again because no one wants to have to restart after having so much time into the game. I get I screwed up but they don’t exactly make it hard and literally throw it on the Home Screen lobby. PLEASE give me a tip or something I can do.

- Really not a bad game but…

It’s an awesome game and I play it pretty much every day, but here are some things you could fix… 1. Some of these level up monkeys cost A TON and I can’t ever see what they actually look like. By some I mean the super monkey sun god. I mean, seriously. That’s a little excessive for a monkey that in my opinion, doesn’t do much. 2. One time I had gotten so far into the level, that there was no more room to put any more monkeys. My point is that a little before the screen was full, the game got super glitchy and started pausing and then unpausing and it was SUPER annoying. Fixing these would be a big help so please take my advice!

- Disappointed as I loved previous versions

I recently downloaded as I learned TD6+ was available for free with Apple Arcade and I had TD5 purchased, downloaded, and was actively playing. After leveling up to over level 30, I noticed there were players that have demonic qualities and feel this is not a game suited for children (as advertised). I bought the $5000 hero with the golden coloring and auras and started playing in game with it. The upgrades are ridiculous! The hands turn a red color as if covered in blood. The ability of monkey sacrifice for a tower has pentagrams all over the screen when selecting which one, and “kills” the tower of your choosing to gain a limited time XP boost. Blew my mind. Not to mention the Witch/Magician character turns into a witch doctor/necromancer. What the heck is going on, how did Apple add this to their arcade, and market this for children and families?! This needs to be reported…

- I love this game!

The game is really good but there is a really really really annoying bug that doesn’t let me turn multiplayer and I hope the developers fix the bug. My other problem is that the co-op DESTROYS my screen. One more thing, this is actually a suggestion, maybe you could add some Ingame purchases for people you want like trophies or monkey money or the CT currency for the team shop to buy the like mini sub or mini monkey ace. I have no more comments or suggestions. The game is very good and the graphics are SUPER good and the developers you made it are great at making the BLOONS TD franchise. Thank you for reading my review. Goodbye!

- Bloons 6 minus instead of plus

I was excited to see play the Apple Arcade version and they didn’t implement anything for existing players of the game. Forced tutorial, and no importing of any of your old save or data from your ninja kiwi account. I understand not wanting to merge your save and account into a version without in app purchases, but it should still import your save and be its own data outside of the original version. I think it also might just be missing heroes or there is a hidden progression that the game didn’t earn the time for me to figure out why there was only 4 hero’s. This is a great app and game for new players but I will give this version the time when they figure out a way to not lose all my progress. Apple plus is going downhill by the days if they don’t value it’s players.

- Lots Of Bugs

I remember playing Bloons when I was five or something so when I saw it on Apple Arcade I instantly installed it and I loved it but the next time i tried to get onto the app it would load the opening and you could press the start button but after you do it just constantly loads I left it four an hour or so and it was still loading so I deleted it and reinstalled it and it worked again but when I went to play it today it happened again I contacted costumer support and I didint get a response I really do like this game but having to delete and reinstall it every time is annoying and will probably lead to me deleting forever if it’s not fixed and like I said good game but has a couple of bugs

- Amazing game

I have been playing Bloons Td Battles for a while now and just haven’t gotten the chance to buy Bloons Td 6 yet. Since I got Apple Arcade for Christmas I am just so happy I got to play this game. I heard it’s very similar and I can’t wait to play it even more. And if your coming to the reviews to see if you want to get the game… GET IT!!!!! It’s a very fun game to play if you want something fun and entertaining to play. If you halfway through a game, you can close out the tab to save battery and whenever you open the game, all your progress is still saved. All in all, this is an incredible game.

- Bloons td 6+ is great but…

I would like to say I don't dislike this game I would just like to say that it has one problem. The problem with this game is the monkey money. I’ve seen for other games where they implement cash and pay to win stuff and put it onto Apple Arcade. The Castlevania was originally pay to win but in the Apple Arcade version the ramped up how many prizes you get from the levels. But with this game they barely ramp up how much you make. They keep the high prices on all of the powers and heroes. It doesn’t ruin the game it is a great game. Just I would prefer the prices lower on heroes and powers or the amount they of money you make higher. Everything else is fine.

- App Abandoned?

Latest TD6 update released on steam and TD6 mobile, but nothing yet for TD6+. Feels bad to put so much time into an otherwise great game if it will not be updated. Update: More than a week later and still no update. Regular BTD6 has had update 31.0 & 31.1. Can’t participate in races, odyssey, boss events…so no trophies available. And still not even ONE developer response from Ninja Kiwi to address the lack of updates. What terrible customer service. 😡 Do not download this game, stay far away! Update 2: Finally updated to 31.0….hopefully the update process will improve in the future. Unfortunately, BTD6+ is still not at same update as regular BTD6 so haven’t ben able to play Boss or Races for weeks now. Stinks that an entire portion of the game is unavailable for the “PLUS” version!

- Not good. AMAZING!

I want there to be a new monkey which is cold a bomber monkey. The bomber monkey throws bombs. I want there to be an upgrade that you could make the bombs bigger and more space and it is where the bombs go and there should be laser bombs. How you get the bomber monkey is when you get to level 45. Now you could make your game all you have to do is to be able to make your own map. Now lets continue on the new monkey. The next upgrade that could do rockets. Then double damage for the 5th upgrade. And the last upgrade is up to you and I love this game so much. Like a lot.

- Awesome game BUT……….

I have loved Bloons franchise since the beginning! It’s probably the best tower defense franchise available on mobile platform but the Bloons TD 6+ version is definitely a bit of a letdown compared to TD 5!! The ridiculously slow rate you get cash during game play is the biggest letdown in this game and the fact there is NO option to get the double cash mode like in TD 5 or regular TD 6 is the reason for the 2 star knock on this game! I used to be a banana farmer pro but the low amount of cash you get from the farms vs their cost is just not worth it with as little as they give and no double cash mode!! I know, judging by the Reddit comments, us TD 6+ players would absolutely love an update with DOUBLE CASH MODE

- Very good just needs two little fixes

I really love this game. and I really hope you go on to be very successful with it. but I have two problems 1. You can’t buy monkey money. 2. I’ve been playing for months but every couple of months I lose the sound for the game for a week or two. So please try to fix the problems because I’m looking forward to paying money on the game and more people will probably spend money too and then you will be making more money which would make you Evan more successful on the game.

- Only worth playing if you are new

From what I have seen so far this game does 3 new things compared to the original the first is remove the micro transactions and make money money easier to get. Overall this is a good change. The second is that you can now have more than 1 save slot. The third however is the big problem. They made it so that you can not transfer your data from you existing Bloons account. This means that for people like me who are really high level would have to start from scratch only able to play on mobile just for no micro transactions. This is dumb. The only good thing about this is that it gives little Timmy who doesn’t have a computer a better way to play Bloons.

- Stuck on start up loading screen

Say your playing bloons tower defense you just got that sick blooncineration until the game mysteriously crashed you boot up the game but you were expecting it to load but it doesn’t it’s stuck on the boot up starting screen first your confused you restart the game same thing you even try it on your phone and it doesn’t work you use your last resort deleting the game redownload it but guess what it didn't work this is what happened to me I’m very dissatisfied and disappointed please fix this glitch I’ll be trying to load up the game tomorrow

- Amazing game very addicting

This was my first day playing I downloaded the game along time ago but never really played it I had it on the computer but never really played it that much but one day I was like hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I’m really bored I’ll try this game (aka Bloons 6+) three seconds later I’m addicted. I love tower defense games but this one is just addicting the cartoony style is one thing I love. Off topic but they have a mage monkey and I just have been grinding that monkey off. Anyways this game is amazing 10 out of 10 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ stars I would recommend to tower defense lovers

- td 6 vs td 6+

I hae been playing the pay for game td 6 for a while and have made huge progress. My question is why should I give that up for td 6+. I don’t see the difference between the two, I even looked at the characters and there wasn’t any new characters. I do realize that this game is fresh out of development but, I do wonder if that + means if it’s free or there is more content than the paid version. But if it is the same and it’s just free I still rate it 5 stars because Bloons td 6; plus or not is still a great game for fans of tower defense games.

- It's Bloons 6 so it's great, unsure about + content

I've got thousands of hours playing Bloons 6 idle or semi idle, amazing game. This looks like more of the same, but with certain paid or time-gated features automatically unlocked, like being able to rename your monkey towers. Won't let me link my primary account, meaning it's got its own progression system. Multiple cloud saves is a nice add on for folks with kids. Time will tell what exactly the Arcade version brings to the table, but doesn't seem like any reason to play it if you already have it.

- Multiple devices? Lose progress repeatedly.

After playing this game for nearly a month and progressively unlocking numerous power-ups and character, I opened the game on another iOS device also connected to my iCloud account. I was surprised to be greeted by the tutorial level again. I played that level because there was no other option available. Then I went back to my original iOS device to find my progress reset to the recently completed tutorial level from the other device. No warning about overwriting progress. All progress simply gone. It’s a very fun game but with a bug that makes it nearly unplayable if you have more than one device.

- Amazing but one problem

I love this game I have been playing it for a while now and it’s so fun. Now…here’s where the problem started. After a few weeks of playing it would always stay on the loading screen. So…I had to delete the game every time it did that. Thankfully it saved my progress every time but it’s it’s gotten really annoying. So if you are reading this review Ninja Kiwi I really hope you would fix this for me. But you guys are still awesome and thank you for creating Bloons TD! Goodbye!

- Can’t upload iPhone data

I have been playing Bloons TD6+ on my iPhone 11 and have finally unlocked every character. I love playing this game and got even more excited when I realized I could play it on my new iPad Air. The only problem is that I cannot figure out how to link my current save file from my iPhone to my iPad, even with the same account and data transfer activated. So now I have had to start from scratch on my iPad. While trying to figure it out, the app made me start over like 4 times which was very frustrating. If I have to, I’ll just have two files, one on each device, but I’d rather not…

- Better than it looks.

It’s honestly just a good game, It’s sure to keep you entertained for 24 hours minimum. I would recommend it to people speaking a game with strategy and patience, along with a few cool features like the social one that makes it so my friends and I can hang out without even getting bored. It’s art keeps it interesting as well, I like the bright colors and exotic characters. The only thing I really want is some more characters to unlock.

- Needs a way to save a build order

The biggest issue, especially for the hard settings for the various levels, is that you cannot return to a spot in your build order. As you work on a strategy, you have to go through the same build order, over, and over, and over for the first 40+ levels while you try and come up with a winning strategy. Total waste of time. A simple bookmark (return me to this spot) or something like that would be sooooooooooo nice. Other than that, this game is a lot of fun.

- Childhood.

I love it it feels very nostalgic but I already own the original BTD6 and can’t find any new attributes this version brings to the table except for no IAPs. Maybe I haven’t progressed far enough or taken a deep dive. Side note: for some reason on my iPhone 12 mini I’ve been stuck on the loading page after I hit “start”. I even timed it and waited 12 minutes before I exited the app. It only seems to load properly when I enable on airplane mode. Edit: uninstalled and reinstalled the app and all my progress is gone (upwards level 30). Fun times. Looked at saves and it seems mine was automatically overwritten by the tutorial one yippie

- Game is awesome until level 200+

I quickly became addicted to this game after someone recommended it to me two weeks ago. Easily the best tower defense game I’ve ever seen. But as soon as I came close to round 200, I started experiencing more and more frequent crashes. I have the latest iPhone 13 Pro Max, and my operating system is up to date with 15.5. I’ve restarted my phone, closed all other apps, and deleted the app and reinstalled. It’s to the point where it crashes every time I try to play another round of my saved game (Cubism, easy, round 213). Hope it gets fixed soon!

- Btd6+ = bussin

Okay, I don’t usually write reviews for game but this is an exception. No matter what you do I’m this game you are guaranteed to have fun. There are so many maps and challenges that you will never lose interest in this game. However, I feel like this games starts a bit slow at the star of every game. That being said, once you get enough money you just can’t stop having fun. If you are a fan of btd5 or btd6 this is the game for you. DOWLOAD THIS RIGHT NOW IF YOU WANT ETERNAL FUN AND HAPPINESS!!!!!!!! 🐒🐵🎈🎈🥹😁😜😤

- Only the best!

Totally recommend this! This is why: 1- Infinite possibilities and a wide range to place your towers, farms, or heroes. 2- Many details, such as Super Monkey has a dart on his cape and that the heroes have voice acting. 3- Unlimited fun! I have ended up playing this game for hours at a time. So addicting! 4- Unlimited funds! I haven’t paid for a single thing and have still received the ultimate Bloons TD experience! 5- Adorable!! All of the monkeys are really cute with seamless animations and outstanding artwork. 6- Fun for everyone! Not only is there multiplayer, but there are multiple game modes to fit your playing style. Just getting into the swing of things? Try easy mode! Average player? Medium should do it. Seeking a challenge? I’d recommend hard. Sorry for wasting your time. I’m gunna go play Bloons TD6+ now. You should do the same! Bye.

- Addictive

Iv been hooked on this game for the past two weeks now. I find myself playing this far more than I probably should but its so fun and addicting that i just sit and play for hours and lose track of time lol my only complaint is there is a bug or glitch that on a regular string of bloons will just pass right by everything even my choppers and it makes me fail the level every time. Does this like every few games.

- Great game but currently has less potential than the original

The original has a paid upgrade for double cash mode. You can't buy that here and it doesn't have a toggle to use this. That makes the game much more stressful for casual players who want it a bit easier or to play more creatively. I'd easily upgrade this to 5 star if double cash mode could be optionally enabled in this version. If there are no in app purchases, there needs to be a free way to get all those paid perks from the original.

- Amazing Game, I Only Have One Tower I’d Like

Dragon Tamer: Appearance: A monkey riding a dragon Upgrades: Fire Breath (Can Pop Lead Bloons), Stronger Lungs (Pop 2 Bloons At Once), Torches (Sticks With Fire On Them Spawn In Random Places And Pop Balloons From Below, Max Torches Is 3), Leash (Before Buying This Upgrade The Dragon Will Go In A Circle Like An Airplane, After Purchase It Will Work Like Pursuit), Too Lazy To Make Any More So Add Your Own If You Choose To Add! Make any changes you’d like if you choose to add this tower! Great Strategy Game, I Love it! Keep Up The Good Work!

- You cannot move your progress to this version

And that’s ok. It makes sense. The other version is made with in app purchases in mind and progression is a little slower. BTD6+ has no iaps so progression is faster. You earn more monkey money and everything is obtainable with it. With that in mind I am fine starting over because I’ll earn more monkey money overall in the end and be able to afford more heroes and powers and most importantly skins!

- Why did you do this

I can’t tell you 1 reason to play the original version over this trash. Now I like the fact that there are no in-app purchases so for new people and especially kids that are seeing this for the first time who want a game they can play when they’re bored, this is perfect. For literally every other player who already has an account with the original steam game, DONT PLAY THIS. You can’t connect your btd6 account with btd6- so u gotta buy the actual game urself. Hours of progress in the original game, no way I’m restarting. Just get the Normal game so u can at least connect it with a steam account to play in other devices for the future

- Awesome game but nerf one favorite hero

This game is basically btd6 but different because you earn more monkey money and you can save your game and the events are still there to so this game and ninja kiwi are awesome! And one time pink and yellow Bloons where so fast my super monkey missed all his shots. there is a problem in btd6 when I got the come on every body monkey knowledge every time I place down a second primary monkey it loses the buff until I upgrade it to tier 3 this Affects all primary monkey that are placed down but N.K pls buff jurualedo back

- This game is pretty good 👍

Overall the game is very alike BTD6 in every way, just the one problem is that I heard that ninja kiwi released a new update with a new hero and boss bloon but it has been a couple days since they released it and this game has still not updated to the newest version. For me I also can’t play the odyssey or do boss events. But every other aspect works just fine and like the original game, I strongly recommend this app really fun.

- The difference between BTD6 AND BTD6+

I have noticed that the difference between the normal BTD6 vs BTD6+, is that + is meant for offline (no wifi) playing while the original is for when you have wifi. I noticed this when I was on a road trip, I tried to play the normal BTD6 and could not play. Although, when I tried + it would work. I hope this explains why you might not be able to get on normally with wifi.

- Loading problem

This game is great and is really REALLY fun, but for some reason I keep running into a glitching problem. It goes to the first loading screen and stays stuck there, on or off my Wi-Fi. I’ve tried other Wi-Fi, checking my tower, and even deleting it. It worked for a bit after deleting it but it just happened again. I was just wondering if this is a common bug and if it’s being fixed because otherwise this game is a great time killer!

- Addicted!

I love this game! I’ve gotten pretty far in it and cannot stop playing for the life of me! However, I was slightly disappointed when I found out that you cannot transfer this data over to BTD6 on Steam, no big deal though! Hope in the future they can make this version available on the Mac iTunes Store so I can download it and transfer my data over to my trusty computer!

- Only arcade game…

This is genuinely the only Apple Arcade game worth playing IMO. That being said, I’d rather pay $5 for the standard game than $5/mo. I just currently have a free trial for apple arcade. I DID buy the standard version of the game, but unfortunately my data didn’t port from this version. Not sure if it’s even possible. Not the end of the world, just have to start over. Oh well, just means I gotta go pop some more Bloons… happy popping

- FUN and amazing game

I have been a happy btd player since I first picked up btd 3 on coolmathgames in 1st grade. The series has always made me happy, and btd 6 is no exception. nice sountrack, good ui, and gameplay that stays faithful to the base and earlier games, and improves on it without feeling too unfamiliar. There are challenging aspects of the game for those who want them, and there are easy ways to get long runs and tons of pops for those who want a more casual experience. I love btd6.

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- Best game but I won’t a lot more monkeys

I like how there’s different monkeys and stuff but I would like some more monkeys Suggesting: Royale monkey that spawns butlers that help u to kill zombies next is crook boss monkey that’s money to get it what it does is spawn. Monkeys that have cross bows and the ability will be monkey’s shoot faster by 20 percent like. The village and last is sniper monkey whitch is better then normal one u need 2,000 money for it so creator if u know paragons can u make a Sniper Parton that’s more good thank you have a lovely day and stay safe :)

- Game closed/crashed for no reason ruining 3hr progress…

Fun for what it is (hence the additional star) but was honestly so infuriating getting to level 185 on a co-op game with my partner only for him to get kicked out and progress not getting saved, no ability to rejoin and no exp or game money given back to him…I continued on and got to level 197 and the game suddenly did the same to me and just closed itself. I don’t usually play tower defence games and gave this a go because my partner played but this event caused an immediate uninstall for me… no thanks do I wanna risk progress getting deleted like that with us having no control over it whatsoever, and without the ability to recover our progress or even rejoin a co-op game at all. Literally, save yourself the time and annoyance 😒

- Absolutely amazing

Can not go wrong with this fun, action-packed game. Bloons is full of lots of different possibilities and tower defence has become one of the most popular modes out of any mode ever created. As soon as I got this game, I immediately fell in love with it and every night I would just play Bloons until my heart was content. Keep up the great work and please add a new tower.

- I can’t transfer data over!?

This is the classic Bloons tower defence experience that we all know and love but there is one thing that I can’t figure out. I can’t transfer data from my ninja kiwi account over to this game. It’s kind of annoying as I don’t want to put into the effort of grinding to that stage again. :(

- Doesn’t work

App would’ve been great fun if it was playable Keeps getting stuck on the loading screen - attempting to close app, reboot phone, log off/in iCloud and game centre. Only thing that works is to entirely delete and reinstall app, which allows you to play one match before it crashes and gets stuck on the loading screen again. Essentially would be fun if it works but doesn’t work and need to keep deleting/reinstalling every time you want to play it. Have emailed the support team who are “aware” but new update has not fixed this issue.

- Awesome

This is a really good game. Recommend it. The only downside is when you click your price file the game crashed. Needs fixing on that


Beware of updating through the game. Only update in through the App Store. I love playing this game with my children. However, one night I decided to play without the kids. When I went into the app it asked to update the game in the app. This update button led me to the TD6 website, then when I clicked on the apple link to redirect me on the website, it led me to a live nudes site and then a gambling site. Now I know any apple updates are to be done through the App Store but this is clearly not the case with this game. What if my kids saw this site. Please fix the games pop ups. Because there seems to be a hacker on the game asking to update which should not be the case especially when I pay for Apple Arcade ensure these preventative measures don’t happen. Please fix this. We love playing this game.

- Good game but needs bug fix for update

Overall the game is amazing but the new update came out for the original game but not this one??. The problem also hinders the ability to do certain challenges and also look at other players profiles. Please Fix

- Great but I wish there were a few more monkeys

It’s my favourite game in the round about shooting stuff games or whatever they’re called games but I wish there were a few more monkeys and you can collect them a bit more often

- Good game but…

This game is really addictive but this Apple Arcade version of it does not release the new update at the same time which means I cant play with my friends. Please fix it

- Love the game but …

Love playing this game. Unfortunately after I try to play again, the loading screen just cycles around … loading … loading … loading. I have to delete the app/game, then reinstall it to play again. Happens every time.

- You need a hard one

Bro the hard one is to easy can you make a harder one

- Game needs to be deleted and reinstalled constantly

Great game except that it needs to be constantly deleted and reinstalled due to a bug loading profiles. Really kills the experience and almost makes it unplayable.

- Error keep “Loading” forever

I’ve tried on both my iPhong and iPad, the app is keeping stuck at loading stage, need an update version

- Great but can’t carry over progress from the og game

Also the updates come a bit late please fix. 5 stars if fix these

- Apple Arcade Version Doesn’t Load

Game is just as fun as normal and a great option for the arcade, however after loading the app a second time it gets stuck in an infinite loading screen. Will update the review when this is fixed up.

- S-tier

Absolute got their game. Amazing. Super monkey makes everything on the map crash, including my phone. It is awesome

- Good game

It’s a really good game but we don’t have the same updates at the same time as btd6

- better than it looks

a few kids in my lockers always play this game at punch and i used to think that it was boring but now that ive finally downloaded it i know there is more than what it seems

- Pc port??

Isn’t this just the PC stuff ported over? Why does that get a ‘+’ like we’re pretending it’s something new. I was excited for a second but nope, shouldn’t have expected anything new when they’ve done nothing for years.

- Just ok

Started off okay worked the first time than it crashed, closed down, now it won’t even load in. Tried all usual fixes uninstall, reinstall, turn device of and on again nothing seemed to work. So ultimately I just gave up

- Stuck on loading screen. Please fix

Great game but most times when opening the app, it gets stuck on the loading screen with the only fix being to delete/reinstall the game.

- Best game ever!

YOU can do sandbox ones you get to level 20! Sandbox is a free play!

- BTD6

Game gets stuck on loading screen every time. I have to delete the app and reinstall it every time I want to play and it’s extremely frustrating. Something needs fixing for sure.

- monkeys an upgrades

It’s a great game but there needs to be more monkeys and upgrades

- Omg this is so fun

This is the best game ever but it’s not as good as roblox you should go download roblox :)

- Loading

It takes forever to load the app

- Stuck on loading screen!!

App won’t open anymore and just gets stuck on the loading screen

- Cross game play?

Is it possible to play with people playing on BTD6, The non Apple Arcade version? If so then 5+ stars from me

- ?

Why can’t I link my ninja kiwi account and transfer my progress? And what’s the difference between this and the normal game?

- Fix this bug please!

When I try and load into the game, it just sits there and loads, FOREVER it won’t connect it’ll just load and load and load.

- Monkeys stop working

After playing a bit and higher up the level the monkey’s will just stop working allowing the balloons to go through resulting in me loosing.

- To Bloons TD 6

I loved bloons TD 6 from the start and I love the adventure

- TD Bloons 6

Soo fun Always other options SUPER COOL GRAPHICS Especially super man monkey For all the people reading this, super man monkey has plasma lazers and sick god mode range! You will want to download this

- Favourite game

Cool game!!! Play 3 hours

- Doesn’t save your data at all.

Every time I close the game I lose all the data… I have iPhone 14 pro max with iOS 16.0.2

- best game

nothing gets past my bow11!!1

- Best

It is the best game ever

- This game was fun.


- Can’t win CHIMPS

The game is fun but he top level, C.H.I.M.P.S, is not winnable.


This is the best game

- monkey game

i love monkey

- Apple Arcade

Bloons is fun! 🤩

- Fun

So fun

- Awesome

Needs more awesome features/towers/powers/monkey knowledge/hero’s

- New hero

Name is wonder and she throws explosive pumpkins. She can be placed anywhere because she fly’s on a broomstick. Lv.1 longer range Lv.2 faster throwing Lv.3 fly’s in small circle Lv.4 can see camo balloons Lv.5 ability: boom! Aim where she throws and she with throw a giant pumpkin and it will explode into candies and will do 12 damage to 7 balloons. Lv.6 even faster throwing Lv.7 even longer range Lv.8 all monkeys in range will see camo Lv.9 bigger circle she will fly in a bigger circle this time Lv.10 ability: broom swipe. She will fly on the track very fast and destroy most balloons. Lv.12 faster flying Lv.13 can 10 shot Cirmeric balloons Lv.14 pumpkin mines she will drop pumpkin mines on the track and they do 3 damage Lv.15 LIGHTNING speed throwing Lv.16 fast. Flys faster in the sky Lv.17 she will boost all of the magic monkeys with 2x money Lv.18 looooong range Lv.19 regrow balloons are weaker Lv.20 every round she gives you 500 cash. Pls add this cuz it took me so long to write this. 🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵

- Cannot connect

Fun game but the multiplayer isn’t working it worked the first time but now it says I cannot connect and to check internet connection but I am definitely connected to internet because every other app like YouTube safari works

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- Are 6 and 6+ the same thing?

Why do I feel like Bloons 6+ and 6 are the same thing?

- Where’s the engineer paragon update??

It’s already out on normal btd6 so why isn’t it out on btd6+! Please release it!!!!

- Is it really worth it?

I’ve been a Bloons popper for many years, and have played many versions of the game. Lately BTD6 has been my go to, and when BTD6+ came out, I really wanted to try it. (I have an iOS device with an arcade subscription, come on!) If you’ve played/bought BTD6, you’re getting the game again. Note: if you’ve pleated the original, you CANNOT transfer your progress, you start from scratch. As a mobile player (I’ve never played the pc version) I was always frustrated with the later levels as it would slow down my device to a crawl and eventually crash the game. Not so with BTD6+! The gameplay is smooth and consistent, even past level 150 and lots of activity on screen. Having the game optimized has been great. Leveling up is a little easier as well. Also, no in app purchases. You can also have 3 different save slots, so if you share an iPad amongst family, you don’t have to worry about someone spending your hard earned monkey money on a skin you don’t want instead of that hero you’ve been saving up for! This is where it starts to get sour. As of the latest update, BTD6+ was a week later than regular BTD6. This meant that the original game had a week of the new hero and new boss before the Apple version did. Not only did they get new experiences first, but also the chance to get trophies(special event currencies) were exclusive to the original version. Apple users eventually got the new hero, but missed out on the chance for trophies and still are waiting to battle the new boss. If you like co-op mode, you most likely will only be able to play with other Apple users. The version from the new update is not compatible with the original games version. (Ninja Kiwi please fix this!!!) For the casual Bloons fan, if you have an arcade subscription and like tower defence games, THIS IS THE GAME TO PLAY. It’s fun, flashy, technical, strategic, runs incredibly smooth,and just a blast to play. For the hardcore Bloons fan, you will be missing out. You will get FOMO. You will not be able to play certain events. You may not be able to play with your friend who has a pc version of the game. I love that Ninja Kiwi has put Bloons in Apple Arcade. It is known worldwide and is highly regarded by all ages. And I hope that more players get to enjoy the game because of this partnership. But for serious fans of the game, you will be disappointed.

- Stuck on loading screen

After the new update, game won’t go past the loading screen.

- Nothing New

I’m not sure how this game is different from the original bloons td 6 but still a cool game

- can’t get past loading screen

i love this game but for the past week i can’t get past the loading screen

- No linking

Can’t connect ninja kiwi account, Only Gamecenter

- Very good

It’s the best Apple Arcade game it should be number 1. Thanks so much for making this awesome game

- fun

the game is super fun and i would like all balloon td games

- It’s great

I thought it was a horrible game until I played it,it’s actually really fun

- Great

Bloons is a great game but one day it crashed after I updated it and it won’t load back up

- Good

Good But to hard to Do Pls make ez

- Add cross version play

Make Bloons+ and normal bloons cross play

- Lucky

I didn’t get ace paragon but… GREAT NEWS!!! I actually got it!!!

- Great game but crashes during higher rounds

Fantastic game wish we have a 2D options for graphics so it won’t crash or a lower quality option

- Review

Great game, fun mechanics, has greatly evolved from its beginnings, fun.

- Best game I have ever played

Got me through some tough times, had nobody by my side. Really is a magnificent game that keeps high spirits and good vibes. Rave on monkey 🥑

- 😡

I’m mad because I have the apex plasma master but I can’t upgrade my dart monkeys to be the apex plasma master

- Best TD series

I love balloon TD series only thing wrong is we have been waiting years for a new one


I love it but it is a little too easy for me

- Amazing


- A few things

There no shop on Mobile I was looking forwards to getting 2X cash I guess it’s just for steam please add the shop also I a appreciate the updates and new paragons but I few. suggestions New monkeys: more monkeys to unlock btd6 has a handful of monkeys but I’m sure everyone would appreciate more characters to unlock and look forward to using New difficulty: yes things like chimps and half cash is hard but maybe more medium difficulty game modes same for easy as more things to play keeps things fresh i to know that CT and the content browser is here and I appreciate how much ninja kiwi brings That’s all thank you for making such an amazing game and this aren’t demands just suggestions for you guys to see and maybe they’ll work out but I’m fine with what we have as well with other games like btd5 and btdb1 and 2 I understand how hard it is to make a game and these updates are free and not have to pay for a paragon so thank you ninja kiwi for making everyone’s childhood memorable and for new players as the game is easy to adapt to and pick up if anyone is looking for a way to experience and truly great TD game for a fair price to have hours of fun and time to pour into and even if you won’t use irl money for monkey money you can just play if anyone is going to just relax and play a game with great graphics, gameplay and unique characters

- Small annoying bugs

Great fun, but more than once I’ve been told I would be awarded an insta monkey when completing a map (last one said I’d get a 4-0-0 tack shooter) and they never show up…

- Best game ever

Really good game

- Was fun until last update

The last update seems to have added a significant bump in difficulty to certain Bloons. I am all for more fun and challenging games but it seems they just increased the speed and the DDT’s and BAD’s and they just keep going and going. What used to get me to level 200 easily has trouble getting past level 140 now.Add more levels or harder levels in my opinion but don’t mess with bloon popping formula,speed and invincibility that everyone was used to! Time to uninstall.

- Fun

Game is really fun and addictive. It would be nice to have a list of how many tiles each player collected.

- Good


- Best game

Best game on Apple Arcade but can you release updates sooner

- Ideas for more monkeys and upgrades

Amazing game but I got some ideas for upgrades and monkeys - the paragon upgrade for sniper should be called elite destroyer -new sword monkey? -power up, “upgrade bot” spends your money to upgrade a specific monkey whenever you have enough money Plus please add pvp mode

- Btd6+

This game is so good that anyone who hates this game is dead too me lol 🐵🎯

- its good

its good but I just want the new update to be out for this already

- Online is so broken

The online part of this game is ridiculous. Disconnections, freezes, players leaving as soon as you deposit an Insta-Monkey (Lost forever), lags and loses progress. Keep in mind I play directly near my WiFi router on an iPad. Seriously one of the most frustrating experiences.

- There isn’t a shop

The overall game is pretty good but there isn’t a shop. I couldn’t get 2x cash :(

- Awesome game

It’s awesome because you can have three saves so if you wanna restart but don’t. Wanna lose your other game. It is worth it especially if you have Apple Arcade already

- This game is amazing I love it I recommend you playing

Best game ever

- I love this game

There should be a 7 one but this time you are building your monkey city

- No gold Bloons

I play this game a lot and it’s fun but I can’t get the gold Bloons achievements because gold Bloons don’t spawn at all. Not even on the menu.

- Great game

Great game I love it keep up the good work

- Multiplayer

For me I don’t know if it happened for other players but I can’t play with other people

- Same game?

Seems the exact same but nothing from TD6 is transferred over….

- Awesome game

I have btd6 and I always wanted a new profile and I finally got one thanks ninja kiwi❤️

- Privacy Scam

They limit your access to game content if you don’t consent to them using your data and IP Address. Ridiculous.

- 1 star because of paid version with IAPs

Fun game, kick in the teeth to pay for it and then see the in game shop loaded with micro transactions on top of the actual price of the game itself. Shame that it had to come to Apple Arcade in order to experience it without being bombarded with in app purchases in a game that you had to pay for.

- Very good

This is like the free ish version of TD six and I THINK there is a little bit of texture changes and it is updated more so is it worth it YES because if u have Apple Arcade is Free and also if there is no changes between 6 and 6+ it doesn’t matter because it’s fun and free ish

- no sync

cannot sync with the normal version of the game on other platforms. ridiculous. apple loves to make very stupid decisions.

- very very very very very good

very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very one million very very very very very very later very very very very very good

- Fun game

Great time spent on this little challenging game 👍

- Good Game

It was a good game

- Awesome game but needs fix!!! :(

I rly enjoy Bloons but I need to reinstall the game each time I want to play it. It gets stuck in the loading screen forever if I don’t reinstall it and it is starting to get very annoying :(

- Was fun until the game stop working

The game won’t open anymore! I tried uninstalling it and load it back and it won’t work

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Bloons TD 6+ 33.3 Screenshots & Images

Bloons TD 6+ iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Bloons TD 6+ iphone images
Bloons TD 6+ iphone images
Bloons TD 6+ iphone images
Bloons TD 6+ iphone images
Bloons TD 6+ iphone images
Bloons TD 6+ iphone images
Bloons TD 6+ iphone images
Bloons TD 6+ Games application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Bloons TD 6+ (Version 33.3) Install & Download

The applications Bloons TD 6+ was published in the category Games on 2022-02-11 and was developed by Ninja Kiwi [Developer ID: 386241773]. This application file size is NAN . Bloons TD 6+ - Games app posted on 2022-11-01 current version is 33.3 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.ninjakiwi.bloonstd6plus