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Substack Reader Version 1.2.823 January 2023

Bug fixes and minor improvements.

Substack Reader Version 1.2.421 November 2022

- Fix for issue causing the app to crash for some users - Other bug fixes and improvements.

Substack Reader Comments & Reviews 2023

- Reading the Truth in American News is hard to find

Even before Drudge appeared on the sene it was a challenge to find honest journalism and I don’t mean that they needed to be in agreement with my perceptions, just honest. And yes, if they “Sold Out” as on the case of “ The Drudge Report” then I pack up my time and seek out new journalists! Frustrating but necessary if I am determined to be well educated & informed. If I find a news source that is anything but honest then I move on ( this happened quite frequently ). But I have been diligent and have found a small group of educators aka journalists “because” that’s what journalism does - it educates & informs so that I can make informed decisions. And so I thank all of you who are true to your profession. This latest article by Emerald Robinson is a perfect example; not that I already lost trust in Lutz but I just wasn’t aware of so much in her latest writing of him and his antics. This helps me confirm my suspicions and complete my life long passion for the truth on people & subjects. So to that end, I want to say “Thank You” Emerald Robinson for using my time wisely. Since I have precious little of it to source my providers, it’s a confirmation that my new subscription to you has already confirmed my investment in this endeavor has paid in dividends yet again. Please continue….. Paul Q

- It must have been hard to build such a patronizing app

Substack is fine. Some content is engaging, some isn’t. It’s a standard newsletter platform. I was delighted to have an app, as my life is busy and the constant flood of content into my inbox often feels overwhelming. Sometimes I like an idea or a writer so much that I want to support them by subscribing EVEN IF I’M NOT INTERESTED IN READING EVERY SINGLE POST. Substack doesn’t understand this. If they decide you’re not opening the app often enough, they will automatically switch on email newsletters for everything. You can not opt out, only delay the onslaught a bit by signing in and confirming, again, that you do not want all those emails. But if life gets busy and you’re not on the app enough for Substack’s liking — prepare for the emails to return. I’ve unsubscribed from every list and won’t subscribe to any more, though I’ve got a couple of annual subscriptions to see through. Writers: this platform is likely to annoy your readers right off your lists, and actively discourages people signing up for paid subscriptions just to show support. Readers: you’ll never get these people out of your inbox. They override your notification settings on your behalf about once a month. (And send another email to let you know they’ve done so!)

- Discovery gold

The mind and actions of an authoritarian regime isn’t just the regime itself. The tentacles of this administration is far more active and is both scary and dangerous. The Biden admin act as the brain and the key parts of media the mouth piece, congress members is the body, the court is the feet and now we know the federal law enforcement is the hands. I originally thought it was pure paranoia on conspiracy folks, but you just shed light on actions taken in the dark alleys we don’t see. We can see them now. They use only parts on you but Conservatives and truth tellers are getting the full body right now. The 3 branches were supposed to operate separate but equal, not in collusion for a common cause against its citizens and their wishes. Keep the discovery information coming I am sure more light will expose this further.

- Warning! Big problems.

Update: as a writer using SubStack, I would not recommend that writers jump onto the SubStack platform until things get worked out. Stripe, the company that processes payments, charges 15%. That is outrageous and unacceptable, and they don’t tell you that up front. As stated before, there is NO way to contact any customer service. While there are some things I like about SubStack, I really regret having jumped into it at this point. Now that I have subscribers, there is no easy way to just stop. I think that’s what SubStack is counting on. Currently, the app is not working. There is NO customer service. You cannot talk to a human being if you encounter a problem. The thing I like about Substack is it’s simplicity. It’s a newsletter only, without extra nonsense. It’s great when it works. When it doesn’t work, I guess you just have to hope it does work again, eventually, somehow. I got the impression that SubStack was all about connecting readers and writers, and the whole concept seemed clean and honest. So far, it is not turning out that way.

- Disappointed

I was really excited to see there was finally a Substack app and I was really pleased with the experience of the app until I realized I wasn’t receiving all my posts into my inbox. I’m baffled by this but it turns out that rather than including your whole feed inside the app it only shows posts that were sent as emails. making this a essentially a sandboxed email app rather that a Substack specific feed reader. This means that you will be completely aware of any posts your subscriptions post to the web only. And in turn this means that if you want to read ALL of your feed the app (what a crazy idea!) you need to go to each subscription individually to check for any posts not sent as email. Nobody is going to do that. Nobody sane. The funniest part is that the “beta” version of Reader on the web DOES show all post in your feed. So until this is resolved I will be deleting this app and sticking with the web.

- New to app review?

Being prompted to review an application after only a few days worth of spare time usage, from a guy that isn't very internet savvy; may be a part of the development process of platform? I've only recently come to know of SubStack, through contacts on other platforms. I don't fully understand the organization of the "library topics", yet; I find it comparable to setting a toddler loose in a public library, that has no clue to how the books are organized... though I've managed to find a few items of general interest to me by happenstance browsing. I can say, when looking for my contacts by name (searching), I have no problems finding exactly where I need to get to, thus far. As I'm not very familiar with the platform yet, I'm not displeased, but I haven't found any form of "how to use this platform", or instructional, "tips and tricks" page yet either? I'm sure at a later time I may be prompted for another review? Hopefully by then, I'll be able to deliver a better review?

- There’s Finally an App!

I’m excited to see that Substack has an app now so that I can view all of the writers I’m subscribed to. Since I started with reading Glenn Greenwald’s substack, the site has been my go-to for journalism that I find trustworthy and worth reading. Individual people putting out their own content free of corporate pressure (at least that’s what it’s billed as). Having them all come through e-mail was fine generally but I enjoy the smooth movement into the app to see all of my subscriptions on one list instead of hunting for them in my email. I know it just started and will need to be updated so I fully realize the possibility of future issues with the app that will need correcting but nevertheless I’m glad to see that it’s been created.

- I don’t want to be in my inbox. This app is perfect.

I subscribe to a dozen or more Substack newsletters. I’m also one of those people who has a fraught relationship with their e-mail inbox. I don’t want to spend more time in my inbox(es)! This app is delicious nectar from heaven. It just works. My newsletters show up. The reading experience is smooth. The app is quick. And I don’t have to be distracted by the wayward work email or wild email promo when trying to catch up on reading. The inbox reminds me of the good old days of social media. I subscribe to certain creators and what they published is served up to me in chronological order!!! Thanks for building this. Excited to see what comes next.

- Good but missing a few things

For the most part I’m really enjoying the substack app. The UI is great, it’s easy to navigate between specific substacks or just look at your combined chronological feed, etc. I’m only giving three stars for now because there are a few features missing (or not working on my device? iPhone X, so not that old): - minimize comment thread! This exists on the main site, so hopefully it was just a small oversight (or it wasn’t considered a priority for release) that it’s not on the app … - minimizing a comment thread should send you to the next comment, rather that keeping your distance scrolled constant. This matters because oftentimes I’ll spend some time reading replies and then want to close the parent comment and move on to the next one, but the way minimizing works on the desktop site if you do that you’ll be in the middle of the replies to a later comment - if you tap the top of the screen and are sent back to the top of the article, it would be nice to be able to tap it again to return to where you were. As someone with aggressive thumbs this feature is a lifesaver elsewhere that it exists Again, the app is mostly great, but these three issues are huge for my enjoyment, so I’ll be leaving my review at 3/5 until they’re added.

- Needs to have parity with their web site

The app is fine, and I would use it more if it did all of what the web site does. The feature I miss most when using the app is the ability to collapse comment threads in the comment section. There are usually long threads, and I often collapse them so I can move on to the next comment without having to scroll through pages of replies. This is not a small omission because even when in the app, I will close it and go to the web site to read comments. The other feature I miss in the app is the ability to scale up the text using pinch-to-zoom. My eyesight isn’t great, and sometimes I like to make the text larger to make it easier to read. As far as I know, the app does not support this. Even just a setting to change the font size would work. The only thing the app does better than the web site might be notifications. Also, the web site has a feedback problem when you click like on a comment where sometimes it works but there is no visual feedback. That does not happen in the app. But, overall, the app is not as functional as the web site, and so for that reason, I don’t see much reason to use it.

- Audio Is Great But Significant Bugs Exist

The new audio feature is great, essentially turning articles into podcasts. There’s an annoying bug. I only want to play one article at a time and despite never creating a playlist, previously played articles appear in the Next list and there’s no way to remove them. I don’t want a playlist. An even bigger problem with the app is that not every article displays in the main feed. You have to go to an author’s page in the app to see all their articles. I have no idea why and there’s no setting to list all articles in the main feed. This means email is still the most reliable way to see what’s happening. Finally, notifications don’t work at all for me.

- Fun, Reliable, and Easy to use

Ok, we all know Substack has great content, but they’ve gone above and beyond by giving users an easy to use and reliable app now too! I saw today they added the ability to have articles “read” to us and added a “play next” function, so I wanted to drop a positive review here. I love that the are investing in their product in smart ways and executing well too. (Side note: about a month ago I emailed their support team and asked them to add a feature that would allow readers to expand or collapse comment threads, and a HUMAN engineer replied that she liked the idea and would add it to their RFE list. Great touch, Substack!)

- Hooboy does this app need work!

I downloaded and subscribed in order to support Chris Ryan’s work. First, instead of a password setup, Substack uses the “we’ll send you an email link to sign in” tedious nonsense. So got the link, set up a name and a picture, then searched for “Chris Ryan” “Ryan” Christopher Ryan” “Tangentially” and even searched “T”…. Not a single one of those terms came up with ANY results- his or anyone else’s! Maybe my security settings conflict with whatever Substack is doing in the background, but if whatever they are doing in the background is invasive enough to break their website then uh-oh. I have turned off content blockers, no difference in search results. Without the ability to search for content then Substack is pretty much worthless, hope they get some engineering attention on one of the most basic needs of such a site…

- Hang On!

After being swept up and away in a tsunami of graft and political corruption, bolstered by and cloaked in, a swirl of mind-clobbering cultural insanity, we in the hinterlands of America found an unexpected fingerhold to try and cling to rationality. There is apparently a froth of sanity perilously floating around the tumultuous surges of opaque floodwaters of lies and hysteria in our society. Like a snatched breath between dunkings, Substack may provide a glimmer of hope that the sun will shine again and that perhaps the final curtain won’t descend with a flash of retina-searing death from the skies brought on by our collective surrender to madness. In other words, I find Substack helpful and entertaining (esp the comments thereof)!

- Mesmerized

I just started and have spent hours with some of the best articles I have come across in over half a century of habitual reading. I can feel myself slowing and focusing as an invisible universe makes itself tangible. I am not using the paid or upgraded model. I am frugal to a fault, but I think I will be upgrading out of a combination of appetite for more, guilt and gratitude. There is material here for everyone regardless of your faith, politics or interests. The quality cuts across the normal distribution of bad to great but the great is insightful on a grand scale. Download the app, set aside time, and prepare for a feast for your mind.

- Can’t adjust really small font size

This app is a mixed bag but has promise. On the “needs improvement” side: the app only uses a random serif font that appears to be 10 points in size (maybe 9), with text in single space. Neither the font size nor the type are adjustable. It’s a poor reading experience. And … this is a reading app! It’s job is to produce a great reading experience. Which it decidedly does not do. Hopefully future improvements will include letting the reader adjust the font size, have greater line spacing and let the reader choose from fonts. These are all pretty common for reader apps. On the good side: the app’s business logic and organization work flawlessly. It’s nice to be able to see articles from my various Substack subscriptions organized in chronological order. This works well. So, the apps does the hard things well (management and presentation of content from various subscriptions) and does a quite mediocre job on the garden variety UI stuff that most reading apps already do. Hopefully they will improve that in future updates.

- Choosing Truth over Propaganda.

I’m a devoted Substack subscriber for one simple reason: with the exception of some content from “The Wall Street Journal,” and “The Spectator,” newspapers (the UK edition is a weekly newspaper—published as what is a glossy-paged magazine, in American vernacular) I don’t trust the legacy media, nor the Twitter/Meta-world/Google triumvirate to give me straight journalism. I get to choose to read whom I trust, not be force fed Pravda-esque propaganda because that’s all there is. I occasionally read stories in the NY Post, because I trust the integrity of Miranda Divine and the editorial staff in general. However, Substack is my oasis in the desert of modern journalism.

- Good job

As I continue to watch the growth of Lukie Boxing I admire his professional growth along with his desire to be a successful journalist and an excellent writer. His info is up to date and he continues to respect the boxers, trainers, and promoters without “trashing” anyone. Too many feel they are “experts” when they are not any where close. Lukie doesn’t let his ego kill the message. He delivers with integrity. We need more writers like him. The Al Bersteins and Dave Bontempo’s of boxing have to be smiling. They never let their egos get in the way of their integrity. Keep punching Luke. You are doing well.

- Great product, missing a few minor improvements

All and all a great app and platform that's simple to use, so I'm just going to focus on my perceived negatives. 1. I suffer from mild dyslexia and have found relief from using the OpenDyslexic font wherever possible. Unfortunately, substack doesn't provide that as an option among its font choices. 2. Since the platform allows adding other RSS feeds without fuss, it's quickly become my default aggregator. But you can only add new RSS feeds from the website, not the app, making it frustrating when I find a new feed while on mobile. 3. The app's minimalist design is simple and generally easy to navigate, but I often find myself not knowing where to tap to get to a specific page or menu. And the app icon in the corner deceptively doesn't do anything. It could benefit from another pass at intuitiveness. Regardless of these minor shortcomings, I would highly recommend it as both a consumer and a creator.


I admire courage, especially when the Courageous are “…the voice of one calling in the wilderness”, the voice that continues calling in spite of ridicule from their “peers”, “cancellations”, loss of employment, vicious attacks from most media pundits whose goals have become indoctrination rather than investigation, not to mention the government who no longer speaks to “we, the people”, but rather to social media—under the table, of course. SUBSTACK provides a platform for the Courageous—the Berensons, the Malones, the actual experts whose one goal is truth-telling for an audience seeking just that…TRUTH.

- Can a platform make a writer better?

I discovered Substack through Holly Becker of decor8. In a recent conversation about content creation she mentioned how she approaches fitting content to the platform. I can feel the difference in the other communications I receive from her. Substack feels more like email from a friend. So I’m trying it out and as a writer it feels lighter more immediate and impromptu. If it helps me deliver content that’s shorter and more relatable then it’ll also have helped make me a better writer.

- Enjoyable app

I do hit and miss reading on Substack. I subscribe to a few writers and happily enjoy infrequent free posts from others. But it has been difficult to keep up my reading in an organized fashion. This app, however, provides a clean and enjoyable reading experience. I leave the emails alone, and read the articles here. I am sure Substack planned it this way, that I now value their distributed content more than before. If you read their stuff, get this app.

- Some UX issues, otherwise good

My main issue with the app is that whenever someone replies in a discussion thread, and I tap the comment from my notifications section (in-app) to open it and read, it brings me to the main discussion page. I have to wade through and find the exact comment - every. single. time. This doesn’t happen on the browser version on desktop, so I’m not sure what the issue is. It makes following and having conversations wildly difficult. If this is fixed, I’ll gladly change my rating to a 5/5, because otherwise the app is great.

- Substack Review

Still finding my way. Joined specifically to read an article by Mary Katherine Ham. Picked a few others. I am on the free version which seems to be fine. I would be willing to support some writers by subscribing to the pay side…but…I don’t know enough yet, and IF it is $4-5 bucks a month and I subscribed to say 20…my math says that’s a half tank of gas here in Biden’s America. Maybe a buck or two each or a limit on per month views. Dunno. Still figuring it out. So far so good.

- A Place to Breathe

It should never take such a diligent search to learn all sides of a topic but it does. Substack provides a resource for understanding, facts and choices from voices silenced by irrational, purposefully ignorant mob mentality. We never must allow others to force their will on our lives. We calmly gather information, assess what is true and what is not and sweep it out of our lives. It is no longer a consideration. Calmly, purposefully, step out of the vortex of lies and suppression of truth. That cannot be done when facts are suppressed as the profit driven forces are pressuring us to do every minute of every day. Embrace your intelligence and calmly decide the most healthful course in your life. It is your life, no one else's. Our only allegiance is to our Creator to whom we look for guidance throughout our lives.

- Just missing automatic place saving

This is a great app, it’s a good way to read my favorite writers. I particularly like that it saves my place when I exit an article by swiping so that I can later pick up where I left off. What I wish it would do is auto save location so that even if I got interrupted by a phone call, text message, real life, etc, I could come straight back to where I was currently at in the article.

- The last bastion of unfiltered truth telling

In a remarkably short period of time sub stack has become the last bastion of honest unedited (and unexpurgated) writing. The collection of writers from Matt Taibbi and Glenn Greenwald to Andrew Sullivan, David French, and Lyons seems to have become the last great hope for free thought against a rising tide of KantAnd groupthink. It is well worth picking some writers and funding them as if you may not have a choice in the future. Because that is a possibility.

- excellent alternative to other social media platforms

substack has always been a great home for writers who don’t want a character limit or to have to play the algorithm game. I appreciate the work that went into this great app and the great reading experience it provides. It really changes the game — I have all my substack emails filtered into the trash, but check this app multiple times per day. thanks substack!

- It Not Over

Brilliant! We frustrated Americans, many of whom followed Naomi Wolf on the War Room, we Grandparents & children of those who fought in World War ll, are frustrated but most of all sad. It has been very hard to watch Americans give away their freedoms so quickly & so easily. I pray that those who inflicted this madness on our children, who left our elderly to die along receive some punishment for their crimes. I will not hold my breath.

- Beautiful, Polished Interface

As a long time reader of blogs and substackers, I was a skeptic when this app came out. Tech companies often get *one* thing right, and subsequent attempts fall short. Now, after using this app for several months, I am more than pleased. Substack created a *the best* unobtrusive reading experience. The app is a joy to use, it’s intuitive, and there’s absolutely zero mental friction.

- Thank you.

Beautifully written, as always. The heartfelt observation shines light on what we need more light on in this country- and that’s the goodness of this country- seeming victim of all that’s bad. Of course it’s still here. We have to fight to let it shine, which is indeed a shame, but for those of us who remember times which goodness seemed more prevalent, and for those longing for those times, it’s worth it to fight for-

- half baked, don’t add actions you cant undo

Just put stuff in the archive because I had no idea what swiping left in the app did. There was no label, I didn’t recognize the icon. I had to go to support to figure out what happened. And it…can’t be undone? Who launches a feature you can’t undo? Remove it from the app and release it once it can be undone. I was just trying to figure out how to mark everything unread because I read them in my email. Probably deleting this app because it’s more of a hassle than making a custom mailbox.

- Judi (retired nurse)

I’m not much of a writer, in fact I’m terrible at it but I must say this is another phenomenal article by Steve Kirsch about what is really happening! I’m printing it and going to try getting it delivered to pediatricians at my local Kaiser. I’m definitely going to pass it out at Covid “vaccine” clinics. People need to know the truth, since they definitely are NOT getting it from the CDC, the FDA, or tragically from their own doctors!

- Great start

My request is there is a way to pick up where I left off when listening to audio. When I leave an article that has audio, there doesn’t seem to be a standalone audio player that will allow me to continue to browse while listening to an audio from a different creator within the app.

- Cannot sign in

I downloaded this app yesterday and have tried five times to enter in my email address to get started. I get the email, click the link, and get an error on my iPhone saying “The network connection has been lost”, and then the app asks me for my email address again. I do not want to leave a one-star review without having seen the app (I’m actually very excited for it!) but apparently you can’t contact Substack’s tech support without logging in, and I cannot log in, so…here’s hoping someone sees this and addresses the bug. I’m on an iPhone 7, iOS 15.3.1, if that helps.

- Relief

It’s been a while. You don’t realize how unhappy you are on a social media platform until you find the space that encompasses all that you were missing. I am so happy to have joined the Substack community! Thank you, Substack, for nurturing individuals and promoting true connection! Thank you for fostering all that was missing for me! You guys are scary-good at what you do. 👏🏼

- Don Mason

A modern day Cicero. Chris is one the smartest people walking the earth today. I only wish I had such an early mentor. It’s never too late to learn. But, I have found, despite my intellectual shortcomings relative to his, my moral compass leads me to follow in his tracks and come to the same conclusions - even if I never knew who he was. But, I’m sure glad I do. Good begets good. I think it is a self-evident, natural, universal law.

- Who knew there was so much to talk about

So far this is my first day being a paid customer, and IMO that’s probably the best $5:99 I’ve paid for Boxing info!! So much that I joined this morning and here it is Almost 8 O’clock and I don’t think I’ve picked up my head except to go to the bathroom…lol when Dan says you get more he’s definitely being Honest! I highly recommend this app

- Self Advocacy

My wife and I are in the mid seventies. We have earnestly gotten all our shots and the current iteration of the common flu. We don’t socialize indoors, and when someone arrives, we as well as they wear masks. I wear a mask while shopping and while on errands. I find it useful to have this information as I have some co-morbidities and want to Self-advocate if and when the occasion arises. Thanks

- My reliable news source!

Thank goodness for Substack where I can read honest reporting and eloquent, thoughtful analyses from the likes of Chris Hedges, Yasha Levine, and a plethora of other fine writers, thinkers, and activists. The MSM is heavily censored and is biased….in favor of war, corporate profits, and is willfully ignorant and silent about the suffering caused by unjust policies, both domestically and internationally. Substack provides a platform for the honest and the brave truth tellers.

- Independent Journalism

This is honestly the only place worth spending time to read the news. Corporate journalism simply cannot be trusted. You can’t ever believe that a reporter working for a corporation is telling you what they really want to be telling. On substack you can directly support world class journalists like Bari Weiss and Matt Taibbi and trust that they’re being 100% forthright with you.

- Sort by read/unread?

Hey, been enjoying this new app reader, I can’t stand the email newsletter format and usually didn’t read much of what i got, but now I’m reading a lot more because of the app. One suggestion, would it be possible to create a filter when you sort to a particular newsletter in the app, so that you could sort by either all, all read, or most importantly “all unread” articles? Thanks, looking forward to upgrades.

- Improvement Suggestions

First, there seem to be a sync issue between my iPhone and my iPad. If I read and archive some posts on one device this is not synced to the other. Please fix this. Second, I hope to have the option to revert archived posts. Third, an in app feedback page will be helpful for me and others to submit feedback to make this app better.

- Wish there was a way to add single articles

Great app for reading and commenting on articles written and posted by people I follow. I wish there was a way to just add a single article from other people, though - people I don’t yet follow. I might receive a recommendation to read someone’s Substack newsletter and I’d like to save an article by them so that I can read it later and possibly subscribe. Please add a way to save individual articles and this app will be great!

- Needs a lot of work still

For a reading app, it’s disappointing you cannot adjust font size or have a dark mode. However, the biggest issue for me is that you cannot sort comments. The main newsletter I spend time with is VERY comment heavy, and that is a big part of the experience. On the website I can sort comments on various way (by new, chronologically, etc). Without that feature it makes the app useless for my purposes. Im deleting the app and will come back in a couple months hoping for a fix on these features.

- Substack works

I am an older American whose interests remain as alive and valid as they did fifty years ago. But age does limit my ability to keep track of my favorite authors and Substack tracks them and their newest contributions. It’s like the difference between pick and poke or touch typing. Efficiency ensures I don’t lose track of my favorite authors and subjects.

- The way online communication should be

Substack is routine for me now. Started using it with HCR’s newsletter! I thank her for her daily quality insights and for introducing me to a platform where real discussions of complex issues take place. No sound bites! Also a way to pay for good writing, sound research and quality that deserves compensation.

- Lovely Corner of the Interwebs

I love reading great writing. I love that this is a place for people to share their gifting regardless of their platform or publishing relationship. I love that there is an option to support these writers as well. Writing is good, hard and tender work. I have found so many new voices whose perspectives make me think deeper about my own life. What a treat!

- Continuous Improvement

Substack does not rest on its laurels. It is committed to continuous improvement. Since I started with them a few months back, new features have been added and existing ones have improved. The app is very cool and everything works as it is supposed to.

- You won’t regret it

There is so much to learn and enhance one’s knowledge of civics, history, economic policy, environmental consciousness, among other things. And most of all, you’ll gain a new family of spectacular people. Not enough can be said about the magnificent team: 99, Max, Manny Faces and their newest addition Tom McGorvern. They’re geniuses in their respective crafts. Love them!

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- Crossroads

It’s word that been around for centuries, in this case I’ll refer it to what goes on in one’s mind. Ie one gets to the point of understanding of self where you realise patterns are repeating in that skull space you call a brain. What usually happens is we only think linearly so each word in our heads inevitable leads to another…. Which can lead to being miserable for example. That’s whenever say, you realise you need help. Here’s one tool, :- one needs to interject a word into our linear process, pick up a book, open at any page ,and look at the 5th word on the left side of that page ….. then have your grey muscle think, talk, and explain what that word could mean in your current situation ….. and bingo, something smart happens . Edwin xx

- Fantastic platform with great content!

I love the variety, depth and quality of the writing and I applaud the Substack founders’ commitment to free speech and to not manipulating readers’ choices. It is my favourite platform for great content you simply can’t get anywhere else, because the MSM treats news as entertainment and has been completely corrupted by governments, its sponsors and its shareholders into being a propaganda or public relations machine for those vested interests.

- Great format, plenty of suggestions

Love the app and content. Could help to have a search function within authors/articles. Also a bookmarks/notes function to save favorite articles under certain subjects. Open link in new browser window. Keep up the good work- you’re in the right track. Don’t get captured!

- Options are now open

Love to have variety back after the scaling back of information that was happening from other forms of media.

- A fantastic app

I’ve only used it for a short while but I’m loving it in a time of growing censorship if Substack remains committed to FreeSpeech I see a bright future ahead for them

- From the land down under.

Thank for the wisdom that is always so readily available. Our thoughts and prayers go out the all those who knew Dr Zelenko he was a truely an amazing man.

- Text to voice

Text to voice is one of this apps great features

- Just annoying

I was subscribed to a few Substacks prior to downloading, but opening the app opened up with a dozen more that I‘d never heard of. Unsubbed from them all in safari (apparently not possible within the app?) but then had 20+ emails confirming each new subscription and unsubscription. What a ridiculous marketing strategy - why??!

- Exciting Adventures

Well done guys, great fun. If you haven’t seen or heard or read anything about Misadventure Adventures time to join the M A

- Excellent

Great platform.

- So e improvements needed

Pls make it so Substack links when clicked open directly into the iOS app.

Payoneer 💰

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- A great read !

Doomberg shares real and reliable information with readers and subscribers. Most arrivals include factual data based information that is referenced for the purposes of the conversation. We love the way they never shy away from taking pot shots at those who need a little bit of a slap.

- Great App

Wonderful articles for the thinking person

- Clean UI. Does not respect your privacy.

While I love the app, it has a clean UI and a pleasant UX to it by elegantly showing that the interface concept of “less is more” can work work effectively. Unfortunately, I do not like how privacy-invasive the app is. It collects far too much data about you, it’s data that wouldn’t (and couldn’t) be gathered by reading the email newsletters, so Substack is getting greedy for user info with the app. Once I saw what data of mine the app gathers I immediately deleted it and went back to using email newsletters that don’t invade my privacy. This was so close to being great, but due to privacy invasions, this counts as a fail, Substack.

- Substack is Saving My Life

I was spiralling deeper into the monotonous stupidity of the Daily rat race - brought to you by the ‘Davos Agenda’ (commercial voice) nevertheless Smartphones , search engines and the other proven intellectuals on this App have proven mankind still has a small glimmer of hope.

- Thanks be given

I be Canadian and think you have confused your dates for Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving was two months ago, Yankee, just saying, EH!

- Great but want download ability


- Works great

It works great.

- I cant find the create button??

can someone help me to post on the app?? thank youu❤️❤️❤️

- Raconte-moi une histoire

🌬 Aux portes de la ville un voyageur au loin. . . Bientôt il nous parlera de ce qu’il a glané, cheminant! Et tout sera noté lorsqu’il repartira.

- Free speech; very few trolls.

What’s not to like?!

- A life-line for free speech

Thank goodness for this platform. I don't mind spending the small amounts that i do when it means being able to hear dissenting voices.

- My first experience with a reader app and my last

If this is what it sounds like to have an article read to me, I’ll give it a hard pass. From mispronounced names to weird cadence, my ears couldn’t take any more abuse after only three sentences. I’ll just have to make the time to read articles because I’m never subjecting my brain to that torture again.

- Lifesaver

Cant live without substack. Lifesaver.

- The News, For Real

While “The News” I grew up with was somewhat corrupt, it could be trusted to NOT degrade civilization to a reasonable degree. Those days are long past, but now Substack is the go-to for in-depth journalism beholden to no other power than a journalist’s own sense of integrity. It is the most indispensable app I use.

- Beyond garbage

App does not update in real time and is extraordinarily clunky to navigate. I would recommend killing yourself rather than drudge through this piece of trash. No access to information is worth trying to use this app.

- Barely have time for this!

I’ve only used this app for a few weeks and I’m extremely disappointed with 99% articles like we have nothing else to do all day than reading these! I’m about to delete this app because I just don’t have time for so many notifications to sit and read for hours when I should be able to watch or listen to this stuff as I’m working all day without stopping!

- Get rid of social media

This platform is a wonderful place for people who want to engage with ideas they value outside of the noxious social media environment.

- Can’t search for articles…

There is no ability to search within a subscription or view previously saved articles from the pc.

- Profile pics are blank

On desktop, it’s fine, but on iPhone, my profile pic is blank and so are some other profile pics.

- The best

Better than medium

- Bookmarks?

How do I bookmark a link so I can read it later? And how can I go back and find something I read? This app is a good start but it could be so much more useful.

- Secure Free Speech

How significant is free speech that is secure!!? To hear people like Steve Kirsch and so many others bring facts, data, evidence to understand truth… pure oxygen!

- Adore this platform!

Makes my life SO much easier in both writing and reading. Ching, Ching! Thanks folks. Keep hold of those reigns. :) :)

- Great app - could use a few UX tweaks

Loving the app so far. A few wish list items - wish I could navigate from one post into the next without going back to the main post list - wish I could mark posts as read and remove them from the main post list - wish there was a more intuitive way to save articles for later and remove them from the saved list when I’m done reading - wish there was an easier way to filter for Substacks I’m following to read posts from the same author back to back

- Can’t log in

There’s an endless spinning wheel when I click the login link from my email.

- A good start

This is a good start for the Substack app, with a clean and simple interface. A couple of major issues: 1. It doesn't sync read/archived status between devices. 2. There's apparently no way to adjust the text size. The app even ignores the system-wide text size setting. Looking forward to some updates to bring this to its full potential.

- Great content

However i wish i could manage subscriptions in app and have more of a bundle access rate.

- A beginning

Though, a long way to go. Even the mobile-reader feed has been down for a day or more. And notifications don't work. Plus, some of us increase the font size, but it throws off the design. This will be a 4 star someday, & beat the NYT, the Athletic, & the Globe & Mail are still 3/5. I use them, to just save to Safari's Reading List.

- Better than anything Trudope paid for his Legacy lying media.

Best news ever. Wish I could support but being a senior doesn’t allow for much donating to anyone. But I’ll share like crazy!

- Official Substack App

Bunch of readers in search, this is the new official app. Looks good so far!

- A great start!

I'm interested in the concept of a dedicated reading app, because it's more straightforward to separate actual people (email) from news/etc (newsletters). Still working out whether I prefer reading in my email client or Substack, but one major issue: the read/archived/etc doesn't sync between devices, so things I read on my iPad stay in my inbox on my iPhone.

- Inbox issues

The newsletter inbox doesn’t update.

- So good

A place to read amazing writing and doesn't sell my attention to advertisers

- Great reading experience!

Much more pleasant than reading in email.

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Substack Reader 1.2.8 Screenshots & Images

Substack Reader iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Substack Reader iphone images
Substack Reader iphone images
Substack Reader iphone images
Substack Reader iphone images
Substack Reader iphone images
Substack Reader iphone images
Substack Reader iphone images
Substack Reader iphone images

Substack Reader (Version 1.2.8) Install & Download

The applications Substack Reader was published in the category News on 2022-03-08 and was developed by Substack, Inc. [Developer ID: 1581650859]. This application file size is 27.56 MB. Substack Reader - News app posted on 2023-01-23 current version is 1.2.8 and works well on IOS 14.5 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.substack.Substack