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What is nail stack! app? Longer the nails, bigger the prize! Collect all the nails, swerve around nailbiting heads and vicious saws. Paint your nails with colorful nail polishes and decorate them with shimmer!

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Find this site the customer service details of Nail Stack!. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

Nail Stack! Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Nail Stack! Version 4.0.026 March 2022

-Spring Break Special Event is LIVEE!!!.

Nail Stack! Version 3.506 February 2022

-Valentine's Day Special Event is LIVE!!!.

Nail Stack! Version 2.7.103 December 2021

-Performance Improvement..

Nail Stack! Comments & Reviews 2022

- Grate

There’s barely any ads and it’s so awesome and also it’s free so that’s good and I just think that the one thing that they could improve with this is that like no I know that like every people are like everybody wants is away but like I can’t I don’t get it I mean I don’t really get the use of them my mother supposed to like chop off an nail but like why would you do that it’s just my opinion and I hope that they will change this about them so thanks.❤︎ I love writing reviews for apps so this is really fun to do I hope that they changed us about it so ✔︎ 𝚝𝚑𝚊𝚗𝚔𝚜

- Fantastic game

So when I start playing this it was so fun well right now ehh I don’t know but I still play this game and love it and this is a cool app that I like and it’s perfect for people that are bored I’ll play this maybe every day andWhen there is a event I would always click on it and get all the stuff this is why this game is so fantastic and wonderful I hope you would have a good time on this and I would say it’s a pretty cool app and btw happy spring break :) oh so ramadan is almost here so if you’re Muslim I hope you have a great one :> bye!!

- Why can’t you get the ring

I’m on level 127 and I can’t get the ring I tried and tried but I just can’t get the ring and the worst problem about it is that there so many many ads for me and also there is a few bugs please fix this because I don’t like ads.!

- Not great

This game is a little fun with all the painting nails and decorating them and all but it’s also teaching kids to do the wrong stuff. In this game one of the obstacles is a girl who will bite your nails of if you put them in front of her. That is showing kids that biting there nails is apparently “ fun”. If the girl obstacle eats all your nail she apparently goes and bites your finger off. Now that is extremely wrong because that’s showing kids that biting peoples fingers is also apparently “ fun “. This game is actually a bit violent to think of it. I do not recommend letting your kid download this game.

- Please read

So this is a great game, if you don’t mind ads to much, then this is perfect, because there is a lot of ads, but it’s a fun and satisfying game, but if your 9 or younger, this isn’t very appropriate because you finger could have blood on it, they have sort of creepy fingers and this girl bites your nails off, other than that it’s a cool, and satisfying game I hope you guys consider before downloading games, thanks for reading!

- Good game...but weird

Okay so this game is fun and it’s a good game to play when your bored but it’s kinda weird in my opinion. First when you hit level I don’t know 5 or 10 you get to this person and if you touch her with your nails it bites it off? I guess. Second of all if you don’t like blood or anything like that you don’t play this if you hit the woman or the saw, the finger gets cut into three parts

- Poorly made and many problems

Ok so this game is fun but after a while the levels repeat and you can tell the creator did not put any effort in to making this i put my rating as 5 so more people will see this but really it’s 1. Also it needs to levels so if you wanna make new ones pls do ;-;

- Cool game

This game is so much fun because you get to do a lot of fun stuff in cash in your points for like different like nail polishes andOther stuff and it’s a lot of fun and I hope you guys download it because it is so much fun and I get this game a five star because I just started playing it and I love it so

- Good, but..

So, it is a good game, fun, relaxing, but there are some things you should change. There are quit a lot of adds, and it’s not that enjoyable. It’s fun! I recommend getting it even because of the adds. Also, if you turn on airplane mode it will take away some of the adds. It doesn’t work on some apps but on most. Hope you enjoy!


This game is so addicting. I am on level 122 and started last week! I found it as a add on tik tok. I recommend this game if you want prizes very easily, collect rings, and patterns. I don’t like how many adds there are it’s so annoying! Every time i go onto the next level a add comes on and some are not very appropriate lol. Overall this game is really fun though.

- Leeah for Love

Five stars because you guys really made me not bored anymore because COVID-19 is out and you can’t do that much stuff becauseIt’s so much stuff outside that you can get a disease from I love you guys so much thank you hopefully you guys have a good day playing this game love you bye

- Many Problems

First of all You can never get to the ring when you are measuring your nail. I once got all the nails and it wasn’t even close to the ring. I want to delete this game so bad! Second of all There to many ads. There is an ad after every game. Third of all Its so boring after like 5 minutes. It’s poorly made. Just please fix these problems. please

- Its very fum bit lits of glitches

Its super fun uou can decirate your nails and you can join in these littls games for the nails. But sometimes it glitches it takes the nails of the finger the ring will come off and when you move somewhere it will take you back to where you were and your nail will get chopped lf or eaten but then all of thar its a great game.☻︎♥︎

- Game review

I’d rate it higher but I think three is enough because one for me, I can’t get that many high scores because the levels are so short so there aren’t enough nails to get a high score. Two is how there is an ad at every two levels. I don’t know if it’s because of where I live or if it’s just the app. Overall it’s okay but it could be better.

- Great game but the ads

I love this game everything about it 100% recommended but there is a lot of ads when u finish a level there is a ad but sometimes there is not I live this game but it needs less ads

- Inappropriate and glitchy

First the ladies bite your nails off which I think is inappropriate for children under seven years old .for the glitches it just puases and doesn’t even work anymore which makes me feel so mad😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

- ...

As the app finished downloading I couldn’t seem to get into the app so I kept on trying but every time I tried it exited so I’m kind of appointed about that because I also got this ad off tiktok, so I’m very disappointed that the app didn’t open.

- Amazing 🤩

Alright let’s just say is …. amazing it’s one of my fav games but here’s some things (feel free to add :) ) More skins with coins More nails The only reason is because I have just a lot of money just stirring there since I unlocked eveything.I really love so good job !! 👌🏼

- Love it!!….but….

This is my favorite game to play!! BUT….every time I update it it goes to a blue screen and you can’t do anything about it. I wish there was a way to fix that. Please and thank you!

- poorly made and glitches

So the game was clearly poorly made after like lvl 12, it just repeats itself. But i wanna focus on the glitch more, as a 13 year old with a brother who does coding we can tell it’s poorly made. Like whenever you open the game it loads and then you press to play. But it does nothing, the finger moves but you can’t play it. I dont recommend.

- My review

Good game and all but it’s kinda hard to move the finger in the game that makes it very hard to play also the ads after every game and the games are not that long so if you put an add after few games i would be way better and make it easier to move the finger

- What i think we should change

I think we should change up a little something witch is...NO ADS for me only for other people though

- This was great

I love this game and it’s really entertaining and I could play on it for a long time there is also little adds in the game which is great overall this is a great game

- It is so bad I got it for my cousin bad ideas

Got it for her grande a big thing for cutting trees and put on fake baby nails which was cute but then cut her finger of then took her to the emergency room her mom was the one who told me to get so at least she was not mad at me but I was in the bathroom and cooking dinner befor that happens I played for a little like 1 minute and got bored fast so gave my phone to her crazy I hate this game and now she does not have fingers

- Dumb Commercials

I named this dumb commercials because on the first level in the middle of it I had a commercial and then after the that commercial I had another commercial and then in the second level I had to do three commercials and also when they do the commercials they automatically make me smash my nails and fingers. I would give this a zero but it wasn’t all bad.

- A bit of change

I love this game I feel like it’s the best but … I honestly think ya should make it harder like at least more blades … how about that ? Oh and this game is also fun! ° ° bye! -

- Fun game

I love it but there is ads but other than that I think it is Willie fun when you’re in the car it’s like the dream of your li so I’ll give it a five out of fi

- Soooo amazing

I rated this five star because you can cut the nail and paint the nail and when I found out this game I was so super excited because I love love painting my moms nails and cutting them it’s just so satisfying

- Just the adds

I love this game so so so so so so soooooooo much it is just the adds and that’s all it’s just the adds so many adds every time you finish a level…… ADD every time your in the middle of the game….. ADD it’s just the add btw I just love this game!!!!

- Amazing

So a lot of other peoples reviews are saying that this game is horrible but I think it’s amazing and I think that the creators of this game spent some time making this game 5 stars 🤩

- Nail stack ❤️

I think this game is it it gives you a bit of adds but other rant it’s good it also give you MONEY and you can get rings that’s all I have to say byeeee

- Great game but-

Great game but, there is an ad after every round- you’re better if getting double the money (in game) there is gonna be an ad either way.

- From: Zoey and Leighton the ferocious kitties

This game is fun and satisfying but it is a bit hard but still fun sometimes it turns out bad and sometimes it turns out good I love and hate this game!!!!🤍❤️🤍❤️

- These adds are annoying

To much adds 😐 after I play one level there’s a add like can you remove some adds at this point I’m close to just stop playing it just to much adds fix the adds 😑

- Good game but

The game is good, but after a little bit you can see it’s just repeating levels over and over again. It gets boring and unfun after a little bit. Other than that it’s funny and can entertain you for a while

- Good Game But To Many Ads ⭐️

Good Game Pretty Unique/Wired But it would be nice if there where more Styles/Customizations. My Only Problem is There are way to many Ads every time I play one Level An Ad comes on which is Odd but it’s a Good Game.

- The game is good

The game is really good. But I found a bug. So the bug is every time I get to the end my hand just falls through. But the game is really good.

- Kinda boring/racist (stereotypical)

The games fun, but after a bit it just repeats the levels and when you buy all rings, skins and fingers there’s legit nothing to do. And is nobody gonna talk about the racism? Why is the black girl skin/hand under “chic” and not “beauty” like the light skin hand?? Stereotyping to this fullest.

- Great game

This game is a nice normal game that I like to see in adds I’m sick and tired of seeing inappropriate adds and this game is not one of them it’s very family friendly and just right for kids 9/10

- O.M.G

This game is so much fun! When I first started playing this game I didn’t know what to do but then when I played for a long time I was obsessed!


Nail Stack is a great game I love it it is one of my favorites I’m always going to play it it is the best I love it thanks for thinking of this game love you please don’t ever band this game good bye have a great day,night,evening.

- Events and updates do not work

I updated this game every time there was a new one and the Christmas event didn’t work for days and the newest update just took me too a screen saying there event was over. There is no way to get support for the app so if it don’t work you have to wait until the next update

- Good although all the adds

I think this game is really entertaining although there is I think a little to many adds.

- Love this game

I love this game it barely has adds and it is really easy to get money when you win! Please get this game!

- Pls read

Hi I’m nineI downloaded this game it is pretty awesome the greatest part about it is to see how far you get what it needs an update

- Don’t Download

It doesn’t really have any ads but it doesn’t put the nail all the way up btw my review is hard to understand if you already downloaded also you didn’t get your right amount of gems and soooooo frustrated

- Nail polish

My daughter loves this app and when she is crying I just give her the phone and I think this app is great for little kids 😎😎😎😎 March,26,2022 Alison,granger,maden

- Pretty good game

It’s great to know but it just has too much ads I do like the game but it would be better if there’s less ads

- Best game ever 🤩🥰❤️

You can have no adds and have the best hight score you should download today

- Very fun

This game is very fun for when I am bored, at an event waiting for something, a dinner, just an everyday game to get rid of bordness

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- 🙂

It’s very fun but when you get very long then you can’t see your nail so your nail will just break

- Good but…

It’s an amazing game but it has some bad thing’s levels are very repetitive and can get boring can’t get past 125 points 3. In the finger section you can go to chic section (aka the average not to special items you can buy them with coins) there is a black finger but if you go to the beauty section (aka the special one you have to watch ads to get the items and you have to play certain levels to get these) there is a white finger why aren’t they in the same section aren’t they\we both/all equal?

- Good but…

The game game is good, it has a fun premis and a good exit union but I have 2 issues with the game that I can not simply overlook First, the game only has 10 levels that are repeated over and over, making no new challenges and it gets old fast. Secondly, there is no way to get past 125 points/coins, this has made the game very inconvenient and has forced me to write this review My final thoughts are summed up well in this quote “this game is very unexpectable and you need to get rig of those stupid girls, she is very annoying and stops me from getting the 5 nails, she reminds me of Emma “ ~ Sister

- 🎀lovely🎀

I love this app when I saw it I was like wow this looks cool let's download it! But... it was so amazing I joined and it was just- so cool you can collect items in this game and change your skins and add accessories for your finger! It's so amazing 😻 I can't stop playing it 0% ads it's so cool 😎

- Why I love nail stack

I really like nail stuff because we get to learn how to do nails but except it’s on a game it’s really really really fun so you should try it or download it now and try it

- Best game ever

I love this game Would play it all year

- Too many ads

Love the idea of the game but there are far too many ads. An ad for every button you press!

- Nail salon

Great game! Highly recommend!

- Could not open

Downloaded the app and every time it was opened it shut down immediately

- 💕Very pleased user💕

When I first saw this game I was like “oh that looks fun, let me read some of the reviews” so I went and looked at the reviews and the reviews where talking about how bad the game where. But I didn’t really care much because the game looked cool and as soon as I first played it I was MESMERISED 😱😱 it was so fun 🤩 and I could not stop 🛑 playing it I love how many nail choices there are my personal favourite is the devil one😈 it just overall blew my mind! So if anyone tells you this game is trash there 💯% WRONG and if people say they can do a better job at making a game I’d like to see them try! Because people who make games jobs aren’t easy ! Just imagine how much work they put it! So I thank you for making the game - 🤩Very pleased user 🤩 + please add me on the reveiws page!

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- Bread

Bread bread bread bread ( great game, love it! ) Bread bread ( my fav ) bread bread bread ( it is awesome! )

- Yay

This is so much fun I love it so much I think 100 people play this game but it’s creepy when you break your nails and finger but still it’s so much fun and amazing!!

- Racist

So if you the shop it has a chic and a Beauty and the black finger is in chic and the White finger is in Beauty I think that’s kind a racist. But anyway it’s a great game you should get it😊

- Needs improvement

Needs more candles

- High quality

I’ve literally only played one level and I’m really impressed with the high quality 🤩🤩🤩

- Annoying

This game is so stupid all it does is frickin load and then it has to load and then it blacks out and I can’t even play the game it sucks i have an iPhone 6 so I don’t know if that has any thing to do with it because I have played it on my friends iPhone and it works perfectly so yeah

- Good game

Good game

- Hmmm

Fun but too many ads frfr

- Thank you so so much!?!!!.

Thank u. So much!

- Love it

Sooo goodd

- Not showing

The christmas update is not showing up it only says the black friday event but good game

- Read please

Ok this game is pretty fun but it did just copy others

- ?

How are you supposed to beat your score I’ve played many levels but they don’t seems to have enough nails to beat 100 as your score

- Nails


- Way too many advertisements

Every 1min there’s an advertisement so how exactly am I supposed to enjoy and play!

- Review

I like the game but can you please add more nail polish colours

- Zoey


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Nail Stack! 4.0.0 Screenshots & Images

Nail Stack! iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Nail Stack! iphone images
Nail Stack! iphone images
Nail Stack! iphone images
Nail Stack! iphone images
Nail Stack! iphone images
Nail Stack! iphone images
Nail Stack! iphone images
Nail Stack! iphone images
Nail Stack! iphone images
Nail Stack! iphone images
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Nail Stack! (Version 4.0.0) Install & Download

The applications Nail Stack! was published in the category Games on 2021-09-03 and was developed by Rollic Games [Developer ID: 1452111779]. This application file size is 256.41 MB. Nail Stack! - Games app posted on 2022-03-26 current version is 4.0.0 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.marula.nailstack