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JustFit: Lazy Workout & Fit [Health & Fitness] App Description & Overview

What is justfit: lazy workout & fit app? Lose weight and gain muscle with no equipment.
Follow the professional guide and customized plan.
Let’s go with JustFit.

JustFit is a scientifically designed virtual coach who will definitely help you. It is high time for you to start your training. JustFit has got everything ready.
Workout plans, a huge library of exercises from top to bottom, JustFit even can give you personalized recommendations regarding your requirements. Whether you want to target your training on problem areas or lose weight or gain muscle weight. JustFit will also strictly track your daily progress. It is high time to get what you want.
The road to the top is here, let's go. Let's do it.

Change yourself by working out anytime and anywhere with JustFit.
• Workouts at home at any time. We've got you covered with a variety of exercise sets for at-home sessions, with zero equipment.
• Tailor-made approach to weight loss and weight gain. We analyze your profile preferences and lifestyle to help you achieve your goal faster.
• Varied workouts adapted to your needs. We provide a wide range of workout exercises, you can find everything you like and start training anytime.

• Workout Coach: personalized workout plan to help you get in shape faster
• From top to bottom: wide range of fitness and workout exercises to cover your personal needs
• Target Training: focus on problem areas adapted to your needs
• Daily Progress Tracker: track your everyday progress to meet your goal

Apple Health:
Apple Health integration to track calories burned by steps.

Subscription Information :
JustFit offers an auto-renewing subscription at $69.99/year to provide you with unlimited access to the VIP features. Your payment will be charged to your iTunes Account as soon as you confirm your purchase. You can manage your subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal from your Account Settings after the purchase. Your subscription will renew automatically unless you turn off auto-renew at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. The cost of renewal will be charged to your account in the 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. When canceling a subscription, your subscription will stay active until the end of the period. Auto-renewal will be disabled, but the current subscription will not be refunded. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when purchasing a subscription.

Note: This app is developed for informational purposes only. You must always consult your physician or doctor before starting any fitness program. Results can vary.

Terms of Use: http://www.enerjoy.life/justfit-ios/TermsofService.html
Privacy policy: http://www.enerjoy.life/justfit-ios/PrivacyPolicy.html

If you have any questions or suggestions, email us at: contact.justfit@enerjoy.life

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JustFit: Lazy Workout & Fit Customer Service, Editor Notes:

JustFit: Lazy Workout & Fit Version 1.6.819 January 2023

Hi there, JustFit is devoted to positively changing the lives of as many women as possible through health and fitness. Now, it’s even better! This update brings you a few bug fixes and performance improvements. Enjoy your fitness journey..

JustFit: Lazy Workout & Fit Version 1.6.023 November 2022

Hi there, JustFit is devoted to positively changing the lives of as many women as possible through health and fitness. Now, it’s even better! This update brings you a few bug fixes and performance improvements. Enjoy your fitness journey..

JustFit: Lazy Workout & Fit Comments & Reviews 2023

- It work for me!

Disclaimer - I’m 52 years old and have no real physical problems except for some creaky joints now and again. I got this app because I let myself get really out of shape and needed some help on reconfiguring my work out philosophy. I’m a former athlete so I was trying to push through my workouts and found that, in my current state of fitness, was not going to work. I needed some strength training and a lot of core training. These little workouts are really fitting the bill! Great little workouts to combine with some cardio make for an almost circuit training workout I can do by my desk (I work remotely). I have my little stair stepper that I get on before and after my daily work out and then I do the core workout in the afternoon. I like this because it’s manageable amd seems to be effective. I don’t see my new workout program getting derailed because I’m getting my muscle tone back in manageable bites during my day. But that’s just me

- Easy to Commit

I have tried other workout regiments but always had trouble sticking with them. Part of it was that I’d be so sore after the first workout (because “last set best set”) from pushing myself so hard. The other part was the time commitment. Not just the time commitment for the workout itself, but to shower and get ready afterwards. With this app you’re able to establish a time to commit to, and the workouts leave me feeling just the right amount of sore. I have been WAY more successful with sticking to a regular workout schedule using JustFit! because the workouts fit more easily into my schedule and don’t leave me feeling so sore the next day that I can’t get in and out of my car.

- First review

I gave only a 3 star review because I answered a question at the beginning of my enrollment to this plan. I answered all questions as honestly as I could, however my answer was apparently ignored when the program was designed for me. I was asked about the things I could not or would not be able to do. I believe the only thing I checked was “jumping “. Therefore those exercises will have to be avoided by me and not replaced. At 66 years old and almost 300 pounds, you must know it’s a little impossible. Also, the question about a part of my body that’s been injured, I checked my knees and back. My back injury can tolerate almost all of the exercises, but my knees are unable to do the crunches and my back has a hard time with the one designed to lie down and try reaching the ceiling with my feet. The jumping exercises involving jumping would be jogging in place and jumping jacks. Is there anyway this can be reviewed and a different doable exercise put in their places. Thanks for letting me vent!

- Misleading and non responsive

When trying out the app I got an offer for a free 7 day trial I signed up and was immediately charged for a month instead. I tried reaching out to the app customer service for a refund but never received a response. I never used the app and now I never will. I do not like being misled and then not receiving any response to an inquiry. Very poor customer service. Edit: I received a response! Not when I emailed multiple times for a refund but when I left a negative review… interesting. I have seen several reviews with the same issues that I had. You’re wording is misleading and you are benefiting off of that. The response that I received is “if you don’t like the app then you can cancel”. I have cancelled. In face when I realized what happened I cancelled immediately. Im not looking for guidance on how to cancel. What I want is my money back for an app that I never used. A customer service rep should reach out to address the issue. But that was not offered to me or as it seems any of the other users that made the same error in clicking on this app.


I downloaded this app and when I signed up for the 7-day free trial, it was an automatic charge. WHAT A SCAM!!! Apple should remove this from the Apple Store. The workouts also appear to have little to nothing to do with the intake questionnaire. You can google workout plans for free online - now I am having to go down the rabbit hole with Apple to get my $$ back. I don’t even want to dig deeper into what is done with you data. STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS APP AND DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT. IT IS A SCAM! Update, I was granted a refund by Apple when I explained everything that I experienced same as everyone else. However two days later, I received a repeat charge on my credit card - with no record of purchase from the Apple Store. So now I have to have the fraudulent charge investigated and refunded, will likely need to get new cards issued. All of this due to downloading this horrible app that also misrepresented its own function in ads. THIS IS INTENTIONAL FRAUD AND A FINANCIAL SCAM! PLEASE DO NOT USE IT!!!!

- It needs a little work

I liked the idea of this app, workouts for lazy people. I’m not lazy but I have an autoimmune disease that makes working out hard since I can’t put pressure on my knees or wrists. 1st day was a lot of squatting. I decided to challenge myself but was only able to do it half the time. It’s not given me any bed exercises like advertised but there is a section where I can choose them. I wish it was more integrated with my Apple Watch, so I didn’t have to enter things I’ve done that are saved on my watch. I would also like it to do the workout on my watch like other workout apps have. Then my watch could control the pause, stop, skip options and vibrate when my 30 seconds are up. They seem still new so I hope the developers fix the kinks and make an app for the Apple watch for how expensive it is to subscribe.

- Mostly good, I have questions.

I am one month in. As of now I’m giving 3 stars. Like others, I too was charged for a subscription (3mo) when I was only trying to do a trial. The app does not suggest or mention that the 7 day trial is only for annual subscription. Kinda scammy. And it’s a pain in the A to get refund. So I went for it anyway. I like the small workouts, I think after the first 28 days even though they are 20 ish min (my choice) I feel they are effective. That being said- I am going into 2nd month and “my plan” now cut my workout time in half. And with the rest periods- they are only like 6 min. What happened? They are supposed to be between 15-20 min .. the workouts look way less intense instead of maybe bumping them up. Somethings off. Hoping this gets fixed so i can also adjust my review.

- Please use this app!!

This app has got to be the best workout at home app! It’s free and doesn’t force you into buying subscriptions. They even have a in bed mode so if your lazy like me you can workout without having to get out of bed!! It also asks you questions about yourself so they can make the perfect plan for you so you won’t get a useless plan(if you wanted a tummy plan but then give you a arm plan iykyk) they make it so it’s only personalize to fit your plan, they even let you pick the time during the week how much you want to workout and when you don’t. I love this app so much and I also love how it’s 4+ and not like 21+ because that’s just stupid

- Best exercise app!

This app is so good!!! I downloaded this app because I was starting to get a little weight, and I needed to burn my calories. I have a urge to do stretches and some exercise after I take my bath, and I’m really picky so I don’t like to sweat after my bath. I tried out this app, and at the first day I tried it I knew it was going to be the perfect app for me. I love the fact that you don’t sweat while doing the exercises, and you can choose what kind of plan you want. This is the best app for people that are picky about their exercise!🚶🏻‍♀️🚶🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♂️🏋🏻‍♀️🏋🏻‍♂️🤼‍♂️🤸🏻‍♀️🤸🏻‍♂️⛹🏻‍♀️⛹🏻‍♂️🤺🤾🏻‍♀️🤾🏻‍♂️🏌🏻‍♀️🏌🏻‍♂️🏇🏻🧘🏻‍♀️🧘🏻‍♂️🏄🏻‍♀️🏄🏻‍♂️🏊🏻‍♀️🏊🏻‍♂️🤽🏻‍♀️🤽🏻‍♂️🧗🏻‍♀️🚵🏻‍♀️🚵🏻‍♂️🧗🏻‍♂️🚴🏻‍♀️🚴🏻‍♂️


Today was my first day using this app and I absolutely love it. I was absolutely killing myself in the gym and saw zero results so I’ve started doing more low impact workouts at home and so far this app has made it enjoyable and I don’t have to wonder what workout I need to do that day. I did my daily workout, and a 19 min ab workout after. I love how there’s so many different workouts! I love love love this app and will be using it every day!!! I also love how it tracks your calories burned and your steps throughout the day.

- Like, but…

I used to workout 5 days a week for an hour to hour n half each day. Due to medical problems, things slowed down a bit. Now, after surgeries and healing it’s time to get back on track. Didn’t want to spend all the money on a gym membership so tried this app. So far, pretty good. Since I’m pretty beginning all over again, it is easing me back into a fitness regime. The one and only thing that I wish was available- that it linked to my Fitbit. It has steps that I should be getting each day- my Fitbit records them but they don’t transfer to this app. If that could happen sometime in the future, it would be wonderful. Otherwise- it’s a great app. Enjoy.

- Workout Love; Setting Update Hate

I have 3 stars only because I can’t seem to modify my options. The reason I want to is because I just found out I am pregnant and want to switch the workouts to prenatal. Another issue I have is that I attempted to pull this app up on my iPad but it doesn’t recognize it as a profile already set up even though I purchased the package under my AppleID. So there seems to be some bugs that need to be worked out as I would like to use the same profile on both my iPhone and iPad. Other than that, I love the app because it allows me to workout at home without any or much equipment as well as avoid my ceiling fan which is low considering I am 5’11”.

- Strongly displeased with advertising

I found an ad for this so on TikTok that claimed it was “free”, never said anything in that ad that “free” was only for a trial period. Honestly just goes to show… if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Would have loved to give this a go without having to pay for it after a few days, especially when I’ve tried many paid programs and nothing sticks so it’s a huge risk factor for people like me… even more so because of auto charge, which I tend to forget is on. Just really sad the advertisement wasn’t a bit more clear. I get making money and needing to charge for this reason or that but just if you’re putting yourself out there as “free” when that is only applicable for a short time, that needs to be much more clear.

- Very Misleading but

I kept on getting charged during my 7 day free trial, and had to cancel the whole thing in general. It wouldn't let me do my workout for day 4 and the workout for day 3 (even tho it was said to workout your core) it focused on arms throughout the whole thing. I'm pretty sure i'm no genius but push-ups target your chest and arms, not your core like it said it did. I could be wrong though. Not only that but the calorie burning count AND the times were all messed up and it was very confusing because i would time my workout on my apple watch and it would show a different time and different calorie amount, even tho i have the app my heart rate and weight and height information. It's very inaccurate and misleading, and I won't be installing again that's for sure :((

- Excuse me?

Hello, I got your app and thought it was nice so I kept using it but on the third day, it wouldn't let me do the workout and kept advertising the subscription. So I bought the one-month subscription for 4.99 but when I checked I was that I was charged for a year which is NOT what I asked for. I imedetly canceled my subscription and now I'm requesting a refund. I've heard that you have “scammed” many others in the reviews and I regret not paying closer attention to them. I will not be recommending this app. I plan on telling everyone I know what has happend, and that they should stay away from apps made by you in the future. This has been a complete waste of my time and money considering that there is no difference between the app with the subscription whatsoever.

- AI is not very good. Hard to get a consistent routine from the app.

My first 28 day workout series was great. Sure, the AI often mislabels the workouts but once you get used to that it's fine. However when I went to create a new 28 day regimen, I found out that the programming is way glitchier than that. It totally ignores the length of workout time you want and you end up with 39 minutes no matter what. I started using their preset challenges instead because they consistently are accurate re: time and include warm-up/cool down which I always want but doesn't come up on the main page sequences. I think I'm going to need to find a new app.

- Liars! Charged me when they weren’t!

I decided to download the app and subscribe because they said I would get a seven day free trial and I would not be charged anything at all until after the seven days so I subscribed and turns out I was charged from day one. If you’re not going to be transparent about the financial practices, then it’s not worth it because if you need to lie to customers about charging them, and when you will charge them then clearly the products don’t work in the best way to grow glutes is to lift weights and none of the exercises incorporate weights. So don’t bother if you’re looking to see significant results. This app would’ve suffice during quarantine but now that everything is open and I can go to the gym. I need a real gym exercises.

- I’m just trying to workout

I have seen your app all over social media. I thought it was amazing and it made people fit, So I downloaded it and it help me for 2 days straight. But on the 3rd day it was telling me about the subscription. I didn’t want to do it and I was just trying to workout but it kept blocking me from doing it. Basically I’m just trying to say that maybe have a button where people don’t want to subscribe and just do there workouts. I understand that you probably want money from the app but some people can’t even afford or don’t want to subscribe. It’s up to the people who made this app.

- Pretty good so far.

So, I’ve been on a weight/fat loss journey for a while and I found this app while trying to find ways to lose weight. I started about a month ago and the first week I started, I was already losing 5 pounds. But that did include me only eating a certain amount of calories a day. The workouts are great but I feel like they’re not intense enough for my liking. I have tried to change the settings for the intensity but nothing really worked. Please get that checked out. But overall, Thai is a great app and I highly suggest it for a weight loss journey!

- Was alright but also misleading

Me and my friend both downloaded the app and it was easy to do and to stay seemingly committed. We were on day four when we realized we weren’t able to measure our heart rates or start our training. The app made us think we would get to at least day 28 before it would lock and make us start paying but really it happened to be right after day 3. We both were excited to have something to commit to but were then disappointed. We loved the app, and will continue to use it to look at exercises. However it is very annoying that it was advertised as a free and easy way to workout when it is clearly not.

- Don’t blame the app if fail to read what it’s telling you

I’m not sure why so many reviews saying it misleading. It clearly states when u chose annual option that there is a 7 day free trail and when u choose month or every 3mo it no longer says 7day free trial. Can’t blame the app if you fail to read the basic info. It’s also listed in the small print as well underneath where it also gives you the directions on how to cancel1

- Unable to see the full display

The app isn’t showing up on the screen properly. I have an iPad and part of the screen is cut off and I can’t see the options to choose from so I’m not Evan able to get to the exercises. I’ve deleted and reinstalled without success. Edit: the response time to my complaint was fabulous. Surprised anybody even responded at all. Just for that they get 4 stars. I would give them 5 but the app wasn’t displaying correctly. Decent of you to respond and look into the issue. Thank you.

- Difficult to cancel before trial period is up

The app is so-so. but the reason I gave it one star, is because it’s difficult by design to cancel before the trial period us up. I’ve already sent them 2 cancellation emails with no response. And even if you delete the app it doesn’t cancel your auto subscription. So if you just want to try it to see how it goes, it’s very difficult to get out before the trial period ends. I started trying to cancel it just after two days because I wasn’t thrilled with the app. And I still haven’t been able to cancel it. No customer support on social. No recourse if they don’t answer your email to cancel. Really disappointed with this app.

- Good in theory, terrible design

Great idea, executed terribly. App asks you a ton of questions to design a plan ‘for you’ but then proceeds to ignore any of the answers you provided. I even deleted and reinstalled it to try different answers and nope, still ignored them. Also gave a comically short time frame (less than three months) for losing a very large amount of weight. That’s a great way to set people that don’t know better up for disappointment and/or some super unhealthy practices. App itself is very clunky. No way to change any of the initial info other than deleting and reinstalling as far as I can tell. No way to change your ‘plan’. Support website is also essentially nonexistent. Don’t waste your time.

- Day 13

I love the app. I love that it gives you a plan to workout and that you press start and it times the workout and you can see the “trainer” showing you how it is done while you go. I paid for the app however once I got into day “13” which is today. I no longer see a start button on the workout for my plan today. Which means it’s not timing me and I just have to calculate the time myself. Why is this happening? Is there a way to get that start button there? I don’t see anywhere I can contact the app for help. I would love some information

- Great Way to Squeeze in a Little Activity

One of the things that I enjoy about this app already are short, easy exercises! I can literally do them anywhere! Today my six year old told me that I wasn’t doing it fast enough, lol! I also like that we can add other activities to our calorie count! The only downside to that is there is no category for outdoor walking, and as far as I can see there is no way to add or search for such a category. Other than that, I think I’m really going to enjoy this app!

- Don't download unless your 1000% sure you want it

I'm honestly not sure how this app has so many good reviews. The app itself is very basic. The ultra-frustrating part is that the "7 day trial" is actually a 6 day trial as you have to cancel 24 hours in advance, which means you can't actually try the app for 7 days. When I used the "contact us" button on the app, no response. I have emailed them 3 times this week with no response. I'm not even sure the email goes to anything, as there's no confirmation message. Incredibly frustrating. Zero stars for their lack of customer service alone. If you charge me $70 then you can at least respond to an email.

- Fraud

This app is a fraud. It offered me a free trial and then immediately started trying to bill my account for $33 and attempts it several times a day. I deleted the app and the fraudulent subscription and it’s still doing it for over a week now non stop. Apple says to contact the developer and they have no phone number and I’m not sending an email to not get an immediate response. The website doesn’t even have this app on there as one of theirs. They’re Instagram is “not found” and Facebook page takes me to a sleep ad. I need these charges to stop trying to bill my account immediately! I need to be contacted NOW. No one should download this God awful app

- Love this app!!

This app has been a great way for me to get a quick workout in at home. I love that I can tailor the length and intensity of the work outs! The only suggestion I would make is that there could be verbal cues to help with correct form on many of the moves in order to maximize benefits. Also-the labels of the workouts are incorrect. For example, one day might be labeled a booty workout and it is actually upper body. I sent a message to the developer through the app, but I’m not sure if they received it. Another thing that might be helpful is a list of what “equipment” you’ll need for the workouts: foam roller, water bottles/weights, etc. Other than those minor inconveniences I would absolutely recommend this app.

- Deceptive and misleading

If you are looking for a customized bed-based program that slowly builds up to something more, do not download this app. What it advertises and what it delivers are two different things entirely. Day one starts with jumping squats among other jumping and standing exercises. It asks how much time you want to spend per day, then greatly exceeds it. Almost none of the workouts were bed or mat, despite me answering in the app’s questionnaire that I preferred only those exercises. It is cruel to advertise an app targeted at disabled people and then give them advanced, long workout plans that don’t even abide by the limitations from your own questionnaire.

- Repetitive

This workout isn’t balanced at all. Every day it advertises a different title for that day and every day it’s leg workouts for half of them. My legs are now dead but the rest of me is waiting for the workout to start. “Angel’s belly” (do curtsy squats, lunges, and glute bridges). Like I’ve been doing this for a week now and I’ve yet to see a single sit up or crunch. I feel like my entire ab area is being ignored and it really needs attention. I shouldn’t have to supplement workouts for what you missed. I’ll end this week barely being able to walk but the rest of my body completely untouched.

- Great until day 4

I'm a very sedentary person so I decided to try this app and I started to like it. The exercises really give results, I say that for the post-exercise pain. It’s easy to use and follow the exercises directions . However today I was frustrated because when I started the exercises on the 4th day of my plan I noticed that they were the same as on the 3rd day and are the same until the 21st day. I sent an email and I hope they resolve it as soon as possible otherwise I will cancel the subscription.

- Fraudulent? Bait-n-Switch at a minimum

I signed up for the free 7-day trial, sent an email to support to cancel on day seven, i’ve been completely ignored, despite multiple attempts to reach the company. THEN, on day 8, every time I go into the app, I cannot use any features because there is a constant add that ffers me a NEW deal for 57% off while still making multiple attempts per day to charge my card. I have put a stop on my card at this point. So either they are a fraudulent app, operate with fraudulent tactics, or just a really bad app. It’s been 3 weeks or more, no change to any of the above, and still no response from the company.

- Workout

Wasn’t sure about this app at first or just my laziness talking to me. But I made myself get up and get it done! I first told my self I will just do 1 set of everything and be done, but this app tells you what to do and gives you time to get ready for the next moves and they are easy to remember! I will be definitely doing it on my nights that I don’t work!!

- Bad timing

I don’t not understand why there is no ability to change settings for when this app reminds you to work out. I live in the Pacific time zone and I get the notification to work out nearly at 8:30 PM at night which is not a time that I would work out because it impacts sleep. I’ve contacted their contact us I haven’t heard back and I have no way to change that in the settings. I know I can manually create reminders for myself in my own calendar and the app is pretty good outside of that but this seems like a simple bug that can be fixed. Disappointing I haven’t heard back.

- It’s fine but

I’ve recently downloaded this app because I wanted to loose some weight and feel more comfortable with my body, I’ve been enjoying the app so far but I’m on day four and when I try to start my workout I get subscription coupon for the app, but I didn’t want it. But it seems unless I buy it I can’t do my workout. And I thought this was a free workout app and I just need to know if I need to pay for it or not so I can find another way to workout.

- Confusing

After this review was posted I received a response that had nothing to do with my review. I just reduced the rating to one star. So I installed this on my iPad and it looked good but couldn’t check the heart rate. So I installed it on my phone and answered the exact same questions and got a completely different workout. We will be traveling by boat this winter with limited space for workout. The bed exercises seemed doable but the iPhone version has me standing up even though I requested the bed workout. - very different from the iPhone version. There was no login so it appears the devices aren’t synched.

- Working mom on the go

Lots of great work out for people that don’t have workout equipment perfect for the person that cannot make it to the gym perfect for those moms out there they need to be at home with their children you can definitely get you a good 20 minutes in before work I will give 10 stars if I could thanks again

- Too female oriented for no reason

Please update your content for more inclusiveness. I don’t know why companies are STILL acting like men don’t and shouldn’t care about their physical health… then they go on Twitter and preach equality and body positivity. This app in particular, isn’t exclusive to women (for example: special exercises for pregnancy), so why is it so narrowly marketed towards them? Couldn’t devs add a male presenter too and then ask the user for their preference? Majority of these exercises have universal appeal but it targets only half of the demographic, based on an outdated belief that showing “beach body” models to women makes them insecure and that sells $$$.

- Confusing plan options

At best, the confusion with choosing a plan at start up is misleading, at worst it is predatory. Evidently the free trial is only if you select the 12 month option. While you would think a free trial would be in effect regardless of which plan you choose, that’s incorrect. It makes no mention of this anywhere on the page, and immediately charges you. I’ve contacted support to get a refund, but based on other reviews mentioning the same thing, I’m not expecting much. On top of this the rhythm game they show on the tiktok ads is nowhere to be found on the app.

- Needs Casting Ability

This is a nice little app for people who don’t have a lot of time, experience, or internal motivation. Working through a series of workouts, a person can get a nice, well-balanced set of exercises for the entire body. I wish, however, there was a way to cast from my phone to my streaming device, to watch on my TV. Hopefully that functionality with be provided on a future update.

- Good exercises but ignores your profile preferences

I’m on day 57 of this app and overall it’s great. However I chose in my original setup “no equipment” and now it’s automatically adding in. I do not want this but can’t find a way to correct. I’m not expecting the app owner to assist as they’ve not been responsive to my email. I guess once my 3-month subscription expires I’ll be looking for another app.

- Feeling scammed

I downloaded this app because I was really excited to find some thing low impact to help me lose weight seeing as how I am a heart patient. going through the sign-up process it said I qualified for a seven day free trial which is cool however I get a notification on my phone that my account has been charged $32 I’ll cancel the subscription uninstall the app and now it won’t let me get back in to contact customer support saying something about my password and this and that when there was no password to begin with. be careful people seems like a scam to me!!!

- The plan keeps changing

Why was I doing 17-26 minute work outs last week and getting 6-9 minutes in my plan this week??? I tried setting it to 15-20, 20-30, or even 30-45 minute plan and the highest one this week it came up with was still only 15 minutes?? Some as low as 7 minutes? No matter what I set it at. 15-20 would be ideal and I guess I can just do today twice.. but this isn’t motivating. Is it because I took the weekend off?? What gives

- I thought this was free

I downloaded this app thinking it was free. I was not surprised that is a premium part but I AM surprised that the free workout stopped working after only 4 days. It keeps looping me to purchase the premium package which I will not do. Very disappointed. You should be honest in the App Store and in the description. UPDATE: I received a response from the developers. They say the app is free to download and can be used free for THREE days. It should say that somewhere in the description either before or after you download. I lowered my review to 1 star. I feel like it’s clickbait

- Not as advertised

If you’re here because of those ads where you can work out in bed, you won’t find anything like that in the app. The app isn’t the worst I’ve seen, but I accidentally subscribed for 3 months and only found it useful about a month. The app isn’t intelligent at all. It gives you a workout, with very little variation, and takes nothing else into account. You can’t even make substitutions or skip exercises you cannot do. Very repetitive workouts.

- Disappointed

I’m a little frustrated that the app offered a 7 day free trial but charged me the same day. I understand holds however, other similar apps do not charge until after you at least try the app out so the free trial is misleading or shall I say non existent because I was charged immediately, I canceled the same day and my money is still being held. It is also very similar to many free workout apps and after viewing the exercises, I realized I do all of this already. I feel if they were misleading about the free trial they are misleading about results as well.

- Not Free

The description says it is free so I downloaded it. But after filling out all of the info and trying to begin, I had to commit to a payment plan that supposedly would go into effect after a 7 day (free) trial period. First of all, if you have to pay EVER, it is NOT FREE. Secondly, I am not signing up for anything without getting to actually try it first. There was no info on how to cancel after the 7 days if I did not like it. NOPE…not going there. If you really want folks to TRY this, be HONEST in how you advertise.

- Disappointed

I only got to use the app for 3 days and im 13 years old and out of shape tried the app loved it untill day 4 (today) and its pretty much forcing me to buy premium (30 dollars a year and 70 dollars the rest) Im 13 i cant legally work so the app shouldn’t be for 4+ but at least 16+ because they can get jobs while some parents dont want to pay that much for there child to quit i loved the app and am very disappointed by the fact your forcing me to pay or i just not use it.

- Just fit

You make it very difficult to cancel you subscription. I replied to an email you sent me saying I did not want the program. Next thing I knew $74 was taken out of bank. On you information you said chat was available so I tried it. You sent me to just answer. I finally got a hold of apple and praying I get my money tommorow or I have no money for my meds. I could not find a number to call to talk to someone. No matter how many ways I searched. I think the program would have worked for me but seeing a pt

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- 5 starts

This really has helped me as a kid who has been bullied about my weight and saying that I need to lose weight

- Beginner review

The first day was alright. Exercises weren’t too difficult but the 2nd day and after that it got difficult for a beginner. 4th day I couldn’t even start the daily exercises it kept popping up with a subscription of $40+ that I would have had to pay if I were to continue. However there are still the small extra exercises which you could do. Another good thing about it is that they had exercises you could do in bed although I felt like some of them weren’t that suitable for completing in bed. Overall despite its little benefits, after a few days it got tiring to complete and you had to pay to continue to use.

- Discount notification

In my opinion I think the app is great. I’ve been using it for 3 days straight and on the 4th day there was this discount add that popped up. If I’m being honest I don’t wanna pay $40+ just to do some workout. I would gladly keep doing my workouts if there was a way to get rid of that discount add, as Justfits is one of the best workout apps I’ve had.

- Watch-out for charges

Signed up for free trial, but charged immediately. Accepted charge, but cancelled after a couple of weeks, only for charges to continue. Have had to lodge a complaint through Apple. Poor! Received response from developer. Told me I was wrong and called me a stupid name - WTAF. I never used the app so they earned a month fee for nothing. 7 days free trial means you get charged after the trial, not at the start of it. Again - poor

- Rip Off

I need an easy workout because of several injuries. The app took me through a series of questions saying that exercises would chosen to suit me. It was supposed to be a 7 day free trial but you needed to choose a plan for after the 7days, “no money will be paid now”. Ha! My credit card was charged immediately and the exercises, the very first two were not suited for my back injury! Hugely disappointed and feel ripped off!

- My workout

This workout is fantastic for beginners like me! I am so glad that I found it!!’

- Workout is not achievable

I clearly entered that I had knee and back issues and most of my workouts included kneeling so I am unable to complete the workouts. No one will respond to me and I cannot get my workouts changed on the app. Total waste of money and I have not been able to get a refund.

- Day 1

Day one complete. Quick and easy

- Not tailored to my needs

Started off fine but within a few days unable to do most of content. I am an elderly beginner, exercises were way beyond my capabilities, idea and presentation great, but a fail for me

- Lies

Says free trail no money taken until after trail. Yet took money straight, away. I am still trying to find contact details to make a complaint

- Makes you pay within 4 days

NOT FREE. Won't let you proceed unless you pay from about the 4th day.

- No free trial

Another APP that robs you with a “free trial offer “ but charges for subscription! sent two emails to there support but of course no reply !

- 7 day trial - joke!

Don’t fall for the old 7 day FREE trial trick they charge you imediatley. That was enough to put me using it in general

- Misleading - Not free at all!

Completely misleading when described as free - the only thing that is free is the input of your own information - as soon as you finish doing that and start the exercises you have to sign up for a 7 day trial and then pay $29.95 per month!

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- WoW! J’aime vraiment.

Facile et simple. J’aime quand on a de besoin de soi même seulement et pas trop d’outils… 🥰

- Deciding to get up again

About a year ago, I stretched both of my ligaments out on my knee caps. I’ve been trying to figure out what to do about it and then I ran across this app. It’s not too strenuous on my knees so I can build my strength up because I was bedridden for six months. I’m really enjoying this app. It’s not too aggressive yet strengthens my legs.

- Not free

Let’s you try it for free for 2-3 days then makes you pay for the rest. I just wanted the basic not the vip features.

- Subscriptions

I would’ve given a higher rating cause I enjoyed the app and the fitness it provided. However, they give users the option for 7 day free trial and it’s reasonable for them to ask for credit information for further payment. However, I cancelled my subscription on the 2nd or 3rd day of my free trial, but $28 was still deducted despite the subscription being a “FREE” trial. I tried emailing the company but got no replies whatsoever. So if I were you, I would be mindful of that.

- In app purchases…

Yeah the in app purchase is which subscription do you want… I would like to try it out first for longer than 3 days to see if I like it or it works first… I dislike how all apps do this now… it’s not an in app purchase. It’s a subscription… also there was no free trial for me, at least not without putting in my cc number.

- JustFit fits me perfectly!

Easy to follow, simple and tailored. It’s like having a personal coach wherever you are for a great price. JustFit is just right for me and it can be for you too!

- This is gonna work for me

I’ve been dealing with mental health issue for a while and I needed something simple, that makes it easy for me to start and move my body. This is turn-key and just follow the timer! Perfect for a true beginner.

- Help please

I have it for free and am every day doing my plan but at day four it says I have to pay so I want to cuntinue with my plan but I can’t pay

- Not Free

This is not a free app. Nor do you get the free 7 day trial without leaving your credit card information. **Read other peoples comments about being charged despite canceling 7 day trial. I will not give my credit information because of this.

- Charged immediately

Not very happy I was charged immediately, came right out of my bank. I was expecting the 7 day trial and then my subscription would come out, NOT WITH THIS ONE. NOT HAPPY ABOUT THAT AT ALL, definitely feel as though I was scammed 😡

- Need longer trial period

How can you make a decision in 3 days? Seriously, your app looks great! But on principle people feel cheated and you won’t gain buying trust that way. Change it to 2 weeks and you will have more buyers including myself.

- Not free

This was advertised as a free app. After I answered all their questions, suddenly I read that it’s only free for days, then you get charged. I tried deleting this app. I thought I had, then they keep saying please do not delete. I’m so frustrated with such dishonest advertising.

- App not as advertised

After day 3 of the 28 day challenge that was suppose to be free it did not allow you to progress without paying for an annual auto renewing subscription. Super disappointed that this happened. Had I been able to progress and been happy with the 28 day challenge I may have proceeded with a subscription.

- 1st workout

Good 1st workout.. have a ways to go.. it’s been awhile but all exercises are familiar

- Not free

It only lets u try this for 2-3 days then you must pay for some stupid discount, I’m not asking for vip stuff

- Subscribtion

i unsubscribed the app after free trial but they charged me 89$for a year.i sent a refund request but it was rejected. I payed 89$for nothing. I unsubscribed because most of workouts are the same.

- I don’t like the three day trial

I don’t like how you have to pay. It only lets you have those three days to use the app. I also think that that’s going to make a lot of people delete after three day which won’t be good for this app. I don’t think that the trial or having to pay is needed and I think that this app should be a free app for people who want to stay healthy and fit.

- Insatisfaite

Au début je trouvais l’app géniale, un service personnalisé, mesure de la fréquence cardiaque, un suivi des progrès… Jusqu’au jour (le jour 4)où je suis obligée de payer pour continuer 😒. Sérieux c’est pas ouf.

- Cancelled after first day

I chose the 24.99/ month and did it the first night. Enjoyed the easy exercises and looked forward to the next day. I received an email that the 7 day free trial was ending Jan 4 and the subscription renewal was 86.99/ year. I purposely clicked on the month plan, since recently injuring my back thought I would start with a month.

- payments😒

this app is great but you can only do the workout plan for 3 days which i dislike

- If I could give it a zero star I would

When I signed up I checked that I have a shoulder condition and would need exercises that accommodate that. The app gave me nothing but planking exercises to start. Garbage

- Injuries and this app

So I explicitly state that I have a back injury (when it asked where you may have an injury), yet it asks me to bend and forward toe touch. Not only that, but the exercises it planned for me all involve the use and flexing of my injured lower back. I almost threw it out once again just trying one of them for one rep. I tried to skip to another, but again it was all back exercises! You know you can really hurt people like that, right?

- Première

Bon entraînement pour moi qui débute !

- Easy to do a quick exercise

It’s simple it’s easy I am definitely going to try thank you very much for showing this easy exercise to do Mrs.

- Knee surgery

Had knee replacement 3 months ago these exercises are good for me

- Good, But It Could Be Great

Hi there, I have been using this app for about 2 weeks now and I am really enjoying it. The survey it gives you is simple and respectful and the workout plan it then gives you feels right for me. I also really enjoy the fact that I can choose to start other workouts that are sorted by muscle focus on top of my daily routine and that I can add other activities to the calorie tracker to keep it as accurate as possible! However, I do have a couple small issues with this app that I think would make it so much better if they were addressed! One thing I believe this app really needs is the ability to select certain exercises to ‘dislike’ or ‘remove’ from a workout plan, because not everyone is capable of every single exercise that is put into the workout plans despite how accommodating the plans themselves are. I am aware that there is a feature that allows you to state that you’ve had an injury somewhere on your body that may already do this, but I’m talking about the possibility of a feature that would work more on a single, specific exercise scale. Another feature that I think could really improve the app is the ability to favourite certain exercises and/or workout plans, as well as the ability to build your own workout plans! Freedom of choice really means a lot when it comes to a fitness routine and a weight loss journey, so I hope you’ll take my suggests to heart and really consider them.

- Omg!!

This is like the best app for losing weight anywhere on your body it works so well I love it.

- Not free

This is only a free 7 day trial. I only found out it was a trial after I entered all the information to get a plan.

- Where are the chair exercises?

I purchased this app because of the chair exercises that are shown on your ads. Please tell me where I can find them, because they are not obvious. Otherwise, I am pleased with the purchase. The routines are easy to follow and easy enough to adapt to my disabilities.

- Wrong exercises

Exercises chosen would kill my back and I wouldn’t be able to walk.

- I thought it was free it isn’t free I don’t wanna pay


- Payment

One of the only apps that gives no warning but instead just charges for a whole YEAR. No opportunity for rebate or to change your mind. Would not recommend!

- Not free

I went on this app and it was amazing for the first three days but then on the fourth day I kept trying to do my workout but it turns out you have to pay like seriously I thought this was a good one

- Fun While it Lasted

This app only lets you do three days for free, then you have to pay. Stuck on the same three workouts = losing interest quick. Thought it was going to be a good one!

- Bon exercice


- Not free

Free for like 3 days then makes you pay for the rest. I’m looking for the basics not the vip package, why can’t this just be an option.

- Just starting

Like the app so far

- Terrible

I wrote a long review and disappeared before I was able to send it. The online company cannot be reached and the app is no good for what it promises. I think Apple should be more careful with what apps it allows to be downloaded from its site

- Don’t buy this for unless you want to be charged $100

Don’t download this app! You’ll be hit with a $100 charge after week with no warning. So made I downloaded this app. WAste of $100, it’s not even that good of a workout app..

- Subscription

Thought I was getting a free trial but was charged to my account through PayPal $100 There was no way to cancel the subscription and no way to contact them to cancel or ask for a refund NOT HAPPY

- Not my favorite

I was really excited about this app. But…..it’s not that good. The concept is great but it needs to have coach guidance for better form when performing the moves. Music and countdown is not enough.


I didn’t realize that this was a paid app. Once my credit card was charged, I contacted the developer asking to cancel the transaction…twice. No response. As of today, I have not had a reply from the developer. It would have been nice to even have someone reply to tell me that transaction can’t be reversed. so, I guess I just wasted $100. Be cautious when downloading this app or any app, the developers aren’t always available to deal with issues that arise.

- Not worth it

This exercise program does not give options! Same horrible music plays on a loop they after day after day!! first few days seemed fun now it seems very repetitive it does not sync with Fitbit. Makes false claim to lose weight ! all in all I regret my three month purchase!

- Not free

This app was advertised as free for 1 week, but I was charged immediately. There didn’t seem to be any way to cancel the subscription. Very frustrating!

- Sue

Hope i will achieve my flat belly by end of this year! Im fiabetic too di hope my dm control will improve!❤️

- Not suitable for anyone out of shape

I subscribed to the free trial hoping I could get some daily exercises while in bed but my first workout needed a yoga mat and had standing exercises. I tried the first 2 lying down exercises but the second one was way too advanced. I cancelled and deleted the app.

- Yay!

Getting back into exercising after a slow recovery from an injury and loving these short, low impact exercises. Thank you!

- Not free

Not happy! I was led to believe it was only 7.99 a month, but before I decided that I even wanted it I was charged for the whole year! I haven’t even tried it yet! There should be a reminder or something before they charge! Almost $100!


My mum got this app thinking it was free and then they charged $90 without even her putting my dads credit card info!!! This is a scam you are ruining lives with this app this is a horrid app no one derserves this give the $90 back!!

- Désabonnement

Je cherche comment me désabonner Merci de m’indiquer comment

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JustFit: Lazy Workout & Fit 1.6.8 Screenshots & Images

JustFit: Lazy Workout & Fit iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

JustFit: Lazy Workout & Fit iphone images
JustFit: Lazy Workout & Fit iphone images
JustFit: Lazy Workout & Fit iphone images
JustFit: Lazy Workout & Fit iphone images
JustFit: Lazy Workout & Fit iphone images
JustFit: Lazy Workout & Fit iphone images
JustFit: Lazy Workout & Fit iphone images
JustFit: Lazy Workout & Fit iphone images

JustFit: Lazy Workout & Fit (Version 1.6.8) Install & Download

The applications JustFit: Lazy Workout & Fit was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2021-08-29 and was developed by Enerjoy [Developer ID: 1490078803]. This application file size is 144.54 MB. JustFit: Lazy Workout & Fit - Health & Fitness app posted on 2023-01-19 current version is 1.6.8 and works well on IOS 12.1 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.fitness.beauty