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What is mastodon for iphone and ipad app? Mastodon is the largest decentralized social network on the internet. Instead of a single website, it’s a network of millions of users in independent communities that can all interact with one another, seamlessly. No matter what you’re into, you can meet passionate people posting about it on Mastodon!

Join a community and create your profile. Find and and follow fascinating folks and read their posts in an ad-free, chronological timeline. Express yourself with custom emoji, images, GIFs, videos, and audio in 500-character posts. Reply to threads and reblog posts from anyone to share great stuff. Find new accounts to follow and trending hashtags to expand your network.

Mastodon is built with a focus on privacy and safety. Decide whether your posts are shared with your followers, just the people you mention, or the whole world. Content warnings let you hide posts containing sensitive or triggering material until you're ready to engage with them. Each community has its own guidelines and moderators to keep its members safe, and robust blocking and reporting tools help prevent abuse.

More features:

• Dark Mode: Read posts in light, dark, or true black mode
• Polls: Ask followers for their opinion and tally the votes
• Explore: Trending hashtags and accounts are a tap away
• Notifications: Get notified about new follows, replies, and reblogs
• Sharing: Post directly to Mastodon from any share sheet in any app
• Cuteness: Our mascot is an adorable elephant, and you'll see them pop up from time to time

Mastodon is a registered nonprofit and development is supported directly by your donations. There’s no advertising, no monetization, and no venture capital, and we plan to keep it that way.

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Mastodon for iPhone and iPad Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Mastodon for iPhone and iPad Version 1.4.920 December 2022

- You can now translate (public) posts (availability of this feature depends on the server you are connected to) - Link preview cards are here! - Other fixes and improvements.

Mastodon for iPhone and iPad Version 1.4.719 November 2022

- We changed the login screen so it's more clear that you can enter any domain to login to it, but that it has to be the domain where you signed up before. - More obvious account switcher, so you know you can add more than one account to the app - It now shows progress when uploading media, and lets you retry if it failed - Profiles now show verified links - Bookmarks! - Various other fixes and improvements.

Mastodon for iPhone and iPad Comments & Reviews 2023

- Amazing improvements

When I first got the app, I liked the aesthetics but there was quite a bit missing. I couldn't see those I'm following or my followers. I couldn't use multiple accounts without a hassle. I didn't understand how to write direct messages (this was a misunderstanding on my part) and I couldn't view the federated timeline. Fortunately in 1.2.0, it's now possible to see followers and those you're following. Possibly more importantly, multi account support is now stellar. Using multiple accounts is vital on decentralized platforms and protocols such as ActivityPub, and this gets it right. Maybe the federated timeline will come later, or maybe it'd be difficult to justify given Apple's strict rules, but it's chaotic and spammy enough that I don't mind logging in on a browser for the few times I need it. I love how quickly this project is taking shape. Its UI is simple yet does exactly what I want it to do. And that wouldn't be possible if it weren't a free and open source project!! Props to MainasuK and Gargron :)

- Better Twitter than Twitter (and Musk-free!)

Like over 100,000 other former Twitter users, I joined Mastodon in April 2022 because I didn’t want to be on a social media platform owned and governed by the whims of an unkind billionaire. I did expect it to be sloppy and barren, but my expectations were laid to waste. Mastodon is crafted thoughtfully, with an eye toward building communities of people with similar interests run by people that you’re likely to know. And all of these little communities are connected to one another. Discovering people to follow takes a little more effort, but YOU are in control! YOU get to decide what server to join (or start your own) and each server can have its own rules, decide what other servers it will connect with, etc. freedom of speech is there, but so is a culture of kindness. I’m here to stay! Other Twitter refugees should come here. But remember you’re not sliding into some corporate wasteland site; you’re joining an individual person’s intentional community, so be a good neighbor!

- Making the switch

To be perfectly honest, I’ve never really been a Twitter user, it was the only platform I stayed clear of. Now that that bird site is being run by a loon, everyone is flying over to mastadon. I decided to take the leap and join. I was immediately welcomed by so many like-minded individuals, the constant barrage of advertising from other social media platforms did not exist here on Mastodon end it finally felt like I had found a place where my voice could be heard. so far, I am enjoying all aspects of the community, the interface seems familiar, and I look forward to seeing how this community grows.

- I tried

Picking servers hard, cannot log into the app, & can only and yet barely login from the website. I again tried the app but to many problems to figure out. I really really wanted to have it work. So instead I’ll use tumblr & Reddit. I forgot to include before logging in you have pick a server then sign in. It becomes a problem if you can’t remember the server if don’t pick the right one. Then signing in becomes impossible. Last, I’ll say to those using this Site/App I’m hoping your enjoying it. I’m also sorry if I sound like I’m complaining because I’m not getting anything to work right. Those that have it working well, again I hope it continues to work well for you. It turns out this site may not be right for me. For now anyway Update I tried again can’t log into the app. Tested to see if I can delete account tells me wrong password I changed it 3 times still says wrong password been doing this on the website.

- Bad Onboarding

You need to work on your Onboarding, it’s the most important part now for your App, because a lot of users will come from Twitter. Your first step is to choose Server. When I try to find something in Art category, you having anything. So why you show this category. Another thing: you asked me to choose only one server, why only one? How it works? I’m just simple user and don’t understand your terminology and what you mean by server and what is the difference between simple groups by interests (where you can follow more than one) and your one server. And a lot of other things you need to improve: like find people to follow. I have a big list of people, but I don’t know anyone, help me to sort them and find interesting people for me). Or you ask me to turn on notifications on the 3 step, why? I just downloaded your app, I don’t see the value of this action right now. Sorry, but it was bad first impression.

- Ignores some settings

I mostly like using the official Mastodon app on my iPad and iPhone, but there are some annoying things that keep me trying other apps. In my settings I have chosen to always show media and always expand posts with content warning, but the app ignores my settings. On the iPad, when in landscape orientation, which is how I always use my iPad, I find the layout annoying. The main feed is fine, but the feed on the right, with the choices of local, etc. is cramped. And some posts are not properly justified and overflow the right side of the screen. It might be better to have a toolbar like the one on the left side that lets you choose another feed (local, explore, hashtag, etc.) to view in the main feed part. It would also be nice if the app had an easier way to update to the latest posts. Perhaps when starting up the app it could automatically fetch the latest posts in the main feed and show a button to allow me to show them. I hope the app will continue to be updated and improved. I am liking Mastodon as an alternative to Twitter. A really good mobile app will enhance that experience.

- Website is better ✅

Right now the ipad app is VERY limited with what you can do & see. Fewer categories to visit: ..home, local, ferderated, are not options here. Also the in-app notifications don’t work. While they’re working like crazy to accommodate the tidal wave of new users I think the app will probably have to wait. It’s not bad - it’s just lacking features that are on the website. I’m sure it will get better in time. * The website allows MUCH more access and control. * This is such a great social media source. But seriously: be patient!! It’s worth it. * Nice people. No algorithms. No advertisements. * You can switch instances (servers) at any time if you ever prefer another one. They all communicate with each other in the fediverse. * People are more than willing to help! - if you have questions put it out there, or search a hashtag #tips or #fediverse * Toot out an #introduction - tell people your interests - so people can find you. Remember. Patience!

- Improves the On-Ramp to the Fediverse

This app allows you to easily get connected around the world, to learn and collaborate with other users of the exponentially growing Fediverse social platform network. You can easily find a server via search, and review their descriptions. The e-mail verification process during the joining process is seamless. Once you join a server (instance), it is easy to find and explore accounts to follow. Those accounts might follow accounts on other servers, which allows you to explore additional communities. Your Fediverse experience can evolve with you deciding to eventually sign up to a different server that better suits your needs. You can find more complex features on your server and on the Fediverse in general when you use a web browser to access your account, but this app provides a perfectly comfortable user experience for those new to the Fediverse.

- Too Frustrating to Create an Account

I get that there are different servers - but what I don’t get is why it’s so difficult to simply find one (in English, in my case) that is right for me. Are the ones shown the only ones available? Most aren’t in English. Are there certain parameters for a search? Because everything I searched for to find my region (US, California, Los Angeles, etc) came up with no results. I selected each category tab at the top, and some were empty. It’s amazing how something that should be so basic and user-friendly is so annoying. I gave up and deleted the app. For now I’ll stick with Reddit and Tumblr. Mastodon won’t replace Twitter if it’s not straightforward and intuitive to use, unfortunately. Media outlets need to stop pushing their sudden PR campaign for this site until it’s actually usable.

- Great app. Needs Local and Federated timelines.

This app is beautifully put together. It’s privacy respecting. And, it’s frequently updated. Who could ask for more? Me! As many other have agreed, please add Local and Federated timelines? Maybe they could be hidden behind an “Advanced” section in settings and be “activated”. Their omission makes the app next to useless for me. EDIT: the “local” timeline is now included! It’s a little hidden, but it’s a step in the right direction. Thanks Eugen! Mastodon is an incredible place.

- Remarkable

I decided to explore alternatives to Twitter lately and stumbled upon this world decentralized social media and I was pleasantly surprised to find real respectable people, I have yet to encounter a ‘troll’ or content I find offensive or frustrating. The app has many features to tune out the noise and it’s driven by real people talking about real things. It’s a lot smaller than Twitter, there are no celebrities here and weirdly, it works. There is a learning curve but other users are extremely helpful in explaining things!

- Almost works perfectly on macos

This client is awesome on my iPhone, but when it comes to running it on macos, it has one major flaw: the toolbar that shows the post privacy controls and ability to add media, etc, is just flat out missing (shows up as a blank bar at the bottom of the window). Not a slight against the authors -- what they've achived is really awesome -- but it does make it very difficult to use properly on macos. Looking forward to fixes in the future, and in the meantime, I'll just use iOS. :D

- Mastadon is the future

But this app still needs work! The main UI issue I have with it is the timeline pops around you’re scrolling and there’s updates. It should pause updating until you move back to the top. 5 stars though because the social network is fantastic and I believe the mobile app will improve (it already has).

- Works, but missing things

This app works as described and is relatively polished in most ways. Its design language is mostly consistent with the web app. Uninstalled because there are no settings to disable animations in timeline media. Not even a pause or stop button on the timeline itself. If someone shares a GIF or video, the only way to not see it play is to scroll it out of view. An incredible accessibility omission. Metatext is well maintained and provides a perfect superset of this app’s functionality. Includes finer-grained notifications, ability to delete and redraft, etc.

- Interface and functionality issues

Some issues: 1. Cannot add and save photo descriptions in app (or in web browser.) 2. Cannot edit posts in the app. The only options I have are to report myself (? weird). 3. Searching for people or posts is difficult. I could not find someone after entering their handle. then I answered their last name and I found them but I had to be creative about it. Most people wouldn't get that far. 4. Perhaps the biggest thing of all is that my posts take up the majority of the page and there is a tiny area to the right where I can view other people's posts or communities. That area is too small and I should have an option to tap and allow that to expand to the entire width of the iPad/app. If I think of it I will add more at some point.

- Loving the Concept

Love the platform so far. I’ve only had a day or so, but I noticed that the app does not display the link verification banding on profile links like you see on the web. Please add link verification indication. Perhaps it should even be right on the first tab of the profile (an indicator that basically identifies that the user has 1 or more verified links, tapping the about tab will display the link details as we see them now but also with the banding).

- Needs work

I created my account in a browser and was able to sign onto the network I wanted, but I can’t access the network I am signed into and have anacct in inside the app, the app is showing me all these European-based networks but I’m in the US and I have an account and follow journalists and writers that are US-based, and can access them in a browser, but the app doesn’t even list my particular .social I can’t even find where there might be settings on the app that would fix this. This may be the greatest thing since sliced bread but you have absolutely zero customer support to help someone navigate this app.

- What social media should be like

Finally I am spending less time blocking trolls and more time engaging with people who are intelligent, interesting, thoughtful, empathetic and kind. I decided to transition to this platform because of the ego mad billionaire taking over the blue bird. It’s taking a moment to rebuild my network and learn how it works but it’s not that difficult. I hope that more people adopt.

- Pretty good alternative to Twitter

I think it could be better if the sign up process was easier. Right away you’re hit with the choice of what server to join, which is a bit paralyzing since you don’t know anything about the servers or what’s different about them. Also, you can’t search servers from the main site very well. Another thing I think could be better is how likes, comments and RT are displayed. Visually, I find it challenging to tell the difference between a RT or a like. Also, why does it make me enter my login info every single time I want to follow someone? This is highly annoying. These are all things I think should be addressed if you want to make it more user friendly for people migrating from Twitter.

- Issue posting images

I love mastodon but lately I’ve been having issues posting images. I’ll do image descriptions and captions and then when I go to write my hashtags the app crashes completely and I lose all my progress. It’s frustrating because I do detailed image descriptions and I lose all of those every time this happens.

- Am I really on Mastodon?

I never signed up for Mastodon (because I couldn’t figure it out) until I got this app. It, apparently, let me sign up, create a homepage, post, follow, etc. But am I really “on Mastodon” without going through that other, painful, complicated process?? Meant to add that the Mastodon website does not recognize me with the info of my identity on the app. That’s weird.

- Twitters dying

Ever since musk bought Twitter I’ve been using this app more and more and I absolutely love it. The selection of different servers and nsfw content has me coming back for more and uploading. Definitely a lot better then Twitter who which now will shadowban you if you don’t pay the 8$ Twitter tax. Switch to mastodon. Upload smarter not harder.

- Horrible design and layout

Terrible signup system, overly convoluted and difficult process to find servers, once you find one you can’t remake your account into it because it has your email so now you have to jam up multiple emails to make it function at all. Absolute garbage out the gate, supposed to replace Twitter but is some how worse than the current Twitter already

- Nicer than twitter

The app works better than twitter. The UI choices are smart. The user base is, at this time, supportive, respectful, and interesting, but also too small. Twitter to Mastadon is like going from a packed arena where everyone is holding a flamethrower in one hand and a jar of acid in the other, to a dinner party. The dinner party is objectively better, but conflict is necessary.

- Post deleted in website staying in app tl

The app experience is getting better, tho it still feels buggy here and there. When deleting a post in the website, it stays in the app timeline even the post doesn’t exist. Emojis right after chinese characters are not displayed correctly, need to put a space in between. Entering in a browser it works fine.

- Needs patience

The Mastodon client is OK but requires patience. The app's features are incomplete and a little buggy. The app occasionally "goes offline", posts fail to actually post, and failed posts disappear instead of going to draft. Searching for things frequently fails with inscrutable error messages. Still it's better than the alternative, which is collapsing into a "free speech for me" hellscape we were promised wouldn't happen but knew would.

- Disappointed in the concept

With all the buzz, I figured I try it out. I could not get past the sign up page because it is asking me to select a server to join and I have no preference and the one I tried was full. I don’t want to go server hopping to see what is out there and have to start over on another server if I don’t like it. This is more of Discord style social media than Twitter. Pick a server, post in that server and that server only. This is not a global exposure type platform like Twitter and definitely not a Twitter replacement. Deleting the app

- Completely broken

Never heard of this platform before this week and tried to sign up, but my email addresses were supposedly all in use already. Tried to send a password reset and the email never arrived (probably due to my email addresses having never actually been used here...). After a few more attempts I was stopped with error messages about submitting too many sign up attempts and could no longer try. Time to uninstall this app having never gotten a chance to sign up and never look back I guess.

- Unusable

Keeps refreshing itself. I can’t even make it to the sign out button without it refreshing. Literally unusable Also conceptually this whole thing seems a bit whack… people are dropping Twitter for this and I don’t understand why, having to pick a server feels like you’re going to inevitably miss out on all the other ones. I can’t even jump from server to server without registering a new account? That’s decentralization I guess, but… why. If I could have one account for everything and mix feeds then maybe we could talk

- Human microblogging

To start, this won’t replace your twitter TL “fix”. However, it is really excellent for building a community you want to engage with. Onboarding could use a little work, but once you find an instance you vibe with it’s super cool. People tend to engage constructively, and the mods on most instances are super helpful. Highly recommend this as an alternative to doomscrolling

- Doesn’t work

This has to be the least intuitive sign up/login process I’ve ever seen. Putting aside the seemingly random categorization and lists of servers (?), the sign up process works only about 50% of the time. And if you get through signing up, it doesn’t work - it says to submit a request, the request says approved and the account is fully functional, but also that it’s under review for days/weeks. Is there no one out there with some dynamic cloud infrastructure able to stand up a Twitter replacement that works?

- Confusing…

I was excited to give it a try, but during the sign up process I was forced to join a community and there wasn’t many options and wouldn’t let me continue without choosing. Once in the app I tried making a post but it wouldn’t let me post anything. I was confused on how to create a community since I was searching and I wasn’t finding anything related to my interests. Overall I just think there’s a lot to work on, to make it more user friendly.

- Ridiculous

The signup process is ridiculous. I’ve tried with two different emails to set up an account. Both times, I get a non-valid email or password. I confirmed my email address both times. I literally just set it up! The only time I can get into my account is if I go through my email. I’ve tried logging in on the website and the app and it won’t work. I tried to rest my password but haven’t gotten an email about updating the password. I was hopping this would be an alternative to twitter, but it’s not.

- How janky can it get?

I like the Fediverse idea and ideals. That said, I've now had to reset my account or password on Matodon at least 3 times. This means at least once I totally lost all my followers and followings. Further, if one uses a very secure browser (I kind of thought Mastodon was at least a bit into privacy and security) then it's impossible to logon. COMMENT ON FEDIVERSE: Don't be foolish, the illiberal and corporate actors will, and probably are, use the Fediverse to further their anti democracy agendas and for greed. Be vigilant. Free speech requires responsibility.

- Signed up 3 weeks ago, still can’t get in

I have been waiting for approval on an instance I wanted to join since April 26. I don’t know how to contact the person running the instance to check in, and I can’t figure out how to contact Mastodon to ask. (Tried a Twitter message, to no avail) So I literally haven’t even been able to look at anything this app has to offer, I just keep trying to log in, and have it tell me my application is still being reviewed… Guess you have to be tech savvy to know what to do at this point, so I’m giving up. :(

- Excellent but inconsistent

I want to like the mobile version of Mastodon. It has a nice presentation with large images and no wasted space. But there are so many places to access different feeds, and the feeds don’t correspond with the web version on my computer. As far as I can tell, there just isn’t a Federated Feed at all. So for now I let it hang out on my iPhone so I am aware of its updates, while using an alternate app.

- not ready for prime time, limits you

horribly designed app, the worst user design I have ever seen, you have to pick a server blind and have no idea what you’re choosing or why, the servers limit a lot of what you’re seeing and make the internet smaller and limit you’re absolute to interact with and follow (or even find) a wide variety of accounts from all over the world, which is what I like about Twitter. Not at all ready for prime time, I don’t see it going beyond a niche corner of the internet long terme without a serious top to bottom redesign.

- Nice introduction to the Fediverse

I already had an account on Mastodon so haven’t tested the in app onboarding but overall the official app feels like a good introduction to using Mastodon. To further enrich the experience moving the community timeline to the main navigation area rather than in the search menu and adding some access to the federated timeline would give users a more complete Mastodon experience.

- Quick and response, but missing features

The app experience is quick and responsive, but it’s missing a lot of features. You can’t delete and redraft in the app, you can’t view image captions, and you can’t easily browse federated and local timelines. The Metatext app is far better and more comprehensive. I like the UI of this app better than Metatext, but the missing features make this app largely useless.

- Extra Steps for Greater Quality

Having to choose a server and having actual, human moderators provides additional steps against online abuse. I’ve already started to meet new people inside and outside my chosen server. A good alternative to other social media platforms.

- Well made but lacking key features

Everything it does, it does well, but it’s missing some crucial functions. Please add local and federated timelines, bookmark and pin functions for posts, and instance announcements. 🙏🏻 Without them, the app is not the full Mastodon experience and it’s annoying to have to go to the website for so many key features.

- Nice app but missing basic things

At least for me. I want the local and home and federated tabs. It’s hard to tell what is going on and when with how it is now. Also the app lags sometimes and seems much slower than my favorite app. Please consider adding the tabs for local and home and federated. Now things seem all mixed in together and it’s hard to find new people signing up in my instance.

- Quite buggy

Perhaps it is the instance that I am connecting to, but nothing quite works. I have tried following about a dozen people, but the follows don’t “stick.” It took about an hour to get the confirmation email. Home page still I structs me to find people instead of showing posts from the one person (the founder) that I have managed to successfully follow. O hope this is just growing pains.

- Missing best Mastodon features

If you’re new to Mastodon, try getting started in your browser, Metatext or Toot!. Mastodon itself is great. However. This app hides basic functionality like the unlisted post setting (which is both important to personal privacy and not clogging up your community’s timeline) and access to the local timelines (which makes it impossible to interact with your community), and it lacks most of the charm of Mastodon. The Mastodon dev wants to turn Mastodon into Twitter even though it absolutely never will be (it’s just not built that way foundationally), which is a GOOD thing, and is why people stay on Mastodon. (No ads, no algorithmic posting, no intrusive UX designed to trap you forever!) So he’s stripped all of the charm and best features out of it with the official app. Use an app by someone who loves Mastodon for what it is instead.

- It's NOT Twitter

And it's not supposed to be Twitter. Go ahead and jump in if interested in a social network that is actually a community, but also expect a learning curve for the platform. Come to a place where you can have a conversation with others, free of ads, and truly feel welcome.

- Good Twitter alternative

Very positive experience so far. No ads, no trolls. I ended up moving servers and liked that you can move your followers/following list with you. Mostly use the website to follow news/entertainment stuff and it’s exciting to see familiar accounts joining.

- Breath of Fresh air

Joined tonight… it’s different, but once you get the hang of it it’s amazing. Not as hard as people said it would be. Def my new home! Try it, add people you can from The TwitShow and the rest will fall into place! As soon as I get everyone I follow that matter to me on Mastadon, I’m deleting my Twitter!

- Only two things seem odd

App and service both seem really great. Only two things I’m noticing as issues: my follower count is inaccurate. And I can’t change my handle without a migration. I’d like to stay on this platform. Hoping these two are addressed

- Much more trustworthy than Twitter

After elon musk decided to remove privacy and start charging for Twitter I figured I’d download this app instead and I’m actually quite surprised with how good it is. Seamless, easy to find others to interact with and I’ve yet to be called the N word for commenting on anything.

- Does not like to upload photos.

Mastodon desktop is great, however the mobile app for iPhone seems to have issues uploading pictures. Permissions are allowed, yet I always get a 502 error. The rest of the mobile app is great though.

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- Lacks website features?

I like the app but don’t understand what it offers that a web browser doesn’t, apart from maybe notifications. I can’t figure out how to turn on local and federated timelines, nor the ability to switch to different Mastodon instances. I use it, but still have to rely on the website. I also find swiping between timelines and notifications on the web a little easier than tapping buttons at the bottom in the app.

- Exciting opportunities with greater functionality than Twitter and more friendly

After an initial hurdle of figuring out that it doesn’t really matter which server is chosen, and having to manage one more password and TFA process, the web and client experiences are more than satisfying. More characters, an ability to edit, a way to view followers and those followed without requiring third-party apps, a more-than-decent way to include media, and good exploration are all bonuses to an experience that reminds me of the early days of Twitter where the possibilities for the future were all open. Mastodon feels good.

- Why does toot default to followers only with no apparent option to change

Why does toot default to followers only with no apparent option to change

- Twitter immigrant enjoying new fediverse

Loving Mastodon. Lots to learn but I love to learn and people here are so helpful. People say its like the early days of twitter but I was there too and it isn’t. It’s so much better. I’ve yet to venture beyond the one platform, but I’ve only been here a minute. I’d love a visual posted somewhere to show how the fediverse works or intersects and I’m super excited for the next version with a translation feature.

- Friendly!

It’s clunky to read at first, but reading or finding Twitter friends via #Hashtags makes it easier. As months go on it will settle. They’ve had a huge influx from Twitter & elsewhere lately. The site is friendly so far. They carefully monitor it for hate speech or sensitive images etc. It’s not Twitter, but a good alternative. In comparison Facebook is a cesspit.

- Crashes!

It’s okay once you get the hang of it, but it’s quite annoying that it crashes each time I attempt to edit my profile—can’t change my icon or banner.

- New to Mastodon.

I was looking for a new site so I could escape the bird. Mastodon is easy to sign up to, easy to find interesting others, and a kind place. It’s easier to use than it looks from the outside.

- Great Twitter alternative

Just switched from Twitter, east to use, very warm and friendly community that helps you settle in and adjust. I donated a small monthly amount via Patreon as it’s a not for profit. Love it!

- Create account page is broken

Tried making an account 3 times. First I entered my password and the screen locked up. Second entered my email and the create account button froze. 3rd time the next day, everything looked good and I clicked create and it gave me a http 404 error. Your iOS app is broken. Might try a web browser

- Home away from Space Karen

I think, once you figure it out Mastodon is a great place and just as easy as the bird to use.

- The Artacoustic

Just getting on the app. It runs really well and I like the format. I think this apps gonna be my new favourite things.

- Social media by the people

I really like that anyone can set up a Mastodon community, that it’s not dependent on the whims of corrupt oligarchs.

- My view

Great app and beats twitter hands down!

- Seems pointless

Difficult to find anyone to follow and you can’t login to more than one server at once, no aggregation capability in the app for different communities. Can’t see any point in using this at the moment. Hopefully it will improve.

- Crashes

At this point in time, the app hangs and the crashes when I am in about the 3rd line of text.

- Local timeline

Where is it? I would like to view the local timeline. If it is possible it’s not intuitive. A quick delete from me.

- Holds promise

The community is great, but the iOS app has some user interface limitations and bugs that hold it back. Fingers crossed they get sorted.

- Logo

I think the logo should be “t” or the elephant But not “m”

- looks great but would like access to local timeline


- Mastodon is good

Like twitter but better

- Great idea but the server got deleted I think ?

A refugee from Twitter, I signed up with great excitement, only to come back to it today to put up a post and discovered that the app no longer recognised me. requests to recover my password went unanswered. Indeed the server that was recommended to me by this app, , no longer appears in any searches on Mastodon. What happened? I’m fairly dedicated to the cause of open access social media. So I give 3 stars for the promise of Mastodon. I made the effort to sign up here. But now I’ve given up. Back to bad ol’ twitter n Facebook? Update: okay it just seems to be a problem with clicking “log in” on the app. it takes you to the list of servers, not a password and username box, and the list of servers doesn’t have the server I signed up to. But I can find the server on the web.

- Falsely accused of Spam

I can’t login to my account. Someone falsely accused me of Spam. I have submitted an appeal?. Still not herd back from support.

- Limited instances

Can only sign in to mastodon approved instances. Self hosted instances can’t be added.

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- Discovery Mode

Still in a learning process.

- Excellent Twitter Alternative

This platform has been much more pleasant to use. Being able to just see a feed of cool people I like to follow with no ads and fewer alt right mouth breathers is excellent! Also the only good social media platform with the ability to go single-tenant self hosted. As for the app itself, very clean and easy to use. One criticism is a bug I noticed where certain profiles don’t load and crash the app. I have examples if you are curious.

- Below average

No sports servers, just a cringe app full of nerds and LGBTQ 😭

- As bad as any social media

Your data is solely at the hands of each servers owner.

- Great but glitchy and slow

Love the app when it works, but it’s still frustrating glitchy and slow to refresh/update feed and post new stuff. Lag is bad. Especially compared to desktop site — really need to make app more consistent with it, i.e., faster and more responsive.

- Too slow and confusing

Just use Twitter, this app is way too slow and confusing

- Love it

I don’t know if this makes sense, but this app feels a lot more laid back compared to the hysterics I’m confronted with it the other one.

- Mastodon accessibility

Is there a way to make Mastodon more friendly for people with print disabilities? Is there a good introduction document for newbies?

- Niche not up to par

Very Beta version, especially the users.

- Nice change

Really enjoying Mastodon: it feels like I’m there at the Dawn of creation, complete with birthing pains and glitches. Seems to get better each day. I really appreciate the hosts who are working hard to help us. Goodbye, Twitter. Hello Mastodon. And I signed up at Patreon - quality has a price.

- Missing

The design of amazing but we are still missing a few things. The global feed, the ability to add users to lists, the ability to post GIFs that won’t be just the first frame, etc.

- New Mastodon User

I moved here from Twitter and I wasn’t even sure how to use it. I’m learning as I go and it’s easier than it sounds. The community of users I’ve met are helpful, smart and inclusive. I think this will be my new favourite home 😊

- Hard to find people.

I guess it’s because I’m a newbie, but I find it difficult to find ppl/reporters/medias I want to follow.

- Help

I’m confused on how to navigate this site.

- Great platform

I am enjoying using Mastodon. The app works well.

- Fantastic!

Better than Twitter for iOS. Really nice and snappy. Easy to use and fantastic UI/UX. Well done I love it.

- So far not impressed by app

Had to try several times to sign up. Kept crashing and giving errors. How that I am signed up the app keeps loading a page for a moment then goes blank. Essentially, I give up.

- Political hate

This platform is filled with trash from other platforms that leans one way. Filled with the hardcore collusion groups.

- Huh?

I’m a greasy Twitter refugee and an ignorant newbie. But the fact I can’t easily find people on other servers is really annoying. Also, too many cat photos. I did not flee Musk for cats.

- Terrible alternative to twitter

What i said

- Confused

I have no idea how to join because none of the group options relate to me?

- Blocked

I tried registering today (first time), turns out I’m blocked from doing so. No idea what’s going on but based on this alone, I have to give the app a failing grade.

- Login Problem

Bad application, login issues, never got an email for password reset.

- Just signed up for Mastodon

I download the app today. I have a twitter account since 2009. I can’t trust the rat anymore. He’s destroying the bird. I need a new home to build a community of ppl. I need a safe soft to land in. I will try and build up my account. Don’t know if I can grow it like I did back on twitter, but quality not quantity

- This app makes no sense

Couldn’t figure it out

- Too complex

UI is complex, confusing and not easy to use.

- Goodbye bird app

So far so good a few weeks in. Growing accustomed to it. Thanks for adapting quickly to the sudden influx! P.S don't ever sell your app to any billionaires or I'm out.

- Internal Server Error

Tried to sign up, but kept on receiving an “Internal Server Error”. Now when I try to sign up, it’s giving me a message saying “Sign Up Failure - Too Many Requests”. 😡

- Mastodon is a white elephant

Mastodon is a white elephant

- Not feature complete. Not as easy to use as web

Can’t follow hashtags like you can on web. Discovering content is more difficult than web. For mass adoption the app needs attention to usability.

- I hope it stays nastiness free

I’m maybe wrong but to solve the bots, trolls and nastiness in social media what is needed is a decentralized one. I hope Mastodon stays as it is now. Relatively small, difficult for some, and with the few of us enjoying a nastiness free environment.

- Clean and funcional

Does about 80 of what you need even if it doesn’t implement all the features of the website version. Mastodon apps (clients) are independently developed from the technology, so this is normal. If you’re looking to join, you can use this. To sign in, pick a server like “” to start with. You can change later!

- Well done for the basics.

It will be helpful to include functions such as the content wrapping, pin function etc. that are available on the desktop. Otherwise users are seeing others ask that you use those or tips to improve everyone’s experience without being able to. Also, being able to populate the desktop to the app in iPad would be nice.

- Simple. Elon-free

As promised, Mastodon does all the useful things twitter does, but without centralized control that can be bought and sold.

- Amazing

Mastodon is an amazing app. Thank you from everyone.

- “Return” key is missing from posting keyboard

On iPhone, the keyboard that appears with the new post/reply function doesn’t show a return key. Please fix this soon!

- Interested

Never received a confirmation email, so could not log in. Tried resending (several times to my gmail account…. just never arrived)

- Pas évident

Sans la fonction « suggestion de comptes à suivre » ou de recherches intelligentes, je ne vois pas comment Mastodon pourrait croître et maintenir l’intérêt.

- Nice surprise

Beats Twitter post-Musk. All the features a good aocial platform needs, in a decentralized way.

- Very Buggy

It’s buggy to the point of being unusable. I can’t navigate it at all, I am only able to view the home page and if I try to access anything else I am able to view it for a split second before being returned to the home page unprompted. I hope this is fixed soon because this app is a great idea which is the only reason I’m giving it 2 stars instead of 1!

- no option for bookmarks and etc


- Not just a Twitter alternative

I came here because Twitter imploded. I’m staying here because this is actually excellent. Now I’m kind of happy Twitter imploded.

- Want out of Twitter? Here’s a good alternative!

Community is in its infancy but is very welcoming! Good moderation, your posts don’t go into the void, and posts have a larger character limit. Lacks couple of features but the devs are much smaller at scale so I forgive them for it.

- User Ability

Mastodon has to adapt to the needs of migrant users or it’s going to miss out on it’s biggest opportunity for growth.

- Not impressed

I fallowed all the prompts. And was confirmed that my log in was complete. Then I wanted to set up on another device with the same password and email. To my surprise it doesn’t except my password on the new device. I changed the password and given the all clear for the new change. So I tested by doing a log out & log back in. Something with the Mastodon isn't working,Now I can’t log in at all. This sucks Tom.

- How even?!

4 times I’ve tried getting started on this. No idea what I’m doing. Even signed up to some random server I haven’t a clue about and still have to wait for confirmation email and apparently it was an invite request?! How do I even get started on this app lol?

- New and cool

It’s a new app, but runs well so far. I can see it going places! Users climbing already.

- Terrific tool for publishing bits of stuff

The app works very well. Easy setup, and publishing within minutes. 👍

- Inaccessible

I signed up, forgot my password and if I actually get an email to reset it, when I try it states the rest has expired. When I had been logged in, when I began following people it would show that I hadn’t followed anyone. I tried to edit my profile and every time I did the app crashed. I tried to request a password rest again and the server I had used no longer shows up. There’s no support that I can find other than signing up for discussion boards which show others have the same issues as I do but they aren’t resolved. I’d start over but with servers missing or not allowing others to use them and the issues I’ve experienced I’m hesitant to do so. I wish there was a simple way to delete one’s account, but again I’m not sure if I’d sign up again if the issues I experienced would occur again.

- Clean interface but missing some key features

Overall I like this interface. Issues right now: 1. Alt text doesn’t seem to be being applied (I can type in the alt text but it doesn’t show up in my images for other people) 2. Can’t view alt text on other people’s toots 3. Can’t set individual toots to “unlisted” Because of these issues I’ll be looking for an alternative app. Alt text functionality is *critical* for my community.

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Mastodon for iPhone and iPad 1.4.9 Screenshots & Images

Mastodon for iPhone and iPad iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Mastodon for iPhone and iPad iphone images
Mastodon for iPhone and iPad iphone images
Mastodon for iPhone and iPad iphone images
Mastodon for iPhone and iPad iphone images
Mastodon for iPhone and iPad iphone images
Mastodon for iPhone and iPad iphone images
Mastodon for iPhone and iPad iphone images
Mastodon for iPhone and iPad iphone images
Mastodon for iPhone and iPad iphone images

Mastodon for iPhone and iPad (Version 1.4.9) Install & Download

The applications Mastodon for iPhone and iPad was published in the category Social Networking on 2021-07-30 and was developed by Mastodon [Developer ID: 1571998976]. This application file size is 77.62 MB. Mastodon for iPhone and iPad - Social Networking app posted on 2022-12-20 current version is 1.4.9 and works well on IOS 14.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: