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What is bobby approved app? Bobby Approved is a free food scanner app that instantly shows if a food product is good for your health or not. Learn how to buy the best quality products from the grocery store with the Bobby Approved app. Just point your camera, scan the barcode, and find out if that box of pasta, loaf of bread, or box of cereal is made with best-in-class ingredients, or if you should put it back.

The bad ingredients are highlighted in red, and by tapping on them you can learn why. Bobby has spend years researching ingredients in products and their potential health impact and has created a list of over 100 harmful ingredients, which is available to explore no the app.

If you are one of the 12+ million people who follow Bobby @flavcity, you know he has an unwavering dedication to helping people put the best quality foods in their body. For years Bobby has been making videos at the most popular grocery stores in the country and now with this free app you can take the guesswork out of shopping. It’s like shopping alongside Bobby!

Using the food scanner app is super easy:
- Scan any food barcode to see if a product is Bobby approved or not, and why. The harmful ingredients are highlighted in red.
- Tap on each ingredient to understand its health impact.
- Search products, ingredients, or browse products by store.
- If a product is not Bobby Approved, the app will give you healthy alternatives.

Ingredients we flag:
Bobby has flagged over 100 ingredients in our database as potentially harmful. All of these flagged ingredients are backed by scientific studies and include natural and artificial flavors, fake sugars, food dyes, chemical additives, inflammatory seed oils, preservatives and more. By identifying these additives in your food, you can shop for yourself and family with confidence. Our products and ingredients library are continuously updated with new products and data.

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App Name Bobby Approved
Category Food & Drink
Updated 10 October 2023, Tuesday
File Size 38.84 MB

Bobby Approved Comments & Reviews 2023

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I don’t shop without this app!. I was recently diagnosed with an autoimmune issue and have chosen to completely overhaul my diet. It was so tough at first to figure out what foods/ingredients are good and what are not. Then I found this little gem of an app! This app has helped me in more ways than I ever thought possible to reduce inflammatory foods, increase my knowledge on what foods I should be putting in my body and help me advocate for myself when it comes to what I choose to buy for myself and my family. Thank you for all the hard work you have put into this. It makes shopping and eating so much more enjoyable and I feel more confident that I am on a journey of healing my body. Thank you Bobby!

Like the concept but it’s frustrating. Concept is great and I wish it worked better. I like when you can quickly scan in stores and it provides you with an approved/not approved. However it doesn’t tell you why most of the time. Also when searching for products, it’s not easy. You’ll search for a brand, it won’t come up, then search the item, and you’ll see the brand below. Why didn’t it come up in my search? Also the same brand can be approved and not approved for extremely similar products and its difficult to find out why one thing is approved and the other isn’t. Work out the kinks and this will be great!

why do you care what Bobby approves??. I’ve followed Bobby on social media. He seems like a nice enough guy, has a sweet kid, and provides some good recipes once in a while. But he’s not a nutritionist or registered dietician or anyone with a hint of scientific knowledge about what foods should be “approved” and what shouldn’t. He regularly calls things “highly toxic” and bad for you without any proof or evidence based data to back it up. I’m just as qualified to tell you what to eat as he is. So it makes me kind of sad that there are people out there following him like a cult leader seeking for his approval in what to eat! I did download the app to see if he gives any more information on why certain things are approved and others are not. Sadly, he does not. There’s just a bunch of items in red with the rather childish explanation that it’s “really bad stuff”. I hope people will learn to do their own research and follow science instead of deciding what to eat based on what a random influencer on the Internet says. Good/reliable information is out there, people! The Bobby Approved app is simply not it.

My Niece Loves it. I have the app but actually have nit used it yet because I don’t go to store often. I will though. Told her to get it and use it. She eats healthy and because of a small tumor in her brain she can’t remember things well so this app has helped her to be able to use it when she needs and not have to remember what she should stay away from. She is a bubbly person and squeals when something works for her. I’m just glad it helps her.

So helpful. I love using this app. I use it every time I go to the grocery store. I’ve learned so much from Bobby - I can just look at labels and know why it isn’t “clean”. But this app makes it so easy. Just scan the product’s barcode and it will tell you good or bad. And you can see WHY it is bad for you (which ingredients). Bobby’s wife Dessi does such a great job with the app! After changing my diet based on Dr Cate Shanahan’s books (Deep Nutrition and The Fatburn Fix), Bobby’s advice is very much inline with hers. It is still good to read labels but this app really helps my shopping experience and helps me buy healthier products. Thank you so much for doing it!

Great! With potential. This app is such a great idea and takes the guess work out of selecting products. I don’t follow a keto diet, but it still helps to not have to google everything at the store. It has potential. A couple of suggestions: It would be helpful to know why something is not approved. A small snippet of info along with a link out to a reputable source for more info would make this app a must-have. Also, a few approved alternatives at the bottom of the screen to replace the unapproved product would be extremely useful. ( I must add, that guy with the 1 star review… I think he needs a hug the melt all the negative away.)

Top Notch. Watched a load of videos then got to one that mentioned this app. Downloaded it on a busy day and didn’t really use it at first but we’ve become fanatical about it recently; checking everything in the house. We were surprised to find some of our favorite brands to be on the naughty list. We love the highlighting of ingredients that are not good and there are even links to the videos explaining why. Got to get into the habit of using it in the store (and so many stores and items are covered). Thank you for all the work you’ve done!

Best food app!!!. I love this app because in the beginning of my cleaning up our food journey I used this as my bible. It’s helped me learn how to read a label on my own and identify if it’s okay or not (I still need the app here and there though) which really takes the guess work out since all the bad ingredients are listed on here and why they are bad. It may seem overwhelming at first but take it day by day and know you can’t be perfect 24/7 but you can try for the 80/20 rule! Thank you Bobby!

An Authoritarian Dictator’s Approach to Healthy Eating. Imagine if a single person made a decision about every ingredient in your food and whether or not if was healthy for you. Then imagine if that person used generative AI to review food labels and determine whether or not an item was “approved” with little oversight or quality control. Then imagine if pretty much every food you shopped for were listed as “not approved” with no acceptable alternates or recommendations provided. Finally, imagine being funneled to products that are also created by the same app developer. That is this app in a nutshell. I get the stay away from processed ingredients and sugars. But why things like egg whites and certified organic gluten free oats are listed as non approved ingredients are beyond me. This app causes more disruption than good. Instead of just stating problems, trying identifying objective solutions or alternates to the problem.

Truly appreciate this app. Super amazing app! My son and daughter have some diet changes that needed to be I implanted and this app went above and beyond! I scan everything! Now I know what is going in our bodies and if what we were using was not “Bobby approved “ they have suggested healthier options to look into. I always read ingredients now, but I don’t always know what they are. Don’t worry!! They have a section in the app to help you understand how to read ingredients! Good, bad and color coated. Super easy to use and understand. Highly, HIGHLY recommend

I had to lower my rating to a three. Sorry.. Good app! It comes in handy when grocery shopping in a physical store. However, the search function does not really work well when I try to look up products when I do online shopping. I type in the name of a product and manufacture and very different things come up, or the product cannot be found. I give it five stars for barcode reading. But I give it one star for the search function. This includes products on Thrive Market (a sponsor of FlavCity that I signed up for). How can I shop online with Thrive Market if I can’t scan barcodes or use the search function correctly? Please correct this issue.

Shopping made Fun with BobbyApproved APP. Absolutely the best ! Both my husband and I have the BobbyApproved app on our phones so it’s very easy to check the ingredients while shopping . Highlighting the “ bad “ ingredients in “red” is a big help in learning what to stay away from . This has made us so much more aware of what we are buying and putting in our bodies . It’s easy and VERY informative . I recently hooked my sister onto it during a Costco shopping trip ! She loves it and now tells me , “ it’s Bobby approved !”

Incredible App. This is just a genius app! I’m so happy to not have to sit there and go package to package reading ingredients. This saves me so much time & I didn’t buy about 15 things at Costco today that I would have bought without reading ingredients - it’s hard to shop with toddlers & do it all. I hate wasting money & this app really helps with that! I would love to see more home products on here including sunscreens, etc. - with time I know they are coming! Thank you Bobby & your team for all the hard work to make this happen!

Just life changing. I use to spend so much money buying products I though we’re healthy and They we NOT. This app has made me recognize the good from the bad and teach me what to look for in my food choices. And this is all about choices of what I choose to buy. If I decide to choose a better alternative ir must be the real thing and I should pay for what I get. There are so many unhealthy ingredients hiding in so many of the foods we consume! Having awareness and information has been a game changes for us. I am now using the app every single time I go grocery shopping. Love the fact that the unhealthy ingredients are highlighted in red with each product I scan. Love my Bobby approved products.

Love It!!. I absolutely love this app! It takes the stress out of grocery shopping and makes things go so much quicker! The only thing I wish we could change is being able to search for certain items under the store that you click on. Ie: clicking on the Costco icon and being able to search cereal or salmon or whatever and it only pulls up stuff sold at Costco. Also, it would be awesome if you could click on the approved items under the general search and it show you where you could buy it. 10/10 would recommend, thank you for making this!!

Bobby Flav ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. Wowza! I can’t even begin to describe how much I truly admire and love Bobby Parish. At the age of 42 (I’m 46) I had a bad gut and some serious health issues. I began to search for answers. Started watching Bobby on Instagram and You Tube. Love his gun approach to figuring out bad from good ingredients. He is such a “Positive Pete” about it all. Once I downloaded the APP I became obsessed. And guess what?! My gut slowly became calm and happy. I have less flare ups (when I eat certain inflammatory foods my stomach rages). I have told about 10 friends about the APP. And often when they hear about me eating something not as healthy (I mean I can’t eat clean all the time) they ask with a certain playfulness…”IS IT BOBBY APPROVED?” My friends know I'm your #1 FAN. Thank you 🙏🏻 for the work you have done. Love this APP. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Red flags when I scanned my items. The videos are convincing at first and will make you feel like you’ve been doing it all wrong, but this app raised red flags upon checking the items in my pantry and refrigerator. Lots of ingredients he vehemently opposes in his videos are in the “approved” items I had (Zevia soda has the Bobby Abhorred ~natural flavors~), and items I knew should *not* be “approved,” such as the Japanese-style peanuts that have soy sauce, multiple food colorings, and MSG in them were in there as “approved.” Meanwhile, regular cashews and pistachios in my pantry were *not approved.” Also, my multivitamin and CoQ10 supplements were “not approved.” Bertolli spaghetti sauce “not approved,” but Ragu that has identical ingredients is “approved.” You get the idea, hopefully. This whole thing is stealth marketing. Deleted app and consulting actual nutrition experts.

Super helpful for those with MSG issues. I have issues with foods high in free glutamic acid and this app makes it easy to identify those foods. I had memorized the list of 60 or so ingredients commonly added to food to increase free glutamic acid so this app helps that cause and can be used by my wife when shopping when in doubt about a product. Many poo poo MSG allergies and it’s nice to see someone who realizes that just because something can occur naturally in real food does not mean it’s ok in it’s artificial, weaponized version.

Thank you. I appreciate this app and all the hard work that goes into it. I am so glad that I found it because it goes along with how we were trying to eat and now I don’t have to try to read that tiny print on items in the grocery store. My husband and I both have the app and scan all of our items before they go in the cart. Thanks again and keep up the good work. Look forward to the items that are under review.

#bobbyshopswithme. When I was first given the Hashimoto’s diagnosis along with a few other issues, I was told I could not have gluten or dairy. I would get overwhelmed and emotional in the grocery store and left feeling so discouraged! This app has been a God sent!!! Even my kids love it and run down the isles scanning everything with the app! When they get that green up thumb, they jump up and down screaming “Bobby Approved!!!” They have scanned everything in our house including each other, some of the 4 kids apparently are “not Bobby approved!” I can’t thank you enough for this app and your videos! You have made this journey a lot easier!

Really great!. I have recommended this app to everyone! It takes all the guess work out of choosing healthy food products. I love i don’t have to spend so much time reading and searching for the bad ingredients! So time consuming! Now i don’t have to! Plus the app gives you a better choice when it is not Bobby Approved! There were a few times the ingredient did not show up but not too many! I can see the app just getting better and better!!! YAY!

Brilliant app!. I’m so happy to have stumbled upon Bobby on Instagram which led me to this app. It’s so brilliant to be able to know which products he would use in cooking. Most people simply don’t know what to look for in foods/ingredients. Even if you think you’re “healthy” (I thought I was), you’re probably eating too much added sugar, inflammatory foods, or just poor quality ingredients. Thank you for making it easier to eat healthy and teaching me important information about food. One feature that would be extremely cool to add would be the ability to like products and create a list of favorites.

Awesome Tool. I don’t find Bobby preachy or forcing a food lifestyle on anyone. Videos and his App. Are tools for us to make better informed decisions of what to put into our bodies. I wasn’t aware that so much junk was in our foods today. Researching I found studies that showed my fathers generation ( he’s 85 and in great health):had real food that wasn’t loaded with chemicals and were actually healthier people. We have to many products competing with one another and most products are junk. I love this App to help me to make informed decisions.

LOVE. Oh my greatness! I’m in love with the app! It takes away the concern from purchasing something with questionable ingredients! Now I wish products had UPC codes on front of the packages😋 I had been purchasing a butter alternative that was not Bobby approved but with the apps help I have found another option. I did find and item that had not been uploaded so I sent pictures of the product and ingredients in but felt guilty knowing Bobby would to stay up and research the product. It just shows the dedication and love of what he represents. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and family with us. The people with negative reviews apparently aren’t aware Bobby stated it’s a work in progress and he is trying to add and evolve the app but it takes time. Rome wasn’t built in a day🤦‍♀️and in no way does anyone have to adhere to his Keto lifestyle he offers so much useful information along with what he has chosen for himself. Take away what is useful for yourself or move along to something else. Just make the app icon Rose❣️

Love FlavCity and this app!. I have been following FlavCity and IG for a while now and have learned SO much about the ingredients in things that I eat. In January, I was diagnosed with MS and I really started to pay attention to the things I was consuming. While I feel I have a good amount of knowledge when it comes to eating clean, whole foods these days, I have used this app for things I don’t quite yet know about. I would highly recommend this app to anyone who is looking to feed themselves better to live a healthier, happy life!

Mom to a 1yo. I literally scan everything I buy for my son before purchasing. So easy to use with quick information! It’s still a work in progress with products being updated and rated daily - so be a little patient :) I started following Bobby when I went into a keto black hole 4 years ago, but I got out of that learning so much more! The importance of reading ingredients on all labels (not just food) taught me so much & I have decided to make smarter choices with what I feed and use on my son. This app is a game changer for me to make those decisions and I love it!!

3/5. I think it will get better with time, but there needs to be a little more work out into the app. Ex: I scanned shredded cheese, and it said it isn’t approved because of milk. Or another one is I scanned the seaweed but couldn’t even tell me why it is bad. Another product I scanned said it was bad because it had organic dried cane sugar, which I think would be approved wouldn’t it? So I think a lot of these products I’m scanning need to be updated, and maybe given a little more reasoning why it is unhealthy. In the future I could see this app getting restraunt foods on it and also maybe have recipes that you can make.

Great but room for improvement. I like the app and think the concept is great. I wish it gave you information about why something isn’t approved when you scan or search for it. It would also be great if it had links straight to where you could buy products that are approved instead of leaving the app and trying to search for it. Some of the photos are hard to see and not every description includes the name of the product so finding products on other sites or in store are difficult sometimes. Over all I really like it but there is room for improvement.

Search is broken and useless. Having worked in tech for 20 years optimizing and indexing search for many of them, this may be the most broken search experience I have used. The initial search works ok- but if you apply any filter or edit an existing search term- the relevance of the results drops to near zero forcing an app restart to clear it out. I have not yet tried the in-store scanner, and assume it works well based on the reviews. But if you are planning ahead at home using Search, it is nearly impossible to find results. I searched “oat milk”. The category filters don’t allow any filtering to this category as the results also contain “goat milk” and I want to only see plant based milks. So filtering does not work. If I apply any other filter , the results seem broken from that point forward and an app restart is the only way to get back to a clean search. So really , only your first time search works after opening the app. Any filtering or editing breaks search completely.

A great idea, but could use a few things…. I like how you can scan or search by item category, like dairy, or that you can search by store. There are a wide range of stores and products, and links to relevant content videos. I would love 2 things from this app: a blurb below each food on preparation or recipe ideas, even if there is not specific video content. I can imagine Bobby’s voice recommending me the fire roasted bell peppers and onions from Trader Joe’s and then giving me brief ideas, like throw it in with some beef for fajitas. 2nd, it would be great to be able to add Bobby Approved items to a list and be able to either view the list in the app or share with others that do the grocery shopping. Thanks!

This app is approved!. I was a skeptic at first to download the Bobby approved app on my phone. I didn’t want to give up any of my favorite delicious, canoily junk foods. I didn’t want to make any changes to my diet (even though I really needed to). However I made the plunge to download the app. Honestly, I was so impressed on how easy it was to use the Bobby approved app. When scanning a product, the app basically tells you, “It’s crap, your better off without it, move on” or, it tells you “go ahead, it’s Bobby approved go ahead, enjoy”. This app makes it okay for you to still enjoy your favorite foods with modified choices for the greater good of your health! I’ve been vegan for 7 years and I’ve gone back and forth from junk food vegan to plant based vegan. This app literally is my saving grace, the medium between health and happiness! This app works super well in mostly any store. I use it every week in Trader Joe’s hoping I see the thumbs up sign on new products and my favorite foods!!

Wow!. I have never seen such a well designed app ever! “Bobby Approved” is amazing. You just open the app and touch the scan button. Point your phone at the barcode on the product in question and it tells you whether it is BobbyApproved or not, AND why it is not approved. How fab is that! This totally helps me purchase the best food to eat. He makes it so simple. I am still amazed at its perfect design. The database of products is huge! This is a must have if you need help picking the absolute best food to eat. Also a great learning tool since it tells you why something is not “BobbyApproved.” Get it today!!!!

Useful and Educational!. This app is truly wonderful. I love being able to scan new items that I haven’t purchased before, and get an instant result to see if it’s “Bobby approved” or not. Makes healthy shopping a breeze, and it’s also educational. Love the feature that allows you to swipe up and see which ingredients are bad or not approved so you can avoid them in other future purchases, and also understand WHY that item isn’t approved. It’s actually pretty fun to scan things and learn about them 🤓

Life Changing App!. Literally in 5 months of using this app and following Bobby’s recipes from Flav City, I was able to help my husband lose 50lbs, eliminated his inflammation, eliminated his pre-diabetes test results, eliminated his high cholesterol and we’re been singing Bobby’s praises all over Arizona. Everyone has been asking “how’d you do it”… and we pull out our phones and make them download the Bobby app while telling them, “this is how”. Bobby & Dessi, our family is full of gratitude for your life’s passion, commitment and dedication to educating the world about food & wellness!!

Love the App!!. I’ve been watching Bobby for a long time and he is a very trusting source for good food products. I love the app because now I don’t have to keep lists in my phone for all the items that are Bobby Approved. I would like in the future for the app to give a reason why an item is not Bobby approved. Simple things like high sugar, bad oils, natural flavor or something along those lines. Sometimes a product isn’t Bobby Approved, but he will say its ok or not that bad. It would be nice to know those grey area products as well. And lastly the ability for a user to put some notes on a product would be nice as well.

Intentions are good. I like the the concept of this app on the surface, and the intentions are good. However, it is disorganized and not easy to use at times, especially when searching for “approved” products. There are many times you scan a product and it comes up as “not approved” but you don’t know know what ingredient(s) are the issue. This is unfortunate, as Bobby does a good job in his videos describing why certain ingredients he finds are an issue. Then you can make a decision about whether you agree or if that is important to you . There are other times when you want to search for “approved” products in a certain product category and you will see the same product not only listed multiple times, but also also as “approved” AND “not approved”. It is the same product, label, ingredients. Can be confusing for users looking for advice or want to to compare products.

Duplicates & UX Terrible - Bobby UNapproved!. I’m a fan of Bobby’s educational social media that steers consumers to eat healthier. Was excited to find the app to search for the most nutritious products. HOWEVER, whomever is running the app has loaded the same products multiple times. As an example a block Parmesan a Reggiano Cheese from Costco/Kirkland is listed 31 times (yep I counted). It appears the name is either slightly misspelled or only partial identification on the title is listed. Costco shows a total of 442 products and given the many, many items listed multiple times suspect the total number of products Bobby approved is significantly less. This would be an easy UX fix (each item should have multiple search tags on it vs loading each item per tag (e.g., Parmesan a Reggiano, Parmesan, Cheese, Reggiano Cheese, Parm Cheese etc.). It would also be helpful to include search option per store. If I’m at Costco - I should be able to search the word Chicken and only Costco Bobby Approved Chicken should come up. Currently you can only search at the main page and then every stores chicken is listed? WHY??? Not sure if the app development was a “we need an app” initiative but really wasn’t thought through on the users experience. Bobby would/should not approve this app! Happy to change my rating once these items are fixed or improved to ensure the app is a useable tool.

Everyone needs this app!. Amazing app! What a genius idea and the fact that Bobby and his family takes the time to do this and for free so that we can all make better choices is wonderful!. Imagine if everyone used this app each time we go grocery shopping? We would have so many more better and healthier options at stores because people would stop buying the other stuff and retailers wouldn’t have any other choice but to sell healthier options. Thank you for everything you do!!!

Amazing and sad. If anything, Bobby has exposed how awful our supermarket choices have become. He doesn’t get into anything divisive, all he does is show the consumer what is good for your body, and what isn’t. The rest is up to you to balance. The sad part is that close to everything you scan is Not Approved. It then becomes time to start digging deeper. As well, you don’t need to be wealthy to find the Approved items. They are certainly more expensive, but what you put in to anything, you always get out.

Better than 5 stars!. I cannot begin to show my gratitude for the Bobby Approved app. I never buy anything unless I scan it first. It is a huge time saver over trying to read labels. I’m like Bobby, the print is so little on most packaging that I cannot read it. Bobby saves me so much time. The app is super easy to use and I love the fact that I can send info on a product he has not reviewed. Also, checking by Brand helps me with online shopping when I don’t have the barcode to scan. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and health for all you have done with the app. Love everything about FlavCity, Bobby, and his adorable family. Please keep up your invaluable work. You are a gem!!💎❤️

Feels like I’m shopping with Bobby. I am constantly opening my Bobby approved app when I’m in the grocery store or one of my parents buys something that looks like it’s probably not good. The app is very user friendly and you can navigate easily. One things that has shown me some problems is the search feature, that can be tricky sometimes when looking for something and it doesn’t show up but then you delete the search and it shows up under brands and then it works. Overall experience is worth 5+ stars. So many great deals on there like seed that I got turned onto from Bobby and especially thieve market. Worth a download and go scan everything in your house haha because you will be surprised to see what is harmful. I think I can proudly say everything that I use like food items or personal care products or even soaps and detergents are completely Bobby approved thanks to the app and Bobby teaching you what is worthy of being in your body and what to always avoid. THANK YOU Bobby for your amazing app and hard work and please continue to do what you do. You have inspired me to be just like you one day when I grow up and now going to studying public health at college!

Bobby cashing out, on you health and give you poor advice!. *********WARNING********** Not sure what Bobby knows about nutrition. The food network didn’t make a mistake; it sounds like Bobby is a liability. He has a degree in finance. He failed at that, so now he’s trying to be a social media star. It shows Bobby lacks fiber because he’s definitely is full of it. Maybe some prunes might help? Please ask yourself WHY does Bobby gets to give out a seal of approval. He gets money every time you use his promo code/coupons. He pays to be on shows and also pays to go to parties to be “seen” with celebrities cooks. ****Please asking your physician if a “keto” diet is right for you. If heart disease runs in your family, run the other way! Keto diets should come with a warning. It can be hazardous. He often refers to the “EWG,” an organization that fabricates its standards the majority of the time. Your tax dollars have already acted on what they “report.” The junk base EWG is just beating a dead horse to raise money. They made 10 million in revenue per year. You can eat your strawberries, kale, spinach, and potatoes. You just need to wash them. Harvard found “Organic food no more nutritious than conventionally grown food.” If you cannot get organic, don’t worry about it, ALL veggies and fruit have great nutrition!

Great app!. Before this app I was spending several hours at the grocery store every week reading labels. This has saved me so much time! You just scan the barcode and wait for the product to come up. It will tell you if it is Bobby approved or not. Then it will tell you why and give you other options to buy instead if it is not approved. I love this app for the convenience and the explanations. I have learned so much from watching Flavcity videos. This app is what I was waiting for. If an item isn’t in the app, it asks you to take a picture of it and says waiting for approval. I like that I can contribute to the progress of this app.

Love you and your family. I go to the store I tell everyone about you my grandkids follow you 10 grand sons 2 granddaughters I’m 74 years old have 4 daughters and 2 sons and of course a wonderful husband of 54 years we try to be healthy follow your advice please don’t stop what you are going we love Rosie 🥰 my family has your cook books love your advice some people do not know who you are but before I leave the store I’m helping them get on your app thanks for what you do 🤗🤗🤗

By far, best app around. This app is the best! Thank you Bobby for making such an incredible and useful up that’s so easy to use! Spreading your knowledge and passion for healthy foods is amazing. I honestly never know how bad the food that I was eating and serving to my family is so bad for us, but this makes it so fun and easy to want to shops for healthier choices. My 9 year old son loves this app too and it makes shopping with him fun. We’re only buying Bobby approved foods and it feels amazing creating these great habits for my boys

One day it’s Bobby approved the next it’s not. I was very excited about this and was using this faithfully. Because I’m on it a lot, I start to remember what is approved and what is not. I’m becoming very frustrated because I’ve noticed that many things that were once Bobby approved on this app a couple of months later they are not!!!!! I’m not sure if his team is not on the same page but I can name three things that were once approved and now not! The ingredients remained the same! It’s super frustrating and I’ve thought about not using it anymore. To the team please make this easier for the consumer by being on the same page.

Eating Healthier made Easier. Not having this app on your phone is probably a huge mistake! If you are someone who likes eating healthy and buying quality food for home this is the app you need to have! Very easy to use, you scan any product you want to buy and the app will tell you thumbs up or down and why. It is the best app I have discovered so far. Everyone should prioritize their health and it is important to know what you are putting in your body, now more than ever. Get this app asap!!! and You are Welcome ☺️

Useful and lots of potential. This app has been helpful for me at the grocery store. I also like how you can search by category (e.g., “cheese”), and it will give you an overview of what to buy and avoid in that category. This app has so much potential to be even better in the future too. One thing I would like to see is explanations for why some foods are still Bobby approved when it includes a banned ingredient. Bobby has explained in his videos why this is sometimes the case, but it would be helpful to see that explained on the app. Bobby personally approves all “Bobby approved” items in the app. Thanks Bobby for putting in so much work and providing us with this useful tool.

Great app for clean eating. I love this app! Use it all the time to quickly figure out if a food product is clean, and if not, why it’s not. Super user friendly, just scan and learn. You can learn about items added to foods and why they are/are not healthy for you. If the product isn’t researched yet, the app allows you to send a message to Bobby, the creator, and he looks over ingredients and adds it to the database. You can browse stores, brands and food ingredients. Highly recommend this app to anyone wanting to eat clean.

Amazing app. I am so grateful for this app because it saves so much time and confusion with reading labels when I can just scan and go. I appreciate all the time and effort that Bobby and his wife have put into educating people on harmful ingredients and all they do to promote health. This app is awesome and I hope more and more people will stop supporting food companies that put toxic chemicals in their food that is harming people and causing all kinds of health problems. This app will help you to support companies that have real food ingredients and not harmful chemicals.

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Great app for healthy lifestyle! Recommended. If you would like to know if the ingredients of your food is healthy and good for you, download this app. Easy to use. Just scan the bar code of a product and tada ! You’ll see if it’s Bobby approved or not (and why). I have changed my diet since following FlavCity. Thanks Bobby for helping us put the right stuff in our body. To a long life ! Regards.

Bobby approved replacement items. The app is great. With that said it would be great to see more Canadian products for international uses. It would also be nice if there were bobby approved replacement item suggestions shown after something is marked not bobby approved.

Unbelievably helpful. I was always hoping to have an app to help me buying healthy groceries. This app is beyond my expectations. Thanks Bobby for the app, book and your amazing YouTube channel 👍🏻

Great app but could use some changes. Love scanning and finding the best options for my almost 1 year old son. The reason I am giving this app a 4 star review and not a 5 star is because there are a couple flaws… one being that if you do a search for an item, sometimes it will show Bobby approved but if you do not look at the ingredients you will never know that it in fact isn’t approved. I made this mistake many times with items I was looking for and told my mother in law to grab for me while she was at the store, she brought the items home and i scanned them and it showed up not approved :(

Still waiting. Many items I have scanned are under review and have been under review for a year or more. even with submitting a photo of the product.

Thanks. Thank you Bobby for the Bobby approved app I never shop without it and it made me much happier and healthier person Thanks Maggie

Problematic. The problem with this app is that it doesn’t actually pin-point the issue. Apps like Yuka (although admittedly biased) tell you what’s in it specifically that makes said food/product undesirable. They use scientific data and research to back it up. This app however, has a strange layout where it feels like simply an opinion of one man…so…

Thank you so much. I really appreciate this app that made my life easier and healthier thank you for your hard work such an app

Awesome!. As somebody who had 0 knowledge on clean eating Bobby has been my go to! Amazing app

Game changer. So helpful. Didn’t realize how many things are bad. This app and the knowledge I’ve learned from it has really helped me clean up my diet! Can’t thank you enough bobby! Feeling better then ever. Only thing I wish was there were more healthy options in Canada

Horrible. What a ridiculously incompetent app. I scan the barcode on a box of organic chicken broth and The Bobby app recognizes it as dark chocolate almond butter cups that are not Bobby approved. Then I scan a can of organic lentils which every ingredient is organic and absolutely nothing in it that is even remotely harmful and yet the Bobby app says it’s not approved.

Little support. App is not actively managed. Submitted products almost half a year ago and still “under review” from their team for a rating. App Store at the time of writing this shows their last app update/revision was over four months ago

Amazing. This is like Bobby is there with you shopping. I wish he would look into Canadian products too. Most are still under review. Thanks Bobby

Misinformation about food.. Misinformation about food. Most of the things you scan are misinforming the consumer.

Amazing !. Life saver! This app is helping soo many people live a healthier and longer life !! 😂😂

Grateful. Life changing! I’m scanning everything in my kitchen and making some bold moves. Thank you Bobby🥹

Not educational. I live the app, but everytime I scanned a not Bobby approved item I would like to know why it isn’t so I know better our to read the ingredients.

Healthy choices. So helpful, great to learn the harmful things in labels , making a person more aware of choices

Evidence based scientific approach needed. I downloaded this app to see what the hype was about. It was very disappointing to see a lack of evidence and scientific approach to its logic. Also, it appears to be selling you products too…

Canadian Products Please. Good app, but unfortunately you need Canadian products in here.

Patiently waiting. Honestly, this app is really really amazing. It’s helped me buy better products and get informed. However, I have scanned a few products in the very beginning when you launched this and I’m still awaiting a review. it’s very frustrating because you’re doing other things but you’re not looking into the products that I’ve been patiently waiting for. why is it taking so long?

Great app. Helps you choose high-quality foods, good job devs!

Very informative app. Love the app. I live in Canada and find that most of the things I scan are on the app.

My go to. So far , so good. He has disapproved of the items I know for sure are not good for us, so I know he’s on point. Now, just add some Canadian items please. Most are still under review. I will continue to send pics of what you have not assessed/added yet. Thanks for this app.

Love this app, so useful, helpful and handy!. I’ve had to do a workaround as my most frequented local grocery store seems to have this app blocked. Screen shots and Bobby’s in-depth knowledge freely given have helped me make better choices. Thankyou!

Excited to finally try. I’m excited to try this app. Been watching bobby for awhile. So many things I thought were good for me….and not even close. This will help so much. To the person that commented “Canada doesn’t have a lot of organic or grass fed food” uuuummm yes, yes we do. You must live in a tiny town in Ontario? Canada is known for grass fed everything. And so much organic. This app will be amazing in Canada for sure.

Fantastic. Love everything you do Bobby , keep up your awesome work

Super helpful. Thanks Bobby, love your channel! If you can review more Canadian products would be great too 😊🙏

The Best App. Thank you so much for your hard work. This App is so amazing and helping me and my family. I am the one just are buying Boby approved. Thank you

Bobby approved App. Thanks Bobby, I love the App, it is great and takes the guess work out for us when we are shopping! It’s great! Love it. N. Wiebe Canada🇨🇦🇨🇦

Thank you. I’ve been watching your channel for a couple of years now and just downloaded the app and it’s amazing ! Thank you for teaching all of us the truth about the ingredients. You make such a different.

Amazing but app needs some work. I love all of Bobby’s recommendations but would love for there to be more details on why it’s approved. We only get the details/ingredients when it’s not approved. I believe he’s still working on the app though!

Not accurate. The App sometimes gives for the same item it’s bad sometimes it’s good and a lot of products with under reviews or the App can’t recognize them

Amazing apps 👍👍 love it 😍. I have been using this apps since it launched in Canada and on every grocery haul. This is amazing and now really enjoy going to grocery as with the apps it tells me what is good what is bad for our body which honestly we have been feeding ourselves our families with garbage food for years ..Now I read back label and macros .😬😬 I’m so grateful for knowing Bobby I really learnt a lot from him .. Knowledge is power and thank you Bobby again Great job ..👍👍👍 you rock !🌟🌟

Really helpful resource. Thanks to Bobby and Desi, the guess work is removed from shopping for healthy food. If the item isn’t on Bobby’s app, you can add it for future addition, once the Flavcity team has researched it. I think this app is gold 😎

Life Saving App. I am using this app almost everyday. I scan the product to know if the product is good for our body and it explains everything. Using this app from Canada and I am loving it. Great work Bobby!!👍👍👏👏👏

Great App!!. I like your app a lot. I live in Toronto, Ontario and we don’t have as much organic or grass fed variety like in US. Its good to know the good and bad ingredients.Great work!

I love this app. Teaches u everything U need to know, so that ur not fooled by the ingredients lists! And the barcode scanning is also an amazing feature. With all that being said, I would not pay a monthly subscription.

Incredible app. Wow what an amazing app this has helped me make better and healthy choices for my family and learning what’s really in our food and eliminating out the bad things, knowing what I’m eating feels good! 5 stars thank you bobby for this incredible app!

The Absolute Best APP !. If you are not using this to scan items at the grocery store, what are you waiting for? I have dramatically reduced harmful food and products. I only buy Bobby approved ! I have also moved on to scanning cleaning products in an effort to have a toxic free home. Run Forest Run!!

Thank you !!! Absolutely love it !. I just downloaded the app and started checking all my pantry. The barcode scanning is just amazing and works like magic. I had some packages upside down and it worked. Some bags were a bit folded and it still worked. I was able to find some “offenders “ :))) and now can fully clean up my pantry. Thank you Bobby for all your hard work and everything you do to educate all of us!

Big Fan!. I am a big fan of BobbyApproved and have been following him for a while. I use to list down everything before buying but now its easy. Thanks for the app…Cheers from Canada

Great Need focus on updating this For stores across North America & Canada. Need focus on updating this For stores across North America & Canada. Like when in costco canada most items i scan couldn’t find on app.

The best app. Bobby your the best! I don’t use or buy anything without checking with you first! 😊

Canada. Wish we can use the app in Canada

Awesome APP. Love this app when I go grocery shopping. Canadian friendly.

So helpful!. Thank you for this app! It is so helpful to have this resource when shopping!

Review. So much healthy and helpful information….maybe identify gluten-free when you can.

Love this app!. It’s awesome in Canada!

Healthy choices made EASIER. Please do yourself a favour and get this app. This is the only trustworthy grocery app that makes healthy choices easy. Been following Bobby Parrish for many years and he’s the man to do this!

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Best APP ever. Ok, I never ever write reviews for Apps, but I swear this APP is everything I’ve been wanting in my life. Makes shopping sooo much easier. Thank you for this App, Bobby! I’m slowly but surely making my way to a better and healthier living and this app really makes it so easy to just scan or search Bobby Approved items. Yay. Love it. I also love how items that are not approved, tell you what ingredients are bad. This helps me understand more about what ingredients to avoid when shopping!

Bobby is legit!!!. I just downloaded this app a bit ago and recently went grocery shopping the usual stuff I get that I always think is “healthy” by label is actually not that good for me after upon further looking into the ingredients. But now I feel safe shopping with a Bobby approved app because I changed my foods to the not Bobby approved to the Bobby approved, & it drastically changed the way I eat and my health!! Your the man Bobby!!!

Makes reading labels easier. A must have for people trying to clean up the foods they and their families consume. So many times the front of the packaging can fool us, but scanning the barcode finds the not do great (or terrible) ingredients and you can use that to learn what to look out for in foods. So many great features and I know that Bobby (and Dessi) are only continuing to make it better and better

This App Encourages Disordered Eating. This high level of obsession over food will cause so much stress that will lead to so many more health issues than some non-organic strawberries that you wash. He is brainwashing people! Don’t fall for it. Only take your diet advice from REGISTERED DIETICIANS. If Bobby can complete that education maybe I will listen to something he has to say. I think he has good intentions but it not educated enough of these topics and does not even explain things using research studies and scientific evidence- RED FLAG! If he is making you feel obsessed over food, it may be a good idea to unfollow and try to make generally healthy eating choices and meet with a dietician if you need help with that.

Worth It/Easy. Love this app! Has made our shopping and life style easier! My 13 year old son and husband love scanning everything in the store; even though I tell them they can go to store on app and look what categories they want. Now my son knows what’s in the products that aren’t good for you. Thank you for creating this for and simplifying it.

Just what you need. This happy takes the guess work out of finding food that’s is right for you and your family!! I’m always on the hunt to make my grocery shopping purposeful and full of healthy but tasty items. With this app the barcode scanner saves me the time of looking through each ingredient and also list alternatives. I couldn’t wait for the app to launch and now that I have it I just can’t do without it

Love this but…... This app is my new best friend, i absolutely love it! The only negative thing i have to say Is that some things don’t come up and for example today i had two coffee drinks from pop and bottle that had the same ingredients and one was Bobby approved and one was not for the oats but the oats were in the one that was approved, so that was a little confusing but Hopefully it was just a glitch but overall my favorite app ever created!

Very Helpful!. This app has been great in helping me determine healthier food options! I’d really like to see a reason on why something is not “Bobby Approved.” For example, I scan a deli meat that seems good, but it’s not Bobby Approved, a little insert on exactly what ingredient(s) are bad would be nice! I’m trying to learn as much as possible and that would be valuable to me when using the app. Thanks Bobby! Also, Rose is the cutest!

Amazing app for people with IBD. My husband has Ulcerative Colitis so we are very cautious about what he puts in his body. All the yucky stuff that isn’t Bobby approved is bad for him anyways so this is such an amazing app for us! So far he hasn’t had any issue digesting the food that’s Bobby approved. It saves me a lot of time while shopping because instead of reading all the ingredients myself I just scan the barcode and it tells me if it’s good or bad.

Invaluable. This makes shopping so much easier! I no longer have to read the ingredients because Bobby already did that for me! I’ve learned “natural flavors “ aren’t necessarily natural. Also, the Keto label on foods doesn’t always mean healthy. I’ve watched numerous videos by Bobby and not only have I learned tons from him I trust him on his Bobby Approved items! I’ve bought two cookbooks for cooking with clean food. This is especially important to me since I am a breast cancer survivor.

Amazing. I love this app. It takes the guess work out. Not only do I use it for personal use, but I’m a nurse practitioner and have recommended it many times to patients. What would make it even better was if there was an option for better foods choices as well that were almost Bobby approved, but more affordable….a lot of my patients can’t afford to eat this way and it’s a shame.

Great for babysitters!. I already know what is good food and what is not but my husband doesn’t know as much as I do and when someone has to watch our son I don’t have to spend a lot of time telling them what he can and can’t eat I just say download the Bobby approved app and if it’s approved he can have it! Such a helpful app and relieves so much stress from me about what my babies are eating!

Download now!. This app is soo informational! It makes eating healthy easier and more accessible. The app shows products from multiple stores and a list of common ingredients rated by Bobby! It literally does all the work for you, making grocery shopping a breeze with the peace of mind that you know you’re eating good stuff. Only thing I’d add is a search option within the store products and/or adding the store name to product search page for more efficient shopping.

I love you Bobby. Bobby and his app is god sent for me, thank you Bobby !!, finally i can easily and fast avoid what was bad food, i am pleasantly surprised I’m losing a little weight without any effort, slowly but surely because I’m avoiding sugar which is hidden and many chemicals in foods, the ingredient lists on the food are so long and tiny that it takes me hours to read and understand which one is bad , but with this app I am beyond myself happy.

Changing the way I shop and eat!. I just downloaded the app a week ago and used it for the first time today at Whole Foods. Totally changed my shopping ways for the better. So useful! I LOVE THIS APP!! As I walked the isles there were other people using this same app. Bobby is changing the world one isle at a time. Very grateful for the flavcity family and everything they are teaching us.

So helpful. I use this all the time. Our youngest daughter has inflammatory bowel disease so we stay away from all inflammatory foods. I love that this has aligned with what research I had already done and the products I found. I have since leveled up on my knowledge and because it can be hard to remember everything I just scan. If it isn’t “Bobby Approved” it isn’t going in her body (or anyone in my family’s bodies) Thanks for this Bobby!

A must download!. Been following Bobby for awhile and downloaded the app some time ago. It’s definitely worth it! Eating Bobby approved foods/brands has definitely helped with inflammation issues and just overall I feel better when I follow his recommendations. The fact that this app is free and he puts all this work into it to help the public is awesome. I love knowing why something isn’t “approved” too. Very helpful. Thank you for this app, Bobby! Also, love Desi, Rose Honey, and Lelani!

An absolutely incredible app experience. I’ve been watching FlavCity content for a while and he’s deeply changed my approach to food products. This app goes one step forward in providing real time information on food safety. Much of my buying habits have changed for the better and I think you and your team Bobby! Btw this is my first time actually writing a review for an app besides tapping the star to rate lol. Thanks Bobby!

Easiest transition in to cleaner eating. I changed up my eating habits about 9 months ago and this app was a life saver in making it the easiest process. I use the scanner often, and love that it gives me the specific reasons as to why something is or isn’t approved. Do I make certain personal exceptions along the way? Absolutely. But this app as an overall guide is a must.

I Love love love this app. Before the Bobby approved app I had to read every ingredient in the food I wanted to buy all of them and it took a longer time but with this amazing app I know if the salad dressing, the sauce the pasta the Olive oil etc is approved and I feel better to put the right things in my body. Thank you Bobby. I have one request please add baking dishes and more to the app. Thank you for all you do.

User-friendly. Such an easy app to use very user-friendly you don’t have to be a techie to be able to just scan any item at any store and about 90% of the time it gives you a thumbs up or thumbs down. It has changed the way I shop now. So many items I wouldn’t want before that now I scan with the app and put back on the shelves and find other alternative BobbyApproved items instead

Best food app. This is the app for anyone who wants to eat healthy. When I’m in the grocery store, I scan the list of items that I had not scanned before. It helps me so much not to buy foods with crummy, & inflammatory ingredients. I’m a cancer survivor & I have to eat super healthy & this app takes out the guessing out of what I should buy or not. It is truly like having Bobby there with me. Thanks Bobby for creating the best app for food & its ingredients.

Literally saved my life. This app really helps me find out which foods that I can eat because it turns out a lot of food. I thought we’re healthy. We’re in fact really bad for me for instance, I have rheumatoid arthritis, tuberculosis and liver fibrosis, and I was eating the wrong foods that only inflamed me and destroyed my liver. But this helped significantly with not only getting stable liver enzymes, but strengthening my immune system, and of course losing a ton of weight.

Wonderful App. This is a genius idea and so helpful when shopping. I’ve used it many times to find items that are healthy choices. I have learned so much educational information and insights into what we are putting into our bodies from watching him on Instagram. I don’t know how he does it all. Thanks for all your hard work, Bobby. It is so appreciated.

Meh. It’s not a horrible app but no one actually updates or checks everything. The pictures are horrible and so are the descriptions. Stuff is repeated Over and over so basically since it’s free he doesn’t really care about it 🤷‍♀️. I’ve even seen stuff that’s isn’t what it’s a picture of, if you are just one wanting to scan then fine - if you want to make a shopping list from his app it’s just going to take way too long to get through all the crap.

Love Your Neighbor. This app is a good example of loving your neighbor. So many times I have wished I could take this doctor or that nutritionist to a grocery store in order to help me shop! With this app Bobby has made that dream come true. Quick, easy, convenient, and FREE. Thank you Bobby for this very kind, considerate app so your fellow Americans can choose wisely for themselves and their family! God bless you!

Amazing idea. Thank you sooooo much for creating about this wonderful, thank you for your concern about everybody’s health. I have been trying to eat healthy since I had my daughter and I thought I was doing a good job, but after scanning my pantry with your app realized I have been scammed by those labels. Now I am 100% sure I am doing my best for my daughter . God bless you and your family 🙏🙏🙏

Great app!! BUT. Here is just a couple of things that would be appreciated 1-Add a reason why on EVERY product. Some do not have an ingredient list with the bad ingredients highlighted in red? 2-When you are reading a product list and it has something highlighted red, it would be quite beneficial to be able to click on the ingredient and it say why its bad. 3-Every ingredient should be in the ingredient search bar not just certain ones?

Favorite App Well Trusted. This is my favorite app to use for food and products. Please start doing Pet Stuff and I Need to let you know the app is malfunctioning and it’s saying stuff is in review but it’s not showing in my scan list. I keep rescanning it and saying hold on Bobby is reviewing the product but I know better lol. Please update the app Bobby.. The World Needs You Badly! Thank you so much for all that you do.!! Jaime Baton Rouge, La

I am so grateful for you !. I think you randomly appeared on my Facebook one day and I loved your content since the first day I saw it! You are so genuine and real! Your content is extremely valuable to me. You are one of the reasons why I still have social media. I look forward to your stories every night when I check my phone and I use your app daily! I feel like I am a much better mom because of your content!

Good concept. The app needs updating. Take Walmart for example, I know there’s a lot more things that he talks about in videos that are not on the Walmart approved list. Also, when you pick a store there should be a filter where you can pick a specific category or a search for that specific item within that store so you don’t have to scroll through all of the items.

So thankful for this app!. I live in Texas and I don’t have a Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s close by so having this app helps me tremendously at our local grocery store!! I’ve made some huge changes to the items I consume thanks to Bobby!! I love that it gives you alternatives if something you scan isn’t Bobby approved. You can also send him products to review if he hasn’t already! Thank you Bobby!

BEWARE: Dangerous app. This app is only based on what this guy Bobby thinks is “approved.” That is so obnoxious of him to think he is the one that will tell people what is healthy or not based on his approval. Smh This app is dangerous and you need to do your own check with your physician, your health history etc. This guy know absolutely NOTHING about your health history or about nutrition. His finance background does NOT qualify him to give out any health advice. He gets his information from other influencer and google searches. He is NOT a nutritionist or a doctor. I’m surprised the App Store would allow this. I will write in and see what they have to say.

Follow flavcity! And buy the 5 ingredient cookbook. Once upon a time, I went hard core paleo and felt great! Two kids, a full time job and being a student later, cue survival mode of avoiding starvation. Then my mom told me about how she was cleaning up her diet because of some Bobby guy. A bit of Instagram following later, I decided I could do this clean eating even in a busy time. Suddenly, an app is born. Now I can walk through my house, or grocery stores and simply scan items to immediately know what kind of decision I’m making for my health. Wow. Thank you so much for the phenomenal app! I would love to be able to scan and add to a shopping list if you add a shopping list feature. Then either at home I can scan empties and I can scan things to try next time.

Like Having Bobby in Your Pocket. My hubby and I actually have a good time at the store scanning products to see if they’re “Bobby Approved”. Bobby Parrish has changed our lives forever simply by reading food labels, knowing what to look for and avoid when making food choices. He’s so generous with sharing his knowledge and we’re so grateful to be eating healthy and discovering fun recipes to make. Breakfast favs are Quinoa Bowl with fruit & homemade granola and Base Culture Cinnamon Raisin Bread French Toast. You need this app in your life!

A great app!. I’ve been waiting for an app like this! Sometimes ingredients can get overwhelming and most companies use different names for the same toxic ingredient. It’s so disappointing but thank goodness for this app, bobby and his team! I trust him with my eyes closed. I use this app daily and he is constantly adding new products. I could go on and on about how useful this app is. Definitely recommend!

Love the app!. I use the BobbyApproved app constantly! it is so helpful in identifying healthy, clean foods! Some stores have a weak Wi-Fi, so I’m not able to use the app. But over the months I’ve been using it, it has helped me learn what to look for and what to put back on the shelf! So, even when it doesn’t work deep in a store, it has still taught me what to look for in the ingredients. Thank you!

Love the app!. My husband says Bobby has ruined his life because I won’t buy products that aren’t “Bobby approved”. Lol!!! I love this app. It’s super easy to take Bobby with me to the store and help make faster decisions with what I choose to bring into our home. The scan feature is quick and ready to go from item to item making it a breeze to use while shopping!

Shopping with Bobby. I’ve been following Bobby for years now and this app is awesome! It’s literally like having him shop with you! And the best part is if you scan an item that’s not on the app yet, you can upload pictures of items you find in store and he personally approves them himself! This app and Bobby have changed the way I buy groceries. Super smart app!

Best app EVER!!. Bobby, thank you so much for shopping with me every time I go to the grocery store I went through the refrigerator and pantry in my house and realized 99% of the stuff needed to be switched out. This app has open my eyes to so much of the garbage that we put into our bodies ! I love that you can just scan and it tells you the reason why it’s not Bobby approved and that you can search by grocery stores

Best App Ever!. I love this App! At my age, this is a lot for my brain to re-learn all this information but I’m willing to try. This takes a little longer but well worth it. I sure do appreciate your kindness because there is someone out there trying to get $1,997. when this is exactly what you have done with this App!! Again, thank you Bobby, unfortunately almost everything in my house in not Bobby Approved 😬 I’m going to change that real quick!

Love it. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time and so excited for its launch! I just wish there are two additional functions: open from device, and save. 1) Open from device - to be able to use photos I took or captured in the past 2) Save- to save or bookmark products so I can look up later. Thank you Bobby for all your effort and help as always :)

It is so great this is free!. I am so glad this app is free. If someone is new to healthy eating and they don’t know where to start this is by far the BEST resource for them. You’re not being sold some subscription service or anything, it’s literally just free information. So many people in the health space try to sell resources like this but it’s really important for things like this to be accessible for everyone.

So helpful. The fact that we have to read every little thing on the ingredients before we buy it at the grocery store is so sad. So many unneeded ingredients that shouldn’t be allowed to be sold in stores. Thankfully this app does it all for you. So thankful that Bobby and his family took the time to come up with this idea for a healthier living for all of us. Thank you!!!

Love, Love, Love. Have I mentioned that I LOVE this app. Bobby and Desi have poured so much time into creating and improving this app, I could not appreciate them more. I never shop without this app! It’s so helpful and does the hard part for you. The best part is… you can scan items that are not food! I use safe shampoo, conditioner, soap, and cleaning products thanks to this app! Highly, highly recommend!

Make it better. you need to have a professional company with this app. Yes it’s a free app, but it really is not very professional.. The photos are embarrassing.. you should be able to click on the photo and blow it up so you can see it. All I see is a blurry photo with someone’s hand on the side.. ????? Even if I zoom it on my iPhone. You still cannot read it mostly. Not everyone has great vision.. it’s time to stop doing the homegrown fix on this app and make it professional. Even if you have to sell ads.! And I’m not sure but I think I was searching for protein bars and a lot of them are not protein bars.

Ingredients. Thank you Bobby for this wonderful app!!!! So useful and helpful! Explaining what the ingredients actually are and how they affect the body! I definitely use it EVERY TIME I SHOP! I even have my son and daughter using it as well!!!!!!! Thank you and I will continue to follow and support you!!!!! I also purchased 2 of your books! Love them as well. I have emptied all my kitchen cabinets and started from scratch! No processed foods or sugar!! Fruits, veggies and monkfruit sweeteners!And Rose is sooo funny and smart!!!!!!

Awesome App!. I love using the Bobby Approved app whether shopping in store or looking up a product to buy online. I’ve learned so much from Flavcity and I’m so grateful! I just scan, find out if Bobby approved and buy. Takes all the guess work out. Plus, it’s like Bobby is shopping with me. So awesome and it makes eating healthy way easier. Thank you for your hard work and making such a helpful app!!

Long awaiting an app like this. Thanks Bobby for this app !! What a great idea , this helps out every single person . No more wondering if something is good for you , or if they are adding ingredients someone is allergic too . My only issue is I can’t get it to stay on my phone as an app symbol not sure if I’m doing something wrong . I should not have to keep going to the App Store to bring it up . Thanks again B

Shopping Buddy. I’ve become a better well-informed shopper! I love the fact that I could just quickly scan an item and help determine whether I should be buying it. So many things I’ve purchased, thinking I’m doing good for my body and come to find out their ingredients is no bueno as I was not aware of or I didn’t know what to look for. Bobby and his team have done all the work for us making it a seamless experience while shopping!

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 1.0.15
Play Store com.flavcity.bobbyapproved
Compatibility iOS 12.0 or later

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The application Bobby Approved was published in the category Food & Drink on 22 June 2021, Tuesday and was developed by FlavCity Corp [Developer ID: 1571725008]. This program file size is 38.84 MB. This app has been rated by 17,700 users and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. Bobby Approved - Food & Drink app posted on 10 October 2023, Tuesday current version is 1.0.15 and works well on iOS 12.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.flavcity.bobbyapproved. Languages supported by the app:

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