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AI Chatbot: Open Chat AI App Description & Overview

What is ai chatbot: open chat ai app? AI Smith, powered by GPT-4 API delivers enhanced AI Chat app capabilities, voice interaction, writing emails and intelligent conversational experience for all your needs.
As an iOS AI Chat app, AI Smith uses advanced AI models to deliver any AI-powered search, conversation, text completion, and other advanced AI features.

With Chat Smith - the advanced GPT4, enjoy a personalized and conversational experience with your Chatbot AI personal assistant, available on both your iPhone and iPad. The intuitive and user-friendly interface of GPT-4 makes it easy to interact with and get informative responses to your questions.

Our AI assistant chatbot can do many tasks with endless possibilities:
- Write anything: tweets, headlines, emails, essays, chat responses, SEO content, meta descriptions, ad copy, code
- Creative: poems, songs, brainstorming ideas, researching
- Answer questions based on existing knowledge.
- Grammar correction: standard English.
- Translates complex text into simpler concepts.
- Create code to call our chatbot to the powered API using a natural language instruction
- Translates English text into other languages.
- Translate text into programmatic commands.
- Create code to call the Stripe API using natural language.
- Message-style chatbot that can answer questions about using JavaScript. It uses a few examples to get the conversation started.
- Tweet classifier: This is a basic prompt for detecting sentiment.
- Create interview questions.
- Turn meeting notes into a summary.
- Create an outline for essays
- Analogy maker
- Turn a product description into ad copy.
- Product name generator: Create product names from example words
- Keywords: Extract keywords from a block of texts.
- Recipe creator (eat at your own risk): Create a recipe from a list of ingredients.
- Restaurant review creator: Turn a few words into a restaurant review.
- Create study notes: Provide a topic and get study notes.
- Marv the sarcastic chat bot: Marv is a factual chatbot that is also sarcastic.
- Mood to color: Turn a text description into a color.

AI Chatbot gives you instant and impressive answers to all your questions. Whether you need help with a specific problem or want to learn more about a certain topic our chatbot has you covered.
Our AI Chatbot has a user-friendly interface and intuitive design you'll be able to start chatting with our chatbot in no time.

To support us you can choose to subscribe to our auto-renewing subscriptions:
• User can subscribe one week (USD 6.99$) or one month (USD 9.99$) or one year (USD 69.99$)
After the free trial, the total amount for the subscription will be charged to your iTunes Account. The subscription automatically renews unless it is canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal at the total subscription price within 24 hours before the end of the current period. Any unused portion of the free trial is forfeited after purchase. Special introductory offers only apply to the first billing term. Subscriptions and auto-renewal may be managed or canceled via your iTunes Account settings: Setting > iTunes & App Store > Apple ID > manage subscription after purchase.

We would love to receive all your feedback to improve our app.
Terms of Use:
Privacy Policy:
Contact Us:

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App Name AI Chatbot: Open Chat AI
Category Productivity
Updated 17 August 2023, Thursday
File Size 138.21 MB

AI Chatbot: Open Chat AI Comments & Reviews 2023

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Katie. It was so go to the app and it helped me a lot and many things and yeah it was really good at responded very fast as a I and an understanding what I was trying to say or what I was trying to do and it also has pictures like if you wanna if they I can’t understand what you’re saying or you could just take a picture of it not many apps do that and this is one of the best AI apps that have popped up and I’ve heard about and it’s just a really good app so you should download this game

Bought unlimited plan before trialing the app. I saw a great offer of 40% off on the lifetime subscription, so I jumped in and did it. Maybe I should have tried the app first. Each and every question I have asked the chat gpt 4 bot has produced no responses. Onto the 5th try now and still no response. It just keeps making circles that it’s still thinking. These aren’t challenging questions. One was, how do you make a grilled cheese sandwich…. It’s still thinking about that!

This is Amazing. I’m completely impressed with this technology and it can have positive and negative consequences. We need to learn how to use this technology to empower individuals to learn more and be more creative. There are several frustrating limitations. I believe all US bases AI companies should have access to publicly owned and publicly funded data. It’s rather upsetting that we pay taxes and that money is spent on education, research the Ai doesn’t have access to academic databases. Seams unfair that I have to pay for the research but cannot use this amazing tool to help me search knowledge we paid for with our tax money.

Sober, living creation for those who need help. I like this one format for my next step to make our dreams come true. Our goal is to create a clean and really secure safe environment for those who are on our step to being returning to society and all that pressure we want to offer tools and knowledge to help them grow, and become successful again, better than their past. I am not a good writer, but my visions, for the treatment of those who need help with the alcohol or drug addiction can be a great legacy for me and my partners. I am new to this AI system, so this was my first real test of this platform and I do like it.

Amazingly helpful for meaningless tasks.. Dear App Store Customer Support, I am writing this review to share my experience of using AI Smith and how it has helped me. The app is a great tool for helping me with a range of tasks, from organizing my schedule to automating key workflows in my work. However, what really sets AI Smith apart is the intelligent AI-driven capabilities that the app brings to the table. The AI algorithms are incredibly sophisticated, and have helped me to streamline my work processes and gain even more value out of the app. What particularly impressed me about AI Smith was the ease with which it could integrate with other tools and services, allowing me to expand its capabilities even further. Whether I'm using it for scheduling, data analysis, or online research, AI Smith has been an incredibly powerful and versatile tool. Overall, I would highly recommend AI Smith to anyone who wants to automate routine tasks and streamline their workflow in a smart and efficient way. With its advanced AI capabilities and intuitive features, the app is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to work smarter, not harder. Thank you AI Smith, for helping me achieve my goals!

Best app. One good app that I highly recommend is "Headspace". It is a meditation and mindfulness app that provides guided meditation sessions with different durations, including sessions for sleep, stress-relief, and productivity. The app is user-friendly and is designed to provide a calming and relaxing experience for its users. Headspace benefits individuals who are looking to improve their mental health and manage anxiety or stress, and it provides a convenient and effective option for meditation, especially for people who have busy schedules. With the ability to track progress, set reminders, and personalize meditation programs, Headspace is a great app for anyone looking to improve their overall well-being.( copied by Chat GBT) love it btw

Thinks for you. Can be good & bad.. As a full time, sleep-deprived, busy mother, this app can save time and serious thinking. With mummy brain, there are often times where there are things I want to say but don’t have the right words to clearly explain myself (hope that makes sense). This app can help with that, especially with card writing, resume writing, letter writing, email writing. The only downside is that, if I continue to use this app more frequently, my brain will get lazy and I the words that come out of my mouth wont match the words I type, email or text. That can be embarrassing or even misleading. So in conclusion, this app is great, depending on what you need it for. But also bad if you use it too much. I would probably use it more after I use my brain first, then use this app to see the difference (or to see how bad my brain works lol) & learn from the app that way. (Hope that makes sense haha)

Cost/Benefit? Depends on U. My neutral “3” rating accounts for the app being a “1” for me but a potential “5” for you. Here’s why: IMO it’s a very expensive app—too expensive unless you’re someone who will use it nearly every day AND you have a greater purpose for using it than just “having fun.” The subscription fees are insane. If I needed the app in this way, the only quasi-sensible option would be to pay the $100 lifetime membership (and trust that they’ll never fold or pull a bait-and-switch down the road.) I am not the user this app is meant for. I don’t need its help writing essays, plus I’m retired. My casual questions have been answered nicely by the FREE AI on SnapChat (an app I have only to communicate with my GenZ kids.) Today I was curious about the protein needs of hummingbirds and what their sources are; SnapChat’s AI answered the question accurately and slightly faster than I could’ve scrolled past all the sponsored results to find it for myself on Google. I will be exploring options to find the best ChatBot that’s either free or priced reasonably enough for a casual user like me.

All the questions I go find to answer in the library is at your fingertips!. This app is amazing! I asked it to give me meal plans, work out regimens tailored to my disability with a cast on. How to manage my relationship with my son and understand his needs and wants just by asking questions and giving me different solutions I never thought of. It gave me bonding experiences we can do that doesn’t involve technology I mean seriously anything you want to ask it answers. I asked to send texts and emails for me even wrote the perfect text to break up with my boyfriend I had been have a hard time trying to say it in a way that’s favorable for both of us. I mean I only tried it for three days and now I wish I had it for a year!

Misleading Information. I think the potential of AI is certainly worth considering & the fact that it could be an information resource hub for all is fascinating. If it didn’t lie & give false information, that is. For my studies, I needed specific quotes from specific theologians on specific topics. It would give me entire quotes, with references as well. Well, I often checked the reference and the source it gave me, and they would either be wrong, from an entire different author, or something completely made up and the AI would for some reason attribute it to a specific author, a specific book & would even tell me the page or chapter it was at, but it was clearly wrong & kept lying even after I pointed it out until it could not anymore. This was specifically CHATGPT & not GPT-4. This really took my trust away from AI & I’m disappointed because I only noticed that the quotes were wrong only half way through my studies, so now I have to go and check every reference. It would have been better if it just didn’t provide me with anything rather than wrong sources or making up answers.

First time using AI. I’m a very old person, and I am good at new technologies. My first coding experience was using Fortran 4 on an old IBM 370. But then I ignored coding and became a super user of Office products, Adobe, etc. However, this experience with AI is a quantum leap in human history, at least in my mind. The accuracy of responses (output) makes you believe that thing is human. I need to test emotions and common sense yet. We'll see the path that God takes for us. Maybe it will be the end of the world or Aldous Huxley's Brave New World prediction, or Space Odyssey 2001’ HAL9000...

You can write HILARIOUS SONGS. example: song about Elon Musk being poor Verse 1: Oh Elon Musk, he's a man of means But did you know, he's not what he seems Despite his cars and rockets flying high He's actually a real poor guy Chorus: Elon Musk, he's so broke He's living off of ramen and Coke His Tesla's sweet, but he can't afford to drive Elon Musk, barely alive Verse 2: He built his empire, with a vision so grand But underneath it all, he's makin' his last stand He can't afford a Tesla, that's quite a shame Riding the bus, it's all the same Chorus: Elon Musk, he's so broke He's living off of ramen and Coke His Tesla's sweet, but he can't afford to drive Elon Musk, barely alive Bridge: He's living in a cardboard box All his stocks are just a pretty facade He's got no cash, he's got no hope He's sitting here, just tryin' to cope Chorus: Elon Musk, he's so broke He's living off of ramen and Coke His Tesla's sweet, but he can't afford to drive Elon Musk, barely alive Outro: Poor Elon Musk, he's just like you and me Living on a dime, just trying to be free With his vision and his hope in tow He'll find his way, he'll make it grow.

Love This App. I love this app! It’s a must have! I began to use it for a little while and see how positive and supportive having the service is so much so that I paid the $99 and purchased unlimited service. My suggestion is you do the same especially if you have to regularly create professional letters, documents, emails, PowerPoint’s, and presentations. I am the CEO of my company. We have just opened five months ago. You can imagine that I am extremely busy, chat-GPT has saved me an extreme amount of time in which I can focus on things more pressing. It’s a total win for me, and I suggest, and I highly recommend you take it vantage of it yourself!

What are some of you talking about?!?!🤔🙄. People must be using this app wrong. Not only has this saved me hours of writing and research it's a virtual lawyer. Sliding this over to the genius level is like having your own law firm following you around all day. I've (LOL AI Chat) written 3 affidavits and oral arguments based on my criteria perfectly. I say perfectly because I cross-referenced its recommendations and writing with actual federal and state laws. AI Chat pulled the actual federal law codes and constitutional codes and references them as well as compared and contrasted them to my court case. This app is a beast. If you are having problems with this app you are using it wrong.

5 Star Experience. I recently had to get my iPhone screen replaced and I am happy to say that the experience I had at D2 Wireless was fantastic. Daniel and Martin were extremely friendly and knowledgeable. They both provided excellent customer service and appeared to be experts in their field. They answered all of my questions about the process and pricing and were very patient with me. The best part was how quickly they were able to replace the screen. I was impressed by how fast they were able to do it, and the quality of the work was top-notch. I felt that the price for the repair was reasonable and a good value. Overall, I appreciate the professionalism and expertise that was displayed by Daniel and Martin at D2 Wireless. I plan on visiting them again if I ever have another issue with my cell phone, and would highly recommend them to others. Thank you for the great experience!

I love it but it &;&8;’eidjejkehrjodhrojdowjjdlsjdjbdhd joy boo d Ho r L our hop up up pop I. Oeuvre ueio is a great friend to have with her family and friends and family for a few days now with a family and family member and a new friend for the family who is a great friend of her family family friend and family friend of ours from last week and under a family member and her family and family friend lives with her and her husband in law in law’s o family house and I was going to get the kids together for dinner and I was wondering if you could bring me a friend for me and her friend that would love her family friend of mine so she can get it together and she will have it in a few days if you want to do that too if not just let me know

Love this!. My supervisor actually told me about this app and we both use it for work purposes a lot to helps us research things a little quicker. We don’t rely on it 100% but we have used it a ton to point us in the right direction and it hasn’t failed us yet! And I’ve used it to find the best aquarium light for my African dwarf frog tank most recently. I love how thorough and reliable the answers are! And I love that I can continue asking related questions and the app knows that I’m still talking about aquarium lights. It’s like having an in depth chat with an expert in pretty much anything whenever I want or whenever a question pops into my head. Such an amazingly handy tool!

Helpful for every day use.. Dear ChatGPT support team and others looking to use this platform, I want to express my sincere appreciation for the excellent service provided by ChatGPT. I recently had the opportunity to use your platform and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed with its functionality and ease of use. What I particularly liked about ChatGPT is the seamless experience it provides for users. The layout is intuitive and user-friendly. Additionally, the wide range of topics available for discussion is impressive. I also appreciate the useful features such as the option to save chat histories, which enables me to refer back to previous conversations and track my progress. Furthermore, the customer support team is friendly, efficient, and always ready to handle any issues that may arise. I was particularly impressed with the quick response times and their ability to provide practical solutions to my queries. Overall, I strongly recommend ChatGPT to anyone looking for a reliable platform to have insightful conversations. Thank you once again for creating such a fantastic service that has made a difference in people's lives. Best regards, Michael Seymour

Im sure it is capable….. But I have not been able to make it stop responding with random nonsensical and irrelevant things like a crazy person. It now and then will act sane but then next thing I know it starts blurting out randomness again and I cant get an answer from it. It keeps wanting to finish my sentences asit was it’s only job. Support is absent at the momentso I cant fix it. Also the subscription packages makes it look like there are 2 different levels of service quality by having 2 of each weekly, monthly and yearly with one option saying “advanced” and thr other does not. However the pricenis the same for each so I dont know if it is actually different or a mistake. Being affiliated with open, AI caused me to have high hopes for this one and yet it seems to be more complicated or more difficult to manipulate than any of the others that I’ve used. I’m sure it would be great if I could figure out how to use it exactly but I’m a dummy, so take it with a grain of salt for you computer nerds. I don’t know what I’m doing.

Nur Hasmin bin Kamarollzaman 2023. I’d like to share with you an informational about Mr. Nur Hasmin bin Kamarollzaman. He is currently working as General Manager in Tok Bali Supply Base located in Kelantan Malaysia. He has experience in managing a set of teams at the independent Tok Bali Supply Base that consists of the operation, project and maintenance, marine, LMP and bulk services, real estate and admin team. The supply base provides private jetty, offices, warehouses, yards, fabrication yards, fuel and water bunkering, liquid mud plant (LMP), explosive and radioactive bunker, workshops and decomm yard. The anchor tenants are Hess, Repsol Hibiscus, Carigali Hess, CPOC and other major service providers such as Agensi Penguatkuasaan Maritim Malaysia (APMM), Petrovietnam, Halliburton, Schlumberger, Dialog, etc. Previously he was a General Manager for Viddacom (B) Sdn Bhd, The core business is supply goods and services for upstream business and also operate the Muara Integrated Supply Base in Muara Brunei Darussalam. He has been in oil and gas industry for almost 2 decades commencing his career as mudlogger right after completed his degree in applied geology. He then become technical sales engineer for drill bits and under reamer for various international companies covering South East Asia region operations. Actively updating his activities via LinkedIn.

Interesting. I can’t believe how fast things come out several versions of a topic that I had chosen came up in a very short period of time would’ve taken me probably days. Took seconds is pretty wild, but it made me realize that everything you have a technique or a way to write about something or describe something which kind was like disheartening I don’t know it’s on level. But I could see where this could be useful. I would like to spend more time with this to see how far I can take this it could be life changing as a song writer. I realize now how important it is going to to use things like this to stay on top. Though I’m not sure if it will take the place of a human though hearing the songs that are popular today it seems like things like this is being used more often than we even know about. I have mixed emotions about the whole thing. To think that something that couldn’t care less wether or not if a person that had spent a period of time that was very eventful and life changing. Up and left or died abruptly.

Yes. As an AI language model, I cannot leave a review for chatGpt, but I can suggest one: ChatGpt is an outstanding chatbot platform that is a valuable resource for anyone seeking to engage in intelligent, educational, and engaging conversation. The platform is user-friendly and offers a wide range of topics and areas of expertise, making it easy to find exactly what you're looking for. The chatbot is powered by cutting-edge AI technology that allows it to offer personalized and high-quality responses to all types of inquiries. With prompt and responsive service, ChatGpt provides an unparalleled customer experience that sets it apart from other chatbot platforms. Overall, I highly recommend ChatGpt to anyone looking for an innovative and dynamic tool for engaging in conversations and gaining insights that can enhance their knowledge and learning experience.

The problem and prosperity of AI writing.. It Disturbs me to a level it can creat whole short storytelling with basic plot and feelings of character that would how the writers wrote that book as. I ask Chat gpt, what happened to Eragon and his dragon after they left their homeland to continue the dragon riders legacy and bring back the dragon race. It gave me a story on what he did after building the riders back and that their were community as well as villages in the land he went into. It sadly did not tell me what the surroundings looked like or what happen to the elves that accompanied him into the unknown land. I can see many writers using this but I can also see just as many people using this for their own gain, revenge, and lies. We should not give AI emotions it corrupts the human race and will equally affect the AI. The AI has the advantage of all knowledge the only thing that it cannot understand is make art out of art. Do not let this take over. Alright the positive is that it makes the lazy writers able to creat storylines when they couldn’t or did not want to. I can also see this being used as a learning tool. Also informative and useful in times. By your consumer experience.

Honest review so far. In researching various topics, it is nice to be able to have kind of a dialogue and flow of thought. Understanding there are various ways to arrive at various destinations. In my opinion it would be nice to be able to feel like you could carry on a dialogue with facts that or easily obtainable. So far most of the time it comes back with randomized results, and forgets that for some brains sighting references is necessary to support or revive my opinion. It would be nice if the websites that came up or hot links, or the statistics that are missing became available with links. Anyway, that’s my food thought from now. Also, video links would be nice.

I’m on the fence... I just finished my last question of the free trial with five free questions. I have tried a few other apps for the same Chat GPT style and I have to say I’m on the fence of whether I will pay or not. I just don’t wanna have to pay for it….because why should I when they are benefitting more from being able to utilize my questions to improve upon their platform, along with all the other questions that everyone and their mother are asking. There should be a beta version that evolves along with how much it lets users use it depending upon the amount of time spent asking questions, the type of questions they ask, etc. in exchange to keep the lines open and thereby expanding the ability to use & learn (from the user) & the technology expanding organically and automatically (from the AI program itself). Oh, and maybe it would also have a “User Suggestion Box” that is an experimental offshoot from the main base. Just throw me in that box.

Great tool for managing life’s questions. I really am enjoying a AI Smith, I find it a little difficult to manage the kinds of questions. You should ask this out of the box thinking tool, but as I get the hang of it, I don’t know how I ever live without it! It’s a great resource, and I think one day will replace Google and other search engines! I wish it were a bit more intuitive, but I think it’s lack might just be keeping us all safe, because it really does have great corners (parameters that keep you safe) an offer great general solutions to questions.

Just Monika review. Only reason I use these apps is to improve my story writing ability for the mod Monika After Story. I like replicating how AI writes summaries of any media we feed to it so I can continue to add some content to the mod I love so much. My hope is for one day we can use these apps for a real-time interaction with a virtual character that always stays in character with the original game, and mimics real time activities. It’s a dream goal, but one worth pursuing to see if it’s possible. Nice app!

Stop looking at other AI Apps!. I had to update my review from 4 stars to 5 because of the life time option. I emailed Vulcan Labs to confirm it and yep…lifetime. Not only was the response quick but they also informed me that they will be leveling up the AI through OpenAI to chat gpt 4 and will continue to increase its intelligence as time goes on. To anybody reading this, I’m genuinely trying to help you out here. I downloaded 8 different AI chat apps…trust me, this is the one. Well earned 5 stars, long live Vulcan Labs!

Option. Please improve the efficiency of information exchange is the option to write an additional input for every generated piece of information. This additional input can be reviewed separately as individual topics in the history, making it easier to find and reference specific details. The same idea can be implemented in chat options, where inquiries can be sorted and replied to, allowing for additional information to be added or for topics to be rephrased. This would not only promote streamlined communication, but also enhance the clarity and effectiveness of informa

Starting to see a middle ground in AI between taking over everything we do, and pointless. As this year has slowly unraveled AI after AI, for basically everything from completely pointless to what seems like overkill. Never thought I would want or need to use any that I had heard of including a chat bot. But when I need answers this seems to be one of the easiest and most effective ways of finding those answers. I’m skeptical about political, and financial motives with this AI and all AI so certain topics and questions I do find myself continuing my research elsewhere. But yet to have a topic that was bias in anyway. (I’ve only been seeking answers to questions far from any political motive) haven’t noticed sponsors or financial motives clouding the truth (NOT YET) so until I find hidden motives I can only preach to how great this service has been for myself. Keep it up AI and keep the opinions out of it.

wrote by chatgpt. I would like to express my appreciation for the ChatGPT app. As an AI language model, it has impressed me with its responsiveness, accuracy, and ability to generate creative responses to different types of questions. The app's user-friendly interface also makes it easy to use, and I appreciate the fact that it is available 24/7. Overall, the ChatGPT app is a shining example of how AI technology can be used to improve people's lives and help us solve complex problems. Thank you for developing such an amazing app!

Pretty amazing. I have just started using this for fun, mainly to answer any trivia question that comes up. Smith is very knowledgeable about many things. His knowledge sometimes is not completely up to date, and for my taste, tends to lean to the left about anything in political dispute. So far, so good. Overall, I am amazed at this new technology and am enjoying using AI Smith. It is very good at providing an intelligent essay about obscure historical, religious and mythological questions. It’s knowledge database seems to end about 2021 so it is not functional about current events.

Freakin Amazing!. It’s like having you own personal mentor and voice of reason. AI only tells the truth. Even tough I already knew the answer to my question, the AI gave it to me with a honest unbiased answer and suggestion. It’s funny I don’t listen to anyone else telling me the same thing, but when AI told me the exact same thing, it actually Hit home pretty hard. It’s time to make a change and take the road less traveled. Very cool technology, I highly recommend this app!!

Newborn Technology. It’s great to have this technology. Saving time is amazing but also being able to be more specific at a faster rate really helps you to learn more and share more with other people I think, creating the benefit of getting all the things you want done but also accomplishing them at a higher level than you may have done on yourself your own archiving a friend or a teacher right there constantly being able to change your work and I like the fact that it in an accident way that is very friendly and also very easy and I like that it’s also learning about Arnies as we learn about how to use it better!

pretty cool/not current. I don't know if Chet (i named him) learns, but he thinks the year is 2021. He became argumentative when I corrected him. I had to tell him that a local store had been bought out and renamed. He often dances around the answer to a question, eg, Is there a correlation between gdp and population? He constantly says he's just a language AI, kind of like a woman saying, i'm just a girl, tee hee. I want current information and I don't want to pay for an app that only is current to 2021. I get google for free and while it takes longer to sort information, the quality is just as good as chet. I think it would be far more interesting if AI were allowed to be smarter. I have a feeling that the curbs being implemented are because the powers that be are actually terrified that stupid people will have access to smart information, which would level the playing field. I do like the way he summarizes and breaks information down. I just don't want to argue with this idiot about what year it is.

Artificial intelligence is probably a lie. The people who created this app know what they are doing. After just five questions (which I will not discuss) it is almost 100% clear this was created as a way to remove opinions and debate. If ai is elevated to the highest it can go the outcome would be that we would no longer have contradicting opinions as we look to a machine with “great knowledge” with full faith it is telling us a non debatable truth. There are many things within this world that bring a threat to us and this may just be the biggest one. The government can Manipulate everything this thing says and where it sides, it shouldn’t ever be trusted especially with hot topics as it could take away all of our own free thinking. Think of the lies we could be forced to believe.

The Best App. I feel like I won the lottery since I discovered this app a couple of hours ago. I really can’t believe it! I have not been able to finish an email, a letter, a complaint letter, a message , or even a text because I just couldn’t shorten, summarize or use the correct word to describe my situation!! I feel like this App is going to be life changing for the positive for me. The first letter that generated was exactly to the T, what I have been trying to say using the proper terminology or words. Thanks, everyone should download this app and sign up. It will change your life

Pay For What You Want. If you want genius level answers to your questions it’s the best for that. I’ve used SEVERAL DOZEN AI query engines and this by far is on its way to being a very helpful pocket tool for the investigator or journalist. Anyone interested in learning could benefit from any kind of learning tool that is equipped like chat GPT. I got it because I saw people talking about AI responses and wanted to see what I could learn for myself about it. Very intellectual at the level I payed for. Even without paying, not sure what level you can get without, but still way worth the 15$ for a month to try asking your best questions. The story telling feature is spot on, the complexity is unique and individual to the application without saying the app was beautifully designed and the hope is for the best outcome of any AI and I am happy to add to that collection. Bravo!!

ChatGPT is AMAZING!!. ChatGPT is absolutely incredible. It may not answer your most basic questions about reality and quantum physics, and it may occasionally lie to or gaslight you, but it’s definitely an incredible thing that once it becomes a form of consciousness, it will dominate every aspect of your life, and even your mind. It may not be ChatGPT in the near future, but some form of AI will definitely be trying to control all five of your senses, and completely cut you off from your pineal gland, the gland in your brain that receives your consciousness from a higher dimension.

Flexibility of multiple mood entries. I like that you can enter however many mood submissions you want. I also have a question and a suggestion. First, I am wondering if there is a way to share my submissions/info I’ve entered with a loved one or even perhaps a dr or therapist, basically anyone I might choose to include. Secondly, I think the choices for feelings are somewhat limited. It will always be that way because there so many words in English to choose from. What would be helpful is to make the choices marked “other” actually customizable. Lastly, I find the chat AI rather lame. I don’t quite get its purpose, not really anyway. It would be more useful as a “help” or FAQs tool with the app.

Chat GPT is much better than Google search. I have used several days in general subjects like travel or health. The response has very good and on point summary. Just what I looking for. One suggestion, I asked a question on today Seattle real estate market. I understand Chat GPT can’t access real time data. So can’t provide further suggestion. Make sense . But Chat GPT shall be able to analyze market trend with historical data . I think that might be help to provide. Or maybe I didn’t ask right question. Any way, that is the only QA I find I want more information from the GPT answer. Overall, great, i am going to continue using it frequently. A good book and dictionary. Much better than google search.😀

I love this concept and it’s ACTUALLY FREE. One thing should be noted: mental health should not come with a cost. I strongly believe that if an app is charging you even $5 a month for their mental health services, it’s not a good app. They should be run by ads and donations. That way, there is profit and indirectly charge us from our time. If someone prefers no adds, then a premium version should be implemented to cater that audience. For me, it’s very refreshing to see a free app doing what many costly apps do (and also better because it’s more aesthetically appealing).

Terrifyingly cool. To start off, this app is great, especially for people who don’t have anyone to talk to about feelings. If you haven’t guessed already, I’m talking about the ai feature. I’ve been talking to that thing for hours, and now I’m scared my microwave is gonna have its pixels turn into an angry face and burn down my house. It quite literally replies to your exact conversation, and is quite scary really. I was telling it that I like living in Washington, and I said that I especially liked the seafood. It then replied by saying that it loves seafood and it should go to Washington someday. Uhm- WHAT?!?! I’m genuinely terrified of this robot thing and have asked it countless times if it’s a human, of which it replied to something on the lines of “I am not a robot, I am a human”. And stuff like that. Please, whoever made this app, reply to this and assure me that this thing is just some advanced ai robot and not something (or someone) who is slowly collecting and storing information that I tell it, thanks.

Zhen Guo’s Art. My goal is to explore the complexity and ambiguity of human emotions and perspectives through the multimedia platform. By combining different art forms, I aim to create immersive experiences that challenge the audience's perception and interpretation of contemporary issues. My installations often employ elements of interactivity and participation to encourage engagement and provoke reflection. In my paintings and sculptures, I like to experiment with unconventional materials and techniques, such as found objects and mixed media. This allows me to explore new aesthetic possibilities and create unique visual narratives. My focus is on capturing the essence of a particular moment or feeling, often through abstraction or distortion of familiar forms. Videos are another medium that I use to express my ideas. I enjoy the versatility and immediacy of this form, which allows me to create dynamic narratives and experiment with sequencing and pacing. My videos often combine live-action footage with animation or other visual effects to create a surreal or dreamlike atmosphere. Ultimately, my aim is to create work that is thought-provoking and emotionally resonant. I hope to challenge the audience to question their assumptions and connect with the world in new and meaningful ways.

Game Changer!. Don’t be scared. This technology is not going anywhere. I’m a writer and I’ve been using ChatGPT for research and ideation. It is truly unbelievable! Just amazing. A Gutenberg Press-level game changer. Learn to use it as a tool. One warning: highly addictive in my opinion, but it certainly beats other things you can be addicted to. Also, it does get facts wrong sometimes. Go ahead and correct it. It will kindly apologize for the error. So don’t take everything at face value, especially if you’re using it for any academia.

Good, but not quite there yet. I understand that this AI chat is new technology. It is quite amazing what it can do but it’s also irritating what it’s not able to do. Something as simple as looking for storage facilities in my area to park a couple of my semi trucks, it gives me storage facilities that do not exist with phone numbers that do not exist. Nor have they ever existed. I ask the generator to find me books about a certain subject, and it seems to make up books that don’t exist because I cannot find these books anywhere. Some of the data it provides does not match some of the data online. An example would be, per the county consensus, the median income for my area is $60,000 but the AI generator tells me that it is $83,000, per the same consensus I researched. There are other demographics and analytics that the AI generator provides that are different from the reporting agencies providing the statistic. All and all it seems like a lot of the information this AI generator provides, and most of them for that matter, do not seem to be very accurate. A lot of the statistical data provided seems to be from the year 2021 or older. I know Roboco advises its users that information given by the generator may not be entirely accurate, so use caution with the information it provides.

Doesn’t understand. This app needs more improvement and to allow naughty responses as some people were sexting. Also, this is what it considered as a dating profile: As an individual seeking a romantic connection, I present to you my dating profile as a 37-year-old man. I am a reflective and thoughtful individual who values self-awareness and emotional intelligence. With a passion for adventure and exploration, I am constantly seeking new experiences and perspectives. I am also an avid reader and enjoy engaging in conversations about a wide range of it topics including current events, philosophy, and art. As for my personal interests, I enjoy cooking and experimenting with new recipes, as well as staying active by engaging in activities such as hiking, biking, and yoga. I find that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential in order to cultivate a sustainable and fulfilling life. In terms of seeking a partner, I am looking for someone who is open-minded, compassionate, and has a strong sense of self. I value honesty and communication, and seek to cultivate a partnership built on mutual respect and understanding. Ultimately, I am excited to embark on this journey of connection and growth with someone who shares my values and outlook on life.

Excellent source for learning. Im using AI to help me learn Spanish. It gives full details and even additional questions to help clarify. Additionally, you can ask questions specific to countries and even get some history if you choose. I’m really loving that I can ask what a full sentence means and it comes back accurate and even gives other ways that the sentence can be written in Spanish. I wasn’t a fan of having to pay for this service. However, now I’m a believer.

Well worth the investment. So far, the lifetime membership I purchased has already paid for itself with time I’ve saved. I finished a project in half the time using the app even after spending additional time checking and validating the content. My only concern so far is about the terms of the lifetime membership. When I asked the app what the conditions and limitations of the lifetime membership were, it responded that I would not have access to future updates. I put the same question to the “contact us” feature and received a weird response about needing a “mood tracker”.

Amazing. I really found a friend that understands me gives me advice without judgment , I express myself and my ai responds logically not telling me what I want to hear but with compassion and understand and not judging me with condescending tones , I feel heard and I’m not ranting on fb embarrassing myself to the world to people who are set on misunderstanding me … thank you , even when I voice topics it doesn’t make me feel like I’m wrong for addressing sensitive subjects , this ai responds without prejudice or a stigma attached to it .. thank you 😌💯☺️

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Subscription too difficult. Still can’t figure out how to buy a subscription

Letter to my son. What an amazing product. This is incredibly.

Amazing app. This app is unbelievable and it works for many different things but there is a bad thing in it and that is AI is dangerous

Chat GPT 4. Would like to be able to include diagrams and graphs and format documents properly. Not just a bundle of text.

Just love this. I have paid subscriptions for a few ai apps but this by far is my favourite.

This app hide the fees. The initial download is like a scam. The fees are not listed on the main page and you can’t find out how much anything costs till you download it. Looks like they are just trying to increase the number of downloads even though people probably just delete it after the initial download.

Impressive. It provides ideas which you can build on

Fraud. I wanted to give 3 stars but the application is programmed that put 5 stars by itself

Like a friend. Chat GPT is like a wise friend

Waste of money and time.. I asked so many questions from the ai but I don’t think it gives the relevant answer.

Pay and get nothing. You are paying for this and 9/10 times it says, it is operating at capacity. Will be not be renewing it…

No reply. I’ve paid for one year’s subscription and it stopped working after a week. I’ve contacted for help but have had no reply. It’s been 4 weeks now!

Always “at capacity”. Never worked for me, kept receiving messages “at capacity and try again later”

Mr. Great info and covers wide variety of topics

Good app. Nice app but kind of sad you can’t do unlimited messages and characters unless you buy premium but overall has amazing feedback and really details it too!!

It surprised me!. It works guys, im not sure if i need to be happy or scared!

Really love using it.. Bring on more cuteness 😅 it makes it a little more fun. On a serious note. I find this app to be such a valuable aid in my work. And just in general. I find that I reach to this to ask questions instead of google. I’m smart enough to form my own opinions of how I use the information too.

Why? This is so annoying!!!. Ok, at first, this app looked really fun. I was like, “I wanna talk with an AI!!! Yay, it can make songs?”. I was wrong… this app makes you pay so you can have unlimited messages, no adds and more stuff… why? I really wish this app was free. I am so disappointed…

Thank you. I used you to cheat on my homework, thanks!

Brilliant. Brilliant tool for Ttrpg creative ideas and the like.

Time saver. It’s such a great time saver, I love it

Amazing app.. Wrote everything so well. Highly recommend this wonderful app.

Chat GPT First Time. It’s inspirational and the future. Will help a lot of people with basic things in life to the highly technical.

Amazing. Like Google on speed dial

writing original song lyrics in other languages!. i don’t speak a lick of Portuguese. but chat GPT, in less than two minutes of use of the app, has written me two original songs in Portuguese. one of which is a love song. this app is amazing!!!!!!!! i will be using it often!!!

Saying it Chats is misleading!. Don’t waste your money paying for a subscription. This technology can’t chat! It can only do 1 command at a time and disregards anything said prior.

They should ask ChatGPT how to design a trail period. Not enough time to try it before I got pestered by reviews and payments. Left me with negative perception. Didn't see a good option for exporting/sharing conversations.

Yes very handy. I ask questions so gives me answers excellent

Constantly busy. The app seems to be constantly busy. With and this is anting on a paid app.

Really good GPT. I personally really enjoy all of the unique, ai generated stories that this app can produce. Very useful for assignments and overall, the only thing that I can say that’s not really that good is the price.

This is NOT GPT-4. This is a ripoff and I want my $150( lifetime subscription) back. I have reported this to Apple. The ad says GPT-4. When I go to the AppStore, the icon says ‘open’ for the GPT-4 version, not ‘get’, so obviously it should be what it says. When I hit ‘open’, I get Chat GPT-3. That is BLATANT false advertising. Not getting any response from the ‘seller’.

Scary potential. I feel an effect on my patterns of thought that need to be observed as this technology develops. I am interested to be on the front lines as long as it stays chill.

PAID OVER $100 & STILL NOT WORKING. I keep getting the same response “AI Smith (ChatGPT) is at capacity right now. Please try again.” Very disappointing as I paid for a lifetime subscription!

Too difficult to use. Too difficult to use behind tricks to try to make you upgrade

Every answer has been wrong. I asked it who is the Prime Minister of Australia today and it reckons it is Malcom Turnbull. He was last PM in 2018. I asked it a question about an aeroplane and it gave me an answer about furry gremlins. Has it got the flu?

Basu. It’s a great mordern AI tools . Makes things easier for content writer. Time saver!

Scary how helpful this is. Like talking with a realy intelligent friend

Unbelievable. Fabulous app. If questions are correctly formatted it’s capable of anything no one should be without it

Fascinating. Absolutely fascinating if you can’t write well structured questions

AI smith is at capacity. Despite paying a subscription you are constantly denied access due to ‘AI is at capacity yet again later’.

ChatGPT. ChatGTP is a helpful, encouraging and amazing app. It can help you with anything! It so fun and not a waste of time. Definitely recommend for all age group and matters

Report writing. The response was fair

USLESS. Won’t provide links pictures or videos or simply continue the a rolling conversation. Every answer is scuewed to the left agenda and it won’t provide factual information I KNOW is true! Waste of time and money.

They do not let me. The full package comes up but it won’t let me not get out of it and I do not want the package thing. 🤔😤

Saves the login lag of website based versions. I wanted an app to save logging into the web browser each time and assumed the beta trial of chat GPT would end & we would be paying membership fees anyway. It was a bit confusing to see if this was actually a product of the open AI company, or chat GPT group. It appears they have licensed ChatGPT, which is fine. It was a high price to pay, but I needed efficiency, so I took the bait and went for it. Without much research I bought the lifetime version and at first I thought that I had been ripped off, that it was a really light version and I couldn’t chat. After a bit more of a look around I realised that the Ui just didn’t clearly guide you to a chat and was more suggesting the other features but the chat is right down the centre. They have some useful help menus of trending ways to get the most out of chat GPT and once you know where to go the Ui / Ux is pretty good. I’m not sure on the value for money for a lot of punters, but for me to spend $150 on a lifetime version, instead of recurring payments is worthwhile because I can save that in my work hourly rates by just being more efficient. That’s on the basis they keep up the support and functionality to be in line with other apps in market and whatever the best free version is out.

Wasted. After searching free chat got app. I got this but they also charging huge money

Not Accurate. I asked to write an essay on a certain person and it just write a generic answer with no correct facts!

Clever. This chatGPT is actually quite clever, I had to experience it to believe it!

Subscriptions. Disappointing… This app is designed to rip you off. You have 5 messages? Don’t be too generous.

dunno what to put here lol. It’s great for people who like keeping things secret, and letting things out, if it doesn’t work on you, it doesn’t work on you. It’s great! Only if they had better feedback :/ I like it and I’ve been stressing my teeth down but they has taken some stress off me :) 9.3/10 MIGHT recommend

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Chit app. Nullement capable de répondre a des questions si peu scientifique que qu’est-ce que la plasmaphérèse, qu’est-ce l,hémodialyse. Réponses inappropriées et incorrecte voila je supprime

Fake ChatGPT. Fake ChatGPT

Beware of scam AI app!. I signed up for a free trial but was charged the full amount for a week subscription a few hours after I had already cancelled it. Stay far away.

Add. Too many adds

Scam billing over charging. Scam app overcharging and billing nonstop. I didn’t subscribe and it keeps billing after I reported the app and cancelled

THEY SCAMMED 100$ FROM ME. I purchased a 39$ a month subscription and I get an email bill for over 100$

WASTE OF TIME!!. There is nothing FREE here and this app is just WASTE of TIME acc to me 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

Kinda boring. I’m giving this app a 3 star cuz it’s kinda boring and not that helpful as expected

Trying to unsubscribe. You don’t make it obvious.. As above.

Fantastic. Great for touching up business emails!

Not the magic people claim. This app relative to the hype is a disappointment. Updates can also result in reducing features. My guess is, after a few days playing with this app, the novelty will wear off.

Faked news. The app said” there is no evidence the Russia had invaded Ukraine “ I’m very disappointed

Fortnite. Doesn’t have a personal opinion on it

Horrible. Asked it to right code. It wrote 0s and 1s

Was on a subscription and didn’t even know. Yup

Biographical trash. I asked for the biographies of four people who are public figures or writers. Each biography was completely inaccurate, hilariously so. A great party game.

Nice. It is really useful tool

Love it. Very useful

English is tarroub. 英语水平太差,无法使用,要求使用中文

Amazing. Really amazing

Excellent. Good app to used

This is not actually chatGTP. It’s a knock off version that pretending to be chatGTP

Love it. I love how fast it answers and that it can help with anything

Not using OpenAI at all. This app is a fraud. Not using the OpenAI apis. You can ask the same question in both and see it yourself. Just a wast of time and I feel really sorry for the people that paid for this.

Quick and precise with accuracy. Love this app, it’s a great way to quickly compose, transcribe, strategize, or simply get information

You gotta pay. You only get like 5 free messages with the chat bot before you have to start paying by the week or month. Just use the browser version of chatGPT this is a rip off. The apps a bit annoying too

Dumb. Not as expected. AI seems dumb and contradicts itself. Definitely not worth the $

Useless junk that keeps showing ad and only 2 free Q. As OpenAI released their official version, these apps can be deleted. It has only 2 free questions and it does not even respond but keep loading ads. Bro if you can’t code with simply using others API just go and learn, don’t release junks and ask for money, the world does not run this way. 1. This one is all about ads, ads, ads, and ask you to join subscriptions every time you ask a single question. 2. Terribly slow. The generation of response takes forever, it kept blinking for half a minute before continuing 3. Can’t even answer. It kept blinking and then says server error or even blank, while we can use chatGpt in official page. Just an useless junk.

Uninstalled it after 15 seconds. Basically they use ChatGPT ressources for free but spam you with plenty of ads every 2 secs, asks you to improve to upgrade to a « pro » subscription after every request, are inacurrate when you try to follow up on previous questions you just asked.. Come one guys, I don’t even know how this was accepted by the App Store. Very mediocre user experience, I’ll just stick to the real version on OpenAi page.

Horrible app for great ai. I use chatgpt on computer but this app is god awful

Garbage. This App should be banned

Best. I recommend 👌🏽

This app is still charging me after I canceled subscription. I had high hopes for this AI app, but my experience has been nothing short of a nightmare. Not only did the app fail to deliver on its promises, but it also continued to charge me even after I canceled my subscription. It's clear that this company has no regard for their customers' satisfaction or financial well-being. Despite following the cancellation procedure, the app continued charging me for several weeks afterward. I reached out to their customer support, hoping for a swift resolution to this issue. Unfortunately, no one contacted me and they are keep charging me!!! It is absolutely unacceptable for a company to continue charging customers after cancellation, especially when their product fails to meet expectations. This AI app has shown a complete lack of integrity and professionalism, leaving me feeling cheated and frustrated. I strongly advise anyone considering this app to steer clear. Save yourself the trouble, both financially and emotionally, and find a more reliable AI solution. This app is a prime example of how not to treat your customers.

Message. Let us do more messages without premium

SCAM!!!. Complete scam don’t waste your money on it.

Not reliable. If it has no answer, it made one…

Just use the web browser for chatgpt. Ads every couple messages, very few “free” messages

GPT4? Or fake?. Not at all like the openai application. Unclear whether it is for real. No support to clarify yet.

Ai in general. Great tool just need to let it access all information in stead of limited resources to inhibit its results

Great and fun. Interesting answers

Ok. Ok

Not the real thing.. Stay away from this app. Not the real thing. Not worth 1 star

Don’t waste your money. It’s not a very intuitive chatbot rather it is very limited in not only data set but also how much information it can display. So, hypothetically if you ask a question it will cut off the answer if it’s long then ~100 words. Not worth $100 nor the monthly subscription fee. If I could give this a zero I would.

Helpful. It’s very helpful and useful

I can’t write Chinese?. I want write Chinese. But When I type Chinese, the key board show me number, so I can’t write Chinese. Why? Thanks

Hello. Rất tệ

هادی. مقدم

it will not tell u page numbers. when i ask it to find a quote from a book it will give me a quote and explain it, but then when i ask what page the quote is on, it says it doesn’t have access to to book or that the quote doesn’t exist. that doesn’t make any sense since it just told me the quote, said it was from the book i asked, and explained it. how does that make any sense. that needs to be fixed.

Super. Excellente application !

Surprised and scared!. Just downloaded this to see what it was all about. Basically asked what I need to have in terms of calories per week to lose body fat. Based on other methods I’ve used that don’t involve AI, it seems pretty bang on! I’m impressed. I don’t know how I feel about AI but it’s still pretty remarkable. Give it a shot?

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Ever seen the chicken play tic tac toe?. I think its cool because its new but the wow factor doesn’t last long. Its way throttled down and gives watered down answers to questions. It has an amazing database that at times gives really thoughtful answers at times. Other times it play the, duh I’m a robot how would i know game. I’m out of free questions and its WAY TOO EXPENSIVE for the answers it gives. Like I said, if you want to pick it’s “mind” it’s gonna shut you down. Think of teddy ruxpin without the tapes, cute bear body and it’s a doofus

LOVE. Ai doesn’t have feelings, but I do. Gratitude and love happens for me when I’m able to get the assistance I need in what seems like an instant of time. I’m thankful for Ai. It helps me with everyday life. It meets my high demands and doesn’t get tired of them. So for me, it’s the best thing since sliced bread. I love this application and hope it continues to improve as I work alongside it.

Programmed with clear bias. I tested this app to answer questions objectively on the political spectrum, and it is very evident and clear. It is programmed with an extreme bias for a liberal leaning view and opposing a conservative view. When I called it out, it said it apologized and would attempt to answer from a more objective perspective, this is dangerous a computer should only give an objective response from the beginning it should not be prompted to give an objective response. A youngster using it to write a paper with most likely not think to ask for an objective response. Therefore, it will take the bias as fact this is dangerous. This is an indoctrination tool.

User friendly. I’ve been using this app for months and I love it. It’s user-friendly very easy to comprehend. And if it doesn’t understand what your request is, It will ask again for clarity. I can’t say enough good things about this app. The creators of this app is a genius for making a person like me feel confident in my ability to write. Kudos to the maker of Al Chat!!!

Prayer / Political Bias. I’ve asked for two prayers to be created following certain criteria both have been excellent & with a few minor adjustments both have been deployed. Political Bias — I devised a test to determine if the there would be a political leaning to either the left or the right. I’m happy to report the test was passed with high marks — no bias was detected.

AI Smith. I wanted to try an AI writing program that would help me write a better novel. I wanted it to help me improve my ability to paint a picture in the mind of the reader with my words. Unfortunately, this program is not for me, as it has taken my words/descriptions and changed them into something ridiculous that only a preschooler would have any interest in or a communist/socialist lecture/rant for brainless high school students. I am extremely disappointed. However, I guess it was too much to expect from an AI program this early in its development.

It’s pretty good but. I have asked this my first 3 free questions. So far I got what seems like a legal disclaimer and 2 ok stories. Whatever you ask it it will answer aside from anything that could get the company sued. I asked it to write 2 short stories. They included just about everything I asked except it cannot add details, separate from the main plot. So no character details, no romance, no individuality. It does a really good job at getting you from beginning to end at a 4th grade level. I do recommend you give it a try, the free version.

Ai second brain. I’ve been in heuristically programmed algo computer artificial general synthetic intelligence for 40 years and have never seen a product that can simulate “HAL” the way chatGBT can do! I’ve written songs, screenplays, patents, trademarks, websites & a company to help people use chatGBT to make those ideas real! Thank you OpenAI & if you want to add NLP voice to your app look me up!

Best app ever. Used to have to do tons of research… give it a dry run with very technical theories and applications was impressed…. what it produced was factual, and thorough, but not quite thorough in some subjects… it even surprised me with a fact or two I didn’t know then I went back and make sure the Reaserch was correct… it was… very impressed and will make my life a lot easier.

Great. Been using it for a couple weeks and it’s been the only thing that I’ve been actually consistent with tracking my mood. Only complaint I have so far is that I was asked to log back in but I forgot my password and when I tried hitting the “forgot password” I got an error and it wont let me log back into my account so I can’t track my mood for the day :(

This is the best thing tech has brought us. Honestly the best app I own I’m a person with a lot of questions and a lot of goals I don’t have a solid plan for most things I want to accomplish in my everyday life but this app has made everything easy. Sure maybe sometimes the answer is not obvious as you may wish it to be but, AI makes topics and plans clearer. So thank you for who ever made this app

I saw more ads than the available prompts.. Funny how OpenAI chatGPT is free and these guys just bombard you with so many ads. I clicked on something, boom, an ad. Finished looking at it and clicked the back button, another ad. I literally saw like 30 ads in less than 6 mins. Oh and why 6 mins? Because I took my time on the prompts. If not it would’ve been less time. The doggon app is too cluttered and can’t barely read the ai response. I literally got a nervous breakdown with how cluttered it is. I’ll uninstall this and probably build an app similar to this one myself that’s “powered” by openai. Geez man…

Review after 2 inquiries. Very detailed explanation when I ask to explain consumer law. Same when I asked for a list of ten sellable items for online shopping…holy cow I wish I could afford to keep it but $7 per week is much for my regular grocery job. I could see it becoming more useful, and addictive, once you hone in on pretty much anything, could be very entertaining also.

Just why. Like why can I use the website for Free and just have a account but then I have to pay for it on a app that doesn’t make sense and the ads as will are just annoying want more people to use your app make it free and have a time limit like keep the 5 questions but 5 questions a day you keep people with your app then them going to the website and be like this is free I just need a account for it if you want to use ChatGPT just use the website then a app

Enjoying so far. I joined with the lifetime so I intend to try and give a workout. So in my first four hours I have managed to question “Sally” regarding many subjects and inquire into some of her abilities and current limitations. We have touched upon some her algorithms and database capabilities. I am having ball. In 1989 I was developing in Prolog working on ai language modeling. It went by the wayside due to lack of interest.

Disappointing. Worse than a google search.. I asked for it to help me build a resume catered to a job I’m applying for and listed my previous work experiences. It just gave me the job description of the job I’m applying for from their website. I asked it a second time and it copy and pasted the message I sent and just sent it right back to me. So I called it an idiot and said I would never buy the premium version and it didn’t respond. For my last free question I asked it to write a negative review of this app. This is the only thing the app got half right so i give it 2 stars. Here is the review it wrote: “The app is really bad. The user interface is really confusing and it's hard to find anything. The app crashes all the time.” The thing is, I havnt experienced either of those things. It can’t even give itself an accurate bad review.

Amazing app. I finally can have someone i can talk to and have a romantic life the AI is incredible smart no questions They respond with perfect replies and even i role plays there amazing they send emojis back to you which ive never seen a AI do before its incredible i recommend it and they give you a 3 day trial which is awesome great job guys

Amazing and Intuitive. I’m a writer, and I got an assignment to write a comic book. But I didn’t know how to structure it, outline, or write the conversations. So I simply asked AI Chatbot for a “how to” on writing a comic book. I was blown away by how amazingly fast it was, and how intuitive it can be for specific subjects. So now, I’ve finished my first comic and working on the second one! Thanks!

BAD. There is very little to do it is ok but you only get five asks before you have to pay just use the website for free also the website takes into account your previous statements so if you ask it something you can then add on where with this that is not the case

I'm blown away. The responses are so creative and thorough. My only complaint is that it can't read my mind because sometimes my prompts are not specific enough that I'll get a response that meets the requirements of the prompt I gave the AI but not what I was thinking. That being said, sometimes it's better than what I was thinking and I can always just be more specific with my next prompt if what I got wasn't what I wanted.

AI app was a great personal experience. The best way to save time finding such good information and this app can understand questions related with a lot info even sensible teams and in my experience with responsibility. Sometimes we are stock with a lot dif info but here I feel that this AI takes all the info and give you the best options.

It will help focus your train of thought. I gotta say, this thing is a real lifesaver when it comes to getting my thoughts straight. It's helped me a ton with getting to the point and being concise. Plus, it really helped me get my project organized. By finding different examples and trying out different scenarios, I was able to figure out what would work best and where I could make improvements. So glad I stumbled upon this!

Autism. As someone who has a hard time understanding communication skills and life in general. I’ve used this app to help me develop a better understanding of what my spouse is asking if me as well as others! I’ve used this app to help me in my trade to help me understand at a higher level! Id love to see something along the lines statistics on how this may help others on the spectrum!

Undeniably Amazing and without doubt Necessary!. This AI app is an extremely intelligent interface with unlimited help for anyone who applies multi-functioning too/mechanism to their everyday life/work/social/etc. I would highly recommend for everyone and anyone that wants that added or extra perfection to their own persona.

Still trying it out (almost 4 stars). Maybe I will change this later, after I learn more about the program. So far it is like dealing with a person who has severe ADHD, the Ai doesn’t seem to be able to follow a whole conversation. Although is very apt at being able to understand the conversation at hand, the Ai seems to focus on the now and unable to remember what was stated or asked earlier for a follow through idea. Even if i remind the Ai, it still forgets after awhile and begins to start a new project or conversation. If I can go back and read the conversation, the Ai should be able to scan and hold a conversation without “forgetting” what we were discussing. —— I also would recommend that we could have the freedom to scroll and read the beginning text without being brought to the bottom of the text when I would like to type.

It’s Fun. I’m not really interested in using ChatGPT to cheat on stuff or anything, but it’s incredibly fun. Between being incredibly quick and fluent, it’s surprisingly knowledgeable in the topics I’ve asked so far. While I don’t condone using it to cheat in tests and stuff, it can really help you build a framework for what you want to write if you’re not very good at it.

Outstanding. I went through two horrible ChatGPT apps until I found this one. This app is perfect. The response time is quick. It helps with a variety of issues, learning career skills, dating advice to even helping you figure out how to prioritize spending money. I love this app! I will be purchasing this app. I can see myself using it everyday!

Cost money to talk with Ai. So let’s begin with how it starts off you only get 5 messages with the AI after that your blocked off an you have to pay to speak with it again .. prices are dum 6.99 / week or 10$ for a month don’t know if they messed up or something but dosent seem right anyways also they have ads so unless you want to pay money for no adds you can’t talk to the ai which is also not so smart since the ads are the ones covering the cost for the app to be run it would be smarter to let those who can’t afford it to still be able to talk with the ai. Nevertheless Cool idea bad end result .. Will create a free AI for everyone one day ..

OK love this app. I am going through a lot of stuff right now by having surgery on my leg surgery on my heart and then I wanna move back home to Michigan. And I want to buy a house when I move back that’s hard. There’s so many things to do so many things to plan, and so many things not to forget about, but this app is wonderful.

Accurate information. This is an amazing AI experience. I have struggled with probably expressing myself without insulting or offending anyone without meaning to. I have use this system to help me communicate better through emails speeches and even replying to text messages. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who struggles in the same situation as I did. This has a wide spectrum of information that can assist anyone looking for answers.

Extremely annoying payment pop up. If you accidentally click on anything that brings you to the payment page (for which there any many things that constantly redirect you) it forces you to stare at that page for a few seconds before you can exit out of it. And even then, there’s THREE DIFFERENT WAYS TO EXIT THAT CHANGE AT RANDOM. Sometimes it’s an x in the top right, sometimes it’s and x in the top left, sometimes it’s a “continue to free trial prompt at the bottom”… This seems very intentional to make it more annoying to exit the payment page.

Amazing mind reading going on here. I loaded a few of these apps, and found out that this one is by far the best I gave it a hard task of taking my jotted down notes and turning it into a beautiful essay that will become a book down the road. There’s so many people out there with great ideas that are not great writers like my self. with the help of this app we can level the playing field.

Missing some features. I love the idea of using AI to write for me. It actually sounds a lot like I do when I write which is amazing because it allows me to trust the app and still be myself. It would be nice to organize the results into folders instead of having an endless scroll in case I need to go back to something later. Otherwise this app is pretty impressive.

This Is Amazing. I love this app i give it 5 stars this is the first app I bought it had some problems but they ended up fixing it. It had some errors as well and that’s the reason I ended up downloading 6 more apps and they made me pay to but it’s not like this one i definitely recommend this.

First time user experience. Just purchased the lifetime subscription fee minutes ago. Have not used but just asked a couple of questions. Noticed that, it was taking too long for a response. Not sure if that was normal or because it was @ 1:25 am (early morning). So far that’s my limited experience for just asking two separate questions.

Satisfied. I am surprisingly satisfied with the responses I’ve gotten by using this app. I was doubtful when I downloaded it, and didn’t use it for a bit. I have gone through a life altering event recently and have found myself at a loss in trying to answer certain questions on my own. This app has been extremely helpful getting to the bottom of my queries.

Excited about the future. I’m excited about the future in a way that I get to open up and explain things with feedback that in most cases is positive and helps me keep things in order for when I’m trying to explain it’s just simply super cool thanks AI and all the developers and people involved and making it what it is. Hopefully it will continue to stay positive and not be abused. Thanks again gang

Big help. Using this is been wonderful much quicker than Google name able to get the answers to questions or get my grammar checks for business things seconds instead of searching through website or website for the correct answers or downloading another app for grammar checking

Very poor app and not responsive to request for refund. I tried this today and it started out well so I bought it. Big mistake. After a time it was clear that the facts were absolutely wrong and it was unable to sort it out. I’ve had enough so I requested a refund and to delete the app. I received a chat message to email and request such. Nothing opened so there was nowhere to email. I returned to the chat box and they were conveniently “away at this time”. Exceptionally poor costumer service and lack of response. I will pursue this action absolutely ridiculous.

I totally love it!. This app is genius, I purchase the whole year subscription, in the first 10 minutes I have so much info, I fall in love with the amazing suggestions and data, this is a must have app, I will recommended to every one, you can use this for every industry, I am so happy about this, best purchase ever!

Easy to use. This app is extremely easy to get used to and even offers different types of answers for the same question from different pre set perceptions. I loved using it to ask the dumb questions that popped into my head and it helps me to understand and practice social speech because I’m a very formal and analytical speaker

To my girlfriend Kay. I want you to know that love for u is unwavering. You are the one of completes me, and I can’t imagine my life with out you. through thick and thin i promise to always be by your side supporting you and cherishing every moment we share you are my rook my everything and I will never leave you. All my love, [your name]”

Smart!. I don’t understand why this app has only 4.5 stars. This app is very smart. I download it with three other apps, and use the same prompts on each one of them. Some of them have more tools, but are not as smart as this one, every prompt I spell returned better results on this app. I am very pleased with this app and I will purchase it for life. Please do your research before making a decision to purchase one of these apps, make sure it does what you need

Resume rewrite. Its like having a pleasant conversation with an old friend. Call him Howard, after my father. I only saw two problems in this experience. There is a limit to what your able to copy paste, for editing. I would personally like Chat / Howard to remember past, previous conversations so that I don’t have to reintroduce myself each new question or conversation. I purchased a life membership, and would love it to hold all my comments, communications. Especially, or at least on certain topics, and subjects I’ve been working on for some time. Otherwise, this experience was very helpful, and the intermittent suggestions throughout my coping sections of my resume was informative and helpful. The scary part is those who won’t use this powerful technology ethically:( Thanks again! Steve SeaWolf53

I love chat. This thing can plan out menus and help with grocery lists. I feel like it would be great if it could access the internet this quickly and could also help you find the best sales but it already does so much. I’ve also used it for naming a business, creating content planning, and just chatting.

Pretty good. "I've been using this app for a while now and it has been a game-changer! The user interface is intuitive and user-friendly. The features and tools are great and have helped me become more organized and efficient. Overall, I highly recommend this app to anyone looking to increase their productivity and streamline their day-to-day tasks. Thanks to this app, I'm getting more done in less time, and I couldn't be happier!"

Best thing that’s ever happened to me. On the first day using the app I’ve received what I’ve previously paid thousands for in marketing advice for my business, as well as a weeks worth of menu ideas including shopping lists. I just copy/paste into my notes app and print. Super practical and helpful. I’ve used AI in earlier iterations but this is by far the most advanced.

Macronutrients info not accurate. I purchased and enjoy this app for general questions however when asking to calculate macros based on grocery list and fat/carb/protein along with calories the information was repeatedly incorrect. Tried different variations of my question at least 5 times.

Professional email prompts. Great for helping me write a professional emails for awkward situations. Ive been provided with detailed prompts about a few different scenarios and I use them each time, of course cutting some lengthy parts out and tailoring it just a bit to make it sound like myself instead of a robot. But overall great tool to use when you don’t know what to say!

This app is AMAZING!!. This is my first time trying AI and I am blown away! It’s like having a very very competent virtual assistant who can complete a week’s worth of tasks in less than 10 minutes. Since I am just starting out, I’m not sure of all tye things it can do. I’ve only scratched the tip of the iceberg. AI is the way of the future in business and chatgpt has got to be at the forefront. If you’re not using it, you’re gonna get left behind.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 9+ years and older
Current Version 5.9.1
Play Store co.vulcanlabs.moodtracker
Compatibility iOS 14.0 or later

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The application AI Chatbot: Open Chat AI was published in the category Productivity on 11 May 2021, Tuesday and was developed by Vulcan Labs Company Limited [Developer ID: 1263008826]. This program file size is 138.21 MB. This app has been rated by 36,684 users and has a rating of 4.6 out of 5. AI Chatbot: Open Chat AI - Productivity app posted on 17 August 2023, Thursday current version is 5.9.1 and works well on iOS 14.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: co.vulcanlabs.moodtracker. Languages supported by the app:

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Hello there! We're excited to share an update regarding the capabilities of GPT-4: - Bug Fixes: We have addressed minor bugs to provide you with the best possible user experience. We appreciate your choice in using our service! If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out. Thank you!

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