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What is football manager 2022 mobile app? Football Manager 2022 Mobile is the latest in the global smash series; with more than 8.8 million sales to date, Football Manager Mobile is the #1 mobile football management game on the market.

Featuring more than 60 leagues from 25 nations across the globe, FM22 Mobile gives you the ability to take charge of the world’s biggest football clubs – or one of the smallest, if you’d prefer.

After choosing your team, the first job is to decide on a style of play that’ll get your players producing their best. The game’s in-built tactical templates, based on the most influential and popular approaches from around the world, offer a great reference point, but there’s the flexibility to create something that’s entirely unique too.

If there are gaps in your squad, head to the transfer market. Global superstars and the next generation of wonderkids are literally in your pocket – use new scouting tools to recruit them and effortlessly blend them into a squad capable of delivering trophies.

Once you’re happy with the team and tactics you’ve created, it’s time to turn your attention to Matchday. Watch your vision come to life in our classic 2D Match Engine, seeing every game’s biggest moments and talking points.

Compact, without compromising on detail, FM22 Mobile provides an instant management fix for managers in a hurry to reach the top of the game. FM22 Mobile stands clear at the top of the mobile gaming football league and this year’s headline additions take it to new levels.


Unleash new potential and load up to five nations in every career. You can also now play African continental competitions for the first time with the addition of the South African league.

Power your wonderkid recruitment with the overhauled scouting tools. Spell out the exact qualities you want in a player and put your backroom team to work in finding the next generation of global stars.

Dictate deals on your terms and dominate our most realistic and competitive transfer market yet. The ability to respond to multiple offers for your players allows you to steer your recruitment like never before.

Each season’s pivotal moments take on greater importance with the addition of brand-new media narratives. Whether you’ve made a strong start or are battling an injury crisis, journalists will know and challenge you accordingly. Can you navigate the media circus?

Bring personality to your wonderkids and academy products with the inclusion of AI headshots for newly generated players for the first time in the series’ history.

A whole host of further improvements and refinements help to make this the most immersive version of FM Mobile yet. Experienced players will notice a new home dashboard, revamped player search functionality and much more besides.

© Sports Interactive Limited 2021. Published by SEGA Publishing Europe Limited. Developed by Sports Interactive Limited. SEGA and the SEGA logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of SEGA Corporation or its affiliates. SEGA is registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Football Manager, the Football Manager logo, Sports Interactive and the Sports Interactive logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Sports Interactive Limited. All rights reserved. All other company names, brand names and logos are property of their respective owners.

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Find this site the customer service details of Football Manager 2022 Mobile. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

Football Manager 2022 Mobile Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Football Manager 2022 Mobile Version 13.3.212 April 2022

Crash fix Minor data changes.

Football Manager 2022 Mobile Version 13.2.024 February 2022

January data update Fixed various crashes Various translation updates Fixed issue where sell-on fees would sometimes wrongly be removed Fixed various transfer issues Fixed various media items Added toned down skin Many other fixes and improvements - see for full details.

Football Manager 2022 Mobile Version 13.1.120 December 2021

13.1.1 Fixed some rare crashes Fixed processing slowdown after 13.1.0 update Fixed issue where AI players might sometimes get zero wage contracts.

Football Manager 2022 Mobile Comments & Reviews 2022

- Best Sports Game Period.

This is the best sports game in the App Store, so in depth and so much to do that once you get the hang of it you’ll be hooked for hours. Every year they add a new league & features and it just keeps getting better & better. Literally the only thing I would change is if they can update some of the MLS logos like the Chicago Fire & New England Revs to the new ones. Other than that…Bravo on another amazing year & game.

- Could be a great, but it’s let down by ridiculously high player value

This game could be great but what let’s it down is the ridiculously high value prices put on lower league players. This is obviously to try and tempt you to buy the rich investors in app purchases which feels like the app developers are robbing you after paying $9.99 to also buy the rich investors app It’s pathetic how you have non league players valued at 500k-900k and then the clubs ask for access of 1M when you bid on them. In real life these players would probably be sold for somewhere around 50k to 100k. It also frustrating when you bid on a player at a championship club who is surplus to requirements and valued around 200k to 400k and the club demands somewhere between 1.2M to 2M also with a sale on clause. If FM could fix this I would have gave a higher rating I do however like how you can now arrange your own friendlies and pre-seasons, couple of suggestions for improvement. During preseason it would be a good addition if you could arrange training camps, for pre-season friendlies, Be better if you could pick 11 subs. Also before a reserve game if would be good if there was a reminder of the upcoming reserve fixture and an option to select and send all fringe first team players to be included and play in the game and need to get match practice as opposed having to check when the fixtures are

- FM is always a title I look forward too on release

Every year, I look into when FM mobile is coming out for iOS and typically extremely excited for it to come out. This year there are a few new features to make it seem somewhat fresh compared to lasts year’s edition. I think that its a fun, time consuming game, but there are ways to improve it such as adding keyboard/mouse support to the game. Mobile chips are much more powerful than we give them credit for and I would like to see FM head in that direction. We can already stream the Xbox edition to mobile devices, so lets just start making the transition to the future soon. This isn’t a bad game, it just feels like it’s missing the innovative touch.

- I want to love this game

First off, the UI is terrible. Buttons are tiny and you have to click through like 6 different tabs to find what you’re looking for. Secondly, the scores seem like they’re random number generators more than anything based on form. I’m on my 3rd attempt now and every match is an L after L DESPITE that I’m dominating possession, shots on target and match rating. Once your form drops it never recovers and the game gives you no options or suggestions to remedy it (at least not on mobile). If there is a solution it’s buried so deep in the menus that I can’t find it. The concept of this game is incredible but it’s way too difficult and clearly not made for mobile.

- Want to like it but can’t get stuck in to a save.

Something about the engine for mobile this year that just kills every save I start to get invested in. Whether it’s 4-5 starters dropping to injuries within the same week or teams hitting 3 screamers within the first few minutes there are so many stretches where nothing in the game feels realistic. The positional choices feel so limited compared to the full game. I do appreciate what additions were made over the prior year but I can’t seem to stay in seasons as I did in previous versions.

- Unable To Download

I was really looking forward to playing Football Manager 2022 nobile after I had a blast playing last year’s version. However, after I purchased the game in the app store it doesn’t download. I have 8gbs of storage remaining, I’ve rebooted my device, and signed in and out of my apple account, and the game still isn’t downloading. $10 is a bit pricy for a mobile game, so I feel let down that I spent it on a game that doesn’t download. 🤦🏽‍♂️

- Derby county’s story

It’s almost impossible for Derby to avoid relegation in first season, but they did under my coaching. It’s hard for Derby to promote at second season, but they did. It’s a slight chance for Derby to play in Europa league in the forth season, but they did. It’s strange for Derby to knock out with a number one rank in the group stage, but bugs did. Sad story🥹 Oh, Derby just attend second round knockout game, haha

- Rigged AI

I don’t know what’s wrong with the AI in this game since the update but it’s getting more and more frustrating now. I’d have five-six games in a row where I conceded goals in the very last minutes even though I could be on the upper-hand for most of the match. My strikers are missing on unbelieveable chances, while my defenders could be solid for most of the match and then pass the ball directly to the AI’s strikers at 90+5. I’ve been playing this game for nearly 7 years now, and this is the most disappointing version for me. Unless something gets fixed quick I’m not returning to this game.

- Some problem

The player haldly to be sold in the second season. Especially those player you just bought in the first season. The system remind that maybe the player’s wage can not be afforded by other FC. But you can afford their part of the wage so that you can send them out in reality. In the game, I have to see the player depart for free. If it’s available, I suggest to fix this problem.

- Good game but need help

I love this game but recently it said I was having issues connecting to Sega and now I have my same Game Center account but I lost my unlockables

- Extremely disappointing

Truly this is not a one star app overall, but for the iPad it is. Even though SI has made great iPad games in the past, this is just a blown up iPhone app, pixelization and all. I know that’s how Mobile has always been but now that it’s the only option (who the devil wants to play touch on a Switch, and EXLUSIVELY???) I thought they might try a little to make it acceptable on the iPad, but no. Also, it isn’t even up to date, as Charlotte FC (MLS) is included in other versions of the game (and even in Touch 21 in the latest update!) but it’s not here. Sad.

- Player Transfer Broken

As a football manager game which lauds itself on replicating real-life football management, I can’t understand why the transfer window is broken. Whenever I place any player on transfer list, I don’t receive any bids from other clubs. This ends up making me lose money on old-but-close-to-retirement players I could sold. Also, whenever I bid on other players, the AI increases their transfer worth exorbitantly. I paid so much for this game, at least make it real!

- Good but but sometimes weird

Very fun And time consuming but sometimes really unrealistic stuff happens. Several times in my save, my top half side somehow loses 7-1 to bottom table teams and the cpu crank up the prices too much. On another note, aldershot who I never coached somehow got into the EFL championship while brentford who I also did not coach got relegated all the way into the national league north/ south

- Scores always the same on “holiday”

Whenever you go on “holiday” (which is a great way to skip match simulations) the scores always end up the same no matter how good your team. I went on holiday for 1 month managing Bayern and drew a bottom-of-the-table team 3-3 twice, once in the Bundesliga and once in the National cup. I see this way too often and it should really get fixed.

- Pls fix

Fix the game please, it’s good and fun however selling players is extremely difficult, you get almost no offers for any players, it’s also disappointing there’s no team talks and no option that allows you to change whole team training, please fix the problems at least it would make the game more fun, I enjoyed this game but it could be a lot better

- Player position

Love this game and have Been playing for a long time now. Very disappointed with the players position colors. Can’t really identify the players actual position in the tactics page. All green colors look same (players natural position and accomplished position) fm 21 was great in colors. Very disappointed with the flashy colors selections in overall fm22. Please fix it.

- It’s alright

I like the game but what annoys me is the fact that I have to spend over 100m on players that normally would go for 40 or 30m. And also how players who should go for like 50m is only sold for 15 or 20m which makes no sense. The game is alright and it is better than the other games that I’ve played but it could definitely be better.

- Morale Manager 22

It would be a really great iPhone game except for the morale feature. Morale is arguably the most important thing. But it’s tedious and redundant. I find myself spending more time managing morale and “talking” to players than I do managing matches. Makes it feel like a grind. The rest is pretty good. Please allow an option to automate morale or make it not so terrible/frequent. Please.

- Doesn’t Download

I bought the game earlier today, and was super excited to play it. However it keeps getting to the halfway point and starts over this has happened 3 times now. This is just annoying, like what do I have to do to let the game download? It’s a 2gb file and I don’t expect it to get done in 2 minutes but come on I have has to restart the download 3 times it just ridiculous. (On an iPhone 12 Pro Max)

- More random than 21

I am appreciating a lot the added depth to the game but the general feel after 2 1/2 seasons is that everything is pretty much random. The match engine looks worse than 21 but that might be expected at an early stage. What bothers me a bit more is that from day one everything feels like it is happening totally randomly, from transfers, to game results to season trends.

- Everything is random

FC Porto won Champions League two times in the first year playing in different leagues . LOL not very realistic. Lautaro Martinez scored only 6 goals playing for Real Madrid the whole season. You can get Kepa for 11 mil playing with Newcastle, but for Real Madrid its 36 mil. Players do not play as instructed, Dani Carvahal only gets 6 rating or less doesn’t matter who you play. Liverpool was knocked out in Chanpions League playoff against Rangers LOL . Wolfburg eliminated Man City . Everything is unreal . Waste of money.

- Great game but transfer market is annoying

Great game but why is everyone so expensive??? I put a bid on a decent young player and the other team automatically wants over 100 million. That needs to be fixed.

- Won’t download

Pretty upset that I just spent $10 on this app and now I can’t download it. At first it would download almost entirely and stop then I’d have to repeat but it would never finish. Now it won’t even let me click on the cloud to download it. It just acts like the cloud is a broken button. Would love to update my review but if this isn’t fixed soon I’ll be requesting a refund

- Can’t download DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY

What a waste of 10 dollars, have tried downloading 3 times yet it never fully downloads. Should have looked at the reviews first seems like this issues been going on for several months yet they still haven’t fixed it. What a joke of a company really wish I could get a refund I paid 10 dollars to not even be able to play a game. SO DISSAPOINTED!!!!!

- Ok

Worse match engine than fm 21, it always overheats my phone and i have an iphone 12mini, it also drains my battery quickly. The interface is better, transfer is more sophisticated.

- Same old game, no different from 2016

Same stuff but what makes me disappointed right now is that ever since the ios update the game just lags so much. Please address in the next bug fix Update - has gotten better for most of the time but still often lags

- Disappointment!

I've been playing this game since 1997. It was CM, it became FM. Why did you make the phone version the same as the last 2 years? Nothing has changed in the game, it's the same as last years. I suggest you do a little work, work and install features, don't make us fools. Need improvement, improvement!

- Game play

Decent start but why do all my players attack at a corner leaving no one back, so many times I’ve conceded from a breakaway from my own corner. Also why do some teams not have GKs.

- The game meet my expectations

I like the new stuff they added are pretty cool, disappointed they didn’t add new leagues but other than ghat its decent. Z

- Game freezes phone

I love the game, however it renders my phone useless often. I have a newer iPhone all updated, app and phone, often though it causes my phone screen to freeze and will shut down 2-3 minutes later. It’s frustrating because I really do enjoy the app. Quite unfortunate

- Pep pep Hooray

Incredible game. Best sports game out there, the depth, quality, and UI are bar none. Only request for mobile version is to create controller accessibility.

- Best Way To Ruin My Sleep Schedule

Just love it, purchasing it every year. Manager’s Son is my most favorite paid upgrade.

- It’s a good game

You get what you pay for in all honesty I promise no more no less

- Maybe take out the totally unnecessary and very weird age discrimination

Any time a coach turns 60, the game auto prompts you to fire them for “having one eye on retirement”. That’s… literally illegal in real life. And just strange and distracting in a fantasy soccer game?

- Has potential

Players reject huge contracts and then sign with another club for peanuts. This is immersion breaking because we know how much players value money IRL. Its also impossible to sell players for decent value. Please fix these issues

- Best ever

Best football manager game ever always room for improvement I love this game 💯

- How do I set up Chinese? I can't find where to set it up.

How do I set up Chinese? I can't find where to set it up. Please reply as soon as possible. Thank you.

- Wasn’t able to download

I have tried multiple times to download the game and all failed. As I have seen other users experiencing the same issue and I’m wondering if I can get a refund or someone can assist me with the situation?

- Does not load

It does not load, like many other player’s have experienced. Are any fixes going to available?

- Transfer market

Honestly it’s unrealistic as crap. For example gravenberch sold in real life for 35 million. In game he’s close to 100 million a season earlier. Transfer listing a player does nothing

- Unable to install the game after purchase

Downloads the app but the installation fails. There’s no error message and there’s no app support directly on the App Store. Not sure if I can get by money back but don’t buy it

- Add more countries

Best game EVER. I love the tactics system, the medical center, but PLZ ADD MORE COUNTRIES!!!!!!! Specifically, add Austria, Norway, Sweden, and Serbia, because we need more countries that are in the computer version.

- Good game and will it support Chinese language?

Good game and will it support Chinese language?

- Fm 22

We need to add suggested subs to the game like the assistants give suggested substitution and I was at inter Miami and won multiple trophies yet no clubs in the top 6 league wanted me no premier league,Seria A, la liga, etc….

- Fix Transfer Activity

The transfer activities (club money, suggest terms, negotiation) are totally NOT realistic. Fix it!!!

- Can’t install

Can’t install game

- Plz

We need support us for add language Arabic We love this game !

- Assists

Sometimes the engine records assists blatantly incorrectly which is so stupid and I have no idea ho it’s gone un-noticed for so long, pretty embarrassing.

- Game doesn’t download

Game isn’t downloading. Keeps restarting the download. You guys should fix the problem instead of having people contact Sega to resolve the issue.

- Cant Win

No matter what I do I just cannot win. Filled the team with the best of the best and I haven’t won a game yet. So much worse than console and pc versions

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- Can’t download/ install the game

Why does the team even releases the app if it’s not fully functional or downloadable. I’m not the first one having this issue, I’ve already read multiple reviews like these for this version. I should’ve read those before downloading the game, I want my money refunded since I can’t download your app.

- Addictive game

Be warned, this can be a very addictive game! To the devs, why to Gold rated coaches continue to leave players ”Focus Attribute” training on a selection once the player has reached 20?! I don’t really want to take over the coaching and feel like this is a bug once you have a world class (gold) coaches.

- Can’t download the app

I’ve tried downloading multiple times, even changed wifi networks to see if it would work. I read some of the other reviews and as directed by the developers tried to sign out and sign back in on app store but still didn’t work. Giving one start to this review and hoping that someone will get in touch to either refund me or with a solution on how to install the game.

- Unrealistic

I’ve been playing this game for 20 years, there are two main issues that never get fixed and I’m sick of it. 1. The stats are silly. Most games I have less than 250 passes, even at 60% possession. Teams do 3-4 times that. Midfielders touch the ball 15 times whole game, and that’s with total domination. 2. Even if I’m losing heavily, my keeper and defence get 7s or even 8s. Like 4 goals conceded from 5 shots, and they are all 7.

- Game is not installing

I have purchased this game and it is not installing correctly. Please can you fix the problem or give me my money back.

- Not fun - just unremittingly dull

It is unrealistic in a grim way. This game has nothing to recommend it. It is the opposite of fun. Unrewarding. Avoid This game is unrealistic in that game after game, playing with the better team, you outshoot opponents, and create more goal scoring chances and still get beat by inferior opposition. This doesn’t happen once or twice a season but instead it feels like every other game, the better coached and resourced team gets beaten by opponents who score the winning goal with their one and only shot on goal.

- Great game

Really great game - have killed a lot of time on it. However, player ratings when they are substituted on needs to be improved. Players are in bad form and have poor ratings from 6/10 performances in the 10mins that they were subbed on. Makes me not want to substitute players on as a result.

- Imposible to buy good players

Why do the clubs demand so much money for the transfer?!?! Unreal… part of the good fun of the game is to build your own team and do transfer but with this ‘’bug’’ it is impossible, wich takes lot of fun put of the game. Players that should be 20M are like 100M and so on… the amount of money the clubs demand it’s just impossible to accomplish If you could fix it it would be great!

- Cannot download

The game just does not load at all, I would like to ask for assistance from FM developers to solve this problem

- Best manager game

This game has so much to offer and I’ve been looking for a good management game for soooo long and this is the best one I’ve found so far it has so much stuff to do but there are a few bugs that need fixing

- Game not installing

Games not installing I have I phone 11 and updated to IOS 15.3.1 can I get this fixed please ?


In my career I lose out on so many points off of my corners when my whole team is in the box and they have a wide open player and that player scores also can u please make transfer prices more realistic

- Meh

Sure, it’s good that you can control everything, but WHY DO CLUBS DEMAND SO MUCH MONEY FOR TRANSFERS!!!!!????? Also, star players seem no different to okay players, they never make a difference. And it’s just too hard to get results week in week out, please fix MANY issues.

- Extremely frustrating

Play 10 years on the game all for the app to delete your saved file. No way of getting it back. Not happened once either.

- The game won’t install

The game won’t install please fix this problem ASAP

- App won’t download

I should’ve read the reviews first. The game isn’t downloading, shouldn’t be having this problem when you’re charging $15 for a mobile game. Why hasn’t this been fixed yet?

- Great game

I enjoy the game so far. Highly recommended

- App won’t install

I have tried so many things for this app to install (yes i have enough space on my phone for this app) but it won’t install. Feel like i’ve just wasted my money purchasing this app and would love a refund if possible.

- Can’t even download the app

Serious issues with this app. As per other reviews it can’t even be downloaded. I have the last eat IPhone with the latest IOS update but will not download. Total rip off. $15 for a game that I can’t play.

- It works now!

Great game, I can download it now! Great job sega

- Can’t download it

I am really not sure why but I have tried many times to download this game and it just simply won’t I don’t know what’s going on but I can’t play it

- Won’t download

Like many others my game won’t download properly, I have the latest iOS installed? Please advise how to fix or provide a refund.

- Licensing Issues

Good Engine No Premier League Licenses Though Was My Only Letdown

- Won’t download

My game along with many other people haven’t been able to download. What is the issue??? I want my money back!

- Won’t load this is terrible

This won’t load, this is terrible, I’m a massive fan of FM all other editions but this not loading is terrible…. Money back

- Laggy

Why the game is always laggy? It is hard to play something due to the lag of the game platform. It shouldn’t be paid for this stupid laggy game, it ought to play for free.

- Will not download

The game won’t download I have the latest iOS and every time I try to download it it just doesn’t download

- So slow

Why are the days taking so long to load and process?

- Cannot download

It is not downloading on my phone fix it asap or I want my money refund

- Game won’t install

I purchased the game and it won’t install

- Can’t be downloaded

It’s not downloaded appropriately, can someone help me?

- Disappointing

Can’t even download the game.

- Couldn’t install!!!

I want my refund!!!

- Can’t download

Unable to download, nice.

- unable to install

the game won’t install

- Game not working


- Cant install

Why create a game you cant download and charge $14.99 Outrageous

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- Game doesn’t install

Just bought it and tried to download, didn’t install at first and then just installed.

- Should be better

Colour scheme is a mess, still missing lots of South American players, the brexit thing makes it extremely difficult for English clubs to sign foreign players. It’s not terrible but it could be a lot better.

- Could be so much better

No improvement at all from previous versions. Majority of the stats don’t matter and the sims don’t make any sense whatsoever. You can have a godly team that is 10x better than any player from your opponent and still lose to the worst team in your league for no reason and it happens entirely too often. Simply put this game is extremely bad in comparison to its pc counterpart.

- Game doesn't install

I bought the game played it uninstalled it and tried to install it back and it doesn't

- Lost game history

You can’t have more then one saved game

- Countries should appear in job centres

Countries like Uganda don’t appear in the job centre when their managers are sacked it remains that they don’t have a manager for the remaining 30 seasons

- Basic game

Very basic, no team talks, basic tactics, impossible to sign anyone without paying triple their valuation. Waste of time

- No changes from 2021 FM


- Poor

Not good. Nothing anyone suggests being added to the game is ever added. Stale, and starting to lose fans.

- missing

brazil's league

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Football Manager 2022 Mobile 13.3.2 Screenshots & Images

Football Manager 2022 Mobile iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Football Manager 2022 Mobile iphone images
Football Manager 2022 Mobile iphone images
Football Manager 2022 Mobile iphone images
Football Manager 2022 Mobile iphone images
Football Manager 2022 Mobile iphone images
Football Manager 2022 Mobile iphone images
Football Manager 2022 Mobile iphone images
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Football Manager 2022 Mobile (Version 13.3.2) Install & Download

The applications Football Manager 2022 Mobile was published in the category Games on 2021-11-08 and was developed by SEGA [Developer ID: 281966698]. This application file size is 1.67 GB. Football Manager 2022 Mobile - Games app posted on 2022-04-12 current version is 13.3.2 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: