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What is pole dance! app? Is it a sport? Or a dance? The pole is same but everyone's goal is different. Your goal is to do the right pose and not to hit the walls. It sounds simple doesn't it? Go download and feel the gravity.

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How to contact Pole Dance! (Rollic Games)?
Find this site the customer service details of Pole Dance!. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. https://appsupports.co/1558339128/pole-dance/contact

Pole Dance! Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Pole Dance! Version 1.2.203 September 2021

Minor bug fix.

Pole Dance! Version 1.2.114 June 2021

More comfortable gameplay awaits you!.

Pole Dance! Version 1.0.615 April 2021

More and more diamonds falling from sky. With this version we are challenging your skills on pole. Collect diamonds on the way, to save them don't hit the walls. Breaking the walls cause you to lose of collected diamonds..

Pole Dance! Comments & Reviews 2022

- Great Game!

Ok this is a really game and it’s definitely helping me take my mind off things and helps with my mental problems. I play this about 10 minutes everyday and it keeps me positive. I definitely recommend this to people who haven’t downloaded this app yet! It’s a really great way to pass time and have some fun in life. The only problem is that there is just too many ads after every time i finish and collect the normal reward there is always an ad popping up. So maybe try cutting down on the ads a bit. But yeah anyways great game i love it a lot i bet others will too!

- Good but needs improvements

At first I thought this game was actually really fun when I saw all the really good reviews but after playing the game and seeing what the end result were when we finish the game I think that was highly inappropriate for ages four and up I was actually really angry because my sister is also playing this game and I made her delete it just because of the inappropriate content another thing is that there’s very inappropriate movements and as an older sister do you want my sister to be in a healthy game and this was just not it I would like you as the game developer to change The ending part in all of it in the clothing just because of how inappropriate it is I read there’s a three out of five just because of all of that and the game is really laggy😫 and while playing I did check my Internet my Wi-Fi inside and my sister the game is really really laggy and I hope you can fix all the mistakes that me and the rest of the people have said😁 I think the content is really inappropriate so please change it🥺

- Update age status and the game needs more improvements

You guys need to change the age status to 17+ not 4 or 9 or 12+ because children will learn sexual art culture in a early age. But second of all mostly second of all the needs more improvement and a lot more updating, like for instance in order for to unlock the characters I’ll have to watch an ad I click on the unlock character button the ad won’t show, and last of all when going to the closet settings if us players picked and choose the characters we want it’ll say play more levels and then unlock characters we can’t because the ads won’t show and It’ll take forever, you should put +1000 button in the choose characters area depending on how much money does the characters makes and even how much money do the characters need if the players wants to watch an ad. But although the game is really really good it just needs more updating and improvement

- Love this game! Update when? 😃

I absolutely adore this game. It's so much fun! Although I do think it's a little silly to have it listed 4+...Rollic, my friends. I promise you will not be less successful if you change the rating. Now, of course, a game like this is always made better by one big bonus: the customization and character unlocks! I say it with every one of these games: Please keep updating with cosmetics upgrades. I need more characters, outfits, and poles! Thank you for your time, and keep up the great work!

- New people and outfits.

Hi this is such an a,aging game I love it but there are no outfits and it's kinda weird and we need more people like high heels they came out with plenty of characters and maybe put it like cute hot and superstar we at least need 15 or 20 outfits and 25 outfits and we need a shorter time in between the moves and we need like 30+ plus moves! That would be so fun and would you care to make it more expensive so we have something to work for and we need better poles like more sparkles. And shorter time in between moves. And we need I know you can't control it but less adds please.

- Just wow

I was so sad one day scrolling through TikTok and come across this ad and I’m like I need this bc my fat self can’t do it anyways I downloaded it and it was amazing until I had explosive diarrhea and had to be rushed to the hospital bc my lungs collapsed ikr lungs can be so rude and inconsiderate but oh well and then I tripped and fell on my face and broke a tooth but that’s ok oh and my fish died ok I’m done Sincerely,Barack Obama

- Game is not for kids near four year olds and we all know what a pole dancer is

Terrible game for 4. Year olds I don’t know why people this game is good it’s terrible and I think we all know what a pole dancer is and then if a 4 year old played this it would be horrible and if they parents what a pole dancer was terrrible I think the game is terrible and only adults should play this and there it for 4 year olds terrible idea I downloaded the game say this a review and it’s a terrrible game and is not for kids and to be honest some of the comments are bots and I absolutely think this game should be banned from all the app stores and the creator should look at reviews cause I’m not the only one who thinks this game is bad and not for kids

- Not for 4 year olds

Okay this game is definitely not for kids Because there are some inappropriate movements at the end of every level and we all know what a pole Dancer is this game should Be for adults only please change this game. My 6 year oldCousin got this game on my iPad and I maid him delete it I know he is 6 years old and it says 4+ But it is too inappropriate for any child of any age. This game should Be for 17 year olds or Maybe 12 year olds But I think that is too young justSuggesting it. Why Did you make this for 4 year olds this game is maid my a Bunch of idiots that live in there Mothers Basement fix this stupid content.

- Please add more stuff

This is a very good and fun game to play in my free time ands super easy and fun I love it! But this game does need more skins, outfits and poles that we could unlock because there’s not that many and I’ve already unlocked them all. So I’d appreciate if you could add more stuff but overall I love this game so much! I’d give it 5 stars but I don’t want to repeat myself but there’s not much stuff so I think 4 stars are good enough! Thank you for reading this have a wonderful day!!

- This game is my life

When I first saw this this I thought I don’t like it ( not trying to to be rude I just didn’t want to get the game at that time) but when I got the game I was in love it was so fun at super entertaining I just couldn’t stop playing it but my rating on this game a 5/5 this is not like the other games this game is fun.


It’s basically a weird lady doing some crap. Nobody wants there children to grow up to be a stripper. NOT for 4+! When the character reaches the end, they start to twerk!! How STUPID are you people?! There are small children playing this! Don’t you even care? You were a kid once, think about if YOU were seeing this content when YOU were four! Make this more appropriate, people! 😡The outfits are so inappropriate, I can’t believe you… I’m only 10, this is unacceptable. Make it 17+… 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 no good, don’t download dis. I may be young, but I know bad content when I see it.

- Bruh

this game is not meant for kids even though it might say 4+ i was bored one day while playing high heels while on call with my group of friends then i got an ad and saw this i told my friends and i tried out the game and it wasn’t what i thought it would be. I downloaded it as a joke and played it they played it with me and then i saw the ratings and the recommended age this is not for kids at all. The fact that people like this stuff is not okay they can’t be playing an inappropriate game i’m only 10 and this is not acceptable

- Bussin 😫👌

This game was bussin. I was at a low point in my life then I played this game. It made me want to go to a stop club. So as a 14 year old I set off to my local strip club. I sat in the crowd and the owner noticed me. He walked up to me and whispered on my ear he said “säÿ ÿØü ÄrË mÿ BákÅ” and I did so. Now we are married and I have his children.

- Random person☺️

So I think that this is a good game but I don't think that you should have to be 4+ because it is a pole dance game and kids that age don't need to see that in a game because they could do the dance on the pole and become a striper and I don't want that to happen to any kid. So please make the age limit at least 10+. But you don't have to but I am just giving so advice and things like that.

- Really good but..

When i lost my stripper fell off and when i started agian he wasnt there and when i beat it without the stripper being there the pole was still going and it passed where the stripper would stop at when we won sk can you please fix the game?

- Not for kids

This game said 4+ there is no way this is for kid this has inappropriate moves and at the end for each level there shake so no not for kids at all!!!!! It is more like 19+ do not get this game unless you are over 19!!!wrong age

- Wha-

Ok, I don’t even know what to say here. This game is bad! At first i was downloading it and thought oh this seems like a pretty cool game! I realized it’s really not at all. First of all why 4+!? The end is discussing! These kids should not be seeing this. It really should be 14+ or something like that. Over all it really is a bad game but I personally think it is just the dancing part that’s fun. It might need some changes though-


This game is really really fun it’s not laggy in all everything in this app is so much fun I play this everyday I recommend it to 4+ And all of the details are awesome the characters look so good! I recommend you playing it right now :D

- Wonderful😇

I was bored then I had an ad for this game and decided to test it out. At first I thought my mom would get mad at me but she didn’t . After a few levels I realized I had a new favorite game🤩.

- Ummm

This game is fun so far but considering this same company created my fav game high heels… I don’t really like it and I would rather play high heel. Also this game seems a little bit inappropriate for children. High heels was already pushing it. I can’t fully rate it because I only played one level but I’m going to delete

- yes just yesss

this was an amazing game 😩 i’m such a baddie👠 me and my bsf competed to see who would get to level 100 first 💯 i’m gonna win😏 the only thing i don’t like is THAT YOU CANT GET MORE THAN 3 OR MORE OUTFITS😠🤡but other than that’s it’s amazing def recommend

- thank you for saving me.

i was depressed and very lonely before i found this game. i didn’t know what to do anymore, i was very sad. one day, i found this amazing game, and it changed my life. i because a stripper and earned thousands of dollars every night. my parents were happy for me and i got millions of fans. i am now the best stripper in the world and i am a huge barbz fanpage on tiktok. thank you for saving me, my life is way better now when i found this game.

- 👹SAY 😈 YOU👿ARE 🤡MY💔BAKA🕳👩🏻‍🦯

This truly changed my life, i've been so inspired by this app it has helped me earn self confidence... or at least that's what i'd like to say. When i tried using it it was so fun but than, A MAN THAT LOOKED LIKE MY DAD CAME OUT OFTHESKY AND STARTED SAYINGSAYYOUAREMYBAKA AND I CRIED AND WENT TO MY MOM FOR HELP BUT THAT ANNOYING RAT DIDNT DO ANYTHING SHE YELLED AT ME!!! Gg

- Mee MAw

Hello, I love this game especially for a 69 year old lady. I wish I could do it even tho if I did my back would crack honey. Anyways I sharted, And I have beans. I recommend this game for children and older people. 💪


please consider reading this before you download this game is not fo 4 year olds there should be more reviews like this WHY these types of games are sending kids the WRONG message in life why would this be for a 4 year old and don't tell em ohh great game because its NOT a good game at all its a disgusting game sending kids all over the world wrong messages in life and anyone else who download this as well

- This is bad for young kids

I am 10 and in 5th grade and think it should be for like 20 and older cause you are pretty much encouraging kids to be pole dancers and strippers and am very disappointed in the creator and think it should be 20 or older people playing it so change your age thing because it is very inappropriate for young children and think it should be for 20 or plus.

- 5 starts betch😘

this is amazing.. I was so depressed before hearing about this game😔😔😔💔💔💔 and then on a magical day I got an add on my national ticky tacky 😩😩😩😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️ and this app is so different 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩🥰🥰🥰It taught me and my 4 year old body so many new things!!✂️✂️✂️✂️🥰🥰🥵🥵🥵😘😘😘😍😍❤️

- Very good game

I am 50 year old man that has been divorced 2 times, I was lurking through TikTok then I stumble upon a beautiful ad dance pole game 🤤🥵🥶⛑❤️ I really love this game I recommend it very fun and good for children so download.

- Fun but..

This game I’d fun and there’s not ads after every single game, I really love it but... this shouldn’t be a children’s game.. we all know what pole dancing is and it’s not good.. at least if your going to give it to children don’t put any revealing outfits and get rid of the twerking at the end..

- Very fun. Think you should downloaded it

It’s a internet game when you go in the car. I can’t stop playing this!

- Felt Like A Baddie🤪💅🏼

The power I felt was just perfect😚✌🏽 Love this game 10/10 highly recommended😏🔫👈🏽 I just wish you could change her clothes but she still a baddie😘

- Wow 🤩

This game is truest inspirational. I am completely blown away with the unique concept and cannot wait to tell my near and dear friends about this astonishing game. I recommend.

- Sad😭😢😢🥺😢

So I started playing a week ago because I was so depressed after Trisha paytas took my pink car😢😣😖😖😭😭 I was going to end it all but I saw this ad...it changed my life!!!😊🤣😁🥰 TRISHA IM COMING

- amazing so good

as soon as i downloaded this game my anxiety and depression totally went away, uncle with 36 illnesses suddenly lost all of them and is completely healthy, and my dead cat came back to life, this game is so good. my whole life has changed because of this it has had such a great impact on my life it even made me pregnant with mice (at least that’s what the doctors say)

- I love it just one question for creator

So it's sooooo fun but it says 4 and up u don't need to change it just a question cuz 4 year olds don't know what pole dancing 💈💃is

- So great

Nicki Minaj appeared in my room at 3am and said “omg get this game barbbb” so I did and it’s amazing we played it together then she ate my bussy while singing Superbass and got rid of my depression

- This is just unexpected 🤬

My five year old son downloaded this app without my permission and now he says he wants to see a women’s chest area and leg area. I have had to have people talk to him and he is just know getting better. This one app ruined my son!... do NOT get this game kids please unless you’re trying to write a BAD review🙌 please

- Worst game ever

So I will start to like the game but every time you finish she always Twork‘s light she’s moving her to a room and that’s not for four-year-old people for real kids I mean that is an appropriate kids not want to see that

- This is not for 4 and up

This game is very inappropriate for 4 year olds and up please don’t make a game where they do something inappropriate at the end and maybe fix it and make them do something appropriate if you see this thank you and this is a really weird and inappropriate game for 4 and up


It was a normal day just sleeping the chooch and going though tic tak 😍untill.... I SAW THIS AD stripping has always been my dream job and Now I can do what I love best 🥺this amazing game it is like real life get it GET IT NOW 😩

- Ok

Over all it is a great game just at the end when the character twerks it makes me uncomfortable and is nasty. Please please please fix but other than that this game is pretty good.

- 👁👅👁

THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER 😩😩. it teaches you life lessons on what not to do while being an amazing stripper 😄😄. this game is so inspirational and i hope my kids grow up to be just like that babe 😆❣️🙏🏼.

- Amazing

This game is really fun but it’s would be even better if you could customize the dancer and her clothing.


You are a baddie in this game. Like no one can bring you down and your just a bad b*tch. No other baddie can underestimate you.

- Made me feel like a baddie 😩💕💕

Literally just listening to body by queen Megan on repeat while playing this. Loving life as a barb 😘

- Good but

Love the game so fun but why can't u change the race u start with one race but they don't let u change it and that's it please change😋

- Why i like the game

It makes me feel better because I strip

- Love the game!

It is a really fun game! I love it! It doesn’t have the greatest quality, but the fun makes up for it!

- Racist

The way they portray the black characters are disgusting. So far the black women has a big Afro with bright yellow lipstick. The black man has an Afro with a puck sticking out. Meanwhile the white characters are made to look appealing. Why can’t ppl make there own characters? Smdh whoever made this game is a racist

- I became a baddie 💅🏽

I was scrolling thru tik tok Bc I’m very depressed and lonely since Trisha paytas killed my fish with her smelly oops 🤭 then I clicked this ad and now I’m a baddie with 2 mansion and I have robbed 20 different men from this game goodby 💅🏽😝

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If the owner of the game is reading this. PLEASE CHANGE THE AGE RATING!!! This game is not for kids! Can you please change the age rating to at least 12+ or 17+?

- Not for kids!! 😨😱

This was not made for kids, I used to think that pole dance was art, but putting it into a sexual way is disgusting and the fact that this is on 4+ has to change, more like it should be 18+ please change it because this is a serious issue and it is more inappropriate! 😱😱

- If you younger then at least 14 don’t get this app

This is a really Umm older person app and I don’t think a three or four year old should be playing this so please parents if your kid wants this app please say “no” you don’t need to say anything else just that.

- THIS was not for kids 😱😱

I know it’s says “iTs fOr KIDS” because it says 4 age but do not play it it’s to. Appropriate and kids. Parents are not going to like it DO NOT PLAY IF YOU AN KID because I played it and am an kid

- If your younger than 18 then don’t play this

This game shouldn’t be on 4+ I’m 9 and I know this should be on 18+ please fix that if you can

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- Inappropriate

It’s a good game but it shouldn’t be 4+ Bc it’s stri**ing and a lot of people saying that the twerking isn’t for kids no it isn’t but not 12+ twerking isn’t that bad so at least 10+ for twerking but the rest 14+

- Not for kids

This game is not appropriate for kids 4+ there is twerking and more inappropriate things

- This is very inappropriate

I wa splaying this game and bounce big and at the end of pole dancing it (twerks) on the pole that is very bad. And on bounce big it’s not so bad but maybe don’t put the twerking ones as 4+ put them maybe at 12+

- Inappropriate

It should not be a 4+ it should be 10+

- GROW UP PEOPLE! Pleas read

To everyone who has been saying that it is too inappropriate for kids of corse it is. it is literally called pole dance the game is about a stripper of corse it is PG 13 just don’t let kids play grow up. teenagers play games too not just kids obviously there are going to be some games meant for mature people only so don’t complain about it not being ok for kids to play when it is clearly not meant for kids to play in the first place. But over all a good game to pass the time

- Great

Short skirts is next!

- No

To inappropriate

- um

this says it’s 4+.. and theres a um thing at the end...

- Its okay

I don’t really like it because at the end it does something weird (twerk) and it says probably kids can play it up to 4??? I’m really confused

- uhm

Yeah 😫

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Pole Dance! iphone images
Pole Dance! iphone images
Pole Dance! iphone images
Pole Dance! iphone images
Pole Dance! iphone images
Pole Dance! iphone images
Pole Dance! iphone images
Pole Dance! iphone images
Pole Dance! iphone images
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The applications Pole Dance! was published in the category Games on 2021-03-16 and was developed by Rollic Games [Developer ID: 1452111779]. This application file size is 168.5 MB. Pole Dance! - Games app posted on 2021-09-03 current version is 1.2.2 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.lacivert.poledance