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What is sleep well!! app? I can't get wink of a sleep, are you awake? ;)

Pull and push the characters to meet the objectives. You can control them easily - but there are many levels to challenge yourself!

Play various scenarios by getting the characters into shapes. Wake her up when the alarm goes off, feed the hungry cat, rescue him from being abducted by aliens!

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Sleep Well!! Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Sleep Well!! Version 7.4.018 February 2022

Performance improvements and bug fixes. Enjoy!.

Sleep Well!! Version 7.3.009 October 2021

Performance improvement. Have fun!.

Sleep Well!! Version 5.6.006 August 2021

- New levels - Gameplay improvements - More enjoy!.

Sleep Well!! Comments & Reviews 2022

- It just repeats!

I only gave this app a 5, so a lot of people could see it! I have had this game since yesterday. Today I got on it and I was on level “60 something” and I was stuck, but when I finally beat it, it took me to a level that I had already done. I thought it just might have glitched, so I finished that level and then it brought me to a level that I had already done. I did that a few more times and then finally gave up. I wish they would have told you “You beat the game!” Or say at the top, level one! So really all I am asking, it that you make more levels, and say “You beat the game!” Next time.

- I’m Upset

I gave this app five stars so the creator could see this. (Hopefully.) So, about this game. I love it so so SO much. But here’s the issue... I deleted the game, and now when I download it again and try to play, it kicks me out. (When I see that elephant) The first time I played it, it worked just fine! But now, nope. I swear I’m on the right version, and I did not allow notifications..was that it? I am confused and if the creator could get this resolved, I would be happy. Sincerely; A very crazy Pices 4.

- Don’t expect a masterpiece

The concept is simple, do what the game tells you to while you’re asleep. It’s kinda fun, and it kinda reminded me of Octodad a little. But it’s too short to leave an impression, the game ends at like level 60 and instead of a thank you for playing or something, the game just repeats. So really, it’s only entertaining for like 30 minutes and after that, it’s just the same game, but nothing has changed. It’s your typical mobile game, filled to the brim with ads. This is just another trash bag in the landfill that is mobile gaming. It’s just ok. Nothing special, nothing unique, it’s just ok..

- R E A D T H I S N O W🙂

I loved this for real and it atucally thought it was moving me when I was moving the little people so i just went off and felt normal but there’s something moving me I’m atucally likening this game more so I have a lot of apps but this is better And I have not downloaded this for a while😊so I am playing it for this day now thank u people and I love love love ❤️ THIS GAME TO MUCH

- Needs to have an update

This app was really fun until I realized that it’s just the same levels over and over and over again beacause I’m already on level 124 and it has just been the same levels over and over again I don’t have to update this app beacause it doesn’t say but I don’t know why on the pictures there’s different levels but in the game its just the same levels over and over again please fix this problem

- Few questions and ideas 💡 U.U

Hello! I have a few questions :^ So my first question is why do we have money if we are not even going to use it? My second question is why do some the the people don’t have clothes on? O.o It’s kinda wired no offense :\ Also for the money thing and the no clothes thing maybe you can make people buy the clothes with the money on the game ? :o That’s all I have ty for reading P.S sorry for bad grammar lol -_0

- Good game but suggestions

I normally don’t write reviews but I had to say something. When I got the game it was cool but after level 50 something it started repeating the same thing I already did so I went to write this review asking if the creator(s) of this game could update it so there could be more levels. Thanks❤️

- Great and all but there is something I don’t like.

It’s a very great game but after some levels it starts to do the same ones you already have done, which makes it boring for me. I don’t really want to do the levels that I already done. So please make levels that are different. I think it’s 4 stars for me. Also this is a child typing this and giving their opinion. シ


This game is so fun and if you work hard enough the and get to level 170 the levels are the same but there more things you have to do to complete them they get HARDER I love this game also found a new level I think there’s more when it gets harder

- An Honest Rate

I rate it 3 because it’s really fun and an enjoyable app. Also it’s very funny. But I think it can improve and I think they can have a skip bottom cause some of the levels are hard so yea. I’m currently on level 10 and I've been stuck in that level the whole time so yea over all can’t wait to see what’s coming up with this game on the future. :D

- 4 stars + 1 star from being a little funny

I like this game but after I complete all the levels I noticed that it started me over and over again and keeps the levels what I’m at and I probably say this is a funny sleeping game nice work making that game.

- ME

Hello!! I just got the game a few days ago and so far I LOVE IT! It’s so fun and funny! I play it all the time when I can!. I do have a few things to say though about it though, I would like for you to add more levels I already ran out of them!. Plus I would want to customize my character pls it would be so much more fun! Other than that great game!!

- Honest rate

This is a good and fun app although I’ve been playing for a while but and I realized when I first even got it that it needed a big update. The quality is 4/10 and it is very glitchy most of the game, as I say it is a pretty good game but it gets very difficult at time where I have to go back and forth out of the game tab whenever it’s glitching. It is not as great as you see in ada of this app. This is an actual honest rate in my opinion.

- Amazing

This game is a 10/10 in my books, it makes me so happy on my saddest days. It is so fun, sad, angering, and eventful. I love this game more than I love my children. Get this game right now! If you don’t get it you will regret it. This game is a substitute for my alcoholic beverages:) I love you sleep well


so I’m on level 280 nothing new not trying to hate but add an update kinda boring apparently it’s supposed to be harder on level 170 but that’s wrong level 280 is the same easy levels on 60 and under 🤦🏼‍♂️

- It’s a good game but the levels repeat

This game is actually pretty fun. But the levels eventually repeat each other which can be pretty annoying. I wish they would add some new levels. Also the video ads aren’t that bad either.

- Good game but repeats the same levels over and over again

This game is cool but I have a few suggestions, you can choose the outfits and get cool new ones, the levels don’t repeat over and over, and you can choose you gender. I think that if you added these things the game would be perfect 👌

- Needs more levels

The game honestly needs more levels because it gets pretty boring if you keep doing the same exact levels over and over again. Once i found out about this i deleted the app because i diddent want to play the levels over again.

- It’s good but for some reason there is a problem

I love this game and I would give it 5 stars but for some reason I just updated the new update and for some reason it just keeps kicking me out of the app so it is kinda disappointing and it is kinda stressful to me😥

- Amazingly challenging and fun!

Most of the time the level are kinda easy but I love the ones where it just seems difficult! I’ll eventually get it later but it’s just really fun :) This app has pretty cool graphics and challenges. Feel free to get the app!

- Hysterical

There’s I think 20 levels or so and I finished them all about 10 times each lol but this game is so funny. It’s a ragdoll cal I just end up swinging the characters around

- Its a ok game..but like listen up.

When you get to level 70 something the levels repeats when you get to level 175 the levels repeat again, so if you get what I’m saying and you don’t mind it then it’s a amazing game for you. For those of the people that do care about that then just play to level 70 something.

- What

After lvl 71 it started from the beginning but it didn’t say anything and I was able to finish the game in one day. There is no customize setting either so that’s wrong in the ad.


So I saw a ad of this game so I went to the App Store and the ad was the same thing as the pictures and that’s what I really like so now I’m downloading it and I will tell you how I like the inside of the game

- Good?..

So I was on TikTok and I came across this game and it looked fun. Don’t get me wrong it really fun but level 13 is very hard and I can’t get passed it because I stopped the alarm and then I put the man back in his position and nothing happened any help??

- I don’t really understand it

I don’t really understand it but it’s really fun because you have to Try to put them to sleep carefully and peacefully


This game is good but for some reason I’m on level 128 and it is just the same levels also when you do the I need to cross the road level I don’t know if it’s just my iPad or it happens to everybody but I go invisible and all I see is my shadow or I have clothes on but I have no head,legs,or feet so please fix these thank you

- Many adds

The reasoni give this 4 stars is because everytime i end a round it tales me to a add for the reason do that this game is really good and deserves to be more famous and have lots more levels to and i guess that all i have to SAY

- Most of these answers are fake, but not mine.

This game only has a few levels that will hold you off for like 20 minutes but it’s still a pretty fun game ngl so dont expect much but there might be a different update that has more levels

- It is amazing just not enough physics lol

It was probably the most amazing game I have on my phone but it is just a bit boring because of the amount of levels but overall it’s hilarious and fun. :)


So this game is pretty fun but there are a few things i dislike. 1. There are a lot of ads 2. Repeat levels 3. Too easy 4. Please make new levels 5. Basically we need a good update. Please update and make it more fun with newer levels and harder and more challenging levels. But it is still quite fun to play! I hope you guys read this and will do it. ✨Thank you✨~ 💞

- Absolute Most funniest game ever

I do everything except put them in the position that they tell you to do and I have a blast with it

- Game changer

You play the same rounds over and over again and it truly never gets old. I’m soooo in love with the game. 😩😫😫🥵MUST PLAY

- It’s great just a few things

It is a really good game but i downloaded it and finished the same day. Y’all just need to add more levels. Other than that it is a really great game! Keep it up!!!!

- Fun

This game is really fun and a good time waster. The only complaint I have is that at around level 65 the levels from the beginning start repeating. I suggest adding more levels to the game

- Fun then boring

It’s fun at first but after some levels they start to repeat it gets boring if you could please make some more levels I really like the game

- Needs more levels.

The game is excellent very fun, but at some point it starts to repeat all over again please add more levels that’s about it, this game is so awesome I’ll give it 4 stars.

- To much adds

When I downloaded the game and started playing then the adds came up there were to much to be began

- Good game but

So it is a really good game to play When you are bored but , the problem is that it keeps repeating levels so, then the game just becomes boring to play so please add more levels

- Currently stuck on level 10

I’ve been stuck on level 10 for 3 whole days. Overall the game is really fun and challenging.

- 😡000

This game is so disappointing because you have to do every single level over and over again so take my advice and don’t get this game But when you start playing Sleep Well it’s kind of fun but rollicking you need to put more levels on this gameBut you do a great job of making gamesPlease respond to my Review

- more levels

I’m giving this game a 4 because it’s really good but the levels keep repeating so it’s kinda annoying, that’s why I’m giving it a 4.

- Terrible game!

This game is just, terrible. You could have taken the time to create more levels and not make us do the same ones over and over and OVER. THE ONLY PART THAT IS GOOD IS THERE ARE NO ADS. The ad is the only good part, but seriously, you have all the time in the WORLD , UNTIL YOU DIE to just MAKE NEW LEVELS.

- Pretty good

I have played this game and it was pretty good in the beginning but there wasn’t a new level every time it was a repeat of levels

- I like it but not

I like this game not love while I kept on playing this game I was so happy until it just kept on repeating and repeating so yea but it said new update so I’m here to check it out yea I hope it doesn’t stink

- The levels

Ima Wright a short review but this game is fun until you get the same levels over and over again, so could you please add more for the levels. Thanks for who ever reads this.

- I like the game but

You need to add more levels because I’ve already gone through all of the levels like 10 times and I’m starting to get bored. So can you add more levels?

- Way too many ads

Interesting game with ridiculous amount of ads, about every three levels :(

- It’s good but it needs different levels

I’m on level 50 and I keep in the same exact levels over and over again but I still like the game

- Updates…

Okay so I bought the game and soon as I joined it crashed, then I started it back up I was able to play it for ABIT then game crashed again as soon as I got to the next level. So maybe update the game it seems to be a fun game.

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- Fun game but…

It’s a really fun and different game and I really enjoy playing it however, hurry up and add new levels. What are you waiting for? Christmas? It’s just the same 20 challenges repeated, at least add 20 new ones. Thank you

- Incredibly Laggy

The game is actually okay, however it is ruined because half the time the game crashes when just loading up the game, if not it’ll crash after a level. Keep in mind, it’s really laggy while you’re trying to complete the level. Btw, it isn’t that I have a bad iPad, I’ve played loads of different games they all loaded up better than this game.

- Sleep Well

It is fun and all BUT the levels keep repeating itself it’s getting boaring and what do we do with the money what’s the point???

- Okayish

It won’t even let me in! I tried re downloading it but nothing. It’s a fun game as I have played it before but please fix the loading problem! (:

- Good game

Bro on level 36 there's a headless dude tryna cross the street lazily what the hell😂😂😂😂

- If I could give this a 0 I would.

First of all it doesn’t let me into the game. I think that there’s a bug in the game, when I move the limbs around they glitch into the body and then my game crashes. Please fix this.

- About levels

The levels in this game keep repeating forever and this game does not look like the pictures on the App Store and the video’s I see for some reason.

- Sleep well

I mean it is a fun game and all but the levels keep repeating and it is getting boring

- Help

Have to skip a level everytime its the light alarm clock or window. I tap or hold the item and nothing happens. Please help

- Love it

This game is very fun 👍

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- Yo bro it’s just a game

My friend makes them have fun... if u know what I mean

- Nice

What you know about Rollin Down in the deep end

- It’s fun but

This game is fun but the levels keep repeating. Then it gets boring.

- Yass queen ki ur a

Yasss queeen yassss queeen yasss quuuen

- Useless

If I could give this to zero I would. There’s basically five levels and they repeat over and over and over again.

- yay

but wdym by satisfying moments🥴

- Too hard

The levels are nearly impossible and it be making me mad cause his foot won’t go down💀✋

- About the ads...

You know there is allot-I mean ALOOT of little children seeing this ad? Those ads are inappropriate you know? Take em out please cause, even myself thinks it’s very but very inappropriate to children. Thank you and respond to me after taking down those ads.

- Baddddd


- I like it but…

It’s alright I would give it a 5 if it didn’t freeze / plz )😞

- Bad game

The game kilt me out

- Glitch

It logs me back to the home screen fix it I like the game until it glitches

- we can do 69


- Fun. Buuut

It repeats too many levels

- Gets repetitive

Its fun at first but gets way too repetitive way too quickly.

- Not a good game

It is not a good game do not get it

- Levels

There’s only 34 real levels after that they just repeat from one

- Hello

After the level 36 they started again (they put the same one as the binging)

- should add more NEW stages

it’s a repetitive game

- Really?

A tutorial or instructions might be nice

- .

ok i love this game and its pretty fun, but why do the levels have too repeat its pretty annoying

- Karen

U kids and your games and the kids and the girls and the kids and the girls and the prince of my family is so happy and that is not a big thing for you

- Annoying

Its annoying follow me on tiktok: emiliasdamn

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Sleep Well!! 7.4.0 Screenshots & Images

Sleep Well!! iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Sleep Well!! iphone images
Sleep Well!! iphone images
Sleep Well!! iphone images
Sleep Well!! iphone images
Sleep Well!! iphone images
Sleep Well!! iphone images
Sleep Well!! iphone images
Sleep Well!! iphone images
Sleep Well!! iphone images
Sleep Well!! iphone images
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The applications Sleep Well!! was published in the category Games on 2021-03-13 and was developed by Rollic Games [Developer ID: 1452111779]. This application file size is 361.82 MB. Sleep Well!! - Games app posted on 2022-02-18 current version is 7.4.0 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.hifive.sleepwell