Slice It All!

Slice It All! [Games] App Description & Overview

Tap to flip the knife and slice amazing obstacles in juiciest way!
Cut or slice everything and become slice master!

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Fixed missing level and obstacles

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- Good and relaxing game!

So this game is a really good game, you can choose a different knife but, the knifes are soooo expensive. I think one of the knives are like 350,0000! But I think when you buy all the knives you get to a higher level than basic because if not then why have basic. And when you get to this higher level you get plus 2 I think, instead of plus 1. But anyways, it is retry relaxing and a way to get rid of time. Plus, it doesn’t need internet, your internet down, No problem! I like that a lot because I use Slice it all on my tablet. And we go somewhere that’s the first game I play. I usually bring my tablet anywhere and if not then my phone. But anyways, my brother thinks the concept of the game is to cut things and then I say NO, the concept of this game is to satisfy you and relax you, that also involves cutting things. That is all, if you guys uptake it I would hope for the knifes to be less expensive but yeah that is all

- A Honest Reveiw

When I saw this game it looked pretty satisfying so I tried it out and it was just like the ad. It’s an ok game and pretty time consuming. I was going to give it a 4 star but there are hidden flaws that I very quickly noticed. Firstly after a few levels in the shop disappeared and I was just stacking up money for no reason. (They did end up fixing it with a very recent update) Secondly there are quite a lot of ads (big surprise 🙄) which really brings a games enjoyment down. I get you need money but why throw so many ads expecting people to not delete your game within the first few seconds. If I’m being completely honest I have found a way to get away with playing the game without ads and without paying for the no ads but that’s not the point! The point is that there are too many ads! Third as the levels go on you get different places and things to cut but after the update I have been stuck in the same 2 places and all the things I’m supposed to cut except for some apples are INVISIBLE. I thought that maybe it was just that level but NO. Level after level it’s the same dang thing. I was going to delete the game and write a bad review but I wanted to see if it was just a bug that needed to be fixed so here I am asking that you fix the fact that I am stuck on 2 stupid sections with invisible things to cut. Also some of these reviews are fake so please read reviews before getting games if you wanna same some time.

- Fun Game

I have really enjoyed this game so far. It’s satisfying and straightforward. The only issue I’ve had is that since I’ve hit level 211 or so, the kitchen counter levels, it seems to be glitching. The only thing that shows up on the counters are apples and on rare occasion a cup of coffee. I can tell there’s supposed to be other things there to slice because as I hit the knife to move forward you see the +1 after some of them, or they get stuck like when you hit something but you aren’t at the top. Once that gets fixed it’ll be a five star game. I agree with the others that there are too many adds per game play, but the people who created the game have to earn money from it too. They have a living to make. I think it would be better with one advertisement every five rounds. I think that seems fair. I’d love to have an option to see the progress in the levels, and to have the ability to go back to previous levels to play. That would help when things start to glitch. Overall I love it. Thanks so much!

- Very fun game, but there’s wasted potential

I like the concept of this game, it’s satisfying, it’s relatively easy, and there’s a seemingly unlimited number of levels to play through. You earn money with each object you slice and at the end of each level there are multipliers you can land on to get more money. However, there is nothing to do with the money you get. I currently have over $200K with nothing to with, which is fine, but I wish I could spend it on something to make the game more fun. Like different knives or backgrounds or objects! There is so much potential there. And knowing the developers and their style of games, I doubt we will get any big updates like that. Another thing- the knife I use in the game is a kitchen knife with a red handle. However, in the ads for the game it is a machete with a blue handle. This tells me that maybe there are other knives the developers made for the game, but haven’t put in yet?

- If you like satisfying things play this game

I like this game because it’s very simple, and there is only one goal. To chop it all! It’s a great app to play when you are bored. It’s very addicting and once you start you probably won’t wanna stop. (At least it is like that for me 😆) I like how there are different things you can chop and all of them have different sounds!! This game is very satisfying, mostly when you chop down a big tower of pencils, legos, etc. I also really love the fact that when you chop something the middle of it is a color that usually goes in rainbow order!! Overall I think it’s an amazing game and if you are reading this you should totally buy it. Also thank you very much for adding things to buy with the money! I also like the new maps I am playing!! This game is just so amazing 😉 Sincerely, A slice loving fan ❤️


Updated Review: I’m so excited for this new update!!! There are about 9-12 new knife that you are able to get! I was almost able to get all of them because of how much money I had saved up. Besides the new map and knives, there are better graphics and physics too! Like I said in my other review, this game is an absolutely AMAZING time killer. With the update, it’s even more satisfying to slice things! I’ve been playing this game for about 3 months for almost every day, and I’m still not bored yet. I know that this sounds like I’m getting paid to say all of this, but I’m not 😂. I genuinely think that this is one of the most fun and simplistic games I have ever played. If you are often bored, or just need some quick fun, I would definitely recommend this game. Good job developers! I can’t wait to see more from you!

- Great

For such a simple game, it definitely serves the purpose that I hoped it would. As a fidgety person, I’m constantly looking for something that can calm and well as fulfill that need, and this game has done it so far. I’ve only had it for a few days, but I am thoroughly enjoying it. I’ve noticed that the levels are repetitive, but that’s not a huge deal. And yes, you cannot use the currency in the game that you win after each level. It does bother me that I can’t yet use it to customize the knife or anything else, but since the game is newer it wouldn’t be unlikely that the producers just haven’t released an update like that yet.

- Knife shop glitch??

What happened to the knife shop? I had unlocked a couple different knives but then a couple days later it went back to the default knife and the knife shop disappeared completely! I was looking forward to playing with different knives, now the game has no purpose at all cuz nothing changes with each new level and I can’t do anything with my coins or even replay levels or look at my scores... please fix the knife shop glitch. Aside from that I like the game I just wish the levels were more unique and got progressively different or more challenging and not just randomly generated with no leaderboard or option to go back and beat your best score. I’ve seen that other people have had the same problem with the knife shop. I hope that you can fix that part at least because right now I feel like there’s no reason to keeps playing without it.

- Recommended accurate review

Let’s start off with the bad news. At first when I downloaded it and played it, there were a lot of ads and lagging. It would freeze sometimes and randomly play ads when I’m still cutting the items, but it stopped, which is relieving but the lagging came back after some while… it’s still happening rn when I played it 3 minutes ago. I don’t know what to do, I’m switching wifis and stuff but it’s not working.. (please fix it, it’s probably bugs) next, it could use some updates and more items, inventory, etc. it’s kind of dull just slicing? Thanks. But overall, it’s an amazing game and satisfying. You WON’T regret downloading it. I love the sound affects and relaxation. This game helped me ever since I got hacked in roblox, so it’s my new favorite game. Please fix the problems. <3

- Very fun, highly recommended, but some improvements needed

I love this game I am highly addicted, it’s very fun to play, and easy, and for my experience not many adds. Normally games now have many, many adds but this one doesn’t have too many. So make sure you don’t buy the no adds unless your really hate adds. So one of my struggles with this is that you get a lot of “money” in the game so you can spend it, but there is nothing to spend it on. I would love the ability to maybe have different knives that we can buy with the money we get in the game. And also the last problem I have is please please please have more worlds, there are only two and I think it would be more fun with more worlds because sometimes I just get bored while playing it. Love the game though!!!

- Happy with new changes, for the most part

I’m very happy that I now have something to do with all that money I’ve earned playing the game! What I often do with Voodoo games is I will play religiously with a goal of unlocking everything in the store and then once I do I will download another. I was quite surprised to see that in the kitchen scene, the only sliceable objects were apples. I was a little confused at the lack of objects but I figured these are probably randomly generated levels and maybe a few just weren’t full of objects like usual. But then I saw that I was gaining points while my knife was in midair and not visibly touching anything. I think some of the sliceable objects are invisible! I guess it will be fun to guess for a while until it is fixed. Overall a pretty fun game!

- Waaay too many ads

I’ve never understood it, how much does it really cost to have an app posted, and how much do ads actually pay the developers? I don’t understand the incentive behind ads - they get in the way too much and ruin the experience of any app. I was excited to play this game because I don’t find many mobile games that good, this one looked oddly satisfying and one I could pass plenty of time on. However, after the completion of each level, you get an annoying ad that pops up. Please remove them. I’ve deleted the app and played it literally 2 minutes including the ad time. Please reconsider the inclusion of ads. The sheer number of usage and downloads from people that would rather play this game without ads would probably boost the developers’ profit past what the ads could offer. Don’t play the ad game like every other filthy consumer out there.

- My honest review

Ok so there are only three worlds after you pass five levels you go to another world and at first I thought that was so cool but I got through the first the worlds and noticed that is all there was just three worlds repeating over and over and that is super boring so it would be great if you added new worlds I over level 1000 and nothing is changing it is likeI am playing the same level over and over and that is super boring I was considering deleting the game but I want to see if anything changed but nothing is and the ads are super annoying sometimes I would rather watch the ads than play the game because basically that is what happens in this game I have probably seen the same ad over 100 times PLEASE FIX YOUR BUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!! It would make the game so much more fun to play and more people would play it.

- GREAT base game, but it’s a little BLAND.

I’ve put a couple hours into this game and I feel pretty bored of it. It has been a lot of fun so far, but I feel as though I’ve seen all there is to see. It could really use some more variety. A wider range of objects to cut would be a place to start. Perhaps some new backgrounds you could purchase with in-game money. Maybe even more customizable knives—you could buy different blades and handles and hilts (etc.) to give it an even more personal feel. A wider variety of sounds would be awesome too. As of right now, I’ll be keeping this game. I’ve paid for the Ad Free version which I felt was worth it because it’s a great game to pass a couple minutes. I would love to see more done with it though.

- Hella bugs

Shop disappeared for forever after a few levels. There are some levels where if you cut the whole stack you instantly lose from “falling”. New update fixed the shop (Which by the way, the new knives don’t do anything special. They just look different), but created a new bug where you don’t get to see what you’re slicing now. You just get a +1 stack from some invisible thing you cut. You get to cut 5-10 apples before multiplier though. Yay Too many bugs, but even if there wasn’t the game is a little TOO simple. Stage 1 is the same as stage 100+. You can quit and delete after stage 1. The game is satisfying though when you cut a long stack or hit the 50x multiplier, but it’s short lived and you’re disappointed in yourself after. It’s a lot like masturbating to your ex girlfriends Halloween ‘09 album pics on Facebook.

- Update destroyed game!—problem fixed

The game was fine before the update but now after the update there’s no background less obstacles invisible things the knife runs into and more. The worst part is that since the game updated I can’t get past a single level because it just drops off into nothingness and you keep falling forever, I even tried deleting and redownloading the game but it still just drops off with no end of the level. The problem has since been fixed making the game enjoyable and playable again so a big thanks to the creators for quickly solving and fixing the problems.

- It ok

I used to love playing this game but then I got on this morning and all the levels are in a kitchen now. Last night the level I was going to do today was not in a kitchen yet when in open it today it is. The outdoor levels are so much better and more fun and challenging. What happened to those levels? That’s what’s in the pictures for what the game looks like then why doesn’t the game look like that anymore. I’m so sorry but I will no longer play this game because I no longer find it appealing. You are just cutting the same thing over and over again every level is the same. And I can’t flip the knife too high because somehow it will hit the side of the cabinet. Again I am so sorry that I now hate this app.

- Approved

Honestly, I love this game. (Not a bot, don’t think that pls.) A reason I love it is that THE AD IS TRUE!!! It shows actual footage of the game without snazzing it up at all. They don’t put any untrue text at the top either. (EX: “Neuroscientists are begging you to play this,” or “Took me 26 tries to beat level 1,”.) Those things, y’know? Another reason I love this game is that they didn’t go CRAZY on the graphics or the concept. A lot of slime games tend to have reasonably bad graphics, like when you squish it it shows rough graphics. Not this at all. Overall a simple and satisfying game that I really enjoy playing! Thank you for making this!!!!!

- Recent update

I used to love this game and play many many levels each day enjoying the skill and concept of what you had to to each level. I certainly enjoyed when they put in new skins you could purchase for different knives. However as a player that has completed over 750 levels I have noticed that with the most recent update i am limited to a single extremely boring map. I am in a kitchen and basically slice through a few apples before the round is over. I wish this was different and it went back to how it was before.

- Just want stuff to buy

What’s the point Of having money if I can’t buy anything? The game itself is quite satisfying and fun to play however it has gotten to the point where there is no more uniqueness into it, at level 100 onwards it begins to get boring and repetitive and you feel like your no longer progressing. If they added more challenges or special events or something that adds variety to the game then it would be a good game, especially if we could buy stuff with the money we earn. Overall decent game. Not the best not the worst. Just decent. Hopefully they update this game with interesting things later as for now I have gotten bored and have deleted the app to possibly redownload in the future


Amazing app I love it so much and also when I first downloaded it it was so fun and like I love these kind of satisfying games and I totally don’t prefer another satisfying games and this is so cool because you get to cut that like fruits and it’s really cool and I love it you could win you get coins but there’s only one problem that I don’t really care about it’s just the ads but yeah it’s OK very fun game I read it good and yes I love love love it and just saying there’s also not trying to be rude but there’s also just like another satisfying game I like him it’s called die make up check that out

- Seriously

So first off it’s a kind of good game like it’s broccoli like every other slice it all game except worse but I I had a comment on this because I can’t stop laughing at the ad that you guys quote on quote made you literally have an ad that says that it’s literally for another game and you just stole their ad and with the littlest effort ever you just put someone playing your game and then some other games add I just can’t stop laughing at that Man I can just but you know it’s a pretty good game and all I just put more effort into your ads OK it’s not just steal someone else’s ad and it’s Lafon a video of someone playing the game OK I like to see a little more effort than that one that’s also the reason why I came here in the first place I really just wanted to tell you how much I’m laughing right now 😂😂😂

- Goog game but what to do with the money?

I’ve been playing this game for maybe a week and have grossed ab 100 thousand coins from it. The question is, what do i do with all this money? Will we be able to buy more knives? Will there be more slicing patterns and different power ups to buy? I have no use for the money so i just gain constantly with nothing to lose. I want something i can bet on. Something that can get me excited. Something to stress over in this game. If we could use our money then it would make the game a lot more memorable and fun.

- Love the game, just limited

This game is TOTALLY worth getting and ditching ads on, but it’s pretty limited. The concept and feel is super fun. Very smooth mechanics. But below are some things I wish they would add to or change. Again, the game is awesome, this review is after having played just under 500 levels! 1. More knives please! I unlocked the group called “basic”, is there more to come??? 2. Maybe not have all the items worth the same amount of money? 3. Why is there no monetary value to sending the dominoes over to knock out the big smileys? 4. I think an air time multiplier/bonus would be cool. The longer you stay in the air without landing on the ground, bonus. 5. Why do levels change when you restart them? I’ll play a high scoring level and hit a red block right at the end just to restart the map and it’s not at all the run I just did. That’s the worst part of the game. 5. The levels are all the same difficulty. Adding some more challenging features would be nice.

- Get old quickly

It’s a fun game and the concept is cool but after you unlock the knives there’s really no point to the game, all of the objects are the same 20 things you get to slice on the same 2 backgrounds and it gets boring very fast. I purchased the no ad because the ads were just pathetically overwhelming. You play a 20 second level and have to deal with a 30 second ad. I got to level 300ish and there’s just nothing left in the game to do. Games like this are created for one purpose and that is to make as much money as possible off of you by showing you ads. They don’t care about the quality of their game just the profit, which is disappointing because as I said it is a fun concept just a poor execution

- Good game but there’s some cons.

So I really like this game! It’s fun, and easy, and satisfying but I feel like the devs didn’t put very much work into this. For example it’s sort of laggy and the levels are repetitive like literally it’s the same level some times. You get money with the multiplier at the end and you buy different knives with it, but there’s only a few knives to buy like maybe 6. So I hope the devs read this and take this into consideration. I’m not saying it’s a bad game and I think you should download it but maybe just be aware it’s not very good. So I agree with rittona. (read her review if you can find it) Thank you for reading this and have a good day! :D

- Good Game, Just One Or Two Things.. 🤔

Ima update my response since the knife shop thing is fixed. Good game, don’t get me wrong. However, too many ads.. Also, about the checkpoint thing. Isn’t a checkpoint supposed to be like, when you die- or in other words, fail- you respawn at that checkpoint? I get that when you restart the level, it removes your checkpoint because you restarted it, obviously, but why when I fail, it restarts the level instead of loading me back into the checkpoint that I’ve reached? Okay, that’s all from me, good day, voodoo games. From The One And Only Female Video Gamer, ~𝘴𝓽ꪖ𝘳 💫💜

- I love this game!

It is satisfying, and entertaining, they play a lot of ads, but that is the same as every other game. I used to have no much money on the game, and I wished that they could put something to buy in the game, but then I saw a little green widget when I was about to press start with a green knife on it. I pressed on it, and it took me to a place where I can but all sorts of different knives, and I was reading the comments, and a lot of people haven’t found the widget yet, I hope this helps! Ps, I have 50 games, this is the best one!!!!!!


I used to always play this game. Yes, the levels were a little bit repetitive, but they were much more fun and exciting. Also the in game money I had obtained could not be used but still I was enjoying the game enough to not care. After this recent update the levels are insanely repetitive it feels like playing the same level over and over again! And to make matters worse they are so horrendously boring; Nothing like the old levels. The game quality has also became terrible. It is laggy, portions of the game don't load in and a lot of obstacles are invisible. The only good thing that came out of this update was the new knives you can purchase. I am disgusted and beyond disappointed with the developers of this game.

- idk

I love this game for having satisfying slices and being able to relax while playing. But there are way too many ads and I have a few recommendations number one I think that you guys should make new knives for us to get I think this can advertise your app as well number two I think some slices to cut should be unlocked and with a certain amount of coins you can unlock them. I think these recommendations could work very well with your app and make it more appealing to others although I do love your app so very much and I hope you continue to grow with it thank you so much!

- Pretty Good

As the title says this is a pretty good game and I have had this game for 3 or 4 now and I’ve never really been the type to write a review but this issue needs to be addressed in the latest update there is a bug where you chop/slice invisible things and also the shop is glitched but other than that the game is amazing and I at fun to play I would like to speak for a lot of people on this that y’all should add a different map feature or something but other than that thank you for your time and have a great day 🙂

- The best game ever yeah just call you should download it

The five star because I love slicing and it makes me think I’m in the kitchen and I’m only young but I just love slicing rainbowsI love this game can anybody just make my heart pound and pound and pound and excitement when my pants with my brother when we first got the game is on a commercial or Hartland like games and so much fun that’s whyDownload it I can’t like no other game can make my heart pound a pound a lot of games make my heart pound and pound there’s a lot of things that I love but like this one I love slicing things that I have more favorite

- ONE thing

This game is awesome there’s nothing wrong besides one thing I don’t understand... I don’t understand why there is money when there’s not a shop and it’s kind of annoying how you can only have one knife “skin” but besides that this game is great and I think it’s relaxing and I’m giving a five star rating because this game is probably the best GAME on my phone oh and also if you can text people you should download game pigeon it’s a great app and you can play like 16 different games with friends including checkers, dots and boxes,and uno!

- New update

Voodoo just updated the app with new backgrounds and got rid of the lag but when they added knew knifes I had already built up so much money ($3.6 million in game dollars) that I was already able to afford all the knives. Along with that some of the blocks are invisible so I’ll bump into invisible blocks and I can’t cut through the cabinets or the sinks, but it is a big improvement from when I first got it but it still doesn’t have quite enough content. The update quality is good and the game no longer crashes when you open and close the app.

- great with one problem.

i absolutely love this game! compared to its non-wifi game counter parts, its top tier. very very little ads compared to all other games like this, and there’s only ads if you click on them!! my one issue is that there’s no use for the money. this is my favorite game so i play it pretty often, but there’s no use for the money!! :( i have 175k in the game and i want something to use it for but there’s nothing TO use it for; they give us nothing!! :( i think if there was something to use the money for id love this game and it’d have 5 stars!

- Really good but a few suggestions

First off I really like this game nice time killer and super satisfying but a few suggestions idk if the people pay attention to their reviews but... number 1 I feel like their should be different modes like maybe an online multiplayer to see who can slice the most objects and also I think that there should be like a times 1000 that’s extremely small like impossible because I think it would keep players interested I hope you read this creators

- Great game!!

I love this game it is really easy to pass levels and really addictive. The only thing that I would suggest is maps to where you can play in different places and with each new map is new things to slice. Also the situation with the knives is a little weird, to me it seems like the more you pay for a knife the less it work and the harder to operate it is. That may just be me but the knives could use an upgrade.

- Super fun physics game! Only problem is scoring, please add combo multiplier

The game is great! I really enjoy it and it reminds me of knife throwing. You can get a feel for how each knife will spin and practice with different kinds. The problem with the scoring system is that it’s all about hitting the 50x multiplier. It’s the only way to make any real money in the game. This means that the only reason to chop things as you go through a level is to have a little something to multiply. If you don’t hit 10 or 50 you basically wasted your time. My first thought is that a combo multiplier would let you build up more cash through out the level, it may require rebalancing of the final multiplier but it’s worth it in my opinion. I’m sure there are other options as well though TL;DR If you want fast cash, speed run levels and aim for 50x (or sometimes 10x) If you want to enjoy the game, it’s going to take a long time to buy any knives

- Gets boring-not fun anymore

It only gets boring after I hit the kitchen levels. I’m always getting stuck and it’s not fun bc they’re barely anything to slice, I deleted it and then reinstalled it so I’d be back at the begging so I could play good levels bc it’s honestly a really fun game to play if your bored. It also used to be a satisfying type of game and it it’s more of a challenge type with the new red thing that’s end it and all the weird walls in the way and none of the new items are items that are nice to be sliced like before. Also now there are ads but before there weren’t so that’s also pretty annoying.

- Fun but wheres the shop?

This game is so much fun! I’ve been playing nonstop for α week! It’s easy and fun! It has α shop for you to buy new tools to cut with but the shop only appeared the first 5 games or so and now the shops totally gone, I can’t buy anything. I have almost 1 million coins but it doesn’t matter cause the shop button has disappeared! I hope they can fix this bug because it’s α totally fun game but with more tool options and well α SHOP to buy these tools it’d be even more fun so you can work towards something! Really upset the shop is gone 😭😭

- I like it but a suggestion

So I love this game I got it a day ago and it was oddly satisfying because of the noise and there is no use for the money that you get so that’s confusing. But I have a suggestion to do with the game money, maybe the creator can add a shop were you can buy different kind of knifes and what noise happens when you cut the things and the color inside of them instead of always rainbow. So I hope you add these suggestions cause I think they would be good for the game cause I love and I think the people should also buy this game.

- Fun game but what happens now

This game is very fun and easy and the concept is nice. But what happens now? I have about 300k and Nothing to spend it on. I unlocked all of the knives and now what am I supposed to do? I have no goal to do it anymore. I have nothing to work towards, so if the developers see this (just a suggestion) maybe if you finish a page of knives then you get harder levels because right now at the top of the knife page it says Basic, so I’m not sure if something bigger is coming, but please add more to the game

- Update needs to be fixed

I prefer the old layout. When I saw it was updated I was excited because the layout was new but unfortunately there are some bugs. I can’t see the obstacles but somehow I get +1 and before when you failed the knife would fall on the ground and the level would restart, I decided to let my knife fall with this new update and it fell into oblivion it just kept falling and falling with no end in sight. I miss the way it was before the update because the tall obstacles was satisfying when you would chop them and there were no bugs.

- Hood except for extreme lag

I honestly love this game, I'm on level 700-something and accumulated over 1mil in game currency. My game updated today and now I have the shop, few new obstacles, and locations. However, the problem lies in the lag. After level 300 or so, the game started to lag. It freezes completely for a second and throws off the position, ruining some levels. It's only gotten worse as I've continued playing as now it freezes for seconds at a time. I love this game but i really hope this lag can be fixed so i can enjoy it to its fullest extent again.

- Fun game, unnecessary amount of adds

Really fun game, I’ve enjoyed playing it! However with an add after every single round makes it quite impossible to play happily unless you’ve spent the 3$ or turn on Airplane mode. I believe having adds at the bottom of the screen instead of playing them every 20 seconds would still give the same affect of adds and money, but wouldn’t ruin the playing experience. Thus I deeply recommend lowering the amount of adds or putting them on the bottom of the screen. I would rate this a 5 if it weren’t for the adds.

- This game would get 5, here’s why I gave it 1.

I love the concept and the style, however this game clearly deserves a 1 because of the playability. It lags and stutters every few seconds, or RIGHT before words come up on this screen. This is INFURIATING, because I have the iPhone 11 plus.. the developers were clearly lazy, not making this little scritch smooth enough. Take notes from any other “satisfying” game you chumps raking in ad revenue with their garbage low effort game. WORST PART, is that I’ve tried to FIX this stutter by turning off my battery saver, turning off Bluetooth and WiFi, as well as TURNING ON AIRPLANE MODE. The same stutters are there on each stage, ruining the experience for anyone who isn’t a toddler.


Okay this was my favorite app for a few months. What I loved about it was how simple it was, but it was so calming and relaxing. I also liked how many DIFFERENT things you sliced. It was smooth sailing until a few days ago when it updated, and now all I slice are coffee mugs and apples. Now it’s in a kitchen setting? Instead of the forest. There is way less to do and they tried to animate it too much. All of my favorite parts of it were removed and now I might undownload it. PLEASE BRING THE OLD VERSION BACK!

- The Ad

I don’t have a problem with the game. It’s a simple take your mind off things for a bit but there is a major problem with the advertising. I don’t even understand it. I heard one that said Mars is closer to the sun and therefore it’s hotter and travels faster than earth. MARS IS COLDER THAN EARTH BECAUSE ITS AFTER EARTH. I don’t know why this makes me so mad but it’s elementary grade knowledge and I can’t imagine how unintelligent the producers are if they approved that ad. Anyway I hope they fix the ad cause it’s misinformation when it comes down to it.

- It changed 🙁

So clearly the game had some Big update because there are more maps and the game is completely different. Now, I did want more maps and knives added to the game, but now it’s not as fun because they changed the whole thing. Plus I think there’s some big glitch. There’s barely anything to chop and then the other things to chop are invisible???? Like the knife won’t keep going until you chop whatever is in front of it but you can’t see it? And if you do chop it you don’t see it. It just shows a (+1) if you chop it. Kind of really saddens me because I really enjoyed playing this game! :(

- Does this happen to any one else?

So I rated the game five stars because I love the game itself, the only problem I have since the update is for some reason I only see the fruits. I can tell that I am chopping other things but they’re invisible and I’m hitting invisible obstacles but I am getting points when I chop them I just can’t see what I’m cutting. I’m not quite sure if it’s just my game or if the update is messing up. I hope it fixes soon.

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- Pretty good!

The game is satisfying, the background music is calming. These games tend to be really easy and then you get bored, however this one is easy enough to not get frustrated, but still hard enough that it is interesting. My one complaint is that there is no point of having coins with nothing to spend it on - maybe we could get cool knife upgrades!! In different colours, or we could unlock cool game rounds. Good game though!

- Great concept

Voodoo is always good at coming up with simple and original yet fun game concepts and this is a nice example of one. I am not going to complain about the adds because I understand why you would have them but I would like to say that I believe this game would be even better if the coins that you earn throughout the game could be spent on in-game cosmetics like knife skins. Without something to spend the coins on players would feel like there is nothing to earn or play for so eventually people will stop playing it and this game will disappear. I would love it if you could an in-game shop to buy knife skins, knife trails or even to buy boost that give the player an advantage like speed or finer jumps. Overall this is a really nice concept, a fun casual game with very nice a satisfying physics.

- Used to be good

This is me as soon as I downloaded this game: this is the most satisfying game in the universe! One of the best choices I’ve made in my life! After the new update: what happened? This game has become the most boring thing ever. How many times can you cut single apples over and over again? I’m deleting now! So I have to say I would give this game a five before the update. It used to be so satisfying to cut all the different materials. But now, I feel like I will never play this game again. I am about to delete it, right after this. I like the new setting, a kitchen, but honestly, it’s gone basic. So this game I believe once had potential, but now.....I’m not so sure. Anyways, thank you for creating this game cuz the idea is surreal.

- Amazing!

I saw the add for this and I thought it looked very fun. But then I realised, aw, it’s probably not even the real game. But, I downloaded it anyway, and it was EXACTLY the same as the add! There is a lot of ads but I don’t really care, because you can just turn your device to aeroplane mode and all the ads go away. I gotta say, it does get a tiny bit boring after a while, but other than that, this is one of my favourite games ever! Have a good day!

- ☞︎Money Problem☜︎

This is a great game and it’s very calming when I feel angry or stressed, just a question. What do I do with my coins? What’s the point of adding coins to the game when ur not even gonna spend them!? If u add things everyone can buy like more knives or things to chop in half of something like that, then I will rate it ★★★★★ stars!!! U want that right, Don’t u? Thanks for listening

- Newest update

Love the game, but with the new update a lot of the obstacles are invisible so it’s become really difficult to play cause I cut like 10 invisible things and 4 apples and then the levels done. Hope this gets to you so I can come back and enjoy this simple game you’ve made! Cheers

- Pretty good, idk why people are fussing over level 9

I’m on level 16 and people can’t get through 9? Which is confusing. Overall the game is highly addictive, the music and sound enhances the gameplay to another level. The coins and no store is a downfall. As well as the ads.

- It’s calming

Fun game makes the time fly by but what’s the point of the currency we earn it but we can’t use it. Please create a shop to buy different knife skins or something . Also less ads would be appreciated. If you turn off your wifi whilst playing after a while the ads will stop so it can be avoided ig. Fun game, please make it so we gain something from playing (using the currency we earn) ☺️

- Money bug

This game is cool but i cant buy knives anymore with my money. In the first few levels i could buy knives and there was a buy button, but after i exited the app and opened it later the button is gone, meaning i cant buy the knives i was saving up for so its just meaningless hypercasual grinding. Please fix this bug whoever the developer is, because i wanna buy knives again :)))

- Request

Hey the game is pretty good, but a suggestion would be to be able to spend the money on stuff, such as different knifes. Overall the game is amazing! I just turn off my wifi when I play so no ads get In the way 👍 just a suggestion and thank you

- Great time waster!

Overall an amazing game. Doesn’t take much battery and is perfect for travelling. Though I do have one complaint. There’s no in game store to spend in game currency. Either remove the money feature or work on an in game store. Exceptionally great style and game mechanics.

- Serious problem after level 400

Once you get to the kitchen levels the game gets super buggy. It needs a patch. I can’t see half the things I need to slice and am getting stuck on invisible walls.

- Voodoo, stop making games impossible to play!

This game is impossible to complete. I can’t even get past level 9. You need to pay for boosts to actually do it. Also all of your games are stupid. And they keep getting stupider and stupider with more and more adds. I slice through a tower, I GET AN ADD. Improve your game making skills, and PLEASE add less adds! Or at least make it cheaper to afford the no add thing!

- Good but some problems

Don’t get my wrong this is a great game but......... so many ads it’s very very annoying cause the game is actually really satisfying but if your watching ads all the time it gets a lot less satisfying. Maybe you could change how many ads there are .

- Add different knives

there isn’t any point to having money if there’s nothing to spend it on. There should be different knives or something to buy. Other than that the game is pretty fun.

- Good game, needs work.

Pros: Fun to play and very addictive. Cons: Freezes all the time, money made in game is pointless as there is no store to buy new things, such as: knife, background etc.

- Upgrades

I love this game but there is no point having coins. Maybe you could get different skins or upgrades. I think this would make the game even better

- Addictive

Such an addictive game and fun to play. Only thing I don’t see the point in is the coins? Why have coins if we can’t spend them. Would be fun if you could upgrade the knife or something.

- slice it all

This game is very great, satisfying and can kill time! However, whats the point of having coins when there’s no use to it. My suggestion is to maybe create a knife upgrades🤷‍♀️.

- Good app but the regestration on the knife and the x’s is off have photo proof

The app is fun but when you hit the end of a level and you get the x’s it’ll register the wrong one when the knife hits please fix this!

- Good But too Many ads

This is good but too many ads don’t you think but this is a bit good that I just want to become a developer of this game so download this game now

- Satisfied with the game

This game is so satisfying I know I am only 8yrs old but even for older kids and parents like my mum she is obsessed with the game so am I 😏

- Good until update

Game was fine until recent update. Constantly lags and force closes the app randomly.

- It’s pretty good

There’s a lot of satisfaction to the game and realises frustration but there’s one problem what do I do with the money can there be like a shop where you can get cooler knives plz

- Glitch

It’s only been out for a month but there is a glitch it’s when I jump I can’t jump high but the game is so good I love it

- Needs an update

theres nothing to spend coins on, add different knifes to buy or like different worlds

- Good game

Love the game but it doesn’t let me buy the knives they came up once and then went away again the next day and also think you should add some more backrounds and like worlds

- Ad simulator

Do you enjoy watching ads every 3 seconds? Then please download this game. It is so satisfying and calming knowing that the next ad is just a few seconds after the last one. I highly recommend that you download this ad streaming app. Simply the best ad playing software in the app store!

- Good

Good game. Don’t get bored like other games like this. However, you can’t spend coins and that is annoying. Maybe we could get some knife designs in future or something?

- Report

This is a good game very relaxing and satisfying but it would be way better if you could buy new knives

- Less adds

Stop with all the adds you give us lots of adds to get rid of them we have to pay stop!

- So many adsss!!!

Please these ads are so annoying after every round I play there’s an ad. I get so annoyed because I can’t even play the game without a silly ad poppin up and the game is so not worth spending money to get rid of them. I might as well just delete it.

- Ads

Way too many ads please less ads

- I physically can’t progress?

Level nine is physically impossible without upgrading or something but that isn’t an option? One jump isn’t enough to reach the next platform but I can’t double jump? I can’t?? Do anything??

- Eeeeesd

Antun and the kids were going out to the party tonight so we could get a couple of things

- Lol

It is soooooooooooo satisfying when it cuts!!!! Would definitely recommend

- It’s not very good playing it on wifi

Dear Slice it all Your game is not very good while playing on wifi, internet and it’s very annoying and I have deleted the game because every time I play the game it’s very annoying. Because it’s very laddy while playing on internet.

- Riddled with ads

Impossible to enjoy playing when there’s an ad every 5 seconds. Deleted after 2 minutes of trying to play. Absolutely ridiculous

- They make the things to slice to big

The things are to big and to Close together

- So satisfying

I love this game I think it is so satisfying I recommend downloading this game

- Hi guys

Hi ya guys, this game is so much fun and I think it’s my favourite game out of all of mine, and I have 49 games!!!! Love it, t for making it🔪

- It was good

I loved this game and it was really fun but the new update is horrible with the kitchen. I haven’t died once. So please change it back!!

- Old version was better

Bruhh the old version was way way better now there are way to many ads and levels are too small and easy.

- Slice

Because you can slice!

- Bring back the old version!!!!

I am heartbroken! This game completely calmed me down and was so satisfying to play but this new update is so horrible 😩. Honestly I could cry. It’s so so bad. PLEASE change it back!!!!

- Wow very good

So satisfying it will be good if you can get element knifes

- Great

Great game with a unique concept, would love to spend the money that we earn somehow

- Satisfying but where is the App Store ?

This game is relaxing & i genuinely like it , but it frustrates me that there is no store to spend the coins on ?

- Buying

There need to be more knives like rare ones

- App crashes all the time.

App crashes and lags consistently, not just on my phone either. Satisfying game but a terrible app.

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- Store?

What are we supposed to do with the money?

- hhknv

love the game but after this recent update most obstacles are invisible

- Used to be good

This used to be my favourite game but after the new update I hate it, there is almost nothing to cut and it’s no where near as good as it used to be, I might even delete it now

- Cool app

It’s a very good app but my one problem is when I finish it it has an ad plz don’t do that if you don’t do that then the more people plays it

- Knife skins disappeared

I noticed they added knife skins but halfway into playing the game they vanished. I tried reinstalling but nothing. I love the game but would love to see that changed.

- Very much sad

This game caused my grandmother to have a heart attack would not recommend (DHMU)

- If you like watching ads, download this app...

Another game with a great concept, but is overshadowed by the large quantity of ads and pay walls within it. I’ve spent more time watching ads than actually playing the game... and that doesn’t seem right. I understand dev’s need to make a living but this is just greed. Disappointed.

- invisible items?

doesn’t show items when i cut them. only apples show up.

- I like the old version😕

I downloaded this game a few weeks ago and I immediately loved it!! Although just this morning I went to play it and saw it was updated! I am very sad because I like the old one a lot better!! Great game but wish they could change it back😕

- Was good

The new update isn’t even satisfying and there’s invisible blocks

- Not how I remembered

I liked the game before and the obstacles were much better the idea of the kitchen was cute but I loved the old obstacles and the game has no purpose for me any more

- Turn off your wifi

For all saying there’s too many ads try turning off your wifi to your device

- Don’t download

First things first, keep wifi off and turn off your data for the game, SO MANY ADS. Now let’s get into it, you have the starter knife and 8 you can buy, it took me a month to buy some cheaper ones and the most expensive ($350 000) and when I use the most expensive one it’s the worst one. There’s no effects around it, it’s just a bland knife. There is also NOTHING ELSE you can buy. Another thing the game just gets boring and it hurts my brain to play because it’s just so repetitive. Don’t download the game.

- Good but

Wish there were no annoying ads

- 😋

I love this I really recommend this. For my opinion I give this 5 stars

- Too many ads.

It gives you more ads than time to play the game, the game itself is very laggy

- ):(


- Bruh

I can’t get passed level 3 and it makes no sense I hate the update too this game sucks I hope you delete it

- Yuh

Add new obstacles

- To meany adds but fun

I don’t wanna have to watch an add every time I finish a level

- Not that much fun kind of boring😩

It’s good but it has way too much ads don’t get if you don’t like ads but it is pretty good but not that good😤

- Combos!

Game is fun... could use better lvls and maybe even longer ones with obstacles courses or something... instead of +1 should make a combo system for how long to not touch the ground and records... over all fun game to pass time

- what is this?

yo after every level you get an ad?! and them jawns longer than the actual level too, nah i’m not playing this garbage

- To many adds

Way to many addds Like seriously

- Fun game

It’s a really fun game I play it everyday and listen to Spotify It’s time consuming it does not have many ads and does not beg for rates and its fun to try to cut all of the obstacles

- Hi

Hi hi hi hi hi hi

- Love

Sooooo satisfying 😍😍😍😍😍😍

- Oilers

Add a Oilers Knife

- Very addicting

This game is really fun I’m already over level 1000 and I have 2 mil cash and all the knifes

- Cool game

The best game

- Ads even though I paid

I paid to remove ads, but they still run. Scam. I want my money back

- It laggy and it use to be good

When you play more it get boring


I am level 500 and the game always crashes and freezes now. Please fix this now before I lose my mind and delete. 2 stars for being okay but crashing and freezing

- Game

Best game ever

- Great game

It’s a great game but it’s a little slow/laggy but turn off your wifi and it’s perfect

- Ads up the you know what

Too many ads. If I could give it 0/5 I would.

- Way to many adds

You cannot play for more then 3 seconds eith the amount of adds, extremely annoying


Game freezes CONSTANTLY during play, every 3-4 seconds. It’s something that needs to be dealt with immediately, it’s unplayable and no it’s not my connection or wifi.

- New update is good

They fixed the game and it’s good again 👍🏼

- meh

fun game but there’s way to many ads. an add after every single level and sometimes they’re unskipable. deleting.

- It’s ok

I don’t like that there are a lot of ads. But other then that I like the game.

- Co

You should add custume costumes and levels

- Ads

Wayyyyy to many ads

- Please read! ⚠️

Hello I’m Sierra and I come to say there are reports of people hating the new update come to think of it I just downloaded this so I wouldn’t know. Reports of to many ads. Otherwise I love this’s very glitchy as well my games broken I can’t even play it!. And you can keep flipping over and over like past the bars I went past the game view. And there aren’t very much obstacles. I get a high score and just a knife?. How about the more you unlock new worlds. This is just like any single mobile game. Very boring to my view. But I guess it’s just me. I like it in a way it’s satisfying but I wish it made soap sounds when you cut it I think you could get more. Also what is the store even for!? Knives boringggg . I don’t recommend it. Make a better update next time weekly and excitement that’s a good game Also it straight up sucks!

- Glitch

I loved this game but it become extremely glitchy while i’m playing and it’s extremely frustrating.

- Level 400+

After like level 400. Once you reach the kitchen. It gets boring. There isn’t that much to slice. Each level is basically the same. I liked the woods better. I miss slicing the cylinders and blocks. I feel like they could have added a lot more. The occasional cup and apple. It’s boring.

- Store

The new update does have a store but the knifes are like ALOT of money and it takes hours just to get one...some of the obstacles are invisible too.

- ..


- You need something to do

When you got no work or nothing to do and stress just play this game

- New updates

The new updates have made this game less enjoyable. There is nothing to slice!

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Slice It All! 1.5 Screenshots & Images

Slice It All! iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Slice It All! iphone images
Slice It All! iphone images
Slice It All! iphone images
Slice It All! iphone images
Slice It All! iphone images
Slice It All! iphone images
Slice It All! iphone images
Slice It All! iphone images

Slice It All! (Version 1.5) Install & Download

The applications Slice It All! was published in the category Games on 2021-03-03 and was developed by Voodoo [Developer ID: 714804730]. This application file size is 231.97 MB. Slice It All! - Games app posted on 2021-05-11 current version is 1.5 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.tummygames.sliceit

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