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Guru creates a unique, personalized wind-down routine to help you relax, fall asleep, and stay asleep every night. Wind-down with short stories, meditate to improve your breathing, and listen to ancient music to calm your mind.

Meditation was invented in India, and sound has always been integral to the practice. Guru is meditation straight from the source. Guru taps into this ancient knowledge, passed down for millennia by gurus in India, to help you enter a flow state each night as you lay in bed, and fall asleep naturally and quickly, for a long and restful sleep.

Sleep soundly, and awaken with joy.


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*Prices are equal to the value that "Apple's App Store Matrix" determines is the equivalent of the subscription price in $USD.

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- Sad:c

I have been trouble falling to sleep for school cause I’m always late but when I was reading the girl Aisha who’s teeth is Fallon out but when I was almost done it wanted me to pay and I got really sad and I wanted to delete the app but I won’t I’m really sad cause I was almost done and wanted to hear all of what happen I will give you a 4 star for now and I hope it gets free cause I really do have trouble going to sleep!😞 have a good day/night! I loved the story as much as I can I loved ur app!😌


IT WONT EVEN LET ME get in I have to pay and IT SAID It WAS FREE so I was like uhhh let me skip but then it would not let me and I HATE THIS stupid app I hate this stupid app so much it literally won’t even let me do anything without paying a little you have to pay to see the picture or the pay thing during a magic spell I hate it so much and I’m never downloading again eww don’t even let me get close to it why do I have to pay for everything like a cheese let me do the app I just wanted to listen to a story and not a magic spell I hate this app like a literally hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it never download ever it’s the worst game in the world sorry if I’m being dramatic but the ad it looks so fun I couldn’t stop so I kept trying but it kept axing you have to pay to continue do you have to pay to continue I was so mad so I hate it HATE IT

- It’s okay but annoying

So i got an ad for this app and it seemed pretty interesting, but me being me i just skipped the ad. The second time the ad popped up i was like, “Okay, the app seems good and the stories seem compelling, i should probably download this since i have trouble sleeping at night.” And so i did. When i first opened the app i was excited, i picked thriller and the story was good. Then a picture popped up with the story and i tapped it, it said in order to see the picture you need to get a subscription. I brushed it off because i didn’t really need pictures to move on with the stories. So i keep reading the story and suddenly the app wants me to pay to keep reading the story. I tried to find a way to exit out of the screen but i couldn’t. I can’t say i’m not disappointed.

- Good But..........

Ok the story was soooo good! I wanted to hear the rest of it! (This of course was an ad on utube ) So I got the app! So I listened to the next story on the app it was the same one as the add! I waited for it to get too the part I was at but it just stopped! You need subscription to hear the rest! So if you download the app for the stories you basically download the adds! The magic spells are ridiculous!! They don’t work obviously magic isn’t real! (Sorry Harry Potter) But this could actually humiliate someone saying they could do magic or make some believe that magic is real! My advice for you app creators is make people get to decide what story to do let them finish the story too. You can have some storys locked (the really good ones) that are only for subscription owners!

- Seems like a really good app, but a few problems

TL;DR: App has potential, but when you want to listen to a story, you can’t finish it because it keeps shoving the fact that you gotta get a subscription, to the point where you can’t finish a single story without one. It’s so annoying, because the stories really seem nice, I was reading one and there were few pictures you could click on, but to do it you need a subscription. Fine, but then to even finish the story, guess what, YOU NEED A SUBSCRIPTION. Like, I get it, you can’t exactly put ads on an app that’s supposed to help you sleep, because then you get dragged for that, but you should at least be able to finish a few stories to see if you like them before getting a subscription. Ugh.

- Rip off

Ok so I got this app to actually use and see some story’s the add made it look nice and I wanted to continue it so I pressed story and started listening then a picture came and said press to see I pressed and it said I needed to buy a subscription I didn’t cause I was meh it’s only a picture so I kept on watching the story and then it just stops cause it needs you to buy a subscription to continue that really made me mad like why pay most of the people who get this are 10-13 year olds sometimes even 9 we don’t have that much money or sometimes any money for that matter so we can’t pay for the subscription you really gotta think about who’s going to get the app and who is going to actually buy the subscription so that’s why I think this is just a rip off🤬🤬

- The story was so good but you stop it

So I download this app because the ad look like it was going to be good but the first thing I did was check the reviews so I know the app is good there was good reviews and bad reviews but I still downloaded the app and when I went to the app it looked great and I went to the story because the ad had a pretty good story and I tapped thriller and the story was good but it showed a picture and it said press it and I did and when I did it said you need buy this thing to see the picture and that 5 stars went to a 4 stars but I was like who care I still got the story and then the story stopped and you to buy this thing I got so mad and I deleted the app why the story was so good but you need to buy this thing 🤧😪😭

- What a rip off!

I found this app in a lot of my adds and since I have trouble sleeping at night I thought that this would be good! I downloaded it and I chose a thriller. I was half to the story when a pic showed up for me to press the pic said I need to pay for this and subscribe. I was a bit bummed out from this cause without the photo the story didn’t make a lot of sense. But again in order for me to keep reading the story it saids I need to subscribe. I didn’t want to so I tried to leave the page. It didn’t let me leave and when I was press my home button to leave out of the app. For 15 mins it went in like this so at the end this gave me a virus. Please DONT download this app!!! It’s a waste of your time!

- This app should be fixed

First off, I haven’t wrote a review on an app in a while but this is app is way too annoying so I felt like I had to, Okay so, I downloaded the App, it was pretty good until the when it said that I had to pay a subscription, and the story was really interesting but why would the developers do this it’s really annoying and the meditation section is crap, I wish that we can use all the parts of the app except for being able to access exclusive stories that are not released yet to the public, which would make the app 10 times more better and getting to pick which story to make it more complex, I wish I could rate this app half a Star to be honest, DEVELOPERS FIX YOUR APP AND STOP SCAMMING PEOPLE!!!!😡😡😡

- Actually helped me sleep

I love the bedtime meditation! I’ve tried a few other sleep apps that haven’t really worked for me because there are a lot of confusing options. This app is great because it creates a personalized meditation for you based on your sleeping habits and it’s more like a program that you can follow to learn how to sleep better. I have a lot of anxiety at night that keeps me awake. This really helps me wind down at the end of the day. Thanks for making!

- Very bad I wish I could rate it not one single star

First off this is just a whole entire scam and not to mention that kids are the ones that HAVE THE MOST TROUBLE SLEEPING and since they don’t have money it really doesn’t help and not enough sleep is a serious problem it’s not a joke,Sleep is a thing you’re body needs to have energy to even move yeah sure we will “fall asleep” by story’s when it’s not even free but ok for everyone that pays it’s still a scam 99% of the time I bet you won’t fall asleep here’s how it’s a scam the scam part is when you pay and can read the full story’s and see pictures there’s a 1% chance you’ll fall asleep by being on your phone phones are what keep you awake.

- Guru

I think it’s really nice! The story are really nice and I enjoy it a lot! 😁, the meditation helps a lot and helps me relax and go to my calm and happy place. I just got this app and so far it’s great. But there is one thing that is really annoying, it’s the fact that I need to subscription to it and if I subscription it cost money, When I saw the app it said it was free but it cost money just for me to finish a story. Like it’s annoying that I am at a good part of the story and then the subscription thing pops up and I get the you can’t but adds but it said that it was free.

- Price

I notice that it says subscribe to finish story and I’m not that type of person to pay 4.99 a week and I really love the app the story’s are really fun to listen to but I don’t really think that it should have a price Thank you.

- It’s good but annoying

This is a good app and I saw the ads everywhere. I was so excited to download this app. I opened up the app and chose a thriller story. When I did I saw a picture and it told me to click to see it. When I clicked it, it said I had to pay to see the picture. I brushed it off and kept reading, then the story stopped and said I had to PAY to finish the story. I thought it was annoying so I decided to delete it. All I have to say is, it is annoying but if you pay then it would be a good app.

- I couldn’t do anything

When I saw the first ad I was like, cool. I didn’t download it because I usually skip ads like those, but for the second or third time, I gave it a go and downloaded it. It was cool at first, but then it asked me to subscribe or do a free trial in order to even see the story. I could do an in app purchase, so I went to App Store to get a free trial to check it out. I couldn’t find the purchase place, so I went back to the app and tried to do something to get out of the screen that wanted me to subscribe, but nothing was working. I didn’t even get to see the stories.

- Didn’t even get to read ONE THING

I was hoping that this was a good, free app that I could use to fall asleep. I saw the ads, I saw it was free, and I thought, “Hmmm, maybe this is a good one.” It is not. I opened the app, chose a scary story, answered his riddle, and then he said, “You’re invited to the special thing,” (more or less) and took me to the buy subscription screen. There’s no X, no way to get out of it, nothing. I don’t have money to spend on a FREE APP. Really, I was hoping I could use it without the subscription, but the developers let me down. I just hope they can make the subscription OPTIONAL, for others like me.


I downloaded this app and i was like “omg finally something that will help me fall asleep” but when i started to listen the stories it would just like lag the whole time plus when i got to the middle of the story another page came and said i had to pay so i thought it was just a bug and stuff. So i downloaded it again and it was still the same like if you want people to like your app WHY DO YOU MAKE OTHERS PAY FOR IT JUST OUT IT FOR FREE OR IF YOU WANT PEOPLE TO PAY THEN DONT TELL THEM TO PAY 8 DOLLARS FOR A WEEK. i really wish i could give you a half a star because this app is the worst

- I like it but

It is a good app or game whatever you wanna call it but you have to pay to hear the rest of the stories but I do find it cool that it reads the stories out loud to you you also do get a free trial but people like me can’t do those soooo I don’t like how do you have to pay two see the pictures or finish the story and I kind of wish there was a switch if you want someone to read it to you or it to have voices or not

- Mad😡

I don’t know if this happens to many other people but when I put in everything when I first downloaded the app it kept crashing and bringing be back to the same question I had already done or answered but when I answered the question again it kicked me out the app this app need many more fixes because if it don’t I will delete the app but can anyone tell me why mine is doing that like I just want to read the story’s that have on there and also can someone who created the app help me or reply like ughhh| I rate this app a 1 star|😡😤

- Stupid subscription

I was having a lot of fun with the app and the stories but then not even half way through it it starts popping up with “you need to be subscribed to continue” it doesn’t have an X so that you can go to a different story, it just shows up and then you can’t do anything else on the app unless you 1: subscribe or 2: close out of the app. If you choose to close out of the app you then can’t do the stories anymore because it will always show up with the subscription

- The app wasn't the best

I first opened the app all excited because of the ads so I go into it and it says thriller or romance so I picked romance I clicked on it and couldnt see the pictures so I just imagined the story plus I didn't wanna pay I'm like in the middle and it says pay to finish the series and you couldn't exit so I deleted it. I feel like I would of like it if I didn't have to pay to read the flesh of the story the pictures I didn't care to much about though.

- Really?!😐

I was hesitant about downloading the app but I thought “what’s the worse that can come out of this app?” A lot. I had to pay to see the images, that wasn’t so bad since I have an imagination of my own. I was getting invested into the story until it told me I had to pay to read the rest. Seriously?😑. Your app is based off of meditation and stories but people have to pay to listen. Then when I went to the reviews, I saw that people were having the exact same problem. This app is a rip off.

- Few problems but overall good

Okay to start with the good: It’s great overall! I’m balky they didn’t put adds in the app because I’m only 10 and have anxiety that keeps me up and when there’s an add I click on it and get distracted The bad: a lot of people say that it’s not fair for like every feature there is is only for people who pay and I don’t have money because I’m young! And I need this app to sleep and it’s not a joke sorry but this is a 2 star 🙄

- Why do I need to pay to SLEEP

So I'm 9 and I saw This on you tube. It was an add. So I download it and I started my first story. And so I kept listing and then it asked me to pay? Like I'm getting bullyed and I'm literally staying up till like 5:30 am each night and waking up at like 7:45 am that's how bad the bullying is. And it's my sister bf so I can't just stay away from him. But why do you need to pay? The story is good but you can't even finish it with out having to pay so 2/5

- Stories are great but you have to have a trial to go further

I think that I don’t like is that you have to have a trial that you have to pay for every week and there’s no other option there’s not even an ex on the top right hand corner that I can get out of the free trial thing like like I said I like the stories so far but you go any further with the stories you have to have a trial do you have to pay for yeah I think it’s ridiculous.

- I don’t want a subscription

So I recently got the app then I chose what I wanted to do I was in the middle of the story when a picture I could click on popped up so I clicked it and it led me to a subscription screen I X out of it and continue the story but then in the middle of the story another picture shows up and ask me to rate it. And the fact you have to have a subscription to even finish a story. Also his game is a scam it does not even help me sleep


Ugh, HERES THE THING. If you guys want me to pay just bc of FINISHING a freaking story idk how to but I’m figuring out how to like report this app like something. WHY DO YOU WANT ME TO SUBSCRIBE SO MUCH??!! I’M NOT SUBSCRIBING YOU HEAR ME? I’M NOT PAYING OKAY?! THE WORST app EVER!! This is the most bad review YOU have right now. U hear me?? U HEAR ME?!! + I EVEN HAVE TO SUBSCRIBE TO LOOK AT A FREAKING PICTURE OH MY GOD U GUYS ARE SO SELFISH. you have to fix it now or everyone will hate your app. It’s probably even a scam anyways. U probably don’t even have any good reviews. When you go to most favourable there are just bad reviews xD FIX IT NOW. NOW. NOW.

- I hate this app...

I hate this app like the title says my mom and dad don’t let me pay for apps/games and it’s not night time right now and I was just trying to read on the stories and I I can only read half of it that is so so so so so so so so so so not fair I hate apps that make you pay stuff it’s it’s just it’s UGH It’s all the apps that I need that I have to pay for it’s so not fair so if you want me to give you five stars you have to go there and March right into the app and make this app not absolutely not needed to pay for....

- Dude, stop shoving your subscription and other stuff

Okay, this app is good. But we have to install the app, most people want to see the stories so people read stories. Then theres a picture. You want to see it. But no, all you see is a subscription. But then, it just shows the subscription. I get that you cant put ads in this, but just dont stop the story! Im only keeping this app so this review is here, for the people who came for stories.

- Do not download it’s just like the ad

So I listen to a story I got the same one from the ad I watched and it said download this app to find out what happens next well I downloaded it and it did the same thing as the ad I can’t find the Endingbecause it wants me to subscribeIs if it didn’t cost money because we can’t even find out when my actual email is sooooo I’ve been using my school one but don’t download this app because it’s the same one like you see on the ad of this app

- You will get mad

OK so I want to download this app and review it because like I saw it on ad saying that it was free and I’m like OK so I got it and you need up subscription cause like I tapped on it and it said you have to subscribe to look at the pictures and I was like OK that’s fine I don’t need the pictures but then in the middle of the story it said you need to subscribe first to see the rest of the story and I’ve seen better apps than this

- From insomnias prospective

Idea of this? Amazing. Stories? Great. Guru the instructor? cute detail. Subscription? Not so cute. As you can probably tell, I have insomnia. I REALLY wish I DIDINT need a subscription. Like, I’m not trying to be a Karen but, why would I have to pay to go to sleep?! Real life meditation instructors, obviously I would pay. But most of the time, on an APP?! Yeah. No thanks. Anyway hope you have better sleep than me.

- Okay

So if you have an app that requires “premium access” to anything you do, just make it cost something. I don’t want to have to go into the app start listening to a story and it stop and say to finish the story you have to buy it! Like I just want a story man! But I think other than that it would be a really app with really good stories.

- I like this app

Im already liking this app because im almost sleeping right now and the story is really entertaining and i have no money to see the photos so i would buy it but i cant srry

- App basically costs money

First of all, you get this story up front when I open it. And then this story comes with images but costs money. Well then to finish, you also have to pay. The app says it’s free, but it’s basic clickbait. I don’t recommend downloading this app unless your willing to buy it. If you are a person that agrees, just don’t buy the app. It’s useless since the app has lied 7 times.

- Its great so far٫ but It dosent let me in 😞

I saw the ad and i wanted to download it! But then it showed me i had to get a subscription to get the best stories and stuff. I tried to get out of it but there was no "x" button. Ether its a bug/glich٫ or you need to buy it to access the app . Please fix this. I saw a lot of reviews of this glich. So i'll give 3 Stars.

- Meh

I was getting interested until I had to pay for this which makes no sense. I have problems sleeping. And I get this app that you have to pay to listen to the rest like what. This a terrible app I thought this would help make people sleep when their going threw some stuff but no I was wrong. I don’t recommend getting this app sorry.😕

- Why

Why do we always have to pay for something like this is for children’s that need help falling asleep. And that it’s difficult to sleep I’m so sorry but it’s True And I’m giving you a three star because I like how it had not too personal question and I like the music because it was flu

- Not a fan of this app at all.

I’m not a fan of this app at all. You need to pay real life MONEY to listen to a few short stories. And it said it was free. I saw a few ads for this app but none of the stories seemed interesting until I saw one of them. So I downloaded the app and immediately it told me to pay a subscription with nowhere to exit out. Please upgrade this app.

- Ehh

This app is extremely unusual, but useful. I had the add pop up quite a lot, so I finally downloaded this “app” I payed the subscription. And all I get is trash! “To continue the story you must pay” I finally found a way to cancel my membership. This app is not worth your money. Better off spending money like this on actual useful apps. Save your money 💰

- In my case, I don’t like it so much and I’m not a fan

So, there are lots of things I don’t like about it... 1. Literally you need to subscribe to see the pics, and you even need to sub to see the rest. 2. No, does not help me sleep at all. Dosent have the best content to make me sleepy. 3. There are lots of inappropriate story’s and content for my age and instead of making me fall asleep, I have bad dreams about it! 4. (Small ending note) pls fix some of the bugs when you can because i just send bad thoughts about this app right now. Thank you for your times! Have a nice day! Bye! P.S, I would like to have a developer response pls to see your opinions about my review.

- Bad

In the beginning it tells you “story” or “meditate”.I chose story. It said “thriller or romance” I chose romance and it just started a random story. I was expecting to be able to choose what story I want from a gallery or something! Also if I don’t get a chance to read a part you can’t go back! And if you don’t like the story you can’t choose another! This app is extremely misleading based on it’s advertisements. Do not get!

- Terrible

So i saw tge ad and it looked fine so I downloaded it and it’s freaking $5 a week to hear dumb crap u can’t look at pictures and it doesn’t even let u finish the story would not recommend do not download it’s a waste of money and time trust me it’s so annoying by far the worst app I’ve had the story wasn’t that bad but still it won’t let you continue or see a freaking picture dumb app!

- Awesome app but...

I loved this app and the stories were phenomenal however I’m really disappointed I can’t finish one story without having to pay. I’d prefer it if you just had stories that were free and stores that weren’t, but hey it is just around four dollars so it’s not that bad. But this app was amazing overall.

- pay2winlol

I mean... it would probably work. If you’re willing to pay $4:99 a week for it. Otherwise it’s just constantly telling you to subscribe. I got like 2 minutes into the first story (not being to see images, being flooded with subscription ads) and then it won’t let you go any further. I can’t get off it either .-.

- I can’t fall asleep

I saw this when I was playing one of my video games and I looked and I was very confused because it looked really good and the stories were super interesting but then I went on it I picked one I was really interested in and halfway through and asked me if I want a seven day free trial this was not OK I was trying to fall asleep but I cannot sleep now after that no. It didn’t let me finish one book.

- It really helps you fall asleep

Really like that this app creates a personalized meditation for you. It actually helped me fall asleep. I also like that there aren’t a ton of confusing options. Really happy I found this!

- So far so good!

Love that it’s personalized. I also like that it’s focused instead of having too many options or meditations to choose from. First night fell asleep before it ended. So far so good!

- I am just disappointed

The ad for this app was amazing but what they don’t tell you is that you have to subscribe to actually use the app. I don’t care if you get one free week and I don’t care that it’s $4.99 a month. How about you block some of the stories for only the subscribers but leave some of the stories for non-subscribers because some of us doesn’t have the money for that.

- Notifications

From the Ads, the app looks interesting. But it is pretty annoying. Even though I turned notifications off, it still sent me notifications. Last night, it sent me a notification around 9pm when it was dark, and the light from the notification illuminated my room, and I got caught sneaking my phone in my room. Wouldn’t recommend.

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Guru: Stories & Meditation 2.4.0 Screenshots & Images

Guru: Stories & Meditation iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Guru: Stories & Meditation iphone images
Guru: Stories & Meditation iphone images
Guru: Stories & Meditation iphone images
Guru: Stories & Meditation iphone images
Guru: Stories & Meditation iphone images
Guru: Stories & Meditation iphone images

Guru: Stories & Meditation (Version 2.4.0) Install & Download

The applications Guru: Stories & Meditation was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2021-02-09 and was developed by Sleep Guru, Inc. [Developer ID: 1551855037]. This application file size is 73.12 MB. Guru: Stories & Meditation - Health & Fitness app posted on 2021-09-01 current version is 2.4.0 and works well on IOS 14.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: co.sleepguru.sleep